Friends Of Australia Friday Lamburger Steak, Fries; Rawson Retreat Merlot

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

The Tucker

After the long description of Lamb Stew / Scotch Broth from last week, this week is simple and trivial.

1/2 pound of ground (minced) lamb, sprinkled with dried garlic granules. Fried about 4 to 5 minutes a side (about 1/3 – 1/2 inch thick) in olive oil. Lay a slice of Havarti on at the second turn back (first cook, turn, second cook, turn back, heat off, cheese on) while you prepare the plate and sides. As the cheese is just melting, plate it with a generous portion of fries.

I’ve taken to using the electric skillet at 375 F with 90% beef tallow and 10% coconut oil. Tonight was Store Brand “First Street” from Smart & Final straight cut fries (frozen) straight into the oil for 8 minutes with a bit of a stir now and then.

I also included a 1/2 cup of “Dressing” or “stuffing” from the big batch made for Valentines Day (Cornish Game Hens) where almost all of it was not going into 2 game hens. So instead a bread LOAF Pan of it was cooked about 25 minutes 375 F. Then to the fridge after dinner. So we’ve got about a week of 1/2 cup servings to work through… and then some. 2 x 30 second zaps in the microwave. About 3 minutes between zaps.

The Wine

Rawson’s Retreat Merlot. 2018.

It’s a bit tannic. So it would stand up to a couple of years bottle aging in the wine rack. Fruit is very good. Deep ruby color, and a nice but not spectacular nose.

Richness on the side of the tongue, but not a lot of strong characters in the glass. I’ve come to appreciate that single variety wines are just not as complex as the blends after my own experiment in blending. IMHO, this is a very nice single variety wine that would be at its best in 2 to 4 years on the shelf.

But, I’d be really interesting in blending it with another wine. Perhaps one a bit weak in tannins and character, but long on fruit and a bit cloying. Something that needs a bit of a kick in the pants.

Will this bottle survive the night? I’m sorry, but “No Way!”. It will not be aged and it will not be “left over”. This bottle will be drunk tonight (as, hopefully, will I be ;-) It’s quite acceptable in the glass next to a fork full of garlic laced lamb with some fries. BUT, had a bit more discipline and could let it age a few years, it has potential to be so much more, then. Tannis muted. Smoothed and mellowed. Depth improved. Or just pair it with something spicy now and enjoy the moment ;-)

I’ll buy more of this one. Though I’m likely to try another Cabernet / Shiraz blend experiment with this one as part of a “3 Way” tryst. We’ll find out in a few years IF I can let it lie, or if I’m just not that self controlled and it either gets used up in “experiments” or just goes down the gullet with a bit of Garlic Bread and Marinara Ravioli ;-)

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25 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Lamburger Steak, Fries; Rawson Retreat Merlot

  1. H.R. says:

    Ha! A little digression on Havarti cheese.

    Mrs. H.R. likes Havarti on her sammies and burgers. I actually like Havarti well enough, but I like dilled Havarti far better. I don’t see dilled Havarti much anymore, just plain, but dilled Havarti was pretty much the only way it was sold around the parts I was raised. What, Germanic influence driving the dill preference?

    When it comes to burgers and sammies, I prefer Monterey Jack with jalapeno and habanero peppers mixed in. That, or a blue or gorgonzola. I’m also growing fond of smoked gouda cheese.

    Party on, Garth. It’s FRIDAY in Australia!

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    We regularly rotate the Sliced Cheese in the fridge. Whatever is there is what goes on the burgers. Sometimes Havarti, or Jack, or Colby Jack, or American (rarely…), or Cheddar (also now rarely since not a good idea with history of kidney stones), or Provalone, or Swiss, or Gouda, or several others.

    The spouse doesn’t like strong flavors, so I don’t get the Pepper Jack or Dilled {whatever} unless I’m out and about… Oh Well, we all make sacrifices for our loved ones and this is a minor one.

    I really like smoked Gouda on a burger ;-) (Smoke flavor is hard to add otherwise, but you can always add the peppers ;-)

  3. philjourdan says:

    No comment on Fakebook cutting off Oz? I thought that would be the topic of the day.

    But I think Fakebook just went a bridge too far. They may skate, but now they have the entire commonwealth taking a very critical look at them.

    Well Done Oz!!!

  4. beththeserf says:

    Didn’t have lamb this Friday Party time, had lasagne and Greek salad instead and did happen to have Havarti cheese and biscuits as dessert. Pre dinner whisky, Famous Grouse. An international taste treat fer a serf from down_under.

  5. YMMV says:

    “No comment on Fakebook cutting off Oz?”

    Or Fascistbook, according to one commenter to this video.

    She tells how FB cut off Oz with zero warning to anyone, in response to laws that have not even been passed yet. FB has united all the parties there. Her comment at 6:40 — “only a company with monopoly power would treat its users in this way.” Her comment that Zuckerberg is immature is also relevant. Zuckerberg may be safe from Biden, but the rest of the world?

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Since I don’t do Facebook, and think nobody else ought to either since all it does is expose you to potential abuse, having them cut off news from Oz is, IMHO, a good thing, as it will cause some people to think a little bit… maybe…

    Just shift over to one of the dozen or so alternatives that are free of spying, censorship, manipulation, etc. etc.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    The list of alternatives to Faceplant is long a varied:
    Has dozens listed…

    Name	Type	Focus
    23snaps		Parents save photos, videos, measurements and stories of their children
    4chan	Imageboard	Anime, manga, video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports		Streaming user-curated playlists		Academics/researchers		Promote individuals
    alimero		Blog
    Amikumu		Language learners
    aNobii		Books		Employment website		
    aSmallWorld		European jet set and social elite worldwide
    Athlinks		Running, swimming
    Band		Group communication, South Korea
    beBee		Personal brands
    BeWelcome		Homestays and hospitality		Physically fit gym guys		Norwegian community
    BlackPlanet		Black Americans
    Blind		Employees
    Blogger	Blog	
    Busuu	Language learning community
    Buzznet		Music and pop-culture
    CafeMom		Mothers
    Care2		Green movement
    CaringBridge		Connections after a serious health event.
    CarSwap		Car swap and sales matching platform.
    Cellufun		Mobile Social-network game		Chess players
    Chictopia		Fashion enthusiasts		Alumni
    Cloob		Popular in Iran
    CouchSurfing		Homestays and hospitality
    CozyCot		East Asian and Southeast Asian women
    CrossFit		Fitness goals
    Crunchyroll		Anime fans
    Cucumbertown		Chefs
    Cyworld		Popular in South Korea.
    DailyStrength		Medical & emotional support community
    Dayviews		Sweden
    Dead Runners Society		Running
    DeviantArt		Art community
    Diaspora*		Distributed social network
    Discord		Live chat and voice for groups		Popular in Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary)
    douban		Chinese movies, books, and music
    Doximity		U.S. medical doctors
    Dreamwidth		Blogging
    Dulwich OnView	Blog	Dulwich
    Duolingo		Language learning community and forums		Chinese health care professionals
    Edmodo		Social learning network for schools
    Ello		Creative field
    Elixio		Business executives jet set and global elite
    English, baby!		Students and teachers of English as a second language
    eToro		Social investing, finance
    EverQuest	Massively multiplayer online role-playing game	
    Experts Exchange		IT professionals
    Facebook	Blog	Photos, videos, blogs, apps
    Faces		Women in digital media
    Fandalism		Musicians
    Fark		Comment on news stories
    Fieldoo		Soccer players
    Fetlife		BDSM
    FictionCity	Artists
    Fillos de Galicia		Galicia
    FilmAffinity	Movies and TV series
    Filmow		Movies and TV series
    Final Fantasy XI	Massively multiplayer online role-playing game	
    Fishbrain		Fishing
    Fitocracy		Fitness
    Flickchart		Movie ranking
    Flixster		Movies
    Flickr		Photo sharing, commenting, photography related networking		Business-to-business
    Fotki		Photo and video sharing
    Foursquare City Guide		Location-based mobile social network
    Foursquare Swarm		Location-based mobile social network
    Friendica		Distributed social network
    Fyuse		Photography, 3D images
    Gab		Right-wing politics
    Gaia Online		Anime and games
    Gapo		Vietnam
    GameFAQs	FAQ	Video games		Trading items		Travel		LGBT
    Gaysir		Gays and bisexuals in Norway
    GemStone IV	MUD		Families, genealogy
    Gentlemint		Men		
    Goodreads		Library cataloging, book lovers
    GovLoop		Government employees
    Grindr		Gay and bisexual men
    Habbo		Teenagers
    Habitat	Virtual world	
    hi5		Video games
    Hospitality Club		Homestays
    Houseparty		Human resources professionals
    Hub Culture		Ven digital currency
    I Had Cancer		Cancer survivors
    Ibibo		Talent promotion
    ICQ	Instant messaging		Hackers and software freedom advocates
    ifMUD	MUD	
    IMVU	Virtual world	
    İnci Sözlük		Turkey
    Indaba Music		Musicians, remix contests, and networking
    Influenster		Product sampling and reviews
    Inspire		Healthcare professionals
    Instagram		Photo and video sharing
    IRC-Galleria		Finland
    italki		Language learning
    JamiiForums		Tanzania
    Kaixin001		Mainland China users
    KakaoStory		Pages, South Korea
    Kiwibox		Teenagers
    KizlarSoruyor		Question-based
    Kobo		Reading platform and social network
    Koofers	Academic	Social studying network for college students
    Kroogi		Artists
    Labroots		Science and medicine
    LambdaMOO	MOO		Music
    Letterboxd		Film
    LibraryThing		Book lovers
    Likee		Videos
    LimeWire	Peer-to-peer file sharing	
    LinguaLeo		Online English language learning website. Popular among the Russian-speaking diaspora.
    LinkedIn		Business and professional networking
    Listography		List-sharing
    LiveJournal	Blog	Blogging
    Marco Polo		
    Mastodon		Micro-blogging
    MEETin		Social meetings
    Meetup		Offline meetings
    MeWe		Likes and emojis
    Miaopai		Microblogging
    MocoSpace		Mobile social network
    Minds		Distributed social network with Ethereum tokens
    Fitocracy	Bulletin board system	China
    mixi		Japan
    MocoSpace		Mobile community
    Moodle		India
    Mubi		Auteur cinema
    MyHeritage		Family
    MyLife		Locating friends and family, keeping in touch
    Myspace	Blog	Young people
    My World@Mail.Ru		
    Nearby		People nearby
    Neopets	Virtual world	
    Newgrounds		Gaming, filming, audio and artwork composition		School, college and friends in Poland
    Nexopia		Canada
    Ning		Create social networks
    Odnoklassniki		Connect with former classmates in Russia
    Open Diary		Blog
    Parler		Free speech and privacy
    PatientsLikeMe		Patients with life-changing illnesses
    Partyflock		Electronic dance music
    Peach		Mobile
    PEERtrainer		Weight loss
    Penny Arcade	Webcomic	
    Pink Petro		Women working in the petroleum industry
    Pinterest		Pinboard for organizing and sharing things you love
    Pixnet		Taiwan		Disc jockeys
    Plaxo		Aggregator		Music
    Plurk		Micro-blogging, RSS in Taiwan
    Portfolium		Student employment search
    Postcrossing		Send and receive postcards
    Quora		Questions and answers
    Qzone		In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China users
    RallyPoint		Military veterans
    Ravelry		Knitting and crochet
    Readgeek		Book recommendations
    Red Light Center	Virtual world	
    Reddit		News aggregator, social bookmarking, and Internet forums
    Renren		China
    ResearchGate		Musicians and bands
    Rooster Teeth		Social network and community site
    RuneScape	Massively multiplayer online role-playing game	
    Ryze		Business
    Sarahah		Feedback from friends and coworkers
    Second Life	Virtual world	
    Sharesome		Pornography
    Sina Weibo		Microblogging in mainland China
    Skoob		Brazilian readers
    Skyrock		French-speaking world
    Sluggy Freelance	Webcomic	
    Snow		Image messaging
    Something Awful	Internet forum	Comedy
    SoundCloud		Repository of original music pieces		Microblogging
    Spaces		Russian mobile phone users
    Spot.IM		A service for webmasters to add social networking functionality to their websites
    Stack Overflow		Question and answer knowledge market site for programmers.
    Stage 32		Professionals in film, television and theater
    Steam		game launcher, forums, live chat/
    Steemit		Blockchain based social networking.
    StudiVZ		University students, mostly in German-speaking countries.
    Tagged	Blog	Tagging similar photos and profiles
    TakingITGlobal		Youth focused on global issues
    Talenthouse		Creative collaboration
    Taringa!		Argentina
    TermWiki		Learning / languages / translation
    The Sphere		Luxury network with exclusive personalized services
    The Meta Network	Bulletin board system	
    The Student Room	Blog	Students in the United Kingdom
    The WELL	Bulletin board system	
    Thinkspot		Free speech alternative to Patreon
    TikTok		Music oriented
    Total Recut		Video sharing and resources website for fans and creators of video remixes
    Travellerspoint		Travel
    Tuenti		Phone company in Spain with social networking service
    Tumblr	Blog	Microblogging
    TV Tropes	Wiki	
    Twitter		Micro-blogging, RSS, updates		Disc jockeys
    TV Time		
    Untappd		Beer drinking
    User Friendly	Webcomic	
    VK		Music upload, listening and search. Popular in Russia and former Soviet republics.		Gothic and industrial subculture
    Viadeo		Business owners, entrepreneurs and managers
    Vingle		Photos
    Virb		Artists, including musicians and photographers
    Voat		Censor free reddit clone
    Wattpad		Readers and authors
    Warm Showers		Homestays and hospitality while bicycle touring
    WAYN		Travel and lifestyle
    We Heart It		Image sharing
    Werkenntwen		General
    Wikipedia	Wiki	
    WikiWikiWeb	Wiki	
    Wooxie	Blog	Blogging and micro-blogging
    Woozworld		Tweens and teens
    WordPress	Blog	
    World of Warcraft	Massively multiplayer online role-playing game		Inmates connect with friends, family
    WT Social		Subwikis		Micro-blogging
    Xanga	Blog	Blogs and "metro" areas
    XING		Business primarily in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
    Yammer		Office colleagues
    Yelp		Business review
    Yo		Quick connections
    YTMND		Meme-sharing		Greeks

    IMHO, the simple answer to FaceBollocks is “go somewhere else”.

    IFF you are ‘afraid’ of being cut off an isolated in some small community as your friends join different things, pick one in the Fediverse as they can and do exchange pages with each other.


    I’m looking at Pleroma, Diaspora, and Mastodon as the three most likely for me to bring up on the i2p side of things. Folks needing a new place to land NOW can just get an account on one of the existing Mastodon, Pleroma, Diaspora, etc. etc. systems and be back up in no time.

    Platform Name	Type	ActivityPub	Diaspora
    Network	OStatus	Zot
    Aardwolf	Social network	Yes	No	No	No
    Anfora	Image hosting	In progress[8]	No	No	No
    diaspora* software	Social network, Microblogging	No[9][10]	Yes	No	No
    distbin	Pastebin	Yes	No	No	No
    (f. Friendika; orig. Mistpark)	Social network, Microblogging	Yes	Yes	Yes	No
    Funkwhale[11]	Audio, sound hosting	Yes	No	No	No
    GNU MediaGoblin	file, image, audio, video hosting	Proposed[12]	No	No	No
    GNU social
    (f. StatusNet; orig. Laconica)	Microblogging	Proposed[13][14]	No	Yes	No
    Honk	Social network	Yes	No	No	No
    (f. RedMatrix; orig. Friendica-Red)	CMS, Social network, Microblogging, Wiki, Blogging, Image gallery, File hosting	Yes	Yes	Yes[3]	Yes
    Kibou	Social network, Microblogging	Yes	No	No	No
    Lemmy	Link Aggregator, Social Network	Yes	No	No	No	Link Aggregator, Social Network	In progress	No	No	No
    lotide[15]	Link Aggregator, Social Network	Yes	No	No	No
    Mastodon	Microblogging	Yes[16]	No	Dropped[17]	No	Microblogging	Yes	No	No	No
    Misskey[7]	Social network, Microblogging	Yes	No	No	No
    Nextcloud Social	File hosting	Yes[18]	No	No	No
    OStatus[19]	Social network, Microblogging	Yes	No	Yes	No
    OLKi[20]	File/dataset hosting	Yes	No	No	No
    PeerPx	Image hosting	Yes	No	No	No
    PeerTube	Video hosting	Yes	No	No	No
    Pixelfed[21]	Image hosting	Yes[22]	No	No	No
    Pleroma	Microblogging	Yes	No	Dropped[23]	No
    Plume[24]	Blogging	Yes	No	No	No
    Prismo	Link-sharing	Yes	No	No	No
    Pubcast (f. Metapods)	Netcasting	Yes	No	No	No	Microblogging	Proposed[25]	No	Dropped[26]	No	Feed reader	Yes[27]	No	No	No
    Socialhome	Website, Social network, Microblogging	Yes	Yes	No	Proposed[28] / WriteFreely	Blogging	Yes	No	No	No
    Zap	Social network, Macroblogging, Image gallery, File hosting	Yes	No	No	Zot/6

    Facebook only matters if you let it matter. Just “let it go” and move on…

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    P2P social media without any intervening company holding or looking over your data:

    A social network off the grid

    Familiar, yet radically new
    Manyverse is a social network mobile app with features you would expect: posts, threads, likes, profiles, etc. But it’s not running in the cloud owned by a company, instead, your friends’ posts and all your social data live entirely in your phone. This way, even when you’re offline, you can scroll, read anything, and even write posts and like content! When your phone is back online, it syncs the latest updates directly with your friends’ phones, through a shared local Wi-Fi or on the internet.

    We’re building this free and open source project as a community effort because we believe in non-commercial, neutral, and fair mobile communication for everyone.

    On Google, F-Droid and Apple phone app stores…


    Diaspora is on servers, many and independently run, but you can roll your own if you wish. About a million folks already there…

  9. beththeserf says:

    I am glad Facebook is cutting off Oz. Who needs to be part of a Dr Edward Bernays- mind- altering big-untruth movement?

  10. H.R. says:

    beththeserf: “I am glad Facebook is cutting off Oz. Who needs to be part of a Dr Edward Bernays- mind- altering big-untruth movement?”

    When will people learn that there are other ways to share pictures of the kids and grandkids and where they went on vacation?

    When will people learn that when someone is giving you their product for free, you’re the product?

  11. Simon Derricutt says:

    AFAIK the FB news page didn’t have the full articles, but connected through to the source sites for that. Just showed the first few words of the news item, which would be termed “fair use” for most people. FB doesn’t block people getting to the news sites, and in fact feeds them click-throughs. I’m thus not seeing why they would be liable to pay in the first place unless they show a cached copy of the news site rather than sending the customer to the site.

    Ditto I don’t see why not showing the summaries has upset people so much. If you want to read the news, you simply have to go direct to the news site. Whether or not FB has a page with summaries doesn’t really make a difference, except that FB may not now know what news interests that customer.

    I’m not trying to defend FB here, since a lot of what they do is intrusive. However, in this case I think the Aussie politicians and newspapers don’t really have a leg to stand on. It seems a lot of Aussies found the single location in FB for news summaries was useful, and it acted as a portal to access the news sites themselves, so the news sites would actually receive more views than they would otherwise have done. It will be interesting to see how many views the newspapers get without the FB aggregator/summaries. If it rises, then maybe they have a case for charging FB to provide their news summaries. If it drops, then FB has a case to charge the newspapers to make their summaries. Obviously, I think it’s going to drop, so FB were in fact doing the newspapers somewhat of a favour for free.

  12. Pinroot says:

    Wow, this guy in Australia calls Biden out for his dementia. I wish they would show this on American tv.

  13. another ian says:


    A wine name for your just in case file

    Link is behind the Murdoch wall but you’ll get the idea

  14. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – re: Fakebook cutting off Oz – I agree. I was just kind of surprised on your Oz blog you did not mention it. I think the faster they fall, the better for all.

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    One of my “fundamental rules”: IF something is already being 4-walled everywhere, I have no value to add so do not mention it.

    That said:

    The real reason I didn’t say anything about it was that I didn’t know it had happened. Yeah, I was a bit out of touch. What can I say… I can’t be everywhere at once and I was busy “down the rabbit hole” of social media alternatives while I was also experimenting with a week on “Gin & Tonic”… Yeah… all week…

    My conclusion is that it works as an antiviral but I can’t keep it up for more than one week ’cause I’m a light weight on hard stuff…. I did 2 weeks on “just tonic water” about a year ago and that was OK but was a bit rough on the taste buds… Doing it with Gin is easier to keep swallowing it, but … I’m not able to do it for more than one week.

    But worry about what Facebook is doing? Since I do not use it At All and think anyone on it ought to Get The Hell Off, NOW!!! I don’t really spend any time paying attention to it in any way, shape, or form.

    I knew Australia was working on a way to milk them for some money (as is the EU) but didn’t really care. To me, they are dead anyway. Go ahead, have a food fight over the corpse…

    So I missed it and you broke the story. H/T to you.

  16. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – understood. But, and I am being bold here, perhaps you should say something on the 4 walled things. This goes back to my last comment on another thread.

    Rush use to say that once he said something on a subject, it was the final comment. And he was right all the time.

    you are not Rush. But you have a very loyal following. Who do not care about fake news when they 4 wall an item. They care about what you say. I am not saying you are a Rush replacement. But what you say is important to many.

    We can agree or disagree. But we do want to know what you say.

  17. E.M.Smith says:

    History worth the remembering…

  18. philjourdan says:

    History being destroyed by the woke.

    There is no honor any more.

  19. another ian says:

    A bit more on that

    “Battle of Beersheba” -Centenary 2017 by Ted Egan – YouTube
    Search domain
    On October 31 1917, 400 years to the day Islamic forces had taken over the Jewish settlement of Beersheba, the 4th and 12th Australian Light Horse regiments .”

  20. beththeserf says:

    The last great cavalry charge – the charge of the 4th Australian Light Horse at Beersheba,late in the afternoon of 31st October, 1917,. Such bravery, brings a lump to yr throat.

  21. another ian says:



    FWIW Wikipedia lists some more cavalry charges further up that campaign towards Jerusalem by the same group.

    I haven’t decided if that is trying to denigrate Beersheba or not though

    Doesn’t mention Ion Idriess and “The Desert Column” in its literature

    BYW did you realise that at Gallipoli Idriess was Billy Sing’s spotter for a while?

  22. beththeserf says:

    Re Ion Idriess, Billy Sing and courage in wartime and elsewhere. So many true stories and in great literature, unfoldings that combat the narrowness of stereotypes, life in the bubble … whereASS WOKE ideology reinforces witch-hunt group identity. Here from the serf way-back machine a modest proposal regarding reading literature,

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    The order of battle and the forces as they faced off.

    I’d not known that their horses had been without water for 48 hours in the desert. They start dying not too long after that, so taking the water supply was vital.

  24. Pinroot says:

    @EM – I like that list of alternatives to FaceBerg, as I call it. I was surprised to see 4chan on it, but I guess it is a social media platform of sorts. I also noticed that Voat is on the list, but they shutdown at the end of last December due to a lack of funding. Too bad, it was a great alternative to Reddit. And I’ve heard good things about Minds, which I think is enough like FaceBerg as far as user interaction goes, that people would be comfortable making the switch.

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