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Hacks, Leaks, Investigations, Evidence – Leaps…

Some ideas about the DNC and Hillary leaks / hacks and a bit of description of how a person in the computer security business views things. Continue reading

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TT – Minus 5 weeks

The Trump Transition, less than 5 weeks left to the long nightmare… Continue reading

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Disintermediation vs Framing and Messaging

The Media join the long line of disintermediated industries where the internet bypasses their toll roads and bridges to products and the truth. Continue reading

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The Pu[t]sh[e] To Pardon

The push to pardon HIllary has started. Now we get to see just how high up the corruption goes. Does Obama want his footnote in history to be like Ford, who is only known as “Ford pardoned Nixon”, or something better? Continue reading

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