Pfizer Paxlovid Helps A Little, Then You “Rebound”. Carrier?

The CDC has issued a bit of a warning on Paxlovid. Quelle Surprise…

Epoch Times wants me to make an account but let me read this article as I was coming from a link on Dan Bongino report. Since I don’t know how well a “link from me” will work in comparison, I’ll quote more heavily than usual to be sure folks can read what I’m talking about. I’m posting the link with the Bongino “partner” information tags included.

CDC Director Issues Alert on Pfizer’s COVID-19 Pill
By Jack Phillips May 31, 2022 Updated: June 1, 2022

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky warned that Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill Paxlovid can lead to a rebound in symptoms.

“If you take Paxlovid, you might get symptoms again,”
Walensky told CBS News on Tuesday. “We haven’t yet seen anybody who has returned with symptoms needing to go to the hospital. So, generally, a milder course.”

Another researcher who is not affiliated with the CDC said that he has observed such a scenario.

“People who experience rebound are at risk of transmitting to other people, even though they’re outside what people accept as the usual window for being able to transmit,”
Dr. Michael Charness of the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Boston told CNN on Tuesday.

After a patient recovers from COVID-19, the aforementioned rebound has occurred between two and eight days later, according to the CDC. The agency, however, told CBS that the benefits of taking Paxlovid outweigh the risks of COVID-19, namely among those who are at a high risk of developing severe symptoms from the virus.

So what a pill! You get Covid, they charge a lot to make you feel better, and then a few days later it turns you into a carrier who can attend all sorts of superspreader events since you are “outside what people accept as the usual window for being able to transmit”. I.e. you feel good but are dumping virus on friends, family and randoms in the street. Nice profit leverage for Pfizer there!

About a week ago, the agency issued an alert to health care providers about the rebound, saying that patients who took Paxlovid either test positive for the virus after having tested negative or will experience COVID-19 symptoms.

“A brief return of symptoms may be part of the natural history of SARS-CoV-2 infection in some persons, independent of treatment with Paxlovid and regardless of vaccination status,” the federal health agency said at the time. SARS-CoV-2 is another name for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19.
The Epoch Times has contacted Pfizer for comment. Pfizer told CBS that it is observing a rebound rate of approximately 2 percent and is continuing to monitor patients.

“We have not seen any [COVID-19] resistance emerge to date in patients treated with Paxlovid,” a spokesperson for the company told Reuters this week.

Um, if a lot of these folks are asymptomatic or having nearly no bad effects, how would they ever know it was only 2% having “rebound”? Say I had Covid, got treated and sent home. A week later I feel like a bit of allergies, maybe. Am I really going to run off to the M.D. for a Covid test? After all, I’m cured now and have antibodies….

IMHO for me, I’ll take Ivermectin over Paxlovid. And have been. We’re pushing 3 years now of zero problems despite several cross continent road trips, 100,000 scale crowd interactions, no masks and no worries in LOTS of public venues, and generally just living life normally. All with a weekly dose of about 2 ¢ of Ivermectin.

A couple of times I’ve missed a week, and felt like “allergies maybe” and slathered on the stuff, and the next day all is gone. No idea if it was allergies, a ‘common cold’ or whatever. But zero sick is a pretty good batting average. So I’m just not going to trust Pfizer on anything. They have a demonstrated track record of preferring profit margin over curing diseases rapidly and cheaply. At least, that’s my opinion from what it looks like when I observe their track record.

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26 Responses to Pfizer Paxlovid Helps A Little, Then You “Rebound”. Carrier?

  1. philjourdan says:

    I’ll stick with the vitamin and mineral routine and forgo any Big Pharma solutions,

  2. YMMV says:

    Dilbert has a BigPharma theme going. This is the first in the series:

  3. erl happ says:

    Thanks for the research. It’s very useful.
    In Australia, Ivermectin is confiscated by Customs on entry.
    My ‘pour on’ is 5g/liter active. What is the appropriate weekly application for a 95kg adult?
    So far I have escaped this scourge, possibly because my vitamin D is better than average, and possibly due to the addition of a teaspoon of ground grape seed in my morning diet of oatmeal porridge. One apparent benefit is the disappearance of the dark ‘aging spots’ on the back of the hands and arms. Fanciful perhaps.
    In the local community, the numbers of reported cases is now falling, but that could simply be a decline in reporting. In a week it will be lawful to employ an unvaccinated person in a hospitality environment. It’s been interesting to witness the relatively good value that the unvaccinated can bring to the workplace.
    Is it fanciful to consider that ‘gain of function’ experiments gave rise to this wog? The question should be, was it the CCP or were there others that were responsible. Is it still happening?

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    Erl happ asks if covid was a CCP creation and is this gain of function creation still going on. Evidence suggests that the CCP was ignorant as the rest of us and that the “research ” creation of human attacking infections is still going on.
    The GEBs of the world still lust for power and wealth. If a few million people die, well, you have to break eggs to make your omelet and they love their omelets..

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @Earl Happ:

    and “do the math” for your supply. They have,

    For prevention (lower dose of oral pills) 0.2mg/kg x 2 per week, or 0.4 mg / kg / week. For 100 kg I make that 40 mg. is there present recommendation for prophylaxis.

    I use a “Cattle Pour On” that is 5 mg / ml and I do either 5 ml or 10 ml (recommended low dose vs recommended high dose from a while back) for my 100 kg. Your 5 g/l looks to be the same as my 5 mg/ml. That’s 25 mg to 50 mg / week. I figure some small amount may not soak in through the skin as effectively as through a swallowed pill.

    Folks have used lower than my low bound (once / 2 weeks…) with about 97% effectiveness while at once / week they got nearly 100% success. Folks have also used higher doses but I’m not seeing the need unless you have early symptoms (i.e. if sick with higher viral load maybe it needs more). FLCCC also has treatment and other protocols.

    These folks are “Front Line Covid Care” providers so have it “in their grill” every day. They also have many M.D.s so I figure if it’s good enough for Medical Doctors…

    @YMMV: Nice, very nice ;-)


    We’re doing the vitamin / sun / minerals thing most of the time too (though I’ve skipped it the last 2 months of “packed up and moving”) If anyone feels a bit “off” we do the Quercitin / Zinc thing and it pretty much ends it. I also use Quercetin / Zinc when traveling when Ivermectin transport might be an issue (i.e. flying doesn’t like liquids). You can get get it at Sprouts or other health food stores.

    Again, see the I-Mask+ protocol that lists Quercitin (as a plant extract) or Dr. Zelenko:

    It is nice to have an option you can get just about anywhere there are health food stores and that have had an endorsement from an M.D. who had to develop it when proper medical drugs were forbidden by law (but he knew he needed a Zinc Inonphore and there are some in plants…)

    So there you go…

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    The GEBs have also explicitly stated their desire to reduce the human population to about 500 M, meaning they want 7.5 Billion or so to die…

    I don’t take medical advice from folks who have stated they would like me and mine dead.

    Also, we know that the CCP desires race selective bioweapons and have stated a desire to make them. Then Fauxi has said you need to have a little pandemic to find out how his proposed treatments will work… He also, indirectly, funded Wuhan. So, IMHO, there’s no difference between “CCP Made it” and Faucci “Funded and made it”. They are all in bed together. Like asking “Who on the football team won the Superbowl?” It was all of them, the coach and owners who funded it too.

  7. DonM says:

    My parents came down with it 2-3 weeks ago. (mom got it at the doctors office, dad got it from her a week later)

    I went to the pharmacy and picked up what doctor had called in for her … Paxlovid.

    They are in their 80’s. So I figured it would be good for her to go ahead and take the stuff, even though it is emergency use. The next day they come out with the relapse news; this info, along with the bad side effect (stomach issues) convinced her to stop taking it.

    The doctors office tries to prescribe it for my dad without looking at his heart meds. When told of the conflict they say “It’ll be OK, we’ll just take him of the heart meds for the three days”. My mom tells them that is not an option (and she is right).

    They are almost all better.

    I got it from them (even though Ivermectin) and I am still tired and coughing after 10 days.

  8. rhoda klapp says:

    Did they ever say just how the world can carry on with 500M people? Assuming this is a self-selected rather than a random population, can it maintain civilisation and if so at what level? Will they still be able to have private jets? Who will make and maintain them?

  9. H.R. says:

    @rhoda – I’ve always maintained that the wrong people will be eliminated.

    You may recall a discussion we had in the past year about the complexity and interconnectedness of our modern technological society. The ‘elites’ are self-selected and, of course, they are the smartest people in the room. (Same people who wouldn’t last a month trying to support themselves on a farm.) Well, they aren’t. The smartest people are keenly aware of how much they don’t know, but are mentally equipped to figure out what they need to know. Some of that is just odd bits of knowledge that might come in handy later.

    A couple of years ago, p.g. posted a link to an essay on how no one person knows how to make a wooden pencil, start to finish. Thinking about that from time to time, I have always been convinced that the “smartest people in the room” (SPITR… ‘spitters? I think we have a new term) will think they have kept all the right people necessary for them to carry on with modern life, but they will be wrong. All it takes is for a few key people to be eliminated and seriously, modern technology will soon grind to a halt and start going backwards.

    The key point is that the spitters are self-selected and afflicted with narcissism and a healthy dose of Dunning-Kruger syndrome.

    There are warlords in Africa that have already achieved the GEB’s dream. But their country is a basket case, and if it weren’t for other countries with freer people and markets for them to buy from, they’d be right down in the same mud houses as the rest of their people live, and starving.


  10. jim2 says:

    @DonM – would you mind sharing how much IVM and how often?

  11. rhoda klapp says:

    H.R. That’s exactly what I’m getting at. As EMS has mentioned before, the enduring common feature of the so-called self-called elite is that they don’t know. Or to use a cliche, what they knows fer shore just ain’t so. They think they can plan a society. They can’t. They think they have attained special status just because of the money and influence they have. They don’t. It’s the invariable mistake of technocrats to think they are in charge. They are not.

  12. cdquarles says:

    That’s the problem with socialism, in any form. You’re always piloting the ship with the windows only open backwards. You only know part of what’s happened. You don’t know the future; and even if you can get away with things for a time, it will only be for a time and you can’t know when you have hit the rocks until you have hit them, too late. Free markets work in real time and are forward looking. How else are you going to be able to anticipate the needs of others, if you don’t think of the future.

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    Yup. And there is always the Central Authority problem of data flow constriction at the top of a pyramid. IF decisions are decentralized you get 2 big benefits and one small issue.

    1) By having 1 Million decision makers about what hot dogs to stock in the store or hot dog cart: Any mistakes are limited in scope to 1/1000000 of the decision space.

    2) Each store / cart has a much closer mix of products and quantity available as they “know their market” very well from being “up close and personal” with it (and can react almost instantly to mistakes like a ‘stock out’. Once in the family restaurant we short ordered Rib Steaks, a standard menu item, when folks order a few more than planned. I was dispatched across the street to the grocery store to buy all the Rib Steaks they had and we fixed the issue in about 1 hour…).

    Issue: The downside is that there will be minor errors from time to time at some of the decision points and overall “shocks” can cause oscillations: So beef has a sudden price rise, everyone starts stocking up, and that makes more of a price rise, etc. Until freezers are full and more beef is brought to market.

    Central Decision Making simply can NOT get all the information from 1,000,000 points fast enough, in enough detail, with correlated local knowledge for each location, so make decent decisions. Do they know when the Jews from Temple come in to buy Kosher Hotdogs? When the local Polish Catholics have a special event and Polish Dogs & Kraut will be mobbed? Nope. Can the One Person handling “hot dog buying” for the nation make 1 Million decisions a day? Nope.

    The end result tends to the “One Size Fits All” that doesn’t and the “Standard Order” that is sometimes too little so shelves are empty and sometimes too much so stuff gets thrown out or taken home by “anyone who wants it”. (I had one of those at about 9 years old. The Food Program for the Poor had bought a huge amount of Cheddar Cheese in 5 pound blocks. WAY over stocked (likely to please some cheese State Senator) and the “local authorities” were trying to just give it away to ANYONE in the town who would take it. We took, I think, 10 lbs despite being non-poor and then refused any more. The local store owners complained as nobody was buying cheese for a couple of months due to a glut of free cheese.)

    So you get the One Approved Hotdog and the One Approved Sharp Cheddar cheese in the wrong amounts at the wrong time.

    All because it is not possible to get sufficient information flow to a central authority decision maker and then they are unable to make enough decisions to cover the whole detailed data space anyway. Yes, it is an information processing problem. No, it can’t be fixed by computers as SOMEONE has to program it to cover all those details and that would take about 1,000,000 unique data sets and decision trees and that means about 10,000,000 staff hours to understand them all enough to program it (and don’t even talk to me about how often maintenance would be needed to adapt to all the local changes over time…)

    Simply put: Centralized Decision Making fails for all but a very few issues / products. Things like making it illegal to murder (but legal for self defense) – though even there you end up with distributed judging to handle the edge cases…

    Folks at the top of power / control pyramids always believe they can do it better. Distributed markets (if both free and fair…) always handle it better. We tend to oscillate between those two poles as political winds shift.

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    That first dawned on me in College. Two events made it very clear.

    1) John Tunney, a State Senator and DNC National Candidate wannabe, came to visit the Hot Air Balloon I was working as ground crew. Complete with Security Detail and all. He inspected the wicker basket and said something lame like “That’s really strong enough?”. Looking up at the big propane burners that periodically put out about a 4 foot flame, and the huge bag of Hot Air above his face in the Hot Air Balloon, he asked the “brilliant” question: “So it’s the hot air that makes it go up?” and genuinely was asking to make sure he understood… Dumber than a box of rocks, but knew which ass to kiss and to do what he was told by DNC Management…

    2) Not long after, I was invited to a Rich Kids Party in San Francisco. Guy in the dorms had inherited $2 Million (about the same as $20 Million now). Cottoned to the fact I had clue and invited me to go with him, thinking I might help him decide what to do with his money. End Game: At the party I was astounded at the level of preening, primping, and Stupid being displayed. They did all know how to stick to PC topics and not offend anyone while figuring out to whom to suck up and from whom to get ass kisses. I “stood out” as a lone honest “not pulling punches” person who had real world clue. I realized I never wanted to be in The In Crowd again, and they realized I was not interested in ass kissing or being stroked. I decided to have a bit of fun with them, when it became known I was a Rural Kid Type. When asked about dealing with poor folks: I told the raw truth. The discomfort and squirming was a delight ;-) Reality colliding with PC Fantasy causing stunned looks.

    (Basically criminals get prosecuted and deal with the shit, some folks end up shot from trying really stupid crimes, good folks find a poor job and work like hell until they can get out of poverty, and if somebody needs it, you give them a good whack with anything handy. For those who are actually good folks in bad circumstances, you pitch in to help them. That’s how it was in my small farm town. No preening and ass kissing needed.)

    At that point I’d had enough samples of the Elite to realize they were often just average intelligence folks (some a bit more some a bit less) who were also often out of their depth. They mostly did NOT spend any time (and certainly not enough time) to know how physical reality worked (i.e. not a lot of engineering skill to be seen anywhere) and did spend a LOT of time working on “influencing people” and “knowing the right people”. Key mantra was “it is not what you know but who you know” taken to the extreme. 2nd Gen money or more was often way worse than new money as new money had at least one parent with clue who made the new money. By 2nd to 3rd gen you had a fair number of “Trust Fund Babies” where Dad had inherited the money and Mom was the hottest gold digger bimbo he could put on an arm to look nice. Thus the kids getting a good dose of Bimbo Genes… and Dad had an inferiority complex for not living up to the accomplishments of HIS Dad, mixed with feeling of superiority about folks not in the “in crowd”. The result being a peculiar kind of neurosis…

    Oh, and many of them were the offspring of Not So Brights who had just been lucky. Had a farm over a big oil patch. Opened a lot of franchises from One Good Idea back when the whole field of franchising was a new thing and anyone pretty much could make a go of it (met the guy who founded Wendy’s Burger chain.. Nice guy, knew how to make a good burger and got talked into Franchising. Filthy rich now I’m sure, but not much wisdom beyond that.) My Aunt married a guy who made a killing out of Kosher Potato Salad and similar. Son of a Russian Jew who swam ashore off a boat 3 miles from Florida…. Knew how to make a killer Potato Salad and put it in grocery stores. Not a nice guy if you crossed him, bigoted about a lot of things. But knew Jews and potato salad (and some other Deli bits). None of them particularly the “Smarted guy in the room” and all of them sure of their own importance. (The Wendy’s guy was an exception. Knew he was mostly good at burgers and food… and needed lawyers and accountants and such to keep the rest sorted out.)

    I did meet a small number of really bright rich folks. But they often lacked depth of cultural wisdom. Had made some Tech Leap and were rewarded for it, but were not deep thinkers outside of their specialty. A Ph.D. in Computer Science did a great job of designing router products, but I’d not have wanted him deciding if repeated Jabs where good, or if masking kids for 2 years made sense.

    Overall, I came to the conclusion that I’d met just as many or more Really Smart Folks at the bottom of the economic ladder in My Home Town as I had in the Elite Circles. The major difference was the ones at the bottom were much more grounded in reality and much nicer folks. Those at the top were much more grounded in Political Suck-up-ery and not as nice a folks. MANY more sociopathic back stabbers at the top. MANY more “help others” at the bottom.

    I wouldn’t mind being a helper to someone in the Elite Circles who needed an honest broker, but frankly, I’m very comfortable dealing mostly with “just folks”; and I don’t do “suck up” worth a damn. I’m very much a “truth will set you free” spirit, and that doesn’t go well in Elite Circles.

  15. About late March two years ago word got out about Vit D deficiency, Zinc and quercetin, and Iron.
    I contacted my medical professional and she said there was no reason for me (you may differ) to pay for a Vit D test (“assume you are deficient”). She also suggested I not supplement over 5,000 units per day. [With some diagnoses there is a large initial dose; again, that’s not me.]
    There is Zinc in a multi-tablet, but meat and cashews (and many more) are good choices for me. There is quercetin in red onions, apples, red grapes, and red wine. What’s not to like?
    I’m good with the above things – rather than starting with other chemicals. I’d go that route if I felt the need.
    I have had 3 shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine”. No reaction whatsoever.
    I do not know if I contacted a natural infection.

    A funny: with Zinc and quercetin available in common foods, I was surprised to see, a year ago, an end-of-aisle display of a supplement of the two. It had a 90-day supply for about $23. It was there for a week and disappeared. I doubt any were sold.

  16. DonM says:


    10 mL for 220 lb. per the directions (blue stuff in the yellow box; pour on for cattle)

    I used it when I came in contact with iffy situations. So, for example, after spending a few hours with sick people I would dose … then again 5 to 7 days later.

    I used the horse paste twice … added it to peanut butter sandwich over a few days. This seemed to work as preventative when my daughter was sick and in the same house.

    Right now I working on 12 days of being tired … I used 10mL 12 days ago & 6 mL 6 days ago.

    I almost ordered the pills (ivermectin/hydroxychloroquine) through a FLCCC doctor in Florida ($75 for the doctor & maybe $150-200 for the pills). Pharmacies where I am don’t participate, so it would have to come through the mail from somewhere I don’t know about, so I logged out when it asked for the credit card/payment info.

    Has anybody ordered the pills online? Through a phone doctor visit?

  17. H.R. says:

    I’d love to get the Ivermectin pills, but that won’t happen until FauXi is out of the picture. I’m not sure when or how that will happen. I’m leery of the online Rx purchases, too.

    I have the 1-liter horse 5g per liter, concoction as well. I had the small bottle of sheep Ivermectin labeled 5mg per ml but went through that using it as a preventative. I used it twice as treatment, once when I felt really off and the original strain of Kung Flu was making the rounds, and in January when I got the Omicron variant (not tested, but reasonably certain).

    From our discussions about mixing up the preventatives to throw a curveball to the virus, I have given Ivermectin a rest since about March of this year. Once the Omicron variant blew through, no one was getting sick in the areas I was in, so I took a break.

    “Summer cold season” is here, and I have been thinking of going back on Ivermectin as a preventative. The Summer colds will probably be variants like Omicron; maybe, maybe not. I’ve never really been susceptible to Summer colds, so I’m still debating just using my stash as a treatment.

    I’ll start back in with my Ivermectin as a preventative in the Fall. I’m just under 100kg, so I do the 10 ml dosage once per week or so. There’s a bit of splashing and drips, so I figure I’m getting about the right dosage overall.

    Someone here found the upper limits of exposure was 40 times the recommended dose, so I’m not worried about being too exact with 7 days vs 10 days or 10ml vs 8 or 9 or 11 or 12ml. The drench dosage seems pretty forgiving and combined with a regimen of immune system supplements and lots of sunshine, I just don’t worry about the boogeyman virus or dicey jabs.

    BTW, if we wind up with vaccine passports well, I wonder just how much counterfeit vaccine passports will cost? You just know the market for them will explode. I’m wondering if that is what is stopping their introduction? Are they trying to work out the counterfeiting bugs? Given our current commie government and complicit corrupt bureaucracy in D.C., the illegality of it all isn’t the showstopper.

  18. jim2 says:

    According to the FLCC site, Vit D is even more effective than IVM, so knowing your actual level might be a good thing.

  19. cdquarles says:

    Indeed, you should find out if you are Vitamin D deficient. Get outside a bit more, include more dietary sources, and if needed, supplement. Start with low doses and work your way up, unless you’re very deficient. In that case, find a good physician to work with and get a loading dose recommendation.

  20. E.M.Smith says:

    One of the joys of being in Florida has been the Daily Hot Tub & Pool time. Usually about an hour at about 10 AM-ish or 3 PM-ish (to avoid sunburn on red-head gene skin ;-). I’m slowly turning a light amber / mantilla (about as dark as I can get ;-) as my freckles start to merge ;-)

    I’m sure the Vit-D level is being nicely raised via Sunshine… Essentially whole body exposure skin area (minus swim suit) daily…

    I strongly recommend it ;-)


    I’d not seen that about Vit_D but it’s been about a year since I read more than the charts in their Protocol pages. I’ll need to find where they say that and talk about it. (A link would save me some time…). I don’t doubt it, but I’d like to learn more about it.

    @DonM / H.R.:

    I’d like to have a small supply of pills for times when I fly somewhere and can’t carry the bottle of liquid (presently use Quercitin / Zinc pills). For “my weekly dose”, I’ve come to like the “Cattle Pour On”. Take my Sunday Shower, dribble on a few CCs while laying down. Belly rub a bit. Wait for the solvent to evaporate. Apply shirt and go. Pretty simple and I really like the dirt cheap price. My 2.5 L was about $50, so 5000 ¢ / 250 doses or 20 ¢ / dose (week). Call it 3 ¢ / day.

    My daily coffee is way more than that. ONE gallon of gasoline in California is the same cost as 200 days of Ivm cattle pour on… Think about it…

    And I know it works well as it has for 3 years for myself and spouse despite being “un careful” in THE earliest and biggest Hot Spots…

    As per “Vaccine Passports”: First off, not doing it. Florida will almost certainly blow off any such mandate. Should I need one to go somewhere like Chicago or Kalifornia, well: ANYTHING digital can be hacked or faked. I’ll worry about being unable to get a counterfeit one as soon as there are ZERO virus updates in Microsoft and ZERO corporate hacking incidents and ZERO new CERT advisories for a year…

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Hultquist:

    While I know the various minerals and such are in foods, the problem is knowing the quantities. I know I can look it all up, calculate values, figure meal plans, etc. (I’m presently using chocolate covered Brazil Nuts for Selenium ;-) simple to figure at 1 nut / day) But for most foods the density of things like zinc and quercitin is low and the math an annoyance.

    Yes, I’m consuming onions and red wine (perhaps too much red wine ;-) but when going “on the road” without Ivm, it’s just convenient to have the Quercetin capsules. (They are filled with some dried green plant bits so also really just a “food”, but concentrated… Perhaps kale leaf or some caper bits)

    The “problem” is that the theraputic dose recommended is 1000 mg / day while normal dietary intake is 100 mg / day. Yes, I could eat a lot more kale and capers, but…

    Quercetin is the most abundant flavonoid in the diet. It’s estimated that the average person consumes 10–100 mg of it daily through various food sources.

    Foods that commonly contain quercetin include onions, apples, grapes, berries, broccoli, citrus fruits, cherries, green tea, coffee, red wine, and capers.

  22. jim2 says:

    EMS – here is the rank of several drugs including Vit. D and IVM, this series being for early treatment. They have other classifications also.

  23. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – I suppose the Blue States will play ball and the Red States won’t. Passports will only be an issue if you have to travel from Red to Blue.

    If fake vaccine passports cost $100 each and there are 30 million who won’t get jabbed and will need a passport, that’s a $3-billion chunk of unreportable income sitting on the table.

    As I mentioned, the fake vaccine passport biz will be huge. And if the prices are $300 or $500 or more…? It’ll be like Prohibition all over again. Who knows? Your Uncle Ned may just wind up being the next Al Capone of vaccine passports. 😁

    They’ve already rolled them out in a few places. I wonder how that’s working out as far as fakes being easily used? Perhaps it is a problem.

    Oh, I think they work as a Q-code image on your smartphone. You want to get into the deli to buy a sandwich? Have a friend send an image of their valid Q-code, use that and you’re in. I now think that was maybe why one of the early rollouts I recall was stopped, but I wasn’t sure why at the time and still can’t be sure.

    You can’t do that cellphone trick with RFID, but if you can clone a phone, I suppose you can clone an RFID signal. It’s probably very easy with a bit of gear.

    So again, I think the holdup in digital passports is the counterfeiting issue, not the legality of it all.

  24. philjourdan says:

    @John Hultquist – Re: Vitamin DEF and G

    Yea, my Doc stealth told me on the D3 to got to 5000iu. No explanation, just do it! So I did. Then added the Quercertin, C and Zinc (based upon many articles).

    My wife had been doing the same, just did not know it. But she is getting boosted every 4 months thanks to FAUXCI, I refuse to get any more. PERIOD

    So she is covid free, and I am covid free. But I have more vitamins in my system, and she has more chemicals.

    I chose the natural way.

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    See the just posted W.O.O.D. about issues with vax. Have your spouse to a FAST and OFTEN cancer screening. Just saying. I have an (unfortunate) family Twin Study of jabbed vs not jabbed that says (count of 1 pair, so not trustworthy) the Jabbed get Cancer and the IVM not jabbed do not.

    I dearly hope it is just a wrong quantum flux… as my kids both chose The Jab… but it will not be known for several years….

  26. philjourdan says:

    I will “softly” suggest she get a cancer screening. I had renal cancer 3.5 years ago (pure luck that it was found when it was). But Good ole Doc Blake did a partial nephrectomy and been clean since. Scared her more than it did me! (but I was diagnosed the same time my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, so I knew mine was nothing in comparison).

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