Go Little Hungary, Go!

Go Hungary Go!

“Never give up! Never Surrender!”

I’ve looked at the Hungro-Ugric language group ( Hungarian, Finnish, IIRC Estonian ) and it’s a very effective language but very hard to learn as an adult. Many more tenses than the Latin group and has inflection for things like asymptotic… But I’m finding myself thinking maybe I ought to dump my interest in Latin and learn Hungarian… They clearly know how to think clearly.

I’m all up for “Make Hungary Great Again!”.

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11 Responses to Go Little Hungary, Go!

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    For folks unwilling or unable to watch the video, it basically says “We reject the EU control of Hungary. Hungary will remain a country for Christian Hungarians.”

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    I am a strong supporter of both Hungary and Poland in their efforts to control their own countries borders and culture. Both have historical experience with the Ottoman empire and understand the end game of this current cycle of civilization Jihad by immigration.

    Given my Grandmother came from Hungary and I vividly recall the reaction of my parents to the 1956 Soviet response to the Hungarian Freedom fighters, it is sort of hard wired in me to understand their view.

    Likewise my Grandfathers side of the family was also forced to flee religious persecution in 1706 from France/Germany so I have a dim view of forced immigration to stamp out an ethnic group, which is the clearly enunciated goal of the globalists and the immigrant groups driving this massive immigration tidal wave into Europe.

    It would be nice if the media either had a basic grasp of history or would at least leave those news sources that are willing to report the truth alone and let them inform the public.

    I fear that in just a few decades Hungary and Poland will be surrounded enclaves like Israel with hostile nations on every point of the compass.

  3. jim2 says:

    It’s good to see some concrete gains against the globalists. That compared to the UK where May is still dancing around Brexit and here in the US where there are a lot of investigations into the Obummer FBI and DOJ, but no indictments or arrests. It is disheartening. In the meantime we are one election away from globalists gaining power and possibly derailing any chance of justice being served to those of Brennan’s ilk. Then there is Australia where no matter who gets into power, they get someone who wants to “save the planet” from “climate change” and bow to other SJW issues.

    Beth, what is your take on the possibility of Australia ever becoming nationalist and rational again?

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    I’m pretty sure the Visegrád Group (add Czech & Slovakia to Poland & Hungary) will all move together. Add in that Austria has also told the EU to stuff it on immigration, I have some hope the plague of stupid is coming to an end.

    So now you are getting an arc that starts to include Austria and Swtizerland (outside the EU so also still a Nation).

    Also, Finland is catching clue:


    But his coalition partners are the anti-immigration Finns Party, who came second in April’s election.
    Integration problems?

    Last month, Jussi Halla-aho, a Finns Party MEP, said some members of society were not integrating well enough, adding there was a risk “the society begins to play by the rules of the Muslim minority rather than expecting the minority to play by the rules of the society”.

    In July, Olli Immonen, one of the party’s MPs, wrote of what he called “this nightmare called multiculturalism” on his Facebook page, adding: “We will fight until the end for our homeland and one true Finnish nation.”

    So it would not be a big leap to see an arc from Finland down through the Baltic States then the Visegrad group and on to Austria / Swtizerland. I’d speculate that Greece (where it was illegal to build a mosque at least when they were an independent country – due to 400 years of Muslim Domination…) would join the move too. Even in Italy there’s a rising anti-immigration movement.

    This is from back in 2016 and it is more so now.


    Anti-immigrant, anti-euro populists gain ground in Italy as prime minister resigns
    Now, anti-immigrant, anti-euro populists on the left and right who have steadily built power as an alternative to Italy’s old-guard ­political leadership are seeking to transform their success into a chance at their nation’s highest office. The eclectic Five Star movement is polling at 30 percent, neck and neck with Renzi’s center-left Democratic Party.

    Then remember that it was too much immigration that was a significant part of the driving force for Britain to dump the EU.

    It starts to look a whole lot like just Spain, France, Germany, Sweden and a few minor States (that may just be keeping quiet about their real feelings) that are Gung Ho for the Muslim Mob.

    But even Spain (presently distracted by the Catalonia issue) may be simmering:


    A January 2004 survey by Spanish newspaper El País showed that the “majority” of Spaniards believe immigration was too high. Small Neo-fascist parties, such as Movimiento Social Español, openly campaign using nationalist or anti-immigrant rhetoric as do other small far-right parties such as National Democracy (Spain) and España 2000. These parties have never won national or regional parliamentary seats.

    So I think there are grounds for some hope that Europe can pull back from the Demographic Abyss.

    France & Germany may be too far gone, but the rest of Europe is realizing this is not in their National interests. Even Sweden is starting to get some clue though it is unclear if they are already so demographically swamped as to be a lost cause. Norway has stayed out of the EU so it’s likely to also survive as Norwegian.

    So I’d say “Don’t give up hope yet!”… while remembering that “Hope is not a strategy. -E.M.Smith”…

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    From March 2017, so again likely more so now:


    Austria seeks to withdraw from EU mandatory refugee quota system
    Published time: 28 Mar, 2017 19:12

    The Austrian government plans to pull out from the EU resettlement program which obliges it to accept more refugees under the quota assigned to it by Brussels as it has already taken in more than its fair share of asylum seekers.

    “We believe an exception is necessary for Austria for having already fulfilled its obligation. We will discuss that with the European Commission,” the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern told journalists following a weekly cabinet meeting.

    Read more
    An Afghan migrant shouts at a police officer, Athens, Greece. File photo. © Alkis Konstantinidis ‘We reached our limits’: Greece to stop taking back refugees – migration minister

    “We will send a letter [to Brussels] as quickly as possible and then begin discussions,” he added, as cited by Reuters. The Chancellor also said Austria would like to quit the program without any legal confrontation with Brussels, which could lead to it being accused of violating its obligations under the agreement. “We are not the agent provocateur,” Kern said.

    Under the EU refugee resettlement and relocation program agreed in 2015, Austria has to take in some 460 asylum seekers from Italy and about 1,400 refugees from Greece. However, after Austria accepted around 90,000 refugees in 2015, it was granted a temporary exemption from the relocation program. That brief reprieve expired on March 11, 2017.

    I think we’re seeing the native Europeans reaching their tolerance limit for “refugees” that are largely acting as invading cultural and ethnic swamping tools.

    I suspect this trend will continue, and as Germany imports more and they spread out via the Schengen lack of borders, folks will start to withdraw from that as well. Eventually the “war” in Syria (gee wonder why Obama & Clinton started that…) will end and then we will see a “movement” to return the “refugees” from whence they came. Those Africans who do not assimilate as well. I give it about 5 years on the long side. Could be as short as 2, IMHO.

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmm interesting

    While searching related to responding to this thread, I discovered something about my own family history. As I mentioned in the past, my Grandmother on my Father’s side was born in Budapest circa 1898-1900 (have two different census records) Her last name was Horvath a very common name in Hungary.

    Horvath is a deriviative of the Hungarian name for the Croates.

    The common ethnonym and autonym is horvátok (Croats).


    So apparently my ancestors on my fathers mother’s side got chased out of their native land by the invading Turks and settled in Hungary

    Burgenland Croats began to emigrate from Lika, Krbava, Kordun, Banovina, Moslavina, Western Bosnia and Gorski Kotar. These areas were occupied by the Turks in the 16th century during the Turkish wars (1533-1584). The refugee Croats were given land and independent ecclesiastical rights by the Austrian King Ferdinand I, because many of their villages had been pillaged by the Turks. This gave the Croats a safe place to live while providing Austria with a buffer zone between Vienna and the Ottoman Empire to the south and east.

    A very interesting coincidence and lucky find – I had no reason to investigate the actual origin of the name although I knew it was sort of a “Smith” name in Hungary being about the 4th most popular last name.

    One more small thread to tease out of the ball of wool of genealogy and history. On my Fathers fathers side (my surname) they were driven out of western France and eastern Germany around 1706 as part of the Huguenot exodus from religious persecution of Protestants by King Louie the XIV

    The Wallons were followed by the Huguenots. They left their French homeland in growing numbers in the course of the reign of Louis XIV as the repression intensified.

    When the “Sun King” revoked the Edict of Nantes in October 1685 removing the last vestiges of religious freedom, around 170,000 Protestants left France within a few months.

    The next to take the road to exile were the Waldensiens in the Duchy of Savoy. They were expelled by the Duke at the behest of Louis XIV. In 1702 the Protestants of Orange had to flee when the principality was annexed by Louis XIV.

    I have a record of my family surname being among the Palatinate refugees who came to Ireland, in about 1706, and I have census records that show birth in Ireland for my great great grand parents on my fathers side before they came to America.


    Seems just about everyone has been a refugee from religious war at sometime in their family history.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting bit of history there…

    A lot of folks were driven before the invading Muslims. Then a lot of them were driven back when the French, Spanish, and Austrians & Vlad had had enough.

    Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it… and that is my biggest fear about the present influx of Muslims into Europe. Just setting up for a repeat of that “oil & water” problem…

    I’m pretty sure most of my lineages were more economic refugees than religious. All originated (back far enough) on both sides of the English Channel. At most it’s the Amish group who ran off to Switzerland then to the USA who are religious refugees. The English side was my Mom who was a War Bride and the Irish bit were famine refugees. Then there’s that 1/4 who knows what…

  8. John F. Hultquist says:

    No big deal, but from reading at Luboš Motl’s ‘The Reference Frame’, folks of The Czech Republic prefer the short-form name Czechia.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    @John F.H:

    Thanks! I’ve flopped around trying to find something short and accurate now that it is no longer Czechoslovakia…. Czech just wasn’t quite right ( it ought to be a adjective not a noun) and Czech Republic is long and half English… I’ll see if I can get Czechia to stick in the brain ;-)

  10. beththeserf says:

    Jim 2,
    Can’t say I’m optimistic where’ we’re heading in OZ. Education Core Curriculum
    k-12, and Universities are training grounds for PC and leftist social justice politics.
    and global warming consensus.

    Out two main political parties since ex PM Turnbull captured the traditionally classic
    Liberal Party, offer very little choice to electors., as re re Carbon taxes and Paris
    Treaty. Looks like voters will elect the Labor Party, some votes from disgruntled
    Liberals as a protest vote. The State of Victoria where I live has a left wing
    government that will also likely be re-elected, though it is proposing, as per
    Globalist Agenda 21 policy, to enact a New Local Government Act that will give
    councils a new authority to create and enforce its own laws re land and energy use.

    Still, as with the election of Trump and surprise BREXIT vote, sometimes yer git
    black swan surprises, I hope so…

  11. Larry Ledwick says:

    ” I’ll see if I can get Czechia to stick in the brain ;-)”
    It is the naming used in google maps now, so all you have to do it look it up.

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