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First up:

“I fought the swamp and the . . swamp won”

Would make a nice parody song.

So it looks like Beijing Biden for a year or so, then Kamela will 25th him and we’ll have our first Socialist POTUS.

Until then, look for a giant Bums Rush of every Democrat and Progressive wet dream policy. We know every position will be up for sale and there will be no limit on debt. Not sure what currency will survive, but the $US is headed for the inflation shredder. Timing TBD.

The really good news is that now we know there are zero Democrats not on the take, unwilling to sell out the voters for power and profit. Furthermore, I didn’t see much (any?) Republican congress critter protesting the fraudulent and blatently illegal election. So now we can comfortably know they are all swamp dwellers, happy with the process of ripping off and selling out the country. It is a good thing to know where they all stand, and that it is with the swamp, against the voters.

We know, too that the courts and TLAs are on side with the vote steal and fraud. Enabling where possible, blocking recourse at every turn.

The pretense was dropped long enough to see them all for what they are.

So easy first step: Send ZERO money to any of them. Then primary the hell out of all of them. It may be futile given they now control the vote counting, but it will force more visible Big Steals.

If also strongly simplifies decision making. Every question now only needs to be filtered through: “How can this be exploited for personal gain?” with a minor of “Is there indication of blackmail?” It will be far easier to see the truth with questions of honest dealing off the table.

Will This Never End? – Brexit

Maybe? There was a deal signed, sort of. But with lots of adjusting expected. Reality TBD.

Don’t Cry For Me, Australia…

With the USA removed as an impediment to China, since China Joe will do nothing against his paymasters, Australia will be in the soup big time. Expect crushing economic and political pressure (including bribes vs blackmail). I missed my Australia Friday this week, but will continue them. Hook up with the UK pronto!

Taking bets on how long before the US fleet is pulled out of the China area and Taiwan is invaded. Best invasion weather in spring? I’m placing my nickel on June.

It will be interesting watching the swamp deal with the fact that 70 million Trump voters will not just go away. We now know a Trump can happen, and we know how much it is horrifying to the swamp. Expect more. We’ve also awakened to the truth. Once seen, the corruption can not be unseen.

In Conclusion

Last time I said:

I’ll likely be “celebrating” the new year somewhere in a rest stop along I-10 in the middle of Texas. As drinking in a parked car is a bad idea, and bars are likely not going to be empty enough to take another Californian, it will most likely be celebrated with a tin of canned stew and a bottle of water, then a nap in the sleeping bag on the passenger seat. I’m OK with that. But do hoist one for me, OK?

Little did I know… ths reality was about 1/2 way through 12 hours stuck on glare ice in West Texas between Fort Stockton and about Ozuna. At midnight I did sneak one sip out of a half liter wine box, but no sleep. 3 big rigs in the median, similar number 1/2 jacknifed off the shoulder. Miles of trucks stopped on the road. So dinner was ham sandwiches & Ritz crackers, entertainment was bad AM radio, but I was warm with a nice big sleeping bag wrap.

Most likely I’ll start the run back tomorrow. I’ve plotted an alternative to I-10 in hwy 90 further south out of San Antonio. It is several hours longer, but way less than 12..

I’ll be checking ice status more too. That will determine 10 vs 90.

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  1. Ossqss says:

    Keep an eye on the winter storm coming through this weekend. Texas looks to get whacked pretty far South.

  2. jim2 says:

    It appears there is a much bigger push to eliminate conservative communications. I posted that Facebook shut down WalkAway. Now, Apple has threatened to remove the Parler app unless Parler adds “moderation.” It’s time to start taking action. If you know anyone with a Facebook page, urge them to download their content (prerequisite to close an account) and close the account. Ditch Apple phones, although Google might also get into the act. I have a Motorola phone I intend to root and exclude Google.

    We should keep an ear to the ground!

  3. jim2 says:

    This is going to be a s*** show. One Rep has changed from Dimowit to Republican lately, it would be great if we could get just ONE senator to make the move. That would be sweet!

    Although various detailed plans for structuring the statehood process were considered both before the adoption of the Constitution and as revisions to it in the 19th century, the Framers went with a plan that did not constitutionally constrain either the size of new states or set a population threshold required for admission. Nor did they require any supermajority procedures. In effect, they made it surprisingly easy to add new states. Creating a new state is arguably the only irreversible process in the entire Constitution. Yet, it requires no more than federal law to achieve it.


  4. philjourdan says:

    Ice – is that a thing outside of iced tea?

    La Nina does that to this area. Have a safe trip!

  5. jim2 says:

    (Reuters) – Apple Inc has threatened to remove the Parler social networking service from its App Store unless the company changes its content moderation policies, Parler Chief Executive John Matze told Reuters on Friday.

    Parler is a social network where many supporters of President Donald Trump have migrated after being banned from services such as Twitter Inc. In a letter from Apple’s App Store review team to Parler seen by Reuters, Apple cited instances of the service’s being used to make plans to descend on Washington, D.C., with weapons after a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday.


  6. jim2 says:

    Twitter permanently suspends Flynn, Sidney Powell, says they engaged in ‘harmful activity’ related to QAnon


  7. philjourdan says:

    @Jim2 – Re: States – Except in one case. The seat of the federal government cannot be contained in ANY state. Period. They can make PR a state, but DC does NOT pass the Constitution test!

  8. philjourdan says:

    @Jim2 – So? Twats, and fakebook (and instaidiot) are private companies. They are free to set their own limits. Let them. But Apple is NOT free to censure content on its phone as it is a “provider”. So do not back away from parler. SCOTUS got cold feet in the election. They will not get cold feet on the bill of rights.

    I do not twat, and I do not fakebook. I do not instaidiot, and I do not snapdragon. In short, I am their worst enemy as they do not know I exist. ANd I like that. I get a link to twat? I delete it. Link to fakebook? Ditto. If you cannot give me an anonymous link, it is not worth my time to follow it.

    I remember one idiot on Disqus declaring he had traced me to southern Georgia! All y’all who have read me, know I am no where near there.

  9. jim2 says:

    Phil – in the US a service used by the public can be declared a public utility. It was done with the telegraph and railroad and in other industries. It can be done with Apple, Google, and any other bully of the public.

  10. The True Nolan says:

    @ philjourdan “The seat of the federal government cannot be contained in ANY state. Period. They can make PR a state, but DC does NOT pass the Constitution test!”

    Assuming the Deep State decides they want DC to be a state, is there any objective reason why we should expect them to obey the Constitution?

  11. Another Ian says:
  12. YMMV says:

    China — We looked away at other things and now we look and Hong Kong is gone. Taiwan, the writing is on the wall. I don’t see them surrendering without being attacked, but how long can they hold out? Nobody is going to come to their aid; that’s my prediction. And it follows that for China there is no reason to wait beyond the 20th. It’s worth noting that England honored their hundred year old agreement. China CCP dishonors their agreement after 20 years. Expect to see North Korea and Iran start rattling their sabers soon.

    Big Tech — in the kick ’em when their down department, crush ’em, and cleanse them, Big Tech will deny a voice to anyone who supported Trump and conservatives. Since most Republicans are RINO and closet liberals, they might get a pass or probation.

    Trump — suggested title for a new book (but good luck finding a publisher): “The Art of the Steal”.
    He may want to find another country of refuge, because the next four years are going to be 100% “It’s all Trump’s fault” and “Lock him up!”. Without Trump as POTUS to blame, there will still be a need for distraction from the failings of the new administration, so don’t expect the media assault on Trump and his friends and supporters to go away.

    Trump had experience dealing with others, but no experience in dealing with thousands of hostile others. The Deep State always wins, just like the house always wins.

  13. jim2 says:

    Remove FOX News from cable TV to stop the constant and persistent bombardment of untruth and misinformation.
    Why is this important?

    FOX news has been spewing hatred, lies and deceit for many years. Recently, an Indiana man was convicted of arson for setting fire to a mosque in Ohio. The man specifically stated that he was motivated by media accounts, mostly from FOX news, and that he felt no remorse in setting the fire. If I am not mistaken, this is a hate crime, a hate crime driven by the poisonous and contagious lies and conventional “wisdom” supplied by this media outlet.


    But then there is this … quite the motivation to nuke FOX …

    AT&T is reportedly looking at selling CNN to pay its massive debt, but the cable news company may have hit its peak “hating Trump,” Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino argued Friday.

    “CNN does not have Donald Trump to kick around anymore and their ratings will take a hit,” he told “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” given the current projected presidential election results.


  14. jim2 says:

    The Parler app has been removed by Google and Apple is threatening. Also, Parler apparently uses AWS and Amazon is threatening to kick them off. It’s a Pisser!

  15. billinoz says:

    Richard Barnet, dedicated Trumpist who invaded Nancy Pelosi’s office in the Capitol building has been arrested. Mind you it was easy. he psoetd lots of photos of himself there with his feet on the desk. I suspect that lot’s of others will be found and arrested – justifiably !

  16. H.R. says:

    My grandfather bought AT&T stock when it was owned by ‘Alex’ himself. All that’s left in the inherited portfolio is a bit of Verizon stock that was spun off of who knows what. I don’t care, and I won’t look, but I suppose Verizon is some part of the AT&T puzzle.

    Over 100 years and no taxes paid. Is this a great country or what?

    As I recall, AT&T bought all, or the majority stake, in the Clinton News Network. It sucks to be AT&T or CNN, but I think if they have to sell off Verizon to boost their walking around money, they should get a half-way decent price for it.

    CNN will crash and burn and the Chinese will pick it up on the cheap. Who in the Biden administration is going to throw a monkey wrench into that deal?

  17. H.R. says:

    Yup. Officer down. Too many donuts will do that. Sad times for the officer’s family. My condolences.
    /my guess, which is as good as any at this point

    I have yet to hear of the results of a coroner’s examination. All is rumor or YSM narrative engineering for now. I’m waiting for the facts to filter through the YSM fog machine.

    @billinoz – Read your link. There is nothing about the officer’s death in that article, nor what job was being done. It talks about Trump supporters who died from medical emergencies.
    BTW, I might own a black stallion. Some have said, and some have reported, that I might own one.

    (See what I did there, Bill? You are a sharp cookie. Why can’t you see that in ‘news’ articles? You need to read a lot of different sources, and then you can legitimately hold wrong conclusions or maybe come to the correct conclusion. Sometimes, no one will know for quite some time what transpired in events that the media has a vested interest, be it ideology or $$$$, in pushing as soon as possible, before any facts are in.

    And as p.g. pointed out early on, and E.M. discussed in his first-hand report that a riot broke out some time well before any ‘rioters’ had arrived on the scene, there is an excellent chance that the mayhem at the Capitol was a false flag operation.

  18. Quail says:

    Mozilla Firefox

    “…By all means the question of when to deplatform a head of state is a critical one, among many that must be addressed. When should platforms make these decisions? Is that decision-making power theirs alone?
    But as reprehensible as the actions of Donald Trump are, the rampant use of the internet to foment violence and hate, and reinforce white supremacy is about more than any one personality. Donald Trump is certainly not the first politician to exploit the architecture of the internet in this way, and he won’t be the last. We need solutions that don’t start after untold damage has been done.
    Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms.
    Additional precise and specific actions must also be taken: ..”

    Dangit. Now I have to change browsers. I liked their Faceblank fence feature and hate to change things on my computer. I’m more of a point and click user so this will be a royal pain.

  19. jim2 says:

    Progressives and social justice warriors exploit the weaknesses inherent in the system, made weaker by pitting opposing forces against one another. They favor to use malleable innocents as their poster-children (literally) for their causes. Often the platform is couched in emotional appeals and framed to make any opposition cringe in fear of being called a “-phobe” or “-ist”. They oppose independent, morally strong, educated people because those individuals, especially in groups, can’t be manipulated easily. -John Loeffler


  20. Ossqss says:

    We are seeing 1984 in 2021. The velocity will not slow, until it does. So, why Wonder Woman 1984 now?

    Just sayin》》

  21. gallopingcamel says:

    When I came here (from the UK) in 1982 this was by far the greatest country in the world. I say that with the experience of having lived in seven different countries and having visited thirty more. I felt privileged to breathe the air here and in my small way strive to make the USA even better.

    I helped create new businesses for my employer (the ITT corporation) based on the work of a friend and colleague:

    In my spare time I helped create nine charter schools in North Carolina and Florida. Yet 38 years later the USA is falling apart in spite of the efforts of millions of people like me. Our leaders in Washington are liars, thieves and cowards who don’t care what happens to the country as long as they become wealthy.

    Sadly their cynicism has rubbed off on me. I have given up trying to “Make America Even Greater” and am lining my pockets with the easy pickings that bad governance makes possible. The COVID-19 panic has allowed me to make money without lifting a finger. That money will be multiplied many times over thanks to governments in general and the US government in particular printing huge swathes of FIAT money at a time when there is crypto-currency beyond their ability to control.

  22. Another Ian says:

    “The Future of America”


    Other threads there too

  23. billinoz says:

    V P Pence was the target of some of the Trumpists who invaded the Capitol Buildings last Wednesday. There was a snatch team with helmets, bullet proof vests, plastic wrist ties etc..


  24. billinoz says:

    @ HR, God you are a callous bastard. Here is a link about the Capitol policeman who died. He was clobbered on the head by a Trumpist with a fire extinguisher.
    So much for ‘dough nuts’ mate..You are a bit fat ignorant ZERO


  25. Another Ian says:

    Re Quail says:
    9 January 2021 at 3:56 am
    Mozilla Firefox

    Thanks for that. New computer coming and was looking forward to getting Firefox working again.

    Suggestions for replacement for Thunderbird email please

  26. Another Ian says:

    “4473 Form”

    “Was revised for 2021. It now includes the option of “Non Binary” as a gender. I just purchased my first few firearms of 2021 as a full fledged “Russet Potato”. Thank you 2021.”

    Plus comments


  27. Another Ian says:


    “CNN will crash and burn and the Chinese will pick it up on the cheap. Who in the Biden administration is going to throw a monkey wrench into that deal?”

    Unless Trump puts in a bid

  28. gareth says:

    Another Ian asks: “Suggestions for replacement for Thunderbird email please”
    Try Evolution.

  29. Another Ian says:

    Fair comment

    “Here’s the thing. If Demarxists won the election, fair and square, then wouldn’t they exude confidence and frivolity? Wouldn’t they just brush aside, with a laugh, anything that the Bad OrangeMan said? “Whatever, he’s gone in 2 weeks, so long OrangeMan!”

    Instead, we see the Demarxists and CINOs in Full Panic Mode.

    Now why in the world would Nazi Pelosi call for a meaningless impeachment or 25th amendment? If Pedo Joe won fair and square, why would he lower himself to calling Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley, NAZIs?

    Panic. Mode. What is coming that they are terrified of?”


  30. H.R. says:

    @Another Ian re Trump buying CNN – The SEC wouldn’t allow the sale and the FCC wouldn’t allow them to operate.

    OK, I may have the TLAs all wrong, but no-one in the swamp would allow Trump to have media access, let alone own a media outlet.

    However, we will find out if Trump made some friends in the Middle-East. They may be willing to give him a hand with some sort of media platform. It might be something like Radio Free Europe, except it will be Radio Free America operating from overseas somewhere.

  31. E.M.Smith says:

    @BillInOz & Others:

    Please watch the “insult to the person “, OK?

    I know these are emotionally charged and trying times, so have given some leeway, but we can disagree without being disagreeable.

    FWIW: In my POV, the biggest error in calling the folks who broke into the capitol building “trumpists” or even Trump followers is simply that he did not create them, nor the mess to which they are reacting. Those who blatantly stole the election created them.

    In Marxist Doctrin, they are called “reactionaries”. It is well recognized that the Socialist Revolution will create a reaction against it. It does not matter at all who is in charge, or what country, language or culture is involved. Stealing the government creates a reaction against the steal.

    These folks were, IMHO, misguided in what they thought they ought to do, but it was not Trump guiding them. They were a self selected group.

    By far, the major group, those who chose to listen to Trump speak at the ellipse, were a very different sort. It was incredibly polite and 100% peaceful. Smiles and fun all arround. The walk up the avenue was a stroll, not a march. The few cops along the route were relaxed and one was laughing about something or other. Those were the Trump supporters. I’m still looking into who set up the “storm the capitol” group, but it wasn’t Trump. He was busy at 1.8 miles away talking about politics and the vote.

    Did those Storm Folks embrace Trump? Most of them, most likely. But IMHO, more as a drowning man grabs whatever is floating nearby. They have their own agency and used it unwisely. But reaction to governmental overthrow happen, regardless of who is in office.

    Per the Just You Wait, real soon now Trump will wrap the traitors up idea:

    I’ve been waiting 4 years and have nothing. I’ll belive it when I see it happening. As of now, all we have is bluster and posturing. Trump could have been put on Airforce One to a military base as part of a protocol when DC has troubles, nothing more. Or he could want a farewell dinner with the troops. Any ideas about it are just speculation.

  32. H.R. says:

    @billinoz – The link you provided the first time around said nothing about the officer, yet you mentioned the officer as if your link, if followed, would have something to say on the matter. It didn’t

    I’m still waiting for more information regarding a false flag operation at the Capitol. I am unconvinced that those responsible for the violence were Trump supporters. The actions of those at the Capitol were totally out of character versus their behavior at past gatherings supporting Trump.

    I am also leery of the reports from the Capitol Police. When you have been lied to by your alleged Representatives, the D.C. bureaucracy, and the YSM media for years, it’s only sensible to wait for more information to come from other sources to get a more accurate and complete picture of what transpired. I am not saying that the officer didn’t die from a blow to the head, but given the track record of our officials and the YSM, I won’t even believe that until more evidence is in.

    And if the FBI is asked to investigate the incident, then we will know for certain that the mayhem at the Capitol was a false flag operation. The FBI can never again be trusted by the American people. They are called in to bury facts, not to reveal facts.

    In your response to my reply, you link to the Grauniad, who quote a source that I do not trust for accurate information. No, I’m not callous. I am just rationally scepitcal of any reports from any officials or YSM source that are in line with the current false narrative that Trump supporters are domestic terrorists. If you’ve ever been to a Trump rally – I have, and of course you couldn’t go for obvious reasons – you would be sceptical, too.

    Bill, you have on several occasions repeated the talking points of various engineered narratives, and it has been pointed out to you by some of the other posters here along with why the talking points are false. Yet you continue to do so. I am faced with the choice of concluding that either you are hopelessly naïve about US media and government corruption or you are not.

  33. H.R. says:

    @E.M. re Reactionaries: That could very well be. It could also be a false flag. We certainly won’t be getting accurate information from government sources or the YSM. The narrative is set.

    Right now, I am still in wait and see mode. I appreciate your report from the Ellipse, 1.8 miles away. Your report is another piece in the puzzle and we may or may not ever see the big picture.

    Lots of Treepers (CTH readers) were there in D.C. so we should be getting other first-hand reports of what went on over on that blog.
    P.S. While you’re driving, you might let a little portion of your brain finalize a plan in response to deplatforming, should the PTB decide to kick you out of here. You’ve discussed your options before. Drive time might be a good time to zero in on your preferred option.

    P.P.S. – Too bad you had to take care of business and run. A second Winter Gala And Dodgy Proceedings would have been nice. Rhoda has been stuck on the other side of the pond, but I thought maybe Compu Gator and a few others could make time for an appearance.

  34. philjourdan says:

    @The True Nolan – Re: Obeying the Constitution. No, but I would hope SCOTUS would still do it.

  35. M Simon says:

    philjourdan says: ==> They will not get cold feet on the BOR.

    Wanna bet? Have they consulted with China?

  36. p.g.sharrow says:

    As to the group that broke into the capitol building, they were Q-Non, I have it from an embed reporter and my grandson that was listening to their network chatter on the web. Archaists that were co-operating with insiders, They were not Antifa but I don’t know about the outside groups that were attacking the outside of the building and police for the cameras. Everything points to this was a staged operation for the cameras and media, political blitz that followed.
    Apparently the Capitol Police are commanded by Pelosi’s office and some part of them were in on it and Q-NON was planning on capturing someone. All of these groups work for a Hire there is a paymaster and command orders from someone well connected. One of the Q-NON people is bragging that he has Pelosie’s laptop, no doubt to blackmail protection for he and his people for their actions, because they are well known… pg

  37. p.g.sharrow says:

    Oh yes I forgot, that embedded reporter, reported his videos and report to Beck and the Blaze. A member of congress is demanding that he and the Blaze be prosecuted for their activities..

  38. M Simon says:


    Gentle Jack • 16 hours ago • edited


    1. Were those black dressed person really ANTIFA or former intelligence agents?

    2. Was it the laptop the target?

    3. Why is Pelosi suddenly off head her and screaming for Trump’s impeachment like a stuck pig?
    In a response to the total comment I said

    What that says is that the guards who warned Pelosi “Follow me to the
    safe room at once. The Capitol has been breached by armed thugs.” Were
    also in on it. A total inside job.

    Which would mean that who ever gave the order to open the doors was in on it.


    I can add here that both sides – in order to keep their narratives have an incentive to keep the information low. Not discussed at all.

  39. M Simon says:

    So was Our President in on it? He certainly set it up by inviting a crowd to the Capitol. It was wild. Was antifafa suckered in?

  40. p.g.sharrow says:

    Just saw a report and picture, National Guard unit “We have the laptops” evidence of Pelosi’s staff being in communication with BLM and Antifa people during the attack.

  41. cdquarles says:

    News is made like movies are made. You can *not* take them at face value. You must always try to get multiple live sources. Then do compare and contrast. Everyone is biased. Some are self-aware and try to be balanced. Others are not. Everyone has an agenda. Some are honest about that and others are not. Two types of lies: commission and omission. Most are lies of omission; that is, what isn’t said and how or why what is said was said.

    We are seeing the repeat of Jim Crow and/or authoritarian counter-revolutions. How did Germany go down the NAZI road? We are seeing how it happened, in America, with an American flavor. My opinion, of course; and may be wrong.

  42. YMMV says:

    cdquarles: “News is made like movies are made. You can *not* take them at face value.”

    And made by the same people, the same script writers (same referring to mindset, not their ID).

    Before Trump, we had movies about the TLAs and the Deep State being the bad guys, going after the agents they deemed rogue. Jason Bourne has been in hiding.

    But that was before the media took a leading role in the Deep State.
    Whoever controls the media controls the people. The founders knew why Freedom of Speech was so important, from personal experience. We’ve lost that feeling. We now collectively feel control and security are more important and willingly hand over our freedoms to the fear mongers who say “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help”.

    A tale of two rock concerts from over 50 years ago: Woodstock and Altamont. You “know” that Woodstock was all peace and love and Altamont was the opposite. Why? Because that’s what the media and the press have always told you.

  43. M Simon says:


    Tweeted: Lt. General Thomas McInerney, speaking at the White House yesterday. He says white hats (good guys, part of special forces) got Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the breach of the Capitol on Wednesday. He says she’s frantic, and this is why she’s pushing to impeach Trump Pls RT https://t.co/Dx2WSaCSlk, https://twitter.com/lyne_ian/status/1347829726941888514?s=20

    What all this activity means is that the President has to wait til the last possible moment to act on all the information. It is nerve wracking

  44. Compu Gator says:

    Today being Saturday, I’d rather open my comments with a reply to H.R.’s brew comments above [*]:

    • “Voodoo Ranger” “Higher Plane IPA” “Hazy Imperial IPA” ABV 8.5%; “New Belgium Brewing Ft. Collins CO & Asheville, NC” (per can).
    Surprisingly light in color, resembling a conventional Hefeweizen. Not esp. bitter (not even by perceptions immed. after drinking malty Abita “Mardi Gras Bock” [🍺]). It tastes to me more like a N.E. IPA, i.e., hops apparently mostly for flavor, not for bitterness [☁]. Brewery Web site quantifies its hops as IBU 45 in 8.5% ABV. [✈]

    • “Unholy” “American Trippel Ale” Coppertail Brewing, Tampa.
    “Of course it’s ‘American’,  thought I”,  “it’s brewed in Tampa, not Belgium!”  But
    nooo!  It’s really an American “IPA” whose hopping levels overwhelm–which is to say violate–the Belgian Trip(p)el style. Humbug! It’s aß-backwards!  The 6-pk. & 12-pk. boxes fail to even hint at the excessive hops!  I thought I’d be buying a classic Trip(p)el without the high prices of the monastery imports. I charge false & deceptive labelling!  Hey-ell, I’m not implying that high hopping has no proper place, but if I want a hoppy beer, I’ll just buy an honest IPA. I’d hoped to look up the IBUs of the deceptive brew, but I see that Coppertail Brewing fails to display anything except header & footer on its Web pages when I’m running AdBlock, even when I explicitly enable their namesake URLs!  So double eff ’em! [×]

    It’s entirely possible that after the events of this week, I’ll be opening beers early & often. I’ve only a few sips left of my coffee.

    Note * : H.R.’s comments are somewhere above in this thread,  but I’d already hit my limit for meticulous citations when I was drafting this yesterday.  Ohhh, Wait!  Ittt’sss ‘President Elect H.R.’ on 2 January 2021 at 1:38 am GMT:  https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/12/30/w-o-o-d-new-years-eve-31-december-2020/#comment-137099.

    Note 🍺 : Abita “Mardi Gras Bock”: Lovibond 13 (i.e., amberish, subjectively), IBU 25:  https://abita.com/brews/bock#.

    Note ☁ : Whenever I see “NEIPA”,  certain experiences I’ve had shift me into a kind of autopilot, interpreting it as “National Environmental I.? Policy Act”, but puzzled by the ‘I’.  More typical readers of Chiefio should see instead, e.g.:
    • “New England IPA: The Haze Craze”,  August 12, 2016:  https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/news/new-england-ipa-haze-craze/.
    • “What the Hell is a New England IPA?”,  February 23, 2018:  https://www.americancraftbeer.com/hell-new-england-ipa/.

    Note ✈ “Higher Plane IPA”:  https://www.newbelgium.com/beer/voodoo-ranger-higher-plane/.

    Note × : “American Trippel Ale”:  https://coppertailbrewing.com/unholy.

  45. Another Ian says:

    “Boeing 737-500 drops 10,000 feet and disappears from radar 4 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta”


  46. M Simon says:

    YMMV says:
    9 January 2021 at 6:04 pm

    A close buddy of mine went to Altamont. He said the vibes were bad. I declined to go because I could feel the bad vibes well before the event. I lived in Bezerkeley at the time.

  47. M Simon says:

    Compu Gator

    Double Durban Kush – 24.83 – woody sativa dominant hybrid. Typical rating 4.7 out of 5 “Don’t have sex without it” easy drawing and you don’t cough – too much.

  48. cdquarles says:

    Interesting … and similar to how all the “Red Diaper Baby” Boomers got “good” press and the “normie” Boomers didn’t. While I do remember Woodstock and don’t remember Altamont (didn’t go to either), I will note certain similarities to a political figure I knew who “wasn’t what he seemed to be, because he was playing a role on TV”.

    Something to consider: https://uncoverdc.com/2021/01/09/the-political-outsider-embraced-to-strangled/.

    I agree about the mindset, aka philosophy of the folk involved. Having 6000 outlets run by folks with the same mindset is less valuable than 6 run by folk with different mindsets.

  49. DoNoNorth says:

    The videos of the Capitol events that I have seen seem to show mostly small groups or clusters of a few individuals being let into the building by police/security. These people then proceed to amble/saunter like a tourist group past the police who appear relaxed/unconcerned. In one of the videos a police officer is assisting an older, heavy-set woman up the stairs leading to the Rotunda.

    In some others a police office who is leading a few individuals up stairs and down hallways seems to be trying to get them to run, but they’ll none of it and just walk; the second video from the outside shows the police opening the barrier, then some individual in a black hoodie who was standing well behind the barrier motions for them to rush in. Again, the people just walked in. This is the first riot/rampage that I’ve seen where everyone appears to be sauntering.

    Could any one of the folks posting here point me to a video showing a large, visibly-angry crowd battering down an exterior door and/or breaking through ground-level exterior windows to gain entry into the Capitol building?

    Finally – I watched a video of the claimed shooting of the Air Force vet. Nothing in that video makes any real-world sense to me as to why the the security guy in the black suit would fire his gun! Two fully equipped, including “assault” rifles, SWAT officers are standing only a few feet behind the vet on the stairs leading up to the area in front of the barricaded glass/wood doors with the shooter behind those doors. The SWAT guys seemed relaxed and were talking to other people in this small area and looked to be completely startled when the gun was fired.

    Behind the vet and to her left was this odd group of individuals all armed with cameras/camera phones just seeming to be yakking. When the vet falls backward to the floor after being shot a yellow pad suddenly appears between the marble balustrade at the top of the stairs and where her head is going as she falls, only to be whisked away once she’s fully prone.

    Finally – I watched a slow-motion of the gun being fired. A moment or two before the security guy fires it certainly appears that he deflects his weapon to the left, away from the vet, and fires into the wall across the hall, maybe a foot and half or so in front of the women. Does anyone here have enough knowledge of filmed gunshot wounds to say whether or not its possible to detect the difference between actual blood flowing and the bog-standard FX we see every day in movies/TV?

    All I can say is that the people in that area appear rather relaxed given all the weaponry that is present on both sides of the door. To me most of this Capitol riot narrative has a strong Gulf-0f-Tonkin deja vu feel to it.

  50. jim2 says:

    After checking out the Constitution and law concerning counting of the Electoral College votes, I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that Trump was wrong about Pence being able to somehow negate or change those votes. Only Congress can do that after one Senator and one Rep challenge a State’s slate. And even then, all they can do is nullify their votes, as in not count them. They can’t change them to the other side.

    I don’t know if Trump was mislead or if he just misunderstood something, but now “Hang Miiike Peeenncce” is trending on Twitter. False flag?

    This was a sad incident and I do feel sorry for Pence.

  51. YMMV says:

    M Simon: “A close buddy of mine went to Altamont. He said the vibes were bad. I declined to go because I could feel the bad vibes well before the event.”

    Before the event, it was the rock concert that nobody wanted. Those that rejected it probably felt they dodged a bullet. But I am more interested in the comments of those who did go. Obviously, choosing Hells Angels for security wasn’t the best choice, even if it had worked before. Crowd pressure had been a major concern since the Beatles invaded. And still is. The best solution I know of is the band playing on a floating stage in a river in Africa while the audience was on shore.

    From the movie, a punk kid in the front rows had a gun. The show was constantly being interrupted because of crowds pressing the stage. Add that to the usual interminable delays and the hot California sun, it’s no surprise that the vibes were bad.

    But my point is that the many thousands further back in the audience had no idea what was going on until they heard the news reports later. Like E.M. in DC. They were in effect at different events, but the media paints the whole event with the worst-case brush. Would your buddy confirm that or not?

  52. Compu Gator says:

    There’s more to the federal law under which presidential elections are conducted than the text of the U.S. Constitution Art. II (“Executive Department”) and applicable Amendments. The Constitution and its Amendments were not intended to specify every relevant detail for every unusual situation that might arise; that’s the responsibility of Congress. So readers of Chiefio also need to read and understand “3 U.S. Code Title 3— The President”:

    Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute (LII): https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/3. Esp. its Chap. 1 (=§§1–21)— “Presidential Elections and Vacancies”: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/3/chapter-1.

    A previous comment of mine presented this detail, but I realize that not every reader of Chiefio reads every blog entry and often extensive comments [*].

    Note * : ‘Compu Gator’, 10 November 2020 at 9:00 pm (GMT): https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/11/01/election-risks-frauds-follies/#comment-134685>.

  53. jim2 says:

    Compu Gator – I have looked at 3 US Code Title 3. I don’t see a role for VP. Would you quote the passage please?

  54. jim2 says:

    billinoz – that article is over the top. I know for myself and probably for many others, this isn’t about Trump per se. It is about many of the principles Trump espoused and implemented.

    Frankly, I expect this will all blow over without any major, further violence. But the principles will certainly live on and people might at some point end up fighting for those, but not in the near future.

  55. p.g.sharrow says:

    @billinoz: if this is where you are getting your information on American politics, you are being brainwashed by left-stream media. These are paid actors that have nothing to do with Real American politics. The Shaman is a Qanon anarchist as are the people with him. This not a political action it was a made for television event directed by Senior Democratic Officials that had the power to call off the regular Capitol hill Police and substitute their own people as “Guards” the let – lead that group inside. These “Angry Mobs” are a very minor group in size and influence. BUT the Communist helpers in the Media want to make THEM the STORY ! much as you do here. We are not buying it…pg

  56. Compu Gator says:


    With only 3 pubs left open in the UK thanks to COVID-19, Boris Johnson delivered a death-blow to many craft breweries hanging on by a tenuous thread.

    Here’s the deal[:] With COVID-19 numbers continuing to rise in the UK, PM Boris Johnson has announced new measures which will see the whole of England move into alert level five, the most critical stage of the country’s defensive tier system, which mandates further lockdown regulations. As part of these increased regulations, alcohol can only be sold by home delivery, meaning takeaway as well as click-and-collect services, which allowed consumers to purchase online and pick up their beer at designated locations, that had previously been permitted, will now be banned through February. [….]

    More at the source:  https://www.americancraftbeer.com/beer-to-go-sales-banned-in-england/. But maybe reporting by colonials on the W. Side of the Pond simply misunderstands the situation.

  57. philjourdan says:

    Anyone know what Data Science is? It is a fluff term for statistical (science not stats) in the real world. And it IS science Proven time and time again (polling is not science).

    So herewith for those who do not believe in science, is the proof of the fraud:

    What drives me personally is data. Simple calculations from this election show that the vote fraud by Democrats was 20 million illegal votes. These are 20 million actual humans who’s right to vote has been stolen. Their most basic dignity taken in the dark of night such that bad people can alter government for the sole purpose of self. This is 30% over what their true support was in this election. We have two to four years to clean it up. No more.

    That is from a Statistician. Not a pollster, a “data scientist”. And that is the reason that 80 million Americans believe the election to be stolen, and the democrats know that, and that is why they are lashing out like a wounded animal when they have successfully stolen the election. They did everything right in the steal. Except to convince a majority of Americans it was NOT stolen.

  58. H.R. says:

    Aaaaaaarrrrgghhhhh!!!! No BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boris Johnson is toast! (Or the men who made England a great Empire and who made sure the sun never set on the British flag are all dead. You pick ’em. I’m a Yank who’s not ‘Over There.’)

  59. Compu Gator says:


    I should’ve mentioned that the partially quoted story “BEER-TO-GO SALES BANNED IN ENGLAND” is credited on the cited site simply thus:

    Posted by: AmericanCraftBeer.com  January 6, 2021 [✍]

    Note ✍ : https://www.americancraftbeer.com/author/admin/.

  60. YMMV says:

    jim2: ” I know for myself and probably for many others, this isn’t about Trump per se. It is about many of the principles Trump espoused and implemented.”

    For some, but there definitely are those on the left for whom everything is Trump and only Trump, with a vicious hate. And for them, what Trump actually says and does does not matter. The fake news is accepted as gospel because it is what they want to believe. For example, that Trump is racist because he said some illegal immigrants might be criminals. And then there are the never-Trumpers on the right. Trump has to be the only politician ever with a target on both his front and back. Except Maggie?

  61. philjourdan says:

    billinoz says:
    9 January 2021 at 2:59 am
    Five people died as a result of the Capital Storming last Wednesday.
    One was a policeman just doing his job.

    1 person died due to a rookie cop error. 3 people died due to natural causes (with hundreds of thousands there, that is called statistics). And one died from a yet unidentified assault. Want to bet it was Antifa?

    Facts wrapped in lies. At least that is better than outright lies, but still not facts.

    Stop lying.

  62. jim2 says:

    YMMV – I agree, many on the left have incurable TDS. I strongly suspect the election was stolen. That does make me mad. But even worse, no one was allowed to do a forensic analysis of the damn ballots to help prove it one way or another. Although in Georgia there were other problems that would require validation of the mail-in ballot voters, by making sure they were legal voters in Georgia, not dead, and by comparing to the registration signature.

  63. John Robertson says:

    Damned if I know E.M.
    I do expect a theatrical ending from The Master Showman.
    I also recognize there are an awful lot of Swamp dwellers trying to prevent any such action.
    You reflect the patriots state of mind,however assuming the Military take their oaths seriously,you could not ask for a more graphic example nor a more blatant threat to national security than the nonsense that has been pulled by the Politicians.

    The frantic insecurity of the democrats,their media and their RINO comrades,must have cause.
    Sure they have openly pissed on the constitution,the civic norms and the citizens,but they do that everyday.
    What has got them so panicked that they will expose themselves for all to see?

    Why have these fools and bandits,who desire power,gone to such lengths to convince the citizens that voting does not matter?
    Why would they challenge 75 million well armed citizens,with “We stole it and you can’t do anything about it”
    “Silence Scum”.
    For any leadership who gave a care for the “consent of the governed” would logically be falling over themselves to demonstrate that the election was above board.
    This has not happened,in any of the contested areas.

    Nothing threatens national security more than telling those who consent to a set of rules for government,than that those rules no longer apply and that they are to be ruled,their consent is not important.
    The Evil Greedy Bastards have overreached.
    And they seem to have begun to realize the trap they have sprung.

    For should Trump and Company stage a surprise ending,the show will be amazing.
    Should this be it,that the parasites now rule with impunity, other remedies will arise.
    For citizens will not tolerate new kings for long.

  64. philjourdan says:

    M Simon says:
    9 January 2021 at 3:30 pm
    philjourdan says: ==> They will not get cold feet on the BOR.

    As a courtesy (and this is not a slam), please post the actual quote so I can figure out what you are saying.

    But as to your question. I have only hope, not knowledge.

  65. Tonyb says:


    Beer and other alcoholic drinks can not be sold in pubs but are still available in off licenses and supermarkets of which there are many tens of thousands in the UK

    I have three alcohol outlets within a five minute walk of my home in our small town and 11 within a ten minute walk

  66. Another Ian says:

    Re John Roberston

    “Why have these fools and bandits,who desire power,gone to such lengths to convince the citizens that voting does not matter?
    Why would they challenge 75 million well armed citizens,with “We stole it and you can’t do anything about it”
    “Silence Scum”.
    For any leadership who gave a care for the “consent of the governed” would logically be falling over themselves to demonstrate that the election was above board.
    This has not happened,in any of the contested areas.”

    The warnings from history to those in rapture at this is that it will not stop at votes being stolen and your turn for multiple reamings is on the way. So expect no sympathy what-so-ever when that happens.

    (IMO) Gives added impetus to John Prine’s song “Common Sense” being the outstanding candidate for the theme song of the 21st century –

    “It don’t make no sense that common sense don’t make no sense no more”

  67. billinoz says:

    Ummm.. Peaceful entry ehhh ?
    Well there are plenty of photos and video footage taken by the rioters themselves showing exactly how forceful the attack on the Capitol building was. Here is an example. https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/electoral-college-vote-count-live-chaos-looms-on-the-streets-of-washington/live-coverage/fe71f5533d00a43250393574cd7ae2ab

    This is also an example of what folks in other countries like Australia are seeing of the USA.

  68. Another Ian says:

    “Use Parler or Gab instead of Twitter or Facebook. Gab even has Gab TV as an alternative to Youtube. or use Rumble or Bitchute.

    Also, use Ruqqus instead of Reddit.

    If you want to load an app onto your phone that has been banned from the App Store or Play Store, then do this:

    How to Get Apps That Are Not in the App Store

    How to Sideload Apps on Android

    The complete list of alternatives to all Google products


    Interesting that it drew the automatic moderation crabs at Jo Nova when posted

  69. jim2 says:

    I’ve heard AWS is going to boot off Parler. No app will fix that problem.

  70. jim2 says:

    Parler will need to find another hosting service or the platform could be offline as early as Sunday.

    According to an email obtained by BuzzFeed, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Trust and Safety team told Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff that calls for violence on Parler violated its terms of service. Amazon added that “This morning, you shared that you have a plan to more proactively moderate violent content, but plan to do so manually with volunteers. It’s our view that this nascent plan to use volunteers to promptly identify and remove dangerous content will not work in light of the rapidly growing number of violent posts.”


  71. billinoz says:

    Here are two videos shot last Wednesday in the US Capitol building.
    They show :
    1: Rioters shouting out “We want Pence” and “Hang Pence’.
    2 : They show rioters pulling the gas mask & face sheild off a Capitol policeman as the door he is standing in is closed on him. His creams of agony can be heard clearly.


  72. Steven Fraser says:

    @All: I realize that I am entering this thread a bit late. While the loss of life at the Capitol is distressing to me, I did see some very interesting items revealed in later items:

    1) Video of the weapon discharge, through the glass in the entryway doors, shows 3) guards on the side of the doors with the people. No guns are drawn, and no attempt is being made by them to dispel or push the crowd back. When some people begin to strike the glass to break it, these officers move out of the way… to the far side of the hallway. Accompanying audio comments on a person with a gun, who can be partially seen (initially) in a doorway or hall on the left side of the main hall, with the gun in ‘ready to fire’ position. The person holding the gun is not initially seen, but the gloved hands holding the pistol, with a left handed grip are visible, and with poor trigger disciple. Immediately before discharging the weapon, the individual steps out and their profile is visible… short, black hair, black mask from ear-to-ear.

    2) The opening of the crowd barriers by guards, letting people through to the building illustrated two things: a) the barriers were not attached to each other, nor to the ground, indicating that they were not there to prevent access.

    3) Pictures from inside the Capitol building show some of the people following Capitol employees as if they are on a tour.

    4) From the outside of the building, someone tried to break door glass using a baton… and was moved away by others in the group.

    Items 2 and 3 belie the idea that the people ‘stormed’ the building. If ‘storming’ involves walking in orderly fashion, like 3rd graders on a field trip, the word has lost some meaning since I was a younger person.

    Yesterday’s and today’s rhetoric about the 25th amendment and impeachment is more heat than light. The gathering was not secret… it was publicized for 2 weeks. People, both ill-and-well-meaning travelled from other states to attend, including Mr Viking, who is now under arrest.

    Most interesting to me is the behavior of House and Senate members, especially the leadership, frothing about this or that demand, all quite ridiculous, IMO. The character of all the major players is now on full display. The comparison between this event, with 1 round fired from a govt employee pistol, and say, the Seattle or Minneapolis events earlier in the year (mostly ‘peaceful protests ( ;-O ) is a stark contrast.

    Concurrent with all this is the testimonial affidavit from the US-Embassy in Italy that they had active involvement in changing votes. Gee! How do you do that if none of the machines are accessible from the Internet?

    I am prayerfully watching how this will all play out over the next 10 days.

    Regards to all.

  73. M Simon says:

    YMMV says:
    9 January 2021 at 9:45 pm

    My buddy took his girl and a station wagon full of friends. I was invited. All my friends reported bad vibes.

    I have always been vibe sensitive. It keeps me out of most trouble. I’m not there when it happens. Most people get the messages. Most people don’t want anything interfering with their plans. “I have a bad feeling about this” – still one of my favorite lines.

    I was at Century City in LA with the same friends and LBJ. We left when the vibes started getting bad. I was on acid in the afternoon and argued with the Communist girl you sometimes see pictures of. She of course argued for violent revolution. I tried talking her into spreading peace. She got whacked pretty good in the riots I later learned (news media).

  74. M Simon says:

    philjourdan says:
    10 January 2021 at 1:05 am

    M Simon says:
    9 January 2021 at 3:30 pm
    philjourdan says: ==> They will not get cold feet on the BOR.

    As a courtesy (and this is not a slam), please post the actual quote so I can figure out what you are saying.
    I thought this:
    They will not get cold feet on the BOR.
    Was close. You were saying they government (Supremes) would follow the BOR. They don’t seem to have been to scrupulous so far was my point.

  75. M Simon says:

    The commies are moving way too fast, making their overall plan way too obvious for a nation with 400 million fire arms for 330 million citizens. Wake up you idiots. 6 Jan was just a very mild taste. A drop. We have tank farms full.

    Will we go peacefully on Jan 21st? It is not in American blood. In case you need a reminder. ==>

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security……..

    Chinese Communism looks like absolute Despotism to me.

  76. Another Ian says:

    Around common sense – from an email just in

    “Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in a Prague newspaper.


    “The danger to America is not Joseph Biden, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.

    It will be far easier to limit, and undo the follies of a Biden presidency, than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment, to a depraved electorate, willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper, and far more serious, than Mr. Biden, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.

    Blaming the prince of the fools, should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools, that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Biden, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

    Might be from

    “The Wisdom of Václav Klaus”


  77. Ossqss says:

    Take a look from 30,000 feet at how liberties are being culled.

  78. M Simon says:

    jim2 says:
    9 January 2021 at 10:56 pm

    Frankly, I expect this will all blow over without any major, further violence. But the principles will certainly live on and people might at some point end up fighting for those, but not in the near future.

    There are already plans for an armed visit to DC on the 21st. It is not blowing over. Biden is not even in office and free speech is being curtailed. See my other recent posts for more on why I think that way.

    The American rule “When they take the 1st go for the 2nd.”

  79. John Robertson says:

    Hey E.M I forget the reason for commenting.
    Enjoy the drive.Let your brain process the madness as your eyes drink in the landscape.
    Safe travels.

  80. Quail says:

    Lin wood warning people with Apple phones to turn off auto-updates. Apple turning off Emergency Alert System so Trump can’t communicate through it. I don’t care what reason they have, that is criminal.
    He also warned that there may be power outages.

    This whole situation is moving fast. Crazy.

  81. M Simon says:

    p.g.sharrow says:
    9 January 2021 at 11:12 pm

    …….it was a made for television event

    I believe that the event was designed as cover for the theft of the laptops which may be a “parallel construction” to cover for NSA intercepts. The police opened the doors (see Joe Scarborough) so no one would get hut (or convicted). The Democrats added their rioters to give the appearance of an “armed insurrection”. The best they can do with “armed” is a Q fanatic with a spear.

    Everyone thinks they got what they wanted from the event. They can’t all be right.

  82. billinoz says:

    After Twitter made the historic announcement to permanently suspect Donald Trump’s personal account, here’s a list of the other social media sites and platforms which have suspended, banned or restricted the president, or content relating to him.

    – Facebook and Instagram (indefinite). Although CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the ban was in place for the next two weeks “until the peaceful transition of power is complete,” it’s unsure whether he will reassess after.

    – Youtube. The video streaming platform has removed videos of Mr Trump addressing the Capitol attacks and is heavily moderating content deemed to be spreading misinformation around voter fraud.

    – Shopify. The e-commerce platform has closed stores linked to Mr Trump and his campaign.

    – TikTok. The social media site has also removed videos of Trump inciting the riots and blocked hashtags related to the Capitol riots.

    – Reddit. The online forum has banned the banned the subreddit group ‘r/DonaldTrump’ which one of the largest online communities in support of the President.

    – Pinterest. Content related to #StoptheSteal have been removed.

    – Twitch. The video platform has disabled Mr Trump’s channel. It was also one of the first online platforms to temporarily suspect his channel due to his views on the Black Lives Matter protests in June.

    – Snapchat. While Snapchat made the decision to stop promoting Mr Trump’s verified account in June on the grounds he incited “racial violence and injustice,” his account has now been locked as well.

    – Google. Google has removed the free speech app Parler from its app store given its popularity among right-wing extremists and radical pro-Trump fans.

    No mention of WordPress yet but I suggest that it will soon take similar action.

    My golly gosh gosh ! Soon the Trump cult will be confined to using the dark web.

  83. David A says:

    Jim, your sympathy for Pence may be misplaced. This video is very very strange, as someone, right after Pence
    failed to follow the President’s request, is given a gold coin by someone?, and then elbow bumps by Pelosi. Just really strange…

  84. David A says:

    Oh, the video…

  85. David A says:

    Massive blackout, all of Pakistan.
    Millions in Italy, including the Vatican.

  86. M Simon says:

    “We have two to four years to clean it up. No more.”

    We have less than ten days to get a handle on it or we won’t have two to four years.

    Because hope is generally better than despair I hope our President has a plan.

  87. David A says:

    Billinoz, your true colors are showing; “Trump cult”
    And there are zero videos of President Trump inciting riots.

  88. billinoz says:

    This is what American elected members of the House & the Senate said about the assault on the Capitol Building. These are the people from both parties that Americans democratically elected to represent them.

  89. Ossqss says:

    Think about it!

  90. David A says:

    Never been to this site, and don’t really know about the Italian confession. https://welovetrump.com/2021/01/09/massive-blackout-in-vatican-following-release-of-affidavit-revealing-italian-interference-in-us-election/

    Yet the showman that President Trump is, may not be completely done.

  91. gallopingcamel says:

    @Another Ian,
    Valcav Klaus understands what is going on in the USA better than most people who live here.

    The parallels between the 1896 and 2020 elections are striking. In 1896 the populist was William Jennings Bryan who opposed the tech oligarchs of that time, namely John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan. Collectively, these folks were even more powerful than today’s oligarchs since their share of the US economy was equivalent to the top 40 billionaires today.

    In 1896 the oligarchs backed McKinley for president and he won. Their victory ensured “Business As Usual” meaning that the oligarchs would control the government for at least another four years. Then McKinley won again in 1900 with Teddy Roosevelt as his vice president. Unfortunately for the oligarchs McKinley was assassinated and Roosevelt became president.

    Like Donald Trump, Roosevelt was not under the control of the oligarchs. Roosevelt used the Clayton and Sherman acts to break up the trusts (aka monopolies). Most famously the Standard Oil Trust in 1911:

    Today’s oligarchs helped the Dems steal the 2020 election and now they are dancing gleefully on Donald Trump’s grave. They are humiliating the champion of the “Forgotten Man” by banning him from Twitter, Facebook and much more.

    What goes around comes around. The tech oligarchs should enjoy ascendancy while they can since it won’t last long.

  92. Pardalis says:

    This is purportedly video from inside the capitol. Ashlin Babbitt’ is at the end. Chiefio, what’s your take?

  93. David A says:

    billinoz, President Trump strongly criticized the violence, which you MUST admit was very very very minor compared to what ANTIFA and BLM have done repeatedly in disparate US cities.

    Oh, and those “elected” representives, the statist democrats, they supported AND encouraged the violence, while the media pretended it was ” mostly peaceful”. As to the many Rhinos, they were never with President Trump.

    You also ignore all evidence of staged ANTIFA or other statist group involvement, even though their documented literature calls for them to infiltrate President Trump supporter groups and behave as they likely did.
    And yes, many followed those entering the Capitol and were entirely peaceful. And they were even let in. ( Think about that) Furthermore they stopped, or attempted to stop the few acting in a violent manner.

    So Billinoz, you do know that ” civil disobedience” often expressed by occupying public buildings or land, is well within the boundary of non violent respected protest.

    Billinoz, you came to this site pretending to be open minded, somewhat moderate. You are not. And that is fine, yet the deception is disengenuious. Your closed mind us revealed by your very selective response to extensive posts, often with links, which you mainly ignore.

  94. billinoz says:

    Fundamentally I believe in Democracy. In the people electing THEIR representatives to govern the nation.
    What I see here is a rejection of the results of the presidential elections last November and an endorsement of the actions of rioters invading the Capitol building last Wednesday.

    Trump’s actions he show that he has no respect for democracy.

    Your words here show that he is for you a messianic cult hero figure just like Mussolini or Hitler or Peron or Franco or Stalin or Mao. . Such persons were Fascists happy to destroy democracy in their countries by force if necessary.

    The followers of such ‘leaders’ are enamoured in a cult. Trump is your messiah. But 80 million Americans voted him out of office last November.

  95. Another Ian says:

    “Bill ‘NOZ’

  96. M Simon says:

    billinoz says:
    10 January 2021 at 5:18 am

    I used to discuss with you like you are a rational human being. You are a Communist with zero appreciation for western civilization. To save free speech there are vast numbers of people (Trump cult) that must be silenced. What kind of fascism is that? “We must be fascist to prevent fascism.” Or as I like sometimes antifafa.

    I listened to Mario Savio on the plaza at UC Berkeley. You are a long way from him.

  97. p.g.sharrow says:

    @David A: thank you for that link to the “Coin” hand off, That is not a coin. It has 2 dark (black) swaths on it. Maybe a Medallion or a Challenge Coin. I could not get a good enough quality look at it to recognize it. My guess is that has something to do with the Space Force that just went active. They were just added to the DNI with full clearance and authority to investigate the misuse of International Satellite communications. Oh, such as an Italian Defense company and Government official Hacking the American election, which would give Federal jurisdiction over State election machines and materials that were off limits before. Pence was very unhappy about the role he had to play this week Remember, Nice guys are the last to Finish. Trump has flushed out all the Rats as they celebrate their success. maybe like Hillary, they are a bit premature

  98. M Simon says:

    ” that Americans democratically elected to represent them”

    Until you factor out the fraud that may not be a true Statement. And on top of that politicians are bought and sold all the time. How many of your does China own?

  99. David A says:

    Billinoz, every sentence in your post shows your inability to engage in real dialogue.

    President Trump is admired because he kept us out of political wars, brought back 600k plus manufacturing jobs that Obama said would never come back, produced amazing low unemployment, especially for minorities, did real prison reform, established peace agreements in the middle East with Israel that no one thought possible, and spoke in simple frank open and honest manner while exposing the deep state. He resisted the CAGW nonsense and gave hope to many nations striving for independence from China and the one world Government crowd. He did it all despite incredible violent hateful resistance.

    Stolen elections are not democracy and you have failed to make any rational arguments against the evidence of fraud. You have refuted zero of the 1300 plus sworn statements. You have never addressed why transparency and audits were and are resisted by the democrats. You have refuted zero of the points EM made in two posts about what was discovered in the one audit of a handful of Dominion machines.

    You have not addressed any of the evidence of potential false flagged in the truly mostly peaceful Capitol protests. You have not acknowledged the clear difference between the dozens of violent riots of the left, and the clear encouragement of those riots. and the dozens of peaceful pro Trump ralley’s, peaceful despite violent confrontation from the hateful left.

    You have come to conclusions about the Capitol protest with zero doubts, despite the impossible arrogance of that position, and given no acknowledgement of the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors.

    And finally you have exposed your own disdainful emotional dislike of American principles of liberty and small government, as well as your inability to actually address those that have offered rational criticism of your illogical perspective.

  100. M Simon says:

    billinoz says:
    10 January 2021 at 6:17 am

    Does that factor in the stolen votes that Liz Warren and 3 other Democrat Senators warned about at Senate.GOV ?

    If Biden really wanted conciliation he would go after tech for curtailing speech. To avoid this ==>

    The American rule “When they take the 1st go for the 2nd.”

  101. David A says:

    PG, thanks for the input. I have as of yet no firm opinion of the exchange. The timing was very strange and the manner of passing it in a handshake was odd as well. The elbow bump with Pelosi was odd, or perhaps she was chastising him for shaking hands?

  102. gallopingcamel says:

    @billinoz said:
    “The followers of such ‘leaders’ are enamoured in a cult. Trump is your messiah. But 80 million Americans voted him out of office last November.”

    Do you really think that more people voted for the vapid Joe Biden than the chosen one (Barack Hussein Obama). Biden is our “President Elect” thanks to massive fraud funded by George Soros and the tech oligarchs. In spite of their immense resources they would have failed but for the COVID pandemic.

    Peter Strzok called us “Smelly Walmart People”, Hilary Clinton called us “Deplorables” and now you call us a “Cult”.

    You Leftists are bad losers and vindictive winners. You allowed vicious liars like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Shiff and Jerrold Nadler to lead the charge against the best president since Abraham Lincoln. In 2024 Trump will be elected in a landslide if he chooses to run again but perhaps someone younger will emerge to “Drain The Swamp” and give this country back to “We The People”.

  103. Another Ian says:

    David A

    “President Trump strongly criticized the violence, which you MUST admit was very very very minor compared to what ANTIFA and BLM have done repeatedly in disparate US cities.”

    Sounds like “big tech” didn’t let Bill read about that?

  104. billinoz says:

    Yes the Trump cultists will certainly have to go the dark web route to stay in touch with each other.

  105. billinoz says:

    Some of you think I am an extreme leftie or even communist for reposting what I read in the major media here in Oz..Not So. …That view reflects the blindness that afflicts them. But ust for comparison here’s a real lefty : Mary Trump, niece of Donald. Best pray that Dmocrats don’t act on her opinions !

  106. gallopingcamel says:

    Only 10 days remain in the Trump presidency yet Nancy Pelosi is in full “Panic Mode”. She wants to remove Donald Trump from office before his term expires.

    To most people Pelosi’s actions seem insane but there is a perverse logic at work here. Suppose Democrats fear that Donald Trump may run again in 2024. If he is driven out of the presidency via a successful impeachment he won’t be eligible for any public office, including the presidency.

    Dream on, Nancy. Even the RINOs in the senate are bright enough to see through your nonsense.

  107. M Simon says:

    China normally takes the long view of things. Slow incremental progress is good enough. Don’t agitate the frog. Why are they in such a hurry in the USA?

  108. gallopingcamel says:

    Anyone who takes the Grauniad or Mary Trump seriously is in need of professional help.

    Please sign up for “Counseling” without delay.

  109. M Simon says:

    The TEA Party was strong in America before Trump. It will be here long after he is gone. The TEA Party has destroyed the Republican Party. The Democrats are next. (In warfare it is handy to beat the smaller faction at first. For practice.)

  110. gallopingcamel says:

    @M Simon,
    I resigned from the Republican party in 2002 because they preferred to fight other Republicans rather than Democrats.

    Things have got much worse since 2002 by which I mean that RINOs like John Boehner took charge of the “House”. Next came the loathsome Paul Ryan. Kevin McCarthy may be a RINO but he has been known to criticize Democrats including Pelosi.

    The GOP “Leadership” in the senate is horrible. Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham are the worst kind of “Swamp Creatures”. They talk well but don’t do much and they care more about remaining in office than they care about the American people.

    Then you have a bunch of worthless senators like Mitch Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowsky, Ben Sasse and many more.

    These people all need to be “Primaried” even if some seats will be lost. If that can’t be done it is time to create a new populist party like UKIP in the UK.

  111. M Simon says:

    gallopingcamel says:
    10 January 2021 at 8:34 am

    Suppose they are doing that to counter arrest. “We got arrested because Trump was afraid of impeachment.

  112. A C Osborn says:

    For me the saddest part of Billinoz’s responses is that despite the length of time he has been on this site, like seresio, he has learnt nothing.
    He takes distorted mass media propoganda as gospel.
    Yet we have all demonstrated that we go beyond the “headlines” and dig for the truth.
    What is even sadder is that he thinks he is clever by doing repeating the BS, obviously suffering much TDS.

    The supposed Trump supporting “Viking” is actually a Tracy Abrams supporter as well as many Trump hating gliterati, his Twitter account says it all.

    John Sullivan, one of the first of those in the Capitol building to be identified on line is an Antifa/BLM type left wing activist.
    He has been released without charges.

    One of the others identified, the one with the beard is also Antifa/BLM.

    Every one of those doing what they shouldn’t in the building should be identified and tracked down.

  113. billinoz says:

    @ AC Osborn, I will be frank. For a long while I did not comment on USA politics here. I was not interested.
    But Trump with his chaotic pandemic of the last year has lead to the deaths of 350,000 Americans from Covid disease. That is in a population of ~340 million.
    By contrast here in Australia with coherent government strategies to stop the Pandemic only 809 persons have died in a population of 25 million.
    Those simple facts determine my attitude to Trump now : I think he is a dishonest callous bloody idiot not worthy of any role in any government.
    Eighty million Americans must have thought the same last November because they voted to get rid of him.
    And more important in USA constitutional law, 306 members of the electoral college voted for the Democratic candidate Jo Biden, against 276 for Trump.

    Th the 12 weeks since that election, Trump’s messianic arrogance, hubris and desire for power have lead to the situation where your nation is tearing itself apart.

    Speaking from Australia halfway round the planet, it is not a pretty sight. I am sad to see a once great nation reduced to such a state. Your enemies in other countries like Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, Turkey and even Afghanistan have huge smiles on the faces.

  114. billinoz says:

    Another Australian perspective from an Aussie who is in Washington :

    By the way it is hard when someone keeps confronting you with the truth.It undermines all that sanctimonious clap trap you’ve been listening to…

    Ohh well

  115. David A says:

    Like a typical troll, Billinoz learns nothing. His assertions on the pandemic were already discussed, and every well thought out response, pointing out what President Trump has done is ignored, pointing out the differences between Australia and America, pointing out that HCQ alone would likely have prevented 60 to 80 percent of deaths, etc… it all blows right past him.

    It took awhile, yet the troll was exposed.

  116. H.R. says:

    @A C Osborn, who wrote in part: “He takes distorted mass media propaganda as gospel.”

    There’s a phenomenon – can’t recall the term for it at the moment – where people will read an article in a newspaper or magazine filled with wrong or misleading information on a subject they know a lot about, and the reader will recognize the author is clueless… and wrong.

    So the person says, “That’s all bollocks!” and then turns the page to another article about something where they don’t have any expertise and believe they are getting good information; they take it as completely true and accurate.

    I certainly was that way for years, and then I began to catch on that a lot of articles were just plain wrong or were very misleading. I still believed a few things, though.

    With the advent of the internet and the ability to tap into a broad range of resources with more information on any given YSM narrative, many people caught on that major media was pushing out a narrative and not news or information.

    I’m not sure how long ago it was, but about 5 or so years ago I finally got a clue about the media outlets and the concept of a unified, coordinated effort on their part to push a narrative to shape and influence opinion. The Great Global Warming narrative was the major eye-opener for me. Then “muh, Russia! Russia! Russia!” and “Orange Man Bad,” regardless of what he did (most of which was good for the country and Americans in general) sealed the deal with me and my eyes were completely opened.

    Now I won’t believe any YSM report without checking into it. If they say it’s raining, I’ll look out the window to verify it.

  117. cdquarles says:

    The fact that you keep saying 350,000 deaths from covid when we don’t know any such thing other than about 350,000 deaths were attributed to covid; for various reasons and at most maybe 10% of those were truly *from* covid, says much. President Trump is 1. *not* a dictator and 2. much of the response was by the states following to various degrees “public health authority’s recommendations”, Trump among them, says much, too.

  118. jim2 says:

    For billinoz – the “information” you read probably has been heavily filtered to eliminate conservative viewpoints. Communist-leaning Media Matters is “working” with Facebook and Google to suppress legitimate information. If you can, watch today’s Full Measure by Sharyl Attkisson. In the meantime …
    The memo decried the “fake news” that spread on social media as a reason why Hillary Clinton lost the election, and then went on to state something alarming: Media Matters obtained “access to raw data from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites” so they can “systemically monitor and analyze this unfiltered data.”

    “The earlier we can identify a fake news story, the more effectively we can quash it,” the memo states. “With this new technology at our fingertips, researchers monitoring news in real time will be able to identify the origins of a lie with mathematical precision, creating an early warning system for fake news and disinformation.”


  119. jim2 says:

    Once Media Matters had Facebook compliant with their demands, Brock’s outfit was then given access to raw data by Facebook. The document also says Media Matters was given to raw data from Twitter as well.


    Media Matters Censorship Campaign

    The intent to replace, influence or manipulate what any given person sees, hears, reads or posts is a form of censorship. This is exactly what Media Matters is doing and the impact of this censorship campaign is very real.

    This past week, Facebook announced it will be rolling out a feature that will automatically place “related articles” under posts Facebook has decided are “fake news.”

    Facebook will be using often partisan outlets such as Politifact and Snopes supply these “related articles.” ABC news is also on the list for alternative articles, yet it has been demonstrated that their reporting is less than nonpartisan.

    Imagine a video of ABC news mocking President Trump popping up under one’s Facebook post as a ‘related article’.

    In fact, ABC employs prominent former Clinton and Obama officials such as Clinton spokesman and ‘war room’ leader, George Stephanopolous.

    Report this ad

    ABC also employs Claire Shipman, who is married to no other than Jay Carney, the former White House Press Secretary to former President Obama.

    To make matters worse, the president of ABC News, Ben Sherwood, is the brother of Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, who as a special adviser to former President Obama.

    The current president of CBS News is David Rhoades. He’s the brother of Ben Rhoades and was Obama’s White House national security adviser.

    Ben Rhoades is familiar with fake news. He was the author of the demonstrably false Benghazi talking points used by Susan Rice on CBS’s Sunday morning talk show, This Week.

    This brotherly relationship was likely instrumental in the later ousting of CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who had been covering Benghazi.


  120. jim2 says:

    The silencing of conservative speech on social media has spiraled into a “coordinated effort” by big tech to close down Parler, according to the social media platform’s CEO John Matze.

    “This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill the competition in the marketplace,” Matze’s statement read. “We were too successful too fast.

    “You can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out. #speakfreely.”

    Matze’s statement comes as Amazon is removing the platform from its webservers, which might take the conservative social media platform down for about a week.


  121. Ossqss says:

    I see Black Fly Burgers in the future. And you thought the Impossible Whopper was unusual :-)


  122. jim2 says:

    Bongino.com has been deplatformed.

  123. YMMV says:

    billinoz: “Trump’s messianic arrogance, hubris and desire for power have lead to the situation where your nation is tearing itself apart.”

    Have pity on poor billinoz, China has not yet invaded his democracy, and he is a long way away, so he does not feel the earth tremble from the coming jackboots. Let him live in blissful ignorance.

    The problem is not what billinoz believes, but rather that about half of Americans believe the same thing. We can’t change their minds; we’ve tried reasoning. They still see the media image of Trump, not the real thing (whatever that is). Trump is a scapegoat, someone to blame. The goat is innocent, but it still gets killed. For Christians, the goat is replaced by the lamb (see Easter and Passover).

    “messianic arrogance” Yes, Trump is hated because he has the self-confidence (arrogance) to believe he can change the world (Deep State). That is a plus for him, unlike some RINOs that I won’t list. Others see it as a character flaw. That is literary definition of a ‘tragedy’.

    Tragedy is a literary device signifying a story or drama that presents an admirable or courageous character that confronts powerful forces inside and/or outside of themselves. These characters do so with a dignity that reveals the nature of human spirit in the face of failure, defeat, and even death. In a tragedy, a protagonist is undone or brought to ruin by a critical character flaw or by the cruelty of fate. Literary tragedies recount a tragic hero’s downfall in that the protagonist typically begins in “high” position or esteem and ends “low,” in despair, ruin, or destruction.

    Jesus had that same “messianic arrogance”. It did not end well for him. But hey, he tried!

    We are the sheep, being fenced in, there is no escape. The sheep’s fate is out of his control.

  124. The True Nolan says:

    @ H.R. “There’s a phenomenon – can’t recall the term for it at the moment –”

    That would be the “Gell-Mann Amnesia effect”, named after Murray Gell-Mann, one of the greatest physicists of the 20th Century. Combine Gell-Mann amnesia with Russell Conjugation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el6kx5EYcH8 and and not one person in twenty realizes they are being manipulated.

  125. YMMV says:

    M Simon: “I listened to Mario Savio on the plaza at UC Berkeley”

    Whatever you think of his politics, there was an amazing public speaker. Videos of him in action are still available on the internet.

  126. YMMV says:

    Ossqss: “Nobody got the test question right.”

    I think someone did get it right on the other thread. Good link! (so I repeat it here)


  127. M Simon says:

    What happens next? About 10 minutes. These guys seem connected.

  128. Quail says:

    @Another Ian: I switched from Firefox to Brave. Extremely easy to do, imports everything including bookmarks (options step you through at the beginning) and very, very fast. I’m liking it!

  129. YMMV says:

    Steve McIntyre agrees about the Reichstag fire.
    “Holocaust Encyclopaedia has interesting article on Reichstag fire, on how a previous supposed assault on democracy was used by opportunists to abridge constitutional protections. Will be of interest to those concerned with situation in, uh, Belarus.”

    Yeah, uh, Belarus … and a zillion other countries.

    The view from Czechia is better than the view from Oz, because Lubos gets it right.
    “Hard left at Google, Apple, Amazon teamed up to nuke Parler
    Everone who has both a spine and a clue about politics is threatened and needs to fight real hard”
    The “Great Firewall of China on steroids” is coming to the US. Get prepared.

    “The Democrat-Big Tech censorship alliance just ran a masterclass in media control for dictators around the world”

    Cutting off an opponent’s access to the media is step one in the regime change playbook, and the US government would know, having written several of them. When US-sponsored protesters deposed Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, the first building they seized after parliament was a TV station. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan avoided a communications blackout by using FaceTime to address the public during an attempted coup against him in 2016. Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak cut off internet access as protesters organized against him in 2011. Every coup or counter-coup hinges on media control, and the only difference between the deplatforming of Trump and the examples above are that for the first time, foreign regime-change strategies are being openly deployed by Americans, against Americans, in America.

    This article gives an interesting link to a “manual” on how to overthrow or disrupt foreign governments with a case study of 47 of these US attempts to “interfere” and support the resistance.
    Very interesting. I didn’t know the Vietnam War started with the Japanese invasion in WW2.

    Some of the CIA adventures that I knew about were for protecting American interests against democratically elected governments, some were for getting rid of evil dictators, but I must say, the CIA sure was busy. Iran, Guatemala, Congo (Lumumba), Dominican Republic (Trujillo).

    Voice of America: “Timeline of US Covert Actions”. It lists 14 covert actions.

    The military industrial complex is not new. What is new news is that Deep State forces are being used against Americans in America. Cancel Culture is becoming Cancel America.

  130. Ossqss says:

    YMMV, I saw that now that you pointed it out. Too many threads :-)

    Now, this is a say what? Courtesy of JoNova page..


  131. M Simon says:

    Another version (Bitch ute) of the video since Google seems to be interfering.

  132. M Simon says:

    Why is the Space-Force involved? The signals went through Italian satellites.

    Italy – France – Germany – Britain

  133. DoNoNorth says:

    As the Great Disenfranchisement plays out before our eyes to its, as yet, unknown end – a possible parable for our times is the 1988 movie Tucker, of automobile fame.

  134. Another Ian says:

    “Betadine ear/nose drops & mouth gargle reduce Covid hospitalizations by 84%, mortality by 88%”


  135. billinoz says:

    Meanwhile in Georgia there was another election. And two Democrats were elected as senators representing that state…

    However did this happen there in conservative Georgia ?
    Well from what I read, lots of people in Georgia got themselves on the state electoral roll and then lots of them voted down the two previous Republican party senators. Apparently it was a record turnout for Georgia both in actual numbers of voters and percentage of those enrolled.

    But apparently many Republican Party inclined voters also declined to vote for anyone.
    Ummmmm ? Why ? It seems to me like quite a few Georgia voters reacted and were pissed off with Trump’s antics since November 3rd. So lots more Democrat inclined voters voted. That’s predictable !
    But quite a few Republican voters were also pissed off with Trump as well and decided not to show up to vote at all..

    And so the new USA senate will have 50 Democratic senators and 50 Republican ones with a casting vote by Vice President Kamala Harris. Effectively the Republican Party has lost control of the US senate.

    What is the lesson here ? Well large political party supporters are made up of many different groups of voters. Getting a winning majority vote depends on them all being happy. But recently the Republican party has been dominated by one faction lead by Trump. And voters from other elements of the Republican base have walked away. The Republican party is seriously weakened and divided. It will take a while to rebuild. If ever. Doing so will require severing ties to Trump .

    And the same lesson needs to be learnt in the Democratic party. There are extremists in that party as well like AOC etc…If Biden in office as president panders to that faction and allows it to dominate the new government’s agenda, then the Democrat party will also fracture and loss voter support.

    Meanwhile the BBC has posted htis interesting analysis of the senate vote in Georgia.:

  136. M Simon says:

    Meanwhile in Georgia there was another fraud.

    What you thought the Democrats would leave it up to the electorate?

    Search – Italygate vote.

  137. cdquarles says:

    Why do people think Georgia is conservative? Parts are, definitely; but Georgia is dominated by metropolitan Atlanta, which is about half of the state population; and to a lesser extent to the other larger population areas. It has been trending ‘purple’ for years, like Virginia is now dominated by the metro DC suburbs in its northern parts. Why do you think they are trying to make Florida and Texas ‘blue’, by dominating the large metro areas? /rhetorical.

    I live relatively near Georgia.

    Something else you, bill, may not know. Around 130 years ago, there was a party called “progressive”. They couldn’t get election victories. They put up candidates in the D and R party. For the D party, it was Bryan. They didn’t win until Wilson. For the Rs, it was Theodore Roosevelt. Yes, *that* one. They co-opted both, eventually. The Democrats were easy. The Republicans were not as easy; and even today the Republicans will put up a patriot who wins. Trump was just the most recent. This happens about every 30 years.

    Democrats have been stealing/trying to steal elections for more than 150 years. Why would they stop now? /rhetorical. There is no if about Biden pandering to that faction. He wasn’t very bright as a young man. He definitely seems to have memory problems now and will be pliant or be pushed out.

    Metro areas are well known for late night ballot dumps. It is just more obvious now.

  138. YMMV says:

    Meanwhile in Georgia …

    Skipping over why Gov. Kemp appointed Kelly Loeffler to run for the Senate seat instead of Trump’s choice of Doug Collins …

    There was a last minute news story which might have influenced voters. Trump made a conference call to Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger. Which you probably heard about in the news as “Trump begs Raffensperger to find votes for him”. This was based on a recording of the call which Raffensperger leaked to the Washington Post, which then edited the recording to say something different than was actually said, and then published an article about Trump asking for fraud. At the last minute so the damage was done without any chance to spread the truth. Do I need to mention that this story was echoed all over the world.

    “A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World While the Truth Is Putting On Its Shoes”
    You’ve heard that. Quick, who said it?

    Meanwhile in Georgia …




    BTW, billinoz and others have not noticed that this is not a Republican/Democrat thing, nor a BLM/White Privilege thing, it is an Elite GEB versus The People thing.

    Elite Privilege, it’s a thing.

  139. Compu Gator says:

    jim2 commented on 9 January 2021 at 10:56 pm GMT [*]:
    I know for myself and probably for many others, this isn’t about Trump per se. It is about many of the principles Trump espoused and implemented.

    YMMV commented on 10 January 2021 at 12:30 am GMT [**]:
    […] there definitely are those on the left for whom everything is Trump and only Trump, with a vicious hate. And for them, what Trump actually says and does does not matter.

    A “vicious hate” seems to me most useful for supporting the Clintonian & Obamist Deep-State conspiracies and obstruction of justice, from the 2016 election thro’ the likely reëlection stolen from Trump in 2020. And for whipping up support for a lackluster-at-best Democrat candidate. Can there really be several tens of millions of registered U.S. voters who believe that the corrupt and startlingly unaccomplished long-sitting federal office-holder  Joe “Beijing” Biden [💤] is the best possible presidential candidate that the Democrats could offer the electorate in 2020?

    That leftist “hate” blended effectively enough with what seems to be a patchy spectrum of hostile emotion among putative “centrists” & “conservatives”,  from the arguable hatred by the Never-Trumpers, to the smug dislike & dismissal by RINOs.

    I recall that in Saul Alinsky‘s Rules for Radicals, he advised, for each specific issue, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.”[⋔]  Well!  Aside from the absence of a single specific issue, isn’t “personaliz[ing] and polariz[ing]” exactly what Donald Trump and his family have experienced since 2016?

    I also recall that Hillary was such a serious admirer of Alinsky that she made him the subject of her senior thesis at upscale Wellesley College [@] (B.A., 1969), where she first began hearing predictions that she might become Madame President some day. During her husband’s Administration (1993–2001), the college agreed to a request from the White House that the college not release that newsworthy & historic document. She repeatedly met with Alinsky while writing it, which was only a few years before his death (1972). After the end of the Clinton Administration, Wellesley did make her thesis available for viewing upon request, but as a bound photocopy, and only in-person at the college’s “archive room”.[⋔⋔]

    Note * : ‘jim2’, :  https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2021/01/08/w-o-o-d-swamp-won-8-jan-2021/#comment-137389.

    Note ** : ‘YMMV’:  https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2021/01/08/w-o-o-d-swamp-won-8-jan-2021/#comment-137399.

    Note 💤 : Biden was a “federal office-holder” for 44 yr.; i.e., U.S. Senator (D–Del.): 36 yr. (1973–2009) + U.S. V.P. (under Obama): 8 yr. (2009–2017). As for my unflattering description of him as “unaccomplished”,  I looked for documention of him as a leader accomplishing anything substantial enough to be cited in an intro section, and I found only this: “led the effort to pass the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act [1994] and the Violence Against Women Act [1994]”.  See  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Biden.

    Note ⋔ : My Alinsky quote is a requote from Dedman [⋔⋔], because I’ve misplaced my copy of the classic book, but I did read it all before that happened.

    Note @ : The college so named for being situated in Wellesley, Mass.

    Note ⋔⋔ : Bill Dedman: “Reading Hillary Rodham’s hidden thesis”,  March 2, 2007, 5:29 AM EST (“source: msnbc.com”):  https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna17388372. He gives her thesis title as “‘There Is Only the Fight…’: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model”.

  140. M Simon says:

    cdquarles says:
    10 January 2021 at 10:48 pm

    The real problems are not State cs State. They are City vs Country. And they are not a recent invention.

    A Thermodynamic Explanation of Politics

    The City vs Country divide has been a feature of human politics for 5,000 years or more. Too bad we haven’t figured it out yet.

    Two Ecologies

    Cities are classic “behavior sinks” according to Thomas Jefferson.

    “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.” – Thomas Jefferson

  141. cdquarles says:

    @M Simon,
    Agreed. Jefferson was a smart man, flawed as we all are, yet still smart.

  142. philjourdan says:

    Wikileaks has dumped – https://file.wikileaks.org/file/

    Clinton Emails: https://file.wikileaks.org/file/clinton-emails

    Index File: https://file.wikileaks.org/file/?fbclid=IwAR2U_Evqah_Qy2wxNY12FMqFC5dAFUcZL5Kl4FIfQuMFMp8ssbM46oHXWMI

    Time for the pardon. I want it for 2 reasons. #1 – He broke no US laws and was not in the country either (and if that was an issue – Pentagon Papers anyone?) As a sidebar, The allegation he provided shemale Manning the way to hack his systems is a false flag.

    #2 – It will drive the stupid democrats crazy!

  143. M Simon says:

    Compu Gator says:
    10 January 2021 at 11:00 pm

    I have a straight forward explanation for what you and many others have noticed.

    Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel. Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood.

    The origin of leftism is anger. The Democrat Party thrives on anger. And who is more angry than an abused child? The god of abused children is Satan (anger leads to the dark side). The politics of abused children is Communism. Stop child abuse.

    In other words Leftism is God’s curse for not protecting children better and then punishing them for pain relief.

    BTW I speak from personal experience. I used to be an abused child and leftist.

  144. Steven Fraser says:

    @Ossqss: Snowed in Dallas today, not as much as elsewhere in Texas.

  145. philjourdan says:

    @Jim2 – et al; That is going to hurt AWS. Where does it stop? They do no like the data ,my company presents? Are they going to ban us? I am recommending we pull out of AWS. The risk is too great.

  146. philjourdan says:

    @M. Simon

    hAs a courtesy (and this is not a slam), please post the actual quote so I can figure out what you are saying.

    Acknowledged and correct. Sorry, I will endeavor to quote more.

  147. Quail says:

    Not sure where my comment went. Sorry if this is a repeat.
    Parler is most likely done for.

  148. philjourdan says:

    @BillinOz – I did not count 535 quotes. So once again you lied. Please stop being a liar.

  149. jim2 says:

    Today is a tremendous milestone for the Gab community. After over a year of work Gab is finally migrated to our own in-house servers. If you talk to anyone in the technology industry they will tell you that this is no easy task. Most technology startups have the luxury of using third-party cloud hosting providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others.

    Gab does not have this luxury.

    Over the past four years we have been banned from multiple cloud hosting providers and were told that if we didn’t like it we should “build our own.”

    So, that’s exactly what we did.


  150. a says:

    “Great TV news report from India on the seditious misuse of market power by Twitter et al


    A few billion the twits didn’t count on

  151. billinoz says:

    The 65 Days that lead to Chaos at the Capitol :
    This is the BBC telling the story of what happened. I guess many commenting here know more details from the inside.

  152. Steven Fraser says:

    @philjourdan, Re: Where does it stop..

    Seems to me this is a subset of a more general topic: Control. AWS does not like the business that Parler is in, especially the way they conduct it. Who’s to say whom they will ban tomorrow, based on overly-general (or invasive) terms of service.

    IMO, there is an opportunity here for a new web hosting company, a ‘Mutual’, owned by the customers, like ‘Mutual of Omaha’ insurance. Terms-of-service include client protections.

    The next level, at the comms access level to the internet (domain servers, connection to the MAU network, etc.) will take more time, but worth it. Perhaps the ACLU will finally find its way back to supporting Civil Liberties.

    What Apple and Google have done amounts to prior restraint on speech. Supreme courts have not liked such efforts in the past.

    Perhaps Trump Should put up a communications company, or become the center of a consortium of companies to do that. How does ‘Patriot Heritage Network’ sound? :-)

  153. a says:

    Guidance needed. My new computer has arrived and I’m working on setting up
    When you click on the downloaded install file you get a message that Microsoft don’t consider Brave browser legitimate software and a mention of using the clipboard but no mention of how.

    Any clues appreciated

  154. p.g.sharrow says:

    The Crap is hitting the fan NOW!

  155. Ossqss says:

    Don’t be suprised if we have some suprises tonight on the net with all the crap foating about.. No inside knowledge, but it would be a perfect time for Anonymous to surface IMHO. Lot’s of chatter about the EBS also.

    Did just read this too, maybe not directly related buttt ;-)


    BTW, Bill, we don’t give you crap about your lost rights and liberties over time in OZ. I think everyone knows how F-d up things are here, from all sides and all citizens. We don’t need help with putting salt on the wounds and trolling. Step up….

  156. H.R. says:

    @a (Is that you, Another Ian? If so, what happened to the rest of your name?)

    I bullied past something Microsnuff didn’t like when I set up this computer a year ago or so.

    Go to Control Panel and Programs, and just insist that it gets installed. That’s all I’ve got, and that’s from a shaky memory of a while ago. But you can bully your way past some M(f-er)S roadblocks.

    Might have to wait for wakey-wakey tomorrow for some true expertise.
    P.S. to all – The RV park is full and no-one seems to have satellite dishes this year, so I’m guessing everyone is trying to stream.

    They upgraded the routers inside the park, so everyone can get on – that was a problem 2 years ago -, but they haven’t bought more bandwidth to the outside provider’s server.

    Everything is so choked down… let’s just say that back in the day, I had dial-up faster than this!! And I figured out why I’m losing comments. The outside connection gets overloaded and craps out, causing an interruption while an auto-reboot occurs. So I’m getting dropped, quite often, and of course it’s sometimes during that time when a comment is uploading.

    I was going to ask E.M. to check the spam queue when he got back and settled, but I now think my comments are just getting dropped here and not sent to spam at E.M.’s account. There won’t be anything there.

  157. another Ian says:


    Yes that is me – another thing to de-micr4osoft, I had to axe profiles,

    Thanks for the hint – I’ll try that,

  158. another ian says:


    The plot thickens.

    Seems you only get to install from the microsoft store via settings,

    I’ll have to find out more about this clipboard method.

    More when I know more.

  159. M Simon says:

    Some recap of chatter about EBS which is actually EAS these days.

    Both sides were planning around this.

  160. M Simon says:


    Are they sure it is Trump supporters? Antifafa was there. Bused in by the DC police.

    In any case Bill – just like the Reichstag fire this is being used as an excuse to curtail free speech. And yet the fascists of the left fail to make an impression on you.

    They Are Coming For Republicans

  161. billinoz says:

    @ M Simon, what a bizarre attempt at deflection !

    “Ohhh No Siree officer, we didn’t hit you with those flag poles and lead pipes !
    it was the Antifa bastards that you bussed into Washington DC..
    It was them that bashed you up !”

    Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!
    Go tell that to the marines mate.
    I suspect they would know what to do you.

  162. billinoz says:

    Yet another fairy tale !

  163. M Simon says:

    Asking for evidence is deflection – has this been cleared with the Ministry of Truth? Probably.

    I’m commenting on the video here:

  164. billinoz says:

    Bt grumpy old fools !

  165. A C Osborn says:

    Another Ian says: 10 January 2021 at 9:32 pm

    So Trump was right about that yet again.

    Did you see the date that study was accepted?
    The 3rd of December, so it has been out there over a month and not one single word about it in the mass media.

    There really is a total blackout of good COVID news.

  166. billinoz says:

    Gradually gradually the idioys who invaded the Capitol last week are being named, found and arrested. Here is a link to 2 who were all kitted out to seize and hold members of Congress !

    PS No they are NOT Antifa.
    Genuine Trumpists dedicated to his cause alone.

  167. H.R. says:

    @Another Ian – Ha! I thought that was you, after you mentioned setting up the new computer that just came.

    One tip I can give you if you ever absolutely, positively must download an AP from the MS Store:

    My wife downloaded free MS Word and Excel completer APs for me. I had the two programs, but to get them to work you had to make a trip to the store just so they can get your info on record.

    She has an account with the MS store from 15 or more years ago that was set up with a bogus user profile and an email address that has been dead for almost as long. The email address was good then – had to be – but not now. They don’t check it ever again.

    If you have someone available with an MS account, either good or long out of date, have them go to the AP store for you on your computer and sign in to the store to get what you need . Then they can download it to your computer.

    It muddies the waters and you get the AP. It doesn’t hurt the one giving you a hand as it muddies the waters for them as well. They already have an account and now they are in two places.

    Now I have someone in-house that can do that for me, but I also have a neighbor or two that would do that for me and the reason “I just don’t want to give up my info anymore. Sick of it.” is understood by most people nowadays. I also have a few workmates from before I retired who would understand and do that for me.

    I don’t know if you have anyone, but if you do, it crosses up the information wires if you absolutely must “go to the store.”
    Meanwhile, someone might drop by this morning who can give you a hand with your current problem and keep you at arms length from MS.

  168. jim2 says:

    I know people who cancelled their Amazon Prime account and Facebook. That’s the least we can do.

  169. p.g.sharrow says:

    @billinoz; as usual you are half right. Those that invaded the Capitol Building are not Antifa, they are Q-anon – Anarchists, and definitely not MAGA people. Just because they carried a flag and wore a red hat for the media people to film does not make them MAGA. Get a clue man, anyone with half a brain could see that this was totally staged event for the cameras inside and out.

  170. DoNoNorth says:

    This is in response “a” at 2:54am; the following is from a Microsoft Help Page that directly relates to your issue:

    Switching out of S mode in Windows 10

    Windows 10

    Windows 10 in S mode is designed for security and performance, exclusively running apps from the Microsoft Store. If you want to install an app that isn’t available in the Microsoft Store, you’ll need to switch out of S mode. Switching out of S mode is one-way. If you make the switch, you won’t be able to go back to Windows 10 in S mode. There’s no charge to switch out of S mode.

    On your PC running Windows 10 in S mode, open Settings > Update & Security > Activation.

    In the Switch to Windows 10 Home or Switch to Windows 10 Pro section, select Go to the Store. (If you also see an “Upgrade your edition of Windows” section, be careful not to click the “Go to the Store” link that appears there.)

    On the Switch out of S mode (or similar) page that appears in the Microsoft Store, select the Get button. After you see a confirmation message on the page, you’ll be able to install apps from outside of the Microsoft Store.

  171. A C Osborn says:

    p.g.sharrow says: 11 January 2021 at 1:36 pm

    “@billinoz; as usual you are half right. Those that invaded the Capitol Building are not Antifa, they are Q-anon – Anarchists”

    You are also half right, there was at least one Antifa/BLM activist & TDS sufferer there by the name of John Sullivan, who has been released without charge.

  172. Compu Gator says:

    Ossqss taunted on 10 January 2021 at 3:28 pm GMT:
    Nobody got the test question right.

    Really, now?
    Who posed the “test question“,  and where?  I could find no evidence that you’d posed it. Your name appears only 14 times among the comments for this blog entry.

    Link, please?

  173. p.g.sharrow says:

    A good inside look on Agent provocateur and insight into Antifa:

    More on false flag attack at the Capitol building.

  174. Ossqss says:

    @Compu Gator, it was on the prior Wood thread. I simply posted my supplemental comment on the wrong thread here.

    On the hacker/anonymous item I was commenting on yesterday. It appears, at least in theory, something did occur.


  175. p.g.sharrow says:

    TRUMP just Released !

  176. M Simon says:

    My landlady sent me this.

  177. Compu Gator says:

    Perhaps more importantly, I don’t even know what it was that the “test question” had asked.

    (When my comments are as hastily drafted and posted as my most recent one at “5:05 pm” GMT, I often see soon that I’d overlooked something important.)

  178. chiff says:

    Trump on FOX @ 3:00 Pompeo radio @ 3:00

  179. Serioso says:

    I gather you are somewhat new to this site. As a relative old timer, allow me to give you some advice. First, most of the people who post here don’t follow/believe the main-stream media (MSM), which some refer to as the YSM. This causes them to be uninformed or misinformed , often to the point that they lose track of what is real and what is not. Second, many have a variety of “non-standard” beliefs. Some are anti-vaccers, some believe the impact of Covid-19 is wildly overstated, most believe the presidential election was stolen, some believe you andd I are communists or, worse yet, members of the “deep state,” by which they seem to mean professional bureaucrats. Arguing with people who are so deeply uninformed is hopeless: Those who doesn’t follow the MSM are so ignorant that no amount of your evidence will change their minds. Always remember that, by and large, you are dealing with people who are uninformed or misinformed, which often causes them to be not merely ignorant but stupid, as stupidity is a direct consequence of arrogance mixed with ignorance. I suggest you avoid responding to such people and focus on the ones who seem capable of absorbing knowledge and following reason: Not all who post on this site are fools.
    Good luck! I am too old and tired to deal with fools in daily disputation. I wish you well.

    [Reply: I’m leaving in the “insult to the people” statements about “fools” and “stupid” as it illustrates where you are coming from, off the rails. We have LOTS of ample evidence that the MSM / YSM / Lame Stream Media are largely wrong and mostly just propaganda. They are clearly 90+% hard left per their own admission, and largely parrot the Party Line from The Left. Actual proof on events regularly demonstrates this. Your love of all things NYT without ever testing their validity shows your blinders at work. REPORTERS are not Proof. You MUST get past the bias of ANY reporter to the actual events and facts to get truth (right or left). Anyone who blindly trusts ANY reporter from any side is the “fool”. Verification and validation are necessary at all times. The Problem with the MSM is the frequency with which their reports have been shown politically biased and bogus. Russia Narrative anyone? 3 YEARS of crap based on other crap, shown to be crap. Yet silence on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden raking in millions of graft from Ukraine and $1.5 BILLION from CCP China Communist Party? Bias much? -E.M.Smith]

  180. chiff says:

    Looks like a fake .gov website

  181. M Simon says:

    Chiff – simonparkes . com

  182. chiff says:

    Christopher Miller
    · 7m
    UPDATE: Sources tell @BuzzFeedNews a “disgruntled staffer” is behind the State Department site’s change of Trump and Pence’s biographies. More TK. twitter.com/ChristopherJM/…

  183. M Simon says:

    The people in the video
    M Simon says:
    11 January 2021 at 6:43 pm

    Claim broadcast tv will be going down in a matter of hours

  184. another ian says:

    DoNoNorth says:
    11 January 2021 at 1:48 pm

    Thank you VERY Much for that tip

    In one day I’d had enough of Microsoft’s “even more left hand and backwards” and it was spoiling what seems a reasonable computer – HP, Core I5, 8 gb, ssd. On special. I’m guessing that big keys for fat fingers, big screen for failing eyesight don’t make for the height of slim fashion. Though some of the key symbols are a bit small,

  185. billinoz says:

    Footage of the fire extinguisher hit a Caoitol policeman on the head.It was thrown by a rioter who broke past the police lines

  186. billinoz says:

    Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has resigned amid massive security concerns for next week’s inauguration, according to several US media outlets.

    This came just after Wolf said he found the action by Trump’s supporters in the halls of Congress “sickening” and urged the president to “strongly condemn” the violence.

    “I am saddened to take this step, as it was my intention to serve the Department until the end of this Administration,”


  187. jim2 says:

    OK you nerds, here’s the Texas analysis of Dominion voting machines. They are all good reads!


  188. billinoz says:

    Back to Trump and Pence for a minute…
    “Hold up… Trump have Pence just spoke for the FIRST TIME since the invasion of the Capitol? Serious question: is anyone actually running the country?

    That is correct. US media have reported the President and the Vice-President had not spoken since the day of the violence last week, including while the vice-president sheltered in a secure location as domestic terrorists roamed the halls of Congress.

    As they roamed the Capitol Building, pro-Trump rioters were heard on social media videos chanting “hang Mike Pence”. Earlier in the day, Donald Trump had repeatedly pressured his VP to overturn the election results while speaking to a rally crowd.”
    Link : https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-12/us-donald-trump-impeachment-25th-ammendment-live-blog/13049472

  189. philjourdan says:


    I’ve heard AWS is going to boot off Parler. No app will fix that problem.

    They did. I have advised my company to move off of AWS as they may find our content offensive and deplatform us without requisite time to move off. I suspect I am not alone. They made their bed. I doubt they will sleep in it.

  190. philjourdan says:

    @Steven Fraser

    @All: I realize that I am entering this thread a bit late. While the loss of life at the Capitol is distressing to me,

    I wonder how many people died of natural causes in the Antifa and BLM riots? Why do I wonder? They never reported the actual deaths due to the riots,. much less those who died of natural causes!

  191. philjourdan says:


    My golly gosh gosh ! Soon the Trump cult will be confined to using the dark web.

    The resistance had less.

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”
    ― Martin Niemöller

  192. philjourdan says:


    Fundamentally I believe in Democracy. In the people electing THEIR representatives to govern the nation.

    And that is why you have no clue about the USA. It is NOT a democracy. It is a Republic. The difference, in a democracy, 2 weasels and a rabbit get to vote on dinner. IN a republic, the rabbit does not become dinner.

    Wait till they come for you.

  193. philjourdan says:

    @ANother Ian

    “Bill NOZ” – kind of like bonoes! :-)

  194. philjourdan says:

    @Bill NOZ

    “The followers of such ‘leaders’ are enamoured in a cult. Trump is your messiah. But 80 million Americans voted him out of office last November.”

    You still do not understand. there are not 80 million Trump followers! There are 80 million Americans who created Trump!!! You are so clueless I, you rival Alicia Silverstone! Trump did not create the movement! The movement created Trump!!!

    You and all your liberal sycophants still bleat the same ignorance. Those 80 million are not going away, other than to the gulags the left is already demanding. Trump rode a wave. He did not create the wave. And you are still lying.

  195. philjourdan says:

    @AC Osborne

    For me the saddest part of Billinoz’s responses is that despite the length of time he has been on this site, like seresio, he has learnt nothing.

    And just like that, he proves your correct! The problem with liberals is they are predictable. And you nailed him to a T.

  196. philjourdan says:


    Trump is a scapegoat, someone to blame. The goat is innocent, but it still gets killed.

    Yes, that is their plan, because they are stupid. Trump’s life post presidency expectancy is about the same as a Clinton ally gone useless.

    But that makes a martyr. They are already preparing us for Marshall law with their fake news about the armed insurrection. That is their excuse to move on all gun owners. That happened 245 years ago.

    They will only succeed with the cooperation of those gun owners. And that aint happening.

  197. H.R. says:

    philjourdan wrote in part (emphasis mine): “You and all your liberal sycophants still bleat the same ignorance. Those 80 million are not going away, other than to the gulags the left is already demanding. Trump rode a wave. He did not create the wave.

    Well said. There were 80+ million Americans who wanted their country back. Trump was/is an unlikely pick, but he promised to do the things that would swing the U.S. political, economic, and foreign policy from the extreme left and the scheming of the GEBs back the other way in the direction the Founders envisioned.

    So a bunch of Americans woke up and said, “Hey. Here’s a billionaire, former playboy, media star that just might be able to do the job. He may be a blowhard, but he’s our blowhard if he can do the job.”

    So we hired him. First time around it was by a margin that the big cheat was not prepared for. Second time around it was by a margin that forced the big cheat into “Obviously Ludacris” mode.

    Trump didn’t win people over with his personality. He interviewed for the job and we gave him a shot at the job. It seems not only the original people who hired Trump were satisfied, but quite a few million more decided to keep him on.

    Anyhow, Phil, that bit I bolded encapsulates it all.

  198. another ian says:


    You overlooked the silent “k”

  199. philjourdan says:

    @H.R. So we hired him.

    Better said!!!

  200. M Simon says:

    Bill. All horrible stuff to be sure. Hardly any one here cares we are so fed up. You know. In a “pre-revolutionary condition”. You ought to go over to Tim Pool’s and find out what it means in his experience. We will not surrender our guns (that is how all this started ~244 years ago) and we are not giving up the right to speak freely. As I said – a “pre-revolutionary condition”

  201. philjourdan says:

    @Bill NOZ – what is your purpose? Seriously

    You have been proven a liar on multiple occasions. So are you trying to propagate lies? Besides outright lying, you repeat fake news disinformation. So you are trying to fool us with fake news?

    You post left wing hate sites as your evidence. Do you want us to hate?

    Seriously, take a step back and think hard on what you are doing. And then tell us, without infantile insults, what it is exactly you are doing.

    You are not informing us. We are way more informed than you since we have the advantage of fake news and real news (you are only half armed there). We know the facts (which you seem woefully unprepared to defend). Yet you continue to spew false facts and lies (the latter I will grant is based on the former).

    So we wonder. Why do you lie? And what is your purpose? Debate is to inform and educate. You accomplish neither.

  202. M Simon says:

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security……..

    in case you forgot how it all started, Bill.

    It is not just the Chinese playing the long game.

  203. M Simon says:

    You have no idea how many Americans are just itching to water the Tree of Liberty.
    The Q movement started with the murder of JFK. About 15 minutes. The first five take you up to the Kennedy murder.

  204. billinoz says:

    Here is a speech from a real American patriot – Arnold Schwarzneger


    Some of you wonder what I am doing : That’s easy. I’m reflecting back to you American folks on this blog what we Australians are seeing, reading, hearing of the United States right NOW. I am being a mirror- just a mirror !

    Since 1941 the United States has been seen positively and with some admiration. Some Aussies even think that America is the same as Australia. But that admiration has sunk low. And we know that the USA has it’s own history and it’s civilisation. It is not our civilisation and in many ways we do not share the same values.

    For example folks here are hung up on the idea of the USA being a ‘Republic’ and not a democracy. Have you any idea how bizarre that is. For generations America has championed the cause of Democracy across the planet in the fight against Communism and against Fascism and against totalitarianism in general.

    And now folks here want us across the planet to think that’s bullshit ?

    Nahhhh ! in fact that stuff is nonsense. The fairy tales of a bunch of extremist right loonies.

    And Arnold’s sppech makes that very clear to us all.

    God luck America !

  205. Ossqss says:

    Where were those complaining about the mostly peaceful DC protests when cities were burning not long ago destroying thousands of lives and livelihoods? The hypocrisy is loud. The agenda is obvious.

    So, Bill, how many guns do you have to protect you and yours in Oz? How many times have you lacked electric power , since you are dependent on unreliable sources and government edicts for virtually ever facet of your life nowdays down under. We don’t have that here yet, so I am curious.

    Oz ABC, is not the US ABC. Look at their history of reporting and it becomes obvious they have an agenda that defies logic and science in most instances.

    I would suggest most here stop feeding what has frankly and sadly become a troll here.

    Wait, what did I just do….. dangit》》

  206. M Simon says:

    Well yes. Democracy. America has gotten away from selling its original premise. Natural Rights. I think we will be getting back to that.

  207. M Simon says:

    You assume Pence is not a traitor. That may be a bad assumption.

  208. beththeserf says:

    Bill in Oz became unpopular @ Jo Nova ‘s blog for telling people who did not agree with his views on Covid,control to leave the site.

  209. beththeserf says:

    Steve McIntyre re Twitter de-platforming Trump and others … even Elon Musk questions anti democratic conduct of West Coast high tech. https://twitter.com/ClimateAudit

  210. H.R. says:

    @beththeserf – While I’m at it and have half a mind to remember, might I deign to mention that I am in awe of your mastery of dialect, analytical reasoning, skills as an essayist, knowledge of history, and ability to weave tales of caution, woe, and hope into a magnificent tapestry of of well thought out reason and expository prose?

    I’m ashamed for not having the courtesy to have mentioned my admiration before. And I will dare to assume you have a fondness for lambchops, too 😜

    (Beth: I visit your site for a reading feast every several months or so, then I just hang out here and wait for your comments in serf’s voice. Keep ’em comin’. The voice of the serf is the voice of the people. The Lords soon find out there are a lot more serfs than Lords, and guess who loses their heads over that little tidbit of common knowledge when the serfs get pissed off enough? Riiiight….)

  211. beththeserf says:

    H.R. Thank you for yr kind comment. You give me encouragement to go on.
    Best regards to you from the turnip field. )

  212. M Simon says:

    The Trump team thinks we are in a battle of good vs evil.

    I think it is more like good vs abused children.

    Without compassion for our enemies we become our enemies.

  213. billinoz says:

    @beththeserf , now you are lying. I agree with Jo about Covid and have done since the start of the pandemic. Jo Nova blocked me becauseI had the balls to think she was completely obsessive with continuous posts about Trump ‘winning ‘ the elction

  214. billinoz says:

    M Simon , you seem to think that Pence is a traitor to the USA. An interesting idea given you are ENGLISH….

    But I digress : I believe that Pence belatedly discovered he had the guts to stand up to Trump and actually taken heed of the USA constitution and traditional practice in the US Congress.

    After all Pence when he was inaugurated as Vice President, swore an oath to defend the US constitution..But folks here think he should simply have taken ‘orders’ from Trump.

    And BTW, The Hof Reps is moving to impeach Trump ( again ) for betraying the USA, effectively for being a traitor.


  215. David A says:

    I think Jo got tired of the very disengenues Billinoz making already debunked accusations over and over, while never responding to those linking information that clearly demonstrated his errors. Finally his comments degenerated into flame-wars like here, calling President Trump supporters a cult. In short, when his arrogance exceeded his ignorance, Jo said good by.

  216. E.M.Smith says:

    I’m done with the road trip now, but as you might guess, a bit road worn (Something about 7800 miles in 2 weeks…) but sometime tomorrow I’ll get caught up on blog maintenance, postings, comments, etc.


    I see you’ve got a few comments in moderation. I’ll get to them tomorrow as well. After the insult laden last one, I flagged you for moderation (again), but was unable to get to it during the road trip back. But nothing has been lost.


    I have photos and some ideas for a trip-report posting, sometime in the next couple of days. What amazes me is just how dramatically the media portrayal is different from the reality of being there.

    Contemplating things on the drive home, it gradually dawned on me that we have a completely corrupt and bogus “leadership” / political class. Those that were not “in on it” with the vote steal, were quite happy to ignore it and get on with putting Biden in the POTUS slot. That’s an astonishing level of corruption. At most we got “we will look into fixing it for next time”. Say what? Is that what you say about a bank robbery or a rape? This one we’ll ignore, but maybe we will think about how to stop the next one? Just amazing, really.

    Heard on the news that Orange County had a sudden drop in Republican Voter Registrations (folks dropped party affiliation). This was spun as “after the mob attacked the capitol” when I’m pretty sure the real motivation was “after the RINOs in Congress did NOTHING to stop the vote steal or prevent election of a Usurper Biden”.

    IMHO, the RNC has painted itself as just as happy with the corruption as the DNC and thinks it is Just Fine to have Illegitimate Beijing Biden instead of Trump. Essentially ~”Screw the voters, we don’t like Trump either”. So no need to worry about petty things like “Rule of Law”, or legitimacy of the vote…

    Well, OK, a pox on both your houses then.

  217. beththeserf says:

    ‘Contemplating things on the drive home, it gradually dawned on me that we have a completely corrupt and bogus “leadership” / political class. Those that were not “in on it” with the vote steal, were quite happy to ignore it and get on with putting Biden in the POTUS slot. That’s an astonishing level of corruption.’ …Liberty so fraught and precious, easily lost without constant vigilance. Thx E.M. on behalf of serfs for your big effort to stand and be counted.

    Response to Bill from Oz, No I am not lying, I did not say you disagreed with Jo Nova re Covid. What you did was thread-bomb the blog and act as Chief Censor, something Jo did not do and it was not your blog to act so rudely. Suggest you set up your own blog and run it according to your own rules.

  218. jim2 says:

    Facebook is big, but we can make a dent. Delete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts. I know this might be hard, but this doesn’t involve a loss of blood!! Just do it!

    One bonus is Facebook uses AWS, they threw Parler off their servers. Help kill two birds with one stone!!

    Here is how to ensure your content is deleted before the account is deleted:


    Facebook alternative:

    Also GAB and hopefully Parler will be back soon.

    Finally, Amazon alternatives:

  219. H.R. says:

    Thanks for the info, jim2.

    I don’t buy much online. If I can’t run down to a store that has what I want in-stock so I can look it over before I buy it, I generally don’t buy whatever it is at all.

    The few things I have bought online, the cover for my truck bed for example, I go to specialty retailers or buy straight from the manufacturer.

    It’s been my experience that Amazon is more expensive for a lot of things. That free shipping isn’t free. I look at things on Amazon and then run to the store to buy them.

    That said, some people out in the boonies are nowhere near the retail sources I can tap with a 15 – 20 minute drive. Online buying and having a truck make the 2-hour drive from town out to their house has been a marvel for those people.

  220. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – It looks like the reality of the D.C. Uniparty is finally sinking into you.

    Yeah, you’ve talked about it, but then you talk about Dems and Repubs as two parties. That’s an illusion to keep the rubes thinking they have a choice and their vote matters.

    This last election revealed completely the Uniparty in D.C. We actually had a choice and the Uniparty made sure our votes didn’t matter.

  221. DoNoNorth says:

    another ian says:
    11 January 2021 at 8:44 pm

    You’re welcome, glad I could help. I’ve been looking to dump the Chromebook I’ve been using for browsing only because of the Google account/Google Store ecosystem straightjacket issue. (I run it only in “Guest” mode with no account) I want to install a non-Google browser. So in exploring Windows-based “netbook” options I kept running across “Windows 10 In S Mode” as the OS. So naturally had to investigate and discovered it was the Google Store thing all over again, except Microsoft.

    So researched to see if this could be disabled, otherwise no reason to buy. As you see, it can be – so will try an HP netbook out to see if I can install the Brave browser, which has the option to use Tor built-in.

  222. M Simon says:

    Pence gave up the English system to the Communists. A very bad idea. That makes him a bad person. If he got paid for it (as many suspect) he is a Traitor.

    And yes. Trump winning is a matter of Western Civilization for 100 or a 1,000 years. I’d say on the order of 100 million Americans feel about the same, “We are mad as hell …….”

  223. M Simon says:

    H.R. says:
    12 January 2021 at 1:37 pm

    That was the idea for Sears. City variety delivered to the country.

  224. cdquarles says:

    I made a Facebook account more than a decade ago so my children could reach me if my phone was down. I did do a piece-work job using that account for a time, where my youngest recommended the job to me. That job didn’t work out, so I just kept the account for family sake. I didn’t use it much and just ditched it. Twitter, though, I do follow a fair number of folk and read their stuff directly. I can still do that without an account; but that’d be more problematic until I bookmark each one, which I am doing. If all of the folk I read there get banned or move; then I will kill Twitter, too. I have Gab and Parler already, as well as having the Tor browser.

  225. M Simon says:

    The quantum computing story at the beginning of the video is bollocks. It is a cover story for something else. Probably spies.

  226. p.g.sharrow says:

    I think you are reading Vice President Pence wrong. He was required to do a very distasteful chore as best as he could. He and The President seem to still be working together. For now I will reserve judgment.
    The Roll Up of the “Dark State” has begun. Where is Pelosi ?

  227. M Simon says:

    The video at link I posted at

    M Simon says:
    12 January 2021 at 3:48 pm
    Says something like 70% of Congress will be arrested for sedition. That would be 90% of the Senators and 2//3rds of the House. They were advised of Italian interference and confirmed Biden without even a cursory investigation.

  228. M Simon says:

    Pelosi is up on Sedition charges for asking the Joint Chiefs to take away Trump’s access to the launch codes. President Trump says.


  229. M Simon says:

    p.g.sharrow says:
    12 January 2021 at 4:01 pm

    The VP was given the information about Italy. He went ahead anyway.

  230. rhoda klapp says:

    Simon Parkes? I wish it was true, but it sounds like fantasy. It sounds like the leader of an end-of-the-world cult the morning after it was supposed to happen. I got my sums wrong, it’s NEXT tuesday.

    To allay concerns about UK booze supplies, I’m getting my beer mail-order now. The only check is a self-declaration of age.

  231. E.M.Smith says:


    Check if your model of the ChromeBook can have Linux installed. I’ve planned to do this on my one ChromeBox, but not got to it yet. Many can, though it is a bit of a technical effort (and if you blow it in a bad way can brick the box and it WILL erase all the stuff on the box, so make sure you took everything off…)

    Though this method says you can get a kind of dual boot going:


    Basically, you don’t need to blame the hardware for the software…


    Well, after a 7? 8? hour long sleep session, I’m groggily waking up… First time in 4 days, or maybe 7 that I’ve slept that long. Trip to D.C. I woke up at 2:30 AM and could not sleep, then we did the drive up, event, drive back with sleep in a couple of hour sessions swapping drivers, then a one long night of sleep, where I (of course…) woke up in the middle ready to drive again… (Sigh…). Then the drive back here. Sleeping in the “pseudo-cot” of a fully reclined passenger seat is OK, but I tend to wake up after 3 or 4 hours due to some discomfort from limited positions OR discomfort due to “the side effects of coffee” ;-) Even when you sleep, the diuretic effect is working ;-)

    So I’m going to unload the car, have some breakfast and such, and slowly try to catch up on news, postings, etc. All while dealing with “sleep hangover” from actually having a regular night of it. The “Good News” is it looks like “I’ve still got it” on the ability to “Push it”. The bad news is it still comes with after effects (and the joints complain more… and recovery seems a bit slower… and…) so give me a bit to catch up.

    Per Uniparty:

    I was bought in to the idea that the Dems and Repubs worked together and were an “Old Boys Network” (including the Old Gals too). I had not made the leap to “AND will knife one of their own for the sake of the collective if they are off the reservation” nor had I “got it” that “The Voters can be ignored if we need to for us”. That’s a whole ‘nother level of Uniparty and speaks to intense corruption.

    So yeah, light dawning and all that.

    When they ALL disrespect the Vote and the Voter, that means they are happy with eliminating the one most basic ‘check and balance’ against tyranny. That’s a Very Bad Thing. Very Bad. Imagine Pelosi (or now, perhaps Mitch too…) going to a Junior Rep or Senator and saying “I need you to vote this way, and remember, that’s a nice Seat you have, be a shame to lose it next election, and you know we can make you lose.” That is what is in their heads right now. “We can’t be removed and we can control who gets in the club”. Be afraid, be very afraid of where that leads.

    Well, off for my first round of Regular REAL homemade good not-roady coffee!

  232. pinroot says:

    I’m not very active on social media, but I’ve been looking at alternatives to the big tech sites. Here are a few (I’m sure there are many more):
    Reddit => Ruqqus
    Twitter => Gab/Parler
    Youtube => BitChute/Rumble
    Facebook => Minds/MeWe
    Then there’s the Fediverse (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fediverse) which is a bunch of decentralized servers that can communicate with each other. A couple of popular servers that work on the Fediverse are Diaspora and Mastodon. More here: https://fediverse.party/
    The nice thing about some of these servers is that you can run your own, which will make it difficult to deplatform you :) And if all else fails, there’s always IRC.
    Bottom line is that there are plenty of alternatives to the social media that big tech offers. The hard part is finding each other once you’re using it.

  233. pinroot says:

    Trump at the Alamo (right now):

  234. John Robertson says:

    Uni-Party alright.
    More concisely parasites.
    The Parasitic Overload,made up of persons with zero accomplishments rules.
    While never having built,grown nor managed anything to completion,they “KNOW” better than all who can and do.
    For decades the citizens have protested the immorality of Government theft and waste,yet no matter which branch of the Party holds power,the theft keeps accelerating.
    Now the parasites are so sure of their power,they seek to rule their hosts with an iron hand.

    They no longer understand the obvious,the host does not need the parasite.
    But the parasite desperately needs the host not to notice them.

    We have an overburden of rulers,regulators and manipulators,all of whom drain the wealth of society.
    We can no longer afford the damage they are doing and have done.
    Interesting days indeed.

  235. A C Osborn says:

    pinroot, worryingly the Pres keeps talking about “the next administration”.
    It sounds like capitulation.

  236. E.M.Smith says:


    It is capitulation. Once the House & Senate said they were just fine with the bogus election results, that validated it. There is no constitutional requirement other than that they say “Yup.”, and they did.


    Your comments are now out of moderation. My response is in one or two of them. In general, why the MSM is a laughing stock in terms of any validity is covered nicely by a real journalist, Tim Pool, here:

    I included a small reply here:


    Looks like, per other comments, I’ll need to review what all you’ve commented. If there’s no “insults to the person” I generally don’t care what opinion someone has. However, be aware that generally harassing and snarking is not beneficial. Just FYI.

  237. M Simon says:

    John Robertson says:
    12 January 2021 at 8:12 pm

    Way more fraud than we can afford. At 10% it is the cost of doing business. At 80% it is the business.

  238. M Simon says:

    What was in the envelopes handed out to high ranking attendants at Bush’s funeral in 2018?

    “They Know Everything.”

  239. M Simon says:

    Rumors have it that all the January 6th Congress critters got a note on Italian fraud right before the vote. They voted without investigating. Sedition charges will not be brought against 142 Reps and 8 Senators. Congress will be getting slimmer for a while. Who ever was buying Congress skimped on Reps.

  240. DoNoNorth says:

    It does seem the 5th coup attempt using the Great Disenfranchisement will succeed, we’ll see. If it does, the good thing the final actual President of the U.S. has accomplished by fighting to the end and not conceding is that much info has come out – and many more of us are now becoming aware – of the deep penetration of Chinese money and CP members (with the resulting corruption) into Congress, the Federal government/institutions, and down to the state/local level.

    It seems pretty clear China, and the global Oligarchs, are buying control of the U.S. and that Congress, with a few exceptions, now represents these new masters – not us Americans. Regards the National Uniparty, I think of the Democrat wing as being the storm/shock troops used to destroy our institutions/culture/history while the Republican wing are the Vichy collaborators.

    I may be overly pessimistic – but I would not be surprised if, before too many more national “election” cycles occur, our new masters choose to dispense with the pretense of “elections” altogether.

  241. pinroot says:

    @ACOsborn – I guess it does sound like capitulation, but at this point, what else can he do? I still like to think that he’s got something up his sleeve, but at this point, who can say? It seems like the deplatformings are going to continue, anybody to the right of Stalin will be considered far right and banned. “Dark winter” indeed.

  242. Ossqss says:

    For those who may be interested, I have been deliberating on a newer version of MS office Pro since my short lived retirement ended and the corporate laptop went away.

    The choices were to do Office 365 and pay a monthly fee moving forward, Office 2016 which has been EOL’d, or Office 2019 Pro. There are some other variants that are online only, but I wanted my PST and other files local for offline access and work if needed.

    I did some digging and via several reviews and comparisons including a good write up on Toms Hardware a couple months ago, so I decided to give a try to 2019 since it will be supported for some time to come and is a one time license fee, understanding I was currently using the last edition I had purchased from 2003, yes your read that right. The software was obtained through a site called Kinguin.net and everything was legit and was activated through Microsoft’s site legally. The cost including the paypal fee and a support donation was $56 and change. Now I should be set or another decade or so :-)

  243. M Simon says:

    The President said that he is bringing up Pelosi on Sedition and other charges. The Democrats are extended. Now is the time for the counter punch. 8 days to go. In case you are over come by despair.

  244. E.M.Smith says:

    @M. Simon:

    Not despair, just looking at the reality of the facts on the ground. The Swamp is big, deep, and dirty. Trump is “just one guy” seen as headed out the door. Just what Petty Bureaucrat in any agency in D.C. is going to risk it all to support Trump in some sedition charge when he can just say “I’ll get to that… (next week…)” and wait?

    So again: I’ll believe it when I see it. 4 years and still waiting for the first Perp Walk and first indictment… Not exactly a stellar record to bank on.

    Trump ought to have hit them hard, right out the gate, with everything. He tried to play by the rules and work with them instead. That failed. Now he’s got days to do what ought to have been done in a couple of years? Yeah, um, “good luck with that”…

  245. M Simon says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    12 January 2021 at 11:47 pm

    Playing by the rules had at least one saving grace. It made quite a bit of the corruption open and obvious. And we now know who our friends are. Not near as many as we thought.

  246. Annie says:

    Beththeserf is quite right. BillinOz did thread bomb and become very uppity on Jo Nova’s site and he has been doing the same here lately. I very nearly commented as such before now but decided to see if he would calm down. He is getting worse though and unlikely to improve in the future, judging by past experience.

  247. YMMV says:

    DoNoNorth: “I think of the Democrat wing as being the storm/shock troops used to destroy our institutions/culture/history while the Republican wing are the Vichy collaborators.”

    And throw in a few Quislings.

  248. gallopingcamel says:

    It is truly wonderful to have trolls like “serioso” and “billinoz”
    They bring out the best in us and especially our stars such as “philjourdan” and “beththeserf”
    Ooops! I almost forgot our esteemed leader.

  249. another ian says:

    More on Windows 10 S Mode

    “The full story on S mode and to deactivate the bastard ! https://www.hellotech.com/blog/what-is-windows-10-s-mode-and-how-to-turn-it-off More on Windows 10 S Mode “

  250. beththeserf says:

    ‘Stars?’ Shucks, galloping camel, I is jest a serf.

    Annie, above, likewise re Bill from Oz, not out to hunt him down. Leave that behaviour to those Big Tech Elites and Democrats doing their own Kr*stel N*cht pack-hunting.

  251. Mikeb says:

    Twitter complains it’s being censored in foreign election

    Wednesday, January 13th 2021, 12:49:03 am

    After permanently banning President Trump and other prominent conservatives,
    Twitter condemned the blocking of social media and messaging apps by
    Uganda during the country’s election, prompting many of its users to
    point out the irony.

  252. A C Osborn says:

    Maybe, in the realm of “anything is possible”, that the Pres and Pompeo are just lulling them all in to a false sense of security with their talk of the next admin.

  253. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    S mode? Since I abandoned touching MS Windoze a decade+ back, I had no idea.

    Looks like they are trying to copy the Android / Apple model.

    I’m so glad I run open software OSs…

  254. DoNoNorth says:

    Here is an interesting interview with Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha on the events immediately surrounding the shooting of the Air Force Vet in the Capitol and the role of the agents provocateur present there. New to me is that Japan is now having problems with Antifa-type disturbances in, I believe she said, Formosa.

    (First attempt at trying to include a link – hope it works)


  255. A C Osborn says:

    Very interesting Video of Election fraud and news suppresssion.

  256. M Simon says:

    Youtube has started its purge. May I suggest another more reliable service may be in order. Which is to say – i can’t see the video.

  257. M Simon says:

    A C Osborn says:
    13 January 2021 at 7:13 pm

    A refresh and it shows up. And then I find it is an hour and a half. tl;dw .

    How about a 50 or 100 word precis?

  258. another ian says:

    “Gab, surging, has copies of all Trump’s tweets”


    E.M. Seems to me that the work-around to “S mode” lets them do the “big tech” thing with an out. Not sure how long it has been going on but there was no warning back when I installed Brave on the old computer about New Year

  259. M Simon says:

    DoNoNorth says:
    13 January 2021 at 5:46 pm

    Even more interesting is the text and images below the video.

    What they have in store for us.

  260. M Simon says:

    From the above JoNova link.
    they even created their own web browser (called Dissenter). They also built a video platform (Gab.TV.) and an encrypted email chat messaging service (Chat.Gab.).I have used Dissenter for months. I like it.

  261. another ian says:

    AOC says Congress under the Democrats needs to ‘rein in the media’


    And they didn’t see this coming???

  262. H.R. says:

    Am I missing something or has there been a cleanup on Aisle 7?

  263. A C Osborn says:

    M Simon says: 13 January 2021 at 8:41 pm
    Basically it is a broadcast by Debbie Georgatos! of America, Can We Talk?
    She discusses the current censorship and has a presentation by Russ Ramsland on the Dominion machine forensic analysis in Antrim.

  264. A C Osborn says:

    This is an interesting recording of those that broke in to the Capitol building discussing floor plans etc.

  265. M Simon says:

    The left is really doing an outstanding job of outing themselves. I have cued up a Simon Parkes video to the important 30 seconds. You can watch the whole thing. And I have a Bitchute link if you prefer or if Youtube censors.

  266. H.R. says:

    Nope. No cleanup. I was on this thread and thought I was on another one.

  267. M Simon says:

    Another video plus a link to more leftist fascism.

    Take Their Children Away says a PBS lawyer

  268. philjourdan says:

    @H.R. – “Anyhow, Phil, that bit I bolded encapsulates it all.

    Indeed it doThey are trying to kill the figure head. But they will come for the movement, And when that is one, there will be a real civil war,

  269. philjourdan says:

    @Bill noz – get rea! Arny is a Nixonian! You are pathetc.

  270. philjourdan says:

    The Chinese did not create the other web. Totalitarianism did. It dies not bloom over night,
    But it will destroy the non-government controlled Big tech. So they have a decision to make. Neither of them good. Let them rot in hell.

  271. pinroot says:

    @MSimon Re;Gab – They’ve actually come a long ways in the past four years or so. I was one of the early users, and in the beginning, no one really noticed them, so no one bothered them. Once they started getting some traction, the left went after them, because Andrew Torba didn’t censor wrong-think and politically incorrect words and thoughts. He actually gave the users the tools to do those things for themselves. Naturally, they remove illegal content and such, but that didn’t matter. They were deplatformed a couple of times (I think they have their own servers, so no host to drop them), their payment processor dropped them (they eventually found another), Apple and Google banned their app (due to insufficient moderation of posts, so they said) so they went to the Mastodon protocol and became part of the Fediverse (and there are a number of apps out there that support the Fediverse). I’ve used Dissenter, which is basically a fork of Firefox, I believe (or at least uses some of the code base). They also have trends.gab.com which is a headline aggregator. Right now, due to Parler getting nuked and all the conservative bans at Twitter, they are overwhelmed. They’re trying to upgrade servers to accommodate everyone, but I haven’t been able to get a good connection for nearly a week. They’re currently a victim of their own success, but they’ve been through worse and come out smiling.

  272. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve been contemplating a series on how to “roll your own” servers, services and such.

    Not sure it is needed, but…

    From my POV it isn’t hard at all, but I’ve been doing it for decades. One thing is clear, the Bits Must Flow. You can’t stop the bits (Mal)…

    @M. Simon:

    Finally got to watch the envelope video. It could be anything. The words photoshopped over an image of the real ‘thank you note’. The facial expressions can just mean “Why have I got an envelope?”…

    There’s no way to validate or verify it.

  273. Ossqss says:

    @EM, ya may want to adapt the system to accomodate Satellite networking. If my sniffer is right alternatives to the status quo are quite limited with net access. Maybe somebody will put up some MeshNetSat’s and change a paridigm and give an out to those not happy with the way things are…, Oh Wait! ;-)

  274. pinroot says:

    Re: Servers – A series of how-to’s would be interesting and useful, especially things that will run on an SBC, since they’re so cheap and readily available. I’ve set a few things up, but always for my personal use on my internal network, so I wasn’t always as security conscious as I should have been. I’m looking into setting up a Pleroma server, which will run on a Raspberry Pi. It’s a social media thing, part of the Fediverse (distributed social networking). It’s mostly a personal curiosity thing, because I doubt I will expose it to the internet, I’ll just experiment with it and see what it can do.

    Networks: I agree some alternatives should be out there, but they aren’t, at this time. You can set up a mesh network, but ultimately it has to connect to the internet somehow, unless you just want it to be a mesh of you and your neighbors (I like my neighbors, but I’m not interested in something like that). The last time I looked into packet radio (a HAM radio thing) the xfer rates were too slow (think ‘dialup’), and you need a license. I know you can get actual satellite data plans, but the last time I checked, they were expensive and transfer rates weren’t that impressive, and it was mostly for people who lived in the absolute middle of nowhere. That may have changed. It would be worth looking into as a backup option. And there’s always using a cantenna to piggyback on your neighbor’s wifi.

  275. another ian says:

    Starting from here


    it would be more correct if the spelling of the last word began with “fu”?

  276. M Simon says:

    The commenter I had in mind was ==> TXForever

  277. H.R. says:

    @M Simon – It’s called Hope Porn.

    The 13th has come and gone and I haven’t heard of any pol in D.C. disappearing or being arrested.

    If I was a TLA, I’d use Hope Porn to keep POd voters from taking matters into their own hands.

  278. M Simon says:

    If I was a TLA, I’d use Hope Porn to keep POd voters from taking matters into their own hands.


  279. p.g.sharrow says:

    “Hope Porn” I like that concept. Some religions are base around that concept. It helps to create co-operation behavior instead of selfish survival of the fittest. In this case a way to keep, the chaos of the MOB, from getting in the way of the co-operators “course of action”.
    Yep, exactly the message that “Q” is asking the MOB, have faith and stay out of our way while we clean things up. If they fail to “clean things up” then there is the option for the MOB to attempt that task.
    I for one am willing to allow “Q” the opportunity to improve things. If “they” fail, then we jump off of the cliff into war. That is something I would rather avoid. Hence the Porn of Hope…pg

  280. E.M.Smith says:

    Per Networking:

    Just about every device can be treated the same, be it satellite, SBCs and wire, or Telco router. It’s all just TCP / IP protocol (though others are possible). There’s a much older protocol, UUCP, that’s Unix to Unix Copy. It was what the first internet NEWS stuff ran over (“NetNews” or BBS like stuff – bulletin board systems) and Unix like email.

    Looks like it is still “in there”:

    root@OdroidN2:/home/ems# apt-get install uucp
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree       
    Reading state information... Done
    The following additional packages will be installed:
      bsd-mailx cu exim4-base exim4-config exim4-daemon-light libgnutls-dane0
      liblockfile-bin liblockfile1 libunbound8 openbsd-inetd tcpd update-inetd
    Suggested packages:
      exim4-doc-html | exim4-doc-info eximon4 spf-tools-perl swaks dns-root-data
    Recommended packages:
      postfix | exim4 | exim | smail | courier-mta | zmailer | rmail
    The following NEW packages will be installed:
      bsd-mailx cu exim4-base exim4-config exim4-daemon-light libgnutls-dane0
      liblockfile-bin liblockfile1 libunbound8 openbsd-inetd tcpd update-inetd
    0 upgraded, 13 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.
    Need to get 3726 kB of archives.
    After this operation, 7921 kB of additional disk space will be used.
    Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y

    Now the “beauty” of UUCP is that all it requires is two machines who agree to exchange information. This, traditionally, was done via dial-up modem (and still can be). So first out the gate is they would need to censor EVERY phone line and phone call to even detect it. Then, of course, you can also send it through an encrypted tunnel. UUCP doesn’t care what media it talks over. Hard wires, telephone, network, WiFi, whatever.

    That is the ultimate fall back position. Encrypted ‘machine to machine’ transfers between individual cooperating machines.

    But there are lots of newer ways.

    What gets you fingered as a “provider” is your IP Address. So to mask that, you only need an outlet to the internet that is outside of the legal scope of the offending agency. Then you VPN (Virtual Private Network) to that outlet and use it as your spigot to the world. So you get an account with a VPN provider in somewhere that is not fond of the USA government, set up a VPN tunnel from your gear to theirs, and then your traffic appears to be originating in, say, Ecuador. (The weakness here is that IF you are large enough, the government can lean on the government of Ecuador to leverage them against you, but for small fish they don’t bother…)

    Then there’s the Onion Network. “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onion_routing”

    Onion routing is a technique for anonymous communication over a computer network. In an onion network, messages are encapsulated in layers of encryption, analogous to layers of an onion. The encrypted data is transmitted through a series of network nodes called onion routers, each of which “peels” away a single layer, uncovering the data’s next destination. When the final layer is decrypted, the message arrives at its destination. The sender remains anonymous because each intermediary knows only the location of the immediately preceding and following nodes. While onion routing provides a high level of security and anonymity, there are methods to break the anonymity of this technique, such as timing analysis.

    This is what the Dark Web is based on. You see, there has been a class of topic roundly banned for decades. Those folks did not just go away and die. Everything needed to privately communicate on a really free network was already created by them. Realize it is currently used by a lot of drug dealers, child porn purveyors, scam artists, etc. But there’s also some hard core privacy advocates who use it on general principle. So one would require a certain degree of caution in just what ‘Onion Sites’ one visited…

    Note that timing analysis requires lots of data (it took months of very high data rates to take down Pirate Bay drug site) and a huge budget. Yet folks are already building defenses: “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garlic_routing”

    Garlic routing is a variant of onion routing that encrypts multiple messages together to make it more difficult for attackers to perform traffic analysis and to increase the speed of data transfer.

    Michael J. Freedman defined “garlic routing” as an extension of onion routing, in which multiple messages are bundled together. He called each message a “bulb”, whereas I2P calls them “garlic cloves”. All messages, each with its own delivery instructions, are exposed at the endpoint. This allows the efficient bundling of an onion routing “reply block” with the original message.

    Garlic routing is one of the key factors that distinguishes I2P from Tor and other privacy or encryption networks. The name comes from the garlic plant, whose structure this protocol resembles. “Garlic routing” was first coined by Michael J. Freedman in Roger Dingledine’s Free Haven Master’s thesis Section 8.1.1 (June 2000), as derived from Onion Routing. However garlic routing implementation in I2P differs from the design proposed by Freedman. The key difference is that garlic routing has unidirectional tunnels. Conversely, mainstream alternatives like Tor and Mixmaster use bidirectional tunnels.

    Then note that all this is already bundled up in a full on shared network (actually several at different levels of acceptance, but this is a bigger one):

    The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is an anonymous network layer (implemented as a Mix Network) that allows for censorship resistant, peer to peer communication. Anonymous connections are achieved by encrypting the user’s traffic (by using end-to-end encryption), and sending it through a volunteer-run network of roughly 55,000 computers distributed around the world. Given the high number of possible paths the traffic can transit, a third party watching a full connection is unlikely. The software that implements this layer is called an “I2P router”, and a computer running I2P is called an “I2P node”. I2P is free and open source, and is published under multiple licenses.

    There are already file sharing, blog hosting, and “social media” applications in Tor and I2P networks.

    It’s all there. Just need to know how to set it up and go…

  281. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like a general purge of conservatives is happening. Walkaway campaign banned.


  282. cdquarles says:

    Walkaway was among the first to get banned. Samizdat, here we come. Garlic routing … Mikey likes it.

  283. E.M.Smith says:

    Looking at this list: “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_microblogging_and_similar_services”
    and skipping any owned by a company or otherwise prone to censorship, I get a short list of:

    GNU Social

    There are a couple of others possible, but look low on the development stage… like twtxt, Pleroma and Misskey.

    I’m leaning toward Twister and Mastodon as “best candidates” for a “Twitter like” but FOSS solution. If anyone has any experience with these, please toss your info into the pot… It might save me a bunch of digging / testing / trial & error time ;-)

    Per Blogging, WordPress software is open source, so my first event will just be a local copy of that on an SBC with a backup copy of this site on it. Essentially a live backup to play with / gain experience / uncover ‘issues’ like getting out through my router to the big bad world 8-) But some time after that, I’ll be looking at other self-hosted blog platforms in a more general “good for anyone not just WordPress Refugees” way.

    There’s quite a lot of them and I’ve not even looked at almost all of them:


    Even limiting to things stated as being in the Fediverse, it’s a bit to dig through:

    (f. RedMatrix; orig. Friendica-Red) CMS, Social network, Microblogging, Wiki, Blogging, Image gallery, File hosting

    Hubzilla looks interesting, but the folks involved were unhappy with some folks content, i.e. they have latent urges to control speech…

    Then there’s Plume & WriteFreely to look at:

    Plume https://joinplu.me/ Blogging
    Write.as / WriteFreely Blogging

    So likely one of those 3 as a first test bed Fediverse blog. Again, any insights or suggestions welcome.

    Essentially, I’m starting a low priority project for Me to get Me fluent in FOSS (Free Open Source Software) options for ‘microblogging’ (twitter replacement) and blogging (wordpress et. al replacement). Hubzilla also lists “social networking” as a function (facebook replacement) but there’s another batch of them on the list, too.

    I’m a little hobbled by the fact that I don’t DO “social networking” or “microblogging” (i.e. I looked at the security risks of posting Tweets / Facebook stuff and could not see why anyone would take those risks… and now feel justified in my decision…) so have no idea what “features” folks love. Or what makes them desirable. But whatever. I’ll get at least one going just to play with and explore.

    Essentially I’m tossing my hat into the ring as an entry level programmer / admin on Fediverse and related solutions to Tech Censorship with the intent to produce model systems anyone can deploy. We’ll see how far I get (and if a hoard of College Kids get there before I’ve even got my first system booted… ;-)

  284. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, I’ve got an “export” of this site done. Last time I did it was a bit different. WordPress now separates the “Media Library” from the text portion. The text / HTML arrives as a zip file, in side that there’s several blocks of HTML that will recreate the text portion of the site on a WordPress Instance if you do the right incantations. It was fairly small (under 100 MB) and downloaded without incident.

    The Media Library was pushing 500 MB (all those graphs and photos) and on the Odroid N2 / Armbian / Chromium, I’d get an error message for network failure at about 120 to 170 MB. Doing a ‘resume” restarted at the zero bytes, so it never managed to complete.

    Moving to the XU4 / Devuan / FireFox, while I still got a network error about every 160 MB, doing a ‘resume” did the right thing and picked up just a few blocks back in the download. Eventually it completed. It arrives as a tar file.

    I’ve unpacked both and it looks like everything is in them, including comments. So now I’m all set to do a trial install of WordPress on a Pi Something and see how the import goes. This will not be on the internet, just in my lab, as I have no site name / assigned high level qualifier (like chiefio.uk or whatever with a DNS pointing to me…) So for now, it is just me learning the ropes and prepping for a Just In Case case…

    I’d done this long long ago, but then switched to a site crawl / rsync type copy instead as it was more generic as a backup copy. But I’d not done that in a year or two either. So nice to have a fresh backup done now.

    FWIW, I don’t know if the failure to restart downloads properly is a function of Armbian vs Devuan, or Chromium vs Firefox or SystemD vs not or 64 bit vs 32 bit. IIRC, neither system has both browsers working, so I may not be able to do a full A / B compare to find out either. But having multiple systems makes a work around nearly trivial… Literally just changed what chair I was sitting in and moved on.

    It will likely be a few days before I do the WordPress Install, and that will almost certainly be in a posting by itself. Today was just “grab the bits” day… and that’s done now.

  285. E.M.Smith says:

    Firefox on the odroid N2 still gets a network error about every 150 MB but does the restart correctly at the point of failure.

    I get no network errors on other downloads, so presume WordPress runs it at low priority on crap gear. Then Chromium has a bug in dowload restarts such that it resarts at zero instead of last good block. But at least now we know.

  286. E.M.Smith says:

    Harvesting a minor technical nit:

    With ONE tab open in FireFox, looking at a trivial all text blog management page, I’ve got 1.36 GB of memory used. God what a pig.

    This is the version re-written in Rust, and where they are all cooing over how Rust automagically handles memory for you. Well, IMHO, it does that by hanging on to way too much of it without any reason.

    Oh Well. Back to Chromium… Though I will use FireFox for big downloads if they fail on Chromium / restart….

  287. M Simon says:

    Drug dealers is pejorative. To expose the nature of the problem call them medicine providers. The government has taken away our right to self medicate. Or did we give it away? Pretty soon not only will you not be able to get the medicine you want, you will be unable to decline the medicine you don’t want.

    Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel. Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood.

    Everybody (it is claimed) hates child abuse. But abused children? If they try to cover their pain we jail ’em. For their own good. Say. Isn’t that totalitarian? And popular with Republicans?

  288. E.M.Smith says:

    @M. Simon:

    It is only a pejorative if you think it is. Just like Car Dealers are folks who deal in cars. I refuse to let someone else tell me that dealing in drugs is somehow evil. (FWIW, the Drug Dealers I have known were happy with the term, and some of the more ethical and reliable dealers of anything I’ve ever known. Then again, I didn’t interact with street dealers so who knows about them.)

    You know my position and preference: I think there ought to be NO laws prohibiting the use and sale of medicinal plants and products from them. There was far less of a “drug problem” when Codeine was OTC and even in the 1800s when Cocaine was common, not too much bad happened. MaryJane was basically everywhere for a few hundred years and society didn’t end (though, as I understand it, the British Navy had an issue with some sailors “smoking the ropes” ;-)

    Frankly, I find “Medicine Provider” more pejorative as my experiences with The Medical Establishment has been far worse than Drug Dealers. (One friend in a wheel chair for life due to polio vaccination ‘side effects’…)

    BTW, I’m presently “self medicating” with a variety of approved and not so approved things that prevent Chinese Wuhan Covid. So there’s still some room for sane folks to assess and act for themselves. I’ve also squirreled away a copy of the 189? something US Pharmacopoeia, from back when M.D.s used botanicals. Then there’s my 2 books on Natural Remedies that list various plants and their uses. (I’ve seeds for some of them in my Prepper Seed Vault, just in case we end up needing to revert to the plants directly for things like pain killers and metabolism regulators. ) There’s still a fairly large community of folks preserving the old ways…

  289. M Simon says:


    We are in a war of words. I endeavor to take that into account. And “drug dealer” is pejorative in most places in America these days. Unfortunately.

    The worst part is that we have the “Natural Rights Party” fighting against the right to self medication because “drug dealers”. So you have no right to demand HCQ if you want it.

  290. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss: Because of the sucky internet here at the RV park, we bought a portable WiFi hotspot device.

    Neither the Mrs nor I was aware of these devices because we never had need of something like it until now.

    It is essentially a dumb phone that does only one thing; transfer data, and that includes streaming. You can set up the usual protections that your typical home setup has so every kid and his brother isn’t tying into your device.

    But those two articles you linked to above got me wondering if this hotspot device was a mesh device. If so, it’s going to give some weird results they way that we’ll use it in our travel trailer (caravan to those who are bilingual in English 😜).

    Two adults, two dogs, one cat in a small, two room ‘house’. That’s a bedroom, and all-in-one kitchen/living/dining room of about 150 walkable square feet. I’m not counting the bathroom as a room. (The cat moves at night and sleeps most of the day… and night for that matter. He’s a typical cat, sleeping roughly 18 hours per day. I can see the monitor now at 3:00 am, “Whut wuz zat?!?)

    Other than New York and Tokyo studio apartments, there aren’t many dwellings that have such limited options for movement. You can’t really go puttering about in a travel trailer like you can in even small homes.

    Also, I wonder what a mesh device watching movements would make of itself being moved. It could find itself in Texas, Florida, Michigan, The Dakotas, South Carolina or just about anywhere.

    We get the device tomorrow, so I’ll find out more about it.

  291. Ossqss says:

    Nice HR! Pretty soon we are gonna get you out of your flip phone next ;-)

    Hot spot placement may dictate a window seat for best results in a metal housing. Just sayin…

    Hopefully you got the unlimited edition because binge watching can add up quick》 No BS, lernt from my kids usage in the pay per Gig days. Queue up Dr. Smith – “OH THE PAIN”

  292. jim2 says:

    What do you guys think about this VPN. Is it worthy?


  293. pinroot says:

    Networking – I remember UUCP, is that what USENET used? I remember some dial-up BBS that were ‘networkable’ in that they could share/sync info. I never messed with FidoNet, but WWV (a particular BBS software package) could route emails and other stuff from machine to machine (but you sometimes needed to know a path or route). The problem with dial-up is that a lot of people have dropped their landlines, and who has a dial-up modem these days? Although, there are times when low-tech can do an end run around high-tech. Also, whether you use cable or phone, if your ISP decides to drop you for whatever arbitrary reason, you are now out of the loop. Time to look at ham radio or CB?

    Microblogging – The only experience I have in any of the listed items is that I’ve used Mastodon “instances” (what they call servers, for whatever reason). I’m going to play with Pleroma, mostly because it will run on a Raspberry Pi (there’s a distro specifically for it I believe). I think most of the others require something bigger (thinking server space and associated cost), so I’d rather play with something I can run locally. But I am interested in learning more about the others, most of them should be somewhat similar. If you want to get a feel for what options are out there, and see some of the specs/requirements this is a pretty good site: https://fediverse.party

    This site tracks uptime of a lot of the different microblogging servers. If you click the “Software” dropdown at the top, you can select whatever software package you want to run (diaspora, mastodon, pleroa, GNUSocial, etc) : https://podupti.me/map

    The best way to figure out what system/protocol/whatever is to set up accounts on one or two servers you’re interested in (use the map above to figure out what you might like). Lurk for a while. Also, decide what you want: a microblogging site (like Twitter) or something more like WordPress (some of the things listed have limitations on post size, attachments, etc.). The different ones you mentioned have different capabilities.

    RE: Drug dealers as a pejorative: I think that Oregon has legalized pretty much everything (heroin, meth, coke, pot, you name it). I like my alcohol and my smoke, but I’m waiting to see how things shake out in Oregon after making it ALL legal.

    Side note: The Pirate Bay, to my knowledge, didn’t have anything to do with drugs, they’re a torrent site (mostly music and videos). I believe the drug site was The Silk Road, they operated on the ‘dark web’ and you could get drugs, etc., there. Wikipedia says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silk_Road_(marketplace)

    Sorry to be so long-winded, I hope there was some useful info in there…

  294. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss – I know you’re just yankin’ my chain, but be only need it here at the RV park for a few months. It’s $50 for 100gigs. The unlimited plans require a year of commitment and we only need to use the dang thing for 3 months.

    Oh, if the weather is good and we’re out doing Florida things, unused capacity carries over. If it’s cold and rainy (Hello-o-o-o January 2021 in Florida), we just buy more. Then we’re done until we want to fire it up again.

    You do raise a point I’ll have to look into. A phone number is paired to the device… forever, I guess, or until the cat pukes up on it. But let’s say something comes up and we have to skip Florida for a year. The device will be inactive for a l-o-o-o-n-g time. So… what? Like people, do they declare it dead if it doesn’t show up in seven years? Do they reissue the device’s unique identifier?

  295. pinroot says:

    @HR – Your description of your current living spaces sounds a lot like what they (the power that be) would like for all of us. Do a search for ‘tiny houses’. Tons of results. It’s something that I could do if I was single, but not with anyone else. Our house is roughly 1300 sq/ft and sometimes that’s not enough :) And we’ve got 7 cats! No way to do all that in such a confined space :)

  296. H.R. says:

    @jim2 re VPN – No help from me. When we were discussing it not that long ago, I told the Mrs. we should look into it. She said she was already using a VPN and I should use it too. Say what?!?

    It comes with Norton Antivirus and you go into your settings and select VPN. Done and dusted. I’m on a VPN.

    But now I have the same question as you. Is Norton VPN worthy? What makes for a good VPN?

    A Yugo and a Ferrari are both cars, but they are different. I’d assume the same is true of VPNs.

  297. E.M.Smith says:


    Yes, UUCP was the backbone for USENET. The major feature of it is that there is NO ISP AT ALL. Your Unix / Linux box trades information with another Unix / Linux box based on agreed contact protocol. That’s it.

    Yeah, hard wire phones and modems are largely dust now, but UUCP can use leased lines, WiFi, SSH, Internet, etc. etc. IF you can connect, you can exchange. So even a “mesh network” in a neighborhood made of Raspberry Pi boxes could share data.

    Per Silk Road:

    Yes, absolutely. I brain farted and put Pirate Bay (as you pointed out a music sharing site) when it was Silk Road that did the drug stuff. My Bad. What can I say, 2 week of sleep deprivation and I’m off my coffee for the day ;-)

    I really need to get to bed now as I’m partied out tonight… so all the rest of the comments here, I’ll have to catch up tomorrow.

    Per VPN:

    They do have quality differences. Logs kept or not. Country of origin laws. Can you really trust them or are they on a TLA influenced list? How secure / hackable? All issues I know exist, but where I don’t have the answers.

    It’s a BIG “Dig Here!” I’ve not had time to do…

  298. pinroot says:

    @HR re: VPN – I will share the very little that I know. One of the main things that people seem to look for is a VPN that does not keep logs (logs are basically a record that you were using their service). Or they state that they won’t turn any records over to the authorities. Since a VPN is mostly all about privacy, most people use the above things as their main criteria when looking into a VPN (when privacy is your main concern, the cost is at least secondary). There are a lot of VPN services out there, you just have to look into what they offer and what you want/need.

    Outside of all of this, hopefully someone knows more and can help you (and me).

  299. pinroot says:

    @EM – Sorry about the Pirate Bay/Silk Road thing. It’s an autistic thing with me, I think. I know you’ve had a busy week and I doubt that i could keep up with what you’ve done this week… But also, thanks for letting us know that UUCP works across a variety of protocols, or whatever. Something else for me to look into….

  300. billinoz says:

    Is this post about the death rate in the UK in 2020, off topic or not ?
    The Covid pandemic has caused excess deaths to rise to their highest level in the UK since World War Two.
    There were close to 697,000 deaths in 2020 – nearly 85,000 more than would be expected based on the average in the previous five years.
    This represents an increase of 14% – making it the largest rise in excess deaths for more than 75 years.
    Ummmm ? 85,000 more deaths than usual in the UK ?

    I do know one thing: there were only 809 Covid deaths in Australia in 2020. Most of those deaths happened in Victoria from June to November. But nationally that 809 deaths are a just a drop in the bucket.

    I wonder if there are comparable death statistics for the USA

  301. David A says:

    It is curious that if President Trump’s recognition of HCQ, and counsel to get sunshine and fresh air had been followed, instead of ridiculed, as well as proper use of Ivermectin, about 90 percent of Wuhan flu deaths would have been prevented, and economic shut down completely unnecessary
    politically unsupportable.

    It is somewhat interesting that many people are deeply ignorant of the various factors that affect RO, as well as the disparate circumstances in various nations. Those same people are equally unaware of politicalization of the purported statistics, both case load and death rate, that different nations employ.

    And so, being generally ignorant and arrogant, they never grow on understanding.

  302. billinoz says:

    @David A
    Well I’ll be blunt:
    1: None of Trump’s suggestions for dealing with Covid were adopted or even widely suggested in Australia. Though I personally take lots of daily Vitamin D2, Zinc, and have Ivermectin in the cupboard, I am an exception. We are doing quite OK with minor in-breaks from infected persons travelling back to Australia and not being quarantined adequately enough. But life in Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the ACT, the NT is almost completely normal. In Queensland & NSW the latest ‘in-break’ is being suppressed. effectively with district lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing and deep cleaning of sites which have harboured infected persons. And as my previous comment noted, 809 Austra 39799lians are listed as having died from/with Covid in Total.

    2: The contrast with the USA could not be more stark. 93 million are reported to have caught this disease with 397994 deaths from/with Covid. Link : https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

    As I have said before, “Good luck Americans ! “.. Among whom is my only grand daughter in Minneapolis.

  303. E.M.Smith says:


    You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m glad you caught it so I could get it right. It was my brain fade, not yours.

    Well, off to morning coffee before I enter the fray of Site Admin ;-)

  304. David A says:

    So anyone engaging in a rational fruitful conversation about the Wuhan flu would note that President Trump was right about the treatments, and that he was right about the travel ban he was so roundly criticized for. They would then agree, or rationally disagree with the dozens of studies on these treatments.

    Furthermore they would not ignore the very different circumstances in these nations, both for tracking cases and deaths, and they would not ignore the disparate demographics, and physical conditions that exist .

    As one example of how numbers are manipulated;the first wave in the US was showing about 30 k cases a day and about 2200 deaths a day. Now apparently the Wuflu is 1000 percent more contagious, yet only 50 percent more deaths.

    Bottom line, about 90 percents of those deaths and 90 percent of the lockdowns were fairly easily preventable, and what the left has done in their TDS, is rationally called democide.

    Had President Trump’s common sense prevailed and had the election not been stolen, your daughters prospects would be greatly improved.

    Also your own nation’s economic prospects would have been much brighter if President Trump’s election was not stolen.

  305. E.M.Smith says:


    Please acknowledge that you know Dr. Faucci was the architect of the USA “response”, and that he INSISTED we NOT USE MASKS in the early stages, that stopping flights from China was a bad idea, and when community spread was detected came up with the “15 days to SLOW the spread” strategy of having EVERYONE be exposed, just slowly enough so as not to overwhelm the hospital system.

    Please also acknowledge that you understand Trump was pushing for the same kind of closed borders as Australia has, and was advocating for preventative treatments that are shown to work (even if not perfect).

    Please do this before your next comment on how great Australia did and how lousy Trump did. Otherwise I must assume you really are just Trolling and take appropriate action.

  306. cdquarles says:

    This is interesting: https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/cases-proceedings/092-3184/facebook-inc. I have not had time yet to go through it all and I might not take that time. Still, one wonders, and maybe a legal eagle needs to take a look here.

  307. jim2 says:

    Here’s the ExpressVPN privacy policy. Looks pretty good to me.


  308. jim2 says:

    Emergency Event: Surviving The Big Tech Purge (Sunday, January 17, 7 p.m. Eastern)

    Posted by William A. Jacobson Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 5:30pm

    Join Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff, Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson, and Security Enthusiast Michelle Ray as they how discuss how to navigate the big tech purge and improve personal internet security.


  309. E.M.Smith says:

    Per VPNs:

    ANY VPN is better than no VPN.

    A VPN that is in another legal jurisdiction than your own adds a legal layer.

    Logs show where you went, but not what you did. A good VPN doesn’t keep logs. A very bad VPN sniffs your traffic. Using HTTPS or other encrypted method blocks the packet sniffing…

    Part of why I pointed out how cheap and easy it was to set up an AWS VPN of your own was so that YOU could assure the only “log” another VPN might have was one showing an origin at AWS… So you have your AWS VPN that blocks all logging, IT then connects to a commercial VPN. Now a back trace (even if coerced by law) can only show it originated at AWS. They might have enough logging to show it was your VPN at their IP / server farm, but that still doesn’t show you as the user of it at that time… “Could have been anyone, it is an open VPN server”…

    Alternatively, use someone like Express VPN to connect to the AWS VPN. Ultimate destination logs are all gone (as you don’t keep them). At best it can show you connected to Express VPN and then to AWS. Only risk is if AWS kept logs of outbound traffic by virtual server. Back tracing from the Bad Place hits AWS that, at most, can say “it came from Express VPN”, but would be hard to prove what it was or who was doing anything. AND requires cooperation from both providers.

    Now, IF you do your laptop to VPN connection at an open WiFi, and especially if done with a “disposable image” (USB or live boot CD or uSD in a Dongle Pi) all they can say is “Someone at Bobs Coffee & Grease used this VPN”…

  310. The True Nolan says:

    @E.M. Smith: “Please acknowledge (snip) Please do this before your next comment”.

    One of my brothers suffers from a really bad case of TDS. In my last conversation with him, he admitted to me that “99.9% of all the political news on MSM is fake” but then just a few minutes later he was outraged that I still thought there was electoral fraud. Why? Because the MSM kept reporting that there was no evidence for fraud. This is classic 1984 double-think.

    I predict that even if BillInOz agrees with your statements about Faucci and Trump, he will immediately return to his old assertions.

  311. YMMV says:

    billinoz: “None of Trump’s suggestions for dealing with Covid were adopted or even widely suggested in Australia.”

    The TDS is strong. We don’t know what Trump’s suggestions for dealing with Covid were, and you even less. Something about closing the borders until we got a grip on what the Covid threat was. Didn’t happen, Trump was blocked on that. NZ took his advice, although they would be the last to admit it. Oz must have got the message, although I’m sure they got it from somewhere else (!).
    And so on. Somebody suggested to Trump that HCQ was effective elsewhere and he repeated it. Well that was the end of HCQ. Maybe that will be repealed under the new regime. Trump is not an MD. What he did was good, to ask about other solutions. Because the American MDs failed the country. They did not want to find other solutions, they just wanted to use only the protocols that were safe to themselves. In general. ALL the breakthroughs were by people risking their livelihood by going against the system, against the establishment.

    There is one American doctor on YouTube I trust, although his patients are in other countries.
    Here is a short rant at the end of one of his videos. Watch for these words: “we should be allowed”, “incompetence”, “more and more criminal because people are dying”, “sick of the leadership not to allow common folks to use these things”
    “Doctor Been” is a hero!

    You blame Trump. I blame everyone from Trump’s advisors such as Fauci on down the scale of jurisdictions, politicians, administrators, regulators, the media, and the gullible public. Sad. Tragic.
    Save yourself; the Deep State won’t save you. They say Australia is the Lucky Country. (Luck is not a strategy.)

    This link is set to start at that point, near the end.

  312. p.g.sharrow says:

    @The true Nolan; One of the things I learned very early was that most people have ROM, read only memory. Once learned they can not “unlearn” a wrong fact. All cults are based on this fact. Repetitive rote learning / chants become FACT that they will regurgitate as soon as prompted. They can not help themselves, it is how they are wired. Most of those here can quickly recast their grasp, up grade their facts by adding corrections in their memories and therefore change their opinions as known facts change. Those with ROM complain that we are inconsistent, I rather that ” We learn”
    “Those that can, will learn. Those that can’t must be taught”…pg

  313. YMMV says:

    Interesting link from the Judith Curry blog: https://aapsonline.org/CovidPatientTreatmentGuide.pdf
    “An educational resource from The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPSonline.org)”

    Is that a first, an association that dares mention HCQ and IVM?

  314. E.M.Smith says:


    It looks like the latest update of ARMBIAN on the 64 bit ARM chip in my Odroid N2 has broken the Chromium browser in some way.

    Working fine before update / upgrade, now loads the browser, and has my links and all, but pages never quite load…

    I’m using FireFox on it now, until a fix arrives… someday… (but a whole lot of open tabs and bookmarks will need to be copy / pasted as I want them…)

    So for now, users of ARMBIAN based ARM boards and Chromium, Buster, be wary.


    Gee, guess they figure with the vote counted they can stop killing people. /sarc;

    Antiviral Agents: These must be started quickly at STAGE I (Days 1-5): Symptoms include sore throat, nasal stuffiness, fatigue, headaches, body aches, loss of taste and/or smell, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, fever. These medicines stop the virus from (1) entering the cells and (2) from multiplying once inside the cells, and they reduce bacterial invasion in the sinuses and lung:

    *Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with azithromycin (AZM) or doxycycline


    Ivermectin with azithromycin (AZM) or doxycycline

    Either combination above must also include zinc sulfate or gluconate, plus supplemental vitamin D,and vitamin C. Some doctors also recommend adding a B complex vitamin.

    Zinc is critical. It helps block the virus from multiplying. Hydroxychloroquine is the carrier taking zinc INTO the cells to do its job.

    Golly, just what we’ve been saying here and quoting from other MDs for months…

    But yeah, it IS nice to see it finally being “accepted”…


    And yeah, I like Dr. Been too. I’ve been watching his stuff for a while now.

  315. A C Osborn says:

    billinoz says: 15 January 2021 at 1:01 pm
    “1: None of Trump’s suggestions for dealing with Covid were adopted or even widely suggested in Australia.”

    None of them were adopted in the USA either, if they had of been 10s of thousands of lives would have been saved.
    You seem to be totally unaware that the President has absolutely no control over what happens in the individual states, that is decided by each state’s Governor.
    If you took the time to sort the States by Deaths/Million population you would know that the vast majority of deaths have occurred in DEMOCRAT states.
    Just so you know, he was right about HCQ, he was right about UV light, which dates back to the 1950s and he was right about using antiseptics inside the body, a study has just shown that Iodine inside the body reduces 80% of hospitalisations, ICU use and Deaths.

    Like I said before you suffer from TDS and look for information to make him look bad instead of looking beyond the headlines.

    You also refuse to wise up.

    As for your original post about the UK, our government has got just about everything wrong since 2017 when they ignored a massive study that said we were totally unprepared for any kind of epidemic.
    Every decision since has either been wrong or at the wrong time, usually too late.

  316. billinoz says:

    @EM, You seem to think I am trolling. I am not. I am merely presenting statistical data comparing the number of deaths in the UK, the USA & Australia in 2020.
    That statistical data shows that the strategy for dealing with Covid and preventing it’s spread has been a failure in the UK & USA but far more successful in Australia.

    Of course within each country the strategies of state or regional governments have also made . a difference along with the actions or policies of the national governments.

    Here is Oz there has been an attempt to coordinate the response by the formation of a “National Cabinet” made up of the PM, all the state premiers, and all Health Ministers. These happened each Friday and happened by Zoom. The members of this National Cabinet included people from three different political parties : the Liberal Labor & National Parties.

    So the strategy here in Oz as largely non political and non partisan. Ad that frankly I think was wise and effective.

    There were of course disagreements between states especially when ‘inbreaks’ happened in particular states. Then our state governments created quite strong border control measures using state police and ADF people. Here in South Australia, the SAPOL has been the major way of enforcing those state border closures.

    Is this political trolling ?

    By the way, fewer people died than expected for the 5 year average, in the period to October 2020 in Australia. That data comes from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. No doubt this will be updated to include the last 2 months of 2020 in the near future. Link :


  317. Compu Gator says:

    I’m especially attracted to Pleroma, in particular, because of the claim(s) that it could run on a server as low in resources as an SBC. For which the latest versions of Raspberry Pi seem to be the sensible choices, for their widespread support, not only in software, but also in hardware, notably various add-on boards. It’s reminiscent of the explosion of 3rd-party ISA-bus cards for the original IBM PC back in the early-to-mid 1980s. Being low in financial resources does motivate the choice, even recognizing that there are presumably just-as-capable SBCs available that are much cheaper than the latest Raspberry versions.

    Alas, our gracious host understated the status of Pleroma in calling it “look[ing] low on the development stage”: Its version 1.0.0 was released in June 2019, so it could be considered only 1½ years old as a product that its own developers considered stable & release-worthy [△].

    Here’s the Linux Reviews take on what Pleroma needs to run [●]:

    [Pleroma] can be installed on low-powered servers, home computers and even single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi 4. System requires [sic] will of course go up if you provide a popular server with thousands of users. A Raspberry Pi 4 will be fine if your social media server will be limited to you and a small group of friends.

    Only a “small group of friends“!?  But the top-of-the-line version: the Pi 4B now comes with 8 GB main memory?  As if its 4 GB (‘4A’?) versions–filling a 32-bit address-space–aren’t enough?

    Ohhh, wait! [†]

    PleromaFE [frontend] is written in javascript with Vue.js.

    Arrrgh!  No wonder: Could it be using bleepin’ javascript, a real slug for user-interfaces [×], that imposes a practical limit to a “small group of friends”?  I suppose that a nonuser could argue some abstract merit, when designing a server to be so low in demand for resources that it would fit on a late-version Raspberry Pi, in shoving all the front-end processing from the server onto the client computers. But the resulting user experience? [×]

    But what if its users are themselves trying to fit their routine use of the Internet, e.g., browsing, onto a dedicated low-cost client computer, e.g., a late-version Raspberry Pi, that provides only a low supply of resources?

    An optimistic but overtly promotional view comes from a blog [△△] by someone who might be named ‘Lain’ [△]:

    Pleroma can run well on a Raspberry Pi or a $2.50 Vultr instance. This makes it affordable to host for single user instances. You can still run a hundred users or so on instances this small, though, so it also works well for bigger instances.

    So what’s really running on the SBC is only the backend: I decided to apply what I’ve learned from a few Web sites to annotate a simple excerpt from a single site, rather than seeking multiple excerpts on the sites it links that could be edited into a harmonious & readable whole [‡]:

    The backend is built with Elixir [a garbage-collected functional programming language on the Erlang VM] and Phoenix [an MVC Web-framework on the Erlang VM], using PostgreSQL as the database.

    PostgreSQL, which I believe was originally a U.C. Berkeley research project, has been around since ca. 1980, so it ought to be rock-solid. Its initial formal distribution was likely with BSD-unix distros.

    As usual when I’m writing something on a technical topic, I strive to give credit to key inventors, designers, or implementors, as seems appropriate. In the case of Pleroma, despite looking at several promotional or supportive Web sites, I’ve yet to find any responsible people identified. The only hint comes from example images, which contain numerous indicators of Japanese culture, both in East-Asian text shown, and in image styles. Which makes a concluding line seem quite strange to me [△]: “Now I’m off to Pyongyang to escape all this social network stuff, see ya!”  Is there any other “Pyongyang” that’s not the capital of Red North Korea?

    Note ● : (anon.): “Pleroma”,  “last edited on 1 September 2020, at 21:20.”:  https://linuxreviews.org/Pleroma#System_Requirements. It seems to me that my initial source for what follows: Linux Reviews, was once an ink-on-paper publication, available in places like local computer stores and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

    Note † : “Pleroma” §”Technical stuff”: https://pleroma.social/.

    Note × : What Javascript slugs?  I’m looking at you, GoDaddy, and your “My Account” user-interface taking effin’ forever to load!

    Note △△ : “What Is Pleroma?  An introduction to the Pleroma microblogging server”.  Published by [________] 7 Mar, 2018. Licensed under CC-BY-ND-4.0:  https://blog.soykaf.com/post/what-is-pleroma/. I’ve not yet found an “about” for this blog: The domain-name maybe combining “Soy” & “Kaffee” (German, meaning “coffee”)?

    Note △ : “Pleroma 1.0.0”.  Published by [________] 28 Jun, 2019. Example image shows a young woman’s face next to the user-id ‘sasori lain’.

    Note ‡ : “Pleroma” §”Technical stuff”: https://pleroma.social/. Then:
    And I might as well add, for its underpinnings, either of these:
    https://www.erlang.org/ or

  318. E.M.Smith says:


    IF you ACT like a Troll, you ARE a Troll.

    Things you have not done that are indicators: Complete failure to engage the points put to you by others.

    Things you do: With some degree of /snark;, continue to push a sole POV / ideology.

    You saw my terms. State your understanding of the points about Faucci vs Trump. Or Else. This is the last warning.

  319. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, it looked interesting to me, too. But Javascript…. I thought folks saw it as a giant security hole years ago? Wasn’t it largely in the “shut it off in your browser” category? Or am I remembering something else from 20 years ago…

    BTW, even the Raspberry 2 has more power than the Cray I managed decades back. It has plenty of power. It’s the software that kills it. “Modern” programming (and their languages of choice) are the problem.

  320. Compu Gator says:

    Compu Gator commented on 15 January 2021 at 10:00 pm GMT:

    Arrrgh!  No wonder: Could it be using bleepin’ javascript, a real slug for user-interfaces [×], that imposes a practical limit to a “small group of friends”?

    Ooops!  Sigh. Of course not! 

    By definition, client code, in this case, Javascript, does not run on the server, SBC or otherwise.

    My hatred of that client-computer slug blinded me from noticing my elementary error. Altho’ maybe a Pleroma server owner-moderator would be able to find only a “small group of friends” who would tolerate the user-experience imposed by a Javascript frontend bogging down their own computers.

    As most readers have probably concluded, I haven’t actually tried installing or using any of Pleroma’s components, so it might turn out that my concerns don’t necessarily apply to the Pleroma product.

  321. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, just as an FYI..

    I’ve successfully installed WordPress on my SBC, and I’ve done the download of the site. AND I’ve shown that the local WordPress instance works Just Fine. But….

    When I attempt to import the exported files, it barfs. Says “no bigger than 2 MB” when the downloads are in the 20 to 40 MB range, each. Sigh.

    There’s likely some way I can hack the html in the files and cut it into 2 MB chunks but … In general it isn’t easy as advertized….

  322. billinoz says:

    @ EM When folks here put forward opinions about Covid which are politically partisan I reply with data about deaths from Covid. .
    One of the huge differences between the USA & the Australian response to Covid is the level of partisanship. It has been far far less partisan here. Only a few isolated groups have pushed a partisan view on Covid. Thankfully they have been ignored by almost all Australians. Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister has most of the time been non partisan in leading the national response.

    By contrast the USA’s approach has been highly partisan and political. And that in my opinion has been a major failure in the USA. Is Trump responsible for this failure ? Yes he is partially responsible. He is the national leader and president. Are the various state governors responsible ? Yes they are.

    Is Fauci ? Frankly I don’t know. In my view as an Australian, he is a ‘public servant’ who should have been part of a national & state team implementing the coordinated national Covid strategy. with decisions being made by the national & state elected leaders acting together.

    But that did not happen. And that is my non partisan point. This pandemic should never have been a political issue. It’s a national infectious disease crisis. And in my opinion that transcends politics.

    PS : A statistical update for Victoria :
    “Victoria has recorded no new locally acquired coronavirus infections for the tenth day in a row.
    The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) received 14,957 test results in the 24 hours to midnight, an update posted to Twitter said. Three infections were recorded in international arrivals who are in hotel quarantine. There are now 26 active cases in the state, a decrease of two since yesterday.”

    Victoria’s population is ~ 6.5 million.

  323. llanfar says:

    Surgeries update: first day allowed out of my sling yesterday. Managed a few hours (outside of my work desk – plenty of room to type with my arm at rest). I’ve been able to spend most of the night in bed now… until I’ve spent time rolled onto my favorite position which is on that shoulder.

    Other side, they had to restitch my palm as I wasn’t behaving and tore it open. Stitches come out Tuesday. The elbow cubital surgery with ulnar nerve transposition is healing nicely.

    The one big bummer: it’ll be likely 6+ months before I’ll be able to approach my normal disc golf scores.

  324. billinoz says:

    And here is an article from the Guardian which leaves me genuinely puzzled
    It demands that all migrants entering the USA be vaccinated.

    Who controls migration in the USA ? And has it continued during the pandemic ? Here is Oz migration has stopped completely. And that has been a a major way to prevent and eliminate Covid here.

    But if this Guardian article is accurate, migration into the USA has continued as if there is no pandemic.

    What is the actual truth ?

  325. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ll consider your “half a loaf” answer and decide what to do.

    You have seen the statements here, many times, that Faucci, as THE chief medical officer involved, gave DIRECTION to Trump per what to do. That Faucci said NOT to use masks (then later changed) and said NOT to close borders (despite Trump doing it though after a bit of delay to argue with Faucci). That Faucci said to take the path of Herd Immunity not quarantine.

    Yet for some reason your postings seem to claim it is Trumps “fault” that the USA took the path it took.

    What I am looking for, from you, is recognition of just those facts. What Faucci said to do, and that USA policy as driven by the head medical expert, was what you are complaining about. Not Trump’s preferred actions (that mirror what Australia did in that he wanted to close borders and push proactive treatments).

    Is that Political? Only to the extent that folks are “blaming Trump” for the policy of Faucci. Yes, as head of government Trump is ultimately responsible, however, I do expect recognition that as a non-medical person Trump is expected to trust and depend on Faucci.

    So what I’m looking for, from you, is recognition of just those facts. It’s a nice dodge to say “I don’t know”, and I suppose you may have not paid any attention to the year worth of discussion of Faucci and his flip flop policies here. BUT, in that case, you ought not be “tossing rocks” at that which you do not understand…

    Is the USA situation political? Yes, but only because The Left has been determined to make it so. Trump has been trying to just do the right thing, but any ‘right thing’ has been met with a profound shit-dump from The Left (just look at HCQ, which does work when given in the normal dose with zinc). Due to that, IF you just do “Trump bad, USA bad, Australia Good!”, you sound a whole lot like a Left Wing Troll and will be treated as such. “You are how you act”.

    So, to be blunt: Get clue about the true state of affairs in the USA, including what Faucci did, or shut up about the USA. Period.

    Secondly: Endlessly repeating YOUR talking points, and not engaging with questions or challenges from others is a key indicator of a Troll. You have been doing rather a lot of that. You can either engage with some of the points others have raised (NOT just posting repeats of your talking points, but taking some of their questions too) or you WILL be acting as Trolls act. “You are how you act”…

    Now that may not be at all what you intend, but what you intend (just like what I intend) is not very important. What is important is what the actual effect is IRL.

    So I STRONGLY suggest you demonstrate some Non-Troll engagement on questions put to you by others (such as here: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2021/01/08/w-o-o-d-swamp-won-8-jan-2021/#comment-137444 ) as I judge based on “you are how you act”…..

  326. H.R. says:

    @llanfar – Thanks for the update. We’re pullin’ for ya.

    The question I kept asking my physical therapists and the Doc was, what could I do that would reverse the surgery? Then, I just wouldn’t do that 😁

  327. YMMV says:

    @billinoz, “One of the huge differences between the USA & the Australian response to Covid is the level of partisanship. It has been far far less partisan here. Only a few isolated groups have pushed a partisan view on Covid. Thankfully they have been ignored by almost all Australians.”

    If you would tell me more about Australia and less about what the MSM says about the American problems, that would be more interesting. We do not lack for info about what the MSM thinks.

    I can’t imagine what you mean by partisan. Yes, I know what it means. I just don’t know what you mean. “A few isolated groups”? That sounds like what Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube would say as they censor any alternative views they do not agree with. Presumably they censorship applies to Australia too.

    Australia closed the beaches. Even in the summer. How scientific is that knee-jerk reaction?

  328. billinoz says:

    1: Let’s examine this statement of yours :”Faucci, as THE chief medical officer involved, gave DIRECTION to Trump per what to do.”

    If Faucci is a public servant then he gives ‘advice’ not ‘directions’.
    That Standard Operating Procedure in both our countries I think..

    Re Masks : Even Jo Nova was demanding that we all wear masks because of this pandemic back in March. And now masks are part of our standard response when we get an inbreak of Covid. Faucci’s flip flopping on the subject in the USA NEVER GOT any coverage here… On the other hand Trump’s not wearing a mask at his media events certainly did.

    2: You demand that I engage with the other folks commenting here. But almost all have called me a liar or a troll etc in the past few weeks. I mostly ignore such attempts to bully me in this conversation. On a few occasions I have responded directly and just inflamed them even more… So better not to bother.

    @ YMMV : By partisan & non partisan I mean exactly that : not dealt with in a party political way. That has made some huge changes here. Usually we have a PM & Cabinet making decisions in the national sphere. And state & Territory premiers & cabinets making decisions within their state borders make their decisions separately to the Commonwealth government.

    Instead since March we have had a NATIONAL CABINET meeting by Zoom each Friday morning to discuss and make decisions needed for meet the Covid pandemic. And that National Cabinet is chaired by the Liberal Party PM. And it has premiers & health ministers from the Liberal Party, the Labor Party & the National Party – depending on which party is in government in each state or territory. Decisions are made by a consensus process almost all the time. And yes some states have been ornery and disagreed – mostly Western Australia – but around 95% of the time the decisions are agreed by all.

    Now that is what I call NON PARTISAN.
    It’s not what I see or read in the USA or the UK either as a matter of fact.

    Some Facebook & Twitter devotees here have attempted to create the same type of partisanship that I see in the USA, They have failed.
    Why ? Because the strategies developed to prevent & suppress Covid have worked.
    We have a saying : ‘When you’re on a Good thing, Stick to it.’

    Finally you mention beaches being closed. Ummmm ?
    Bondi beach in Sydney at Xmas & New Year.. Yes it was closed. Why ? Because a couple of thousand young foreign backpackers ( Mostly from the UK & Europe ) decided that they wanted to have the traditional holiday beach parties there that have happened in former years. Big crowds; No social distancing; No masks; Lots of booze. That lead to lots of outrage by Australians against the young foreigners. The Commonwealth minister for Migration said his Dpt would cancel the visas of any found doing this in future.. So they would be sent back home to where ever they came from. The NSW state premier told NSW police to break up the parties; The local council closed that beach.

    Meanwhile my lady & I have been going to the beaches here in SA which are open to all and no masks. Just social distancing. Ditto in Victoria, Qld, Tasmania, WA. Not a beach closed except Bondi.

    PS EM, It’s supposedly Summer here. But it’s a bloody cold Summer. No heat waves at all. Day after day of 22-23 degrees with cold southerly winds. My pumpkins are sulking in the garden; So are my capsicums and tomatoes & sweet potatoes etc. It feels like Autumn already.

    Meanwhile the mass media burble on about how hot is is and the climate getting hotter… Utter bloody BS.

  329. YMMV says:

    @billinoz, thanks for the info about Bondi beach. As we know, the media reports the bad news and the freak stuff and ignores the rest. Such as, the beaches are open. But Bondi is still closed?

    As to partisan. You call the opposite non-partisan, but you could also make a case for calling it bi-partisan, where the two traditionally opposed sides happen to agree. Or you might call it consensus.

    ‘When you’re on a Good thing, Stick to it.’ — you could call that the conservative viewpoint. “If it works, don’t fix it.” We get the point, but in practice, usually, “It’s complicated.”

    I’m glad Australia is all happy and agreed to how to deal with Covid. When will you start letting in American refugees?

    Now, back to the problems of the partisan approaches. We all agree that partisan is bad in situations that should be scientific, factual.

    This video is a MUST SEE. This is how the American experiment ended. Gradually, with consensus, a little bit at a time until such a time as people wake up and wonder where it went, how did it go wrong.

    When they started censoring and mocking global warming skeptics? When they censored the reports on the JFK assasination? Before that?

  330. Ossqss says:

    Press the space bar to animate. Who can find the,,,, well S Polar Vortex? What is that really called anyhow????


  331. M Simon says:

    It is 10:30PM local time and 32F (0 C) in Northern Illinois. Rather warm for this time of year. The day/night temperature doesn’t change much. Lots of clouds compared to a normal year.

  332. David A says:

    The one who insulted anyone who supports President Trump said…

    “You demand that I engage with the other folks commenting here. But almost all have called me a liar or a troll etc in the past few weeks. I mostly ignore such attempts to bully me in this conversation. On a few occasions I have responded directly and just inflamed them even more… So better not to bother.”

    What sad nonsense. Yes, you came to a site of mostly well read people and were tolerated, despite your willful inability to directly engage cogent linked comments, and you demonstrated absolutely zero response when shown to be wrong many times.

    Then, after the likely false Flagg at the Capitol of OUR nation, knowing we are convinced of a stolen election, knowing you were talking to sincere educated people who love and respect the ideals of our constitutional Republic, you came in with full endorsement of the gaslighting censoring main stream media’s TDS, clearly trying to gloat with an air of I told you so, linking the same lies told everyday, ignoring massive contrary information, and ignoring that, as real Americans, aware of the profound corruption and depth of the swamp, aware of their violent totalitarian nature, we are deeply concerned for our nation.

    You directly called us cultists on two occasions. I have referred to you as a troll since, and in prior comments noted you exhibiting behaviours indicative of a troll before.

    I have outlined five or six question just to see if you were capable of a real conversation. You have failed to answer one of them. Your answer to our hosts question was shallow and very incomplete, not acknowledging aspects of questions. Perhaps that is more of a question of competence.

  333. billinoz says:

    @ David A,….
    I have nothing to say to you sir because you are an ill informed abusive bully.

    I bid you adieu EM.

  334. M Simon says:

    Simon Parkes 16 Jan audio.only
    [audio src="https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/bcb736_a85497682d6041e1b8e604a593c12ee8.mp3" /]

    About 11:20 in he discusses the “good guys” being able to take down fake media for broadcasting a fake (CGI Biden) inauguration. I don’t see how that could work at all in the USA. We (still) have free speech laws.

  335. David A says:

    Lara Trump left an interesting twit, surprised it is still there.

    Silence can be wonderful.

  336. David A says:

    Voluntary silence I mean of course.

  337. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    Since Lara Trump’s tweet is now gone, perhaps you can give a paraphrase / summary of what you read?

  338. M Simon says:

    Simon Parkes discusses a communication lockdown of 5 to 10 days with only an official US Government Channel available. I don’t see how that is possible without armed guards at ever radio and TV station in America. Even at radio rebroadcasters there is a switch and microphone for emergencies.

    Live court marshals being screened over 7 to 10 days. Now maybe there is a master switch these days but at least in ’74 doing EBS broadcasts was manually if not legally voluntary. BTW EBS (before that CONELRAD) later to be EAS came about because of nuclear war fears.

    And I’m not even half way through. I think this is another in the “go quietly, we will rescue you, we promise” series.

    OTOH Biden canceling rehearsals because of “security” is unusual. I wonder if Joe is even alive.

  339. E.M.Smith says:

    @M. Simon:

    I think you may be onto something! Think of Max Headroom and his glitches… then run tech forward a few decades. Maybe Biden doesn’t make “gaffs”, his programming just has a Max Headroom Moment!

    And who needs rehearsals for a CGI Avatar anyway?… Just sayin’…

    (Hoping for a God with a sense of humor to deliver driving sleet and freezing rain for 3 days, one before, during, and one after, the advertized swearing in date… )

  340. E.M.Smith says:

    I don’t see how you could have a communications lockdown. Just too many information sources / flows. Maybe quash it some, but with lots of “issues”.

    IFF you could get the major networks and cable systems to comply, you might get most of the big stations, but the independents would still exist. I suppose you could have a guard unit in each major metro area assigned to find / intimidate every station that shows up, but….

    I’m just not seeing the willingness to agree to it.

    Then you would need all the telcos on board as anyone with an internet drop can be a “station”…

    And the Ham Radio guys.

    And the various Satellite systems (not all of them US domiciled)

    Then there’s sneakernet… (Never underestimate the bandwidth of a van full of USB Drives… it’s a long time between packets, but…)

  341. A C Osborn says:

    This is the contradiction that is is Bill.
    billinoz says: 16 January 2021 at 2:38 am
    “Meanwhile the mass media burble on about how hot is is and the climate getting hotter… Utter bloody BS.”

    He knows mass media in Australia, (and everywhere else), spreads BS, but still quotes them about Trump & the USA.

  342. YMMV says:

    Ivermectin news. Good news?

    The optimistic interpretation.

    Ivermectin finally got a boost in America just this week. The NIH has officially recognized Ivermectin as an option for treating the Wuhan virus. The new recommendation “has now been upgraded to the same level as those for widely used monoclonal antibodies & convalescent plasma, which is a ‘neither for nor against’ recommendation.” In other words, it’s no longer barred. It is a therapeutic option.

    The not so optimistic interpretation is that before (August 27), NIH said “bad”. Now (January 14), NIH says “insufficient data to recommend either for or against”. They ignore all the data accumulated so far (in the Trump era). They are open for new trials (in the Biden regime) and then they could possibly approve it. “It is just a political statement”. I would add the word ‘sneaky’. They are settting themselves up for changing their mind, but without admitting that they were wrong.
    Again, the video is set to start at this point, very near the end.

  343. E.M.Smith says:

    While I’m thinking about it:

    I’ve also heard “hope porn” called “hopium”… As in “I think he’s smoking hopium again”…

    Just heard, on Bongino 1436, “Hope is not a strategy”… Don’t know if it was just the flow of conversation, of if my tag line of “Hope is not a strategy. -E.M.Smith” has gotten some legs ;-) Nice to hear it in any case.

    It was in the context of where Bongino is talking about the need for a strategy…

  344. The True Nolan says:

    @ E.M. “I don’t see how you could have a communications lockdown.”

    100% lockdown? No, of course not. The question is, “how much of a lockdown is good enough to control or influence public reactions?” 50%? 90%? As we all know, one of the big issues in modern access to accurate information is that information has become so excessively centralized. Controlling a half dozen corporations and a few critical data points would not give 100% lockdown, but it would make a major dent in what was easily available. (Of course a few, uh, super-techs such as yourself would only be mildly inconvenienced.)

    As for “hopium”, am I personally smoking some? Just a little, but not enough to help me sleep at night.

  345. p.g.sharrow says:

    don’t know how valid this guy is but worth a listen:
    seems to match up with other sources

  346. David A says:

    E.M. the video was about how the Dominion machines were also printers, with the capacity to mark ballots, and perhaps print ballots.

  347. p.g.sharrow says:

    Well,isn’t that special? billinoz has bid adieu 8-)
    Everyone brings joy to the world. Some as they arrive, others when they leave.
    Have a nice day

  348. p.g.sharrow says:

    @DavidA ; I think I’ve seen, capacity for printer marking up to 3,000 ballots an hour on automatic.

  349. David A says:

    PG, wow if so, yet another I insanity in our world.

    I see lots of people arguing we don’t actually have an existent Cov19 virus,
    like here… https://canadafreepress.com/article/covid-vaccine-secret-a-stunner

    Is there any legs to this rumor?

  350. H.R. says:

    E.M. often writes, “Hope is not a strategy” ~ E.M. Smith

    E.M., I had heard that phrase at least as far back as the ’80s and possibly earlier. I searched on the origin of the phrase, and it is murky. I was in the aerospace biz and there was quite a bit of military around. We were making F-15s, F-18s, AV-8s, and C-130s and hosted and repaired a ton of F-4s. I may also have heard it from my dad, who was also in the military aerospace biz for a different company.

    (He also told me, “Son, don’t ever be an aerospace man.” So naturally my first job out of college was with McDonnell-Douglas in St. Louis where I found out why he told me that.)

    Here’s an excerpt from one article on the topic, though they seem to only have definitive, verifiable references that go back to about 2001.

    “Hope is not a strategy” is an adage that has been much used in military circles, possibly since the mid 20th century, in relation to national security operations, although who uttered it first is unknown.


    I’d be curious to know what’s the approximate date, as best as you can recall, of your first use of that phrase?

    Not yankin’ your chain or anything, but I had heard that phrase long before you created this blog. I’m sure you were using the phrase long before you created this blog, so who knows? Maybe you got the ball rolling elsewhere in your IT life and I heard it via 6 degrees of separation from E.M. Smith.

  351. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    He bases the whole article on the VACCINE not being made from an isolated virus but from segments of proteins found in it. That’s not the same as no VIRUS in the wild.

    IMHO, he confounds vaccine making with “everything else”.


    Since I was only born in the “mid 20th century”, IF it was in use then, it predates my use.

    OTOH, I think I beat their “2001” earliest documented…

    So at this point I’d also guess that I was hanging around aircraft a lot in the ’60s to ’80s and may have simply absorbed it along the way. But I wasn’t there often enough or long enough to have it imprint that they were using it. Maybe…

    Though thinking about it, it might have been used in Ground School about flight planning…

  352. M Simon says:

    David A says:
    16 January 2021 at 7:43 pm

    I have heard that from two separate and in so far as I know independent sources.

  353. M Simon says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    16 January 2021 at 9:27 pm

    As you know – you can’t calibrate a GCMS machine (no two columns are identical) without a whole virus. There is none.

  354. philjourdan says:


    But almost all have called me a liar or a troll etc in the past few weeks. I mostly ignore such attempts to bully me in this conversation. On a few occasions I have responded directly and just inflamed them even more,

    And another lie. You have YET to admit you lied. No court examined ANY evidence. A lie you made. And when you did respond to me, all you did was call me a liar, with no citation of a lie. I have pointed out 3 times now your lie that got you branded a liar, and you have yet to retract it or admit it. So then you post another lie about responding directly. You have not done so, You merely spewed juvenile ad hominems. You did not respond to the facts presented, you did not retract them, you merely acted childishly.

    So what do you call a person that lies repeatedly? In the non-PC world, we call them a lair. You are a liar. And you continue to lie.

  355. E.M.Smith says:


    A couple of “red flags” for me from that guy’s Gab video:

    “Global martial law”. Near as I know, it isn’t possible as there is no authority nor mechanism for global martial law. I doubt Red China or Russia would agree to a US Military Law on their dirt… (Maybe just lousy wording and they mean ‘global’ in all US territories… but really?)

    “Global” media control / broadcast. Again, I can think of no mechanism possible to do this. There’s a few different cell phone signalling methods and on different bands than in the USA, so unless you have gear for European / Chinese / Russian / etc. cell systems and TV systems AND it is on the ground where the signal can be strong enough AND you have effective command and control over it (and the dirt around it for a good long ways), and… Not seeing how it is even remotely possible.

    IMHO, it’s either Hopium or click bait.

    I’d absolutely love to be wrong though ;-)


    I’d also note that his “exhibit” of a Donald Trump card has his first term ending on what looks like Jan 19 and is dated Jan 20. We are not there yet. So likely something printed in advance, and now useless; or something photo-shopped from something else. Basically the “story” that he was inaugurated in private would have the date prior to now, not after now.

  356. E.M.Smith says:


    Um, I think BillInOz bugged out when I put him on the moderation list. You are likely shouting into the wind. Might want to just give it a rest a while and see.

  357. philjourdan says:

    BOZ has an ego. He is still reading. He may not respond now that he is in moderation, but he is reading.

  358. M Simon says:

    p.g.sharrow says:
    16 January 2021 at 7:09 pm

    That is basically the same stuff I got from Simon Parkes but military style. Only the facts Jack.

    I’m sceptical about “every TV on the planet”. And shutting down the Internet for 5 days? They probably claim covid lockdowns are bad.

  359. Jim Masterson says:


    So naturally my first job out of college was with McDonnell-Douglas in St. Louis where I found out why he told me that.

    I worked for Boeing as a software engineer for more than thirty years. Boeing was a good environment to work in until they bought McDonnell-Douglas. Generally when company A buys company B, the managers of company B go out the door, and the managers from company A take over company B.

    Apparently, McDonnell-Douglas bought failing McDonnell-Douglas with Boeing’s money. The whole environment at Boeing changed, because the mangers from McDonnell-Douglas took over.

    I agree with your opinion of McDonnell-Douglas–not a good company to work for.


  360. M Simon says:

    BREAKING: President Trump Deploys US Marine Corps to DC Right After Reports Indicate He is Considering Martial Law — USMC Twitter Goes Dark! (DC UNDER TOTAL LOCKDOWN)

    Can anyone verify this?

  361. M Simon says:

    Simon is chock full of things supposed to indicate that things have Started.

  362. M Simon says:


    The Defense Department authorized up to 25,000 service members — an increase of 5,000 from numbers confirmed earlier this week — to support the “federal law enforcement mission and security preparations” in the inauguration, as led by the Secret Service, according to an Army statement.

  363. E.M.Smith says:

    Two things:

    1) Just did another apt-get upgrade on the Odroid N2 / Armbian. Now Chromium is working again. It was the only thing in the update. I suspect “all hell broke loose” when everyone who had done the prior upgrade could not use a browser ;-) (Why I install more than one browser on every system whenever possible…)

    2) @Simon:

    I like the comments on that article:

    UNIVERSAL INC • 7 hours ago
    As the DC city worker said this morning:
    “If you have to do all this to keep people under control for your inauguration, maybe the people didn’t actually elect you”
    Hiden Biden UNIVERSAL INC • 7 hours ago
    They seem a bit nervous for having 80 million votes and control over house and senate. Like maybe it didn’t legitimately happen and they know it won’t hold water.

    I suspect Hiden Biden who stayed mostly in his basement the whole campaign will also stay mostly in his room in the White House. After all, he can’t do TV presentations without screwing up, he can’t do radio or interviews either. He won’t risk exposure to germs, Chinese Wuhan Covid, or otherwise. And it will be easier for Kamel-a to just run things directly anyway…

    It’s so nice to see them getting practice at how to run a police state. They probably expect to need a LOT of practice… /snark;

  364. M Simon says:

    Adding to the confusion, we have now confirmed that a prominent, popular voice on the ‘net who has been shrouded in secrecy — but whose videos are widely shared — is in fact a CIA psyop agent who was tasked with running disinformation campaigns to pacify patriots by telling them there is a secret plan for Trump to achieve a last-minute victory. There are, in fact, a few individuals who we now know to be bad faith actors who are spreading deliberate disinfo to pacify patriots into non-action while their nation is conquered by communists.


  365. philjourdan says:

    “If you have to do all this to keep people under control for your inauguration, maybe the people didn’t actually elect you”

    Perfect! 80 million Americans and the democrat leadership know the election was stolen. And unlike many, I am not saying “wait until…” because now that they have proven they can, they will. We lost our republic. We now have a dictatorship with their propaganda wing. Eventually, enough of America will realize it and indeed rise up. But not until we lose all our rights. They have the deep state and the leadership of the military. But not the rank and file of the military nor the gun owners.

    Antifa and BLM are not going to stop with Biden in the WH, they are going to ramp it up. and the feckless democrats will do nothing.

  366. E.M.Smith says:

    This is an interesting one:

    President Trump still can and should use the Insurrection Act, but it’s unlikely. Regardless, patriots should:

    1) Prepare for a comms down/blackout environment. Obtain CB and HAM radios, fuel, food, etc

    2) Muster NOW in their county seat. Meet face to face and sort out grid down comms and who will be “Home Guard” and part of a “Family Safe” program to stay back and protect families, while also determining who can project out to protect and assist others. Do it now before comms go down.

    3) Muster ASAP at state level, but NOT at state Capitol. The newly formed county units must Muster in a friendly “red” county to establish comms and leadership connections for future. Establish protocols in case of lights out/comms down.

    4) Beware of false flags and traps that are now being set. Be careful who you listen to and what events you attend. Expect attempts to lure you onto enemy controlled ground where they have time to set up false flags.

    5) Prepare to walk the same path as the Founding Fathers of condemnation of an illegitimate regime, nullification/mass non-compliance, defiance, mutual defense, and resistance. See Part II for more.

    Looks like the information that Antifa / BLM were the ones breaking into the Capitol has taken hold with the Oathkeepers.

    Wonder what kind of “comms” they think will work? In a real comms shutdown, there will be radio jamming anyway. Maybe signal flags? ;-)

    Then the comments, again, are interesting:

    JS • a day ago
    Liberals are all up in arm about supposed “attacks” on State Capitols Sunday. They are fencing, trooping up, losing their minds. They are waiting to make examples of people, dont fall for this trap again like the dopes in DC

    If nobody shows up, that will piss them off more than you can imagine. Protest by no-show!

    Pelatiah Adams JS • a day ago • edited
    And PLEASE do NOT watch their “star studded” entertainment. Tom Hanks is supposed to be the one to “bring us all together.” NO WAY. DO not watch!!! We need to tank their ratings.
    Spankadonkey Cahal the Mad™ • a day ago
    Patriots must all drop twitter and facebook. Please. Learn to get along without them. Suck it up and do it now.

    Spankadonkey • a day ago
    Drop Google too, do Duck Duck Go. The story here is Oath Keepers. I love these people already. Perhaps the foundation of the counter insurgency — peaceful counterinsurgency of course.

    Looks like their clueful on the tech choices to make too.

    I, personally, intend a simple passive-aggressive approach until something forces otherwise. To some extent, I’ve already been doing it.

    I don’t watch “star shows” of any kind. Pretty much just internet videos.

    I’m mostly all shifted to non-youtube where possible.

    Never did do Twitter or Facebook, so can’t quit, but don’t read / follow either. (Minor exception for capture of stuff “for our side” if any ever gets through and someone posts it here).

    I’d though of going back to work, but why pay taxes if I can become a drag on the government?

    I avoid ANYTHING Google/Alphabet, Apple, Amazon as much as possible (and the others too…).

    ALL my computing is done on commodity SBCs from overseas using Debian / Devuan or similar. No $$$ to Gates either… I think folks here were hearing that kind of tech preference advice from me for a few years now. Now we see why…

    So I guess that makes me “home guard”, as I’m basically going to be sitting around the house cleaning it up for sale…

  367. David A says:

    So all the rumors about DC; 20 to 30 k troops, new rumors of Marine deployment, means what.

    Simplest explanation to me is the left is pushing the White Terrorists angle big time, a continuation of Obama policy, and now, assuming nobody bites, they will claim to have stopped Trump radicals, and demonstrated they are the law and order party.

    Or…. hope….

  368. philjourdan says:

    @David A – yes, gen up a fake narrative and then remove rights to remove the threat. That is the left There is no threat. It is a hoax. That I saw coming a mile away. It is the next step to the loss of rights and the totalitarianism of the the communist left.

  369. David A says:

    Yes, this is one time that I hope the simplest explanation is incorrect.

  370. llanfar says:

    Trying not to get hopeful early… anyone able to verify this? https://thelibertyledger423593164.wordpress.com/2021/01/15/first-set-of-indictments/

  371. H.R. says:


    Got the Wi-Fi hotspot device and it’s all just about instantaneous. Awesome!!!

    I’m assuming I’m done with cut-off comments. Sometimes it has taken 2 to 3 attempts just to get a comment to post. And I had to wait 3, 4, 5 minutes or more just to find out it DIDN’T post.

    Now… let’s see how long it takes for Mrs. H.R. to burn through 100gigs of data transfer.

    Wheeeeeee!!! Click on Chiefio’s Blog and whoosh! there it is. I am serious when I said that our old dialup was faster than the current dog’s breakfast of alleged connectivity we’ve been subjected to.

  372. H.R. says:

    A shout-out to Ossqss – Mrs. H.R. says you better schedule a meet-up soon or else you’ll find your tub of Buckeyes is light about a dozen+/-.

    She’s holding off, but she says it’s getting harder by the day 😜

    Ummmm… see you soon? No pressure, mate. 😜🤣🤣🤣

  373. The True Nolan says:

    It has already been demonstrated that the Legislative Branch will not obey the law, and the Judicial Branch will not dispense justice. The Executive Branch is outnumbered and there is no way within our system of laws and justice to keep our representative Republic. All that leaves is the military, and no one yet knows what they are thinking or planning. We know that President Trump SHOULD have been awarded the Presidency, but he was not. Regardless of whether you think the election was fair or not, the fact is, as of January 20th, he will no longer be President. The question is, will the military allow an obvious usurper to take office? IF (big “if” and slathered in hopium) the military decides that they will not accept a Biden Presidency without a fair election, the reasonable course would be for Trump to leave office on the 20th, and for the inauguration of a new President to be halted. The office of President would remain vacant. The military would have to organize a transparently fair election to choose the next President. Would there be military arrests in the meantime? Dunno… One advantage is that it gives political cover to Trump and relieves him of responsibility for the actions of the military.

    There it is, Santa, there is my Christmas wish almost a year early. I know it is a long way to Christmas, but maybe just this once…

  374. H.R. says:

    @The True Nolan (well whaduhya know… it’s long-timer Jason Calley… Sp. Did I get that right?… But I’ll go with what you choose to use.)

    Today is the 16th. Four days to go. That’s cutting it mighty fine.

    As for my Christmas wish;

    Dear Santa,

    Would you please be so kind as to light that lump of coal and get it glowing red hot before putting it in Pelosi’s stocking? Thanks in advance.

    Cookies and milk are waiting and a slug of Jack, if you’re near the end of your route. Carrots for those hard-working reindeer, of course.

    Kindest regards,

  375. H.R. says:

    @llanfar, who wrote on 17 January 2021 at 1:42 am

    No help here, mate. Can’t verify those indictments. But that’s a whole pipeful of Hopium I’d like to smoke at the moment.

  376. E.M.Smith says:


    A search of several of my usual news sources shows nothing.

    At this point it is at best unconfirmed and early, most likely “hopium” click bait.

  377. M Simon says:

    llanfar says:
    17 January 2021 at 1:42 am

    Can’t verify that one but I’ve been getting rumors in a similar vein. I’m posting them here until things get obvious.

  378. E.M.Smith says:

    Once Trump and Pence are out of office, IF Biden is not sworn in, Pelosi advances to POTUS by the Constitution…

    I doubt that’s a good strategy…

  379. David A says:

    Unless the hopium scores, and she is indicated also.

  380. M Simon says:

    From NaturalNews 16 Jan sitrep.

    The bad faith actors are pushing a modern-day version of “Operation Trust,” which was a Bolshevik psyop run in the 1920s to convince the country that the military was running a secret operation to stop the communists from taking over.

  381. llanfar says:

    We’ve been under a provisional military government for months… tracking down source.

  382. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, this is fun (Now for something completely different):

    The assertion was that in the Ominous Covid Relief Bill (or something like that) was a one liner that the C.I.A. had to declassify anything about UFOs…


    The Black Vault, a UFO enthusiast site and clearing house for related government files, recently published approximately 2,700 pages of the declassified documents provided by the CIA. The new disclosure amounts to over 2,700 pages of scanned documents involving Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), which is the U.S. government’s term for UFOs.

    Which points to:


    Which claims:

    Entire CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM (2,780 Pages)
    The links below offer two downloads. The contents of the original CD-ROM, as received, which is the multi-page .tif files (not searchable) with corresponding text files which are largely useless.

    The second link is the converted records, wherein The Black Vault converted each .tif file to .pdf, and made it searchable. This is, by far, the more popular way of downloading and searching, but both are available for download.

    Original CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM Contents [149MB] – This is the entire collection, zipped up, with zero processing. This is in its original form.

    CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM Contents – Searchable .pdf Conversions – [342MB] – This .zip file contains all of the above files, however, they have been converted to searchable .pdf documents. Keep in mind, searchable .pdfs are NOT perfect. Many of these documents are poorly photocopied, so the computer can only “see” so much to convert for searching. However, through various tests, the search capability is MUCH better than the above CD contents with only .txt outputs.

    First link: https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/cia/CIAUFOCD-FULL-UNTOUCHED.zip

    Second link: https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/cia/CIAUFOCD-FULL-CONVERTED.zip

    Downloading to my computer as I type ;-)

    Don’t know that I’ll actually spend time digging into it, but nice to have archived…

    Individual doc downloads and descriptions under those links at the site…

  383. M Simon says:

    Of course if a plan is being executed the psy-ops are excellent. I like the touch of saying “nothing until the 20th or 21st, things are delayed, so very sorry mates but the time table is irrevokable” and then starting on the 17th.

  384. M Simon says:

    UPDATE: IT’S CONFIRMED! USMC DEPLOYED TO DC! Sources in the US Marine Corps Confirm that President Trump Deployed Them to DC Following Martial Law Meeting With Mike Lindell! (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

    Rumor is that the Sec Def wants more troops for DC. They are up to two divisions worth already.

  385. E.M.Smith says:

    @M. Simon:

    I would caution to wait for several confirmed (and preferably live broadcast reports) before saying anything is confirmed.

    It is just too easy to drum up a fake or create a deep fake these days.

    I’m still not seeing any news of such things on any of my regular news sources. Yeah, the informal could be first and fastest, but…

  386. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting… Tried doing a youtube-dl save of the Jones video from Odysee and it didn’t work (the ! in the name for one thing, but I escaped that with a \ and it still failed…) so searched for the title “anywhere else”.

    Found a video site I’ve never heard of before, and where the URL did download.

    Anyone ever heard of Ugetube?

    Top page: https://ugetube.com/# auto plays a bit claiming they are a free speech video site. Also says they have been around for 2.5 years.

    Hey, Intellectual Frog’s Legs is there, can’t be all bad!


  387. M Simon says:

    Egypt cat

    I’m curious. If all this military is to protect old slowjoe and the ho, how come the barbed wire is pointing toward the inside, and why are they checking I.D.’s of people leaving DC, as well as entering?

    That is the most hopeful thing I have read in a while “checking I.D.’s of people leaving DC”.

  388. H.R. says:

    Yeeee HAW!! This portable hot spot is great.

    Ossqss suggested that we might consider getting an unlimited plan, as binge watching some of the series can blow through 100 gigs of data in a hurry.

    We had looked into cable, internet only, but the couple of providers in this area want around a hundred bucks for connection and then you are stuck paying for a year. Each year, when we return, it’s another $100 to connect. No bueno.

    We considered upgrading to unlimited data on Mrs. H.R.’s smart phone and using it for a hot spot, but then we’d be stuck again with a contract of at least a year and not using much data for the rest of the year we are not in Florida. Better, but still not good.

    So we bought the hot spot device at a one-time cost of $90 bucks, and then we own it forever. Then we buy data in 100 gig chunks for $50 bucks only when we want it. It’s $50/month/100gigs, but you can buy another 100 gig month if you blow through your data. Any unused data transfer balance caries over if you buy another month. And you stop buying data chunks whenever you want to stop.

    So anyone retired or near retirement and planning to hit the road in an RV for just a few months a year, until some newer type of connectivity comes along, the hot spot device seems to be they way to go.

    If someone plans to sell the house, buy a fancy motor home, hit the road and call their address “Anywhere USA”, then a phone with an unlimited data plan is probably best. You can use the phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot.

    Question: Are there other options we missed, like a Wi-Fi smart computer or something? (Uh… other than hacking your neighbor’s Wi-Fi 😜 We’ve rejected that plan.)

  389. H.R. says:

    BTW, Mrs. H.R. named our hot spot “Enterprise 1701”.

    I’m not a true Trekkie, but she is.

  390. E.M.Smith says:


    I have a nice fast Hot Spot I’ve used for “network down” situations. (Actually, 3 of them. Seems every time I’ve needed to activate it, a new tech level has rolled out and ti’s cheaper to just get a new one…)

    The option you left out was “just use / leach off of open WiFi spots in various places like hotels, coffee shops, libraries, etc.”. While often not as fast as a personal hot spot, they are often quite fast enough for a quick web check-in. Public libraries especially.

    My first Hot Spot was a cheapo “buy a card data quantity and go” from Walmart. Used it “on the road” maybe a decade+ ago? Worked OK but coverage was dodgy in many places. Only worked sitting on one window ledge of the coach in the RV park, and then was prone to glitching. (So we used the park WiFi most of the time instead). After a couple of “used for a month or two then idle; fight with company to get it reactivated when next wanted to use it” I “moved on” to a T-Mobile Hot Spot.

    The T-Mobile worked MUCH better in terms of coverage and all. It was also bought at Walmart (cash) and could be loaded with an anon buy of a card of data quantity. On a subsequent attempt to get it restarted (off the road, but house telco network went down) I went to the T-Mobile store and asked for a “buy the bytes” data card restart method. What I got was a T-Mobile account… (I had the ‘from Walmart’ card in hand and just wanted the device restarted…) ok, WHATEVER, I just wanted emergency network at home during an outage… It worked.

    The 3rd time, I went back to T-Mobile to get the 2nd device restarted after ANOTHER outage at home. “Oh, that’s a 3G Device. We could restart it, but really, this new 4G device is MUCH faster. AND the same cost to make it go.” (Some kind of ‘device is nearly free if you buy this much data’ thing and it was about the same price IIRC.) So now on the table in front of me is my 4G Hot Spot (not active, just unpacked from my road kit) that is in an unknown status in terms of T-Mobile account. It had some deal where it was $10 / month to keep it going and more for usage? Something like that, but if you just stopped paying it would close down.

    So now I have no idea what it would take to restart it, but I’m pretty sure that were I to walk in, device in hand, they would say “Oh, that’s a 4G Device. We could restart it, but really this new 5G device is MUCH faster…” I found the 4G device quite fast enough, really.

    FWIW, support for 3G is being shut down by many telcos as you are ‘encouraged’ to move to things with better use of spectrum. At this point, I’m pretty sure my first 2 Hot Spots are either useless or headed that way. Plan on any Hot Spot purchase to be a “wasting asset” with at most about a 5 year lifespan.

    OTOH, it’s a fairly cheap way to go for intermittent uses up to a couple of months use.

    BTW, many cable companies have installed their own WiFi network all over the place so you can have mobile access. They do this to get you to buy their expensive “at home” package that includes it “free”. So AT&T and Xfinity seem to show up in my tablet list of “WiFi SSID names” all over the place. Xfinity, especially, seems to be in the residential areas (I think they put a hot-spot / access point on their cable TV delivery nodes) while AT&T seems more common in airports and other commercial places. So for folks who DO have a high end years contract service at home, they may find their provider has a national network of access points included. Having “cut the cable” (really satellite dish…) a few years back, I’ve never used them and can’t comment on quality / speed / pervasiveness.

    Which leaves satellite… My various investigations of it over the years have been less than thrilling. Upload speeds near nothing (just enough to get you to the next web page URL) and cost / byte download way high while speeds are only “OK”. But if your choice is that, or $20,000 to install telco poles and wires to your rural cabin… Now, with Musk about to open StarLink to commercial access, that MAY change. Reality TBD, but “watch this space”.

    OH, and you MIGHT find in some tech havens a group of hacker types playing with “Mesh Networks”. Someone has an access point to the rest of the Internet, and the rest of them “mesh” connect over an area and out to the internet through that connection. Several phones have this built in now. (A response to governments shutting down telco / internet at times… so a “mob” can just mesh up a network and still communicate with each other). I’ve not participated in any of these (but would like to play with it…) as my phone is about a 20 year old 3G flip phone… I’m not yet ready to dump $800 on a Purism Linux phone and not really interested in building my own from scratch if I don’t have to AND I’m entirely unwilling to trust Android or iOS to be honest and pure with my information / location etc. But “watch this space”, especially in large gatherings where the telco towers are saturated (or turned off…)

    That’s my ‘nickle tour’… hope it helps. I’m sure I missed something as this is stream of consciousness just BEFORE first sip of coffee ;-)

  391. M Simon says:

    My kids got me a Samsung S8 for the holidays. Used.

  392. E.M.Smith says:

    Well that was a surreal experience…

    Just did a quick “dip” into the ABC and CNN web pages to see what they thought was “news”… They live in a very alternate reality from the real world. A fantasy world where Trump is the most evil and least liked president ever, and Biden is the beloved savior, with Kamel-a the new Great non-White Hope. Danger lurking all around what with Covid about to kill everyone (but don’t worry, Biden and the Gates Vaccination Passports will save you…) and nutty Right Wing Extremists about to burn down every State Capitol and invade D.C. (A bit of /sarc; in that, but not all that much…)

    Creepy really.

    Oh, and the 9000 person invading “Caravan” headed up from Central America is our chance to help save the world by letting them just move in…

    The TDS and projection is strong in them…

    My ‘reading between the lines’ would indicate that there IS an intent to run some kind of False Flag assault on State Capitols and perhaps stir up some kind of trouble in D.C. to justify all sorts of crap. Frankly, I can’t see why ANYONE not fully embracing the Radical Left would want to be anywhere near the Biden “inauguration”. It’s a fraudulent event to be celebrated by criminals. Why be anywhere near it? I’m not even interested in watching it on TV.

    Maybe NewsMax will have some real news…

    @M. Simon:

    Looks like a nice phone. My “burner phone” is a Samsung something or other. Juno 3? Gino? I don’t remember… Lower end and cheap, but more than I need or use. The S8 ought to do well for you.

    I got it only because all the ‘flip phone’ $20 ones were sold out and I wanted to explore how hard it was to actually get an anonymous phone (harder than you think mostly due to store cameras, payment methods, etc. then finger printing of local WiFi when you are around home / work. Then ‘contact tracing’ fingers you pretty quickly if you use if for your ‘usual stuff’…) White Hats need to explore the Dark Side to know how to defeat it. As a “security guy” I was curious what it would take. I doubt most folks, especially criminals, would have the necessary care to avoid eventually being fingered. Thus they need to “use for a few days and dump”.

    At any rate, the Samsung seems to work well, is fairly robust, and has a decent set of applications. Not keen on the nearly constant Android Tracking in the OS and the applications, but it is what it is. It confirmed for me that for my Real Phone (when the flip phone fully dies…) I need to either get a Purism phone or build my own from parts.

    Be careful with the power socket. One one occasion inserting the USB micro plug was the wrong way and it started to mush the contacts. VERY careful fixing with very small tools and now it’s working right again; but I was close to not being able to recharge it with slightly bent contacts… LOOK at the plug and connector and align them properly each time. It is very risky to just “try and and see if it goes”…

  393. M Simon says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    17 January 2021 at 3:31 pm

    I’m “lucky”. Due to my former security clearances and my attitude I’m being watched. Other than efforts to keep thieves away I’m open. I want them to know every word of what I think of them.

  394. Ossqss says:

    On the hotspot item, I have 4 various Verizon smart phones for the family and the plan is unlimited everything on all including hotspot for $178 total/month including tax <$45 each. The hotspot, IIRC, is throttled after 25 gig of use, but if your not streaming 4k movies, you will not notice anything.

  395. E.M.Smith says:

    @M. Simon:

    I got a minor clearance to do some work for the Federal Reserve Bank. Plus my other times I’ve undoubtedly collected a dossier or two. So I’m pretty sure I’m on some minor watch list or other too, but hopefully they all annotate “as a good guy white hat”.

    I also don’t care.

    First off, my positions are pretty Milquetoast. Essentially 1960s normal average American. Live your life clean. Don’t hurt other people. Be honest. Truth matters. Only place that runs afoul of the present dogma in D.C. is that I don’t condone lying, cheating, theft of anything including elections, and general Dirty Tricks. We’ll see if that’s enough to get me branded as “evil” or banned… (I’d actually support a fair number of traditionally Democratic Policies if they were not acting all evil and lying…)

    Secondly, I’m nearing EOL. Just short of 70 now, so will be at my “3 score and 10” before a trial could complete. Yeah, I could go to 90-something as some of my grandparents did, but the odds… So I see no reason to abandon a lifetime of accumulated understanding for a political expediency of the moment. They want to go after some placid old guy on Medicare, well, it’s their reputation… I’d be happy to go out as a martyr to Real America. (At least I’d have accomplished something notable then…)

    Third: Given the Chi-Com dominance of the DNC now, and their present rise to power (via crime and fraud), you can rest assured that within very short order EVERYONE will be monitored and watched. So what’s the difference, eh?

    So it goes.

    Per Razor Wire:

    BUT – Which way is it facing? IN or out? 8-)

    It does indicate someone in D.C. is Bat Shit Crazy. Nice to have the confirmation.

    There are very limited possibilities.

    1) The Democrats are obscenely paranoid, especially as they know they stole the vote and 70 to 80 Million citizens now deeply despise them; and they know it.

    2) It’s a “show” for their planned “False Flag” event to justify Martial Law or similar obscenity. IMHO, possible, but less likely than #1. We’ll know when the 20th is over.

    3) Trump has a Magic Card up his sleeve and this is preparation for that. This one I put in the range of “probably crazy talk”. It’s been 4 years and not one perp-walk. What evidence is there that anyone, even Trump, has the gumption to do ANYTHING, even arrest a single person for the fraud?

    I don’t see much more beyond that as possible. I’d rank them as about 80:19:1 % probabilities. In order. And that Trump Magic Card at 1% is really “1% or below”…



    has an interesting set of headlines. Not sure they are all in the land of sanity or supported by evidence, but interesting at least. (Unlike ABC / NBC / CBS / pMSNBC / CNN / Fox who have all gone into TDS land or are just doing max clicks programming).

    I may explore some of their headlines looking for real factual information after breakfast… or just move on to some tech work I need to do. I’m fairly sure all you will get between now and the 21st is increasing vitriol and screeching from The Left / DNC / Pill Lousy and increasing Hopium from The Right.

    I’ve never been more thankful I’m a “Middle of the Bird” Libertarian than now. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have comported themselves very well (or even modestly professionally…) in all this.

    IMHO, about the most we can hope for in terms of “real news” is evidence that the RNC is headed for the trash heap (IF Mitch goes along with the Show Trial impeachment push thus sinking the RNC for good) or that it has some hope (IFF a bunch of Republicans actually DO SOMETHING to defend the country against this Communist / Socialist / Progressive coup in progress).

    But most likely nothing will happen and we will just simper along to a Trump exit and Usurper Biden installation. But at least I’ll have 4 more years of crap to complain about ;-)

  396. jim2 says:

    Getchur Impeach Biden tee shirts here!!

  397. jim2 says:

    RE: CNN

    Unfortunately, CNN has eclipsed Fox News since the Capitol incursion. That means a lot more people are getting a big dose of the anti-Trump propaganda. I took a look at CNN for just a few minutes and they are casting Trump as the instigator of the incursion, despite the lack of evidence. I have mixed feelings about Lindsey Graham, but he was on Maria Bartiromo’s show this morning with a strong defense and uplift of Trump and his accomplishments.


  398. jim2 says:

    Emergency Event: Surviving The Big Tech Purge (Sunday, January 17, 7 p.m. Eastern)

    Join Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff, Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson, and Security Enthusiast Michelle Ray as they how discuss how to navigate the big tech purge and improve personal internet security.

    The Big Tech oligopoly is drunk with power, taking unto itself the decisions as to who gets to be heard on the internet and social media. In this panel discussion, we will discuss how to navigate the Big Tech purge, and strategies for maintaining personal privacy. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. You can SIGN UP HERE.

    The swift takedown of Parler by Google, Apple, and Amazon Web Services, together with the deplatforming of Donald Trump, Trump supporters, and conservatives, should be a wake up call.

    We have organized this virtual event on an emergency basis. Waiting for them to come for you no longer is an option.


  399. p.g.sharrow says:

    Finally found something interesting:
    This is a very slow day for this kind of news about what is going on; Lots of faking going on…pg

  400. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss – I pay $100 per year for my phone and unused minutes carry over. At one point, I had about 3,500 minutes available. From that, one can deduce that I don’t use my cell phone very much 😜

    Mrs. H.R. has a pre-paid no contract plan for her smart phone. We’d only need unlimited data a few months per year. Why pay for it all the rest of the year?

    Now we do have a landline and we direct phone traffic to that number. We don’t have a long distance plan for the landline, so long distance calls are the primary way we burn minutes at the H.R. household.
    New tack:

    Cell phones and smart phones have been a godsend to salespeople, service techs, and other business types. Drive time used to be dead time until one could get to a phone somewhere to make calls. The home base for service people had to wait until their tech got to a phone booth to report where they were and if they were finished with a job or were having a problem or needed a part ordered.

    I have no clue why non-business users are compelled to be talking on their phones or playing games All.The.Time. It strikes me as sad and I sometimes think it is like a drug they use to cure loneliness, boost their sense of self worth, or medicate their boring lives with mindless games.

    If I’m waiting, I am glad to have some quiet time to think. If I’m traveling, I want to take in the scenery, not stare at some little screen.

    From my POV, far too many millions are self-medicating for a plethora of problems using their little screens as the drug. I believe that in itself is creating a larger problem. We have people with all of the information of the World right in their hands, and they are becoming dumber than a bag of hammers because they no longer think.

    Cell phones outside of business are just Soma.

  401. p.g.sharrow says:

    also added these to my blog comments but they are a week old as well
    Still looking for something solid from this weekend…pg

  402. H.R. says:

    @jim2 re Fox and CNN – I don’t think CNN’s audience is increasing. CNN is still preaching to the same small-size faithful choir.

    It’s just a matter of Fox’s audience decreasing – plummeting – as they showed they were in on the election steal narrative. They were dropped by conservatives who saw Fox’s true colors. Those former Fox viewers did not switch to CNN.

  403. The True Nolan says:

    @H.R. “The True Nolan (well whaduhya know… it’s long-timer Jason Calley… Sp. Did I get that right?… But I’ll go with what you choose to use.)”

    Yup, it’s me. Same old same old. I am flattered you remember! :)

    Through a long distance move and a computer crash (or two) I lost access to my old Jason Calley email address and decided to just make a new online handle — although I do still use the Jason Calley name for commenting on Disqus. An advertising agency would say “New packaging, same trusted formula!”

  404. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, it certainly is fun reading, even if I’m in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” group…

    @The True Nolan:

    IF the hard disk “died”, quite often the actual platters are fine and it is the electronics that fritzed. (I’ve recovered several via an electronics transplant). If you care enough, these folks do a great job recovering “dead” disks (if it is possible):


    I never toss “dead” disks until I’m sure I don’t need their service…

  405. p.g.sharrow says:

    for those that are bored this might be worth listening to;

  406. E.M.Smith says:


    So, OK, I’m slept up enough and caught up enough that now I’m bored enough ;-)

    I’ll bite on some of it ;-)

    Are there Chinese Troops “massing” on our borders? Well, at least a few (that look to be a lot of cute girl types…) are in Canada:


    Includes a video:

    Then, this guy has the Inside Dope from his drunk brother in the Intel Community (as a side job kind of not that important but gets to hear the real spooks talk sometimes…)

    Okay, so I won’t name names, for obvious reasons, but I will tell you that my brother works in Defence Signals Directorate, as part of the Australian arm of the ECHELON system. Mostly just bureaucratic paper shuffling. While intelligence gathering is not strictly part of his job, he is in regular contact with American CIA and NSA personal working out of Pine Gap, and they talk.

    While I don’t see my brother a lot- once or twice a year- when we do get together we’re liable to lay into the booze, and that’s when my brother talks. Talks a lot, in detail. I’ve heard all kinds of crazy stuff, but these recent rumours about Chinese troops in Mexico brings back one of my brother’s favorite stories, so I thought I’d share what I remember.

    Now, I don’t know if this concerns the photos that have been going around GLP lately- my brother has never showed me a photo of these places, of course – but the way he tells it, for several years now the Chinese have had secret treaties in place with the Mexican government for the establishment of military bases in northern Mexico. Over a dozen I think he said, maybe more. Huge, sprawling bases in the desert, each one designed to accommodate an entire Chinese army of 50-60,000 men – a “group army”, my brother calls them. They have barracks, command centres, airfields, repair facilities, the works, all connected by rail and highway to ports on the coasts.

    But these bases? They’re all empty.

    That’s right. My brother calls them “bare bases”, manned by a skeleton crew of maintenance staff and security. Each base is stocked with a mountain of tanks and trucks and pontoon bridges and munitions and fuel, but it’s all just sitting in warehouses and bunkers. Over 10,000 armoured vehicles alone, my brother says, and they have thousands of people over there whose only job is to clean the artillery and turn over the engines sometimes, and they do this all day, every day.

    The American intelligence agencies know all about it, of course. They always have, they watch it all from spy satellites, and people on the ground. And the Chinese know that the Americans know, but they keep building and expanding these bases anyway. See, the idea is, if a crisis eventually erupts over Taiwan, the Chinese knows that even if they capture the island, America will still have the power to carry on the war in the air and sea, just like with Japan 70 years ago. Chinese ports will be blockaded, and Chinese industry will grind to a halt. So the strategy they came up with is a sort of massive-scale hostage exchange.

    In the tense time leading up to war, which they expect following a Taiwanese declaration of independence, the Chinese army hopes to ship and fly the vast majority of their armoured and mechanized forces into these Mexican staging bases. It won’t be like Desert Shield in 91, my brother says, when America took 6 months to build up enough forces to invade Iraq. No, because all their gear and supplies are ready and waiting for them, they just need to move in the half million to a million troops to man it, and, once the shooting starts over Taiwan, to make the push over the Rio Grande.

    The strategy is supposed to be to roll on up these American superhighway systems in Texas and the Midwest, and capture as much territory between the Mississippi and the Rockies in as little time as possible. Just bypass the big cities and push right up to the Canadian border, if they can manage it. Then, once their momentum peters out, they consolidate the frontlines and besiege or capture all the American cities that are now in their zone of control. Tens of millions of American citizens under occupation, and all the Texan oil production secure. Then the negotiations begin, with a demand for the exchange of Taiwan, and probably a whole lot more, for the return of the occupied states.

    Crazy, huh? The American spooks think so too. For this strategy to even stand a chance of success, the Chinese have to have a few weeks to get their troops across the Pacific Ocean, and the Americans reckon they can shut down the transport convoys in a heartbeat – IF the president of the day has the backbone to start the shooting first. If not, my brother says, all those Chinese armoured divisions still have to face the American airforce over open country, and he doesn’t know how they expect to counter that. It’d be a massacre, he says. In the tensions leading up to war the Pentagon plans to evacuate everyone within 200km of the Mexican border, and just turn the whole area into a bombing range. The American intel guys call it “the million man deathmarch”.

    And if they somehow did ground the airforce, I suppose it’s just the Texan National Guard, and my brother calls them “speed bumps under the Chicom tanks”.

    As to what the Mexicans expect to get from all of this, supposedly they have been promised the return of old lost territories, like Texas, Arizona, New Mexico. I don’t know about California, my brother didn’t mention it. But the real motivation is bribes. Massive Chinese bribes, from the Mexican President all the way down. Right to the local cops and the drug cartels, probably, to keep away from these bases. Like I said, the intel guys know everything. They know that the Mexican government doesn’t really think a war will come of it. No one does, except the old “Cold War Warriors”, as he puts it. Nobody wants a war – the Chinese are too busy getting rich and the Americans are putting huge pressure on Taiwan not to do anything stupid. It’s just a big game of bluff.

    But I suppose people said that before WWI and WWII, huh?

    Anyway, there was more, but that’s all I remember, and it’s more than I thought I would. Just thought GLP might like to know what’s really going on.

    I find it interesting that there’s no mention of the several MILLIONS of Texans with heavy duty rifles and big ass trucks in their way…

    But hey, makes a good yarn.

    Is there any evidence such bases really exist? Well, the Chinese do like to pop up various Military Compounds wherever they have a significant presence, so it fits their pattern. IIRC, they put up a base at the entrance to the Panama Canal when we left…

    OTOH, any actual loading of those “bases” with Chinese troops and activation, would end up with a big barrage of cruise missiles OR single MIRVED sub launched missile ready to make them smoking holes in the ground if anything “hot” started. So “success” on their part would depend on a POTUS unwilling to actually ask the military to do anything, you know, someone they bought with $1.5 Billion or so… Oh, wait…

    So something to ponder for the next 3 days while we find out if Trump is a Genius and has Saved The Nation!!!! Or… if Biden is Chi-Com POTUS In Name Only and we need to work on our Mandarin… (Or is it Cantonese that they prefer?…)

    Hummm…. POTU-SINO… has a nice ring to it…

  407. E.M.Smith says:

    Side Note:

    youtube-dl https://www.bitchute.com/video/T4EwqDPvBcE0/ 

    does a nice job downloading that bitchute video PG pointed at. So that’s how you do a Bitchute one. Same link is found in the URL of the page and in the “share” emblem popup … that thing that looks like a bolo (3 balls on a string, bent) next to the flag icon lower right of the video)

    I’m really liking how flexible youtube-dl is at taking all sorts of sources… Will need a bigger disk though… It’s easy to start pack-ratting stuff by the GB…

  408. p.g.sharrow says:

    The Chinese propaganda is that they will have to protect the Million Chinese that live in the US. That is the same excuse that Hitler made to justify his invasion into Poland.

  409. E.M.Smith says:

    @H.R. & M. Simon:

    The whole “deplatforming” thing has me wondering.

    Do they have such complete control of ALL of business that they can prevent alternatives? Even if we needed to proceed all the way from starting a Conservative Bank, nothing prevents citizens from forming corporations…

    What do they fear so much? What is it they fear to lose if a conservative voice is heard? What is the Great Power in a conservative or Christian speaker that has them wrapped around the axle and willing to lose $BILLIONS of business?

    What would make someone think it was a benefit to their side to piss off Millions of their opponents? It certainly will not “convert” anyone to their POV to be slapped in the face with a banning of their favorite show / speakers.

    I just don’t get it. Let folks talk. If you think they are idiots, morons, and flat out wrong, let them open their mouths and prove it. ( I do think it is appropriate to quash violence, insults to the person, and other things intended to intimidate and halt speech, but that’s part of “letting them talk” for both sides…)

    Oh Well…

    Maybe I’ll set up my Shortwave Radio tonight and see if a new “Voice Of Conservative America” station has sprung up in Mexico or Cuba ;-)

  410. p.g.sharrow says:

    The Last time Mexico invited an American Invasion by a foreign power an American Army besieged the “Halls of Montezuma”

  411. E.M.Smith says:


    I wouldn’t mind annexing Baja California and the Cozumel / Monterrey areas… Nice beaches ;-)

    The point being that one hopes Mexico realizes the downsides to being a base for an attack on America…

    (As I suggested once before, such ‘talk’ is not anti-Mexican. I’ve said before that I thought there was a potential for a United States of Mexico and North America… Generally speaking [ i.e. other than corrupt governments and drug cartels…] the Mexican people are pretty nice folks. I ‘grew up’ with 1/2 my time in a Mexican home where the language was mostly Spanish. I genuinely like these folks. )


  412. M Simon says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    17 January 2021 at 9:26 pm

    Drug cartels are a self inflicted wound (or is it a Deep State inflicted wound?).

    We have laws that keep them in business.

    Trump is supposedly anti-Deep State. Why hasn’t he gone after their finances? Well OK. People smuggling. But drug smuggling is the big money. They seem to be willing to give up a lot to keep that going. And for the Q fans reading. Other than a mention of Bill Cooper several years ago no mention of the Drug War except to say we need more. Whose side are they on?

  413. The True Nolan says:

    @E.M. “What is the Great Power in a conservative or Christian speaker that has them wrapped around the axle and willing to lose $BILLIONS of business?” How do we know they are REALLY losing Billions? I don’t mean that rhetorically, I mean that literally. When the new governmental accounting standard FASAB 56 (pronounced “FAZZ BEE 56”) was passed two years ago, it explicitly legalized fraudulent accounting — all the Feds need to do is claim it is “national security”.
    One of the provisions says that any company doing business with the US government can lie about it’s numbers as well. For all we know, some TLA is paying BILLIONS extra to every major tech company which cuts off conservative speech. And no, not even the stockholders have to be told about it. We have no way of knowing. The old accounting standards required that somewhere, somehow, for any “black projects” the Feds had to at least have a line for spending even if it said “we are spending this but we won’t tell you for what”. Now, there is not even a requirement for a record of what is spent. Well, who needs a record when it is just created out of nothing and no one expects to pay it back?

    In regards to “these folks do a great job recovering “dead” disks (snip) I never toss “dead” disks until I’m sure I don’t need their service…”
    Thanks for the link, and yes, I do the same with old drives. And when they ARE tossed they are tossed in pieces after energetic disassembly.

  414. Compu Gator says:

    E.M.Smith commented on 17 January 2021 at 9:11 pm GMT:

    The whole “deplatforming” thing has me wondering. […]  What do they fear so much?  What is it they fear to lose if a conservative voice is heard?  What is the Great Power in a conservative or Christian speaker that has them wrapped around the axle and willing to lose $BILLIONS of business?

    I believe that the “deplatforming” of Pres. Trump is mostly a distraction: “Ban the President of the United States!?  How dare they!?

    The election-stealing Democrat usurpers fear that when conservative voice[s are] heard after the Biden-Harris inauguration, those voices would be alerting patriots to a sudden & fast-moving totalitarianization of the newly overthrown formerConstitutional republic of the U.S.A.  They’re understandably confident that the mainstream media wouldn’t report any such news.

    I strongly doubt that the newly shameless Democrat leadership would waste both sessions of the already convened 117th Congress, what with them boasting of again monopolizing both Chambers and the White House. I believe that the Democrats in 2021 have a legislative program already laid out, and will be ready to get up and go. Beijing Biden might awaken and say, quoting Obama, “I have a pen!”  That’s conditioned on the inauguration of the Biden-Harris Administration actually occuring per the Amendment-XX schedule, which I fear has no credible chance to be avoided.

    That would indeed be unlike the Democrat Congressional inaction by the Administration of the Communist-mentored Obama and his Senatorially much-more-senior V.P. Biden (2009–2017), during what I count as the 111th Congress (2009–2011).

  415. E.M.Smith says:

    @M. Simon:

    Given that the TLAs have a record of using illegal drugs both for profit and to undermine countries, I have my suspicions….


    Didn’t know that about the accounting. That could explain a lot. (See prior comment about sources of illegal and un-tracked money…)

    FWIW: I find extracting the magnets and then discovering the melting point of the remainder to be an interesting hobby… Light alloys going to “Yard Art” castings, heavy alloy going to fishing weights (often lost in corrosive environments…), things that don’t melt at MAPP Gas temperatures end up being “measured for hardness” with a sledge sometimes…

    Hey, it’s a hobby ;-)

  416. E.M.Smith says:


    This looks like a pretty good review of the name VPN providers:


  417. M Simon says:

    L. Lin Wood [Telegraph] has a lot of links to this site.

    It looks a LOT like GatewayPundit

  418. M Simon says:

    McCoy – The Politics of Heroin – CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade – pdf

    Opulence and Opium: The Legacy of Harvard’s Drug Syndicate


    The last time this topic was even mentioned as a topic of public discourse was Iran-Cntra Cocaine. Thirty plus years ago was it?

  419. jim2 says:

    TTN – if you remove the disk, then soak it in HCL, you’ll see the rare earths that make up the magnetic layer dissolve away.


  420. M Simon says:

    A working link for
    McCoy – The Politics of Heroin – CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade – pdf

  421. M Simon says:

    Operation Trust revealed as a “pacification hoax” to deceive Trump supporters into accepting defeat. Remember, “Trust Jeff Sessions?” That was the battle cry of Q for several years. Sessions turned out to be a traitor.

    I think they peg Sessions and Q fairly well there. The President has had nice things to say about Q. What does that mean? I never liked Sessions because he is a Drug Warrior. I consider anyone in government who promotes the Drug War to be Deep State.

  422. YMMV says:

    M Simon:
    Opulence and Opium: The Legacy of Harvard’s Drug Syndicate

    Remember how the British got Hong Kong. They won the Opium War.
    The one where Britain wanted to export opium **TO** China and China refused.
    Talk about wanting to be the right side of history!

    So Harvard and Yale were in on it too. Interesting.

  423. E.M.Smith says:


    I’d love to read the article, but it demands an email address to read for free, so not going to happen. Sorry.

  424. M Simon says:

    Biden transition official tells migrant caravans: ‘Now is not the time’ to come to US
    ‘The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight,’ transition official says

    He is acting like he is not in control.

  425. re: youtube-dl This program does a lot of things. Check out the man pages. You can transcode video (if you have ffmpeg or avconv installed). I like being able to just extract the audio from videos (like music videos that just show 3-4 minutes of an album cover). I’ve been able to get stuff from a variety of sites (I was able to get audio from soundcloud). The way Youtube is banning stuff, if I find something interesting, I grab it, just to be safe.

    re Deplatforming and other stuff: Half the country seems to hate the other half. I don’t know why it’s such a problem for them for us to have alternative viewpoints and voices. The only thing I can come up with is that they know they’re wrong, and they just can’t have people pointing it out. You can’t win people over to your side by brow-beating, intimidation and basically banning them from the public square. They have to know that, and yet they continue, and it just gets worse and worse.

    I tend to keep a LOT of tabs open in my browser, things I want to get back to, follow up on, etc. It’s funny how many of them no longer work when I finally get back to checking out what they said. It’s really bad on Twitter, but I still run across other sites that no longer work. I need to start cataloging them, they’re mostly small independent blogs (like this one, for example) that no longer exist. I just ran across a WordPress site that no longer exists. I found something on archive.org from earlier posts, and he was a covid skeptic, imagine that.

    And there’s this, not that they really care:


  426. M Simon says:

    President-Elect Pinroot says:
    18 January 2021 at 5:08 am

    What is the deal about “Black Civics” on that poster?

  427. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve got a full backup of this site from just a day or two ago, and I’ve done an install of WordPress on a local machine. The “reload” step failed, but I suspect it is just because the ARM version of the plugin is very old. Were I suddenly to “go dark”, I’d just repeat that process on a PC (where it is known to work) and sign up for an IP Address and come back up in a few days. I’m prepared.

    Might be domiciled in a foreign country though ;-0


    Bits gotta flow…

  428. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – 3 Days To Shape A World: 18 Jan 2021 | Musings from the Chiefio

  429. M Simon says:

    Twitter insider records CEO Jack Dorsey laying out roadmap for future political censorship … ‘we are focused on one account [President Trump] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account’

    In reality they’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way”.- President Donald Trump

  430. M Simon says:

    The Dutch government has resigned. The press gives 3 different reasons. This has to do with Trump cleaning up the swamp and getting rid of the Deep State.

    Estonia’s Prime Minister resigns amid a corruption “scandal”. Which of course he denies.

    Germany’s Angela Merkel steps down. This amount of resignation, going around globally NEVER happens at the same time.

  431. M Simon says:

    “If You Need All This To Protect Your Inauguration from the People, Maybe the F-ing People Didn’t F-ing Elect You!” – DC Worker Shows Video of Military Checkpoints in City (VIDEO)

  432. H.R. says:

    A bit of news on my Norton VPN:

    I have been using WeatherBug for local forecasts. All my previous choices for forecasts went to the Climate Crisis dark side, so I drooped them and went on to the next place. So far, WeatherBug has not mentioned any Global Climate Nonsense.

    WeatherBug looks at your IP address when it is loading up and conveniently loads the weather info for that city. It was automatically loading Seminole, Florida when I was on the RV park network.

    Now, when I use WeatherBug with the VPN, it is loading weather from random cities that the VPN has selected to show as my originating address.

    The VPN has had me in San Jose, CA, San Diego, CA, Orlando, FL, and other places I didn’t notice until I finally noticed the names of the different cities which WeatherBug was loading up their forecasts for me. The forecasts were changing wildly every time I went to check the weather so I finally looked at the city name tied to the forecast.

    Ohhhh… now I know why it was going to be freezing tomorrow or maybe 80 (F) or perhaps 50 (F). 😜

    I’m all over the place 😁😎

    I connect and then disconnect from the hot spot every time I jump on the computer and then close down to go do Florida things. Every time I reconnect to say, check in here, I’m somewhere else.

    NOTE!: I can still be located by the hot spot device because it’s like a dumb cell phone, and the cell network has to know where it is to transfer data. But at home, I’ll be everywhere and without the tattletale hot spot to give away my actual location.

  433. H.R. says:

    Next question that arises; can you buy an anonymous ‘burner’ mobile hot spot?

    I think you could at one time – E.M. makes mention above of a cash purchase at Walmart – but I’m not sure it can be done now. Maybe so, maybe not.

  434. @EM – “The bits gotta flow” sounds somehow familiar. There was an old sci-fi story called “The Roads have to Roll” or something like that. I’ll have to look it up now.

  435. rhoda klapp says:

    Pinroot, that’s pre-war Heinlein.

  436. @Rhoda – Thanks, I was thinking it was Heinlein, but wasn’t sure. It could have just as easily have been something I imagined or mis-remembered :)

  437. The True Nolan says:

    Heinlein, yes. “The Roads Must Roll” 1940

  438. E.M.Smith says:

    I read a LOT of Heinlein… what can I say… “Channeling Heinlein”… (It could be worse)


    @M. Simon:

    Either that Liberty Ledger has a very good “inside track” on a lot of stuff that ought to be a tight secret, or they are MSU (Making Stuff Up).

    I checked a couple of bits. Some have veracity. For others not so much. (Pope made a public appearance after the date they claimed he was arrested, or maybe killed…)

    The various European governments resigning or collapsing checks, but the causes given are plausible and unrelated to anything in the USA.

    We’ll know tomorrow, as they claimed the 19th was the start of something big. But as of now, it can read either way, and has something of a “click bait” aura to it.

    Don’t let my assessment stop you from posting interesting bits from it or links to it. I find it “fun speculation” at least, and possibly “early warning”. But until I see something real, and reported more widely, I’m not embracing the narrative.

    There’s still lots of good stuff in it. I liked the link to the Colin Powell letter to Hillary about how to get past communications laws.

    Click to access C06125520.pdf

    Good old Laptop Modem ;-)

    Then his sneaking in a blackberry anyway to a secure site? Then not believing it was a risk? He ought to have known that each one has an I.D. and that a spy sat with a BIG antenna can pick up a weak signal. He essentially was carrying a tracking device into secure rooms (where the signal strength would drop) and giving “whoever” a nice map of the place.

  439. M Simon says:

    I keep hovering between – we are done for. and it is not possible, Trump would never let them get away with this and he has been bought off. And then – what about the US military we are under cyber attack.

    None of this is adding up, Still, I don’t have a bad feeling about the future and normally I’m fairly accurate. I have avoided trouble for 40 years.

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