Alex Newman – War On America

When things are a bit chaotic, I’ll sometimes pick a minor task to do to use a little time to some benefit, but not be committed to a whole lot of effort or attention. The last couple of days have been that way. Some bones in the lower spine moved (back closer to where they are supposed to be, I think / hope ) and a long standing bit of sciatica in the right hip ended – unfortunately with the onset of discomfort in the left hip. That (often? Usually?) means an out of place bone moved back where it belongs but all the “adaptations” of soft tissue are now getting squashed a bit. It’s been slowly getting better day by day, so with luck, it’s all better in a day or two.

Today I decided to “prune some Roku channels”. Things I’d added to the guide, but had not actually watched. I’ve mentioned that I went through and if the description was at all interesting and it was free I tossed it on the heap to sort later. Then figured out that was wrong. Just have a list of what you want to watch and when something looks interesting in the main index, check it out a while before adding it. But the deed was done. 350+ channels… I’ve been slowly weeding since, now down to about 275. So today I took on the “right wing political channels”. A couple of not so interesting talk channels (one of which didn’t provide any content after waiting a few minutes) got tossed. A couple of others got kept ( one has Alex Jones, the other EIB Network; should I ever want to listen to them.) Then I ran into one that caused me to spend the next hour watching it.

A gentleman named Alex Newman had a fascinating exposition on the UN, the Globalists, the move to make a dumbed down national education system with dumb as the goal, and more. It was “part II” of a series called War On America. So now I need to back up and find part I and watch it ;-) He seems to have done his homework and presents assertions about who is doing what, along with quotes from those very persons saying they intended to do just that; so seems credible.

But first, I found similar video on Youtube. The YouTube is not as polished, and the run time is longer. I suspect the Roku TV version is a “Do Over” with improvements of an early talk given in many venues. The ROKU version is from something called the Bear Witness Conference so maybe that is up as a YouTube and I didn’t find it. I may fish around more later. For now, here’s the three possible variations I found on YouTube. (It will be interesting to see how long before such things are removed for being non-PC…)

I’m not sure which of these version is unique, or newest vs oldest. The TV version is 52 minutes from Oct. 15, 2016 and these are longer. I’ve not had the hours to watch these yet, they are picked as a sample from Youtube and by small “few second” views. As I watch them, and others, I may change the ones here.

Labeled as from New York in 2016 and 1:44:42 long:

Labeled as 28 October 2017 and 1:24:44 long:

This is put up by a different person, and looks like it might be the whole thing, newer version, in one shot. Labeled as “6 months ago” and 1:44:47 long:

The Roku

I ran into this on the Roku channel America’s Survival. I’d thought it would be about camping or how to find water in the desert, but it is instead about political survival and liberty. They reference their web site at:

It has one of those annoying “get our newsletter” pop-ups so don’t hit the link unless you are willing to deal with that crap. A simple reload of the page does not clear it, so you “must click” and as you know, I don’t click on things if it isn’t something I want to click. That whole sysadmin careful what you click thing…

It looks like they also have a YouTube channel at:

but I’ve not explored it.

In Conclusion

So it looks like an interesting place to explore for pointers to how this whole “Deep State” and “UN Socialism” NWO / Globalist thing is organized and operated. Alex Newman looks like a guy to follow as well.

For now, I’m marking this channel as a keeper on my Roku. But I still have a few dozen more to sort out today, so best be getting back to it.

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  1. spetzer86 says:

    Another person that has dug into the changes going through Western education is Robin over on She’s covered a lot of ground on what’s been going on and what’s planned for the future.

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