Mapping Liberty By Proxy

I was pointed to these images by a Tim Pool video:,:5

They are maps of gun “carry laws” by State and by County over time. From the Wiki here:

What I find interesting is that they are a very good proxy for where you will find liberty and conservative values. They illustrate the tension between the Rural California where I was born, and the urban jungle cities where Lefty Loons run the asylum (like San Francisco).

Concealed Carry Laws Across the USA by County

Concealed Carry Laws Across the USA by County

Click to embiggen…

Unfortunately, this is another of those Wiki images where the caption necessary to know that it means is NOT in the image… SO here’s what the colors mean:

Green:      Constitutional carry (permitless)
Dark Blue:  Shall-issue
Light Blue  Permissive May-issue (Shall-issue in practice)
Yellow:     May-issue
Red:        Restrictive May-issue (No-issue in practice)
Black:      No-issue

A HUGE part of the country is either Constitutional Carry (no permit, no nothing, just stick it in a pocket or holster and go) or “Shall Issue” (meaning unless you are forbidden from having a gun they must issue a carry permit). That green in Alaska (of course) and running up from New Mexico to Canada, then wrapping around through the Dakotas and along the Mississippi River, Then three in New England: New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

Then the Dark Blue “shall issue” in Oregon, Washington, Nevada in the N.W. along with Virginia to Florida in the South East. The expected Nebraska through Colorado and New Mexico to Texas arc. Then the big surprise of Minnesota through the “Rust Belt” to Pennsylvania. Plus a couple of islands.

Where are gun laws horrible, restrictive of liberty, and under the thumb of idiot politicians? Hawaii, Coastal Elite California, and the Bos-Wash Corridor exclusive of parts of Upstate Rural New York.

I find the ‘by county’ fascinating as it illustrates the divide inside New York and California. Both with a patchwork of light blue “permissive may issue” and yellow “may issue” along with the odd bit of red “restrictive may-issue” that is no issue in practice.

The “Coastal Elites” enclaves show up bright red. San Francisco / Silly Con Valley, Yolo County (home of UC Davis), Very Upscale Santa Barbara. Then New Jersey, NYC, 3 bits of upstate NY, and Hawaii.

Then the yellow bits in the “Mountain Retreats” of the rich and famous of California and the “mixed economic areas” of coastal Los Angeles Basin.

Looks to me like about 9 States to avoid. That leaves 41 States still embracing Liberty. Then within two of the “Avoid” States, there are a lot of counties just gritting their teeth at their imprisonment by their Elites. That light blue all through the Central Valley of California. I grew up there, and know that the folks there frequently have a WT? reaction to what happens politically in the State.

Want to “take back the country”? Just pitch out of California the Coastal strip from Marin County north of the Golden Gate Bridge down to the L.A. Basin (new country of LaLaLandia…) , add in a New Jersey / NYC / Connecticut / Massachusetts new country of “Newisancia” and the rest of us can go back to just being regular old Americans.

Nicely illustrated on one map.

This other one is an active gif so I hope it displays property. It shows how carry laws have changed over time. Either the “Gun Lobby” is being much more effective, or in reality most Americans do not want gun banning and like their 2nd Amendment and have let that be known.

So that’s the trend that the Loony Left is so rabid about. They just HAD to cheat to steal an election as they are losing in the public square.

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41 Responses to Mapping Liberty By Proxy

  1. Pinroot says:

    I think Texas is about to change colors, and go green, as soon as Abbott signs it into law ( a permitless carry proposal has passed the Texas House and Senate). I’m in dark blue NC, and apparently we can open carry but need a concealed carry permit if we want to carry a concealed firearm. As far as I know, you need a permit to purchase a handgun, but that’s just a matter of passing a background check, no classes or fingerprinting or anything like that. The permit is $20 and you can get up to five of them at a time. Concealed carry requires passing a class, plus being fingerprinted (I think, not sure tho). I’m not sure if a shooting proficiency test is required. I tend to find it funny that some people get freaked out when they see someone open carry, but never consider that there are a lot of people walking around with concealed carry. Apparently, out of sight is out of mind.

  2. YMMV says:

    Is there also a map of where IVM is allowed/banned?

    If that is not enough to make you say WTF? try this one

    There’s not enough content in there to evaluate what he says, but why is Bill Gates (you know, the friend of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein) part of Davos and the Powers That Be?
    Bill Gates implant a chip? That’s the kind of claim that establishes that everybody who distrusts Bill Gates is a conspiracy theorist and has to be mocked. Meanwhile, Bill Gates plans a corona virus pandemic…? I think we should lock him up just in case it’s true. Precautionary Principle and all that.

  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    Is Main the 52nd State?

    Could the increase in areas where gun carrying is permitted be due to pressure on the politicians from the voters feeling less safe?

  4. philjourdan says:

    Virginia WAS blue, but turning red fast. If the democrats win this year, it will be giving California a run for the most insane state in the nation.

  5. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Rather than carrying something like Dirty Harry’s S&W 44 Mag, a person would be better off with a less hefty pistol. Suggestions?
    Asking for a friend.
    I might move to Idaho.

  6. Pinroot says:

    This is interesting, a second amendment sanctuary county map of the US.
    If you enlarge the map, you can get to an .svg file that lets you hover over each county to get its name. There’s only one 2A sanctuary county in California (Siskiyou County). I’m in NC and fortunately, my county is a 2A sanctuary county. If you look at VA, there are several 2A sanctuary counties which have cities which apparently are not 2A sanctuary, such as Richmond, Lynchburg and Roanoak. It’s the only state I’ve found like that, but there may be others.

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    What to carry is entirely a personal decision. There can not be a generic answer. Issues:

    How big are you?
    Can you instinctively point and hit so no sights needed to speak of, or do you need sights or even a laser pointer sight?
    How big are your hands? Does the tiny gun “bite” on racking the slide, or does if fit like a glove?
    Where will you carry? SOB (Small Of Back) vs “Thunderwear” – yes, there… vs Shoulder Holster vs Purse vs… All change the choice of best weapon for that “carry”.
    What is your likely threat? One Thug? (So 6 rounds is fine) or Street Gang of 20? (So 2 x 18 rd mags and semi-auto).
    What is your general experience and skill level? Need a “just pull the trigger” revolver or a Whiz Bang Pistol with a half dozen levers and buttons to remember?

    And more.

    With that said:

    As a general “first place to start”, much of the world has settled on the “Compact 9mm”. Small enough to easily carry in many ways, with “enough gun” and “enough rounds” for most everything but gang warfare. For those of low technical inclination, a double action compact revolver in .38 Special, 9 mm (yes they exist), or .327 Federal Magnum (that also shoots H&R .32 Mag and other lower power .32 rounds for familiarization / practice) are nice choices.

    My choices are “not mainstream”. I’m quite happy with “Dinky Gun” calibers on the theory that I’m pretty good at “shot placement” so don’t need enough power to kill someone if I hit their big toe… /sarc;

    So I’m most fond of .380 ACP and .32 ACP in the Beretta “tip up barrel” guns or in Walther PP and PPK knock offs. I own a few of each. The .32 ACP was the police caliber of choice across Europe until fairly recently. The .380 ACP / 9mm kurtz / Corto / Short makes for a gun almost as small, but with more power and a bigger hole. At close ranges, the bullet energy is rather like the 9mm at “combat ranges” (often 100 yards or more). IF a person is particularly frail and even those calibers are “too much”, the .22 rimfires can be “enough gun”. (Do not forget that Ronald Reagan was hospitalized and Brady was rendered incapacitated with .22 LR from a pistol). Sure, it will not stop a drug crazed hop head in full adrenaline rush. Then again, a Cop friend had that experience and several officers emptied their 9mm guns into the guy, who only went down when a 12 gauge slug took out his spine.

    You want to carry for the 75% to 95% cases, not for the 8 sigma 99.999…% case.

    Cheapest ammo will be .22 LR and 9mm then “everything else”. Despite my preference for the .32 and .380 guns, almost all of what I actually shoot is .22 or 9mm. This argues for a “one gun” person to buy a caliber that’s got available ammo everywhere at reasonable prices.

    So that’s pretty much my bit. Pick a caliber size and price package, then find a comfortable gun that is inside the shooters technical ability envelope. Then figure out the best carry for it.

    Start with looking at “Compact 9mm” and look to each side (smaller lighter less effective and bigger badder heavier Bear Droppers) for comparison. Or start with the “Detectives Revolver” and look to each side ( lightweight aluminum revolvers exist as to .44 Mag compacts).

    Find what fits the hand, where the controls are understood, and the power is manageable and costs not horrible for ammo.

    Remember that “effectiveness” is a bell curve and even the .22 is well inside the “going to mess them up” range while even the .44 Magnum may not stop a full PCP drug rage. The various 9mm / 38 / .357 seems to be something of a “sweet spot” at very effective most of the time and very small. Thus most military of the world and many police departments all using it. (all are in the range of .355 to .357 inch more or less, for .380 ACP 9mm Kurtz 9mm Parabellum .38 Special .357 Magnum and a dozen more) while “30 Caliber” (.32 ACP and another few dozen) have been used for good effect by police and military world wide up through W.W.II and still work. As near as I can tell, anything from .30 to .45 inch works just dandy with sufficient velocity (that can be achieve in a 6 inch bbl easily for most and a 4 inch bbl for many).

    Oh, and I’d rather have a .22 LR 1.5 inch bbl “belt buckle gun” the size of my thumb than no gun at all… So there’s that ;-) One of my favorite “bump in the night” pocket guns is a Beretta in .22 Short, that due to a LOT of ‘case volumes of expansion’ of the gasses is fairly efficient in the very short barrel when compared to the .22 LR that is mostly spitting fire and noise. It is “enough gun” if I’m confronted with one or two folks out of the dark and I can “instinctively point” even through my windbreaker pocket with it. While it does not show up at all in a coat or pants pocket with a hand on it… I think it is not made anymore, but I really like it ;-) The “bigger” (but still dinky) .32 ACP variation is better at stopping, but just a bit bigger to “palm”. The .380 ACP is big enough that I can’t hide it in a hand. Needs a thick coat at least. But dandy in a SOB holster or Thunderwear with baggy pants. Modern Compact 9mm guns are about the same size as the .380 ACP guns now, so are taking over that segment.

  8. H.R. says:

    @E.M. re your comments on revolvers and simplicity:

    I have two revolvers in preparation for “things that go bump in the night” and a double barrel shotgun.

    Yes, I have some nifty semi-autos, and semi-auto shotguns (and rifles), but I have chosen to go ‘pld tech’ with the revolvers and shotgun because I think they are best, at least for me, to use without thinking when awakened during the night, and odds on, am most likely a bit groggy.

    No, I’m not going to take down a dozen or so home invasion crew, but I have confidence in those guns, their ability to take care of business, and the unlikelihood of confronting a dozen armed home invaders.

    So I figure if you are not going to own a half-dozen or more guns which are suitable for different situations AND you are not readily familiar with all types of guns by second natures, a revolver is best

  9. corsair red says:

    I carry an S&W 22 for several simple reasons. I had it when I got my CCW permit. It fits my daughter’s 380 holster. She stopped shooting her 380 because it would not eject the spent cartridge, and she decided she wanted a small 9mm to carry. Finally, it disappears neatly under a light sport coat.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    @H.R. & Corsair Red:

    I sometimes used an S&W “Kit Gun” – very small .22 LR revolver – for “nightstand duty”. But some many years back it was traded to a friend for something I liked more… Then some of my revolvers were gifted to my Son when he was old enough (and have now moved to a different State).

    All this leaves me with a shortage of revolvers in general, and small ones in particular. My mini-revolver / belt buckle being the one I miss the most, but used the least. It was a PITA to shoot, but fun to look at in the mirror ;-) About the size of my (big) thumb, it had a little pintle like pin on the side that was used to hold it in the belt buckle. Unless you knew it was a “real gun” it just looked like a western themed belt buckle. The problem was that the pin tended to whack my thumb on firing it if I was not very careful. They also made a “boot gun” that I decided I wanted more, but never managed to buy. No pin, longer barrel, fit in a pocket inside a cowboy boot nicely ;-)

    With all my small revolvers “moved on”, I’m just left with 6″ or longer barrel fairly heavy things. Oh, and single action too. The DA .357 “moved on”…

    So while I agree with the notion of a small revolver as “nightstand duty” I’m unfortunately deficient in the means ;-) But my little semi-autos are up to the task. Only issue is that one is SA and the other is DA so I need to remember which one is which (as the safety is ‘the other way’ between most SA and DA for Gawd only knows what reason).

    When the Portland Soros Inspired Riots (Hey, he got the DA’s he wanted so you know this was part of his planning, call it what it is…) started spreading to other Soros DA Cities, one of the things I did was to put my SA .22 LR pistol into my (locking) briefcase and set it strategically. With a combination lock, I could “roll it to locked” with a thumb in zero time. Left unlocked when I was home, it was two slider catches and “gun in hand”. Small size not needed for that ;-) I had a defensive “cache” if you will in all three zones of the house (shotgun if office furthest from the front door).

    Why use that gun? Well, with a 6 inch bbl and with mild .22 LR in it, the noise is reduced. First couple of rounds .22 short, then it had .22 LR high velocity (as at that point something serious is needed and /or I’ve had time to put plugs in). I have hearing damage such that using a gun without muffs / plugs will likely result in more permanent hearing loss. In an emergency Aw Shit I’m unlikely to be able to say “Hang on a moment, got to put the plugs in.”… So it is one of the “likely to recover most of the loss after shooting it” guns, maybe. (The muffs were next to the shotgun as I’d have time to put them on if someone crashed the front door). Further, in the unzipped fleece pouch, it didn’t disturb anything in the briefcase and nothing in the briefcase could bother it. Stainless Steel so no finish to worry about. Then, IF I shot all 6, it makes a Very Nice Club. Finally, while not “pocketable”, it was small enough to hide in a waistband in SOB carry to avoid causing someone just knocking on the door going off the charts…

    Would I love to have a Detective Model in something like .38 S&W? Sure! I’ve lusted after a .45 ACP revolver too. I could load them modestly light, have a LOT of “case volumes of expansion” so a less abusive BANG for the KE delivered, and be in a great spot. Just don’t have the $$ for it right now. (IIRC about a $Kilo).

    You go to war with the army you have; and you do defense prep with the kit you own now.

    As the Soros sponsored Antifa / BLM Mob has died down, the guns have gone back to the safe. Now I’m down to just the one little dinky Beretta in the briefcase. I had an ankle holster for it, but the strap broke off. So now the holster part just goes into the hiding places instead of on the ankle.

    I think I’ve mentioned before that starting a few years back I was in the mode of reducing the guns in inventory. Just “moving them on” instead of having them be part of some Estate Thing “someday”. Saves the kids a chunk of money and means they are outside of whatever new transfer laws are applied. (California already has made it a PITA, so before that law hit, most of the dispositioning was done) I’ve kept just “the basics” really, and at that most of it is Extremely Politically Correct. “Western Style” SA revolvers, lever action rifle with hunting scope, pump shotgun with “Deer barrel”, that kind of thing. Not an AR-15 nor high capacity semi-auto pistol in the house. I figure it will withstand a few more years of Kalifornia Krazy Law changes… and hope to be in Florida before then.

  11. jim2 says:

    The guvment may make getting a silencer tough because they want to make using guns harder. For those of us with hearing issues, a silencer would be a blessing, but no …

  12. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – I have a S & W .38 Chief’s Special. Eat your heart out😜. It’s a fine gun and very easily concealed.

    I also have the S & W .22 kit revolver, and I’m not trading that for anything else. I think you goofed up on that one when you traded it. They are a darned accurate little .22 and very reliable.
    I was hoping all that discussion would help with the Nancy & John Hultquist (27 May 2021 at 1:06 am) request for comments.

    If someone is not a regular shooter and will only have a handgun and maybe a shotgun, I’d always advise a revolver. There’s nothing to remember and they are simple to keep clean (very important!). Same for a double barreled shotgun; nothing to remember and simple to keep clean (very important!).

    A clean gun works when you need it to work. Dirty, gummy-oiled guns are iffy, particularly semi-autos.

    The “one best gun” is the one you have when the situation requires a gun. It’s far superior to all those other guns you don’t have with you.

  13. Ossqss says:

    Just sayin, my recent acquisition of the P365 TACPAC was a great for me for carry. Fits in the hand well and has the rounds to fit any job with a safety, which I prefer. I still love my G19 and Sub2000 combo, but for carry, the 365 is fit for my application. The Judge revolver is still the best all around for versatility with PDX1 ammo however.

    This is the kit I got earlier this year. I think $550 IIRC

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    That Judge is still on my want list… For a desk gun or nightstand, with the small shotgun rounds intermixed with fancier stuff, it is imposing, not hard to operate, and you can be a little off on aim and it will still “get ‘er done”. My “mouse gun” rounds require some care in hitting the right aim point or you are just pissing ’em off…

    I have ONE Sig. Saved up for months and months to buy it (well over $1 kilobuck, and that was a decade or three ago…) and I absolutely love it. However… it is a full sized gun, not a compact.

    Were I in the market for a “Compact 9” and had the money, the Sig is where I’d go. I’ve not kept up on all the model changes in the last dozen years. I think I heard good things about the P365, but it might have been an earlier model.

    There are only 2 makers where I’ve consistently had ZERO issues of ANY kind (well, 3 if you count my Russian Military / Police pistol). Cz and Sig. My brace of Cz-72 / Cz-82 went to the kids, and I still miss them… I kept the Sig ;-)

    Oh, and my Marlin lever action has been stellar as has my Winchester shotguns, if we add in the long guns…


    Honorable mention to Ruger where I’ve only had very minor disappointments and a lot of that was around how they handled abuse – so run the revolver until the oil is sticky and see how it handles the problem… SA just fine. DA “had issues” advancing to the next round. Not exactly a “gun” issue as much as an “expectations” issue. I thought it would have a more gentle onset than just “hard trigger” one day “no go” the next.

    Disappointments? S&W Kit Gun had hard ejection even new. Turns out the Stainless Steel model had more expansion with heat than the regular steel and they had not allowed for that. Colt 380 (mini-sized 1911 look) had a cheaper build quality than a real 1911 AND was prone to poor ejection / jams. I expected more from Colt and S&W. My Walther PPK Copy from France has weak plastic grips on it, so not as strong as they ought to be.)

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Ya Know…

    Looking at California in that map above, we don’t really need to give the whole thing to Mexico (as suggested here: ).

    It’s just a thin strip from Marin County down to Baja California… That would fix SO much… might well be worth it. Pelosi gone in the package too as her S.F. District would go to Mexico… and her with it… Thinking about that, I’m sure it would be worth it ;-)

    Toss in NYC as a bonus “oversees island” of Mexico and a good chunk of NY State becomes better too.

  16. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Pelosi gone in the package too as her S.F. District would go to Mexico… and her with it… Thinking about that, I’m sure it would be worth it ;-)”

    Ummmm…. Mexico might have something to say about that. It could possibly sink the whole deal.

  17. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Thanks everyone.
    I’ll be getting rid of a 357 for something smaller (and cheaper to shoot).
    I actually live in a rural setting and the scariest things seen this week were a family of marmots cavorting in an old brush pile.
    Most of my gun activity was with a semi-auto 12 gauge (over birddogs)
    My odd handicap is being seriously right handed and left eyed. With a shotgun I point and shoot instinctively. I only sight with a scoped rifle.
    I do know some locals that will let me try a few of their pistols.

  18. u.k.(us) says:

    “They just HAD to cheat to steal an election as they are losing in the public square.”
    That statement needs a re-write.
    Just saying…

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    I see no reason to change it.

    They ARE losing in the public square debate with ordinary people not liking them.
    The DID cheat. They DID steal an election. The reason was that they could not win fair.

    Looks pretty clear to me.

  20. u.k.(us) says:

    Slow down.
    Now your reply needs a re-write :)

  21. corsair red says:

    My daughter just bought a Ruger Max 9. Holds 10 or 12 rounds. If you have largish hands it wil disappear in them, so it is easily concealed. She shot very good groups with it her first trip to the range.If I change weapons I will strongly consider it.

  22. E.M.Smith says:

    @UK (u.s.):

    Without elaboration your comment amounts to “I don’t like it”, which is useless.

    Consider putting some content in your critique. I see nothing to change. You claim you do, but do not say what. Try again.

    @Corsair Red:

    The biggest thing I’ve found is that how the gun feels you your hand matters a lot to long term happiness with it. The other “top thing” is that it just must “go bang” every time. I just can’t stand a gun that fails to function when asked.

    Some of the newer Ruger semi-autos don’t have the sleek look that I prefer, but they do tend to “go bang” every time…

    FWIW, my favorite 9mm ever is the Cz-72. (The 82 just added ambidextrous safeties). Whole families of “race guns” were based off of that design. It just never failed, and it felt great, and it hit where you pointed, and it looks great. A bit big for a carry gun, but it is well worth a look.

    FWIW2: My most “love it and hate it” gun is the Glock. It has no soul. Yet is one of the most reliable and simple bullet dispensing appliances I’ve ever shot. The trigger has a little lever built into it that is the safety. No finger on trigger, no bang. So a lot like a revolver in operation. Every bullet when where it was supposed to go and it very reliably “went bang” when asked. But it just looks and feels like a chunk of square plastic shooting tupperware…Some folks love ’em, and you can get very small ones with lots of rounds.

  23. u.k.(us) says:

    I was just talking about the typo’s/syntax, I know you can do way better :)

  24. E.M.Smith says:


    Still nothing. I see no typo. I see no syntax error. Try again.

  25. u.k.(us) says:

    “The DID cheat. They DID steal an election.”
    Explain DID to me…
    I really like your writing, but now I’m lost :)

  26. YMMV says:

    “Explain DID to me…”

    Is this an English grammar question? (American and English do not differ in this)
    It’s an obstacle for non-English speakers, but I’ve never met a native speaker who didn’t get it.
    In order of simplicity:

    And is it something about “They just HAD to cheat”?

    “I was just talking about the typo’s/syntax”
    Typos (no apostrophe) are not worth bothering about here unless they change or obscure the meaning. Syntax? Go ahead, give us the full analysis of those statements.

  27. E.M.Smith says:

    Explain “did”? As in “they did it”? As in someone performed an action? (With emphasis via caps). As in past tense of “do”?

    Without emphasis and with proper noun inserted:

    The Democrats did cheat. The Democrats did steal the election.”

    Is your quibble over using ALL CAPS for emphasis?

  28. E.M.Smith says:

    Ah, a leading “The” that was supposed to be “They”? Is that your complaint?

  29. E.M.Smith says:

    Though in my original I had “They”:
    “They just HAD to cheat to steal an election as they are losing in the public square.”

  30. cdquarles says:

    A note about Alabama. This is an open carry state. I saw sidearms on a couple of people’s hips today :). It is currently concealed carry that has a permit attached to it. There was a move this year to change that. Some don’t like it because the training condition is applied to getting, nominally, a concealed carry permit. I doubt that’s enforced much. I suspect constitutional carry (concealed) will come up again, with training recommended language this time.

    Felons lose their rights a bit. Unfortunately, since 1992 or so, I think, the BATF does not receive appropriations to process applications by ex-felons to have their rights restored. That is, you can fill out the form and send it in, but the BATF can’t process it. A pardon can restore it properly stated, but most will never see that happen.

  31. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    I don’t bother with simple mistakes unless the meaning is clouded.
    There are many folks with English-as a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language writing comments.
    Insofar as American English (Appalachian) is my only language skill, I hold all the others in high regard.

  32. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve go the opposite problem. Mother: British English. Dad: “Merican English (Iowa Standard). Me: California Immersion + about 1/4 of the time Mexican Spanish Immersion + Parents
    This makes my English a “Little Bit Spanglish” at times, and highly mixed across the Anglosphere. (For example, we had a Moggy when I was a kid. Brits will know what that is. Other kids didn’t).

    Now season with the fact that the French Laundry was next door when I was about 3 or 4 and they wanted to learn English on the sly from me, so I spent time at their home saying names of things while they did ‘back and forth’ in French ( So I answer to “Louis” as they would say “Lui a dit que…)

    Into that mix, add 6 years of formal Spanish (different from Mexican Spanish, though only 2 years in High School), French up to the French Literature class IN French – i.e. all grammar, diction of about 6-9,000 words, and more…), one German class, one Russian class, self study Italian & Latin. Then mix in a few dozens of computer languages with their tendency to make unique spellings and have “variant” grammar…

    Plus a few I’ve forgotten. Esperanto was interesting once, and there’s a derivative of it I learned some of… Ido? Something… Enough Japanese to travel to Japan, order food, and do a few years of karate. Québécois variant French one trip. Reading only Brazilian Portuguese. SEE Sign & ASL American Sign Language. etc.

    Lucky I can spell any of them right anymore…

  33. u.k.(us) says:

    Not a complaint, just a comment :)
    Carry on.

  34. Jim Masterson says:


    I probably shouldn’t jump in, but capitalizing “did” (DID) makes it look like a Three Letter Acronym (TLA). (And TLA is itself a TLA.) Here are a few TLAs for the acronym DID:

    DID Dance India Dance (Indian reality TV show)
    DID Defense-In-Depth (Nuclear Power)
    DID Differences in Differences (econometrics)
    DID Damsels in Distress
    DID Direct Inward Dial(ing)
    DID Dissociative Identity Disorder (human psychology)
    DID Device Identifier
    DID Driver Identification
    DID Digital Identification
    DID Data Item Description
    DID Defense Industry Daily (publication)
    DID Documents pour l’Intégration et le Développement (French: Documents for Integration and Development; disability)
    DID Desert Island Disc
    DID Déchets Industriels Dangereux (French: Hazardous Industrial Waste)
    DID Diabète Insulinodépendant (French: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes)
    DID Department of International Development
    DID Digital Information Display
    DID Développement International Desjardins
    DID Data Identifier
    DID Data Interface Definition (computing)
    DID Diagnostic Identifier
    DID Digital Information Development (Japan)
    DID Digital Image Design (Software Company)
    DID Double Immunodiffusion
    DID Department of Irrigation and Drainage (Malaysia)
    DID Dipole-Induced-Dipole
    DID Dudes in Dresses
    DID Discharge Ionization Detector
    DID Driver Information Database
    DID Dynamic Infrastructure Discovery (Insightix)
    DID Digital Interface Device
    DID Detail Issues Depot (Australia)
    DID Died in Department (UK)
    DID Driver’s Integrated Display
    DID Domain Identification Device
    DID Dansk Ishockey Dommerklub (Denmark ice hockey referees)
    DID Datamation Industry Directory
    DID Digitization and Interoperability Division (US Army data standardization office)
    DID Division of Isotope Development
    DID Dimensional Installation Drawings (NASA)
    DID Deterministic Identification Capacity
    DID Dynamic Interaction Diagnostic
    DID Design Interface Document
    DID Data ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Dienst (Dutch governmental department)

    Although the context seemed clear to me (capitalizing the verb “did), it may have been confusing to others.

  35. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jim Masterson:

    I can see that. I’m just sometimes too lazy to type the bolding html so CAPS it instead…

    So, OK, finally something I can maybe run with…

    Watch for potentially TLA CAPS. Beware “The” when you meant to type “They” even in a comment. Anything else specific?

  36. u.k.(us) says:

    I just started the fire, might need a pro to contain the flames :)

  37. H.R. says:

    @u.k.(us) -LOL!

    I’m just rubbernecking here on that one. Everybody shows up to watch when the fire department is called.

    You, you, you, pyromaniac, you… Who started the fire? 😜


    Ohhhhhh…….. and don’t give us any of that “Nothing to see, here. Move along.” 😜

  38. philjourdan says:

    @UK (US) – Re:

    “They just HAD to cheat to steal an election as they are losing in the public square.
    That statement needs a re-write.
    Just saying…”

    Riddle me this Batman, Why would a candidate who supposedly got 81m votes (10 million over any other candidate in history) need to barricade the capital? If so many are for him?

    Who barricades themselves behind tanks and barriers? A freely elected dictator? Or a clown who thinks he is a dictator and steals an election?

  39. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – Re:

    Ah, a leading “The” that was supposed to be “They”? Is that your complaint?

    AH! Now I see your grammar Nazi tendencies. :-)

  40. another ian says:

    Jim M

    You didn’t mention Dick in Dirt for “expired”

  41. Jim Masterson says:

    @another ian:

    Yeah, I’d probably not include that one for obvious reasons. My list wasn’t meant to be exhaustive–just prototypical. I’m sure I missed many DID acronyms.

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