Why I’m Going to Buy Gamestop or AMC theaters If I Can

I have no idea if I can make it happen. I don’t know if my broker is one of those preventing a buy order on Gamestop, or AMC Theaters. Or a couple of others.

BUT, I can smell a fire burning under a rich Fat Bastard, and I can enjoy throwing some of my money on the fire to make it burn faster and hotter. “I don’t care”. (Listen to the video)…


Why? Well, I might make some money, but far more important to me is that I can stick a poke in the eye to the Swamp. I can maybe lose a few hundred to a $Thousand of my money. BUT, they are already assuring my money will be turned to dust via massive borrowing, China Debt Trap Diplomacy, and massive money printing. So why not use it “for effect” while it still has a bit of clout, eh?

Here’s a GME graph. Notice that all the “news” is about the horrible Plebs going against the short Hedge Funds and now the recent “plunge” has started a selloff. Well, no.

This is a 10 day 15 minute graph. It has a lot to say.

First off, at the very bottom, DMI is “blue on top”, that is a longer term bullish signal.

ADX, the black line, is below 15 so a bit “nothing happening soon or fast”, but I’m OK with that for a long position. MACD is just barely above zero, so saying long term up BUT, notice that it is setting up for a reversal to “blue on top” bullish call. A bit early, but…

For me, THE big thing is how Volume+ is saying that the folks who went Major Long GME 4 to 6 days ago, and have put on the Short Squeeze, had volume drop to near nothing in the last 2 days. These folks are “holding the line” and NOT panic selling into all the shit that is being shoved into their collective faces. There is ZERO panic in that volume line. Folks are HOLDING.

They KNOW the shorts shorted more stock than exists. They KNOW that they can “just wait”. They are “holding the line”. I want to stand with that kind of folks. I don’t care if I eventually lose $1000 bucks on 3 shares. I want to stand with them.

It is worth it to me, for my sense of self worth, to step up to the line and toss my money on the pire. Let the Fat Bastard render for a while. I have wine, and time, and some cheese to warm, melt and share….

Such is life…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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49 Responses to Why I’m Going to Buy Gamestop or AMC theaters If I Can

  1. rhoda klapp says:

    Ditch any broker or dealing platform if they won’t execute your orders.

    Lumch today will be baked camembert, loaded with garlic and with maple syrup poured lightly over. (Only proper maple of course). Then dipped with toast fingers or prawn crackers.

  2. It's a psyop says:

    Wonder why there is a massive fence and armed guards surrounding the white house? Did a bunch of “little guys” really suddenly discovered a way to break big bad wall street? And then they coordinated it all publicly, without being foiled?

    Will the economy collapse because of years of theft and manipulation by the banksters and deep staters or because of some individuals that got inventive with their stimulus checks? Hhmm?

    They have decimated the food supply, closed small businesses and now they will collapse the economy –

    This battle win not be won by little guys sitting at their keyboard.
    The internet Belongs to -Them-.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    SQUEEZE the Shorts!! Big time shorts are just people that think they have a license to steel from real investors. Trouble is every time I have seen this happen they just close their market, and sick their regulators on the longs as a criminal conspiracy and then get out of their contracts

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Yes, they likely will do “the usual” and either change the rules or simply break contracts… but… It will be worth a few $Hundred to me to hold a share of GME and be part of The Problem for a little while. It costs about that much for one weekend at a good park or hotel near the beach, and I think this entertainment will last longer than a weekend…

  5. Ossqss says:

    IIRC, the shorts were at 140%, which is illegal to begin with…..

  6. Ossqss says:

    BTW, it appears Silver is the next target.

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    It may not be up to the dealer.

    The SEC could halt trading for some dreamed up legal reason.

    The Market Maker may have such an unbalanced order book that he can not open the market in that stock (i.e. thousands wanting to buy, only a few selling).

    There’s also the flat our rumor that the shorts sold more shares than exist. IF that is true, then the shorts also can’t step in to fill the excess orders to buy with short selling.

    Finally, the exchanges themselves can halt trading in a ‘frothy’ stock to let it ‘calm down’. This is their right as they may be unable to fulfill the trade if sellers can not deliver enough shares or they suspect one of the counterparties is unable to perform as their liquidity is drying up in margin calls. Once the market becomes “disorderly” the exchange must protect their own liquidity.

    So there’s no telling what the market will look like when (and if…) it reopens for GME.

    Then there’s that small problem of wanting to buy just one share… Trivial orders like that are at the back of the queue for execution… and can often get really crappy prices / executions. As a “limit order” (the only kind I’d place in that stock) it may well not execute for a long time (or ever if the market runs away from the limit).

    So it may not have anything at all to do with my broker.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @It’s A:

    No, the internet belongs to nobody.

    ANY two computers can set up a connection between them and do whatever they want.

    I know, I’ve done it for a living for several decades.

    So just what IS “the internet”? It is a set of connections that lets a whole lot of computers talk to each other. That’s it. Everything else is set up on top of that. Google, Facebook, etc. are just APPLICATIONS that some folks choose to run, they are not the “internet”. For example, I do not use them, yet I AM using the internet.

    The connectivity comes in layers. At the lowest level is physical. There are many choices. USUALLY folks choose a wire from their Telco (Telephone Company). But you do not need to do that. Cable TV companies, satellite companies, modems over hard telephone wires, cell phones and many more can all be your physical layer. (I set up a microwave link of several miles between 2 Apple buildings decades back… you CAN own your own microwave links. I also set up a “leased line” to Olivetti company as the first “internet connection” for Apple. We piggy backed off their Telco connection. This was prior to ISPs being a big thing when you had to “roll your own”…)

    On top of the physical, you put a communication protocol and then some programs communicating “whatever”. There’s several to chose from. Now, most often, it is TCP/IP or UDP, but you can use others. As long as you and the guy on the other end agree, it’s fine. What to communicate? Originally it was Email and NetNews (UUCP or Unix to Unix Copy used to move the Usenet Net News) and you can STILL do that if you like. I’ve set up many Unix / Linux machines with SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and UUCP. There’s a whole zoo of other functions you can set up if you like, including an HTTP server (Aka “Web Server” – Apache being the most common on Linux now).

    The point behind all this?

    The “internet” is simply a whole lot of folks all agreeing to do those things with their computers on a given set of interconnected network wires. Most folks “own their own” hardware and software, though many now rent it from a Co-location Facility or “cloud” service. They all can act independently.

    There are also a few sets of people who have set up their own “internets” connecting their own systems together. Some use private wires too. Others just “tunnel” through the big shared internet with a private tunnel. (VPN can be for obscuring your actual location, but it is very often used to connect private sites that are isolated from each other over some distance. I’ve set those up too.)

    So you see, nobody owns the internet and everybody owns the internet. It’s a shared effort to share data and communications.

    Oh, and there’s also a very healthy Rebel Community on the .onion domain, busy with their own Dark Net world of things the rest of the internet doesn’t like… So there’s an existence proof of folks not accepting any “rules” from others who think they are in charge…

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like there is presently not a short interest in excess of actual shares, but it is a high short interest. Also shorts are trying to cover given the drop in short interest:


    Current Short Volume: 61,780,000 shares
    Previous Short Volume: 71,200,000 shares
    Change Vs. Previous Month: -13.23%
    Dollar Volume Sold Short: $11.96 billion
    Short Interest Ratio / Days to Cover: 2.0
    Last Record Date: January, 15 2021
    Outstanding Shares: 102,270,000 shares
    Short Percent of Float: 0.00%
    Today’s Trading Volume: 49,414,294 shares
    Average Trading Volume: 66,412,063 shares
    Today’s Volume Vs. Average: -25.59%

    So about 60% short (61 million short and 102 million outstanding).

    That’s a LOT of short to cover at $300 / share…

    Further down that page you get a longer view of short interest. Most (all?) of the shorting happened at very low prices. Order of $10. So that’s a whole lot of “drop” necessary to prevent them booking a huge loss. I get the impression the folks holding GME are not going to sell in a panic… This story likely has a ways to run before the end game. (Unless Gamestop goes bust…)

  10. Pistol Pete says:

    That’s great for you, the masses do not know how nor will they attempt any of this. Look here under the comment box – G – Bluebird – f – links- The Right promote the very organizations that are censoring their free speech, manipulating elections and conspiring to debased businesses, individuals and governments. Ya, they don’t own the internet. By the way, those folks that are on the “dark web” – zero results –

    [Reply: Ross, if you keep changing your name {It’s a, P.Pete} you will continue to land in the Moderation Queue. That’s how the White List works here. NAME & IP Number get approved. Change them, you go back to moderation until I look at the queue again. Per your “zero results”: Have you even used TOR and gone to any .onion sites? There’s LOADS of them. -E.M.S.]

  11. another ian says:

    Not those shares yet but “obeying the rules”

    “There’s no evidence of election fraud because it’s illegal for election officials to provide it”


  12. another ian says:

    “An Informative and Entertaining Explanation of the Gamestop Saga”


    Brave browser seems not to know about slower internet speeds. Quite a few sites get a black screen and a “connection was reset” error while eventually loading quite happily. Including this site just now

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks Like A Movement – Left & Right getting together against Wall Street:


  14. another ian says:
  15. M Simon says:

    The Center can not hold =====>

    Protests against the Central-Banks-Dictatorship continue!

    Wall street protester today:

    “They want us to bail them out, they want Janet Yellen to make phone calls for them, they want to shut down trading. Are you kidding me?”

  16. Jim Masterson says:

    What’s that old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times?” Things are becoming a little too interesting.


  17. another ian says:

    Silver next cab off the rank?


    J.M. Remember that the Chinese share the same lot of interesting times

  18. philjourdan says:

    I am not offended by short sellers. It is part of the market. I am very offended by market manipulators acting as short sellers (Soros being the king). SO I am buying as well. With pocket money, so I may lose a few hundred. But I am bidding up the price! And it does not matter if the buy is for one share or 1 million shares. That sets the price.

    We are no so dumb as Wall Street thinks we are.

  19. philjourdan says:

    Looks Like A Movement – Left & Right getting together against Wall Street:

    For once the ignorance of the far left is playing into our hands. They are on a Holy Jihad against Wall Street, while the right is merely looking out for the little guy. So an intersection of interests against the Deep State Middle. Unless Pelousi can reign in her extremist, Wall street is going to lose. And given she has only a 9 vote majority and more than 9 now on the squad, she either has to sell the party out to the extremists or die on another beachhead.

  20. jim2 says:

    phil j. I don’t have an issue with short sellers. But I do have an issue with NAKED short sellers. It’s illegal, but not enforced AFAIK.

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    That Redpilled article makes a good case that there really are more short shares than exist, yet the other link I found has it at about 60% of float (Still, IMHO, way too high for legitimate trading).

    I wonder if there is any way to really find out how many “shares” are supposedly in the float and how that compares to the actual shares issued.

    With the gigantic “failed to deliver” number of 1.78 MILLION shares, it sure looks like somebody has been caught with a hand in the cookie jar selling shares that don’t exist and expecting them to go to zero and just evaporate… but now they are being called in…

    The Overstock CEO at one time was loudly and often complaining that more shares were sold short than existed as issued from his company, but could not get S.E.C. action on it. I think that is a corroboration that “it happens”.

    ASSUMING that it is in fact fairly common, that would be a big explainer for why the whole Street wants to quash the GME trade pronto. Not only for GME and that exposure, but because they have a closet full of illegality, liability, and potential short squeezes up the wazoo…

  22. H.R. says:

    I’m in the market for dividends… income. I don’t care if the stock I bought at $100 is trading at $2 dollars or $200 dollars, so long as the $3.40 dividend per share keeps getting deposited in my account.

    So what happens when a perfectly viable company’s stock goes to zero while they are booking normal or perhaps pennies per share below normal profits?

    I can see how stock price is related to revenue, but when the rules allow the stock price to become entirely disconnected from a company’s day-to-day business, I’ll take every share of McDonald’s stock that people will pay me to take.

    140% of shares, indeed. Harrumph…

  23. E.M.Smith says:


    A nice dividend is generally protective against a lot of shorting. The short seller must pay the dividend every month… (Original buyer of the stock expects to get his dividend even if his broker “loaned” his stock to the short seller, PLUS, the person who bought from the short seller expects to get HIS dividend. So somebody must come up with the extra… and that’s the short seller).

    I think you will find most heavily shorted shares either never had a dividend or announced they were suspending it for a while as the economy went sour on them.

    I vaguely remember one company, pissed at short sellers, declaring a big fat “special dividend” just to stick it to them ;-)

    So it is something to watch for in your stocks. I very much prefer stocks with at least SOME dividend, just as a kind of ‘short annoyance’ if not fully protective.

  24. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like Gamestop stopped their regular dividend

    03/14/2019	CASH	$0.38	03/04/2019	03/15/2019	03/29/2019
    12/10/2018	CASH	$0.38	11/27/2018	12/11/2018	12/21/2018
    09/17/2018	CASH	$0.38	09/04/2018	09/18/2018	10/02/2018
    06/11/2018	CASH	$0.38	05/31/2018	06/12/2018	06/26/2018

    so looks like March 2019 they had the last dividend. Then, I’d guess about May or June of 2019 was the starting gun for the shorts when it was clear they were having money troubles and no dividends were going to happen.

  25. llanfar says:


    Also @E.M., at least part of the internet is de facto owned by the military:


  26. jim2 says:

    Charles Payne for President!

    “First of all, all of the nonsense, all of this noise, all of this whining by Wall Street – it’s making me sick,” Payne said during an appearance on FOX Business’ “Cavuto Coast to Coast” Wednesday, adding that hedge funds were able to short 140% of Gamestop’s stock Wednesday.


    “I didn’t hear one person on TV complaining about Wall Street trying to crush GameStop,” he said. “I told my subscribers: Buy this stock. And they made a fortune.”


  27. p.g.sharrow says:

    Hedge Fund operators selling stock they didn’t own or “Borrow” ? That is Massive fraud or stealing from real investors. Now they want to force the real investors to sell the stock back to them at a loss. stealing again from real investors. Why are “regulators” helping these thieves ransack the accounts of investors to line the pockets of the Hedge funds ?. It is a crime to sell something you don’t own or control. Arrest the criminals and liquidate their criminal enterprises.

  28. E.M.Smith says:


    The US Military via DARPA invented and created the internet. Then it spread around the world.

    NOBODY “Owns” the internet. It’s diverse in distribution and ownership. It was also designed to ‘heal’ and flow around outages (a military design requirement…) so attempts to strangle it “have leakage”.

    That said, in every major civilian unrest, one of the first things dictators do is cut internet services. This is made easier now that almost all of them run through just a few Telcos. Governments dominate Telephone Companies and that’s what they hit.

    Musk is trying to bypass that with his satellite system. Prior such “cuts” have resulted in the rise of “Mesh Network” ability being advanced into common handsets (cell phones) and other gear. It is why I’ve done postings about how to set up your own communications gear and explored mesh networks.

    It is an ongoing battle between the folks who want to “censor and shut up” vs everyone else. It is why I still have a few modems laying around in my parts box and why I’ve got the stuff to make a “Cantenna” so my WiFi router can have much longer range (as in mile like) and why I’ve talked about the Pirate Box (where a small group can still communicate even if ‘out of country’ is shut off).

    That a country can have their Military order a Telephone Company to shut off specific services and equipment is not “ownership”, it is dominance by force. The People can, and do, find ways around it. Note that even your Netbocks link says traffic only fell to 3/4 of normal.

    To kill the internet in a given country is very hard and the best way to do it is to shut off all the electricity. But even then there’s leakage. Battery driven gear. Packet radio links. Mesh networks. Cell phone service from just ‘over the border’. And more.

    Can a government throttle the internet in their country? Can they make it mostly unusable for most of their citizens (especially the non-technical)? Certainly. But that isn’t ownership and it isn’t 100% effective. Just like shutting down phone service doesn’t mean they own the Telephone Company. Or the National Guard keeping restaurants and bars closed doesn’t mean they own them either. (Nor will it stop folks from eating and drinking… maybe not as good or in as great a quantity, but it doesn’t stop…)


    It is called “Regulatory Capture” and it happens in every industry. A regulatory body forms in government to stop the industry doing Bad Things. Over time, it gets “expertise” via hiring people from the industry. Similarly folks in the regulatory agency know their only other employer choices will be in the industry. Interests align. Pretty soon the Agency is in existence to help the industry expand and increase profit, not protect anyone from bad actors in the industry.

    Why Monsanto pretty much owns the FDA. To keep out other competition and increase its profits…

    So the SEC now exists to assure nobody is effective competition for the Financial Majors and to make sure the rules maximize their profits.

    Besides, all the “lawmakers” have all their big buckets of money (illicit or not…) in the Hedge Funds. You can’t expect your Senators and Congress Critters to take a loss on their portfolios, now can you? Not when they have ultimate control of the Agencies and Laws…

  29. The True Nolan says:

    @M Simon: “Wall Street has been counterfeiting stock.”

    Great link! I have been telling people the same thing for some years. I just left this comment there:

    YES! Exactly! The biggest purpose of the DTCC and Cede is to facilitate counterfeiting stocks. By creating a centralized “clearing house” of stock ownership, fake stocks can be bought and sold, just as long as there is not a “run on the broker” situation. Remember how the MERS system was put together before the 2008 real estate crash? Instead of doing the normal county-court-house filing of just who owned what, the MERS allowed a centralized database of ownership which bypassed local records. This allowed the same mortgages to be sold… and resold… and resold. That was just the mortgage version of fractional reserve banking which allows banks to create and loan non-existent money. In the same way, the DTCC is just the stock version of fractional reserve banking. Very similar things have happened with bonds and precious metals.

    Bottom line? A HUGE part of todays economy is based on trading fraudulent, non-existent dollar denominated properties. How huge? No way of knowing… A third? Half? A multiple of ten? Those gigantic amounts of imaginary properties (stocks, bonds, precious metals, dollars) allow unfettered manipulation of all prices. THERE IS NO TRUE PRICE DISCOVERY AND THERE IS NO TRUE MARKET. If you cannot hold it in your hand, look at it, walk around on it, or poke it with a stick, IT MAY NOT EXIST. (end of comment)

    Imagine also how all these fake instruments affect the GDP. I saw a Chinese statement maybe five years ago which stated that (in their opinion) roughly 1/3 of the US GDP was just financial churning.

    How crooked is the DTCC? In 2012 during “Superstorm Sandy” (and I was about 60 miles away at the time; it was no “superstorm” just a big storm at high tide) someone “accidently” left the vault door open at the DTCC and damaged records of perhaps $36Trillion. Really. Think about that. The repository of the most valuable financial records on the planet sits below water level, but during a hyper-publicized, loudly predicted “superstorm”, no one thinks to close the doors? Nope. Just an accident… but of course the destruction of records is always a large part of any financial crime. To make it even worse, a few weeks later while cleaning up the flooded vault, the storm soaked records caught on fire and burned up even more of them. Suspicious? You think, maybe?

  30. E.M.Smith says:


    You can get an idea of the size of churn by looking at the daily share turnover in some of these stocks. https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2021/01/31/why-im-going-to-buy-gamestop-or-amc-theaters-if-i-can/#comment-139055

    Shows GME with 102 M shares outstanding and daily churn of almost 1/2 that (49 M).

    So EVERY SINGLE DAY 1/2 of the company changes hands? Really? This is sane how? Changing hands completely 180 times a year?

    It’s that kind of stuff that has had me edge out of “The Markets” as they are looking ever less like markets and ever more like commission, vig, and theft mills.

  31. The True Nolan says:

    @ E.M.: “It’s that kind of stuff that has had me edge out of “The Markets” as they are looking ever less like markets and ever more like commission, vig, and theft mills.”

    Absolutely correct. In the ancient days of dinosaurs, back when the stock market functioned as a way of distributing capital to productive use, a company had to show fiscal responsibility in order to attract buyers. Now almost everything is a crapshoot. Sound business plan? Trustworthy management? Profits? None of that matters, at least not enough to deter people with access to near zero interest rate funding. Just like some people are “famous for being famous” we have companies which are “valuable because they are valuable”. Fundamentals? Foo! Instead of a monetary system based on value, we have one rooted in debt, and consequently, all the gears turn backwards. Institutions find they can make more profit by destruction than by production.

  32. E.M.Smith says:

    That’s gotta hurt… Watch for resumes and staff wanting to “spend more time with their families”…


    GameStop short Melvin Capital lost 53% in January
    Published: Jan. 31, 2021 at 4:06 p.m. ET

    Melvin Capital Management, the hedge fund that has borne the brunt of losses from the soaring stock prices of heavily shorted stocks recently, lost 53% in January, according to people familiar with the firm.

    Melvin was founded by Gabe Plotkin, a former star portfolio manager for hedge-fund titan Steven A. Cohen. It started the year with about $12.5 billion and now runs more than $8 billion. The current figure includes $2.75 billion in emergency funds Citadel LLC, its partners and Mr. Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management injected into the hedge fund last Monday.

    As part of the deal, they got non-controlling revenue shares in Melvin for three years. So far, Citadel, its partners and Point72 have lost money on the deal, though the precise scope of the loss was unclear Sunday.

    OK, so take 2.75 billion out of 8, you get 5.25 Billion. They had been at $12.5, dropped by about half, and were likely looking at heavy duty margin calls that would wipe them out entirely. The $2.75 billion let them run fast and furious to get risk out of whatever was left and stay in business…

    Not only them, but it looks like lots of folks in the Finance Business got a fire under them:

    “The performance pain…has been record breaking,” read a note from Morgan Stanley to its trading clients last week.

    Indeed, hedge funds set near-daily records of various sorts last week for how much they pulled back their exposure to the U.S. stock market by covering their shorts and selling out of their wagers on companies, according to client notes from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. On Wednesday, this type of so-called degrossing contributed to the largest one-day drop in funds’ use of leverage on record, said a Goldman note.

    Maplelane Capital, another hedge fund that has sustained significant losses this month, ended January with a roughly 45% loss,
    said a person familiar with the fund. It managed about $3.5 billion at the start of the year.

    Oh what a glorious day ;-)

  33. philjourdan says:

    I am not going to write the market off just yet. Yes, the big boys have been using it as their bitch, but the little guys just bitch slapped them! And there is not thing one they can do (Robinhood is toast as well, but because their reputation is shot).

    As you noted on another thread, it is virtually impossible for a country to 100% shut down the internet. Just as it is virtually impossible for the big boys to completely shut down trading in stocks.Just as water will find even the smallest hole, so demand will find the tiniest crack.

    It was a very good day!

  34. M Simon says:

    Medicine at gunpoint? It seems like the USA became Nazi German in the last month but they don’t have 12 or 20 million Jews to deal with. Just 100 million Republicans.

  35. M Simon says:

    philjourdan says:
    1 February 2021 at 11:29 pm

    I’m often surprised at how difficult it is for people to understand prohibition. Yet it works the same every time. Supply meets demand at a price. Black markets have risk premiums. Enforcement drives up profits (in the aggregate). The whole Fn Drill.

  36. M Simon says:

    Who does the Army follow on twitter?

  37. M Simon says:

    Evidently you have to have a twitter account to find out.
    Navy https://twitter.com/USNavy
    Army https://twitter.com/USArmy
    Airforce https://twitter.com/USAirforce

  38. M Simon says:

    What happened?
    https: //twitter.com/USAirforce (space added before //)

    https://twitter.com/USAirforce (no space)

  39. E.M.Smith says:

    @M. Simon:

    What does any of that have to do with Gamestop?

    (We have an Open Discussion page in W.O.O.D.)

    BTW, other plain text on the http line tends to suppress expansion. See my modification above.

  40. philjourdan says:

    @EM – the short was artificial, but then so was the price run up. It only takes one buyer and one seller to set a new stock price.

  41. E.M.Smith says:


    Not even that much!

    Late one session, while bored, I was watching closely a VERY thinly traded stock.

    I placed a buy order between BID and Ask. The Ask moved up. Peeved, I removed my order. The Market Maker was trying to game me. Waiting a few minutes, I put in a large sell order above is BID. Then he rapidly moved both BID and ASK down as I removed my big order and entered a market buy and got it a little lower than my first try.

    So twice the prices moved with only one person placing an order.

    BTW, right after that, he widened BID and ASK a LOT… ;-)

  42. another ian says:

    In the footsteps of GME?

    “Easterday feedlot in Washington sued for shorting tyson 200,000 head of cattle in feedlot.”


  43. The True Nolan says:

    Nothing to see here, Move along. Yellen gets ethics pass on Gamestop proceedings :
    She has already pledged to recuse herself, but that was then and this is now. Besides, she gave multiple speeches and only received the salary equivalent of a decade or two income for the average serf.

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