who knew?

Watching a RSBN broadcast about Gov. DeSantis, the speaker mentioned their event coming up at “”.

Seems they regularly have name names speaking who support Trump.

Oddly, not supporting https so you get a “not secure” flag in the browser… Someone needs to get them on https and into the current century…

Club 45 USA, Inc is a non-profit corporation formed to support the agenda of our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Our club is the largest “Trump Club” in the nation with meeting attendance often exceeding 2,000 people. We meet monthly with an agenda that strives to provide top notch speakers, educational events & programs for our membership. Our goals include keeping Donald Trump supporters in our county connected and engaged and to support future endeavors of Donald J. Trump.

The creation of Club 45 was a result of the vision of Joe Budd and was established in January, 2018 by four people. Those four people were the Chair, two Vice Chairs and a volunteer of the 2016 Trump Campaign in Palm Beach County. Our goals are simple and straightforward. It is to keep Donald Trump supporters in our area connected and engaged and to support future endeavors of Donald Trump! While we are enthusiastic supporters and previous campaign volunteers for President Trump, our club has no official connection with the Donald Trump Campaigns. Additionally, this club is an independent club and is not affiliated with any candidate, committee or political party.

They have an odd events page. Saying to sign up for online “zoom” tickets:

Our Club 45 USA Meeting for Monday, April 26, 2021 now has ZOOM online tickets available! These tickets will go fast!
Michael Thomas Flynn is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General who served in the U.S. Army for 33 years, from 1981 until 2014. In January 2017 he served as National Security Adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump. General Flynn is one of America’s greatest patriots and has been one of President Trump’s strongest supporters. It is a tremendous honor to have him as a speaker at Club 45!

I suppose they do need some way to keep the Left Wing Nuts in check, but really, zoom? Not very secure…

But at least there is a forum for Trump folks to speak.

The RSBN Story:

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3 Responses to who knew?

  1. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    The current emphasis should be on (a) throwing law suits and other delaying actions (media!) against the Harris/Biden administration, and (b) electing Republicans to the House of Representatives.
    Trump should say he will not be presidential candidate, and he and others should identify a half dozen folks with clear American ideals and charisma. Then they should work to raise the profile of these folks. There are just 1,288 days until the next election will be over.

    I think Elise Stefanik – needs to go to school about the non-climate crisis** – is a good start.
    (**I would be happy to participate.)
    Elise interview with Game & Fish Mag

  2. philjourdan says:

    Let me guess – Digicert has gone woke

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