Maps – People’s Republic Of Clinton vs United States Of Trump

So I was sucked down the rabbit hole of looking at all the maps here: ( h/t Gary )

and ran into these two that show where Clinton won vs where Trump won.

I’ve renamed them as I didn’t like the names they gave them. ( I figure that’s fine since they renamed them from the NYT where they lifted them…)

So first up, here’s the United States Of Trump where he won in most all of the USA:

Where Trump Won the USA

Where Trump Won the USA

Then the little tiny islands of the People’s Republic Of Clinton scattered in tiny bits in the urban wastelands of America.

Corrupt Urban Socialist Islands Of Clinton

Corrupt Urban Socialist Islands Of Clinton

Makes it more clear why the UN Agenda 21 / Agenda 30 / Socialists all want to stuff people into cities. The corrupt urban jungle of people dependent on government and corporations makes them amenable to the message. Free people living on the land don’t buy it.

Want to save America (and the world…) from that fate? Reverse the push to urbanization. Kill off the UN Agendas. create jobs and work in the country. Reduce the cities.

Want a faster way to Make America Great Again? Eject the L.A. Basin and San Francisco Peninsula from the USA.

Alternatively, assign House of Representatives seats by county. One or two each.

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13 Responses to Maps – People’s Republic Of Clinton vs United States Of Trump

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    It is even worse than that, the “appendage” sticking out eastward from the Denver Sea is the result of two very long narrow counties which are strongly democratic but all their population is concentrated in the western ends of the counties. Out east they are mostly rural farm land with pickup trucks and some even fly the Gasden flag.

    That map however does show how concentrated the Democratic vote is and how it reflects precisely why the founding fathers built in the Electoral College to prevent high population cities from dominating the vote. The vote count of the 6 largest metropolitian areas in the US approximately equals the entire rest of the country. If they get a true popular vote and eliminate the Electoral College, there will never be another conservative President or Congress.

  2. ossqss says:

    The map would look much different without a second amendment. I viewed a similar map on Heller’s site many times. Reminds me of an old John Denver song ;-)

    Name that tune!

  3. H.R. says:

    Now all you need is a map of the money flow, which I suspect would show the flow going from Trumpland to the Clinton Islands.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Take Me Home, Country Road!… West Virginia…

    Listened to it every morning at about 5:50 AM on my way to work at the Peach Cannery… The radio station I liked most must have been on some kind of loop as it was regular as clockwork, as was my start time…

    Rather liked it, so never changed the channel…


    Yes, the Clinton areas are really overstated. It ought to end at the border of the cities in each area. Like the back side of the L.A. basin to the outside of Las Vegas is NOT liberal. Similarly the farm country south of San Francisco before you get to the college at Cal Poly SLO. Pretty much the entire inland of California outside of urban centers…

    It would be interesting to get the vote down to “by zip code” and redraw the map…

    FWIW, California was a conservative republican State until about the mid-1960s. What changed? The State Senators had been appointed by the counties, but an initiative was passed to make them elected “like the Federal senators”… From that point on, the urban areas dominated… The rest, as they say, is History…

    The counties are now, by and large, bankrupt, as the State keeps voting to force them to do more and take their money at the same time. There is no longer ANY voice for the County level of government and the urban areas completely overwhelm the rural as gerymandering assures it.

  5. ossqss says:

    Thanks for the clean up EM. For the sake of posterity, as a graduate of WVU ;-)

    Having jumped off the Cheat Lake bridge while there, I earned it! Inadvertent Enema and all….. Live and learn,,,,,,LOL

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Interesting, but it’s the first derivative of vote not the vote. dv/dt …

    Blue precincts were ones in which Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton outperformed former President Barack Obama, and red precincts were ones in which President Donald Trump outperformed 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

    I’m not all that interested in which precinct voted for Obama THEN voted even MORE for Hillary, or worse, one that voted for Obama, then voted less for Hillary (so shows as a Trump gain) but still had Hillary get most of the vote…

    The dv/dt is useful for strategy analysis of why and what sells, but doesn’t tell you where you won.

  7. ossqss says:


  8. Sera says:

    I heard it called the ‘Clinton Archipelago’…

  9. philjourdan says:

    The saving grace of the Electoral college is its design. To do away with it, will require the approval of 38 states, But most of those states do not belong to the “Major metropolitan areas”. And while the rubes in the cities think the farm boys are idiots, they are not stupid enough to vote for their extinction.

    So the EC will remain.

  10. agimarc says:

    EM –

    I think the change in California Senators was driven by the Warren Court’s One man, One Vote opinion in 1963, which rendered part of the constitution unconstitutional.

    Prior to that opinion, most of the state constitutions mirrored the federal one with a popularly elected house and a senate that represented counties / parishes / boroughs or whatever other way they divvy up land within the states.

    Following that opinion, we saw the very quick march of the Blue Model at the state level, led by Curley effect of one party rule in the cities. This is why King County rules WA and NYC rules NY.

    You wrote some years ago about the inevitable one direction ratchet of the single party rule / Curley effect of the cities. The way to reverse it is to discard the One Man One Vote opinion via federal legislation and allow the states to organize their state senates by state equivalents.

    I’d repeal the 17th Amendment too, but that’s just me. Cheers –

  11. philjourdan says:

    @Agimarc – Agree on both. As it stands, the state Senates are merely a less representative version of the State Houses.

    The 17th is merely a corruption of the concept (started by Lincoln) that this is a nation of States.

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