WT? Is Happening In India?

This is damned peculiar.

India is having an exponential spike in Chinese Wuhan Covid cases that has not yet begun to slow down. Why?

One speculation is that there’s a “double mutation” India Variant that may be highly infectious. What else? Nobody knows…

Then there’s Zimbabwe. Not known as a hot-bed of technical innovation and extreme medical skill, nor known for their “compliance” with Authority telling them to shelter in place and anti-social distance…

Yet Zimbabwe HAS approved the use of Ivermectin for both treatment and prophylaxis…

Here’s the two charts:

India Covid 26 April 2021

India Covid 26 April 2021

Zimbabwe Covid 26 April 2021

Zimbabwe Covid 26 April 2021

Any clue?

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  1. jim2 says:

    The denizens of India use a lot of hydroxychoroquine – no?

  2. Quail says:

    @Jim2 They used to, them some regions made it impossible to get. There is also some speculation that manuring season on the fields may be spreading it.

    Northern California sewage reports on levels of covid. It can reproduce in bacteria too.
    Possibly related: India increasing rates and US corn fields (think bio-solids.)
    Maps further down in this interesting Twitter thread.

    Inline image

    Inline image

    Inline image

    So another theory of the out of control appearance of India is that they discouraged Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in favor or the pricy Remdesevir. Could be both theories working in tandem.

    Inline image

    “…So, what’s different between Maharashtra and Delhi with respect to the rest of India and South Asia? Instead of relying on HCQ and IVM, many doctors and health officials in Maharashtra and Delhi pushed the expensive and profitable remdesivir drug. Due to its cost and recommended time of usage, remdesivir is not used either as a prophylaxis or for early outpatient treatment. And unlike the cheap and easy-to-produce HCQ and IVM, remdesivir is difficult to replace when it runs out. During this wave in India, many hospitals in Maharashtra and Delhi ran out of the stocks of remdesivir. Perhaps…just perhaps…these contrasts in treatment philosophy make the difference between a substantial viral breakout, and one that is highly manageable. Where HCQ and IVM are used widely as prophylaxis and to treat COVID-19 early, the outbreaks and deaths are far more manageable. The oxygen doesn’t run out. It’s much like a typical flu season, in fact.
    It becomes harder and harder by the day to believe that health officials, pharmaceutical companies, and the media haven’t noticed…”

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    My understanding is that most of the folks in India, the poor, have near zero money left over for drugs after they buy enough food for the day from what they earned working that same day.


    Now that there is some good data…

    Gee, easy and cheap therapies working, expensive an unobtanium treatments not so much…

  4. Quail says:

    Links to missing images from above (I hope this works)
    Cases in US

    Corn growing in US

    We use human biosolids on agricultural lands, but it is supposed to be sterile. Tough to get clean since the virus is also a bacteriophage.

  5. philjourdan says:

    The “speculation” (forbidden on the masters of the universe clown car stations) is that China manufactured the virus. And what a good job they did. Now with Bidun in the WH, who is their main enemy?

    India. Not a military equal, but wars are messy. So why not just target a variant towards them?

    This is not a natural virus nor is the distribution natural.

  6. Meisha says:

    Quail says, “ We use human biosolids on agricultural lands, but it is supposed to be sterile. Tough to get clean since the virus is also a bacteriophage.”

    VERY interesting…

    As for Phil Jourdan’s speculation that China recently developed a COVID-19 variation specific to south Asian ethnicities…well, that goes a little far down the road for me. Reduction in HCQ and Ivermectin use together with more relaxed socializing behavior strikes me as the simpler, more likely explanation.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    Laugh or Cry. Laud or diss…. What do you do when it is both pro and con…

    So this video “Rips Biden a New One” Yay! Ha Ha! Way to go!… but over denying India vaccines an vaccine materials that might, in fact, do more harm than good… (Boo! Hiss! Baa Haa Baa! Thank Gods…) Oh Well, such is the way of things in a Propaganda and GEB driven world.

    Good? Bad?

    Who knows… Pays yur money and takes yur chances…

    I think maybe I’ll load up the wagon and go camp in the woods for 6 months then come back and find out who survived / won…

    /sarc; ? Maybe…. ?

  8. beththeserf says:

    Such is the way in a propaganda driven world!

  9. Ossqss says:

    PCR test doing 40 cycles?

    Population density per square mile?

    Hospital rates might help understand.

    New infection vs new recover on this page is a bit of a tell also.


  10. cdquarles says:

    Ethical Skeptic I trust, the others, not so much. Reported numbers are *highly* suspect, mainly because good supporting information isn’t given.

    Pop quiz: Why is the influenza virus spike protein call hemagglutinin? ;p

  11. Ossqss says:

    @EM, so what is the process for treating ones self with the IVM solution? I am gonna get some for general application as needed. Ivermectin, It’s not just for covid anymore. I get a kick out of it as I used to say “Sheep Dip? instead of cussing most of the time :-)

    Good info Quail. I guess we will find out for sure in a couple weeks.

    Everything is nearing normal in this neck of the woods. Well, with exception of the mask Nazi’s, personal and business. People still driving alone and jogging, if you can believe it, with masks on. After this length of time. many folks will turn into obedient zombies, permanently.

    I guess somebody had to vote for Walter Mondale. LOL

  12. H.R. says:

    “I guess somebody had to vote for Walter Mondale. LOL”

    Now that right there was funny! I don’t care who you are.

  13. Ossqss says:

    Sometimes, ya just say…… what?

    Perhaps, I now am a Talking head, but I see what is going on. LOL

  14. Julian Jones says:

    Quail : Ivermectin information from India looks significant.
    By Dec 2020 it was reported that 80% inhabitants of some India slums inhabitants had been infected but with low mortalities.
    Coronaviruses are fecally transmitted. Winter covid outbreaks in temperate zones could correlate with rainfall and sewers overflowing into rivers, spraying fecal particulates off weirs downstream, over adjacent communities, acting as super-spreaders & -concentrators. Poor toilet hygiene also contributing.
    Interesting data from Japan, with strict toilet hygiene; covid really got underway coinciding precisely with the 2020 summer monsoon .. plenty of rivers full of feces.

  15. A C Osborn says:

    It would be really useful if we knew the take-up of HCQ & Iveremctin by state as the MOHF publish the cases & deaths per state and they vary from 2.97% mortality to 0.085% mortality.
    The upper values typical of European countries and the US (1.78%)

  16. David A says:

    It appears to be an assortment of reasons, multiple new worse mutations, reduced use of effective treatments, vaccine shortage, etc.

    Yet ever, India is four plus times the US population. So currently the US has about 800 deaths a day and 650000 cases.
    India has 350,000 cases a day and about 2,600 deaths.
    Multiplied to India’s population the United States is currently having 260 thousand cases and 3200 deaths. So as reduced as the current US numbers are, they are no better then India’s current numbers. ( Fewer card but more deaths per capita.

    In the US worst Wuflu run we experienced 280 k daily cases and 4,100 deaths. To match that India would need to experience 1,160,000 daily cases and 16,400 daily deaths.
    ( All numbers subject to wide error bars)

    From past reading I uncertainty recall about 150 to 200 million in India annually took HCQ. ( Bad Malaria areas) I have not seen how those locations are doing in regard to current HCQ use for malaria prevention – relief or Wuflu prevention.

  17. jim2 says:

    David A. Here are cases by state in India. You will need the population of each state and HCQ consumption. If you do the calcs, please use “per capita” as the metric. It’s much easier to comprehend.


  18. jim2 says:

    Ivermectin kit in India:

    India has been distributing science-based home care treatments since at least November for a cost of little more than 2 bucks. Our featured image comes from the site below, where you can buy this treatment. While we are not endorsing any form of medical treatment or recommending readers purchase it for themselves, just a click on this link to India Mart shows how easy it is to get something so simple and cheap as the Indian Government’s Ziverdo Kit …


  19. David A says:

    Thanks Jim, yet that appears to be total cases with no link to time charts.

  20. jim2 says:

    David A. Yes, but includes the current spike, which is large.

  21. jim2 says:

    Here’s a site where you can get the state by state data. It will be a bit tedious since you have to switch to cumulative and eyeball the difference between dates.


  22. jim2 says:

    Actually, there are controls to pick a date range on the charts on the previously linked site.

  23. David A says:

    Jim , thanks for those links. It would have been simpler to understand my per capita comment if I had not made such a typo

    “India is four plus times the US population. So currently the US has about 800 deaths a day and 650000 cases.”

    65,000 cases daily is what I meant.

  24. Paul, Somerset says:

    This gives you plenty of data, including state-by-state graphs. They’re the most telling, since they rise in tandem, over a vast geographical area. That doesn’t tally with what you’d expect from a spreading virus:
    The suggestion, no more than that, is that the numbers rise soon after vaccinations step up. This has been noted in other countries too, and one suggestion is that it’s due to the fact that these drugs are causing lymphocyte levels to fall through the floor in the week or so after the injection. In other words those injected are suddenly vulnerable to any infection they contract immediately afterwards.

  25. Paul, Somerset says:

    The Stop Press to that article is worth repeating too:

    Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Professor Ramesh Thakur has been in touch with a comment he left on a story in the Australian.

    “Some context and perspective. India’s Covid deaths yesterday were 2,163 (seven-day rolling average). India’s average daily death toll is 25,000 from all causes.

    “Second, despite this surge, as of now India’s Covid mortality rate is 140 dead per million people. This compares to 401 for the world average, 1,762 for the US, and 1,869 for the UK. It puts India 119th in the world on this, the single most important statistic for comparison purposes.

    “Third, the crux of the problem in India is not the proportion of cases and deaths from Covid. Rather, it is the lack of a fit-for-purpose public health infrastructure and medical supplies of equipment and drugs.

    “Fourth, although Government neglect of public health while prioritising vanity projects like a new Parliament building during the pandemic, building temples and statues etc. is a contributory factor, the real cause of a poor public health system is poverty. Put bluntly, poverty is the world’s biggest killer.

    “Fifth and finally, this is why a strong economy is not an optional luxury but an essential requirement for good health.”

  26. Tony McKenna says:

    India’s graph eyeballs like Gibraltar. They had had a very quiet covid until they began to jab in January when deaths skyrocketed.
    Gibraltar calmed down when they ran out of people to jab.
    I think India started towards the end of January but, at least for the moment, they have plenty more to get through.

  27. p.g.sharrow says:

    It should be noted; All deaths and injuries caused by the vaccination are being attributed to “Covid-19 caused”. So expect those numbers to skyrocket as that program becomes more and more successful in getting people into accept “the jab”. As greater numbers of people refuse to join in to this mass experiment there will be a greater effort to force them to accept being included in this Lemming Death march. Gates and Fauci promise us unending pandemic as our future. What I see is an unending war against humanity being conducted for profit…pg

  28. E.M.Smith says:


    First off, the required statement:

    I’m not an M.D. For any medication, ask YOUR doctor what to do for YOU. All I can do is state what I’m doing for me. Nothing I’m doing for me is medical advice for anyone else.

    What I do, is “Cattle Drench”. I got it at a Farm Supply store. Ivermectin comes in a few forms, including an apple flavored paste for horses. As I’m not that fond of fake apple flavor, and cutting a 2000 pound dose down to 200 pounds can be a bit tricky with a paste, and I didn’t want to swallow it as once swallowed you have little recourse: I chose the “drench”. This is a blue liquid, mostly rubbing alcohol, with ivermectin dissolved in it.

    Why? It is easier to measure a liquid in small quantities. IF, for some reason, I started to have a reaction, the remainder on my skin could be washed off. I was familiar with it from my use of it on Rabbits (along with fenbendazole that is now being explored for cancer and also antiviral and potentially useful in prostate cancer – do the web search… but added to Ivermectin it cured my bunnies of Wry Neck / E. Cuniculi. I have a posting up about that). So I already knew the dose calculations for a 2 pound bunny…

    What I do is simple. I read the package and apply the dose for a 220 lb. “sheep”. (As I’m about that weight…) For this particular brand, that’s 10 ml. Neatly measured in the measuring spout thingy. You just rub in on bare skin and let it evaporate / soak in. That’s it. Normal use in worming and such has one treatment, then you wait a week and treat a second time. It is modestly persistent in the body, but mostly that delay is to let any parasite eggs hatch as they are resistant, but the new hatchlings are not. I can look up in my PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) the 1/2 life, if requested, but so far the 1 x a week has been just dandy. I read a recommendation for prescribed oral dose in M.D. practice of 1 x week so figured it was probably also long lived in the body.

    Folks on farms spraying a herd with it will get more than that on themselves just from being sloppy. (I grew up in farm country…). The band between minimum effective and ‘has issues’ is incredibly wide and it is one of the most safe drugs in the world. Watch the T.V. show “The incredible Dr. Pol” about a veterinarian and eventually you will see him pull a gallon of it out of his truck and just pour a cup or so of it on some pest infested horse or cow in a long swoop strait from the jug. Or the cattle inspection station / stall where the herd is being run through and a gallon jug is hanging on the stall with a “bug spray”: like wand / nozzle and cows just get sprayed with it. Measuring somewhat optional… though preferred.

    This is the 1 L size. I got the 250 ml (and that was about a year ago… )

    Zoom in on the pour measure side of the image (mouse over) and you will see the 220 lb / 10 ml line at the bottom. It is a bit easier to measure in the 250 ml package, but I’ll likely get the L next time.

    This drug does stop a neurotranmitter from working (that’s how it kills parasites). We have 2 of them, bugs have one, it blocks the one bugs have. We use that one in our brains, so blocking it there would be a Very Bad Idea. Lucky for most mammals, it does not cross the blood brain barrier. BUT:

    Some particular breeds of dogs and bunnies have a poor blood brain barrier for the drug and it can be lethal in them. Some “Dutch Pattern” bunnies and specific dog breeds ( I don’t remember exactly which ones as they were not the ones we have). My bunnies were “dutch pattern” (black eye patches on white neck band kind of panda like) but a variety cross and I had to test with very small quantities first to assure they were not going to react badly. Started with one very small drop, then added a drop every day up to the full dose, the very first time. Figured I’d see any neurological impairment early enough to stop treating if they had a weak blood / brain barrier. My bunnies did not have that problem.

    I don’t know of any people with a poor blood brain barrier, or any drugs that might lower it (as that would likely be very bad for the person in normal life…) but that is something to be aware of.

    That’s what I do for me. What you do for you is between you and your M.D.

  29. Quail says:

    @Julian Jones. Interesting about Japan.
    Here is a paper on gut flora and Wuhan flu changes in it. They think long covid could be linked to it infecting the biota so even if it clears from the host, it could still be simmering along in the bacteria.

    @EM Alcohol can transport it across, as can sour citrus. There are others like warfarin so like you said, go check drug interactions. I’ve found that not all interactions are listed on any one site so check several. We use the Apple Flavored horse paste topically since Ivermectin easily crosses the skin, plus the dosage per pound is the same for us as horses. (Also not an MD so don’t listen to me.)

  30. Ossqss says:

    @EM, so you put this on your arms or apply on the whole body?

  31. Power Grab says:

    @ Quail:
    Great article! It confirms some things I have suspected.

  32. Quail says:

    “The INDIA Mutations and B.1.617 Variant: Is There a Global “Strategy” for Mutations and Evolution of Variants of The SARS-CoV2 Genome?
    In this paper, we run for all INDIA mutations and variants a biomathematical numerical method for analysing mRNA nucleotides sequences based on UA/CG Fibonacci numbers proportions (Perez, 2021). In this study, we limit ourselves to the analysis of whole genomes, all coming from the mutations and variants of SARS-CoV2 sequenced in India in 2020 and 2021. We then demonstrate – both on actual genomes of patients and on variants combining the most frequent mutations to the SARS-CoV2 Wuhan genomes and then to the B.1.617 variant – that the numerical Fibonacci AU / CG metastructures increase considerably in all cases analyzed in ratios of up to 8 times. We can affirm that this property contributes to a greater stability and lifespan of messenger RNAs, therefore, possibly also to a greater INFECTUOSITY of these variant genomes.”

  33. E.M.Smith says:


    Any skin will do. I’d avoid the dangly bits though as an accidental exposure to rubbing alcohol some decades back informed me that they are not happy with alcohol application. Something about a burning sensation and hopping around…

    But legs, arms, belly, back, whatever. I usually just rub it on the belly, chest and any excess on the shoulders. Oh, and I do NOT wash my hands afterwards, as some is soaking in there, too. Give it at least 1/2 a day before bath or shower ( I do it just AFTER a bath or shower so there’s a full day).

    For cattle they just pour it down the spine through the fur and let it drip around the sides from there.

  34. E.M.Smith says:

    I think it was Another Ian who pointed me at:

    which has this GREAT video in it (that I finally got time to watch). It makes the point that we are past the PANdemic and into an ENdemic phase, and that THE thing that needs to be heard the most is that Vitamin D is critical to having a good experience with viruses (of any kind).

    At 15 minutes covers the fact that Ivermectin works…

  35. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – Sorry, If I may?

    Biden is doing nothing. HIs Handlers are. And since they are in bed with China. that means India is out. They are penalizing India for repulsing a China invasion.

    Which is what Kerry did to Israel.

  36. philjourdan says:

    @David A – The difference between Co-Morbidity. Unfortunately, India’s health care system is not up to ours yet. But let Biden take care of that.

  37. philjourdan says:

    @Meisha- what part of it goes too far down the road.

    Fact: The Wuflu came from Chine
    Fact: China is in a border war with INdia
    Fact: The Wuflu came from a lab

    So which fact do you want to sterilize in the “woke” culture?

  38. philjourdan says:

    @Quail – do you know what BullShit is?

    If not, I will explain it to you.

    Come back with real science not BULLSHIT science

  39. Quail says:

    @Philjourdan I am open to learning. I am way out of my depth and trying to understand it all. Please be polite and I am happy to learn from you.

  40. E.M.Smith says:


    IF you are going to call “BullShit” at someone, display what part of their statement you claim to be in error, and what evidence (not just opinion) you have to support your position.

    A logical syllogism that makes it more LIKELY is interesting, but is not evidence nor proof, as many things that are “reasonable” are not true, and many things that are true are not “reasonable”. (Like QM vs General Relativity vs Newtonian Physics )

    Near as I can tell, this syllogism is also “true”:

    Covid viruses mutate fast and a lot.
    MILLIONS to BILLIONS of people have been infected.
    Each infection makes TRILLIONS of virus copies with massive numbers mutated.
    Therefore natural mutations and new varieties will randomly arise all over the planet.

    No added Chinese Lab work needed. (And yes, I’m pretty sure it came from their lab, funded by Faucci).

    I also can not see any way (yet) to determine if your syllogism or mine is the correct one.

    And yes, I know what Bullshit is. I’ve actually shoveled it. I also know what just spouting insults looks like and you are getting close to it…

    So exactly what are you protesting? That the gut flora change? That’s proven. That the virus is shed in stool? That’s proven. The only bit that I did not see supported in the paper was that the virus lived in the bacteria. A quick read of the paper and a quick search showed no support for that notion. So IMHO that part is just a sloppy read of the linked paper.

    So “over to you”: Present what you object to, why, and what your evidence for that position would be. And avoid insulting people, please.

  41. mddwave says:

    I liked this person video on explaining the recent India surge.

  42. YMMV says:

    mddwave: “I liked this person video”

    Yes, Ivor Cummins is always great. That was a YT video, but YT has taken down some of his videos (for going against Party Line), so he is also on odysee


  43. Ossqss says:

    That was a very informative video EM, thanks for that. I gotta get me some sheep dip and beer soon :-)

  44. E.M.Smith says:


    Loved that video. Makes it clear what is happening in India. Basically the other graph looks like a big spike because they avoided the problem in the first place, until now.

  45. E.M.Smith says:

    It would be very interesting to plot infection and mortality by lattitude / season… Vit-D production.

  46. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss – I picked up the 250mL size a few weeks ago. It was a little over $20.00.

    That is a lot of doses for $20-plus. No reason not to get some. I thought there might be a shortage of Ivermectin as word got out. So far, nope. I guess they make so much of the stuff for farm use that even a large bump from people buying it for treating the Wuhan Flu hasn’t seemed to affect supply.

  47. p.g.sharrow says:

    That big spike in infection illness/death from COVID times nicely with the spike in inoculations.

  48. Pinroot says:

    @pg – I saw several graphs that show basically the same thing: after inoculations, there was a pronounced rise in death rates for several different countries. I wish I could find the graphs now, I can’t remember where I saw them (probably somewhere on twitter). It was just one of those things that make you go “Hmmmmm…”.

  49. The True Nolan says:

    @H.R. “I picked up the 250mL size a few weeks ago. It was a little over $20.00.”

    That’s what I paid at the local Co-Op. Been using it 5 or 6 weeks, rubbed on belly and arms, same usage technique as E.M. No ill effects.

  50. Annie says:

    Good video posted by mddwave.

  51. E.M.Smith says:


    Ivermectin in one of THE most widely used drugs in the world. It is literally sold by the gallon anywhere there are herds of farm animals. ( I think I’ve seen a 5 gallon pail advertised… and I know I’ve touched a gallon jug…) IIRC I paid about $20 for mine, and that’s 25 doses, so under $1 / treatment. You can do the “1 a week to prevent”, and at $1 / week that’s cheaper than my coffee habit per day… In fact, Not only do I drink over $1 of coffee per day, I think I spend more that that on broccoli (and I don’t really like broccoli all that much…)

    Click to access Ivermectin-PO_5L_FP-1.pdf

    Yup, 5 Gallon:

    Applicator Gun*
    (2.5 L, 5 L and 5 gallon bottles)

    FWIW, there’s typically a whole lot more farm animal pounds than top predator human pounds running around at any one time. Just a fact of predator / prey relationships. So the added quantity used by the (unfortunately few) people using it will not even show up in the statistics.

    A 1000 lb cow will be dewormed 2 or 3 times a year (depending on latitude, local bugs, etc) so figure about 3000 lb-doses. Divide by 200, that’s 15 person doses for a big person. Now I’m not dosing every week. I just use it when something goes bump in the immune system.

    Spouse and I have had a total of about 5 treatments in a year, and we are most likely using more than the average on the planet by far. So “one cow year” will cover our demand for 3 years.

    There will be more variation in demand based on bug populations and the local vet saying “better worm 4 times this year instead of two” some times. Besides, they can just run the factory for an extra shift and cover a big increase in demand…

    @Pinroot & P.G.:

    I’d be worried about ADE Antibody Dependent Enhancement. It is still an unknown. IF it develops, it will be worst at about the 1 to 2 year point, but start showing up at the 6 months point in a few folks.

    (I think from another thread…)

    Both my kids and their spouses have taken the inoculation. So far no bad thing. I’m very hopeful it stays that way. It is a personal decision based on individual medical history and needs.

    I can hide in my house and have a well proven treatment that I know how to use; plus have a medical history that argues against doing anything that might trigger a hyper-immune response (along with a long history of developing allergic reactions to all manner of things). My kids not so much (spousal genes helping out there I think…) plus they “have a life”…

    We each must decide for ourselves what is the most likely best path for us, and how we value the various risks. Some of us will be the guinea pigs, some the control group, and NOBODY knows which is the “right” decision and that depends on some big unknowns.

    It has every possibility that I could catch it tomorrow, find out I’m in that unlucky few where Ivermectin isn’t enough (or be a week away from home and the bottle) and end up “suddenly dead”. I’ve got no guarantees my decision is at all right. Similarly, we won’t know for a year to 2 years if my kids are going to die from ADE due to the vaccine. BOTH are entirely unknown paths.

    My belief is that my risk is higher with the vaccines due to my peculiarities of metabolism. My kids belief is that given their age they are not at big risk anyway and for them the “freedom” of being vaccinated is worth it. It could be that we are both right. (Or both wrong…)

    Life is not a script, there is no appeals court, and most decisions are made without good information. Just pick one and move on…

  52. David A says:

    E.M., that’s a very fair summary.

    And there is an attempt to social stigma for those who don’t get the jab.
    I have been asked by friends several times and get a quizzical look with my negative response. ( I usually just move the subject on. Who wants an in depth discussion on the subject.)

    It is new technology in a field that is not spectacularly well understood, and a host of potentially serious reactions.

  53. philjourdan says:

    The BS is that, just by random chance, a variant has decided to decimate a particular ethnicity, that is in conflict with the originators of the original virus!!!

    For that to be non-BS is to hit 2 Lottos in a row.

    That is what I called BS on. Covid is NOT a random virus. It was created by the Chinese (which economy was least hit?). And they are still mutating it in their Wuhan Lab.

    Facts backed up by observation

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