Ireland Taking A Snow Wallop

Dublin: -1 °C Friday 2 March, 2018

All trains and Dublin Buses off until Saturday, some Bus Éireann services may return tomorrow
Public transport will come to a literal standstill for at least a day and a half this afternoon.

TRANSPORT SERVICES ACROSS the country have wound down this afternoon, with some informing passengers they will not resume until Saturday morning.

Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Luas have all suspended services for the rest of today and tomorrow.

Bus Éireann has said it its services in Leinster and Munster will also be suspended tomorrow but that it will make specific decisions on other areas tomorrow.

Dublin Airport and Cork have suspended all flights.

A Status Red warning is in place for the entire country for today and tomorrow, with Dublin among the counties first hit by the extremely cold and snowy conditions.

Blizzard conditions are set to hit the country this afternoon, with the weather warning in place until 3pm tomorrow. Today, people are being urged to stay indoors from 4pm onwards.

Blizzard like conditions in Dublin as Met Eireann forecast Storm Emma to roar in

Snow and blizzard like conditions are set to blast the capital

By Cormac O’Shea 07:00, 1 MAR 2018

Dublin is braced for its worst spell of weather in over 40 years as Storm Emma roars up from the south.

Emma is set to meet with the ‘Beast from the East’ leading to heavy snow that many younger people will never have experienced.

The forecast is predicting high winds and blizzard like conditions from this evening and people have been warned not to go outside after 4pm.

Met Eireann predicts a ‘metre of snow’ in south Dublin as Storm Emma blizzard spreads across the capital

Today was the coldest March day in Ireland on record

Met Eireann have said up to a ‘metre of snow’ is expected in south Dublin this evening and have extended their status red warning as conditions have become more severe.

According to their latest update blizzard conditions will be on the way tonight and during Friday in Leinster and Munster and southern and eastern coastal counties will receive exceptionally high accumulations.

When you start to measure snow in meters / day, you’ve got some serious snow fall.

It looks to me like the 60 year weather cycle is returning to the cold of the past. Hope y’all enjoyed the last 40 years of warmth. It was nice while it lasted…

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10 Responses to Ireland Taking A Snow Wallop

  1. Sandy MCCLINTOCK says:

    My daughter in Edinburgh was sent home from work at noon because the transport system was in trouble with snow. Gasp! the Atlantic conveyor has shut down!!!

  2. oldbrew says:

    As in the UK, 1962/3 was the real deal in terms of a severe winter in Ireland.

    NB this link still spouts warmist nonsense at the end :(

  3. philjourdan says:

    While it is evident to most, the alarmists will still point to fudged numbers and claim it is the warmest year on record. NOAA has gone so far as to pencil whip the record cold of January out of the books.

    We will be freezing to death in record warmth.

  4. That 1962/3 winter the snow was shovelled from the roads into big piles either side of the street where I lived (now Milton Keynes, UK), which gave us something to slide down. Those piles of snow didn’t disappear until May. I’ve read that the 1947 winter was worse, though. Sudden large dumps of snow are however not that unusual in the UK, maybe every 10 years or so. I’ve experienced quite a few, and a couple of times I was en route and had some problems. Forecasting wasn’t that good then, of course, so getting snow higher than the MG Midget I was in didn’t leave much option but to stop.

    Weather is like that – maybe time we trapped all those butterflies.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Visions of NASA and UEA staff in lab coats running around with butterfly nets shouting “They are screwing up the weather! The weather does’t match the models so is wrong! It must be the butterflies! We must catch them all, then everything will be right!!”


    Saw one such last night on Sky News. Bright eyed good looking youngish woman. Running for some political office. Going on about the horribles that await us from CO2 “pollution” and using up the Earth. When the interviewer pointed out that Limits to Growth had failed miserably in predictions (projections) she ignored all the things that “Limits” actually claimed and launched into how “right” it was as “pollution” in the air was causing global warming. That the snow was from the heat causing chaos and the heat would come back Real Soon Now and we ought not expect cold to continue. Oh, and how important it was to “decarbonize” and it would bring jobs and prosperity too.

    Like watching someone on drugs.

    I worked the Psych Ward as a medical records tech for a couple of years. I’ve seen crazies. She was delusional. Believing in unseen unreal things with all her person.

  6. EM – nice you got a laugh from the idea…. Here’s a pretty good article from the BBC about bad storms. Strange thing is that I don’t recall any particular storm from 1987. . Basically, though, the current storm in the UK is not unprecedented and definitely not ” the worst evah!”. There was another article from the Beeb a few weeks ago that I thought I’d bookmarked, that discussed problems in the past from climate change (this was before 1850 so no major fossil-fuel use in sight) and didn’t remark on the cognitive dissonance with today’s claims that it’s all CO2 that’s the reason.

    Meantime, I’m working on the de-carbonisation of energy production, but it’s not easy to do on the kitchen table. Possible, though. See for what is maybe my best attempt at an explanation of the physics. Almost certainly the last time I’ll try explaining the logic before I have a proof of concept, anyway. It’ll probably annoy quite a few people when we’ve got it working.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    As I recall the last time the UK had a big snow storm (the one where they brought out an old steam locomotive because the modern locomotives were not designed to handle deep snow) all the comparisons to previous deep snows were referring to snow storms they had in 1962. (which by the way was a brutally cold winter here in the Colorado front range area too.)

    Seems major storms are not unknown in the UK just folks have a poor short term memory if some bloke in the US can remember references to these storms from the last time we had an outbreak of good old fashioned winter in the UK.

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, that’s a good explanation of how I understood you.

    @Historic bad weather:

    Yeah, there’s a lot of long history of it there. We’re not near the way a 1500 year plunge messes things up. Mostly just at the start of a solar minimum drop, IMHO.

  9. Larry Ledwick says:

    Oh to have a time machine and be able to show 1500’s navigators the world wide wind field !

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