Hey, PT! Tell me what you really think!

This is an interesting video. 2 reasons.

First, it shows a guy, just trying to get home from a new job, surrounded by rioters, one waving a gun at him. He then shows his own and gets away. They then dox him, get him fired, and file suit against him.

Second, it shows P.T. News Network host reacting as any sane person would react, with a WTF? moment.

All I can say is that I’m packing. I’m “that guy in the car”. I’m voting for him. I relate to him.

I don’t know how we ended up in this upside down world where DAs do not prosecute clear criminal acts based on political bias, and where 2nd A rights are now cause for persecution, but: I do not care.

Right is RIGHT. I’m not going to stop “packing” due to some risk of persecution. DEATH at the hands of an idiot rioter is more real and more “in my grill” now. “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by six” is true, even if it is a biased left wing loony biased 6. I’m still alive.

What dismays me, is how spineless and weak “business owners” are. No moral center. Nothing but “make the bad phone calls go away.”. IMHO, such as business deserves ZERO of your money (and maybe a whole lot of YOUR phone calls too…). Not a penny. Grow a spine, A-holes. Just because you get some phone calls, that’s no reason to fire a guy. YOU are being manipulated. YOU are a PAWN. Welcome to being a spineless dirt bag…

There is a whole lot more to life than money, and any business who caves to the “left” in the hope of saving a few shekels is going to piss off a whole lot of the “right” who will just walk away. “Get woke, Go Broke!” MF….

We as a nation are under attack by a Communist / Socialist / Progressive insurgency who have taken control of education, are well on their way to taking control of the Judicial (thanks to Trump’s appointments, now on hold) and are evident in many metropolitan center Mayors and Governors (my Gov. Nuisance included…)

Either we start standing up and finding ways to reverses this BS or will will put on the yoke. Up to you’all.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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28 Responses to Hey, PT! Tell me what you really think!

  1. philjourdan says:

    We are under attack. But Corp America is now fighting back, Except it is a small flame. Coinbase. 5% took the highway\. But it was a golden one.

    Time to say no.

  2. philjourdan says:

    NOW fighting back.

    YOu cannot give in to the terrorists.

    Sorry for the typo

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    No worries. I fixed it for ya…

    Yeah, companies need to realize that under Socialism / Communism / whateverism they will cease to exist. They have one chance: Support their employees against the mob and stand against the mob. The alternative is destruction. Sure, they can move it a few months into the futureby surrender, but it WILL come.

  4. A C Osborn says:

    This is the biggest fight any nation can experience.
    Literally the fight of Good against Evil within your own borders, with the evil being sponsored by the Globalists outside your borders.
    With probably 60% of the nation not even aware that it is going on.

  5. Taz says:

    (meh) OTOH, he might NOW get an offer from a much better firm….who is busy clearing their employee inventory of the woke non productives….

    It’s just like that new policy on Yelp Yelp to allow users to mark businesses as “racist.” What could possibly go wrong?: https://reclaimthenet.org/i-dont-even-know-what-to-believe-any-more/

    If customers could actually screen and select “racist” shopkeepers – they might actually get more business. Less chance of slow lines, brawls, even robberies…..

    Our problem in this country is that we bought a bunch of bullshit and have become MORE like other countries. Started when we ceded authority to government before WW1.

    US is special ONLY due to the Bill of Rights. WE should expand it and enforce it. Strip more power from government. Otherwise, the United States is just as screwed up as any other country….

    Laws are ALWAYS made for other people. 99% of our laws are shit.

    Look to your buddies in Australia. If that’s not a tyranny in the making – what is? Ditto Britain.

    IF you care – NOW is the time to push for a Bill of Rights expansion.

    NO forced association.
    NO racial preference.
    NO penalties for ingesting ANYTHING.
    NO home raids – EVER.

  6. H.R. says:

    Taz: “Laws are ALWAYS made for other people. 99% of our laws are shit.”

    You’re a little low on the percentage there, Taz.

    Used to be about ten “Thou shalt nots” covered pretty much everything. I can see where a few more laws were added for clarity.

    But now there are so many restrictions that we’re all up to what; 5 felonies per day? You’re right, though. All those laws were meant for ‘other people.’

  7. jim2 says:

    Let’s do more than just get mad, support this guy!


  8. philjourdan says:

    Bigger than that. They need to understand that the reason for the company is not the mentality of the front line worker (or they would have created it first). It is the brains of the entrepreneur!!!

    The ones that succumb are the the ones that think the grunts know more than them. The problem with the tech giants is the entrepreneurs have long ago cashed out.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    I wonder if “Civil War” is the correct term.

    We know that Antifa, BLM, and many Democrats are in the pay of Soros AND China.

    This is not an organic “civil war” over domestic differences. This is a Communist Insurgency Proxy War with China….

  10. A C Osborn says:

    No mention of the Denver shooting?

  11. p.g.sharrow says:

    “Right Wing are far more dangerous then the left,”
    They have that right. If the conservatives go on the war path, nothing can stand against them in this country, not even the military.
    The left agitators work hard to provoke and record reactions from the right to enlist LEOs to suppress the right, meanwhile demanding the emasculation of LEO abilities and funding. Don’t they realize that it is LEOs that protect them?

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    What’s to say? Left Wing Nut shoots conservative “armed” with bear spray… Media reacts by blaming victim and creating false narrative that the shooter was “security” when he was not. Same kind of crap as always.

    All I have to say is: Never bring Bear Spray to a gun fight, and when the other guy is drawing a gun, either you outdraw him with more gun, or you MOVE to avoid the shot. Standing in a shooting stance as an easy target while waiting for spray to drift over and annoy your attacker is a bad strategy.

    Every weapon has a range. Guns, even hand guns, best range is from about 10 to 30 feet. Inside 10 feet, you can be disarmed before you can get the shot off. The guy who was shot made the tactical error of backing up. Making his spray less effective and the shooters gun more effective. He ought to have “close the gap” and trapped the gun to the attackers body during the draw.


    It’s very clear to the LEOs (and more…) that the Patriot side is on their side. The goal of the Communist Insurgency is to remove opposing forces. For that, they need to eliminate the police and disarm the public. Leaving just the military. Capturing the presidency will give them the military. Kamala is in bed with the Chinese and Joe is owned by them… (Kamala’s husband works for a law firm representing the Chinese Communist Party…)

  13. YMMV says:

    “We know that Antifa, BLM, and many Democrats are in the pay of Soros AND China.”

    RT has an Op-ed about why Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others support the Antifa, BLM, Biden/Harris take-down of the country.

    Is it just a coincidence that the number of small businesses have been nearly cut in half by the Covid-19 lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots, while the corporate giants have consolidated their grip on the economy, as well as their power over individual expression on the internet and beyond? Or, do the lockdowns and the riots prove that corporate socialism is afoot?

    The plan: The apparent govt is a puppet. The deep state pulls the strings. Guess who owns the deep state?

  14. H.R. says:

    p.g. writes: ” If the conservatives go on the war path, nothing can stand against them in this country, not even the military.”

    Agreed. I wrote earlier about my belief that there are ‘rough men’ who are waiting to step up and have the sense to maintain radio silence.

    Many of us here have some capacity to be ‘rough men’ but the need has come in our twilight years. We are not as dangerous as we might have been in our 30s or 40s, but we’re not toothless and harmless. There are many like us (codgers now) that when pushed to the wall, will do what needs to be done. For arguments sake, I’d say I’d be good for anywhere from two or three to maybe a dozen. Someone with your experience may be good for two or three dozen, maybe more. That type of math is not in favor of the oppressors.

    I’m just backing up your point that there isn’t even enough military to stand against all of the people tucked away everywhere in red counties. That, and I don’t think the commies can command or convince the whole of the military to go after the populace. I think there will be a major schism in the military. That would be terrible.

  15. p.g.sharrow says:

    Just remember, as American military, we swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic..
    In the American military, as officers, both Commissioned and Non-commissioned, we are required to execute, Lawful orders, not all orders. And are required to be responsible for and know the difference. There is no excuse for blindly following orders.

  16. ossqss says:


  17. ossqss says:

    It’s goin down folks. It really is. And it goes like this……

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve been pondering your “not as dangerous” comment. I don’t agree.

    Dangerous in a different way. Not as able (or prone) to direct hotheaded physical engagement, sure. But far more able to plan, observe, identify threats, arrange “accidents”. Etc.

    For example: My vision is no longer good enough to do a moving target with iron sights at a distance. However… I now have a couple of very nice scope equipped guns and find the idea of sniping from a concealment with a case of beer a more attractive option… So I’d avoid a straight physical confrontation, but would I be “less dangerous”?

    I’d also be not-so-inclined to make and set IEDs. However, I know how to make “boom stuff” from battery acid, common fertilizer, and your choice of materials to nitrate. How “dangerous” would I be teaching a class on how to do that?…

    Sidebar on “Boom Stuff”: My favorite, chemically, is an odd bit of copper & gas tech.
    When it goes off, you are left with atomic copper and carbon and anything they bonded to… Made via welding gas and a copper salt. Not your typical banned chemicals… (Oh, major problem, when dry it tends to just blow up when annoyed… not real useful for “applications”, but a very interesting stuff.) Its major value, IMHO, is as an illustration of why you can not ban materials from which explosives can be made. Essentially there are so many common materials that can be made into “boom stuff” that it is impossible. Ban acetylene? No problem, use a carbon electrode, electricity, and lime to make Calcium Carbide. Add water…
    End state is using wood, limestone, and electricity…. then add some copper from wires or motors.

    There are other far easier to make and far more effective to use Boom Stuffs. But I always loved the simplicity of that one… and the crude materials…

    So, how “dangerous” is that compared to a “20 something” whacking some guy on the head with a stick?…

    And don’t get me started on the uses of the lead plates from the battery and some vinegar…

  19. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – bombs are non-specific, and will basically remove people who were cannon-fodder anyway. I would expect the older soldiers amongst us to instead remove the heads and drivers of the opposing faction, with precisely-targeted strikes. Remove the people who plan atrocities, and far fewer would happen. Bombs have a use in removing structures that are undesirable to exist, of course, but mostly it’s going to be the people who are actually the dangerous items.

    This is one of the reasons I think Pointman’s latest essay has some credence – too many people, who were likely tested daily, suddenly became infected at the same time, without the normal several-days delay between them that should be expected for a random infection. All you’d need to do would be to spray the feather-duster of the office-cleaner with a solution of virus, and the stuff would be spread around. Maybe some similar idea, of course, given that I don’t know precise details of the way cleaning is actually done. Still, the basic proposal doesn’t look preposterous, and probably fairly simple to arrange. It’s not as if the White House doesn’t contain people from the opposition.

    Thus maybe us oldies would be more dangerous – bad things happen but the cause isn’t visible and can’t be traced. We don’t even need to use a gun (not available here anyway), but just to make our minds up that a certain person’s removal is necessary and figure a quiet way to do it. It’s not something I’ve really considered before, but I can see that it might become a possibility in the future.

  20. cdquarles says:

    No question in my mind that Pointy’s essay has credence. Consider history and recall how many times this movie, in various forms, has been shown. Heck our own history has seen it several times, to date. In my opinion, the counter-revolution is nigh on 200 years old now. It took some 40 years before it became a hot war. Some sets of ideas simply are not compatible with each other and all “compromise” does is kick the can down the road. 700,000 known casualties in a 4.5 year hot war in a nation where the population was maybe a fifth of what it is now and somewhat less diverse ethnically and culturally. Marxism, in any form, is simply a new name for a tyranny, whether by a single head of government or a small group.

    That said, I would consider what happened to be a superspreader event. They happen rather fast and it would only need a single source to do it. The question then becomes was it “natural” or was it not; where natural means inadvertent and not means deliberate. It is hard to make that distinction with the reports that we have available. I also suspect the superspreader wasn’t the president. What this also shows that people are going to be people and a virus is going to be a virus. Stopping them is out of the question. Slowing transmission is possible, but still all who can catch it will, eventually.

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    There was a fun movie many years back. “Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins” or some such. (He hits duckduckgo… Hmmm. 1985. Looks like they FINALLY in 2017 made the “continues” episode… the sequel is unrated and has the writer and director as the same guy while the “star” has the same last name, so likely not going to be very good…) Original got nominations for awards:

    Academy Awards, USA 1986
    Nominee Oscar
    Best Makeup Carl Fullerton

    Golden Globes, USA 1986
    Nominee Golden Globe
    Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Joel Grey

    Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 1986
    Nominee Saturn Award
    Best Fantasy Film
    Best Supporting Actor Joel Grey


    Hey! It’s included in Prime video, so I can watch it again for “free”…

    The plot line centered around a Dog Face Soldier type who learns to be an exquisite combatant from an old Korean Master. Hokey in lots of ways (one “technique” has him run fast enough to run over water…) it did have one important point: Much of the emphasis was on “creating the perfect ‘accident'”. A targeted ‘hit’ is best when there is no reason to think it was anything but an accident.

    Guess who has a modest role in it?

    “Kate Mulgrew … Maj. Rayner Fleming”

    Plays a “tough but humane” female military figure. Probably the role that got her Capt. Janeway, IMHO, as it showed she was right for that image.

    Per POTUS Covid:

    While it is POSSIBLE that there was a superspreader event, I’m not buying it without proof of just who and how. It’s a “negative space” issue:

    A real superspreader ought to have left a trail of infections from home to work to the local grocery store to …. Instead we get one “pod” of infections. Further, as we saw with the Korean church, they ought to show up in batches over time. Instead we get one bolus. One group all synchronous, strongly implies a LARGE dose delivered at the same moment. (Differential dose levels ought to have resulted in time divergent onset of symptoms).

    To me, it looks far more like someone dumped a shot of spray in a group “one off” and that was that. Just load up a spray bottle with “disinfectant” and spray the space that the group is about to enter to “protect” them. Use a person who is already immune for the delivery so there’s no trail of suspicion to them.

    It is only the narrow scope and lack of time divergent onset that makes this less than a “perfect accident”…

    FWIW, since that movie I’ve watched out for “perfect accidents”… There seem to be many… some “too perfect”… A corollary I watch for now is “Instant spontaneous movement”. BLM pops up overnight across continents, organized and all at once. That’s a designed for effect “spontaneous movement”. Ditto Antifa. There’s a Puppet Master behind the puppets… REAL spontaneous movements develop and evolve and grow slowly over years. They have a human history (like Proud Boys that started in a bar with a couple of drinking buddies and took years).

    Then there’s the “on / off switch”. BLM popped up a year or two? ago, then evaporated from the news, then returned with a vengeance just in time for the election? No, that’s a control structure operating (coordinated with the MSM News Editors and key Democrat Operative types too, I’d add).

    Between the two (“perfect accidents” and “instant resistance groups”) you can start to see the hidden game being played. Never clearly, but you see the shadows move… (And no, it isn’t paranoid conspiracy theory when it IS happening and it IS managed and it IS identified groups. We KNOW Soros is paying the groups and we know the groups are acting. That makes it a “rational conspiracy observation”.)

    We KNOW the Democrat Socialist DAs, Mayors & Governors are part of the operation by their deeds and ‘contributors’. We KNOW the MSM are in the bag by their blatant 100% biased reporting often of things that are factually inverted. (You don’t get 100% by accident… so this is a ‘too perfect accident’..)

    So look for Negative Space artifacts (what ought to be but isn’t), for “perfect accidents” and for the too perfect, and for “instant movements” with fast control patterns and abbreviated history. Then watch for coordination artifacts with Dems & MSM.

    OH, and what gets “banned” is a great indicator of where truth is to be found. There’s a big silencing operation. It leaves footprints. They point at where there is a truth that must be hidden. Put up a Utube video of “Trump was inoculated by a TLA” and if it is left up, you know the TLA didn’t care; but when it is taken down in minutes, you know the TLA was very worried… A sub-category of Negative Space analysis. There OUGHT to be some crackpot videos claiming Crazy Stuff, but a Censorship Minion can’t handle subtle rules and flexible decisions, so you get the 100% ban rule…

  22. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – for the Potus Covid, it was initially a bit odd that so many people all at once got ill, but I hadn’t considered enemy action until Pointy pointed out the possibility. Debatable which particular enemy, though.

    Negative space analysis is useful, but I haven’t managed to narrow things down more than an area to dig deeper at the times I have applied it. I’m pretty sure Epstein didn’t kill himself, but it’s not possible to pin down who did it and who ordered it, for example.

    Similar to the banning of HCQ here in France, and it suddenly became a very risky medicine to take. I can’t work out who really gains in the political leaders, though pharma companies will gain.

    It also seems that the logic is screwed with track and trace, in that contacts are told to self-isolate until they are ill enough to need hospital. Seems to me the logical thing to do would be to supply those contacts with HCQ or Ivermectin, some vitamin D, and some Zinc tablets, so they don’t get ill as much. Cheap fix, reduces the rate of multiplication of the virus, and reduces the number needing hospital. Surely the medical experts are looking at the data from other countries, and can see the gains from even applying these too late, so applying them early should be even better. Conspiracy or just a common belief?

    It does seem to be the most-damaging thing that can be done is being done. Is that deliberate? Initially the experts said masks shouldn’t be used and that travel should not be restricted, and quarantines not necessary. Would have been useful at the start. Now, all exactly opposite, of course. Conspiracy or cock-up?

    Kind of hard to come to a well-considered opinion.

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, it mostly lets you see the shadow of the cause, not the cause. But that is still useful.

    FWIW, IMHO, Occam’s Razor tells us: accidents are semi-random, but when substantially all groups seem to be having the same “accident” or error then “You will know them by their deeds”. Or: when stupidity is no longer able to explain the breadth of it all, attribution to malice is warranted.

    We know the Globalist Masters want more power and control. We know they want population reduction. We know they love authoritarian China and the money they get there. We know they hate Trump and the global resugence of Nationalism. Seems to me that prolonging the “crisis” gives them more of it to exploit to achive those goals. In short, it is deliberate.

  24. ossqss says:

    So here is a question on the POTUS infection pod. Did all those people go through the same security area or elevator at some point. How about geographic non-contact path tracing. Find me the X……

    Hey, I am not a conspiracy kinda person, but really, how unlikely is that type of sudden positive infection thing happens in a random situ. Which way was the wind blowing at each or the events in question? Not everybody in close proximity to each other at referenced, and multiple, events got it ( I should say tested positive).

    Quite strange, really. How hard would it be to canisterize (spelling) and atomize (assuring it is inhaled) a virus for localized controlled distribution?

    Just sayin>

  25. cdquarles says:

    About deliberately spraying a virus? Quite possible, technically feasible, risky and would need state/government support to do it effectively, in my opinion. If in a highly recirculating HVAC system, you’d need to seed it. Easiest is simply having someone shedding a high enough viral load. You can hide in plain sight that way. Hmm, a virus impregnated mask ….

  26. A C Osborn says:

    I suggest that you all take a look at the “second waves” of those countries that have had them.
    Why did practically all of them start within about 1 week of each other around the beginning of July, even though the countries are as far apart as Europe and Australa and had the virus under control.
    Were those countries re-infected in some way?

  27. philjourdan says:

    @EM – Re: Remo Williams. It is based on a series of books from the 70s and 80s. I read most of them. What I liked about them was the lead character was very sarcastic about government and politicians. But yea, a North Korean (Chuin) trains a framed ex cop who is then sentenced to death but does not die. ANd they go all over the world doing the impossible. But it was the original dialog (which does not come through in the movie) that caused me to read them.

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