Attack The Avatar And We Increase Our Support

The Loony Left loves to attack Trump. They “fling poo” (like all good monkeys) as often and as far as they can.

Yet when the Poo is flung at Trump, he gains support.

This has caused The Left to slowly go insane. The entire Trump Derangement Syndrome thing. They just do not understand why it is that shouting “Racist!” and “Homophobe!” and “Misogynist!” and more has no effect. Even worse, the more they attack Him, the more his support increases. All the RINOs just fold up tent and retire to have more “time with their families”. They think “Something must be broken, let’s try that again. This Time For Sure!!”.

So what is going on?

What’s going on is really very simple.

Trump is just our Avatar.

You see, behind Trump are 70+ Million (for lack of a better term) “Maga People”.

We waited, patiently, for DECADES for some “Republican” or “Conservative” to take up our standard. We were regularly disappointed at the RINOs who would fold up their tent and run away as soon as they were called “bad names”. Or worse, would just do nothing at all but apologize for being conservative.

FINALLY, we had a Knight who would not just fold when called “bad names”. He was willing to take the arrows aimed at us, and keep on charging. He was our Avatar and hero.

So now The Left is going Bat Shit Crazy because he doesn’t stop and he doesn’t quit and he doesn’t CARE about being called “bad names”. To US, this is a great relief. At Last we have someone who knows we will support him in this battle, and will continue to to fight for us.

When The Left attacks him, insults him, calls him all sorts of “Bad Names”: we KNOW that is what they want to do to US, and that HE is standing between them and US. This gives us great comfort and makes us thankful for Our Champion. Yes, Our Champion is our Avatar. What they do to him, they would be doing to us, but for this indirection.

That leads to Loyalty and Love and Thanks for your Avatar shielding you from the direct attack.

That is why attacks on Trump increase his support. EVERY attack on Trump is a reason for celebration that Our Champion, Our Avatar, has taken Yet Another Arrow aimed at us. Once Again we have hope that He can reverse this crime against our Nation being prosecuted by The Left.

So go ahead, Leftists. Continue to attack our Avatar, our Champion. It will only make him stronger and increase our certainty that HE is the right answer to your Leftist Lunacy. You can cheat, but you can’t hide… US, thrilled that he continues to shield us from this crap.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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49 Responses to Attack The Avatar And We Increase Our Support

  1. John Hultquist says:

    “Bat Shit Crazy” – BSC

    While on the riding mower this evening I started to think of Democrats with name recognition that appear to be BSC. This might have started because I saw a picture with Jessie Jackson standing behind a woman whose young child had been killed. He and similar types show up whenever there is an opportunity to blame others for the problems they have caused. The solutions the BSCs offer always make the problems worse. The mis-named Inflation Reduction Act (to be signed Tuesday) is just the latest.

  2. Simon Derricutt says:

    I think Trump cocked up on the Covid vaccines, probably through accepting a consensus of expert opinion since he would have realised he didn’t have the required experience. He also didn’t clear the swamp, which seems to have been much bigger and stronger than he’d thought. At the moment, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a drive to try to disqualify him from standing again, and that implies that the people driving this do think that he’s dangerous for their ambitions, so voting him in again, if you can manage it, would have some advantage.

    If Trump had secret papers at Mar-a-lago, and what they were was not known by the authorities, then it’s pretty obvious that the fault would not lie with Trump but with the record-keeping and handing-over performed by the authorities in charge of those papers. He didn’t even fill the boxes himself, but this was done by the official staff supposed to do that. Seems pretty unlikely that he’d even have seen a lot of the stuff he’s supposed to have had. The command to switch off the security cameras was, let’s say, unusual, in that it would allow things to be done without witnesses and facilitate planting of evidence.

    It is, I think, pretty obvious that if we’re wrong about the effects of CO2 on climate then the world is f***ed anyway, since China and India are building new fossil-fuelled power stations as fast as they can, and any reductions the West could produce would be more than cancelled out by the new coal-fired power stations over there. I’m pretty certain that CO2 has very little effect on temperature, though, and that the main effect is that plants grow faster and need less water to photosynthesise. Just look at the long-term history. Thus Trump’s plan to make the USA self-sufficient in energy was a major plus from his time, and I’d expect that if this had continued then his overspending in the short-term would have been repaid with a larger tax-take as businesses made more profits, and thus reducing the deficit.

    Though I see a problem with the claims to have been the Best Ever, and of course the need for bling and Gold-plated stuff, I think Trump improved the lives of the majority of the lower-class Americans during his time. He may have been beyond his depth in the political swamp, and underestimated the magnitude of the task, but did a pretty good job of making America more prosperous. By reducing the regulations, he broke Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy to some extent at least. Thus the people who made a lot of personal profit from that wouldn’t have been happy. Get rid of the guy who’s queering our pitch….

    Trump wasn’t ideal as a President, but the best choice of what was on offer. I’d also point out that, as much as I dislike Boris Johnson, at the time he was the best choice for UK Prime Minister. Says a lot about the rest…. Here in France, Macron was also the least-worst choice. Politics is a strange business.

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    Nice one. Yup, that’s the idea. Though lately there’s been a whole lot more “Red Pilling” and a lot of folks expressing interest in performative actions… So were I drawing that, I’d have a “rabble” putting on various armor and picking up odd swords and arms behind him. (Further to the edge of the frame, folks less along in the process of donning their “goods” and maybe a couple of folks hammering out swords from ploughs and welding up some Mad Max chariots out of tractors and trucks…) The Maga Army assembling… And I’d likely label one or two arrows with “Vote Fraud” and “Dominion Machines” and such…

  4. another ian says:

    “It’s Inevitable: Trump Will Be Indicted”

    Via SDA

  5. another ian says:

    This fits the sentiment here IMO

    “Dear Professionally Republican….
    August 16, 2022 | Sundance | 240 Comments
    …. We can see you.”


    “Trump’s Espionage? Washington DC and the Pundits Won’t Talk About This, But I will
    August 16, 2022 | Sundance | 298 Comments”

  6. another ian says:

    “A Different Sort of Warrant

    Former president Trump is not without resources and recourse in all this. Though the news media does not follow it, the Trump v Clinton lawsuit trial continues, and it might not go so well for Mrs. Clinton and her friends….”

    More at with the usual edit to access*1*2-nation/a-different-sort-of-warrant/

    [Reply: No need to edit! The use of SPLAT * has the effect of ‘wildcard’ matching, so the link works as is! -E.M.S.]

  7. YMMV says:



    Dan Chappel testified Monday and Tuesday in Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr.’s retrial for the alleged kidnapping plot. He said the FBI specifically asked state police to allow armed protesters into the state Capitol for de-escalation purposes in the protest, which he attended with Wolverine Watchmen militia members during his informant tenure, Bensinger reported.

  8. YMMV says:

    correction. that first quote should be (instead of a repeat link)

    In Michigan, the FBI agent charged with overseeing the entire investigation was Steven D’antuono. In D.C., by January 1, 2021, the lead agent in the D.C. field office was…Steven D’antuono. What a coincidence!

  9. u.k.(us) says:

    Drive like it is a NASCAR road race, there won’t be many competitors out there :)

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian;

    You use of * in the cluster…. link here:

    has the interesting effect of making a link that works, while passing the F… filter. All because ‘*’ (or SPLAT as us geeks call it ;-) is a ‘wildcard’ character in *nix operating systems (and apparently in WordPress links as well…) so ‘matches any characters’.

    That means the link works, and no edits are required.

  11. C says:

    Trump won’t be the savior.. because he is also controlled opposition.. All the
    degenerate “Democrat” actions of the past years are kind of a setup to drive
    everyone with at least a brain cell to the opposite direction.. Just that field is also
    mined.. Trump, Democrats, it is all a mix of different family branches in the mafia war, plus some Kabuki theater, just to keep the people busy, more angry, and
    fighting each other. Meanwhile the wizard behind the curtain keeps marching on..

  12. AnnieM says:

    Just from his support of the vaxx Trump is either the controlled opposition, being blackmailed (probably with threats to his family), or just plain stupid. Any of those means that he would not make the changes we need if he should be president again.

  13. The True Nolan says:

    @AnnieM: ” Trump is either the controlled opposition, being blackmailed (probably with threats to his family), or just plain stupid. ”

    I can’t disagree with your three options, but I would offer a fourth (albeit unlikely) alternative. If you or I were to still be pro-clot-shot after so much data has show its dangers, yes, we would be stupid. In Trump’s case, does he personally cruise the alternative news sources for information or is he dependent on other people to research it for him? Frankly, I find it VERY disturbing and difficult to see how he could still be pro-jab — but maybe his advisers are still drinking the Kool Aid, and telling him what they believe. Of course that still leaves us with the problem that if Trump has picked such inept advisers, can his judgement be trusted? We certainly know he put a bunch of traitors into high positions while he was President.

    It would be ironic if the final lesson of one of the most charismatic political figures of modern US history (and Trump is that regardless of his competence) was to teach the electorate not to trust charismatic leaders.

  14. another ian says:


    IIRC doesn’t Dr Birx in her book tell of feeding incorrect info to Trump?

  15. cdquarles says:

    It does. Trump will trust his people until he can’t, and you can’t have a successful organization if you don’t. I have not heard him push the shots lately.

  16. philjourdan says:

    @AnnieM – you are either a troll or totally clueless! No one controls Trump. That should be obvious by the fact that the deep state and their gestapo (the EFF BEE EYE) are still out to get him. The democrats are in mortal fear of him and that is why there are dozens of investigations and no charges. And nothing will come of this raid except the outrage from the right (and even some Democrats). The clueless mindnumbed robots of the deep state have no clue! And neither do you,

  17. AnnieM says:

    @philjourdan apparently doesn’t know the definition of controlled opposition and thinks that the rest of the world is as myopic as he is. Sure, they’re “out to get him” and “in mortal fear of him” which is why he’s still alive, not in prison, and having rallies with tens of thousands of participants. Sigh.

  18. Simon Derricutt says:

    Phil – mostly I see your points and think you’re close to right, but here I think you’ve missed some bits. It’s pretty obvious to me that Trump is what we used to call high-functioning Aspberger’s (though AFAIK these days it’s got a different name). His speciality is making deals, and was known for doing a deal on a handshake and sticking to it. He’s probably not good at reading people, though I’d expect he’s improved on that over his life. Faced with people who think they are telling the truth, which applies to a lot of the CAGW people and medical people, he probably couldn’t tell that what they were saying was wrong unless he’d done the work himself.

    In the business of construction and finance, he’s likely to be able to tell what’s good and what’s bad and make the right decision and avoid hiring people who will cock things up (or get rid of them at the first obvious fail). With politics, he’s probably not attuned to the background, and probably doesn’t realise that the way you can tell if a politician is lying is that you see their mouth moving.

    Thus TTN’s comment is probably the nearest to the mark here. Trump probably has a lot of advisors who really believe these things, even though they aren’t true. The same beliefs are in the media, and indeed a lot of people I am in contact with believe the same things. To get over the beliefs, it takes a while digging in the data and applying logic, and it’s pretty obvious that only a small percentage of people will put that effort in. Also pretty obvious that those people largely don’t get into positions of power, with a few exceptions (Will Happer, for example), and even then those people are going against the consensus and are often ignored as being crackpots who spout wrongthink.

  19. E.M.Smith says:


    Your comment about AnnieM comes close to “insult to the person” that is not allowed here.

    AnnieM has a right to her own opinions, even if you do not like them. Please accept that, and accept that I want a site where folks can disagree about OPINIONS without insulting the PERSON.

    AnnieM has a good point, which is that Trump is in love with the notion that he has saved “millions of lives” via his “operation warp speed” fast tracking of the vexxine. It is very hard for someone to let go of the notion they are a great hero who has saved millions of lives… especially so when it involves accepting they were “duped” by the “experts” who were lying… and even more so when it comes with the understanding that your actions also lead to the deaths of thousands and injury of 100s of thousands.

    IMHO, those are the accurate understanding of what happened.

    Trump, as POTUS and without a Hard Sciences background had to depend on the “advice” and council of “the experts” and those folks were not interested in truth (see Faucci and his income from the vexxine along with the general interest in playing with mRNA as a tech ‘advance’ and cool thing to do… with $Millions attached…). IMHO they played to his ego with “you will save millions of lives” and he was manipulated by them in that way.

    What else could he do? He does not have the tech / biological sciences background to really understand what was going on, and as POTUS he doesn’t have the time to fill in that background. His only choice was “trust his employees”… and that was a mistake. One he now can’t quite admit… yet…

    Now that is just “my opinion”, and you are free to disagree with it. But please do so without insulting “the person” who has the opinion. OK?

  20. H.R. says:

    The key thing to remember about Trump and the clot shot is he always emphasized that it should be your choice. All of the mandates came from State and local levels. Same thing for masks.

  21. beththeserf says:

    H.R . Yes. Choice is everythin’ -yr precious self possession; serf’s say,
    what yr born with.

  22. Chuck J says:

    If President Trump hadn’t pushed the goal for a quick vaccine we would have still been in lockdown. The goal was to keep us in lockdown for 3 to 5 years, Trump fixed that. If we had been in lockdown for that long the economy would have been destroyed . President Trump in a recent rally in Alaska said he would have to tell us eventually what was really happened with the vaccine. So the whole story hasn’t been told yet.

  23. cdquarles says:

    If I am remembering correctly, President Trump also pushed for alternatives. His “underlings” wouldn’t hear of that (remember all of the howling about Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine). He was pushed into a corner. I’d love to hear him speak more about the bureaucratic machinations involving the shots. In that sense, his opposition was controlled. I doubt you control him at all, directly.

  24. AnnieM says:

    As I recall, Trump was a vaccine skeptic before he took office. So he was already skeptical about the “experts” and their “data”. But when he took office but BEFORE covid, he’s suddenly pro vaccines and pro “experts”. I think that there was a deliberate plan on “their” part prepping him for being pro covid vaxx when the time came, whoever the “they” that planned the whole covid nightmare might be. I do think it is more likely that they blackmailed him by threatening his family rather than Trump being a willing participant or just too stupid or self involved or busy or whatever other excuse you can come up with to see what they were doing. But that still means that we can’t trust him because if this is true he put his family ahead of the thousands if not millions harmed or killed by the covid vaxx and he’d obviously do it again if/when the time comes.

  25. philjourdan says:

    @annieM – apparently you do not understand ENGLISH. I fully understand your myopia, so do not patronize me, And first learn who supports trump. You are so clueless about that and you will always be because you are Subjects, and not Citizens.

    Begone clueless troll.

  26. E.M.Smith says:


    Please stop insulting AnnieM. She just has a different opinion than yours.

    I’ve not seen any “trolling” behaviour, just different POV. She clearly has a good command of English, given her comments, so your insult about English competence is way off base. I also don’t see the “patronizing” in her stating the possible alternatives, so perhaps you are being overly sensitive…

    This is the second warning. I really do not want to put you in “time out”, but insulting other visitors here, in my blog / home, is not an acceptable behaviour.

    I’m pretty sure you would not insult another of my guests were we standing around the living room, glasses of wine in hand, and had different opinions (on what hockey team was better, or how Trump thought about things.)

    Since NONE of us knows what Trump was thinking, it is all rampant speculation anyway, so not worth getting upset about. Just enjoy what other ideas folks come up with ’cause nobody has the inside track to know what was the truth.

  27. AnnieM says:

    @E.M.Smith I went back and read your original post again and did some more thinking. I originally supported Trump, up to Operation Warp Speed, and in some ways I wish I still could. It certainly is appealing to have an Avatar, a Champion, a Knight, someone that people can trust and believe in and you are right that people see him as that and are flocking to him. It would be nice to be part of a like minded crowd like that instead of always being the stick in the mud. But, if I am wrong in my original characterization of Trump and all of his followers are right about him I can guess what is going to happen some time between now and 2024. Trump is one person. He has no second in command that people can trust. If Trump really is the White Knight that his followers think he is “they” can’t let Trump’s followers keep their champion. If he is gone then the whole Trump movement goes up in smoke and all those people have nobody to follow, THE REPUBLICANS LOSE THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN, and the demonrats won’t even have to cheat. I suspect that “they” would wait until much closer to 2024 and stage a false flag that simultaneously discredits Trump with his followers and makes him disappear. Put him in prison for some heinous crime? Stage a fatal car accident with drugs and an underage girl? They’re probably much more imaginative than I am so we will just have to wait and see what happens. And yeah, I’m telling you that my take on this is we’re not in a fairy tale and there’s no white knight coming to save the republic. We have to assume that every single thing we’ve been taught and everything they’re telling us now is a lie. Government, big business, big pharma, big medicine, science, religion, entertainment, media, etc., all lying until independently verified – including Trump. Of course, I don’t know for sure what’s going to happen, none of us do. I actually hope I’m wrong and Trump wins back the presidency with great fanfare and fixes all the damage that Obiden has done and then some.

  28. Simon Derricutt says:

    AnnieM – yep, looks like a strong possibility that if Trump isn’t stopped from being eligible to stand for President using lawfare, they may try more lethal and permanent methods. Could be DT Junior takes over, though.

    Maybe the thing to bear in mind though is that a lot of people telling what we consider lies believe that they are right and that the lies are actually the truth. There’s a strong belief that vaccinations are the magic bullet for diseases, and that the new “vaccination” mRNA technology will make such things quick to develop and safe. There’s also a strong belief that emitting Carbon Dioxide is an existential risk to humanity that needs to be fixed now, otherwise there is no future to plan for. Showing people the actual data on these things rarely changes those beliefs, either. There’s a belief that wind-turbines and solar panels will be able to run our civilisation and will be cheaper, since obviously the wind and sunshine are free, and again showing people the data and that the cost of energy goes up when you try to do that doesn’t affect that belief.

    If people are told over and over again, multiple times per day, that something is true and backed by authority, then they tend to disbelieve their lying eyes and accept the lie as the truth. That’s the basis of advertising, after all, and why “influencers” make a living, and why advertisers try to get someone well-known to endorse their products. It works even if you’re aware of it happening – I need to go back to look at the data every so often to be sure they aren’t right and I haven’t made a cock-up somewhere in the logic. That also applies to my physics stuff, where I’m saying that some well-established Laws of Physics are plainly not absolute Laws but instead what happens in the majority of situations and there are loopholes we can exploit to get cheap energy and transport (possibly to the stars).

    Of course, as in Catch-22, if everyone believed that I’d be a fool to think any different, Sir! Those current memes self-reinforce, and it’s wrongthink to point out that the emperor is actually naked. Thus there’s a lot of social pressure to appear to conform to the current zeitgeist even if you personally aren’t totally convinced that it’s true. The appearance of everyone else believing it tends to reduce the number of people who point out the errors in the logic or the data.

    Seems to me that the majority of the political people (and the media, and social media) did what they could to obstruct what Trump was trying to do. Nevertheless he did get some things through that improved the country. He failed on quite a bit, but the opposition was pretty massive. The “experts” he hired after all had beliefs that the data doesn’t support, but they nevertheless thought were true.

  29. p.g.sharrow says:

    @AnnieM; I think you misread the “Trump” phenomena. Donald Trump is merely the front man in a very wide spread movement/revival of America. We recruited him, He did not create us, he does not direct us. If anyone thinks that they can quell this movement by getting rid of TRUMP is a fool and will just make us stronger.

    The Deep State, Justice Department’s latest attack on President Trump merely demonstrates just how few and desperate that they are to pull this trick to fish for evidence to be used in their persecution of him to discourage us from being united behind him, We don’t NEED Trump, there are others….pg.

  30. AnnieM says:

    @p.g.sharrow I sincerely hope that I am wrong and you are right, but there are aspects of the Trump movement that resemble a cult run by a single strong personality. See posts by phil above.

  31. philjourdan says:

    Sorry EM, but claiming they have not understood the comment, and are basically trolling is not attacking the person, I said nothing about who she is or what her beliefs are, just pointing out that she is trolling. A description of behavior. Which she has shown.

    But I will back off Your place your rules. And I respect that.

  32. YMMV says:

    p.g.sharrow: “Donald Trump is merely the front man in a very wide spread movement/revival of America. We recruited him, He did not create us, he does not direct us”

    Interesting comment. I will have to think about it. How did that happen?
    Republicans did not like him, conservatives did not like him.
    Obviously there was a group which did, but that group had no power before.
    Is it not possible that he is a leader? He got out in front of the crowds and got them to follow him. I’ll refresh my memory.

    Meanwhile, all politicians write their own story. Obama. AOC. Self-promotion is everything.

  33. p.g.sharrow says:

    @YMMV; “, all politicians write their own story. Obama. AOC. Self-promotion is everything.”
    Donald Trump has been widely known to us for all of his life. An open published . Book. No secrets, no empty spaces. That drives the bastards crazy because they have dark secrets so they KNOW that he must as well, they just need to discover them. Trump has known all of his life, that he always has been a public known figure. So he has kept clean with an army of people to make sure every “I” is dotted, every “T” crossed..

    To understand “Us” you must understand the fundamental nature of the Universe, the fundamental nature of GOD, and the nature of men.

    Those of us that were trained in Electronics/Electricity learned that every “Electron” in the universe “Feels” the motions of every other Electron, they are all connected, a part of the whole. All of creation is GOD, we are all connected.

    Among all living beings there are co-operators and there are Users. Co-operators strive to build up the whole, while users want to profit at the expense of others..
    Co-operators will go hunger so that others do not, it is best, in their world, if everyone does well. Users believe in a zero sum game where THEY deserve to “accumulate wealth unearned”.It is their right to “Win” and others to lose. Now of course, most people fall into this division somewhere in the middle, being some of each, more or less. Donald Trump has always been a friend of co-operators and a foe of Users. It is his nature.

    Some of us are better able to “Listen” to “that which is” it is our co-operative nature to share everything we know, but you do not have to listen. Everyone Knows right from wrong but many will justify their personal behavior as being Best for everyone when they benefit at the expense of others. Very few are ashamed if they benefit at the expense of others.

    In the days before his decision to run, Trump was approached by numerous people, both known and unknown that told him that GOD directed them to tell him it was his turn in the ring. Still, he gathered his friends and Family and warned them of the possible consequences of his running for president. They all agreed to jump off of that cliff with him for the good of the country. Anyone that claims that the Trump family benefited from this or even planned to benefit is evil. They lost over half of the family fortune. and every member is now in physical and legal danger from wackos and political prosecutors out to make their mark by attacking the TRUMPs. I been there and done that several times. You may win the battle but it will cost you dearly and those politicians you help along the way will stab you in the back when it benefits their own stature in politics.

    There are others that will take up the chore when Trump quits the field. The GEBs will not win this time, We now have the Web that covers the World. They can not hide, they no longer control information, We are Legion and we don’t need them in the new age…pg

  34. cdquarles says:

    Agreed, pg. It is in my best interest to help you do what is best for you and others. That’s what free markets do. Humans are fallen beings and corrupt by nature. God, He that Is, through His Son and His Holy Spirit can change you, when you let Him. Free markets can work around that fallen nature, up to a point. GEBs want power first, and to them, power is a zero sum game. Money is just a way to keep score in this bodily life. They seemingly reject the possibilities the spiritual life offers.

    I would also add that, to me, it seems that President Trump had his “come to Jesus” moment and chose Him and Life. He is not the same man they think he is. And no, Annie, he is not a cult leader. He is trying to show people truths that have been suppressed and leave it up to them to accept them or not; and then act on them.

  35. AnnieM says:

    @cdquarles I did not say that Trump wanted or intended to be a cult leader but that there are aspect of the Trump movement that resemble a cult. My comment was not so much about what Trump is trying to do but how others react to him. You can see it in how phil attacks me personally and irrationally because I refuse to yay rah rah over Trump. It’s similar to the people who crowd together to have a chance to swoon over other types of celebrities. There are many more people like that than rational thinkers like you and I like to admit.

  36. YMMV says:

    p.g.sharrow: “Anyone that claims that the Trump family benefited from this or even planned to benefit is evil. They lost over half of the family fortune. and every member is now in physical and legal danger from wackos and political prosecutors out to make their mark by attacking the TRUMPs.”

    hero: courage, nobility of purpose, risked or sacrificed his life

    That makes Trump a hero. That also explains why there are few if any who could replace him adequately. If you try to fight the FBI, you might as well fight God. Or in this case, the Devil.

  37. cdquarles says:

    Annie, I will disagree, somewhat. There isn’t a Trump movement. There is a reawakening, in the USA, to return her to her founding principles. Trump is just the current avatar, for that movement. It is more “of the people and for the people”, as I see it. Some of us remember being taught that and see what we’ve lost. Younger folk are being made aware of it.

  38. E.M.Smith says:


    Any movement has a wide range of folks in it. What you see of the “Trump Movement” is largely those who are loudest and most colorful, as that is what gets off the cutting room floor of the “News” departments of the world.

    There may well be 100,000 folks at a Trump Event. Heck, call it 1/4 Million on J6 listening to him down by the Washington Monument / White House (1.8 MILES from where the trouble on the steps of the Capitol Buildings was being False Flagged into existence by the FBI & related) But about 80,000,000 voted for him.

    1/320 th of the “Trump Supporters” were willing to go to the Capitol to “PEACEFULLY have their voices be heard”. I was one of them.

    There were maybe a few hundred who were “encouraged” by the FBI, Antifa, et. al. False Flag operatives to go into the Capitol, of which most acted like polite tourists, even staying inside the Velvet Ropes and not disturbing anything. I know this as I was exhorted no less than 3 times to “Go into the capitol” (once by a guy who I think might have been Ray Epps. At least looked like him). Most folks blew them off and stayed in the approved areas (and I was one of them).

    My point being that the “Trump Supporters” range from the odd “whacko” to the “True Believers” with some idolatry involved, and on to the folks who just like what he did for the country. There isn’t one type.


    I didn’t think Trump was anything but a loudmouth media showoff when he entered the Primary. I had my set of beliefs about what was wrong with the present Political Class but had no way to change it. Trump took them on hard and fast and kicked their butts. I chose to vote for him because he was a loud mouthed bull. At the time I was saying “Yes, but he is OUR Bull in THEIR china closet”… Dunking the “Bush Dynasty” by ousting Jeb was his first big win as Yet Another RINO was the expected offering.

    Something similar happened for a whole lot of folks. At Last! we had a candidate who was not a “lose by increments and slices” RINO capitulator. Someone who said what we were saying and was willing to beat up the RINOs and Democrat Troughers. So I tepidly supported him as “better that the alternatives” and “maybe he can at least break the system that is failing so badly.”

    After a few years in office he proved himself by actions and deeds.

    So, now, ought I throw away that proof? Ought I just say “Well, you done good, but I’m kicking you to the curb anyway.”? Or would it be more rational for me to say “By God! At LAST! Someone dumping the wishy-washy RINOs slow walking us to losing to communism. Someone willing to actually FIGHT for what is right.”

    So no, I’m not all “cult like” about it. No, I don’t think he is God Like, nor do I think he is the ideal candidate. But what I do think is that he is the ONLY candidate I’ve seen since Ronald Reagan who is willing and able to take on the Deep State and the Corrupt DNC and have any chance of winning.

    So I support him forcefully; not because I’m enthralled, but because he is proven effective and trustworthy in the task.

    You have about 80 Million folks who have been figuratively drowning in a sea of Democrat & RINO corruption and slow walk to Communism who finally have some hope, via someone at least trying to save the ship of state; instead of handing them another bucket of water as they drown. That brings with it a certain amount of happiness and joy, and yes, thanks and admiration for him.

    IMHO, that is not “cult like”. Just a hell of a lot of hope and gratitude for “OUR Bull in THEIR china closet”.

    Do some folks take it to cult like? Sure. There’s a few hundred who attend every Trump Rally by their own admission. Out of 80 Million…

    So please think about that ratio. And think about the Selection Bias of MSM “News” Coverage. Always searching for “click bate” and “Dirt On Trump” (and his supporters).

    Oh, and as the noose has been ever tightened by the WEFies and we see that in Canada with how Turdoh handled the Truckers Protest: We become more hardened in our resistance attitudes.

    No longer will I just be “Politely Quiet” and think “We’ll just vote in the next election and balance will return”. Because now, thanks to Trump and The Steal of the last election: We KNOW “the fix is in”. We KNOW that the game is rigged. So now I tend more to think “If they get in my grill, Be The Mirror, and get right back in theirs”. Shit thrown at me is to be thrown right back with as much vigor, or more. I’m done with the whole “polite Mr. Nice Guy thing”. In a time of Propaganda To Excess, demonizing innocents (like parents at PTA meetings…), forced “acceptance” of child mutilation and crap like “can’t say what a Woman is” while putting MEN in women’s sports (and a whole lot more crap): THE best answer is Our Bull. Now, increasingly, called Our Lion.

    I’m done with the “Polite Acceptance” and just doing the RINO “roll over and play dead”. We’re in a battle for the preservation of America as the land of the free, and we can not afford to keep folks in authority who are interested in just losing slower.

    So, no, I no longer have room under my tent for The Turtle hiding in his shell, or Romney The Goat grazing on the field of government largess. I’m happy with what Trump did, and I want more of it, and I’m willing to work for it. (Looks like Liz Cheney has also discovered that a large part of the Republican Party feels the same way. ;-)

    IF that means letting “Trump be Trump” and pissing off the entire Political Left Wing; well, I see that as a feature. If it means driving 3000 miles to attend my very first Trump Rally Ever on J6 (because I figured wrongly it might be the last chance ever to attend one…) then that’s what I’ll do. (AND I’m very glad I did, as I was “squeaky clean” that day and can attest to the fact that over 90% of the folks who were there to hear Trump were just as polite and “squeaky clean” and NOT AT ALL as portrayed by The Lying Media. And I’ve got the photos… (see my posting about J6 with photos)).

    That is not a “cult” or even “cult like”. That is an ocean of drowning souls who have finally got a hold of a life raft. It may be an old and cranky one, with a few leaks here and there, but consider the alternative… We are just happy to get in the damn boat and help row.

  39. another ian says:

    Posted on “Wood” but probably fits better here

    “D.C. Lawyer of the Year: Natasha Taylor-Smith”

  40. another ian says:

    And others it might seem

    “Yeah, but he’s white so apparently it’s OK.”

  41. YMMV says:

    “Dunking the “Bush Dynasty” by ousting Jeb was his first big win as Yet Another RINO was the expected offering.”
    “After 55 years, January 20th, 2023 will mark the first time since 1967 that no member of the Cheney, Clinton, McCain, or Bush family will hold elected or appointed office in the federal government of the United States of America.”
    (Charlie Kirk)

    That is a very good article for the history. Trump was in the celebrity club, which is very close to the ruling elites club. Until he announced and was ousted. Remember “Never Trump”?
    His first speeches made it clear that he was a fighter.

    Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People. There is nothing the political establishment will not do, and no lie they will not tell, to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense. The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exists for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself.

    We will vote to put this corrupt government cartel out of business. We will remove from our politics the special interests who have betrayed our workers, our borders, our freedoms, and our sovereign rights as a nation. We will end the politics of profit, we will end the rule of special interests, we will put a stop to the raiding of our country – and the disenfranchisement of our people.

    not a don’t-rock-the-boat Republican.

  42. another ian says:

    “ALL THE INSTITUTIONS HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED: WSJ: The Trump Warrant Had No Legal Basis: A former president’s rights under the Presidential Records Act trump the statutes the FBI cited to justify the Mar-a-Lago raid.”

    More at

    Also in links there

    “Judge Bruce Reinhart on Monday admitted the FBI’s raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was “unprecedented” and formally rejected the Justice Department’s argument to keep the affidavit leading to the search under seal, citing the “intense public and historical interest.” ”

    Interesting reading coming up I’d reckon

  43. Tim W says:

    EM….. T down the street. At close a big branch separated from the street tree onto street. Whole tree was rotten. Good timing.

  44. E.M.Smith says:


    Oh Golly! I’ll have to check it out!

  45. another ian says:

    “So now we have the admission….. the FBI tampered with the US Election, and likely changed the outcome.”

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