Winter Of Our Discontents – Meme Review

Here’s another Meme Set from “WatchMaga”:

10. Herr Fauxi of the ChiBought (Has F-Bombs)

9. OMG! The Omicron!!! (stand by the chicken soup!)

8. Babbling Biden on the Winter Of Death!!! (i.e. have another beer…)

7. UnVexxinated Fear Porn!!! Be Afraid!!! Be Very Afraid!!! (Because they said so…)

6. An RN speaks the unspeakable: Vexxines cause illness and death in many. VAERS is a POS (and that is NOT Point Of Sale…)

5. World Council For Health calls BS on the Vexxine… Luv the AK, BTW… ;-)

4. Religion? Religion! We don’t need to respect no steenking RELIGION!! (Just say “NO” to The Boot!)

3. Boosters Boosters Boosters For Ever And Ever Amen! (Meanwhile, at 2 years of 4 or 5? cross country car trips across most of the “lower 48” without a mask after escaping California and with close contact with a few hundred thousand of “my closest strangers” I’ve had ZERO issues using a “sheep dose” of “cattle” Ivermectin pour on once / week. (between 7 ml and 10 ml depending on weight, rubbed on and left to soak in). Frankly, I’ll take “100% success over 2 years in 2 hot spots of Chinese Wuhan Covid” over “experimental jab that kills young men a lot” any day…

2. Trump suffering from “Post Played Syndrome”… But I still like him…

1. LGB! Let’s Go Brandon (and Quit TV too!)… Der PotuSino Agrees!!

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3 Responses to Winter Of Our Discontents – Meme Review

  1. beththeserf says:

    Happy New Year t’all – vaxed and unvaxed.

    This from Jo Nova taking a look at the new year offering by guvuhmints motivated by their own self interest as noted by Ayn Rand and others.

  2. jim2 says:

    We need a mandatory bathroom identification law.

    Must Have a Penis

    No Penis AND No Balls

    This should help the gender-confused find the right bathroom.

  3. philjourdan says:

    NASCAR better figure out who is paying their bills, or they are going to go broke. Racing will survive, but NASCAR will not.

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