Republicans To “Nuke From Orbit” via Primary Vote or Other Means

These are the Turncoat Republicans who Hate Americans and America and voted for the Kangaroo Court Impeachment:

Former President Trump was acquitted Saturday in the Senate on the impeachment charge of inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot – though seven Republican senators still voted with Democrats to convict.

Those Republicans included Sens.
Richard Burr of North Carolina,
Bill Cassidy of Louisiana,
Susan Collins of Maine,
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska,
Mitt Romney of Utah,
Ben Sasse of Nebraska and
Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Shun them. Primary them. Fund their opponents. Booo loudly in their presence. Let them know that they were seen to be traitors to America and in league with Globalist Manipulators, Democrat Usurpers / Fraudsters, and RINOs of all sorts.

I was THERE. Trump asked us to “PEACEFULLY WALK” and “encourage our senators”, he did NOT incite anything. The False Flag Antifa and BLM activists were already busy recruiting Useful Idiots well before Trump even finished his speech. By the time we walked to the Capitol Building, it was largely already OVER. (We stopped at the car about 4/5 of the way there to warm up, have a snack, and listened to the news on the radio saying that the Capitol was already evacuated in one wing and going to be evacuated in the other. This was BEFORE we could even REACH the Capitol building).

So exactly how do you find someone guilty of “inciting” what was already in progress and driven by other people and groups, when they specifically called out for folks to be peaceful? Eh? How does a crowd of folks listening to that speech take actions 1.8 miles away and before they begin to walk anywhere else? Eh? I was there. The only folks leaving the Biggest Speech of the day, by Trump, were folks desperately seeking a bathroom. People were staying to the end of the keynote, and that was well AFTER the idiots at the Capitol Building had started their trouble making.

So that leaves only 2 possible interpretations of those 7 traitors and turncoats:

1) They are too stupid and un-engaged to discover those facts, even when shoved in their faces. So have no business being Senators.

2) They were not voting out of ignorance, but out of spite and political gamesmanship against us “Deplorables” and our President. In which case they certainly do not deserve to represent the interests of the American People as a Senator as they are petty vindictive game players. Like the Democrats. People who would ignore reality and lie with their vote are evil and corrupt.

In both cases, they have no legitimate role in public life. Retire them.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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42 Responses to Republicans To “Nuke From Orbit” via Primary Vote or Other Means

  1. From far away in Oz it seems that only Murkowski is due for election in 2 years and she was due to get wiped. The others six are only due for election in 6 years. They will get 6 years of pay for nothing and most do not care if they will stand again. Mitt Romney has been a traitor since at least 2016. He should not have been re-elected. He is more of a demo-rat than a conservative. Susan Collins is plain dumb believing at liar women for the election of Judge Kavanagh’ She also should not have been re-elected. Do not know anything about the rest. Is there a possibility of recall? The USA should be looking at direct democracy as in Switzerland with citizen initiated referendum and recall on every act of congress. Every state should be able to recall any senator or rep. In each referendum or recall only facts should be allowed. Anyone exaggerating or lying should be jailed for perjury. How do you think the climate scam would fare in a referendum when only the truth was allowed? What about planned parenthood allowing abortion rather 20 weeks -is that not murder. Do you thinks a majority would allow open borders for aliens who will reduce wages and employment but offer nothing but crime to communities?

  2. Aden says:

    I find it interesting that the MSM is struggling. Normally very talkative they now discover words get stuck in their throat. They need some therapy.

    Trump is in****

    No try again. Take it slowly

    Trump is inno****

    Better. Relax, take a deep breath, give it another go, you will get theere

    Trump is innossss****

    One more go

    Trump is innocent

    Wooopie!! I knew you could do it.

  3. another ian says:

    Maybe repeated pinning of a Benedict Arnold badge might take the shine off that six years of easy street?

  4. another ian says:

    Around this area IMO

    “Tim Cook May Have Just Ended Facebook
    Looks like it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

    Via a comment at SDA

  5. Jon K says:

    I’d be surprised if any of those senators ran for re-election when their current terms are up. Burr, Cassidy, Sasse, and Toomey have already indicated that they won’t run for re-election. I believe Sasse has a higher office in mind. I can’t wait to see that epic fail :)

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    this an interesting “interview” of a person involved in Military Intelligence:;

    There seems to be a growing list of High placed people suddenly “retiring to spent more time with their families”

  7. Pinroot says:

    I voted for Burr in the last election, but only because he wasn’t a democrat (supposedly). I’ve never really been happy with him, but no one will run against him, so he’s ‘all there is’. Hopefully he won’t seek re-election and someone who isn’t a RINO will run. I did see somewhere that one of Trump’s daughters-in-law might run in the next election, so there’s that.

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    Yes there is no Federal Recall. But that doesn’t stop all the other Democrat Approved actions (IIRC they like Doxing, “protests” outside homes and businesses, office sit-ins, endless campaigns of annoyances, lawfare, etc.). So why is that OK for Democrats to do but not Republicans? Perhaps they can be persuaded to resign…

    Personally, I think it would be great if, say, a few dozen people showed up at every event where they were going to speak and then pulled out MAGA hats as the RINO took the podium..

    @Another Ian:

    Yeah, Apple is on track for a collision, but… which company has the larger market share? The problem is the 80%+ of folks who just don’t give a damn about privacy, security, and freedom.


    I shortened the URL by trimming some of the tracking junk off the end. I’ll read it in a few minutes…


    When we thought our votes mattered and Trump needed a full suite of Republicans in office to hold congress, voting for the RINOs made sense. Now we know that the vote doesn’t matter, The Big Steal is in charge, and RINOs are part of the game. So that means the strategy must shift to “from the ground up” and primary every RINO or “Age-out’ the ones with no new run in their future.

    Going forward we KNOW that the DNC will assure all higher offices are packed with DNC Anointed and Appointed “candidates”, so the only avenue left to real democracy is to toss out of the Republican Party anyone who sees that as OK or wishes to ignore it. Create a Republican Party that knows they must fix the vote stealing apparatus or be forever a waste of space. Starting at the County & State levels if necessary. Heck, Soros started with buying all the DA’s necessary to allow Antifa & BLM rioters to have free run and let all the Democrat & Swamp Law Breakers go free or with “probation”.

    So OK, we just give up and die, or we start over from the bottom up. But this time with no compromise for RINOs.

  9. YMMV says:

    @Another Ian, “Tim Cook May Have Just Ended Facebook”

    Interesting speech; I didn’t think he had it in him.
    “speech in Brussels marking International Data Privacy Day”
    Who knew they had International Data Privacy Day and people would fly to Brussels to give speeches (when I can hardly drive, much less fly).

    But — Apple is going to end Facebook with just a speech?

    The article linked above links to the back story

    Over the past weeks, the world’s largest social network has taken out several full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. The ads attacked Apple’s new privacy changes, which Facebook claims will severely hurt small businesses, and “will change the internet as we know it–for the worse.”

    Oh, now I get it. Safari now blocks trackers and provides detailed information about them.
    And that makes Z mad. Good.

    “In the last seven days, Safari has prevented XXX trackers from profiling you.”
    Safari shows you the number of trackers. (and blocks them. no option)
    It shows you the percentage of websites that contacted trackers.
    It shows your most contacted tracker and how many websites it was on.
    ( — owned by Google)
    and then goes on to list all of the trackers, with owners, in order by number of websites it was seen on.

    It also lists the websites with trackers, in order by number of trackers.
    The interesting thing here is that it lists websites I never visit, which implies that something (an unwanted ad) popped up.

    I hope Facebook (and esp. Z) does a BIG FacePlant. Into some unmentionable. Or Jail.

    (BTW, the articles linked above are from which has 63 trackers)

  10. E.M.Smith says:


    Doubleclick was one of the first sites I added to my DNS Black Hole ;-)

    Seems that you can kill lots of this stuff via DNS. I first did it with a manually set up DNS server about a decade ago…

    One of the things I’ve wondered is why major companies or governments don’t just take the entire Chinese DNS address space and point it at effectively killing it. I have no need at all to contact any system inside China. Just route their address blocks to /dev/null…. Similarly all names used by trackers, bots, etc.

    Frankly, I’m thinking about a “White List” DNS service. Where it ASKS you for every new DNS lookup if you want to Allow, Allow-temp, Test, Block-temp, or Block it. Only those sites you actually visit and Allow would be able to regularly talk to your computer at all. For others, you could find out if they cause problems in blocking with Test or Block-temp (until next launch or maybe for a configurable time limit) then proceed to just Block the useless ones. Also a Allow-Temp so you could, for example, check out some Chinese Newspaper or ‘whatever’ but as soon as you were done go back to blocking for all future traffic.

    At first run it would be terribly annoying ( so 63 trackers would take 63 decisions) but after a few uses all the big offenders would be out of the pool…. (Perhaps a seed-list of all the “biggies” included to fix that ;-)

    But the Pi-Hole seems to take care of most of it, so there’s that… so I’ve been too lazy to take the idea any further.

  11. John Robertson says:

    That amazing show at the Capitol did produce some evidence for impeachment.
    Every one of the “Oath Sworn Servants of the People” involved in the show trial,including the fake insurrection of 6th January,are candidates.
    Treachery this foul cannot go unrewarded.
    The Uni-Party ,of whom you list just a few,have exposed themselves.
    Openly contemptuous and ignorant of the Constitution which they are oath sworn to uphold.
    So “above” the laws of the land,that they feel the right to fake evidence.
    Lie,slander and frame private citizens.

    They feel the right to deny due process to anyone they chose.Yet demand its protection and the presumption of innocence for themselves.

    When “Law Makers” betray that trust,they demand to be impeached.
    So the Democrats have made the case for impeachment.
    Their own.
    For they have betrayed the trust and openly sought to use the force of government to crush their political opponents.
    Demonstrating that they are unfit to hold power of any kind.

  12. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith, Thank you for cleaning up that gargaged up link. I will practice that on my blog where I can use the ability to edit an test links befor I dump things here.

    @YMMV ; Did you read the entire Posting of the speach? I found that Tim Cook sounded even more controlling then Zuckerburg in his proposal for future Internet Usage.
    “What are the consequences of not just tolerating but rewarding content that undermines public trust in life-saving vaccinations?
    “We believe that ethical technology is technology that works for you,” said Cook. “It’s technology that helps you sleep, not keeps you up. It tells you when you’ve had enough. It gives you space to create or draw or write or learn, not refresh just one more time.”
    “What are the consequences of seeing thousands of users joining extremist groups and then perpetuating an algorithm that recommends even more?
    “It is long past time to stop pretending that this approach doesn’t come with a cost. A polarization of lost trust, and yes, of violence.”

    I think that Cook would like you to haves even less opportunity for streams of conflicting information. Preferably the “only acceptable” version…pg

  13. YMMV says:

    Tim Cook v. Zuckerberg.
    points of disagreement: privacy, tracker blockers
    points of agreement: censorship, deplatforming, total control of what you are allowed to know and say.

    Tim Cook is not a good guy, but Zuckerberg is worse. Shame to leave Google out. Google is Evil.

    “What are the consequences of not just tolerating but rewarding content that undermines public trust in life-saving vaccinations?”
    As it is now, good luck finding information about the possible harm of vaccinations.
    It exists. But why be transparent and open when they could just ban it?

    Same for climate change, voting “irregularities”, and drugs that actually work against Covid.
    And so on.

    The future is dark, if not black.

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Robertson:

    I have wondered about 2 potential paths:

    1) Can a U.S. Citizen (or group) sue for “Violation of Civil Rights” over the vote steal? Even if all it did was lead to massive “Discovery” that would be worth it. In general, Police (as one example) are more concerned about “Violation of Civil Rights” suits than about damage suits as generally the courts award a lot and penalize a lot for Civil Rights cases.

    2) Can Congress Critters be called to account for “Violation Of Oath Of Office”? If so, by whom? Where? I.e. Can their constituents back home do it even if “recall” is off the table?


    You can just test them in your browser. Usually (but not always) it is everything after the first “?” that’s excess. So if I’m going to “paste a link”, first I paste it into a new tab, trim everything from the ? on and then hit return. If the page comes up again, it’s good to go. If not, sometimes just one more “?” down the line is the cutoff. (Some are just links to load an article by number were something like “?=23423234?news?camefrom” is really saying “load article number 23423234 track they read news and note what site they came from”. In those cases trying again and tossing after the number at “?new…” is enough.)

    Amazon site is full of that crap. Click on a suggested item it tracks all the ‘came from went to looked at’ and usually you can trim just after the product ID number and it comes up clean. Some search engines glue on stuff to send you through their search engine…

    Oh, OK if I try a mirror of your blog into my i2p space? In theory I just need to do:

    httrack --mirror Your.Blog

    In my web page top slot and folks hitting the bare link to the site (the stuff ending in .32b.i2p without further qualifiers) would get a choice of two web sites to go to next. I’d like to test that feature.

    Per Cook:

    He understands the need for Privacy and for blocking crap like effectively doxing yourself to an internet provider. At the same time, I’m fairly sure he’s all for Cancel Culture, given what I know of Silly Con Valley and Apple… So likely conflicted on some points.


    8 Ball Says:

    “Reply hazy, try again”…

    Dark? Black? Hazy? Murky? Whatever. It certainly is NOT the “Sunny and light” of just a few years ago…

    IMHO “These are the times that try men’s souls”… So I’m going what I’m probably best used for: Finding, testing, and cook-booking ways to bypass censorship and allow for private and anonymous conversations.

    via i2p:

    Email: Check – encrypted end to end, no IP tracking, no signup identification.
    WebSite: Check – ditto, plus no DNS to be cancelled and no “service providers”.
    Chat: Basics in it. Need to finish private server for isolated groups install test.


    “Tweets” / Microblogging & “Facebook” / Social Media alternatives.
    Peertube or similar video streaming.

    So Tim Cook and Apple may, or may not, get to the desired end goal of private, secure, and at times anonymous communications, but it already exists and is not that hard to implement. (They even have Windows versions for folks “Of A Certain Kind” ;-)

    So you can wait for Apple and hope, or you can just DIY and be done… (There’s also i2p in the Android store and I have it on my Tablet…)

  15. philjourdan says:

    I am involved with the republicans. I ask them one question – do you support President Trump and his claim that the election was stolen. Any answer than a simple “Yes” means I walk away. I cannot censure Burr, Toomey, Murkowski, Sasse or Collins. (and i have no use for Romney). But if they are going to act like democrats, I have no use for republicans I can vote for. Period. I do not care if the election is for local, state or federal. That is my one question. And they get only one chance to answer it.

  16. philjourdan says:

    @cementafriend- re: Brute senators.

    Collins was the power before Munchin became it. A centrist that held the power to win or lose your agenda in an evenly divided senate. She never hid her position. So I do not care what she does.

    Romney is up for re-election in 4 years. He will not make it He has betrayed his base, the most conservative state in the Union .

    The others (for the most part) did just win re-election, so will be around for 6 years. But not worth a snot as they will be sidelined. PA went for Trump BIG TIME. And they will see that Toomey pays. As does NC with Burr, LA with Cassidy.

    Sasse may survive. But only because he is a favored son. Murkowski is dead. Palin will see to that.

    This is not the republican party of McCain (Keating 5 anyone?) and Romney. Those are the Lincoln pedophile republicans. This is the party of hitting back at the lying sniveling cheating democrats.

    Or they are not my party. Plain and simple

  17. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith; you are welcome to use my blog as needed, As long as I know what is coming so I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about strange goings on.
    As you get the bugs figured out I tempted to put my Pi-3 back in service with I2p ,as a stand alone system. It has Rasbian/Debian in it…pg

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    Thanks! Sometime tonight (when I think my site update ought to end) or tomorrow morning (if it doesn’t) I’ll start a “htttrack” mirror. You will see more traffic, but from what I’ve observed, it is the slow and polite with pauses type. Otherwise ought not be any effect.

    Then somewhere around Wed or Thur it ought to be available on the .i2p name space for testing of the “multiple mirrors” ability. (And I’ll post results).

    For a Pi already with Rasbian on it, you need to do:

    As root:

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade
    apt install i2p

    Exit root and as an ordinary user:

    i2prouter start

    Unless you are on a way back level release long before Buster, in which case a new install or a “dist-upgrade” will be required.

    That ought to be all you need to do to have it up. The rest is configuration / playing with it from the console ( iirc) but that ought to auto-launch FireFox for you anyway.

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    At about 20 minutes in this video, Dave Rubin pitches his effort to build a place for other voices to be heard. Free to view, but something must be paid to ‘interact’. Looks like he’s collected a bunch of interesting folks. Uses a “stripe account” and provides the ‘tools’ needed to build your own community… or something like that.

    Which points to:

    Some folks who show up on the page are Tulsi Gabbard, Dave Rubin, Dr. Drew, Michael Malice, Karlyn Borysenko, Greg Gutfeld, Andy Ngo, Scott Adams and more…

    A list:

  20. H.R. says:

    E.M. writes: “IMHO “These are the times that try men’s souls”… So I’m going what I’m probably best used for: Finding, testing, and cook-booking ways to bypass censorship and allow for private and anonymous conversations.”

    Exactly. One does what one can and what one is best at doing. Every bit helps, and coms and preservation of ideas are important parts of the equation.

    Party on, Garth! 😜

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, I signed up at

    You get to play the email / tag game with a ‘send you a link’ to click, then put in a handle, account email, password, even ask for a birthdate (supposedly to let you into ‘over 18’ sites) and some other optional bits (location) then pick some topics and people you like.

    OK, I did that. I’m now “in”. We’ll see what I think of it (and if I remember what password I used ;-)

    So far mostly looks like “tweets” sort of microblogging stuff. Some masked as “members only” so wants you to pay to view. Which I’m not going to do. But still it’s sort of interesting.

    OK, so I guess it’s a sort of paid version of what I’m looking to get started. Free and open “tweets” but where you run your own services on minimal hardware. But it’s interesting to have some “name names” where I’m quasi “following” I guess…

  22. cdquarles says:

    I have the Tor Browser and am considering i2p, just in case.

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Tor has a lot more total nodes at present, and many more exit nodes, so random anonymous browsing works better, especially in that it has more clearnet exits so that is faster. But it forbids bittorrent type file sharing and it is a little less technically robust against prolonged attack by monied government agencies. Running a .onion site also takes a bit more effort and coordination.

    While i2p allows bittorrent type traffic, even pointing out it obfuscates and helps hide other traffic. It is not as good for exit nodes to the clearnet, preferring to keep secret traffic secret. It has better anonymity and privacy tech in tunnel design, but is slower. It is very easy to set up personal, encrypted and anonymous email and web site as it is essentially built in (I chose to have mine be more public as it is a test case for educating others, normally one would not do that.)

    In general, they ought to be seen as complimentary more than competitive. Tor for anonymous browsing of the clearnet and some .onion sites. Then i2p for easy anonymous email, personal web site, torrent file exchange, chat and other hidden anonymous services; but a poor choice for anonymous clearnet browsing (due to few exit nodes and slower more complicated pipes).

    There are also ways to use the two together (Tor browser on i2p) but I’ve not worked out just why one needs that…;-)

    Hope that’s helpful…

    FYI, there’s also Freenet, GNUnet, ZeroNet and a couple of others with different best uses. But IMHO, not typical for general privacy or anonymity needs. For example Zeronet does not have a way to delete a posted item as long as anyone keeps it “up” via seeding. Even the original source can not delete it as anonymity is extreme. Or Freenet drops little used data blocks in the shared distributed storage when new needs raise demand, so little used “unpopular” stuff slowly evaporates automatically. Good for rapid sharing changing stuff, bad for archiving. Different persistsnce goals. Neither very useful to me. I want control of my stuff.

  24. llanfar says:

    @E.M. “ Frankly, I’m thinking about a “White List” DNS service”.

    This is the main reason why I stick to Firefox: the extension NoScript. It’s a whitelist/blacklist of all JavaScript (defaulting to block, so a bit of a pain until you get used to selectively whitelisting). Couple with Adblock, Ghostery for the tracker blocking… for now.

    A DNS blocker would be a potential problem: how to allow visiting a site and only block trackers from that same IP address?

  25. Pinroot says:

    I found this, which lets you set up your Tor browser to also work on the i2p network:

    It looks pretty simple. You install something called FoxyProxy then run a config file they provide. I haven’t done it yet, but probably will tonight to check it out.

    I found a new social media site, it’s for people who hate Trump and his supporters, aka liberals. Just looking around, it’s an echo chamber (Twitter without the occasional conservative). For people who like to say “love trumps hate” there sure is a lot of hate for all things Trump there. Worth looking at as a curiosity, but no account for me, thanks.

  26. Pinroot says:

    Oops, forgot the site:

  27. E.M.Smith says:

    Let me know if you find it useful. I’m still puzzled as to why one would do it.

    Just to use the Tor browser as it has had tattling bits removed?
    To (somehow?) conjoin both Tor and i2p features?

    I’m clearly missing some level of paranoia it is supposed to address…

    As to “echo chambers”: Seems like a rather pointless niche. Just wait a few weeks and Twitter will have purged all conservative voices anyway.


    Saw that Parler is back up now! New accounts can join next week.

    I think I’m going to sign up, just to help give their numbers a boost (i.e. I’ll likely actually log in and do something about once every 3 months ;-) but they will book a new accounts number increase…

  28. Pinroot says:

    I think the idea is that you can use the same browser to access the clear net, Tor and i2p sites. Otherwise, you need to configure a browser to specifically work with i2p and another for Tor. Plus the Tor browser has some ‘tattle tale” bits stripped out, and has a few privacy features added, so I guess they feel it can’t hurt to have those same things available for i2p. I’ll play with it and check back in.

    I wonder if they’ve noticed the irony of naming a site which specifically promotes hatred of Trump and his supporters “”. ‘Hater’ would have been a more obvious choice. I scrolled through the site a bit, and saw one brave soul who was a Trump supporter. One open-minded free-thinking person told him to go to Parler, where they cater to sheep. These people appear to lack any self awareness at all.

    I’ve got a Parler account, but I just use it for lurking (like I do at most sites, lol). Glad they did get back up and running. I’ve got the app on my phone, but nothing is showing up, so I don’t know if that’s a problem with the app or with Parler. There were a number of high profile conservatives there (politicians and such) so it’s a way to keep up with what’s going on in that corner of the world, I guess.

  29. another ian says:

    “Revelation after revelation as investigative journalists look into the Biden family.”

    And comments

  30. philjourdan says:

    I got back into my Parler account, which I set up the day before the gestapo shut it down.

    Having troubles pulling up links. But I am willing to abide. After all, The Earth Abides (and I challenge you to name that Author! Without Googling or DDG!)

  31. another ian says:

    “Sarcasm is Important”

    The solution to covid financial problems –

    “Seek financial revival through interpretive dance – – ”

    More at

    In comments there

    “My favourite comment was “A meeting was had, a discussion was held, and the result was this shit.” “

  32. H.R. says:

    @phil – I had to look up Earth Abides. I had not run across that book. I read a Cliff’s Notes plot summary and for certain, I had not read it.

    If the GEBs manage to crash the Earth’s population, the book seems to describe a quite plausible outcome.

    BTW, Marxism/Socialism/Communism has always failed wherever it’s been tried. So if we go global with it (Communism), then when it fails, all of the World’s societies will fail except those backwaters and 4th world societies who are are ready livin’ the Commie Dream. They got nuthin’. They will get nuthin’ under the NWO (New World Order). And they’ll still have nuthin’ when the NWO inevitably fails.

  33. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, Gee, CNN & NBC paid a Leftist for footage he took of the Capitol Break-in where HE was a participant and encouraging folks to enter…

    Then Antifa uniform swap:

  34. another ian says:

    “Their ABC paid $USD2,500 to left-wing activist John Sullivan – now facing charges over Washington riots”

    That is ABC Oz

    Plus other threads around this

  35. philjourdan says:

    @HR – it is well worth the read. The cliff notes do it no justice. It is better than the Stand (because there is no supernatural). I highly recommend “Earth Abides” for 2 reasons. It is a damn good book. And it makes a mockery of the CAGW clowns.

  36. philjourdan says:

    Rush Limbaugh died.

    I cried for the first time since my mother died.

  37. another ian says:

    Stock up time for beer and nibbles

    “HotAir: Cuomo has begun threatening his Democratic allies to keep them from turning on him in the nursing-home scandal engulfing his administration”

  38. I vote Libertarian and win every time I cast a spoiler vote.

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