Peruvian Bean Soup

Just documenting a nice bean soup I made tonight.

I bought 25 pounds of Peruano Beans, so figured I’d try them.

2 cups dry beans
1 yellow onion
1/8 lb. Bacon
3 small cloves garlic or 1 large
Couple of grinds from a pepper mill
Maybe 1/8 tsp. Italian Seasoning. I just sprinkled some on top.

Put the beans in a medium pot, cover with water 3 x that depth. Bring to the boil, then set aside for an hour.

Drain the beans and add water to just a bit over the top. Simmer, covered, for about an hour. May be less if the beans soften quickly. Optionally drain again if worried about gas… Beans ought to have just a bit of water over the top for the next step, maybe 2 cm.

While the beans simmer, make the fried bits.

In a frying pan, put a Table spoon of lard or bacon grease. Add the chopped onion and the bacon chopped into 1 cm wide strips across the slice width (I.e. cut across the slices at 1 cm intervals) Add the bacon to the onion and fry it all to brown some bits and make the onion clear.

Add the whole contents of the frying pan. Yes, the fat too. It really helps the beans. Add Italian seasoning, and the garlic chopped then crushed with the flat side of the chefs knife. Grind in some pepper and add salt to your liking. Likely about a teaspoon. Two if you like salt like I do ;-)

Raise to a simmer for a few minutes, turn it off, covered, and let sit an hour or so. You can eat it as soon as things are mixed, but it gets creamier, with flavors more nicely mixed, on standing.


Traditionally tomato is used to give a bit of acid, but tomatoes make my joints hurt now. Feel free to add a crushed tomato or two, or ketchup. It might also improve things to add a bit of vinegar or lemon juice. I liked it just as it stands. Similarly, oregano or cumin can be added for more aggressive seasoning, along with peppers (browned as desired). A couple of Table Spoons of Sweet Bsby Ray’s BBQ Sauce makes for a very nice flavor kick.

Other stuff can be added, like small bits of carrot, celery, or other vegetables. Soup is a classic way to use up leftover vegetables. Dry pasta can be cooked and added (though it tends to soak up too much water and swell on long standing, so add it one meal at a time).

These beans are also called Mexican Yellow, mayocoba, Peruano, or Peruvian yellow beans. To me, they look sort of light lime greenish in the bag, but cook to a whiter color. They make a nice creamy bean when cooked. Any similarly creamy bean should work. Pinto, Cranberry, Great Northern, etc.

For Prepper Cuisine, use dried onion granules and dried garlic, and SPAM or canned ham dice instead of the bacon. Other cooking oils can substitute for the lard or bacon grease.

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4 Responses to Peruvian Bean Soup

  1. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Peruano Beans are white according to images on the web

    Various stories are told about Pythagoras and his statements against beans. With this week’s Brexit and Trumps little issue with “the House”, I’ll go with this one.
    In ancient Greece beans were used as a ballot system. White beans represented a yes vote, and black a no.
    One writer, H. L. Sumner, claimed “what he did mean, and what his immediate followers already understood, was that they should abstain from the intrigues of politics as being antagonistic to a philosopher’s pursuits.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    I posted on —
    Global 2019-nCoV Corona Virus Outbreak,
    about the Washington State man’s care

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    They are actually a very subtile pastel geenish yellow. Images in photos or on screens will have a hard time getting it right, then your eye does a natural “white balance” so unless you have a real white source in your field of view, the closest thing to white that is in your field of view will be set to white in your brain.

    This image looks right on my tablet:

    Despite what philosophers say, I like beans :’)

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  4. Octave Fiddler says:

    Tested it out. bought 4 lbs of the same beans from my local ‘bodega’.
    Used Hormel ‘already-cooked’ bacon 1/2 cup, dried minced onions 1/2 cup,
    some weird ‘fried garlic’ i got at a oriental store,
    too much black pepper and some butter.

    Wife declared it ‘delicious’ over some pork leftovers chopped up.
    She added FF ‘sour cream’ and green tobasco.
    I added my favorite condiment, smushed-up fried jalapenos.
    The heat is localized and crunchy…
    No jet propulsion yet…
    THank You Cheifio!

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