Myanmar, Flynn, and Suddenly I Care about Burma

I haven’t paid much attention to Myanmar / Burma. They had a coup, then the Military ran the place for a couple of decades, then an election, then kicked out some “illegal immigrant” Muslims and the world hated them for a Group Hate Moment, then they had another coup. Yada Yada 3rd world crap.

So I mostly just ignored it as it isn’t much to me.

But that’s changed now.

The Left is all geared up to attack Michael Flynn again. Someone asked about the Military Coup in Myanmar after “Election irregularities” and could that happen here; and he said, roughly, we should have one here.

This, of course, is being spun as him calling for a coup right now:

Note their use of the framing devices of “Qanon”, “lunatic fringe” and “Calls for”:

The Daily Beast

Michael Flynn Calls for Myanmar-Style Coup in the U.S.

Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn—now firmly entrenched in the lunatic fringe—told a QAnon conference this weekend that he supports a violent military coup in the U.S. Video from the Dallas confab posted on social media shows Flynn was asked by an audience member “why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here?” As the audience of conspiracy theorists cheered, Flynn responded: “No reason. I mean, it should happen here.” Myanmar’s military in February seized control of the country, detaining leaders Aung San Suu Kyi and Win Myint, claiming their election was fraudulent. The junta has since killed 800 people in a brutal crackdown. Flynn’s public support for an American version had critics on social media calling for the former Army general to be court-martialed.

“Calls for” is a far cry from “I mean, it should happen here”. A conditional expectation is NOT a command to action.

Now “should” has 2 very different subtle meanings and IMHO Gen. Flynn can “skate” via the usually leftist dodge of arguing “what is, is”…

In American English, we will often use “should” for “ought” meaning we want it, or it is expected to happen. But the actual core meaning is “were to” as in “If I should die before I wake”. That doesn’t mean I want it, or expect it; it means “If that were to happen”. So Flynn can just say he was NOT saying it OUGHT to happen (the proper word for when most Americans use “should”), but that in his opinion we were as a nation headed that way due to political factions on the left causing mayhem and violence in the streets. That he expected conditions would precipitate that, and was wondering what in the American people was holding it in check. Mere speculation on conditions (as Generals are expected to do…).

But expect this to be the Trump Cudgel for the next few weeks to months.

It got me wondering, though, why The Left in America gave a damn about Myanmar. I mean, really, who would care about a place with 20-ish years of military Junta’s and all, having another one.

So I went on a bit of a dig…

Oh. Clintons & Soros hand picked, installed via voter fraud. Now I get it.

Burmese Leader Ousted By Military For Vote Fraud Had Close Clinton, Soros Ties

by Eduardo Rivero | National File February 1st 2021, 3:55 pm
Globalist liberal Aung San Suu Kyi was a close ally of leading Democrats

State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, who was ousted on Monday by the military for purported fraud in Burma’s November elections, had close ties to both Hillary Clinton and George Soros.

Former Secretary Hillary Clinton had developed a close relationship with Aung San Suu Kyi following the first meeting between the two liberal female politicians in 2011, and upon meeting, they began “strategizing”.

“After so many years of reading and thinking about this celebrated Burmese dissident, we were finally face to face,” Clinton wrote in Hard Choices, her account of her tenure as Secretary of State. “I felt we had known each other for a lifetime, even though we had just met…Soon we were chatting, strategizing and laughing like old friends.”

Clinton advised Aung San Suu Kyi to contest a parliamentary seat in the 2012 Burmese elections, which Aung San Suu Kyi ultimately did, kickstarting the latter’s formal political career in Burma, also known as Myanmar.

So, OK, this is the Chicago Voting Process not just going National, but going Global. Now it makes sense.

What about old Georgie Boy?

Another unhappy Globalist camper.

George Soros Met With Deposed Myanmar Leader, Now His Influence There Is Overthrown

Soros’ Fingerprints Are All Over Biden’s Brewing Neoliberal Crisis in Burma

Globalist billionaire George Soros held meetings in 2013 and 2017 with Myanmar’s deposed State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and held great influence over her regime, records reveal. Soros’ son Alexander visited Myanmar in 2020. Suu Kyi has been a neoliberal cause celebre feted at Buckingham Palace and championed by Hollywood actors Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell. Now, the military has overthrown Suu Kyi, alleging election fraud. This is causing concern in Soros-world, and thus it is causing concern with the Biden White House.

The Biden administration is strongly involving itself in Myanmar affairs. The Biden regime is threatening Myanmar’s military to give up control of the country and revert back to the government that Suu Kyi led. The Biden administration has announced sanctions on Myanmar generals. Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken is working the phones including with the Japanese Foreign Minister. There are protests among Myanmar natives outside the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan, where neoliberals have long struggled to compel Japan to accept mass immigration.

Gee, who would have thought that with China about to invade a half dozen countries, throw global semiconductor supplies into a dead halt, and kill millions (oh, wait, they already did that via the Chinese Wuhan Covid release… /snark;) that THE big deal for the “pseudo-Biden Administration” would be a coup in Myanmar that tossed out a Soros hand picked puppet.

Maybe they are just worried about it setting a precedent…

Soros in Myanmar, and Soros in Maricopa – Same Game
by Del Wilber | May 6, 2021 | Politics

In the state of Arizona right now, there’s an audit being conducted on the results of the 2020 elections, specifically the results of the voting that took place in several Arizona counties. The current effort is underway in Maricopa County, which includes the greater Phoenix area. The effort is being vigorously opposed by the Socialist-Democrats and their allies in the news media, and their leftist-controlled groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

Something which I find to be very curious. Why would a political party in America that claims to work on behalf of the American people have any objections to a carefully conducted audit of the votes cast in an election⏤that is intended to ensure that the results of that election are accurate and verified?
It’s about election integrity.

One would think that all Americans, regardless of political party affiliation, would support election integrity. And something that is especially important to American veterans. After all, it’s America’s veterans who put it all on the line to protect and defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, as well as to protect the integrity of our elections from fraud or foreign interference.

More and more evidence is being uncovered almost daily, revealing the nefarious forces who are actively involved in trying to “fundamentally transform” this country. One of the driving forces is the George Soros organization, which has been hard at work trying to change the face of America not just in national elections, but also at the grassroots level. No local political office is too small for George Soros not to try to grab hold of and control.

For example, Arizona and the Phoenix area’s Maricopa County in particular. George Soros supported the campaigns of the Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and pumped in two million dollars to support the sheriff of Maricopa County, Paul Penzone’s campaign. This is typical of the Soros’ tactic of supporting candidates of the right ideology for local and state offices.
Just recently, George Soros’ hand was reportedly involved in the Asian nation of Myanmar. The military government in Myanmar that assumed power after a coup that was prompted by widespread accusations of voter fraud during the country’s recent elections, has reportedly seized the bank accounts of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations in Myanmar.

The government also has announced arrest warrants for a number of members of the organization in the country. No, it’s not just in the United States that the Soros organization is involved in trying to influence elections, or to outright deny the will of the people. His reach is far and wide.

Gee. I’m suddenly finding I’m fond of Myanmar. They seem fairly clueful after all.

Myanmar Military seizes convicted felon George Soros’s bank accounts, issues arrest warrant against staff members.


OSF Soros’s Open Society Foundation) is also accused of illegally withdrawing $1.4 million from its account at SMED a week after the military junta takeover in Myanmar at the beginning of February. The Military has also seized OSF banks accounts in the private banks of Myanmar, collectively amounting to the tune of $3.81 million.

According to reports from Myanmar, the Myanmar military regime has seized the bank accounts of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) in the country. The military regime in Myanmar accuses OSF Myanmar of violating multiple financial restrictions on the activities of organizations like OSF.

The Military regime on Monday announced the arrest warrants for 11 staff members of OSF Myanmar through Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV). These arrest warrants include the top management of the foundation, with reports revealing the Finance Manager of OSF Myanmar already in detention and going through interrogation since at least Friday.

The Myanmar military junta accuses OSF Myanmar of multiple financial improprieties. The most prominent accusation is a failure to obtain approval from the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM)’s Foreign Exchange Management Department for depositing US$5 million (7.04 billion kyats) with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank (SMED) in Myanmar in 2018. OSF Myanmar is also accused of illegally withdrawing $1.4 million from its account at SMED a week after the military junta takeover in Myanmar at the beginning of February. The Military has also seized OSF banks accounts in the private banks of Myanmar, collectively amounting to the tune of $3.81 million.

OSF is accused of providing financial support to civil disobedience movements against the military rule.

OK, Myanmar is a nice investigation into the Play Book of OSF / Soros / Clinton Foundation et. al. Watch what they discover. Extend and apply it to the USA.

I wonder if Myanmar used Dominion voting machines… /snark;

Myanmar Military Seizes George Soros Organization’s Bank Accounts, Announces Arrest Warrants After Coup

The Soros-owned foundation’s assets were seized and arrest warrants were filed for 11 of its employees.

The military government in Myanmar, in place after a coup provoked by widespread accusations of voter fraud plagued the country’s recent election, has now seized the bank accounts of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. After taking control of the country in a military coup provoked by allegations of voter fraud earlier this year, the Myanmar military government has seized several bank accounts belonging or affiliated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and has announced arrest warrants for 11 members of the organization in the country “on suspicion of giving financial support to the civil disobedience movement against the military junta.”

The government will also take legal action against the Open Society Foundations, which they allege violated “restrictions on the activities of such organizations” and did not receive approval from Myanmar’s authorities for the deposit of $5 million into their Myanmar bank accounts. It is also alleged to have illegally withdrawn $1.4 million from its bank accounts.

A website that tracks Myanmar political developments from Thailand wrote, “Military-aligned groups including the Union Solidarity and Development Party have accused Soros of manipulating Myanmar’s politics by supporting civil society organizations in the country.”

National File reported extensively on the ties between Soros, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and recently ousted State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi:

And on it goes.

So where’s the Congressional Enquiry into George Soros? The OSF and influence peddling? Incitement to riot? Bribery?


But now I’m vested in Myanmar. It is now another place where Soros tried to buy control, steal elections, and has now lost. Go little Myanmar Go! Shine light on all this crap and maybe others can see what you saw.

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15 Responses to Myanmar, Flynn, and Suddenly I Care about Burma

  1. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – Myanmar seems a bit messy, but as near as I can figure, they don’t tolerate crap.

    I’m thinking Myanmar is OK with a strong man, or a ruling junta, but it has to be their dictator and not some puppet.

    Yeah, there is a whole lot of skimming at the top, but I think the populace thinks they get a better deal out of the dictator of their choice.
    And… I could be all wrong, except for the outside interference part. I’m pretty sure they want their own tyrant. Soros and his puppets seem to be getting tossed out on their ears. I’m hearing, “Get out and STAY out!”

  2. AC Osborn says:

    Isn’t Soros also persona non grata in Russia and 5 other countries as well?

  3. David A says:

    Foreign influenced corruption working with internal factions to corrupt an election and fundamentally change the foundational principles of a nation. Sounds like it is in direct violation of our politicians duty to defend our nation from enemies, foreign and domestic. Perhaps Flynn was correct. I heard that Flynn reiterated exactly what he meant by his statement, yet have not seen it.

  4. John S Howard Jr says:

    While I do feel that “the Left” is taking advantage of the moment to say look here not there, it is somewhat of an ah ha moment. But since we are not going to have a military coup by conservatives at least, we need to stay focused on the forensic audits in Az, Mi, Wi, Pn, Ga and NH. They may yet bring a harvest.

  5. cdquarles says:

    Am I misremembering things when this brings Egypt and Libya to mind?
    Didn’t we discuss a Soros “Color Revolution” being tried (done?) here?

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    Mike Flynn might be correct. The extent of corruption of the Voting system being used might be so deeply ingrained that only a Military enforced reset can insure fair elections. This is an international war for honest selection of representation, meanwhile the Dark State is pushing to cement their control over all future elections, by making their system a permanent fixture for all elections. “It is not who votes that counts. It is who counts the votes.” 29 million more votes were counted then there were voters! Every elected official is suspect now. Even the honest ones of every party. Were they elected or were they selected? …pg

  7. Taz says:

    Just Hollywood nobodies seeking attention. Pay them no mind…..

    After 2020, no Hollywood whore counts for anything.

  8. philjourdan says:

    I have 2 simple rules when reading news.

    #1 – If the fake news reports it, it is a lie
    #2 – wait for the truth to come out

    That has not failed me. And indeed in this case it has not as well. I do not believe what the fake news prints, so that makes me more informed than those who do. But anyone using fake news as their news is an idiot. Sorry, you cannot excuse stupidity for that long.

  9. philjourdan says:

    *if the fake news

    Sorry, just has cataract surgery, and while it was a raging success, it destroyed my reading ability (did not need my reading glasses before, but now I do). And I hate glasses!

  10. As I went to Burma years ago and was fascinated by its British Heritage I have taken an interest in it ever since. It has been under an often brutal military leader for many decades

    Its leader-Oxford Educated-has been a beacon for dissent and is hugely popular in the country.

    This is a fair summary

    She has been under house arrest for much of the last 30 years and once gaining some sort of power disappointed the liberals by failing to protect the Rohingya. She is probably a better figurehead than she is a leader.

    She won the last election easily and what then happened was an out and out coup by the generals who had never liked relinquishing power and were concerned they would be held to account for their human rights infringements on a grand scale and corruption whereby they have been looting the mineral wealth of their country for decades. .

    I dislike Soros et al but I see no comparison with the US situation nor that Soros or anyone has undue influence in what is a poor and strategically unimportant country. The elections were seen as pretty fair and free and voter fraud was minimal. It was an out and out coup by a nasty group of leaders determined to hold on to their many advantages built up over decades.


  11. H.R. says:

    @tonyb – I was aware of the skimming at the top in Burma, but you point out that the general population is not happy with it. So, I was off base there.

    You’re saying (without saying it) that the Generals are probably throwing out Soros because he’s trying to muscle in on their skimming?

    Is that about right?

    Also, you wrote that the elections seemed fair enough. Is it reasonable to conclude that the Generals apparently don’t jigger the elections, but they ignore the results if they don’t like the results?

  12. H.R.

    You are exactly right.

    In the case of Burma they can use armed troops to impose their will and have shown many times they are willing to do so. Many Buddhist monks in previous years set themselves alight to protest at their disregard for their people.

    Don’t forget our own elite in the UK tried to ignore the results of Brexit, but thankfully in a democracy the voice of the people in a single issue vote normally works its way through the system , although in our case we had several more election opportunities other than the referendum to demand the elite disengage us from Europe, even though they had to be dragged screaming to do it.

    We have seen something broadly similar in Switzerland whose people have been telling their politicians they are not happy with ceding sovereignty to the EU and the Swiss have now backed away from negotiations.

    Whether that has any lessons for the US I don’t know as Trump has been removed, but perhaps the various forthcoming elections may send a clear message to Biden


  13. E.M.Smith says:


    The upcoming election will send a message. What is unknown is to whom, and what.

    To Biden that it isn’t enough to just steal an election, you still must listen to the people?
    Or to the voters, that The Machines will fix their bad voting choices “going forward”?

  14. Presumably the forthcoming elections will either send a message that the electorate endorse Biden or having now seen he is a wolf in sheeps clothing will reject him.

    The problems with the machines and those overseeing them will surely not repeat themselves if Republicans properly monitor them?


  15. Kneel says:

    “why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here?” As the audience of conspiracy theorists cheered, Flynn responded: “No reason. I mean, it should happen here.”

    I took this to mean that, if there was widespread belief that an election had been compromised, the US military had a duty to do what they can to fix it – that in so doing they would be defending the Republic against domestic enemies. That under such circumstances, they “should” do it. That the constitution actually says if the gov becomes “unreasonable”, then the people can and should “revolt”, and that the military should be on the side of “the people”, not “the leaders”, and most certainly not “the elected”.

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