Global Warming “snowed in” B.C.

One show I really like is “Camping With Steve” by Steve Wallis.

He does stuff like a normal person would do, you know, like lighting your camp fire with a blowtorch or “stealth camping” next to a police station ;-)

What’s interesting in this video is that he was headed for Vancouver and ran into a “once in 200 year” storm damaging roads. I found it particularly interesting that he visits a Walmart to find the fresh meat and vegetables all sold out.

It is a good lesson on “when things go wrong” why prepping matters, even when on the road. Even for a guy making camping videos.

I wonder how many 200 year and 1000 year cold wet and miserable events will need to happen before the “World On Fire!!!” narrative finally implodes?

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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7 Responses to Global Warming “snowed in” B.C.

  1. p.g.sharrow says:

    I doubt that the “Human caused Climate Disaster” will die out. After all, it is a meme that has been in use at least 6000 years by religious cults to gain power and wealth. People still fall for it because they want to return to Normal conditions that they wistfully “remember” existed in the past before people mucked it all up and god decided to get even with them. Those of us with better memories, realize that these are the good old days and know that weather changes are normal.

  2. stewartpid says:

    Chiefio / others …. the 200 year storm happened in Nov 1990 and I drove through it from Calgary to Chilliwack BC … barely made it through the Coquihalla into Hope before they closed the road. Got married Sat and barely made it into Vancouver to catch the plane for the honeymoon as the Trans-Canada was flooded and closed. 1990 wasn’t as bad but very close.
    There was almost a repeat in 1972 but not as bad and there was a repeat in June of 1948 & then there was a big storm in 1875 with obviously poor “reporting” but enough in the history books that it was comparable.
    A quick look at the storm frequency leads u to believe these storms are more like 40 to 50 year events and bad weather not climate change. There is a reason many like myself call the west coast the WET coast (or left coast). I used to go visit my folks and would spend 4 or 5 days in constant rain and drizzle in the Fraser Valley … that is just how it is there through the fall and winter. El Nino, La Nina & La Nada conditions have a lot of control on the severity of the fall & winter storms and where they hit the coast. As PG sez the weather fits the narrative for the obsessive-compulsive glo-bull warming shills.

  3. John Robertson says:

    The Laurentide ice sheet will be reforming and sweeping over New York,after burying most of Canada before the Cult of Calamitous Climate will ever give up on Manmade global Warming.
    You cannot reason a person out of a place they did not reason themselves into.
    Emoting is the mark of a “Modern Educated Person”.
    Facts,rational thinking,logic and mathematics are all “Racist Traits” of the Great White Oppressors.
    Same reason you are moving to Florida,is why we need to separate from Can Ahh Duh.
    CAGW is an intelligence test..
    We are doomed.
    Thats “We” the collective.
    Imagine when the atmospheric river hits California again,if the Eel River overflows its banks and Sacramento becomes a lake again.

  4. Scissor says:

    Gasoline is 50% cheaper in Colorado, US $2.99/gal.

  5. another ian says:

    “Conrad Black: The ghastly charade in Glasgow and the West’s self-flagellation over the climate”

    An early good quote IMO

    ” Mead wrote : “If there is one thing the world should take away from the Glasgow COP26 summit, it’s that the most dangerous greenhouse-gas emissions come from the front ends of politicians, not the back ends of cows.”

    More at


  6. YMMV says:

    “I wonder how many 200 year and 1000 year cold wet and miserable events will need to happen before the “World On Fire!!!” narrative finally implodes?”

    That narrative is immortal, but fewer people will believe it when they are sitting in the cold and dark without food and fuel. And without internet, the true end of the world as we know it.

    Meanwhile, the narrative is in full force: the sky is falling!

    Atmospheric rivers (aka Pineapple Express) did not exist before 1990, so it must be our fault. Before that it was just ‘rain’. The term was coined in the early 1990s. They no doubt owe their existence to weather satellites, which at some point started measuring and modelling total water vapor.
    Atmospheric rivers are typically several thousand kilometers long and only a few hundred kilometers wide, and a single one can carry a greater flux of water than the Earth’s largest river, the Amazon River.

    That illustration was taken from the Cliff Mass blog:
    “Were the Sumas Floods Caused by Global Warming? The Evidence Says No.”

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