Heller Video On EPA Endangerment Fail

This is a pretty good Tony Heller video that takes on the EPA Endangerment Finding and shows it is a complete failure. Has some very nice graphs of the non-correlation of CO2 to bad things of various sorts.

Along the way points out the charmed life of the “we’re losing roll out For The Children! propaganda” Gretta vs kids that really lost their childhood / life in the famine of 1878 or so.

He also lists some of his bio on running computer models. It seems we may have both been working for Apple at about the same time. He did the PowerPC debug modeling. My group did the foundational work on what Apple wanted in a CPU and turned that over to the PowerPC development folks. (We had done simulations that showed what instruction sets were most useful and which took a lot of silicon for not much benefit).

He “gets it” that the climate models are all just “write my biases into the code than have it tell me what to believe”.

Then spends a bit of time on the ludicrous idea that wind and solar alone can replace fossil fuels.

15 minutes:

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4 Responses to Heller Video On EPA Endangerment Fail

  1. Foyle says:

    The word du jour is “pedophrasty” Argument involving children to prop up a rationalization and make the opponent look like an asshole, as people are defenseless and suspend all skepticism in front of suffering children: nobody has the heart to question the authenticity or source of the reporting. Often done with the aid of pictures.

  2. Steven Fraser says:

    Greta is an actress, with credits on Imdb. Her recent performances at the U.N. show that she can memorize a script, but has not internalized the concepts and facts well enough to answer a multi-part question from a reporter. In this sense, she is like an anchor head on TV news, presenting words, but not representing her own thinking.

    That her parents flew to New York, as did the sailboat return crew, and the original crew flew back to Europe, illustrates that this trip was a publicity stunt, and not really about reducing emissions. When the world is still here in 12 years, the cognitive dissonance will be great.

  3. H.R. says:

    Greta, the actress, needs better scripts. My wife saw that clip of her at the UN and wanted to know who wrote that crap for her.

    For those here with spouses like mine or friends who just aren’t engaged at all with ‘Climate Change’, I’d be interested in their reactions when they see the “Greta Goes To The UN” clip.

    Oh, I can guarantee you my neighbors across the street, if I asked them what they thought about Greta, would say, “Greta who?”

  4. tom0mason says:

    I’m pretty sure those children in the Congo, DRC, etc., mining minerals to make solar panels and EV batteries are the ones who’ve had their childhood stolen, and are not represented by some white, wealthy, brat expensively Boating Around The World Making UN Speeches.
    So how many children’s lives, not just dreams, are destroyed by those mining operations.
    How dare these Greenies inflict slavery on these children.

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