Outing The Lefty Indian Smear Of Catholic Youth Group

As some of you will already know, a bunch of radical leftists staged a show at the Lincoln Memorial to artificially create a “controversy” to dominate the news cycle (so that the march for life would be ignored more easily). They did this by spotting a group of Catholic Students waiting for the bus ride home, then getting in their grill with drum banging, shouting ethnic and racial slurs, and all with professional grade photography in place.

The kids managed to chant along with the “Elder” Indian who was in the lead of the apparent assault on the kids (what else is it when a group of grown adults, lead by a grown man, get inches from the face of a bunch of kids and shout at them and bang drums in their faces?)

The Yellow Stream Media (CNN, Washington Post, and others, even the Canadian news…) got their part of the action by Lying, Blatant Libel, and False Representation via stories that are obvious frauds if you only watch the actual video of the event (that is widely available), in my opinion. Well, some blowback is starting…

In this (31 minute) video Ezra Levant does a wonderful, paced, take down of them all. I won’t give spoilers until down below, but it’s worth watching front to end. He does about a 9 minute “slow build” intro with subtle sarcasm (and no /sarc; tags…) in something of a British style, then out come the knives, short to long. There is “bad language” in the part where the Black Guys are shouting insults at the White Kids, so be forewarned.

Now my question is just why are we not hearing about “Child Endangerment” charges filed against this mob that attacked these children? How about “Hate Crime” findings against the folks throwing racial slurs at them? Banging a drum inches for a child’s ear seems like assault with sound to me, so where’s the “Assault & Battery” charge? Eh? Then there is “Incitement to Riot” and “Disorderly Conduct” and probably a few more. Really.

There is no way you can tell me it is “OK” to approach a bunch of kids on a school field trip like this and do those things to them. Invert the narrative, have it be “White Power” guys shouting things at a group of BLACK children, have a White Veteran pounding a War Drum in their face: Then what would the news narrative be, eh?

Where is the justice and equality for all in this? It isn’t.


I like the way he points out the “Vietname Era” veteran bit by the “Elder”. Yeah, at 64 years old he missed the Vietnam War. I was in the last group to be called up and that was a couple of years earlier. Even then, my year was called up, but didn’t get sent over, they started shipping folks back instead. I avoided the draft by the expedient of getting a Very High Number in the lottery. In the 300s. My room mate was something like 102 and only up to 100 was called to a physical, so he was getting ready, but didn’t get called either. So someone who’s 64 was safely past any “Vietnam” stuff when he turned 18. IMHO, it is a lie to call that “Vietnam era Veteran”. He was post Vietnam. Couple that with his other stunts and the media lies about them and he is, in my opinion, a simple fraud for media attention. I’m willing to change my opinion if someone can show that 16 year old kids were being sent to Viet Nam.

The delicious way he quotes the media, then slowly slices them one inch at a time is just precious. I love the “set up with agreement then turn to truth” motif.

He also manages a h/t to the story about “IMPEACHMENT!!! TRUMP TOLD COHEN TO LIE!!!” that turned into a fizzle when Mueller said “Nope, nothing like that.” When it is so horrible a lie that the guy trying to prosecute you says it isn’t so, you know it’s a whopper!

In My Opinion:

It is very clear to me that what is needed is a Truth Squad that has folks undercover in the Leftist Organizing Meetings and tells the photographers where to show up. They, then, just silently film (as though part of the complicit media), but hand over the video to folks who then explain what really happened. It is imperative that this Lefty Method of “Show For Effect” then edit to “Lie For Effect” then “4 Wall & Wail To The World” cycle must be broken. At every step. That starts with always gathering truth video of the whole thing, continues with “edit for truth” and then moves into “Counter EVERY time the bogus story pops up with a Truth Evidence”. (It would be nice if there were a final step of “Prosecution for the lies, slander, libel, abuse, etc. etc.” but we know that won’t happen.)

Trump Derangement Syndrome is sure causing a lot of folks on the left to lose their minds, and all sense of decency with it. Were those my kids being threatened and exploited and damaged by The Left, I’d be furious. (As it is, I’m only pissed at them…)

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18 Responses to Outing The Lefty Indian Smear Of Catholic Youth Group

  1. R Shearer says:

    Did you see this one? https://www.infowars.com/snl-writer-offers-oral-sex-for-anyone-who-punches-maga-kid/

    I will totally punch him after she does me, kind of like the border wall stalemate.

  2. R Shearer says:

    Apparently, he never deployed as you said. He was an HVAC tech and went on AWOL 3 times according to this guy. https://twitter.com/Uncle_Jimbo/status/1087873805312241669

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    As noted above his active duty period was after all Marine units were demobilizing and left Vietnam, literally not possible for him to have been in country. He is a professional agitator and protester. Several tweets have appeared that the traditional Native American community does not have much use for him and AIM which he is closely associated with according to several posts.

    Now the good part. Barns Law in Los Angeles is preparing to sue the socks off of the folks that did not disavow or apologize for mistakenly coming down on the kids, and probably much worse for those who have demonstrated malicious intent. The twittersphere have been gathering screen shots and archiving posts that were defamitory, slanderous or libelous for the “team” of attorneys to use as a resource.

    This is going to cost a few media folks a bunch. Several people have already been fired or disavowed for their comments. One gal who claimed to be a writer for SNL offered oral sex to anyone that would punch the kid in the face. Apparently SNL is say “well she was not really a writer” and are going to start listing writer credits on their shows so that cannot happen again.

    This really pissed off the MAGA folks, a bunch of folks are getting red pilled and realizing how little loyalty the Left has for their cannon fodder and how low they will go to achieve their agenda.

    Lots of women got their “protective mother” instincts triggered. The result is that literally thousands of people jumped on twitter and other online media and started shredding the Left every time they tried to pump up their false narrative. I think the Left was genuinely surprised at the reaction and (hopefully) beginning to realize they poked a stick in a badger hole.

    More to follow in the next few days but this is going to cost some folks with deep pockets some big money.

  4. Larry Ledwick says:


    Robert Barnes
    60 seconds ago
    More Robert Barnes Retweeted Ilhan Omar
    This is libel. Retract, or get sued.

    Robert Barnes
    3 hours ago
    More Robert Barnes Retweeted Aaron Rupar
    Vox journalist manages to libel both the kids & a lefty journalist simply pointing out the facts. Retract & correct.

    Robert Barnes
    4 hours ago
    More Robert Barnes Retweeted Reza Aslan
    This is a libel & a lie, Reza. The kids did not “chant build that wall at a Native American”, nor were they “acting racist.” Retract & correct.

    Robert Barnes
    5 hours ago
    More Robert Barnes Retweeted Andrea Mitchell
    Looks like Andrea Mitchell will be sued next week. She has also retweeted various fake news lies spread by Phillips.

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    President Trump politely tells Speaker of the House that he will give the State of the Union Address as planned on the 29th in the usual location.

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    Attorney for the students issues 48 hour notice to major media and celebrities that if they do not retract and remove their slanderous and libelous statements about Covington Catholic school and the students they have been attacking on line and through the media, that they will be defending a lawsuit.


  7. E.M.Smith says:


    It would be very nice to see some of them in court discovering that the law matters… then trying to find the money to pay the damages…

  8. philjourdan says:

    Soros will pay their losses.

  9. philjourdan says:

    Another thing to think about. The lawyers for Covington also have another venue to pursue. Child abuse. The “writer” for SNL that promised a blow job to anyone punching the Covington Students in the face is guilty of aiding and abetting. Every hate tweet is also guilty of abetting child abuse (no aiding if no Lewinsky’s promised).

    From the sound of it, the lawyer is serious. I hope they are. This is a serious case of rampant child abuse by liberals. Even though they have now defined abortion as killing born children (See NY State Senate vote), I doubt the other 49 states will extend that to a 17 year post partum term. Maybe they will (at least the blue states). Liberals hate children – as this episode makes clear.

  10. philjourdan says:

    Oops! Pulled an Obama. Other 49 states. :-)

    [ Fixed it for ya, -EMS ]

  11. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interview with the lawyer (Barns law)

  12. H.R. says:

    @Phil – No, you outbid HWSRN*. He only went 57, so you win!

    *He Who Shall Remain Nameless.

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmm looking at the congressional schedules:
    President Trump got an extension until Feb 15, the house is not scheduled to be in session on the 15, then 16-17 are weekend followed by 19 which is a govt holiday then in their home districts from 19-20 the out of session on fri 21 followed by the weekend.


    Click to access 2019-Congressional-CalendarCOMPLETE.pdf

    The Senate will be in session on the 15th but will be out of session Feb 18 (presidents day) until the following Monday Feb 25.

    I wonder if President Trump is going to nail them with an alternate method of building the wall when they are all out of town over that week of the President days holiday if they don’t come to a resolution on funding the wall.

  14. corsair red says:

    I thought it was a test of who was reading your post. ;-)

  15. H.R. says:

    @red – What?!? Was there an error or something in Phil’s post? 😲

    Now… you’re not gonna go all “Exact number of States” nazi on us, are you? 😞

    Gram-ma and speeling nazis are bad enough. 😜

  16. corsair red says:

    Yur makin fun of me.

  17. H.R. says:

    No…. we are having some Friday Night Fun.

    And you know what the mathematicians say…. Don’t drink and derive!

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