Welcome to Political Manipulation Awareness Day!

Just a short note to commemorate this day of awareness. As some of you may have noticed, there is a great deal of hype and noise going on today. We are all supposed to have our “awareness” raised. So, to do my part, I’m recognizing this as the Earth Political Manipulation Awareness Day!

Call it P-MAD or EP-MAD if you like. Just remember the MAD part of it.

So, in honor of the high effort put forth by such manipulative political agencies as The Club Of Rome (who have been bringing us “Oh, No! Running Out!!!” ‘awareness’ since the very bogus book Limits To Growth in the ’70s), and to all the Malthusians who have been preaching ‘awareness’ of “Doom In Our Time!” from too many people to ever feed, and most recently to the IPCC and minions and useful idiots who have been force feeding us ‘awareness’ of the clear and present demise of the entire planet in a too cold / too hot / too wet / too dry / apocalyptic acid in an ever more dilute ocean from the missing Antarctic; in honor of all them, and more, I propose to heft a glass of modestly cheap white wine while I raise my awareness of their cheap Political Manipulation.

What else?

Today I have put a new liner in my (mandatory) recycle bin. Nothing else. Just the liner. Made from oil. Disposable. Got it from the store by driving my 2 ton station wagon over (with only me in it) using high octane gasoline. Everything else went into the garbage can.

This evening, I’ll be cooking BBQ marinated chicken over a mesquite (thanks P.G.!) and briquette fire. The mesquite tastes better, but I’m going to get it started using petroleum on charcoal. Note that the name “charcoal” is for the two ingredients from which it is made. Char, made from wood and often called charcoal, and coal. Yup. Real honest to goodness coal goes into charcoal briquettes. Once those are started, I’ll lay on the mesquite and once it is involved, the food goes on. Meat. Copious quantities. With a side of baked potatoes with real butter. Thanks to all those folks who have been raising my ‘awareness’ about the amount of grain and water that goes into making a pound of meat, I’ve developed a hankering for more of it ;-)

I’ve also got time to water the lawn and garden, making sure my bunny and plants are well watered and fed. I’ll be using Miracle Grow fully chemical fertilizer. The stuff works great. I’ve been made very “aware” of usage of fertilizers on farms, and figure it seems to work well.

I’ve also got some alien seeds from my seed archive. I’m still trying to figure out which one is most “foreign” here, but once I’ve worked that out, some of them go into the garden. I understand Purselane and Goosefoot are both weedy species that are also usable for food. Though I’ve been wanting to plant my Italian Dandelions for a while. Selected cultivar with larger more tasty leaves. We’ll see what strikes my fancy, er, ‘awareness’…

Finally, I’m cleaning up part of my patio, so going to generate more landfill fodder as old things no longer needed get thrown away. Need to “clean up the earth” (by filling a landfill) after all… So the old “pop-up” tent like cover gets the heave ho. Yeah, it is a plastic top over metal folding legs, and could likely be recycled, but… the locals decided that only plastic with numbers on it can be recycled and the tarp top has no numbers, plus getting it off of the metal would be a pain, so the metal can’t be recycled. Oh Well…

At least I’m more ‘aware’ of it.

I’ve also got lots of lights on in the house and yard for the cheery “aware” look. I’m very aware of how happy I am to have lots of light. Even especially aware of the incandescent lamps on dimmers. A few years back when the Eco-Nazis came for the lightbulbs, I bought a large stash. What ought to be a lifetime supply. On dimmers they last much much longer ( even a 5% power reduction can give a large lifetime increase). So my awareness of being politically and legally manipulated as to what kind of lighting I can buy was very successful, and I reacted accordingly. There is nothing quite as pleasing as that warm yellow glow of a pure incandescent bulb. No flicker (fast or slow) like with fluorescents, no excess 540 nm blue causing insomnia like from LED bulbs, no mercury to worry about. Instant on. Instant off. 100% dimmable range. No hum, buzz or whine. Wonderfully aware of them ;-)

So be sure to do what you can to raise your awareness of political manipulation on this day, and of course, react accordingly!

To your health! (Raises glass of wine…) Now where did I put that meat and marinade…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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3 Responses to Welcome to Political Manipulation Awareness Day!

  1. EM – I hope you’re also aware of the dyspepsia and consternation your attitude will cause to all those good public servants who are telling us what to be frightened of.

    Oh well, maybe they’ll just put it in the memory slot….

  2. omanuel says:

    Thanks for the reminder of the real importance of Homosapiens.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    Burnt offerings for the gods! Salute! a wave offering to bless all. ;-) pg

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