Watch Before It Is Deleted

3 hours ago, a similar version was deleted (I got a partial copy…)

A group of M.D.s saying HCQ w/Zn and zithromax works and is both prevention and cure.


ATM this is showing the grey unavailable image, but plays when clicked.

OK, it’s gone now. Here’s the key 5 minuted rant from the Nigerian Doctor on Bitchute:

I first saw this on the Roku Youtube channel and was going to paste it into this posting, but when I went to Youtube Directly, that first copy was gone. OK… but it was still in my buffer on the Roku. Grabbing the tablet, I replayed it and got most of it (even f a bit fuzzy and shaky hand held…)

IF I can find a way to put videos up somewhere, I may do that. Maybe it’s time for me to make a Bitchute channel…


Ah, the “Bits Must Flow”. Someone else has already video captured the whole thing and put it on Bitchute, all 45 minutes worth:

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  1. cdquarles says:

    God bless that Nigerian.

  2. Julian Jones says:

    Thank you EM … sorry, was deleted by the time I got to it …
    So clearly freedom of speech has (long?) gone, at the least regarding therapies for Covid.
    I have a background in public health engineering (two honorary posts in the subject area, NHS & Cranfield). From the anecdotal evidence, the background to the causes here are also being suppressed (the faecal vector looks strongly implicated – yet not acknowledged).
    This isn’t the only major subject area where fundamental determinants are obscured; the foundational basis of Western democracies appears totally corrupted.
    This is very serious … what can we do ?

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    The key 5 minutes (out of about 30) with the wonderful Nigerian Doctor rant, is up on bitchute. I’ve added a link to the article above. Hopefully they will eventually put up all of it.

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    At the very end there is a BLM person lobbying for greater funding of Social Welfare Programs to solve the problems caused by the lock down. She is quite demanding that the doctors back her point of view instead of their position.
    It was known in December that Vit-C as well as Hydroxy were shown by Chinese Doctors to be an effective treatment before the CCP and WHO decided to sand bag the World about this Virus.
    The bottom line is WHY have the “powers that be” worked so hard to deliberately create a world wide disaster out of this viral problem? Nothing like this political warfare against the world has ever been before. Brain washing children into being good socialists is being expanded into thought control of the population by limiting information on their health. This is a Crime Against Humanity.

  5. H.R. says:

    p.g. asks: “The bottom line is WHY have the “powers that be” worked so hard to deliberately create a world wide disaster out of this viral problem?”

    Destroy Trump by any means necessary, even if it means destroying whole countries, economies, cities, a generation of children, and letting hundreds of thousands of people die.

    That’s why.

    It’s beyond political. It’s evil, pure evil.

    (But you knew that, p.g.)

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    IMHO, there has been a slow methodical push toward Socialism since the fall of the USSR. It went underground and infiltrated schools, government, etc. China was likely pushing a lot of it with their Total Warefare doctrine. Bribing government officials globally including Biden via his son The globalists were making $ Billions off of it. America stood in the way, so needed to be humbled.

    Then along came Trump. On the eve of final irrevocable success, derailed.

    So they are pulling out all the stops in a blitzkrieg attempt to take him down and finish the job.

    The Trump economy was his biggest asset. They had to destroy it. People felt good, they had to make the people feel miserable, then blame Trump. When your opponent is having a party, piss in the punch bowl and sprinkle the food with salmonella.

    Launch your Color Revolution. Most of the globe is run by despots and for the benefit of an elite few. Can’t have Populists running countries for the benefit of their people, it’s bad for the money flow. So Nationalist Populists like Trump, Putin, Salvini, Penn, Boris to some extent; they all get The Treatment. Leveraging a pandemic is a natural exploit.

    After all, can’t have the Revolution Of The Proletariat without getting the people pissed at what exists now and willing to destroy it. Creative Destruction and all that….

  7. p.g.sharrow says:

    Ah yes “Creative Destruction” Buffet and his ilk have used that philosophy to excuse their plundering of the treasuries of thousands of Companies and the retirements of millions of people so that they could acquire control of vast amounts of wealth unearned, For what? so that they can put it into the hands of World Socialists to create Utopia, where everyone are slaves to the State. GEBs indeed.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and don’t forget the incentive of $3k / patient to Gilliad for a barely useful drug and $1 BILLION handed out for the promise of a maybe vaccine. A $ BILLION is a big incentive to let a few thousand “excess useless eaters” die for your glory… at least for the Sociopaths In Charge.

  9. H.R. says:

    Oooooo…. I like that; “Sociopaths In Charge.” I’m going to add that to our GEB designation.

    The GEBs and our elected SICs… That about covers it unless we want to go one further to DPs; Demon Possessed.

    Nah. DPGEBSIC is just a wee mite cumbersome.

  10. David A says:

    My perspective is that P Trump was winning, and winning big. The globalist were done. So the rest is desperation evil desperation.

  11. A C Osborn says:

    This has made the online Daily Mail
    There is also a post on WUWT with all the anti HCQers posting their usual rubbish.

  12. Another Ian says:


    There are transcripts of some of it in comments here

  13. p.g.sharrow says:

    @HR SICGEBs sounds good to me. But the DPs sounds like a different animal to me. Demon Possesed, DPs sounds more like it fits their minions. maybe SICGEBs and their SICDP minions….8-)

  14. philjourdan says:

    Yea, I was not one of the 20 million to view it, so I caught it here –

    Fake news cannot stop real news from getting out. See Jim Jourdan.

  15. Julian Jones says:

    We’re still not seeing all the story here : There is strong anecdotal evidence of fecal-oral transmission, as previous coronavirus type disease vectors. As was discussed by WHO in 2003 during the first SARS outbreak, see WHO briefing September 2003 :

    “… inadequate plumbing and sewage systems could continue to enhance the potential of SARS and some other diseases to spread. The meeting concluded that it would be relatively easy to interrupt and avoid some diseases, including SARS if it were to return.” see first para :

    The anecdotal evidence of fecal-oral CV transmission : repeated outbreaks on cruise liners & apartment blocks (where plumbing often leaks small fecal particulates); old peoples homes (where fecal hygiene is difficult); conversely, countries with scrupulous toilet hygiene practice (Japan etc) suffer few CV cases. And more …

    In the UK toilet hygiene is not so great – and in England & Wales we also have 16,000+ storm overflows (CSOs) that discharge following rainfall – whole feces and untreated sewage; this eventually hits one of the 26,000+ UK weirs, where whole feces (virus laden) will often disintegrate and aerosolise over adjacent communities. There has been a pattern of UK CV outbreaks following rainfall, particularly those impoverished, often with high immigrant populations presently.

    For BMA, Cheltenham & EU Swift Aquaterra, Barcelona, 2006 :
    Discussion here in comments :

  16. A C Osborn says:

    A question for all the sleuths on here.
    There is a second wave in many countries, why have they all started at about the same time?
    Is it a second wave or a new infection?
    Many of the countries appeared to have the virus completely under control but have still succumbed around the same time as those that didn’t.
    Slovenia, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Croatia, Luxembourg, Australia, Israel, Chzechia and Japan.

    And it coincided with sharp increases in other countries Namibia, Malawi, Palestine, Algeria and Romania.

  17. H.R. says:

    @A C – If it was a new but very similar bug, one of those countries would have ID’d it and said there was a different strain out there. A few countries might say ‘2nd Wave’ for political reasons even if it was found to be a new strain, but there are enough countries with a 2nd wave that wouldn’t play games and would report a new bug.

    That’s my reasoning for it being a 2nd wave of the current virus. So that sill leaves your question; what could cause a 2nd wave?

  18. cdquarles says:

    The second wave is how these things work. They spread in clusters and die out in clusters. The current awful classification of cases doesn’t help. The conflation of positive results for differing test types doesn’t help. The overall madness of the crowd doesn’t help, either.

  19. p.g.sharrow says:

    Considering that this “Second wave” is concurrent with massive testing and little or no wave of hospitalizations. Added to the fact that people are getting tired of the frantic hype. to protect everyone from something that is really not all that worse the anything else that has yearly infected people. I would say we are quickly moving toward Herd immunity. A good thing. Normal for any new virus infection.
    As to a second variety of the corona-sars virus being deliberately loosed on the population, If they can they will. But at this point, I doubt it. And real medical treatment is ignoring WHO, CDC, Fauci / Gates and company. Real patients being treated by real Doctors with things that work regardless of the “official treatment” protocol.

  20. Another Ian says:

    ‘Hump Day Hilarity – BANNED by Big Tech”

    Video still up.

    Comments like a bad wheat crop IMO – some grains, much chaff

  21. p.g.sharrow says:

    @ Another Ian; went to WUWT, what a waste of time. If I was to be thrashing that fielId would suggest it be burned and plowed as it would not yield the cost of harvest. 8-( too many weeds

  22. Another Ian says:


    One for you that fits the theme of the WUWT thread

    “Conservation Of Hospital Patients”

    “Arizona shows a huge spike in the number of hospitalized patients on July 13.

    But there is no corresponding increase in the number of beds being used.”

    No doubt helping the US statistics.

  23. No says:

    Zeronet. Easy to post AND download.

    You don’t need an account – just a ZeroID signing key. Only YOU can take it down.

    Major prime site went down many months ago. Hard drive failure. Took him a week to get his setup running again. NO ONE KNEW he was “off the air”. The site just kept running. Including new posts. Not even a slowdown.

    Why do people put up with the centralized cancer?

    Massive archive of Trump memes here:


    Probably well over 100,000 memes, perhaps 200,000. All available for fast download via ZeroNet bittorent. You’d have copies quick.

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