U.S. Senate Hearing On Voter Irregularities

This U.S. Senate Homeland Security & Govt. Affairs Committee has some very interesting testimony in it. I skipped over the Politicians Posturing and started with the first witness at 32 minutes.

IMHO, clear evidence of fraud and a stolen election. Violation of voting laws (both State and the Federal “one day” law among others). Counts of the dead voters and non-citizen votes are high as are “mail-in” ballots with no identification possible. Also, and my favorite, an auditor says there were several places with more ballots received than sent out (and I think I heard one set of numbers for more than registered voters, but it went by a bit quick and I’ve not gotten to the replay yet, still working my way through the first pass ;-)

My 2nd favorite being the one where the total vote changed between the end of voting and the final tally certified, after close during the night, without explanation.


Does the Senate (or even a Senator) have “standing” to bring a case before the Supreme Court per States violating the laws?

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11 Responses to U.S. Senate Hearing On Voter Irregularities

  1. Tregonsee says:

    There are enough red flags to decorate Red Square for one of those old Soviet military parades. Most worrying is that there so far has been no effective mechanism to redress the obvious irregularities. It is almost as if nobody wants to admit that we have become a Banana Republic.

  2. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    The thing that amazes me is the ease with which the Democrats just flat out blatantly lie. Things like Sen. Peters saying 60? courts had “rejected the arguments” that there were irregularities, when in fact they mostly just refused to hear the arguments or see the evidence.

    It just reeks of “propaganda for effect” from the Dims & the Bureaucrats. All “nothing to see here, everything was perfect, you are an idiot if you think otherwise, move along.” And still pedaling the Russian Interference Russia Russia RUSSIA! line. Then the Republican advocates present numbers, facts, data, evidence.

  3. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Oooh! A nice senator food fight at 1:25.xx (hour 1/4)

  4. Ian W says:

    Caution language similar to that of a stoker but may be of interest to this thread as it has a link back to the Executive Order in 2018 declaring a State of Emergency for Federal Elections and it also explains Bill Barr’s early exit.


  5. Tonyb says:

    Surely if there was fraud caused by excesss voters this would be reflected in the voter turn out percentage for each election? There must be such a record and this can be compared with historical averages


  6. DonM says:

    There seems to be a need for a new “Voting Rights (and responsibilities) Act” in Pennsylvania & Michigan & other states that encouraged cheating via administrative finagling.

  7. DonM says:

    In Nevada 4,000 non-citizens voted???!

    Find them, smile say hi; say we just need to finish up the final paperwork; imply that if they didn’t know they shouldn’t vote then all they need to do is make sure that they register after they get their citizenship (“we will help facilitate your citizenship so we get this off the books and make this legal”); ask them to verify that it is indeed their signature on the ballot (“no big deal, we just need to clean up the details”).

    When they finally acknowledge breaking the law, take them straight to jail for the felony.

    (Unless of course they voted for the right party)

  8. philjourdan says:

    Re: The question – not directly. Separation of powers. Besides, most senators are idiots. And that includes 99 of the current ones.

  9. Ian W says:

    Tonyb The dominion voting machines will repeatedly count the same ballots without query. The software allows replicating votes. There seems to be so many ways of cheating with the equipment which is really only meant to be an OCR and adding machine with a few simple validity checks. And of course to allow even more duplicity the machines are remotely accessible to play with the vote numbers.
    It is time there was a federal standard for federal elections.

    I think we are about to see a scorched earth end to this presidency – it may not be pretty


  10. President Elect H.R. says:

    Ian W: “I think we are about to see a scorched earth end to this presidency – it may not be pretty”

    I can live with that. If the swamp can’t be drained, float a thick layer of oil over the top of it and light a match.**


  11. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @P.E. H.R.:

    “metaphorically”? You’re no fun! Or, wait, maybe that’s OK ’cause Napalm isn’t oil, so it would be a metaphor… and there’s red or white phosphorus, and heck, even the traditional wood pile and stake… OK, ok, I withdraw my complaint. It IS a metaphor…

    /sarc; /snarc; and 8-) apply.

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