One Swamp Dweller Down, Several Thousand To Go

Trump calls fired McCabe ‘choirboy’, suggests FBI corruption ‘at the highest levels’

By Brooke Singman, Jake Gibson | Fox News

President Trump called Andrew McCabe a ‘choirboy’ as he lauded the former acting FBI Director’s firing, suggesting multiple federal reports show “corruption at the highest level.”

“Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!” Trump tweeted hours after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the dismissal.

Now we just need to get a few more of them to start to sing and the clean-up can get rolling.

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23 Responses to One Swamp Dweller Down, Several Thousand To Go

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    I wake up every morning smiling — Hillary is not president.
    We would learn none of this if she were, or if B.O. could have made the choice.
    Next. Why are you still in California?
    Sorry, OT link to CA’s quality of Life: LINK

  2. Serioso says:

    A response from people who understand what honest reporting looks like:

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    No, we’d not hear a thing if Hildabeast were in charge. All the evidence would be buried. Some with with ministers in attendance…

    Per California:

    First off, that kind of statistical hand waving is useless for defining things like “quality of life”. They are games played to make a political point. By choosing the particular things to measure and how to weight them, you can make just about any result you like. Now, that said:

    California has some truly horrible things about it. It also has some great things. The horribles sometimes vary by part of the State. So, for example, cost of housing (proxy “homelessness”) is horrific in left-yuppy hot spots like San Francisco. It can run $5000 / month for a dinky apartment. Yet go inland about 100 miles, you can buy a house for $80,000. Taxes are horrific. 10% income tax and 9.x% to 10.x% sales tax (State and optional local) plus property taxes. Yet if poor you can get all kinds of goodies from free health care to free money.

    Oh, and the weather is generally superior to anywhere else you can find and there’s mostly no bugs to worry about. (Yes, we have a few, but spend a weekend in East Texas or an hour in the woods in the South East and you will learn what bugs are…)

    Now, per me in particular:

    I’d be gone right now but for “others” and their needs + sorting a lifetime of junk.

    In particular, the Spouse is working as an aide to a blind person doing specialty case evaluations of special needs kids. (She took this position after the prior aide died unexpectedly – and she knew all the players). She briefly gave up the position at the start of this school year, but the replacement didn’t work out. She can’t abandon all that mid-school-year. Dozens to hundreds of kids/family members with their life outcome in the balance. A blind friend where the nature of the work really needs someone with clue about Special Ed and the way the system works (i.e. not just a typist but someone who knows what they are to type, what tests to administer, that a particular need means finding form SDFHD48-238a to file with the State and where to get it) and knows how to do things like guide a blind person to meetings and through transit.

    Could you abandon a friend in that condition?

    (Her prior aide had worked with her for many years. It’s hard to find someone to fill that role.)

    Then me: I had my last job end in Florida, but not gotten the next one. In 9 months I start getting a significant Social Security payment and won’t need a job to pay for 2 homes on 2 coasts. So I chose to just pay for this one out of my IRA money and be retired, instead of trying to make a bi-coastal job search / 2 homes thing work. Then there’s the 2 dogs we “inherited”. Spouse can’t really work and leave them in a cage all day after being in it all night. So I’m Doggy Doorman / Butler To Beasts… plus running the home (Butler To Spouse & Repairman & Mechanic &…) All in all, not something she could do all by herself with kids no longer at home to help. Nor would it be good for either of us to be on different coasts for a year.

    So we, collectively, decided to stay here for at least 9 more months, perhaps 14 (end of next school year – depending on status of finding a different aide / other stuff) as I go about “shutting down operations”… which really means things like fixing the house to sell / rent and/or cleaning out the garage and/or reducing my 20 different camping stoves & BBQs to just a half dozen so it isn’t so much crap to haul to Florida and get 2 cars suited to Florida (thus my two recent 4 x 4 acquisitions made in the 2000s – nobody in Florida wanted to work on anything older than the 2000s…) while letting go of things like the Banana Boat that can’t be fixed there. I figure I’ve got at least 9 months of cleaning, dumping, fixing, selling, etc. etc. etc. before I can even start on the “packing and shipping” part. Seems that living in the same place for 30 years you accumulate a lot of stuff… and it takes a lot of time to dig through it all.

    Now season with some minor lethargy and sloth. Easier to just sit and not go to work every day and not deal with 2 homes and not drive coast to coast 3 or 4 times more this year and not… you get the idea. Easier to just putter and wait a few months.

    FWIW, we asked the kids if they wanted the house. Neither one did. The Son said “No, too many crazies in California now.” So we’re in the sell vs rent decision. Not sure how it will work out.

  4. jim2 says:

    There are a bunch of links on Drudge concerning Cambridge Analytica – an org that worked for Steve Bannon, funded by one of the Mercers. My first gut response is this is yet one more nothing-burger. But one never knows for sure …

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    RE: your wife – someone with clue about Special Ed
    We have missed most of that sort of thing, but not all.
    To do that on a regular basis requires someone of sainthood quality.

  6. pouncer says:

    Re: ” sell or rent ?”
    My opinion and advice don’t matter the least bit.

  7. p.g.sharrow says:

    If you really do move SELL ! and don’t look back. Really, you don’t need the headache of renters 3,000miles away. But Florida? I hear Georgia up in the hills, off the coast is nice and friendly. Florida is rapidly filling with New Yorkers and Californians. For what your little hooch in San Jose will bring you could buy a vast estate or real farm in Georgia. For me, I’m too old to move again…pg

  8. JP Miller says:

    PG, southwest coast of Florida is 80% Midwest folks: very friendly, easy-going, politically conservative. I was born in Brooklyn, lived in NYC area until college and lived in EM’s neck of the woods for 20+ years. Moved to Naples 5 years ago. I really enjoyed the Bay Area lifestyle: great food, wine, outdoorsy lifestyle, smart/ interesting folks in Silicon Valley. Yes, the political weltanschauung is annoying and taxes atrocious…

    In Florida people are nice, if without the incredible brilliance/ intensity of the friends we had in the Bay Area. Being a golf addict since age 11, I can afford to be a member of a very nice club and play regularly. So, there are trade-offs….

    Son lives in Menlo Park (about 5 miles from where we lived). So, we visit grandkids there and reconnect with friends. California is a nice place to visit, but like NYC, I would not want to live there now.

  9. Sera says:

    I grew up in Miami, and we would go to Naples for the swamp buggy races. This was back in the 70’s, but they still have them, right?

  10. gallopingcamel says:

    The firing of McCabe may be the start of the “Great Unraveling”. The Swamp is a criminal cartel that has enabled crooked politicians to rip us off for decades using “Deep State” bureaucrats to do the dirty work. Under Obama the institutional corruption got so bad that the leadership of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, EPA and all the other three letter agencies thought they were above scrutiny.

    James Earl Davidson explained this brilliantly in his book called “The Breaking Point”:

    Pointman lives in the UK yet he seems to understand politics in the USA better than most of us who live here. Here is a link to his latest commentary:


  11. H.R. says:

    Here’s another vote for “Sell,” E.M.

    The absentee landlord aspect was already pointed out, but don’t forget that $500,000 from the sale will not be taxed and the balance will be taxed at 15% (?? I am not sure of the rate for 2018).

    You could move to Florida and set up a nice micro-brewery on that… probably make the same money as the house would bring in rent, unless you consume the profits 😜

    Hey! A retired guy has to have a hobby and as best I know, you don’t golf.

  12. H.R. says:

    On second thought, if you drink enough beer from your micro-brewery you’d have a tax write-off; inventory shrinkage, doncha know 😜🤣

  13. philjourdan says:

    The YSM is trying to create the illusion that the McCabe firing was another Trump Vendetta. And the gullible will slurp it up. But it is not the start of anything. The deep state will take care of its own. McCabe will not flip.

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    Somehow I doubt any “twenty something” made Bannon. He seems like a “doing his own thing” kind of guy to me. Yeah, worth exploring, but I’d have “spin” filters set on high….

    @Per McCabe:

    He’ll not flip. He knows how many ex-Hillary folks ended up retiring in the dirt… vs how many loyalists end up with cushy do-nothing jobs at $1/2 Million / year. (See list of university presidents and NGO positions…) I’d give it 6 months before his “pension” payments are recovered via an appointment to somewhere with a big signing bonus…


    Per a micro-brewery: While I’ve thought about it, the biggest issue would be the rapid degradation of liver function ;-) Might be better to run a coffee & ice cream spot ;-)


    Spouse is a Disney Addict. It WILL be near Disney and we WILL have annual passes…

    While I like Georgia better, Florida has no State Income Tax. That’s a 10% “raise” just for moving right there… I’ve lobbied for Tennessee as it has no income tax on wages just capital gains and I like the geography more… but the drive to Disney is a bit long.

    @John F:

    Spouse has taught just about all kinds of Special Ed, including a year+ of Severely Emotionally Disabled (SED). I’ve seen them take kids with no functioning skill and make them employable and functional. Not always, but often enough. One kid ended up on the Jeopardy game show as a winner… But usually they are happy with “back on grade level” as a big win. Each kid getting a full evaluation of abilities and a plan for how to use them to become all that they can. Plus periodic reviews all the way through.

    Yeah, it takes a special person.

    Now she un-retired to take this aide position (as a white knight saving the day in an emergency) and it’s working well for everyone. Except the move is on pause. We’ll see what happens in the next year round of attempted hiring…

    @Per renting:

    I’ve had rentals before, so I know the drill. It is also the case that out here, with homes selling for $Million, it will pay for “Professional Management”. One of my old college roomies did that for several years as his first job out of college. You sign up with a realtor and basically you are done. For something like 10% of the rent, they take care of all management functions.

    There’s really only one argument in favor from my POV. California has Proposition 13 on property taxes. Property Tax can’t be raised significantly while you own your property. Sell, and it jumps up to current market and never drops back. Were we to sell, then want to come back, it would be impossible as property taxes alone would be sky high. I’d guess about $12,000 /year but don’t know for sure; could be higher.

    So why worry about ever coming back?

    Spouse is a twin. Say we move to Florida, then 4 years from now I kick off. Will the spouse want to be all alone in Florida with only people she met in the last couple of years? Or be back where she spent 90% of her life, with her twin and daughter? A discussion we have yet to hold…

    Essentially there are 2 scenarios.

    1) In a couple of years we own this house clear and taxes on it take about 2 Social Security checks a year to pay. All other expenses can be covered with money left over from retirement payments. We spend lots of time “on the road” in an RV, returning as desired; or we maybe rent it out via a management company and get another $50,000 / year to play with. At any time spouse can return and be “set”.

    2) Sell and re-candle to Florida. Pay 6% realtor fees. Pay taxes on whatever is over the allowed exemption, Buy something nice in Florida. Pay 6% realtor fees. Be on the hook for current property tax rates in Florida and subject to another round of 6% realtor costs + current California property taxes IF spouse ever wants to come back. Should I precede her (likely as I’m 5 years older) she is all alone in Florida where she has no friends or family. My SSI goes away and she will be on modest income, so living on assets (largely the proceeds of the house sale).

    I’m leaning toward #1 for at least a year while we collectively decide just how much we like this whole thing. Transition to #2 if it is clear we’re not coming back, she’s not coming back, and nobody wants to deal with California again.

    But it’s a conversation for the next year or so. Depends on some experiences not yet had ( trying an RV for a while) and some things not yet done (clean out the junk) and some money not yet in hand (signing up for SSI payments) along with end of the School Hiring Drama… so will be in the wings for a year…

  15. p.g.sharrow says:

    The above would lead me to believe that you are stuck where you are. ;-) Best make the best of it and get a nice Motor home and from time to time travel. Although a nice SUV and motels ain’t bad. I would suppose that you and your lady are comfortable enough in your house. Sometimes things that work shouldn’t be fixed.

    Maybe if we can’t leave California we should fix it ! 8-) stranger things have happened…pg

  16. agimarc says:

    Other reason for not electing Hildabeast is her health. If her trip to India is any indication, should she be in the WH, she will be shortly incapacitated and her “loyal” staff running the entire show, trotting her out from time to time to harangue the deplorables, not unlike what Woodrow Wilson’s wife did for a few years following his stroke a century ago. Cheers –

  17. A C Osborn says:

    E.M.Smith says: 19 March 2018 at 3:21 pm
    ” I’d give it 6 months before his “pension” payments are recovered via an appointment to somewhere with a big signing bonus…”
    Hopefully, not, he should not be able to get that job from inside a State Pen. which is where he belongs.

  18. Larry Ledwick says:

    This might help drain the swamp if this is legitimate. Foreign courts might actually have levers that they can pull that US courts (and bureaucracy cannot or won’t)

  19. ossqss says:

    Chief, sell when you can and take the equity while you can. Values are very high and eventually gonna come way down again. Housing starts took a dump last month. You can still find some cheap dirt in Florida to build what you want to retire in. Florida has no state tax, lower cost of living and less loonytunes (but you already know that). Conceivably, you can position the sale of your house in Cali with a 9 month move out clause (rent/price concessions to the new owner) or something similar to have the best of both worlds you need to address. Something like that keeps you on course and eliminates redirects by others.

    Cali will implode. Just look at their comparable relevent statistics and trends.

    Good Luck to you!

  20. Larry Ledwick says:

    Really interesting thread (tweet storm) on twitter unrolled here:
    It analyzes what is going on behind the curtains regarding the Never Trump efforts to take down an elected administration.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    If that thread is true, OMG…

    2. So today ABC broke the story that Andrew McCabe on his own, opened a criminal investigation into the sitting Atty Gen of the US.
    Fired FBI official authorized criminal probe of Sessions, sources say: EXCLUSIVE
    Andy McCabe authorized the FBI to investigate whether Sessions misled Congress.
    3. This is breath taking. We already know Andrew McCabe was one of the primary conspirators in the plot to illegally spy on, manufacture evidence against, and then impeach a duly elected president using Illegitimate criminally obtained FISA warrants as seudo legal cover.
    4. The first implication of this revelation that the Dep Dir of @FBI covertly launched a criminal case against the AG is that the plan to remove this administration was wider than just removing the president. This specifically targeted the DOJ.

  22. p.g.sharrow says:

    Andrew McCabe considers himself to be a Republican, as do Comney and Mueller.. Can you say Deep State! All of these lawyers worked for Mueller, They were his select top team at the FBI.headquarters. Trump administration is a threat to all Deep Staters. RINO liberals as well as Liberal Progressive Democrats are all the same animals that went to the same schools and belong to the same clubs. Live in Washington and work for a government paycheck.
    They are the Anointed Elite that protect their privileged world from the intrusion of the uneducated and ignorant that might upset their ordered society…pg

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    A pretty good enumeration of the FBI & DOJ players:

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