COP24 – It Is All About 3rd World Development $$

On France24 “Eye On Africa” program, they interviewed Marcel Alers, Global Head Of Energy, United Nations Development Program. (I didn’t know we needed a “Global Head Of Energy”, it being a local need and local product…)

The report was that COP24 has found Africa “Most at risk from Climate Change”, despite it being much more equatorial so the temperatures change the least, and despite the Sahara being a big pile of sand that can’t get much worse…

Marcel Alers even stated “Africa has historically not been responsible for the problem of Climate Change”… “The big challenge is to provide energy access to it’s population”. All to be provided by “clean sources that do not contribute to Climate Change”. Then, a bit later, he says “You know, one thing that a lot of people do not fully capture, is that Climate Change is still very much talked about as an Environmental Issue; but in reality it is really a Development Issue, and people living in countries in Africa, they are very much aware of that.” Eventually getting to the ‘hydro-diplomacy’ point used by another delegate by saying “if the rains don’t come on time they can’t plant their crop, it really can be an economic disaster”.

Of course we get the Guilt Hook: They are not “responsible” and you, with the wallet, are.

Of course to “the challenge is to see this translated into government action”… best facilitated by a “lot of support, from the outside, from the development world, both in terms of money, but also in terms of technology transfer”…

Earlier when asked what COP24 had accomplished he mentioned their action on funding (i.e. saying they needed $100 BILLION PER YEAR from the USA & Europe – developed world). Unclear is just how tossing $100 BILLION / year into the Swiss Bank Accounts of 3rd World Despots will do anything for Climate or The People.

My “take away” from all this is two fold:

First, the Usual Suspect: It’s ALL about the money and transfer of enormous wealth from those countries that work and created it, to those that have incompetent leadership and can’t get their act together enough to be productive; along with a free ride on all the R&D work we’ve done to make the world a better place via creating technology. Tech is NOT free, and they want a free ride worth many more $BILLIONS on that front. A generous slice to land in the pockets of UN connected apparatchiks, no doubt, along the way.

Second, since getting hotter isn’t happening, and cold tends to bring droughts, they have moved on to water as their key hook. “Hydro-Diplomacy” meaning letting the UN decide who gets water and who doesn’t, along with who can grow the crops that take water and make the money off of them (and transporting them). They want to control the air via their CO2 fantasy, and now are adding on a desire to control global water. So watch for more “news” hyping any lack of rain anywhere, but especially in Africa.

Frankly, it looks to me like we could have 40 feet of snow from Canada to Alabama, from Sweden to Paris, and these idiots would still be demanding $BILLIONS to fight “Global Warming”… It’s ALL about the money, let there be no doubt.

It is essential to put the UN on a strict “No money” diet.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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18 Responses to COP24 – It Is All About 3rd World Development $$

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    In the USA, places got electricity because there was an incentive. The incentive was the potential for profit, sometimes hidden**. Prior to using carbon-based fuel for electricity, some folks figured out how to grind wheat into flour using falling water. Then Edison developed a system known as an “isolated plant” electric dynamo and had it working on land in 1881. (Prior use was on the S.S. Columbia in 1880.) [**City officials often have a financial interest in having their city grow and, thus, will promote a public system. Maybe less so today than prior to 100 years ago.]
    Whether a grain mill or an electric light system, the idea was to provide a service people would pay for.

    The U.N. has a different plan – throw other people’s money into a system that needs a constant flow of dollars, technical ability, and security to protect it from those it is meant to help. This did not work well when the French built things in west Africa {canals from the Niger R. in Bali} and then went home. There are many other examples.

    A better plan is to dissolve (most of) the U.N. and insist on a system that uses personal-gain incentive to get things done.

  2. Saighdear says:

    Yes, I take all that in : – I also watch various foreign stations – and you’ll ALWAYS hear the words relating to Climate Change or Global Warming coming through in conversations. And Yes I agree it is more about Development – the Climate of Economics is Overheating in the Developed Nations and Cooling in the 3rd World – to put it another way. ,,,,, May be There’sa some sense in this talk after all – just that the real meanings get lost in Translation – Anglo-American Translations don’t necessarily coincide!. and so long as it’s not my wee pooch ( a Highlander’s Pocket ) that has to be dipped or tipped oot. Let those who more than skim off the wealth of the world return a lot of their gains for good causes

  3. Another Ian says:

    That song about a “righteous feeling” comes to mind

    “Going To Zero”

    “So the next time someone tries to get you to sign on to yet another brilliant plan that the US is supposed to sign on to in order to “reduce our carbon footprint”, like the plans for everyone in the US to stop eating meat or to stop flying in airplanes or to buy electric cars or to cover half the US landscape with solar panels or to tax energy until the poor people put on yellow vests and throw rocks … well, the next time one of those charming folks proposes one of those plans, all of which come with a multi-billion dollar price tag, feel free to point them to this analysis and tell them “Even cutting US emissions to zero will make no perceptible difference by 2050! None!”. “

  4. R. de Haan says:

    At the comments of the last “Tips and Notices” I have posted some Freedom Force video’s from the Inconvenient Lie series of 2016 that explain in detail what’s going on right now. That’s why I post them again together with a video from Joanne Nova titled “How to destroy a perfectly good grid in three steps”. The video’s show who is behind the Globalist attempt to take over the world, how they have managed to penetrate our education system brainwashing our youth, how they execute Agenda 21/30 by grabbing privately owned lands, our entire sweet water supplies, undermine our food producing capacity, our electric grid, eliminating our borders, shackling and fleecing our citizens. in short, how they wage a war against human civilization. I think it is really important we all watch these video’s because of the detailed information that stops us from turning circles and help us to take on the biggest challenge of our times and deal with these traitors (because that’s what they are) of our civilization before they eliminate us. It’s as simple as that.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    I forgot this one:

  6. Another Ian says:

    “World leaders now choose to ignore,
    Their invite to C.O.P. 24,
    And celebrities too,
    With better things to do,
    When they wouldn’t have missed it before.”


  7. Ossqss says:


    Steve did a good job last year, as found in email during a cleanup process. Skip through or start at the 30 min mark or so, if ya don’t want a refresher of reasonable value. He brings up many things that get overlooked (hidden) in discussion most times.

  8. John Robertson says:

    Blood River by Tim Butcher.
    A terrible read and sums up Africa.
    The whole CAGW meme reeks of Eugenics,padded with that lovely soft racism of low expectations our progressive comrades are so excellent at.
    Except everything the concerned ones propose as solutions for the “poor brown”folk amounts to ensuring they never get access to the energy luxury we enjoy.
    And of course because they are “just naturally unable” all their problems are our fault.
    Very strange our comrades always accuse everyone who doubts their wisdom of their crimes.

  9. Another Ian says:

    “U.N. trots out phony sinking island claims after rejection of it’s exaggerated climate alarmist report”

  10. R. de Haan says:

    UN is lying, all the time.

  11. Another Ian says:

    “Climate change causes time travel? Humans turning clock back 50 million years”

    Dissected by Jo

  12. Thomas C Bakewell says:

    Off topic for sure, but the 8 December The Economist has an interesting article about Autism and intestinal bacteria. If you can’t scare it up online, please contact me..

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    Um, that’s what “tips” or “W.O.O.D.” are for…


    The Climate Junketteers could not reach agreement on who’s pocket would be picked to fund all their desired bribery fraud money laundering development funds for the “3rd World” now that the USA has taken its pocket away from the table, so extended their “meeting” and “discussions” into the weekend.

    Haven’t heard yet if they came to any conclusion on their proposed “rulebook for implementing the Paris accords”. I doubt France will be a good plum to pick, and UK is likely going to be distracted elsewhere. China doesn’t expect to pay and wants to continue claiming they are “special” as a very rich “3rd world” country… Russia isn’t going to do it, as they don’t have money to spare. Africa, South America, and much of Asia is also in the “3rd World give us money” group, not the Deep Pocket group.

    Near as I can tell that leaves Germany & Australia as the folks ripe for the picking. Plus maybe some of the Northern Europeans – at least if they can take a break from their migrant riot policing… (Mediterranean EU and Eastern Europe are not particularly brimming with spare change…)

    I guess we’ll find out eventually who was the Rube in the Room…

  14. Another Ian says:

    Thinking more on that today.

    Our federal parliament has Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

    A fair description here

    “Sarah Hansen-Young is a South Australian Greens politician. Normally that alone would stand by itself as a pretty good punch-line. But “Sarah Sea-Patrol” has turned making a goose of herself into one of Australian politics’ best comedy acts.

    Hansen-Young earned the ‘Sea Patrol’ sobriquet when she appeared to believe the Australian TV drama of that name was actually a documentary similar to Border Force. In a train-wreck 2016 interview, she repeatedly contradicted her own party’s policy on superannuation, even as she admitted that a staffer was texting her answers. In 2017 she billed taxpayers thousands to take her daughter whale-watching. Earlier this year she put her ignorance of Australian history on the record when she claimed that Australia Day celebrated the landing of Captain Cook at Botany Bay.”

    Another common AKA is “Hyphen”

    Sounds like you have the makings of an equivalent with “Occasional”

  15. Another Ian says:

    COP 24 deciphered by Josh

    “Josh says COP24 is a “huge success” ”

  16. Another Ian says:

    Australian contribution to COP 24!

    “Check out the letter in today’s Australian digital version by William Kininmonth on an interesting development for COP24.

    Oz emissions now include emu flatulence (equal to half that of a goat).

    He concludes “Rather than reducing emu emissions to meet Australia’s Paris obligations , it would be more productive to remove the goats from Canberra. ”

    How long till they openly include the native vegetation sinks in these calculations?”

  17. R. de Haan says:

    @another Ian:
    It only shpws how completely divorced from an sense of reality the Australian Greens.
    Earlier they proposed to kill off the wild camels that roam in the wild.
    Crazy people.

    I just wonder how long it takes before the yellow vests arrive in Canberra now the Australian economy is faltering.

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