Trump Keep America Great Rally In Greenville

Here’s the link the whole thing, including the “pre-show” from RightSide Media. There’s 4 hours of it, so you will get to jump around in the coverage to see the bits you like. Me? I just watch it straight through and enjoy the “embedded” experience ;-)

I watched some of it live from their site, then after it was over, found this recording and I”m watching it over again from the beginning. On Youtube, I was unable to find them, so went straight to their site. In the video at about 1 hour into the pre-show, the RSM folks lament YouTube hiding them in searches, demonetizing, etc.

So “hit their link” and blow off YouTube… I like their coverage the most as they don’t cut anything out. You get to see the whole place (as they pan around) and get a feel for the venue, the folks, and the other speakers. Not just selected sound bites out of context and surrounded by snark from an empty talking head.

UPDATE: Found the Youtube / embed do you can watch this and get them some coin (but also share some of it with Google…)

I went to the RSM YouTube channel and they don’t have this recording up there (yet). Whenever it shows up, I’ll add a link to that here too (so that they can get some monetized play out of it too, maybe).

In the rally, Trump plays the “love it or leave it” card again and firmly nails AOC and “the squad” of fellow traveler Socialists to the Democratic Mast… He’s played the Dims so completely…

Tim Pool does a great job of ‘splaining the strategy and just how “played” the Dims are. 22 minutes:

Seeing it in action at the rally, well, it just adds a whole new dimension to see the strategy in the context of developing over days (weeks?) and coming to fruition in the rally.

Well Played, Donald J., just very well played…

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23 Responses to Trump Keep America Great Rally In Greenville

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  2. jim2 says:

    He is truly a great President. What with the drop in CNN viewers after the Russia Hoax Paper came out, I’m wondering if those viewers are watching a more trustworthy news source and might come around. Speaking of CNN, they had a panel of Republican women (as I learned from Fox News) and those women gave the moderator the “what for.” They informed her (moderator) they were happy about Trump’s “squad” tweet and that is wasn’t racist – it was anti-socialist. Something obvious to those without TDS, but a heresy to the moderator. All-in-all, it’s been a great Trump week.

  3. tom0mason says:

    Trump is truly good for America, his people are also closing-in on the Pizza-gate scandal …
    Over 2,000 files in Jeff Epstein case to be released within a few days. see
    That should keep some prominent demoncrats occupied for a while.
    While Trump keeps tweeting the MSM is distracted until the files drop, then what are they going to do? Ignore it?

  4. cdquarles says:

    What they will do will be one or more of: ignore it as much as they can, pin it on Trump as much as they can, or find a squirrel to focus on.

  5. Ed Forbes says:

    Tim is WAY to long winded. I got through the clip by fast forwarding through most of it with very short stops.

    The idea that DT is pushing his feud with the Squad to take pressure off his new change in asylum regs is plausible, but did not need the long windup. Long windups are the main reason I never listen to Rush.

    One of the main reasons I prefer text is that I can skim past the fluf easily.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ed Forbes:

    I have some of the same issue and do find myself “checking out” before the end sometimes, or skipping forward at others.

    Yet often there are “nuggets” in the meanders that are interesting. So when I’ve got a bit more muse time I’ll watch them all the way through.

    My biggest “skip” point is that Tim Pool is often navel gazing at “inside baseball” of media more than I care about. It was very intriguing the first couple of times as I learned about how things work inside the business, but then once you know that many of the players are just click whores or have a vendetta and the publisher supports that, well, do I really need to hear that a fifth or sixth time?

    But it is what it is. It is also fun to watch a “Center Left” fellow cope with being pushed, against his will, into the “Alt Right” Name-And-Shame bucket with everyone else to the right of Nancy Pelosi… Oh, Wait! SHE has now been called a “RACIST!!!!!!!” bigot homophobe misogynist etc. laundry list of oral diarrhea that spills from an Alt-LEFT SJW when they don’t get 100%+ of Their Way… so I guess we need someone further Left as our benchmark for where “Alt Right RACIST!!!!!!” begins… (I’d put a smiley on that, but it happens to be true, apparently…)

    So you get his video as that’s where, and the form, in which I found it. Feel free to link to text versions if you find one…


    So true… Can I blame Trump for my taking a nap this afternoon and not getting my yard work done? ;-)


    It really would be nice if just ONE (any one) of the major scandals that involve the Clintons would finally reach the “blow up in public” stage. But they’ve been skating for at least 40 years and have deep hooks into all sorts of power. So I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Kind of like Cold Fusion. I’m no longer able to become excited about “announcements” and I’ll believe it when you can see it happening in public and anyone can get enough public information to show the truth of it.


    What has happened, IMHO, is a culture shift. I, like a great many others, was raised to be polite and a “gentleman”. Not to make a fuss in public. More “go along to get along” than firebrand. The Left took advantage of that, and weaponized Peer Pressure to herd folks. And it worked. Right up until they hit some non-negotiables.

    Then a whole bunch of folks looked at that sordid dirty road to hell and had a “Come To Jesus” moment. Gloves came off. Get in their grill went on. Literally the “Mad as HELL and not gonna take it anymore!” moment.

    Once you choose bravery and face the daemon, it looses power over you.

    The end stage of that is a whole bunch of us choosing as POTUS the guy who was willing to spit in the eye of the Deamon on national TV… and NEVER apologize.

    So yes, it hardens our hearts. It makes us more “rude and crude” in our behaviours.

    But warriors must be like that. Even self selected “Nice Guy” culture warriors.

    Even my mild mannered spouse who has become increasingly intolerant of Alt-Left BS and P.O.’d at their violence.

    Where, about a decade back, Greenpeace would “raise money” at a local concert in the park (classical music mostly) and we’d just politely decline (and where a decade prior I’d give money and 2 decades prior was a Greenpeace member…) I’m now MUCH more likely to Man-Splain to them just what a lying deceptive manipulative organization they are shilling for and how the Long Con is being run. Now multiply that by 100,000,000 folks…

    It is in that context that CNN, NYT, etc. etc. are trying to peddle their Left Wing Biased Propaganda. Buy it? Heck, even have it in the background at the bar? Sorry, too much peptic moment for me. I’ll ask the bartender to change the channel or just go pull the plug (something I’d NEVER do before).

    At this point the readership and viewership numbers for such media are so low they’ve had several rounds of layoffs of hundreds of employees. Severe Cranial Rectal Inversion in upper management will do that to a company. MY participation with their product is entirely VOLUNTARY and once the experience becomes unpleasant, it ends. That’s been happening by the millions. (But, oddly, can’t really do that any more. Some [many?] of them are dropping below the 1 million viewers / subscribers mark. So I guess they can say “market stabilizing!”… asymptotic to zero…)

    Once you no longer Give A Damn about the precious “feelings” of the asshole in your face, you are much more willing to plug it with a broomstick and give it a good swat with a stern “get outta my face”. IMHO, the 1/2 of the USA that voted for Trump were saying they were at that point. Hillary and her Potemkin Village Idiots didn’t pick up on that, and now are in full melt down.

    What bothers me most about the whole thing, really, is that I WAS pretty hard core “center left”. LOTS of “do your own thing” and “everybody ought to be free to choose their own life” and more. What “they” have done on the Alt Left is drive ME over into the “center right” column. I didn’t WANT to be Right Wing. I didn’t WANT to be hard hearted. They made me that way so I could survive them.

    Communist Doctrine calls this “Reactionary Forces”. Well, at least they got that part right. I’m certainly far more “Reactionary” than I was before…

  7. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “I didn’t WANT to be hard hearted.”

    You’re not becoming hard hearted. You’re being an adult. Letting destructive idiocy slide is wrong. Tough love is what is called for and sometimes tough love is a clop in the chops to an @$$hole who is no longer capable of reasoning or listening to reason is actually an act of kindness.

    We used to have the phrase, “Knock some sense into (him).” It was folk wisdom for good reason. You boxed the ears or gave a swat to a wayward kid and they grew up a little more attentive to the needs of others and their role in polite society.

    These Lefty SJWs have never been denied, never been told “no,” and never been held responsible for their behavior. It comes as a shock to them in their 20s and 30s when they are finally expected to be accountable and responsible. Too late. They have no clue and no grounding in the history and culture that provides ‘clue’. They need to be smacked in the face with reality and if that smack is attached to the end of E.M.’s or my own arm, it’s merely a public service, thank you sir.

    You said it well. Many, many, many, adult Americans have had enough – tee-totally fed up – with the spoiled brats playing at communism and hiding behind hurt ‘feewings’ and are now more inclined to issue some spankings and send the little precious SJWs to their rooms without supper… or their graves, where warranted.

    One shouldn’t tolerate behavior that will take a person down and take a lot of innocent people with them.

    Tough love, not hard hearted.

  8. Serioso says:

    I was hoping that you would tell us where in the course of his rally the president asked his supporters to stop saying “Send her back.” Surely it’s in there somewhere, and you’d save us all an hour or more of watching by telling us exactly where. Or maybe not…

  9. jim2 says:

    We’re still waiting for ANYONE in the Dimowit party to tell the squad to stop it with the racist, antisemitism. Hell, if they want to turn the US into a socialist or communist country, I say to them: GO TO SOME OTHER COUNTRY. PERIOD!!

  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    This is probably why the Left is freaking out over a non-event at the Trump Rally – misdirection, to suck up media time so this does not get covered in nightly news segments.

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    Why would he want to do that?

    As it stands, he’s got the Democrats (middle, moderate, and all) welded hard to The Squad, and unable to distance from their insane policies and hatred for the USA and us Deplorables (anyone to the right of, and including now, Pelosi..)

    Sticking a cattle prod into that welded mass and running it off the cliff of SJW Rage is EXACTLY the goal state. It is called “being played”. Trump just played the Dims. Hard.

    The deadly embrace of SJW Wokeness has given us a wonderful lever and weapon. Why on earth would anyone want to blunt that “reaper”?

    Hand your emotional state to your opponent, do not be surprised when they use it against you.

    Having grown up in hard country, I learned early about being played. Trump understands it too, being from Queens. “Safe Zone” Snowflake SJWs not so much…. What has changed is that the obsessivly polite Deplorables have decided to Play Hardball with the full suite of instruments… no longer just taking it with the abuse from The Left.

    So get used to it. Gloves are off. We no longer care what SJWs and their ilk think. Antifa assured that. Now we’re in for The Reflective Game. They choose to lie? Means we can lie. (So “send them back” when we know 3 of 4 are Americans is Just Fine as long as it creates rage and gets Pelosi to endorse them and ratify their positions as Democratic positions). Antifa physically assaults innocents, other innocents are allowed to remove rules against use of strong counterforce in defense. The House wants to use fradulent Russia RUSSIA RUSSIA!!! as grounds for impeachment and endless show trials, we are permitted to float lies about them too (after all, most of them are pedophiles anyway, friends of Bill and the Lolita Express…. [see how that works?])

    Your Side has set the rules, so don’t bitch now when we finally agree to play by your rules.

    The Asymmetric Game is over.

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    From your link… Well that’s gonna leave a mark…

    Likely within days, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will release almost 2,000 pages of documents that could reveal sexual abuse by “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders,” according to the three-judge panel’s ruling. The documents were filed during a civil defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a former Mar-a-Lago locker-room attendant, against Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. “Nobody who was around Epstein a lot is going to have an easy time now. It’s all going to come out,” said Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies. Another person involved with litigation against Epstein told me: “It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names. It’s going to be contagion numbers.”

    Guess Bill will get another scorching by SHrillary….

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    Related to above item:

    Wonder why Huma and Anthony have dropped off the edge of the world lately?

  14. jim2 says:

    Yuck. Just thinking about Shillary at an orgy makes me nauseous.

  15. H.R. says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict a highly profitable next several years for lawyers on speed dial of “Friends of Epstein.” Just a hunch.

  16. serioso says:

    I get it, I think. The Left thinks Trump supporters are callous, cruel, and stupid, so you have decided to be calous, cruel, and stupid.Or did I miss something?

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    While you are ranting about callous and cruel please explain why the Democrats still defend Teddy Kennedy?

  18. H.R. says:

    Nope, Serioso. You didn’t get it. Not.At.All.

    Having said that, let’s all go out and meet up with our local Antifa at the coffee shop for a group hug.

  19. E.M.Smith says:


    It was an interesting experiment. Laid the whole strategy out there and with explanations anyone could follow for the parts. Would Serioso “get it” and realize his side is being played like a fiddle? Would he have the “OMG! We’ve been had.” reaction? Or would he open the Hymnal to page 103 and sing the same old refrain?

    And the answer is: Turn to Alynsky Page 53…


    Let’s do a little deconstruction of your reply:

    “I get it, ”

    Swing and a miss… nope. (Attempt at disingenuous “agreement” behavior to attempt to draw emotional connection noted, but ignored, as your “go to” technique is The Negative, which follows shortly)

    “I think.”

    Facts not in evidence

    “The Left thinks”

    Proven not to be true. The Left EMOTES, it does not think. Their whole shtick is based around emotional manipulation, emotional blackmail, and guilt tripping. Cogent arguments are ignored. Facts are pliable things subject to lots of Bondo, sanding and paint… So let’s substitute the reality:

    ~’The Left Believes based on their negative angry core emotional state’ that “Trump supporters are callous, cruel, and stupid,”

    That part is actually true. Golly.
    Though delivered with the bite and bile phrasing of any Alynsky “twist”.

    “so you have decided to be

    Nope. To POSE. To ACT. To BAIT. All sorts of synonyms for “play someone with faux bait”… But “BE”? That’s where you completely miss the message about being PLAYED. The PLAYER is NOT emotionally engaged with the played, nor is it about The Player, it is all about WHAT WORKS to play the mark. What ROLE gets the mark to bite. Have you never seen Redford in The Sting? BTW, you got “callous” right the first time, but dropped an ‘l’ here…

    ” calous, cruel, and stupid.”

    Well, YOU might interpret the appearance that way, as cruel, so this is a “maybe”. The reality is they saw a direct line to the SJW Rage Emotion Center and figured hooking up 110 AC to it would certainly get a result. So did so. With rather wonderfully thought out “long con” precision. “Cruel” would require actual damage, as none is done, and in the long run getting Trump a 2nd term is 100% good, while the alternative is bad; well, I think of it more as a Mercy Cattle Prod.

    Callous? Um, hate to break it to you, but in combat one is expected to play to win, not to make the opponent happy. This next election is HUGE, and it clearly is a battle. Antifa has made it a street war. Now in that context you want me to be all soft and mushy and worried about their feelings? Oh man what a laugh.

    But I do note in passing you ignored all the tactical and strategic positioning statements, ignored that Pelosi and the DNC are now welded to The Squad and MUST endorse the absolutely LOSING positions of Socialism, and folks with 22% and 9% favorablity are now The Full Face of the Democratic Party. All so you could play the Alynsky Method one liner “insult to the person” of “be callous, cruel, and stupid”.

    Just laughably pathetic effort on your part. Really. We are all caught on to the insult game. We are all on to the “hold them to THEIR rules” and values. AND we’ve stopped playing that game. The game now is “We play by YOUR rules” in the Reflective Game. We don’t give a damn about your “approval” or your damaged (faux) fragile emotional state (since it is either entirely fake for effect or hired village idiots with emotional disorders and their fellow travelers anyway).

    So some snowflakes melting in the heat of truth? Poke them into putting on display to the world their damaged cognition, entirely missing emotional self control, and insanely stupid plans for the world that simply PHYSICALLY CAN NOT BE DONE; then using that to “triangulate” the rest of the Democratic Party? That’s just being a masterful player.

    “Or did I miss something?”

    Most certainly… Unless you are just “lying for effect” and “got it” full well, but went back to the One Line Insult Alynsky Method play book again…

    See, the whole Russia Russia! RUSSIA!!!! and then all the Steele Dirt Lies and then Hillary & Swamp Critters “fixing things” and having her fed the debate questions in advance and on and on and on: All that taught all of us that Your Side LIES. Pretty much 100% of the time. For The Wall until Trump wants it then against The Wall… etc.

    Now once it has become painfully obvious that all your side does is play the lie, insult, and con, work emotional blackmail, and put on faux protests, you expect us to CARE about them? (How many Soros Funded Outrage Mob Groups have been identified now? BLM, MeToo, Occupy (a half dozen), now Antifa and more who came and went so fast I’ve forgotten their names…. but they pop up instantly on national news, then when they fail, evaporate from the scene.) Well, after that becomes clear, just Why On God’s Earth ought I give a damn what they “feel” (since it may just be “All About The Benjamins” to quote a Squad member…)

    So they lie, I can lie. They do emotional inflammation, I can do emotional inflammation. They make false inflammatory claims, I can make false inflammatory claims. And THEY use emotional dog whistles, then I can use emotional dog whistles against them.

    Suck it up, boy, your side has been played by a master, your “dog whistles” no long work on us (nor do your side’s attempts at emotional blackmail); you’ve shouted RACIST!!! and SEXIST!!! so loud so many times at so many provably good people that the terms have lost all meaning to us. When your side is calling Conservative BLACK Men and Women “racist” it is clearly a jump the shark moment, and we are there. Then with Pelosi now branded the same way, well, who’s next? MLK?

    So with The Outrage Mob that far gone, the best Belly Laugh we can have is to toss a tiny bit of Red Meat on the ground and watch your Nut Jobs start knifing each other trying to get to it first. Like chum in the water. But Trump put a hook in it and now the DNC is on the line with AOC. Enjoy being in bed together…

  20. Larry Ledwick says:

    Serioso engaged in debate.

  21. David A says:

    Serioso, EM is correct, and Larry just demonstrated the mirror of the leftist tactic of ridicule.

    You earned it. The left is a broken down mish-mash of confused emotions, avarice, vice,
    envy and blame, and its responses are unfettered to any introspection or conscience. Ignorance exceeded only by arrogance is not an attractive mix.

    My only disagreement with E.M.s
    comment is that I see no need to distort the truth ( except in physical war) when telling the truth about what the left has become is so devastating. ( Which is, IMV, exactly what E.M. does.

  22. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    I don’t personally see a need to “distort the truth”, but I do admire the results of it in the hands of a master of the tweet ;-) Such a small pittance of Red Meat on the ground and such a giant Dog Pile of DNC / Squad / TDS / etc. all fighting over it… What’s not to admire? ;-)

  23. David A says:

    It is something to watch.

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