She Gives Me Hope

I have no idea who this lady is, but she gives me hope!

A black woman who gets it. I can only hope there’s a lot more like her.

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12 Responses to She Gives Me Hope

  1. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Somewhat related:

    From the WSJ, note the – to me – naive reasoning for gun ownership.

    In Minneapolis . . . the line for gun permits was three hours long . . . Some said they were afraid that plans for defunding the police department would mean they needed to protect themselves.

    Police protection is a very general thing. With “stop & frisk”, and related policies that get the bad guys shut down for a few days there is a patina of protection, similar to the verdigris patina of aged copper. If officialdom puts the baddies in jail and/or re-educates them that too is a protection of sorts.

    In most cases the police are not protecting individuals at home or while carrying on normal daily activities. Police come after an incident and clean up the mess. Call 911 (in the USA) has changed the dynamic somewhat.
    “The Great Equalizer” [aka Colt’s revolver] changed the odds of a regular citizen doing their own protection. Seems the fine people of Minneapolis are beginning to understand how things work.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Totally unrelated:
    Our first spring and summer in the Ellensburg area was 1990. Wind was the defining factor or our existence. Now again.
    Check the NWS forecast and 3 day history for Ellensburg, WA.
    We should name these events.
    “Mudjekeewis”: ref. The Song of Hiawatha

  2. H.R. says:

    When seconds count, help is only minutes away.

  3. Annie says:

    A very impressive lady, God bless her.

  4. philjourdan says:

    I love her too. She is the voice of the silent majority. Polls? In 2016 I would have said I was voting for Trump. Today? Hell no! I would only tell my family, and even then get scorn (but no violence). SO when they call, I lie. I suspect most do.

    The democrats want you to believe the polls so they can steal it with voter fraud. But the one thing that voter fraud cannot beat is turnout.

  5. MobileAviator says:

    That is Patricia Dickson! I love this lady… “If anyone sees America, tell Her I said ‘Hello’ and I miss Her!”

    You can find her You Tube Channel at

  6. Scissor says:

    She’s good, well reasoned and with an especially relevant perspective. Just watched her video on systemic racism and it’s equally good.

  7. spetzer86 says:

    Except now they’re bringing people up on felony assault charges for open carry in an open carry state. The law is often in the hands of the Left, with two sides of “justice” being used.

    Mind you they both could’ve used a holster/sling or at least kept the damn things pointed down, but at least they didn’t pull the triggers. Someday, it’ll go the other way.

  8. agimarc says:

    FNC is running a story about a record 3.9 million background checks in June, over 19 million in the first half of 2020.

    Question is who is buying those guns? Most of the right did those purchases during the O’Bama years. I suspect these are indys, moderates and red-pilled democrats. I would sure be interested in targeting these people for the 2020 campaign on the public safety issue (ladies don’t like the term “law & order”). Is it possible to legally tap the federal background check database for elections? Cheers –

  9. H.R. says:

    spetzer86 – Open carry in an open carry state… on their own frickin’ walled, property!

    From the article, “It would be no slam dunk prosecution.”

    First off, the couple’s attorney will ask for summary dismissal of the case. Depending on the Judge, that will either be as far as it goes or the prosecutor will keep the case in front of the court to bleed the couple financially, except that’s only going to be a paper cut to those two attorneys. If it comes to that, for ongoing expenses, they or their staff will respond to any filings at little expense to themselves.


  10. spetzer86 says:

    @H.R. Of course, the couple are themselves lawyers! You’d think they’d have investigated laws, etc., related to gun use/ownership in Missouri.

    New case in MI:

    Felony assault, again. Accounts vary, of course, but at least some people claim the armed woman was at one point surrounded and being threatened with physical violence.

  11. Kneel says:

    And from the “opposite” side, there is this:

    Poke County, and now Clay County – seems Floridians are well encouraged to protect themselves when the police may be overwhelmed. Good for them! Were I elsewhere in the US, I would definately be letting the local sheriff know this is what I want and expect from my local police.

  12. Wayne Job says:

    This lady is a real American, it would seem to me that the people with marxist or fascist leanings have usurped the running of your education system. These idiots causing mayhem have never had a proper education and know little of real America and its history.

    In Australia we have a similar problem we were saved by very many people sending their children to private schools. The people causing trouble in OZ it would seem have been imported and many are of the religion that preaches death and destruction to infidels as per their instruction manual.

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