Bongino – Interview One. Trump.

My God Man! Talk about starting at the top! His FIRST interviewee of the Interview series is the POTUS? Just OMG. There’s an amusing moment when Tump asks “You are not a Lawyer are you?” clearly having not been briefed that Bongino is former Secret Service on the Presidential Detail… Bit a smile over that one ;-)

Want to know how to do a real interview? Watch this. Ask your guest a question, then STFU and let them take as long as they want to answer. It really is that simple. Don’t cut them off. Don’t interject your POV. Don’t be a petty suck up ass. Just ask, and STFU. Really.

So Interview One is POTUS? Where do you go from there as a topper?
(I know, a problem we’d all like to have ;-0

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9 Responses to Bongino – Interview One. Trump.

  1. philjourdan says:

    When paradigms shift, it is not an abrupt one day to the next, It is gradual until all of a sudden, the new paradigm has replaced the old one. But there usually is an event that signals the shift. This may well be that moment that in the future, we can look back on, and say – that was the day the YSM died,

    I hope so. I do not use the YSM for anything any longer.

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    I would be very very very surprised if President Trump was not fully aware that Dan Bongino was a presidential security detail Secret Service agent.

    It is very widely known and gets mentioned all the time, not to mention in his book. About his Secret Service experience published in 2013 when President Trump was very visible about the corruption of the Obama administration and his birth certificate which was 2 years before this book came out.

    Dan Bongino was also a New York city cop prior to his Secret Service career, so had a very high likelyhood of being known to President Trump.

    I think President Trump was feeding info to his audience in the form of a leading question (or playing with the media).

  3. H.R. says:

    philjourdan: “I hope so. I do not use the YSM for anything any longer.”

    I’m not done with the YSM just yet. First thing in the morning, I hit Bing to see their image for the day. Most of the time it is absolutely awesome. Sometimes, but not too frequently, the image for the day is eco-loony or PC-loony, but surprisingly, it’s not all that often. The image of the day is usually a real lift, regardless of your political leanings. Good job by Bing and beats the heck out of Google or Yahoo or any of the others.

    Then I scroll through the Bing crawler to ascertain the YSM narrative of the day. Interspersed among the click bait are some interesting stories, some of which I link to here if I can find a site that doesn’t give a YSM site any clicks. I’ve posted a few ‘heads-up’s with enough info for others to search on and decide which YSM dickheads they want to click on for more info.

    So…. Phil, you might want to rethink your non-use of the YSM (nada, zilch, you say) and come up with a more strategic way to exploit their Marxist TDS Orders-from-their-masters idiocy to your benefit.

    Oh, and as I do, try to minimize and clicks to their sites or any other way they might increase their revenue. Starve the m-eff-ers, I say.

  4. philjourdan says:

    @HR – sorry, I am still a working man, so my free time is limited. I have no use for fake news and lies. I do check out some of the UK sites, but only for a foreign perspective of what is playing to the rest of the planet.

    I get a feed from Fox (technically mainstream, but about as unbiased as you can get). So I am aware of what the YSM is playing But I get the facts from other sites. One of my main stops (late at night) is CTH – that is not a news site, although it has plenty of it. But rarely is it reacting to the fake news of the day. It is analyzing (and also spinning) the facts of the day.

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    I have started checking out for what is going on, it is a conservative friendly site and takes suggestions from users of what to cover, so in effect it is a user submitted drudge type aggregator site. So you are culling stories seen by hundreds of web citizens and submitted to the site as worthy of coverage.

    It is pretty new so does not have a lot of penetration yet, but it does provide an outside the box look at news and a one stop shopping place to see story ledes from all sorts of news providers..

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    Quite a coup for Bongino to get an interview with President Trump as his opening presentation.
    The Whitehouse is paying attention to the new main stream media, “the net that covers the world” where they can get directly connected to the people of the world without manipulation of the message by the “opinion makers”…pg

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    The days when you had to just accept being edited and tacking crsp trap questions to get coverage are over. ANYONE can be their own TV station nearly for free and do their own sound. and text broadcasting. The only reason to be interviewed by YSM these days is to generate chatter…


    I basically, now, only use the old media for Opposition Research and catch bits of Fox on youtube (especially Gutfield for humor :-)

    Oddly, Youtube “recommended” list is often good for hints and on the Roku they added an approved “News” list where I can see the Talking Points of the day without clicking on anything. Their attempts to hide conservatives does mean I do a bit more directed searching though. Also on the Roku, by launching the MSM Aps, I can then just scan the stories they list as available ( “the headlibes” if you will)

    It’s all very fast and only rarely do I need to run a story of theirs to get clue as to the spin of the day.

  8. cdquarles says:

    This is an advantage to podcasts. They are not subject to hard nor soft breaks the way live TV or radio is subject nor are podcasts, necessarily, subject to style sheets or editing, they way taped news or opinion shows and movies are made. The breaks are why radio/TV interviewers have to keep guests from going on too long or repeating themselves too much. This is also why I like Rush’s show so much. His show is his, and not about guests, unless he wants a guest; and he can go on past a soft break, to make his point. Hard breaks, though, must be endured. Rush has been at it long enough to have a decent internal clock about these things.

  9. Larry Ledwick says:

    That is also the down side of pod casts.

    Rush is at least entertaining and you have an idea of what point he is trying to make, but many internet podcasters just ramble on and drone with no real direction (kind of like watching a rumba run around the living room floor). I don’t have the patience to listen to someone spend 10 minutes making a 15 second point.

    As the medium matures I imagine more of them will get better at the process and self edit to be more targeted in their commentary and a bit more structured. For example telling you where they are going when they have a point that requires some setup.

    Bongino drives me nuts some times with that off the cuff style, and I don’t even try to watch his pod casts any more because he spends too much time not going anywhere particular.

    I have sent him several comments that it would be great if after his pod cast he put up a text transcript that I can read but his pod cast just wastes too much time before it gets to his point. When he finally gets there he has some good stuff, but it is not worth my time to listen to the whole podcast.

    On some podcasts I actually ignore the pod cast and scan the comments and they often give me enough overview to get the general idea of that particular session.

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