Are Western Democratic Republics Recoverable?

This is just a question to ponder posting. I’ll list some highly likely factoids about the world today, then ask if, or how, they could be overcome, to restore Western Democatic Republics answerable to their people.


We know the voting process is pwned and buggered. We also know the present class of political office holders is there because of that buggery, so will have no desire to “fix it”; which from their POV is a personal threat. Is there a way to fix this? If it is not repaired, how can we have anything else returned to normal? Are there enough honest people in government and the political parties to get the needed changes done?

It looks to me like #1 on this ToDo List is removing Dominion, their machines, and their Chinese owners from the vote counting process. Then right behind it at #2 is preventing ballot stuffing in all its forms: Mules, ballot harvesting, mail in ballots, elections over weeks when the law says 1 day only, proper citizen only with ID voting in person, remove the dead from voting rolls. Can this be accomplished against the DNC pressure to fraud based systems and the RINO acquiescence? Are there enough uncorrupted areas to form a base from which to grow back a trustworthy system? Anything else? Like a visible process to remove partisan hacks from positions of athority over the voting process, or assigning folks to duty rosters randomly to hinder collusion?

Rule Of Law

We have lost rule of law. We now have rule of lawyers and money. Soros buys the DAs. They let free Friends Of Soros & the DNC (even for serious crimes like riot, arson, trespass, assault, intimidation) while treating jay-walking by their opponents as a capital crime. We have no “equality before the law”. It looks like lawyers professional organizations are fine with this. Where are the disbarments? Judges are being appointed for the purpose of corruption of legal process and partisanship.

Have we lost the law schools? I just don’t know how far upstream is the rot. Do they teach legal ethics anymore? Are the professional bodies now political sock puppets? Is there any path back to “equal before the law” and “rule of law” (not lawyers and money)? Can the courts be made trustworthy again instead of Political Roulette and luck of the draw (judge shopping)? Judges are now chosen as political warfare tokens, how can that process be changed back to looking at which person has fealty to The Law and not the party agenda?


Especially “higher education”, has become a toxic cesspool of political indoctrination. I saw this starting in the 70s.

Some of it is just a self selection bias. In the early 80s, when in an MBA program in California, the professors semi-joked that the Business Program was the only school left at the University with any significant number of Republicans. Interviewing for a Computer Science teaching position, I could tell from the questions of The Committee that they were looking for a Left Wing Person, and I would not be comfortable (or likely selected), so went elsewhere for a job. How can the tendency to “first mover advantage” leading to political homogeneity be reversed? Do we need political quotas in schools? Segregation of education by party with all Republican and all Libertarian schools on offer? Vouchers?

How does the present corrupt system get fixed? Napolitano (among others) appointed Chancellor at something like $400,000 /year as political plum, not merit in teaching. Do we need to make public school officials an elected office? One with political quotas? Teacher selection by the public, not committees?

Or maybe just cut off funding and let it collapse. It is no longer fit for purpose (of creating well rounded citizens with skills to produce) so better off without it at all.

Political Graft

The product of the above, or the consequence? It is clear just ftom their bank account growth that for most of the present crop of politicians: their purpose in office is to get as much public money into their bank accounts as possible. Corruption laws are not enforced; or are even erased by these folks.

Perhaps we need a constitutional amendment that says: Elected officials and their immediate family will be audited upon election, at the end of their term, any net worth in excess of their entry value will be forfeit. Couple that with one that says “ALL laws will apply equally to law makers and to other citizens. “…

Or maybe just have a post term vote that asks “Ought this office holder be hung?”… with a listing if family wealth on entry and exit from the job…

Foreign Agencies

There are a host of foreign agencies in use to corrupt and take down the nation states of western democratic republics. From non-treaty “treaties” like the Paris Climate fraud “Accords” who’s purpose is to funnel $200 Billion a year into pockets around the world, to the entire UN Structure designed to promote Socialism & Communism while harming us, to Soros and his money laundry NGOs, Klaus Schwab and his WEF, the Davos Crowd and more. How do we effectively remove their tentacles from OUR Elected government?

Do we just ban foreign NGOs outright? Withdraw from the UN? Constitutional amendment to make clear the obvious that all treaties are void if they conflict with our Constitution? Ban all money transfers from Government to any foreign body?

The TLA Problem

Our “Three Letter Agencies” have been corrupted into service against our citizens.

The FBI creates crimes and criminals on demand for political gain of TPTB.

The CIA is in the business of murder, drug & gun running, destruction of other folks (often elected) governments, money laundering, assassinations, bribing, and more dirty tricks. Is that really representative of who we are and how we wish the world to see us? There’s fair evidence that the TLAs have decided to choose our governments for us, just as they did for foreign countries. Their Black Budgets are gigantic and unknowable (running drugs is profitable).

Can such uncontrolled and unanswerable power with a charter of ctiminal actions really exist for long without becoming the evil it was created to thwart? Once corrupt, is there any way short of cancellation to recover it to a moral center and get the politics out?

All Governments Are Corrupt, But Some Are Useful

Is that truly the state of things? Is there, anywhere in the world, a model government without corruption? We know Communist China is corrupt. So too the EU. The USA clearly and blatantly so. The UN worse than most. Nations with royalty just call it royal privilege and normalize it.

Is this all just tilting at windmills as there is no good government extant in the world; so better off just finding a way to get your “Piece of the Action”? Even the Vatican has a long history of corrupt Popes (some bought the job…) so even a revival of religion is suspect.

So is there a cure for this global corruption that can get us back to a nation of, by, and for The People? Or do we just Go Galt and await the inevitable collapse as the parasites kill the host?

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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36 Responses to Are Western Democratic Republics Recoverable?

  1. cdquarles says:

    All humans are equal under God, and all have fallen short of His glory. Governments are a necessary evil, because people will not civilize themselves. Until human nature is changed, this will remain. That’s why our Founders said: “A Republic, if you can keep it”, which was made for a “moral and religious” people, where religious meant accepting Christian morals, even if you didn’t practice them. As a sign of the times, they will be given over to a reprobate mind. What can’t last, won’t; so there will be an end to this. When, I don’t know nor how, either, specifically.

  2. jim2 says:

    Senator McCarthy tried to rid the government of Communists back in the day. Let’s just call them leftist radicals in today’s terms. They could account for many of the problems we see in government, including the recent Supreme Court leak.

  3. philjourdan says:

    Answer to the asked question: NO.

  4. philemon says:

    Well, the Cheka and the NKVD weren’t TLA, at least.

  5. Terry Jackson says:

    All societies degenerate and fail, this one is just doing it at an accelerated pace. The Wilson Progressive goal to remove all decisions to the Expert Class has succeeded. They have been tested and found wanting. In point of fact, they suck at it.

    Start with the 17th Amendment to provide direct election of Senators, so they no longer are creatures of the state legislature. Move on to the decision that State Senates may not represent counties or groups of counties but must be elected based on population, so a small area in an urban setting makes all the decisions. Consider the judicial decisions that ID is too hard as a voting criteria, and one day to vote is an undue burden. Then look at the proliferation of Boards, Agencies and Commissions, all seeking to regulate and enchain. And have peek at the size of the Federal Register. I used to tell folks that inflation is in large measure predicted by the page count in the Federal Register.

    One thing needs to change, there are way too many 70+ YO politicians in office. Where are the 40’s and 50’s, or even the 20’s and 30’s?

    Step one is to know about the candidates in the local elections, judges, school boards, County and City Council and Commissioners, plus the local State Representative, and vote for those who will best represent you. It is a bottom up process.

    It may be too late.

  6. Martin C says:

    I wonder how much Dinesh D’Souza’s movie ‘2000 Mules’ might start to ‘stir’ people into action come November. That is, assuming there is no ‘vote by mail’ OR if there is, monitoring drop boxes, volunteering to be poll watchers, etc.

    Come this fall will be interesting – will there suddenly be a ‘new surge’ of the VIRUS ? Or what else may be brought on all of America?

    . . interesting times, to say the least . . . ! :-) :-)

  7. Sera says:

    Start with the education system by removing the liberal mafia. Of course, we will all die of planned starvation before that happens. Never mind…

  8. andysaurus says:

    It used to be that the radicals protested against the military industrial complex, and I would scorn them for their conspiracy theories. With age and observation, I now believe there is collusion between some or all of the following:
    – Government
    – Finance
    – Climate change “scientists”
    – Big Tech
    – Media
    – Defence
    – Transport
    – Housing
    – ‘Health’
    – ‘Education’
    – Food (particularly big food)
    – Agriculture
    – Communications (obviously)
    – Entertainment
    – Royalty!
    All being widely represented at Davos for the WEF.
    I don’t think it’s hard to draw the lines of mutual back scratching.

    Interested if anybody wishes to extend the list.

  9. andysaurus says:

    Missed pharma. Doh!

  10. Foyle says:

    First up: Have to break political partisanship of Big Tech. Should be illegal for Google and Facebook (and Twitter etc) to act as overt or covert (algorithmic shenanigan’s) censors.

    Influence of Oligarchs and big business on elections has to be ended. Elites are DNC and have a hugely outsized influence on elections owing to incredibly deep pockets and media control. Establish a funding cap (and restrictions on in-kind support). There is no reason why elections should see 10’s of billions spent on influence and advertising favoring whoever is servicing the oligarchy best.

    Stop all govt support for left wing dominated institutions – no more govt backed student loans for humanities, only STEM + commerce and law. Severely limit non-teaching staff at universities and make all institutions open to all who meet entry grade (end ivy elitism by opening them to all who can meet examination based entry criteria, get rid of special treatment for race or family connections). Have to take back the indoctrination system that is K1-13, teacher bonuses linked to independent testing of kids to see if they are improving or sliding backwards relative to peers.

    Term limits for State and Federal office. Say 15-20 years total in all high offices, excepting presidency. Get some turnover by getting rid of inevitably corrupted incumbents. The lifers at the top are the worst, and it is in effect a gerontocracy.

    FBI, DOJ, CIA need to have most of their leadership defenestrated. Promote internally and institute close bipartisan oversight – with some mechanism to enable removal of leaders who display partisan tendencies.

  11. Saighdear says:

    Are the professional bodies now political sock puppets? .. Now ? now??? They have been for some considerable time, IMHO. Engineers, Agrics, Foresters, …. all aboard the gravy exxpress of climate madness. Witness all the articles and Editorials in the trade ( PROFESSIONAL) MAGAZINES. Hand of the Green and Infected ( covid) Blob is in everywhere. And now we read of Food scarcities: Production facilities being destroyed, food chains destroyed, Bird Flu, Swine Flu,. Cow flu next ? etc. Salmonella infections, mould infections and so on. and yet we ( THEY) are intent on removing more and more crop growing ( Food production chain ) facilities from our Larder to produce Energy which is getting wasted ( Talbloke ) Dinner the other night , rescued from the Tip was supermarket sourced Asparagus from PERU ( S America, that is, not a local European farm ) Airmiles anyone ? We bought them for 20p / 125gms tasted OK. Postage of 50 gm letter from any where in UK – includes our petrol to go post and Postie to deliver, all for under £1 ( just ). NOw that’s saving the planet……

  12. Richard Hill says:

    EM: your opinion about Switzerland?

  13. jim2 says:

    Enact a Federal law that no entity, including employers, can violate an individuals Constitutional rights. It does no good to have those rights if the government can just let someone else take them away.

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    @Richard Hill:

    Up until about 20 years ago I thought them nearly perfect.

    Then they caved on banking secrecy and became Just Another USA / EU Financial Satrapy. Now they are even picking sides in wars not of their making. Ending Swiss Neutrality.

    Looking ever more like just another EU State. Just need to fill out the paperwork.

    But they held out the longest, so must have some bits right. I loved my one night in Zurich… decades ago…

  15. H.R. says:

    The only way I can see that would produce a ‘Great Reset’ for individual freedoms would be to find a place where one could survive a global nuclear Winter after every major city, including and in particular every Capital city was well and thoroughly nuked.

    Set up a fenced in commune for all of the surviving teachers, college academics, and former politicians and see how well they do directing their own lives using the principles they were expounding and indoctrinating the rest of society to live by.

    The rest of the tradesmen, farmers, engineers, mechanics, millwrights, hunters, and fishermen, would then proceed to go about their lives as best they can, cooperating when beneficial and going it alone when it’s the better or only alternative.

    In short, blow it all up making sure to include all those that brought us to this point in history, and start over.

  16. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, I’ve also pondered the “My enemies enemy is my friend.” approach…

    The origin of the rot seems to be Europe, especially the old names with lust for past glories in Empire and Socialism (an odd mix). Since about the Bushes, spreading into the USA Elite.

    China is cheering it on, for our destruction, but not buying into the whole no-nations thing, and for Global Warming action as long as that sends them $ Billions.

    Russia is cast in the role of Evil Outcast, so possibly an ally in counter globalism.

    Japan looks to be going along just because we are.

    Much of Latin America and Africa are only in it for the bribes. To officials or otherwise.

    So it seems to me that just finding a way to quash the money flow to Asia, African bribes, and Latin bribes, you get a big chunk of nations being suddenly less globalist…

    India & Russia have tossed out Soros’ NGOs, so “get it”, and could form the core of an effective coalition to reverse things globally.

    In the EU: Get a few more exits… Italy, France, Hungary… might put a dent in things.

    No ideas on reversing Canada, Australia, New Zealand, other Commonwealth Anglo Enclaves…

    I’m also a bit short on unravels for the USA Straight jacket we’re in. Maybe make freedom enclaves out of States like Texas, Florida, etc. and spread out one at a time… or force equal enforcement of laws via RICO Suits…

  17. philemon says:

    Speaking of TLAs:

    Having read No Left Turns [Schott, Joseph L.], I’m somewhat surprised that a former FBI agent would be surprised.

    Also, I think it is just disgraceful to not acknowledge J.Edgar Hoover as the first transvestite, homosexual pedophile to head the FBI. /sarc

    “The most infamous male madam [throughout LA’s sordid history] would have to be Billy Bryars, the wealthy son of an oil magnate, and part-time producer of gay porn. Bryars was said to have a stellar group of customers using his ‘brothel’ at the summit of Laurel Canyon. In fact, some have claimed that none other than J. Edgar Hoover, the founder and chief executive officer of the FBI, was one of his best clients … when Bryars fell under police scrutiny in 1973, allegedly for trafficking in child pornography, officers obtained a number of confessions from some of his hustlers, and some of them identified Hoover and [Clyde] Tolson as ‘Mother John and Uncle Mike,’ and claimed that they had serviced them on numerous occasions.”


    Oh, dear, it was so nice back in the day before the internet. /sarc

  18. Richard Brimage says:

    Federalist number one warns of the office seeker we Need to avoid. Needless to say the Democrats epitomize the ones we are warned about.

  19. philemon says:

    Anything goes?

    Actually, I had no idea how topical this was.

  20. H.R. says:

    @philemon – I used to be able to sing that whole thing. Fun times!

    Anything goes!

    Then came D.C. and.. Anything Goes?!?

    Now we have the pResident of the U.S. and… Anything Goes 👎👎🤢😡

  21. H.R. says:

    I stated somewhere above to the effect that I thought the solution was to nuke ’em all and let God sort ’em out.

    But E.M. brought up the Red State/Blue State division and I think that may actually be the real solution/result of the intentional divide-and-stalemate course of action the Commie-Dem’s strategy will result in.

    There will be the Red Free State of Florida and other similar States, and the Blue States of Submission and F’d-upiness, and people will vote with their feet to stand with those of like mind.

    I note that the Blue States are afraid of guns and the Red States embrace the 2nd Amendment. That may prove to be an interesting distinction.

    “When seconds count, help is only minutes away.”

    click… “Howdy”
    ~from The Outlaw Josey Wales

  22. H.R. says:

    But E.M. brought up the Red State/Blue State division and I think that may actually be the real solution/result of the intentional divide-and-stalemate course of action the Commie-Dem’s strategy will result in.

    Damn! That was some very awkward sentence structure. But I think the point came through despite the awkwardness. 🤖

  23. David A says:

    I think EMs post has some very accurate steps needed. I think Trump was well on his way to both defeating Globalism through inspiring a deeper nationalism in many nations. ( I think , although he was removed by the US deep state,) his work on trade and nationalism gave numerous nations the courage and inspiration to not concede to the corrupted west. His decision to not take the hardest line route when he learned that the corruption was far deeper then he knew, may have been predicated on an understanding that the one world crowd was done, and events would just have to play out, and a better (albeit incredibly painful it may be) way to their defeat then a US civil war, which he may have had the ability to enable.
    Other then the way Trump showed, and EM articulated, and the necessity for true spirituality and morals the cdquarles expressed, I would add a return to US foundational principles must happen, as that wisdom is very deep.

    “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” — Thomas Paine

    Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. — George Washington

    Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. — Thomas Jefferson

    “The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” — James Madison

  24. Is it too extreme to suggest a clean sweep of the Deep State globalists? Starting at the top – the UN and “the head of the snake” Ukraine?

  25. beththeserf says:

    Re the Deep State and Oligarchs, this is a remarkable interview. At about 44.00 Curtis Yarvin tells Tucker Carlson that Judith Curry failed her group, experts given the power must create dangers to increase their own importance. His explanation of Virologists and Covid is very sharp. He comments on how to watch the watchmen as key.

  26. EM you did give an answer on Switzerland but, while there is corruption and influence by some of the rich types it, is still one the most democratic country. 1/ The States do all the taxing and give a proportion to the federal government. I just read that a number of states tax companies less than 15% (which advanced countries want to make the minimum) and many states have a maximum tax rate for individuals less than 40% with Kanton Zug taxing at 22% for their maximum. 2/ The Swiss have citizen initiated referenda and recall. Some public servants & politicians have been recalled. They have voted to have no minimum wage and have knocked back budget items for inappropriate defence equipment, and voted to stay out of the EU. Only citizens are allowed to vote and this is controlled seriously through local police where one needs a permit to work. Locals have voted to stop some people (eg Moslems ) becoming citizens because they do not fit in with Swiss mores.

  27. mddwave says:

    I like all your comments on the macro scale with national organizations, etc. but lately I have been pondering the micro scale. How do you fight corruption at the local level? It seems that at all levels there is corruption.

  28. philemon says:

    @H.R. says:
    14 May 2022 at 3:35 am
    @philemon – “I used to be able to sing that whole thing. Fun times!”

    Of course, some of the lyrics were a bit weak.

    “I always feel about Cole’s lyrics that he sang them to Elsa Maxwell and Noel Coward in a studio stinking of gin and they said, ‘Oh, Cole, darling, it’s just too marvellous [sic]’!

    ”Why can’t he see that you must have a transition of thought in a lyric, just as in dialogue.” – P.G.Wodehouse.

    Admittedly, if you have an Ethel Merman to put it across, the lyrics don’t matter so much. ;)

  29. another ian says:

    “Sunday Talks, Finland President Sauli Niinistö Indicates a Global Cleaving Behind Decision to Join NATO
    May 15, 2022 | Sundance | 215 Comments”

  30. Terry Jackson says:
  31. Taz says:

    Canada counts votes by hand,,,,without voting machines.

    Complete elimination of mail in voting or “special privilege voting” takes care of teh remaining problems. Don”t have a legal ID? Tough. You don’t vote.

    Fix it we become pirates for the Conch empire. Mongol rules. Watch us.

  32. Terry Jackson says:

    Some thoughts on fighting back, with Disney as an example

  33. philemon says:

    Synopsis: A fool and his money are soon parted. They are high on their own supply and paying charlatans to fool them some more.

    The level of philosophical and epistemological drivel on display would be breathtaking if one had never had to grade sophomore philosophy papers.

    Honestly, the “argument” seems to be that people will all think the same if they get to “share” some fake heart-beat experience together. Aside from the biological/medical problems involved, how many will die of heart failure? The idea that people think with their heart beats is cray-cray.

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