CPAC 2024 Straw Poll? Trump 70% – Pence? ZERO

In a remarkable show of lack of Self Awareness, Youtube bans CPAC video where Trump complains about Tech Censorship, suspends their account for a week.

Well, from various reports, it was a barn burner of a speech. So where can you get it? Among others, RSBN (1 hour 33 minutes):

Sunday, July 11, 2021: Join the RSBN crew LIVE from Dallas, TX with wall-to-wall coverage of CPAC 2021: America UnCanceled. President Donald Trump is expected to address the general session on Sunday.

At the 19 to 20 minute point he gets into the censorship issue. Supposedly it ramps up toward the last half hour.

Update: Well, it does ramp up toward the end, but much of the content is similar to what is in his rally speeches. So yeah, “inflammatory” to the Left, but rational to anyone else.

At 70% in the straw poll, he’s up over the last CPAC by double digits. He’s pretty much got the 2024 nomination locked in. DeSantis got a respectable 21%. That, IMHO, guarantees him the VP Slot.

Pence has ended his political career. As a Republican, at least. Best he can hope for is to retire and carp from the sidelines on CNN…

Here’s the FOX news report on it:

Published July 11 Last Update July 12
Trump easily wins CPAC 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll

The former president improved on his straw poll performance from CPAC Orlando in February

DALLAS – Former President Donald Trump easily won the 2024 GOP presidential nomination poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gathering this weekend in Texas.

Trump, who’s repeatedly flirted with making another presidential run in 2024 to try and return to the White House, captured 70% of ballots cast in the anonymous straw poll, according to results announced by CPAC on Sunday afternoon.

That’s a boost from the 55% support he won in the hypothetical 2024 Republican primary matchup straw poll at CPAC Orlando in late February.

They have a chart of the vote.

Trump at 70%
DeSantis 21%

1% guys? Rand Paul, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, Kristi Noem, Mike Pompeo

Bringing up the ZERO No Way Rear? Greg Abbott,Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Josh Hawley, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Charlie Baker, John Kasich, Larry Hogan, and last on the zero list: Mitt Romney.

There’s also something that looks like “Q7 Other” at zero, but no idea what that means.

DeSantis, a first-term governor and Trump ally who soared in popularity among conservatives nationwide for his resistance to lockdowns and COVID restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, easily topped a second 2024 ballot question – without Trump on the hypothetical ballot.

DeSantis grabbed 68% support on that question, with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at 5%. Donald Trump Jr. and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas were both at 4%, with South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem at 3%. No one else topped 2%.

The straw poll results, along with the former president’s headliner speech on Sunday, were the most anticipated moments at the three-day gathering of conservative activists and leaders from across the country.

Tim Pool’s take on it all:

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8 Responses to CPAC 2024 Straw Poll? Trump 70% – Pence? ZERO

  1. w.w.wygart says:

    If I could have anyone I wanted in 2024? Tom Cotton, has a history of defeating Democrats. I don’t care if he was only a tabbed Ranger while I was a Bat Boy [I am also a US Army Ranger School graduate btw – 6-85]. Point is, he could have done other things but chose to serve in wartime.

    DeSantis? Meh..

  2. John Hultquist says:

    Well, just about anyone other than a Democrat.
    I would have preferred that Trump spend time and money promoting about a dozen Republicans and then let the voters pick.
    If Elise Stefanik could be flipped on the AGW/CO2 issue, she would be my choice.
    DeSantis as VP means 2 from FL. If Trump needs him to carry FL, then okay.
    I’d think a Stefanik/DeSantis ticket would be more sensible.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    It surprises me how many Republicans would prefer a nice polite loser as a head of their ticket instead of a loud brawler that plays politics to win like a Democrat, Like all good Democrats , they point out that Trump must be a loser because he lost in spite of his popularity! Crap on you! Only wide spread Massive corruption denied Donald Trump of his prize. Biden/Harris lost among real voters by a massive number. Maybe up to a third of Democrats voted for Trump! And today a lot more are ready to switch. “Show me a good loser and I will Show you a loser”

    If the Republican establishment get rid of Donald Trump they deserve to be losers…pg

  4. H.R. says:

    @pg – Republicans like being in the minority because their votes are worth more money, AND they don’t have to govern.

    Republicans in “safe” districts can cross the aisle, taking turns so they don’t totally piss of their constituents, and vote for the most reprehensible bills, according to the wishes of the highest bidder.

    It’s all about the Benjamins and nothing to do with the Will Of The People or the constraints of the Constitution.

    It’s the Uniparty, where the Dems are the left wing of the bird and the Repubs are the right wing of the bird. In the end, the Uniparty executes the will of their GEB masters.

    We must replace the professional politicians with people who respect the Constitution, respect the freedoms therein, and look out for the best interests of the U.S.A. and their constituents.

    Money equals power and in D.C. it’s all about the Benjamins.

    We, The People, aren’t even remotely on the radar.

  5. jim2 says:

    This may be a worthy cause!

    Andrea is a good American and a staunch Trump supporter as you can see by her signs.

    Do the signs contain profanity? Hell yes. But if memory serves correctly, there have been countless profane signs against Trump, the police, Trump supporters etc.

    Andrea is fighting a costly battle to preserve her Freedom of Speech rights, as well as yours.

  6. jim2 says:

    Ballots printed at polling stations are the ones where the front and back aren’t always in alignment.

    Last night we uncovered the rationale for why sharpies were used in the election and how this likely impacted thousands of votes for President Trump.

    Below is a video that was shared last night in the interview with Jovan Pulitzer regarding sharpie-gate.

    Sharpie-gate was not a conspiracy. It was one tactic amongst many that were used to steal the election away from President Trump.

  7. philjourdan says:

    I do not think Pence is CNN material because Pence has more integrity than that. He had an impossible job. And that is what ended his career. But the man has a lot of very strong core beliefs that would not allow him to become a paid liar on CNN.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, Fox then…

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