Friends Of Australia Friday: 22 July 2021 – Off The Road

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Back from Yet Another Marathon Road Trip, and pretty much recovered from the nearly 2 weeks of hustle and sleep deprivation, I’m ready and able to once again bless the table with Australian Goodness.

The Tucker

Once again will be doing “the usual” Loin Lamb Chops from Australia. Stood on the T-Bone fat end in a cast iron skillet in the oven at 400 F for about 25 minutes (for no-red inside, so less if you like rare).

Yes, I like these rather a lot. Yes, I’ll do some more interesting different stuff again one of these days, but right now, it’s hard to beat mini-T-Bones of lamb.

A simple salad of mixed lettuces and American Style vegetables from a bag. (That means with a tiny bit of added carrot, cabbage and radish slices mostly) with Olive Garden Italian (creamy) dressing, and a vegetable side to be named later. Maybe little roasted potatoes. I have some fingerling potatoes that are supposed to roast well, in a few colors. What can I say, it was an impulse buy… I also have a yellow zucchini to use up.. Decisions decisions.

In fact, I’m sure of it. A small handful of red, gold, and purple fingerling potatoes roasted for each plate.

I’ll be using a variation on this theme:

Bigger fingerlings will be cut in half lengthwise so all are about the same general size. I’m going to oil the spuds (not just the pan) and sprinkle over with Italian Seasoning, Salt, and Garlic mix (spouse is not fond of pepper so that I add to my plate…)

Then they will be arrayed around the lamb chops in the pan and it all roasts for 25 minutes at about 400 ish.

The Wine

Tonight will be a reprise of the Samuel Wynn “Dice with Destiny” Red Blend 2017. A deep ruby colored red that has overtones of Shiraz in it, but mellowed by “something else”. I suspect I’m not the only one to like a Shiraz / Cabernet or Shiraz / Merlot blend ;-)

In Other News

Looks like the big news du jour in Australia is that, having kept the virus out, you must continue to keep it out forever with draconian means, or just get on with it and catch up with the rest of the world. So your government looks to be choosing “Lock Down Forever!” /sarc; (I hope)

Bolding done by me:

Live breaking news: Radical NSW lockdown overhaul tipped as cases rise to record high

As case numbers remain stubborn in NSW despite the current sweeping measures to push them down, a new way forward is reportedly on the table.

Ben Graham

Today’s cases in NSW will be higher than yesterday’s record total of 124, despite the current sweeping measures to push them down – and a radical overhaul of restrictions is reportedly on the table.

The NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard appeared on KIIS1065’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show where he was quizzed on infection numbers.

“There will be more (cases),” Mr Hazzard said. “We need people in south-west Sydney to stop moving around. We need people to understand it’s a dangerous virus.”

As case numbers remain stubborn, authorities are reportedly looking at new restrictions.

According to NSW government sources who have spoken to The Australian, southwestern Sydney could be placed into a harder lockdown while restrictions would be relaxed in communities barely affected by Covid-19.

It reports that members of the state’s crisis cabinet are turning their mind to transition plans to relieve pressure on communities largely untouched by the virus, but that formal discussions about it are likely to occur only next week.

It comes as residents of NSW are bracing for another rise in Covid cases today amid signs of continued community spread in Sydney, despite current lockdown measures.

The state recorded its highest daily case number in the current outbreak, 124 cases, yesterday. Some 48 of those were in the community for their entire infectious period.

Overnight more exposure sites have been added in Sydney’s CBD, the south-west and inner west while an alert now has been issued for the Byron Bay area where sewerage testing has found virus fragments.

Sewage Tester? Now that’s a job that must be hard to fill: “Well, yes, the duties do include wading into the sewage and collecting samples to assure they do not have a lethal virus in them. But don’t worry, you will have protective gear on, and of course you will be fully vaccinated with frequent booster shots…”

Welcome aboard the Rest Of World, guys. Once it’s got known cases in the hundreds, detected AFTER an infectious walk around has seeded it on, that Genie is out of the bottle.

So think anyone will propose prophylactic Ivermectin to quash this? Maybe even just Over The Counter Quercetin & Zinc? (shown to work by Dr. Zelenko)

If you are Down Under and facing this as it blows past supposed “defenses” of masks and “lockdowns”: Do take a bit of a look at Ivermectin and HCQ and the Quercetin / Zinc methods in the medical literature / M.D. postings on other sites.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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27 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday: 22 July 2021 – Off The Road

  1. Julian Jones says:

    Thank you EM ..
    Yes fecal transmission of covid is very likely; fecal particulate leaking sewage downpipes in apartments was firmly implicated in the SARS 1 outbreak by WHO briefing in 2003 .. went on to state, paraphrasing, ‘never need have another CV outbreak, just fix sewerage ..’ Of course it never was. Had enough anecdotal evidence around this to get agreement from major UK university to study relationship between rain/ sewers/river weirs and CV outbreaks. Simple desktop study, a quick yes or no – study not allowed.
    Seemed throughout this that academia has been largely ‘captured’ …
    Without wishing to offend your Australia audience, or any others (w many F-bombs) the Aussie Juice Media have just another, that made you laugh before, this time looking at corruption of government sciences, by the energy sector.
    So yes, while the penny clearly hasn’t dropped yet for Juice media about the true nature of climate science .. looks possible that they are at least waking up to the fact that, ‘everything is sh*t’.
    Yes it is, and I suppose that is why we ended up with someone as doolally as some of the late pre-Gorbachev Soviet leaders in the White House. His latest performance today, as reported in UK, was a shocker.

  2. Sandy McClintock says:

    You are so right about Australia and their doomed eradication program for COVID.
    It’s hopeless!
    To be fair to the PM, he is hanging on till more folk get a full vaccination.
    I calculated the cost of a life saved so far is around AU$ 2 million per life just in GDP reduction. I have a $20 tube of horse ivermectin that will be used when required. I read that it tastes like apple flavoured vaseline, so I think I will not be encouraged to take daily prophylactic doses. ;)

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @Julian Jones:

    The “Juice Media” video is fun and well done, unfortunately it is hard green in theme. Oh Well.

    But yeah, at least they have started to realize it is “All the best ‘science’ money can buy”…

    Per his “performance”: I can’t watch more that a few minutes at a time. He has dementia. I have cared for an elderly relative as they decayed. He’s well past his “needs a nanny on outings” date.

    I know he isn’t actually making any of the decisions, and that’s the only thing that gives me comfort. Think about it… A dark cabal of unknowns running the country… that’s my “comfort”…

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    @Sandy McClintock:

    I realize you were likely being OTT for effect, but just to make clear for anyone not so aware:

    Ivermectin has a 16 hour half life. Typical dosage gives full protection for a whole week, so only once per week is the drug needed. Trials done at once every 2 weeks (per the FLCCC) have given almost full protection but with a few “breakthrough” cases that got started in days 13 & 14 (the half life reaches near zero day 12…). So no, you won’t be doing daily doses ;-)

    I understand from others that “once a week” for the horse paste flavor is quite enough exposure ;-)

    I “scored” a 2.5 L jug of “cattle drench” for about $50 US. I calculate that it is close to a lifetime supply for the spouse and me. ( 5 ml minimum, 10 ml for strong dose, once a week… and we only use it when going “out and about” and being exposed…). The nice thing is you do NOT swallow it (as it is mostly rubbing alcohol!) but just rub it on the skin and the alcohol evaporates while the ivermectin soaks in.

    Having crossed the USA twice now, not masking unless mandated, and exposed to literally tens to hundreds of thousands of folks, and “no problem”; I’m pretty sure it works. I dose before travel and again on arrival home and all is well. Yes, just a “sample size of one”, but still something of an existence proof.

  5. jim2 says:

    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

    I wonder how that brilliant woman missed the INDUSTRIAL bit in the acronym?

  6. H.R. says:

    So cases are up in Oz, but what about deaths?

    Have the Docs there learned anything from the rest of the World about treatments that minimize deaths?

    The elderly with comorbidities are just out of luck when a nasty virus comes around, but a lot of effective treatments have been developed for FauXi’s Flu that can even see some of the elderly pull through.

    Cases mean nothing. How many cases of the common cold occur each year? Oh, and the common cold can be deadly to some who have compromised immune systems. Where are the screaming headlines about the number of common cold cases?

  7. beththeserf says:

    Yes , pretty dismal here in the once great southern land. I will not be having the jab…
    Friday lamb is an oasis of comfort in the week, I am thinking of cooking a shepherd’s pie with lamb mince and diced onion and celery.

  8. Sandy McClintock says:

    @E.M. Smith
    Thanks for the heads-up on the alcohol based liquid Ivermectin. It sounds perfect.
    I will go looking.
    The nearest COVID case would be about 3 hours drive away from Canberra so I should not need a weekly dose unless I go to (or near) a hot-spot.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    @Sandy McClintock:

    I’ve covered it before in some detail. Even put up links to Amazon and pictures of the box IIRC. Search on “Ivermectin” in the site search box, or look through the “covid” category for more. (Yes, Amazon sells it. My first bottle was from them…)

  10. Graeme No.3 says:

    @Sandy McClintock
    Try the local fodder store or even the local hardware store e.g. Mitre 10. My doctor happened to mention that he had got his last lot from the latter for his cows (he has a few acres). He did mention that skin application of the liquid grade was good (while walking strictly within the permitted guidelines for Doctors “Thou shall mention the vaccine, only the vaccine and nothing but the vaccine”).

    Wynn’s red blend is a mix of shiraz, cabernet and merlot. Could be from Victoria, but likely to have some “extender” from South Australia. Check the label – if it says SE Australia it is a multi-region & multi-State blend, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve taken to having Australian Lamb twice a week… but only post about it once. Once you start having it regularly it’s hard to not put more in the cart ;-)

    I’ll likely do a Sheppard’s Pie again before long. It is a bit special in many ways. I think next one I’ll use real mashed potatoes. The prior variation with the scalloped potatoes was good, but not “traditional” so lacked a bit of “comfort food” aspect…

    Per “risk”:

    I started out significantly in the “avoid exposure” camp. Did an early “lock down” and stayed that way for a few weeks, expecting months of it. Then the data and reports came in that it was not nearly as horrible as the news from China had made it look. So went out “with some protections”. Over time, more news and more “learning by Dear Doctors” had effective treatments, prophylactics, and more; along with the realization it was nearly nothing in those under about 50.

    Somewhere in there did the Quinine Water & Zinc bit, and looked into Quercetin but didn’t buy any (did add more of the veggies that already have it…). Eventually swapped over to ivermectin as needed for sniveles.

    Well, OK, I’m nearer to 70 (though not quite there yet…), but have no co-morbitities. So decided to return to a more outgoing life. Nothing bad happened. Over time added more time out, and less defensive measures. Nothing bad happened. Eventually the news and data caught up with my experience and basically I’ve just stopped caring about it.

    At this point, I do the Ivermectin IF and only IF I have some kind of symptoms showing up (scratchy throat, feeling wrong, etc.) OR if I’m planning a cross country trip (2 so far, coast to coast, and No Bad Thing happened…) or going to work (to protect my employer’s liability). I carry a mask, and wear it if requested or if a business has a sign up asking for it to be done; but if it says “no mask if vaccinated”, and knowing ivermectin is more preventative than the vaccine especially for the Delta Variant, I just choose to extend the definition to include “Or otherwise equally or better protected”. Other than that, I’m just doing business as usual.

    Essentially “I’m over this whole thing” and moving on…

    I figure eventually the Rest Of World will catch up ;-)

    So I suggest just getting back to life and not stewing in the Government Sponsored Dismal. Find a prophylactic you can get and use it (as Oz is just now starting into the wide spread exposure we did a year ago…). If not Ivermectin, I posted the Quercetin / Zinc numbers and it’s all OTC in the US so ought to be over the counter in Oz too.

    I think what I’ve observed of the USA experience is that if you have something from the Zinc Ionophor list (Ivermectin, HydroxyChloroQuine, Quercetin, Quinine Water) with Zinc and a Vit-D and C supplement, you just don’t have significant problems unless on death’s door already anyway.

    (FWIW, my experience crossing “flyover country” was that everywhere from about Reno to the border of Big Eastern Democrat Ruined Cities folks are also “over it” and “moving on”. Folks are NOT bothering to do much / anything in most places. Had wonderful dinners out and nights in bars with loads of folks. From fast food to nice sit-down. Only in the Airport where Big Brother was Constantly Threatening to permanently bar you from flying were folks using masks. Even then, most were pulled as wadded up things from pockets and bags – clearly not handled such as to prevent any virus from migrating to the inside of the mask. That is, really decorative only…)

    In short: “Don’t worry, be happy” ;-) And eat more Australian lamb and drink more Australian wine! Remember that wine, especially red wine, has Quercetin in it ;-)

  12. beththeserf says:

    I will drink the red wine too, E.M. and have some Ivermectin in case!

  13. another ian says:


    Modern keyboards seem to think you often want a nearby letter too it seems – tghe being one of my usuals

  14. beththeserf says:

    Yes Ian, like ‘Governmeant is here to hell you’.

  15. philjourdan says:

    A truism of life. Liberties once given up, are never given back. They are lost forever or only won back by the blood of patriots. Oz is toast. They will never get their liberties back. The US is not much better off as Resident Grumplestiltskin is trying his hardest to make sure that draconian measures are re-implemented.

  16. E.M.Smith says:


    What “W”? ;-)


    I was much more pessimistic prior to this last road trip and the “only one” song…

    What I observed was a continent of Flyover Country, plus outside Chicago to Florida, that is “done with this crap”. On entering the Airport after 1.5 weeks of simply living regular life again, it was a shock of “Paranoia Reentry”. I saw many other people feeling it too…

    One Dad in the entry to the Security Checkpoint had to stop and open a bag to pull out a handful of crumpled masks for him and his two kids. Clearly not giving a Damn about keeping them germ free, clearly just reused and stuff in a wad. Nobody really wanting to put them on again after Florida Freedom. The Bar in Clermont with the servers once again free to be maskless and loving it. Another bar on Hwy 192 (Disney proximate hotel row) filled with folks just “Living the life”, all maskless along with the servers. In Nebraska, a Love’s Truck Stop with folks from all across the nation flowing in and out and getting dinner, hardly any masks in sight and nobody “wiping down surfaces”. Church service in Florida, no masks. etc.

    Those folks are “done with this” and attempting to push them back into the box will be very very hard to do. Now add the song…

    I really Did think I was “the only one” who was on the edge of a “Hell No!” blow up moment. Now I find out there’s a No.1 Country Charts song (even with zero radio play… that’s huge) saying “Take a bullet” for your country? I just got about 80 Million new closest friends… Texas has a process (started by someone?) to put succession in front of (some body… or vote…) and even if it is just a political stunt, it’s a huge indicator. To me that says “Push this again and we will push back, Hard.” Florida has put in law “We’re Done” and folks are moving there in droves. ( I saw more new housing construction than on any prior trip, miles and miles of it).

    So my take on it is: Yes, they will not be given back, but the People are taking them back.

    One Example: Should the USA implement some kind of Vaccine Passport, even just to fly, I will not comply. I don’t know yet if I will book a flight and become a poster child of making a fuss, or if I’ll just stop flying. I’m nearly done with flying as it is, but have a couple of more cars to move. OTOH, I can just sell 2 of them and buy new on the other end (after driving the 3rd cross country); or I could just hitchhike instead of fly or train or bus. Set up a Patriots Railroad of folks willing to share their distance drives with others. A Very Long Distance Uber, if you will. But compliance? Nope.

    My answers will range from “I don’t have a smart phone” to “I am a Sovereign American and do not need ‘Your Papers Please’ in my country. I’ll need your name, your agency name, and all available details for the Class Action Lawsuit.” Then we will see what I do. It may be just “walk away”. Or not. Don’t know yet. But I do know it will NOT be a “vaccine passport”.

  17. another ian says:


    With things like flights there would be the strategy of book, drag out the need for such and then “cancel with telling”

  18. another ian says:


    With IVM the terms I’m used to here are “drench” is by mouth, “pour-on” is by skin in concentrated form and “jet” is by skin in diluted form with sheep and absorbed in the wool grease. So, for clarity, are you using :drench” form by skin application?

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    Here, “drench” means you pour it on the back of the cattle and drench them with it. It is never by mouth. Though a quick check of the “Free online dictionary” does include a use of “by mouth” for medication, so, OK, I’ll need to allow for that confusion in discussing it.

    What I use is Cattle POUR ON NEVER IN YOUR MOUTH EVER “cattle drench” that is mostly rubbing alcohol and will cause serious gastric distress if consumed by mouth.

  20. another ian says:

    Thanks for sorting that

    Ain’t English wonderful?

  21. Annie says:

    Divided by a common language! I speak English English, have to cope here with Aussie English and online with American English!

  22. beththeserf says:

    W :) That’s an upbeat account of your trip, E.M Yes, I do the same re masks , go walking each day without wearing one, just put it on briefly when pass a gaggle of masked walkers, I wrote my last blog post on political correctness and refuse to be vaccinated against Covid,.. Fight the good fight!

  23. E.M.Smith says:


    Imagine my plight as a kid! Mum was from England so (since kids mostly learn language from Mum) I was raised as a small English Gentleman in California. We had a Moggy. The car had a Bonnet. So it goes. Dad was from Iowa, so “Standard American English”, but with an Irish Grandmum and Grandad and a German Amish Mother. So his use of English was rather a bit odd… “Drouth” instead of “Drought” and more.

    Some of Mums Cousins in Australia and a Sister in Canada…

    Then there was the TV… I watched a LOT of British TV along with ‘Merican, Canadian, and more.

    So I’m spread all over the dial on what English I speak. I usually shift dialects in about a day, and just go with whatever is local (modulo the need to learn what words are the same but with different meanings… In New Zealand at the hotel I was asked “Would you like us to knock you up in the morning?”… From a female clark to me, I realized they meant “Do you want a wake up call?”… From a male clerk to a female traveler from America? Ummm…. However, it took me a minute to realize “Would you like milk?” at check in was a solicitation to put a cup carton of milk in the fridge for morning tea and not “something else”…. (She was cute… ;-) I walked away from the hotel check in counter with said carton of milk, dispensed at check in for your room fridge… (Sadly, no “escort” to my room by the buxom lass…)

  24. another ian says:

    I eventually learned to explain that “rooting for a team” down here was physically possible but not yet really socially acceptable

  25. philjourdan says:

    @EM – I did not mean to imply that the entire population was being converted to mindless sheep. There are many who are at the “Hell NO” stage. But alas with the democrats owning the counting of ballots, the fake news, the Police and the military (now that we have a woke idiot as the top idiot there), there is only way one out. Stated above.

    The FBI is a lost cause – they only persecute conservatives. The CIA is no longer spying on other countries but on ours. The NSA is building the ESG scores. And the DOJ is in the brainwashing business.

    If Trump did nothing else but expose that, he was the most successful president ever,

  26. E.M.Smith says:


    Um, I didn’t think I was in disagreement with you…. In fact, I thought I was pointing out how many folks are NOT buying it and that The Resistance is growing and people are just taking their rights and liberties back (as you stated they must to remain a free people).

    Think of it as a “Yeah, and this too!” comment ;-)

    FWIW, I think France is about 6 months to a year ahead of the USA on this curve. They are already marching in the streets in very large numbers as their Muppet Macron is ahead of our Babbling Biden on the mandates thing. “Watch that space”…

    I’m about as mild and as middle of the road a person as you can find. I catch spiders in the house and release them unharmed outside. I think fighting over things if fundamentally stupid. I was a fricken Eagle Scout fer Crissakes… I’m much more Buddhist “be the empty vessel” and fundamentally against “hard against hard” conflict. Yet I am now at The Wall. So I absolutely know a whole lot of the kinds of folks with whom I grew up are definitely at the “Meet my friends, Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson…” stage. When I’m at the “Here, and no further.” point, they are well past it.

    Frankly, my biggest “fear” (really a strong worry…) is that Biden, China, and the Dims are so out of touch with Real America that they will NOT back off and stop the stupidity until their actually IS an “insurrection” (complete with guns and death). Should we ever reach that point, it will be well before I am ready to participate, so I’m pretty sure my “Highest and best use” will be making secure communications “go” and working in the “Aid Station” (or perhaps the medical chem lab making medicines and sterilizing procedures). Yet I find myself “checking stock” on things like bullet molds, primers, powder, etc. And wondering what it takes to buy a bullet resistant vest (NOT “proof” no vest is bullet proof)…

    IF they are so stupid as to think the 500 or so who were “on the steps and lawn” in 1-6 are somehow evil and that if they just “make an example of them” it will dissuade others, they are extraordinarily wrong and stupid. I was there, and expedited THREE TIMES to join in the “action on the steps” and “we have a door open” and such. My “spidey sense” tripped (these folks just did NOT come across like “Trump Folks” as I’d been in a sea of thousands for about 8 hours at the Trump Speech 1.8 miles away… so had a good sample) and I thought “This feels like a trap” even while I thought it could be “exciting” to participate in the “action” they were pushing. Folks of lesser SysAdmin Caution Experience would be likely caught up in the moment. After All, we had MONTHS of precedent that “Peaceful Protests” including firebombs, clubs, knife attacks, pepper / bear spray, “Autonomous Zones” and even firearms in said zones resulted in dismissed charges.

    If these folks are not afforded proper “Due Process” and given proper bail et. al. pretty damn soon, all the Dims will have achieve is creating 500+ Martyrs To The Cause. Those folks are already about 9/10 ths of the way to Martyr Status. ( I’ve already shifted from “Always cooperate with police and authorities” to “no fricking way am I giving you anything about anyone”.)

    So now they are having hard core “Shoot them all let God sort them out” prosecution at the Federal Level in the District of Criminals… What this will do (has done?) is harden the hearts of MILLIONS against them. They flew their colors, and now we know them. For ye shall known them by their deeds… At this point, I would not shed a single tear if any / all of the Democrats and RINOs in Congress died of Covid-19, or in a plane crash or by any other means. I’d just think “Well, that saves a lot of bother” and open a nice celebratory bottle of beverage.

    This is BEFORE the “Show Trials” even begin…

    The Globalist Cabal have decided “This is their moment” to push it all to the wall. I’m already decided this is my moment to help stop that. Only questions are where, when and how. “This far, and No Further!” So I hope to dear God they realize that this is NOT going to end well if they continue to “push it”.

    America is over 1/2 of German ancestry and a similar sized batch of Celtic / British ancestry. That’s not a group that just accepts domination by slime.

    We are also largely a self selected cohort who already said “NO!” once before and / or were willing to travel half a world to escape their stupidity. We are not the sheep who stayed at home.

  27. YMMV says:

    YT is sending me videos of huge floods and overflowing dams in China and at the same time sending me videos of Xi reviewing his troops, perfectly calm and totally in control. Japan and Oz should worry. The threat of nukes is there, but the show is perhaps more persuasive. See the clips in this video.

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