3 Boxes, or More?

The Wiki details this. I’d first heard it as 3 boxes to assure liberty, to be used in order: Soap Box, Ballot Box, and Ammo Box. It looks like it started with those, but has expanded to four over time. There’s also “Jury Box” in many early forms:


Stephen Decatur Miller may have originated the concept during a speech at Stateburg, South Carolina, in September 1830. He said “There are three and only three ways to reform our Congressional legislation, familiarly called, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box”. This became his campaign slogan in his successful bid for the Senate on a platform advocating the abolition of tariffs. An 1849 edition of the Family Favorite and Temperance Journal extended the concept: “Four boxes govern the world:—cartridge box, ballot box, jury box, and band box”. The bandbox, originally designed to hold collar bands, was used to carry the elaborate women’s hats of the time as well as many other personal items. The quip was reproduced in the 25 December 1869 edition of the Spirit of the Times newspaper and in the 1881 Treasury of wisdom, wit and humor, odd comparisons and proverbs.

So there’s some history of folks “tagging on” some more boxes.

In a speech delivered on 15 November 1867, Douglass said “A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box. Let no man be kept from the ballot box because of his color. Let no woman be kept from the ballot box because of her sex”.
In a commentary on Leonard Levy’s book Origins of the Bill of Rights (1999), Professor Brian C. Kalt of the Michigan State University College of Law argues that the saying simply expresses the intent of the United States Bill of Rights to enshrine and protect the popular sovereignty. It succinctly defines the four methods by which the people can stand up for their rights.

Taking a less positive view of the idea, in April 2010 the Anti-Defamation League noted that it is frequently used by anti-government extremists to justify violence to gain their ends on the grounds that all else has failed, and cites a typical comment on the Pat Dollard Web Site: “we’ve tried the soap box & the ballot box to no avail. Maybe it’s time to start thinking INSIDE the box – the bullet box”.

I can see how it fits the Bill Of Rights. Freedom of speech is the soap box. The 2A is the Cartridge Box. Jury of your peers and our legal structure is the “jury box”. Our Vote is the ballot box.

But the exact boxes enumerated tends to vary a bit…

Modern usage

James G. Watt, United States Secretary of the Interior 1981–1983
Time reported that the saying was used in September 1976 by a keynote speaker at a convention of the American Independent Party, […], all agreed with the saying. During a March 1991 dinner event organized by the Green River Cattlemen’s Association in Wyoming, James G. Watt said, “If the troubles from environmentalists cannot be solved in the jury box or at the ballot box, perhaps the cartridge box should be used.”

Larry McDonald, a politician from Georgia and former president of the John Birch Society has also been quoted, omitting the caution to use bullets as the last resort: “We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box”. The term is used in newspaper articles, and has been used in a petition to the Supreme Court of California. “Four boxes” and derivatives have been used in the name of various websites that espouse patriotism and the right to bear arms.

So let’s start with a set of 4: Soap Box, Ballot Box, Jury Box, Ammo Box.

In our present Globalist Tyranny In The Making, the “softer” boxes have been systematically usurped, and they are attempting to ban the cartridge box entirely.

In The Public Square, you can not effectively use the Soap Box; what with extremely partisan “fact checkers” and assertions that their Party Line is the “scientific” truth. “Hate Speech” laws allow anyone to claim their feelings were hurt so you ought to go to jail. Then there’s the army of Doxers and intimidation for any speaker who goes against the Approved Narrative. (Seasoned heavily with smearing and “cancel culture” if you are important enough to get attention).

We now know that the Ballot Box is at a minimum tainted, and potentially completely pwnd and out of commission. China owns the Dominion Vote Counting Machine company (bought for $400 Million just before the Trump / Biden election). The DNC Ballot Harvesting, Fabrication, and Stuffing operation is documented as a giant operation (per Biden himself…) and you can see the massive 2 AM spike when they backed up the truck and dumped a load. We will find out in November if it is completely broken and non-functional. Anyone who thinks the country is happy with Bumbling Biden, Kackling Kamala, and the farce of a Congress flushing $Billions to family & Friends while the country burns; and claims folks will vote to support that in November is seriously out of touch. If there is not a clear and strong “Red Wave” at the count, you know it was seriously rigged.

The Jury Box is also now weaponized against anyone not supporting the Deep State & DNC. This is via loading “judges” into the court system who are partisan hacks, not honest unbiased judges (note that the one who signed off on the Trump Search Warrant worked to defend Epstein staffers… so likely has Deep State connections). Drawing from a population in D.C. (where political actions tend to be tried) uses a jury pool that’s something like 90% Democrats and likely about the same Government Employees. Like that’s going to be a fair trial. Then there’s the talk of Packing The Court… So while some cases are decided on the Law and Facts, it is increasingly the case that Judicial Rulings are biased, handed down with prejudice, or come with no Jury at all. Like all the FISA abuse. Oh, and those 87,000 new IRS Agents (claimed to be armed by one news source) can only be contested in their own Tax Court… without a jury I believe…

So does that only leave the Ammo Box? An armed revolt? Is there no other way?

IMHO, there’s 2 other “boxes” that exist and can be inserted into the stream. We ought to try those two first. (Though at least one of them is already shown to be partly compromised).

1) The Protest Box. (Imagine a square block of folks marching down the street, or a block of tractors parked on a freeway).

Yes, we’ve seen this one tried in Canada, by the Yellow Vests in France, and in D.C. on 6-Jan; and they were persecuted for it. Yet it is also ongoing in places as diverse as Sri Lanka (where their president was run out of the country) and The Netherlands. I think it still “has legs”. We need a lot more folks protesting a lot more to be effective, but it is having some good effect.

2) This one I’d call the “Galt Box”. Typically it is the General Strike. Everyone just stops work and goes home. Gandhi in India was successful with it. Right now in the USA you see a LOT of “Help Wanted” signs all over the place. (And it is NOT because the economy is doing so great…) IMHO, this is the indication that a whole lot of folks have just said “Up Yours!” to things like Vexxine Mandates and other stupidity.

I am one of them. I was working (part time, admittedly) and was told the Jab was a requirement (plus reporting my “status” to a couple of State and other government tracking databases). I said no and quit. I’ve “gone Galt”.

It will take a lot more folks Going Galt for the effect to be damaging, but I suspect we’ll get there eventually.

Oddly, I think the European Globalists are going to run the EU into a Gone Galt situation via their own stupidity. This winter, when there’s not enough gas to run both German Industry and German Homes, their industry will shut down. Germany is the financial engine that funds the EU Member Nations without the cash to run (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain – the PIIGS…). I’m not seeing how the EU avoids having most of all those nations Go Galt, even if involuntarily, due to fuel & food shutdowns.

In many ways, modern agriculture is the art of turning Diesel Oil and Nitrogen Fertilizer (made from / with natural gas) into food. Now the Gang Green want to ban Diesel and Nitrogen Fertilizer… which absolutely MUST result in a lot less food production at much higher prices.

So unless the EU drops sanctions and gets back on the Russian Oil & Gas supply Big Time and in a hurry, they can’t make it through the coming winter without shutting down major industry (including fertilizer manufacture). This ought to cause an EU Wide “General Strike” and “going Galt” as cold and hungry people try to figure out how to survive…

The USA will take longer, as The Powers That Be will want to make things look all rosy going into the November election, but look out 1 Jan 2023 (or they might be all sentimental about it and let the major screwage begin 6 Jan 2023). Canada and Australia I expect will be after the EU but before the USA…

So the way I see it, that kind of collapse has the same effect as folks choosing the Galt Box.

What order would I put things in?

Soap Box
Jury Box
Ballot Box
Protest Box
Galt Box
Ammo Box

My six steps… Right now, it looks like folks are more or less on the Protest Box. They are giving the Ballot Box one more try, to see if it is actually working or not; but not expecting it to be fair and valid (given the history of blatant voting fraud).

I expect that the Galt Box has already started a little bit among the folks just dropping out of the work force over Mandates. I think it will be strongly in play in December when German Industry is offline and the USA is fuming over another fraudulent “election”.

Hopefully those 2 can “Get ‘er done”. IFF they don’t, expect to see a new Civil War. It will start with “Disobedience”. To some extent it already has, with bussing of illegal invading migrants to DC from Texas and Florida. Increasing partisan Mandates and craziness from D.C. will just drive folks to “Just Say No” a whole lot more; to eventually include just saying “We’re outta here”. I hope nothing proceeds to the Ammo Box…

Notice I’ve left Constitutional Convention off the list. I’ve got 2 reasons for that. First off, the only folks who would be allowed into a Constitutional Convention are the same ones who are the Elites Who Love Big Government. It won’t be Trump, Bob The Butcher, and You doing the re-write. It will be the folks with Liberal Law degrees who got us into the present mess. The other is just that the process would take too long. Events will have run to an irrecoverable point before you could get the schedule set up and the Endless Bickering started…

In Conclusion

We have seen amply demonstrated that “whoever” is driving this process of Global Tyranny has no interest in “allowing” us mere Citizens to choose our government. They have decided a Global Technocracy Tyranny is what’s best, and are doing everything possible (legal or not) to force it. There is no negotiation and no relenting. They also have no respect for “rule of law” or “equal protection”, and love to corrupt governments (and people) to get their way. It looks like murders are also acceptable to them. (Certainly confiscation of property / money etc. and locking people up without trial or even charges for years is just fine with them).

Given all that: I doubt that “mere protests” will get their attention (at least not beyond demands to crush the protesters). That leaves a Vague Hope that the mid-term elections will be clean enough for a clear “Red Wave” to be seen and happen. A Vague Hope is not much to plan on…

Which, IMHO, will deposit us at Going Galt. Europe will likely get there first (voluntarily or through their own stupidity vs Russia). So I expect next January will be a highly enlightening moment. IF a major shutdown doesn’t change things, plan to be prepared, hunkered down, and expect things to get chaotic.

As is usual with any attempt to predict a volatile and uncertain future: Any speculation about future events or timing WILL BE WRONG. At best you can hope for some points to be similar to expectations, and a lot to be off (by more, or less). These are just my best guesses, and a whole lot of “unknowns” could make it all moot.

China might invade Taiwan – crushing all industries that depend on computer chips.

Russia might decide that NATO is too much of a threat (or NATO might start a Hot War with them) and we could even end up with a “Glow In The Dark” result.

Who Knows: We might even have Trump get elevated to POTUS via a House Vote (with him as Speaker post mid-terms and then impeached Kamala and & Creepy Joe, so Speaker moves up…)

I don’t expect any of those things to happen; but that’s the whole point. When what you don’t expect does happen, it all gets messed up…

So that’s my best guess as of now. Subject to revision as more becomes known.

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39 Responses to 3 Boxes, or More?

  1. cdquarles says:

    This sounds correct. Ask yourself, “How did those very civilized Germans in the 1930s end up with a tyranny”? “The usual way” and we are seeing it play out in the USA right now. Which may be why they want to get rid of us “oldsters” who were taught the old ways, starved out.

  2. rhoda klapp says:

    Look out for the stories, narrative if you will, that we all ought to make do with a little less, take one for the team, stick together and we’ll get through. All of those things are a front to steal our liberties from us. Don’t buy it. The folks who are pushing this think it is OUR fault, for there being too many of us looking out for our own interests.

  3. Simon Derricutt says:

    Buying this place in France 20 years ago was effectively me going Galt since the other options available to me at the time were less than appealing. The problem with working in an isolated location in a high-tech business (electronics design and production) is that if that company decides to move the business, there’s no local equivalent jobs to go to. Thus you either move when that happens, or find something else to do.

    Funny thing there is that going Galt might have been the most-useful thing I have done, given that it gave me a lot more time on thinking about physics. Resulted in the various odd things I’ve reported here to do with energy production and transport, which look to be coming to fruition fairly soon. I’ve been talking to some bright people with some very interesting ideas over that time, and there may be things we can make in the back shed pretty simply that were thought to be impossible but aren’t. I’ll report on that when the data is in.

    If, as it’s looking possible, people will be able to generate energy for themselves without needing fuel, the political ramifications of that are pretty large. Sure, the fossil fuels will still be needed as chemical precursors, but it’ll be much cheaper to get the energy needed by using the new technologies (note the plural there, since there are several that are almost ready) and the production of those devices won’t be dominated by China.

    Maybe expect some pushback on these “impossible” things, because they’ll remove the possibility of Hydraulic Despotism from the GGEBs. Kind of hard to keep them secret, though, if they can be made in the back shed. One method may be low-tech, others will need a lot of kit to manufacture, but in reality we only need one to work.

    So maybe another box that could come into play is the tool-box. I’m pretty sure most of the people here would be able to get the low-tech version running, so I’ll be playing with that one to sort out details (and of course to see whether it really works or it’s experimental error of some sort).

  4. rhoda klapp says:

    Simon, if you develop the ‘Mr Fusion’ equivalent, the GGEBs will absolutely not let us have it.

  5. Simon Derricutt says:

    Rhoda – the one I’m thinking of is “leaky capacitor” thrusters mounted on a generator. The thrust developed seems to depend on the leakage current, so reducing the dielectric thickness means you should be able to make it work at a lower voltage. See http://physicsfromtheedge.blogspot.com/2022/08/glimpses-of-qi-in-lab.html . There, using kV of voltage because the dielectric is installed by hand as a separate layer and is of the order of 10microns thick. Seems to me that anodising some Aluminium foil, using a Polythene sheet with a large hole in it between two layers of the anodised foil (to remove the cut-edge problem on the foils), and putting the assembly through a laminator to hold the assembly together, should get an equivalent leakage current at 10V or so. If that works, mount some of those in a motor configuration on the axle of a DC electric motor to see if it generates more power than it uses to run. This is the sort of kitchen-table assembly that most people should be able to do. Thus if it actually works, most of us could have our own perpetual motion systems providing power. Sounds totally crazy, I know, but there are enough replications of this around to think it will actually work.

    The power supply will need a bit of care to design, since the output needs to be current-controlled and low-capacitance. Since here we’re running on the edge of a dielectric failure, and hopefully not crossing that line, designing that to happen automatically will be useful. That’s maybe the trickiest part of this experiment, but once designed it can be replicated easily enough.

    Initial power expected will be of the order of watts, with development needed to get more available power. Also worth saying that I’ve been told by one of the people working on electric thrusters that more than a newton of thrust has been measured (different principle than “leaky capacitor”) though I haven’t yet managed to persuade him to try making such a generator with it. It is after all crazy to think that CoE can be violated and he thinks it’s not going to work.

    I’d be tempted to dismiss “Mr. Fusion” as sci-fi and will never happen, but I’m less certain of that than I used to be. May not be able to stuff in any old rubbish, but there are successes in Cold Fusion experiments. Not yet large amounts of power, or total reliability, but maybe getting closer to commercially available.

  6. John Hultquist says:

    About the Galt Box. About 10 years ago, my wife (now deceased) began helping less fortunate folks access services and goods provided by others (volunteers and via government). I mostly stuck with volunteer trail work in the mountains, but I did help her do some of the things she did.
    I am astounded at the “help” available to just about anyone that wants something, including food (and for pets), clothing, supplies, and money for rent, utilities, and on and on. Note the word “wants” rather than “needs” in the previous sentence.
    Going Galt is not something only regular middle-class folks can do. Why work when society supports you as well as did your paycheck?

    Two other ideas.
    1: The means that environmental activists have used to shut down projects are increasingly being invoked by mild-mannered citizens to push back against intrusion and mismanagement of the democrats (aka, socialists).

    2: The rush-to-green is running headlong into the laws of physics, chemistry, and arithmetic (scale). What can’t be done, won’t.

  7. YMMV says:

    “China might invade Taiwan” was listed as a complicating unknown.

    There is another way of looking at that, which comes from this article by a Canadian:
    “Terence Corcoran: First we take Hong Kong”

    China always gets what it wants, sooner or later, by whatever method.
    Tibet, Hong Kong, …. and Taiwan too?

    They did not have to invade to get Hong Kong. The West gave it back, with its own unique sense of fairness. Much as we can see the West doing today with other issues. File under “white guilt”.

    Why should China invade when they see that the left will eventually just hand Taiwan to them on a platter? The neo-left will do that, once they finish taking over the government. Almost done.

    So, in a normal situation, you could use that series of boxes. But what if it is too late?
    The neo-left owns the education system, top to bottom. And the media. There goes the hope of persuading most of the people to join the resistance. For example, it’s been years since it was possible to convince the masses that global warming was a scam. When the whole system collapses maybe we will be able to convince them. Maybe. It’s going to get messy.

  8. YMMV says:


    “My concern is that I feel like socialists are taking over,” Mackey told host Nick Gillespie. “They’re marching through the institutions. They’re… taking over education. It looks like they’ve taken over a lot of the corporations. It looks like they’ve taken over the military. And it’s just continuing.

    “You know, I’m a capitalist at heart, and I believe in liberty and capitalism. Those are my twin values. And I feel like, you know, with the way freedom of speech is today, the movement on gun control, a lot of the liberties that I’ve taken for granted most of my life, I think, are under threat,” he added.

  9. cdquarles says:

    To which I’d add, they’ve been under threat at least since the “Progressives” of the 1890s and also by the “Democrats” since the 1820s. I’d also stop using Marxist terms like capitalist, except as mockery. Free men create free markets. Tyrants can’t stand that.

  10. jim2 says:

    Might want to add the Pine Box?

  11. Ossqss says:

    @jim2, LMAO!

  12. H.R. says:

    @cdq – I don’t think I ever use capitalist, although I may have slipped a couple of times.

    @jim2 – I second Ossqss’ LMAO!

    E.M. laid out the order of progression through the boxes starting at soap box. But I think we already blew through all those and are fast approaching pine box.

  13. Pouncer says:

    There’s “the sand box” — as in computer systems development, not sex games — where new system experiments can (should, must) be tried in isolation from the older main system, such that a mistake doesn’t bring everything down. More or less accidentally the US states have been the laboratories of democracy, but over the past century it’s more common for the culture to demand the entire nation try out any given crazy idea, all over, all at once. No Child Left Behind, Common Core, ObamaCare, Covid requirements… I’d like to reinstate the notion that it’s okay that California considers Texas crazy, AND vice versa.

    A risk we face is a loss of “the tool box”. The idea that the common people own their own stuff and can modify, fix, improve, decorate, etc as each, he or she, likes is under direct threat. The wise and great prefer the idea that a car or TV or tractor can be turned off or shut down by the central authorities. And Brandon-Forbid that some commoner in a garage tinkering with his personal tool box might start up the next Wright Flyer or Xerox copier or Apple computer or CPAP sleep aid…

  14. Ossqss says:



  15. H.R. says:

    @pouncer – Then there are those GEBs that are doing their best to have us “own nothing and be happy.”

    Oh, not to mention the GEBs who think there are too many of “us” and would like to pare down the population by about 7 billion so only “they” and their families are left along with enough people to trim their hedges, clean their toilets, fix their meals, fill out a private army to keep “them” safe and the rabble at bay, and maintain “their” transportation fleet. All of those people are the remaining “us”.

    Kinda makes it tough to be left alone to build a playhouse in the backyard for the kids. The GEBs are making it impossible to be left alone. Worse than meddlesome busybodies, “they” are just plain evil.

  16. Jeff says:

    Could also add “Pandora’s Box”, which (almost) would cover everything the GEBs, Greens, and Gore-Bullists have in store (not to mention the DEMONRATS)…

  17. philjourdan says:

    Airvent is publishing again. He claims that Kari lake was a victim of voter fraud and only the massive turnout saved her. I have not followed that race close enough to comment. But I do believe the ballot box is still compromised.

  18. philjourdan says:

    @Jeff – Pandora’s box was actually a Jar. BU

  19. philjourdan says:

    Sorry rest of the comment: But it was called a box, so qualifies

  20. Rudolph Hucker says:

    +1 for “the tool box”. Individually, it would be Extreme DIY to have every tool. But across a small community of like-minded people it’s achievable. Especially the power-tool things like a cement mixer, core drills, chain saws, circular saws, routers, lathes, angle grinders, jack hammers, welders even (but not sure how we would run a welder off of solar panels). Oh, and a drill bit sharpener.

  21. Rudolph Hucker says:

    Another couple of boxes perhaps?
    (1) Food box – for long-life dried & tinned stuff. I’m no Prepper, but our house has been gradually accumulating. If nothing else, with stock rotation, a buffer against rising prices.
    (2) Seed box – as a seed bank, for next year’s crops, again with neighbours for variety and genetic diversity. Or just in case Gates & Co make all seeds one-time-only GM items.

  22. p.g.sharrow says:

    Rudolph Hucker says:”, welders even (but not sure how we would run a welder off of solar panels). “Running a welder off of solar”, no problem. You can even weld direct drive off of solar panels or solar panels and batteries. Biggest problem with utilizing DC power is to break an established arc..
    AC power has a natural “0” point to assist in breaking the current flow but DC is just on!

  23. Pouncer says:

    Agree with the “food box” idea but in keeping with the spirit of resurrecting traditional vocabulary I would call it the “bread box”. As in “bigger than a …”

    I realize the term is literally much too specific but as a metaphor related to the concept of “give us this day our daily …” it has a lot of poetic and rhetorical power. Without a personal “bread box” one winds up standing in the “bread line” — a circumstance to be avoided.

    So what’s the entire list look like, so far?

  24. E.M.Smith says:

    Welding “off grid” is easy. LOTS of folks do “on trail” repairs with various kinds of welders. Usually stick welders, but MIG too.

    1headr_03In a sense you might say that Ready Welder is a “First Mover” in a new ‘Sub Industry’ of the Welding Industry, which is now known as ‘The Portable Welding Industry.. Ready Welder, in the late ’90’s developed the first light, battery powered MIG welder, which came to market in late 1997. During the ensuing years, new Ready Welder Models have been developed to meet certain user needs.Other companies have since come out with portable MIG welders intended to be competitive, but most did not last, and others, still in business could not match Ready Welder’s success and growth, especially in the last few years after it was discovered by the U.S. Army.
    PORTABILITY: The Ready Welder, in it’s case, is light enough to be hand carried.
    10000csMAINPOWERFUL: This MIG Welder can be powered by batteries, or by AC current when connected to a welding machine as a Spool Gun.
    AMPERAGE RANGE: The Ready Welder welds very thin metals using a 12 and a 6 volt battery, (18 volts) or very thick metals with 36 volts DC, (three 12 volt batteries) yielding from 45amps, up to 350 amps of power.
    VERSATILE: Welds steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or any weld-able metal or alloy; in addition: Use it as a Spool Gun or as a stand alone welder. Ready Welder II welds with, or without a gas tank, as with flux core electrode wire.





    For bigger jobs, like a prop shaft at sea… consider Thermite (but you MUST have enough sand or similar to prevent it burning on through the hull…)

    If you can charge a 12 VDC battery you can weld.

  25. Mark Matis says:

    Do you REALLY believe the filthy Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill would tolerate Trump being elected Speaker, even if the upcoming elections are remotely honest enough to give them the House? Never forget that they elected Ryan as Speaker after seeing “Weepy” at his finest, and then followed up with McCarthy.

  26. Historian says:

    A bit over 9 years ago, I wrote an article entitled “The Four Boxes”. https://libertyhollow.weebly.com/home/the-four-boxes
    Nothing that has occurred since that time surprises me, although the acts of the TyrFor are getting increasingly blatant. The writing was on the wall in 2008.

    I see protests as part of the Soap Box, an exercise of our right to speak freely and to point out when we think mistakes are being made. I expect that protests made by the Liberty movement or any fellow travellers will meet the same end seen to date- Ignoring them, followed by suppressing them, followed by persecution of those who continue to object. The True Believers that support the Tyranny Movement will continue to march toward their dream of a gulag for every freedom-loving person.

    The ballot box has been demonstrably corrupted, as has the jury box. Thinking of going Galt or monkey-wrenching is at best a half-step towards the cartridge box. What will you do when those who would rule you REQUIRE you to work, or pass punitive “Wealth Taxes” on those who are not working and have the means to support themselves? Comply? Try to persuade them not to? Vote harder? Sue them? Have them prosecuted?

    Each person has to decide for themselves whether or how they will resist the current goose-stepping toward Tyranny, but as it has been said (probably best by the Smallest Minority)- “There are only two ways in which people may interact- by persuasion or by force. When persuasion fails, your only other option is force.” Make no mistake; the reality is that the Tyranny Movement continues to accelerate their use of force against the Liberty movement. They hate liberty, they hate what the Liberty movement stands for, and many of these True Believers want those of us who stand for Liberty placed in gulags or simply killed. They have publicly stated this, repeatedly. Like it or not, that is reality.

    “One may ignore reality, but one may never avoid the consequences of having ignored reality.”

    “Why do my eyes hurt?” “You’ve never used them.”

  27. philjourdan says:

    @Historian – thanks to the link to your site and an excellent article as well. I am bookmarking it for future reference. Should you start publishing again.

    Thank you

  28. So each box represents withdrawing of some type of approval.
    soap – withdrawal of deliberative approbation
    ballot – withdrawal of political approbation
    jury – withdrawal of legal approbation
    protest – withdrawal of group approbation
    Galt – withdrawal of participative approbation
    cartridge – withdrawal of peaceful approbation

  29. Taz says:

    Looked this up only recently.

    45,000 people are murdered in the United States every year.
    600,000+ disappear every year.

    Those on that “disappear” list are never really investigated until a body is found.

    Remember hammering this home to family young people. “Do not make enemies. Period. Because things are never as they seem.” Sure does seem that many today never received that “Don’t make enemies” talk. A pity.

    Something to ponder? What happens when those who just wished to be left alone start taking previously unimagined risks to free themselves from tormentors? ie “Just execute the permanent fix”.

    Another search I should try? How many disappeared following Katrina? Maybe a followup “How many newspeople vanished while investigating Katrina?”

    Am always incredulous over the lack of imagination displayed by those with “causes” who attempt to bully the public into submitting to their demands…. Their lack of self awareness is just stunning.

    It appears “the cartridge box” is with us now. Has ALWAYS been with us. Never seen due to closed eyes….

  30. cdquarles says:

    Re Katrina. A few did disappear. Most folk that left N. O. were accounted for. Given that southern Louisiana is a swamp …, heck, there are a few places not far from me where you’d never be found.

  31. The True Nolan says:

    @Taz: “How many disappeared following Katrina? Maybe a followup “How many newspeople vanished while investigating Katrina?”

    Just a short story… Hurricane Andrew hit south Florida in 1992 and absolutely devastated Dade County. (I drove through the area a year later and some neighborhoods looked like Hiroshima.) The official death toll was under 25 and yet 250,000 were left homeless. That’s quite a ratio! Over the next few years I happened to run into 3 separate individuals who had done rescue work in the aftermath. Remember, this is 3 instances, and 3 individuals, but each of them, once the subject of Andrew came up told me the same thing. They each leaned a bit closer and in a half whisper said some version of “There were a LOT more people killed there than they are saying!” Each repeated stories of searching apartment buildings with multiple fatalities in multiple rooms. One claimed to have seen multiple refrigerated trailers for corpse storage.

    If it were one person saying such things I would discount it, but 3 out of 3 rescuers I met told me the same thing. I have heard similar stories about Katrina and other disasters. My conclusion? Call me crazy…

    I think there is a coordinated program of some sort (I assume something at least quasi-governmental) that collects large number of corpses. Is it done for harvesting human tissue? Soylent Green? Voo doo rituals? Trade with carnivorous aliens? Dunno… I suspect they are placed in long term storage (and I think there are ways to do long term storage without leaving obvious marks, like freezing) so that when a major false flag crisis is needed someone can say, “Send me 110 adult males, 85 females, and a dozen or so children. Dress them for a long plane flight.”

    Am I paranoid? Could be, but does that make me wrong? I am just trying to think of scenarios which explain what I have observed.

  32. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: Glad you are out of California. They continue shooting themselves in the foot.

  33. E.M.Smith says:


    Its also possible that they just want a lower dead count so they don’t look so incompetent…

    Though the paranoid in me wants to point out that a ‘fresh dead’ is suitable for all sorts of tissue transplants. IIRC, about $1/4 Million per body…

  34. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “Its also possible that they just want a lower dead count ”

    That is my wife’s theory as well. And $1/4M per body? I had no idea. Maybe I am in the wrong business… (Just kidding!) People get murdered every day for pocket change. Makes those 600,000 missing people a year look a little more suspicious, especially if trained doctors, nurses, and hospital staff will sedate and intubate someone for a measly 50K or 100K.

  35. Taz says:

    @The True Nolan

    My hat’s off to anyone who survived meat grinder Andrew. That event was likely the closest thing to “simulated nuclear exchange” humans have ever achieved.

    During such events, I expect only confused shock from the government. My fear of coherent criminal activity BY government actors approaches near zero. It’s just not in their blood. Governments don’t react quickly – even if they have “interests” which need servicing.

    I DO expect “shortcuts” by citizens. And in most areas, citizens can rattle off lists of individuals they see as cannibals – or potential cannibals. Sometimes all it would take would be skin markings.

    In any case, you can be sure that within 24 hrs following such emergencies, those remaining will be helpful, considerate, and law abiding.

    IMO, the government knows this. Based upon previous large scale statistical evidence. But despite this very concrete evidence, I doubt you will ever see any real investigative effort directed toward “those who perished”. This phenomenon also explains much of that “missing person” statistic.

    Government workers practice being blind EVERY day.


  36. E.M.Smith says:


    In my old home town, from my class / year, there was a minor SOB who was likely a sociopath of some sort. I first met him at about 4 or 5 years old. He lived 2 houses down across the street. Seemed friendly at first. Single Mom raising him let him get away with anything, though. Never a punishment of any kind just a “Now Hal, you know better…” kind of thing.

    He had a “Club House” (that was a big appliance cardboard box against the side fence) and I was “invited” to join. Then he “explained” that to join, one had to climb over the barb wire fence to the dirt alley and walk bare footed over some bits of broken glass he had scattered there… I thought about this for about 20 seconds and said something like “Walk on broken glass? That’s stupid. I’m not going to do that.”

    This started some kind of hatred in him. How dare I refuse his direction?

    Skipping forward… For the next few years he tried to “get back at me” while I tried to ignore him. We lived on the other side of town by the time I was 7, so somewhere in there our only real interactions were at school. But he kept trying to manipulate folks into doing stupid things or being vengeful for him.

    Moving on to end of High School..

    Our local town had a couple of Loser Groups. I can’t remember if it was the Neo Nazi Wannabees or the KKK Nostalgia Re-eneactors… but one or the other ( I think it was the Neos…) threw him out for “Giving them a bad name”! He was a Lord Of Chaos and they were trying to build a “movement” (and not making much progress…) You’ve got to be pretty bad to give them a bad name… This was when he was about 18.

    But in a small town of a few thousand, everyone knows everyone and you live with your reputation forever. His had been somewhat crap since forever, so… anyone looking at their “organization” would see him and think “That’s stupid, I don’t want to join his club”… and the “leadership” would see him trying to be Top Dog and having violence tendencies that were “not good”…

    Also note that in a small town, the local cops have been there most or all of their lives too. One of them was from the class about 4 years older then him, had been to Viet Nam (to avoid sentencing for being a bit wild he chose to enlist…) and came back a bit decorated and much less wild. Another had been policing the town for about 30 years and knew everyone and their history. Just to give a bit of context…

    So one day Hal “wakes up dead” down at the river (where folks tended to go for drinking parties or other things that needed a bit of private and distant land…) He was shot IIRC. The Police are called. They did a “thorough” investigation… that supposedly went something like “That looks like Hal. I think somebody shot him.”, “Yup, that’s him. Looks dead to me too.”, “Well, better call old Doc Foo. He’s still the coroner, right?” “Yup. Want to go get coffee when he gets here?…”

    Nobody in town saw much reason to spend more time on it than that.

    For a few years afterwards, when visiting the graves of my parents, I’d walk a few dozen graves out of my way to spit on his grave… Just sayin’… He was “that kind of guy”, the whole town knew it, and after giving him almost 2 decades to “get it right”, somebody “made it right”… Don’t mess with folks too much in small towns…

    2nd Story:

    Said Viet Vet was working a call about someone on a roof downtown. Likely a night time burglary. He goes up on the roof and confronts someone. Shotgun goes off, guy escapes. Cop goes to the hospital, missing a bit of his little finger and when one pellet through the palm.

    When interviewed he “Can’t remember who it was” and “Didn’t know who they were”. Nobody believed it. Most likely scenario (given his nature) was he said something like “Bob? What the hell are you doing up here. You know better than this. Are you and Lois having that hard a time of it? I’m going to have to arrest you, But I think we can get you out of this mess and get some help. Put down the gun and turn around.” at which time the gun was raised. A “Clearing block” thrown to the barrel but the end of the pinky didn’t quite stay out of the way.

    Well, a few weeks later he’s back on duty.

    Well, a couple of months later someone “wakes up dead” out at the river. Someone known to have caused a bit of trouble and liked to steal things to make ends meet. Someone from the Viet Vets class era… Shot. Police investigated. “Looks dead to me. Look dead to you?”, “Yup. Likely needed killing though. Coffee?”

    Life in a small town…

    Everyone knew there was No Way that the Viet Vet Cop did not know who had shot him. Everyone knew he was a Very Honorable Cop and would have given the guy an easy time of it on the roof. Everyone knew that to have refused that easy time and taken a shot at the cop was a Very Bad Violation Of Honor. Everyone knew honor would be served best “out of band”… Scuttlebutt was that “justice was served… cold.”

    And the river of life moved on. Said cop got free coffee at our restaurant. Folks liked him.

  37. Pouncer says:

    I think it may be common to bury a specific incident among other, general, events.
    Lately we know of a few specific hospitalizations and deaths booked to COVID but actually due to other causes. Media tells a story or two of people who worked in the Twin Towers and disappeared after the 9/11 attacks, who turned up later, not as victims, but essentially “runaways”. Individual pedestrians crossing the Texas/Mexico border self-identify as members of whatever general category may be most favorably received: juvenile, refugee, day-worker…

    So it would hardly surprise me that bodies found just after a hurricane, drowned or with severe head injuries, were targets of murder staged with intent to be mistaken for unlucky storm victims. Forensics could distinguish individual cases — were morgues and coroners not overwhelmed with the general disaster.

  38. Pouncer says:

    Of small town justice:

    “… one missing person that nobody missed at all.”

    Aside, in the general case again: A listener does enjoy the music more if the song can be compartmentalized from the antics of the singers.

  39. The True Nolan says:

    RE the Earl song. On a general and theoretical level, let me remark that one of the BIG reasons why there is so much craziness and violence today is that all the good people have gotten TOO civilized. We allow evil to exist. We turn our heads, we ignore, we seek compromise with people who should never be compromised with. We are taught that kindness and coexistence are absolute ethical principles we must never violate. Sorry, but that is wrong. Kindness and coexistence are peace treaties. “I will treat you kindly as long as you treat me kindly. IF YOU BREAK THE TREATY I no longer need to obey it.”

    Good people never desire the Law of the Jungle — but bad people do. And bad people will get away with it too, just as long as good people let them. The police and the military are attempts by good people to compartmentalize law of the jungle responses in such a way that bad people are stopped, but most good people do not have to take part in it. What happens when neither the police nor the military will do their job? The job still has to be done. Who is forced to do the job?

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