Dear Lame Stream Media, MSNBC in particular, and TPTB, per Trump

On CNN and MSNBC they are nattering away about The Trump vs Cruz.

It seems the latest thing is Trump citing an Enquirer article that claims to link Cruz’s Dad to the JFK assassination. That caused Cruz to come a bit unglued and in a bout of /sarc; after dissing the whole thing say something like “I might as well admit it, my Dad killed JFK, … and Jimmy Hoffa is buried in the back yard.” (with more outrageous things in the middle).

An interview with Her Royal Highness Hillary had her trying to act all aloof and presidential in response and claiming she would never bother responding to Mr. Trump’s insults and stupid claims. (All while carefully trying to ignore that giant freighter load of “issues” lurking in her closet…)

All the while everyone just can’t wrap their head around “Trump Voters” and why, on God’s Earth, they would ever vote for this {pick your epithet… from clown to bastard, from bully to the ‘usual suspects’ racist, homophobe, sexist, hater, or worse, republican, and I’m surprised they haven’t thrown in rapist and child molester just to get our attention… but we’re getting bored with them…} and expressing that they just don’t get it.

Stealing a line per Reagan, one comedian said ~”Reganites? Was that something that put in front of Progressives makes them fall to their knees in pain?” Well, I think today the Trump-ites are doing the same thing to The Media, The Progressives, and even The Insider Republicans and RINO’s.

So I’m going to channel my “inner Trump-ite” for a few moments, and ‘splain it to you…

The Clue

Well, let me give you clue.

(Cue off stage, hand me the Clue Stick, it’s time for application!)

You Have Won

After a few decades of being constantly bombarded with your propaganda, of seeing BOTH parties treat the Government as their personal piggy bank and Besties Ever on making just those laws they want for their Donor Class, of having there be nearly nothing we can see different between you’all other than maybe Republicans want to control our sexuality while Democrats want to control our minds, we’ve decided that you have won.

Now that isn’t a good thing, despite what you may think.

It means we have given up on you. And despite what you may think, you need us more than we need you. We know how to drive our own cars, make our own food, and can actually live on minimum wage, if we need to. You can’t. So when we give up on you and decide “screw you too”, it doesn’t hurt us hardly at all. When you are looking uphill at the social ladder and all you see is a bunch of assholes and shit falling on your head anyway; so easy to decide: might as well just get off and go fishing… (or making ‘shine, or racing cars, or bikes, or just hanging out with friends and a radio in the swamp tossing sticks at crocs. I’ve done all of those, one time or another, and they are a LOT more fun that watching your sorry asses as you piss on each other…)

What does this have to do with Mr. Trump?

Easy. He’s an Ass, and a Bully, and Crude, and Pisses You Off… and all of that is terrible fun to watch. Hell, beats trying to catch a croc by the tail or even racing pickups for beer. (Well, depending on how much beer… )

Basically, we have decided to just kick back and enjoy the show and screw with you. And we like it. Not going to win anyway, but hell, light a fire under that ladder and watch the fun!! More fun than gasoline on a red ant hill! (Done that too… common in Texas… if you get the mix right sometimes you can get a little “womp” out of it underground… )

Eventually you reach that point of “Can’t please everyone, so you might as well please your self!” We are there. Now.

Worst case? We have Our Trump Bull running around in YOUR china closet and we have a front row seat. Best case? He actually does some of what he claims he will do and starts whacking chunks off the Government Monster you love to use to squash us. In any case: we have a front row seat to a Reeeeaaaaly Big Sheeew! (Anyone else remember Ed Sullivan?) so bring out the dancing girls, the dancing elephants, hell, anything you have now defined as “not PC”. And let the Trump Comedy Roast of Hillary begin!

So are you “Feeling the Clue?”? (to warp a Bernie mantra…)

What Next?

Well, that all kind of depends. If Hillary gets the slammer for things far far worse than any guy caught with a joint (and doing 10 years for it), well, that might be fun to watch too, and we’ll give it a couple of more years. If The Trump actually starts killing the Government Monster, well, I’ll wait. Hell, if Sanders gets in and starts killing off some of your Crony Capitalism and Crony Progressives, might even help with that.

But give us 4 more years of economic stagnation for us, giant international parties and crony slush funds for you? Well, there’s a lot worse than Trump that can happen, and we’ve got nothing better to do anymore, what with jobs gone, manufacturing sent to China, and now you want to cut off electricity and make it cost $1/kW-hr right when we need to run the A/C (already happening in Central Valley California so no, no ;sarc/ tag…). Folks “with attitude” and a lot of time on their hands can find all sorts of fun things to do. And we will.

Is it really that hard for you to ‘get it’? We know you rig the game. Bernie’s folks get it. Trump’s folks get it. That’s about 1/2 the population right there. A lot of the rest ‘get it’ too, but are willing to be bought off, for now… We know (and like!) each other. Just different ideas about how best to burn your Castle down… Would rather do it via a ballot and elected representatives of the people, but… well, we’ll see how the election turns out.

FWIW, IMHO, the worst thing we could do to TPTB is pretty simple. STOP buying things, make some homemade hooch, and go fishing. Hey, they get all the economic gain, not us, so pretty darned easy to just quit making any. In no time flat their “portfolio” is worth zilch, they have nobody admiring them, and hell, I already speak Spanish so I’m good to go… Viva La…

Personally, I like camping and fishing a lot more than looking for a job, and a heck of a lot more than cleaning your house, or setting up your email server, or even being Director Of Facilities (though that was more fun than Director of I.T.) I have a lot of choices for fun. Right now, the most fun I’ve had in years is watching The Donald light your hair on fire and call your cat lame, your spouse ugly, and your children stupid. Am I a mean heartless bastard too? Oh no. I absolutely hate bullies and sneaky conniving bastards. I’m very much driven by honesty, politeness, caring for others. That’s why this is so much fun. Watching the most sneaky, conniving, and underhanded pillagers of The System get a little payback. At least if you have him in your grill, you are less likely to have a hand in my pants (or my pants pocket).

What Goes Around, Comes Around, it just takes time

Heck we didn’t make this mess. YOU did. The Media lapdogs who long ago forgot what “investigative journalism” was about and decided to be political activists instead. The “representatives” sold to The Donor Class and deciding to just rip off all they could for them and theirs. The International Globalists who decided they needed to throw America under the bus (with all the other countries) for their own sport. You folks run this world. We’re just trying to avoid being trampled under your feet.

But every so often, even we have our limits, and what goes around, comes around. It’s not hard at all to grease the floor at the ball when you are the guy with the mop at midnight, or spill a little ‘something’ into the punch you can’t even sip. Or, heck, just manage to forget to show up for that Special Night so there’s nobody checking your furs into the cloak room (or your faux firs if being PC). That’s how it begins.

Eventually it escalates. I won’t bore you with the history, but look at France, Germany, Russia, The American Colonies, etc. etc. etc. And read your de Tocqueville. I’d rather just read it than “go there”, but hey, you are the folks driving this bus, I’m just along for the ride…

Now? Well, I’ve got to start some apple juice in my “Mr. Beer” maker and settle in to watch Roast Cruz tonight. Soon enough it will be Hillary On The Spit… Go Trump, Go! Love the show!!
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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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52 Responses to Dear Lame Stream Media, MSNBC in particular, and TPTB, per Trump

  1. omanuel says:

    I agreed. Trump is only attractive because these Denocratic and Republician slime bags are so repulsive!

  2. omanuel says:

    In case Trump or one of his staff read this post, I state bluntly now:

    Trump will be useless too unless he takes control of US policy away from the National Academy of Sciences and the United Nations !

  3. aashfield says:

    I enjoyed the rant and have been writing the same thing for a while.
    If you haven’t seen it, Fred Reed got in some good ones too.

  4. cdquarles says:

    Hey El Chiefio,

    Yeah I remember The Ed Sullivan show, on a vacuum tube TV 24Hz interlaced! black and white unit.

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    Several of the networks just called Indiana primary for The Donald.
    Now comes the internal debate, which is the ethical and proper thing to do if you see both probable candidates as Evil Bastards? Do you hope that the less Evil Bastard will some how not do too much damage to the country and vote for that candidate? Do you vote for some third party candidate which you know full well won’t get elected at all?
    Do you for the first time in your life sit out a presidential election because you refuse to endorse either Evil Bastard?

    Do you just walk away and go fishing and say they made their bed they will have to sleep in it and hope you can keep a low enough profile not to get caught in the chaos when things turn into an American version of Argentina?

    (sigh) I feel tired.

  6. omanuel says:

    EMS –

    I suspect your rant will strike a responsive cord in almost all Trump’s supporters.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    Regarding Ed Sullivan, yes remember his show fondly, especially the guy who would get all those plates spinning on sticks. I just realized that our major political parties and our economic institutions are currently running from plate to plate trying to keep them all spinning.

    Experience tells me that sooner or later some plates will get broken, you just can’t keep all that stuff under control for ever.

  8. hillbilly33 says:

    Hi Chiefio. Just substitute Australia for America in your rant, and you describe our feelings and situation “down under” perfectly as far as the MSM and “our” ABC go! The difference is that our vicious lot got rid of a half-way decent bloke in Tony Abbott and we now only have a ‘choice’ (I use the word advisedly) between Tweedledum Goldman Sachs global warming man Malcolm Turnbull and Tweedledee ‘Unions forever, corruption or not’, global warmer Bill Shorten!

    To use a good ‘ol Aussie saying – we’re stuffed’!

    BTW, Australian MSM is mirroring your lots hatchet job on Trump, but ‘Rah, Rah’ for Hilary! None seem to know or care just how much Aussie taxpayer money has swelled the Clinton Foundation coffers over the years, and is still doing so!

    Hobart’s Mt.Wellington covered in snow this morning – a beautiful sight, and in the last few days, finally some rain to start refilling our dams. Maybe La Nina is announcing her arrival!

  9. Bennett In Vermont says:

    Exactly. Keep the popcorn near by, ’cause it’s gonna be a ride.

  10. gallopingcamel says:

    I been making a bundle of money re-training Kentucky coal miners rendered jobless by Obama’s “War on Coal”.

    Trump said that if he becomes president the coal miners will get their jobs back. While this will cause a sharp dip in my income I applaud the Donald. At last a politician who understands that Americans need jobs rather than government handouts and crazy alternative energy projects.

    On the same day Hillary got skewered by an unemployed miner. She will find it difficult to justify statements like this:

    Hillary says she wants to make coal miners unemployed for their own good. They will have better jobs thanks to green energy. Sadly this is a cruel joke.

  11. Interesting comment EM, I think in Australia many on the conservative side (what used to be the Liberals or Liberal-National in Queensland) are dissatisfied with the direction of the present government which is not fixing the mess of the previous Socialist Labour with their even more socialist (communist) Green and independent partners government which left the country in tens of billions of dollar debt. The socialist disease seems to be all around the world. While in China and Vietnam they are seeing the light and allowing some free enterprise to flourish everywhere else countries are turning the other way -more restrictions on enterprise, more taxes, more welfare, more freeloaders on the government teat etc. It is hoped Donald Trump can turn things in the USA on their head but some how I doubt it. It appears the cycle of dominant countries is shortening with more the revolution in IT. The time for USA at the top as a world leader may be over. They will hang in but the influence is in decline. US needs someone like maybe Maggie Thatcher that can slash and burn the the public sector. and all the PC rubbish such as homosexuals, greens, hand outs for those that do not want to work, medical care for those that have ruined their own lives by smoking or becoming obese etc.

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    I agree the only real solution is to just have a government wide RIF (reduction in force) like fire 30% – 50% in all departments. But no one has the gonads to do that, and the public employees unions would scream bloody murder, — so that leads to the only alternative which is to wait until their corrupt house of cards comes down around their ears and hope the good people don’t get hurt too bad when thing get sorted out.

    The one problem with both capitalism and government is so far no one has found and effective way to provide negative feed back mechanism which will restrain growth when it crosses in to being counter productive to the population at large.

  13. John F. Hultquist says:

    Hillary Clinton pledged to have more than half a billion solar panels installed nationwide by the end of her first term in office.

    Y’all with computer skills and a bit of time could run some numbers on this. I don’t think even she knows what she is suggesting so any attempt to analyze the statement has to begin with guesses (WAGs). She might be President and will appreciate your input.

  14. gallopingcamel says:

    @John F. Hultquist,
    Solar panels are an economic disaster driven by stupid. Hillary actively supports stupid. Donald Trump says our rulers are stupid and he is right.

  15. Larry Ledwick says:

    She probably also has major financial fingers in the solar industry as does Harry Reid etc. so that is no big surprise just another skim the cream off the program scam.

    Regarding Trump, at this moment in time I see the final outcome if he gets elected as binary. He will either be a major disaster or a Teddy Roosevelt like wild card President who is not afraid to step on toes to get what he wants and generally positive for the country.

    There is a possibility he is what he asserts and truly wants a strong prosperous America (probably because he feels he can make lots of money in a boom town economy). If he really believes that, and is willing to clean house, kick butt and take names could be a good thing. His Supreme court nominees would likely be pro-business and much less liberal than Hillary’s choices which would be a very good thing in my view. If she has the option to stuff the court with ultra liberal Justices it will totally screw this country. If he can finally lock down immigration and turn it into a sane rational system again that would be good.

    But – – –
    I am not sure I know his true agenda or trust him, and he will have to prove that he is what he says he is in my eyes.

    If on the other hand if he is a stalking horse and does a bait and switch it could be a major downer for everything we traditionally care about. I am most concerned that he does not have the background or temperament and strategic judgement to handle international national security and military issues but will rather be a bit like a bull in a china shop and that could be a very bad thing if he snags the wrong trip wire and triggers a kinetic WWIII ( we are already in it as a covert cold war) that would be enormously destructive to both our country and our allies.

    Only time will tell, but I need more time to see if he, now that he has the stage all to himself, allows himself to be more Presidential and with a bit of luck surprises me and turns out to be a constructive Evil Bastard that is over all good for the country and our middle class citizens who have been getting their clock cleaned for several decades.

  16. omanuel says:

    I once shared your concerns, Larry, but now I agree with E. M. Smith. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the show.

    If Trump is a stalking horse for Hillary and betrays those who supported him, we may see an open revolution. I don’t support that, but the hypocrisy of establishment politicians and pseudoscientists cannot and will not continue.

  17. jameshigham says:

    He’s the man for this time, this year. And his women are gorgeous.

  18. Tony Hansen says:

    Cruz stayed until now. Any thoughts on why he dropped out now instead of 2 weeks ago or june7?
    Kasich is still in – Why? What might he think he can get out of this?

  19. Graeme No.3 says:

    Tony Hansen;
    when this whole circus started I commented that Kasich’s name had come up in the Australian media several times, unusually as they were 17 in the field and I couldn’t remember a such supposedly minor candidate even being mentioned in Australia before. Then there is the regular mention that “he is the only one polls show could beat Hilary”. He is the only one still fighting Trump. That is so weird that I wonder is something going on behind the curtains?

    In historical terms the reaction by the Establishment and the media is similar to events in 1789 in France. The moderate reformer brought in was unable to make way against the entrenched beneficiaries of the system, and resigned. But those entrenched snouts in the trough had made such a mess of the economy that they had to allowed some democracy in. They sniggered among themselves about the “sans culottes” but in the resulting explosion many of the old aristocracy lost their heads and many more lost their fortunes.
    Trump may, or may not succeed, but he is merely the begining. Much as the Washington insiders may joke, he is the moderate choice if they wish to survive. They won’t agree of course and are confident that they can control events. History proves otherwise.

  20. philjourdan says:

    Hey CD – We watched the same boob tube back in the 60s! ;-)

    But This line:

    He’s an Ass, and a Bully, and Crude, and Pisses You Off… and all of that is terrible fun to watch.

    Says it all! What I do not understand is why the idiots cannot understand just that! It is not this policy or that policy, this promise or that promise. They are all broken. Things continue on the path to destruction no matter who you vote for, so it is time to just say “F#@K IT”, grab some popcorn, sit back and watch the hemorrhoid machine give back to the ruling class what they have given us for the past 25 years.

    I really liked Cruz. He was my man. But I have said from the beginning that I could support any of them, and I will. I cannot undo the damage that the ruling class has done, but as long as they get a taste of their own medicine, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing for the first time in history, they are subject to the same rules the unwashed masses are.

    No, I do not expect the Donald to do anything he has promised. I do expect him to give the media and the beltway crowd the red-arse.

    And while that is sad (that is what this country has become), that will do for now. Reagan was the greatest president. Trump was the greatest candidate. Once he becomes president, the fun will probably stop. But at least for the next 6 months, my stock in Tums futures will continue to grow.

  21. philjourdan says:

    gallopingcamel says:
    4 May 2016 at 2:32 am

    @John F. Hultquist,
    Solar panels are an economic disaster driven by stupid

    Galloping – see one of Chiefio’s early posts! You just melded these 2 posts together!

  22. philjourdan says:

    Graeme No.3 says:
    4 May 2016 at 11:10 am

    Tony Hansen;
    when this whole circus started I commented that Kasich’s name had come up in the Australian media several times, unusually as they were 17 in the field and I couldn’t remember a such supposedly minor candidate even being mentioned in Australia before. Then there is the regular mention that “he is the only one polls show could beat Hilary”. He is the only one still fighting Trump. That is so weird that I wonder is something going on behind the curtains?

    He reminds me of John Anderson back in 1980. The establishment thought he would split the Republican vote and give the election to Carter. He became a footnote in history that probably pulled more votes from Carter than from Reagan. And if Kasich makes a run like that, will probably do the same thing this year.

  23. Ian W says:

    Graeme No.3 says:
    4 May 2016 at 11:10 am
    Use your favorite search engine and input Kasich Soros
    Now you know why you have heard support for him in unlikely places _and_ why he seems to be willing to carry on. It’s not trying to eat his way across to In-and-out Burger.

  24. Ian W says:

    A comment was made on talk-radio this morning that was perhaps a foretaste of what a Trump presidency could be like. Trump’s campaign so far apart from being largely if not totally ‘self funded’ has spent the least of any of the candidates. A business approach to the task rather than a politician’s approach. A similar approach to the federal bureaucracies could see several of them closed down. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Is anyone else doing the same thing? Would anybody notice if you stopped doing it?

  25. gallopingcamel says:

    @Ian W,
    Those are great questions. Let’s hope Trump gets the chance to ask them.

  26. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting summary piece on the how and why that Ted Cruz lost to Trump in the end. I think the key point is in the last paragraph when it talks about how the establishment power brokers just sat on the sidelines with their hands in their pockets rather than set the precedent that a first term senator could come in and publicly beat up on the establishment leadership and then get any support from them in the end, even if it meant letting Trump lock up the victory.

    They would rather lose by their rules, than to adapt and re-write the rules to endorse (tolerate) new insurgent brand of conservationism which was trying to push the party back to its right rather than tolerate a Democrat Lite Republican party.

    Kind of reinforces the message that in the end you need the whole team to win, and those who attempt to change the team structure or system too fast end up being hung out to dry in the end.
    This of course leads to “go along to get along” politics which is a short trip to deal making, corruption and selling out your constituents to maintain your position as a player in the system and have the ability to influence events.

    Of course as I well know from my brief exposure to government operations, you never really know the full back story about the how and why of events and who really pulled the most important strings to make things happen they way they did, because you are in a multi-player game and lots of forces both personal agendas and organizational agendas are at play.

    I am sure a lot of people will be studying this election cycle for a long time.

  27. John Robertson says:

    Great Comment E.M.
    The current Kleptocracy that our democracies devolved into are doomed.
    Government by thieves for the benefit of thieves is time limited.
    It only lasts as long as those being robbed remain ignorant, as soon as we stop buying the big lies, its game over.

    The parasitic overload,(which exists by design, well that and human nature, bureaucracies provide natural cover for the bandits.) is crushing the productive.
    When the wealth available to be stolen falls,the thieves steal more from fewer producers.
    An every tightening spiral.

    Simple economics and past history seem to point to 10% as the failure point.
    When 1 overseer is carried by 10 producers disincentives are low.
    At 50% disincentives dominate.
    From 10% upward producers revolt at a “progressive” rate.

    Makers know this in their bones,takers will willfully refuse to learn this.

    Our self appointed betters believe it is their right to loot the citizens..
    And a good education is expensive.
    Trump is the raised index finger, if he is true, then the fall is slowed somewhat.
    If he is a phoney, he speeds the process.
    As you note,the Guild Of Parasites had better pray Trump succeeds, what will follow his failure will be much more unpleasant for themselves and their dependents.

  28. E.M.Smith says:


    I’m pretty sure The Donald will not let the UN tell him what to do or how to do it ;-)

    As per the NSF, it spends a lot of money, he’s going to ask “So what do we get for it?” and when “answer came there none”… Well…


    Glad you liked it, nice link too!


    We had the first ever TV in my home town. B&W RCA Victor with about a 12 to 15 inch screen IIRC (being all of about 2 when we bought it, for $700… but we kept it until I was about 10…) and I sent many long hours watching it, and especially like the Ed Sheeww as it constantly changed…

    Odd mix of carnival barker and vaudeville in a way,.. I miss vaudeville…

    @Larry L:

    Yup, The Donald has a solid win. Oddly, so does Bernie. Somehow I think Indiana is a bit pissed at “the powers that be” from both sides. Gotta love it ;-)

    As for “what do you do?”: Well, I think you are seeing it! The Folks are saying “If you have ANY history of helping to help make this screwed up mess, we will light your hair on fire and throw kerosene at you.” Only those with no connection (Trump) or a record of “Against!” votes (preferably at the top of their lungs) and preferably tossing Molotov cocktails at their opponents get the approval.

    Now, when it comes to the General Election, that will depend on:

    Trump v. Hillary: We find out just how many folks are sill mad as hell and not going to take it. Vs how many want to avoid any bad feelings, live in a poor but PC world, and indulge in economic fantasies. (Oh, and actually like having emotional rants about imagined racism, sexism, etc.)

    Trump v Sanders: We find out if the center of American Rage wants a Socialist Heavy Government to take the money of the rich and hand it out, economic decline be damned, Or do they want someone to go break down the tool of the rich (Government driven by kelptocrats) and try to return to an imagined golden age of the ’60s or ’80s.

    Don’t like any of the three? Well, you can always watch…

    And yes, one learned interesting lessons from acts like the plate spinner. I’d also include the various acrobatic acts where you learned that you ought to expect to fall and get bruised sometimes, even if an expert. (Today we have kids who think they can do a 720 vertical rotation on a motorcycle 80 feet in the air and land it with 100% safety. Having never looked up the record of broken bones of the video maker… and so themselves end up in wheelchairs…. Live shows have many merits…)


    I think “we’re stuffed” has managed to gain a small following in the USA as well. I certainly understand it fine, and have heard it before… and like it… (I keep adding “into the tucker bag”…)

    IMHO, there is an “International Socialism” movement that generally prefers to stay out of the spotlight (having learned from the fall of the USSR? and a dozen others?) that has a significant “coordinative effort” across nations and continents. No, not a “vast left wing conspiracy”, but close. Just way too many simultaneous arrival of “spontaneous” social “movements” everywhere at once… always “progressive / left wing / etc. etc.” pushing…

    Given that, it is no surprise to me that the bulk of the Anglo World “all goes together when it goes”. Our folks here hold up Britain and Australia as “models” we are expected to follow (your lot having been herded into the pen first…) and IMHO the USA has been the least willing to follow the Judas Goat, so is now getting “special attention”. This election will be between the Judas Goat of Hillary or the Wild Bull of Trump, in my opinion. I’d rather get on the Bull and ride, maybe get thrown, maybe bruise my butt, but also maybe escape the pen; rather than meekly follow the Judas Goat into the slaughter house… (Bernie? I think he is just really a True Believer Ram at the head of the flock of sheep rousing the mob to follow bravely into the house… no goat he…)

    @Bennett in V:

    Yup! That’s the spirit! I don’t care what they do, as long as it is entertaining! (At least, for now…)


    Hillary has tried to be on both sides of coal, but most of her time is spent in the Global Warming mantra of “shut it down”. There are a LOT of pissed coal miners in many key states, and their families, and their shops, and their… IMHO, Trump has a shot at picking up several key traditionally Dem States just based on that. IF he also starts ranting about the cost of electricity “necessarily skyrocketing” and Hillary being all for that, a few more can be added…


    I have hope that the USA can, as it has done before, step back from the brink.

    I have worry that the young Bernie voters will get their wish (if not now, in about 8 years when they dominate elections) and they what you see, will be.

    It’s a lot to hang on the USA tendency to not give a damn about what the rest of the world is doing…

    @Larry l:

    We last tried with the absolute immutable Spending Cap on the Feds… which now has led to the ritual raising of the debt limit at each massive overspend…

    @John F. and G.C.:

    Per solar: There’s an interesting “post in the works” about that… the Duck Curve… I think it will put a cap on things. In time? No, but maybe fast enough to curb the damage…

    @Larry L:

    I think Trump’s Agenda is just being pissed off at too many Government Idiots in his grill on all his projects over too many years. He wants to go spank them. He knows (intuitively?) that there’s nearly no non-Gov GDP growth to be had, and is a greedy bastard that wants it back. I’m fine with that. His kids can run his companies, and as soon as the (private) economy gets moving again, he knows they will rake in the dough on real estate. Other than that, I think he just is sick of seeing all the money flushed down the tubes in government. Offends me, too. I’d guess he also hates taxes and would like the whole leach poisoned. Fine with me… “The power of pissed”.


    Yup, that pretty much sums up where I’m at. Screw it, it’s a fun show to watch at the worst, we might get things fixed by Trump at the best, and if Hillary is in, the end comes sooner. Win-win-winning…


    I do have to admit that the idea of Milania as First Lady has it’s charms… I might actually pay attention to what the First Lady does, then. His daughter is both a looker and smart as they come. Hard to say if it would be best to have her run the Trump Companies, or be a Key Appointment… I could see her running Commerce, for example…

    @Another Ian:

    Oh boy, more reading ;-) (Maybe after coffee…)

    @Tony Hansen:

    I think Cruz expected to win Indiana and block Trump, then pick up through the North West and finally into California. Once it was a ‘not possible’ he quit. Now even Kasich has seen the light and toss in the towel. To paraphrase / quote someone or other: “The Voters have spoken! Damn them…”

    I don’t know if it was an act, or genuine, but Trump did a masterful job of saying “What The F… what is this deal with slimy political games and stealing delegates?” Then Cruz stepped right into the Slimy Weasel trap with the Kasich deal and then the political ploy of Carly and … It just looked like a choice of Slimy Weasel vs “Guy astounded like me”… Also Trump, with his “bathroom choice ‘gaf'” I think did a great job of getting Cruz to jump into the “we want to control your sexuality” swap where Republicans regularly get stuck. They ought to have the brains to just shout “States Ought To Decide” and shut up, but they don’t. A whole lot of “not quite Southern Baptist Minister” voters decided maybe Trump was better than a federal padlock on our enforced Cruz Chastity Belts…

    @Grahame No. 3:

    I think the “goal” was a contested convention, then Cruz as “almost the guy” and then a deadlock and Kasich as the “compromise” (i.e. chosen by the insiders and under control) candidate.

    It didn’t work out.

    The think to watch for is who gets assigned to Trump as his V.P. “choice”. IF his is smart, he will refuse their “advice”. If not, he will be assigned “their guy” and once in office, if not compliant enough, the “Kennedy Solution” can be applied… Trump needs to have his own security team watching his whole family, pronto…


    You got it! First we tried to live with it. Then we tried to change it inside the system. Then … and now we’ve decided to let loose a Bull at it… and then there’s fire and gasoline… Personally, should it come to that, I intend to “bunker” somewhere. (I’m actually a very middle of the road person and don’t really want to be partisan on it, and I’m too old to even rabble rouse as I’d just look silly ;-) But “financial conservative, social liberal” covers me. “I don’t really care what you do as long as I don’t have to pay for it and it doesn’t hurt anyone”… but that “doesn’t hurt anyone” also makes it hard for me to endorse rock chuckers or worse… so I’ll hunker…)

    Given that, I find myself thinking “Best of luck to the Bull and damn the china shop…”

    @Ian W:

    I did what you suggested and found some both pro / con the idea of a Soros backing. No time to sort it out, especially now that it’s a bit moot. Still, Soros loves destroying economies for his own gain and amusement…

    And yes, “Penny Pinching Efficiency Bastard” is exactly what I hope Trump is, in office.

    @John Robertson:

    Very nice presentation of The Problem.

    One hopes that Trump can fix it. We know that neither Hillary nor Berie can. (Hillary being part of the problem, writ large, and The Bern taking us down the known path of Socialist Failure and Collapse…)

    Historically it has always ended in Tyranny, then revolution and eventually a new turn on the wheel. We know Socialism devolves into Tyranny (any time ONE power runs everything, that’s the end game, just a question of how fast). We know that Kleptocracy ends in collapse and a Strong Man takeover (see most of the Latin world for endless examples). So for better or worse, The Donald is most likely our Last Best Hope to avoid that path.

    Will he make it? Can he do it? Can HE take over the (now post-Obama) Imperial Presidency and NOT turn into a new Mussolini himself? Only time will tell.

    But the basic problem, that BOTH parties have been captured by the Kleptocracy and “managed” for their own gain and for capture of Government Largess can not be fixed from inside the system. We’ve already tried, way too many times and too long. The People are shouting that the know that, via votes for The Bern and The Donald, and the only think keeping Hillary in the system is The System… So either The System wins (and slow collapse ensues) or The Bern pulls a rabbit out of the Hat and “This Time For Sure!” we explore the Socialism Shiny Thing in America (and a similar collapse, though maybe slower as we’re new to that path), or Trump The Wild Card gets in and we “roll the dice”…

    America has long been a nation that gambles. (ALL capitalism is a gamble, that’s why Cronies try to make it not a gamble via Government Largess…) So I’m not worried at all about a roll of the dice. Given a choice of “Risk, Bad, or Worse”; I’ll take risk…

  29. John F. Hultquist says:

    Larry Ledwick

    Scott Adams has had good posts about Trump from early on.

  30. John F. Hultquist says:

    E. M.,
    Are you reading ‘Energy Matters’?

  31. E.M.Smith says:

    @John F.:

    Sometimes. Yeah, Tas and Canaries are “with issue”…

    @Larry l:

    Nice ones ;-)

    @Another Ian:

    Had to track back upstream one to find out what a Delcon was and if a Defcon was a misspelling…

    The elephant in 2016 is the ferocious boiling anger among betrayed conservatives and small government libertarians, divided over whether they can bear to vote for Turnbull (a Liberal*) who has been called the best leader the Labor Party never had. Delcons was tossed at the so-called “Delusional” Conservatives. But they took up the badge. Defcons means the Defiant ones.

    But yes, the “better a real conservative opinion than a fake conservative government” does seem to be a bit of a global theme.

    IMHO the era when a closet Progressive could pretend to be a Conservative then move ‘center left’ is now over…

  32. Another Ian says:


    My first reaction to the Turnbull coup was one of those rust flakes in the memory that said “you should remember something”. Turns out it was Kalil Gibran’s “Thoughts and Meditations” chapter “The Silverplated Turd” . A photo will help.

    And then there was the line that he needed to “pull a rabbit out of the hat” as the polls went south.

    More likely methinks to be the spoonerism of that.

  33. Wayne Job says:

    Thanks EM that was a very heartfelt rendering of how many in all western nations at the moment feel. We have been screwed by experts. You are right if things do not change politically a revolution will happen, be it benign or bloody it will come, people are pissed off.

  34. Clive Hoskin says:

    Don’t mess with Judge Jeanine Pirro.
    This lady knows a thing or two about Politics.

    and another from her ( )

    Trump for President, Hillary for Prison – 2016

  35. Pingback: Dear Lame Stream Media, MSNBC in particular, and TPTB, per Trump | The GOLDEN RULE

  36. Another Ian says:


    Australia has just shot the budget for the future on 12 submarines via France. When you rear the could-be’s, might-be’s, potential cost escalations, parts restrictions if things don’t suit French ambitions of the time (as with Mirages), talk to Renault fans of the presence in Oz, etc

    Maybe we’ve just signed up for post-modern submarines.

    And then the horrible thought – is the current western political scene a re-run of France say 1930 on?

    Hope I’m wrong.

  37. philjourdan says:

    @Another Ian – Re: Subs – are those the French ones with screen doors? ;-)

  38. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I read about those (somewhere… tips link?) the last one to be delivered something like 2060 when it will be horridly obsolete! Then they are taking conversion costs to turn a nuke sub into a Diesel? Why on God’s Earth pay more to get less in a kludged package? It isn’t like there aren’t 60 years of Diesel Sub designs kicking around… not that they work well in a nuclear sub era…

    I mean, if you want non-nuke, with new design work, make the thing all electric drive with a fuel cell and lithium batteries or something from this century… at least it would be quiet.

    Not 1930, but more like The Holy Roman Empire in Europe, with Suleman at the gates… I need to find a history of then… oh, and with then-centuries passing in now-decades. Germany at the center of an autocratic Empire straddling the continent, remembering past glories… Though The Third Reich was an echo of that Reich too… but France was more on board with T.H.R.Empire.


    The good thing is that now, they rapidly know why, and are not alone…

  39. p.g.sharrow says:

    Australia’s Shortfin Barracuda submarine:
    320 foot, over 4000tons displacement diesel-electric, 18,000 range@ 10knots. 20plus top speed.
    Super Sub ????? Big slow target! to me…pg

  40. Larry Ledwick says:

    I have not read up on these in great detail but it may not be as silly as you think. This is a deep diving sub (comes from the nuclear design) and modern non-nuclear subs with nuclear sub hull profiles are very quiet and are even harder to detect than their nuclear counterparts. Nuclear subs must have cooling pumps running at all times to keep the reactor cool and thus have a low level sound signiture even when motionless and laying in wait. Diesel electric or the new generation of subs who use oxygen storage to run internal combustion engines for propulsion are essentially impossible to detect when motionless and the crew is set for silent operations. In other words they are very good defensive sub designs. Their slow top speeds limit their attack capabilities against fast military ships, but no significant limitation against commercial shipping which has even slower operational speeds.
    This makes it entirely adequate to lay in wait as a defensive coastal defense submarine, interdiction of military supply convoys, blockade operations or covert insertion platform (cough Chinese artificial island building cough) and for defense of navigation in the choke points China is now putting at risk with their dredging and island building efforts.

    Australia and other countries in that part of the world are waking up to China’s new efforts to control shipping bottlenecks and make the South China Sea a private lake.

    Those really long duration military contracts almost always include continuous upgrade operations as the contract progresses where you see initial hardware built to “block 1” specifications and later builds to a “Block 2 or 3” specification and retrofitting of older units to the newer configurations.

    Keep in mind their primary adversary mostly also has a diesel submarine fleet.

  41. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting info coming out of the white house about how they play the media and what gullible fools the reporters are that they deal with. It will be interesting to see if the media even notices this. If they have any pride of craft and ethics there should be a major backlash and some very embarrassed (wana-be journalists). My bet is that this will be down played and ignored.

  42. philjourdan says:

    The problem with conspiracies is that people cannot keep a secret. Jonathan Gruber anyone? But yes, they will try to bury it just as they did with his revelations. That is how newspeak works

  43. philjourdan says:

    The above was in response to Larry Ledwick

  44. Larry Ledwick says:

    The just addressed it in news conference (on a friday often known as the day you deal with ugly stuff you want the public to ignore). Passed it off as insignificant and probably due to sour grapes.
    “Nothing to see here, move along!”

  45. philjourdan says:

    @Larry – That is but the opening salvo. Next comes the storm troopers to harass and intimidate anyone who asks questions. Future Archeologists are going to have a field day with this administration – if anyone is around to appreciate what truth is.

  46. Larry Ledwick says:

    Flash back TV that seems appropriate to our current election cycle.

  47. Gail Combs says:

    I suggest the Trump doubters do what I did. Go out and buy his books. Don’t rely on the Globalist owned MSM for your information on Trump. His vision for the USA has basically stayed the same for the last couple of decades. Some of his ideas have evolved and some have changed as he gathered more information. This I see as good. I want a President who can change his mind if presented with additional facts.

    The one thing that does come through is his love of the USA and his belief that a strong economy is good for everyone. See: Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men – One Message

    Finally remember that Trump’s wealth is rooted in the land. He can not grab his buildings and transport them to China or India or Mexico like GE or Ford or Carrier. His hotels and other companies do well if middle class America does well so he has a VESTED INTEREST in the welfare of middle class America.

    And of course there is the entertainemt value as Trump stomps all over Political Correctness and kicks it to the curb.

    As the THE NEW YORKER said ““Who is Donald Trump?” The better question may be, “What is Donald Trump?” The answer? A giant middle finger from average Americans to the political and media establishment.”

  48. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Gail! Great to meet you again. We think much alike. Tomorrow the International Education and Research Journal is scheduled to publish information from

    1. Einstein’s 1905 report that mass (m) is stored energy (E) [E = mc^2];
    2. Aston’s 1922 report of powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction in atoms; and
    3. Kuroda’s insight, while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima one day in AUG 1945: the beginning of the world may have been just like this . . .

    _ a.) Indelibly recorded in exact rest masses of ~3,000 types of atoms that compromise all matter;
    _ b.) That united world leaders on 24 OCT 1945 to hide from the public, betraying public trust and the basic principles of science to save themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation“!

  49. omanuel says:


    Thanks, Gail! Great to meet you again. We think much alike. Tomorrow the International Education and Research Journal is scheduled to publish information from

    1. Einstein’s 1905 report that mass (m) is stored energy (E) [E = mc^2];
    2. Aston’s 1922 report of powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction in atoms; and
    3. Kuroda’s insight, while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima one day in AUG 1945: the beginning of the world may have been just like this . . .

    _ a.) Indelibly recorded in exact rest masses of ~3,000 types of atoms that compromise all matter;
    _ b.) That united world leaders on 24 OCT 1945 to hide from the public, betraying public trust and the basic principles of science to save themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation“!

    Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

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