Tony Heller – Corruption Of The USA Temperature Record

This is a rather well done video demonstrating the basic issues in the USA Temperature record and with hints about why the global data are so useless. 16 minutes:

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3 Responses to Tony Heller – Corruption Of The USA Temperature Record

  1. glenndc says:

    Around the end of May 1980, May 27 or 28, the official temperature in the city of Houston topped one hundred degrees Fahrenheit unusually early in the summer. The night time low that night was around 85 degrees. The next day was cloudless, hazy, and the sky looked like a brass bowl had been placed over the sky. The dauily highs for Houston and surraounding communities topped 100 degrees the rest of the days of May, all the days of June and July, and it was not until the second week of August that we had our first day with a high lower than 100 degrees. If my memory doesn’t fail me, it was around 73 or 74 consecutive days over 100 degrees.
    The entire event has been expunged from the climate record for the Southeast Texas region, as if it never happened. It’s only if you go to the vaults of the Houston Chronicle or the old and defunct Houston Post that you find the string of headlines and the front pages trumpeting the highly unusual temperature event, day after day, for two and half months.

  2. Bill in Oz says:

    Interesting. But unfortunately also for 99% of punters, it’s boring.

    Tony Heller’s calm rational explanation of what is being done to the data, will not be believed by most folks.

    Are we genetically or psychologically, predisposed to only pay attention to ‘alarming’ news ?

    I suspect that the only way to break the spell is a campaign that directly targets Hansen, Mann etc as ‘Big Lie’ bastards..

    In other words direct ad hominem attacks..

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    It would help if ice bergs were floating just off New York Harbor and lake Michigan was still ice locked in June.

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