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“Stuff” Happens

Looks like Biden pissing on Putin has consequences:


Putin’s Bid to Ditch Dollar Picks Up as Exports Move to Euro

(Bloomberg) — Vladimir Putin’s multi-year push to reduce Russia’s exposure to the dollar hit a major milestone as the share of exports sold in the U.S. currency fell below 50% for the first time.

Most of the slump in dollar use came from Russia’s trade with China, more than three-quarters of which is now conducted in euros, according to central bank data published late Monday. The common currency’s share in total exports jumped more than 10 percentage points to 36%, the data for the fourth quarter show.

Multiple rounds of sanctions and the constant threat of more to come have pushed Russia to find ways to isolate its economy from U.S. interference. The central bank has also stripped back its holdings of Treasuries in its international reserves, loading up on gold and euros instead.

More trade now being done in Euros and Ruble staying about the same.

Odd that China and Russia are not using their currencies with each other… I’m not sure that the Euro is that much “safer” than the $US given their political leanings and stresses lately.

Then there’s the latest Democrat Gun Sales push (that they hilariously name “gun control”…) driving up gun buying at an incredible rate:


Booming Gun Sales: Smith & Wesson Sees Sales Double From Last Year

By Peter Suciu Published 2 mins ago

Springfield, Mass.-based Smith & Wesson is being directly targeted by state lawmakers, who seek to ban the production of AR-15 and similar semi-automatic black guns – the dubiously described “assault weapons.” President Joe Biden has also taken aim at gun makers, suggesting that laws be changed so that the companies can be sued when their products are used in a crime.

That would be enough to give a firearms industry executive some serious headaches and likely result in some sleepless nights.

But these are actually the boom times for Smith & Wesson.

Last month the company reported record sales for the latest quarter, selling more than 600,000 firearms and accessories – more than a quarter of a billion dollars worth of products. That actually represented a doubling of sales from a year ago, and it was Smith & Wesson’s third consecutive record-breaking quarter.

And last year was no slouch for sales, either… Democrats, pumping up gun sales for decades…

Florida vs. NY

Looks like Cuomo shot his own…


New York Loses House Seat Over Difference of Only 89 People
by Matt Palumbo Posted: April 27, 2021

Yesterday we learned how the 2020 Census would affect the composition of the House of Representatives.

Texas picked up two seats, while Florida, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, and Oregon picked up one. California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia all lost one each. Overall, states that voted for Biden lost a net three seats.

The shifting of seven seats among thirteen states represents the smallest number of seats changing hands in any decade since the current method of apportionment was adopted in 1941.

Hilariously, New York wouldn’t have lost a seat if their population of 20,201,249 was a mere 89 people higher.

Or in other words, if Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home policy killed a mere 89 fewer people – or if his high taxes caused 89 fewer people to move out of the state, his state could’ve retained that seat.

While only three net seats will change hands in the GOP’s favor here, the balance of power is already closer than it appears.

Republicans have 212 seats in the House to the Democrats 218. While this is a Democrat majority by six seats, because tie votes fail in the House, it reduces the Democrat majority to two votes (as losing three votes on a bill would lead to a 215-215 tie), and effectively blocks them from passing any of their most progressive legislation.

California Moving…


California Gov. Newsom recall effort has more than enough verified signatures

“This now triggers the next phase of the recall process, a 30-business-day period in which voters may submit written requests to county Registrars of Voters to remove their names from the recall petition,” California Secretary of State Dr. Shirley N. Weber said in a statement.

The press release declares: “The valid signatures in the 10th report are 1,626,042, which exceeds the total of 1,495,709 signatures required.”

So unless the Dims round up 130,000+ folks who want to remove their signature, it’s going to the ballot.

Then we get to find out how much the Dims are willing to have their machines keep family & friends on the Government Gravy Train… It will be interesting to see if anyone is monitoring this next election for machine jiggery riggery…

Things of interest

I’d not have believed it, but there it is. Crazy jumping worms…


‘Crazy worms’ have invaded the forests of 15 states, and scientists are worried
By Brandon Specktor – Senior Writer a day ago

They look like normal earthworms, but can writhe, jump and even shed their tails to escape danger.
The worms of the genus Amynthas — also known as snake worms, Asian jumping worms and Alabama jumpers, according to Smithsonian Magazine — are a highly invasive lot that first made their way to North America in the 19th century, stowed away on ships carrying plants and dirt. Since then, they’ve spread, well, like crazy, and have now been sighted in more than a dozen states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Oklahoma, Newsweek.com reported.

They resemble common earthworms, only smaller and brownish in color. However, their reputation is far more sinister. Adult crazy worms reproduce quickly and without mates, laying clutches of eggs the same color as the soil, according to Smithsonian. Once they hatch, the worms swiftly devour the nutrients in the topsoil around them, leaving behind a loose, grainy mess that resembles coffee grounds.

It seems that they cause destruction of soil quality and that’s going to be a problem…

Looks like Rebel News wins one:


Canadian Anti-Hate Network forced to apologize for saying that Rebel News incited Christchurch terrorist
By Rebel News | April 27, 2021

Elizabeth Simons, deputy director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, was forced to issue an apology after falsely claiming that the shooter in the March 2019 Christchurch mosque attack was incited to commit violence by Rebel News.

Simons deleted a tweet that alleged that Rebel News incited the Christchurch shooter and issued a correction and apology, but then deleted the new statement along with her account. She then restored her account, leaving up only the correction, which she threatens to delete in 90 days.

IMHO, more folks need to start SLAPing back NGOs, Dims, and anyone else who “talks dirt” about them. Like this one too:


AMERICAN NEWS Apr 26, 2021 10:51 PM EST
BREAKING: Project Veritas announces lawsuit against CNN over defamation
They allege CNN host Ana Cabrera made a knowingly false claim accusing Veritas of being banned for “misinformation.”

For more, just hit the link to Bongino’s site:


Or Whatfinger:


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399 Responses to W.O.O.D. – 27 April 2021

  1. another ian says:

    “”The Problem Is That Your Ideas Are Stupid” – Bill Maher Blasts “Gullible” Millennials”


    “Woke up”?

  2. philjourdan says:

    @Aniotrher Ian – I work with a millennial. And they are that stupid. He told me the other day that “all greed is evil”. I pointed out that his savings are greed so he must be evil as well. They are not very bright. He also jumped up and claimed that the prejudice against Venezuelans was racist based! Until my Venezuelan friend said the prejudice was from Columbia.

    He is a decent network engineer. But really is short on the brain cells in other departments.

  3. philjourdan says:

    On Topic. The problem with liberal states losing folks is they are fleeing high taxes. But when they get to a low tax state (or NO tax state), what do they do? Vote for costly and failed policies from their failed former states!

    It is not Millennials that are morons. It is liberals.

  4. Jim Masterson says:


    “It is not Millennials that are morons. It is liberals.”



  5. The True Nolan says:

    Very good video on the creation of mass psychosis, especially political psychosis.

    I was pleased to see the opening quote from Gustav Le Bon. I recommend his book, The Crowd. It was written in the 19th Century, but humanity still follows the same patterns.

  6. philjourdan says:

    BTW: (in case you do not know, my wife is a liberal, but God help me I love her).

    She went full nag this morning on getting me vaccinated. I suffer the handicap of being born after 4/56. SO I was not eligible until recent; But she was hounding me since our state finally opened it up to all folks a week ago. I had already signed up with my doctor before then (having the co-morbidity of renal cancer (clear now)).

    Did she stop this morning when she left? NOOOO! She hounded me through lunch time! SO I signed up with a local pharmacy and got my first shot at 3:13pm.

    At 4pm, my doctor called and offered the J&J on 5/4 (a week from today). Which would have meant I was fully vaccinated them. But NOOOOOOO! I had already gotten the first shot of the Pfizer! So I have to wait 3 more weeks for the second one!

    Did I say my wife is a liberal?

  7. jim2 says:

    The America Project is raising funds to support Election Audits.
    Our current goal is to raise $2,800,000 to support
    and pay for expenses of the Maricopa Audit.


  8. jim2 says:

    Looks like the Dimowits managed to maneuver in a Dimowit judge.

    PHOENIX (AP) — A judge hearing a challenge to voter privacy policies during the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate’s recount of 2.1 million 2020 election ballots in the county that includes metro Phoenix said Tuesday he is not convinced voter secrecy is being upheld.

    The comment from Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin came at the end of a lengthy hearing where he also declined to extend a previous judge’s order that auditors hired by the Senate comply with state voter privacy laws — at least until he hears more at a hearing on Wednesday.

    “I will share with you all, I am not yet persuaded that there has been a showing that the rights of the voters in Maricopa County are being protected,” Martin said. “And I think we will touch on this tomorrow when we address the policies and procedures and whether or not they can be withheld from public view.”


  9. Pinroot says:

    @philjourdan – My wife is also a liberal, and she got the shot, and was adamant that i get it. I usually give in and let her have her way, even when I know she is completely wrong (happens a lot more than you would believe). This is one time I haven’t. We’ve had several big arguments about it. In the end, since I am dealing with a liberal, I put it in terms she should be able to understand, and just told her “my body, my choice”.

    I recently ran across this article, which lists 18 reasons for not getting the vaccine:
    18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine
    There is some overlap, and some seem a little redundant, but overall, they’re pretty good reasons.

  10. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Looks like Falcon & Winter Soldier has gone hard core anti-Woke”

    It’s a head fake. It won’t last.

    I’ll have a hard time finding out if I’m wrong about that. I haven’t watched it and have no plans to do so.

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    Hard to say at this point. Disney seems to have started the process of avoiding the “go broke” part of being “Woke”. Something about noticing their intended Cash Cow of Star Wars was, in fact, losing money hand over fist… and that the Wokey Wokey stuff in Marvel was also having folks “Staying away in droves”. When you have multi-$Million bonuses and stock options turning up worthless that tends to motivate.

    Still a bit early to say for sure, but it does look likely.

    You don’t get a Profit Bonus when there is no profit… Remember that Disney also owns ESPN and the sports franchises have been turning in horrible numbers as soon as they did the Woke Crap. You can’t hide that. You can’t ignore it as management. Captive audience trapped at home and you STILL can’t get them to watch?… Then advertising money comes in based on number of viewers, so you also can’t ignore that big hole in the budget…

    Per F&W: I’ve not watched it either, and doubt that I will. Once you drive me away, I’m very very slow to ever return (and never forget…) The SJW sort are just, IMHO, Cultural Vandals. That they were ever allowed to be the writers, directors and managers of Marvel / ESPN / Star Wars / whatever divisions in Disney says there’s a lot more “Structural Defects” in management to remove. I’m not sure the Upper Management will be up to that task.

    But one thing I do know about Disney: Once some part is losing money, or worse, becomes a “controversy”, it tends to get a “makeover” and the old “Heave Ho!” to the causal parties… All wrapped in treacle and nice-nice talk, but still “change” happens. So Upper Management was sold the story that being all Wokey Wokey would get them vast new audiences in POC marked minorities and Women: Instead they found out Black Men don’t particularly like watching 2 black guys kiss either… and Women like strong men… and, surprise surprise, Men like strong competent Women.

    Compare the Wonder Woman movie, and Gina Carano in Mandelorian, to the Woke Ideology. We The People loved those strong competent Women Roles. The “Woe Is Me Professionally Offended” could not stand them as they deflated the narrative of oppressed women being subjugated by the Horrible White Man. When the SJWs showed up to culturally vandalize those properties, and Captain America, there wasn’t much we could do, but we could just stop giving them money…

    And that loss of revenue has, it seems, talked to upper management.

    Time will tell, and there’s still a LOT that needs repairing; but it does look like the worm has begun to turn… (even a worm will turn and defend itself if pushed too far…). It will likely take another year to know for sure if this was a “Head fake” or the “start of something new”…

  12. DonM says:


    I’ll give you another reason.

    40 some year old hospital worker (co-worker of co-worker of my daughter).

    Got second shot; felt crappy (per standard) the night after the shot; got out of bed and sat in the chair in the living as more comfortable; that’s where the wife found him in the morning; reason for death is multiple organ failure.

    I don’t really have a circle, but going only as far as acquantinces/freinds/realitives of someone I know. I know of three people that have died from the cure & two people that have died from hosting the virus.

  13. jim2 says:

    The Biden administration’s Justice Department obtained a search warrant for Rudy Giuliani and used it to search his New York City apartment and office, seizing records and electronic devices. Giuliani has been a private attorney for President Trump in his election cases and was instrumental in getting Hunter Biden’s laptop into the news before the 2020 presidential election. Giuliani is reportedly being investigated over his alleged lobbying efforts in 2019 regarding Ukraine when he was investigating allegations of corruption involving Joe and Hunter Biden and Ukraine.


  14. Taz says:

    Activists, media, and Twitter mob pressure Spotify to deplatform Joe Rogan over vaccine comments

    I don’t know what he said or care. But more and more, I see the need for a decentralized box ANYONE can just buy and use. Cutting all of the media off from revenue (hopefully).

    It’s time to cut the media’s nuts off. “Protests” do nothing. Ruining them while taking their shit will silence these jackals. Change your ways or die.


    Finding a way to side load Apple apps would be important. Perhaps a well funded lawsuit. They should not be a gatekeeper

  15. Jon K says:

    Quick note on vaccine and it’s purely anecdotal. My wife works on the Covid floor at the local hospital. 60% of the patients with Covid have had one or both vaccines and the ones that have had the vaccine tend to have worse outcomes.

  16. jim2 says:

    I quit Drudge Report long ago, but now ….

    The Drudge Report’s drift from its original Internet rebelliousness took another step into mainstream irrelevance with a purge this week of links to pioneering conservative sites The Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily, Free Republic and Lucianne.com. Also reportedly gone are links to the late Rush Limbaugh’s site and columnist David Limbaugh.


  17. jim2 says:

    Man, it’s about time the good people of the USA caught a break!

    BREAKING: FEAR-MONGERING FAIL! — Arizona Court Rules Maricopa County Audit Will Go On – No Temporary Restraining Order!


  18. Pinroot says:

    @jim2 – I saw an article recently referencing twitter, some liberal ‘pundit’ was referring to this as a ‘rogue audit’ in order to make it sound like there’s no justification for the audits, and warning of more of them if this one goes anywhere. He says “What’s to stop them from doing this again in 2922 and 2024?” Of course, what’s to stop the left from cheating again in 2022 and 2024 if nothing is done?


  19. jim2 says:

    The Dimowits will say anything as long as they think it will help them. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. Cheating, stealing, burning, blackmailing, and killing are a way of life for them.

  20. jim2 says:

    The Arizona Rangers are a uniformed, law enforcement auxiliary with a rich history dating back to the 1901.

    The group is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

    According to the GoFundMe page the Arizona Rangers provide law enforcement assistance to any federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies within the State of Arizona, security services for community and civic organizations, as well as support for youth and youth organizations within Arizona.

    The Arizona Rangers are currently providing security at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum where a Arizona Senate forensic audit is taking place inside.



  21. Taz says:

    The FBI has the authority right now to access privately owned computers without their owners’ knowledge or consent, and to delete software.


  22. jim2 says:

    The Biden Justice Department also raided former President Trump attorney Victoria Toensing Wednesday morning in conjunction with their raid on Rudy Giuliani, according to reports. Both raids purportedly involve alleged lobbying violations. Like Giuliani, Toensing and her husband, former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova, worked on Trump’s 2020 election cases. The couple represented Ukrainian businessman Dmitri Firtash who is accused by the DOJ of bribery and racketeering. Giuliani, diGenova and Toensing also reportedly worked on gathering evidence of Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine.


  23. E.M.Smith says:


    Interesting point.

    A cop is allowed to enter a home or business to stop a crime in progress, without a warrant and based on “Probable Cause”. In some ways this is no different. OTOH, IF they start looking around while they are in there…

    (Why most of my “stuff” is on disks that are unplugged at any one time. ALL anyone can get is what I’m using at the moment of the breech and for the duration of it. One example: I checked a bank balance today. That computer / login / account was active for about 2 minutes total. It is now turned off on a shelf behind me. Good luck hacking in during just that 2 minutes on the computer used only for that purpose…)

    Ought the FBI be telling people? Asking permission first? Doing the equivalent of knocking on the door and ringing the phone before breaking it down? Yup. (Will they? Nope…)


    Arizona Rangers? I like the sound of that ;-)

    So they decided to mess with Rudy, eh? Why do I think that will not end well for them…


    “Rogue Audit”? Now there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one…

  24. Ossqss says:

    As a test tonight, we cooked some SPAM from the hurricane kit, in a skillet, sliced. It was actually pretty good, but salty since it was original. LOL from this seat>> Cane season is a month away.


  25. Ossqss says:

    I should add the SPAM was diced with mixed vegetables and rice for the masses. So, ya know the parameters, I ate it out of the pan on a fork :-)

    For some reason, I had a craving for a Dairy Queen vanilla ice-cream cone afterward. Just sayin, beware>>>

  26. E.M.Smith says:


    GRIN! ;-)

    I make a mean SPAM Fried Rice dish…. I’m pretty sure it is a long way from Authentic Chinese ;-) Then there’s Spam & Eggs when camping (or sometimes when…)

    In Hawaii Spam Sushi is a big thing… And I know why ;-)

    I actually really like SPAM. Go figure. I make a Spam & Beans dish (made from, yes, SPAM and beans! ;-) Then there’s SPAM Omelettes and SPAM & Yams and…

    Did I ever mention that Mum was a British War Bride from W.W.II?

    Spam spam spam SPAM spam spam Spam SPAM; WONDERFUL SPAM!!!…

  27. David A says:

    It is curious and often noted that cases deaths have not continued to decline, and have indeed accelerated in many nations and states.
    The US appears to have flat-lined at a unhealthy number, despite 40 percent of the population having taken the jab.

    There is rational speculation now that some of the vaccinated may be Wuflu spreaders.

    This video of “crazy conspiracy theorists” Doctors, does not sound crazy at all to listen to. I found it we’ll worth the time.


    I hope they are wrong, and to be fair, they are not asserting they know, they are just voicing rational concern.

  28. David A says:

    Anyone considering the Johnson & Johnson jab may wish to watch the lady Doctor talking somewhere around the 45 to 55 minute mark.

    I found all of it worthy of the time invested.

  29. jim2 says:

    David A. – Cases have plummeted. Not flat-lined.


  30. p.g.sharrow says:

    Looks to me that the cases number has basically flat lined after the November to March spike, After the initial surge in demand for inoculation they are beating the bushes to keep up the numbers of new people that are willing to take the “Jab” Threats and coercion are even being used to convince people to join into the GRAND experiment. We should have reached herd immunity by now but as they count inoculation bad outcomes as Covid-19 caused I would expect to see the spike profile shown followed later by a slow rolling increase because the inoculation does not confer immunity and has long term effects caused by modifying your immune system. It’s proponents are claiming that “Booster” shots will be needed every year, maybe even every 6 months. Sounds to me to be drug dealers selling a “fix” rather then immunity….pg

  31. Pinroot says:

    Seems some companies/businesses are realizing that woke culture isn’t conducive to running a business. Hopefully it will be the start of a trend.


    Re: Spam – I always liked fried spam sandwiches as a kid. There was also something similar called Armour Star Treet, which a former co-worker described as ‘poor man’s Spam’. Sometimes when the wife is out of town, I’ll get a can of Spam. It’s one of those guilty pleasures that she wouldn’t approve of. :)

  32. David A says:

    Jim, the US cases seven day moving average today, is what it was on March 11th, 57 to 60 thousand cases daily. The death rate is flat-lining above 700 per day. The global cases and deaths are still on a strong upward trajectory. ( Worldometer)

    PG, watch the video I linked, it is interesting and worthy of consideration.

  33. David A says:

    BTW, the strong decline in cases in the US was happening before the Jab’s had time to cause it. How much they accelerated and deepened it is certainly a worthy discussion.

  34. Paul, Somerset says:

    The Spam fritter was a staple of school dinners in the UK during the 60s and 70s when I was growing up. The only school dinner I ever looked forward to.

    Meanwhile, in New Zealand:

    “An influential United States Congress hearing has been told “one of the major fundraisers for Jacinda Ardern’s party is linked to the Chinese Communist Party and it showed China had penetrated New Zealand’s political networks.

    “As a result, US lawmakers needed to consider whether New Zealand should be kicked out of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance because of problems at its “political core”.

    “The bombshell testimony included claims from a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst that “anything on China that was briefed to Bill English was briefed to Mr Yang Jian”, the National MP revealed last year as having trained spies for China.”


  35. YMMV says:

    @jim2, the CDC demographicsovertime, in the Race/Ethnicity graph, shows that Hispanic has the highest peak number of cases per 100,000 population. But that all the race/ethnic groups have about the same number of deaths per 100,000 population, with blacks the smallest (Jan 2021 wave). That’s not what we had been told before. So what’s going on there?
    (when they say per 100,000 population, it is not clear whether they are talking about the whole population or the subset population.)

    Another similar CDC link suggested by jim2 in a different thread was
    In this one, about hospitalization, American Indian/Alaska Native had the highest rate by far, with blacks second, and Asian/Pacific Islander lowest.

    What I was wondering is whether Chinese and other asian ethnic groups are less susceptible to Covid. The low rates in those countries have been noted, and then variously explained by mask wearing habits, diets, and other cultural differences. But maybe it is genetic. So I was wondering what the rates were for asians in the US.

    Regarding vaccine effectiveness, the stats are very impressive, but yet there is talk that the vaccines might be bad. I’m sure there are lots of conspiracies in the governments and administrations … It’s not possible that they are SO incompetent, is it? …
    but I have not quite yet reached the point where I look to see if the vaccine is coming out of a blue bottle or a red one.

    One study, presented to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, found that out of 42,788 people who needed hospital treatment for Covid since December, only 32 were admitted three weeks or more after having their first dose.

    How come all of the good declarations are coming out of the UK?

  36. jim2 says:

    Well, YMMV. There are two major subgroups of American Indians. One is Asian-rooted, the other European. Might be an interesting dive there.

  37. jim2 says:

    I believe the effort to create a safe and effective vaccine was true. They did animal studies to determine if a given vaccine candidate would cause an antibody-dependent enhanced disease. I know of at least one candidate protein that was found to have that tendency in animal studies and it was discarded.

    However, there is no getting around the fact that the history with the mRNA vaccines is short compared to typical vaccine development times. Humans are complex and it’s possible something bad with come of this rushed development trial.

    However, the virus was doing a bang-up job of killing people already, so there’s that.

  38. The True Nolan says:

    @jim2: “I believe the effort to create a safe and effective vaccine was true.”

    We know with what amounts to near metaphysical certainty that we have been(and are being) lied to on matters of life-or-death importance. Safer and more effective treatment alternatives such as Vitamin D and zinc, HCQ, and Ivermectin were savaged and downplayed in a coordinated manner. A known false testing standard (high cycle PCR testing) was used in a manner which no qualified expert would have accepted. Thousands of the most vulnerable elderly patients were ordered returned to assisted living locations to infect others in the most vulnerable group. Mortality and case statistics were knowingly altered in ways which no competent medical or actuarial personnel would approve.

    In short, there is a coordinated and consistent pattern of deceit, not just error. The foreseeable result of that deceit is massive loss of life and freedom. Why on earth would anyone believe the so-called vaccine was designed to be safe? I don’t mean to be snarky. I am genuinely confused why I should trust the intent of the people who have repeatedly lied and knowingly damaged the lives of millions.

  39. jim2 says:

    Lies about vit D, zinc, HCQ, Ivermectin, PCR testing, and the excess elderly deaths are all bad things, but have nothing to do with vaccine development.

  40. jim2 says:

    This is what the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for an Unapproved Product Review Memorandum said:

    Vaccine-enhanced disease A vailable data do not indicate a risk of vaccine-enhanced disease, and c onversely suggesteffectiveness against severe disease within the available follow-up period. How ever, risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknow n and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies that could be conducted f ollow ing authorization and/or lic ensure.

    There is no lie there!

  41. The True Nolan says:

    @jim2: “Vaccine-enhanced disease A vailable data do not indicate a risk of vaccine-enhanced disease, and c onversely suggesteffectiveness against severe disease within the available follow-up period. How ever, risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknow n and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies that could be conducted f ollow ing authorization and/or lic ensure.”

    Let me paraphrase — “We don’t have any data showing that the shot will make you worse. In fact, we think it will help. On the other hand, we just simply don’t have any data at all on whether this might harm you later or be ineffective a while. Someone ought to keep track on what actually happens to the people who get these shots.”

    But you miss my point. The various known lies (“Lies about vit D, zinc, HCQ, Ivermectin, PCR testing, and the excess elderly deaths are all bad things, but have nothing to do with vaccine development.”) mean that we cannot trust what the authorities are telling us. How can you use a statement from a disputed source to give creditability to that same disputed source? When the various authorities have lied to us, repeatedly and in a coordinated fashion, why do you continue to believe what they say? Again, I do not want to be snarky, but does your response REALLY seem to you like a logical or convincing response? As for me (and I hope this cultural meme is not too old to be understood) I keep thinking of the old Charley Brown and Lucy gag. “Kick the ball Charley Brown! I PROMISE I will hold it still for you THIS TIME!”

  42. philjourdan says:

    @Jim Masterson – although millennials are a close second. I work with a guy who is younger than my oldest daughter, and he was yelling at me that “all” greed is evil! I pointed out to him that he practicrs greed every day!

  43. philjourdan says:

    I have to switch browsers. This one is limiting me to a half line in my resposes. hence my numerous typos. Hard to differeniate a letter when you can only see half o it.

  44. philjourdan says:

    @H.R. – It’s a head fake. It won’t last.

    I agree. After the bloodbath at the oscars, this was just a trial balloon.

  45. philjourdan says:

    For the record All Y’all, I like Spam! So if any of you have an over supply, and need to get rid of it just let me know and I will send you my snail mail address!

  46. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan: “So if any of you have an over supply, and need to get rid of it just let me know and I will send you my snail mail address!”

    I’ll be glad to do so — but all my Spam comes via email. I have a whole folder just full of it! Send me your email address and I will forward all my Spam to you.


  47. philjourdan says:

    @The True Nolan – Sorry, only material SPAM is accepted.

  48. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, it just started doing that a few days ago. I think it is another new “feature” they ought to have left out. Finally figured out (yesterday or this morning) there’s a little gray box on the right side of the text entry area. That’s a “grow box” and lets you get the whole comment area back.

    Put your mouse on it, click and drag. Mine gives a backwards L angle thing on it when I’ve properly grabbed it.

  49. YMMV says:

    The True Nolan: “I am genuinely confused why I should trust the intent of the people who have repeatedly lied and knowingly damaged the lives of millions.”

    Indeed. But who are those people?

    Bill Gates, greedy ruthless bastard, who thinks there are too many people. No trust there.
    Faucci, Mr. Ego, who wants to be the hero behind the vaccine to save the world. Who also has a stake in inventing the virus and a stake in the profits from a vaccine. No trust there, although I do think he wants the vaccine to save lives.
    WHO. Who could imagine trusting them? Same for China CCP.
    FDA, CDC. A bunch of bureaucrats. No trust there, although they are more on the CYA side than the dark side. Depends on the nameless individuals.
    Democrats. I’m surprised BLM can trust them. Or, same thing, the MSM.
    Big Pharma. Definitely not. They might not try to kill you, but profits come before saving you.

    On the other hand,
    Trump. Without him, we would all be in India right now.
    All the nameless but honest scientists and technicians working to develop the vaccines. Thank you.
    A few doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, and others who have tried to tell us about what is really going on with this disease and the treatments for it, despite the efforts of YouTube and Big Social Media to suppress them.

    The usual 97 to 3 balance.

  50. Jim Masterson says:

    I remember an old Sad Sack cartoon where in every food line they plopped spam on his plate. Then he got a package from home. When he opened it, it was two large cans of spam.


    I like one or two slices of spam fried brown on each side. The rest of the can usually went to waste. But now I know who to send the remainder of the can to! :-)


  51. another ian says:

    @philjourdan says:
    29 April 2021 at 11:32 pm
    I have to switch browsers

    Are you using Brave? I’m now getting that restricted window since a “something happened” but have found that you can mouse around the lower rhs corner and get to expand the window.

    And Brave does NOT like slow internet sites

  52. jim2 says:

    After the Democrat Secretary of State failed to get the Arizona State Attorney General to initiate an investigation of the audit; and after a Democrat state judge rejected the Democrat effort for a temporary restraining order; and after all other efforts have failed…. now we see three outside left-wing election groups (claiming bipartisanship yet led by lawyers from NYU) asking the DOJ to intervene in the Maricopa County, Arizona, ballot audit.


  53. E.M.Smith says:


    VERY nice summary…

    @Jim Masterson:

    Opened SPAM keeps for many days in the fridge in a closed plastic container. If tossed in the freezer in a bag it keeps for months, maybe years…

    @Another Ian:

    I’m getting it in Chromium too. I think it may be a WordPress “improvement”… (/barf;)

    FWIW, some many months ago they “improved” the Editor for writing articles to their “Block Editor”, which is IMHO a piece of worthless crap. Now I’m a person who just has html flow out his fingertips. It HIDES all the HTML and tries to make you use a bunch of inscrutable icons. MUCH slower to load too. A real PITA on small iron like ARM chips.

    But I’m sure it is just dandy on a 16 core 6 GHz gaming station PC for someone who can’t type html…

    So far I’ve been able to find ways to get the old editor back, but they keep nuking various links / paths. As of now, I have to put the title in the new editor, save it, take the article number, paste that into a reserved old editor panel (replacing the article number that I’ve kept open there…) and then I can get back to where I can just type (and see) the html.

  54. jim2 says:

    TTN and YMMV – The Republicons are still sending me messages to donate them even though they didn’t come to the aid of President Trump too many times to count. A bunch of them are lyin’ bastards, too. I just delete whatever they send without opening.

  55. E.M.Smith says:

    @Per Politics:

    I get the impression that a whole lot of America is just fed up with the political machine, the lying, the fraud, the whole works. Even the Democrats are not happy with it. They KNOW Biden is a dufus and a criminal, but just hated Trump more; but now without Trump, have no axis for their anger.

    Why that impression? Because NOBODY gives a damn what Biden says.


    AMERICAN NEWS Apr 29, 2021 7:02 PM EST
    BREAKING: Joe Biden’s address to congress was a ratings DISASTER
    Early numbers show only 11.6 million people tuned into Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night, way down from similar speeches by ex-president Trump.

    James Anthony
    The Post Millennial
    April 29, 2021 7:02 PM

    Early numbers show only 11.6 million people tuned into Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night, way down from similar speeches by ex-president Trump.

    In fact, then new president Trump’s first speech to Congress on April 30 2017 drew around 48 million viewers, and, although not all the numbers are in yet for Biden’s speech
    Even according to vociferously pro-Biden Deadline, it was admitted that “Biden’s first address to a sparse Congress was one of the least watched in recent history.”

    There ought to have been more than that just from Federal Employees and Foreign Governments watching to get a jump on any policy actions in the works.

    But everybody KNEW Old Sleepy Joe would say nothing important (or even intelligible …)

  56. David A says:

    I must say, I do see a relationship to the willful suppression of effective inexpensive Wuflu treatments, and vaccine development. Wide spread use and government sponsored promotion of those treatments would very likely have made the vaccines unnecessary and unacceptable.

  57. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    Just watched that BitChute video. Some of it is “crazy talk” (as the nano spheres of lipids are NOT computerized not equipped with radio gear…) so the notion they will talk to cell towers is nuts.

    Other of it is more valuable.

    One bit in particular got me thinking:

    We’re inserting a gene for the Spike Protein into people. Some (large?) number of those folks will already have OTHER Corona viruses in them. So I have to wonder: What happens when you mix the RNA for COVID Spike Protein in with other Corona viruses in the process of creation / assembly? Might folks with the mRNA shot and any other Corona virus be manufacturing bastard hybrid virus particles? After all, the process is sloppy…

    Then there’s that other problem that the Spike Protein is causal of COVID symptoms, and the mRNA injection is designed to have you make a load of it. Seems a bit risky to me…

  58. jim2 says:

    David A. I got that impression too. Especially hydroxychloroquine. Ivermectin hit the scene a good bit later IIRC.

  59. jim2 says:

    EMS – What if someone gets COVID but already has other corona viri? Or any other viri for that matter. I’m sure people get infected with more than one virus all the time. Human labs, we are.

  60. jim2 says:

    And on top of that, the live virus will spur the production of a whole lot of proteins other than the one spike protein. The other proteins might cause other problems, so one protein should be better than 500, no? The spike protein will be made and presented to the immune system, just like the mRNA vaccine one, so any problem with the vaccine should also present with a COVID infection, no?

  61. E.M.Smith says:


    Injecting a fragment of mRNA is different from having a virus in the cell. It does not kill the cell. A virus will take over the cell, set it to manufacturing more, until it eventually bursts out of the cell.

    Having one virus tends to prevent competing viruses from replicating. (There’s even a name for it, that I don’t remember at the moment…)

    Compare a fragment of mRNA making just the spike protein parts. It doesn’t prevent some other virus from making virus parts, then all the bits can self assemble however they fit…

    Oh, and viruses have fairly low numbers of unique proteins. They use some from the host, so don’t need to drag that information along, just their unique bits:


    The RNA genome of SARS-CoV-2 has 29,811 nucleotides, encoding for 29 proteins, though one may not get expressed. Studying these different components of the virus, as well as how they interact with our cells, is already yielding some clues, but much remains to be learned, Ott says.

    Many of the interior and shell proteins are not very prone to causing immune reactions. The spike proteins are the active ends and seem to engender more “stuff” happening.

    Note, too, that the vaccine has a DIFFERENT GENOME from the virus spike. First it uses an alien molecule in place of Uracil so that it can evade the innate immune system. Second, it is a selection of parts of the spike. Third, it is a single mRNA strand, not a whole virus, so will act differently.

    There’s likely more.

    Oh, and genes tend to act more like holograms. Different stuff in the mRNA vaccine vs the virus means different holographic interpretations.

    The bottom line is that you can not predict what the mRNA shots are going to do. They are novel, entirely experimental, and not subject to predictive logic. We don’t know enough to know what they will really do.

    That said, they may work fine. We’ll find out in about 1 to 2 years.

  62. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    I very early in life learned that when you are getting the “Bum’s Rush” it is likely a Snake Oil Salesman pushing something that harms you and enriches them.

    Nothing has changed since then, and the “push” for the “vaccines” has clearly been a huge “Bum’s Rush”.

  63. another ian says:

    As of now I’m not getting the shrunken comment window and I can’t get to expand that window

  64. David A says:

    Thanks for looking at the video EM.
    Yes, some dodgy stuff. Yet much that was adequet for a further dig. Like the brief warning about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The brain vascular thrombosis occurances, and of course the potential of the vaccinated infecting non vaccinated, was worthy of deeper understanding.

    My take is, despite the MSM projection of overwhelming confidence in the “vaccines” safety and effectiveness, that if the companies manufacturing the jabs were legally responsible for the results, they would not release them.

    And a lot of very educated people talk about many potential serious harms, and yes, the hard sale, especially considering who the sellers are, is a definite do not buy for me.

  65. p.g.sharrow says:

    AND the head of the FDA just said that none of the inoculations are approved or deemed safe by the FDA. They are for experimental use only…pg

  66. YMMV says:

    “Oo! Oo! Oo! I got it!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju-lptJweTc

    Here is the video you have been waiting for. There is a short chat with one of the people who first thought of using IVM. He had a dairy farm where they used IVM and had noticed how effective it was and then he ran with some other clues.

    The video also discusses India. The places where IVM is used are doing very well, even though migrant workers are fleeing from the big Covid hot spots to there. He also discusses the other countries where IVM is being used and how well they are doing.

    And don’t miss the rant about Big Pharma. If they let IVM be used all of their drugs and vaccines against Covid would lose their value.

    Notice that when Dr. Kory is asked about something from vaccinated people rubbing off on others, he says it needs to be looked into, instead of just denying it offhand.

  67. another ian says:

    More “feeling arithmetic”

    “I have a quick story about the lack of leadership in the U.S. right now, and one that you will not be able to find anywhere in the U.S. media because it comes via some well-placed people sickened by it.

    When Trump came to office a large number of senior government officials left voluntarily because they didn’t wish to work for Trump — actually it was stronger than that, but we all know the story. Now they are returning, and despite having had perfectly good jobs elsewhere the past four years, they are demanding four years of back pay plus reinstatement at several grades higher because they would have advanced in job if not for the terrible tragedy of the Trump years. I am told they will get what they wish because there is no Presidential or cabinet leadership and the unions are completely in charge. These Biden years, like Obama, are going to be awfully good for government and rent seekers.”


  68. jim2 says:

    RE: Multiple viri in one cell:

    it is possible that two different viruses will attach to receptors on the same cell and infect that cell together. If the two viruses are closely related, their nucleic acids may “recombine” while they are being copied. When this happens, part of the genetic information from one virus is linked to the genetic information from another virus, and the new virus that is produced is a “hybrid.”

    If you read about influenza that is traveling about in populations you will see that the outside of the influenza virus has an H type and an N type. For example, you might read that this year’s main influenza virus is type H3N2.A reason to get a new flu vaccination each year is that the vaccine has to be made to immunize us against this type. Somewhere out in the world, a double infection as described above may happen between two different types of influenza viruses and some of the new virus may be type H5N4.


  69. jim2 says:

    RE: mulitple viri infections.

    Generally speaking, co-infections are common when it comes to respiratory diseases. Helen Chu, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, has done studies to screen people with respiratory symptoms for a variety of viruses.

    “We often find the presence of more than one virus at a time,” says Chu, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s actually more than one active infection. “You could be at the end of your illness, so you are no longer symptomatic from it, but you can still detect nonviable virus.”


  70. jim2 says:

    RE: Multiple viri in one cell:

    Can multiple individual viruses infect one cell?

    Profile photo for Peter Berglund
    Peter Berglund
    , Immunologist, virologist and vaccinologist in academia and biotech. iOS, Mac and Windows programmer.
    Answered 1 year ago · Author has 78 answers and 89.1K answer views
    Originally Answered: Is it possible for a host cell to be simultaneously co-infected with two different viruses (eg flu and Coronavirus)?

    Yes. This phenomenon is referred to as super infection and can be performed in the laboratory. It has also been known to occur in patients and we also know that this has resulted in creation of new virus strains that end up containing genetic elements from each of the two original super-infecting viruses.

    Extra geek info: Influenza has evolved with their genes divided into segments to promote this to happen and new flu strains regularly pop up that have had their genes swapped with another strain that we have low immunity against (so-called antigenic shift).

    Even though it mentions the flu, the general answer is yes, multiple viri can infect a cell.

  71. jim2 says:

    RE: Multiple viri in one cell:

    Scientists first spied viruses mingling in the 1940s, when separate experiments by biophysicist Max Delbrück and bacteriologist Alfred Hershey showed that two viral particles could simultaneously invade the same cell and swap genes.


  72. Ossqss says:

    I thought I was reading a fiction novel this morning, but then I realized I wasn’t! Quite an interesting take on things. This kind of piggybacks the Laura Ingram “Trail Blazers” town hall last night.


  73. jim2 says:

    Ossqss – I can only hope that article is right. The counties around Austin and Atlanta have gotten bluer over the years. Hopefully, that is because people who can’t afford those cities moved to the suburbs.

  74. E.M.Smith says:


    Yes, superinfection is possible. Just not very common. Didn’t say it was impossible:

    Having one virus tends to prevent competing viruses from replicating. (There’s even a name for it, that I don’t remember at the moment…)

    So most of the time, you get one virus up your snoot and it starts taking over cells and replicating like crazy in an exponential growth phase. This process tends to block other virus from take over of those cells since they have the virus making machinery already hard at work and have sucked up the available resources.

    Nothing in that statement says it can’t be a superinfection.

    Immunocompromised individuals and those that are sickly headed to dying tend to be the candidates for a superinfection event. Also those living in dense populations (like on farms for animals or in big cities for human “farms”…) under stress.

    What’s different with the mRNA injection is that it is a fragment of RNA that gets to float around along with any other virus, and gets to do it in basically everyone who gets the shot. Instead of the occasional odd case of superinfection, you get a statistical near certainty of virus replication in the presence of an additional RNA fragment in pretty much every virus host with the shot.

    It’s all about the odds.

    Per Flu:

    As noted, it is a ‘special case’ that has evolved in just such a way as to facilitate genetic swapping. It is also the case that the swapping tends to happen in different species. “Seasonal Flu” typically comes from Asia where pigs, ducks (and other birds) and humans are all busy swapping flu virus around between them on the same farm. You have a lot of multiple strains in different species all competing at the same time and a lot of opportunity for superinfection in sick animals. Eventually after millions to billions of infections, a new variation gets an advantage (compared to existing immunity) and spreads like crazy (hitching a ride on birds that picked it up at the farm duck ponds…).

    It is that kind of mechanism that has me worried about a recombination event. But what is different is the probability of there both being an active infection with some other virus AND the mRNA being present. That is a certainty. It will happen, a lot.

    There’s also a similar potential for animal / human swapping:


    SARS-CoV-2 variants from minks evade inhibition by antibodies
    April 19, 2021
    Deutsches Primatenzentrum (DPZ)/German Primate Center
    Immune responses in SARS-CoV-2 patients might provide only incomplete protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants from minks.
    It has been known for about a year that minks can become infected with SARS-CoV-2. The virus had been transmitted from humans to farmed mink and mutated in infected animals. Mutations were acquired in the spike protein, which is crucial for the entry of the virus into host cells and represents the central point of attack for antibodies. These SARS-CoV-2 variants from mink were transmitted back to humans, raising concerns that minks could be a continuing source of infection of humans with SARS-CoV-2 variants with altered biological properties.
    “Our results show that one of two antibodies from an antibody cocktail used for COVID-19 therapy no longer efficiently inhibits the viral variant with the Y453F mutation. Furthermore, our study demonstrates that the Y453F mutation reduces inhibition of the virus by antibodies produced by COVID-19 patients. This means that people who were infected with SARS-CoV-2 may have reduced protection against mink variants of the virus,” says Markus Hoffmann, first author of the study. In sum, SARS-CoV-2 can mutate in minks in a way that reduces immune control by antibodies. Whether this is also possible in other animals to which the virus can be transmitted by infected individuals is currently unclear. “In the meantime, the Y453F mutation has also occurred in humans, but not through infection with a mink variant. When the virus replicates for a long time in people who are immunocompromised, resistant variants can emerge. In this case, the resistance-mediating mutation was identical to the one observed in mink,” says Stefan Pöhlmann.

    And we’re busy putting RNA fragments in all sorts of infected and immunocompromised folks along with all manner of folks tending animals…

    Again, this isn’t a Yes vs No question. It is a ‘how loaded are the dice” question. What are the odds and which way are they shifted by a behaviour.

    While I don’t have an answer to the question of “Does vaccine mRNA load the odds in favor of gain of function in other corona viruses during replication in a vaccinated host?” I do know we are dramatically raising the odds of the experiment being run via mass vaccination DURING a pandemic.


    Those of you who have followed the virus closely, however, may be wondering what’s going on here. All of this recombination takes place between DNA molecules. But the coronavirus genome is composed of RNA. So why would any of it work there?

    The answer is that it doesn’t. But other processes essentially perform the same function, mixing up pieces of RNA to form distinct genetic combinations. For example, the influenza virus spreads its genome across eight different molecules, allowing cells infected by more than one strain of flu virus to produce viral particles that have a random assortment of molecules from the two strains.

    Coronavirus’s genome is a single, long RNA molecule, so that sort of recombination doesn’t work there. But it still can recombine. The enzyme that copies the RNA genome moves down it from one end to the other, making a copy as it goes. Sometimes, however, it can stall and fall off the molecule it’s copying, while still hanging on to its partially complete copy. In many cases, the copying will just be aborted. But in others, it can latch on to a new genome and use the copy to pick up where it left off.

    Critically, the new molecule with which it restarts the copying doesn’t have to be the one it was copying originally. It just has to be similar to the first one it copied—it doesn’t have to be identical. As a result, this process can allow recombination among viruses that are relatively distantly related from an evolutionary perspective. All they have to do is infect the same host.

    Now what we are doing is supplying that 2nd RNA fragment to EVERY injected person. So ALL of them with some other corona virus WILL (not may or might, will) have that RNA fragment floating about when one of those replication events fails. Dramatically increasing the odds that those spike proteins might be incorporated into a mutated ‘other’ corona virus. Making the injected folks into gain of function lab experiments.

    Don’t know if it will result in a viable mutation.
    Do know we are guaranteeing a massive number of trials…

    Sidebar on Species:

    I suspect that, given this likes Mink, it will infect other members of the same group:

    The Mustelidae (/mʌˈstɛlɪdiː/; from Latin mustela, weasel) are a family of carnivorous mammals, including weasels, badgers, otters, ferrets, martens, minks, and wolverines, among others. Mustelids (/ˈmʌstɪlɪdz/) are a diverse group and form the largest family in the order Carnivora, suborder Caniformia. They comprise about 56–60 species across eight subfamilies.

    Add in bats as a likely flying reservoir and that’s a whole lot of places this virus can hide, survive, mingle, and mutate.

    What we don’t know (yet) is just how many species this thing lives in:


    SARS-CoV-2 poses significant threat to many marine mammal species

    A new study conducted by researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, has found that many species of marine mammal are highly vulnerable to infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the agent that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

    So all those toilet flushes become an issue to the downstream marine mammals that then can become a reservoir…

    I suspect this addition to the corona virus cohort will be with us for a very long time, in endless variations. To the extent cross species events become common, vaccines will be reduced in effectiveness.

  75. jim2 says:

    EMS: ACK. Time will tell, I guess,.

  76. The True Nolan says:

    @David A: “Wide spread use and government sponsored promotion of those treatments would very likely have made the vaccines unnecessary and unacceptable.”

    Not simply unnecessary and unacceptable. They would have made the “vaccines” illegal. The emergency experimental use authorization can only be invoked in cases where there exists no effective alternate treatment. If HCQ or Ivermectin had been recognized as legitimate treatments none of the experimental jabs could have been marketed.

    (Of course I say this with the rather obvious fact that “legal” and “illegal” are not quite the firm, mutually exclusive, categories we were told in grade school.)

  77. Ossqss says:

    33.8% is an astounding number.


    I don’t remember if graphics will post here, so here ya go anyhow>>

  78. jim2 says:

    And then there’s this:

    President Trump states the quick timeline and success of the coronavirus vaccine is the product of his administration’s work to protect Americans.

    During a phone interview Thursday, the 45th president criticized the Biden administration for taking credit for the vaccine. The comments were made in response to Joe Biden’s Wednesday night speech, during which the Democrat took credit for nationwide vaccination efforts without acknowledging his predecessor.

    “And look, I guess in a certain way, I’m the father of the vaccine because I was the one that pushed it,” said President Trump. “You know, to get it done in less than nine months was a miracle.”


  79. cdquarles says:

    A distinction needs to be made between the general RNA (which viruses such as influenza have as the main encoding for their genes) and mRNA, a special form (that has special chemical forms for their nucleic acids at times, too) that has been shown for some 80 or 90 years, so far, to be one way translation mechanisms from genes to proteins. Does that mean that things can’t go the other way? No, it doesn’t. Such has not been demonstrated yet.

    This strain *will* become common and persistent. There is at least one other corona virus that emerged from Russia, I believe, some years before the 1918 influenza pandemic that still circulates today. It is easily transmitted but not very virulent; and is one of the common cold syndrome viruses.

    Oh, another thing. A distinction needs to be made between infectiousness or transmission efficiency and virulence. A pathogen with low infectivity yet highly virulent is still a significant health problem. A pathogen with high infectivity yet minimally virulent is not necessarily a significant health problem (see the specific disease common cold and don’t conflate it with the syndrome).

    I also say that one of the purposes of viruses, in general, is to enable cross species genetic information exchange, such that overall genetic information isn’t lost. A good bit of mammalian DNA is archived viral gene translations/encodings.

  80. David A says:

    The True Nolan says. “Of course I say this with the rather obvious fact that “legal” and “illegal” are not quite the firm, mutually exclusive, categories we were told in grade school.)”

    Perhaps the best legal advice I ever received was the first time I thought I might need an attorney, about 40 years ago. He said, “The first thing you need to understand about the law is that there is no such thing as a clear one.”

  81. The True Nolan says:

    Good news! The CDC has just announced that when testing for COVID, “Clinical specimens for sequencing should have an RT-PCR Ct value ≤28.” Or rather that is the standard when testing patients who have already been vaccinated.

    Click to access Information-for-laboratories-COVID-vaccine-breakthrough-case-investigation.pdf

  82. jim2 says:

    Yep, 100,000 ballots a week won’t get the job done …

    BREAKING: Arizona Officials Move in on Thursday – Increase the Number of Tables at Veterans Memorial Coliseum to Speed Up Forensic Audit


  83. jim2 says:

    We need your help and the deadline is Monday, May 3, 2021. On or about March 30, 2021, Biden EPA chief Michael Regan fired all of EPA’s independent science advisers and rolled back important anti-corruption measures implemented by the Trump EPA to ensure the independence and balance of these boards as required by law. For background on this, read my Washington Times column. EPA is now taking nominations for new members. The deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, May 3, 2021. Read on to help nominate scientists and experts for the EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) and Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC). You can nominate yourself or someone else. This is very important.


  84. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – This is Chrome. It works, Brave does not. As I said in my BS post, I am skeptical of “coincides”. I call BS on WordPress. But I have an out and will use it (I trust chrome like the Iranis!)

    I will now cut and paste.

  85. philjourdan says:

    @Jim Masterson

    I will gratefully accept it~ Ah! Spam in the morning! It smells like……..Victory!

  86. philjourdan says:

    @Jim Masterson

    I will gratefully accept it~ Ah! Spam in the morning! It smells like……..Victory!

  87. philjourdan says:

    @Jim2 – re: republicans and asking for money\

    in this state, we have elections every year. This year is for Governor and house. 2 outsiders are running against 2 insiders. The 2 outsiders are never trumpers! One of the insiders was at the Jan 6 rally.

    Need I say more? If they nominate one of the never trumpers. they will lose because I will no vote for them!

  88. Ossqss says:

    @TTN, so we finally can see behind the CDC curtain. <28 Ct is the actual real cut off point for PCR test effectiveness after being at 40 Ct till a few months ago during the surge we saw in the infection data. I still wonder what the individual testing agencies are using today. Unreal.

  89. H.R. says:

    Good grief! I have some catching up to do.

    I went off grid for three days; no cell reception, no internet, no cable internet, cloud computing only via smoke signals, if you cared to do so, 😜

    Lots of hiking through gorges scoured out of the bedrock sandstone by the water from the melting glaciers. I say glaciers because I think it took the melt from several of the glaciations to cut that deep. I don’t think the last one only was enough to do the job.

    Back to reading here…

  90. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    OMG! I’m going to remember that for a very long time.

    Note to self: Put Lighter in Pocket when fueling car in marginal areas….

    I know the chemical attack of being hosed down with gasoline will be bad enough, but man, if only he had a lighter to toss…

    I’ll bet those guys were very nervous around anything electrical for a while ;-)

  91. jim2 says:

    Wow. That stopped the perps cold. I wonder what the defender did afterward? His car was also drenched in gasoline and he probably got some splash back, not to mention the area around the car was also soaked. It seems it would have been dangerous to start the car.

    I wonder if there was a water source such that he could hose off the car and ground? Or did he just call the police and wait away from the scene.

  92. Simon Derricutt says:

    A useful article on lab-escapes of virus: https://nationalpost.com/news/a-brief-terrifying-history-of-viruses-escaping-from-labs-70s-chinese-pandemic-was-a-lab-mistake
    I suspect that it’s so difficult to contain a virus that there’s always going to be a measurable risk of a lab escape unless you put that lab up in space and use robots so there’s never any human contact. Even then what goes up must in the end come down somewhere….

  93. jim2 says:

    I decided to take the vaccine because it held out the possibility for a more normal life. The gym, hair cuts at the barber shop, eating out, etc.

  94. jim2 says:

    While the audit is gearing up for more people, they apparently have figured out 2.1 million ballots is a lot to go through by hand. The middle of May deadline isn’t a hard one after all …

    Ken Bennett: Well there is no deadline. W knew when we took this facility over that on May 15th the floor of the coliseum needed to be available for about five days for 18 high schools in the Phoenix union high school district so that they could have graduations over those five days. So we knew that the floor would not be available during that time but there other portions of the building that we could move the ballots into that are secure and maybe we could even give people a little break for four or five days. And then once the graduation is over then we could come right back in and pick back up where we left off… They told after those five days are over we can have the facility for as long as we need it.


  95. The True Nolan says:

    @jim2: “I decided to take the vaccine because it held out the possibility for a more normal life.”

    That is certainly understandable and everyone has the right to make their own decisions — especially in cases where there are multiple sources of information, and much of that information of an unknown quality. In all sincerity, I hope it works well for you and for everyone who chooses “the jab”. Let us hope that the next few years are not nearly as dramatic as some of us cynics fear. This is one of those subjects I would LOVE to be wrong on.

  96. jim2 says:

    +1 TNN.

  97. E.M.Smith says:


    I’d step away from the car and wait for evaporation & the police… but that also depends on the temperature… hot days, wait, frozen days?… that’s gonna takea while…

    I’d also peel off any saturated clothing, regardless of temperature (but keep on any with just a bit of gas on it).

    Interesting, that update on audit schedule… so they can just putter along leaving us all to dangle…


    I’ve got that same little drama playing out “in house”. We, spouse and me, are not planning on a vaccination any time soon. (Spouse, maybe, as things unfold, as she flies places I drive). “Kids” have gotten vaccinated (don’t know about grand-kids). So depending on “attitude” each could be worried about the “other”. I seem the only one to be at peace with it all (i.e. literally “no worries”) as I’m comfortable accepting that “NO ONE can know the right answer for at least one more year”.

    When it is a coin toss, you just toss the damn coin and move on.

    Option A)

    No vaccination. You might die any time in the next 2 years. Ivermectin and related MIGHT save you once infected, but you will not be a happy camper. To the extent idiots implement “Vaccine Passports” your life will be a bother. You will avoid any bad outcomes from vaccination with an experimental vaccine, which could include death.

    Option B)

    Vaccination. You can still get the disease, though with reduced symptoms for most folks, but you have decent odds of not getting it… for at least a year, then you might die of ADE Antibody Dependent Enhancement on next exposure, or a genetic variant that escapes the vaccine might get you. Or you might have life long immunity. Nobody knows. Some unknown percentage of vaccinated folks will die or be crippled by the vaccine “side effects” in unusual events.

    So you have two choices. You WILL pick one. Either one could be lethal, or just damaging to your health, or the Golden Ring that lets you live a full and happy life. You do NOT have the needed information to decide authoritatively as that will not arrive for 1 to 2 years. Flip the coin and good luck to you.

  98. E.M.Smith says:

    Sidebar on my particular coin toss:

    As I was in one of the FIRST areas to be heavily infected, I’ve had longer and stronger potential for exposure than most outside of China.

    I figure that since I’ve now gone over a year without Any Bad Thing, I can likely continue to have that success for another year. Clearly my habits, behaviours, and techniques have worked reasonably well, along with the particulars of my environment (single family detached home, mostly sunny year round, almost at latitude 35, good vitamin intake, etc.)

    That biases me toward not getting the vaccination for 12 more months. After that, we (meaning me) will have the information on % deaths and injuries from the vaccine, and the ADE potential (if any) and the tendency for Vaccine Escape variants. At that time I can make an informed and rational decision. (Which does imply that right now I’m making an uninformed and irrational decision… but I digress…)

    Essentially I’m betting I can run out the clock with my present context and behaviours and wait for better / more information.

    Then again, I don’t have to interact with a whole lot of folks on a regular basis, live with the nearest family being a separate building about 40 feet way, and bathed in UV from sunshine. Plus I have a jug of Ivermectin as the Hail Mary fall back if an Aw Shit does arrive (and I’m pretty certain it works).

    IF I lived in a multi-tenant shared air building, or worked in one, I’d have a dramatically different risk profile as you KNOW that 90% of the air in the building is recirculated from all those folks around you… IF I regularly had to fly anywhere, or take a train, or bus, or any other of the “Trapped in a can close to others” transport, I’d have a dramatically different exposure profile.

    Basically, my ‘risk of exposure’ comes about once a week when I go shopping. There, the protective behaviours also seem to be working (surfaces wiped, 6 foot separation, entering and exiting in sunshine ;-)

    So my exposure potential sure seems to be pretty darned low. In my county:
    we currently are WAY past the peak of 2254 cases / day and are now at 109 cases / day and dropping fast. 100 / 1780000 or 1: 17800 is OK odds for me. ( I think I’m more at risk from accidents on the drive to the store ;-) especially when that’s the risk of a case to the average person, and I’m fairly far from the average exposure, plus, that’s a “case” with “death” being more like 1:17,800,000 given current statistics and my demographic / health profile.

    I think there may be a bit of advantage, now, to having been the poster child for Aw Shit at the start of the pandemic / community spread… I think my county is likely now at Herd Immunity and we’re mostly getting odds and ends with an unknown number just being travelers and new arrivals.

    Given that context, “wait and see” is an OK strategy (and my coin toss…)

    Now, relax any of those specifics and it all changes.

    Were I living in a High Rise in somewhere like NYC or working in a mass building in D.C., cloudy a lot of the year, shared air, forced interactions on the subway… WHOLE different thing. I’d likely already have the vaccination. Or if the vaccine had been available during our “peak and rising”, I’d likely have jumped on it.

    Different context, different coin toss…

  99. E.M.Smith says:

    Another way of saying something similar:

    On the WorldOmeter page, you can click a State, then look at per county statistics.
    For California: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/california/
    Sorted by “new cases” yesterday, down at the bottom:

            Total  New    Total   New     Active    Total
    County  Cases  Cases  Deaths  Deaths  Cases     Tests
    Mono	1,259	+1	4		N/A	
    Plumas	 703	+3	6		7	9,135
    Modoc	 493		4		1	
    Mariposa 441		7		12	17,685
    Trinity	 398		5			6,672
    Sierra	 110					
    Alpine	  88					

    If I’m in one of those 5 with zero new cases, or even Mono with 1 or Plumas with 3, why bother with the vaccine? Your odds of exposure are nearly zero if you just don’t leave the county.

    Kings County New York with 554 new cases? Whole different thing.

  100. The True Nolan says:

    @E.M. “I’d also peel off any saturated clothing, regardless of temperature (but keep on any with just a bit of gas on it).”

    Good advice. Had a situation locally last winter. Lady filled her gas tank and accidently got gasoline on the sleeve of her coat. Driving down the road, she lit a cigarette and ignited her sleeve. Lady panicked, stopped her car and jumped out waving her arm (bad choice!) to put out the fire. As chance would have it, right at that moment a policeman drove up, got out, pulled his gun and fatally shot the woman. A quick investigation failed to charge the policeman. After all, the woman was brandishing a fire arm.

    (My deep apologies for that…)

  101. another ian says:

    “Ultimate Refutation of Anti-Meat Propaganda. Eating less Meat won’t save the Planet.


  102. jim2 says:

    AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett: Press Are Taking Photos of License Plates, Faces, Name Badges in Arena Parking Lot – Audit Workers Afraid They Will Be Doxxed by Media (VIDEO)


  103. another ian says:

    “Absolutely fascinating how climate scenarios (RCPs, SSPs & their derivatives) are enabling entirely new markets for consulting based on financial risk assessments of fictional futures

    It is also amazing how much money is being paid to explore these outdated, fictional futures”


  104. Paul, Somerset says:

    @ EM: ‘I figure that since I’ve now gone over a year without Any Bad Thing, I can likely continue to have that success for another year.’
    Exactly my thinking. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  105. philjourdan says:

    @TNN – I have seen a lot of catoons that start out with “If you took the Covid Vaccine call 1-800-Shyster Lawyer”. But alas, the Opersation Warp speed took that option away (as well as it should have or they would never have delivered at that speed).

    I was going to forgo it, but the wife’s nagging was reaching fingernails on the chalk board levels.

  106. another ian says:

    Comments at that Roger Pielke thread

    May 1, 2021 7:49 am
    I would often see references to how “scientists” are substituting modeling for reality, but never quite understood how this worked or happened. It was a bit mindboggling, until this article made it very clear.

    As I now understand it, such “science” produces a hermetically sealed circular environment that all transpires on inexpensive silicon chips:

    1] Develop a computer model of the ecosystem with all known or desired inputs.

    2] Run the model at the current input levels to get a picture/plot of the ecosystem fifty years or so into the future.

    3] Reduce one of the inputs through government policy, (ie laws and regulation).

    4] Rerun the model and generate a picture/plot of the ecosystem fifty years into the future.

    5] Notice that the new picture/plot has improved the ecosystem to the desired degree.

    6] Declare the problem solved and call it a day. (without ever having the want or need to look at real world data and measurements (ie do science)).

    So, if you discount the unethical types (which I believe are present en masse), and assume many are true believers, then you get a situation analogous to Plato’s Cave, where all are watching shadows on a wall.

    And thus it goes without saying, that if anything does not conform to the “shadow world” you are going to “adjust”, “flatten” and “discount” real world observations and data, as they simply don’t fit your “reality”.

    This article is a keeper. (sigh) Once again a rather simple article at WUWT has greatly contributed to my understanding!”


    “”Pat Frank
    May 1, 2021 8:42 am
    The monetization of incompetence. Build back bunglers.”

  107. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – re: Longer exposure. I have sneered at all of Grand Dragon Northam’s edits. And as I give blood every 8 weeks, I have turned up negative for well over a year as well.

    But then I have O- blood which is the least likely to get it (re: my BS comment – want to bio engineer a virus but protect the blood donors you will need when you march into HK, Taiwan and India?)

    Let’s just say I can buy one coincidence. 2 or more is proof!

  108. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan: ““If you took the Covid Vaccine call 1-800-Shyster Lawyer”.

    I once worked at a facility that produced and mailed the physical checks which were sent out after class action suites. Hundreds of thousands of checks going out to hundreds of thousands of people, all of them for perhaps $2.35, or the rare $7.48. All the damaged people would end up with sub ten dollar checks but the lawyers would get millions for their work.

    As far as the COVID “vaccine” situation goes, since everyone signs a waiver and the law gives the companies freedom from liability, it is difficult to see how much traction the shyster lawyers will get with this. Interesting times…

  109. H.R. says:

    @The True Nolan re class action suits:

    Over the years, I’ve been eligible to join in this or that class action. I’ve always declined. It never has been, but if the damage I incurred was severe enough, I’d want to be able to sue as an individual.

    The jackpot justice of class action suits has always been a jackpot only for the lawyers. I figure that if I sit it out, that’s one less injured party for the lawyers to collect on. Yeah, my refusal doesn’t cut into their pot of gold that much, but it’s something.

    A very few times – 2, 3. 5? – I’ve been compensated from a class action suit because all customers or purchasers were deemed to be injured parties and were listed as customers of… whatever the heck companies they were. I don’t recall. So all customers got a *ahem* settlement.

    Anyhow, as you said, the checks were for a few dollars, and I recall a couple of times the payoff was a coupon! If you bought more from the rat bastard company you’d get a discount! LOL!

  110. Ossqss says:

    Hold on to your hat’s :-)

  111. Ossqss says:


  112. E.M.Smith says:

    It’s been too long…
    I’ve lost the link / thread…

    But “someone” linked to a SDA posting with a link to a 4 1/2 hour discussion by Michael Malice and 2 other guys (one the host ‘robot’).

    Well, I finally had enough time to watch it. A very interesting, if some times hard to follow, discussion. (One guy “Yuron”? something like that) had a mix of an accent with a speech impediment, that mixed with my ears did not work well.

    In any case, it was an interesting discussion of things we’ve kicked around here.

    Unfortunately, they had the usual problem of seeing Fascism / Nazism as “right wing” and a contrast to socialism / communism when in fact they are just flavors of it.

    Oh Well. The “Left Wing” propaganda has worked all too well.

    Actual advocates for Liberty and Freedom are off to the side from all of that. The Authoritarian Left comes in many flavors, but what it always has in common is Central Authority.

    So simply ask: “Is this government a Central Authoritarian one?” and you pretty much have your answer.

    Yes, Monarchy and Empires are also Central Authoritarian. But few of them really survive. We have figurehead “Monarchy” in name only. We have “Empire by influence” but not real empires.

    The world has settled into various forms of Central Authority with various degrees of Citizen Input via votes and what have you. Until very recently, the USA was a singular example of Distributed Authority with power rising from the lower levels to a limited delegated central power, but that is now over. (Perhaps not irreparably lost, but over for now at least.)

    As of now, a real “Democratic Republic” is not really in evidence in the world. We’ll see how this works out as the world descends yet again into tyranny. (Not just in the USA, but globally).

  113. another ian says:

    “Economic problem, sorted”


    E.M. Might be a fun time on that Nobel committee

  114. another ian says:

    Not my usual – a horse story


    I wonder if revival of “Breeding the master race of horses” is on the one world government’s agenda?

  115. jim2 says:

    HUGE: Arizona GOP Leader Kelli Ward Sounds the Alarm – Dem Secretary of State Hobbs Is Sneaking Dem Operatives from Biased NFP’s into the Maricopa County Audit


  116. E.M.Smith says:


    NFP? Not sure which of these fits…

    NFP Natural Family Planning (contraception)
    NFP National Financial Partners Corp.
    NFP Not for Profit

    NFP Nurse Family Partnership (Denver, CO)
    NFP Non-Farm Payroll
    NFP Not for Publication
    NFP National Focal Point
    NFP Nutrition Facts Panel (food industry)
    NFP National Fire Plan (US Department of the Interior)
    NFP Neue Film Produktion (German: New Film Production)
    NFP Networking for Professionals (various locations)
    NFP National Federation Party (Fiji)
    NFP Network Foundation Protection (Cisco Systems Defence Technology)

    NFP Non-Functional Properties
    NFP Nadeem Farooq Paracha (Pakistani journalist)
    NFP Need for Precision (psychology)
    NFP Northland Forest Products
    NFP Notice of Final Priority
    NFP Net Financial Position
    NFP New Freedom Program (disabled transportation)
    NFP New Frontiers Program (various organizations)
    NFP Net Filtration Pressure (fluid shift across capillaries)
    NFP Nuclear Fuel Production Chain
    NFP North Freeport (Everquest zone)
    NFP Nearest with Forward Progress
    NFP Not Fault Prone
    NFP Non-Flying Pilot
    NFP Near-Field Probe
    NFP Neuro-Filament Protein
    NFP Natural Family Planning Association of New Zealand
    NFP Net Factor Payment (economics)
    NFP No Flash Photography
    NFP North Fort Polk (Louisiana)
    NFP National Foreclosure Professionals
    NFP Note Format Parameter
    NFP Nuclear Fire Planning
    NFP Neighborhood Fishing Program (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries Division)
    NFP Naval Forward Presence (strategy, force development)

    Perhaps you could expand?

    UPDATE: Never mind… I see that in the article they define it as Not For Profit… It would have been clearer had they just said Soros Funded NGOs.

  117. jim2 says:

    I did notice a couple of daze back, that there was a new color of uniform on the floor – pink. There were only 2 or 3 of those people and they were asking a lot of questions. Basically, the Dimowits are searching for any legal chink in the audit armor.

  118. jim2 says:

    In the meantime, I see the audit elves have equipped the new tables. Looks ready to roll for tomorrow – in force!


  119. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I picked fruit and nuts as a kid. Only once each (for wages). It did, however, motivate me to do something better… I then worked in a peach cannery for several years, summers only. It paid for, and motivated me for, college and to do something better…

    Nothing wrong with sending kids out to pick fruit. It will assure they figure out there’s more to life than video games on the parents couch, cheetos and a weight problem…

  120. jim2 says:

    Speaking of cheating, lyin’, laying in the sewage Dimowits …

    Governor Abbott: I think an investigation does need to be done. They need to do it very quickly because the time clock on this is short. But if you look at all the numbers of many red states, the initial assessment of the numbers of what the population growth was, was reduced by the final numbers. And then other blue states, they were supposed to be losing population. And suddenly they’re not losing as much as had been prognosticated. So there is something fishy about the final census results and it’s right that there should be an investigation and maybe even litigation to clarify what is exactly going on. Who changed the numbers? Why did they change it? Was it a valid change? Things like that.


  121. YMMV says:

    Swimming is racist (sarc). It’s a white thing. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/522644-black-people-swimming-stereotype/

    for the majority of black people I know that the “black people can’t swim” stereotype is beyond a stereotype. It’s a truth. A white ex-Metropolitan Police copper I know of the ‘Life on Mars’ generation once told me that he and his equally white colleagues used to use “non-swimmers” as canteen culture code for black suspects.

    According to Swim England, swimming’s governing body, 95% of black adults and 80% of black children in England don’t swim, and only 2% of regular swimmers are black
    Accura says that black children are three times more likely to drown than white children.

  122. Ossqss says:

    This was quite interesting. Apparently the book comes out on the 4th of this month.


  123. The True Nolan says:

    @YMMV: “Accura says that black children are three times more likely to drown than white children.”

    Nature? Nurture? Both? The desire or custom of swimming is MUCH more dangerous in sub-Saharan Africa than it is in Europe. Hippos and crocodiles don’t play nice. Additionally, Black people tend to have denser bones, making swimming more energy consumptive.

    World class swimmers: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=olympic+swimming+winners&t=brave&iax=images&ia=images

    World class runners: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=olympic+track+winners&t=brave&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images

    If alien fish invade, we may need more White genes. If alien Centaurs invade, we may need more Black genes. Hooray for genetic diversity!

  124. cdquarles says:

    Tell that to my very good swim team coach, who not only was black himself, taught many a black child to be good swimmers, life guards, divers and general athletes. Oh, that’s right, he’s not with us any more; but I do recall how good a coach he was (hint, of all the athletic endeavors I tried, swimming was what I was the best at doing … yeah, I am a mutt … but the “one drop rule” was still around back then. Come to think of it, the Demons, er, Democrats are trying to revive it, in reverse.

    One of my beefs with the BMI is that is a simple mass/height^2 index. It does not take into consideration loss of height with age, bone density, muscle mass (and, having seen dissections/autopsies, “fat” folk often have *lots* of muscle, too), or any other factor.

    That article seems correct for the time. It needs to be remembered that masks came up as a non-pharmaceutical intervention in the 1918 influenza pandemic (and recall, international travel was not as widespread as it is now, though the war did have an effect via troop movements). Lessons from that and other epidemic diseases were remembered and used.

    About the current vaccine efforts, be reminded that work on corona viruses also dates to the early 20th Century, just like influenza. The SARS/MERS episodes were used to do further work. Work on how natural infections occur and spread has been going on for nigh on 200 years now. AIDS did have a major impact on mammalian immunology study, both for humans and other animals as models (but don’t reify models).

  125. YMMV says:

    @The True Nolan, the three times more likely to drown statistic is suspect, since we do not know what it means. If three times as many black children drown when hardly any black children swim, then the rate is even worse. Drowning in pools, at the beach, in the bathtub?

    The world class swimmers link makes the point, but why? We know blacks can be excellent athletes. Maybe the article’s claim about just having no desire to swim is right. Or not.

    @cdquarles, the article did not say that blacks could not swim, or could not swim well, it just said they didn’t want to. Not everybody follows the stereotypes though.

  126. E.M.Smith says:


    My Black Motorcycle Buddy and I went swimming one time. In the pool, I’d float on the surface Just Fine. He demonstrated trying. His heavy bone legs would rapidly point down, then drag the rest of him with them.

    I’m pudgy Euro-Mutt with ancestry of sailors (so fall off the boat you better float or you die) while his ancestry was Runners Of The Plains and speed to eat, slow you die, take a tumble better not break anything.

    He could swim very well, but had to continue to swim or tread water strongly if it was too deep to stand. I could just “take a break” anywhere…

    Bottom line was that he liked ‘beach and a dip’ but not really swimming a lot, though when he did swim it was fast and powerful. I loved swimming a lot, but laying in the sun on the beach is a major risk factor… It was funny watching us together as we each would head for our preferred places and activities ;-)

    @YMMV / TTN:

    The statistic most likely, IMHO, indicates lack of skill / practice at swimming with a tiny addition from genetics of heavy bones prone to sinking. Think of a ghetto kid first time in the ocean or lake vs a suburbs kid with a pool and 1000s of hours of “practice”; at the same lake. Now add in that whichever kid is black, they will have a slightly greater problem staying afloat if they get into trouble.

    I was at the beach once when a person drowned off shore, pulled out by a rip tide. Just could not keep floating any longer despite help headed there way. Black kid will tend to hit that point before a white kid, both from less practice (less probability they have trained in ‘drown proofing’ and such) and from worse energetics (need more energy longer to not sink).

    On the flip side, put a white kid and a black kid on the savanna or in the woods and guess which one is Lion Lunch… No way I’m outrunning my Black Buddy with a mountain lion behind us. Just no way. Similarly put us in a ghetto with a gang after us (whatever color the gang). It’s my money they will get and me who will be beaten up. (No, that doesn’t make gangs ‘racist’, just makes me pudgy and slow vs my buddy being muscular and sleek speedy.)

    We are all different, so all have advantages at different things. Doesn’t make sunshine at the beach “racist” just because I can’t be in it longer than 1/2 hour, nor does it make clouds racist because I can make Vit-D in Ireland…

    Life just is what it is.

    And I agree that the statistic without context is garbage.

  127. jim2 says:

    Wednesday’s mass failure of $20 billion worth of Wind power in Australia
    What grows on a wind “farm” ? Debt-cows

    On Wednesday nearly all the wind generators in the country failed. About 4,000 turbines across five states of Australia were hit by some kind of simultaneous fuel crisis. At one point all the wind power in our national grid was only making 3% of Australia’s electricity, and that was the best part of the day. At its worst, all those turbines produced about 1.2% of the power we needed. It was that bad.

    Across the nation, something like $15 to $20 billion dollars of infrastructure ground to a halt.

    Welcome to the clean green energy future:


  128. jim2 says:

    Ken Paxton: Yeah, so if you look at election results from 4 years ago, Georgia and Texas were very similar. We fought off 12 lawsuits. We were sued 12 times over mail-in ballots. It was Harris County, it was Travis County, these big urban counties that wanted to mail out all of these ballots in violation of state law. Clearly what was not allowed by the state legislature. So, they did not want signature verification. We were told by a federal judge that this was unconstitutional. So we had… lawsuits… we won every one of them. Had we not won every single one of those lawsuits, I’m convinced that those ballots would have gone out and we would have been just like Georgia who decided to capitulate and sign consent decrees and say it’s OK.


  129. another ian says:

    CIA’s new recruitment drive


    Your god had nothing to do with that!

  130. another ian says:

    Recharging – the RE vehicle owner’s equivalent of this descriptive of a Lotus Eclat in “Top Gear’s Mid-life Crisis Cars” –

    “In practice you got very familiar with the hard shoulder, the RAC and innovative ways to entertain children with a spanner, a torch and a tartan blanket”

  131. AC Osborn says:

    another ian says: 3 May 2021 at 6:15 am

    I just wish Karl Denninger would come out and say what he means and stop beating about the bush.
    He has very strong opinions and if he is correct I agree with them.

  132. jim2 says:

    With about 37% of the US population vaccinated, deaths have stabilized. Many of those vaccinated were over 65. So, there hasn’t been a big increase in deaths due to vaccinations, it would appear.


  133. cdquarles says:

    The point about desire and talent applies to nearly everything in life that has been labelled “racist” or discriminatory, despite over 100 years of civil rights acts (yeah, started in the 1860s for those who only know “current” history). Dr. Thomas Sowell spent years documenting this.

    Culture matters. For those who live in Africa, except maybe those along the Mediterranian Sea and not along the Nile, you really don’t want to swim in natural bodies of water. This likely applies to South America, too. Crocs (and gators here in the South), sharks, piranha, sea snakes, pythons and et cetera make you cautious about it. So yes, black folk here would not be prone to want to learn how to swim; but once taught do learn how to swim well (and for me, salt water somewhat countered my large boned legs).

  134. jim2 says:

    cdq – to which post or link are you responding? I’m lost …

  135. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s another good point. Remembering that most of the slave trade in North America was into the Caribbean and American South, then realizing that’s essentially the same geography as the range of the American Alligator and Crocodile (along with the Caiman as in Cayman Islands…): You would have a population that was well schooled in “Stay out of the water or be eaten” seeing what looks a lot like the same kinds of water predator all over the place. (Numbers were much higher until we started hunting them with rifles…).

    Heck, I’m “half fish” when it comes to swimming and I’m not willing to go in the water in Florida. I’ve seen 2 small and 1 large alligator over 10 years, and that was enough. Though in fairness, I also saw video of a Salt Water Crocodile in a southern Florida port next to a sailboat chomping on something. Those are the ones that in historical records were up to 20 feet long… though this one was “only” about 12 feet…

    Now that we’re protecting top predator species I expect the huge salt water crocs to return. The Good News is that it take 100 years to reach giant size, so “not my problem”. (The bad news is that 12 foot is more than enough to give you a Very Bad Day).

    So run the clock back to 1770… LOTS of BIG salt water Crocs as far up as the middle of Florida at least (there’s a big display on a beach there with a ‘billboard’ of a life sized big one… Atlantic coast near Cape Canaveral somewhere) hanging around the port as the boat unloads. Inland, you see gators sunning themselves… Occasionally, someone near waters edge gets nabbed…

    Tell me again why anyone would want to swim in that context?

    Almost all of the gators & crocs were killed between then and now, to the point there they were endangered species; and even with that, I’m not interested in a “bit of a swim” in Florida natural waters. Even in the pool, you look first… (One couple was snorkeling in a shallow creek a few feet deep with good visibility and maybe 14 feet wide… gator got one of them… In another case, a lady was next to a canal with her feet over the water. Yup, lunch. You don’t went to even be near the edge of what looks like water, even little creeks and canals.)

    So given the culture of origin, the conditions on arrival, and then the environment ongoing through the Civil War: I’m surprised ANYONE in the South would know how to swim.

    Then roll the clock forward. The black diaspora starts into the north and west, alligators and crocks are hunted to near extinction. Suburban Middle Class and The Rich start making swimming pools all over after W.W.II, but… Most of those Suburban Middle Class and Rich are Whites. The Black population is starting from the clothes on their backs and low wage jobs. They don’t have 200 years of gradual wealth accumulation and schooling to work from. So who has most of those swimming pools?

    The result would be a Family Lore of “don’t go in the water” and a culture that isn’t focused on things like BBQ and The Pool. Then not enough money to change that. And very little desire to change it.

    Compare my “history”. Dad was swimming in rivers in Iowa his whole life. Mum was from a family of Sailors where being taught to swim was essential survival. At earliest bath memories I was being taught to hold my breath under water and “swim in the tub”. By the time I hit the city pool (about 2? or 3?) I was ready to just take off and swim. Local rivers in California have No Bad Thing in them, so we’d just jump in any old creek or canal or river and have a ball. (I was doing “drown proofing” for fun in the pool and lakes at about 7?)

    My Daughter was plonked into a pool on a vacation in Canada while still in diapers. She instinctively “Dog Paddled” around and to the edge of the pool. Somewhere around 1 year old? Son was similarly made “water safe” from the start. Both run through YMCA swimming classes too. Why? Because of a family culture of “if you don’t swim well you die / drown” and “swimming is fun!”… The exact opposite of that Black Southern experience of “if you swim you die” and “swimming is risky business”.

    So which kids are going to be most able to extricate themselves from any water trap? The ones who were swimming from the start, or the ones told to stay the heck out of the water?

    BTW: Yes, salt water helps buoyancy a lot. I float OK in fresh water, but in salt water, I positively bob around on the surface. I displace about 100 kg of water. Salt Water is 1.025 the density of fresh water. That’s about 2.5 kg of added buoyancy. Yup, over 5 POUNDS of upward push. I must work to go down. I also have larger than “normal” lungs. With a full breath, I can keep most of my head out of the water easily. That’s what you get with a large air sack, filled, and about 30 pounds of “oil” for buoyancy and insulation…

    So I may be a short legged dumpy pudgy thing, but I don’t drown in a quiet ocean… I just bob about waiting for the boat to come back…

    I love salt water ;-)

  136. E.M.Smith says:


    The “Swimming is racist” thread starts up thread at:

  137. E.M.Smith says:

    Hmmm…. Just for grins, looked up density of “Human Fat”. 0.9 was the answer.

    I am, um, “conservatively” about 15 kilos overweight. (More likely about 40 to 45 lbs or 20+ kilos, but…) so that’s about another 1.5 to 2 kg of “lift”. Call it 3 to 4 lbs more buoyancy in fresh water.

    Probably more like 2 to 2.5 kg in salt water, or 4 to 5 pounds of added lift. Perhaps even more than that given that I’ve been as light as 185 lbs when “lean” and that’s a long ways from where I am now…

    Blubber, it’s a thing… I just claim that I’m a Marine Mammal and move on ;-)

  138. E.M.Smith says:

    Stories from Portland…

    Target store puts up murals that look like they celebrate arson…
    Portland police arrest a man with a bat, backing away from an Antifa-like mob chasing him…


  139. jim2 says:

    There’s not a tool in the gov-ment kit the lyin’, stealin’, cheatin’, low-life Dimowits won’t use.

    A spy plane was identified flying over the Maricopa County audit.
    What information are they after?

    Sunday morning we were alerted to the fact that a plane was circling around the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum last week. We received only the picture above. We followed up and found more information on this plane and additional information on other events where a plane circled the sky in a similar fashion. One such incident was in San Bernadino after the shooting spree by Islamic terrorists Farook and Malik.


  140. jim2 says:

    Two observers caught my eye because they were in pink shirts, unlike the rest of us. I asked one of them why that was and he said, “I’m from the Secretary of State’s office.” He declined to talk to me further. Every other time I saw him, he was whispering to his comrade, who was also in a pink shirt. Katie Hobbs has repeatedly called this audit a farce and “The Big Lie”, but her two minions surely see that this audit is in fact not a lie.


  141. Ossqss says:

    Wow, that Denninger rant was spot on! Unreal the situation at hand all the way around.

    @EM, the Croc’s in FL don’t get as big as the African versions and are much less aggressive for the most part. IIRC, they average from 9-13′, but can go close to 20′ in the extreem.

    If you were here about 8 years ago, I could have taken you on a Gator hunt. We used to get 4 tags a year to gather up Gators. There was no open hunting season. It was all regulated. It was not an easy task as you could not use baited hooks. You had to use a 2″ dowel for baiting and would have to bang stick them (44 mag) to land them. We did not take them live. The biggest we got was a 12.5′ beast behind my neighbors house.

    It is mating season here through June and the big boys are moving around looking for mates. You can hear them growl when they find and try to attract the girly Gators. In fact, a neighbors dog was eaten yesterday a couple lakes down from me. You don’t let little dogs go to the waters edge and bark at Gators. That is a dinner bell for them.

    If you hear this, its time to reconsider your location :-)

  142. E.M.Smith says:


    I was there about then… 2013-2015

    I had some Gator Jerky, and loved it. IF it were possible for me to bag and munch on ‘gator, I’d be doing it as much as possible. That’s tasty stuff! (Plus the leather makes nice goods…)

    Maybe I’m part Cajun ;-) “If it moves, eat it. If it doesn’t move, try anyway.” ;-)

    Frogs are a wonderful treat, but only same-day fresh. The flavor fades fast and they are semi-tasteless if bought in a store. Birds, reptiles, fish… fins fur feathers or scales, it’s all yummy nummy. Snails are a bit chewy and want for garlic… or something… and salt… Shellfish are wonderful, raw oysters to crabs, lobsters and even crayfish. All down the gullet… And now I’ve had a taste of gator…

    So who’s gonna be eating whom tonight, Mr. Gator? Eh? Turn about is fair play! ;-)

    Yeah, I thought I said “20 feet”… (that’s about a 2000 lb croc). Females I think top out closer to 14 feet. Most, today, smaller than in the past due to being at the young end of their potential age ranges (as we killed off the big old ones just a few decades back…).

    But I don’t care if it is a 12 footer or a 20 footer. Both can “call me lunch”… I’d rather be eating than eaten…

  143. YMMV says:

    cdquarles: “The point about desire and talent applies to nearly everything in life that has been labelled “racist” or discriminatory”

    Absolutely. Women in STEM fields. Women in NASCAR. I’m going with ‘sexist’ now because it’s a bit less inflammatory than ‘racist’. Did you know that most drownings are (white) males? It’s not because women float better or are better swimmers, it has more to do with the input and output of beer on boats.

    “Culture matters. For those who live in Africa, except maybe those along the Mediterranian Sea and not along the Nile, you really don’t want to swim in natural bodies of water.”

    Fresh water or salt water. schistosomiasis, leeches, E. coli, Primary Amebic Mengioencephalitis, meningitis, jellyfish, sharks, algae blooms, https://healthywa.wa.gov.au/Articles/F_I/How-safe-are-natural-waterways

    Swimming is unnatural to us. We can do it, but we are out of our element. The water element is a dangerous place to be. Don’t swim in the hour after eating! (we are told)
    There are fishermen all over the world who do not know how to swim.

    The earliest references to swimming are from the Mediterranean area.

  144. Ossqss says:

    @EM, rule of thumb #1 for bagging a Gator. You don’t want anything larger than 7′. They are not as good and will need full processing as the Sinu is pervasive over that size. Secondly, be prepared for a lot of work as skinning a Gator is not an easy task. Best part is the jaw meat, but don’t tell anybody :-)

  145. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss – The best part of the Buffalo is the wings, but don’t tell anybody. 😜

  146. Taz says:

    Mayday! Mayday!! A Miller’s tale from La Belle France !! Allez le diesel !!!

    Here’s a guy who bought an electric car! (Article from the Spectator).

    He starts out really enjoying his new car, but then…
    Why I regret buying an electric car

    I bought an electric car and wish I hadn’t. It seemed a good idea at the time, albeit a costly way of proclaiming my environmental virtuousness. The car cost 44,000 Euros, less a 6,000 Euro subsidy courtesy of French taxpayers, the overwhelming majority poorer than me. Fellow villagers are driving those 20-year-old diesel vans that look like garden sheds on wheels.

    I order the car in May 2018. It’s promised in April 2019. No later, promises the salesman at the local Hyundai dealer. April comes and goes. No car. I phone the dealership. No explanation. The car finally arrives two months late, with no effort by Hyundai to apologise. But I Iove it. It’s quiet, quick and with the back seats down, practical with plenty of room for the dogs. It does insist on sharply reminding me to keep my hands on the steering wheel, even when they’re on it. And once alarmingly slamming on the brakes for no discernible reason.

    I’ve installed a charger in my driveway so I plug the car in. It works first time! Then the boss turns on the kettle and every fuse in the house trips. The car is chargeable, but only if you don’t cook, wash clothes or turn on the dishwasher at the same time.

    First road trip. Off to the centre of France with the horse-obsessed boss to watch a three-day equestrian event. I consult an app that promises an high-speed charger half way to my destination. We arrive and hunt and ultimately find the charger. It doesn’t work. Range anxiety? More like a panic attack.

    We make it to the next charger on the motorway with the battery practically empty and my marriage in peril. It works! But subsequently, EDF, the French electric utility, simply shuts down its entire motorway network after discovering the chargers are not just unreliable but dangerous. In Britain, meanwhile, the Department for Transport has, I read, granted an exclusive contract to install rapid chargers at motorway service areas to a company glorying in the name Ecotricity. These turn out to be equally unreliable and very costly to use. Social networks are rapidly bombarded with complaints.

    Back in France, after a two-month wait, EDF upgrades my home electricity supply. Rejoice! We can finally cook dinner and charge the car simultaneously. The little Kona is still mostly performing well. It’s fast. I could beat a sports car from a traffic light, except we have none in my corner of La France Profonde. It’s eerily quiet. But much as I attempt to defend my choice, I’m having doubts.

    I meet a British couple in the supermarket car park, down for the summer, loading groceries into their electric Nissan. How was the trip down? I ask. “A nightmare” of broken charging points, they reply, bitterly. A 10-hour trip took 18 hours, with lengthy stops at low-speed chargers, often miles off the highway.

    The Hyundai Kona Electric

    Given the impossibility of driving much farther than the airport with the motorway charging network still shut down, I resign myself to renting cars for trips beyond a limited radius from the house.

    Next, a story appears that a Kona Electric identical to mine has spontaneously combusted in a garage in Montreal, totally destroying the car and the garage itself. The battery, made of lithium, burns for hours. Still no communication from Hyundai, which is said to be investigating, according to Canadian media.

    Soon, Konas are bursting into flames all over the world. Continuing silence from Hyundai other than a disingenuous recall notice for a software update. A morning at the dealership waiting for an update to the battery management software. This consists of reducing the range of the car, although that isn’t explained. But it doesn’t work since recalled Konas are continuing to explode. Meanwhile, a second recall. The cars are not just auto-carbonising but the brakes are apparently susceptible to unpredictable total failure.

    New press reports from Korea say Hyundai finally admits there is a hardware problem with the Kona and it is going to replace the batteries in 80,000 of them. But continuing silence from Hyundai France and it’s the same story across Europe. I read that owners in North America are being warned not to park in the garage. Hundreds have filed a class action demanding compensation.

    Complaining to Hyundai on Twitter provokes a predictable response. Please direct message us so we can assist you. Translation: please stop posting messages in public so we can try to appease you quietly. I decline to play that game.

    Hyundai’s latest stunt is to announce that it’s joined the new Ionity rapid recharge network and will offer a discount to owners. I call Ionity to find out how. They tell me to call my Hyundai dealer. I talk to someone who knows nothing but promises to call me back. I’m still waiting.

    The problem with electric cars is that one must suffer to be a pioneer. It’s possibly like buying a petrol car at the beginning of the 20th century except instead of a man walking in front with a red flag, you need a fire marshal in a diesel with a tow rope.

    Written by Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller is the author of France, a Nation on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Gibson Square). Twitter: @lefoudubaron


  147. philjourdan says:

    As far as the COVID “vaccine” situation goes, since everyone signs a waiver and the law gives the companies freedom from liability

    Exactly as I said. BUT. Has that stopped the shysters?

    And yes, I have “class actioned” into several lawsuits. I have trashed every notice.

    I know the drill.

  148. philjourdan says:


    Forget the 80s! And half the 70s! I want 60s and 70s to mid 70s. Skip Disco

  149. philjourdan says:

    @Taz- Re:google.

    So do I. I never use them

  150. philjourdan says:

    @Taz – Perfect! and why I will never own one, and wny myextreme woke co-worker is getting rid of his.

  151. Ossqss says:

    Ok, SD card info update for anyone in need. Depending upon your need, mine was to be used in a “new in box” (year plus old) Note 9 phone that I would be using for HI Def pics and running apps.

    SD cards are quite cheap now compared to a few years back, but the performance has increased a lot. Ultimately, my needs dictated a 256 Gig card (SanDisk Extreme) rated to the following levels. A2, U3 and V30. I did not need the much more expensive V60 or V90 versions, well because I am cheap and had no need for that level of performance. So there ya go, $38 bucks (Ebay vs. $70) was the best deal I found and it kicks ass. Just sayin, know before ya go to buy things now days.

    It is amazing that a phone I have now has 512 Gig internal and 256 add on chip storage in it and near100x more memory (RAM 8 gig) compared to the first hard drive size I had in a desktop PC @ 90 Meg. WT*!

    Hold my beer :-)

  152. Ossqss says:

    @ Phil, here ya go!

  153. jim2 says:

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke the news Monday evening that corporate darling and pro-immigration GOP pollster Franks Luntz secretly rents out a room to Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) at a “fair market price.”

    Carlson reminded viewer’s of Luntz’ ties to left-wing corporations in Silicon Valley, and stated, “So Luntz is a personal friend of Kevin McCarthy’s who’s the top-ranking Republican in the House, that’s what we said. Turns out we didn’t the know the half of it.”

    “Over the weekend we got a call from a source who said that in fact, Frank Luntz and Kevin McCarthy are not simply friends, they’re roommates,” Carlson revealed. “Kevin McCarthy lives in Frank Luntz’s apartment in downtown Washington. That’s what we were told, and honestly we did not believe it. The top Republican in the House lives with a Google lobbyist? Come on, come on. Even by the sleazy and corrupt standards of politics in Washington, that did not seem possible, in fact it sounded like a joke.”


  154. jim2 says:

    Breaking Wind … ham ..

    The Windham residents WERE NOT HAPPY after city leaders held the meeting in a room that only held a few dozen people.
    The Windham residents are also outraged that city leaders announced they were going to use a corrupt deep state organization to hold the audit!
    This is outrageous!

    Tonight during the meeting the city residents confronted city leaders. The board members then WALKED OUT of the meeting.
    They did not expect the locals to fight back against their corruption!


  155. jim2 says:

    I was disappointed REO Speedwagon wasn’t on the list …

  156. Ossqss says:

    Me 2 J2. Well to comply with the request, here ya go. These videos spawned forgotten memories. Just sayin, LOL :-)

  157. Jim Masterson says:


    Lots of memories—some drug related songs; some anti-war Vietnam related songs; and some sad, sad memory songs. Basically though, boots are made for walking.


  158. Jim Masterson says:

    My favorite comment on WUWT about China: “Even their sale boats are junk!”


  159. Jim Masterson says:

    Phooey, I misspelled sail.


  160. another ian says:


    A one stage Dad and uncle had a 1932 Reo Speedwagon truck

  161. another ian says:

    Maths is hard

    ““An overwhelming 87 percent” thankful to Joe Biden”


  162. another ian says:

    “Materials Acquisition for Global Industrial Change (MAGIC)”


    Sounds like Biden et al are reinventing an inedible one of these

    “It tells of a magic pudding which, no matter how often it is eaten, always reforms in order to be eaten again”


  163. philjourdan says:


    Forget the 80s! And half the 70s! I want 60s and 70s to mid 70s. Skip Disco

  164. philjourdan says:


    Forget the 80s! And half the 70s! I want 60s and 70s to mid 70s. Skip Disco

  165. philjourdan says:

    @Another Ian – I hope none of them go into the STEM fields! And I do not give a good god damn what their chosen race or gender is! I only care about the bridge I have to drive over!

  166. E.M.Smith says:

    Had to see what the math thing was about, so quoting from the Twatter:

    23% of Americans think the country has become more united since Pres. Biden took office, according to a new @ABC News/Ipsos poll. Among this group, an overwhelming 87% give Biden credit.

    So what they are really saying is 77% of the country think it is worse or still a mess. And 87% of 23% or 20% of the country are idiotic enough to think Biden had done something good.

    Makes sense to me. Take an I.Q. curve, what’s that lowest 20% called?….

    Of course some of them might be like me. Smart enough that if some RANDOM person calls me up and says “Mr. Smith, we want to know if you think Biden as done {something good}?”. Am I going to issue a “Please DOX Me!” y’all come via ranting? NOOooo…. I’m going to sing praises and shout hallelujahs. So maybe knock off 5% for “bright folks not wanting firebombs”…


    Or ride on their trains:


    Engineering really really ought to be left to the folks who LIKE math and are GOOD at math…

    BTW: Highest raise I ever gave was 37% to a woman programmer. We hired her straight out of college and she was GREAT. I knew that after a year she would be stolen from me if I didn’t “level her up” to match her skill set. She was really really good at math… ANYBODY who loves math and wants to be an Engineer can do it and will be rewarded, and it is a strict meritocracy. Nobody cares about your personal identifiers, they care about how good you are at a hard job.

    Equal Pay? Hell no. Pay for excellence? Hell yeah. She was excellent, so she got well paid. FWIW, Florida Friend has a story about a (niece? cousin? Friends niece?) who totally changed the construction pump industry. High end degree in fluid dynamics or some such. Invented a pump like no other. President of the company is now on a first name basis with her… She got a big pay bump too… IIRC higher than any of the guys.

    Math, it’s a thing… a thing worth love, respect, and learning.

  167. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss re your link to “why-there-no-correlation-between-masks-lockdowns-and-covid-suppression”

    That was a good article! Things went up. Things went down. Things went all around with no particular correlation.

    The Blue States and Blue cities that went gonzo on lockdowns and masks, seemed to fare the worst. So there is that much to take home from the article.

  168. Jim Masterson says:


    If the Vietnam War wasn’t bearing down on me (my draft number was 72), I would have liked to have gotten a math degree along with my engineering degree. Still I took a lot of math courses. I’m kinda annoyed by my linear algebra course. I did learn how to manipulate matrices to make finding a determinate easier, but there was nothing about eigenvectors and eigenvalues. It was a big miss in my education that I finally corrected recently.


  169. cdquarles says:

    Toss me into the “I regret not going further into mathematics” group. I stopped at differential equations and multiple integrals. True enough advanced chemistry did give a peek into eigenvalues and eigenvectors (molecular orbitals), but only a peek. To help my youngest son, the Navy man, I did teach myself a bit more of linear algebra.

  170. jim2 says:

    It’s been a long time since I used the site, but Khan academy had a great LA series that included a very clear explanation of EigenX’es.

  171. E.M.Smith says:

    My number was in the 300s, so I had a big sigh of relief!

    Never got to the Eigen-thingys…. Just partial differentials and integrals… and statistics. I actually liked statistics. And formal symbolic logic – a kind of a math thing.

  172. jim2 says:

    Biden – build back cave men …

    On April 30, U.S. Steel President David Burritt announced that a $1.5 billion project to majorly improve its Mon Valley Works operation with state-of-the-art steel casting, rolling technology, and a cogeneration plant is being canceled.

    The project’s cancelation means that about 1,000 union construction jobs will be lost for the region. Likely thousands more U.S. jobs in supporting industries will be lost as a result.

    Also, U.S. Steel is idling Batties 1, 2, and 3 at its Clairton Plant by 2023, which accounts for about 17 percent of coke production. The decision is intended to improve “environmental performance.” That decision, U.S. Steel executives said, is unlikely to lead to layoffs for its 130 full-time employees at Batties 1, 2, and 3.


  173. E.M.Smith says:

    Direct link to Donald Trump’s Twitter Replacement Blog (from the link Another Ian gave):


    Basically you can use it as the equivalent of his old twitter feed (now banned).

    A Sampling:

    Donald J. Trump
    11:28am May 3, 2021

    Heartwarming to read new polls on big-shot warmonger Liz Cheney of the great State of Wyoming. She is so low that her only chance would be if vast numbers of people run against her which, hopefully, won’t happen. They never liked her much, but I say she’ll never run in a Wyoming election again!

    Donald J. Trump
    11:20am May 3, 2021

    So nice to see RINO Mitt Romney booed off the stage at the Utah Republican State Convention. They are among the earliest to have figured this guy out, a stone cold loser!

    Donald J. Trump
    11:18am May 3, 2021

    Please explain to the Democrats and RINOs that the reason Texas-06 completely shut out Democrats in Saturday’s Jungle Primary is because of my Endorsement of Susan Wright, who surged last week after receiving it. The Democrats were shut out and now it will be a contest between two Republicans, a very big win. It would be nice, however, if the pundits and Fake News Media would state the real reason for this unprecedented (Democrats have never been shut out before) victory!

    Donald J. Trump
    10:27am May 3, 2021

    The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

    Donald J. Trump
    12:56pm May 1, 2021

    Today is Election Day in Texas, go out and vote for Susan Wright. She will be strong on the Border, Crime, Pro-Life, our brave Military and Vets, and will ALWAYS protect your Second Amendment. She will never let you down. VOTE TODAY!

    Donald J. Trump
    1:01pm April 30, 2021

    Twitter stock “plunged” as results are no longer cutting it for investors. Shares are off 15% today. Bad forecasts are hurting the outlook but more importantly, in my opinion, it has become totally BORING as people flock to leave the site. Michael Nathanson stated, “the math doesn’t make sense” as he lowered his price target. I guess that’s what happens when you go against FREEDOM OF SPEECH! It will happen to others also.

  174. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like the oldest one is March 24. So active about 6 weeks.

    Donald J. Trump
    12:05pm March 24, 2021

    David Shafer did a phenomenal job as Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, recruiting and training a record number of volunteers. No one in Georgia fought harder for me than David! He NEVER gave up! He has my Complete and Total Endorsement for re-election.

    Next Page
    All posts loaded.

  175. H.R. says:

    Linear Algebra, Eigenvalues and vectors were prominent in my Engineering curriculum.

    My math professor for Linear Algebra was a Vietnam Vet that wore a brown t-shirt every day (clean, I figured he had a rack in his closet full of brown t-shirts) and only had a Harley for transportation, his preference and choice.

    Day one, first class, his homework assignment for the next class was to prove every theorem in the first chapter (2 or 3 chapters? I forget.).

    Well, the second class was noticeably short of students. Best start I ever had to a math class, though. I spent hours on the proofs.

    His office hours were fun. Since the class had been downsized to a cozy group, and we soon became quite collegial, most of us would show up during his office hours for help, questions, or even to take the topic a little further. We’d also talk about other math that was of interest. Some nice BSing was part of it, too.

    I delayed college until almost ten years after graduating H.S. I was married, with a kid while going to school. We were on the Quarter system at college, which coincided with my son’s school breaks.

    For finals, I’d take my son down on campus with me and he’d sit in the hall outside the door playing with Legos while I took my finals. Well, this math professor (Professor Smith, coincidentally) saw my son with me a few minutes before finals. He asked my kid if he could play reasonably quietly with his Legos while we took a test. My son promised that he would, so Professor Smith let him sit in the back of the classroom while we all took the final. Pretty cool.

    No biggie. The room was half empty since the Professor took care of overcrowding with the first homework assignment. 😜

  176. E.M.Smith says:

    Well… That was fun…

    All this talk of “Linear Algebra” in college got me wondering if I’d missed something, as I never had “Linear” algebra, only plain old Algebra in High School… So I just looked it up:

    It IS plain old Algebra… or what I learned as such.

    In high school, about a dozen of us were in a “special” advanced math class. I’m not sure how it happened. Just kept taking math every year and Senior Year was told only “Advanced Math” was left and I was in it… nobody told me it was optional ;-)

    Well, that’s what we did in that class. Including matrix math and more. Last couple of weeks the teacher informed us we had “run out of math” to learn… and would we like to look at Calculus. Well, having nothing else to do for that hour but sit in the class, we said “Sure”. And got a 2 week intro to Calculus… Oddly, I never thought it was all that hard. Pretty straight forward thinking in it.

    Then again, I got the BofA Math Award and scholarship (something like $50… or about $500 in current money- nice but not buying a set of college books with it…) so maybe I’m “different”…

    SO… OK… I no longer feel deficient as I didn’t have “Linear” Algebra in college ;-)

    I just feel silly that I didn’t know the proper name of what I learned…

  177. jim2 says:

    Given the various turns of events in South Africa, it’s becoming more lawless every day. I know it would be hard to leave homes and dreams built to fruition behind, but it’s probably time for Whites to leave S.A.

  178. David A says:

    EM, regarding vaccines, says, “Don’t know if it will result in a viable mutation.
    Do know we are guaranteeing a massive number of trials…”

    ? I wonder if some the new active in India mutations were a result of vaccines? Not certain of the timing, but the potential” gain of function” experiment is worrisome.

    I do think that my chances of contacting the Wuflu are reducing. Yet I also think that with immediate access to Ivermectin HCQ and Zinc as well as being very physically active ( Pickleball three times a week, lots of sunshine, etc, ) I very likely will not have a major case even if contracted.

    Further, it is very possible that I already contacted the Wuflu, in which case I very likely have antibody and T cell resistance, which is likely more effective and longer lasting than vaccines. ( I recall a study of past SARS coronavirus disease where, well over a decade later, T cell counts were high in those that had past infection.). Is there any evidence that the vaccines are better than natural immunity?

    Are you all asked very often if you got the vaccine?

  179. Ossqss says:

    Well, here is a bit of good news in an insane world. My son was inducted into the National Honor Society a few days ago. I am proud of him, but my note here is not about him. We had a packed auditorium (+- 500) for the event. Prior to the start of the event, the ROTC color guard was asked to come forward to the stage and present the colors and for everyone to please rise. They did so in formal military style with the flags and guns in proper order. Then we were prompted to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The entire auditorium then proceeded to recite the pledge in loud and proud unison. It choked me up a bit as it was like a breath of fresh air in the smoke filled room of todays crazy world :-)

    Thank God I live in the great state of Florida.

  180. H.R. says:

    @David A – I’ve been asked a few times if I’ve had the vaccine. It was a topic in the family, so of course family members asked what the others were going to do and whether or not they had been vaccinated.

    I’ve been asked if I’ve been ‘vaccinated’ only a few times in idle conversation in the public square. I jumped on my Ivermectin soapbox and when it got back around to the vaccine again, everyone I talked to was skeptical of the vaccine. They very much had a “it’s your choice” attitude and resented government pressure. Some needed the vaccine for air travel, so they were going to get it.

    I haven’t run into any Karens proselytizing for vaccination while shoveling out shame and blame. There was a bunch of that Karen behavior with masks, but so far, I haven’t run unto that with the vaccines.
    Understand that I don’t hang out in ‘Blue-type’ venues, and my county is pretty Red, so I’m not likely to run across too many brainwashed Dems. There may be more pro-vaccination buzz going on out there that I’m not seeing.

    But the above has been my experience so far.

  181. E.M.Smith says:


    I gotta get my bum a$$ to Florida…

    @David A:

    I’m NEVER asked. Not once.

    OTOH, about all I do is buy groceries and put gas in the car, with about 1 x month buy a “fast food” treat. (Spouse is fond of KFC and “fish meals” from a couple of places and when going to some appointment, we’ll do the drive through sometimes.) Spouse does a hair place about 1 x month (no questions) and various medical things about 1 x week (mostly a chiropractic ‘alignment’…) where I’m either not along or just sit in the car (tunes, conservative talk shows, or tablet).

  182. Ossqss says:

    For the record IIRC, the mRNA jab is not really a vaccine by virtue of the definition (also called out in the Dr. video somewhere here recently – I think he called it an appliance or something). Additionally, the experimental jab is not formally approved by the FDA, only approved via the emergency use edict from the Guberment.

  183. jim2 says:

    Residents in Windham, New Hampshire are fighting back against the city board’s decision to appoint a known election audit critic to take charge of the state’s 2020 review.

    Meanwhile, another member of the Board of Selectmen said he will vote to appoint Jovan Pulitzer to lead the election fraud audit if that’s what the majority of the citizens want.

    Heath Partington became the second member of the four member board who now may support Pulitzer’s candidacy over the audit critic Mark Lindeman.

    Last week, the board voted three-to-one to put Lindeman in charge of the audit, which sparked citywide protests. Windham residents have said New Hampshire needs an audit similar to that in Arizona, but the Board of Selectmen is trying to fight their demands.


  184. jim2 says:

    If one gets COVID and develops immunity, that will put evolutionary pressure on the virus also. Some things feared about getting the vaccine also apply to getting the disease. Also, one might die from the disease depending on age and health. But most won’t. I have been all for anyone below forty or so just getting it so we can all get over it.

  185. jim2 says:

    Can’t these people be fired or at least jailed for a while?

    The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) is at it again. Silently they have decided not to provide routers to the audit team attempting to audit the county’s 2.1 million votes and machines used in the 2020 Election.


  186. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    The basic reason it’s a “bad idea to vaccinate DURING a pandemic” is simple and known:

    In a normal case, a person gets Disease-A and makes a trillion virus copies. Mostly these are also Disease-A, and a few thousands of mutant copies. Most of the mutants are broken and do nothing. This person is far far far more likely to pass on Disease-A to someone else than that one viable mutant Disease-AB.

    Compare to the Vaccination Case.

    In a vaccinate-during-pandemic case, a person gets Disease-A as they are not yet vaccinated against it. They make a Trillion copies of Disease-A and a few thousands of Disease-AB that is a bit more virulent with a different spike shape that antibodies to Disease-A just don’t recognize. They run into a vaccinated friend. Of the hundreds to thousands of Disease-A particles that get transferred, not one survives the antibodies. Of the few hundred Disease-AB particles that make the transfer, they find a lovely new home. And proceed to make Trillions of Copies.

    Now you have a person full of Disease-AB walking around “sharing”. Not only will this infect some of the un-vaccinated, but will find it very easy to infect the vaccinated as it has experienced “vaccine escape” having been selected for the ability to bypass the vaccine antibodies.

    Welcome to a New Variant….

    You end up playing “Whack-A-Mole”.

    In a non-pandemic scenario, you are vaccinating a large population while the disease is only in a few folks. You don’t have several millions (to billions) of people busy making all those trillions of copies each and assuring somewhere the odds are a really super duper mutant has happened. Instead you have a lot of folks with nothing going on, who form antibodies via the vaccine. Now the one person who shows up with the disease finds nobody to infect and the disease dies with his recovery. When a Billion folks are sick, the odds of a super mutation are roughly 1 billion times larger than when one person shows up sick…

    Vaccination antibodies are different from natural disease antibodies in a few ways. This varies by disease. The biggest issue is that the “jab” goes into the body bypassing the gut. A huge amount of your immunity is centered around the gut. So you get somatic immunity, but the gut mechanism are either not involved at all, or far less.

    The next bit is that the natural disease exposes you to ALL the proteins and RNA / DNA of the infection. You can make antibodies to all sorts of bits. In a vaccine, we have often cut down the total package to just a few important bits (like, in this case, PART of the spike proteins). It is harder to have “Vaccine escape” to a total awareness package of antibodies than to “just a bit of the spike” antibodies.

    It also looks like the immune system has evolved some mechanisms to avoid ADE and / or cytokine storms for some classes of infections (like, oh, Corona Viruses…) by taking them out via an innate immunity process and holding off on antibody production until the innate immunity has clearly failed. (That’s my hypothesis anyway.) So for SARS-1, Dengue fever and a few others, the 2nd round of infection is WORSE as your antibodies are helping the disease destroy white blood cells. My suspicion is that this process of avoiding antibody production for some class of diseases may be why some infections have rapidly fading antibody immunity while others have it persist for years.

    In some cases it looks like “the gut remembers for decades” but the blood forgets. So next time you get it in your drinking water the gut immunity kills it via rapid antibody production. BUT a “jab” didn’t prime that in the gut. It only informed the blood immunity, which faded over a year or two. (That’s the thesis I’ve read “somewhere” about why for some diseases immunity is lifelong but the vaccination is only good for a few years).

  187. cdquarles says:

    Bingo, EMS. While viremia is often a component of viral illnesses, many of the big ones involve the skin or the mucosal surfaces (conjunctiva, nose, mouth, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, esophagus, stomach and the intestines plus gland ducts for pancreas and liver). IgA is the one for mucosal surfaces. IgG is for blood and lymph (extracellular fluid) and IgE is the one for tissues (allergies in some cases). IgM is where new-to-you infections get the antibody part going regardless of where. For polio, I say that the oral Salk vaccine was very much a key thing. By over focus on things like dengue (mosquito borne, if I am remembering correctly), we let slide lessons learned from polio and cow pox or smallpox. Nasal spray vaccines should be looked at more, I say, for respiratory ones and oral vaccines more for intestinal ones (yeah, have to find a way to protect the vaccine from first stomach acid and proteases then from bile and small intestine proteases).

  188. jim2 says:

    There is more than enough real world evidence that Corona viri mutate – vaccine or no vaccine.

  189. jim2 says:

    And then there’s this …

    SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be reverse-transcribed to be part of chimeric viral-human genome

    Download PDF Copy

    Dr. Liji Thomas, MDBy Dr. Liji Thomas, MDDec 16 2020

    As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues to take its toll on human life and economic activity, reports have emerged about the repeated positive tests and continued shedding of the virus for weeks and months after clinical recovery.

    A study appearing as a preprint on the bioRxiv* server in December 2020 reveals that the genome of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is inserted into the human genome, accounting for the detection of viral RNAs, even in late convalescence.


  190. Ossqss says:

    For the hearty preppers!

    The Cicada’s are coming out over the next few weeks, so I thought this might come in handy for some :-)

    Click to access cicadarecipes.pdf

  191. E.M.Smith says:


    The virus mutates in all cases. Vaccination during a pandemic selects for and promotes the spread of the mutants enhancing their strength, number, and kind.

    Oh Joy, to be 1/2 virus again… /sarc;

    I hope on reading the paper linked it doesn’t say “and vaccines too” and it is only the whole live virus that does the inserting…


    Um… I’m not that hearty ;-)

    I’ve eaten a lot of stuff (including chocolate covered ants… which might be causal of my present position…) but I now draw the line at terrestrial bugs. (Crawdads and Lobster are aquatic close cousins often called ‘bugs’, thus my distinction ;-)

  192. jim2 says:

    On the variance of the vaccine mRNA proteins, it is known these proteins provoke an immune response against the “live” virus. So even if those are incorporated into a nascent virus, the vaccine should cause immunity against that variant also. The immunity might be even stronger since the vaccine mRNA proteins were the “template” for the immune system.

  193. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s one heck of an article.

    Our results show induced LINE-1 expression in cells stressed by viral infection or exposed to cytokines, suggesting a molecular mechanism for SARS-CoV-2 retro-integration in human cells.”

    So the more reverse transcriptase LINE-1 you have the virus integration causing more cytokine storm that increases LINE-1 that causes more integration that…

    Note To Self: Avoid cytokine storm events at all costs lest you become more viral..

    And yet another problem with PCR test as diagnostic:

    Finally, the study suggests that many PCR positive results could be due to viral transcripts from such chimeric sequences rather than reflecting the presence of replicating virus in the host. If validated, this will require better tests to be used when assessing the efficacy of COVID-19 therapies in clinical trials, for example, in the future.

    So folks who have gotten over the disease, can still be making some virus fragment bits, and the PCR test will mark them as “Diseased! Infected!” when really they “got over it” but with a little more DNA now than they had in the past…

    Then the “related articles” are a find too:


    The phase 3 trials of the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines did not include those with a known previous severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection. Recent evidence indicates that mRNA vaccines may induce more adverse events in these individuals.

    In a paper recently uploaded to the medRxiv* preprint server, 947 individuals, 265 of which have previously reported SARS-CoV-2 infection, were monitored post-vaccination for adverse events, finding that there could be a link between previous infection and greater incidence of these events.

    In other words, if you have had the disease (and so already have antibodies) taking the shot can be worse for you. It isn’t just pointless, it can be damaging.

    In particular, five events were associated with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection: fever, fatigue, myalgia, arthralgia, and lymphadenopathy. Events occurring locally to the vaccine injection site, such as redness and swelling, were not associated with a history of COVID-19, nor were gastrointestinal symptoms, and no difference in vaccine-illness time interval was noted for those with prior COVID-19. Thirty of the participants had reported suffering from long-covid, and for these, there was no significant difference in symptom frequency or intensity when compared to the general prior-COVID-19 group.

    Some folks will really like this one ;-) :


    Cannabis compound inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication in human lung cells

    By Sally Robertson, B.Sc.Mar 14 2021

    Researchers in the United States have conducted a study showing that a cannabis plant compound inhibited infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in human lung cells.

    SARS-CoV-2 is the agent responsible for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic that continues to sweep the globe posing a threat to global public health and the worldwide economy.

    Marsha Rosner from the University of Chicago in Illinois and colleagues found that cannabidiol (CBD) and its metabolite 7-OH-CBD potently blocked SARS-CoV-2 replication in lung epithelial cells.

    The CBD inhibited viral gene expression and reversed many of the effects the virus has on host gene transcription.

    The compound also induced the expression of interferons – cell signaling proteins that are produced by host cells as an early response to viral invasion.

    Furthermore, the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was up to an order of magnitude lower in a cohort of patients who had been taking CBD, compared with matched patients who had not been taking CBD.

    Brings a whole new meaning to “Smoke ’em if you got ’em”… or don’t want to get ’em….

    Me? I think I’m going for curry…

    Curcumin nanosystems could be powerful COVID-19 therapeutics
    By Dr. Liji Thomas, MDApr 16 2021

    With new variants of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) emerging, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is far from over. While the global vaccine rollout has moved at an impressive speed, the search for new safe, effective, and targeted therapies is still on.

    Now, a new study in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy reviews the potential for curcumin, a natural alkaloid derived from turmeric, and nanosystems to treat COVID-19.

    Curcumin has been characterized and studied thoroughly, as a natural molecule with medicinal properties. Its tolerability and safety have been well documented, with a maximum dose of 12 g/day.

    Its uses have been described as anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antioxidant, as well as antiviral. Curcumin has been suggested as a molecule with the potential to heal pulmonary edema and other injurious processes that lead to lung fibrosis following COVID-19.

    Curcumin inhibits viral enzymes
    This is thought to be due to its ability to inhibit the virus itself, as well as to modulate inflammatory pathways. It regulates viral transcription and regulation, binds with high potency to the viral main protease (Mpro) enzyme that is key to replication and inhibits viral attachment and entry into the host cell. It may also disrupt viral structures.

    Its range of antiviral targets includes the hepatitis C virus, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the Epstein-Barr virus and the influenza A virus. It has been reported to inhibit the 3C-like protease (3CLpro) more effectively than other natural products, including quercetin, or drugs like chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

    This could allow the reduction of viral loads within the human cell much more rapidly than other less inhibitory drugs, and thus prevent disease progression to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

    It also inhibits papain-like protease (PLpro) with a 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) of 5.7 µM that surpasses quercetin and other natural products.

    It then goes on to say it’s hard to absorb and tends to breakdown in water. Then advocate for various “nano particles”. I think I’ll just make sure there’s some lamb in the curry to add some oil based system, and have some goat yogurt to mix in…

    So there’s that…

    Maybe I’ll try my hand at a Lamb Curry for Thursday… / Australia Friday…

    In any case: Thanks for the pointer to the article, Jim2!

  194. Power Grab says:

    @ David A re:
    “Are you all asked very often if you got the vaccine?”

    Not often. The first time was at church. The spouse of one of the SS leaders asked me as I was passing by. It caught me off-guard. I scowled and said something like, “No! I don’t trust them. It isn’t a vaccine anyway.”

    She had just had hers, I guess. This was when they first started shooting up the elderly.

    I have discussed the issue more than once with a trusted friend at work. That friend once said, “If I’m forced to take the shot, I hope it kills me on the spot.”

    When my SS leader sent texts to everyone about resuming our classes, I emailed her back and said that some say that discussing it in public could be a violation of HIPPA. Therefore, we ought to make it a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” subject. We aren’t wearing masks in our class, BTW.

    If asked now, I would probably try to be more cagey about answering. That is, unless they have the time and interest to hear me out about what I think the real issues are.

  195. jim2 says:

    I know someone who had gotten COVID-19 and for some unknown reason her doctor told her she needed the vaccine. She had a reaction from the first shot, but got really sick from the second. She survived, but it wasn’t any fun.

  196. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s part of my issue with taking a pseudo-vaccine shot. I think I’ve already had at least one incipient case. I nuked it with ivermectin about the 3 rd day, but then I think I still got some antibodies. Why? Because a subsequent (months later) similar cycle happened but by day 2 I could tell the immune system was gearing up for a big go at something. Ivermectin again and day 3 was nearly normal.

    So I’m pretty sure that:

    a) I’ve been exposed, likely more than once, and likely had initial infection process started.
    b) I’ve made antibodies.
    c) My immune system tends to react hard and fast.
    d) “Vaccination” with the virus mRNA delivery device stimulates your immune system to attack the spike proteins via expressing them on the surface of YOUR cells.
    e) I’m already a little prone to auto-immunity issues.
    f) Once expressing spike proteins on YOUR cells, there is no way to shut it off.
    g) Nobody knows for sure how long they continue to present / circulate.

    Add all those together, I think the shot, for me, is likely to be a Very Bad Reaction event.

    For folks without prior exposure, without a tendency to OTT Immune responses, autoimmunity issues, and history of allergies; it’s a whole different risk profile. IMHO.

  197. E.M.Smith says:


    I intend to just look at them and ask:

    So tell me your medical history. Any heart problems, cancer, do you have {incontinence | abortion | impotence | whatever might match their ‘look’} issues still?

    Then when they look mildly shocked, say “Well, you wanted to talk about my medical history, I just figured it was something you thought was OK…” Then be very quiet and just look at them…

  198. chiff says:

    After the JAB.

  199. Taz says:

    “This guy was maintaining a list of people and corporations that supported BLM called “Traitors of America”, but his page on this topic seems to have been shoah’d. It was awesome, he had links to each individual’s offending post/statement and everything. Anyone have an archive link at least?”


    Would be interesting to learn what happened to the original list. Bizarre how he never posted it to ZeroNet anonymously.

  200. E.M.Smith says:


    Interesting data. I’ll have to see if I can find it outside of Twatter…

    The photo of Spanish Flu folks in their sick beds out in the sun to raise Vit-D levels was intriguing. Also the statement that Vit-D is essential for T-Cell activation. It kind of ties in to something I’ve wondered about:

    Masks cover about 1/3 of the little bare skin most folks have showing outdoors during cooler seasons. That’s got to reduce the already anemic Vit-D production in folks in places like NYC and Chicago in Winter / Fall. What are the odds that Mandatory Masking cuts (already deficient) Vit-D levels enough to make things WORSE not better?

    I’d wager that outside of the southern Sun Belt, it is a near certainty.

    FWIW, being in Sunny California about Latitude 37 so on the shoulder, spouse and I instituted 20 minute sun soaks from near the beginning of all this. Any sunny day, we are in it. Seems to have worked ;-)

  201. chiff says:

    It’s funny I have RSD/CRPD type condition. The only thing that has helped is taking 10,000 iu vit d daily. Since that time( going on 9 years now) burning pain has decreased from a 7 out of ten to a 3 out of ten. Plus now I rarely get sick.

  202. E.M.Smith says:


    Golly! Have you tried time in the sun? Summer sun can get you 20,000 IU of the kind that isn’t problematic in high dose (i.e. you store it well). Or B-Vitamins (as they are important to nerve function / repair and deficiency sometimes manifests as a burning sensation).

  203. another ian says:

    “A cloud of Covid variants circles the globe”

    “Below is a map of known variants created from the samples which have had full sequences done. This is the remarkable “Nextstrain“ — an opensource tool. I have labelled a few clusters by their “country names”, (though we’re not supposed to do that. Let’s all say “WuFlu”.)”

    More at


  204. jim2 says:

    RE: AZ Audit. There’s a guy walking around with a device that has what appears to be a 2-3 foot antenna. He’s either looking for cell phones/bugs or he works for Ghost Busters.

  205. jim2 says:

    The guy with the device at the AZ audit stopped to talk to a female observer for a few minutes. Now an officer is standing in her area watching her. She has hands on her hips in a defensive gesture. Now is rubbing hands together – self-soothing. :)

  206. jim2 says:

    chiff -Could you supply a link or two that’s not twitter? I haven’t been able to find anything.

  207. jim2 says:

    The AZ audit female observer was wearing a sombrero. I don’t see her on the floor now.

  208. jim2 says:

    Seychelles, the most vaccinated country in the world, is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases.

    The island country shut down schools and sporting events this week due to the outbreak.

    35% of the cases are people who were already vaccinated.

    Bloomberg reported:

    Seychelles, which has fully vaccinated more of its population against Covid-19 than any other country, has closed schools and canceled sporting activities for two weeks as infections surge.

    The measures, which include bans on the intermingling of households and the early closure of bars, come even as the country has fully vaccinated more than 60% of its adult population with two doses of coronavirus vaccines. The curbs are similar to those last imposed at the end of 2020.


  209. jim2 says:

    The sombrero lady re-appeared at the AZ audit.

  210. another ian says:

    Covid comments

  211. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – Re: Equal pay and 37%.

    YUP! I have done the same.I did not ask their gender, race color or creed. When you see greatness, you make sure they stay a little longer. But alas, they will be gone in a few years because of their greatness! We can only hold them for a short while.

    BUt I gave them a great recommendation!!! The new company was very impressed.

  212. philjourdan says:

    @Jim Masterson – Perhaps I am younger than you. Or perhaps I am luckier. But when my number was pulled it was indeed 330. But I was in college. That is a deferment (that is why all the idiots teaching children are leftists).

    Were you in College? That is a deferment. Your comment does not compute.

  213. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – you never got into imaganinary math? -i? That really tripped me out. That was when I learned there are 3 solutions to the cube root of 8.

    It is a requirement of Physics.

    i is the square root of -1.

  214. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – you never got into imaganinary math? -i? That really tripped me out. That was when I learned there are 3 solutions to the cube root of 8.

    It is a requirement of Physics.

    i is the square root of -1.

  215. philjourdan says:

    @OSSQSS – Re: Cicadas coming – OI!!!! Turn off the nouse! I remember 12 years ago (so not this crop) driving down a road and thinking my engine was about to blow from the noise!!!

    But then I remembered it was the season variation of cicadas.

  216. philjourdan says:

    @Another Ian – Re: Amish country.


  217. Jim Masterson says:


    “Were you in College? That is a deferment. Your comment does not compute.”

    I was in a four-year study–EE. You don’t usually get deferred after that time. I had two incompletes that I needed to work off before I could graduate. I received the letter: “Greetings from the President.” I had to report for a physical (What a weird experience–they had four different color lines, and you followed the one that applied to your situation; which could change during the day). By that time, I had already applied and had been accepted to AOCS (Aviation Officer Candidate School). The Navy doesn’t give you much time either, but they did help with my draft board–I-D.

    If you saw Officer and a Gentleman–it was that program. Except the school was located at NAS Pensacola and not in Washington state.


  218. Jim Masterson says:


    “That was when I learned there are 3 solutions to the cube root of 8.”

    Of course, they are:

    \displaystyle 2,\ -1+i\sqrt{3},\ -1-i\sqrt{3}


  219. David A says:

    Regarding https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/vaccinated-country-earth-closes-schools-sports-covid-cases-surge-35-new-cases-fully-vacinated/

    They are on Worldometer. Zero deaths and only a handful of cases in June 2020, then Nada until this January and cases begin to shoot up. ( A bit like India on a micro scale.)
    Gifts death was January 28th 2021! One to two a day dying.
    Near 1000 cases a day now. Dies not say much for the vaccine.

  220. jim2 says:

    EMS – so if you have been exposed to COVID as you think, do you believe your LINE-1 elements contain COVID DNA?

  221. David A says:

    Exact same pattern in Anguilla.

    First one I checked.

  222. jim2 says:

    David A. So the question is did the 35% who got it and were vaccinated get a mild case, a moderate case, severe case, were hospitalized, or died.

    And if cases are detected by PCR, how many reps? Would it be detecting chimeric viral DNA?

    The Devil is in the details.

  223. David A says:

    True Jim, yet in the two nations shown, and apparently in a host of other nations, the Wuflu was a non event until January of this year. Not certain when the vaccination program began, or how the testing is done in the disparate regions. Yet the pattern of accelerating cases globaly and in the NH, as well as death numbers, is somewhat strange give the vaccine roll out and the normal flu virus drip off this time of year.

  224. jim2 says:

    Seychelles is almost on the Equator, just South of it. So, seasonality isn’t much to write home about I’m thinking.

  225. jim2 says:

    I have to wonder if people in India simply don’t know about Ivermectin. Surely they do???

  226. jim2 says:

    There are several key APIs witnessing a steep rise in prices from March to April 2021. The price of ivermectin has gone up 200 per cent to Rs. 54,000 a kg in April from Rs. 18,000 a kg in March.


  227. jim2 says:

    The same organization that manufactured and ran the Russia collusion hoax and allowed for the 2020 election fraud is going to interfere with the Arizona audit!

    According to Garrett Archer at ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona the Biden Department of Justice is going to “get involved in some capacity” with the ongoing forensic audit.


  228. jim2 says:

    Dr. Kelli Ward: “It is my opinion that the Department of Justice has no authority to get involved in a state legislature directed audit. The lefties at The Brennan Center for Justice and the Democracy Project have been demaning federal interruption into the process. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs allowed each of those organizations entry to represent her and her office inside the arena which is appalling. Hobbs wrote a ridiculous letter to Audit Director Ken Bennett with all kinds of false accusations included.”


  229. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, we did imaginary numbers. IIRC it was in Advance Math Sr. year high school.

    Complex, imaginary, the whole zoo.

    Ah Yes “The Letter”. It was understood at that time in my home town that if you Got The Letter and opened it, you WERE drafted and it was over. However, if you saw the letter and did not open it but immediately ran down to enlist in the service of your choice, you were not drafted… because “delivery” had not been completed. I know a lot of folks who waited for The Letter then enlisted…

    IIRC you had to have the deferment on the books some good long time before your draft cycle or you were just drafted and done, no argument. IF, for some reason, your deferment was removed or ran out, you were drafted, no argument.


    The Line-1 is the reverse transcriptase that writes stuff back into the nuclear DNA. It is not the DNA.

    As my exposure was rapidly and early terminated, long before any cytokines could kick up the LINE-1 and long before significant viral load, I’m fairly certain none got stuck into my genome.

    What I learned from my Bunnies and E. Caniculai was to hit it hard fast and early and prevent The Horrible from getting rolling in the first place…

  230. David A says:

    It is reasonable to take this site with appropriate caution.
    ( Like most every perspective now days, there is lots of reporting, but little digging by the reporters to get the details that matter, to state potential criticisms and arguments, and accept it counter them with factual observations.


  231. David A says:

    Excellent article posted at ZH….

    Includes some of what you folk here have been discussing…

    “Recombination is an inadvertent swapping of genomic material that occurs when two viruses happen to invade the same cell, and their progeny are assembled with bits and pieces of RNA belonging to the other. Beta-coronaviruses will only combine with other beta-coronaviruses but can acquire, by recombination, almost any genetic element present in the collective genomic pool. What they cannot acquire is an element the pool does not possess. And no known SARS-related beta-coronavirus, the class to which SARS2 belongs, possesses a furin cleavage site.”

    And in the comments this link to an article about self spreading vaccines…

  232. AC Osborn says:

    Not good news. Maricopa Audit will not check Signatures on envelopes.

    The Dems finally get their way in court.

  233. jim2 says:

    EMS. It looks like your DNA should be modified and functional, if the virus got that far in you.

    Retroviral RT has three sequential biochemical activities: RNA-dependent DNA polymerase activity, ribonuclease H (RNase H), and DNA-dependent DNA polymerase activity. Collectively, these activities enable the enzyme to convert single-stranded RNA into double-stranded cDNA. In retroviruses and retrotransposons, this cDNA can then integrate into the host genome, from which new RNA copies can be made via host-cell transcription. The same sequence of reactions is widely used in the laboratory to convert RNA to DNA for use in molecular cloning, RNA sequencing, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), or genome analysis.


  234. jim2 says:

    There are reports in main stream media linking the AstraZeneca vaccine to brain hemorrhages. Here is the CDC statement on it:

    Cases of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia after Receipt of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine


  235. H.R. says:

    That link to the CDC warning about J & J vaccine and clots that jim2 just posted is dated April 13.

    I did a quick search and found that the FDA halted the use of the J & J vaccine on April 16 and stopped production on April 19. I may have the ‘use’ and ‘production’ dates reversed, but anyway, the J & J vaccine is dead in the water for now.

    I didn’t see right off any search results indicating that the J & J vaccine was back in use, yet.

    The kids got the J & J jab and were very sick for a few days after. Mrs. H.R. took the two-shot Pfizer vaccine. She didn’t feel very good after the second jab, but she didn’t get and flu-like symptoms. She just was very draggy and ‘didn’t feel well’ so she napped a lot for two days. After that, she says she feels fine now.

    Me? I’m still “bitterly clinging to my guns and Bible”…and my bottle of Ivermectin.

  236. AC Osborn says:

    Here are two very telling graphs, one is Sunshine hours and the other the Temperature in th UK.

    Note the periods are slightly different, longer for the Temps than the Sun.

  237. jim2 says:

    Seychelles gets a lot of European tourists. Might this account in part for the cases?

    Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the economy, accounting for approximately 16.6% (2000) of GDP. Employment, foreign earnings, construction, banking, and commerce are all dominated by tourism-related industries. Tourism earned $631 million in 1999-2000. About 130,046 tourists visited Seychelles in 2000, 80.1% of them from Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, and Switzerland).


  238. jim2 says:

    Looks like the head of security for the AZ audit, a guy in a suit wearing a cowboy hat, is doing a bug/cell phone sweep before the auditors get there.

  239. jim2 says:

    A study in Denmark and Norway has found slightly increased rates of vein blood clots among people who have had a first dose of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, including clots in the brain, compared with expected rates in the general population.

    Researchers who conducted the study stressed, however, that such side effects are extremely rare, and the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh the risks in most situations.


  240. H.R. says:

    I just did divided the $631 million the Seychelles gets from tourism by the number of tourists shown as 130,046.

    That rings up as $4,852 spent per tourist. I assume that’s dollars on the ground and doesn’t include any airline earnings, though perhaps there could be a little money from that.

    Maybe I’m just out of date, but that seems kind of high to me. I’m sure there are some $500 to $700 dollar tourist packages, and of course a bit extra will be spent. But that leaves a LOT of people spending 5 figures to make up for all those cheap tourist packages. I’m just not seeing it.

  241. H.R. says:

    Oops! $631 million for the Seychelles was for 2019-2020 while the number of tourists was for 2020, so…. never mind. That would yield a more reasonable number of dollars spent per tourist.

    I know jim2’s point was the Kung Flu showing up there and the tourists being the explanation, but the dollars spent seemed wrong and made me suspicious of any other numbers in the linked article.

    How do you say in Latin, “Sloppy in one thing, sloppy in all things?” If YSM reports aren’t outright, lying or spinning or lying by omission to us, then I figure most of the rest of any reporting is suspect just for sloppiness alone. The surprise is when they get something right.
    Oh, Mrs. H.R. thinks that the J & J vaccine is a ‘go’ again. She recalls seeing something about the holds being lifted.

  242. E.M.Smith says:


    Supposedly they are still on schedule, which would mean only 9 days left. The “agreement” does not prevent sharing data from earlier signature matching, it is only no further signature matching to be done.

    My guess is the auditors have enough from that done already to make valid conclusions…


    You are talking “monolithic” when things are “shades of gradual over time”.

    First off, most of the body is still isolated from ANY infection in the early stages. The bulk of all of “me” didn’t even see any of “whatever it was”.

    Initial infections tend to be in the epithelial cells lining nose, mouth, throat, lungs. These cells are frequently shed. So any that were significantly infected with “whatever it was” were largely disposed of for the first couple of days.

    I started Ivermectin Very Early. This seems to have completely halted replication of “whatever it was” before it got out of the initial infection stage.

    The initial infection stage has a LOT of viral replication, making more copies in the host cell. Very little is dedcated at that point to reverse transcriptase and DNA insertion. (Note the article points out high cytokine levels promote that phase, something not seen until about a week into the disease process).

    There is not a high level of reversetranscriptase in Chinese Wuhan Covid anyway. Seems a minor pathway at most.

    I also have zero sequela. Not a thing. Zero.

    So all of that taken together says “Nope, not enough infection long enough to get into most of me, and what there was was stopped way before significant intrusion / DNA insertion was possible. What cells might have been damaged, were tossed out anyway.”

    Then the biggie: “whatever it was” is entirely unknown. I suspect it was Covid as that was what was in the wind then, but it could just as easily have been a “Common Cold” or even just odd allergies.

    Now multiply all those small odds of DNA insertion and you end up at so close to zero as to be irrelevant.

  243. The True Nolan says:

    @Power Grab: “If asked now, I would probably try to be more cagey about answering.”

    One answer I like: “I haven’t made up my mind yet. I am going to wait for the human trials to be over before I decide.”

  244. Ossqss says:

    Keep and eye on the sky this weekend. You may see something unusual.


    You can track it here. https://www.satview.org/?sat_id=48274U

    BTW, by accident I ran across the Tianhe airport while searching for more info on re-entry. Guess what it is formally called? Go figure.


  245. Power Grab says:

    @ The True Nolan:

    Oh, I have used a variant of that answer. When my recently-retired lab tech sibling and I were talking about it, I mentioned that they all are still in Phase III trials until 2023. “You knew that, didn’t you?” said I.

    The response was not only an eye-roll, but a throw-the-whole-head-back!

    I guess that was news they hadn’t heard! ;-)

  246. Ossqss says:

    One sure way to shut down an in-person vaccine discussion is to say: “My doctor said I can’t take the vaccine while actively infected”, and watch them run :-)

  247. The True Nolan says:

    Nice medical/computer story out of Japan!
    I hope it is true!

  248. Ossqss says:


    Sharing if somebody needs it.

    I put this wireless charging adapter on my wife’s smart phone under the case, and it works like a charm. You obviously need a wireless charger for it to work, which I have several, but this eliminates the need to plug in a cord every time and will reduce wear on the port.

    That said, if you go this route, ensure you get the correct plug type and applicable cord length, so it doesn’t cover up camera’s or fingerprint readers. I needed the USB type C and longer cord. There are many variants out there, so I just took a shot on this one.


  249. Ossqss says:

    Doh, so much for putting a link to Amazon in wordpress Kindle jail again!

    It was $14 bucks, but several were <$10.

  250. E.M.Smith says:


    Now that’s a good story!


    No worries, I’ll try fixing it…. Looks like it just showed up as a straight link. I’ve wrapped it in HTML so it ought to show up right. Lately WordPress has started showing previews of many (commercial?) links instead of the link text so now I have to wrap all pdf links and more in html…

  251. E.M.Smith says:

    @Power Grab:

    I doubt they knew what a “Phase III” trial is. Just figured it is available so “trials” over.

    I find myself thinking “What if if I said ‘They don’t vaccinate you when you have tuberculosis’…?” Or maybe Typhoid. I think “Plague” would be over the top… Note: I’m NOT saying that I have it, just making a true statement of fact orthogonal to their question. No different in structure from saying “Fine weather today.”… Just making small talk.. ;-)

    One could also, I suppose, answer with “I’m going to get it after this damn fever breaks… cough…”

    Though personally I’m thinking I just need a wide brim hat, some overalls, and let my beard grow…channel my ancestral Amish and say “Hast not God’s Will meaning?” then look at them severely… Few would want to tread on a Religious Bigotry charge, nor suffer a religious arguement.

    Could be fun ;-) Heck, what good is a global pandemic if you can’t have some fun with it… can’t let it go to waste, the Democrats said so!

  252. jim2 says:

    @The True Nolan says:
    6 May 2021 at 6:54 pm Nice medical/computer story out of Japan!

    AI can read your license plate as you zoom down the freeway and facial recognition is pretty good. It can recognize “human” with high accuracy. I’m not too surprised it can figure out which pastry you have.

  253. philjourdan says:

    @Jum Masterson – Re: The draft

    AH! That does compute. They were tired of the perpetual students, so you had 4 years and then you were Uncle Sammed.

    And it is government, so they do not understand “circumstances”. But at least you got AOCS.

  254. philjourdan says:

    @Jum Masterson – Re: The draft

    AH! That does compute. They were tired of the perpetual students, so you had 4 years and then you were Uncle Sammed.

    And it is government, so they do not understand “circumstances”. But at least you got AOCS.

  255. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – you also had to be 18 to get the letter! I was fortunate enough to have started school early (I was 17 when I entered College). So when I turned 18, I already had a deferment. That plus the fact my number was 330 when it was drawn (that use to be in the fall, so I was 18 at that time) made it unlikely I would be called up.

    Had things not changed on the home front, I would have enlisted after ROTC in any event. BUt my parents decided to get a divorce so I moved closer to be with them during the period,

  256. YMMV says:

    For anybody unlucky enough to get Covid and end up in a hospital that refuses to give IVM, this is the lawyer you want!

    It’s a shame that Big Pharma, politicians, and hospitals would rather let you die.

  257. E.M.Smith says:


    The spouse, (who has doused herself 2 x with Ivermectin when something when “snivel” in the night; AND had instant recovery… ) has informed me to be prepared to clandestinely apply Ivermectin to our kids if they end up in hospital and Herr Doktor is unwilling to treat them appropriately.

    (I’ve cautioned about potential drug interactions, but she knows I have a PDR and know how to use it… so I think I’m stuck… I’ll likely whisper in the M.D.s ear in the hallway anyway…)

    It is ABSOLUTELY clear that the W.H.O. is in the pocket of China, and the NIH/CDC/Faucci are in the pocket of Big Pharma; so at this point I have ZERO trust in what they say, OR what they are advising my M.D. is appropriate. IMHO, at this point, it is every sentient being for themselves and best to band together to get a broad unbiased analysis…

    M.D. means “Mediocre Distracted” IMHO at this point. I’ve manged (not just on this Chinese Wuhan Covid, but several other things prior) to be more right more often than the “professionals” in my life. I think that counts for something. They do a LOT of really good things, but they are spread too thin on an average day. I can spend a few WEEKS doing a dive on My Thing (or my friends thing…) while they just can not. So I “get it” that they have to treat the herd of horses stampeding by every day, while I have time to find that one lone zebra standing to the side. But I’ve found it more than once…

    So I now treat the M.D.s in my life as a Very Good Starting Point. But not the end all and be all.

  258. jim2 says:

    I won’t hesitate to use IVM if symptoms indicate.

  259. Ossqss says:

    One wonders if the pill form of IVM is better going through the stomach? Just sayin>>

  260. jim2 says:

    For worming, it is taken an hour (or two?) before eating. I think this gets more in the gut. If taken with food, the blood concentration is much higher. I would have to look it up for the exact “how much” higher.

  261. AC Osborn says:

    E.M.Smith says: 7 May 2021 at 2:20 am
    I was introduced to how poor some GPs (UK verison of your M.D.) are when only 23, my 3 month old son was less than 24 hours from death by De-hydration caused by lack of nutrients due to a Pyloric Obstruction. The GP just kept saying change his bottle milk to a different brand, which he was on because the wife couldn’t provide enough breast feeding.
    Luckily I took the advice of my older brother and sister in law and asked for a second opinion, the second doctor took one look at at my son and asked if I had a car and knew where the hospital was, an Ambulance would be too slow.
    So my son ended up on a saline drip for 3 days before they could operate on the Pyloric muscle.

    Much later I was treated “over the phone” with drugs for a heavy cold/flu when I actually had pneumonia.

    So there are poor doctors, lazy doctors and money saving doctors who provide too cheap drugs, any of them could let you die.

  262. tom0mason says:

    CRITICAL INFO about COVID vaccines:

    Did you know that the Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) offered by the Pfizer vaccine is only 0.7% and Moderna’s ARR is 1.1%? See this new paper https://t.co/8NkgznZCxs?amp=1

    Tucker Carlson asks very pertinent questions about adverse reactions to vaccines …

    (thanks to Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. (https://twitter.com/NikolovScience))

  263. jim2 says:

    @tom0mason says 7 May 2021 at 9:08 am

    And yet cases and deaths have plummeted.


  264. E.M.Smith says:


    All that matters for systemic things is blood concentration, however it gets there.

    For worms, higher concentration in the gut would benefit from pills / paste.

    @AC Osborn:

    I once ran off to the Emergency Room due to Euphorbia sap in the eyes (burns like crazy…) Was “interviewed” the M.D. who went off somewhere for a bit of a read… After a few minutes I decided to “self treat” and stuck my face over the sink, rinsing out my eyes with cold water (basic first aid). Several minutes later the M.D. came back and announced as he entered “Oh, rinsing them out, that’s good…”

    I’d expected to be shoved into an emergency eye wash station or something right up front. But no…

    Later, reading up on Euphorbia sap, seems it can cause permanent eye damage if you don’t rinse it out soon enough. I had done a couple of rinses at home, and then the one at the hospital. The M.D. did, basically, nothing. “Here’s your salve”…


    Cases were plunging before any significant percentage of people were vaccinated. IMHO we were rapidly approaching herd immunity as the vaccine was being rolled out. (Here in the USA).


    Thanks for that. Looks interesting.

  265. jim2 says:

    Effect of high-fat meal intake on the pharmacokinetic profile of ivermectin in Japanese patients with scabies

    Effect of high-fat meal intake on the pharmacokinetic profile of ivermectin in Japanese patients with scabies

  266. The True Nolan says:

    @E.M. and jim2: Cases and deaths are plunging? Without having a real case and death count from before, (and we know BOTH numbers were jiggered) the most we can say is “the unreliable REPORTED cases and deaths are plunging” or maybe “just looking around I am seeing fewer cases or deaths”.

    The GEB have peed in the well of statistics, and now we are guessing.

  267. E.M.Smith says:


    Didn’t see anything about how long after the meal the serum level was measured. That’s somewhat important. Ivermectin has a relatively long residence time, so arriving in the blood in minutes vs hours isn’t all that important. (Usually you get a dose 1 / week…)

    IIRC it is fat soluble (thus the delivery in isopropanol in the drench and ability to ‘soak in’ to the skin), so I’d expect a more rapid absorption in the presence of a fatty meal, but over the the course of 2 days I’d expect all of it to be absorbed eventually in either case. It would be interesting to know how long the measured and if total absorption did change.

    Per Yet Another “Condemn First Facts Later” story:

    Seems there’s another “potential” cure for Chinese Wuhan Covid being labeled as “Fake!!!” before it is even fully tested.


    “Oleandrin” is an extract of the Oleander bush. While the bush is poison, and a single leaf can kill, various “Left Propaganda” (I find it hard to call them ‘news’ anymore) sites went way out of their way to emphasize the toxicity and avoid at all costs pointing out that many drugs are derived form toxins as “the poison is in the dose”. Digitalis, for example:


    Depending on the species, the digitalis plant may contain several deadly physiological and chemically related cardiac and steroidal glycosides. Thus, the digitalis plants have earned several, more sinister, names: dead man’s bells and witch’s gloves.

    Which sounds similar to the toxin in Oleander, also a glycoside:


    Oleander has historically been considered a poisonous plant because some of its compounds may exhibit toxicity, especially to animals, when consumed in large amounts. Among these compounds are oleandrin and oleandrigenin, known as cardiac glycosides, which are known to have a narrow therapeutic index and can be toxic when ingested.

    Now I’d not be in any big hurry to go chew on an oleander leaf. For one thing, it is very bitter. But dismissing out of hand with “Fake!!!” when they have no clue (and can not have a clue as the R&D have not been done) is just stupid propaganda. Shout first, think never.

    Back at the Forbes article:

    Ben Carson Says He Took Oleandrin, An FDA-Rejected Supplement Touted By MyPillow Founder, As Coronavirus Treatment
    Elana Lyn Gross

    Ben is an M.D., so I figure he knows what he’s doing when he self medicates, even if experimentally. I’m sure he checked toxic level vs the dose he was taking. I’d trust him a LOT more than Wikipedia when it comes to “therapeutic dose range”.

    Note that this “fuss” was several months ago:

    Updated Nov 19, 2020, 03:37pm EST
    TOPLINE Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and member of the White House coronavirus task force, told the Washington Post he used an unproven medical treatment recommended by the Trump-supporting founder of MyPillow when he had coronavirus, though the Food and Drug Administration rejected its use as a supplement in September.

    So it’s “Unproven!! GASP!!!” for a plant extract, but “A-OK, hell why not make it mandatory!!!!” for an experimental mRNA injection that takes over your cellular machinery to manufacture TOXIC!!! spike proteins from a virus… and is known to cause death from blood clots in many people. OK… /snark;

    Then we get 2 “dueling narratives” and very little information:

    Carson said he took Oleandrin after hearing about it from MyPillow founder Mike Lindell who is on the board of Phoenix Biotechnology, the company that manufactures the supplement and has a financial stake, according to multiple reports.

    Carson said his coronavirus symptoms “disappeared” within hours of taking the supplement.

    When the FDA rejected Phoenix Biotechnology’s application, the agency said the company did not provide enough evidence that it is safe. There are not any peer-reviewed studies showing it is an effective coronavirus treatment. The U.S. Army Institute of Infectious Diseases discontinued testing Oleandrin in August. Spokesperson Lori Salvatore told Forbes the supplement went through “multiple iterations” of a test to see if it was effective at treating the virus and the tests were “inconclusive.”

    “a test”? What is “a test”? How was it done? What were the “inconclusive” results? Was this like the HCQ “tests” where a drug to prevent virus replication was given AFTER the virus had replicated to the maximum? In toxic levels?


    I wonder if this is the “Fake cure” that got OANN bounced off Youtube… I could easily see them reporting the “News” that this was being tried and maybe even might have some potential, and that being enough for the Covid Crazies Vax Only Nazis at EewTube to reflexively cancel a conservative news source.

    So, ok, lodge back of mind that Oleander might, maybe, possibly, have some medicinal value if used in a very carefully controlled dose. And no, I’m not advocating for it nor going to find some to chew. In fact, when I bought my home, there was a large Oleander bush in the back yard. I removed it precisely because it is toxic. Even though the bitterness prevents most animals and people from eating it.

    Interesting side note: It has been used medicinally before.


    Scientific Name(s): Nerium oleander L.
    Common Name(s): Adelfa, Gandeera, Kaner, Karabi, Laurier rose, Oleander, Rosa francesa, Rosa laurel, Rose bay

    Medically reviewed by Drugs.com. Last updated on Nov 23, 2020.

    Clinical Overview
    Oleander has traditionally been used in the treatment of cardiac illness, asthma, diabetes mellitus, corns, scabies, cancer, and epilepsy, and in wound healing as an antibacterial/antimicrobial. However, limited quality clinical trials are available to support these uses.

    There is no clinical evidence to support specific doses of oleander. Extreme caution should be used because of its acute cardiotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, and nephrotoxicity.

    Oleander is no longer considered safe due to extreme toxicity.


    After the obligatory nag about it being a poisonous plant:

    The Origins of Oleander
    Known in ancient texts as “the desert rose,” historical references show that 15th century B.C. Mesopotamians trusted in the healing benefits of oleander extracts. From a remedy for hangovers to a herb studied for cancer, the Babylonians, Romans, Arabs and ancient Greeks alike used this herbal extract for a variety of health concerns.

    Oleander, also known as laurier rose, dogbane and rosebay, is native to the Western Himalayas. It is an incredibly hardy, adaptable plant which grows thick and green in mountainous climates.

    Quickly growing, this plant bears clusters of lovely pinkish-white and red flowers in the spring time. Traditionally, oleander leaf has been used to treat a number of health conditions. If you live in the southern United States, chances are you or your neighbors may have some growing in the yard.

    Modern studies show that while no single chemical component of the extract can be stated as the sole source of its health benefits, the powerful activity of the plant comes from a highly complex amalgamation of components held within the combined form of the extract. These components work synergistically to boost and stimulate the human immune system, offering support for a wide variety of health concerns.

    So it has been used medicinally for a very very long time. Hardly someone just deciding to go all quackery and start bottling poison, or nutty thinking a flower cures viruses… But looking at an historically used medicinal plant and asking “Anything to this?”.

    List of Possible Health Benefits of Oleander
    Oleander also works as a low-level toxicant to boost immune function in individuals in the following ways:

    Contains tremendous immune boosting action
    Inhibits angiogenesis
    Inhibits NF-kB factor in cancer cells
    Causes apoptosis in cancerous cells (natural cell death)
    Causes and increased rates of autophagic cancer cell death when tested on pancreatic cancer
    Today, scientists are looking into the possible health benefits of heavily diluted oleander:

    Helping with muscle cramps
    Natural support for asthma, epilepsy and paralysis
    Help for skin conditions such as eczema
    Powerful all natural organic insecticide
    Usefulness in aiding heart conditions
    Natural support for healthy blood sugar levels
    Possible support for the HIV virus
    Usefulness in increasing healing times for wounds, when crushed and applied topically
    Powerful immune-system stimulator
    Promoting normal menstrual cycles
    Aiding the body in the fight against arthritis, psoriasis & hepatitis C

    Now I have no idea where they got their information or if it has any validity, but I do note they list 2 virus in their list of potential benefits.

    I think that’s enough to warrant a proper test. Especially if this is growing in India and they are getting zero medical care as facilities are maxed out. Get someone skilled in the preparation of a proper dose and do a trial.

    But noooo…. The “Idiots Of Media” would rather just shout “FAKE!!!!” and “TOXIC!!!” than take a couple of minutes to look up herbal medicine history and actually THINK for a moment.

    Oh Well.

  268. E.M.Smith says:


    We know that the hospitals were fairly full at the peak, and we know they are dead empty now. That’s not jiggered. “Current cases in hospital” is the only reliable metric I know of, and that’s dropped off the cliff in this county. See “Hospital’s Occupancy Relative To Standard Maximum”
    here: https://covid19.sccgov.org/dashboard-hospitalizations
    At the top:
    Currently hospitalized all beds: 63
    Currently hospitalized PUIs in all beds: 9

    That’s pretty darned low. PUI is Patient Under Investigation. So likely newly admitted.

    Note that Santa Clara County was one of the early “hot beds” of community spread in one of the States more full of the disease…

  269. Ossqss says:

    I had a row of Oleanders along the side of my house. I cut them down as they were a major attraction to the Oleander Caterpillars and they came in droves to hang out on my house after their feeding frenzy. The Oleander sap IIRC burned when you got it on you. Which I did cutting about 30 of them down. BTW, nothing, I mean nothing touched those caterpillars or the resulting moth or whatever it was.

    Note sure if the link to the college entomology dept. below will show as it is HTTP with no S in it..


  270. jim2 says:

    The forensic audit tables at the AZ Audit have been busier than usual the last couple of daze. Even if a court shuts them down somehow, I hope they have gathered enough evidence of fraud to argue their way back to finishing. Also, I hope someone behind the scenes is trying to find a way to verify signatures. I haven’t been able to find any info on it.

  271. jim2 says:

    Where there’s smoke …

    BREAKING… AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett: Dominion Refuses to Comply with Subpoena and Turn Over Password to Their Maricopa County Machines


  272. jim2 says:

    Let’s see, China and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA can get into any server or other computer at will, but no one can break the voting machine system?

  273. Ossqss says:

    Decent shaker near Antarctica just now, let’s see if that theory on chain reactions is in play?

    Yes, I get notifications for Quakes 6 and over :-)


  274. AC Osborn says:

    jim2 says: 7 May 2021 at 4:12 pm
    “I hope they have gathered enough evidence of fraud to argue their way back to finishing”

    Don’t you think that if they had found anything really condemning that it would have leaked out by now?
    I am a bit concerned at how quiet it is.

  275. jim2 says:

    AC O. – They have stated they won’t release information about findings until the final report. Can’t account for leaks or lack of.

  276. E.M.Smith says:


    If you have physical access to the hardware, “breaking in” is easy.

    I’m certain a huge number of folks that are known to the auditors have that ability.

    They want the password as a “sanitation measure”, so it can not be argued that the act of “breaking in” falsified the results. But, in fact, “Forensic Hacking” is part of the job. Think of the FBI breaking in to encrypted phones, computer disks, etc. from suspected criminals. It’s SOP.

    But it does add some time, cost, and complexifies the report at the end.

    IIRC, with physical access, a Tiger Team “broke in” in about 10 minutes. Maybe less. Let me check:

    Quick scan doesn’t say how long it took…


    How long does it take to hack an election?

    About two minutes, according to a security expert.

    Recently, at the DEF CON hacker conference in Las Vegas, Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security demonstrated how a voting machine used in 18 states could be compromised in two minutes. She unplugged the card reader and booted up into the admin mode.

    OK, so with hardware reader unplugged, it auto boots to admin. Nice. OK, it’s 2 minutes, almost all of it spent just booting up. Got it.

    @A.C. Osborn:

    I’m not worried. A GOOD forensic audit team Does Not Leak. Every bit of evidence has chain of custody, you have 2 people watching every process at all times to validate no tampering done, and it is very clear if anything leaked, who did it, so “job over”… As in “It was one of you two, so either you are both fired or the guilty party can step up.”

    Also, at this time, they have matched enough signatures to have a valid statistical basis for calling BS on a percentage. Having full data would be nice (from the remaining one week…) but they will have done enough already to present the findings % Fraud.

  277. another ian says:

    Something to look forward to

    “Rise of the Climate Change Stinkies: NYT Wants you to Shower Less and Stop Using Toilet Paper”



    Haven’t they heard of the UK “ACP” – wash armpits and crutch?

  278. another ian says:

    Note the reference in there to EPA aims to restrict refrigeration gasses

  279. another ian says:

    “Stunning Admission – Maricopa County, Arizona Election Officials Did NOT Have Control Over Ballot Counting Machines”


  280. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Yeah, heard on the radio that H-CFCs were now on the chopping block. Guess the patent is run out and DuPont wants something new to be priced at $20 / can instead of $4.

    I’ve got one car on a butane / propane mix ( R-12 replacement, 20% propane or so) already. I first started running it about 1984… works great. I’d converted the other R-12 cars to R-134a (flush,swap mineral oil for ester oil, recharge). Guess as R-134a is “retired” I’ll just slowly convert them all to propane / butane mix. (Original gasses were iso-Butane and Propane, then R-12 was invented as drop in for iso-Butane and R-22 as drop in for propane. N-butane / propane mix replaces iso-butane or R-12 / R-134a in DIY Risky Business Bypass…)

    I’ve got a set of gauges for both R-12 and R-134a and DO NOT intend to EVER buy a new car as they are now largely trash. So I’m pretty much set. Just need to do careful maintenance on the present fleet.

  281. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Sounds like the “See how they distance themselves, Kohai?” has begun. Or: “It wasn’t ME! I didn’t have control. It was THEM!…”

  282. another ian says:

    A look at Biden’s popularity in one of the links here


    And some other browsing

  283. another ian says:

    E.M. In the archives at Zoe’s site is a distraction from voting irregularities


  284. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Well, the FIRST program I wrote in assembly was smaller than that!

    It was for the Altair Mits 8800

    Entered in binary on the front panel via the switches, it was about 8? lines long. It copied itself from low mem to high mem then unceremoniously ended.

    The function was to:

    1) Prove the computer was assembled properly and did, in fact, run.
    2) Test all of memory via the copy process. Faulty memory would have caused it to fault.
    3) Let me show I was useful for something in the group as the computer was bought by another student, not me, and I wanted to play with it too!!!!

    Ah, the days when folks did “Hand Assembly” of assembly language programs… back when we used rocks and sticks to make dinner and ate anyone who did not agree with us ;-)

  285. another ian says:

    So can we use the difference between your program and Zoe’s as a measure of inflation?

  286. E.M.Smith says:


    So watch for a spiral as the displacement works “up and around” the globe… I’ll be very interested in further events.

    There’s historical “proof” of a series starting in East Asia and working through Iran and into Europe.. so it is highly likely things will continue to displace.

    @Another Ian:

    Unfortunately, no. Different architectures and all that… (Duck, dodge, weave… ;-)

  287. H.R. says:

    @)Ossqss re the earthquakes – The Earth is h-u-u-u-u-g-e!

    But don’t tell me you can’t displace a big chunk of our rock in one place and not have other places shiffle and shuffle while things move to fill in the gaps.

    I hadn’t really thought about it until you brought it up on this thread, but it sure makes sense that when a big Chunk-O-Earth resettles somewhere, then everywhere else has to move a scooch to readjust. Geological musical chairs, I suppose.

  288. YMMV says:

    I saw something. Unfortunately I don’t remember where, so I can’t say exactly.
    There was an American writer of westerns, who said in one of his books something about “tear down this wall”. Reagan was a fan of this writer. The internet credits someone else as the speech writer. Oh well.

  289. another ian says:


    Well that “Dodge, weave etc” doesn’t look like it is based on the model for a lot of “How TO” books, which is

    “How to do it and not get it”

    Written by

    “One who did it, got it and can’t get rid of it”

    Now around the Peking Pox scene – – –

    And seems your goalposts have moved again

    “The CDC are changing how breakthrough covid cases are reported to make the vaccines appear more effective than they are.

    ‘For cases with a known RT-PCR cycle threshold (Ct) value, submit only specimens with Ct value ≤28 to CDC for sequencing.’
    ‘In the coming weeks, CDC will transition from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only vaccine breakthrough infections that result in hospitalization or death.’


    Via Jo Nova

  290. jim2 says:

    BREAKING: Michigan Attorney Deperno Files New Findings – Alleges 1,061 “Phantom” Ballots Found in Antrim County 2020 Election


  291. jim2 says:

    Dan O’Donnell told his audience on Thursday he has obtained emails from the City of Milwaukee and several cities across the state in conjunction with members of the “Grant Team” for the Center of Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) that show that in Milwaukee there were daily reports that provided to private liberal organizations on who exactly was voting. Dan continues, “In my estimation, the only reason for this is the creation of a massive, and I mean massive ballot harvesting operation ahead of 2020 presidential election.”

    Dan O’Donnell reported earlier on Green Bay officials after they gave far-left operatives access to the voting room and the internet network during the election.


  292. E.M.Smith says:


    Ballot harvesting, or ballot farming / cloning?

    You want to know who has voted so your fake ballots (clone ballots…) don’t end up duplicates…

  293. YMMV says:

    I found it. “Louis L’Amour: the Chronicler of Americanism”

    L’Amour “took American ideals and gave them life in his characters. His men are strong individualists, who believe in freedom, equality, and independence.”

    L’Amour was Ronald Reagan’s favorite writer. Reagan awarded him a Congressional Gold Medal in 1983 and the Medal of Freedom the following year.

    In one wonderfully prescient moment, Joe [character in “Last of the Breed”] tells one of the Soviet dissidents helping him escape that if Russia would “tear down the Berlin Wall, and build some more good hotels, we Americans would be all over your country spending money.” A year after the book was released, President Reagan made his famous speech in West Berlin, calling on Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.” Just two years later it came down. L’Amour, unfortunately, would not live to see that day.

    And in another article https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2007/01/ronald_reagan_the_crusader.html

    In early June 1987, when the draft of President Reagan’s forthcoming speech at the Brandenburg Gate circulated through the National Security Council and the State Department, those officials who tried to edit out the President’s now-famous line — “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” – had no idea how strongly the President felt about this, or even that he had been calling for the Wall’s destruction for more than 20 years.

    The article is about how tough a negotiator Reagan was (unlike the wimps that get “elected” these days).

    The Toughest Negotiator
    Reagan was elected president of SAG seven times – which makes him among the most successful union bosses in American history, by the way – and as a result he probably engaged in more negotiating sessions with hard-headed corporate CEOs and egomaniacal prima donnas within the union itself than anyone ever elected to the White House. No wonder that, years later, Reagan ran circles around the Kremlin – and around a Democratic-controlled Congress. (Someone once asked the President if it was tough negotiating with the Russians. Reagan replied, “No, it was tough negotiating with Jack Warner.”)

  294. AC Osborn says:

    YMMV says: 8 May 2021 at 4:49 pm

    Louis L’Amour is my all time favourite Western writer, The Last of the Breed was a very good modern day western book.
    He was a very prolific writer, a couple of his books were made in to films as well.
    I have owned and read 114 of his western and other novels, not once but twice, after giving them all away the first time around.
    I have not read all of his short stories collections though, or his lost treasures series.
    You can find them all here

  295. jim2 says:

    @E.M.Smith says: 8 May 2021 at 1:55 pm

    True that, EMS. It would be a greater pain; but you could always check 1) the alleged voter is alive, 2) lives in a district legal for that vote, and 3) in fact voted.

  296. jim2 says:

    Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Holds Emergency Meeting After AZ Senate Threatens Legal Action for Not Providing Passwords and Routers


  297. jim2 says:

    Worms – it’s what’s for dinner ….

    “Worms For Dinner?” World Economic Forum Promotes Mealworms as New Protein Source in Europe’s Bid to Reduce Meat Consumption


  298. another ian says:

    “Evidence Regarding Vitamin D and Risk of COVID-19 and Its Severity”


  299. another ian says:

    “The origin of COVID: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?”


  300. another ian says:

    “Ruled by Big Tech Predators — how did it come to this?”


  301. The True Nolan says:

    @another ian: Rotten meat? I wonder if the commercial airlines will charge extra for people who bring it on flights. I mean, after all, it is carrion luggage.

  302. jim2 says:

    The True Nolan says: 9 May 2021 at 12:56 am


  303. another ian says:

    Re masks

  304. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Per that “thebulletin” article: Just Oh My GAWD! The Stupid, it burns…

    Much of Shi’s work on gain-of-function in coronaviruses was performed at the BSL2 safety level, as is stated in her publications and other documents. She has said in an interview with Science magazine that “[t]he coronavirus research in our laboratory is conducted in BSL-2 or BSL-3 laboratories.”

    “It is clear that some or all of this work was being performed using a biosafety standard — biosafety level 2, the biosafety level of a standard US dentist’s office — that would pose an unacceptably high risk of infection of laboratory staff upon contact with a virus having the transmission properties of SARS-CoV-2,” Ebright says.

    “It also is clear,” he adds, “that this work never should have been funded and never should have been performed.”

    Ought to have been in BSL4, being done in BSL2. Essentially the level I’m working at in my current work. (Mask, gloves, hope…)

  305. YMMV says:

    After you read that thebulletin article, watch this video from Sky New Australia about a book published by China’s PLA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuKPBur_TiI

    The book is what any think tank would write about biological warfare. By any country, or even by any Hollywood screenwriter. It’s pretty obvious stuff from what the video says. The video takes an Oh no! See what the Chinese military is thinking! slant on it. Which would be scary. But what military would not think about all the What If questions? They (and we) have probably done the same for other supposedly off the table scenarios. Neutron bombs, EMP attacks, hacking voting machines … And we can think, what if that is what the CCP is thinking?

  306. cdquarles says:

    Asking What If? questions is standard in our military. Our CDC is an offshoot of our military looking at tropical diseases in the late 19th Century, among others; if I am remembering correctly. Then there is the lived example of chemical warfare from WW1 as we call it.

  307. Simon Derricutt says:

    Seems bacteria are evolving on the ISS, and there are some new ones up there that don’t (yet) exist on Earth. https://www.wired.com/story/sneaky-new-bacteria-on-the-iss-could-build-a-future-on-mars/ . Paper on the analysis at https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmicb.2021.639396/full .

    Follows on from the Covid discussion in that bacteria sent to space are faced with stresses that give selection pressure for those that survive better. Thus the new bacteria are expected to withstand dessication and freezing (from exposure to vacuum) better, and where though there may have been no life on Mars before we went looking for it, there now might be.

  308. another ian says:


    “In 2015 Chinese Military Scientists said Third World War would be fought with biological weapons”


  309. philjourdan says:

    RE: Tear down this wall

    Back in 73, I took an “Explorers” Trip to West Berlin. We traveled by train through east Germany to get there and where told to not attempt to communicate with any of the East Germans. Being High school kids, we of course forgot that admonition within minutes and did wave at other passengers on other trains while traveling to West Berlin.

    Once there, we did all the touristy stuff. Including climbing the observation platforms to peer across the wall (the difference between the 2 sides was stark). And of course we were told to not wave or yell at the guards on the other side as they may shoot us. You can guess what we did.

    But the one thing we were told was to not touch the wall. I myself got several pieces of the wall long before it was officially torn down (still have them too). The wall was literally built through houses (you could see the bricked up windows in the wall itself). That was a mistake for the Russians as for many years after the wall was built, the exodus continued by people going into those houses, down to the basement and then through a tunnel to a house on the other side. Eventually the Russians destroyed the houses (just not the walls that were part of THE wall).

  310. The True Nolan says:

    Just a nice bit of upbeat music, an old favorite of mine:

  311. YMMV says:

    woo hoo wuhan flu


    The author lays out serious problems with the much-touted theory that the virus developed in bats naturally and then coincidentally chose Wuhan’s wet market as the place to begin spreading to humans:

    1. Prior to the virus spreading widely there were people who got sick without any contact with the wet market.

    2. Wuhan is home to the Institute of Virology which specializes in researching Corona viruses of the COVID19 type.

    3. The bat caves are 1500 km away and the virus would have had to travel to Wuhan before anyone became sick. Bats only hunt within 50 km of their cave.

    4. At the time the virus broke out in humans, it was cold outdoors, and the bats were hibernating.

    5. The Chinese have failed to find COVID19 in any bat population, or in any animal population despite testing over 80,000 animals in the last year.

    6. Unlike SARS1 and MERS, the virus appeared fully formed and infectious with no intermediate, lesser infections seen.

    7. Wuhan Institute of Virology does gain-of-function research that modifies viruses to more easily infect humans and was working on this particular virus at the time.

    8. Wuhan Institute of Virology was documented to use inadequate safety rules when working with dangerous viruses because it is cumbersome to wear the spacesuit type of lab gear.

    9. Virologists are a close-mouthed group who are not likely to criticize one another since it might jeopardize their own future research money.

    10. The World Health Organization investigative team encountered closed, inaccessible files at the Virology Institute, and one of the team members was the clearly biased Peter Daszak who had funded research there.

    11. COVID19 has not left a trail of infection in the natural environment like SARS and MERS had done.

    12. One new method of gene manipulation for gain-of-function called serial passage leaves no trace of the manipulation.

    13. The grant that the Virology Institute was working on was designed to pick the most infectious, robust virus by attacking human cells in a petri dish (in vitro) and infecting humanized mice (in vivo).

    14. The virus contains a unique cleavage site (a piece of its anatomy) not found in other SARS viruses. This is seen by experts as a smoking gun of laboratory manipulation.

  312. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s a pretty good list.

    I’d only add to it that Faucci stands to make a bundle AND gets loads of “Virtue Pints” out of the vaccine for it, that was already a project in progress, and funded the Wuhan Lab. Plus, it was “war gamed” by the Globalist Cabal as their desired method of forcing the “Great Reset” so they were pushing for it too.

    There was no counter force.

    I think most likely it was an accidental release, but it is also quite possible it was a coordinated event from the Globalists (who love their slave money from Chinese workers) and Chinese Communist Party (as they wanted Trump gone and the money flowing again too) perhaps done a bit ahead of original plan to Dump Trump.

    We find out in about 9 months to a year if we are now 100% dependent on yearly vaccinations to avoid death as the potential for ADE at low antibody titres kicks in, and the virus continues to do vaccine escape enhancement. Not that I think the Globalists would want a way to keep everyone on a short leash and tracked for their necessary treatment just to stay alive….

  313. cdquarles says:

    “Serial passage” is what happens in nature when dealing with zoonotic viruses, anyway, and in particular. From that aspect, it is no surprise that they were studying it, or that they were studying it in terms of biological warfare (we have lived examples of that, both deliberate and not deliberate).

    What’s telling, to me, is that the PTB are *not* out there mentioning that this is a natural process that we are trying to understand both how it happens in nature and how people can misuse it. That is what is concerning, to me, not so much that people study it.

  314. The True Nolan says:

    One more paper on the COVID Vaccines, this time from the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research. (My wife claims journals with longer names are more authoritative!)
    “Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19”

    I was not pleased with this paragraph from page 30:

    The realization that what was formerly called “junk DNA” is not junk, is just one of the results coming out of the new philosophical paradigm in human language, biology and genetics that is based on fractal genomics (Pellionisz, 2012) —a paradigm that Pellionisz has linked to the involvement of “true narrative representations” (TNRs; Oller, 2010), realized as “iterations of a fractal template” in the highly repetitive processes of normal development of the many branching structures of the human body. These processes are numerous in the lungs, kidneys, veins and arteries, and most importantly in the brain. The mRNA vaccines are an experimental gene therapy with the potential to incorporate the code for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein into human DNA. This DNA code could instruct the synthesis of large numbers of copies of proteinaceous infectious particles, and this has the potential to insert multiple false signals into the unfolding narrative, resulting in unpredictable outcomes.
    End quote

    I know there have been earlier claims that the mRNA might do a reverse transcription to the DNA, but I have tended to write off most of those statements as a bit of over the top fear. Prudence says “DON’T DICK AROUND WITH DNA!” Our genetic system is NOT a “blueprint” or even a “program”. It is a chaotic system and the output almost certainly will be different than some simple linear assumption based on the input.

  315. Terry Jackson says:

    @ TTN
    That Journal does not exist. Best I can tell, it is the creation of an Anti Mask and Vax. Look deeper at that one. Some portion of what is there may be reputable, or not. That was the result of my brief look at it.

  316. jim2 says:

    Cyber Ninjas whack opponents!

    Data Files Reportedly Deleted in Arizona Before Providing Machines to Senate Auditors May Have Been Recovered by the Audit Team


  317. jim2 says:

    I know a nurse who treats long-covid patients. She says many recover, but some will be doing fine one day and dead the next. Very unpredictable.

  318. jim2 says:

    HUGE! Maricopa County Audit Team Admit Files Were Deleted but THEY WERE ABLE TO RECOVER THOSE FILES (VIDEO)


  319. jim2 says:

    RE: vaccines. mRNA is used only by ribosomes. It doesn’t get into the nucleus and eventually is destroyed.

  320. jim2 says:

    JoAnn Nova picked this up …

    What if mass vaccination with imperfect vaccines could promote the survival of nastier strains of Covid? What if the leaky vaccines act like a filter for more dangerous versions of SARS2?

    This doesn’t happen with most vaccines, only “leaky” ones. But it has happened in chickens with a virus called Marek’s disease.

    Leaky vaccines generate a half-baked immune response — one that stops illness, but allows transmission, so a vaccinated person can theoretically infect others. This is bad but not awful — as long as the virus gets eliminated in a timely fashion. But if the virus can cloak itself from the immune system, and hide in protected cells, then it can keep replicating for a long time, and eventually, randomly, it will escape the imperfect immune response. Those mutants will be resistant to the antibodies or t-cell tricks. Thus newer strains of Covid may arise that are already pre-loaded with goodies to get around our immune system.


  321. Ossqss says:

    Am I wrong about remembering real data on the initial genetic analysis of this virus having characteristics that could “not” have happened naturally last year? Then that stuff disappeared?

  322. Ossqss says:

    Vega sighting, or was that a Gremlin :-)

  323. H.R. says:

    Ossqss – “Am I wrong about remembering real data on the initial genetic analysis of this virus having characteristics that could “not” have happened naturally…”

    If so, then we’re both having identical hallucinations. I remember it, too. That, and the Wuhan lab researcher lady who went rogue and spilled the beans.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if she is now the “dearly departed” Wuhan lab researcher. Risky business speaking out like that.

  324. E.M.Smith says:


    Well there’s “deletion” and there’s “scrubbing”…

    Most “deletion” is really “file unlinking” and the blocks are still laying around until something new needs to be written. A bit of work to figure out which block follows what, but often doable…

    To really scrub, you need to “delete”, write new, delete, write different new, delete… for a few cycles. Otherwise subtle differences in magnetism on bits on the disk can tell you what bit WAS there before the last write…

    Per where RNA goes: “Most of the time” is the operative phrase. Cells are not like neatly engineered perfect machines. They are a chaotic stew of things that managed to work accidentally most of the time. We are several percent “virus” as a consequence.

    You can’t say “only” or “always” or “never” about biological processes…

  325. AC Osborn says:

    H.R. says: 19 May 2021 at 3:57 am
    Yes it was a cleave point not found in any other coronavirus.

  326. AC Osborn says:

    jim2 says: 19 May 2021 at 2:37 am
    “Leaky vaccines generate a half-baked immune response — one that stops illness, but allows transmission, ”

    They do not even stop the illness, we have at least 6 people hospitalised in Bolton in the UK with the Indian variant (so they say) 5 with 1 inocculation and 1 with 2.

  327. David A says:

    As I remember it there was a cleavage point- method that was common and specific to human manipulation.

    On another subject, does anyone have clue on how long this chip shortage will last, and how long it will affect , let’s say the auto industry?

  328. H.R. says:

    @David A – I haven’t a clue how long the chip shortage will last, but it was part of the decision making process that got me to buy a truck now.

    We don’t need a tow vehicle until November, but my experience when buying the used F-250 4 years ago led me to start shopping for a used truck now. There were a lot of 2018 trucks for sale that had come back in off-lease. Perfect, thinks I.

    Due to the shortage of new trucks, the used truck prices started shooting up. I went on a Friday to look at one truck about 90 miles away. It had been on the dealer’s lot for 83 days. The dealer had raised the price by $5,000 from what he had it at in January! I decided it would do, and called Monday to start the deal-making dance. The truck was sold.
    We started seeing some other 2018 trucks that were suitable, but the prices had been raised to the point that you could buy a new 2021 truck for only $10,000 more. In a few cases, the used trucks were only about $5,000 less than new.

    We were pretty sure that new trucks would ship before November, but with current inflation, I figured that they would be priced about 10% higher. So when we got lucky and actually found a new truck set up the way I wanted, we jumped on it immediately. I do think car makers will still be able to ship 2021 vehicles in 2021.

    Few dealers statewide even had dually diesels on their lot and they were selling for sticker price. At least the place we bought from threw us a bone and took $1,500 off of MSRP. They didn’t have to because it would have been gone in another week or two at full price.
    Take a look at any new or used car dealerships you happen to pass by. There will be very few trucks on the lot. I just started doing that in the past week and by golly! trucks are just not there like they were even a month ago. It’s crazy.

  329. The True Nolan says:

    @Terry Jackson: “That Journal does not exist.”

    I think that “not exist” does not mean what you think it means.

    “Best I can tell, it is the creation of an Anti Mask and Vax.”

    By “Anti Mask and Vax” do you mean “against ALL masks and vaccines” or “against some masks and some vaccines depending on the circumstances”? Or maybe “against current COVID mask usage and current COVID vaccines?”

    “Look deeper at that one. Some portion of what is there may be reputable, or not. That was the result of my brief look at it.”

    Always good advice. As for reputable or not, even top rated journals are may be unreliable. Any study, regardless of where it is published, or by whom, is only as good as it’s data, analysis, and conclusions.

  330. E.M.Smith says:

    It’s the Furin Cleavage Site:



    Yup. To make sure something is not laying around on the “free block list” you must first delete it, then WRITE CRAP to the disk until full. Best to repeat that 2 or 3 times as some techniques (that are hard and expensive…) look at the bit strength and try to figure out what bit was there before it was last written. Thus programs like “Bleach bit”…

    I used that “feature” for my one and only Systems Cracking Exploit when in college. The B6700 used ALL available free space for swap. Including kernel / OS swap. That included password handling… I realized that the FORTRAN manual stating it was MY responsibility to initialize any “random write” space on first use also meant it might have “goods” in it. Result?

    Write record 1, write record 1 million, open file to read.
    Read from 1 to 1,000,000 looking for “assword” and print surrounding 100 char of text…

    Was able to harvest an unlimited supply of login / passwords that way. But was very careful to only use Academic accounts where it was “funny money” not accounts for non-academics who actually had to pay for computer time. Plus, only used it when the machine was not loaded down, so was really only consuming otherwise wasted cycles. Yeah, you know you are a pretty hard core geek when you want more computer time just to be able to USE the computer and write programs…

    Why, when I’m shutting down a machine / leaving a contract, I delete all my stuff, then fill the disk (usually with copies of Microsoft programs … want to make it interesting for anyone looking at it ;-) and then delete them, and then repeat. On Linux machines I’ve got a script called MB that makes a megabyte of trash. Then just take two of those and repeatedly copy until the disk is full.

    It isn’t paranoia when YOU have used the technique to recover data and know it works…

  331. Ossqss says:

    Interesting watching the crypto rollercoaster today. Bitcoin went to 30k and Ether to 2k and bounced a bit.

    @EM, why not just do a full complete format on the disk in question.

  332. E.M.Smith says:


    Don’t always have admin rights on computers assigned to contractors… Sometimes there’s a lot of stuff on the disk that I’m required to keep (OS, work product, etc.) so I can delete “my stuff”, fill with junk, and delete that, but a format would render the machine useless, wipe out licensed software, and erase the contracted work product…

    Plus, a format just writes the same empty pattern in every block. Easier to recover minor variations in bit strength and read what had been there… Yes “some assembly required” in that you have a bag of blocks and don’t know how they fit together, but many “interesting things” fit entirely in one 4K block… It also requires specialized tools to register bit strength… so generally only done on Really Big Cases with lots of money and time available.

    When possible, I’ll delete / write junk / format. But much of the time it isn’t possible if I don’t own the equipment / have full admin rights.

    One day, somewhat bored but required to be present “just in case” (i.e. “Availability Fee” time), I observed that my assigned PC had an SD slot. What can I do with that…. Had a fat 64 MB SD card so… Installed a bit of Virtual Machine software, and installed Solaris IIRC in a VM on the SD card. It was Dog Slow, but worked. My boss (who I’ve worked with, and for, for over 40 years) walked by, looked at my screen, saw it was Solaris, and just shook his head and walked on… ;-)

    But I had demonstrated a vulnerability that they could choose to address, or not.

    This was on a machine where I was supposedly locked out of any significant ability to do much administration. Like I could not reboot it into just any old OS, and it had all kinds of network limits on what you could do. But with a VM on it, I was able to bypass almost all of that and get Unix tools and “warez” onto the network. (I was in the security & recovery group and did some of the Pen-Testing analysis… so this was nominally in my work area… even if not assigned explicitly).

    Nice thing was that at the end of the day, I just shut down the VM and pull the SD card…

    Not too long after that, I conducted another experiment where I moved my home directory and email file to an SD card. That, then, let my prior foot print on the shared server drift away over a longer time as those freed blocks got cycled, and left nothing on the PC itself. Ran that way the last few months of the contract. At the end, just pull SD and be done. (Though I did re-point things to the PC and shared server as destinations, despite them being empty of content by then).

    Why do that? First, curiosity. Second, at one point some bug or hiccup had some Other Guys home dir mounted to my PC. Was interesting looking around in His Stuff (looked like someone who had been gone a long time) but I didn’t want My Stuff to be hanging around years after I was gone. So started thinking about how to assure that. Third, it let me have that data available on my Laptop when I was not present at the work site. So during “meetings” over the phone I still had an offline copy of stuff I needed for work.

    Things you do when you MUST be at work, and want to not just be going “Lazy Crap” like internet browsing, but there isn’t anything directly assigned to work on. “Availability time”… so you explore things that are tangentially “work related” and might yield something useful to the client.

  333. The True Nolan says:

    @Ossqss: “Interesting watching the crypto rollercoaster today. Bitcoin went to 30k and Ether to 2k and bounced a bit.”

    Yes — and this is not the first time. If it stays down at $30K and $2K that will make it a drop of over 50%. I bought in some years back, and that will lower my gain to only 30,000% on BC and 33,000% on Etherium.

    As for some abstract value of BC or any other crypto, (or for gold, silver, petro-dollars, etc.), the only source of “value” is human psychology. Even food might have no value to someone who is not hungry. As for the people who say, “BC is valuable because it took a lot of effort to get it!” — well, that is not just wrong, it is crazy. How crazy? As crazy as the idea was when Marx proclaimed the labor theory of value. He was wrong then, and the “computing effort makes BC valuable” crowd are wrong now.

    So, why make the computations hard? What follows is just my guess, so take it for what it is worth.
    The blockchain solutions propagate through the network quickly but there is definitely a lag between when the first successful solution is broadcast and it’s final incorporation into the chain. If the solution is too easy and there are many miners working, it becomes more likely that two or more miners may simultaneously solve the problem and create conflicting claimants for new BC and fees.

    In my opinion BC does in fact have multiple advantages, especially as some sort of international settling mechanism, but the biggest value is that the GEBs cannot arbitrarily create “fiat” BC. There is only so much BC and that is that! No computer can arbitrarily create an extra million BC — and then proceed to give them to the politically or financially well connected while the peons struggle. BC is hard money — or at least might be so if it becomes more commonly used.

  334. p.g.sharrow says:

    For those that want to be certified Non-Vaccination on doctors orders;
    Maybe someone has been eavesdropping here., or great minds think alike…pg

  335. The True Nolan says:

    Excellent interview with an MD with impeccable credentials re COVID treatment, also a bit on origins at 21:50.

  336. Quail says:

    Hypnotic language. Great Twitter thread which explained a lot to me about why my supposedly smart friends are falling for all the BS. They are up against a mind control machine. Now I feel sorry for them instead of frustrated.

    “Hypnotherapists have been noticing blatant hypnosis and NLP techniques (for example, the Milton Model: Hypnotic Language Patterns) being used by the government and state-controlled media during the pandemic. (1)
    Fractionation: You get them to do something not once, but again and again, increasing the level of intensity each time. Usually you do this 3 times (note: we’ve have 3 lockdowns). This increases compliance – you’re much more likely to get them to do whatever you want (2)…”

  337. Terry Jackson says:

    @ TTN
    Good points all. Retraction Watch has been busy.

  338. The True Nolan says:

    @TJ and Quail: Retraction Watch does a great service — but the fact that they are even needed is something that might bear deeper thought. As I am sure you have noticed, almost EVERYTHING you see as news is open to a “Is! Is NOT!” argument. We have massive amounts of information but an increasingly difficult time to tell the true from the false, and the objective from the subjective. Is COVID natural or manmade? Was the 2020 election fair or rigged? Is unemployment high or low? Are masks good or bad?

    Is that an accident of the times, or is that confusion being done on purpose? I am currently reading a very interesting book titled “The Rape of the Mind” by a Dutch author, Joost Meerloo in 1956. It is a study of the brainwashing methods (aka “menticide”) used by the Nazis, Chinese, and North Koreans. In it he points out that confusion is a tool; it makes a mind receptive to whatever new belief the controller wishes to inspire. Flood the prisoner with messages, too fast, too self-contradictory, too disconnected, too changeable, and eventually you will induce a state of mental fugue which allows the old beliefs to be wiped away or ignored. Offer a new system of belief and custom, one which allows some form of order and it will be accepted. Even if the new system lacks all logic or reason, even if the new system is only “believe what we tell you!” it will be preferred over the state of confusion.

    From Merloo:
    “Many victims of totalitarianism have told me in interviews that the most upsetting experience they faced in the concentration camps was the feeling of loss of logic, the state of confusion into which they had been brought — the state in which nothing had any validity. They had arrived at the Pavlovian state of inhibition, which psychiatrists call mental disintegration or depersonalization. It seemed as if they had unlearned all their former responses and had not yet adopted the new ones. But in reality they simply did not know what was what.”
    End quote.

    Any talented con artist will tell you that a confused mark is an easy mark. A politician, or a specialist in psychological warfare will tell you something similar.

  339. E.M.Smith says:


    Hmmm….. No wonder I don’t “take to the messaging well”… I’m fond of a phrase learned long ago: “I am a finished person”. Add to that my requirement to “Keep a tidy mind”… So I’m comfortable in what I know (and even what I don’t know… things get tagged with ‘degree of certainty’ markers). Nothing is allowed to change that state until and unless I’ve “worked through it myself”. Send a load of bafflegab and confusion at me, I just mark it as “Highly suspected of being crap” and “Makes no sense”; BUT that does not in any way disrupt what I DO know. It isn’t inside the house, it is out on the road making noise to the neighbors…

    Essentially: Anything presented as valid has to pass some kind of validation test before being accepted, and even then likely stamped with a “MAYBE, MAYBE NOT” flag. For something to displace prior “Known True” it also has to overcome the proofs of the prior truth… I’d say “Like General Relativity vs Newtonian” but in fact I still have some “Small Doubt” markers on Relativity. I like the reasoning, but some of it looks a bit like a leap without sufficient support… But the math lets it co-exist with Newtonian over most of the range of life experiences, so I let it in. Provisionally.

    Doesn’t matter if all the media are saying it. Doesn’t matter if “Folks Of Authority” are saying it. Doesn’t matter if all those around me are clearly scared to shit by it. I’m comfortable saying I’ve looked into things enough to know that “Global Warming” is a fraudulent crock, and the “Chinese Wuhan Covid Pandemic” is way over hyped while known cures and preventative treatment are actively being suppressed. That they are “Artificial Panics For Effect” driven by a Globalist Elite for their own Political and Monetary ends.

    So they can shove all the confused, illogical, and jumbled crap at me they want. All that happens then is it reinforces the notion that they are either stupid or evil (or both).

  340. The True Nolan says:

    @E.M.: It sounds to me like one reason why your mindset is resistant is that by holding new information at arms length for examination, you short circuit the emotional reaction that most people have toward new info. For at least 90% of the populace, beliefs are based on emotional states and all logic does is to think up reasons to justify the emotional states. Merloo makes the point that one of the best defenses against mental manipulation is to be aware of the techniques being used against you. That seems to be another way of preventing that automatic emotional response and give the person a chance to invoke thought instead of just knee jerk feelings.

    Personally, my favorite saying is “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their true name.” I no longer call political lies “spin”, I call them lies. I no longer think of taxes as public investment, I think of it as extortion. I no longer think of bureaucrats as public servants, I think of them as ^&%$.

  341. E.M.Smith says:


    One of a great many things I owe to Mr. McGuire, my Chemistry & Physics teacher in high school… along with my love of Mercedes Diesels. I can still here him saying “$(#$)#^$ Germans can’t trust ’em; but they make a Damn Fine car though”… (Retired W.W.II Colonel in the Air Force… who drove a 190 D sedan in black…)

    IF you spouted any B.S., he’d call you on it, require you to defend your position (usually to your demise…) I once asked him, just after class was leaving, “What is in gasoline?”. He responded with “Mr. Smith, there is the Chemical Rubber Book, and over there is the library. In one week, report to me what is in gasoline.”… And I did…

    At first I was miffed that he’d saddled me with work when he damn well knew what was in gasoline (also retired research chemist from U.S. Steel post war…) but later appreciated what he had done. For a “lesser light” he would have told them. For me, he made sure I didn’t get lazy and act stupid when I had it all in my own grasp… God I’d love to thank him now.

    It was from him I learned to assess the quality of data, the veracity of assertions, and the degree to which truth could be validated. The Scientific Method and the Sanctity Of Data were supreme. ANY erasure in a lab book got an immediate F. You could put ONE LINE through mistakes, and annotate the cause of the mistake. That was IT. Only saw him bend once. A “sweet young thing” ,who was not so, bright was crying. She had just instinctively erased a mistaken entry… On approach she explained having just done it without thinking and that now the F was going to flunk her. He let her trace over the still visible error, line through it, and write the reason… and moved on. She had absorbed the values, and that was all that mattered. No need to flunk her for that success… I observed and understood.

    It was in his classes that who I am was forged. From mild iron, into refined steel.

  342. Quail says:

    Your overlords want to correct your word choices so you won’t offend.


    “Google announced on Tuesday, during its I/O developer conference, that editing capabilities of Google Docs have been expanded to police text and monitor a writer’s level of inclusivity.
    Thus an update to the app means that Google Docs will start suggesting changing words like “mailman” to “mail carrier” and “chairman” to “chairperson,” it has been revealed.

    Users will also be prompted to avoid using passive voice or what Google determines to be offensive language. It’s unclear from reports if the new feature will be opt-in or out, or hard-coded in the app, that is, impossible to avoid using….”

  343. jim2 says:

    What is a “Google Docs”?

  344. Quail says:

    @Jim2 Google has an online writing tool like Microsoft Word. It has the ability to be shared and updated between people live, and the updates can be tracked. Schools use it quite a bit for writing assignments because teachers can make notes right on the document.

  345. cdquarles says:

    Google Docs is, if I am not mistaken, their rendition of a word processing system; so something like Microsoft Word, for instance.

  346. Quail says:

    Nice article on escape immunity as well as some good suggestions for managing any virus. Good illustration to share with those who are not usually dealing with biology.

  347. The True Nolan says:

    @E.M.: “It was in his classes that who I am was forged. From mild iron, into refined steel.”

    You are a lucky man, E.M.; that sort of teacher is a rarity, and even more rare today than it was 40 years ago. But in fairness to you, a teacher can’t create steel unless the student is already iron to start with.

  348. cdquarles says:

    Yes, that is a good overview. I do have one quibble, yet don’t want to do a bunch of digging to confirm, is what is meant by stabilized spike protein. Do they mean conserved epitopes? Do they mean denatured?

    I also think they could have been clearer in that enveloped RNA viruses tend to have few exposed proteins, in general. Two for influenza and two for coronaviruses. The nucleocapsid proteins are less exposed (though do get more exposure when cell death happens and environmental exposure also happens), by definition.

  349. Ossqss says:

    Quite impressive!

  350. Power Grab says:

    @ EM:

    Any tips for a couple of folks who are going to apply to adopt a rescue bunny?

    They have had pets before: gerbils, hamsters, birds

  351. jim2 says:

    It’s possibly done in sheer ignorance, but more likely done with knowledge and malice, but some in the press are saying Trump was wrong about the deleted audit data because the data was, in a word, “found.” They may not understand that data on a disk, when deleted in a conventional manner via the OS, is simply marked as deleted and makes that space available for further writes.


  352. E.M.Smith says:


    It is deliberate “lying for effect”. NO doubt about it. When ALL the “confusion” runs in one direction only, it is design, not accident.

    @Power Grab:

    Always support the bunny rear / legs when you pick it up. They can have spine injury if picked up by the front legs only.

    Always have some kind of dry grass / hay available. They sell tiny “bales” of Timothy Hay in most pet shops.

    Feed them proper bunny pellets like compressed alfalfa. Yes, they love things like a bit of carrots and lettuce too, but will not get proper nutrition.

    Approach slowly. Do not move fast and act like a predator. Act like another grazer and they will accept you.

    Always have fresh water available.

    Your bunny is a “Hind Gut Fermenter” (as are horses). If their digestion gets messed up they can die overnight. If, for whatever reason, they stop eating and drinking, they can dehydrate enough to end up dead in a day or two. This is a medical emergency and get to the Vet pronto for a subcutaneous hydration. It is a feedback loop where when to dehydrated they stop eating and drinking and that makes them more dehydrated. Do not expect it to resolve on its own.

    Bunnys can get something called “Head Tilt” or “Wry neck”. It can be, usually is, lethal. IF the bunny starts holding it’s head a little sideways, acts dizzy, and may have eye “jitters”, it can be cured if you treat The Same Day. I have a posting up on how I cured mine. They Vet will say it is not curable and/ or give a shot of a mild antibiotic (because strong ones can mess up the fermentation …) that will do little. I used a mix of Fenbendazole and Ivermectin and got a cure. This is an infection with E. Cuniculi that they get from other bunnies so be especially aware if it has been housed with or near a mix of other bunnies.

    Put a thick towel on your lap when holding the bunny. Most bunnies are not “potty trained” and will just pee and poop on you “whenever”…

  353. Power Grab says:

    @ EM:

    Thanks for the advice! Do you think indoor bunnies benefit from outside time?

  354. Quail says:

    @powergrab Before you take your bunny outside or feed it things from the garden, check to see if you are in an area where RHDV2 is found. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 is sort of like Rabbit Ebola. This new type hits wild rabbits, cottontails, and domestic rabbits. It is highly contagious and can be carried by insects, plants like hay, other animals, and you. It has spread over large areas of the western states. There is speculation that is could be spread by migrating birds like vultures, as well as human travel.
    There is a vaccine but it has to be imported and the vial has to be used quickly before it goes bad. Check with your vet for clinics.

  355. Ossqss says:

    Interesting, even though this is not near that quake, one wonders if deep footers/pilings on this building felt it first?


  356. jim2 says:

    Breaking: Georgia Judge Calls for Forensic Audit of Fulton County Ballots After Large Discrepancies Found in Ballot Batches


  357. Ossqss says:

    Redundant to that of which has been discussed here in the past, but worthy of reiteration in the Today of today.


  358. AC Osborn says:

    A strange thing has happened with regard to COVID Vitamin D & Ivermectin Clinical trials.
    There have been many clinical trials after the early reports of successful treatment with vitamin D.
    They can be found here


    Many show a “completed status” and not one of them has published the results.

    Now look at the Ivermectin trials here


    The same thing many completed studies with no results

    Whereas HCQ most studies were terminated or withdrawn, one study of HCQ + Azithromycin shows improvements in both mortality and Serious adverse events.


    What is going on here with Vitamin D & Ivermectin, is this a deliberate repression of results?

  359. E.M.Smith says:


    I’d guess “reluctant reviewers”. Results say it works, but they just “know” it can’t be, so as stuck with cognitive dissonance, sending a lot of “back and forth” with the authors asking for “clarification” on “unclear” points ’cause something just must be wrong…

    Or a couple of them are bought off by vaccine profits… /snark;

  360. E.M.Smith says:


    The Gateway Pundit link is now a 404 missing. I think this is the same article as the lead-in paragraph in cache matches:


    Georgia Judge Calls for Forensic Audit of Fulton County Ballots After “HUGE Discrepancies” Found

    21 HOURS AGO

    Is the house of cards from the 2020 election crumbling? It sure looks like it.

    Chief Judge Brian Amero of Henry County, Georgia, just ordered Fulton County ballots from the 2020 election unsealed. Judge Amero ordered a meeting at the ballot storage facility on May 28th at 10 am – ballots will be scanned at 600 dpi or higher. Protocol to be determined according to CD Meedia

    Kevin Kelton reports;

    Judge Amero granted the motion to unseal the ballots, but will only allow the Fulton County employees themselves to scan the ballots to a 600dpi uncompressed resolution, and have the VoterGA forensic experts present during the process.

    Garland’s people found HUGE discrepancies in the images provided to them…347 missing batches (100 ballots in a batch) and many batches scanned TWICE.

    CD media and Gateway Pundit report:

    In the hearing, lawyers for VoterGA.org described large discrepancies (21%) between the number of ballot batches reported by the GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who certified the election, and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-ordered access in the previous April hearing in the case.

    VoterGA.org has been examining the ballot images at a low resolution since the hearing in April, and declared they need the actual physical ballots to understand the number of counterfeit ballots certified.


    Has what looks like embedded tweets…

  361. jim2 says:

    The AZ audit is begin reloaded this weekend. Looks like it may crank back up on Monday. Yah!

  362. jim2 says:

    Follow-up on GA ballot article …

    Sidney Powell Weighs in on Georgia Audit: 145,000 Absentee Ballots, 106,000 Adjudicated Ballots, Video of Multiple Scannings of Same Ballots and Nine Witnesses of Suspected Fake Ballots!
    By Jim Hoft

    On Friday Henry County Georgia Chief Judge Brian J. Amero ordered Fulton County absentee ballots unsealed and inspected by auditors.


    And here’s a link to the first article … work’s for me anyways … :)


  363. philjourdan says:

    Sorry, have not been reading all the comments of late. So I do not know if someone beat me to this little gem. But according to the UofLouisville, Masks mandates do not work – https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.18.21257385v1

    But we already knew that. Of course the left will never know because fakebook and twatts will delete any mention of it.

  364. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s a good one!

  365. The True Nolan says:

    Smoking gun for election fraud in New Hampshire:
    Short version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeG-5py6KMk
    Follow two links in video description for more detail and longer presentation.

  366. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, all the stops on fraud being pulled out to try and double fraud the election via frauding the audits.

  367. philjourdan says:

    @Jim2 & EMS – Half the folks think that when they hit “delete” that deletes a file. And half know that you have to empty to trashcan (recycle bin) to really get rid of it. Except as EMS says, neither is true. Indeed, there is a freeware utility for Windows that does a decent job of recovering deleted files provided you have not “acid washed” the drive or done a (recommended 3 times) create delete operation on the drive itself.

    Now think about who they are dealing with. These are political hacks. About as tech savvy as a sponge (and about as intelligent). So yes, they did try to delete the directory, but a “How-to-Geek” could recover it. It does not take a forensic hacker to do that. Or an FBI one (but those are just unicorns anyway).

  368. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – Re:

    Write record 1, write record 1 million, open file to read.
    Read from 1 to 1,000,000 looking for “assword” and print surrounding 100 char of text…

    Damn, you too? I did the same thing with a different language. Just for curiosity sake. Found a lot of interesting information (company stuff). That is why when the company went LBO in 88, I stated the company would fail. It did 3 years later (first chapter 11, then a few years after that chapter 7).

  369. philjourdan says:


    At first I was miffed that he’d saddled me with work when he damn well knew what was in gasoline (also retired research chemist from U.S. Steel post war…) but later appreciated what he had done.

    It is the teachers who push us the hardest that we respect the most. I had 3. I went from a CA HS Chemistry teacher who said “no need to learn moles equations! You can take the test open book!” to VA and Mr Abbot. each year he had his “Abbot list”. His A & B students (his A students were one per class). The first test I took, I failed (this is second semester chemistry for me). But he pulled me aside and told me that he had faith in me and I would catch up – yes Catch up from being educated in the CA education system (and that was back in the early 70s). He was right. By the end of the term, I was #2 on his Abbot list. A high B.

    Then there was Mr. Chandler. A black guy about the size of Kevin Hart. As with Chem, my Geo teacher in CA said “you do not need to memorize the theorems! We will have open book tests!”. Mr, Chandler did not go with either (again in VA). But fortunately, Geometry theorems are quite logical. so easy to remember.

    And finally, Mr, Fotenot. I was taking Trig and Analytic Geometry the same time I was taking Calculus. I struggled the first semester but was at the top of the class the second semester thanks to him.

    It is the teachers that push you that you hold in high regard. Not the ones that give you an easy A

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