RSBN Trump Rally, Tulsa Oklahoma

Coverage already started,

Warm up speakers at 6 PM eastern, 7 PM central, 3 PM Pacific.

Trump expected at 7 PM eastern, 6 PM central, 4 PM Pacific.

Right Side Broadcasting Network is once again able to broadcast live on YouTube.

They have an “RSBN 2” channel on youtube:

So something of a backup in case of some kind of “technical glitch” on their first channel…

There’s also supposed to be a Periscope feed:

After exploring the Diamond & Silk site for a good line while (it has videos too) I finally had it sink in that the RSBN feed is on the D&S YouTube channel:

The RSBN Twitter Feed:

The RSBN Facebook Page:

On Patreon:

My interest?

The one thing about RSBN that made it special was the pre-show and post along with the local / minor political speakers. A lot more variation and interesting stuff. Way better than the snips and cuts and talking heads droning of the MSM coverage.

YouTube stuck their foot in it with censorship. I HATE this political censorship. So it is now my intent to put up a posting for each Trump rally linking to RSBN and anywhere they can broadcast. To the extent YouTube tries to reduce anyone “leveraging” their platform to get Trump positive coverage, I’m going to lever what I can to give some balance back (however small). I’ll keep this up as long as there is YouTube Bias Risk.

It may not be much that I can do, but I’m going to do it. Now if all the other Deep State Opponents did the same… Just sayin’… You can be an “Army of One” even with just sending a link to a friend… or an enemy ;-)


Ran into this interesting site “keeping up with Trump” while searching for other RSBN spigots (though at present the link is flaky):

A pretty good write up of the “ban of RSBN” here:

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20 Responses to RSBN Trump Rally, Tulsa Oklahoma

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    It looks like Trump is doing 2 speaking gigs. One outside, then one inside. Stated as 6 PM and 7 PM, but didn’t state timezone. I’m thinking Central which would be 4 pm and 5 pm Pacific.

    Unfortunately between change of venue, date, and curfew, there are several times posted in various places.

    But no speakers yet and it’s after 5 PM Central, making 6 PM Central the probable warm up start. Then Trump outside speech starting then too.

    UPDATE:: They just announced the outside speech is canceled. Trump will only be speaking inside, as usual, at about 7 pm Central, 5 Pacific.

  2. philjourdan says:

    The technology is not expensive. The only buy for Fakebook, Twits and UrTubed is popularity. It is time for freedom loving folks to just say good bye. I no longer even follow links to those sites for the simple reason that I know it will either be censored before I get there, or impotent.

    But I am following DJT. On the non-mainstream sites.

  3. H.R. says:

    Packed! That arena is packed!

    I haven’t heard to total for inside + outside.

    Not a lot of face masks. I guess they changed the program. It’s no longer a rally. It’s a riot. No masks required for those ;o)

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Not a riot, Trump called it a “protest” :-)

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Zoe Sozo of RSBN is a cutie with clue:

  6. Another Ian says:


    Breathless reporting by ABC Oz. Seen anything along those lines?

    “Donald Trump says he ordered slowdown in coronavirus testing in speech to rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma”

  7. Power Grab says:

    I was idly checking Facebook about 40 minutes before the time for the speech to start, and the first Live link it offered at the top was RSBN. So I just left it there. I was surprised to see it in Facebook.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    Just another Trump nose tweek of the media.

    He says something just /sarc; enough his followers know it is a chain jerk; then we all sit back and wait for the media to go ballistic over nothing. The context and look in the eye tells you he is hamming it up.

    I heard him say it, but the context was after saying how extremely many tests we’d done and more tests means you find more. Then the humor line… “so I told them to test less”… when everyone knows he doesn’t choose who gets tested or when. And he knows it is humor chum in the water to catch inattentive or slow reporters.

  9. H.R. says:

    Re the testing less; Yes, President Trump was tweaking the noses of the YSM

    They have absolutely no sense of humor. Long ago someone pointed out it’s like President Trump has a laser pointer and the YSM are a bunch of cats. He get’s them going in whatever direction he fancies with his laser pointer remarks.

    Sometimes it’s just for fun because the YSM falls for it every single time. Other times there’s a purpose, usually a “gaff” or exaggerating something so the YSM is compelled to jump on it… and it calls attention to something the YSM would otherwise ignore that President Trump wants to be in the news.

    Trump supporters are in the know. The YSM has yet to figure it out. They get played every time.

  10. Another Ian says:

    E.M. and HR

    Thanks – I suspected.

  11. A C Osborn says:

    The BBC are showing empty seats in the arena and saying the President will be disappointed.
    No mention of the protests outside trying to stop supporters from entering, which is also probably the reason for cancelling the Outside speech.

  12. A C Osborn says:

    Now the BBC are mentioning the protest rallies.

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, add UK Sky News to the folks tsk-tsking over the “failure” to fill the auditorium. They then covered the folks blocking the entrance but said NOTHING about them blocking the entrance, instead it was “Trump supporters and protestors in debates” and heated discussions or some such.

    No mention of the Tic Tok Mobbing of the tickets (so the 1 million was a (successful) attempt to swamp the ticket holders with bogus tickets who were not going to show and convince a lot of valid holders that they had a near zero chance in a Million crowed so just stay home to watch (where many millions DID watch live, me one of them)

    Basically, what it REALLY shows is that an immoral and vacuous childish “resistance” can disappoint 10,000 people who wanted to be inside the rally.

    OK, well, I guess “it’s on” then. Biden, expect “ticket games” too…

    Off the top of my head, some counters:

    SELL the tickets for $1 each. Refunded when you enter the gate. Then you have your $Million for security to vet every person via checking their online profiles.

    Payment via credit card and the name / address needs to match.

    Assign security to not just close the gate in case of protest, but CLEAR the protestors to the assigned “protest area” out of the way. It’s what the Leftist Universities do, so must be FINE with the left.

    Check / geolocate IP addresses. Do not issue to those out of the country or via VPN. Request DL# / SSN for verification at the gate. Again, must match.

    I’m sure there’s more…

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    Tim Pool does a decent review of it all.

    FWIW, I watched the real event of the gate blocking with folks being kept out who wanted to be in, so could easily see the Sky coverage was biased.

  15. Tonyb says:

    Tik tok is a Chinese owned company. Is there any suggestion they were complicit in the obtaining of free tickets by tens of thousands of teens in order to devalue the event?

    It seems profoundly undemocratic to me that one group should deliberately deny another group the means to attend a rally.

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    It isn’t known, but sure looks suspicious.

    And not just tictok. There’s lots of reasons to suspect communist China of funding & /or promoting disruption in its global adversaries via socialist fellow traveler agents.

  17. Power Grab says:

    The buzz on Twitter is that AOC admitted involvement in the disruption.

  18. agimarc says:

    Scott Adams yesterday is of the opinion that this was intentional interference in the election by the ChiComs via TikTok. He goes further and notes that it is in your face and if it is not shut down in the US by the end of the week, Trump will lose, and should. Adams DOES NOT like the ChiComs at any level.

    Interesting reminder in another blog this morning, noting that Nixon campaign operative Donald Segretti spent time in Club Fed for campaign dirty tricks, the same sort that AOC and Schmidt are chortling about for the last couple days. Interesting that the left always ends up becoming the things they claim to hate the most. Cheers –

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    I’m increasingly of the opinion that China is involved at many levels. A posting idea I’m kicking around at the moment…

    I only have marginal synesthesia (part of being on the normie side) but when the Right Side Of The Brain goes “DING!” and reports a pattern match, it is rarely wrong. Right now it’s Ringing a lot about Chinese Cooking Books and information / propaganda ops. Influencing operations & fellow travelers. I can smell their involvement, but need to find a visibility angle… you can see their style of immorality and deception in Antifa, BLM, Democrats, Silly Con Valley censorship, etc.

    Neither people nor organizations are good at hiding their signature “style”… Then Negative Space must ask “Why is there ZERO mention of the intense anti-Black racism of China?” Not a peep. Noone asking why US Universities are packed full of Communist Chinese Students, sons and daughters of the Politburo, but have no room for more American Blacks. That empty space is a throbbing neon red arrow pointing at China as player.

  20. agimarc says:

    EM Says: Then Negative Space must ask “Why is there ZERO mention of the intense anti-Black racism of China?”

    The ChiComs aren’t the only ones in that part of the world with racial issues. It runs rampant on the Korean peninsula, with the NORKs worse than the ROKs. There are those who believe it propelled the way the Japanese Empire treated ALL enemies before and during WWII. Finally, there is Mother Russia herself, who was bats$%^ crazy when we won the First Gulf War so easily with a black guy in charge – Colin Powell – JCS Chairman. It is not outside the realm of possibility that wily old CIA Bush 41 elevated him intentionally simply to mess with the minds of the Soviets. It might have worked too well.

    Final Powell observation: Paul Winfield in Mars Attacks played a Powell-like political general. Cheers –

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