2 Years Of Hell, Or What?

Just admiring the problem here.

The Context

We’ve got 2 years of Progressive Hell in front of us. Unless, of course, some change of personnel happens in the Senate or some court actually is willing to address the issue of a fraudulent election result. (Or, I suppose, the U.S. Military shows it too can see fraud in front if itself, but I doubt that will happen. Too much discipline.)

It might happen that some Senator flips from Dem to Repub (but again, I doubt it, why switch from the side that’s in power?). It similarly might happen one exits by some other means and a special election or appointment replaces them with a Republican. Again unlikely.

No, the most likely series of events is just that the Senate remains as is for 2 years, then there’s another vote.

Similarly, the House has a narrow, but bigger, Democrat advantage. There is redistricting in States that now have Republican leadership, expected to net 2 to 6 new Republican seats. But that’s not enough to change things, and it is far more likely to be 2 than 6. Once again, we’ve got an almost certain 2 year wait before any corrective action could be done by way of voting.

The Problem

The DNC / Democrats / Progressives have embraced the Alt-Left / Far-Left of the Socialists, and as a result run the table on the House, Senate, and POTUS. Yes, it took “the usual” Communist Propaganda and “Control who counts the votes” (though now that was ‘what machines manufacture the votes’): BUT, it DID work and they DID ascend to power. Once tasted, that faux honey will not be spit out.

So in essence the Socialists Of America have achieved one of their stated objectives: Control of one of the two major political parties.

Now according to Marxist / Leninist / Stalinist doctrine, once you have control, you do EVERYTHING possible to make it permanent and to destroy the opposition. I do mean EVERYTHING. Oddly, reading the news, that looks like exactly what is being done. (Do note, this also occurred with the National Socialist German Workers Party in Germany prior to W.W.II)

So the Democrats are busy attacking and destroying anyone who dares to oppose them, criminalizing free speech, calling it a “hate crime” to question the validity of the election, and declaring anyone who wears a hard hat so Antifa can’t bash them on the head a “terrorist”. More or less as expected from the Communist Manifesto / Socialist doctrine & etc. POV.

Sidebar on “hate”: For things to make sense, they typically require an opposite. Light requires darkness to be understood. Up has down. Right has left. Man vs Woman. Old and young. So I ask you: What is a “love crime”? IMHO, there is no such thing as a “Hate Crime”. It is simply a marker of “P.C. Crime Enhancement”. It simply says that the Alt-Left / Radical Left wants to bash some more than others so plonks down “hate” in front of some action. Since The Left hates everyone else far more than everyone else hates at them (though they are busy fixing that…) ought not Leftism itself be labeled as “Hateful” and thus a “Hate Crime” against humanity? It has, after all, killed hundreds of millions over the decades…

More importantly, you can see that they are paranoid about their crimes. Forbidding any discussion of what they did to steal the election. Criminalizing anyone who questions them, their motives or actions. Then putting a minor army around their capitol and erecting fences and razor wire. Those are the actions of someone who knows the bulk of the actual vote was against them, and that they are usurpers of the throne. Afraid that the bulk of the country will rise up and eject them from their illegal occupation. They wear it on their faces and scream it in their intemperate voices. They are not confident, they do not feel We The People on their side backing them, they are AFRAID of the people. That is what a coup plotter feels, so promotes “cleansing’ and pogroms. Purges the military of opposing voices (as is happening now…)

They also chose to enshrine whatever mechanism put them into power as the one right and legal way of retaining it. This the move to force all the illegitimate vote stealing methods into law. Universal ballot harvesting, no I.D. allowed, print your own ballots, anyone can vote even illegal aliens, etc. etc. Also NO audit of the Dominion Vote Diddle Boxes.

Additionally, they have a major effort to bugger the Judiciary. To assure no other branch of the government can stand in the way of their coup. Expand the Supreme Court and pack it with Socialist / Progressive “judges”. Probably also expand the other courts for a similar packing. Having control of 2 of the three branches of government is not enough to enshrine them in power forever. They lust after the 3rd as well (despite it already being pretty much packed with left indoctrinated folks…)

What To Do?

This leads to a couple of questions:

1) Can they “get ‘er done” in 2 years?

2) Will any of the “moderate” Democrats choose to resist this Socialist makeover of their party and the nation? (Are there any “moderate” Democrats left?)

3) What will or can the Republicans do?

4) What, if anything, can an “average Joe or Jane” do?

I’m sure there’s more, but those are all I’m looking at here.

Based on prior histories, I think 2 years is more than enough time. It will, of course, depend a lot on what others do to resist this Socialist Coup, or Progressive Purge. Will the “moderate” Democrats discipline their Party Members in some way? Will Republicans grow a spine and discover America needs them?

Sadly, I think the answer to those 2 is “No”. Democrats have already been happy to let the DNC run roughshod over their Primaries. Putting up the Horrible Hillary with the only opposition being a “chosen to fail” wimp. Then stealing the nomination from Bernie to anoint Biden The Demented and taking Camel-A (who Tulsi bashed to low single digits in the primary, which got Tulsi sidelined by the DNC…) and promoting her to the anointed one VP slot. No, the Democrat membership just is along for the ride and has no influence over the DNC,really.

Similarly, Republicans have about a 50 year history of being door-mats. Reagan was the last guiding light. They are well trained at gradual retreat under fire. It’s what they do.

Maybe someone else can see some Real Americans on the Democratic Party side, but I can’t. We’ve got a power mad corrupt leadership that loves to “lie for effect” and that, based on the size of their rapidly growing bank accounts in office, looks to be entirely in it for the money and power. Not for the People, nor for the USA.

Maybe someone else can see a growing Spine in the RNC, but I can’t. I see a very few Republicans standing up for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” – and largely being derided for it. The bulk of the Republicans in office seem happy to sign off on bills “to find out what is in it” and spend $Trillions at a toss with $Billions going to fund their opposition via NGOs and more. As long as they keep their seat and maybe get a few crumbs for their side. I can’t see them being the source of rescue.

So all I see in the Republican future is more “rear guard retreat” along with a few of the worst being “primaried” all while Rome Burns and the Chinese Barbarians & Friends of the CCP raid the place for loot.

Which leaves us at the Average Joe & Jane.

Frankly, all I can see, for me, is a “Going Galt” moment. I’m already more a “leach on the system” than net contributor. (Well, really, I’ve contributed far more in the past than I’ll ever get back in the future, but we’re talking about right here right now). I’m on Social Security and Medicare. Net draining the system. I have no gainful employment, so pay little to no income tax.

I can easily just sell out, squirrel away the assets, move to a reasonably backwater place that will be last on the “eat me” list, and wait for my own personal end. Do nothing to help the system.

But what about a younger group? Folks in their 20s to 30s with a (rapidly fading) future to build, families to raise and teach? “Going Galt” is much harder for them. Can they effectively do anything to prevent the collapse into a Socialist Hell? Is there anything anyone can do, what with the Vote now irrelevant as it is Machine Controlled (and on track to be fully pwned by the DNC forever), the Judiciary up for a good Reaming Stem to Stern, and opposition voices being either silenced to legally defined as “Terrorists” for asking if the election was really valid and maybe, just maybe, a bit of audit would prove the Democrats right…

I don’t know.

I do know that the history on this is not good. Armed rebellion typically fails, and if not, the resultant Civil War destroys the place. Attempts at political rebellion result in purges and pogroms. The killing fields of Cambodia and the millions dead under Stalin come to mind. Kulak (poor small farmers) resistance resulted in millions of starved out and dead Kulaks. Just look at Venezuela as the most recent pattern. Currency collapsed. 1/2 the population left the country. Economy in a shambles. Yet “somehow” the vote always ends up 95%+ for the existing Dictator-in-fact (regardless of who that is…)

In Conclusion

Pessimistic? Yes. Then again, the history on this is pretty clear. It always ends badly once the Socialist / Communist / Progressives gain absolute power.

Can America be “different this time”? Perhaps, but I’m not seeing the mechanism for it. Certainly violence will fail or “destroy the village in order to save it”. Political avenues have been foreclosed via the Automated Vote Stealing and Silencing Of The Lambs via censorship. The Republicans had a dozen opportunities to avoid this outcome, and at every turn chose this path; so I don’t see them as much use or much opposition.

If you do have a Rosy Vision, please feel free to show it. (And show how it isn’t just a fantasy but has some ‘legs’ in reality…) All I can see as some kind of hope is that Biden so screws up things so fast that before China can complete the Rape Of DC, local governments (counties, States) start recalling and replacing folks so as to thwart the worst of it. Or perhaps a Democrat or 2 in the Senate looks at the America They Love and realize that there’s one big hope for it, a Republican Senate until the election cycle can turn again. But I fear both of those lack my requested “show how it isn’t just a fantasy”…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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140 Responses to 2 Years Of Hell, Or What?

  1. michaelh says:

    Not to suggest a “rosy” vision, but there is a real way out.

    The down ballot races in 2020 were not sufficiently rigged to align with the Presidential vote. That means many Republican gains in State and Local elections, despite the Democrat Presidential totals.

    Yes, I know many Republicans are the problem. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Georgia. But we can’t find the ray of light at the end of the tunnel by looking at how broken the support beams are.

    Elections are still a local and state level construct. The people have a lot of power in the system and they are not totally taken over.

    We need a lot more poll workers and poll watchers going into every local and state election, leading up to the midterms.

    If you lived in one of the battleground states (WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, IL) you should be particularly angry about what happened to your vote. Channel that anger and get engaged for election integrity.

    One of the key takeaways I learned is that too many operators were not following Information Assurance (cybersecurity as we call it today) processes. USB drives were mishandled. Machine were totally improperly calibrated. Controls on when software could be updated were not followed or enforced. Signature verification systems were misconfigured to the least reliable level. Firewalls on wireless devices were improperly configured. These are all EYES ON problems that need to be addressed and resolved by alert and dedicated patriots.

    Basically, if you think the vote was stolen, then get out and get people directly involved in the elections process to assure election integrity. Anyone with technical and information security experience need to be in the thick of it. In fact, they need to be actively training volunteers how to ask questions and what to watch for when it comes to manipulating election systems – from social engineering to vulnerability management to training on device calibration.

    There will be plenty of people who say “no it’s too late for all that, the Republic is gone, they own the voting systems …” I’m not going to argue with these people. If you are so overcome with grief that you cannot see the way forward, you need professional counseling not training in election integrity. This is a clear path forward – it is a long and narrow path to be sure, with no guarantee of success, but it’s a far better plan than posting memes on social media and feeling sorry for ourselves.

    There are other things to do too. We need principled people to run in the state and local elections, including school board elections. There’s a saying that “people are policy” – having the right people in and keeping the corrupt people out is a critical part of ensuring election integrity.

    We need to network with others using the “old school” 1980s techniques that cannot be shut down by Big Tech – calling our friends neighbors church members PTA, networking and recruiting. Building mailing lists and pamphlets. Working with orgs that are true grassroots like local Tea Parties or Eagle Forum – not D.C. lobbyists like Heritage Foundation. Basically, you want to work with people who are trying to get boots on the ground rather than dollars from your checkbook.

    There are more things that we can do (prayer comes to mind, this is spiritual warfare), but when most people ask “what can we do?” it means: How can the average Joe or Jane engage the political system and set it right? Well, this is it. This is what the average Joe or Jane can do – turn off the TVs, ignore the naysayers and the Eeyore’s, and get to work on engaging the election system locally.

    As long as there is life there is hope. We are not under the thumb of the Warsaw Pact, yet, and we don’t have to be.

  2. Tonyb says:

    It took us four years until the elite eventually had to concede that when we said brexit we meant brexit.

    That included two general elections, one euro election, local elections, a leadership election as well as the original referendum.

    When we broke from Rome it took over 100 years before protestantism became assured.

    I am guessing it will take your four years and a variety of elections to get your way, rather than 100 years. But if the people want it, the result you want will eventually happen. Good luck

  3. The True Nolan says:

    @ E.M.: “Frankly, all I can see, for me, is a “Going Galt” moment. I’m already more a “leach on the system” than net contributor. (Well, really, I’ve contributed far more in the past than I’ll ever get back in the future, but we’re talking about right here right now). I’m on Social Security and Medicare. Net draining the system. I have no gainful employment, so pay little to no income tax.”

    I am very happily in the same situation and it is wonderful the feeling I get when I look at my tax forms and see nothing going to pay for bombing brown people all around the world and for sticking non-violent “criminals” into cages. For me the “Going Galt” part started in earnest with a decision to move to the boondocks after retirement. The cost of living is lower and generally speaking the people (though fewer in number) are individually of a higher caliber.

    “I can easily just sell out, squirrel away the assets, move to a reasonably backwater place that will be last on the “eat me” list, and wait for my own personal end. Do nothing to help the system.”

    Do nothing? No, there’s lots to do. If (when) the current system crashes, the world will not come to an end and the time to start planning for the rebuild is now. E.M., you have an ENORMOUS skill set and the ethical standards to make them even more valuable. Influence your neighbors. Write for the local newspapers. Speak to the younger crowd. Help out with local charities. Above all, create the kind of community that will be the seed for something better when the cites turn to cesspools and shake themselves apart.

    “Is there anything anyone can do, what with the Vote now irrelevant as it is Machine Controlled (and on track to be fully pwned by the DNC forever), the Judiciary up for a good Reaming Stem to Stern, and opposition voices being either silenced to legally defined as “Terrorists” for asking if the election was really valid and maybe, just maybe, a bit of audit would prove the Democrats right…”

    There may very well be things which can help — but whatever they are, they are probably above your and my paygrade. If you were a retired General or an old CEO of industry there would be more you could do, but realistically, you (and I) are going to be much more effective on a smaller level. I would remind you that you have done a LOT of service to humanity by all the thoughts and work you have put into your blog. Your writing was very influential in showing to me just how screwed up the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis is. How many people have you influenced by your online presence? Dunno… maybe more than you think. But as for the Titanic sinking we are currently experiencing, the iceberg has already been struck, the bow is going down, and the most good you can probably do is to save yourself and your family. You will be needed later.

    “Can America be “different this time”? Perhaps, but I’m not seeing the mechanism for it. Certainly violence will fail or “destroy the village in order to save it”. Political avenues have been foreclosed via the Automated Vote Stealing and Silencing Of The Lambs via censorship. The Republicans had a dozen opportunities to avoid this outcome, and at every turn chose this path; so I don’t see them as much use or much opposition.”

    Nope. Out of your hands. Maybe there IS some White Hat group of military with a plan. Maybe not. Who was it who said “hope is not a plan”? My conclusion? The plane is in a 30 degree nose down attitude and the pilots have passed out from food poisoning — and the front cabin door is locked so you can’t get in. Put your tray table in the upright position, tighten your seatbelt and prepare for impact.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    I think I need to clarify. By “nothing to help the system” I was envisioning “nothing to help the present corrupt system of those in power”. (Via the context of Going Galt…)

    As @MichaelH pointed out: There’s a lot that can be done to help the “resistance system” (to coin a bit…)

    MichaelH has a very nice list, and it does lift some of my Gloom Focus. So OK, I can see that need and the benefit. Start with “We The People” and especially in EVERY RED COUNTY and work upwards from there. Reclaim the local politics and the local Republican Party apparatus, then apply it for effect.

    I’m still worried that inside 2 years the election machinery will all be “Federalized” and control removed from the locals, but “we’ll see” as it isn’t done yet.


    Yeah, it’s been a pretty brutal long haul but in the end it does look like you made it. A lot more battered than necessary, but out is out.

  5. philjourdan says:

    Sorry, I am going to rain on your parade. I see a 2 pronged problem.

    #1 – Spineless republicans
    #2 – Democrats stealing elections

    The first will be dealt with. But in so doing, it will weaken the party until the spineless republicans are gone. All else being equal, we would then have a new renaissance.

    But then comes #2, We have no time. Democrats have shown they are ready, willing and able to steal elections. The time it takes to get rid of the spineless republicans will be more than enough for them to institutionalize voter fraud. 2 years? They just stole the presidency. They will easily steal a handful of house and senate seats to keep their power. It is what they do.

    And no count on the fingers of your hands how many democrats voted against impeachment when clearly it was fraudulent both times. There are no moderate democrats.

  6. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan: “There are no moderate democrats.”

    Moderate Democrats (Tulsi Gabbard) are treated the same way Constitutionalist Republicans are treated (Ron Paul).

  7. philjourdan says:

    @TNN – Tulsi is an honest democrat. She is not a moderate one. She voted for impeachment when the evidence clearly showed the charges bogus.

  8. YMMV says:

    “Similarly, Republicans have about a 50 year history of being door-mats.”

    Except Trump, but then Trump never really was a Republican. He just captured the party. Only for a moment. And not even all of it. Never-Trumpers never gave up and never helped him. RINOs were perfectly happy being paid doormats.
    Romney showed his weakness early on when he was walked over by Candy Crowley. Bush Jr. may have won, but he has large tire tracks over his back. So then … what does it really mean to be a Republican? Your father’s Democrat?

    Elections no longer matter, we need to win back the people. Even if the vote is fair next time, as long as the media is safely in left’s control, there is no right.

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    “They will easily steal a handful of house and senate seats to keep their power. It is what they do.”

    Wrong tense.

    They have easily stolen a handful of house and senate seats to keep their power. It is what they did.

    See the Georgia election where the same Dominion Diddle Boxes did the SAME change profile to the votes. Spikes up for the Democrat when they were clearly losing to just pull ahead, then keep it that way.

    IMHO, one thing that might work is to simply audit every single election for House and Senate that just happened. I think we would find enough fraud to change the Senate for certain and likely the House too.

    Unfortunately, I see no way to make this happen without the Republicans forcing it, and they are in fact happy with the result. Go figure. Don’t know if suing anybody can make audits happen. The Courts seem happy with the result and unwilling to do anything to look for the fraud either. Bribed? Afraid? On-Side? Blackmailed? Who knows… (FWIW, I suspect TLA ‘control’ in the back room… but can’t show it.)

    That’s why my parade is already carrying big umbrellas as it’s pouring already…

    How do you reclaim the election process and clean up the lies, deception and fraud?

    Maybe one district at a time from the bottom up, but until the Major Democrat Run Cities are cleaned up, it is fighting a rising tide of fraud.

    I am an incurable optimist most of the time, but I’m not seeing a good solution to this one. As MichaelH said “it is a long and narrow path to be sure” and the problem is we don’t have enough time for a “long” path and at present the narrowness is being constantly made more narrow.

    Rather like the Big Steal was done to Trump. A sure win was prolonged and continually narrowed down to nothing. ALL with the cooperation of the Republican Party Swamp Dwellers and IMHO corrupt “judges”.

    Thus my ‘less than happy thoughts’ tone.

  10. YMMV says:

    The recent Lady Gaga concert in DC, the one with all the flags, sung from a high balcony. Besides being deja vu for Hunger Games or something. Or maybe Hunger Games was a preview of what is to come … Anyway…

    My top-rated balcony scene ever is a film of Mussolini announcing the the teeming hordes below that he has declared war. The crowds in the packed streets below go wild with cheers. (Did they really hear what he said?) What great delusions were they suffering from? Could they not imagine any downside at all to going to war?

    But I think I understand why the left was so worried that Trump was going to do a coup.
    Simple. Because they had spent over four years in an all out effort to portray Trump has the far-right demon worse than Hitler. They worked so hard on this that they believed their own lies.

    The interesting thing is that Hitler gets so much attention that other dictators get neglected. This case is more of an echo of the Spanish Civil War than of Hitler’s rise to power. A leftish coalition managed to get elected, and then there was a coup, aided by the Nazis. This was repeated in Chile in the seventies, aided by the CIA. This formula is pretty common. So you can see why the left was worried. They totally misjudged Trump and his supporters though, as leftists do…

    This book is a historical novel of the Spanish Civil War and the Chilean Coup. Normally I don’t like historical novels because you can’t tell what is fact and what is fiction (or supposition), but this one is very good. More history, less fiction. Both of these events should be more widely known than they are. Especially since so much of those stories is relevant to current events.

  11. John Robertson says:

    I too see a distinction without a difference.
    The passing of those last two bills ,that Trump vetoed,shows the Uni-Party in all its malevolence.
    Those elected parasites may wear different colored ties,but they belong to the same club.

    The fake outrage from the creatures infesting the Capitol is unanimous,all prattle on as if convinced Trump incited a crowd to clean them out,but none bother with the most basic rules of evidence..
    Do they all think themselves above the law?

    I see a your Individual States playing a huge part in the coming chaos.
    As every scheme and proposed attack on the Citizens Constitutional Rights,has to pass through the States..
    So why would a State permit corrupt Federal employees to wander unsupervised?
    It is not as if the corruption of the FBI is undocumented speculation.
    No federal agency can be trusted,apparently they may all now lie at will,without consequences..
    So what State,still keeping their oaths,can cooperate with know liars and miscreants?
    For the Democrats have destroyed the institutions of State,that they are hiding behind.
    The fools did not heed the sombre warnings they were given.
    Trump was all that stood between the professional parasites and the citizens who despise them.
    Sure they tilted the game and claim that they won..
    Yet The Capitol looks like a Super Max Prison and the fools inside are badmouthing at least half of the people they steal from..
    And the life blood of their miserable lives,other peoples money,has about run out.

    As for where the Demons are going to try to take things.
    Real simple.
    They will decree huge blocks of property owning persons to be terrorists,enemies of the State,imprison or execute them and confiscate their wealth.
    Our history is full of similar examples.
    When the Parasites control all,then no new wealth is created to keep the freeloaders in the manner they feel entitled to.
    So that is what they always do.
    Now they are openly stealing and destroying,soon they will be fighting each other over the scraps.
    I am now agreeing with Joe and his retreads,all the Covid Karens and our mad bureaucrats..
    Masks are good.
    For they disguise your identity as you show your government the respect they deserve.
    Masks are now very necessary.

  12. H.R. says:

    The True Nolan: “Moderate Democrats (Tulsi Gabbard) are treated the same way Constitutionalist Republicans are treated (Ron Paul).”

    There are 100 Senators that are traitors and need to be retired ASAP. I think… without any research to back me… that there has never been a President that has not had the Senate in recess in the entirety of his administration.

    President Trump (yes, he’s still the elected President, not ‘former’) had to take the swamp critter-neverTrumper-GEB-CCP-bought-and-paid-for-Uniparty hacks that Mitch McConnell offered on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.

    All it would have taken was one – just ONE! – Senator to move for recess and President Trump could have had his people in place via recess appointment. Not one, NOT ONE Senator in 4 years did so. Trump with stuck with anti-Trump-CCP-GEB swamp approved appointees. Trump done gooood with what he got.

    They are ALL traitorous swamp critters, including Ron Paul, bless his li’l swelling bank account.

    We have an easy time figuring out who to primary in the Senate. Every.Last.One.Of.Them. 100 traitors to Joe and Jane Average American and the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Someone tell me I’m wrong.

  13. philjourdan says:

    Your question was about the future, not the past. Hence why I said “easily will” instead of “already did”.

  14. The True Nolan says:

    @ E.M.: “IMHO, one thing that might work is to simply audit every single election for House and Senate that just happened. I think we would find enough fraud to change the Senate for certain and likely the House too.”

    I think it is absolutely correct that an honest audit would fix things — but if I were one of the Dem leaders, honest audits would never happen. I would claim (falsely, of course) that any attempt at such an audit was a White supremacy ploy to disenfranchise minority voters. Of course the MSM would loudly support those claims. Based on recent court actions, the courts would go along also. Boiled down to basics, we have a Dem party and much (most?) of the Repub party which are quite willing to break the highest laws and principles of the land. We have a MSM with a demonstrated preference to lie to the public. We have a court system which refuses to hold honest hearings or trials. Additionally we have mega-billion-dollar corporations which make higher profits when they have dishonest politicians to work with. I do not see why it is reasonable to think that working within the political (and media and financial) system has much chance of succeeding. Our options are very limited. Civil war? I certainly hope not, and would ONLY choose that if the single other option were outright slavery. While we may be slowly marching in that direction, we certainly are not there yet. The only two other possibilities are:
    1) Some action by the national military forces to restore legal government
    2) Wait for the system to collapse and eat itself (better sooner than later), then start over

    The only certainty is that “whatever can’t go on, won’t!”

  15. Ossqss says:

    I am speechless, so here ya go :-)

  16. H.R. says:

    The True Nolan: “2) Wait for the system to collapse and eat itself (better sooner than later), then start over”

    Sooner is better. I think you hit on something there that gives the hope/optimism that E.M. asked for in his article.

    The Left/Commie/GEGs always overreach. Oh, it works for the moment (counted in years) but in the end, we all know that the Marxist/Socialist/Communist regimes FAIL!

    The shame of it all is the abject poverty, destruction, and loss of human life that it leaves in its wake before the pendulum swings back. The sooner the pendulum swings back, the better.

  17. E.M.Smith says:


    I wasn’t criticizing, I was just ‘leveraging for effect’ ;-)

    @H.R. & TTN:

    That’s my “break it or fix it” binary option from way back. Why I voted for Bernie as a “break it” candidate and Trump as a “Fix it” candidate.

    I’m still hoping there is a better 3rd choice. But if not…

    Like I said before, I’m OK with moving to the “Eat me last” rural po-dunk conservative bastion no money locale; then register and vote Socialist Party nationally.

    Basically fortify my locale and “neighbours & friends” then, “help” to accelerate the inevitable at the Federal level. Have so little “wealth” in evidence that I’m “uninteresting” and in an uninteresting area of uninteresting folks (who know how to live on nothing and some dirt…). All while sucking at the Socialist Teat of Medicare & S.S. (maybe even work out the optimum unemployment angle too, like work at something that lays me off every 2 months ;-)

    I’m OK with taking the “Break it” (or maybe more accurately, “Let it break itself faster”) path of being a parasite on the parasitic system. But I’m really at heart a “Mr. Fixit” type… So I’ll put some effort that direction until it is clearly not helping.

  18. p.g.sharrow says:

    There is certainly a lot of gloom and doom here. In my opinion, far more then is warranted at the moment.
    It is true that members of the far left and Democratic Leadership have gone raving Mad. They know that they have marginal power and the majority of the American people are against them. They fear hords of armed patriots coming for them. They Know that in using every cheat to win, they have lost, after winning the prize, it is they that are trapped in it.
    Biden is working at bring back the Obamanation. Is Barrack the Puppet Master here or are they still in the shadows? There in no functioning governance here. just an old puppet signing directives for the press to report on and a congress of posers still trying to rid themselves of their “vanquished’ foe, or is he? He is still on the field offering to do battle. GOD says that he will prevail. I think I will wait for the final outcome of this battle…pg

  19. jim2 says:

    All Hail Komrade Beijing Biden!

    Again, demonstrating the ramifications from a lack of privacy protection, the assembly of an enemies list has been part of the overall investigation. Gizmodo outlined how the phone numbers of Parler users were tracked using GPS and also used by investigators [SEE HERE] However, in contrast to the reality of the situation, the owners of Parler still claim no user data was ever collected.

    According to Tucker Carlson’s reporting one Bank of America was customer was targeted, interrogated and released after nothing was discovered. However, this type of exploitation should serve as a warning to Americans…. There is a big brother, and that system can/will be weaponized by government if/when an ideological administration is in power.


  20. YMMV says:

    H.R. says: “but in the end, we all know that the Marxist/Socialist/Communist regimes FAIL!”

    Small comfort when you are one of the victims. Take Cuba for example, although you could say Cuba is a failed country, the same old regime is still in power. All dictatorships and totalitarian states take special care to eliminate all opposition.

    But the problem is not just the progressives. You could say in the end, all regimes fail. One way or another. And one way could be because of success. If something fails, something else can try. If something is not allowed to fail, it cannot be fixed. The tax system. Everybody wants to fix it. How do they do that? By making it even more complicated. The justice system. Sucks. But does making more new laws fix anything? The election system? Good luck with that. Wall Street?
    Deep State meets Peter Principle. There is no way to get a fresh start.

    Education (formerly known as liberal education, as opposed to dogma and indoctrination) is the only answer. Oops. Too late.

  21. scott467 says:

    The system is wholly corrupt.

    If the system did not work for DJT, a billionaire incumbent POTUS, then what are the chances that you or I will get a fair shake?

    That should be a rhetorical question, but since so many people seem to be in abject denial, the answer is ZERO.

    I believe DJT is waiting for the right moment to FINALLY reveal and expose all of the evidence (declass) that he NEVER used, i.e., Hunter Biden laptop, Hitlery’s servers, Huma’s laptop, Epstein blackmail evidence, evidence of Hussein and the entire administration’s guilt in FISA, the 4+ year long coup attempt against DJT, crimes committed by Clintons, Hussein and Biden, evidence of massive election fraud, and a whole lot more we don’t even know about.

    He never used ANY of it.


    It’s his leverage.

    If he had used it before, he would have nothing to use now. I think there is a great argument to have used it before January 20th, but the longer this goes on, the more masks are dropped and traitors are exposed.

    And they’re not going to allow DJT to live out his days in peace, or his family, they are going to go after DJT with everything they have, and he knows it, so it’s far from over.

    And he won’t dump all of the ‘declass’ all at once — if he did, the MSM would just ignore and memory hole whatever tiny bit they covered. The drip, drip, drip approach is how he has kept things in the spotlight and increased the pressure daily, so I expect that to continue.

    When he picks his time and place, I expect he will start with the massive election fraud proof, which will completely de-legitimize the JB administration. DJT won’t have to do anything after the big reveal, except sit back and watch the illegitimate JB administration implode.

    When the whole world sees incontrovertible proof of massive election fraud, the game is up. JB becomes the incredible shrinking man, the rats begin to abandon ship, and government officials stop following orders from an illegitimate president.

    Fraud vitiates everything.

    Once DJT proves fraud, and the whole world sees it, the JB administration is done. They may exhaust themselves in histrionics for a week or two, and that’s fine. Then they will be spent, and it will all be over but the crying.

    Then the arrests and prosecutions begin, while DJT is sworn in to his 2nd term, to the relief of nearly everyone on both sides of the Uni-Party aisle.

    But if none of that happens, if we’ve been had, then our military is the most disgraceful pack of traitors to ever put on a uniform and lie an oath, having given up the Republic without even a fistfight.

    And they will deserve to be the most hated institution in the land.

    We the People did our job, we did everything that was in our power to do, we gave DJT an historic landslide victory, and the military allowed the CCP to steal the Republic without even raising their voice.

    So the military becomes the scapegoat, and never will there have been a more deserving scapegoat — IF that turns out to be the case, which I don’t think it is.

    The thing we do next is NOT to reapply ourselves to a rigged election system. We need to STOP reacting like a spouse in an abusive relationship, thinking if we just try harder, maybe next time they won’t send us to the hospital again.

    Just stop it.

    If people want to live in their own private hell of never-ending abuse, then so be it, but stop dragging the rest of us into your chosen private hell. I’m not an anti-boomer like many are, but the boomers sure give the anti-boomers all the ammo they could ever want or need.

    If the 2020 election results are not corrected, then we NEVER have another election to worry about again.


    Please go back and read that again, a hundred times if necessary, because I have noticed that a lot of people simply cannot grasp that concept.

    The next step is doing something about it.

    The easiest, most effective idea that could enlist the greatest number of people while requiring the least amount of effort from them, and have the greatest impact, almost immediately, is for 80+ million Trump voters to go on strike.

    Grind the entire country to a halt, and WITHDRAW the CONSENT of the GOVERNED.

    If you want to stick it to the Treason-class in D.C., that’s the way to do it.

    And be prepared to see it through. That would mean losing your job for many people, not that any substitute workforce of that size and skill level exists to replace it. It will mean depleting savings, possibly until the electricity gets cut off and eviction notices are received. Though I don’t think it would actually take more than a couple months at most.

    Whatever ‘pain’ it requires, it would be infinitely less than General Washington and his troops endured.

    This is something everyone can do, the participation morale will be off the charts, it will be immediately effective, it’s completely non-violent, it will unite patriots of every background, there is no travel involved, you don’t have to do anything except stop participating in the theft of our Republic.

    Stop giving our consent to the illegitimate fraud sitting in the WH.

    If we stop playing along, the whole corrupt system grinds to a halt.

    All of the military and all of the police adds up to maybe 3 to 3.5 million, and a good percentage of them would refuse to turn against their own families and neighbors and fellow Americans. So it would be somewhere around 120+ million Americans (80+ million voters plus children) vs. less than 2 million modern-day brown shirts.

    We are the many, they are the few.

    When the many stop fearing the few…

    And all we have to do to pull it off is go on vacation (i.e., on strike).

    Is that really too much to ask, to save our Republic?

  22. A C Osborn says:

    Ther is of course civil disobedience and strikes etc, plus the sort of finance action we saw from the web.
    Life coulod be made very difficult for the demorats.

  23. A C Osborn says:

    p.g.sharrow says: 5 February 2021 at 4:21 am

    p. g. have you done any more experiments with your Tesla coil device?

  24. A C Osborn says:

    here is a case of what is good for the goose should be good for the Gander.
    Note it is Perkins Coie and a Democrat claiming voter fraud by Machine.


  25. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – as regards going Galt, I suspect there’s going to be a limited time to get out of California before they start to impose taxes on those that go. Admittedly they’re not going to be able to tax you on your income that much, but there may be a tax on the property sale based on the gain in cash value since you bought the house. See https://rosebyanyothernameblog.wordpress.com/2020/10/29/biden-to-take-family-homes-from-children/ for some hints of the way this might happen.

    I figure there will need to be some sort of claw-back of the money spent during the pandemic. Any large money transactions (such as selling a house) are likely to be an easy target.

    For the main thrust of your essay, though, I’m not seeing a lot of hope. Seems that the courts are ignoring any law-breaking on the Left, and persecuting those on the Right. Also seems that Big Tech (or at least the companies with the most consumers of daily information) are similarly biased. Though there are alternatives to Google, FB, and Twitter, if they get a pixel onto a page then they can mine that user (and I don’t doubt that such pixels are on this page right now). My ISP will also mine any data that passes through it if they can. It seems that people from Google, FB, and Twitter will be in the Biden administration, so they will naturally at a minimum preserve their prerogatives even if they don’t extend them.

    To a large extent, I’ve already gone Galt. I’m on a pension, living in the sticks, and have reduced my outgoings to less than the somewhat small pension I’m getting. During the time I worked at Xerox, I saved them quite a few millions of dollars, so I’m not feeling I’m taking out more than I’ve put in to the system – actually the work I’m doing now (for fun) may be putting a lot more into the system. More on that maybe later when there’s stuff to report.

    I figure Russia has not been that successful in changing the US politics the way it wanted, but that China has succeeded pretty well. See Pointman for his take on that. Also Peter Grant has some pretty good essays; see https://bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.com/2021/01/that-gets-it-said.html for an example.

    A lot of the people I know are however “on the other side”, so I also see how good and intelligent people can get a different interpretation of what’s happening, and of course they are really pleased that Biden got in with absolutely no fraud. Given that they also believe in AGW despite the plots of CO2 versus temperature I’ve shown them, and that wind and solar power can run our countries despite the obvious (to me) impossibility of that technically, I have to admit that the four-walling of propaganda actually does work and that the (seeming) majority of people can accept lies as being the truth if it’s repeated often enough.

    What people believe is true turns out to have a lot more consequence that what is actually true. We’ve seen that with Covid – doctors in general believe that there is no medicine that can stop a virus, so vaccination is the only way out of the pandemic. Despite the proven benefits of Ivermectin, it will still take a while before that’s realised (though it seems Uttar Pradesh, in India, is in fact giving that to people). Similarly, the daily two-minute hate that’s still being applied to Trump (and the two-minute-adoration of Biden that’s now being applied) has resulted in the majority (at least it seems that way) thinking that Trump did a bad job. The few that say otherwise will be shouted down and deplatformed.

    It’s not looking good for the USA over the next few years. Of course, here in Europe we’ve already gone a long way down that route anyway, and I can attest that there are still niches to survive in. Socialised medicine actually works pretty well in general, and there are private insurances available for people who want better service. However, it stands to sense that as our lives get extended by better medical services, those medical services are going to cost us a larger proportion of our lifetime wages – at least until a lot more automation comes in and makes it relatively cheaper again.

    I do expect a lot more stuff to get automated, and thus that we’ll need fewer workers to produce the same amount of goods (or more goods, if that’s desired). It follows that far fewer people in future will need to work for a living, and that some way will need to be found to support the rest. UBI or something similar. Thus automation may well inexorably lead to the socialist paradise. Depending on what choices are made, this could range from utopia to dystopia. It could be a new Golden Age of arts and science, or it could be high-rise slums of controlled people on the edge of life with no income except for what they can steal.

    One thing I’ll point out though is that we’ve all here lived through many predictions of the End Of The World As We Know It. We’re still here, and things are OK in general. I figure we’ll pass through a few more such predicted End Of Times before we die, too. I think the rate of improvement of technology will continue to increase, such that we’ll get solutions to problems that occur. The only really big problem I see is that popular beliefs aren’t always logical. Believing that the world is flat doesn’t make it so.

  26. CoRev says:

    The way RECENT political history has resolved is to separate the urban areas from rural. Both rely on each other for continued existence.

    The accepted methods for gaining political control is ELECTIONS or REVOLUTIONS (not civil wars). Civil wars are defined by the winners of a REVOLT, ex. (US Revolution vs the US Civil War). There are several efforts to partition states due to political affiliation. These will fail as they have historically.

    It is clear that the Congress critters are well aware of the possibility of a revolution, by their reactions to being confronted by their constituents on Jan 6th.

    What remains is either of two solutions, elections or revolution. My gut feel is that we have 2 years, as stated above, to try the election path. If it fails in two years with apparent or questionable election procedural results, then it will take a small catalyst to leap into the revolutionary path.

    Revolution is an accepted approach to the Left’s take over process. It appears that the US’s current left leadership are veering toward and maybe even embracing this path. We shall see if they provide the catalyst to spark revolution.

    It isn’t clear to me how they win with the current political separation. Population support depends on the catalyst, but is still nearly even. Resources still remain in the rural areas affecting the duration of any revolt.

    The left’s current approach is the slow drip, drip of change, but this is the path of providing the catalyst. Which drip becomes the final catalyst? I can think of several.

  27. pyromancer76 says:

    I figure any emphasis mostly on fully-marxist Demorats is a way to keep our attention turned from the Oligarchs – found in Chamber of Commerce, GOPe (GOPestablishment), anti-Trumpers, and all those who made “liberal” marxist and “conservative” anti-American Republic – for global domination. See UN Agenda31 for details. How many people will live on Earth in Their Future, the Great Reset. (I think of G. Combs good warnings and many details over the years.) People losing jobs – all in the plan. Bill Gates owning most farm land for his/their purposes – part of the plan. Rinse and repeat.

    I think of all those Action Hero films I loved to watch. A turning point for me was the first Die Hard when the villains were only greedy; they weren’t ending any Good Government that was keeping their omnipotent plans in check.

    IMO (not humble), the Oligarchs and their Republicon representatives have been using the Dems as their foot soldiers in taking over America and are delighted to stay in the minority in Washington, e.g., Romney who threw his candidacy for President – on purpose.

    (It is a miracle we had President Trump’s four years for freedom’s purposes – Monster Vote did it. They were ready this time.)

    I figure we have two years to primary out all current Republican leaders, gain a foothold state-by-state, do our best. Focus on ending voter fraud wherever we can – the real killer, just like this election.

    Like E.M., I have a pessimistic side, only I don’t want to “give-in” just yet. I would like to learn about every effort to save the day.

    E.M., thanks for your intelligent community here and all the ideas only you can collect in such a complete way, e.g,, keeping china out of our computers.

  28. jim2 says:

    This is a 1px square pixel on this page:


    Near the bottom.

  29. jim2 says:


  30. jim2 says:

    The tags are preventing posting.

  31. Roger Knights says:

    Here are a couple of potential deus ex machinas that would weaken the authority of the activitivist left and give our side an opportunity to go on the offensive against their conventional/woke wisdom.

    1. A distinct cooling trend over the next two to four years. A La Niña has set in and cut the average global temperature sharply in 2021. It’s expected to run through the fall. And perhaps it will be followed by another La Niña, or by cooling from an early turning in the AMO, or from some other mechanism.

    2. If ivermectin is proved to be effective as a Covid-19 preventative and therapy, it would imply that half (say) the deaths it has caused would have been avoided it the mainstream health authorities in the developed world hadn’t marginalized it. The NIH on Jan. 15 recognized the convincingness of the widespread, spectacularly effective use of it in the Dominican Republic and took it off its “not recommended” list. So perhaps it will recommend it in another six months.

  32. Pinroot says:

    Time magazine basically explains why the election had to be stolen, without actually saying it was stolen:
    The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

    I couldn’t read the whole thing, it’s pretty biased. On the other hand, some of the more moderate Dems are feeling alienated by the direction the party is going:
    Longest-Serving Woman In Congress Says She Feels Increasingly Alienated In Democratic Party
    Basically the left is becoming part of Big Business, while the right has become the party of the working middle class.

    And, for what it’s worth, Mike Lindell has a video outlining all the fraud. It’s still on youtube, so get it while you can if you’re interested in watching it (Vimeo has already pulled it).

  33. A C Osborn says:

    We also have this video analysis of the. Babbitt shooting.
    It really does come across as a complete set up with actors and make believe blood.
    The reactions of just about everyone is wrong from start to finish.

  34. Pinroot says:

    I think that eventually a lot of Biden voters are going to end up with “buyers remorse” but by then it will be too little too late.

    Re: Being a burden on the system to crash it
    This sounds a little too much like the Cloward–Piven strategy.

    Rural vs Urban:
    Rural folks can do without urban longer than the other way round. Urbanites don’t really produce anything really necessary to my day to day existence. I can live without Faceberg, twitter and all of that, but they can’t live without food, and the people who transport all those goods that people really need.

    Someone mentioned BoA turning over customer records to the Feds. This is one reason I try to deal in cash as much as possible. I can’t do it with everything, but where I can, I do. Plus, for a lot of things, if I don’t have the cash on hand, maybe I don’t need that trinket as badly as I thought I did, so it helps with impulse buying too.

  35. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, now I feel a lot better about my desire for an anonymous Cash Load Debit Card…

    I stopped using BofA long ago. I have NO card from any big bank and I tend to pay cash whenever possible. I also rotate purchases between 3 debit cards, so hard to see a pattern on any one…


    Yes, I’m surprised at how big a percent of the people just swallow what’s on the TV or the paper without a thought in the world or any “compare and contrast” at all. I’ve had them state as fact two entirely incompatible things in the same sentence. People have been trained and habituated to emote and NOT think.

    Per “automation will require folks to not work”: I’ve been hearing and reading that since at least the 1960s (sci-fi book that had robots assigned to wear out clothes to consume the excess…) and it has been a theme in society since at least the 1800s (sabotage of machinery). Still has not happened. Folks find ways to want more stuff and find new jobs to do. Reality TV Star, Blogger, and Style Consultant come to mind as examples… and so many more… Dog Groomers? Really? When I was a kid our dog got a wash tub in the back yard once every few months…


    WordPress does odd things with tags sometimes. Some of them make sense ;-)

    @Roger Knights:

    Good points. But… The effectiveness depends on getting past the wall of censorship and propaganda. I think the “3rd World” will be critical in this. The PTB seem content to ignore things like India being successful with a drug cocktail and I had not even heard about the Dominican Republic (so going to take a look at it). Plus, folks up to their necks in snow have continued to decry “Global Warming”… (idiots abound…)

    Somehow that stuff needs to pierce the brain of the Low Information Drones…


    Oops! Too Late!
    Need to look for it on Odysee, BItchute, LBRY, etc. as it’s already gone.

    Got a title for it? Or who’s channel it was on?

    @A.C. Osborn:

    I do think it was a set-up, but also do believe the shoot was real and a death happened.

    IMHO, watching it without narrative, there was cooperation between operatives doing the Agent Provocateur stuff and “security”, then a “patsy” was excited into going forward to get killed by the appointed shooter.

    In most False Flag operations, you have (and want) real deaths so as to make the point all that much stronger… Besides, “sacrificing” your opponents is desirable anyway… (At least that’s their immoral mindset. I can’t quite swallow it personally…)

    It is very easy to go too far down the rabbit hole of “fake stuff” and assume everything is fake. It is important to realize that the fake bits depend on real stuff to grant them the patina of truth too. You can’t have a successful False Flag if it is ALL false. You want the very minimum false possible… and you opponents to do as much of the work as possible and take as much of the heat / damage as possible. So look for the line between the lies and the reality. BOTH ought to be there.

  36. Pinroot says:

    Well, Youtube has pulled Mike Lindell’s video, that didn’t take long. I’m glad I downloaded it for posterity. I also downloaded AC Osborn’s video, just in case.

  37. Pinroot says:

    @EM – I’m not sure of who’s channel it’s on/was on. It’s on Rumble now, if you go to https://michaeljlindell.com/ you can see it there. It’s called “Absolute Proof” and it’s about 2 hours long.

  38. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, I’ve watched about 1/2 of that conspiracy video. Several things:

    1) It moves way too fast for actually explaining anything. Rather like propaganda does. Or click bait. Not a condemnation, but certainly an indicator.

    2) “Plastic Glass”. It isn’t. That’s just standard safety glass. Two thin plates of glass with a plastic sheet between them. Yes, it comes out of the frame easily when pushed / pulled and the edge is partly free. That’s the weak spot. The stuff itself is to stop impacts, not resist removal by broad force.

    3) Blood dynamics: Real life is not like the movies. You can have a wound that looks like it isn’t bleeding at all, then move a little, open the hole in the artery, and get a flood. First Aid is all about controlling that dynamic. Pressure on wounds to stop blood. So when her hand is moved away, it is no surprise more bleeding happens.

    4) Hand in “peace sign” shape. A person who is shot is in a state of shock. As they lose blood even more confusion sets in. There’s no way to attribute ANY meaning at all to positions, hand shapes, motions, anything done by a shot person.

    5) Similarly, people near a shooting do strange things. Attributing any meaning at all to their small movements in a few seconds is just fantasy. Heck, I wasn’t shot, but was in a “two folks backing out of parking spaces into each other” accident. I put my foot on the gas instead of the brake and pushed, squealing tires, (but the cars had already stopped bumper to bumper so nothing more happened). Did that make it a “deliberately driving into each other”? Nope. Just an adrenaline error. You simply MUST allow for humans doing dumb / strange things in emergency situations and NOT over attribute motive.

    6) Gun angle. The guy holds it on the window center, but you never see it at the moment of firing. It is about 1 second (really closer to 1/2 second) to shift point of aim and pull the trigger, then gun and hands recoil so point of aim is gone. Miss that 1/2 to 1 second and you have no idea where the gun was pointed at time of firing. Plus, at that range with adrenaline, who knows how accurate that shooter was. You have maybe a 2 foot circle probable for his shots.

    And on it goes.

    IMHO, very over analysed and over hyped. All it takes to destroy this ENTIRE narrative of a False Flag is to have folks who were there testify she died, have the ambulance records (and video), the funeral records, the funeral, the family, etc.

    What I think happened is more subtle. Yes, floppy eared hat guy was there for the set-up (thus the clothes change et al) as were a few of the others. Yes, the “bash the windows” was orchestrated by False Flag “controllers” (I met some of those folks when I was there, trying to motivate folks to follow them into the building. Some followed.) BUT, at the moment that it is succeeding, the False Flags and Controllers start to leave the area (like the bullhorn guy who I heard talking to his controller about having left the steps area as the tear gas was showing up) leaving the “Followers” to take the fall.

    In this case, I’d bet good money that the lady who got shot was in fact a patsy excited by the moment, and now dead. Concentrate on the “Set Up” not the final act. For a good False Flag the final act ought to be REAL. It is what leaves the evidence that “confirms” all the rest.

  39. A C Osborn says:

    E.M. The wierdest part of the whole thing is the reactions of all the people to a gun shot.
    There was none, nobody ducked, nobody ran.
    And their reaction to a seriously injured person, nobody amongst the cops had a first aid kit or tried any real first aid.
    The supposed “medic” was jerking her head around when she has a neck wound serious enough to kill her.
    Other people have looked at her media background, which is also very odd.

  40. YMMV says:

    Simon Derricutt: “One thing I’ll point out though is that we’ve all here lived through many predictions of the End Of The World As We Know It. We’re still here, and things are OK in general.”

    True, there have been scares that have not been so bad. Climate Change. Mad Cow. Nuclear War. Too soon to call it on that last one.

    There have been other scares that did not work out so well. Jews that didn’t make it out of Germany. But Germany is still here and stronger than ever. Politics may change, but human nature doesn’t. The EOTW part, that takes something big. The AWKI part, not so much.

  41. John Robertson says:

    Hi EM.
    Was reading that Time Article.
    Typical Progressives,they just have to brag.
    On the bright side,when you complete their sentences,they are admitting they stole the election.
    Using a whole bunch of double speak,in an attempt to convince themselves otherwise?

    The propaganda alone is well worth the read.
    But the Orwellian mentality is beautiful..
    Assuming the writer believe their own word..
    They are proudly stating their contempt for the American Voters..
    Over and over again.
    Evil really is banal and stupid.
    “We had to corrupt (they say correct) the election process,because those voters were about to make the “Wrong” choice again.”
    Admitting to forming a high priced cabal to successfully conspire to thwart the American People of a free,fair and secret election.
    Strikes me a bit idiotic,to brag so soon.
    As for the Military,I assume their support for the Thieves,is based on Military Intelligence?
    As under the 2018 Executive Order,they were tasked with observing this election..
    So did they “See Nothing”?
    Or did they not give a damn?
    Must be fun in the “War Room” at the moment,gaming how to crush an uprising caused by the deliberate alienation of over half the tax base..
    For those who take their oaths to heart,tough times indeed.
    For the rest of us,decisions get much easier.
    The demons are the foul corruption we suspected,for now they strut,swell and boast about destroying the institution of the Ballot Box.
    “Better to rule in hell,than share power with others”?

  42. John Robertson says:

    Guess I am getting too long winded,that comment went poof.
    Read that Time Magazine Article,the Progs boast about stealing the election
    “They had to,cause the voters were going to make a mistake again”.
    They “Corrected the election”.
    In New Speak corrected =corrupted.

  43. another ian says:

    I’d heard of Buck’s Fizz before but Buck Fiden only yesterday

  44. Ed Forbes says:

    Long ways from hopeless. There are a large number of active lawsuits moving through the courts.

    One of many that looks good to me

    11/25/20. Michigan Voting machine improperly counted votes Discovery Granted: TBD

    Click to access 5fd3f5267bc4b.pdf.pdf

  45. E.M.Smith says:

    @A.C. Osborn:

    You can see the gun recoil, so something WAS fired from it. Given that it was the other side of a mostly intact wall, and that their would be a lot of noise from the shouting and glass banging already, and that about 1/2 the folks were, from what I saw, either police / security or likely False Flag Operatives & their media, not a lot of Real Trump Supporters who would not be aware of the set-up and reacting.

    @John Robertson:

    Patience… WordPress is not always quick… it showed up.

    @Another Ian:

    Oh, that’s an idea… Pres. Fiden … easy to get “up” in places and the insiders would know what you meant ;-)

    BTW, “what makes this time different” will, IMHO, be things like mass purges. This is a real Socialist Coup complete with all the trimmings… Now if only the RNC & DNC realized it…

    Silly DNC, they think they can control it… Robespierres all…

    @Ed. Forbes:

    Yes, a source of hope. However, since Congress certified and accepted the results, and that is ALL the constitution requires, it will not remove Usurper Fiden…

  46. E.M.Smith says:


    Don’t know why your comment here:
    went to the Moderation queue, probably a change of IP with a router re-boot…

    You said:

    I figure we have two years to primary out all current Republican leaders, gain a foothold state-by-state, do our best. Focus on ending voter fraud wherever we can – the real killer, just like this election.

    I think that’s about the best we can realistically hope for. Well, that and Fiden being so screwed up and signing all the Radical-Left-Progressive crap POTUS-IF (POTUS In Fact) Kamel-A is shoving under his pen such that the country will be in a world of hurt in about 6 to 9 months… might, maybe, just possibly, wake up some useful almost-idiots from the Democrat Middle and Republican Sleepwalkers…

    Per China and Computers:

    Thanks! I’m trying. It isn’t easy, though, as during the “love affair with China” (started by Nixon, so Yet Another Thing Nixon that’s turned out to be crap, like the 55 speed limit…) they strategically started worming their way into microprocessors, microcontrollers, communications gear and a lot more at CCP Subsidized cost basis. So in gear from all over the place as the cheapest solution. Lucky that S. Korea didn’t play along and a few US producers also stayed out of that trap.

    FWIW, I’m dearly in love with my Odroid N2 as a desktop. Yes, I’m running Armbian on it, not Devuan (yet…) but it does “just work” and is quite fast enough for browsers and videos AND it is ALL S. Korean. Nice. Also my Odroid XU4 is almost as fast on web pages ( I think it is the 32 bit words and memory bandwidth that lets it feel as fast despite lower absolute DMips. Loading 2 x as many bits on a 64 bit machine is going to read 2 x as long from the same uSD card…)

    So for about $80 all up I can get a desktop that’s Just Fine, has no China in it that matters (and perhaps none at all) and has no Intel Management Engine nor PRISM program participant content. I score that a win! ;-)

    But it will be a Heavy Lift against the Globalists and their $Trillions of leveraged government money…

  47. E.M.Smith says:


    I think your comment was in the same bucket / case:

    I’m betting the “Catalyst” will be the extraordinary rate of crap being shoved (as the hoped for ‘return to normal’ does not materialize) along with the effects of the paranoia of the Coup Plotters causing them to ever more bizarre things as the rest of the people go “WT?”… At least, that’s my hope…

    Having power, “They” have moved from drip-drip to “Open the flood gates!”…

  48. Pinroot says:

    @John Robertson: you said: The propaganda alone is well worth the read.
    But the Orwellian mentality is beautiful..

    Here’s a great example of the propaganda and Orwellian mentality from the article (emphasis mine):

    That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.

    That last sentence is industrial strength gas-lighting. The only reason for doing all the stuff bolded above is to rig the election!

  49. p.g.sharrow says:

    It seems that Mile Lindell has presented his podcast of evidence that explains the steal. 1hour and 50 min. of testimony and evidence. goes along well with Time article to see both sides of the problem.
    don’t know how long Lindell podcast will be up as it is banned by most providers. somebody know how to capture and save?.

  50. Pinroot says:

    @pg – EM and I are using a program youtube-dl, available here:

    It’s a command line program, but there are GUI’s for it. If you run Windows, there’s an .exe file, otherwise, you’ll need to install python first, then get the script (EM has written about in previous threads). It’s easy to use, works on Youtube and some other sites (Bitchute, Odyssey and others).

    Lindell’s video can be seen here (https://michaeljlindell.com/) and is currently on Rumble, Bitchute (https://www.bitchute.com/video/FwX3oxjHqhE2/) and at least one other place I can’t remember (not a well known site). It’s been banned on Youtube and Vimeo.

    And speaking of Mike Lindell and pillows, David Hogg, student activist, has announced that he’s starting a pillow company to put Mike Lindell out of business (I love his description of the company’s “values”):

  51. Roger Knights says:

    Here’s a condensed reposting of a comment on ivermectin by:
    Ron Clutz | December 21, 2020 at 10:12 am | Reply
    He in turn quotes from an article that I link to at the end:
    An example is Dominican Republic, small island nation depending on tourism, so not isolated. Dr. Redondo:

    “After eight months of active clinical observation and attending about 7 thousand patients of Covid-19 in three medical centers located in Puerto Plata, La Romana, and Punta Cana, Dr. José Natalio Redondo revealed that 99.3% of the symptomatic patients who received care in his emergency services, including the use of Ivermectin, managed to recover in the first five days of recorded symptoms.”

    He added that “in a therapeutic format duly tested over the years, infections have always been cured faster and leave fewer sequelae if antimicrobial treatment is applied as early as possible since this allows the use of lower doses of the selected drugs. This has been one of the dogmas that remain in our daily medical practice.”

    “We realized that the war was being lost because of the obsession of large groups, agencies, and companies linked to research and production of drugs, to focus their interest almost exclusively on the management of critical patients.

    “Our results were immediate; the use of Ivermectin, together with Azithromycin and Zinc (plus the usual vitamins that tend to increase the immune response of individuals) produced an impressive variation in the course of the disease;


    Another commenter posted:
    Furiously curious
    January 17, 2021 at 12:28 pm · Reply
    Pretty big news on the Ivermectin front – The US National Health Institute has just revised its recommendations on using Ivermectin in the treatment of covid. Should I be cynical? Lots of info.

  52. another ian says:


    Does that bloke tell you from where he is going to source his wares?

  53. another ian says:
  54. another ian says:

    On meetings etc from comments

    “John Smith – “One of the Councillors did not attend a meeting for 5mths! That there were no meetings held is irrelevant”

    No wonder it’s had 2.3+ million views since it was uploaded yesterday.”


  55. H.R. says:

    Pinroot says:
    6 February 2021 at 4:07 am

    “And speaking of Mike Lindell and pillows, David Hogg, student activist, has announced that he’s starting a pillow company to put Mike Lindell out of business (I love his description of the company’s “values”):”

    Rots o’ ruck with that one, David Hogg. You’ll be trying to sell pillows to people who only want to spend (OPM) Other People’s Money. They won’t part with their own money.

    That, and you won’t steal a single customer from the MAGA buyers of My Pillow products, Mr. Hogg. Of course you will trade on your name, and it’s anathema to 100 million or more Americans. Cross any Second Amendment supporters off of your customer list.

    Magical thinking on full display.

    P.S. Has David Hogg had any real success at anything he’s put his hand to? I’m drawing a blank. I’m under the impression that he’s the activist equivalent of a Hollywood ‘C’ or ‘D’ list celebrity.

  56. p.g.sharrow says:

    @HR; a big thumbs up on that. Hogg has no idea of the years it took to get My Pillow to be an “over nite success” Lindell is a sales management Genus, His pillow is not bad as well, We have several pair of them and after all the other “pain in the neck” types we’ve tried, would have no other.
    Even did the mattress covers and sheets. Wow.the man provides real value. Hogg has nothing going for his except OPM Good luck with that…pg

  57. Pinroot says:

    @Another Ian
    If you’re talking about Mike Lindell’s video, you can get it here:

    If you’re talking about David Hogg and his pillows, I don’t think that’s even going to get off the ground.

  58. p.g.sharrow says:

    https://michaeljlindell.com/ works if all the others are down, Mike asks that the connection be shared

  59. Pinroot says:

    The easiest way to save the video would be to go here:
    When the video starts, right click on it and select “Save video” or whatever option your browser gives you. You’ll have your very own copy.

  60. philjourdan says:

    @Pinroot says:
    6 February 2021 at 4:07 am – Re: Hogg put MyPillow out of Business.

    Want to bet it never even opens? Hogg is the perfect liberal. Empty, no message, leaches off of others and has no clue. I will put my entire savings on him failing.

  61. The True Nolan says:

    @ another ian: “Does that bloke tell you from where he is going to source his wares?”

    Maybe he’ll buy them in bulk from MyPiillow, stick on a new tag, and resell them to useful idiots at twice the price. “Experience “the sleep of The Just” with our socially responsible pillows!”

  62. philjourdan says:

    As for MyPillow – I was never a pillow snob (my wife is the one that has issues sleeping). But I will say since she replaced all our pillows with MyPillows, I have slept better! Hogg’s idea of a MyPillow is a rock at gun point. The guy is a liberal – i.e. supreme idiot.

  63. philjourdan says:

    @TTN – the only buyers, as someone else pointed out, would be welfare moms where the government buys them for them. Liberals do not spend their own money.

    But that is a great touch to the Hogg (appropriate name for a liberal) idiocy.

  64. Compu Gator says:

    My thanks to ‘Pinroot’ [*] for providing a link to the currently newsworthy article in TIME magazine [🌀].

    It seems to generate a lot of discussion among conservatives (e.g., on broadcast radio) as “the article in TIME“,  without ever being actually cited. That matters to me, because I much prefer printed issues for my propaganda file. I suspect that readers of Chiefio have seen plenty of informative content deleted from the Web, either individually, or by deplatforming.

    For readers with similar preferences, I’ll add that it’s not the thick “Year in Review” issue. And it’s not the issue dated “Feb. 1 / Feb. 8, 2021”,  whose cover shows the Usurper-in-Chief taking the Oath of Office. I did check the table of contents of both issues today.

    Instead, I assume that it’s so new an issue that it hasn’t yet been distributed to magazine racks in Central Florida, and it might be dated “Feb. 15, 2021″.  <TIME.com> shows its cover depicting a young black woman wearing a bright yellow dress. At a surprising age 22, Amanda Gorman not only delivered a reading of one of her poems at the Usurpers’ inauguration, and she “captivated the world”, gushes <TIME.com>, but she is also scheduled to do the same at Super Bowl LV tomorrow.

    Note * : ‘Pinroot’: 5 February 2021 at 5:20 pm GMT:  https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2021/02/04/2-years-of-hell-or-what/#comment-139245.

    Note 🌀 : Molly Ball: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election“.  February 4, 2021 5:40 AM EST:  https://time.com/5936036/secret-2020-election-campaign/. I confess to not having read it yet; perhaps I should save the page in case <TIME.com> deletes it, and recalls all the printed issues.

    Note ♠ : “‘Unity With Purpose.’  Amanda Gorman and Michelle Obama Discuss Art, Identity and Optimism”.  February 4, 2021 6:56 AM EST:  https://time.com/5933596/amanda-gorman-michelle-obama-interview/.

  65. philjourdan says:

    @Compuugatror – I like that, It is not…It is not….It is not.

    Afraid of being cancelled? Several of us have read and directly referenced the article. You may choose not to, And you may choose to believe newspeak But please do not insult the rest of us with your beliefs.

  66. p.g.sharrow says:

    I had to change my link to the Time article because it was withdrawn, this link works for now:


  67. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW I did a print to PDF of it as well, so have a saved copy…

  68. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – the reference to something like UBI being needed is that unlike previous industrial leaps we’re likely to get the majority of the goods we need made in automated factories, and the food production will also .largely be automated. As with last times, it’s certain that new jobs will be created too. Yep, there was little reason for “dog groomer” as a job back then, but it’s now there and there’s even a shop doing just that in the local town here. Still, there won’t be enough jobs to go round in making actual stuff, and the actual cost of producing the goods and shipping them will be very low. Nevertheless, if you can’t get money you can’t buy them. Maybe the big difference will be that the people who do actually get useful jobs will likely also be good at them, since there’s a much bigger pool and having a job will be fun – and there will probably be far more people ready to step in if a person isn’t doing it well. The UBI only needs to be enough to live on – to get more you need to earn it. It seems to work OK for retired people – the people who wish to and still can find voluntary jobs or something else useful to do, those who can’t or don’t want to don’t need to, but still have enough to live on.

    This shift could be handled well or badly, but I think it will have to happen as almost all production gets automated. It goes against the old USA conservative values of root hog or die, but technology does tend to change things. If it’s not done, then the economy would grind to a halt once too many people get automated out of their work, and can no longer buy the goods that the automated factories are making.

    I’ve no idea as to what the end result of the obvious censorship, deplatforming, voting fraud, and cancel culture etc. is going to be. The voting fraud was in-your-face obvious, and yet a lot of the people I’m in contact with can’t see it. Everyone know free speech is very necessary except when it’s hate speech, when it should be banned – surely no-one could argue against that? (see https://thepointman.wordpress.com/2021/01/19/redux-from-25th-october-2020-what-if-biden-wins/ ). Then again, people in France have been living under that sort of thing for a long time, and the attitude here seems to be to ignore a law that isn’t just. Some people take that too far and ignore useful laws, too, but that’s always going to happen. Still, there’s the feeling here that how to make a guillotine hasn’t been forgotten, and that the politicians need to remember that. I’m thus figuring that the USA won’t go too far down the pan, even after a few years of socialists in charge.

    Still, there are some weaknesses, since China owns (or is that pwns?) a fair amount of the structure now. It would be quite easy for some major financial disaster to happen, as has been seen with Gamestop. If that had had a lot bigger money behind it, and collusion in the right places, the whole market could be screwed up. It does look like you have people in high places who for one reason or another aren’t putting the USA first.

  69. YMMV says:

    Simon Derricutt: “Still, there’s the feeling here that how to make a guillotine hasn’t been forgotten”

    The new bloodless guillotine is way more effective than the old French one. Cancel Culture, cancel everyone who gets out of party line. Get them fired, ruin their business. It’s so easy, any mob on Twitter can do it.

  70. M Simon says:

    Well, is Joe even President? Or is he, in effect, just yelling at the sky? Little anomalies keep showing up. Like this very large and well defined crack in the wall..


  71. M Simon says:

    Pinroot says:
    6 February 2021 at 5:52 pm

    I have been using Video Download Helper for years. They keep improving it.

  72. Compu Gator says:

    philjourdan inexplicably commented on 7 February 2021 at 2:25 am GMT:

    Afraid of being cancelled?

    I have no idea what would’ve motivated you to ask that question.

    Several of us have read and directly referenced the article.

    Only a URL whose domain-name features (i.e., as SLD) TIME.com, or unambiguously identifies a printed issue, counts as a direct reference. In this blog entry, only ‘Pinroot’ provided one, thus my explicit credit. There’s no direct reference in the latest topic-indifferent “W.O.O.D. – Beginning Of The End 25 Jan 2021”,  either. Loading a direct link to Breitbart (i.e., not to TIME.com) displays an antiTrump cover from “July [░] 2018”,  without admitting its obsolescence. Sooo, I’m not going to feel the least bit negligent about ignoring the indirect references, nor about overlooking any-&-all off-topic mentions of that article [×].

    You may choose not to read [the article.]

    I wrote that I have “not […] read it yet“.  I deliberately used “yet” for how it modifies the meaning of the rest of the sentence.

    And you may choose to believe newspeak [.]

    Why in Hey-ell would any reader believe that I ”believe newspeak“?  I 1st read Orwell’s 1984 waaay back in high school, where it might have been ‘required reading’, intended as an allegory for life in the Soviet Union or near-by Castro’s Cuba. I have no idea how my mention of my “propaganda file” could be misinterpretated to lead to a conclusion that I ”believe” the products of the long-established mainstream “news” media.

    But please do not insult the rest of us with your beliefs.

    My comment was meticulously informational. I have no idea how a conservative reader of the Chiefio blog could be insulted by it.

    Note × : Here on the Chiefio blog, off-topic mentions of any particular article might appear in blog entries that are plainly intended to focus on other topics, e.g., ARM architecture, CoVId-19, or Australian-themed meals. But I know that I don’t make or enforce any rules here.

  73. rhoda klapp says:

    Phil, Compu Gator is sound.

    Gator, Phil musta got the wrong end of the stick there, forgiveness is divine.

  74. E.M.Smith says:

    It does look like the article in question is still up at Time:

  75. Ed Forbes says:

    The court cases I referred to matter. No, they will not remove current administration, but will matter for 2022 House elections.
    The Dems are going to overreach, and getting fraud on record matters. Way too early for all the doom and gloom.

  76. mddwave says:

    The wild card in the whole mess is the “calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets”.

    The earth’s weakened magnetic field is a huge risk with the upcoming solar cycle. If there is a strong Carrington like CME event, there will be a breakdown of electrical infrastructure. Without communication, political control will be reduced from global, national level to regional, local levels.

    Regions like large metropolitan areas that are dependent upon transportation of vital supplies(food), will have a lot of hungry people.

  77. E.M.Smith says:


    Well that’s a hopeful vision!

    ALL those masses of Democrat Supporters and Urban Socialists, sitting in their Agenda 30 compliant 4 to 20 story apartment buildings, dependent on Electric Mass Transit and Electric Uber to get around (and the Very Rich of them dependent on their Tesla Charger in the garage…) and then a CME blows the grid.

    And they CAN NOT GO to the country to bother the rest of us! Yee! HAW!!!

    I’m moving to the country…


  78. YMMV says:

    mddwave: “If there is a strong Carrington like CME event, there will be a breakdown of electrical infrastructure. Without communication, political control will be reduced from global, national level to regional, local levels.”

    Why wait for a Carrington Event? Headlines are flying by about HEMP. Russia!
    I’m not worried about Russia, but other regimes could do the high-altitude nuclear EMP thing.
    Instant dark ages, just like the greens want! Complete with hand to hand combat for food, just like in the movies.

  79. philjourdan says:

    @Rhoda Klapp – close, but not quite

    @CompuGator – Wrong read, but just pent up anger and frustration. After reading your response, I realized I read you wrong. I apologize (although the first question was rhetorical directed towards me). I have not learned how to accept this coup of the legal authority in the US. And so I lash out in anger at the last site of free speech when my (in this case misperception) perception of blind acceptance of Big brother appears.

  80. philjourdan says:

    Errata: I meant to finish with:

    I apologize for my blasting, I reread your comment and my comment, while totally meant in the general sense, in no way reflects what you posted.

    The errata is Sage. That is a cat that stepped on the send key before I was finished.

    On a serious note, anyone want a cute kitten? We got a feral female that brings her litters to us when she is ready to do the dirty deed again! So far we have captured 6 of 9 (not 7 of 9 – my wife would kill me if I got her!). But the latest are only 6 weeks old. And apparently (since we got them 10 days ago), their mother is in heat again

  81. H.R. says:

    @philjourdan re rapid reproduction:

    Odds are that you’ve already read this short story. It’s a favorite of mine. Anyhow, it might distract you for a few minutes from the always-preggers feral cat dilemma. It’s a short, very funny read if you haven’t read it before.

    Pigs is Pigs
    P.S. I was going to point out that you read through Compu Gator’s comment a bit too quickly, but I see that you sorted it out.

    I was a wee mite puzzled by your reaction. I see Compu Gator was puzzled as well and pointed out that where there were forks in the road, you took ’em. 😜

    Glad you took the time for a re-read. 👍

  82. Pinroot says:

    @MSimon re: Video Download Helper
    I’ve used that, I think it only worked with Firefox, but I could be wrong. I remember that at some point I started having problems with it downloading stuff from Youtube, so I looked for some other options and found youtube-dl, which works for a lot of sites. I need to look into whether it will work with Brave, which I’m currently using.

  83. E.M.Smith says:

    The Mike Lindel video on Rumble at this link:

    UPDATE: BTW, I’ve downloaded and saved a copy. I’m going to use it as a test case for putting up video on the i2p overlay network…

  84. another ian says:

    “How do they know the Super Bowl winner tonight? What about the mail-in points?”


  85. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    There’s a Superbowl Game? And does that involve kneeling and PC Virtue Signalling? If so, why ought I care?… I’ll just wait for tomorrow to see what the machine vote says.

  86. E.M.Smith says:

    Finally watching the Lindell video. Most of it is a rehash of what we saw in prior stuff including the audit review of ANTRIM county, but at 1:38:00 it is a cyber security log of actual IP source to IP target showing China diddling the votes. It really is obvious.

    Don’t know if anyone will do anything with it though.

  87. p.g.sharrow says:

    After viewing the Lindell video, my impression was that it was of high lights of many hours of presentation.
    Everything I’ve seen of the Biden “administration” leads me to feel that it is all a sham to mislead. There is just too many things that are not logical and are fake.
    I am reminded of camouflage, I see what I am supposed to see / or not see, but it just doesn’t seem quite right. The sheen or tint is just off. Things are just not quite right…pg

  88. E.M.Smith says:


    My impression of it was just that Lindell was pulling together in a video-interview format much of the same information we had seen here largely in text, analysis, and a few other smaller videos (or smaller bits in large wandering videos). A “Highlights in video interview format” if you will. Up until he hits the TB of log data of the actual transactions and the global map of IP Traffic.

    Those are the same kinds of maps used at the Cyber Attack sites to show a map of origin and target of various DDOS and other attacks. That’s what I looked at during various ‘in real time’ attacks on various sites as we tried to figure out the who, what, target, and defense. It clearly shows a CCP attack on the election.

    Now, per “sheen” vs reality:

    It just bugs me that we had [somebody] collecting TB of attack data, we had [others] observing the fraud at the polls, we had [more] taking cases to courts and even doing at least one forensic audit that ends up going nowhere and we had lawyers galore and Trump as Commander In Chief able to order a military involvement in the cyber attack (complete with departments dedicated to fending off cyber attacks) and we got BUPKISS. Nothing.

    As you point out, “Things are just not quite right.” What I call “doesn’t fit”. The empty space of what ought to have been but isn’t, just shouts at me.

    So either the Trump Admin was horribly inept at defense against just this kind of attack and was asleep at the Tech Wheel. OR China has been exceptionally skilled at a prolonged and effective series of “Bribery, Blackmail, Infiltration & Intimidation”. OR Soros Funded NGOs & Agencies have done similarly well at “Bribery, Blackmail, Infiltration & Intimidation”. OR there’s a whole lot of Never Trumpers, TDS sufferers, DNC Corrupt “leadership” and P.O.d TLAs all willing to join the party of “all of the above” and willing to sacrifice America to get rid of The Donald.

    And that’s just wrong.

    FWIW, I’ve watched nearly nothing of Beijing Biden. The man just makes me want to shut off the TV / Monitor and go gargle mouthwash with my eyes… BUT what I have seen does have that “not right” aspect you mention.

    IMHO it is just that he can only be drugged up to “camera functional” for about an hour and even that must be tightly stage managed so he doesn’t get lost and / or “break character” and say stupid demented things while drooling over little girls… So you end up with a 10 minute vignette of him in the Oval Office with a stack 2 feet high of Executive Orders where he signs 3 of them and then the press get ushered out on a big hustle. He’s the sock puppet for the cameras and someone else (most likely Kamel-A) is driving the POTUS Office behind the scenes; but he’s a sock puppet with holes in it and sometimes the finger up the backside shows… and it doesn’t always move right..

    Now could it be that it’s just a show and Trump The Mastermind is working behind the scenes to take down the whole network and China Joe is just for show? It is a theoretical possible, but IMHO about 5 orders of magnitude less likely than “A successful coup with a sock puppet POTUSino”.

    In short: We’ve never had a Communist Soft Coup in America before so it will look odd and wrong in any case as it is alien to us.

    My ability to accept “Wait just a little longer and all will be revealed by The Great One Trump” as his mastermind strategy unfolds… has been exceeded. Not One Perp-Walk. We have obvious criminals with blatant horrible crimes and NOTHING. To me that says more “Swamp Effective Defense” and less “Trump The Wonder Dog” in this dog fight.

    As I’ve said before: We’ll know as events unfold.

    Unfortunately, it is looking a lot like those events are: Army Purges, Re-Education Camps, Unpersoning and Cancel Culture erasure, $Trillions into Black Holes Of Graft, etc. etc. America The Free & The Brave not so much.

  89. p.g.sharrow says:

    Well we must wait a bit longer for the game to play-out. If the people lose faith in the Super Dog Trump winning out and the Biden/Harris coup really taking hold. The Democrats / RINOs dream of Angry Armed Conservative Mobs decending on Capitol Hill will come to pass. BUT, it will not be a mob, It will be the largest army in the world that will come a’calling. Something we really don’t want to see. City people that fear guns might cower at the thought of Police and solders but country people will not…pg

  90. E.M.Smith says:


    OK, I’ll wait…

    What the DNC and their Chinese Overlords don’t “get”, is that if they Purge the Army they are simply sending their Best And Brightest into the Citizens Militia… beyond their control.

    Oh, and I found a great picture of Biden being prepared for his POTUSino role:

    Here he is practicing his stage presence…

  91. DoNoNorth says:

    M Simon says:
    7 February 2021 at 6:45 pm

    That apparent crack or gap in the corner between those two walls also appears to present between the floor and the base of the right-hand wall.

  92. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan: “On a serious note, anyone want a cute kitten? We got a feral female that brings her litters to us when she is ready to do the dirty deed again!”

    Free kittens? Yahoo! Sirius-ly, that is.

  93. The True Nolan says:

    @YMMV: “Instant dark ages, just like the greens want! Complete with hand to hand combat for food, just like in the movies.”

    All the High Tech Vocational Schools will be run by the Amish.

  94. E.M.Smith says:

    Per the “crack”:

    Sorry guys, but that looks to me like nothing more than the typical rubber cover molding you put over cables / wires that are run temporarily over a wall or floor you do not want to destroy / invade. It also looks to me like there is a dark cable that then exits the molding and runs over the top of the white wooden carved molding that goes side to side (just above Beijing Biden’s shoulder).

    I’d guess it is to run power and telephone to that nice free standing coffee table between China Joe and Pillousy. You know, the one with the lamp and phone but not close to any wall with power and telephone wires…

    I’ve done such things before at trade shows and in offices when some “executive” wanted stuff where there were no outlets.

    I’d further guess this was a ‘set up shot’ for cameras and they wanted the “intimate” furniture arrangement away from walls and that was the root cause of the need. A temporary for a photo-op.

  95. E.M.Smith says:


    Got a chuckle out of that one… Via GrandMaMa I can claim Amish background, and I teach (have taught) high tech vocational … Gotta luv it ;-)

    BTW, much of the “tech” of an Amish farm is more complicated that folks think. It isn’t easy doing everything with nothing modern… More bio-sci in the fertilizing and less chemistry, but tech is tech. More metallurgy & engineering in the Smithy to make the tools, shoe the horses, adjust the metals… and less Purchasing Department for stuff from Home Depot. Then the design and fabrication of kerosene stoves and ovens, the assembly of a box, crate, wagon, or barn with wooden pegs instead of nails (if nails be in short supply or ‘prideful’ in your location…) and all the other woodworking requires intimate knowing of the different species, the making of clothes from cloth and without buttons, and a 1000 ways to cook the same basic farm ingredients. All of that is a Tech forgotten by most people today. Heck, just the making of candles and wicks…

    FWIW, I can do all of those things. Some much better than others, though. Fabricating a kerosene stove and oven would require that first I make a Smithy and the tooling… It would take a long while. Plus my wood species knowledge is limited to a few local trees, not all those on the East Coast, but I could likely adapt quickly enough to them.

    But I’ve made most of my own candles for a while and made wicks. I can (and have) take animals from birth through to “dinner”. I’ve done basic smithing and I can make a box without nails (even if not a very good looking one…). I typically use compost rather than chemical fertilizers and do OK with the garden. Currently a very nice lamb stew is cooking on the stove…

    So I’d be very happy at the Amish Technical School… as teacher and grad student ;-)

  96. The True Nolan says:

    @ E.M. Not any Amish that I know of in my immediate neighborhood, but quite a few Mennonites. Being a quite rural area, even the non-Mennonites are a lot more self sufficient and creative than is common in urban centers. The Mennonites rather like my wife. My wife was a historical reenactor for a few decades and did most (not nearly all) of her activities as 16th century Spanish Colonial and First Contact. I can only say that she is tremendously useful anytime the electricity goes out. I have seen her make a three course meal with two pots and a wood fire.

    One of the main things she learned from years in the field “living in the 16th century” is that the average modern person has essentially ZERO understanding of just how much infrastructure and social cooperation it takes to maintain our current way of life. My own concern is that our Elite today are just as ignorant on that subject as the average Joe (or Josephine) Bloke on the street. I believe they honestly think that they could get rid of everyone but their immediate servants and would then be able to still live in the manner to which they are accustomed. It is a very small step from thinking such population “cleansing” is possible to deciding that it is desirable.

  97. E.M.Smith says:


    I grew up in farm country with a Dad who thought I ought to know how to do things like dig a well, skin an animal, make a wrench, etc. and a Mum who lived through the depression and war rationing and thought I ought to know what that means.

    Then I went to college with kids who had zero clue how to do anything (some even having trouble getting coffee or milk out of cafeteria dispensers…) and what can charitably be called “magical thinking” about where stuff came from and what it takes to make an object or product.

    It was an eye-opener for me just how much Urban Children were often idiots on all things that were essential to life, while knowing absolutely everything about what “star” was currently “cool” and what clothes they simply must throw away as they were no longer “the style”. Some not even knowing for sure where gas went in a car or why it was needed, but knowing that they had to buy it or the car didn’t go very long. (And do NOT ask them about oil and dip-sticks…)

    Like the 2 pot story…

    I’ve been mid-meal and had the electricity go out, and seamlessly swap to camp stoves et. al. I also make a mean Chicken Roast / Stew pot using a camping dutch oven and a fireplace ;-)

    Yeah, I’ve met “Idiot Elite” before. Sen. John Tunney was “JFK Wannabe”. Came out for a hot air balloon ride when I was working ground crew. Complete with security guards and all. I got to watch him stand next to the basket, look up into the cavern of cloth with no moving parts, and say: “So, hot air makes it go up?”… and was seriously asking the question… wondering why there was no visible machinery…

    (Other statements he made confirmed his lack of understanding…)

    Yes, a Democrat…

    I do worry just a little bit that our Dear Leaders have zero clue about just why it is physically impossible to stop using oil in under 50 years, and hideously expensive in any case. Or why you can’t have a stable Grid with over 20% “unreliables”. Or, frankly, even why you can’t use solar at night…

    People are making Engineering Decisions based on Political Magical Thinking. That is not going to end well.

  98. President Elect H.R. says:

    The True Nolan: “My own concern is that our Elite today are just as ignorant on that subject as the average Joe (or Josephine) Bloke on the street. I believe they honestly think that they could get rid of everyone but their immediate servants and would then be able to still live in the manner to which they are accustomed. It is a very small step from thinking such population “cleansing” is possible to deciding that it is desirable.”


    The “We only need 700 million, mostly techies and brute labor and the rest can go” idiots don’t realize the fragmentation and interconnection of today’s marvelous modern world.

    Their helicopters will be grounded within a month. Oh sure, they’ll have hired the ace top premier helicopter do-it-all-know-it-all-Mr.-fix-it, but where will he get his parts? And at the parts factory, there are experts in every phase of production. You cannot expect the electronic assembly department to have a clue how to fabricate the engine shroud nor balance a rotor. And all the parts are not made at the same factory.

    Ohhh… but China will make everything, right? Rots o’ ruck with that. You’ll have parts and your helicopter will crash and burn due to inferior materials and bribed QC, if any QC at all.

    What? Forced labor, you say? Some of those 700 million will be forced to fill all the positions in the critical factories? HA! Now there’s a recipe for subtle sabotage.

    You’re right in that your comment implies that the GEB elites have not thought things through. They are better off maintaining the current systems and skimming and scamming their wealth and power off of business as usual.

    But those dumbasses think they are smarter than everyone else. Won’t those MF’ers be surprised if/when they succeed? (Dang! Can’t find the middle finger emoticon. Oh well. Just imagine it placed here.)

  99. jim2 says:

    EMS – Yeah, I probably haven’t watched over 10 minutes of Sleepy Joe. Makes me sick. Re Trump, I think the fact he was an outsider bite him in the butt. Were he savvy to the ways of Washington, his first act would have been to can 1,000 bureaucrats and Obama appointees, then can a thousand more on the second day. He probably put too much faith into his insider advisors. That’s what I’m thinking anyways.

  100. E.M.Smith says:


    Maybe… or ,,I,.

  101. Pinroot says:

    Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstocked (and a sort of Trump insider) has written a series of articles detailing why he believes Trump lost the White House. There are four or five “chapters”, none of them very long. I haven’t had time to read it, but I’ve seen some excerpts from it and basically even Trump’s inner circle was undermining him in a lot of ways.


  102. cdquarles says:

    I just finished reading them. The story is very plausible, for it fits the evidence seen and corroborated elsewhere by others.

  103. E.M.Smith says:

    Tucker, on Fox, makes some very good points here. However, he fails to realize that “This behaviour is by design”. It is a deliberate assault on Traditional America and the goal is the destruction of the National fiber and cohesion. First “they” must destroy America before they can remake it in the Globalist Socialist Utopia. They know full well what they do.


    So Tucker bemoaning them not seeing it is a bit of a miss… but he does catalogue it well.

  104. The True Nolan says:

    @ E.M. : “I’ve been mid-meal and had the electricity go out, and seamlessly swap to camp stoves et. al.”

    My brother (well, ONE of my brothers. The other is very, uh, “Progressive”) shares the same talents. About twenty years ago his area experienced a severe ice storm and power was out for ten days in the middle of winter. Bro dug out the camping gear, partitioned the house off into a small central living area with the bathroom and gas stove available, put extra blankets over windows, etc., and lived comfortably while many of his neighbors had to evacuate. If he had not had most of his gear he would have created something more basic out of what he had.

    ” I got to watch him stand next to the basket, look up into the cavern of cloth with no moving parts,”

    I once helped a retired New York Rabi hook up his new VCR. He asked me how I knew which cables went where, so I pointed out the rather obvious color coding on the plugs and cables. At that point, he picked up the power cord, looked at the 110VAC three prong plug and said in a voice filled with amazement, “then THIS must be where the electricity goes in!” Yup. A 70 year old grown man…

    “Or why you can’t have a stable Grid with over 20% “unreliables”. Or, frankly, even why you can’t use solar at night…”

    Solar at night? It’s been done. About 10 years ago (15?) some electrical distribution managers in Spain noticed something odd. A solar farm has been built and was being paid for all the power it fed into the grid. The odd thing is that they were feeding in power at night. Investigation found that the solar farm had set up huge lights running on diesel generators. Because the power sold by the solar power was being subsidized by governmental funding, someone had figured out that they could still make a profit by running at night. unintended consequences, anyone?

    @President Elect H.R. :”But those dumbasses think they are smarter than everyone else.”

    A lot of smart people don’t know the difference between being “smarter than everyone else” and “smarter than anyone else”. Just being smarter than any other specific person they interact with still does not make them smarter than the spontaneously organized system of seven billion people cooperating in the creation of a human civilization. Pride goeth before a fall. Sadly, they might drag the rest of us over the edge with them.

  105. Pinroot says:

    @TTN – lol, I remember rerading about that solar farm, setting up what were essentially spot lights to shine on their electrical panels to get their ‘efficiency’ numbers up. Now if they could have run their spot lights off of their solar arrays, THAT would have been impressive!

  106. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, sound like something I’d do ;-)

    FWIW, I have the Japanese / Asian style ‘on the table for shabu-shabu’ stove in its plastic carry case about 20 feet from the kitchen. To “swap over” took about 30 seconds to pop open the case, hit the ‘load fuel canister’ lever and turn the knob to ‘ignite’, then move the pot…. Didn’t even slow down the cooking.

    I have 2 of them. I liked the butane one so much I bought the dual fuel propane butane one as well. IFF things last longer than “right now”, I can fall back to, variously, Camping Isobutane (backpack stoves), Coleman Unleaded Gasoline stoves (2 – small and large), kerosene stoves (4 – 2 wick based, and 2 pump / burner type), wood (a couple of small twig size fuel burners and fireplace – pile out back), alcohol (about a half dozen… and 2 gallons of fuel…) and then Sterno if all else runs out.

    Yeah, I have a ‘thing’ for stoves…

    Oh, and my Pile Of Bricks stove that uses anything that can burn on a cement surface, in a can, or on a wick like material… but it is for ‘outdoors only’.

    Being in California, I don’t worry much about the cold. We MAYBE get to freezing a dozen days a year middle of the night… and that takes time to soak into the house. I’ve got the fireplace and a propane camp heater “somewhere” (plus 2 x Coleman lanterns in both gasoline and kerosene that are really kW heaters with ‘free’ light ;-) and a couple of propane mantle lanterns of similar free light with lots of heat character… But I’ve not needed them in 20 years. (Did use one during the last big quake, but mostly as proof of concept).

    Per Obligatory Ventilation Issue: We always have a couple of windows open at least a few inches AND the house is nowhere near “sealed” being a 60 year old California Construction home. The air turns over rather often, even in winter.

    It is in some ways a bit strange, but I don’t really care if the electricity is out for less than about 8 hours. The first hour is just UPS and fuel alternative appliances. After that it’s set up the generator and pull. At about 8 hours I need to shut it down to refuel it, and that’s when it bothers… After 2 or 3 days I either need to buy more gasoline, or siphon one of the cars, and then I’m really bothered. I don’t like to siphon… (mouth full of gasoline at about 12 yo…)

    I’ve never reached the point where we were without electricity. Something about prepping ;-)

    OH, and sidebar on water:

    I forgot to mention back on the ‘chiding about water’ discussion: Not only have scoped out lots of places to haul from, but I have a rotary posthole digger of the kind my Dad and I used to dig a well in our backyard 1/2 century ago. Still know how to use it. I’m pretty sure where the water table is under me ( I’m about 40 feet above sea level a few miles from the bay… so it can’t be deep). IFF things got truly horrible, I can have a serviceable survival well suited to 1 quart at a time via rope and can dug in about a week.

    Only thing that’s really limiting for me would be my water filters (after about a month) and then if the air goes crappy the gas masks are good for about 24 hours then start to run out of filtration / neutralization. But frankly, if the AIR is going, I’m not sitting here for 24 hours, we’re in the Diesel (that runs in crappy air and doesn’t care about ‘mix’) and 400 miles way in a few hours.

    During the Loma Prieta Quake I ran the big generator ( 5 kW) and we did laundry and A/C. I later decided I really didn’t need that degree of power and sold it to a friend. So yeah, we’ll go through the closet for about a month then need to start washing some by hand… but I’ve just never seen any indication that here things can go longer than a week before being fixed.

    During one outage of several days, we also kept the satellite dish and TV going, so were a source of news from “outside” for friends and neighbours. It did feel a little creepy with us watching TV and having a wine party while other people were sitting in the dark, but hey, isn’t what what Being Prepared is all about ? ;-) ( I did toss a drop cord over the fence to one neighbour so they could keep the lights on and fridge going…)

  107. E.M.Smith says:

    Per “spotlights”:

    PG&E has “time of day” power charges in the Central Valley that can spike to about $1/kW in summer heat when AC demand is most. I found that if you move the decimal point on Diesel fuel per gallon, you get roughly the $/kw to use it for power gen. Even at $4 / gallon that’s only $0.40 / kW-hr so a big money maker… Just sayin’…. IF I were there (110 F in the shade and there ain’t no shade) like I was growing up, I’d have a nice big inverter hooked up to my Diesel and plug the AC into it…

    Per “smarter”:

    THE big issue there, IMHO, is that a lot of folks with good Hardware have lousy Software and crappier DATA. I’ll take a 16 Bit Unix machine with GOOD CLEAN data over a 64 bit Microsoft machine running OO programs over BAD data any day. Same thing with people.

    Give me a slightly slow traditional rural Christian who is self sufficient, with a “Three Rs” education that they have down pat over a “Progressive Ivy League” Gifted Person who’s head is full of crap they barely understand. Less to fix before they can start to do something productive…

  108. philjourdan says:

    @TTN – Re:

    Solar at night? It’s been done. About 10 years ago (15?) some electrical distribution managers in Spain noticed something odd. A solar farm has been built and was being paid for all the power it fed into the grid. The odd thing is that they were feeding in power at night. Investigation found that the solar farm had set up huge lights running on diesel generators.

    Want another laugh? – https://principia-scientific.com/whats-powering-the-electric-car-charging-station-a-diesel-generator/

  109. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I use the flag of “my pronouns” and the assertion that “people with dangly bits” ought to compete against “people with innies” in sports; as a rapid sort for who has lost their mind…

    IF someone can’t tell a Man from a Woman and recognize it as a fact, they have some screws loose (or missing entirely).

    Now, do realize, this is saying NOTHING about brain structure nor preferences. At about 17, I was reading my sister’s Abnormal Psychology book from college. It covered various ways the brain might be mis-wired and the kinds of results (along with trauma results), so I’ve known about natures “Ooopsies” for a while.

    Since then, we’ve added even more details. So “I get it”, that a person can be XY and yet have the receptors in the brain so plugged up (or missing entirely) that their brain stays XX even as their body hairs over the dangly bits and the muscle mass is added. Similarly, there are XY folks who get the full megillah – including an inny and breasts. No testosterone reception where it was needed… Similarly, some women react too much to the mild testosterone flush in the womb and end up with Male Brains.

    So my condolences to those folks where the normal natural path of sorting into “male parts with male brain” and “female parts with female brain” didn’t work as nature normally intends. It’s your life and you are welcome to make the best of it.


    I think it’s not that big a reach to say that if you are 220 lbs, 6 foot 6 inches with dangly bits, bigger muscles, and a square jaw, you ought not be competing against 110 lb 5 foot 2 inch girls with half the muscles and no dangly bits. REGARDLESS of who you want to boff or how you feel about boys, or what you like to wear.

    Just like boxing has Weight Classes. So everyone can have FAIR competition.

    FWIW: My pronouns, if ever demanded, will be something like:

    He who must be obeyed / My Master


  110. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Would that be China Doll Huoah Huoah? (pronounced similar to Huawei but with “oh” after Hu … )


  111. another ian says:

    Keep an asthma puffer handy

    “Medical Trial: Cheap Asthma Inhalers 90% Reduction in Severe Covid Symptoms”


  112. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Rather remarkable. Clicking through Joannenova to WUWT to the source gets:


    Over-the-counter inhalers suppress severe COVID symptoms, trial finds
    By Stuart Layt
    February 10, 2021 — 11.18am

    Researchers say their clinical trial using a cheap asthma inhaler to prevent COVID-19 patients developing severe symptoms has produced “incredible” results.
    Patients in the trial, conducted in Britain and led by researchers from Australia, were given simple over-the-counter steroid inhalers when they presented at hospital with symptoms of the disease.

    QUT associate professor Dan Nicolau, one of the lead researchers on the trial at the University of Oxford, said the results showed the method was extremely effective at preventing severe COVID-19 symptoms.
    “When we first began the trial back in March [2020], we were hoping for 50 per cent reduction [in risk of developing serious symptoms], which itself would have been very high,” he said.

    “We got 90 per cent, which even with only a few hundred people is off the charts.

    “And it’s not just the overall result – their temperatures are less, they get less fever, and they recover faster.”

    Professor Nicolau said they realised in the early stages of the pandemic that people with asthma were under-represented in severe and fatal cases of COVID-19.

    They hypothesised that the use of steroid inhalers, which suppress immune response in the lungs, could have a beneficial effect on COVID-19 patients who often suffered lung damage due to overactive immune response to the disease.

    The trial wrapped up recently, with the strong early results independently assessed to be sufficient with no need to continue.

    Professor Nicolau said there were also ethical considerations to continuing the trial while getting such positive results.

    “There were 10 times as many people going into the normal arm of the hospital rather than our treatment arm,” he said.

    That’s huge. 10 x is just huge. Moves the “problem cases” over a full decimal point from about 10% to 1% (and likely moves the severe from 1% to 0.1% and deaths …) IF it has linear effect at all severities.

    A preprint version of the trial’s findings is being considered by medical journal The Lancet, which published the team’s hypothesis before the start of the trial last year.

    Full details in The Lancet… so a bit more digging… but pretty clear what’s happening. Immuno-suppressant steroids being delivered exactly where needed in an immune over response cytokine storm illness are a big benefit.

    So I wonder if it will be ANOTHER year before the FDA / CDC decide this is maybe ok to trial… and then after a year more OK to do…

    One hopes this kind of thing goes rapidly through informal medical channels…

  113. another ian says:


    An item on your governor’s “agricultural pursuits” – or is that better described as “avoidances”?


  114. E.M.Smith says:

    Clicking through the Joannenova link gets you to:

    Even with Israel’s world-leading rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations, drugs to treat Covid patients are in desperate need across the world.

    Two such drugs developed in Israel show great promise in clinical trials: EXO-CD24 and Allocetra.

    EXO-CD24, an experimental inhaled medication developed at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, cured all 30 moderate-to-severe cases in a Phase I clinical trial.

    Developed over the past six months at the hospital, EXOCD24 stops the “cytokine storm” – where the immune system goes out of control and starts attacking healthy cells – that occurs in the lungs of 5-7% of Covid-19 patients.

    “To date, the preparation has been tried with great success on 30 severe patients, in 29 of whom the medical condition improved within two to three days and most of them were discharged home within three to five days. The 30th patient also recovered but after a longer time,” the hospital reports.

    Sounds less like a “cure” as it does a “Steroid blocking cytokine storm” treatment to reduce damage… but in fact it works by blocking the release of the cytokines:

    “The drug is based on exosomes, [vesicles] that are released from the cell membrane and used for intercellular communication. We enrich the exosomes with 24CD protein. This protein is expressed on the surface of the cell and has a known and important role in regulating the immune system,” explained Dr. Shiran Shapira, director of the laboratory of Prof. Nadir Arber, who has been researching the CD24 protein for over two decades.

    “The preparation is given by inhalation, once a day, for only a few minutes, for five days,” Shapira said.

    She said the experimental treatment has two unique characteristics. The first is that it inhibits the over-secretion of cytokines. The second is that it is delivered directly to the lungs and therefore has no systemic side effects that injected or oral drugs can cause.

    Then the other one sounds similar in approach if not in mechanism:

    Altogether, 19 out of 21 Phase II and Phase Ib Allocetra trial patients recovered and were discharged from the hospital after an average of 5.6 days. Most of the patients in both studies had pre-existing risk factors such as male gender, obesity and hypertension.
    Allocetra is based on the research of Enlivex chief scientific and medical officer Dr. Dror Mevorach, head of internal medicine and of one of Hadassah’s coronavirus wards. It works by restoring balance to the immune system.

    Mevorach said Allocetra “may have utility as a safe and efficacious treatment … regardless of the specific coronavirus mutation that afflicted the patients, and across different life-threatening, high mortality clinical indications with high unmet medical needs.”

    So key takeaway seems to be clipping the peak of the cytokine release surge.

    Other treatments we’ve looked at are early suppression of viral replication to… reduce the eventual height of the cytokine surge…

    I think we’re seeing a smoking gun here….

  115. M Simon says:

    A video report about DC being a ghost town. You can look at it without joining Telegram (a Russian app). https://t.me/richardcitizenjournalist/659

    He did another one I can’t find now about White House lights going out at 11 PM. “Lights out at 11” is US Military protocol. Usually applied to barracks.

    My Telegram Page – https://t.me/SimonSaidSomething

  116. M Simon says:

    Well OK “Media too big” You have to join Telegram to see it.

  117. another ian says:

    I was trying to find how I edit email contacts in MS Mail when I found this:-

    “Try using the People app. It may solve some of your issues.

    MICROSOFT did the impossible, it got worse. “

  118. another ian says:

    Fox News headline via Tip of the Spear

    “Dems Ponder New Tool To Bar Trump From Office”

    By the look of the way things are going for them atm they’re well down in their garbage can of talent now,

    So who do they have in mind to be this?

  119. A C Osborn says:

    E.M.Smith says: 11 February 2021 at 2:39 am
    Remember my post on Iodine Nasal drops.
    Stop the buggers from replicating is the answer.
    But there is no money in it.
    The Israel ones being new might have high prices.

  120. another ian says:

    The Bee has a go at hiring policies – link via


  121. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    That’s a hoot!

  122. another ian says:

    “Gateway Pundit Video”

    “We have a video of a vehicle which is timed with the large Michigan vote drop in Wayne county. I don’t have time to expand on it but as I previously discussed and showed, this is the single most statistically anomalous event in the country. ”

    More at


  123. another ian says:

    The Bee is on a roll today

    “In Mail-In Impeachment Vote, Senate Convicts Trump 8275 To 3”

    “”Our holy democracy has spoken,” said Senator Chuck Schumer. “Do not ask any questions or you are a blasphemer against the sacred sacredness of our vote. Everyone can go home now!”

    A couple of troublemaking Senators attempted to overthrow the Constitution by bringing up the point that there are only 100 Senators, making it impossible to arrive at a tally of 8275 to 3, but they were quickly removed from the Senate Chambers and condemned for “attempting to suppress the votes of people of color.””






    That via


    With this in comments after that

    “That is really funny, especially when you look up the translation of “¡Sácame de aquí por favor!”, which does not mean what the article says. Very droll.”

  124. another ian says:

    “Ted Cruz Reveals Submitted Questions Not Asked: ‘Can We Build Keystone Pipeline if We Add Hunter Biden to the Board?’ ”Full quote for above”

  125. another ian says:

    There is a saying here in Oz that “When the US sneezes we get pneumonia” (economically).

    We’ve never been in a situation where the US has pneumonia but here’s a start on how it goes for us

    “US Congress Considers a Kangaroo Product Ban”


    You can bet that will largely feel that the best scientific information has no relevance and that the losers will include kangaroos

  126. another ian says:

    Trump’s lawyer on tv. Link at

    “To the Woodshed…”


    And comments

  127. The True Nolan says:

    Many of us predicted that is the Dems succeeded in steal the election, the first thing they would do is to change the rules so that they can never again lose. Looks like that is on the slate for a quick action: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/17031/hr1-chaotic-elections

    If this article is correct and the proposed bills pass… well, draw your own conclusions.

  128. No says:

    Nothing changes until people die.

  129. YMMV says:

    While we expected that a Biden presidency would have nothing to do with Joe Biden, I certainly didn’t expect it to look like this. Is it just me, or do his executive order signing ceremonies look like creepy hostage situation videos?

    • Prisoner sitting at a desk — check
    • Prisoner appears disoriented and confused — check
    • Prisoner reading a statement clearly written by someone else — check
    • Masked captors flanking the prisoner to keep him on script — check


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