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So the news has been full of the shooting in Oregon. Yet not a single picture of the shooter. [UPDATE: As of 10/2 MSNBC has shown the same pictures I found below, so a bit more validation.] Only now on Fox a name. All the people shown are Lilly White folks (as tends to be the case in that area).

The implied narrative is that this was some random shooting “hate crime” (a term I dislike, BTW. Show me a “love crime”…)

So I did a bit of digging. Not much out there from ‘real media’. Several “reputable sources” have comments that this guy was a Chris Mercer and some of the comments claim some kind of Muslim connection. I’d love to have Real News finding answers instead of resorting to “random web links”, but so it goes.

I do not endorse this site ( know nothing about it, really, just a google search link) and warn that the language used is course and it is not for “polite company”. But it has what looks like real information. (But not vetted with any cross checks [UPDATE: MSNBC has now shown the same images, so cross check exists.], so Caveat Emptor…) I did find one other site with the same pictures, but one of theirs is clearly of someone else. Here’s the link:

First find of the picture here:


A later link claims that the shooters account was ‘hacked’ and changed after his death to claim he was “conservative”:


To: Olog-hai

Saw another post that his online account had be hacked 5 times since his death.

2 posted on Thu 01 Oct 2015 07:40:26 PM PDT by Parley Baer
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To: Olog-hai

LOL the Daily Beast fell for it.what else is knew..that site was altered FIVE TIMES TODAY..unless the shooter is still alive and able to go online internet trolls were messing around with his profile


3 posted on Thu 01 Oct 2015 07:40:40 PM PDT by Sarah Barracuda
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Given the speed, I’d suspect more likely he’d given the password to a friend for when he didn’t make it back.

This one claims the Islamic connection in that the shooter had to connections on his myspace page, one to:

MySpace page of Mahmoud Ali Ehsani

Grab these images, before they can be scrubbed


And while later the page / images are gone, these folks do show some of them. Then there is a reputed connection to So. Cal. and more. Do they have ‘the right guy’? I don’t know. This would be a lot easier if Real News were doing their job.

To: Hugin

Connected directly to Chris Harper-Merper of Torrance, California, via his MySpace page.

15 posted on Thu 01 Oct 2015 06:17:53 PM PDT by research99
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To: research99
I was just about to come here to post this… Chris Harper Mercer’s MySpace page is full of IRA terrorist pictures and one of his two contacts has a bunch of Mujaheddin photographs.
[ picture left out -ems]
…. ANNND it looks like his pal Mahmoud Ali Ehsani just removed his MySpace page graphics. Erased his account pics, and now probably his profile.

Nothing but Jihadi images, the Ummah, and the black flag of militant Islamists.

I take it he’s going to skip town (or the country) before the FBI can find his ass.
16 posted on Thu 01 Oct 2015 06:18:28 PM PDT by The KG9 Kid
To: Ken522

Not sure. Shooter Chris Mercer has two individuals ‘connected’ to him via his MySpace page. Mahmoud is ONE of the two. Could be pertinent. Mahmoud has over 300 ‘connections’ nearly all of whom are blacks.

37 posted on Thu 01 Oct 2015 06:27:46 PM PDT by CivilWarBrewing
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To: tcrlaf

you’ve GOT to be kidding me?

but the media already said the reason doesn’t matter. just the guns.

when the white boy shot NC up, the reason mattered ALOT a WHOLE LOT and it should have. just like this one.

38 posted on Thu 01 Oct 2015 06:28:55 PM PDT by dp0622
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If you want more, hit the links or do some more Web Searching for confirmation / negation.


So zero mention this was a “black on white” shooting. Attempting to squash the name (saw the Sheriff at the news conference actively saying don’t use his name) and zero mention of a connection to any Islamic folks.

Compare the guy in the South were race was immediately front and center and an all out assault on the Confederate Heritage was mounted by the media.

I’m not liking this crappy bias in news coverage.

And while the bodies are still warm and the survivors have not yet finished surgery, Obama is busy “never letting a crisis go to waste” and advocating that it was the guns whot dun it… So rude, crude, and heartless.


As this is all fast and poorly vetted, it is quite possible I’ve just fallen for a bogus site with crap in it. Frankly, that’s what bothers me about the self-censorship of the dominant news coverage. If forces me to go to places I’d rather not go to search for information. Oh Well. Eventually the truth will get out.

[UPDATE: This morning MSNBC has stepped up to the plate and is showing the same pictures from the link / MySpace. I’m very glad to see someone in Real News providing some insight into the shooter. It would be nice if the rest of the media could confirm some of this, but as of now at least MSNBC is on it. Kudos to them for being first and best on digging into it. This link has the story, but not the pictures: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/oregon-shooting-umpqua-gunman-chris-harper-mercer-what-we-know and it also looks like NBC has confirmation of identity in their story: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/oregon-college-shooting/oregon-shooting-umpqua-gunman-chris-harper-mercer-what-we-know-n437351 which also includes some about what was in his “note”. (The usual ‘the world hates me and I’m upset’ stuff from someone who didn’t know how to ‘get a life’…) -E.M.S.]

For now, assuming the basic facts and images of the myspace links in that link were correct, it looks to me like a very large story NOT being shown the light of day.

Oregon Shooter?

Oregon Shooter?

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  1. BobN says:

    Its amazing the MSM can’t get a handle on him with all their resources. It smells agenda driven to me, but then I’m a confirmed Muslim hater, so I’m biased.

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  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    I agree, there is a serious lack of news about the shooter. So far only that this was a “Gun Free Zone” the former administrator was the security guard, UNARMED, The present administrator was quite proud of the fact that this was an unarmed campus. The police took 20 minutes to arrive and deal with the shooter who just walked through the campus shooting at any people that he saw. Borack did his thing of blaming guns instead of lack of local protection. The toll would have been much less, even zero if there had’ve been even one trained gunman to engage him. I fear that there is a small army of armed hooligans out there that are being deliberately set upon targets of opportunity to increase the appearance of chaos…pg

  4. This is a strange case. The earlier connection, a 4chan weirdo that called himself “egg white,” was a complete screaming “look at me I’m gonna go kill people soon” sort of person. And the /r9k/ environment he was immersed in cheered him on. The circumstances of posting about a planned school shooting “in the northwest” several hours before it happened are not yet explained. But he looks nothing like Harper-Mercer.

    This Harper-Mercer is different. His blogs are not unreasonable, at least not the ones I’ve seen so far. Rather than red flags, his approach is not outside of the normal envelope, it seems to me. Someone photoshopped his criticism of BlackLivesMatter to make it seem that he supported them; he did not. And he was critical of other recent media-promoted killers, though interested in the topic. For example, he wrote this one month ago:

    Black lives matter is different because most there are far more murders done by blacks against themselves than by police, and to defend a thug like michael brown is just wrong. And a man grievances, whether real or percieved are more of a justification(not saying he was right)than stealing a cigar from a store and people protesting his death, which he brought on himself through his actions and choices. Those same people ought to be protesting about the violence is in the inner city. People won’t respect you until you respect yourself

    Sloppy writing, but not unreasonable overall.

    Chris Harper-Mercer, however, was born in England, was a major fan of the Irish Republican Army, and was for two years at least in a school for troubled and special-needs youth (while in his 20s, oddly). His writing is no worse than most people on the Internet. I don’t sense the “you can see this coming” effect from what he’s written here (as “Lithium_Love”):

    Very strange. In the meantime, the other fellow has not reappeared, and the r9k readers continue to applaud the killings. Ugly.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  5. omanuel says:

    There is no longer any realistic doubt that mainstream news in the United States today is no better than that in the old USSR. Wake up America !

  6. philjourdan says:

    And of course Obama pissed on the corpses of the victims with his politicization before even the basic facts are known. As long as we elect idiots like that, these mass killings will continue. Like a Bond gun, they always shoot in the wrong direction.

  7. Jon K says:

    Not a lot of new info in this, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-10-02/meet-oregon-school-shooter-chris-harper-mercer-youre-going-see-god-just-about-one-se ,but I think the blog post is interesting. Makes me think we should start treating these situation like they do with streakers in sporting events… Say an idiot has run onto the field and refuse to show them on TV. Maybe that would deprive them of the attention that they are clearly seeking by these attacks.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, I find my self in the strange position of needing to praise MSNBC. This morning they are showing the same pictures of the shooter as are in the links above. It pains me to say, but here MSNBC is doing a decent job of it while the other news agencies are not.

    Still wrapped in their left leaning spin, but I’m OK with that. Put the information out (wrapped or not) and I’ll make up my own mind. They also said ( I think it was them, in the ‘crawler’) that a note with a ~’hate filled statement’ had been left at the scene. That’s more than I’ve gotten out of the rest of the folks in the “jump loop” over morning coffee.

    I’m going to edit the posting to remove some of my “doubts” in the source linked here, given that we now have 2 other sources (one also linked above and one a “Main Stream Media”). Even if by some strange twist it turned out that MSNBC was a ‘follower’ and I’m risking an echo chamber moment; they have a load of resources and can have (will have?) vetted the images far better than I can vet them.

    Other news media are hyping the Left Wing Talking Points, like that ONLY in the USA does this kind of thing happen and that the USA has far more of it than anywhere else etc. etc. Ignoring that THE Worst mass shooting was in Norway, and that Europe has more in total than does the USA (just fewer ‘per country’ as they have dinky countries… Maybe the USA stats need to be in ‘per State’ or even ‘per county’ to be comparable). On a per population basis, Europe is worse.

    I’d also point out that the flat out murder of Christians across the Middle East right now is a rather much larger “mass casualty event”; but I guess if a large enough gang of thugs does the mass murder, and especially if they wear uniforms, that’s OK then with the Prez and not part of the stats on mass casualties…

    There’s a minor rant between the folks pointing out that “Gun Free Zone!!” means “Soft Target, Attack Here for Maximal Damage and Minimal Risk!” and the Looney Side Of Left insisting that it is still a good idea and it is all the fault of too many guns (and not ‘getting it’ that guns in the right hands stop such things. See Texas and 2 dead mass murder wannabees…) This event only ended after armed police got there from too far away. One guy was shot 7 times blocking a doorway (ex military I think) and if he had been able to carry, it would have ended sooner. Then the Loony Left says Oregon has open carry and shall issue and see, it didn’t help. Ignoring that the School has rules saying you get expelled if you exercise your legal right to carry. Thus the Gun Free Zone – Attack Here! signs…

    Frankly, I’d be more Left Leaning in many things were it not for the fact that when a major event happens, and you start digging into it, substantially all the “facts” and soundbites from The Left Talking Points turn out to be gross errors, exaggerations, or flat out lies. It’s all about image, and truth be damned. I just can’t “go there” as I have a moral compass at the center of my soul and it does not accept trash.

    So every time I hear “only in America” or “this bad only in America” etc. etc. I have an echo of “What about Norway?” and “What about Iraqi Christians?” and “What about Drug Warlords in Mexico?” and … what about the dozen or two scattered over all of Europe and that theatre massacre in Russia. Oh, but that last one was ‘terrorism’, gets tossed out like a brain fart. Well, gun laws still didn’t stop it. Gun laws didn’t stop an attack on a train in France either. Mobbing the gunman did. It would have been much easier if the mob had a few guns too. The Truth-O-Meter just can’t let go of all the anomalies that jump out of the data-store as the brain attempts to integrate the Left Wing Talking Point and finds it wanting.

    The simple fact is that “Peace Through Superior Firepower” is accurate. It works at the international level. It works from the National Guard. It works for the local Police Forces. It works on the street.

    Nutbars are typically functional at some basic level of understanding, and they know they have a goal to kill as many as possible. They know that can be best done where there is no one to provide “counter force”, so choose “soft targets” and especially love “Gun Free Zones” (that are not gun free by definition since that’s where the shooting happened- they are just defense free zones. And the brain must track another anomaly of ‘gun free’ meaning ‘not gun free just no defense’.) THE goal ought to be to demonstrate to their limited capacity that there is no “soft target” and they will be thwarted in their attempt as soon as they pull the gun out. They are typically oriented to reality enough to get that.

    I grew up in a town where substantially every home was armed. Guns behind the door kind of thing. (Dominant Mormon population rural farm culture). I know because as a kid about 7 years old, visiting friends, those kids would pull back the door and point at the parents gun and say “don’t touch these” or something similar. One friend, at about 10?, was showing other friends his new derringer in the street in front of his home about 2 blocks away. I had a .22 rifle and a ‘deer rifle’ in my closet and ammo in my dresser drawer. Yes, at about 10 years old. There were zero “mass shootings” in our area and darned near zero homicides of any kind. Some of the most ‘bent’ individuals would grouse about some imagined insult or another, but not act on their emotional derangement as they were aware of the “prompt solution” that would be in their grill.

    The one murder I do remember was a guy I grew up near. At about 4 years old, his house was “across the street and one over” so I was allowed to play in the street (dead end – now christened a ‘cul du sac’ as more fru-fru) with the other kids, and him. Well this guy was Bad News. One of those sociopath types with a love of hurting animals and people. You had to walk over broken glass to ‘join his club’. I refused, so he despised me for the rest of my 12 more years in that town. (Long story of ‘run ins’ left out). At 18 he turned up dead out at the river. He had joined the local Neo-Nazis (before we applied ‘neo’ to them) and advocated for the local KKK (even though there were no blacks in the town at all, so mostly just looking for somewhere to be violent and hate even if only imaginary. And yes, I know the early KKK was not evil, but in that town, then, they were some) It was never really clear which one it was. Rumor was the Neo Nazi group. But he ‘woke up dead’ as he was “Giving the group a bad name”. Yes, that evil.

    The point? He would now be a prime candidate for a mass shooting event or convincing someone “in his club” to do it. Instead, he knew he couldn’t get it done and looked for other ways to be evil. And that was ended by the proper application of a firearm out at the river after getting into the wrong grill one too many times. So you didn’t have a “mass killing” in my home town. Despite more guns than people and a nutjob shooter wannabe looking for trouble. Then, a whole lot of OTHER nutjob wannabees got a clear message about what the likely outcome of their desires would be. It was a much more peaceful town for several years after that…

    BTW, we had no functioning locks on our house until I left town to go to college at 18 and Mum asked if I could install some. Yes, for at least 18 years when the family went on a trip somewhere, the house was left unlocked and with guns and ammo sitting in it. Just a “going to LA for a week, watch the house please” to the neighbors. Most of the homes were like that. The point being that it isn’t the guns that were the issue, nor is it the guns now. Then, there were no background checks. ANYONE could get one, and did. Even the nutjobs and crazies. (Two in particular were a bit ‘below normal’ in reasoning… they had a Damascus barrel shotgun that was for blackpowder only, so decided to “see when it blows up” by the expedient of putting in ever stronger shells until it did… yet they didn’t shot anyone else… just a bit of shrapnel in the arm IIRC…) So it isn’t like “access to guns” was what prevented murders. Simply put: Everyone knew they would be swiftly caught and / or shot if they crossed the line to stealing or shooting. So they didn’t.

    Peace through superior firepower leads to a polite and law abiding community. Even if the crazies have wide open access to guns.

    Yes, I know those days are past. But that does not erase them from the experience base nor does it negate their lessons. We’ve moved to a video violence culture with the only enforcement being a polite “Now that wasn’t very nice” after the damage is done. The results are obvious in the nightly gang-bangers wars. (That would not happen if the ‘local residents’ were allowed to ‘defend themselves’ via popping off a few of them during their street battles. There wasn’t much street violence in my home town either as someone was likely to step out the front door with a gun and say to knock it off and take it somewhere else… but I digress… Oddly, that didn’t happen much simply because folks knew it could happen, so deterrent from the start.) And yes, I know it would be a blood bath for a couple of months during any transition back to those rules. (But it would be the ‘right blood’ in the bath…) But we are where we are. Living in the fantasy world of The Left where if only we destroy objects it changes people from sociopaths and violent to polite and wise. Magical Thinking almost identical to voodoo dolls. Sigh.

  9. John Robertson says:

    Presstitutes gotta do what press does best.
    Lie by omission.
    10 dead? In a gun free zone?What a piker.
    When a moslem loser killed 14 female students at a Quebec Polytech of Engineering, it took the advent of Blogs for Canadians to find out that the murder had embraced Islam and assumed a new name, prior to singling out these girls and slaughtering them.
    Even today, to our national media the, killer was a French canadian loner.
    Meanwhile the media and our emoticons(Liberal Party of Canada) imposed the ridiculous legislation of Bill C68.
    A law impossible to comply with.
    As a result there is a schism between police and civilian, where trust and cooperation were but the first losses.
    And as one wit put it, never in the short history of Canada, has there been so many caches of guns and ammunition, deemed illegal and hence invisible to the officious.
    The empty prattling of Obama, is almost background noise now.
    Does anyone believe a word he says?

    I believe it comes down to making or taking , those who have never created cannot conceive of the self discipline, faith in a future and trust in your fellow man required to build.
    Those who advocate for destruction may get what they wish, for none are so creative in the ways of destruction as angry makers.
    Of course once the makers join the takers/destroyers there is little time left to any society.
    I argue the very existence of stockpiled long guns and ammo up here indicates the makers are angry indeed.
    As you note above we can avoid going there, but only by a short sharp correction.

  10. Terry Jay says:

    The supplemental comments are dead on. They explain a lot about the Trump phenomenon. There are places in the Northwest, beyond flyover country, where the place you remember still exists, and for the same reasons. That is likely the case in a large geographic swath of the country, usually painted red in election return maps.

    No one hears about the stadium streaker because the press quit reporting it. No reward, no bad behavior. Sort of Econ 101, or maybe in today’s system Econ 401.

    A detail emerging is the tale of the vet who charged the shooter, shot multiple times and survived, but the shooter seems to have abandoned the target and moved on. Of course, reports may be in error on some or all details. Was there really only one courageous sheepdog? No one else did anything? But submission is the the official advice from law enforcement, with predictable result.

    And the report of the armed vet prohibited from self-dispatch to the scene? Crickets.

  11. Gail Combs says:

    I watched a video earlier today on that shooting.

    It seems a vet WITH A GUN (concealed carry permit) was prevented from intervening in the shootings BY THE TEACHERS!!

    I think it was this video:

  12. David A says:

    ?s for anyone…
    Has the relationship with a Islamic pro jihad friend been confirmed?
    Is the ISIS claim of reasonability correct?
    Was the shooter a student. ( I understand he was from LA)
    The French train hero who is now on dancing with the stars was, or is a student at this small community college. Was this a targeted at him. It is logical that all three of the Americans who intercepted the French train terrorist are targets. What better way to discourage heroism.
    Fox said three survivors, shot in the leg, were asked if they were Christians. Those who said yes were shot in the head.

  13. David A says:

    Was the shooter a student at the Oregon community college where the shooting took place?

  14. John Robertson says:

    Well E.M You were not wrong, this story is strange.
    The silence of our media and authorities is deafening.
    Makes me, a cynic, wonder what about this idiot defies the narrative.
    After all the media is now offering awards for the best story telling, I guess they never read Pinocchio, The Boy who cried wolf or The Emperors New Clothes.
    Possibly the media has treed themselves, after so many lies,omissions and misdirection they have totally lost their plot.
    Funny how the number one reward of being honest; You do not have to remember what lies you told to whom.

  15. agimarc says:

    Howdy – Article in AT this morning describes it as a targeted hit aimed at Alek Skarlatos, the guy who led the takedown of the Islamist shoot on the train last month. If this guys is correct, Jihad is indeed here. Cheers –


  16. Power Grab says:

    I am not a frequent reader of the following site, so I don’t know how verifiable their version is, but this story really raised my eyebrows:


    So did this one:


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