W.O.O.D. – 15 December 2022 – Ukraine Ending, Christmas comes


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“Me” News

The Towing Saga

Weather has basically made going coast to coast at this time somewhat too risky. So I’ve not bought a trailer yet. On the good news side, I’ve figured out that a 2 foot or so “extension cord” on the trailer cable lets me put the various adapters and brake controllers “zip tied” onto the trailer hitch frame. At that point, it’s all easy to make right. So I’ve got an easy path to completion.

On the ML Side: After ANOTHER replacement of the Hind Brain… we figured out that the right rear tail light had been replaced without the gasket between it and the body. That was where rain water entered. OK…

On the one hand, I’m happy to have a final fix. Today it poured down rain. The compartment with the Hind Brain had been left with a paper towel in place. Checking it, it was bone dry. So at last we have a final fix. May it last for a couple of cross continent trips.

On the other hand: what kind of brain dead idiocy has a single gasket (rubber fails over time) or a simple cracked tail light lens disable an entire car and require $1000 level of repairs? Just idiots. Do NOT buy a Mercedes (and definitely not an ML…) after about 2005 or so model year. Whoever is designing them has no clue about reliable or robust operation in adversity.

So sometime, when I can cross the continent without dealing with snow or wind of 50 MPH+, I’ll buy a trailer and get to it… I hope…

As of now, we’ve actually got most of what is needed for day to day life already in the house (either brought out in the first two tranches (first run & Uhaul Truck) or bought new); but there’s a lot of non-replaceable stuff yet to go (like the Library of many old books, and the canonical set of fishing poles ;-)

I’m thinking maybe mid January for the next try.

After All: Christmas Commeth!

The Not A Fishing Trip

I spent a couple of days on The Boat. It is a sail boat. I’d intended it to be a kind of a fishing trip. It has a swim platform and it isn’t ideal but it is good enough for some kinds of fishing. With a several feet keel, not for the shallows, but there’s plenty of fish in the sea, or bay.

Well, I arrived to a Dock Party. A half dozen+ of folks from other boats on the dock. Some I knew, some Stranger/Friends. At about 4 A.M. the party finally ended. Clearly heading out to fishing grounds at 6 AM was not on the cards. (Beer, Whiskey, and such were involved…)

Well, cutting to the chase: The next day we arrived at the proposed fishing spot at about 3 PM after about 3 hours of motoring at all of about 5 knots. (Think Mile Per Hour more or less…) Well, that meant either staying over night and crossing the very narrow barrier island to The Atlantic the next day, fishing all day, then spending ANOTHER night on the boat (as after a day of fishing and wine, well, it would be time for sleeping and recovery…) OR spending about an hour finding out I was not ready to cast a net off of a moving deck with rigging and that nobody in the water wanted to bite a plastic shrimp….

I went for the latter.

I learned a lot of what I wanted to learn:

1) I need more practice casting the bait net. Especially in close quarters and without a stable footing.

2) Do NOT try to buy bait shrimp at 8:30 PM on a Saturday Night at Walmart. Just don’t. Not only were all the Live Baits completely sold out, but even the uncooked shrimp in the human food area were sold out. Thus my need to use plastic lures or the cast net to get bait…

3) It is harder to cast a net off a moving boat deck, even at anchor, then in the back yard. I need a lot more practice.

4) Nothing in the boat anchorage was interested in a plastic lure at 3 PM. Was it the time? The boat noises? The plastic lure? Me? Whatever. I figure by then they were full of native shrimp and just not interested in hanging around motor noises and the smell of plastic…

5) It is a Very Bad Idea to drink until 4 AM the night before a “Fishing Expedition”… no matter how much you enjoy it at the moment. IFF you do that, do NOT bother trying to fish the next day.

6) The reason a fishing boat has 900 HP of Yamaha Outboards on it is to get to the fishing spot in under 4 hours… In other words, even under power, a sail boat at 5 knts is just not going to get you where you need to be in anything close to fast enough time. Especially if you don’t get it out of the slip before 11 AM…

7) There is a fundamental difference in Mind Set between the “Going Sailing” boat owner and the “Fishing Expedition” boat owner; even if it is the same person… Pick ONE. Only ONE. Party till 4 AM, or up at 5 AM to Ready The Boat. You can not do both. Heck, even I can’t do both, and I’m “Special”… (or so I’m told…) /snark;

8) Next fishing expedition will be via car to Tampa Bay Region with live bait bought before heading to the bridge and without excess beer the night before. Honest. I’m going to try really really hard to not buy a 12 pack of Sam Adams the night before. Really…

News & Events

In Ukraine the war drags on.

I find it amazing that The Legacy Media continues to pump the notion that Ukraine is Winning!!! Russia has mobilized about 2 x the surviving Ukraine army staff (of about 190,000 per Scott Ritter) and has amassed an overwhelming body of equipment. Ukraine has had to have NATO members scrounge the world for artillery shells and Soviet Tank parts to just stay functional. Their electrical grid is down to MAYBE 50%; which matters a great deal as their trains run on electricity so no grid means no troop and material transport to the front in volume..

Perhaps the folks pushing for an All Electric Everything (planes, trains, trucks, cars,, etc.) ought to consider what this means for Self Defense of the nation….

Russia has entered the Slow Grind & Destroy (kill) phase. Ukraine (i.e. Mr. Z) have the Hitler Disease of being unwilling to admit defeat and unwilling to preserve an army if it is embarrassing. So they are Believing Their Own Bull Shit that everything is going great!!! and sending ever more troops to die stupidly in Bakhmut. The town is lost, let it go and save the soldiers.

But no. Too many have died to let their deaths be meaningless so send in 20,000 more to die…

There is something in the Political Socialist Mindset that just does not understand the reality of battle and the need to conserve forces. (and yes, Hitler was a Socialist as was Mussolini. National Socialist German Workers Party: Nazi)

So Russia (not a Socialist Country now, BTW) is fighting a “Conservation Of Forces” battle while Mr. Z and Ukraine is fighting “to the last Ukrainian” to not give up a lost battle for a meaningless bit of dirt. Oh Well.

Strategy vs appearances.

Ukraine has already lost. It just has not admitted it yet. At this point, there is nobody that Russia can trust in any “negotiation” (thanks, Angela Merkel for spilling the beans that the Minsk Agreements were a fraud…) and Russia is not in any position where it needs to “negotiate”, so absent complete capitulation from Ukraine, Russia will just slowly do what Putin said was their goal months and months ago: Eliminate Ukraine as a military force, keep it out of NATO, de-Nazify it; and free the Ethnic Russian regions from it. Near as I can tell, it is very effectively doing all of those.

AZOV battalion: Gone.
Ukraine Military: Down to 190k soldiers, of much lower quality, and droppoing fast.
Donbass: Largely freed from Ukraine and getting more so each day.
Odessa: Teed up and ready for “liberation” in the next month or so.
Rump Ukraine: Headed for the history books. Only question really is return to Poland, Hungary, etc. or leave it as a Token Landlocked State to remind everyone what it means to go against Russia?

Biggest remaining issue? I’ve seen an assertion that both the USA and Russia have removed their “No First Use Of Nukes” doctrine. I’ve not validated that. But with about 150,000 Polish and US troops on the border of Ukraine and with Biden The Lame in charge, we are one wrong button away from W.W.III. I would hope that someone in D.C. understands the Russian Dead Hand system and that there can be no First Strike Win against Russia. It is literally the case that IF we knock out their “command and control”, then their nuclear forces are given the order to launch. Everything. By machine. No human in charge.

Absent a Nuclear Launch, Russia will just do what it said it would do months and months ago. Slowly grind down and destroy the Ukraine Military, remove Mr. Z., make Rump Ukraine a neutral State, and free the Ethnic Russian areas from abuse. WITH a nuclear launch, the world will cease to worry about a Western Hegemony as The West will cease to exist. Russia will survive (as much of it is rural and primative) but minus the major cities and with the potential of a Chinese Overlord. China is the big winner as it inherits the world Economic Order (as long as fallout isn’t too great and they don’t choose to play….). The Southern Hemisphere does OK, modulo a certain number of mutations and a degree of Chinese Dominance. It is Europe and the USA Cities that “glow in the dark”. Just too much population density to NOT be targets and no ability to survive after an attack.

I’m hoping we avoid the escalation to that point. Russia has “Escalation Dominance” so they will win any such race of escalation. Moscow would be lost, but as they have a LOT of underground preparation, Russia would survive. The EU and USA not so much…

But I guess there’s a silver lining in everything. At least we would be free of the Globalist SOBs. (I have a survival plan & prep that is sufficient to survive a nuclear exchange. Them, not so much. Even if they don’t die due to a bunker, their power is lost and they are “just some guy” who needs to find food in the rubble… I doubt they know how to make Gator Jerky or skin a squirrel…)

In the end, I’m pretty sure this will just play out as Russia wins, Odessa is added to Donbass as part of Greater Russia, Rump Ukraine is a piddling nothing, EU & USA GEBs lose their giant Money Laundry, the BRICS end $US dominance of trade, and with any luck, the whole WEFie plan implodes.

Basically, I don’t see any path for Euro-GEBs or USA Neocons to “win” in this. Looks to me like they lose hard on every path from this point. And frankly, my dear, I just don’t give a damn. THEY are not “my team”. My team is folks with dirt and grease under their fingernails and a battle hammer in the tool box…


Today I planted out several more food items in my “Victory Garden” … so yes, I have dirt under my fingernails today… Tomorrow I make sure one of the cars is fully gassed up, loaded with full “Bug Out Gear” and that the spouse knows the plan for a “Bright Flash and after a delay BOOM”. We are about 20-30 minutes of wind time from a primary nuclear target, but outside the blast damage zone. IF we get in the car and head to rural nowhere inside about 5 minutes; we are OK. Unlike the folks living in NYC and DC. just sayin’… Something will survive, and it will be much more rural / conservative…

Christmas & New Year Comes

Best Wishes for Christmas. May all this globalist driven crap fade in the new year. I have hope that all will turn out well (even as I prep to assure it is at least survivable…). It saddens me that the best hope of liberty seems to be from the collapse of The West (EU and present USA DNC Government) while I hope that legal challenges can return The Rule Of Law and honest elections.

There are signs of a positive shift. UK Parliament talking about Vaccine Harms. NATO realizing it is running out of ammo and Russia is not. Various countries of the EU realizing that their Empire In The Making is not their friend. China having economic and demographic challenges (so maybe not going to open a second front in Taiwan…). South America & Africa starting to realize they can go their own way and not be driven by TLA Pawn Governments.

Heck, we might even have Canada realize they are already an example of What Not To Be (Globalist Puppet on the way to Chinese Social Credit Score Slavery) and start a bit of revolution… It must start somwehere, so why not Canada? “Polite” only gets you so far. At some point you need to “Be The Mirror” and kick some butt on the butt kickers.


This will continue to be DIY for a while still.


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They have interesting “bite” to them, along with a tendency to highlight the news of the week in memes, so good as a social attitude pointer too. Plus they are “way fun” ;-)

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362 Responses to W.O.O.D. – 15 December 2022 – Ukraine Ending, Christmas comes

  1. The True Nolan says:


    The situation in Ukraine reminds me of a (very much paraphrased) quote from Confederate President Jefferson Davis after Lee’s surrender. “Now that our brave soldiers are no longer bound to defense of our cities they will be free to roam the countryside and attack at leisure. Nothing can be more certain now but that our eventual victory is at hand!” Hmmmm… How’d that work out?

  2. Ossqss says:

    Response on cast netting>

    I always got a smaller net to use as it was nimbler to toss, and I could use my teeth to cheat some during deployment of the toss. Done right, you can spin that net like a Frisbee.

    Moving water tossing takes a whole other level of skill.

    I call it Physoptics. :-)

  3. Ossqss says:

    This guy uses his thumb. Adding the additional vector of teeth, makes it even easier.

    Just sayin, from experience with not having to toss a net enough to need to perfect it.

  4. beththeserf says:

    Re the UK Parliamentary debate on the Covid Vax, note the empty chamber, pro-vax absentees, nevertheless the facts of the case (ma’am) are now on the record.
    See Dr John Campbell for link. Mine didn’t come up Sheesh!

  5. another ian says:

    “Tucker Carlson Asks: Knowing What You Know Now – Do You Think the CIA Killed President Kennedy?”

    December 15, 2022 | Sundance | 166 Comments


    Rumble link there

  6. another ian says:


    Sounds like your boating won’t be inconvenienced by the proposed speed limits

  7. another ian says:

    An ESG Roasting

    “Holy C^%@, Authoritarian Evil of ESG Emerges at Texas Hearing”


  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian;

    Proposed boat speed limits outside of port areas are about as dumb as limiting the power to vacuum cleaners. It does not save ANY energy nor ANY fuel, it just makes the task take longer and costs a LOT more in labor costs.

    A vacuum with a lot more kW will suck more and faster over a larger area and finish cleaning much much faster, using about the same kW per unit of dirt sucked up. That the EU didn’t “get that” speaks to their profound stupidity or evil (pick one…)

    Similarly, boats are (for displacement hulls – i.e. not racing hydroplanes, hydrofoils, or planing catamarans; but all those big shipping type boats and monohull sailing boats) are limited by something called “Hull Speed”. Once the distance between two waves puts one at the front of the boat and the other at the rear, you will not go significantly faster at all. (like maybe 1% or so, possibly…). Almost all the additional power will go into making the bow wave taller and bigger and dropping the stern down the stern wave just a little bit into the trough. Effectively you build a higher mountain of water to climb, but don’t go significantly faster.

    This also means that pretty much any speed less than Hull Speed is not significantly different from any other less than hull speed, and a faster one can get you to your destination faster without significant loss of fuel efficiency.

    Note that the longer the hull, the faster the Hull Speed. This was why Clipper Ships were so fast across the Atlantic. They were VERY long, so hull speed was very fast and with enough wind to move, they could go very fast.

    Basically, a longer boat can go faster than a shorter boat for the same power input. Making the longer boat slow down to match the shorter boat will not improve the efficiency enough to notice. (There will be a trivial improvement from less fluid drag on the hull from lower fluid velocity, but not much). It can hurt “Sea Keeping” by reducing the prop wash over the rudder and make the ship wallow more…

    Note, too, that for non-displacement hulls, going slower can be much LESS efficient. You really really really want to get planing hulls and hydroplane hulls out of the water and up planing on the top…

    This proposed speed limit at sea impresses me as incredibly stupid posturing by people with no clue about how boats work. Yet Another “one size fits all” that doesn’t fit, and that does make just about every other aspect of boat operation worse.

  9. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – I have a cast net, but when fishing the Skyway fishing pier or other elevated piers, I use a sabiki rig for catching baitfish. I have one of my light duty freshwater poles with 10# test line that I use with a sabiki rig on the end and a 3/8 or 1/2 ounce weight on the end.

    I use the rigs with #8 or #10 hooks and sweeten each hook with a sliver of squid a bit less than 1/8″ square.

    BTW, the first Spanish mackerel I ever caught was on a sabiki rig I was using to catch bait. Now that was a surprise.

    The rigs with #10 or #12 hooks will also catch greenbacks.

    The rigs cost under $2.00 at Walmart. I use them as one-and-done because they are a real pain to coil back up and store. There is a special purpose sabiki rod that goes for about $50 bucks and you don’t have to use as many rigs or deal with the rigs after they are done. When calling it a wrap, I always offer the rig to someone who is still fishing so the rigs get used as much as possible before getting tossed.

    Hmmm… maybe I’ll break down and buy a sabiki rod. At $2.00 each, I’ll have paid for the rod in saved sabiki rigs after a little over 25 trips.

    If you do a Skyway pier trip, give a holler. I’m about 30 or 40 minutes away from standing on my favorite spot on the pier.

    Oh, and my favorite tackle shop, Gator Jim’s, is right off the 1st exit going North on the Skyway Bridge or the last exit going South before the bridge. It’s at the bottom of the off-ramp at Skyway Lane; no hunting for it going North and just under the overpass going South. I’ve already made two trips there for reels, one for me and one for the Mrs.

    They have some Fin Nor saltwater rods there right now that are going for $20 and some Penn rods at $40. I also bought the Mrs. a rod there last year. The reel I had laying around that I put on it crapped out this year so a new one was called for. It’s a 10-bearing Okuma and was only $50. They had some nice Penn Pursuit reels for $50, but they were too large for Mrs. H.R.’s rod.

    As long as you are going to make the trip to the area, you must stop into Gator Jim’s. I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t escape without buying something.

    I would have bought one of those Fin Nor rods except I already have somewhere north of 32 rods and even I have trouble rationalizing yet another rod. :o)

  10. E.M.Smith says:


    For better or worse, I’m not a big “Gear Guy”. I care more about the end tackle and the line than anything else. Grew up using bamboo poles as much as rod / reel combos. Guess that attitude stuck with me.

    At present, I have 3 “Collapsible Poles” in a couple of weights with a selection of 4 or 5 open face reels in a similar number of line weights. The lightest one has light mono line on it. The two heaviest have kevlar. IIRC the middle reel has 2 “bobbins” with different lines on them, one mono of lower weight. I’ve also got a few hand line rigs set up.

    Back in storage I’ve got a couple of heavier salt water poles with pulley tip and bait casting reels. (No, I don’t know the brands of any of them… )

    I’ve also got a 12 or so foot “over the reeds” pole and a tiny one about 3 feet long for using a Sabiki Rig off of piers. It is in California too…

    (Now you know why I’ve been so hot on getting the rest of my stuff from California… including a couple of more tackle boxes with most of my gear in them. Right now I’ve got a backpack with some stuff and a couple of small tackle boxes with random bits. One I found under the coach we rented when the wind blew down some of the skirt. No doubt stuck there years before by some other person renting the vacation trailer. Old, dusty, and looked rather abandoned being in a commercial RV park and all…)

    So I’m sort of quasi equipped. Enough to learn what I need to buy…

    Don’t remember if I’ve got a Sabiki in this box, or not. On my To Do list is to lay this random kit out and assemble a more rational sub-set rather than just packing up everything every time.

    Next Attempt at a Fishing Trip? Likely some time this coming week. Going to avoid the weekends if possible.

    So does it matter that it’s gotten cold lately? Is there a slow down in fishing in the winter months here?

    FWIW, I’ve found that putting various “rigs” with multiple hooks into Freezer Bags (all rolled up) seems to work OK to keep them from tangling. Ditto using Sandwich Boxes, though a bit bulky in the tackle box…

    As the Spouse ties up my Sunday, and Saturday is often my Garden Day; then Thursday & Friday often get used up for other Social Expectations… I think my best days to run to the coast are likely Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Mondays are often less than ideal on general principles ;-) So I’m thinking either Tuesday or Wednesday for a Tampa Run would be reasonable.

    Figuring on getting up about 8 AM, coffee on board and on the road with arrival at Tampa about 9 AM to at worst 10 AM. Is that too late for when the fish are biting and the locals have already taken every good spot? Ought I plan to get up at 5 AM instead? Or being Salt Water is “any time is a good time to fish” more the rule?

    Arriving from the Orlando direction, is that that North or South end of Skyway Bridge? (Realize I drove over it once, about 15 to 20 years ago, I think… maybe…). Ought I fish first and go to the bait / tackle shop later, or shop first and fish later? (Or maybe stop for bait inbound, fish, then visit again end of day…)

    I’m most likely to be in a Black Mercedes 190 E (i.e. Baby Benz) with some paint oxidation on roof top and hood top. Fairly unique car (that you saw at Sonny’s…)

    IF you want to pick a day and time, holler.

    I’d be very thankful for the opportunity to learn from someone who knows the place, fish, and what works. So far I’m doing poorly in my random shots in the dark…

  11. John Hultquist says:

    @ another ian – Perspective problems

    The cartoon is repurposed from an Australian fire fighting article where the issue is “fuel” – that is, the elephant in the room is the massive fuel loads that are the root cause of serious bushfires.
    John Tiedemann is the artist.

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    I practiced in the back yard a bit with the net, and got a couple of reasonably round throws out of it; then went to the boat.

    Turns out that tepidly throwing with various booms, halyards, stays, and lines along with a railing in front of you, on a rocking boat deck: it all causes a less than good throw and more “banana” less circle…

    So I’ve got to do some more practice in the back yard to get more than just a couple of good throws and maybe even practice some weaker more cramped throws… Or just give up on net from the boat…

    Mine is, IIRC, a 6 foot net. They had only 4 and 5 as smaller. So it’s fairly small. I doubt I’ll ever get up to the 15 to 24 foot kind of nets…

    I’m also not going to use any technique that requires teeth. (Front tooth is a fairly expensive cap… and I don’t like the taste of bottom slime…). Just thumb or draping more net on the off hand.

    @Another Ian:

    No, the CIA did not kill JFK. They just gave the Green Light to the Mafia and arranged the route…


    I do wonder if the Minority Parliament members have been clued in that IF they have a speech it lets others put it out on YouTube as a bypass? I’d be willing to be the only person there at all if it let a topic be covered that was otherwise destined to be banned by Gargoyle’s Ew’ Tube…

    Once an idea is “out”, it can’t be put back in the closet…

  13. John Hultquist says:

    @ E. M. — Clipper Ships were so fast … Brings up a book I liked.

    20 years ago, I bought a used book about Clipper Ships written by an old captain of one such. His stories were mostly about racing to bring a new crop of tea leaves to England. I gave that book to a friend that has a sailboat on Lake Michigan.
    Here is a link to some of that history.

  14. Ossqss says:

    @EM, side note on cast netting from a boat.

    Most folks will do a slipknot around their wrist when tossing nets to ensure they don’t lose them.

    I have a friend who was doing the same while catching shiners in the mouth of Tampa Bay and inadvertently got a 7′ Tarpon in his net that was feeding under them.

    It pulled him off the deck of his boat and into the water and down as it dove to get away from him. If he did not have a knife on his hip to cut the line, he would have been a goner.

    The Tarpon ended up a goner and washed up on Anna Maria Island a few days later.

    Just a heads up on open water netting.

  15. The True Nolan says:

    How many people arrested in Great Britain for social media postings and speech?
    Answer: WAY more than you might think.

  16. Pouncer says:

    On the car market next year:

    TL-DR Lenders are lending even in the expectation that many car buyers will default on loans.

  17. cdquarles says:

    That will not end well. Borrow short to lend long is a very risky endeavor. (Back after computer rebuild. Software re-installation is a pain. Back-up lost in the switch-over).

  18. another ian says:

    “WAYNE ROOT: Confronting Evil: Here’s My Simple Challenge to Dr. Fauci, the CDC, FDA, Big Pharma & Democrats”


  19. another ian says:

    A program for your review –

    “A military Twelve Days of Christmas”


  20. John Hultquist says:

    @ Pouncer and cdquarles – – – car buyers

    This is about trucks:
    F150 electric was introduced in April at ~$40,000.
    In August the price was raised to ~$47,000.
    October: ~ $52,000.
    Now: ~ 56,000

    Expect to pay another $5,000 for a suitable charging station
    for your home parking shed (50 feet from your home).

    In Washington State add on about 10% for tax and fees.
    That will now total about $66,000.

  21. H.R. says:

    @E.M. re the Skyway pier – December is slower and January and February is when many of the migratory species are completely gone. The better fishing is inshore in the back bays and canals. Grouper are still around but the season is closed in January and February (and March? gotta look).

    Some fish – same species – go back to those warmer backwaters and others head out to the Gulf. I guess it’ all how momma done raised them.

    I’ll probably be making a run or two or three to the pier in January and February when some nice weather is dominating for several days. I will be definitelly hitting the pier in March and April, when the fish start returning.

    Since we snowbird, I’ve always been stuck fishing the worst months possible, yet I’ve still managed to catch Spanish mackerel, spotted trout, mangrove snapper, flounder. and stingrays. The problem for me with those months has been getting eating size fish and enough of them. (Hooked into a huge shark there once that stretched my 80# test mono and broke it before I could get the drag set right to fight it. That was the most exciting 40 seconds ever in my fishing life. I asked at a bait shop what I might have had on, and the guy speculated that it was a large Spinner shark given that it was February.)
    We’re in for a cold stretch until the end of the year, so I am probably going to hit the pier in January when a week-long warm spell is in the forecast.

    I’m generally in favor of Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays myself. The weekends are crowded with yahoos that make a hash for everyone nearby and there are enough people who blow off Fridays and Mondays so that they are only marginally better than the weekend. I’ll give a holler when I’m headed to the Skyway pier. We ought to be able to meet up at some point.

    If your heavy saltwater gear is still in Kilifornistan, I have extra. I put out a heavy pole with a whole live pinfish on it and then fish actively with a mackerel jig, shrimp, squid, or cut bait using a mid-weight rod.
    You need to read up on Sheepshead fishing. They stay around in Winter and are good eating. They feed on crabs and barnacles and are found in the rocks, around pier and dock pilings, and browsing oyster beds. They are caught by jigging around the pilings, sight fishing a few feet from shore in the rocks, and casting out to oyster beds. They are often in surprisingly shallow water. You can spot them as you walk along just about any rock-lined breakwater.

    The Sheepshead take some skill to catch as they are expert bait stealers. Jerk too early or too late and you’ll be putting on yet another crab. They will hit the odd shrimp and piece of squid if they run across them, but crabs are their thing.

    The nice thing is that you can easily get your own bait. They love those little 1″ to 2″ crabs that you can find under rocks, on wet sand, or just inches of water. Also, no heavy saltwater tackle is needed for sheepshead. Oh, and watch the teeth. They look like they are wearing dentures. It’s a hoot!

  22. Ossqss says:

    I thought to share my appreciation of the posters here and our host.

    I consider all of you, friends.>> Turn it Up :-)

  23. Ossqss says:

    Y’all prep for some serious Winter next weekend from the Rockies east.

    It’s coming. >

  24. another ian says:

    Two “Be Glads”

    Be glad you don’t have an EV

    Be glad you’re not in Norway

    “Electric Vehicle Charging in Oslo, Norway is Now More than Twice as Expensive as Filling Gas-Powered Vehicle”


  25. beththeserf says:

    Thx for the Beatles’Song sung by Joe Cocker, Ossqss. Here’s another song by English Minstrels XTC. Not exactly a fishing trip but a sea theme…

    “We will skim like tiny boats with cotton sails upon the tops of the seas,
    We will skate across the seas as if we’re really sea birds…”


  26. another ian says:

    Re Clipper ships

    Eric Newby was an English travel writer – among other things.

    He was on a clipper in the last grain race from South Australia to England (in 1938 IIRC) which gets a mention in one of his books.

  27. another ian says:


    “Watching Football: Something Weird Is Going On”


  28. Lars Silén: Reflex och spegling says:

    From a geographical position fairly close to Ukraine (Finland) I see a re-play of the Russian Japanese war of 1905. I think Western news sources are biased but today the Russian sources (RT) are useless.
    It will be interesting to see what kind of Molotov Ribbentroph deal was made between Russia and some Western players. The plan was probably a simple take over (like Hungary 1956) with pre-printed lists of people in Ukraine to eliminate. The plan broke down when Zelensky didn’t play along but ordered Ukraine to fight back.
    When it became obvious that the Russian special operation wasn’t going to be a simple march to Kiew the Western part of the deal scrapped it realizing that supplying Ukrain with weapons would hurt Russia badly. Ukraine is simply a tool used by the Westwrn side. I don’t see Zelensky as a nazi any more than the Finnish general Mannerheim in 1939 seeking support from the only available party (Nazi Germany) when fighting Russia supported by the USA.
    My personal view is that the War in Ukraine doesn’t go well for Russia but time will tell.

  29. E.M.Smith says:


    I’m not seeing the parallel. What am I missing?

    In 1905 Russia was in a war at the wrong end of an extraordinary logistics tail. It was largely a sea war (reinforcing ships sailed 20,000 miles to get there…) and Japan was a newly modernized rising Imperial Power.

    Now, Russia has a very short logistics tail (nearly nothing really). It is fighting a land battle against a much smaller adversary (even if NATO is feeding it money and weapons). Using the SMO force of about 1/2 the size of the (then) Ukrainian army it accomplished most of its territorial goals. Now its army has been raised to about 1/2 Million active all told, while Ukraine is down to about 190,000 still functioning (and many of them not prime in age or training).

    Then you add in the asymmetry of how the war is going… Russia using missiles and rockets to cripple Ukrainian train transport (runs on electricity…) and Ukraine doing stupid attacks against fortified positions so there’s about a 10:1 casualty ratio Ukraine being the 10 and Russia the 1.

    Russia has an immense army now sitting in safe locations just waiting for the ground to freeze while Ukraine / NATO are scrounging around the world for tank repair parts and more ammunition.

    They both look very different to me.

    Oh, and “sanctions” have put the EU in a world of hurt while Russia has barely noticed. They have pushed China, India, and even Saudi Arabia into a much stronger anti-$US position and threaten to bring down western financial institutions…

    As of now, Russia can keep this up forever while NATO & Ukraine are unlikely to survive the winter (due to lack of fuel in the EU & Ukraine).

    Personally, I give it about 2 weeks to 1 month before Russia makes a massive offensive and Ukraine crumbles. Mostly dependent on when the ground is frozen enough to take large tank columns of 1000 scale.

    Note that the EU & USA are essentially unable to run a manufacturing facility big enough to support this war. The EU has not got the fuel to do it ( so Germany shutting down metal smelting and fabrication and unable to make nitrates for explosives or propellants) while the USA munitions and systems are so complex and expensive we can only make them at about 1/10 the rate that Ukraine is shooting them off (and there is no big inventory anymore…)

    It is Ukraine that has a long logistics tail leading across an ocean to the USA and is running out of everything (while the $US and Euro tank). Russia has all the manufacturing ability and fuel needed to keep making munitions for years, all while the Ruble is getting stronger and the oil trade has ‘moved on’ to new customers.

    I’m not seeing any evidence of Russians being uncomfortable at all. This guy does walking around live shots in Russia, so you can see for yourself:


  30. jim2 says:

    Here’s some raw, red meat for you guys :)

    Something was going on, but what? Our anecdotal impression was confirmed by a longitudinal analysis conducted by the National Library of Medicine, which concluded that “The rate of injury in NFL players during weeks 1-4 of the 2020-2021 regular seasons was significantly higher than during 3 recent past NFL preseasons and regular seasons.” The first mRNA vaccine mandate came on the market in December 2020. The regular 2021 season began in early September, by which time most of the players would likely have been vaccinated. It was bad last year and clearly worse in 2022. Stamina and resilience, muscle and bone, have clearly been impacted.

    Apart from mentioning the names of the injured and the nature of their injuries, none of the sportscasters and commenters seem willing to address the elephant in the locker room. It is known that practically all the players are vaxxed, with only rare exceptions like Aaron Rodgers. It is known that a soaring number of adverse effects have followed upon the introduction of the vaccines and booster shots, including the spiraling prominence of what is called SADS, or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, people popping off in record numbers, with no prior warning, to heart attacks, brain clots, and cancer. No one in authority, not even families who have lost “loved ones,” will mention this unprecedented medical anomaly, which is certainly not the result of COVID-19 — the “19” is long past. Autopsies have plainly shown that the vaccines are implicated, as does the timeline. Yet omerta prevails.


  31. cdquarles says:

    I rebuilt my computer then had software re-installation issues. Then I had internet trouble, too; where the equipment failed at the house. Yeah, they are talking temps I have not seen since the big cold 1992 or back in the 60s. They’re talking snow for me just before Christmas (last seen early 70s) and teens for lows and highs not cracking water freezing point. Ugh. Well, that’s what happens after 10 days to two weeks of pleasant weather.

  32. another ian says:


    ““How Close Are We to Something Awful?” – Tucker Carlson Explains that US Patriot Missiles Sent to Ukraine Will Require US Troops to Run Them”


  33. another ian says:

    Latest Pointman



  34. E.M.Smith says:

    @C.D. Quarles:

    Why all my files live on an external hard drive. System dies, I just plug it into another one. Backup copy made as needed so even if the system dying kills the hard drive, I lose a month or so of new stuff, at most. (Spousal stuff is on a cloud based Apple machine, so no workload for me ;-0

    @Another Ian:

    When Patriot systems arrive, they come with a 100 or so staff and a LARGE footprint that is stationary on the ground. I would bet that Putin / Russian Generals would just love to show what their Hypersonic Missile does to one of those.

    We already know we can’t stop the Zircon, so just think of the great PR Russia would get out of just having a plane at stand-off distances fire a very visible missile right at a Patriot Battery and “POOF!” All Gone.

    So figure 4 batteries x 100 US or EU Soldiers, all gone in about 5 minutes.

    I’d call that “consequences”… Then they could follow up with a dozen or so cruise missiles just to make the rubble bounce and prove the point… Finish with satellite recon photos showing the smoking holes and rubble field…

    Think a 400+ dead “Told You So” would go over well?

  35. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh this is a hoot. Governor of the Odessa Region telling folks not to comment on power outages from the latest missile strike in order to not “help the enemy plan new strikes”.

    Does he not know that Russia has Satellites? That anyone can buy satellite photos these days? That all one needs to do to “plan new strikes” is look at what areas have the lights stilll on at night?


    This isn’t the 1940’s…

    Heck, even if they did do blackout curtains and shut off all the automatic street lights; a simple infra-red photo will show where the heaters are working and needs another round of grid shutdown…

  36. God love you. Going fishing at “beer o’clock?” I live near South Padre Island. We don’t think of the salt water cat as an edible fish…but I’ll bet with some attention to purging you might get somewhere…on the matter of bait, if the fish have cleaned your hook several times, you might try the Mexican cookies with the pink marshmallow in the middle…the fish want dessert after all that fresh shrimp!

    Am I allowed to say Buen camino, fellow peregrino?

    best to you and yours, and Merry Christmas!

  37. another ian says:

    “Video, Tucker Carlson is Asked Trump or DeSantis for 2024? The Response is Refreshingly Authentic
    December 17, 2022 | Sundance | 8 Comments

    Rumble Link



    Why not be up front and resort to “rotten boroughs”?

    “Video – Governor Ron DeSantis Advocates for Politicians to be Owned by Billionaires, Laments Campaign Finance Limits
    December 17, 2022 | Sundance | 147 Comments”


  38. E.M.Smith says:

    This morning the “recommended” list on YouTube (on Roku) didn’t have anything new on Ukraine. (It tends to select for channels you have watched before or topics you have watched before or “related channels”).

    I decided to try a search on “Ukraine News”…

    The result was chilling…

    The “thumbnails” of “news” were 100% “Ukraine making spectacular wins! Rah Rah!!” and “Russia collapsing, millions of Russian Soldiers Dead… Russian Citizens in revolt” and other idiocy.

    This was across a lot of MSM type sites. CNN, ABC, etc. Sky News was a little less overt about it, but similar.

    There was not ONE offering that was unbiased actual news. The emotional hype and spin was just dripping from the thumbnails. LOTS of emotional words. Thinking not so much…

    Were one to naively just ask EwTube for Ukraine News, one would think that the Glorious Ukraine has been destroying the Evil Russians for months now… and victory was certain Real Soon Now…

    Just amazing.

    So basically you must already know what sites and what reporters provide unbiased reporting and go directly to them to get anything approaching straight news. OK…

    Anyone who just watches Legacy News, in the USA, UK, or EU, will be soaked in one sided propaganda and have no clue what is actually going on. Sigh.

  39. E.M.Smith says:

    @Karen Leonard:

    Yup. “Beer O’Clock” it was…

    In California the catfish live in colder water than here. There’s not a lot of algae in the water and they taste more like Bluegill than mud. There are some “mud cats” (also called “yellow bellies”) from warmer drainage canals that can taste a bit more muddy, but even they are OK to eat. Channel Cats have a longer sleeker look and a very white belly, live in faster rivers, and taste more like a predator fish than a bottom sucker.

    Imagine my surprise when I caught a Gulf “Hard Head cat” and found it tasted like pond scum! (As there’s a lot of pond scum in warm water and that’s what it ate…)

    So now I know. Do NOT try to eat catfish from warm waters. Got it…

    Ocean off of California is about 45 F and the fish are very tasty (if you can catch one…). On shore (at least in Northern California where I grew up) the water is cold about 1/2 the year and the rivers are cool the rest (due to snow melt fed in the mountains). Only various small ponds and drain ditches get warm and grow algae to speak of. And small waters don’t have big fish… so not a lot of folks fish them.

    Lake Oroville is used for irrigation. Lots of rice fields. They had to build a couple of fairly large bays (“after bay”) to warm the water enough to use for rice irrigation. Lots of nice Lake Trout live in the cold deeper waters of Lake Oroville. Then the Feather River that comes out of the lake is also fairly cold. Catfish from that river are very tasty…

    Oh Well… Guess I’ll have to learn how to Bass Fish and get another boat ;-)

    Or surf fish…

  40. jim2 says:

    Searched Ukraine on Bloomberg. Two articles dissing Russia as EMS found. Then a bunch on the death and destruction in Ukraine. Cognitive Dissonance much?

  41. another ian says:

    Caught faking it

    “By now many of us have heard about a recent study which claimed that mass vaccination for Covid saved 3 million lives in the U.S. and prevented over 18 million hospitalizations. What we don’t hear is that this “study” was actually a blog post which expounded on a computer model designed to generate a pre-ordained conclusion. The latest Dark Horse Podcast digs into the background of the study at the 36 minute mark.

    In what has to be the quote of the day, Bret calls the creation of the virus, the lab leak and the subsequent pandemic policy response “…the greatest blunder in human history.” ”

    Via SDA

  42. another ian says:

    The state of “education”

    “NYC Students Refuse To Leave Campus Building Until They’re Given All “A” Grades”


    Via SDA

  43. another ian says:

    “This time last year, a bunch of scientists, activists and journalists tried to bounce a heavily vaccinated population into another lockdown. Here’s a day-by day reminder of how it happened. ”


    Via SDA

  44. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Back when The Chinese Wuhan Plague was still mostly just in China, I was one of the first to do my own, self imposed, “lockdown”. This was when R0 was said to be worse than measles and Death Rate was stated at around 10% to 20%… and concentrated in my demographic.

    Later, when California was fully involved and the rest of the USA was just getting started, more information was coming out. Spouse had sewn up some cloth masks and I had a few N95 masks in hand. I did a few “venture out” to grocery stores (one of the few things Gov. Neusance let stay open…) for some fresh meat, eggs & veggies. (We had plenty of stored, but had run through the fresh and I was interested in seeing how things were working “out there”. Also didn’t know how long the stored stuff might have to last if this got as bad as it was predicted to be… I didn’t see folks dropping like flies nor did I see massive sickness…. Hmmm….

    Somewhere in there the first mRNA not-a-Vaccines came out. Spouse and I were both about ready to get The Jab, when J&J got recalled for blood clots. About the same time Vit-I was in the early news. I’d also done a lot of “reading up”… so had ordered a jug of it. After it had arrived, we basically went on a rigid prophylactic regiment and our “lockdown” began The End Of It. We did Vit-I for about a month while I found out that Pfliser caused more hepatic clots than J&J did CVS clots…

    From that point on, we proceeded to increase trust in Vit-I (with D, C, Selenium, Zinc and occasional Quinine Water / Quercetin) and decrease trust in just about everything else in this scam of the century.

    Somewhere in there I did a couple of Cross The Continent road trips / flights too; and No Bad Thing happened other than the torture of wearing a mask for a day or two non-stop in airports and planes… But quite clearly our “Lock Down” had ended some time ago, regardless of local / State “mandates”. I follow my own drum… right or wrong, I’m the only one responsible for me.

    On one Road Trip back from Florida, I arrived in California a bit late. I got to spend about 7 hours driving after the 9 PM “curfew”… just to get home. A bit exciting, but I did it anyway… A bit hard to swallow after nights out in Florida Bars with Florida Friend and regular restaurants On The Road back. But California was “special” I guess…

    I have very fond memories of the first trip OUT when I crossed into Arizona and had a sit down dinner in a restaurant for the first time in months (a year?) and again “No Bad Thing” happened. It was quite a Freedom Rush ;-) Room full of folks with table service & everything. After that, there was no turning back.

    The End Game of all that (seasoned with a bit of J-6 Wake Up Personal Observation) was that now I live in The Free State Of Florida and out from under the thumb of Governator Neusance. No “mandates” for me.

    For most of the last year I’ve been in Florida, and was here on trips a lot in the year prior to that (as was the Spouse). As of now, as far as I’m concerned, there is NO Pandemic, heck, not even an epidemic. It’s just living a normal life. No idea where any masks might be (lost track a year ago in the move prep ;-) and no worries about anything either. Biggest worry right now is when will fishing be good ;-)

    The ROW can go suck rocks if it wants that lockdown and Social Score crap. I ain’t doing it.

  45. beththeserf says:

    Re the News on Ukraine and other news…Debate, ‘ Don’t trust the Main-stream Media’ with Matt Tabi and Douglas Murray debating a pair of left wing leftists. Debate starts a few minutes in…

  46. Seven says:

    @ jim2 17 December 2022 at 5:47 pm

    RE “sudden adult death syndrome”

    Let’s THINK now….

    What does the OBVIOUS sneaky SUDDEN criminal propagandization with their “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” trickery (just like their prior “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” fabrication), in conjunction with TONS of similar OBVIOUS evidence, mean really?

    What does it squarely point to — ONCE AGAIN?

    What is the TRUE FINAL implication of all that (left out here and nearly everywhere else)?

    Here’s the answer, here’s what that ULTIMATELY means…

    It means that a mafia network of manipulating PSYCHOPATHS are governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world (and that Covid is a major planned crime against humanity), the evidence is OVERWHELMING and TOTALLY IRREFUTABLE — study “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon””… https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    “I just cannot understand why all these damn anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists don’t trust a government that actively works against the public interest 100 percent of the time. I mean if you can’t trust institutions that are deliberately constructed to subvert the common good for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful at every turn, who can you trust?” — Caitlin Johnstone, Independent Journalist

    Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the human rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant in a fantasy land and play victim like a little child?

    Only psychopaths can come up with such TOTALLY IMMORAL criminal fabrications AND implement such unethical atrocities to cover up the massive harm done by Covid “vaccines”!!!

    And psychopaths are typically NOT how Hollywood propaganda movies have showcased them. Therefore one better RE-learns what a psychopath REALLY is. You’ll then know why they want to control everyone and have been creating a new world order/global dictatorship, and many other formerly puzzling things will become very clear.

    But global rulership by psychopaths is only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition as the article explains because there are TWO pink elephants in the room… and they’re MARRIED (see cited source above).

    If you’re in the US and your employer mandates the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, register to receive a free “Medical Exemption Certificate” at https://lc.org/exempt

  47. another ian says:

    Cartoon via email – caption

    “If Merry Christmas Offends You Then “Merry Christmas” “

  48. another ian says:

    “Who’da thunk it”

    “Weight of electric vehicles could cause ‘catastrophic’ damage and ‘lead to car parks collapsing’: Engineers warn Britain’s parking facilities were not designed for hulking battery cars”


  49. another ian says:

    “Data shows there’s no climate catastrophe looming – climatologist Dr J Christy debunks the narrative”


  50. another ian says:

    “Urban Night Lighting Observations Demonstrate The Land Surface Temperature Dataset is ‘not fit for purpose’ ”


  51. Lars Silén: Reflex och spegling says:

    Regarding the outcome of the war time will probably tell within the next year.

    The connection between the Russian Japanese war of 1905 that I see is the same hubris playing out again. 1905 was thought to be a simple walk over a weak under developed opponent (Japan) . Lacking intelligence caused a catastrophe with the Russian fleet massacered not due to logistic problems but due to a well trained opponent. I see the same thinking regarding Ukraine.

    It is often forgotten that a significant part of high tech production in the Soviet Union was done in Ukraine, nuclear tech, space tech, aircraft and heavy military equipment like tanks.

    After the collapse of the SU the population of Russia was halved to present day’s roughly 143 million which should be compared to Ukraines 44 million. Russia today is of course still a strong military player but much weaker than before.

    Russia still has a big logistic problem. Heavy transports are done on rail. Cut the railway lines and Russia gets serious problems.

    The main Russian problem is corruption. In our family (having roots going back to officers in the Russian army) there was a saying that if an officer had economic problems then the officer was given charge of a suitable garrison. If the economic problems still existed after one year the person was a hopeless case (too stupid or too law abiding)…

    It is always interesting and a pleasure to read your blog!

  52. H.R. says:

    @Lars Silén: Reflex och spegling: ““Regarding the outcome of the war time will probably tell within the next year.”

    I’ve been waiting for the outcome and have faith in only a few reports based on verifiable satellite imagery. It’s not enough to tell the whole story, though.

    One absolutely can’t believe anything in the US YSM reports. They just totally make stuff up for a rah-rah narrative. And as E.M. has noted, the Russian propaganda may have some facts, some truth in them or even be completely true, but it’s structured to achieve their propaganda goals.

    One also has to account for what the Russians leave out that would totally change the picture. There’s a big difference between some verifiable facts and the truth of the matter. The Russians seem to be very good at that propaganda technique. It’s not what they say, it’s what they don’t say.

    So I’m just waiting for the outcome, too, and I also find the various analyses very interesting.

    No one has everything in their analysis 100% right, but everyone probably has at least one or two things right and maybe more. So, we wait and see.

    Regarding Russian corruption, it’s rampant. But Ukraine corruption is as bad or maybe worse. $Billions have been sent to Ukraine and nobody seems to know where it all went, although some of it popped up in a department store in Paris.

    Just my opinion, but I have always thought that there was no clear winner in the Russia vs. Ukraine corruption contest. It hobbles both countries equally.

  53. cdquarles says:

    What’s fascinating, and sad at the same time; is that the USA is now just as corrupt as many other places. Why? In my opinion it is from culture changes (Jefferson hinted at that, if I am remembering correctly). We are less rural and self-reliant while also being less Christian. /rant off

  54. another ian says:

    “Supercomputer prophesy of the Sixth Mass Extinction coming “like an asteroid” is a UN land grab”


  55. cdquarles says:

    Computer rebuild news. I was able to restore access to my linux backups. I can see the drive with the other OS backups on it, but can’t access it. No linux program that I could find can read the file format (other than hex, I guess; but then I’d have to decode the hex).

  56. E.M.Smith says:


    Do note (or remember) my “issues” with an update to Linux changing the EXT file system type. IIRC, it changed EXT4 to “Different EXT4” that was no longer readable by the prior EXT4. I ranted at the time that they ought to have numbered it EXT5, announced it as an incompatible upgrade, and made it optional.

    This file system change would be done automagically and without telling you simply by mounting the “old EXT4″ on a system that used ‘new EXT4” drivers… and that prevented it working back on older systems with only “Old EXT4” unless you did a driver install / update… To the best of my knowledge this has never been “fixed”, just ignored as something that would go away over time as “everyone” would use the new drivers…

    For several months I was suffering from a kind of “Disk Rot” where my disk could be put in one machine, get changed relatively silently, then no longer work back on the first machine (that had not gotten the “new EXT4” OS upgrade.)

    I don’t know if that’s related to your problem, but worth a check.

    After that (and some other SystemD related FUBARS…) I changed my default file system type back to EXT3 for any data partitions, and also played with some other file system types (XFS was nice…). At this point, I’ll let a system use EXT4 for the default OS partition build, if that’s what it wants, but I’ll never use if for any disk that might end up on another system hoping to be read…

    Do you know what file system type you are using?

  57. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and if your superblock is blown, remember that you can mount the file system with an alternate superblock selected. Sometimes that’s enough… You ought to be getting “Bad Superblock’ notices if you are mounting the file system with a bad superblock, though…

    Also, “dd” is your friend. It lets you pretty much copy any bits from anywhere and to anywhere. It is “dangerous” in that if you get “if” swapped for “of” in the parameter list you can copy things “the wrong way” and destroy your original copy… So for critical things (and / or forensics stuff…) mount the “backup” or “golden master” disk in Read Only (RO) mode to prevent that.

    Doing recoveries, I pretty much ALWAYS mount the disk I’m trying to recover as RO, then do a DD of the whole disk image off to an outboard disk. In this way you at least can go back to sucking out parts of it (one file or fraction at a time even) if it gets that bad.

    dd if=/dev/dskA of=/mnt/BIG/FAT/TB/DISK/backups

    where /dev/dskA is your thing you desire to preserve and of=your-big-scratch-disk.

    There’s a zillion other options (like block size i.e. “bs=2048” and how many blocks to copy as a limit i.e. “count=2000”). You can also swap bytes for going from little endian machines to big endian (or the other way) along with loads of other things.

    in some cases you can take a raw disk (bag-o-bits), skip over the disk header (that tells the format of the disk), pick up just the rest of the disk, and stuff that on a new disk with the same file format header defined (skipping the disk header on that disk too). This can recover the data sectors if the MBR is blown. (Master Boot Record on system disks.

    There’s more, but you get the idea. Do NOT toss that old disk copy even if you can’t figure out the bits right now. There are ways…

  58. cdquarles says:

    The linux disk is ext4. The other OS is ntfs. I did a test by having my nephew test some drives using external SATA to USB adapters. Some were visible properly. Others were not (I did expect a windows system that does not have a special driver, which I did add to my other side) seen because they were ext4. Others are really dead (they’re really old). I am aware of dd and have limited experience using it. Yeah, that’s a use if I must. New system is EFI and hybrid MBR/EFI systems can and do have boot issues. I can live without Windows for now.

  59. cdquarles says:

    Oh, I generally don’t toss old disks. I have some that are so old they’re corroding.

  60. another ian says:

    I kid you not!!!

    “University of Chicago Professor Martha C. Nussbaum wants to save the world by preventing animals from eating each other in the wild. David Gordon (after pulling himself off the floor) comments on her proposal. | David Gordon”

  61. another ian says:

    I guess that Prof doesn’t read limericks either


  62. another ian says:

    Name something more unlikely

  63. David A says:

    Sensationalist article? (infection rate doubling in hours)


    I do not know what China Covid version is driving this. Yet the US versions are highly contagious as well. The global mutations continue, with virtually zero vaccine protection, even negative efficacy. The systemic potential harms are many in the immune compromised, and the virus can greatly increase the severity of immune disorders.

    The sudden increase in US respiratory infections (RSV?) MAY be mostly Covid. Why? Hospitals are NOT testing most of these people. (Personal observational experience) RSV, like the flu, is only tested in a small percentage, then similar symptoms are assigned to that flu or latest bug, yet this was only accurate prior to Covid, which can manifest the SAME symptoms. In effect this may be the PTB best way to hide the extent of Covid harms, (necessary to hide if it is proven to be lab made) and the vaccine failure, and vaccine caused immune failure.

    Initially some argued that Covid was anything but an ideal bioweapon. In a war where one does not want to hide their intent, and kill as rapidly as possible, this is true. However, if I was an evil WEF globalist, and had convinced myself that the world was vastly overpopulated and running out of resources, and so the population had to be intelligently culled vs inevitable chaotic collapse, (This gives me cover to commit atrocities, and tell myself that I am actually making the inevitable less painful) and wanted to hide the effects of my evil shots and likely man made virus, I would want to create a bug just like Covid, that could harm in many various ways, thus hiding itself as the cause, and infecting most all including the elderly, bringing down the birth rate, and really attacking every age bracket, evade vaccines, and be modified to harm disparate demographics as needed. This is what Covid is, and there is evidence that it was created to be more easily open to mutations, both through natural evolution and lab created varieties, and being a corona virus, was the perfect candidate for novel vaccines with a two decade history of ADE and OAS, and in that vaccine I would use the spike protein, a KNOWN pathogen.

    It is my contention that there is evidence that the PTB think this way, and really are doing this. We know they think of themselves as the smartest in the room, are Ivy league indoctrinated to assume their superiority, have incredible hubris, as in rejecting any humility before the Divine, they become THE gods, and they have convinced themselves that humanity is evil, resources are scarce, the population is way to high, and they, in their brilliance, are perfect for the job.

    Conspiracy paranoia, or objectively rational?

  64. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    The article is sensationalist. Yet the virus has mutated into an astoundingly infectious form.

    China has worked VERY hard to keep their population immunity naive to this virus (hard core lockdowns et. al.) so once the newer Omicron with much higher infectivity hits, it can go wild. Season with over a billion people mostly crowded into large cities and stir in the annual pilgrimage of just about everyone back to any ancestral country homeland “For the hollidays”…

    So, IMHO, it is absolutely to be expected that once the virus gets past their barriers it will rip through them at lightning speed. IIRC something similar hit Australia or New Zealand last year.

    Contrast “The West” where about 3/4 of the way through the very first year “we” basically announced we could no longer stop it and could only managed the shape of the curve of rampant infections (and that not particularly well…)

    So places like Florida, and South Dakota was it?, largely let nature take its course. Now their populations have very high natural immunity. Folks, like me, have been exposed for what, a bit over 3 years. Yes, most of the time with Vit-I on board, but still exposure could leave enough virus fragments around for some immunity signalling to happen. Plus, there’s times I’ve gone a few weeks without treatment. From sloth to difficulty getting it when traveling (air port screening doesn’t like bottles of liquids…). Now, for example, just from sloth, I’m about 2.5 weeks since my last use; so essentially not treated given the drug 1/2 life.

    So am I now immune, or just embedded in a population of natural immunity so exposure risk is now very low? (Or am I just acting like the early 1 month and / or 2 week dosing interval tests where benefit was about 75% and 90-ish% respectively?)

    Per the Paranoia vs Rational question:

    You have simply stated the Known Facts. That is a rational behaviour.

    The GEBs have not hidden their beliefs & agenda. They shout it from their perch at that top of the Authority & Control systems of society. They publish it. They built “Guidestones” with it carved into them. That part is just simple observation.

    The best evidence so far is that FauXi was funding the Gain Of Function in Wuhan. Then, the vehemence with which anyone suggesting The Lab was the source was attacked strongly supports “Cover Up” as the reason. Lately various legit sources have started saying Lab Leak is, yeah, highly likely… So that’s “got legs”.

    China has a long history of antipathy toward The West. Lately (as in several decades) a clear program of attempting to take down the west and build itself up. It is only a little bit speculative that they would be trying to make a virus to help them do that and remove the “white devil”. (Add in their rampant “assisted corruption” of government officials world wide and a lot of the actions of various governments starts to make more sense). So “slightly speculative” but based in known data and rational evaluation.

    Then, per the GEBs: Note, too, Bill Gates comes from a family history of “population control” arrogance. He has publicly mused over the “benefit” of a sterilizing “vaccine”, has funded attempts to develop it (and stated he wants one). Plus, there is some decent evidence that he funded testing on women in Africa and Nicaragua (with only partial success – a couple of years drop in birth rate, then it recovers)

    The only bit where your scenario becomes “speculative” (IMHO) is when you tie all of these threads together into one bundle, and then assert Grand Design.

    It is possible, even if Just Barely, that the BioWeapons Labs were really just operating from paranoia and really were trying to develop a defense against just this sort of virus when a FUBAR let it loose accidentally. In fact, that’s what I’m most inclined to believe (with the caveat that they would not be against using it as a bioweapon once they succeeded in making a vaccine / preventative… but it got out before they got that far…)

    It is possible that the GEBs are just talking about population size and “culling” due to having not much else to worry; just a bit of fantasy on their part as cocktail party talk. After all, it has been a good book seller over the years.

    It is likely that the Major Pharma Drug Companies are just corrupt to the core, driven by greed, and saw Regulatory Capture as a very profitable thing; so are just acting out of low morals and high greed. No grand design, just following the money teat…

    But arguing against that “it just growed” scenario is the way that ALL the global institutions, various national governments, media, et. al. ALL sang the same broken tune on things like treatments and prophylaxis. There was a whole lot of coordination going on. So either some incredibly effective Global Evil Bastards were driving that coordination (directly or through institutions and institutional culture they had created to do it); or folks globally are a whole lot more herd like in their behaviour than historically.

    I doubt everyone globally “suddenly changed”, so the weight drops on the side of “top down influencing operations” via WHO, CDC, FDA, etc. etc. Driven for effect.

    So overall I’d say it’s at some odds like, oh, about 90% odds for “Rational observation”, about 5% odds for “paranoia” (and remember, we know they ARE out to “get us” via exploitation – they have said so), and maybe 5% of “something we missed” odds.

    Just my POV.

  65. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Something even more unlikely? Democrats running an honest election. Honest politicians.

  66. jim2 says:

    It’s ironic Dimowits go to such lengths to steal elections when the TLAs have stolen the entire government.

    In fact, the DNC/Dimowits and TLAs are working together, IMO, to keep conservatives down.

    “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo” on Fox is all over this. She was talking about how the FBI opened a case on Devin Nunez when he was in Congress investigating … wait for it … the FBI. We know they investigated Rudy Giuliani and other members of the Trump team.

    The FBI has been corrupt since JEH days and I tend to believe the story about the CIA having a hand in the assassination of JFK.

    It’s truly sad.

    If Republicans aren’t complicit in all this, and probably some are, they need to figure out how to get in power, and fast.

  67. E.M.Smith says:


    Europe announces Price Cap (i.e. shortage trigger) on Russian Natural gas, and a Russian Pipeline delivering gas to Europe via Ukraine has an accident and is out of service….

    More than normal copied as some folks are in countries that block connections to RT. Bolding done by me as editorial comment.

    20 Dec, 2022 14:50

    Explosion rocks major Russian gas pipeline

    Three people have died in the incident in Central Russia, with at least one injured, local authorities say

    Explosion rocks major Russian gas pipeline

    An explosion has rocked a pipeline in Russia’s Chuvash Republic several hundred kilometers east of Moscow, causing a major fire, local officials said. The incident along the route, which is used to transport energy to Europe, killed at least three people and injured another one, while prompting gas prices in Europe to soar.

    The local administration’s press service said the blast occurred along the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod pipeline. It added that the operating company had been conducting maintenance work on the conduit before the fire broke out.

    Of the three dead and one injured, “all of them were working on the gas pipeline,” local emergency services confirmed.

    The regional directorate of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations said earlier that the fire was caused by a gas leak at an underground pipeline close to the village of Yambahtino. It added that it had sent several fire-fighting crews to the scene.

    Oleg Nikolaev, the head of the Chuvash Republic, noted that the pipeline was used to deliver energy to Europe, and now it has been blocked off from two sides.

    Videos posted on social media showed a large pillar of fire towering over nearby buildings. The Mash Telegram channel reported that locals said temperatures near the scene were so hot they were unable to approach their homes.

    The incident prompted gas prices in Europe to spike, exceeding $1,250 per one thousand cubic meters,
    according to data from the ICE exchange. The pipeline serves as a route for transporting natural gas from Western Siberia to Europe via Ukraine.

    The 4,500 km conduit crosses the border between the two countries in Kursk Region at the town of Sudzha, which remains the only point through which the gas is still flowing to Europe via Ukraine amid fighting between Moscow’s and Kiev’s forces.

    So that’s about $1/ m^3 which is just incredible. Currently running about $10 for 1000 Cu Ft in the USA and there’s about 3.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 Cu Ft / m^3 or about 36 ft^3 per m^3, so call it $10 x 36 =$360 / 1000 m^3 in the USA. So roughly 4 x as much in Europe. And only going higher…

    That’s going to make the EU entirely uncompetitive (and potentially completely unable physically…) for the manufacture of natural gas intensive things like, oh, Ammonia, fertilizer, explosives, glass products, Natural Gas Electricity Peaking Plants, plastics, assorted chemicals (“petro” chemicals are now mostly made from natural gas), fabrics made from those polymers & plastics, etc. etc.

    Realize upholstery in cars is also plastic based for a lot of it, all the wiring has plastic insulation, then there’s hoses and plastic panels and… The EU car industry is toast until gas prices come back down.

    The interesting question is, of course, was that “leak” being repaired done as sabotage (if so, Ukrainian or Russian or USA or UK?…) or just due to no repair parts from EU sanctions; or “else”…

  68. jim2 says:

    The accident didn’t stop the flow of gas to Europe.

  69. another ian says:

    Well! Well! Well! There is another Wuhan Institute!

    “The Other Lab in Wuhan: The German-Chinese “Laboratory for Virus Research” ”




  70. another ian says:

    More covid

    “This Was In The Data. Now Its Admitted”


  71. another ian says:

    “13 US States warn that giant climate activists funds are buying up public utilities”


  72. The True Nolan says:

    Name something more unlikely than two bullets colliding?

    Three bullets colliding.

    Or how about an insurance company seeing a 40% jump in death rate for working age people.

  73. Steven Fraser says:

    E.M: I have not fished from a boat in many years, but did s, standing as a youth. Reflecting on those memories, it occurs to suggest the use of a balance trainer.. perhaps aplywood oard on a partially -deflated basketball.
    Get used to the balance … like by doing tai chi.. then later add net-casting motions without net. Finally, add amosest net, and cast it with a target.

    I hope this helps.

  74. Taz says:

    @EM Smith

    “After that (and some other SystemD related FUBARS…) I changed my default file system type back to EXT3 for any data partitions, and also played with some other file system types (XFS was nice…). At this point, I’ll let a system use EXT4 for the default OS partition build, if that’s what it wants, but I’ll never use if for any disk that might end up on another system hoping to be read… ”

    A good tip. Thanks. I haven’t run into any problems with EXT4, but was feeling pretty stupid that so much of our stuff was still on EXT3. Maybe I’ll just leave everything be….What you describe scares me.

    I dislike NTFS because of it’s fragmentation problems, but it’s been solid for many years and I rather like it’s new 32,000 character path limit. Does sometimes cause problems with older hardware though :(

    Don’t know if I’ll ever buy new hardware as fast as the industry demands. IUnderstand the reasons for retiring SMB1 and actually prefer SMB3 …..but the idea that THEY control my purchases just rubs the wrong way :( Thought I had beat MS when I managed to get Win10 working with plain SMB again, but neglected to disable Windows update. So of course it downloaded some update which fritzed the setup – and I couldn’t get it back.

    Not willing to reimage that box to get the “unimproved” Win10 back…..Just hooked everything up to older/slower hardware. And fumed.

  75. another ian says:

    Another awakening

    “It took awhile but eventually Tim Robbins came to realize that something was awry with the Covid narrative.”


  76. jim2 says:

    Taz – if you aren’t used to tweaking Linux like EMS is, you could live with System D in, say, Linux Mint. I tried using some non-system D Linux versions, but would run into weird limitations and problems.

    I don’t have time to continually mess with the OS, so I finally gave up on it and installed Mint. There are a ton of Linux flavors out there and many behave very much like Windows. Plus, there are tons of free apps, including games if you like that sort of thing, but also serious software packages. Mint comes with LibreOffice which means you can open and save as MS documents.

  77. jim2 says:

    Just like the Dimowits and TLAs are taking down Trump by a thousand cuts, they may be going after Musk now. Musk has melted down their favorite Golden Calf, Twitter. Tesla stock is also taking a major beating.

    FTC lawyers questioned two former senior executives in the past month about whether Twitter has been able to comply with the agency’s 2011 consent order since Musk took over, said three people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named discussing a confidential investigation. Musk’s Oct. 27 acquisition led to an exodus of many of the social media company’s legal, privacy and compliance executives, prompting the wider investigation.

    The FTC had already opened a new inquiry into Twitter after the company’s former chief cybersecurity officer, Peiter Zatko, filed a whistle-blower complaint, said the people. Zatko testified before Congress in September, alleging the platform was a “ticking bomb of security vulnerabilities.”


  78. David A says:

    EM, thanks for your reply to my comment way above.
    Catching up on the rest of the informative comments.

  79. Simon Derricutt says:

    Firstly, a warning that next year will be the hottest evah: https://www.gbnews.uk/news/met-office-warning-forecasters-say-2023-could-be-one-of-the-hottest-years-ever-full-on-gas-pedal-extreme/410261
    Next… “Your not sure who you are? Let me give you another ID card for when you’re feeling different” : https://www.gbnews.uk/news/security-risk-at-whitehall-as-gender-fluid-staff-are-offered-two-id-passes-in-case-they-change-identity-this-is-insane/410182

    For the weather prediction for a whole year ahead, there have been some doozies of failures, so recorded for posterity so we can laugh at them later.
    For the other one, do they get two pay-checks as well? Could I self-identify as having, say, ten personalities and get extremely rich? After all, each would be taxed as being a low-income single person.

  80. David A says:

    Simon, think of how expensive medical demographic studies will be for 47 different sexes.

  81. cdquarles says:

    For a non-SystemD linux, I like PCLinuxOS. I highly recommend that one if you don’t like tinkering much. It just works, at least for me.

  82. another ian says:

    More ChatGPT

    “I’d solve this with a pen, paper, closed classroom and a time limit, but that’s just me.: AI poses dangers the calculator never did. Calculators only gave students objective numbers. ChatGPT offers students a bottomless stew of prepackaged political beliefs, opinions presented as scientific facts, and outright errors.”


  83. another ian says:

    I guess his good news is that he doesn’t have a prostate problem

  84. another ian says:

    “Interesting thoughts on field and fighting gear from a Ukraine veteran”


  85. Ossqss says:

    Christy is always grounded soundly. The interviewers’ eyes tell a story of new exposure to truths. :-)

  86. another ian says:

    “Honey, I Finished The Coffee Grinder”

    A lament on how things were made in the link and comments


  87. beththeserf says:

    Gender studies… Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, leading to a population
    of Black, Trans and one-eyed students taking Courses in Resentment.

  88. E.M.Smith says:

    @ Beth:

    I call them “Grievance Studies”… all they are is training in how to be upset at your life. I wasn’t upset at “being me” (despite some crap in my life…) so never found the Grievance Studies interesting. I was much more interested in leaving the crap behind and getting on with making good stuff in my life.

  89. E.M.Smith says:

    per SystemD:

    Due to the limited options in non-SysD offerings, I am running a SystemD release on one or 2 of my systems. It does work. It is just a bit more of a security risk (likely, IMHO, at TLA Request….) and a significant degree of a PITA for those who ALREADY know Unix / old Linux ways for systems admin (as it makes “everything you already know is wrong….” in strange ways).

    To the extent you are not an “old hand” at *Nix Systems Admin, it is less of a PITA. And if you are not Major Corporation Responsible for security (as I was for decades…) the minor increase in insecurity just isn’t important. (Basically, if the NSA, CIA, FBI, and Russian / Chinese agencies are not after you, it likely doesn’t matter.)

    I just find the choices they (Pottering) make to be stupid. I don’t DO stupid well at all… and the approach to abusing The Unix Way is offensive… (Instead of “do one small thing and do it well” they have the ‘style’ of “put all sorts of things in one giant basket and have them slightly screwed up”… )

  90. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and Pottering just loves to “Fix what isn’t broken” in ways that are not as clean and that often introduces new bugs…

  91. jim2 says:

    cdquarles says:
    22 December 2022 at 12:30 am

    For a non-SystemD linux, I like PCLinuxOS.

    When I was trying non-System-D Linux, I was focused on Devuan or Devuan derivations. Also tried a couple of others. Didn’t try that one, but may get another cheap PC and try PCLinuxOS.

  92. jim2 says:

    Something random found on the internet …

    What Is The Crystal Radio Initiative?

    The Crystal Radio Initiative is an engineering challenge set by Eric Dollard on the Energetic Forum. The goal is to build a Tesla Resonant Transformer to receive the signal from a commercial AM radio station through the earth, and to perfect the receiver and grounding system to the point of drawing significant power. The challenge is to power a small incandescent light bulb, progressing up to 100 Watts!


  93. beththeserf says:

    Happy Xmas to all!

    E.M.re School of Resentment, the resenters could learn a lesson re making good stuff from you and others on your interesting blog.

  94. jim2 says:

    Gun rules and regs …

  95. E.M.Smith says:

    Hey, it’s “only” a 40 TIMES increase… /snark;https://thewashingtonstandard.com/vaers-4070-increase-in-miscarriages-stillbirths-since-mrna-roll-out/

    VAERS: 4070% Increase In Miscarriages & Stillbirths Since MRNA Roll-Out
    Tim Brown / December 20, 2022

  96. YMMV says:

    Leftists seeking bright-side: ~That will reduce the need for abortions~

  97. another ian says:

    This via Jo Nova

    “Utah Man’s 2020 Election Case Quietly Makes It to the Supreme Court – Biden, Harris and 385 Lawmakers Named”


  98. another ian says:

    “The Holy Grail Quest for President Trump’s Tax Returns Ends with the World’s Loudest Sad Trombone
    December 22, 2022 | Sundance | 131 Comments
    For seven years the media have walked the American people through a journey to publicize President Donald J Trump’s tax returns, using phrases like “bigger than Watergate.” Promising, almost daily, the results of their quest would be “the beginning of the end” of Trump.”

    “The world’s most anticipated and promoted financial disclosure in the history of the modern universe, was a complete nothingburger.”

    “Yes, Donald Trump is the first President of the United States who lost money as an outcome of his political ascendency because he never sold his office to any individual, corporation, multinational or financial interest. President Donald J Trump worked for the American people, using policies that were designed to benefit the American people, from within an office that was created to benefit the American people.

    For the media, the world’s largest sad trombone.”


  99. another ian says:

    ” I haven’t seen it posted here yet, but Canada’s gun ban research was extensive.


    Tucker Carlson

    Via SDA comments


  100. another ian says:


    “Academics Pursue Project to ‘Decolonize Physics’”


    Sounds more like “physic”


    Or, I guess, you can’t use “:” in a physics publication?

  101. another ian says:

    “So much for Texas resisting illegal border crossers…”


  102. another ian says:



  103. another ian says:

    FWIW – Ukraine

    “A Small Price (for us) To Pay”


    I wonder if “The Mouse that Roared” is one of the Z-man’s favourites?

  104. jim2 says:

    Spooks infiltrate Silicon Valley: Facebook is riddled with ex-CIA agents – including President’s briefer who now runs ‘harmful content’ team – so many ex-FBI work at Twitter they have Slack channel and Google is rife with ex-CIA


  105. jim2 says:

    another ian says:
    23 December 2022 at 10:31 am

    “So much for Texas resisting illegal border crossers…”

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this guy isn’t working for FBI or is FBI. What better way to monitor people discontent with conditions here.

  106. Simon Derricutt says:

    A UK example of thought-police in action: https://www.gbnews.uk/news/watch-outrage-as-woman-praying-silently-is-arrested-in-uk-street-taken-away-by-police-for-a-thoughtcrime/411506

    Just for interest, has anyone else noticed a large increase of spam emails recently? I used to get one or two each day for a long time, but in the last few weeks I’ve been getting around 30-odd per day, with yesterday’s haul reaching 54. Some telling me that a parcel is in process of being delivered and they want data, others telling me that my ISP account is about to be closed, others supposed to be from shops telling me I’ve won something. Most of them get flagged by my ISP (Orange) so they’re obviously going to a lot of other people too, though a fair number have my name in the subject line and still get flagged as spam.

    I look at the spam queue pretty frequently since the Orange AI occasionally puts replies from friends in there for no apparent reason. A while back they removed the ability to blacklist or whitelist senders, leaving it all to the automatic system instead, which at times makes the wrong decision and needs to be kicked to tell it “this one isn’t spam”, after which it’s OK until the next time.

  107. jim2 says:

    Simon – try ProtonMail. Not much spam at all.

  108. Simon Derricutt says:

    Jim2 – the email adress is in various official databases so would be a pain to change with a fair chance of missing some, so I’d still need to check it daily, so I don’t want to add another. For a long time, very few spam problems, but suddenly a lot of spam. Thus I was wondering if it was a symptom of a bad economy with people scrabbling to make money with scams. I haven’t been contacted by a Nigerian Prince for a long time, though. Must be around half a year since the last one.

  109. cdquarles says:

    I have ProtonMail. You can forward your other emails to that one and have ProtonMail send emails out from those forwarded accounts, too. I switched from Office 365 to them.

  110. Taz says:

    @another ian


  111. Taz says:


    I haven’t seen anything the government protects us from. It’s really time for massive layoffs within government. Time to try something else.

    Get captured, get worthless, out you go!

  112. Taz says:


    Yeah Linux is still my primary box, but for anything disconnected from the internet – Windows is more useful. Complicated by all these pirates who sell you something then never grant title :) Adobe is one of those companies, They turned 3ea expensive products into paperweights cuz “they didn’t want to update their license servers”. Now they only lease by the year. I really like the way the software industry evolved (NOT).

  113. another ian says:

    From this morning’s “Covid and Coffee Newsletter”

    ” Speaking of life expectancies, back in February the International Journal of General Medicine published an under-reported study titled, “Total Meat Intake is Associated with Life Expectancy: A Cross-Sectional Data Analysis of 175 Contemporary Populations.”

    The study — of 175 countries! — compared meat and carb intake with life expectancy, after controlling for a whole bunch of factors like caloric intake, urbanization, obesity, and education levels. Their conclusion:

    Worldwide, bivariate correlation analyses revealed that meat intake is positively correlated with life expectancies… In contrast, carbohydrate crops showed weak and negative correlation with life expectancy… Meat intake, or its adequate replacement, should be incorporated into nutritional science to improve human life expectancy.

    I demand an immediate national program increase meat production, to counteract falling U.S. life expectancies”.

    This will have to get buried (/s)

  114. another ian says:

    “The Effect of the COVID-19 Vaccine on the Menstrual Cycle Among Reproductive-Aged Females in Saudi Arabia”

    “Nobody knows why, but this is of no concern whatsoever.”


  115. another ian says:

    Re another ian says:
    23 December 2022 at 10:02 pm

    In comments there

    “Dr. Malhotra: “If you smoked, ate badly, & never exercise you are better off than taking the VAXX”.
    UK Cardiologist December 9, 2022”

    And other comments there

  116. another ian says:

    Canadian Firearms laws!!!!

    “Butt Of A Joke”


  117. another ian says:

    “Now the Cleveland Clinic publishes a study that, once again across tens of thousands of employees, all with access to excellent medical care since they work for a medical concern, have the exact opposite outcome the jab proponents claim: Take them and you are less-likely to get sick”.

    No you’re not.

    The more jabs you have the more likely you are to get sick.”


    Also mentions a study on HCQ working that got “forgotten”

  118. another ian says:

    “Guest Post: Mother Lode – A Pagan Christmas”

    Read and find out


  119. another ian says:

    “Your Home is The Alamo, Act Like It
    December 23, 2022 | Sundance | Leave a comment

    Perhaps the #1 question I see raised in our discussion is a variation on “what are we going to do about it?” ”


  120. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Christmas, like Easter, was set on top of a regular Pegan / Druid Holiday. The Winter Solstice. That’s why we have the Yule Log and Tree (both key elements in the Druid rituals of the holiday. (Easter was put on top of the Spring Fertility Festival, thus our having bunny rabbits & eggs as tokens).

    All his stuff about “other gods” of other religions in his ‘debunking’ is just misdirection. Sort of a “See, it isn’t this obscure god!! (that it never was)”…

    All Saints Day was similarly dropped on top of a Druid holy day, but has morphed into Halloween Candy Storms… and most Christians don’t pay much attention to November 1st anymore…

    There just isn’t any doubt about this. None. It was a deliberate strategy of the early Church. When they could not get folks to stop having their traditional parties, they just did a Re-Branding to something vaguely Christian…

    My credentials to opine? Ph.D. Religion, Master Druid (along with a Deep Dive into a bunch of religions due to rampant curiosity… just don’t get me started talking about Christology and the difference in the Holy Trinity between Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Baptists and we’ll all be Just Fine ;-)

    And yes, Dec. 25 is no longer the winter solstice. When they did the co-opting they were not so good at calendars and leap years and such, so it drifted… Druids, however, watched the stars, sun, and moon to keep track. (As, BTW, did several others. Lunar calendar folks tend to do it too like Arabs and Jews; and the ancient Egyptians used the rising of Syrius to set the start date of their 3 season year, so also kept in sync).

    No, I don’t think that it really matters that centuries ago some frustrated priests shoved their “Holy Day” on top of the prior religions’ “Holy Day” to try to take it over. It isn’t the day Christ was born anyway. (Deeper analysis of the story pretty much shows it was in Spring, likely nearer April, based on plants around then…and similar details.) It’s just a Ritual Day, agreed to for effect, and as long as folks are happy with it, that’s all that really matters. Since we don’t really know the exact date, any day is a reasonable one to pick for it. (Best guess is that we’re off about 4 YEARS on the actual birth year, BTW; but it’s too much trouble to try to fix it now, and it, too, doesn’t really matter).

    I’ll be celebrating Winter Solstice, Christmas, and I’m also happy for folks who have a Hanuka Bush too. All sorts of religions have a “Thank God Days Get Longer And Warmer From Here!” celebration in the middle of winter, so welcome to the club.

  121. another ian says:

    “Things getting hairy in Scottish parliament.


  122. another ian says:

    “Bankman-Fried’s Incredible Shrinking ‘$250 Million Bond’
    The FTX founder signs another remarkable deal.”


  123. another ian says:

    Re ““Things getting hairy in Scottish parliament.”

    A graphic that got on media of the well known Commonwealth derogatory expression

    “That is a cnut of an idea”

    The vocal version would have been lost in silence

  124. another ian says:

    “Demonstration ‘A’ Why DC Has No Legitimacy”


  125. another ian says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    The usual gang want you back in the bivalent booster line “because long covid”

    One enticement –

    ” In a grotesquely transparent effort to help sell more jabs, WebMD published a ridiculous story last week headlined, “Have Long COVID? Newest Booster Vaccines May Help You.”

    Hahahahahaha! A little more spike protein will do the trick! Maybe! You never know.

    There’s a gold rush on; a race by totally neutral, unbiased scientists to help pharma sell more jabs, by publishing “scientific studies” showing that like miracle cures of old, mRNA snake oil might not stop you catching the disease but it can probably fix up your long covid. Probably. Maybe. It might work.

    To support its radical claims of the miraculous jab’s therapeutic effects, WebMD quoted totally-neutral “doctor” Stephen J. Thomas, MD, described as an infectious disease specialist at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY. Get this: the unbiased doctor was the Medical Center’s lead principal investigator for Pfizer’s original, deeply-flawed vaccine trials. Dr. Thomas helpfully explained “The theory is that by boosting, the immune system may be able to ‘mop up’ those virus stragglers that have remained behind after your first cleanup attempt.”

    Or, if the jabs didn’t kill or completely disable you the first time, boosting might clean up that problem.

    Dr. Thomas didn’t offer any specific scientific mechanism for how the lipid nanoparticles, mRNA, and outdated spikes could possibly help “mop up” any “left behind” covid virus. He might be implying that boosters can teach the body how to make antibodies to new variants, but that still wouldn’t explain how it could possibly treat “long covid,” which is supposedly the lingering effects caused by an earlier infection.”

    From today’s “Covid and Coffee Newsletter”

  126. H.R. says:

    The Mrs. was channel surfing and hit on a NFL game featuring the 49ers and some team with a swooshy W as its logo.

    I never saw what team it was, but it reminded me of the big ballyhoo over renaming the Washington Redskins. I forget what name was finally decided on, the Colonial Racist Bigots or something?

    Anyhow, I realized that the best name for the DC team would have been the Washington Parasites. Could’a had a tapeworm or a tick as their mascot.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  127. jim2 says:

    Merry Christmas!

  128. another ian says:

    Re Christmas traditions via Jo Nova

    “A friend, a former Jesuit and PhD in Theology wrote a short book some years ago on all the origins of the traditions. It was very popular and a lot of fun and now on Amazon.”

  129. another ian says:

    “New Zealand Carbon Farming”

    “In April last year, I went trout fishing to a stream that is a tributary of the Wairau River. It is also an important spawning stream for both brown trout and probably some salmon. It is also a habitat for native fish.

    At the road bridge just above its confluence with its parent river, it was a mere trickle. A couple of kilometres upstream it was dry river bed, whereas in previous decades it always had a healthy year-round flow.

    The reason was not hard to identify.

    The catchment in the main is covered in maturing pine trees and as the trees grow, sucking more and more water out of the ecosystem.

    A study in 2005 showed “about 30% less water flowed from the mature pine plantation than the pasture.” Further information says each day a 12-inch plant will absorb nearly 120 gallons of water. There are also records that the average pine tree can absorb up to 150 gallons of water a day when there is unlimited water.

    Global Warming or as it’s now called Climate Change, is a major part of recent governments’ policies.

    New Zealand especially so.”

    More at


  130. rhoda klapp says:

    According to google it’s 32 degrees in Orlando. It’s 52 here in Lincolnshire (same latitude as Edmonton Alberta!). Please get that fixed before I return to FL for the first time in three years.

    Merry Christmas to all here.

    (I’ll be there from 10th Jan for a month, let’s get together if we can.)

  131. H.R. says:

    @Rhoda – Great to hear you’ll be back in Florida again. We had another meetup in Florida last January, same place in Lakeland, and you came to mind. I’ve always felt like the conversation with you was just getting started at that get-together and suddenly it was time to go.

    I’m all in for January, though the kids will be down to visit us through January 7th. But they live 15 minutes from us at home, so regardless of the day, I’m in. (It’s not like their visit is something rare. They pop over at any time in the 6 months we are home.)

    I’m in! I’m in!

    Let’s see what other denizens of the Chiefio Blog have to say about dates and place for a Winter Gala and Dodgy Proceedings. The Linger Lodge is an iconic place and convenient for any of us over on the Gulf side. That’s always been a problem; finding a location that isn’t too horribly long of a drive for everyone.

    The Linger Lodge is just a few minutes off of an I-95 exit, so most can get to it without going through the Tampa bumper car carnival ride. But then it adds about an hour to a trip for anyone coming from the Atlantic side. It is an easy drive, though.

    If nothing is going to work for anyone, I’d still like to meet with you for lunch during January. We’ll pick a spot roughly halfway between Naples and St. Petersburg if any places are back open from Ian’s destruction. I think Ossqss might join in. We visited your blog after that January meeting, and we had more questions than answers. We decided that it was best to ask in person and not to discuss it here on the blog. It might spoil some things. But then, muuh COVID! and we never got to ask.

    Hmmm… depending on the day and time, if we do the Linger Lodge, I might consider adjourning to the Sunshine Skyway pier for a little after-meeting fishing. Or do some pre-meeting fishing, come to think. Or both. The ticket is good for 24 hours.

    The pier is about 20 minutes from the Linger Lodge, including stoplights. A red tide was beginning to hit Tampa Bay, but it appears this strong cold incursion from the North is going to push the red tide back South before it can do much to the Tampa Bay fishery.

    P.S. to all: We have the fireplace loop up on the TV and Christmas music playing. It would be nice to have a real wood fire going, but trailers and all that. “You know the thing.” 😉

  132. E.M.Smith says:

    Up in the main posting I’d said:

    Heck, we might even have Canada realize they are already an example of What Not To Be (Globalist Puppet on the way to Chinese Social Credit Score Slavery) and start a bit of revolution… It must start somwehere, so why not Canada? “Polite” only gets you so far. At some point you need to “Be The Mirror” and kick some butt on the butt kickers.

    Well, Canada Central Peoples Committee lead by Der Furor Turdough… had made “law” saying certain ugly guns would be banned. Then proposed a whole bunch of amendments that essentially ban pretty much everything else too. Handguns, Shotguns, Semi-Auto rifles, etc.

    Since this would criminalize, overnight, hundreds of thousands of normal citizens, Alberta has read the constitution that gives each province the right to enforce the laws; and sent a letter to Ottawa Peoples Central Committee On Enforcement Of Abuse telling them to not bother trying to enforce that in Alberta, that Alberta would take over that responsibility… and, BTW, not bother to arrest anyone.

    So maybe, just maybe, the revolt has, in fact, started in Canada. Who knew, eh?

  133. cdquarles says:

    Merry Christmas everyone.
    That’s not unusual when blue northers blow through. Until the coast-hugging low goes up and out over the Atlantic, it can be warmer in New England than it is in northern to central Florida. That will change. We’ve been below 0C/32F for roughly 60 hours. Out at the nearest airport, it is now in the mid-30sF. It didn’t get down to 10F last night, either; just around 15F. The warm up has begun. New Year’s eve is predicted to be slightly warmer than the average of 35/55F.

  134. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ll get right on it! Figure it will take me about a week to get things warmed up here. I’ll try for sunny & warm by the first week or two of January, just for you…

    BBQ in Tampa 0r Lakeland? Or fishing at the bridge? Or…



    You could always get one of those camping fire pot things and have a real fire outside… but then you would have to stand in the cold… but you would have a real fire to warm you… but…

    Maybe just put a few hickory chips in an ash try and light them on fire to establish ambiance for that TV Loop Faux-Fire ;-)

    And yes, Linger Lodge sounds interesting too!

    As I’m living here now, and the boat is on the Atlantic side, I’d be happy to have a couple of “meet ‘n greets” on both coasts and even in the middle, if folks wanted.

    Boat is down near Port St. Lucie / Indian River, so significantly south for anyone in the lower half of the State. House is up about 20 minutes from Orlando / Disneyworld. Tampa is an easy drive (and Lakeland is on the way to Tampa), so any / all of them work for me.

    For about $90 you could get one of these and not just establish the ambiance but smoke some stuff too:

    Link: https://www.amazon.com/Nordic-Ware-36556-Stovetop-Kettle/dp/B07FPXMHKF

    About this item
    Smoking foods at home has never been so easy
    Transforms everyday food into delicious meals
    High dome cover allows for maximum capacity
    Measures 6-7/8 by 13 by 13-1/2 inches. Do not cook on high heat (recommended smoking temperature is 190- 210 degrees F, adjust burner as needed)
    Made in the USA with thermometer from china and handle from Taiwan

    Make your own smoked mullet ;-)

  135. Ossqss says:

    Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate this time of year!

    Couple notes, as it appears Eggnog was involved in @HR’s directions :-)

    It would be an I75 exit for Linger Lodge, and they are closed on Monday and Tuesday’s, for the record.

    If needed, here it is.


  136. Ossqss says:

    Hummm, seems google maps has had some egg nogg also.

    This should be the park and not the road, if it works. Doh!


  137. Ossqss says:

    And the bar across the street.


  138. another ian says:

    “Twitter Files Release #10 – A Whole of Govt Approach to Control American Speech
    December 25, 2022 | Sundance | 4 Comments”

    “I would strongly urge everyone to read the entire outline provided by Taibbi, and (as I see his eyes starting to fathom exactly where this story is going) I give him credit for this qualifier at the end. “The CIA has yet to comment on the nature of its relationship to tech companies like Twitter. Twitter had no input into anything I did or wrote. The searches were carried out by third parties, so what I saw could be limited.” ”


  139. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss re I-75 or I-95…

    “You know the thing”. 😉

    Gotta hand it to Gropin’ Joe. He came up with the all-purpose go-to for brain farts. Hey, I had a 1 in 10 chance of getting that first digit right.

  140. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – Whoa! That smoker is Nordic Ware. Good stuff.

    No wood fires or charcoal grills permitted in this RV park. It’s not an arbitrary rule as there are extensive plantings and lots of Oaks and there is a lot of dry leaves and other flammables around. Gas grills and gas firepits are OK. I just got a gas firepit last Thursday. Makes sitting out on those cool evenings quite enjoyable.

    The next-door neighbor has a smoker, but I don’t have room in the trailer to transport one. They live in the park year ’round, so they don’t worry about packing it up. That Nordic Ware smoker would do the trick for me. I have a tabletop single electric burner that can be turned down really low. Put something in the smoker. Turn the burner to low, and 6 hours later, hey presto! Smoked anything you like.

    Nice find!

  141. Terry Jackson says:

    Cold weather, regularly 10F or colder overnight. Battery Heater (under battery) and thermal blanket (covering battery). Circulating hot water heater in radiator coolant loop. New battery every 5 years before winter sets in. The plug-on extension cord will get stiff, just leave it stiff and put it in a warm place to thaw. Lots less broken wires in the cord. Lots of vehicles in the North (-25F ) are not turned off in the winter. Another approach is cover the vehicle with a tarp and put a diesel fires bullet heater in there for an hour or more to get it warm enough to start.

    Any EV loses half or more of its range towing. Cold (not Florida cold, Cold) has the same effect. The VW bug with the air cooled engine had an aftermarket heater, gasoline driven as I recall. Need one for the EVs to avoid spending a lot of range on defrost and warm cab. In cold, defrost is required, warm, moisture laden breath condenses on windows quickly, so no visibility. Windscreen, side and rea windows.

  142. David A says:

    Vaccine causing broken immunity for billions? Why, after 2 years of excess mortality, has excess mortality continued? One would think ( history would agree) that the populations “survival of the fittest “ would result in lower mortality going forward.

    This article is concerning!


    “Some of these amino acid chains that we now tolerate in the case of SARS2, are chains that also show up in other respiratory viruses. And there will be respiratory viruses, that don’t have those chains yet, but can mutate themselves, to incorporate them in positions where they now currently have to deal with potent IgG3 antibodies.

    In other words: A homogeneous population-wide shift towards IgG4 for certain antibodies, can end up impacting our relationship to respiratory viruses other than SARS2 as well. You could expect for example, that vaccinated people may become better asymptomatic spreaders of other respiratory viruses, like RSV. We see evidence of cross-reactive antibodies between SARS2 and the human corona viruses. Do you want those to switch from IgG3 to IgG4? Probably not.

    It seems a plausible hypothesis worth investigating to me, that the massive surge in RSV that Western nations are seeing, is a consequence of vaccinated adults now beginning to tolerate RSV, thus leading to a jump in infections in children, as they’re exposed to it more often. With children now getting these infections from vaccinated adults rather than from other children, the infectious dose they receive will tend to be higher. This could be sufficient to explain the higher virulence observed in children.”

  143. cdquarles says:

    I would agree with that.

  144. The True Nolan says:

    @David A: “With children now getting these infections from vaccinated adults rather than from other children, the infectious dose they receive will tend to be higher. ”

    Wonder if the same applies to unvaccinated adults. Whatever is going on, it seems to be particularly widespread and virulent this fall. Here are my (limited) personal observations for the last two months. I live in a rural area with a higher-than-average number of elderly, often retired, people. I would estimate that perhaps 3/4 are vaxxed. We are seeing a VERY high percentage of adults here getting flu/COVID/crud. I know that on my block, the majority (at least 80% that I know of) of us have caught it, and many of us (50%?) have caught it twice. During last year’s flu season, those of us who were unvaxxed seemed to stay healthy, while the vaxxed got sick. This year, we ALL seem to be coming down with it, vaxxed or not. I’ve had it twice, about 6 weeks apart. The first bout was as bad a flu as I have had since 2009. Very rough for about a week. The second round, just over a week ago, was not as bad. People are reporting lingering cases which take three or more weeks to resolve. Whatever it is, it is VERY communicable, and as near as I can tell, seems to strike regardless of vaxx status. Local church choir my wife is in had almost everyone come down with it. (Just FYI, I live a pretty clean lifestyle; I take Vitamin C, D, K2, Zinc, Selenium, and weekly Ivermectin drench. I bumped my Ivermectin dosage up every other day, while sick. I think that helped.)

    Are others having similar experiences in their hometowns?

  145. jim2 says:

    When I got the flu, the nurse said both covid and flu were rampant here. My brother in a more Southern state and his wife came down with covid.

    According to the flu map, it’s rampant just about all over.


  146. jim2 says:

    Covid map …

  147. another ian says:

    Some VERY interesting reading in this morning’s “Covid and Coffee Newsletter”

    Beyond my pay grade but the introduction –

    “What if the clinical trials measured the wrong antibody? And what if the jabs are changing people’s immune response to produce the wrong antibodies? Then what? New studies.”

  148. another ian says:


    “A paper published in the National Library of Medicine shows that the Eye of Horus is remarkably similar to the area surrounding the pineal gland.

    The Eye of Horus is a symbol dating back to ancient Egypt and is associated with healing and protection. There are various interpretations about what it represents. In his documentary ‘Remembering the End of the World’, David Talbott associates the eye with a celestial alignment that occurred thousands of years ago, while others associate the eye with representing the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. However, one interpretation that caught my imagination is that the Eye could represent human anatomy. An intriguing paper titled ‘The Eye of Horus: The Connection Between Art, Medicine, and Mythology in Ancient Egypt’ published in the National Library of Medicine associates the eye with the anatomy of the human brain. The brain region surrounding the pineal gland shows a remarkable similarity to the Eye of Horus. Some have suggested that by creating the Eye of Horus based on the part of the brain that includes the pineal gland, the ancient Egyptians may have been communicating that in the pineal gland is hidden a mental or spiritual power. Adherents of theosophist Helena Blavatsky have suggested that the Third Eye is in fact the partially dormant pineal gland. The Third Eye is a spiritual concept associated with enlightenment and direct communication with a higher plane of existence. All this taps into what mystics refer to as “opening your Third Eye” which in turn gives you a powerful sense of understanding and awareness.


    Via https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/monday-open-thread-21/#comment-2618037

  149. another ian says:

    Also from that Jo Nova

    ” “This is interesting. There is now overwhelming peer reviewed evidence/studies which support the assertion that Ivermectin is a highly effective and safe method to treat and prevent covid. Why did the FDA and the WH work to stop the use of Ivermectin?

    “The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) … (filed a motion, December 22, 2022, in) …. the federal district court …..against the FDA for its misleading statements against ivermectin.”


  150. Ossqss says:

    Not seeing Covid around here even after attending highly populated bars, auditoriums and parties. Only ones I heard of were fully vaxxed folks. Not surprising as we are starting to see the data on the Negative Efficacy of such.

    Not hard to tell the snowbirds here now from the Northern Gulag states. They are all masked up sheeple. I guess they didn’t see the WHO, after 2 years, finally admitted it is aerosolized. Mosquito and chain link fence scenario.

    This was an interesting read.


  151. another ian says:

    “ChatGPT: has artificial intelligence arrived, will it crush Google, or become Google 2.0 and worse?”


  152. another ian says:

    “Elon Musk Tinkering in The Background
    December 26, 2022 | Sundance | 17 Comments
    The issues surrounding Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop are still very opaque and seemingly clouded; however, there does seem to be some clarity surfacing in the bigger picture operation of the social media platform. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are starting to get a better understanding of how the public opinion control operation was being handled.”

    More at


  153. another ian says:

    This goes with that “Covid and Coffee” item

    “Well, here’s the medical facts that entirely explain why people with more shots get more covid.”


  154. another ian says:

    And this also with “Covid and Coffee”

    “The trainwreck of all trainwrecks: Billions of people stuck with a broken immune response”


  155. H.R. says:

    Video of a daring jailbreak.

    If the related videos from this guy’s channel pop up:

    a) This guy has way too much time on his hands

    2) Be sure to watch the 4th of July Barbeque

  156. YMMV says:

    another ian:
    “The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) … (filed a motion, December 22, 2022, in) …. the federal district court …..against the FDA for its misleading statements against ivermectin.”

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
    That was filed in September, and killed in December.


    If you want to search for the documents, this helps (but does not seem to be a unique identifier)
    Case 3:22-cv-00184

  157. another ian says:


    Seems the idea is still afloat though.

    Different topic

    “Outstanding video with a stll-living engineer who worked on the Saturn V, explaining how it works.


    Via Jo Nova

  158. AC Osborn says:

    another ian says: 27 December 2022 at 12:58 am

    Yes that does look a lot like a very big trainwreck indeed.

  159. David A says:

    My perspective is that folk do have compromised immune systems, a problem that was growing for decades with the SAD diet, way heavy in processed seed oils and carbs, and perhaps vaccines in general, (not something I have studied) and now between Covid itself and the definite Covid vaccine failure harms, noted in the ruined jabbed cohorts antibody response to Covid, those failures MAY also affect all other viral disease immunity response.

    We do not know how much is Covid, as the GEBs, greatly desiring to hide their Covid creation and vaccine disaster, are now doing the opposite of 2020. In 2020 the PCR tests were run at very very high cycles, and far far more PCR tests were being done. If today we were continuing to test as often, with the same number of very high cycles, as were used in 2020, those “flu” and cold cases, would likely test positive for Covid.

    I think it is also true that Covid continues to mutate, and its symptoms are far far beyond the mostly respiratory Covid pattern pneumonia of 2020. My symptoms were very different from my wife’s, yet I almost certainly got it from her. I think the systemic nature of Covid attacks folk wherever they are inherently weak.

    The hospitals, confirmed by one doctor and two nurses, underreport the myriad patterns of Covid harms, and never associate vaccine harms with the observed symptoms, treat the manifest symptoms only, sinus infection, cold flu, RSV, etc… only, and do not jump through hoops (quite the opposite of 2020) to assign those various viral harms to Covid, despite the fact that Covid can manifest in an incredibly varied manner of harms and symptoms, in fact they DO NOT want Covid or vaccines associated with these harms. If this jab induced ruined immune response to covid becomes or is true for other viral infections, they will double down on hiding that, and excess deaths will likely continue, and possibly grow despite the weakest going first, as we are manufacturing ever more “weakest”

    So Market-Ticker’s concerns may be correct, and we may be seeing a vast generally weakened immune response to many viral illnesses among the vaccinated, who are incubating then spreading that to all, including the unvaccinated, AND Covid itself, does have the capacity to mimic many other viral illness, colds, flu, pneumonia, plus ALL the VARES harms, heart issues, (contradictory papers here) tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, shingles, cancers etc, etc, and the shots themselves can produce the same harms, quite possibly more severely. ( I wondered at Bidens repeated threats last year of a “dark winter”. Is it here a year later than expected?)

    What is happening in China with their vaccine failure, I have no idea, not having read of their vaccine. I understand that the Chinese have a much higher ( ?like 300 percent? ) number of ACE2 receptors, and this may partially explain China’s extreme attempts at Covid suppression. (The initial consensus was they were underreporting Covid harms) If the reported number of infected, ill, and dead is correct, this will soon have global repercussions on every aspect of society and the economy. If the numbers are real, any response short of a massive Uttar Pradesh ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D response based on massive contact tracing, will likely fail completely.

    Lastly, all of the above potentially makes the global billions mutation factories for ever more viral versions.

  160. jim2 says:

    RE: Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop

    The fact is, governments use the private cloud, not the other way ’round.

  161. YMMV says:

    another ian: “Seems the idea is still afloat though.”

    I’m all for it, but when it only takes one judge to kill a challenge, there isn’t much hope.

    The one that JUDGE JEFFREY V. BROWN shot down made the news because a lawyer for the PTB claimed the FDA never prohibited IVM. De facto, de jure, whatever.

  162. C says:

    Maybe the main goal is not to hurt Russia, but to run Ukraine into the ground. I think it was Jordan Peterson, who said Hittler was more than evil. According to him Hitler’s goal was to
    take as many down with him as possible. Quite successful, not? Maybe the goal was to destroy
    Germany or Germans.
    Like the Lufthansa pilot who closed the door and brought everyone down with him..
    Stupidity or success, all depends on the yardstick and aim. Stupidity or malice. You never know who profits where and when. So stupidity is always a nice excuse.
    PS. Regarding the “Nazis”, Hitler was initially send to the NSDAP party predecessor as a spy from the German army. And over he took..

  163. another ian says:

    “I don’t often suggest you read something outside Coffee & Covid, but there are exceptions, including this October 21st journal article published in Surgical Neurology International titled, “The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Dangerous to Health. Further Proof With COVID-19.”

    It’s an important article. The author, Fabien Durelle, describes all the methods the pharmaceutical industry uses to manipulate science to sell its products, especially (but not only) related to the pandemic. The 167 reference footnotes alone make the article worth saving.”

  164. E.M.Smith says:

    Just had time to read that “Billions with broken immunity” link. That’s kinda scary…

    From David A. here: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2022/12/16/w-o-o-d-15-december-2022-ukraine-ending-christmas-comes/#comment-161927

    Repeated by Another Ian later here: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2022/12/16/w-o-o-d-15-december-2022-ukraine-ending-christmas-comes/#comment-161941

    But it does explain the “doesn’t stop it but you don’t have such bad symptoms”, it is turning you into a Virus Factory that tolerates the virus. Then that IG4 enabling more cancer link (in it somewhere) explains the “unexplained” rise in cancers.

    If anyone has not gone down that link yet, it’s a really good idea to understand it.


    Have not noticed any particular cases of either Covid or Flu where I’m at. Then again, it is a rather light color segment in the middle of the Florida map you posted. Looks like Highly Vexxed Kalifornia is about the worst…

    BTW, for various reasons, including both sloth and curiosity along with not seeing anyone sick for months… I skipped my regular Ivermectin dose for about 3 weeks. Went to Christmas Mass and then the next day we went out to a crowded dinner at a restaurant. Woke up and felt a bit of “something” in the nose. Could have been anything from tobacco smoke to flowers to whatever; but I wanted to sneeze a bit and had some tendency to blow… Slathered on about a 1.25 x size Vit-I dose. About 6 hours later had “nothing”. Has stayed nothing since.

    Now was that just blowing out some dust, or killing the virus at the nasal gates? No way to know. But in any case it is in keeping with very low infection rates around here and with Vit-I taking care of it. Either one could be right.

    @Another Ian, per:

    “All this taps into what mystics refer to as “opening your Third Eye” which in turn gives you a powerful sense of understanding and awareness.”

    I have found that several Irish Coffees or a 12 pack of Beer, or either Scotch or Tequila do the same… ;-)


    What a Hamster Hoot & 1/2!

    @David A:

    That’s the problem all right. This has the potential to bring havoc to all sorts of things based on shifting demographics, destruction of whole countries for some, and not for others based on who got vexxed the most, etc.

    Russian have their own vaccine too (a more traditional one IIRC) so it could even shift the NATO / Russia balance…

    Then there’s things like: My (now grown adults) “kids” got the shot. Don’t know about boosters. Just how will I react if they end up hospitalized from this crap? And what might I choose to do? Even I don’t know…

    I’ll be back in a bit after I read the rest of the comments… and maybe make a beer run ;-)

  165. jim2 says:

    You had COVID a few months ago and recovered—but things still aren’t quite right.

    When you stand up, you feel dizzy, and your heart races. Even routine tasks leave you feeling spent. And what was once a good night’s sleep no longer feels refreshing.

    Long COVID, right? It may not be so simple.

    A mild or even an asymptomatic case of COVID can cause reservoirs of some viruses you’ve previously battled to reactivate, potentially leading to symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome—a condition that resembles long COVID, according to a recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology. 

    Researchers found herpes viruses like Epstein-Barr, one of the drivers behind mono, circulating in unvaccinated patients who had experienced COVID. In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, antibody responses were stronger, signaling an immune system struggling to fight off the lingering viruses.

    Such non-COVID pathogens have been named as likely culprits behind chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis. The nebulous condition with no definitive cause leads to symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, dizziness when moving, and unrefreshing sleep.

    The symptoms of many long COVID patients could be described as chronic fatigue syndrome, experts say. Researchers in the October study hypothesized that COVID sometimes leads to suppression of the immune system, allowing latent viruses reactivated by the stress of COVID to recirculate—viruses linked to symptoms that are common in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and long COVID.

    Thus, “long COVID” in some may not be an entirely new entity, but another postviral illness—like ones seen in some patients after Ebola, the original SARS of 2003–2004, and other infections—that overlaps with chronic fatigue syndrome.


  166. another ian says:

    E.M. Re

    “@Another Ian, per:

    “All this taps into what mystics refer to as “opening your Third Eye” which in turn gives you a powerful sense of understanding and awareness.”

    I have found that several Irish Coffees or a 12 pack of Beer, or either Scotch or Tequila do the same… ;-)”

    Maurice Walsh was an Irish novelist who wrote of things Celtic in Ireland and Scotland.

    He was apt to talk about “the maggots of wisdom” coming from a “glass or three”.

    The “maggots of wisdom” may come but, on reflection, they usually seem to be described more truthfully by a friend’s

    “Well, it seemed a good idea at the time”

  167. The True Nolan says:

    For people who prefer a visual and metaphoric explanation of long term vaxx effects:

  168. David A says:

    Thanks “another Ian”
    Direct link to “The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Dangerous to Health. Further Proof With COVID-19.”

    It is a keeper…

  169. David A says:

    EM, regarding
    ” Just how will I react if they end up hospitalized from this crap? And what might I choose to do? Even I don’t know…”

    Yep, an unknown until one has to face it. To have a cultural venue of justice, retribution and freedom from future harms, is why I am looking for ways to support the legal efforts against this forced poison.

    Coffee and Covid, from Florida, offers some direction here. His $50.00 a month is a bit steep, and I am not certain how it is utilized. To commit to that, I would want precise accounting on how it is spent, certainly allowing reasonable personal gain. I wish the author Jeff Childer, would commit to full time work on the legal issues, with Florida in particular having the potential to bring the Power of the State to pursue a legal venue.

    I do not contribute to the CDC, (? Children’s Defense ?) and some other bloggers like Kennedy, as they are also, unfortunately, heavily vested in CAGW alarmism, and I cannot support that. (Even if they said those funds will go only to anti vaccine actions, as you often point out, money is always fungible, so more contributed to one cause, always leaves more available for another. So currently I do not have a way to contribute directly to the growing legal pursuits for justice and freedom regarding Covid creation and the shots.

    I really think the disparate groups and bloggers at the front of this battle need to unite their efforts under a very qualified individual to distribute funds as needed. I think about 20 to forty percent percent of the nation, and perhaps the ROW, would very thankfully contribute to such an organised front. Right now hundreds of millions, if not billions, feel relatively helpless and hopeless. (Oh to be a billionaire and have the power and influence to organise such efforts) E.M. I would pay you well to use your many amazing talents in this pursuit.

  170. another ian says:

    From today’s “Covid and Coffee”

    That IgG4 study is getting noticed. 2 points on that –

    “There are a couple takeaways. First, “fully vaccinated” (two dose) folks may not yet be in the danger zone. The researchers didn’t find IgG4 antibody replacement began in earnest until after the 3rd booster, and especially after the 3rd booster and reinfection.

    The study has lots of leg. Things are making more and more sense.”

    “Finally, and maybe most important, people may want to strongly consider STOPPING BOOSTING until this thing gets sorted out. It’s almost certainly the continued boosting that is causing tolerance. I know this sounds shocking, but repeat injections of a toxic genetic antigen over a short period of time might not have been the very best idea they came up with during the pandemic.”


    “”Uh-oh! More problems emerged last week with Moderna’s fancy covid drug in the form of two studies.”

    “These researchers studied outcomes of patients with and without Moderna’s covid treatment Molnupiravir (its version of Paxlovid), and found that Molupiravir doesn’t work:

    Molnupiravir did not reduce the frequency of COVID-19-associated hospitalisations or death among high-risk vaccinated adults in the community.

    That’s not good. But that’s not all.

    Another pre-print study published on MedRxIV the same day, December 22nd, titled “Antiviral treatments lead to the rapid accrual of hundreds of SARS-CoV-2 mutations in immunocompromised patients.”

    The researchers also studied Moderna’s covid treatment Molnupiravir, which is supposed to reduce viral replication by scrambling covid’s genome. Nothing could go wrong with that plan.”

    “So, not only doesn’t the drug work — it does NOT reduce serious covid infections or deaths — but it “supercharges” the evolution of new covid variants by DELIBERATELY randomly mutating the covid gene.

    The FDA approved that drug. You really can’t make this stuff up.”

  171. jim2 says:

    There is one thing confusing about the part where IgG4 is that is supposed to facilitate cancer no matter what protein it is fighting. IgG4 will be at high levels for any number of bugs and viruses. If the mere presence of any type of IgG4 triggers cancer, it seems we would be seeing a lot more cancer.

  172. jim2 says:

    I see. IgG4 is usually very low compared to the other IgGs.

  173. another ian says:

    Re masks and covid

    Via https://noconsensus.wordpress.com/2022/12/28/told-ya/

  174. another ian says:


    My understanding from reading “Covid and Coffee” and “Market Ticker” –

    Seems IgG4 is normally involved with things like bee stings that aren’t a moving target.

    And new on Twitter

  175. jim2 says:

    IgG4-related disease is a fibro-inflammatory condition that can affect nearly any organ system. Common presentations include major salivary and lacrimal gland enlargement, orbital disease, autoimmune pancreatitis, retroperitoneal fibrosis and tubulointerstitial nephritis. This review focuses on the hematologic manifestations of IgG4-related disease, including lymphadenopathy, eosinophilia, and polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia. The disease can easily be missed by unsuspecting hematologists, as patients may present with clinical problems that mimic disorders such as multicentric Castleman disease, lymphoma, plasma cell neoplasms and hypereosinophilic syndromes.


  176. jim2 says:

    The involved organs share a number of core pathologic features and striking clinical and serologic similarities, including tumor-like swelling of involved organs, a lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate enriched in IgG4-positive plasma cells, and a variable degree of fibrosis that has a characteristic “storiform” pattern (picture 1). Elevated serum concentrations of IgG4 are common. Before its recognition as a unified disease in the early 2000s, the seemingly disparate manifestations had been presumed to be single-organ disorders that bore little or no relationship to each other [3-5].


  177. jim2 says:

    Several reports have highlighted the increased risk of immune disease recurrence following mRNA vaccination, including minimal change disease, membranous nephropathy, or even acute allograft rejection.1,2
    We report the case of a 66-year-old man who was diagnosed with IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) nephritis in December 2019.


  178. jim2 says:

    IgG4-related disease is characterized by a systemic fibroinflammatory process associated with substantial infiltration by plasma cells with IgG4 in the organs. Our patient presented with pleural effusion, and was diagnosed with IgG4-related lung disease (IgG4-RLD) after he received two doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.


  179. The True Nolan says:

  180. The True Nolan says:

    Feeling stressed? Here’s a lovely piece of orchestral music. Starts a bit slow, but give it a bit…

  181. Ossqss says:

    This will shake some cobwebs :-)

  182. Ossqss says:

    Found some humor in this, so here Ya go> bounce very the end ads.

  183. E.M.Smith says:

    No idea if this works, or if their claims are legitimate at all, just found it an interesting idea. There’s a couple of red flags in it, like this: “What if “Covid 19″ is Hydrogel/Graphene/ Synthetic Biology/ Artificial Intelligence Poisoning?”

    AI Poisoning? Really that nuts? But it is in what looks like a large type font “click bait” type line to get folks to read the article.

    Most of the article itself is a series of photomicrographs of blood and written about an M.D. about blood, symptoms, and relief from “Long Covid” via chelation therapy with EDTA. So one “editorial added click bait line” is maybe OK…

    General idea is that there’s strange stuff (“ribbon structures”) in folks blood along with a lot of Rouleaux formation (stacks of red blood cells). Then post EDTA the blood slides look normal.



    Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

    I had a young unvaccinated patient in his 30’s come see me in November. He had just had “Covid” less than three weeks ago and was feeling fatigued, had brain fog, couldn’t sleep. He had taken full course of Ivermectin and the usual supplements, Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D and C. I looked at his blood with my Darkfield Microscope. These images is what I found. I hope those people who dismiss Drs Kaufman, Baileys, Cowan, Corbett, and Christine Massey take a look at this. I predict that Live Blood Analysis could settle the “There is no Virus” debate

    [photos of blood slides]

    He was started on a nutritional program and he did IV EDTA Chelation twice a week. We checked his blood in a month. There were no structures seen and Rouleaux was resolved. He is feeling excellent. See below:

    [more photos]

    This is one case. I have many similar to this with people’s blood being cleared of these structures in as little as one or two EDTA Chelation IV’s.
    I am just reminding people, that the answers are in the blood and solutions exist. It is a huge hopeful experience for people to be shocked at how bad their blood looks, and then to see it restored after getting the right treatment.

    Deserves some validation / followup.

  184. David A says:

    E.M. ? They appear to be postulating that Covid itself somehow has these mystery blood contaminates? Strange, there are definitely very odd photos from numerous nations of similar strange structure in blood. This is the first I have seen of such claims regarding the unvaccinated. It should be easy to replicate yes? Many would like such a solution ti LC.

  185. another ian says:

    E.M. Re

    “@Another Ian, per:

    “All this taps into what mystics refer to as “opening your Third Eye” which in turn gives you a powerful sense of understanding and awareness.”

    Took a while to bubble up but about here we could mention the Gaelic “Seventh sight”.

    I’m not a seventh son but I’ve had a few too many instances that could have been that.

    And I’m a quarter Scottish.

  186. another ian says:

    December 28, 2022 at 4:00 pm
    Coral reefs don’t remain bleached. Peter Ridd was right and the UNIPCC and Cook university were wrong. Island nations aren’t sinking beneath rising sea levels. Paul Kench is right and the IPCC- AR 6 is wrong. Malaria is not spreading as mosquitoes and other bugs migrate north. Paul Reiter was right when he rage-quit the UN IPCC over that scary, false, scenario. The polar bear issue, of course, pit Susan Crockford against the IPCC — Crockford was right. Judith Curry came to the Climate Audit blog to straighten out Steve McIntyre’s misperceptions about hurricanes — and left a climate skeptic with a whole new notion about what statistics might apply to her discipline, started her own climate skeptical blog, and later published new peer-reviewed innovative work on “stadium waves” in the atmosphere, which drew personal slurs from the UN-IPCC crowd. Tides and sea levels are not suffering extreme elevations. Nils Axel Mörner is right and the UN-IPCC is wrong. Tree ring averages are not historical thermometers. Abraham J. Wyner is right and Nobel Prize claimant UN-IPCC flunkies Ben Santer, Michael Mann, Bradley, Hughes, etc are — statistically — wrong.

    In every case of which I’m aware, when a “climatologist” invokes a worst-case horror story about the future and impacts of CO2 in the air, an academic who specializes in the impacted discipline comes back and reports the forecast is bunk. The mainstream media, of course, runs the disaster headline from the climate consensus community and ignores the expert on coral, or atolls, or sea level, or polar bears, or hurricanes, or satellite temperature sensors, or weather balloons, or tree-ring dendro-chronology, or statistics, or a child’s experience of snowfall in England or the economics of wind turbines …”


    Now that IS a little list!

  187. jim2 says:

    As a chemist, I know EDTA chelates metals. Graphene? Not so much.

  188. jim2 says:

    The B.1.1.529 (omicron) variant has rapidly supplanted most other SARS-CoV-2 variants. Using microfluidics-based antibody affinity profiling (MAAP), we have characterized affinity and IgG concentration in the plasma of 39 individuals with multiple trajectories of SARS-CoV-2 infection and/or vaccination. Antibody affinity was similar against the wild-type, delta, and omicron variants (KA ranges: 122 ± 155, 159 ± 148, 211 ± 307 μM-1, respectively), indicating a surprisingly broad and mature cross-clade immune response. Postinfectious and vaccinated subjects showed different IgG profiles, with IgG3 (p-value = 0.002) against spike being more prominent in the former group. Lastly, we found that the ELISA titers correlated linearly with measured concentrations (R = 0.72) but not with affinity (R = 0.29). These findings suggest that the wild-type and delta spike induce a polyclonal immune response capable of binding the omicron spike with similar affinity. Changes in titers were primarily driven by antibody concentration, suggesting that B-cell expansion, rather than affinity maturation, dominated the response after infection or vaccination.


  189. jim2 says:

    Despite its
    discovery in 2003, IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is not a new disease. Several previously
    well-described cases retrospectively might have been IgG4-RD, but these individual dis-
    eases were considered as distinct disease entities for years. Examples of these diseases
    are the Küttner’s disease, Riedel’s thyroiditis and Mikulicz disease (4).
    Why to be aware of IgG4-related disease?
    IgG4-RD is a systemic fibro-inflammatory condition with manifestations in virtually all
    parts of the human body (5). Physicians from different medical fields may be involved
    with patients who suffer from IgG4-RD. Several tools such as recognition of a typical IgG4-
    RD patient, serological tests, imaging studies and histology should help a physician to
    diagnose IgG4-RD, however, awareness is the most important. IgG4-RD can only be di-
    agnosed when specific serological tests and especially, IgG4 staining on histology is per-
    formed (6). The pathophysiology is still not completely understood, but disbalance in the
    immune system leads to the phenotype of IgG4-RD and, if untreated, destructive fibrosis
    may cause irreversible damage to the affected organ(s) (4). Therefore, early diagnosis
    may prevent unnecessary and irreversible disease complications.


  190. Ossqss says:

    @jim2, Berenson did a write up on IgG4 earlier this week on some new studies released.


  191. cdquarles says:

    Thanks, Ossqss. This old man did remember most of those.

  192. jim2 says:

    @Ossqss – Yes I had seen that one. I was just curious about IgG4 in general, and ran into some other articles about it and the mRNA vaccine. I found the IgG4 related disease interesting also. Don’t know if there’s a relationship there, however.

  193. Ossqss says:

    The IgG4 item makes me wonder about the “long covid” condition we hear about, let alone any thought about efficacy.

    I think we are down to 74 years for the release of the protected vaxx trial data now, IIRC?

    That in itself speaks volumes to me.

  194. another ian says:

    “That’ll hurt: Environmental investors lost 22% in a year when Energy investors made 54% gains”


  195. jim2 says:

    Ossqss – I’m wondering if the vaccine brings to fruition in some people a pre-existing predilection to IgG4 related disease. IgG4-RD can feature tumor-like lumps that destroy tissue but are not cancer. This may have lead some to believe the vaccine causes cancer.

  196. Ossqss says:

    @jim2, that would make perfect sense since your body would be accepting of the illness and not really fighting it the same way it would have prior to the vaxx. CD can probably elaborate.

  197. another ian says:

    “Vaccine Salesman of the Year: WHO Chief Says COVID Boosters “Are Used by Countries to Kill Children” – Fake Fact-Checkers Freak Out”


  198. cdquarles says:

    I will need to do some research into IgG subtypes (and others). I do know they exist. There are, I think, subtypes of all of the main immunoglobulins.

  199. jim2 says:

    CDQ – from what I’ve gathered, IgG4 related disease isn’t well understood. There is a correlation of IgG4 levels with certain symptoms, but the high levels may be a symptom also, and not the cause. I would be interested in your take on it.

  200. another ian says:

    “Safe and Effective®”

    “Andrew Bridgen- Now the BMJ’s Journal of Medical Ethics confirm vaccine causes more harm than benefit to younger people. The roll out must be suspended and children must not be put at risk through these experimental mRNA treatments.”


    Via http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2022/12/30/safe-and-effective-108/

  201. another ian says:

    “Verily, the mind doth boggle!!!”


    Verily indeed!

  202. another ian says:

    More boggling

    “Nearly 50% of participants in ‘Monkeypox in women’ study were biological men”


    Maybe we need a term like “Post-Heath-Robinson”?

    “As I always say, the first rule of trusting the gov’t is to never trust the gov’t.”

    From a comment at SDA

  203. Power Grab says:

    I have an idle question to ask:

    If the SHTF and whoever ends up in control has the ability to disallow use of oil/gas/coal for the foreseeable future, and only solar and wind are sources of energy, how big can the population be that could live a lifestyle like we are accustomed to?

    In other words, if solar and wind provide only 3% of the energy we currently use, should one assume that only 3% of the current population could live like we do now?

    As I said, just an idle question. I do not, in any way, shape, or form, want to see anything like that happen.

    In fact, I think it would be more survivable if the reverse were to happen. Get rid of our insane dependence on making everything electric and the accompanying insane assumption that we can surveil and control everyone and everything in real time, and maybe turn back the clock a hundred years or so.

  204. YMMV says:

    an idle answer. If that 3% from wind and solar still is available (that’s an IF)
    and only that, then 0% could live like we do know. The next idle question is how many would be able to live period?

  205. another ian says:

    In these uncertain times, by this, a retreat to Bitcoin might not be such a good idea either

    “He’s Cooked…”

    On the fallout from the FTX equivalent and reviewing that scene


  206. another ian says:

    Dr John Campbell

  207. jim2 says:

    I was surprised to see power outages in Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina during the cold snap. It turns out, according to Bloomberg, there is a big push in those states to install heat pumps, presumably replacing gas units. TVA and Duke energy, which supply those states, do not have a large portion of electricity from wind and solar like Texas. So in this case, the green energy demon has reared a second ugly head – that is, electric heating supplanting gas.

  208. jim2 says:

    The Pope and Barbara Walters have died. At least we won’t have to listen to Barbara Walters go on about the Pope!

  209. cdquarles says:

    A brief look at that linked study. Quibble number 1: very small numbers, so this *must* be expanded and 2: still uses p-values (which do not tell you anything), particularly when small numbers are involved.

  210. E.M.Smith says:


    Just to clarify which Pope… The retired one, Benedict, not the current one.

    So I don’t run off to tell the spouse her church is headless; and I also morn rather than celebrate… /snark;

  211. The True Nolan says:

    RE the death of Pope Benedict: I am not a Catholic, so I have no dog in this fight, but would point out one interesting theory about his resignation. This idea says that the position of Pope is actually TWO related but separate offices. There is the religious position as theological head of the Church — and then there is a secular position as official representative of the Church in its political, cultural, and traditional functions.

    Benedict’s resignation (according to this theory) removed him from all the secular functions, but did NOT remove him as head of the Church. If one accepts that, then with Benedict’s death (and no replacement) we are looking at the effective end of religious authority within the Church.

    I am NOT saying I believe that, only that there are splinter groups within the Church which do.


    RE the Russian plans in Ukraine, here is what I see as a well thought out article. The recent admission by Germany’s Merkel that NATO NEVER meant to abide by the Minsk Accords makes it clear why Russia CANNOT negotiate with the West.


  212. The True Nolan says:

    One more thing…

    Happy New Year to all. I am enormously grateful to EM and the rest of the crowd here for continually providing knowledge, insight, and entertainment in such abundance. THANK YOU ALL, and may 2023 be better than 2022.

  213. David A says:

    Indeed, happy new year to all! The world needs a bit if joy.

  214. David A says:

    CD, which study?

  215. another ian says:

    “Arizona House Member-Elect Casts Aside Her Own Race For Election Truth”


  216. Power Grab says:

    @ YMMV:

    Thanks. ;-)

  217. jim2 says:

    Happy New Year, Y’all!

  218. AC Osborn says:

    Here’s wishing everyone on here a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

  219. Simon Derricutt says:

    Dr. Kendrick has a new post at https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2022/12/31/drug-regulation-how-does-it-work/
    A rather neat sentence as regards statin use: “In my opinion, nothing is more effective than statins. So, use nothing”. Otherwise, Dr. Kendrick’s dry humour and deep thought about what’s actually happening are, as always, good to read.

    Happy New Year to all!

  220. E.M.Smith says:


    IF fossil fuels were flat out banned and only solar & wind allowed, agriculture would collapse. Trucking and shipping also. As would mining and steel making. That would lead to complete societal collapse.

    I doubt more than small scattered (and very remote) villages could survive.


    Because there does not exist ANY stock of electrically driven trucks, tractors, ships, airplanes and only very limited electric trains in the USA at least. Then fertilizer manufacture (dependent on natural gas as feed stock), rubber, plastic & polymer manufacture (dependent on gas, oil, or coal as feed stock – presently using mostly gas), steel making (depends on coking coal as feed stock), and glass making come to a complete halt due to lack of fuel / feedstock.

    So, without the ability to move anything (other than a few urban light rail trains in the USA, and some people mover trains in Europe), and without any steel, glass, rubber, plastics, fertilizer, food, lumber (no trucks, remember… and no tree felling tractors), no petrochemicals (so no grease, lube oil, refrigerants, pesticides, paint, road tar / oil, asphalt (and asphalt shingles…) etc….. pretty much everything you would want to buy is gone. That means any city dies (and all the people in it too).

    What survives? Some scattered folks and VERY small villages well away from any city or town with a starving population, and where they are prepared to live without ANY outside support. That will be an extremely small set. Basically the hard core “Prepper” folks and some “primitive” villagers living a traditional lifestyle. (Like the Masai or remote Eskimo villages in the arctic). Though even there they will have hardships. (Most “traditional” Eskimo today use hunting rifles now… and snowmobiles… it would take a while to breed up the sled dog population and re-learn to make bow & lance… a race between ammunition inventory and pestering elders…)

    Note that NONE of this can be fixed by building massive amounts of solar panels and windmills. It is entirely because we don’t have the electric ships, trucks, tractors, dragline shovels, etc. Building those things would take about 20 years IFF we already had designes that were shown to work AND had the minerals mining capacity to make all those batteries. We don’t.

    Then the “Feedstock” issues are also nearly impossible to fix. While it is theoretically possible to swap in plant bio-mass for things like making Synthesis Gas for plastics and fertilizers (and has been shown on small scale) at large scale it makes for devastation of forests and more. Europe was covered in forests before the Iron Age arrived. It was stripped bare to feed the iron furnaces… Coal saved the global forests from being entirely destroyed to make iron. Glass making takes a very hot and very clean fire to melt all those sand & rock lumps. This is best supplied by natural gas. One could make a tree gasifier, scrub the gas, and then use it; but you are now back at needing a minor forest to burn to make each batch of glass… There’s certainly no where even close to enough biomass to support our present level of production AND we are not set up to harvest it (and then you have to move it without the electric trucks to do so…) and have no gassifier factories to turn it into synthesis gas or “coke” for metal refining.

    Again, perhaps with 20 to 50 years of work, using our present stock of petroleum & natural gas & oil based vehicles and factories, maybe we could manufacture those new electric vehicles, tractors, dragline shovels, bulldozers, etc.; and biomass factories and biomass based chemical, paint, glass, and metal refining facilities. Maybe.

    This is why I keep saying that there is just No Way to stop using oil & coal & natural gas in the 10 to 12 years that the Gang Green folks keep telling us we have to do it before the planet is dead. (Odd, isn’t it, that it has been 10 to 12 years perpetually, from about 1975 to today… almost 1/2 century after Meadows et. al. “Limits To Growth” first said we were running out of everything in about a decade…)

    They CAN do a lot of damage to the global economy by trying, though. But there just isn’t any way they can succeed (or even get close to it…).

  221. E.M.Smith says:


    The Pope is also “Head Of State” of the nation of The Vatican.

    FWIW there is a history of Pope’s retiring (yeah, 600 years ago, but it is an existence proof). There is also a formal process for installing the new Pope; and that process was followed.

    So, IMHO, Benedict retired and we got a new Pope for all papal functions.

  222. cdquarles says:

    This one, which Ossqss linked: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciimmunol.ade2798, David A.
    Happy New Year everyone!

  223. H.R. says:

    Happy Interesting New Year coming up.

  224. YMMV says:

    They CAN do a lot of damage to the global economy by trying, though. But there just isn’t any way they can succeed (or even get close to it…).

    I was just reading the news (RT reports it, but not so much in the MSM)

    The govt needed money to subsidize the high price of natural gas, so it puts big new taxes on oil, gas, and nuclear.
    Result, nuclear shutdowns. Less energy, way to go guys!

    Some, like Italy, will respond rationally and reconsider nuclear plant shutdowns.
    Or even Germany, reconsider coal shutdowns.
    But some will die on that ideological hill. Shout out to Canada there.

    It all comes down to the rate of change.
    Things general “work as usual” when the usual doesn’t change.
    Like airlines before. People know how to do what they normally do.
    Where things fail, and fail to work, like some airlines recently, is when things get too far off normal. For random weather reasons, or ideological reasons, doesn’t matter.
    It takes smart people to cope with big changes. Ideological and smart are mostly incompatible.

    Dinosaurs. Big, successful, but couldn’t hack the big changes.
    But those big changes did not wipe out all species.

    So if the PTB want to pull the trigger, they can get their suicide.
    If they go one small cut at a time, death will take longer.
    Maybe long enough for the rest of us to catch a miracle.

  225. another ian says:

    “The rise and fall of peer review”

    Well worth reading IMO


  226. Power Grab says:

    @ YMMV re:
    “Where things fail, and fail to work, like some airlines recently, is when things get…”

    I can’t help but wonder if Southwest Airlines dumped all their old fogies who knew how to make their systems sing and dance.

    Maybe they thought they could replace what worked with cheaper, off-shore programmers fresh out of programming boot camp…but who had little-to-no experience in the real world of airline systems.

    Another complication that comes to mind is the fallout from the EU’s GDPR law. Ever since that went through, programmers (and auditors, IMHO) aren’t allowed to see enough of the various systems they are supposed to be integrating to get the job done right the first time. The train wreck that was the healthcare.gov site comes to mind.

  227. another ian says:

    Wall Street Journal questions the covid vaccine scene –

    “Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants?
    The virus appears to be evolving in ways that evade immunity.”


    Via Covid and Coffee

  228. another ian says:

    Someone had a “working holiday”?

    “USVI Attorney General Who Filed Lawsuit Against JPMorgan Chase Over Epstein Crimes Has Been Terminated”


    And some reminders here


  229. another ian says:

    Gadget FWIW

    “The $350 Life-Altering Device”


  230. another ian says:

    “Well, this is interesting… America’s National Library of Medicine recently published an article about the Covid19 censorship of doctors and health professionals.”


    Article at


  231. another ian says:


    “Remarkable Survey: 28% Of Americans Personally Know Someone Who Died from COVID-19 Jab
    January 2, 2023 | Sundance | 139 Comments

    A rather remarkable poll from Rasmussen [Full Data Here] shows some remarkable public polling outcomes about the COVID-19 jab.”


  232. The True Nolan says:

    @another ian ““Remarkable Survey: 28% Of Americans Personally Know Someone Who Died from COVID-19 Jab”

    I have noticed over the last couple months that more people I speak with are casually steering conversations toward the subject of “so-and-so passed away and his children are saying they think it was the vaxx” or similarly “Joe Blow just caught COVID the second time and he has been double vaxxed”. Of course it is very difficult to show beyond reasonable doubt that any specific deaths were caused by the vaxx, but nonetheless, larger numbers of average people (not just tinfoil hat folks like me) seem sensitized to the possibility. If that 28% is accurate, I expect it will continue to go up rapidly as the Overton Window is now open.

  233. another ian says:

    “Inflation is Crushing the Middle Class and Unfortunately More Price Increases are Likely in 2023
    January 2, 2023 | Sundance | 27 Comments”


  234. another ian says:

    More on inflation

    “Inflation watch, and reader feedback”


  235. The True Nolan says:

    Well made short documentary on screw propelled vehicles:

  236. E.M.Smith says:


    Saw a story on Southwest. A decade back or so the retiring CEO was an “Operations Guy” who just made sure everything worked right. His replacement (until recently) didn’t break anything much, but also didn’t put money toward modernizing things like computers. Enter newest CEO. He’s Woke and worried about things like ESG Scores. Operations not so much.

    So of course Operations break down as lack of maintenance / upgrading of computer systems tends to cause things to not work well when overloaded …

    That was the story, anyway. I’d guess that also a fair number of pilots & crew and likely a number of Back Room Guys walked when told “Jab For Job”. I know I did (from my Dentist Gig. Sad, too, as he was also a long time friend who understood but was at risk of his State Licence if he didn’t go along.)

    Result? Creaky systems with folks who don’t know all the ‘tricks’ used to keep it going has a melt down when pushed just a little out of the normal range.

    @Another Ian:

    IMHO, Robert of Ice Age Now, is one who died of the Covid Jab. Had a massive resurgence of an autoimmune disease that had been under control prior. He thought it unrelated, as it came a month or two later, but I’m pretty sure that was just the M.D.s talking to him… or inability to accept that he’d participated in his own end.

    Like the T-shirt, BTW ;-)

    I ought to do an article on inflation and investing….


    I want one, still. But want it light and small enough to trailer behind a modest pickup and suited for fishing the Florida Swamps ;-)

    That also means it would likely be DIY, when I don’t have time or space to do so…

  237. H.R. says:

    SADS story, but I haven’t heard if he has died yet:

    The kids are visiting in Florida, and we were out to dinner at a Tampa waterfront eatery that was as much sports bar as restaurant.

    I got to watch most of the second half of the Rose Bowl (THE original college bowl game) and then the Bengals/Bills game followed.

    5 minutes and 38 seconds into the game, one of the Bills players collapsed on the field, after making what I understand was a pretty routine tackle.

    They suspended the game and the game commentators had to wing it (majorly) while a decision was made whether or not to resume the game. After about 30(?) or more minutes the game was completely suspended for the evening and will start up on Wednesday evening where it was halted tonight.

    Most of the NFL players have been jabbed and boosted and I believe it’s now over 1,000 pro, semi-pro, and college athletes in their prime have collapsed on the field while playing their sport. Chalk up another one.

    I’m calling it jab-related, but I doubt there will be any talk of that.

    Here’s a link to get started and just search on “Bills player collapses” for other reporting on the incident.


  238. H.R. says:

    Another Covid note much closer to home; my sister-in-law died last night at a little after 8:00 pm from covid that she came down with in the hospital.

    She had a stroke a little over a year ago and has been pretty much bedridden with some wheelchair time using a lift to get from bed to wheelchair.

    She was being transferred from bed to chair when her blood pressure dropped and her weak side gave out, allowing her to fall from the lift. The injuries required an emergency response, which is how she ended up in the hospital in the first place.

    She was treated fairly successfully, but they had to keep her until she could be transferred to a long-term care facility. A few days before the transfer was to occur, she tested positive for covid, and boy oh boy, she had covid.

    It went for the lungs first, the the organ damage started cascading to the kidneys, liver, and I don’t know what was next.

    When I heard she had covid and was in the hospital AND in her condition, I held out little hope for her, barring some miracle. We’ve covered all of that here in great depth but my brother doesn’t read here and was ignorant of most of what we have learned about covid and treatments.

    My brother contracted covid at the hospital while visiting. He found it via home testing and kept mum about it so he could stay by his wife’s side. Oh, he was called in time to make it to her side before she passed, so she was not alone when she died and he got to say goodbye. Small blessings, small blessings. Take ’em where you can get ’em,

    When he told me he had covid, Mrs. H.R. and I sent him some Ivermectin drench which he used and is now using for prevention. He said the Fauxi Flu was pretty bad for about 3 days, then he started coming around and, considering the stress he was under at the time, came out of it very well and fairly rapidly.

    I just told him “Use it” and he trusts me to know what I’m talking about just as I would trust him on a subject he knows, but where I might be the ignorati. He is a very smart guy and can keep an open mind about ‘controversial’ topics and entertain all sides and arguments until he makes up his own mind.

    The Ivermectin conversation between us started just over a week ago, BTW.

    I talked to him this morning to see how it was going with him. Not only is he processing his grief, but most of us here know the paperwork and ‘making arrangement’ mess that must be dealt with at the same time. We both have an older brother that lives about 20 minutes from him and who will be helping with the grief and the administrative crap. He’ll call if there’s something he needs me to do.

    To end the story for now, he did happen to catch a few articles on the pluses of Vit I and how it works (premed undergrad, so he has a good understanding of what he is reading).

    He’ll said he’ll continue using it as a preventative. That was my good news for the day.

  239. YMMV says:

    Most of the NFL players have been jabbed and boosted and I believe it’s now over 1,000 pro, semi-pro, and college athletes in their prime have collapsed on the field while playing their sport.

    They might not go public with their opinions, but they gotta be wondering…
    And lacking any other common cause for the SAD situation … it’s just a matter of time.

  240. Commiserations, H.R. All the best to you and family from a serf.

  241. E.M.Smith says:


    Hopefully more time for you to be fishing and less “coping” in the months to come.

    Spouse got a ride to the hospital for a sprained knee. Nurse asked if she were jabbed. Spouse said “No, and I’m not going to be”. Nurse had a wry smile she tried to hide… A lot of the Medical Staff know folks who have suddenly died, and resent the mandate too.

    There’s a whole lot of pent up hostility at FauXi and his ilk.

    Just FWIW:

    Lately I’ve had a few episodes where I get a “sneeze & dribble” for a few hours or so. About once every 2-3 weeks. Been about 3 or 4 of them so far this winter. Often after being out and about (a day later). I suspect it may be Covid trying to get in…

    No proof, and it could just be my regular allergic response to tobacco or perfume or several plants. But something about it feels more like virus than allergy. (Faster onset, stronger ‘dribble’ like a flush, more surface tingle, sometimes a tonsil feels odd) The one a couple of weeks ago was after I’d skipped Vit-I update for about 2 weeks. Applied the blue goo and in a few hours all was well again. The one before that had resolved without update in just about 2 hours, as I was staying on schedule.

    Note that I’ve been lax on things like regular vitamins and other supplements lately. So no C, E, zinc or ionophores like quercetin either.

    Supposedly right now Omicron is pretty much everywhere and everyone is exposed to some extent. (See China for astounding R0 and spread).

    All told, this now makes it 3 years of crossing the continent several times, mixing with “a few hundred thousand of my closest strangers”, and not using masks or other precautions most of the time. All while not getting sick. The “dribbles” only started to show up with Omicron and about 2 months ago. Maybe 3 or 4 times all told. Usually when I was a week or 2 over due on Vit-I as I was trying to conserve it.

    I count that as pretty much an Existence proof. And it isn’t just me. Spouse too. Not even sniffles as she is being precise on schedule. While her identical twin got jabbed, is paranoid level of careful on “precautions” like masks, and got covid… so we have a kind of limited “twin study” here too.

    I’d thought when I bought my Big Jug that a 5 year supply for 2 of us would be enough. Now I’m thinking maybe I need to buy another one to assure we have it through about 2028. OTOH, I ought to have been exposed enough while using Vit-I that the fragments ought to have trained the immune systems ( I think…) to some extent. Maybe.

    I know, not enough sample size for statistical validity. But there’s something about sentinel cases that gives clue… and I think this is one of them. I’ve literally lost count of how many times I’ve crossed the country the last 3 years (car a few times, plane, truck,…) while not sleeping or sleeping “rough”; and how many folks I’ve been around. From original Wuhan Alpha type when California had lockdowns and curfews to now. I think that says something. From nights out in bars to political rally to moving residences and meeting dozens of prospective buyer / seller groups and their agents. I’ve not been bashful about exposure.

    At this point, my biggest risk seems to be that I’m back to not even thinking about it and living a normal life. That makes it easy to forget, like now, when I’ve realized my schedule was for last Sunday and I’ve skipped it… so 2 days past date. Probably ought to shower and dose.

  242. H.R. says:

    Thanks, beth.

    Props to my brother and SIL’s doc. He did not recommend the vexxine for them, so they were not jabbed. And he put them on increased doses of D3, zinc, C, and I don’t know what ionophore he recommended, but I think it was probably something high in quercetin.

    Of course, my SIL had too many comorbidities to survive the nasty attack of the FauXi Flu once she got a high viral load at the hospital. She almost escaped to long-term care – she was done with the treatment for her injuries -but the odds were against her since she had to stay longer while a care facility was being lined up.

    If at all possible, avoid any trip to a hospital. It’s a cesspool of the Kung Flu with all those jabbed and boosted people there.

    If you do have to go, slather up with Vitamin I before going.

  243. Simon Derricutt says:

    H.R. – my dad always said it was not a good idea to go to hospital, since people died there. Yep, he did in fact die in hospital…. Sorry to hear about your SIL, though.

    Seems the current variant of Covid is more infectious than previous versions, and can also infect unjabbed people who previously recovered from earlier Covid infections,as well as evading the jab antibodies. Pretty well what we’d expect from a coronavirus. Seems that the selection pressure from the jabs has resulted in the evolution of a variant that evades them, again what we’d expect to happen because the jabs aren’t sterilising. Also seems to me that the official response to Covid couldn’t have been better planned to make it more damaging and lasting much longer than it should have.

    Here in France, Vitamin I isn’t available (a friend sent me some from the UK). Thus I’m not dosing up on a regular basis. I’ll find some regular source of supply this year, since it looks like it might be important in future.

  244. H.R. says:

    Thanks, Simon.

    I wrote about my SIL because it was a classic case of what has been learned here about the cascading organ failure, the vitamin cocktail regimen, and the spreading of the bug by the vexxed and boosted. It was also good to report another incident involving Ivermectin.

    My dad and grandfather were quite insistent about hospitals being where you go to die. My grandfather, just because the state of medicine at the time (born 1886), and my father just because he knew that there was only so much even the most advanced medicine could do to prevent death; they weren’t alone among the ‘common folk’ noticing that other than broken bones and the odd appendectomy, you were probably too far gone anyhow to make it back out alive. Why go to the bother and expense when the outcome is known?

    Chalk your dad as another one who could see the obvious.

  245. David A says:

    HR, best wishes for your SIL and family.
    While Covid and the flu may have a similar CFR, the Covid morbidity spectrum is IMV, far greater. And long term mortality, who knows?

    I read that Switzerland excess mortality is not happening. Another article said it was, but at about 7.5 percent, or only 1/2 of many nations. Interesting. No real lock downs, high initial exposure, strong natural immunity BEFORE the vaccines. I recall a study of increased Covid protection with natural immunity prior to vaccines. I am wandering about the possibility that natural immunity may also offer some protection agains vaccine adverse events?

  246. The True Nolan says:

    H.R., so sorry to hear about your family loss. My condolences to you and to your brother. I cannot help but agree with your “stay out of the hospital!” advice. Even if they do not press you to get jabbed, you will still (almost certainly) be exposed to a huge viral load. And a large bacterial exposure as well. Hard to say which is more dangerous. My niece has suffered through a long series of operations (six? seven?) attempting to clear up a recurring bone infection she got in the hospital.

    @E.M. “I’d thought when I bought my Big Jug that a 5 year supply for 2 of us would be enough. Now I’m thinking maybe I need to buy another one to assure we have it through about 2028.”

    Here locally the Big Jug (5 liter) are still available. Last time I looked they were in the $80 range. Get an extra while it is still on the shelf without a veterinary prescription. If you don’t use it or need it, someone else may very well. No telling how long we will be exposed to new variants or other bugs. Besides, you may end up with sheep or cattle. :)

  247. Power Grab says:

    @ EM:

    I think you and I read the same article about Southwest’s CEO history.

  248. another ian says:

    Going on how things went here I’d say add to your stocks of Vitamin I while you can.

  249. The True Nolan says:

    The Most Politically Incorrect, Unwokeist Article You Will Ever Read

    “Hello, dear readers. Long time no see. Welcome to the New Year.

    Today, I submit to you a white paper on a master list of forbidden words (which the mailman delivered today) Americans should never use, compiled by a red team of effeminate woke uppity Stanford academics.

    Incidentally, the list does not, contrary to rumor, begin with a trigger warning. Maybe they didn’t have the manpower to put it in. But I believe the man in charge said about the warning “No can do“.

    Some of you will doubtless feel gyped over this. But the rule of thumb in approaching any academic writing is to expect the tone deaf. Anyway, the lack of a warning is nothing to commit suicide over.”

    And so forth… The ability to censor speech is the ability to constrain thought.

  250. David A says:

    @ power grab, if you were an old fogey and Covid hit, and you thought the whole jab thing BS, and you could retire, would you? You bet, in the last three years we have about plus 2 million more retirees than anticipated, plus two million more than anticipated on disability, and we are approaching plus 2 million excess dead, likely less than 1/2 in the working age. (So about five million have gone from the labor pool, mostly they are your most experienced, and production is dropping. (Southwest had other issues as well I have heard)

    Concerning the IgG4 paper, here is another on IGg4 and cancers…

  251. Power Grab says:

    @ David A:

    As a matter of fact, I am eligible to retire. However, after figuring out that the way they were treating retirees in 2020 looked like a quick way to reduce the number of retirees, I chose to keep working.

    It made me think that, if I were to retire then, I would have a big bull’s eye painted on my back.

  252. Power Grab says:

    @ David A:

    Oh, and I do consider the whole jab thing to be BS of the purest form. I just kept going to work every day and worked my 12-17 hours a day (while everyone else stayed at home) and kept my head down and kept away from tests and jabs. Eventually, I felt pressured to lift my head and submit the request for a religious exemption. They granted it promptly, so that’s where I am.

    Frankly, when I had a couple bouts of weird symptoms between the fall of 2019 and now, I point straight at 5G as the cause. I don’t think I’ve written up those accounts on this blog, though. I’d like to, but most readers seem pretty committed to the germ theory.

    My main focus, especially since early 2021, has been to try to keep my microbiome happy and diverse and healthy. I also try to limit my exposure to what I like to call “chemo and radiation”.

  253. YMMV says:

    This is just a rumor, because you certainly won’t see it in the MSM.
    And it’s just a coincidence, because. Just because.
    Damar Hamlin had a booster jab less than a week before he collapsed on the field
    with what some say was cardiac arrest and others say was commotio cordis and other say it’s too soon to say.

    The take-away from one doctor was that we should all learn CPR.
    Not bad advice.

  254. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    That’s OK about the self stopping cars… I’m never buying anything newer than about 2000 again anyway… My experience with the “car with hind brain” and a few test rides in the “Tablets with steering wheel” has convinced me anything newer than about 2001 to 2005 is “annoying failure junk on wheels”.

    Recently watched a short EwTube where an auto guy (mechanic?) went over the increasing failure modes of “newer” cars and why you do NOT want to buy any recently made car over 5 years old / out of warantee. A lot of it focused on all the electronics, interlocks, complicated motorized gizmos and other intensely failure prone junk added to “modern” cars. The end note was about “software updates” and the many ways that will fail as your car “exits support window”… and “updates” stop.

    So from this point forward my approach to cars is shifting to the Cuban Method. Pick some reliable and SIMPLE older car, where parts can be made in any machine shop, and just keep it in like new condition. Whatever it takes.

  255. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and per 5G issues:

    I may give you an opening for that… I’d done a little bit of looking into the EMF impacts on people (mostly back when I was in charge of cell phones and putting in WiFi in buildings).

    Teaser: I’ve turned OFF 5 GHz on my WiFi in the house, so then the spouse and I both feel better, sleep better, and have fewer minor health issues. At the Dentists Office, I turned off 5 GHz and turned the power down to about 1/4 (partly for security so their WiFi would not reach the parking lot…). New Guy who replaced me turned it back up. Staff had “grumpy irritated issues” along with poor sleep. They asked me to put it back like I had it before…

    So there’s clearly SOMETHING going on with 5 GHz signals at a minimum. Exactly how that interacts with 5 G is another issue (as they are somewhat different things….).

    What is quite clear (since folks were sometimes not told when 5 GHz and power were changed and only found out later) is that folks without knowing that it had changed, had changes in how they felt and functioned. A kind of a blind study…

    I just haven’t had the time to do the Deep Dive into it and write it up….

  256. jim2 says:

    Oh S***!

    Chinese scientists are reportedly looking at a technique for using mosquito bites to distribute vaccines. The experiment was conducted on animals, but the possibilities for human exposure are obvious and ominous.

    The South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Wednesday quoted a paper from the Chinese Academy of Sciences that described a plan to send genetically-modified mosquitoes into the wild, where they would bite animals to trigger a “strong, long-lasting immune response.”

    The authors of the paper said their trials had been successful at making animal subjects more resistant to viral infections, most notably Zika, which was the big viral panic in the late 2010s before a certain other organism emerged from Wuhan, China, to rampage across the world.


  257. another ian says:

    “Tucker To McCarthy: “If You Want To Be Speaker, Release The January 6th Files” ”


  258. cdquarles says:

    Be aware that a properly timed 50 joule jolt to the chest wall, in the right spot, may trigger fibrillation and stop circulation, without any thing else involved. Athletes have dropped dead, a few per decade for as long as I can remember, with no cause ever determined, at times. Does that mean that vaccine induced myocarditis (and any vaccine can do this, given the necessary and sufficient conditions) isn’t involved? Only a very well done autopsy might give us the clues needed. (And here, such an occurrence would allow the state to force one over family objections, or at least did in the past.)

  259. cdquarles says:

    Oh, lord, China; you are asking for trouble trying to use mosquitoes as medication transmission agents.

  260. Cleveland study of over 50ooo people, average age, early forties, 1 dose of vaccine, more than 1.7 x more likely to catch COVID, 2 doses more then 2.6 x likely and 3 doses, more than 3 x likely to catch it, compared to the non-vaccinated.

  261. Cleveland study of over 50ooo people, average age, early forties,
    1 dose of vaccine, more than 1.7 x more likely to catch COVID,
    2 doses more then 2.6 x likelyand 3 doses, more than 3 x likely
    to catch it, compared to the non-vaccinated.

  262. another ian says:

    Some mothers do have them!

    “The Covid Cult”


  263. Simon Derricutt says:

    another ian – sounds a bit like not regretting drinking the Koolade at Jonestown. Mind you, I expect they didn’t….

    Main point here is that various lies about both Covid itself and the functionality of the jabs (that is, not stopping transmission of the virus, or stopping you catching the virus) meant that few people had sufficient good information to decide on whether the jab was a good idea.

  264. David A says:

    another Ian, that lady doctors quote about the “anti-vaxers doing everything out of hate.” How wrong, sad, stupid, ignorant and arrogant, all at the same time. And this woman had the intelligence to become a medical doctor?

  265. YMMV says:

    cdquarles: “Be aware that a properly timed 50 joule jolt to the chest wall, in the right spot, may trigger fibrillation and stop circulation, without any thing else involved.”

    How big is 50 Joule? A quick search says:
    * The kinetic energy of a 2 kg mass travelling at 1 m/s, or a 1 kg mass travelling at 1.41 m/s. [or about 4.5 pounds at about 2 mph]
    * The energy required to throw a 2 kg ball about 2.5 m high [a bit over 8 feet high]

    So, not that much. Not so big of a hit to a football player.

    The other bit in that quote: “in the right spot”

    According to this source, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gnbLcSGMXw
    Dr. Been
    Commotio Cordis is “usually produced by smaller objects hitting a specific part of the chest actually interior middle of the left ventricle and for example baseball ball or cricket ball”

    The “a properly timed” part of that quote
    A quote in this article: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/sport/cardiologist-professor-jason-kovacic-suggests-extremely-bad-timing-could-have-been-behind-damar-hamlins-collapse/news-story/005bfa7e5b78560a893ca16d358a4943
    Australian cardiologist Professor Jason Kovacic

    “There is a condition called commotio cordis which is a blow to the sternum timed at precisely the wrong moment of the heart’s cycle so it’s only a 20-millisecond window but it’s a well-documented cause of sudden cardiac death in otherwise healthy people that have normal hearts.

    “It’s a very well described but rare event and it’s while the heart is actually relaxing and recharging its electrical circuits, a blow at that time when the heart’s particularly vulnerable can put the heart at a lethal rhythm and all hearts are susceptible to that.”

    The Dr. Been video also goes over the many other causes of heart failure.

    Th heart stopping is very serious. Not just because you die, but also because even if you are revived, you might have brain damage.

  266. another ian says:


    Add this to the mix

    And re Dr Natalia – she doesn’t get a mention but seems a chain of linked Twitter “Doctors pro covid vaccine” has just been outed as fake (this morning’s Covid and Coffee)

  267. YMMV says:

    beth the serf:
    5 January 2023 at 6:38 am
    Cleveland study of over 50ooo people, average age, early forties, 1 dose of vaccine, more than 1.7 x more likely to catch COVID, 2 doses more then 2.6 x likely and 3 doses, more than 3 x likely to catch it, compared to the non-vaccinated.

    The link to the Dr. Campbell YouTube video no longer works. Surprise!

    Here is the Rumble link to it:

  268. David A says:

    Apparently the young football player coded a second time in the hospital, so the impact thought is fairly well ruled out.

  269. another ian says:

    Potential covid flux

    “To All NFL Players: READ THIS”

    “How many of you are are marginal players? You know, you got signed but you’re not superstars. You know it too. I know, everyone puffs their chest, but if you got a lower-end deal or were a not-so-first round draft you know that’s what happened.

    Spend $1,000 of your own money and no, not any team-approved or affiliated NFL doc either. Pay a qualified independent cardiac specialist.

    Go get a troponin test and a cardiac MRI looking specifically for LGE.

    If you come positive for damage on either or both go get a lawyer to tell your club to either fork up the entirety of your contract balance, in cash, right now and release you from all further obligation or you’re going to sue the living crap out of both the club and the NFL for coercing you to do what you have every reason to believe caused that condition and which makes you unfit to play.

    Remember, in civil court you only need to prove “more likely than not” and the jury pool all saw the thud Monday night on national television just like you did.”


  270. jim2 says:

    @YMMV – Not sure what’s up with the Dr. Campbell video. But if you go to his videos on UTub, it’s still up and running.

  271. YMMV says:

    mmmm…. not there for me.
    He has a brand new video there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26zP0YhEdmg
    and the first thing he does is apologize for the removal of the last one, against his will.
    Without further comment.

    The new one is about the huge increase in inflammatory heart conditions coincident with the vaccine rollout.

    We live in strange times.

  272. jim2 says:

    YMMV – yes, you are right. It’s gone.

  273. another ian says:

    I noticed a link to a Col Douglas Macgregor that had his U-tube use cancelled.

    I can’t find any internet mention of that though

  274. E.M.Smith says:

    Per missing EwTube videos:

    You will likely find them on Rumble. Might want to search there and see if you can find it.

  275. YMMV says:

    mRNA “vaccines” — “We have opened Pandora’s Box”

    Brett and Heather of DarkHorse have made the best video of 2023.
    “So far” goes without saying, but this may be the best video of all of 2023.

    It is about IgG4 and how your immune system recognizes foreign things to attack, without attacking your own body. Mostly. At least before mRNA jabs.

  276. another ian says:

    “These Doctors Pushed Masking, Covid Lockdowns on Twitter. Turns Out, They Don’t Exist”


    Have a good look at the second photo

    And what about that Dr Nadia post?

  277. H.R. says:

    Hey, a shout out to Rhoda: are you in Florida yet?

    We need to start homing in on a Winter Gala. Gotta select the crime scene and a suitable day.

  278. David A says:

    CDC numbers for week ending in Dec 24,2022 (8, 700 non Covid excess deaths ) It is accelerating.https://twitter.com/EthicalSkeptic/status/1610798832870215681?s=20&t=LlJPsuxo1oQ44KxPzW53Bg
    Keep in mind, this is with three years of record culling, meaning that as bad as it appears, it is actually far worse.

  279. rhoda klapp says:

    Hi HR, still in Lincolnshire. We fly monday, arrive MIA in the evening, overnight there and drive to Naples next day. We’re in Naples til the 18th then across to Ft Lauderdale then north with the aim of crossing off NC and SC from the list of states we haven’t been to yet. I’d be thinking of the 14-15-16 for the meet, or later when we come back from the Carolinas. That’s if we get there, we won’t travel into winter weather.

  280. H.R. says:

    14th thru 16th is doable for me and the rest of the gainfully unemployed.

    The Linger Lodge has been tossed out there for discussion. It would be w-a-a-y better than Lakeland for you. But last posting on the topic, E.M. tossed the ball to you for first suggestions of time and place.

  281. rhoda klapp says:

    I can do the Linger Lodge, an easy drive up I-75. The house we borrow is near the big bend around mile marker 100. The day? I have nothing fixed in that time slot.

  282. another ian says:

    “If only our universities had studied this earlier: Zinc trial saves 40% of Covid deaths”

    “Here we are after half a billion people caught Covid (that we know of) and finally someone studies zinc in a proper randomized trial. It turns out zinc treatment reduced the length of Covid suffering by about 3 days and the people who took it were 40% less likely to die.

    The thing we learn from this study is that yet again, publicly funded science is killing people because it is not studying the obvious, cheap, low risk solutions that can’t be patented. Ministers of Health are apparently Ministers for Pharmaceutical profits.”

    More at


  283. another ian says:

    “My Apology Letter Regarding My Friendship with Jordan Peterson (THE SAAD TRUTH_1365)”

  284. another ian says:

    “Friday Funny: Paul Ehrlich Discredits the Peer Review Process”


  285. another ian says:

    “Simply put, the global economy is like a Rube Goldberg machine”


    Video link to a sample machine included

  286. cdquarles says:

    Yes, commotio cordis may have been what happened initially. A second cardiac arrest does make that less likely, but not impossible, given that CPR can cause cardiac tamponade, too; though rarely, as well as rib fractures or contused lung. So yes, other factors likely are involved, of which the transposon injection is one of many. Back when I did ACLS and ATLS training, one method of inducing commotio cordis was hitting the defibrillator at the wrong time, so you took a few seconds of EKG first. You wanted to know if there was no detectable cardiac electrical activity of if fibrillation was there, first.

  287. another ian says:



  288. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, on planning a Meet ‘N Greet:

    I have a few family birthdays between Jan 10 and Jan 15. Then, about Feb 4th, I may be leaving from the Atlantic Coast on a sail to the Bahamas… (Captain & crew of 2 already arranged. I may be on the boat as co-owner, or may fly to Miami to swap in after that for “the crossing” or may fly into the Bahamas to meet up with my Co-Captain IFF he has too much crew for the run south and The Crossing (of the gulf stream)… i.e. I’m the “spare” crew… )

    Basically, what I’m saying, is that my participation after Feb 4th may be “dodgy” or may require a “Meet & Greet!” in the Bahamas or on a boat on some island in who knows where Carib…

    So we’ve got two “wide open windows” of now to about Jan 10. Then from about Jan 15 to Feb 4 th. Then it all goes sideways and wonky for my availability as I might be “somewhere in the Atlantic or Caribbean on a boat”…

    Oh, and my passport will be “in the mail” in a few weeks, so that may add its own pot stir to the schedule and “boat vs fly” timing…

    Life, it’s a thing, best lived with some excitement and random adventures ;-)

  289. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and Rhoda:

    As I’ve said before: I’m fine with having a Meet & Greet on the Atlantic side. IF for some reason, you’ll not be on the Gulf Side during any particular time I’m open:

    I’m Happy to drive over to the Atlantic Coast and have a meet up. Or in the middle of the State. From my POV, they are “right next door”. Yes, I know, it’s a California Perspective (run from S.F. to L.A. is 6 hours and folks do it for the “ambiance” of a Hollywood Dinner…) salted down with having been Bi… Bi-Coastal; for a decade or two. Where a 58 hour run from Atlantic to Pacific was done “A few times”… So the idea of a 50 to 100 mile drive to “the other coast” is about as hard as deciding “Bacon or Ham with eggs this morning?”…

    I’m plamning to try “Surf Fishing” both the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast a few times in the next few months anyway; so worst case is I put my fishing kit in the car and go fishing before or after any meet up event.

    Note that I live closer to the Gulf Side by a bit, but also very close to the Center of Florida; while my boat is in a berth on the Atlantic Coast. So I run back and forth a fair bit already.

  290. E.M.Smith says:

    @CD Quarles:

    Your expertise and insights are very valuable. Just thought you ought to know you are appreciated.

  291. E.M.Smith says:

    I think I’m limited to afternoon / evening of Jan 15 or all day 16 out of that 14-16 range.

  292. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Both the global economy AND biology are “Rube Goldberg Machines”. It is a fundamental property of systems that “Just Growed”. That is not a bad thing, either.

  293. H.R. says:

    So far, the leading contender for a meetup looks to be the 16th of January.

    We haven’t heard from Ossqss here for a few days, but I imagine he’s going to drop by soon and catch up on the postings and comments.

    Anyone else here that’s staying warm in Florida for the Winter? Speak up!

    The Linger Lodge is looking good because of its North/South middle-of-the-state location and easy access from I-75. It also splits the distance almost evenly for Rhoda and E.M.

    Is that location a deal breaker for anyone else? Speak up.

    I know CompuGator always wanted to attend, but transportation/mobility issues got in the way. I recently realized I have not seen a comment by CompuGator in over a year, possibly two years. I hope he is still with us, but if not, I’m under the impression that there was no-one that knew of his commenting here that would let us know of his status.

  294. another ian says:

    Rex of renown

    “Rex Murphy: Jordan Peterson’s foes need their heads examined
    The College of Psychologists of Ontario should scrutinize itself”


  295. another ian says:


    “Sweden Wins! Country That Refused Lockdown and Kept Schools Open Has Lowest Pandemic Mortality in the World”


  296. rhoda klapp says:

    Isn’t the 16th a monday and the Linger Lodge closed? I’m closing in on the 15th there or 16th at an alternative location.

  297. E.M.Smith says:

    The 15th works for me, as long as it is in the afternoon. Like after 2 PM or so.

    I think Monday 16th will be MLK day off so likely a lot of stuff closed? I’ve not gone out much on that holiday so just don’t know much about it.

  298. Ossqss says:

    Afternoon of the 15th works for me, and the Lodge is closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

  299. rhoda klapp says:

    OK for everyone? Linger Lodge, 1300-1400 (we can start before EMS) on the 15th.

    Anyone who hasn’t attended before is welcome, you don’t need to be a charter member.

  300. Ossqss says:

    Hopefully this is the right link to the Lodge map :-)


  301. E.M.Smith says:

    Works for me. “Book it, Danno!” ;-)

  302. YMMV says:

    Remember when everybody was worried about Russia using nukes?
    It’s worse than we thought.

    Nuclear Ukraine? Amid ‘concerns’ over alleged Russian threat, the world overlooks the real danger
    Kiev is capable of building an atomic device, and its leaders often outline such thoughts

    Scary article, written by Olga Sukharevskaya, ex-Ukrainian diplomat.


    To achieve this, three VVER-1000 reactors were supposed to operate in “controlled runaway mode,” and a whole algorithm was developed by Ukrainian and British engineers. It was this type of experiment that resulted in the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986.

    This and some other bits in this article show the downside of nuclear power which is not often mentioned. What if you have some idiots running it?

  303. YMMV says:

    And more about commotio cordis and SAD.


    A closely related possibility is chronic myocarditis from the COVID shot. This creates a susceptibility to adrenaline, leading to bad heart rhythms. In fact, it appears that all sudden death incidents, both after COVID and COVID shots, are directly due to surges of adrenaline.

  304. another ian says:

    “Hydroelectric power’s dirty secret”

    “Contrary to popular belief, hydroelectric power can seriously damage the climate. Proposed changes to the way countries’ climate budgets are calculated aim to take greenhouse gas emissions from hydropower reservoirs into account, but some experts worry that they will not go far enough.

    The green image of hydro power as a benign alternative to fossil fuels is false, says Éric Duchemin, a consultant for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). “Everyone thinks hydro is very clean, but this is not the case,” he says.”

    More at https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn7046-hydroelectric-powers-dirty-secret-revealed/

    I guess that extendss to “Pumped Hydro’s dirty secret” too?

  305. another ian says:



    has been giving a message about “scheduled maintenance” for a few days now

  306. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like the * expansion isn’t working. Using fully spelled out CF…Nation takes me to the page while the “*” gives a “404 not found” message but on the site page header; so it reaches the site, but not the page, and with the un-expanded “*” in the URL.

    My guess would be a WordPress Change to not do the expansion.

  307. E.M.Smith says:

    Just tested it with this page (replaced kr in ukraine in the URL with a *) and it gave a 404 too, so not Kunstler’s issue, but a ‘*’ expansion issue.

  308. another ian says:


    I used the “*” as it usually gets around going to moderation.

    Try https://kunstler.com/writings/clusterfuck-nation/

    to get the maintenance message which has been coming up for maybe a week now

  309. another ian says:

    What a knockout!

    “Harry – already half price.”


  310. another ian says:


    There will be a “Kunstler” reply in the sin binh

  311. H.R. says:

    I have the 15th carved in stone, 1;00-ish pm local time, Linger Lodge, closed to any Fan Belt Inspectors.

    Inam looking forward to the Linger Lodge venue. Ossqss and I have gone over to Jigg’s Landing the last two visits. we’ve had. It’s nice, but food and drink options are limited, and it is picnic table seating for the most part.

    The ambiance of the Linger Lodge is not to be missed. (Pro tip: Don’t touch the rattlesnake fangs.)

    I’ll either be wearing my BLM hat that Ossqss gave me or my hat that cheers on our current pResident. Rather sporty that one is.

  312. jim2 says:

    You can get to Kunstler via https://kunstler.com/

  313. another ian says:


    Using https://kunstler.com/ and clicking on “CFN – blog>repentance” still brings up the “site undergoing maintenance” message for me

  314. E.M.Smith says:

    I do not get any “site undergoing maintenance” messages. You may have it in cache and need to dump cache / refresh. Here’s what I get (under his headings / banner and with his ads and such on the sides):

    CLUSTERFUCK NATION – BLOGJanuary 6, 2023


    “You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.” — Anton Chekhov

    Clusterfuck Nation

    For your reading pleasure Mondays and Fridays

    Support this blog by visiting Jim’s Patreon Page

    And thanks to all my Patrons for your support

    The doctors of this country — of all Western Civ, really — owe their citizens an apology and an explanation, and even then, they might not be able to save modern medicine. The doctors have dishonored and disgraced their profession. They promulgated a Covid- 19 vaccination program that is now clearly killing a lot of people early in life and unnaturally. To this day, no established professional group of doctors, or formal association, or major journal, has called for an end to the vaxx program.

    The hazard signal has been clear for the better part of a year. The mRNA products made by Pfizer and Moderna did not stop transmission of Covid-19 and were causing widespread harm, especially in the working-age population between 25 and 64 who were forced to take the shots to keep their jobs. For the whole population, all-causes deaths and disabilities were still rising at the end of 2022.

    The trend appeared to start with the unnatural deaths of professional athletes dropping dead on their playing fields. Then, in early 2022, life insurance companies reported that the death rates of policy-holders employed by companies with insurance plans were up 40 percent. The unprecedented numbers were confirmed in mid-2022 by the Society of Actuaries — the professional org of people who actually parse the statistics that the insurance industry bases its business model on. In fact the number of excess deaths in younger age groups had grown dramatically — Covid vaccination produced a 78-percent increase in excess deaths among the 25-34 age group, a 100-percent increase in excess deaths among the 35-44 age group, and a 80-percent increase in excess deaths among the 45-54 age group.

    These alarming signals arrived special-delivery and gift-wrapped to the medical profession and, amazingly, no corresponding warning to the public came back out. The doctors continued to push the vaccines. The public health officials (many of them doctors) in all the agencies under the US Dept. of Health and Human Services withheld information about the harms that were being done and continued to run vaxx-up advertisements at the same time these officials must have noticed the incoming disturbing data. As late as this new year, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky appeared in TV ads promoting mRNA booster shots.

    In short, a professional class the public depends on to define reality has done everything possible to conceal and distort reality. The cable news networks and the newspapers amplified the distortions to prevent the public from understanding what was happening to them in an epic world health crisis. Social media, managed backstage by government intel agencies, reinforced the information blackout and their own nefarious lies. The crisis was coming not so much from the Covid-19 virus itself, which had a death rate well under one percent of those infected; the crisis came from the supposed remedy for the virus, the vaccines pushed on the uninformed and misinformed citizens.

    Outside a small circle of apostate doctors — Drs. Malone, McCullough, Kory, Cole, Risch, Bhattacharya, and others — the practicing physicians of America went blindly and cravenly along with the government’s vaccination program. My own primary care physician told me he was “a hundred percent confident in the vaccines” when he attempted to persuade me to take the shots. (I declined.) In the next year’s physical exam he didn’t even mention the vaccines. How about your doctors? Do you wonder what they’ve learned? Or if they’ve learned anything?

    And what are they going to do now? Pretend that none of this is happening? Continue to demonize, discredit, and punish the few doctors who won’t pretend? My PC doc doubles as Chief Health Officer of his group practice. He’s fired doctors and others on the staff who refused to take the shots his company mandated. He’s dishonored his Hippocratic oath. He’s in mid-life with, one would assume ordinarily, many working years ahead of him. The information about vaccine deaths and disabilities is going to get worse, and his own behavior around the crisis is going to look worse, probably even to himself. There are hundreds of thousands of doctors like him. As of now, early 2023, there is no general movement among them to explain or apologize for their actions. What will happen?

    I’ll tell you what will happen: medicine as we’ve known it is going to collapse, along with most other activities in our society. Apart from ethical offenses against the public in the single instance of the Covid-19 emergency, doctors and their administrative cohorts have stealthily surrendered to a racketeering business model that had already badly damaged the practice of medicine before Covid-19 came on the scene.

    Remember: as a general principle, organisms and systems often assume their greatest size just before they go extinct or fail. That’s exactly what you’re seeing in the conglomeratization of hospitals in the USA. If the idea was to remove redundancies for the sake of “efficiency,” then they did exactly what destroys ecosystems. Anyway, the net effect of all that hospital consolidation was just to make access to health care much more difficult for the average citizen, and the only benefit was to make multi-millionaires of the executives who run the hospitals.

    Then Covid-19 came along and they decimated their own workforces with vaccine mandates. Now, many hospitals can barely function, and many have had to shut down specific services. Quite a few hospitals are going bankrupt, which only feeds the predatory consolidation still ongoing. When the looming financial, banking, and insurance disorders start to bite later this year, hospitals will be shutting down. In the meantime, many more people will lose their lives to the disastrous side-effects of the vaccines. It is already the case — to make matters worse — that the vaccine-injured who seek help from the medical system are lied-to, mis-treated, or ignored. Some of these are the doctors themselves and other health professionals who collide with reality the hard way.

    Something will emergently replace this monster we call “health care.” Maybe it will still think of itself as medicine, but it will operate at a much smaller scale, minus a lot of the expensive and rather miraculous high-tech wizardry developed in our time, but also minus a lot of hazardous high-tech interventions, especially pharmaceuticals, that were used as supernaturally profitable revenue streams despite the adverse blowbacks they induced.

    Will the doctors recover the trust of the public? It’s going to be a slog for them. They’ll have a long way to go just to recover their own honor and self-respect. Some sort of sincere and highly visible public act of apology and repentance will have to happen first.

    This blog is sponsored this week by Vaulted, an online mobile web app for investing in allocated and deliverable physical gold. To learn more visit:Kunstler.com/vaulted

  315. another ian says:


    Thanks for that. I have Brave set to clear cookies and cache on shut down but seems it wasn’t happening

    Jo Nova this morning

    “Suddenly the media suddenly starts asking if vaccine harm might be a thing?”


  316. The True Nolan says:

    @another ian: Well worth reading the comments at the Jo Nova post you linked to.

  317. another ian says:

    “Update: Interstitial lung disease, MDA5-positive dermatomyositis and ties to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein”

    “There are zero, point, zero, zero reports of anti-MDA5 dermatomyositis prior to 2021, and 2 reports of ILD in the past 5 years in the VAERS domestic data set (and 15 since 1990, prior to 2021)14, as compared with 154 reports of ILD in 2021 alone.

    This is big in my opinion. If autoantibodies are being generated due to the presence of spike against MDA5, then Houston, we have a problem. Like, a big one. The fact that this simply doesn’t appear in VAERS before 2021 is also extremely telling.”


    Via https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/monday-open-thread-24/#comment-2621252

  318. another ian says:


    “This video very recently produced by The Epoch Times answers the question:

  319. jim2 says:

    Anti-MDA5 dermatomyositis after COVID-19 vaccination: a case-based review


  320. jim2 says:

    Is this the video that was withdrawn earlier?

  321. another ian says:

    “What Did Our Speaker Thing Get?”


    A fair bit by this

  322. another ian says:

    Covid comment

  323. another ian says:

    Just what we wanted to hear! (/s shouldn’t be needed)

    “CBS- Consider drugs and surgery early for obesity in kids, new guidelines say: “Waiting doesn’t work” ”


    But then

    “A Dutch investigative report has revealed that the 2006 study upon which the entire medical experiment of child sex changes is based was funded by a maker of puberty blockers.”


    Canada’s killer doctors love what they do”


  324. jim2 says:

    I’ve seen articles about the horror of indoor pollution from gas stoves. And Amazon has an indoor pollution kit. I’m sure it doesn’t exaggerate the danger ;)

    Many, many of us grew up in a house using a natural gas stove. But now, the government has stepped in to save us …

    Safety agency considers ban on gas stoves amid health fears
    Natural gas stoves, which are used in about 40% of US homes, emit pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter.


  325. jim2 says:

    We need to fight the natural gas range ban. JMO.

  326. Ossqss says:

    If there was a natural gas ban tonight, the dog in the garage with me, has breached the protocol!

  327. E.M.Smith says:

    I want to say “I’m sorry but…” But I’m not sorry.

    The Gas Stove is God’s Gift to cooking. Bar None: it is The best cooking appliance in existence.

    @Per “Sex Change”:

    Well duh… The only “sex change” possible is from someone with a sex to someone who is an “it” via removal of said sex. 3 genders is all that there are: He, She, & It.

    Innie, Outie, and Ooopsie.

    Do I really need to remind that: “Reality just is. -E.M.S.”?


    You have my condolences, of course… but I’m keeping my gas mask for me….

  328. another ian says:

    Leaky as your colander

    “Multiple vulnerabilities detected on billions of Android phones

    Read more at: https://www.deccanherald.com/business/technology/multiple-vulnerabilities-detected-on-billions-of-android-phones-1179218.html

  329. AC Osborn says:

    another ian says: 9 January 2023 at 11:25 am

    The story of the wonder drug was also told here in 2017


  330. AC Osborn says:

    So where did the BBC get this data from?


    The by Vaccine Status data still only goes up to May 2022, so what are the ONS, NRS & NISRA hiding?
    They are trying to say that the by Vaccine data does not show Vaccinated all cause mortality is worse than the Unvaccinated, but it clearly does by September 2021 onwards.

  331. jim2 says:

    Now we will have to endure endless bills and proclamations from the Republican eunuchs in the house. None will matter.

  332. jim2 says:

    A team of security researchers managed to gain “super administrative access” into Reviver, the company behind California’s new digital license plates which launched last year. That access allowed them to track the physical GPS location of all Reviver customers and change a section of text at the bottom of the license plate designed for personalized messages to whatever they wished, according to a blog post from the researchers. “An actual attacker could remotely update, track, or delete anyone’s REVIVER plate,” Sam Curry, a bug bounty hunter, wrote in the blog post. Curry wrote that he and a group of friends started finding vulnerabilities across the automotive industry. That included Reviver.


  333. The True Nolan says:

    Ban gas stoves? Look like we have a RANGE war! And like most wars it seems to be based on a false flag.


  334. beththeserf says:

    This on ties and lies( from another ian link @jo nova.) Thx ian…

  335. jim2 says:

    Here is the study used to support the gas ban:


  336. jim2 says:

    The lead author of the paper “supporting” the gas ban works here:


  337. Ossqss says:

    Well, this was certainly a horror show article.

    “Evil becomes good, and good becomes evil”

    IIRC, I think we have seen this over the last few years.

    FWIW, still in the confines of Agenda 21 stuff, if anyone actually read the official UN document (I did), that is now new and improved with the 30 edition.


  338. YMMV says:

    jim2: (9 January 2023) “Is this the video that was withdrawn earlier?”

    No, that one is still missing from YouTube. It is on Rumble; I gave a link to that earlier.

    However, Here is another YouTube video which discusses the same preprint,
    and says that that study was flawed. It cannot be used to support either side.

  339. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – 11 January 2023 – Ukraine Shrinks, Politics Drags on, Garden Begins | Musings from the Chiefio

  340. Jon K says:

    Great article about the folly of the Covid “Vaccine” and other nefarious developments related to it. This is what happens when humans think they are God.


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