Putin Is Remarkably Centered and Rational

In random YouTube clicking, I ended up with a couple of Putin Videos where he talks about Russia and The West (And western “liberalism”).

I was surprised at how centered, rational, and in touch he is. A very thoughtful and clueful fellow.

Also of note is how he lets the decent journalists (often speaking Russian), ask long, complicated, and COMPLETE questions. Then thoughtfully addresses the points raised. No shouting mob. No “GOTCHA!” sound bite questions. The kind of thing the USA used to do with Walter Cronkite…

One minute 35 seconds on being polite:

15 minutes on western “liberalism” and how it is consuming itself and reached EOL (End Of Life):

5:41 on Elton John and the liberals attitude toward him and Russia:

I know just enough Russian to pick out some words, enough to know the translation is following what was said.

I find Putin a rational, thoughtful, and tough leader. I can see why he and Trump “get along”. The mutual respect of two folks above the crowed even if they are competitors. That both are being attacked by the stupid Yellow Stream Journalists of the “liberal” media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) is, I’m sure, also something they recognize.

How strange to think that “Western Democratic Repulic” as a form of government may end up being saved by a rational Russia while the EU is busy being self destructive and the USA is “on the fence” (pun intended…) about our future.

I’d not want to be in a dark ally up against him… but I’d be glad to have him at my back against a common adversary.

Looks like he has a “personal” web site too:


Hey, anybody who likes Hockey can’t be all bad ;-)

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6 Responses to Putin Is Remarkably Centered and Rational

  1. andysaurus says:

    Thanks E.M. that’s a really interesting insight into Putin’s thoughts, and they’re not so different from mine either. Of course, he is ‘wheeling his own barrow’, but he’s a politician. He certainly (IMHO) puts a cogent case for the right.
    Scott Adams suggests that we are living in a Golden Age where war is minimal, standards of living are rising and information is freely available to everyone. I could go on. It would seem from the Democratic debates last week that ‘the left’ is a spent force thrashing about and trying to find relevance through division. I pray that it is so, and that it recognises its errors soon, although I don’t hold out too many hopes on that score.
    It seems to me that Candace Owens would agree with much of what Putin said, and that she is a bright light heralding the future of the U.S.
    Just my 2c.

  2. Bill in Oz says:

    E M I’m currently reading “Russia Without Putin” by a ‘left’ wing author Tony Wood. He has lots of criticisms of the ‘Imitation Democracy ” system in Russia but makes similar assessments about Putin as a leader, as you have. And it’s clear he will be around as leader of Russia for quite a while yet. Best get used to that and know the man properly.!

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    I get the impression that Putin is a pragmatist, he has seen the vulnerabilities created by multi -multiculturalism and is turning to the orthadox church as a stabilizing influence, as has historically been the case in Russia.

    He is also smart enough that some of that dialogue was aimed at a wider world audience, and stressing the idea of stability and consideration for the core needs of the majority population cannot be abandoned for some political dogma.

    Is very strong handed dealing with opponents also shows he is not all that reasonable and prudent if you tread on his core issues and directly threaten his power or system but he is also voicing obvious truths.

    He did not like what the US did to the Soviet Union but he also acknowledges that the USSR killed itself due to corruption of an elite (which by the way he profited from handsomely).

    He has shown he has brass knuckles inside his white gloves but knows how to balance interests so everyone is “happy enough” that they don’t rock the boat too much.

    I think in many ways he is a kindred spirit to President Trump just a little less constrained by the law and ethics (pretty much a Machiavellian leader on issues important to him who has no difficulty ordering a car bombing or termination of a political opponent if it is the most effective way to solve a problem)

    I think he also recognizes that as a culture and historically Russia needs a leader perceived as very strong, There are too many beta wolves in the system for him to show weakness or lack of resolve.

    Trump understands the same thing (his rule about payback and revenge being a prime example), the only difference between the two in those regards is how far they will go to accomplish a goal and how constrained by the legal limits they are.

    I see Trump as willing to go right to the edge of the legal limits and sometimes push the boundaries but not flagrantly break the law. Putin has by necessity of survival in his system has shown he can be Stalinesque when necessary for his survival.

  4. gallopingcamel says:

    Those videos gave me a new perspective on Putin. It surprised me to find that he seems tolerant of religion.

    I support his view that “Multiculturalism” has failed. I support his approach to LBQT that does not actively suppress them yet will not allow them to bully the “Normal” majority.

    I really loved his “Hands Off Our Children” idea…….let them decide for themselves when they are old enough to make an informed decision.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    “Somewhere” I’d heard a report that Putin’s Mother had been a religious person (perhaps clandestinely) under the USSR regime. I suspect Putin “smarted” about their suppression of something that mattered to his Mother.

    I doubt that he, himself, is really very religious, but I think he is pragmatic about now much it helps those who are believers and how much it helps with stability and social order.

    FWIW, he has led a Renascence of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia. Pulling it out of the shadows where Communism had shoved it / shunned it, and returning to the place of Russian Character Former.

    Basically, I think he just loved his Mother and anything associated with her, and she was a devout Russian Orthodox Christian.

    The more videos of him I’ve watched, the more I like the man.

    He’s not the evil ogre the YSM makes him out to be…

  6. gallopingcamel says:

    @Larry Ledwick,
    As you point out Donald Trump is subject to more constraints than Putin. That reminds me of Robert Walpole who would have liked to enforce the “Black Acts” ruthlessly but was restrained by courts.

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