CETA – Canada E.U. Trade Agreement

It looks, to me, like “Trade Agreement” is the vehicle chosen by TPTB to take away democratic control of our republics.

The TPP has in it a tribunal with authority to enforce any “environmental agreement” (read Paris “Global Warming” agreement) and all the talk about the Canadian Trade Agreement with the E.U. (pending) in this BrExit dust up got me curious. So I took a look.

The What and Where


The relevant section is buried down just below where I was starting to have the mind wander, and that was only reading the “summary”, not the actual document pdf.

The Canada and European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a high quality agreement that reinforces Canada’s fundamental relationship with the European Union. CETA covers all aspects of our broad trading relationship with the EU, including goods, services, investment, government procurement and regulatory cooperation. CETA will provide Canada access to the world’s largest market with more than 500 million people in 28 countries, with a combined GDP of $20 trillion.

On February 29, 2016, Canada’s Minister of International Trade, Chrystia Freeland, and the European Union’s Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström announced the completion of the legal review of CETA. As part of the legal review, Canada and the EU agreed on modifications related to investment protection and investment dispute resolution provisions. The Agreement is currently undergoing translation into French, and the other 21 EU Treaty languages. Following translation, the process required to approve the agreement in Canada and the EU along with the steps necessary to bring policies, regulations and legislation into conformity with the obligations under CETA will begin.

You also have to hunt and peck around a little to discover that the “technical summary” is the interesting summary, instead of all the “oh look, it’s good for you, just swallow” links…

The Tech Summary


“Sustainable” and “environment agreement” and “dispute settlement” and any referenceCETA Canada European Union Comprehensive Trade agreement to a UN set direction are your hot buzzword clues. Oh, and “bound”, as in “bound and gagged” and “bound and drowned”…

Sustainable Development, Environment and Labour


First time Canada has a chapter on sustainable development in an FTA
First time Canada includes chapters with substantive provisions on labour and environment in an FTA
Provisions designed to ensure that any increased economic activity as a result of the FTA does not occur at the expense of environmental and labour protection
All provinces and territories have agreed to immediate coverage under the sustainable-development, environment and labour provisions for the first time full coverage has not been achieved in previous FTAs
under the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (parallel agreement to NAFTA), only three provinces have agreed to be bound (Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec)
under the Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Jordan and Panama environment agreements, no provinces and territories have agreed to be bound

Trade and Sustainable Development Chapter

Sets out commitments relating to sustainable development and enhanced coordination of environment, labour and trade policies by:
encouraging businesses to adopt practices that promote economic, social and environmental objectives
recognizing the benefits of eco-labeling and setting environmental-performance goals and standards
committing to review, monitor and assess the impact that implementation of the Agreement has on sustainable development in Canada and the EU
creating a forum to allow our civil-society organizations to discuss the sustainable-development aspects of trade relations between Canada and the EU
Creates a committee of high-level representatives to oversee the implementation of the Trade and Sustainable Development, Trade and Environment, and Trade and Labour chapters
representatives of provinces and territories, as members of the Canadian delegation, will have the opportunity to participate in committee discussions—including discussions that deal with issues falling at least partially under provincial or territorial jurisdiction,

So the Territories and Provinces can discuss things, just not have any impact. It sets up an NGO forum (no doubt with slush fund) and it lets the various mechanisms control how businesses do things.

Trade and Environment Chapter

Contains provisions similar to those found in Canada’s existing parallel environment agreements, including the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation
Commitments include:
seeking to maintain high levels of environmental protection
effectively enforcing domestic environmental laws
not derogating from environmental laws to attract trade or investment
providing domestic sanctions or remedies for violations of environmental laws
promoting accountability and responsibility
Robust definition of environmental law covers all laws that have as their purpose the protection of the environment, including environmental laws related to the management of natural resources
Provisions related to sustainable trade in forest and fisheries products
Provisions for cooperation on topics of mutual interest, including promotion of trade and investment in environmental goods and services
Dispute resolution covers all obligations in the Chapter.

is based on a consultative and cooperative approach
if needed, consultation is followed by a review by a panel of experts that would issue a non-binding report
no penalties or trade sanctions in cases of non-compliance
Environmental considerations were also included in other areas of CETA, including:
references to environment and sustainable development in the preamble
reference to environment was maintained in the general exception, which recognizes a party’s right to regulate in the public interest, including measures to protect the environment (see dispute settlement and institutional chapter for more information)

So looks like an indirection to the “dispute settlement and institutional” chapter for the meat axe.

Trade and Labour Chapter

Provisions of the labour chapter are similar to those in recent Labour Cooperation Agreements (LCAs) with Peru, Colombia, Jordan, Panama and Honduras
level of obligations is higher than in previous LCAs, as it includes a commitment to effectively implement the fundamental International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions that each party has ratified respectively: to be confirmed
Includes commitments to ensure that national labour laws and policies in Canada and the EU respect the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
Includes a non-derogation clause that prevents either party from weakening its labour laws and lowering its labour standards in order to facilitate trade or encourage investment
Establishes civil-society advisory groups
Institutional structures set up to implement and monitor compliance with the established commitments
to provide views and advice regarding labour issues
creates a mechanism through which the public can raise concerns about labour issues related to the chapter
provinces and territories will be covered automatically by all of the provisions of the CETA
Dispute-settlement provisions up to the level of a review panel, which can issue recommendations

Back up under that dispute settlement part:

Dispute settlement

Most efficient and innovative process for state-to-state dispute settlement of any of Canada’s free trade agreements (FTAs)
Includes robust provisions on voluntary mediation
encourages and enables a more expedited resolution of CETA disputes
Builds on lessons learned from past experience
Significantly shorter than WTO dispute resolution process
Includes a single short process to determine whether a party has complied with a decision
Includes a process for ensuring panel composition even in the absence of an agreed roster to prevent a party from blocking a dispute by not allowing a roster to be developed
Efficient three-person panels

Specialized rosters and dispute settlement provisions for certain sectors, including:
financial services


Exceptions for measures with respect to cultural industries are included in various chapters to maintain Canada’s flexibility to protect and promote cultural industries, policies and programs
robust and innovative new approach, which provides protection as strong as, if not stronger than, previous FTAs
stakeholders from a range of cultural sectors (books, movies, television, music, performing and visual arts, among other areas) support the new, modernized format of the cultural industries exception
preamble recognizes the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions
exceptions for measures with respect to cultural industries will be included in the following areas:

cross-border trade in services
domestic regulation
national treatment and market access for goods
government procurement
A taxation article ensures protection for existing taxation measures as well as broad exceptions to ensure the ability of governments to implement efficient tax policies that are consistent with their overall social and economic objectives.
A general exception for certain measures, including
those necessary to protect human, animal, or plant life or health, or relating to the conservation of exhaustible natural resources
general exception is in line with those included in previous FTAs

So a 3 person panel will decide if you are conserving enough oil lands, or not… Note the exception is for the conservation, not the mining and use…

OK, that’s just the summary. It will take a while to dig through the actual document, and I’d encourage someone to do it. I’m already way over committed.


But I will do a ‘quick dip’ to see if the language looks, er, issue-prone.

In The Bowels of It

Well, already on page 2 in the preamble area we have issues.

CETA Canada European Union Comprehensive Trade agreement

their strong attachment to democracy and to fundamental rights as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, done at Paris on 10 December 1948, and sharing the view that the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction poses a major threat to international security;

Just what in the heck does a declaration of human rights and a WMD provision have to do with trade rules? Maybe those are all well and good, but ought they not be under their own agreements? Why just incorporate by reference? Did anyone read them, too?

their commitment to promote sustainable development and the development of international trade in such a way as to contribute to sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions;

enterprises operating within their territory or subject to their jurisdiction to respect internationally recognised guidelines and principles of corporate social responsibility, including the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and to pursue best practices of responsible business conduct;

this Agreement in a manner consistent with the enforcement of their respective labour and environmental laws and that enhances their levels of labour and environmental protection, and building upon their international commitments on labour and environmental matters;

Who defines what “sustainable development” is? When “committed to it” and as an “environmental dimension” does that mean only windmills are allowed, not oil and coal? Where are rights to “non-renewable” resources guaranteed? Eh?

Then “OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises” gets applied to “enterprises” without the multinational qualifier. OK… does that mean a load of “compliance” costs for every barbershop?

It does have “respective …laws” that’s good, but then obliquely draws in “international commitments” but only on labor and environment, everyone else can go pound sand…(but in an environmentally responsible way, I’m sure).

There’s 1598 pages of this stuff. Given the preamble, I’m pretty sure it will be festooned with all sorts of Club Of Rome inspired crap and leathers. Just finding the enforcement and “sustainable” sections will be a challenge.

Skipping down to the bottom (doing an ‘ends in’ look) has the carve outs for special interests. Things like pg 1190:

Sector: Health services
Sub-Sector: Veterinary services
Industry Classification: CPC 932
Type of Reservation: Market access
Level of Government: National
Measures: Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966)
Description: Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services
Access through partnership or natural persons only.

Physical presence is required to perform veterinary surgery. It is a criminal act under the Veterinary Surgeons Act for anyone in the UK who is not a veterinary surgeon (and a member, therefore, of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS)) to perform veterinary surgery

So I guess if you are a farmer and have a gassy cow, venting their stomach so they don’t die is “right out”, and no tele-operated surgical robots allowed either. Guess the robotic surgical instrument companies weren’t at the table. Wonder if “docking sheep” is considered “surgery”…

It looks like these “reservations” begin on page 728 with Annex I. Guess a lot of special favors were handed out…

Annex 2 on page 710 has a list of things to be added to Annex 1 as a priority. I especially like “(f)Equipment placed on board a ship”

Around page 716 there is what looks like a section per drug makers, but might be more general. You get double inspections, oh joy. Either side regulatory agency can come inspect you. And you get to pay for it!

1.For the purposes of this Article, a fee includes a cost-recovery measure such as a user fee, a regulatory charge or an amount set under a contract.
2.A Party shall have the right to determine a fee applicable to manufacturing facilities in its territory, including fees related to issuing certificates of GMP compliance and fees related to inspections or on-site evaluations.
3.The fees charged to a manufacturing facility in case of an inspection or on-site evaluation conducted by a Party at the request of the other Party must be consistent with paragraph 2.

So any time either side wants to have a junket to the other side of the ocean, just head on over for an “inspection” all expenses paid via fees. What’s not to like?

It also looks like there are several “annex 1” sections, so likely each major partition gets a set of Annex docs.

Page 411 lists construction services and the section just before that has email and computer stuff along with a few dozen other services.
CETA Canada European Union Comprehensive Trade agreement
On page 200, the troughing busy body Civil Society Groups get to natter over the proceedings in disputes. So who set up WWF and Greenpeace as government agents?

11. If the final report of the Panel of Experts determines that a Party has not conformed with its obligations under this Chapter, the Parties shall engage in discussions and shall endeavour, within three months of the delivery of the final report, to identify an appropriate measure or, if appropriate, to decide upon a mutually satisfactory action plan. In these discussions, the Parties shall take into account the final report. The responding Party shall inform, in a timely manner, its civil society organisations, through the consultative mechanisms referred to in Article 24.13.5, and the requesting Party of its decision on any action or measure to be implemented. The Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development shall monitor the follow-up to the final report and the recommendations of the Panel of Experts. The civil society organisations, through the consultative mechanisms referred to in Article 24.13.5, and the Civil Society Forum may submit observations to the Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development in this regard.

Kommissars and non-elected NGOs running the show? This is representative democracy how? This is free trade how?

Oh, and forget your laws. This document is all you get.

Dispute resolution
1.For any dispute that arises under this Chapter, the Parties shall only have recourse to the rules and procedures provided for in this Chapter.

So you kiss off any idea of sovereignty and just take what Herr Kommissar tells you.

The Environmental Agreements Hook

Page 196 is interesting:

Article 24.12
Cooperation on environment issues
1.The Parties recognise that enhanced cooperation is an important element to advance the objectives of this Chapter, and commit to cooperate on trade-related environmental issues of common interest, in areas such as:

(a)the potential impact of this Agreement on the environment and ways to enhance, prevent, or mitigate such impact, taking into account any impact assessment carried out by the Parties;
(b)activity in international fora dealing with issues relevant for both trade and environmental policies, including in particular the WTO, the OECD, the United Nations Environment Programme, and multilateral environmental

(c)the environmental dimension of corporate social responsibility and accountability, including the implementation and follow-up of internationally recognised guidelines;
(d)the trade impact of environmental regulations and standards as well as the environmental impact of trade and investment rules including on the development of environmental regulations and policy;
(e)trade-related aspects of the current and future international climate change regime, as well as domestic climate policies and programmes relating to mitigation and adaptation, including issues relating to carbon markets, ways to address adverse effects of trade on climate, as well as means to promote energy efficiency and the development and deployment of low-carbon and other climate-friendly technologies;

So it locks in the whole carbon “markets” and climate change crap. Looking up to the start of section 12, on page 192, we have the hook.


Context and objectives

The Parties recognise that the environment is a fundamental pillar of sustainable development and recognise the contribution that trade could make to sustainable development. The Parties stress that enhanced cooperation to protect and conserve the environment brings benefits that will:
(a)promote sustainable development;
(b)strengthen the environmental governance of the Parties;
(c)build upon international environmental agreements to which they are party; and
(d)complement the objectives of this Agreement

That pulls in the Paris Agreement.

So it pulls in Paris. It ties decision to only the mechanisms in this document, that is a Kommissar, Commission, and and keeps the NGOs in the loop. So you are one NGO lawsuit away from being hit over the head for failure to keep up the agreement if you violate the Paris crap.

It goes on from there with even more, but I think this is enough. One last bit, though. In any contract, when it spends a lot of time on a topic, you know that’s on the other parities mind a lot and is one of their key tools. They have a whole section on dragging in other “environmental agreements”. It’s a strategy, folks.

Article 24.4

Multilateral environmental agreements

1.The Parties recognise the value of international environmental governance and agreements as a response of the international community to global or regional environmental problems and stress the need to enhance the mutual supportiveness between trade and environment policies, rules, and measures.

2.Each Party reaffirms its commitment to effectively implement in its law and practices, in its whole territory, the multilateral environmental agreements to which it is party.

3.The Parties commit to consult and cooperate as appropriate with respect to environmental issues of mutual interest related to multilateral environmental agreements, and in particular, trade-related issues. This commitment includes exchanging information on:
(a)the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, to which a Party is party;
(b)on-going negotiations of new multilateral environmental agreements; and
(c)each Party’s respective views on becoming a party to additional multilateral environmental agreements.

In Conclusion

So it isn’t even a political issue any more. The Politics is just a side show to distract you from the “Trade Agreements” where they put into The Supreme Law Of The Land commitments to other agreements, already made or in the future.

While we are arguing about CO2 sensitivity and clouds, they have a political dog and pony show to keep attention elsewhere and sneak enforcement into something that ought to just say “OK, we have free trade”.

This thing really needs to go to a Real Lawyer who can sort out all the indirect links and leveraged hooks.

What is very clear to me is that, since TPP has much the same in it, any and all “Trade Deals” needs to be fine tooth combed and all that crap taken out, or shit can them. It is partly about trade, but has a whole lot of Government By Greens strewn through it. That kind of thing does not happen by accident.

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35 Responses to CETA – Canada E.U. Trade Agreement

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    It appears the process is to intentionally carpet bomb the citizens with mind numbing convoluted nebulous ill defined verbiage which can be sold as meaning anything needed to sell the deal and then interpreted any way necessary to weasel their way to an unsavory end state that no one saw coming.
    “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor!”
    ie ( the baffle them with BS gambit)

    I have reached the point where I almost despair that there is not any rational logical legitimate way to stop this persistent onslaught. It is like water seeking a crack in the dam, rational people can stop 99% of these efforts, but each found chink in the dam moves the effort forward one small irredeemable step toward their globalist Big Brother government which will inevitably decay into a totalitarian nightmare.

    I am just waiting for them to tell the general public “Let them eat cake”.

    Yes it is probably an apocryphal tale, but it has become the signature expression representing the attitude of leaders who disregard the welfare of their constituents too long and try to wring just a little more blood from the turnip. Sooner or later they cross that boundary threshold of tolerance and some minor insult or snub brings out the torches and pitchforks.


  2. Another Ian says:


    Just saw this, haven’t read to see if you’ve got it


  3. Martin Clark says:

    “Canada ranks as the 12th most important trading partner for the EU”. I guess that explains why the CETA agreement is all politics, environment, sustainability etc. There’s not much trade involved. Even Mutti Merkel has a problem with it. This week, the EU revealed its plans to swallow up all the remaining 27 member countries, and get its own army. I wasn’t aware that it had “trade” deals across the Atlantic that will be policed by NGOs.
    Maybe the WWF mercenaries will be moving on from Cameroon ?

  4. omanuel says:

    Nations are created by and for the people. The will of the public can and is routinely by-passed by international or united nations, national academies, economies, trade agreements, communications, etc. as the world gets smaller and easier to control from the top down!

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Nations are created by and for the people. The will of the public can and is routinely by-passed by international or united nations, national academies, economies, trade agreements, communications, etc. as the world gets smaller and easier to control from the top down!

  6. Jason Calley says:

    Hey Larry, “I have reached the point where I almost despair that there is not any rational logical legitimate way to stop this persistent onslaught. ”

    No doubt you know the old aphorism that “to a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”. One characteristic of those of us (and I am definitely including YOU) who have built our lives around logic, facts and reason, is that we tend to think that every problem can be resolved with logic, facts and reason. We forget that we live in a world where many (most!) people do not respond to such things. The Powers That Be are not open to reason, they are the users of force and coercion — and in this case simple fraudulent agreements under the color of law. They will never back off unless they are forced to. My hope is that if enough people just withhold their consent and cooperation, that might be enough to disarm them.

  7. John Robertson says:

    We win our civilizations through the actions of productive people.
    We destroy them through parasitic overgrowth.
    The (Orwell’s) ministry of truthiness approach to these regulatory celebrations is endemic, we are here to help you,even if our help kills you, for your own good.
    The functionaries feather their own nests,expanding their petty empires of the bureaucracies, as much as they can.
    As long as they remain fat and feeding, the actual tax paying citizen can go hang.
    Hence these interesting “Free Trade” deals which result in no freer trade and endless regulation.
    Funnily enough,the current Canadian government was against the TTP, until they got elected.
    Having caught a glimpse of our elected douchebags cheering your current Obamanation, chanting 4 more years apparently, I conclude, Takers Rule all parties.

    Kleptocracy and Apartheid.. Gifts from Progressive Canada to the world.
    I supported the Reform Party of Canada.
    Which begat the Conservative Party of Canada,who governed as the Liberal Lite party of Canada.
    My conclusion.
    An established Kleptocracy cannot be reformed from within.
    This government by thieves for the benefit of thieves has to run out of willing marks, before any of its blatant corruption can be restrained.

  8. A C Osborn says:

    E M it is very simple, this is UN Agenda 21& Sustainability in action.
    Remember the EU ESM post, video and document at Tallblokes in May.
    They really, really want to screw down on the under classes & industry etc.

    Once these agreements are in place there will be no where to go to get any kind of justice or arbitration.

    Viva La Brexit, one small step for the UK and hopefully a big step for democracy.

  9. Jason Calley says:

    Hey John! “This government by thieves for the benefit of thieves has to run out of willing marks, before any of its blatant corruption can be restrained.”

    You make an especially important point when you say “willing marks” and not just “marks”. It appears that more and more people are seeing what Boetie wrote about in the 16th Century.

    No system is so powerful that it can control a nation without at least tacit consent from its populace.

  10. tom0mason says:

    Umm, and if I mix the information you have given here with that of https://judithcurry.com/2016/06/27/are-we-headed-for-a-new-solar-minimum/ , then I can make one heck of an idea….

    If UN elitists really knew that a big devastating freeze is likely to happen soon (within a generation or two), and it will, in all probability, affect the densely populated areas of the Northern Hemisphere the most. Then we have to wonder, what’s the ultimate aim of the UN elitists?
    Is it to get western nations to horde their fuel stocks and go all out for fossil fuel replacements, get western economies to slow down and consume less for the future? But do this without frightening the western population too much; distract them with a lots of pseudo-scientific crap-twaddle about CO2, and knotty bureaucratic procedures about sustainability all wrapped in never ending environmental issues and investigations.
    At the same time ease finances to China to ensure that there is a reasonably good manufacturing base when the freeze comes. And while we are at it, sow the seeds of conflict in geographical areas that are resource rich and most likely to survive a big freeze, thus ensuring that necessary supply lines can be easily commandeered later when required.

    Could not this be their ultimate ‘plausible deniability’? That way they could say they have to destroyed western capitalism in order to save the west’s future. Have the western nations tie themselves up in so much bureaucrat blather that they fail to progress at full speed. The ultimate reason for a ‘New World Order’?

    I know, I know, it’s a deep and dark scenario, but is it *that* unlikely?
    Most likely though all this CO2 and sustainability guff is just a method of maximizing crony capitalism for the profit of the elites. There again couldn’t do both …

    Anyone wish to write the book and sell the film rights? Go ahead. :)

  11. Jason Calley says:

    Hey tomOmason! If the real concern were to make human civilization more able to prosper during a coming time of cold, they could have just encouraged safe nuclear designs (including nuclear powered coal to oil conversion).

    Not a bad screen plot you have there, though. :)

  12. omanuel says:

    @ Jason Calley


    A glaring error in Dr. von Weizsacker’s nuclear binding energy equation will be revealed to the public at the GeoEthics Conference on 8-9 Sept 2016 (See Figures 3,4)

    Click to access Solar_Energy_Earth_Climate.pdf

    That error has blocked utilization of nuclear energy for 70 years.

  13. Gail Combs says:

    OH GOOD!

    I am so glad you are bring this up for discussion. I have been screaming about the Trans-Pacific Partnership for months. It is the main reason I supported Trump.


    Pascal Lamy, World Trade Organization Director-General said point blank that the European Union was the ‘experiment’ the globalist were running as a template for a world government. He also said the decision to have a world government was made back in the 1930s. For the USA the EU equivalent is The Sovereignty-Busting Trans-Pacific Partnership


    My silly wild a$$ guess is that the globalists jumped the gun and pushed too fast and now the Sheeple world wide are waking up. David Rockefeller is now over 100 years old. George Soros is turning 86 in August. Maurice Strong recently died.

    Up until recently the elite completely controled the MSM and therefore ‘reality’ Then the internet happened and glimmers of truth made it through the cracks. However the biggest mistake was the flooding of Europe and the USA with incompatible immigrants who were ment to destablize nations. The old Problem-Reaction-Solution game with Political Correctness keeping the lid on so the reaction was explosive and therefore a tyrany could be imposed.

    Instead of the explosive violent reaction the Elites wanted and were planning they got the rise of Nationalist leaders and a turn towards the rule of, by and for the people in multiple countries.

    So open immigration George Soros has now reversed stance and thrown Angela Merkel under the bus and blamed her refugee policy for the UK voting to leave the EU. Meanwhile Hitlery promises to increase Obama’s refugee importation by 500 percent..

  14. Gail Combs says:

    I didn’t look at the Canada E.U. Trade Agreement, but I did look at the Summary provided by the US government on TPP. — Synopsis FROM THE US GOVERNMENT



    As home to a significant portion of the world’s people, wildlife, plants and marine species, TPP Parties share a strong commitment to protecting and conserving the environment, including by working together to address environmental challenges, such as pollution, illegal wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, illegal fishing, and protection of the marine environment….
    They reaffirm their commitment to implement the multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) they have joined. The Parties commit to provide transparency in environmental decision-making, implementation and enforcement….. Finally, the Parties commit to cooperate to address matters of joint or common interest, including in the areas of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, and transition to low-emissions and resilient economies.


    ” ….TPP Parties aim to have these disputes resolved through impartial, unbiased panels. … Panels will consider requests from non-governmental entities located in the territory of any disputing Party to provide written views regarding the dispute to panels during dispute settlement proceedings.

    Panels will be composed of three international trade and subject matter experts independent of the disputing Parties, with procedures available to ensure that a panel can be composed even if a Party fails to appoint a panelist within a set period of time. These panelists will be subject to a code of conduct to ensure the integrity of the dispute settlement mechanism.

    To maximize compliance, the Dispute Settlement chapter allows for the use of trade retaliation (e.g., suspension of benefits), if a Party found not to have complied with its obligations fails to bring itself into compliance with its obligations. Before use of trade retaliation, a Party found in violation can negotiate or arbitrate a reasonable period of time in which to remedy the breach….”


    The Groniad says this about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement:
    ” Leading arbitration lawyer, George Kahale (chairman of Curtis, Mallet-Provost, Colt & Mosie LLP, an international law firm) says there are critical loopholes in the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s investment chapter that leave Australia wide open:

    “….an MFN clause is tantamount to a classic wipeout move. It would enable foreign corporations from TPP states to make a claim against Australia based on the ISDS provisions in any other trade deal Australia has signed, no matter which country it was signed with. That means it does not matter how carefully the TPP is drafted: foreign investors can cherrypick another treaty Australia has signed, and sue the Australian government based on the provisions included in that treaty…..”

    From The Hill by former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris

    The TPP, generally supported by pro-free-trade Republicans but opposed by labor-union Democrats, reportedly contains a barely noticed provision that allows for the free migration of labor among the signatory nations. Patterned after similar provisions in the treaties establishing the European Union, it would override national immigration restrictions in the name of facilitating the free flow of labor.

    The draft treaty, now under discussion among 12 Pacific Rim nations, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Vietnam and Japan, makes provision for needed labor to move across national boundaries without restraint. While much of the commentary on the deal has been focused on high-skill, white-collar migration, it could easily be interpreted as allowing farm workers and others to flow back and forth without legal regulation…..

    Curtis Ellis, executive director of the American Jobs Alliance, calls the trade deal “a Trojan horse for Obama’s immigration agenda” on The Hill’s Contributor’s blog. He notes that “one corporate trade association says bluntly that ‘The TPP should remove restrictions on nationality or residency requirements for the selection of personnel.’ ” thehill(DOT)com/opinion/dick-morris/239633-dick-morris-tpp-mass-immigration

    So here it is in the summary about Immigration, AND the adding of other countries without the approval of Congress. (This is what Trump was talking about when he mentioned China and Rand paul ridiculed him.)

    …. The TPP facilitates the development of production and supply chains, and seamless trade, enhancing efficiency and supporting our goal of creating and supporting jobs, raising living standards, enhancing conservation efforts, and facilitating cross-border integration, as well as opening domestic markets.

    Platform for regional integration. The TPP is intended as a platform for regional economic integration and designed to include additional economies across the Asia-Pacific region.

    Given the growing importance of services trade to TPP Parties, the 12 countries share an interest in liberalized trade in this area….market access, which provides that no TPP country may impose quantitative restrictions on the supply of services (e.g., a limit on the number of suppliers or number of transactions) ….TPP Parties accept these obligations on a “negative-list basis,” meaning that their markets are fully open to services suppliers from TPP countries….TPP Parties agree to permit free transfer of funds related to the cross-border supply of a service. In addition, the chapter includes a professional services annex encouraging cooperative work on licensing recognition and other regulatory issues, and an annex on express delivery services.

    The Temporary Entry for Business Persons chapter encourages authorities of TPP Parties to provide information on applications for temporary entry, to ensure that application fees are reasonable, and to make decisions on applications and inform applicants of decisions as quickly as possible. TPP Parties agree to ensure that information on requirements for temporary entry are readily available to the public, including by publishing information promptly and online if possible, and providing explanatory materials. The Parties agree to ongoing cooperation on temporary entry issues such as visa processing. Almost all TPP Parties have made commitments on access for each other’s business persons, which are in country-specific annexes.

    How about letting China make our Army equipment and North Korea our government Computers!

    TPP Parties share an interest in accessing each other’s large government procurement markets through transparent, predictable, and non-discriminatory rules….

    And what about our government services like the Post Office, drivers license bureau… Can’t leave those out.

    …In addition to updating traditional approaches to issues covered by previous free trade agreements (FTAs), the TPP incorporates new and emerging trade issues and cross-cutting issues. These include issues related to the Internet and the digital economy, the participation of state-owned enterprises in international trade and investment…


  15. Larry Ledwick says:

    It is interesting to note that in the book limits to growth one of the final stage outcomes that they predicted due to social collapse due to peak oil, global warming and over population was rampant immigration flooding the developed countries and breaking their societies.

    It’s almost as if this was intentional or something.

  16. Gail Combs says:

    Oh and do not forget TTIP the USA equivalent.

    Never heard of it? That is deliberate. What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a series of trade negotiations being carried out mostly in secret between the EU and US. As a bi-lateral trade agreement, TTIP is about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations. It is, as John Hilary, Executive Director of campaign group War on Want, said: “An assault on European and US societies by transnational corporations.”

    Since before TTIP negotiations began last February, the process has been secretive and undemocratic. This secrecy is on-going, with nearly all information on negotiations coming from leaked documents and Freedom of Information requests…..

    6 Democracy

    TTIP’s biggest threat to society is its inherent assault on democracy. One of the main aims of TTIP is the introduction of Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS), which allow companies to sue governments if those governments’ policies cause a loss of profits. In effect it means unelected transnational corporations can dictate the policies of democratically elected governments.

    This coming Lame Duck congressional session is going to be very very dangerous to the sovereignty of the USA. The last Lame Duck gave us the Food Safety Modernization Act that handed control of US farms/food to the World Trade Organization.

  17. climanrecon says:

    Sorry to lower the tone from its lofty heights, but does anybody know what will the tariff be on … Maple Syrup?

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, it’s about 1600 pages and you have the link to the PDF. IF you can find a way to search in PDF land it will be faster ( I don’t know how, I just read the whole thing for PDFs 8-}

    I’m sure Maple Syruple will be in there somewhere. Either in the foods and products category or in the exemptions part in the last half.

    Not to be “unkind” about it, but that’s what anyone is likely to need to do… (web searches will likely turn up opinions, but the real answer is in the text and would need an audit check anyway).


    has this in it:

    A sweet deal for maple syrup producers

    Stéphanie’s cabane à sucre in Quebec sells maple syrup to specialty food stores and high-end grocers in large markets such as France, the United Kingdom and Italy. Upon entry into force, CETA will eliminate the 8-percent tariff on Canada’s favourite sweetener, making Stéphanie’s maple syrup more competitive in the eyes of buyers in the EU. This is the kind of competitive advantage Stéphanie needs to expand her operations, hire more workers and increase her exports to the EU—not only of maple syrup but of other maple products that will benefit from tariff elimination too, such as maple sugar, taffy and candy.

    but it is from 2014 so who knows if it was retained in the final bill. Is maple syrup made in the EU? If not, no special interest and unlikely to be a special exemption and residual tariff…

  19. Larry Ledwick says:

    Most PDF’s can be searched by hitting ctl F and typing in the key word you want.

  20. Gail Combs says:

    Seems I was correct the Trans Pacific Partnership is to be passed during the Lame Duck session.

    The agreement is expected to be put before Congress during the lame-duck session after the election. It’s the critical piece of President Barack Obama’s “pivot to Asia” in foreign policy.

    …Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake told Business Insider during a Wednesday interview that Congress is going to have to “suck up” and ratify the agreement because it simply must be done, even in the face of hostile opposition to trade along the campaign trail.

    He hopes the deal will “eventually” pass.

    “I do still think there are enough people that realize we’ve got to do it,” the Arizona Republican said. “Some of those things you just suck up and do it because you know it has to be done. And this is one of them.”

    So even though it is BAD for the USA. Even though voters KNOW it is BAD for the USA and oppose it, It has to be passed because the globalist want it.

    Isn’t it nice to know our government is a nest of outright traitors and they don’t give a rat’s behind that we know it?

  21. u.k(us) says:

    Gail Combs says:

    “Isn’t it nice to know our government is a nest of outright traitors and they don’t give a rat’s behind that we know it?”
    Cuts right to the quick, I like it.

  22. Larry Ledwick says:

    Gee that is such a Twentieth Century way of looking at things! You know they are just trying to keep us from harming ourselves.

    “Here hold my beer and watch this!”

    /sarc for those with broken humor detectors.

  23. omanuel says:

    @ Gail Combs & u.k(us)

    I do not agree that “our government is a nest of outright traitors” – although that sometimes appears to be the case.

    I believe most of those in government were deceived by extremely clever propaganda artists that deceived Hitler’s scientists and most of us, including me. Let me explain:

    I have known since 1961 that Weizsacker’s nuclear binding energy equation is:
    _ a.) Seriously flawed, but nevertheless
    _ b.) Deceptively promoted as rigorously valid in nuclear physics textbooks

    Finally, after showing that rest mass data of all 3,000 types of atoms that compromise matter, reveal NEUTRON REPULSION in:

    _ c.) Einstein’s 1905 definition of mass as stored energy, E = mc^2; and
    _ d.) Aston’s 1922 expression of mass in terms of nuclear packing fraction; but NOT in
    _ e.) Weizsacker’s deceptive nuclear binding energy equation . . .

    I realized Einstein’s 1905 equation and Aston’s 1922 expression of nuclear packing fractions express thermodynamic state functions, but Weizeracker’s nuclear binding energy equation yields a thermodynamic path function, NOT a thermodynamic state function.

    That is how cleverly the source of energy that powers the cosmos and sustains our lives has been hidden from the public since 1946.

  24. Larry Ledwick says:

    So it appears we have the equivalent of a mob protection racket scam to take over the for profit education system. Seems perfectly legit to me.


  25. p.g.sharrow says:

    @omanuel; interesting use of the language, thermodynamic STATE function, rather then, thermodynamic PATH function.

    H2O that has 3 states of existence, solid, liquid and gas. Each of which contains a set amount of energy as well as a state conditional amount of energy involved in temperature changes.

    Neutrons exist because of pressure from their hydrogen/neutron peers. The result of local energy mater density. Change any part of this and they become hydrogen in another state and release a burst of energy. The proton electron pair actually has several states of existence each of which represents an amount of energy that can be released during a change of state.

    Hmmmm……………. that above paragraph might be important.
    Oliver, you may have tricked me into seeing THE TREE midst the forest…pg

  26. tom0mason says:

    Jason Calley,

    Thanks, and yes nuclear power is the hole in the idea. Maybe the problem is the kleptocrats can’t make fast enough profit from building and running them, as now that is wrapped tight in green regulation.

  27. u.k(us) says:

    @ Omanuel,
    I see you didn’t bring up “Hitler” till your second paragraph.
    Was that some kind of oversight ??
    Just playing.

  28. E.M.Smith says:


    IMHO, the biggest problem is just that the folks who vote on bills never read the damn things.

    You could have a bill that advocated killing anyone over 30 and named “The puppydog love and equality act” and they would vote for it because “I wouldn’t want folks to think I was against puppies and love or equality”…

    Once the hard core power lust driven snots figured that out, they just packed the group assembling the text with “their boys” and slap on it a “positive” title like “Free Trade Agreement”… who wants to be against “freedom” or “trade” or “agreements”?…

    There needs to be a ‘countervailing force’ packing those working groups with the view from the other side… Where is the “pro liberty NGO” getting a few $Billion from the governments of the world to pack the committees and commissions?

  29. A C Osborn says:

    If a pdf version is opened in Firefox you can use Edit>Find to search the document.

  30. Gail Combs says:

    Our Congressmen and Senators are all bought and paid for by international interests, both foreign government and corporate. For example Saudi Arabia provides 20% of Hitlery’s campaign funds and before that Bill took funds from the Chinese and in return sold out our country.

    You might want to checkout the book Clinton Cash
    or Chasing the Dragon: Clinton’s China Policy

    Here is another. Tom Donohue is head of the US Chamber of Commerce and is another traitor to the American people. Influence Agent – Tom Donohue, the Wall Street influence agent who pays off DC legislators to carry out the priorities of the global financial interests.

    On the right side of the blog page down 7 times and look at George Zimmerman Case Research The MSM and Obummer sacrificed an innocent man and ruined his life and that of his family just for sound bits that Obummer could use in his campaign.

    Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore with her idiotic Baltimore Six Case against some police officers did the same. (Just put Baltimore in the search box of that website.)

    Our politicians are as crooked as HE!! Heck U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting privately with Clinton AND the FBI telling the MSM to turn off the cameras and shut up about it is a HUGE slap in the face of the Rule of LAW.

    A judge who knows a defendant well should recuse themselves from the case. Lynch was appointed a federal judge by Bill Clinton and says she is a good friend of the Clintons. She has no business being involved in the case and after that meeting should be impeached!

  31. omanuel says:

    @ Gail, p.g.sharrow, et al.

    I would never have realized that Weizsacker’s definition of nuclear binding energy violates the foundations of thermodynamics, if Kuroda had not commented about a physicist’s failure to grasp Aston’s lecture on 13 June 1936 about nuclear energy and nuclear packing fractions (Please read carefully page 7):

    Click to access PKKAutobiography.pdf

    Nuclear energy is a thermodynamic STATE FUNCTION near the top of the fountain of energy that powers the universe; It cannot be described by Weizsacker’s thermodynamic PATH FUNCTION, nuclear binding energy.

  32. omanuel says:


    Stalin won. Hitler and his “scientists” came in second at the end of WWII.

  33. Will Janoschka says:

    p.g.sharrow says: 2 July 2016 at 4:10 am

    “@omanuel; interesting use of the language, thermodynamic STATE function, rather then, thermodynamic PATH function.”

    It is actually a relativistic path function! The thermodynamic states only follow the power accumulation of mass as sensible or latent heat, and of course, much pressure, noise and momentum changes.

    “H2O that has 3 states of existence, solid, liquid and gas. Each of which contains a set amount of energy as well as a state conditional amount of energy involved in temperature changes.”

    You are neglecting the two colloid states and the plasma. All of these also have their own pressure, along with coherent momentum, both linear and angular along with the cyclic (noise) versions of power/energy!

    “Neutrons exist because of pressure from their hydrogen/neutron peers. The result of local energy mater density. Change any part of this and they become hydrogen in another state and release a burst of energy. The proton electron pair actually has several states of existence each of which represents an amount of energy that can be released during a change of state.”

    Is that from omanuel or PG? Where? Why is nuclear/subatomic binding pressure, rather than a Yukawa potential?

    “Hmmmm……………. that above paragraph might be important.
    Oliver, you may have tricked me into seeing THE TREE midst the forest…pg”

    Perhaps Oliver Manuel should be given an attentive forum where he can restate his concepts for those that can express why they fail to understand what he is talking about, until many more can understand. Many terms are ambiguous without strict definition, including example of what is and what is not. Miles Mathis and even Gary Novak have similar problems getting heard. What is Planck’s constant (h), a unit of action? Is that the integral of energy, or is it energy converted to ‘work’ within a prescribed time interval? Not then same thing!!

  34. E.M.Smith says:

    It was P.G. here:


    I’ve let OManuel post comments per his ideas on many occasions (there is some of it, maybe most of it, that I think he has more right than the common view).

    If folks want a new dedicated thread, I can open one.

    You might want to review here


  35. p.g.sharrow says:

    Often in the world of physics “constants” are used as fudge factors to cover over the problem of lack of understanding the underlying factors. Max Planck said “I don’t need Aether to explain my concepts” He used “constant” because it made the formula work out.
    There is “something” that ties everything together. We now have evidence that atomic process is not time constant, but, Is time dependent on local density. Areas of higher mater/gravity or density causes atomic processes to slow. When a Neutron is ejected from the packing pressure of the nucleus that contains it, it quickly reverts to it’s hydrogen persona. A Gama Radiation burst happens.

    Energy is equal to Mass times the speed of light squared. A cute little piece of Algebra but not exactly correct. This is Not mater to energy conversion! This is Mass to energy conversion at the speed of light in 3 dimensions, actually 3.14 or Pi, times 10 to the 5th power.

    GOD is not a Mathematician. This is applied Science, reality!

    Mass is an energy factor, a condition of mater. As Hydrogen changes in it’s manifestation, it has changes in mass or energy content. This is energy stored as EMF tension, not heat energy. More like winding a clock spring. The tighter it is wound the Smaller it gets. The release of this energy results in a tremendous EMF spike, Gama Radiation, in the Aether. An Energy burst but not a reduction in the mater involved. The thing that creates Gravity, a fundamental charge difference between mater and space winds up the clock spring by increasing the local mater/ energy density. Reduce that density and the energy is liberated.

    While Oliver as well as myself were trained in the “Standard Theory”, we can see that things just don’t fit or align up very well. Others have pointed out better ways to explain how things work but the “powers that be” are loath to give up the concepts that they learned and now teach.
    They have been Educated far beyond their Intelligence and are faking understanding.
    A wise man once said that “Science only progresses as fast as old Professors die.” …pg

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