F.A.&F.O. WEF, Coming Now To Europe

This posting contains 2 rather long videos. Nearly a couple of hours. Both well worth watching as they condense a whole lot of insight into a really rather small space.

One is a “Systems Technical” one that basically points out just why the WEF “Decarbonization plan” will fail, and likely catastrophically. That comes down to 2 basic points, and one complex one. Oil is needed to keep things going, there’s not enough minerals to change that in 10 years; complex systems are not predictable and collapse is sudden, often not recoverable.

The other is more political in orientation and it goes into the background of two folks who’s understandings are good and where I’ve come to enjoy their “show”. Along the way it also points out how the Political Stupid & Broken Narrative of The West (i.e. UK, USA, and EU / NATO) dooms them to failure vs Russia. Largely from believing their own B.S.

On the first one, from Peak Prosperity, it does a nice job of illustrating the numbers behind just why we can’t succeed at “Going Green” right now; and it points out the downside of trying really really hard when you are not ready. Many times I’ve said “I know they can not do it, so I’m not worried that they will do it.” This points out why you ought to be worried if they try too hard to “do it”. Collapse of the interconnected systems of the economy, farming, society, et. al. We’ve sometimes pointed at that outcome, but not explained it.

The second one is more about the actual history and culture of Russia & The Eastern Orthodox ex-Byzantium world; and how that is interacting with The West; but also about how the stupidity of shutting off Russian fuel and financial access has resulted in a collapsing EU, people in the streets, a sharp Right Turn, and a robust and growing Alternative Economy centered on the BRICS nations (perhaps soon to include Saudi Arabia and Qatar…)

In essence, both of them are pointing out how the WEF policy ideas, filtered through the EU Elite, the UK Royals & Parliament, and the USA Idiots In Charge are largely trying to break systems they do not understand, before they are ready to create new ones, when they have no idea how to create new ones, do not have the actual materials available AT ALL to build the needed scale, and will not have the energy or labor to build them once they have succeeded at breaking the old ones (that presently keep us all alive and well). In other words, on a Global Scale these Ignorant Elite are busy believing their own B.S. and eFing Around applying it to the Global Economy & Nations; and now we are at the start of them Finding Out.

Street Protests in the EU / Europe writ large are the prelude to riots that are the prelude to insurrections and revolts. I’ve often said these Elite need to remember “The French Haircut”. Yet they do not. How far down that road will we go before the lesson of history is learned (or reprised?) is TBD. To Be Determined.

Just when will the “Go 100% Wind & Solar!!!” Useful Idiots learn that there is just not enough copper in the world’s mines to do it? Likely never… In the Peak Prosperity video he includes a wonderful chart that lists the essential metals needed for just the first generation of Wind & Solar to completion, then the annual production in 2019 (a good economic year) and divides the two, yielding how many years of production is needed. For copper it is 189. For some others, in the 10’s of Thousands of years. That, BTW, is why I’ve often said “it just will not happen”. Yet he points out a larger issue: We need / use a LOT of oil to do that mining. Is there enough oil production to do that in, say 40 years instead of 40,000?? What happens if you shut down oil in 10 or 20 years, but do not have those minerals mined yet? Eh? (You collapse into a New Dark Age…)

I do not agree with his bit on Peak Oil. It ignores that we have control of exploration and production and that there are already hundreds of years worth of “Ultimate Resource”, but it only becomes “Reserves” at a given price and time. So yeah, shut down leasing for drilling on all public lands, you get “Peak US Oil”. Open drilling as was done by Trump and you get “World’s largest oil producer”. Basically it’s a variable not a constant function.

Per the more political side of things, IMHO the Eastern POV understands Russia better than folks in The West. In particular, somewhere past about 1/2 way, they talk about the nature of Putin and why Western Leaders just do not understand him. Branded with the false narrative of Evil Incarnate Lusting For The New Russian Empire; they can not see that he is largely pragmatic and just working to protect Russian Culture, Language, And People from an aggressive assault by the WEF & Cancel Culture (seasoned with Soros…). I’d come to similar conclusions long before seeing their POV on it; but it is nice to know others see the same things. Largely for the same reasons: Listening to Putin when he gives speeches, reading their text, seeing what he actually does in Russia, watching him try to NOT damage Ukrainian Infrastructure & People until forced into it by NATO intervention (pragmatically doing what will work after giving up on the better option…)

FWIW, here: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2022/10/18/i-like-this-jerk/

Where I included a video by Alexander Mercouris (after the bit about “jerk seasoning salt”), I’d alluded to him being English (based on accent and presentation). Turns out he was born in Greece, but his parents escaped one of the Greek coups and then he was retrieved to England. He’s also been an English lawyer of some sort. So a bit of a cross culture life. Alex Christoforou is a fellow Greek (Cypriot) who joins him on “The Duran” blog / vlog discussions. Both have their own independent channels The first chunk of this video has them giving a bit of personal biography that turns out to be both interesting and important. Both of them come from Politically Important Families, but then went their own ways… yet have insight into that culture.

Also a surprise to me was that Dr. Turley is also a Greek Orthodox Christian. I had no idea. It does look like something about that background gives a better understanding of Russia and the Russian mindset.

Per Europe:

Do note that at present the EU & UK are having about a 10% to 20% reduction in their natural gas flows. This is about 5% to 10% reduction in their “Carbon”. Now both currencies have dropped about 1/3 of their value vs the $ US (that is also losing value fast to inflation….). They also have a political revolution in the starting phases, governments being turned out, and massive marches in the streets. It isn’t even winter yet… With that small a step toward the WEF “Decarbonization Goal”, this is what you get. What do you think will happen with a double of that “decarbonization”?

Sanctions on Russia have put the UK & EU into One Small Step toward the WEF goal, and they are already shutting down Aluminum smelting, Glass making, and a dozen other industries. Folks are screaming about heating bills, and marching in the streets. The shutdown of fertilizer production will assure a crop reduction (failure??) next year and a very hungry population. From 5% to 10% of the WEF Goal. You have 8 years to the 2030 “deadline” (with the emphasis on ‘dead’…). So you MUST do more than this much shutting down each year to “get there”. 10% x 8 = 80%. You must shut down MORE than this much fuel available each year for the next 8 years. What do you think will happen?

This is your “taster”…

IMHO, the EU & UK Political Elite have been doing a LOT of eFing around, and expect to do 10 Times as much eFing around in the next 8 years; so what is happening now is just the very start of them “Finding Out”. The Lord may forgive them for “knowing not what they do”; but the People? Not so much.

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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23 Responses to F.A.&F.O. WEF, Coming Now To Europe

  1. para59r says:

    Not sure why we should assume what these globalist are doing is all a mistake.

    “It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.” ~Aubergine’s Razor.

    There’s more than enough sign posts on the internet, many from good sources as well as members of the elite (you can take those back nearly century and follow them up to the present) that point to Depop.

    They have enough science on hand to make their minions believe its all doable, and we know they are panicked to think that way, but as you point out it’s not.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    It seems that the fightback against the Greens etc might have started in an unexpected way.
    Do read for a good laugh.

  3. Lars Silén: Reflex och spegling says:

    Seen from a Finnish point o view I find it very difficult to see any restraint on destruction caused by Putin. I have personal Ukrainian friends/relatives that tell another story.
    Why would the Russians show restraint when they don’t care at all about how they treat their own soldiers. Sending young boys to die without training, without leaders without maps and without any known goal.
    I haven’ heard anything about Ukrainin nazis being any kind of power in Ukraine.

  4. AC Osborn says:

    “Lars Silén: Reflex och spegling says: 22 October 2022 at 9:45 am
    Seen from a Finnish point o view I find it very difficult to see any restraint on destruction caused by Putin.”

    When did Putin order the carpet bombing, missile and Artillery bombardment of every major Ukraine city, you know the way Hitler and the Allied forces did in WW2?

  5. Simon Derricutt says:

    Normally I’d have put this on WOOD, but probably fits better here although it’s a UK viewpoint from Neil Oliver: https://www.gbnews.uk/gb-views/neil-oliver-fear-not-do-not-lose-heart-not-ever-but-certainly-not-now-if-it-feels-like-chaos-its-because-it-is-chaos/379587 . A nice rant about the current state of politics in the UK.

    A twist of A.C.Clarke’s quote could be “a sufficiently-advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice”. I’m seeing a load of stupidity over energy generation over here in Europe, and even here in France the strikes are hitting the maintenance/fixing of the nuclear power-plants that are currently needing to be fixed so they can restart before Winter sets in. Aim at the feet, and use both barrels…. At the moment, manufacturing in Europe in general is having major problems from unavailable and unaffordable power (gas, liquid fuels,and electricity) and the policies are largely making that worse. The Netherlands is closing its Groningen gas-field because of worries about causing earthquakes, and is intending to bankrupt maybe half its farmers to reduce the “Nitrogen” pollution. After all, they can always import food from somewhere else, can’t they? Just print some money to pay for it….

    On the bright side, some of the people I know working in what might be termed fringe physics seem to be progressing and getting results, so there’s a fairly good chance that early next year we’ll have alternative ways of producing energy, as well as being able to control its direction and thus make home heating and cooling require far less energy inputs. That won’t make this Winter easier, but will help in future.

  6. Richard B says:

    @Simon D: Re yr 3rd para, Any links available? I would be v interested to hear more about this work. If none available, quite understand as it would certainly be regarded as counter-strategic in some quarters.

  7. Simon Derricutt says:

    Richard – the only open-source one I can point you at is http://physicsfromtheedge.blogspot.com/ . Most others I know of are not looking for publicity yet. If you have such a thruster, you can make a motor and turn a generator, and though this obviously sounds impossible the experiments are showing thrust. Just not that much right now. However, once it works at all, and passes from impossible to possible, improving it is engineering.

    If my experiments in this succeed, I’ll be telling everyone here how to do it.

  8. another ian says:

    From inside Russia

    “Mrs Speedbox is back in Kislovodsk, Russia. ”


    Concluding –

    “As has been noted a number of times: Not all Russians love Putin, but all Russians love Russia. Therefore, this shift in the public’s threat awareness is immensely dangerous for the Ukraine as it provides fertile ground for President Putin to harness public support for increasing Russian engagement. Putin’s earlier forecasts about NATOs encroachment and the threat this will deliver to Russia is coming true before their eyes. Yet Ukraine is merely the battlefield where a much larger clash is being fought out.”

  9. cdquarles says:

    A long time ago, I heard this quip: “The purpose of NATO is to keep the USA in, Germany down, and Russia out.”; which I believe is folly writ large. I don’t know who said it, but that sure seems to be what’s happening.

  10. YMMV says:

    Hastings “Pug” Ismay, the first Secretary General of NATO.

    I don’t know this myself, but a quick search says so.

    While Secretary General, Ismay is also credited as having been the first person to say that the purpose of NATO was “to keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down,” a saying that has since become a common way to describe the dynamics of NATO

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    I’m in the “Watchful Waiting” stage on all things LENR. I know that we can get atoms to fuse, so maybe just a matter of finding the magic incantation; but it could happen in a day or a century. (Even then, I suspect a lot of folks would try to hide it from public view).

    What is front of mind for me is just this:

    There’s clearly a full court press for World Domination by the folks at the UN, WEF, and GEBs organizations (From Soros to the Bilderburgers and more…). These all may be just the one same group of Global Rich Elite; but seems to have fractures.

    We find out in a couple of weeks if the USA is going to be pwned completely or if we can throw off this latest push.

    “It” is currently in control of the USA Executive Branch and a fair amount of the Congressional. Can we change that in time?

    “It” is currently using NATO / UK / USA / Canada / Australia to attack via direct military means, that country that has most resisted “it”: Russia. (Putin tossed out Soros, the Western Advisers and their Oligarchs, and more…) So we have progressed to the stage of Hot War of “It” vs Russia.

    The semi-Neutral (but resentful) 2nd and 3rd worlders are seeing hope of dodging this domination. Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa are in negotiations to add Saudi Arabia (and maybe a few more oil rich nations – who must be a bit miffed at being told the source of their wealth must end in less than a decade…)

    So we’re “In It” with military, biological, economic, and psych warfare (at least).

    How is this going to unfold? Nobody knows. Could be anything from a Modest Depression and back to status quo ante, all the way to Global Thermonuclear War.

    Biggest Wildcard I see after the USA Election is the EU Populist Movements working toward a modest “disassembly” of the EU rules and garbage diktats; while the “Leadership” oh so slowly learns how stupid their dickats have been. (Crashing European economies, agriculture, energy and more…)

    I think we know by January 20th, at the latest.

  12. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “I think we know by January 20th, at the latest.”

    Small correction (in my opinion)…
    I think we know by January 20th, at the SOONEST.

    Even if the Repub candidates sweep the elections, and the Dems politely step aside, it won’t be until sometime after Jan 20th that we find out whether we elected actual conservatives, or just another round of RINOs. Will the new Republican majorities IMMEDIATELY begin rescinding the various unConstitutional EOs, legislation, and mandates, and IMMEDIATELY begin impeachment hearings, and IMMEDIATELY begin pressing legal charges against criminal enterprises like the FBI? If the new politicians sit there with their thumbs up their exhaust pipes and tell us “we need to get some committees together to investigate whether any laws have been broken to such a degree that there may be some liability large enough to justify reorganizing any of the agencies etc. etc. etc.” then we know that NOTHING has changed.

    We may not know by Jan 20th, but we will certainly know by February 20th. If there have not been some tectonic governmental shifts by the end of February then there will be no political solution.

  13. jim2 says:

    Texas Permian Basin natural gas is trending towards zero. Not enough pipeline to handle the volume.

  14. Phil Salmon says:

    The west has adopted the economics of Nongqawuse


  15. The True Nolan says:

    @Phil Salmon: “The west has adopted the economics of Nongqawuse”.

    Wow, not a bit of history with which I was familiar. You are correct; we are on the same road. “Destroy you power grid. Destroy your schools. Destroy your infrastructure. Only then can we enter with clean hands into the paradise of low carbon, and equity for all!”

    The West had a functional religion and ethos, but we became so sophisticated that we destroyed them. The result? A new religion sprang up, a collection of rank superstition and self destructive behavior, a religion totally free from all the culturally adapted aspects which made Western culture so successful.

    The worst part, the really painful part, is the totally needless nature of all the destruction and the pain which is already accompanying it.

  16. YMMV says:

    “The West had a functional religion and ethos”

    This is true, and it is being deliberately destroyed. Western civilization was founded on that religion and grew from that religion. Some people thought it had faults, so of course they wanted to destroy the whole thing, all of it, instead of trying to fix the bad parts and keep the good parts.

    The problem is that those people thought of religion as simply God says this, God says to do that, and that is a very superficial view. Actually religion is a long term consensus view of ethics. Laws come and go quickly, while ethics are more stable.

    For example, you probably do not refrain from murder because it is against the law, you refrain from murder because it’s not right. It is against your ethics.

    So if you throw away religion, you are also throwing away ethics. If people do not have ethics, there is no basis for civilization. Back to law of the jungle and might makes right. The 20th century had some good examples of what happens when those in power have no ethics. The 20th century was bad enough; the 21st century will be worse.

    The new “religion”, the green and red one, only looks like a religion if you do not look too closely.

  17. cdquarles says:

    I quibble with that some, YMMV. The green and red one, aka watermelon, is a religion that has its faith misplaced.

  18. YMMV says:

    The new “religions” have beliefs. I guess they have faith in something albeit misplaced. But is that enough to call it a religion?

    One definition: “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.”

    (That does not mention superstition, but I think it would qualify)


    When God’s law is not observed, the law can become whatever the ruler wants it to be: Ultimately there are no human rights, let alone property rights, as totalitarianism reigns.

    The ironic part is that the actual existence of a God or gods is not necessary.
    But for a society to claim there is no higher authority, that does not end well.

  19. The True Nolan says:

    Some nice points about ethics vs law. Ethics tells us “You must not do this bad thing.” The law tells us “If you do this bad thing you may be punished, but only if we catch you.” People never say the “only if we catch you” part out loud, but everyone knows it is there. And that makes all the difference.

  20. Simon Derricutt says:

    YMMV – with religion, the idea was that “God sees everything you do, and will judge you on it when you die”. Now that’s been replaced with “G**gle will see everything you do and think, and will punish you for wrongthink right now”. Thus providing Big Tech approves of what you’re doing, it’s all good, but if they don’t then your bank account will be stopped, you won’t be able to get food or lodging, and you will become an unperson.

    Difference is that with the religious basis, any punishment comes very much later, and you needed to believe it for it to have an effect, but with the Big Tech (Big Brother) it’s real-time and instant Karma whether or not you subscribe to it.

    If all your transactions are monitored by Big Tech, then any infractions of the Code will get seen and, if desired by the authorities, punished. Thus TTN’s distinction of “only if we catch you” becomes moot, since you will be rated on everything you do that is either visible to them or can be inferred.

  21. cdquarles says:

    A catch here is that God is the Being that Is Being, so must exist by logical necessity. It doesn’t matter if you accept that or not. Your actions count, and beliefs are actions. There is no greater punishment that I can think of than being eternally separated from Him. In this life, we are temporarily separated, so that’s a kind of punishment. Act accordingly, I would think.

  22. cdquarles says:

    The green and red one most certainly does have its own ethics and dogma. It looks like a religion to me, it quacks like one to me as well. So, I will call it a religion. Others can think what they will.

  23. YMMV says:

    A god-less religion, okay. You could also call it a cult. ~A cult is a group who follow a person whom they extoll as their leader. A religion is a group who worship a deity~ or ~A religion is an old cult. A cult is a new religious movement~ But that is not quite right either.

    The greens and the reds certainly do have their set of beliefs, strongly held. If they act (quack) like a religion, …

    Is it just a matter of definition? To say they are or are not does not change the reality. A religion by any other name…

    The part that scares me is their beliefs, the ethics and morality, are a rejection of Western values.

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