Nice Fantasy You Got There, IF You Can Keep It…

The Democrats had (are having?) some kind of choreographed and professionally produced “Reality TV” show in The District Of Criminals, Wash. D.C.

They have professionals hired to make it interesting and script it for most effect.

They have all the Lame Stream Media on their side, pushing the “Story”.

I’d managed to watch all of about 20 seconds of it while channel surfing (Liz “Traitor” Cheney bitching about Trump) before I’d been able to “move on”.

Seems almost everyone else is just as excited. Some viewership stats had it pulling something like 1 M on most channels that carried it, maybe 5 million all told. Fox got 3 Million viewers all by themselves via NOT showing the fake “Reality” TV show titled, it seems, something like “Evil Dictator Wannabe Trump Leads INSURRECTION!!! Against Truth and Beauty!!!!”

Figure about 350,000,000 in just the USA (remember that folks watch some of these “vendors of narrative” in other countries too) and divide into 5 Million. I get about 1/70 of the nation. Call it 1.5 % being generous. You can even double that to 3% and still not find the spit in the bottom of that bucket.

Basically, even the Democrats stayed away in droves. At about 40% registered Dems in the USA, they have about 140 Million of the population (assuming children of Dems tend to Dem too)

So why am I bothering to point this out if I’m so uninterested?

Well, today I was taking the car out to top up the fuel. Hurricane season, so keep it full. The AM stations I often listen to were staticy, so I swapped to FM, and there was NPR. Sometimes they have fun shows (“Wait Wait!”) so I listened for about 10 minutes. My bad…

They had some guy, who was the leader of the Inquisition in some way, talking about it. His voice sounded like a big black man, so maybe someone who cares can remember his name. I couldn’t. He was there to Push the Fantasy Narrative.

It goes something like this:

1) Trump KNEW he had lost. We have the receipts where Trusted Advisors told him so.

2) Trump REFUSED to listen to them, and started listening to Dark Powers that lied to him and told him the election was stolen, that we all know is false. He believed this falsehood.

3) Trump Riled Up The Followers. He incited them to a fever pitch and even said they ought to come to D.C. and “It will be wild“. (How dare a POTUS demand people to be Wild and destructive and that’s clearly him calling for an insurrection!)

4) The Proud Boys (horrible felons bent on destruction and mayhem) were involved as some kind of shock troops! [But not real clear doing just what from what they said -E.M.S.]

5) At the Capitol, Trump incited his mob of followers to storm the Capitol and overturn the legal and just election of Biden, Saints be Praised, and Harris, Peace Be Upon Her. He TOLD them to “march to the capitol!”.

6) Clearly Trump (spit) is an insurrection leader and needs to be in jail with all the TERRORISTS CAPTURED in the ASSAULT on the Capitol!!!

At least, that’s how it came across to me. Slightly paraphrased with just a touch of parody (but not much!). One mistake he made was admitting, when asked, that “they have no proof”.

Then, as I was parking the car, they were prattling on about how HORRIBLE it was that FOX did NOT carry their Show Trial Theatre! Nattering about the horror of Fox saying they were running a business and publishing what people wanted to watch and how HORRIBLE that was they were treating their viewers as customers not CITIZENS!!!.

Apparently not realizing having already 4 Walled this Fantasy on every other channel they already have pwned: it was really pointless to split the (trivial) audience into one more smaller division.

So more nattering about how Fox Viewers overlapped with Trump Supporters so were clearly troglodytes and ignorant and suffering a complete dementia breakdown of thought as they believe flat out lies like “The election was stolen” by Saint Biden of the Checkbook.

At that point, I turned it off. Having reached saturation on their fantasy show.

As I was AT the 6-Jan event and listened to Trump speak, I can say (and have put up an article about my experience there) that the crowed was one of the most peaceful and loving I’ve ever been in. Moms leading kids in songs. Folks helping each other. LOTS of “Please & Thank You” all around.

Also note that the Peaceful Protest (Using the Democrat Term of Art) was already going on down at the Capitol while the Trump crowd was still listening to him speak 1.8 miles away. He ran over his scheduled time, so the False Flag Riot lead by the FBI & Antifa plants got launched ahead of when the Trump Followers were anywhere near the building. Ooops!

By the time we DID walk (peacefully BTW) to the Capitol, there were already Riot Police gassing folks on the steps. That was underway BEFORE we could even get there. Almost all of the Trump Followers, looked around, saw it was a bit messy, and turned around and left. We took a few photos (from the approved area of pavement between some statue and the building) and then we, too, promptly left. There was a minor traffic jam getting out. Cars were moving well enough though. So the notion that it was Trump that caused anyone to take action is just BOGUS. A fantasy dreamed up for this Dog & Puppet Show.

So all I can say to the Dimocrats in the District Of Criminals who are putting on this Fantasy Show: It’s a nice Fantasy you got there, IF you can keep it.

Clearly everyone but your staff, family, and closest friends had something more important to do than watch you lie. We got way too much of that already (Russia, Russia!, RUSSIA!!!! for instance). We KNOW now that if your mouth is open you are lying. Credibility blown never returns, BTW.

So keep on flashing your goods at the Family & Friends. I’m sure they will praise your performance (rather like parents at a kindergarten play…) and tell you all is good.

For the rest of us, we are far more concerned about 15% REAL inflation and $5 / gallon gasoline and running out of Diesel in the Atlantic States. All due to YOU and Biden.

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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7 Responses to Nice Fantasy You Got There, IF You Can Keep It…

  1. jim2 says:

    I happened to be watching Tucker Carlson whose show was in the same time slot as J6. He was pointing out the problems with the Dimowit narrative on J6. Counter-programming, if you will.

  2. philjourdan says:

    I was not a part of the 1.5 or 3%. But I did check the news feeds the next morning. Fox had it way down in the list of news stories. That is when I knew it bombed. It was no headline news.

    I see where one of the liars said they had “1000 witnesses testifying that the election was clean” in the committee meetings. DUH! If you wanted to get 1000 witnesses testifying to that, that is who you call upon! I could get another 1000 that would say it was stolen. And now we have proof it was. 2000 mules.

    so when fake news says “no evidence”, they are lying. There is not only a ton of evidence, there is now proof. But then anyone with any kind of intelligence knew that from November.

  3. Pinroot says:

    I’ve read somewhere that they’re saying nearly 20 million viewed the reality show trial, apparently that came from Neilson, but who really knows? I think that still amounts to ‘twice nothing is still nothing, almost no one cares’. Meanwhile Biden goes on tv and says he wishes he could arrest Republicans, the next day Ryan Kelley, Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, is arrested by the FBI for standing on the steps of the Capitol on 1/6. Only took them a year and a half to arrest him, and if he hadn’t had the audacity to run for governor, they probably never would have bothered him. Bannon says there are thousands of FBI whistle blowers coming forward, but at this point I won’t believe it till I see it. We live in interesting times.

  4. philjourdan says:

    Actually Nielsen said 11 million. Which would be EMS’ top end of 3%.

  5. Saighdear says:

    Yes, the blonde beautie …. had forgotten the name…. thnx for reminder EM. BBC late last night – “hit the red button” , says duck to dog ( from years ago advert). Euro Satellite full of the same dung. and our On-line Daily Mail is no’ much better with their moderated / unmoderated comments ….. seems it’s their propanda or nothing: in other words no WORTHWHILE Comments to add positivity to the story.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    There’s an issue of “people” vs “sets”. Nielsen asks how many people were in the room “watching”. Other folks (like monitoring web feeds) just count destination devices.

    Part of why I used “full population” and didn’t leave out the under 10 Y.O. and in the hospital comatose… because Nielsen counts people… even the ones reading a book but in the room…

    They did some test with a camera to actually count the eyeballs on commercials, but rapidly disappeared the results and I’ve not seen any report since (may be out there but didn’t get support “going forward”). Why? Because it showed that for every 100 “people” they said were watching, when the commercials came on most of them evaporated (potty run, re-fill the beer, hit mute and talk with each other, etc.) or they were already “checked out” in some way (fell asleep, passed out, reading a book while hubby watched sports, sucked into laptop or phone, simply had the set on but wasn’t in the room at all anyway, etc. etc.) So cutting ad revenues in 1/2 or so was seen as a big downside ;-)

    Then there’s the other point: How many of the viewers were actually doing “opposition research”? The only reason I’d watch any of it is to point out the bogosity in it all. I’m sure some large number of lawyers and law firms were watching looking for profit opportunities…

  7. p.g.sharrow says:

    spent my time watching Bill Barr , that Deep State Plant, explain his actions and hawk his book. Some insight about his actions, or inaction during his stent as Trumps AG. An hour and a half of Barr dodging the interviewer’s questions. while claiming that he was not happy with the Justice Department / FBI drive to “GET Trump” while he did nothing to stop it.

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