Novavax – Is It New Enough? Moths Between You And mRNA

There’s new Vaccine coming. Novavax.

It uses mRNA tech, and creates Spike Proteins, but puts the mRNA into a culture of Moth Cells, then purifies and separates the resultant spike proteins to make the vaccine.

My question is simple:

Will this fix enough of the “problems” of the mRNA direct injection to be “worth it”, and will that make it safe enough to be something I’d take?

First off, not having the spike protein created by my own cells will mean a more deterministic quantity will be injected. Individual variation in lifetime of mRNA and number of transcriptions will be eliminated.

Second, there is no chance for prolonged replication inside your body. You get the jab, and that’s it.

The Spike Protein will be more effectively localized to the injection site. (One small scrap of nano-particle mRNA drifting off to, say, a liver cell, can create a lot of S spike particles there and will also present them in the context of a liver cell membrane). Further, they spike protein will not be presented on the surface of your cells adjacent to your cellular proteins, but will be a free floating thing. IMHO this means far less chances for an Auto-Immune response to the combined “spike+you” presentation.

Fourth, it does not contain PEG PolyEthylene Glycol. A substance that many people react to with an allergic response as it is in many cosmetic and personal care items, so lots of exposure.

Overall, I’m thinking it will be a major improvement in safety. But will it be enough?

Downside? It still focuses on the Spike Protein so still consists of the part that changes the most and causes the damage.–FINAL.pdf

Breaking News

Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Demonstrates 89.3% Efficacy in UK Phase 3 Trial

First to Demonstrate Clinical Efficacy Against COVID-19 and Both UK and South Africa Variants

• Strong efficacy in Phase 3 UK trial with over 50% of cases attributable to the now-predominant UK variant and the remainder attributable to COVID-19 virus

• Clinical efficacy demonstrated in Phase 2b South Africa trial with over 90% of sequenced cases attributable to prevalent South Africa escape variant

It goes through a lot more about the trials and includes pretty pictures of the Spike Protein atomic model. This bit about South Africa had me wondering (I’ve bolded the troubling bit):

Prior COVID-19 Infection with Original Strain May Not Provide
Protection Against South Africa 501Y.V2 Escape Variant

• Nearly 1/3 of study participants had prior COVID-19 infection

• COVID-19 case rate in placebo group not impacted by baseline
anti-spike serostatus

• NVX-CoV2373 first vaccine with clinical data on protection
against 501Y.V2 escape variant

Sooo… If I’m reading that right, the South African escape variant is happy to infect folks who already had Chinese Wuhan Covid once before. No?

So the vaccines have selected for a mutant with greater powers that now is novel enough to infect those already immune to the original. That’s how I read it. I hope that’s not correct.

There’s 27 total pages, if you want more, hit the link.

Novavax has created a fourth COVID-19 vaccine using moth cells and tree bark. Instead of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna) or a viral vector vaccine (Johnson & Johnson), Novavax is a subunit protein vaccine.

Infectious diseases expert Diana Florescu, MD, led the phase 3 clinical trial of the Novavax vaccine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). “Diversity in vaccine production helps increase the number of patients vaccinated,” says Dr. Florescu. “Some might not accept mRNA vaccines, while others may be allergic to certain ingredients.”

For example, some are allergic to polyethylene glycol (PEG), an ingredient in the mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) vaccines. There’s no polyethylene glycol (PEG) in Novavax.

How does the Novavax vaccine work?
The Novavax COVID-19 vaccine contains a protein (made using moth cells) plus an adjuvant (made from tree bark). An adjuvant is an ingredient added to boost a person’s immune response, creating higher levels of antibodies.

The Novavax vaccine uses a telltale piece of the coronavirus: the notorious spike protein. All alone, the spike protein is harmless and can’t cause COVID-19. When your immune system encounters the lonely spike protein, it produces antibodies against it. This gives you protection against future COVID-19 infection.

“Unlike mRNA vaccines, the spike protein is already premade in the Novavax vaccine. It’s a shortcut,” explains Dr. Florescu. “All the synthesis happens outside the body and we just give the end product: the spike protein.”

Like other COVID-19 vaccines, Novavax does not cause COVID-19 infection. It can’t get you sick. This vaccine doesn’t contain either live or inactivated virus.

How did they get the spike protein?
The Novavax method uses moth cells to make spike proteins:

Researchers select the desired genes that create certain SARS-CoV-2 antigens (spike protein).
Researchers put the genes into a baculovirus, an insect virus.
The baculovirus infects moth cells and replicates inside them.
These moth cells create lots of spike proteins.
Researchers extract and purify the spike proteins.
“The Novavax vaccine has no genetic material, only proteins,” says Dr. Florescu. “The vaccine technology is more traditional, and it’s very similar to a protein-based influenza vaccine.”

Influenza vaccines have also used this moth cell factory method.

What does the adjuvant (soapbark tree extract) do?
Adjuvants increase the immune response to a vaccine. In this vaccine, soapbark tree extract adjuvant makes achieving immunity possible with a smaller dose of the spike protein.

Matrix-M is the adjuvant used by Novavax. It is based on a saponin extracted from the soapbark tree (Quillaja saponaria). The soapbark extract encourages immune cells to activate, generating a more potent immune response.

Saponins are found naturally in various plant species like beans and green peas. They’re used in agriculture, animal feeds, veterinary vaccines and human food. Saponins can boost immune responses to proteins. Using the Matrix-M adjuvant, a smaller dose of spike protein achieves the desired immune response.

See how well the Novavax vaccine performed in phase 3 clinical trials here.

I’m somewhat more willing to accept Soap Bark Tree extract as an adjuvant (since folks could get it in a cut naturally anyway) and at least it isn’t graphene (a Chinese Paper shows it works as an adjuvant) or Aluminium.

It is still missing any capsule proteins so will still have issues with S protein mutations and vaccine escape, but short of actually getting the disease I’m not seeing a lot of options right now.

So what do you’all think: Is this “better enough” to be worth the jab? Or not?

I’m thinking it addresses most of my personal concerns.

I have high allergic response to “crap”, and especially a lot of “bathroom crap” sets me off, so that might be PEG.

I have a bit of auto-immune issues already (mild arthritis) so don’t want to poke that Auto-Immune bear with Spike proteins presenting on my own cell surfaces.

I tend to a bit of idiosyncratic metabolism and I’d not want to discover that my particular quirks included slow mRNA degradation and prolonged spike protein production.

Looks to me like this one addresses all of those, while also covering more “variants”.

My only residual concern is that the Spike Protein IS the damaging agent. OTOH, it ought to be kept more localized to the injection site (no ‘wandering mRNA’) and is of a fixed and minimal quantity.

For more, see here:

About Novavax
We are committed to delivering novel products that leverage our innovative proprietary recombinant nanoparticle vaccine technology to prevent a broad range of infectious diseases. We produce vaccine candidates to efficiently and effectively respond to both known and emerging disease threats.

Recombinant Nanoparticle Vaccine Technology
Our recombinant nanoparticle vaccine technology combines the power and speed of genetic engineering to efficiently produce a new class of highly immunogenic particles that target a variety of viral pathogens. Our recombinant vaccine engineering takes a new approach to provide robust and functional immunity, which may be more efficacious than naturally occurring immunity or traditional vaccines. Using innovative proprietary recombinant nanoparticle vaccine technology, we produce vaccine candidates to efficiently and effectively respond to both known and emerging disease threats.
Promote superior immunogenicity and better functional immunity via our Sf9/BV insect cell platform to efficiently express large antigens and particles.

Ability to manufacture and produce proteins that are properly folded and modified, which can be critical for functional, protective immunity.
Matrix-M™ adjuvant technology stimulates strong responses
Novavax’ saponin-based Matrix-M improves immune responses and enables vaccine dose-sparing.

Matrix-M adjuvant is a valuable component of vaccine development, providing multiple immune system enhancements, a well-understood mechanism of action, and robust clinical experience where it was shown to be well tolerated in human studies to date.

Further down that panel, in a part that does not let me do ‘copy paste’ so is likely an image, it says:

Increases neutralizing antibodies and induces long lasting memory B cells which enhance B-cell and recruit and increase the the frequency of CD4+ and CD8+ T Cells that enhance T-cell immunity.

That’s missing in the Pfizer / Moderna set.

But is it true?

Only time and deaths can tell.

But at least they are saying all the right things.

Bang it around. See what makes sense and what’s daft. Does it survive close scrutiny by a pack of Scruiteneers? Or is this just another case of the “Triumph of Hope over Experience?”

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136 Responses to Novavax – Is It New Enough? Moths Between You And mRNA

  1. Double on Tundra says:

    It’s the one that I have been telling people I am waiting for.

    With that said, I still won’t rush to the head of the line.

    Could have a good future as a booster shot that doesn’t add to the mRNA burdens.

  2. Ossqss says:

    How long does it take to make a Vaxx in the past?

  3. YMMV says:

    • Nearly 1/3 of study participants had prior COVID-19 infection

    huh? I hope somebody reads up on this and explains this bizarre info.

    • COVID-19 case rate in placebo group not impacted by baseline
    anti-spike serostatus

    huh? There’s got to be a story here.

    I’m all for letting the moths do the heavy lifting, but either some of these quotes date from earlier more innocent times or they are no so innocently misleading.

    “All alone, the spike protein is harmless and can’t cause COVID-19.”

    Harmless because it does not cause Covid or totally harmless? I think we know better.

    “respond to both known and emerging disease threats”

    How exactly does a vaccine produced today respond to future “threats”?

    Why is Novavax delaying asking for approval?

  4. Mostly Harmless?

    Ah, this is obviously some strange usage of the word ‘safe’ that I wasn’t previously aware of.

    Douglas Adams

  5. David A says:

    Zero chance for me without knowing far far more. And even then, why? when we have the cure, we have a vaccine tested by 3.5 billion doses…

    India and Ivermectin, 240 million people, only 10% vaccinated
    .01% positive. ( WOW, what, say it again only 11 positive tests in 226000 tested over the last two days. ). Only 211 active cases!
    Way better then any vaccine. Zero need for novel vaccines.

  6. jim2 says:

    Having had the mRNA shots with no apparent problems, this would make a good booster shot, I’m thinking. Also, immunity will probably fall off at about the same rate as for mRNA ones.

    If anyone has any credible info that the isolated, deactivated spike (engineered to prevent conformal changes) causes any problem, please post a link. And if it’s from a financial planner who quit at a drug company, don’t bother.

  7. David A says:

    Jim, Israel leads the world in percent with booster shots. Folk count percentages in funny ways. At any rate with Israel has 85 to 95 percent of their over 30 population double vaxed and most of those triple vaxed. Their positive percentage at, I think it was, 6.9 percent, is about 68 times greater then India’s largest most densely populated state which only has 211 active cases and .01 percent positive. Zero vaccines for Covid have come close to doing what Ivermectin has done in India. Every single time I have looked up your “doing well” vaccinated examples, they were from states or nations late to the jab party compared to Israel and other failed jab nations.

    Who makes this deactivated spike?

  8. David A says:

    Not sure I have seen any financial planners that quit drug companies disparage the spike protein. I have seen lots of highly qualified experts do so however.

  9. David A says:

    Only about 20 percent of the UAE vaccinated has reached the six month mark.
    Only about 10 percent of Malta residents have reached the 6 month mark.

  10. jim2 says:

    David A – Do you have any links?

    The mRNA spikes have been modified such that they can’t change conformation. When a real, viral spike docks to ACE2, it then changes configuration so that the virus can enter the cell. The mRNA vaccine spikes are immobilized – they can’t do that.

  11. cdquarles says:

    I would agree with our host, in that this one seems to be more influenza vaccine-like, so may have fewer problems overall. I would be more likely to take this one, if needed.

  12. Simon Derricutt says:

    “Mostly harmless”…. Thanks, Philip!

    If the spikes are modified so that they can’t enter cells, but otherwise look enough like the real spikes for antibodies that fit them to also fit the real spikes, then maybe this will work safely until the spike mutates too far. Still, if I’m reading this right, it looks like the wild virus has already mutated too far and will escape this vaccine.

    Like the other vaccines (vexxines) this only produces antibodies in the blood, and so the virus can still multiply in the nasal passages – a vaccinated person can still get infected and infectious, and this is a non-sterilising vaccine. As such, it’s not going to stop transmission, and won’t stop the virus, but gives some protection to the vaccinee. Like the vexxines, it will produce selection pressure for a variant that escapes it.

    Still, probably safer than the others. We won’t really know until it gets put into enough peoples’ arms.

    You’d think that the vaccine manufacturers should be aiming for a sterilising vaccine that’s a nasal spray, and thus produces antibodies in the nasal passages that inactivate the virus there. You’d also expect that they’d be aiming at the parts of the virus that don’t mutate rapidly, too. As we’ve been following this story for quite a while, we’ve picked up some of the standard stuff that virologists know, and the main vaccine aims seem to go against those basics, almost as if they were designed to fail and to cause more damage than the disease.

    Dr. Kendrick has a new post out that looks useful. . He was forced to accept the vexxine, and decided to take Aspirin for a month after to protect against clotting. Maybe if he’d known then what we know now he’d have dosed up on Ivermectin, too…. CDQ’s link to Colleen Huber’s paper on substack noted that Ivermectin inactivates the spike, and for both EM and I that stuck out as a way to avoid the spike damage from the vexxine if you are forced to have it for some reason. Still maybe the problem from the PEG adjuvant for EM at least, though.

    Does the Novavax still depress the immune system for a couple of weeks or so after the jab, and thus make people more susceptible for that time? Noting that the hospital/death figures are quoted as “unvaxxed” for people who’ve had one or two jabs but where it’s not yet beyond that two-week waiting period, and that during that period they’re more likely to get ill from any passing bug and that that bug is more likely to be Covid than anything else right now, that depression of the immune system seem pretty important. Strange, really, since because of that two-week hiatus in protection it used to be the rule that you don’t vaccinate during a pandemic – implies that you get that same hiatus for any vaccination, not just the vexxines.

  13. cdquarles says:

    Well, that article you linked raised memories that I had when cardiovascular disease was considered an inflammatory consequence; and before the “cholesterol is bad” fad, eliding over the fact that cholesterol is an acute phase reactant in an inflammatory response, and but one of them. “Funny” that what’s old becomes new again, given enough time.

    I have personal experience with this, since as a child I had scarlet fever (complement deposition in small blood vessels such that they rupture, and these are noticed when it is the skin that is involved), and then as a middle-aged person developed first ulcerative colitis then pyoderma gangrenosum. The vascular involvement there was the peripheral blood vessels feeding my legs. It is now 3 years since I had a thromboembolic event and subsequent angioplasties and stent insertion in both legs not quite 2 years ago.

    Oh, lest I forget, one of the common things that family members have died from is cerebrovascular disease and less so from cardiovascular disease. One uncle got rheumatic fever as a child, and has heart disease from it. He has a pacemaker. He’s in his 10th decade of life now. I have a few other relatives that are also 90+. One centenarian that I know of, who died in the 1960s, if I am remembering correctly. If I make it to 90+, I will consider that a blessing; even if the rest of society is falling apart.

    About reduction in lymphocytes post-vaccination, yes, that may occur with any vaccination; and also may occur during a natural infection.

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    I’m looking at a vaccine mostly for a “Check Box Requirement”. We’re planning and implementing a move across the country that will likely require a few trips (or I toss a LOT of money at movers). Things like getting spousal car out there AND my car out there AND driving a load of stuff myself.

    In between each of those is “fly back”. Faucci & Biden GEB Friends are pushing for a vexxine mandate to fly…

    Present “contingency plan” is to just toss money at a moving company and a car moving company. But that ends up in the $1500+ per car where fly/drive is about $500… So IF there’s a relatively side effect free “check box” option, I might do it.

    Similarly, it could fix the issue with employment requirements (though I don’t need to be employed).


    Nice point about aspirin. I’ll bank that one.

    My “plan”, should it become necessary to take a jab, is to load up on Ivermectin the day before, and then “top up” the day of (on the assumption that some of the blood level has bound to spikes and is out of commission for new spikes) and continue to do that any day there is “symptoms” up to about 7 days (well shy of the 20 days of doses that’s 1/2 the limit dose).

    I think I’ll add a “daily aspirin” to the plan too…


    I’ve got a family history of 90-somethings too, yet my parents checked out in the 60-70 range. (Smoking / cancer, Colon cancer). So I’m careful about “environmental exposure” to bad junk.

    I can see why you would be careful about blood clotting issues. Best of luck on that… we appreciate your knowledge and insights here and want to keep you around a few more decades ;-)

  15. jim2 says:

    FWIW –
    New Missouri COVID Whistleblower: HOSPITALS are LYING to the public about COVID… and I CAN PROVE IT

  16. John Hultquist says:

    … using moth cells and tree bark.

    The history of these in biomedical research must be . . . What?
    Amazing, serendipitous, enlightening, involved Ayahuasca or Psilocybin Mushrooms, and lots of funding.

    The moth connection is even more strange:
    ” … cells from the ovaries of the moth …”
    _ _ _ _ _ _
    Change topic: Flu shot season
    I’ve gotten a flu shot in September for many years.
    There seems to be little promotion about this, this year.
    Except the 2021 version vaccines will be quadrivalent (four component).
    These are identified as inactivated influenza vaccines [IIV4s], recombinant influenza vaccine [RIV4], or live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV4).

    No preference is expressed for any influenza vaccine over another.

    I wonder who decides? Go to Fred Meyer – get shot A. Go to Walgreens – get shot B. And so on. Is it a crap shoot?

  17. E.M.Smith says:

    I forget where I saw it, but saw an analysis of Flu Shot effectiveness that basically concluded it didn’t do a damn thing net-net. Mostly from almost never matching the version that circulates and that most folks have an Original Antigenic Sin production of whatever antibody they first made thing going on, so the flu shot doesn’t give you new antibodies to the new one anyway.

    Something like that… Needs a bit of a Dig Here! but I’m busy for a few days…

    Personally, I’ve had one flu shot in my life, about 5 years ago, and it didn’t do anything that I could tell. Last flu I had was about 1989 and it wasn’t that bad. (Fever, fatigue, etc. as usual)

  18. cdquarles says:

    Main thing with flu shots is limiting secondary bacterial pneumonia, which is a major killer. The influenza, itself, isn’t usually a big deal; unless you have an impaired immune system.

  19. cdquarles says:

    Oh, here, getting a flu shot in September may be too early and you get last year’s version. Better to wait a bit. Our flu season tends to be later anyway, as in December or January; and if it is Influenza B, that peaks in late winter or early spring.

  20. jim2 says:

    I’ve gotten a flue shot every year for a couple of decades at least. The ‘antigenic sin’ thing is interesting, and a dig here. However, there was one flu shot that gave me a mild fever and aches the night of the shot. I’m thinking my immune system “saw” something it didn’t recognize and reacted to it. So maybe the flu bits have to be similar enough to that original exposure for the AS thing to kick in.

  21. David A says:

    Jim says, “David A – Do you have any links?”

    Well yes, I linked from your post. I looked at those graphics and subtracted a bit.
    ( The graphics showed total jabs, and total population, and requirement for 100 percent of population to have two jabs). So the mild subtraction from the graphics in your link was based on the fact that a percentage of the population only had one jab. I tend to be over generous in my WAGS AGAINST the point I am making. In the early ramp up of most populations the percentages of people with only one jab was fairly high.

  22. jim2 says:

    David A. Looks like the good Dr. Cole lifted those images from someone else’s paper:

  23. jim2 says:

    David A.

    Here is a rebuttal of Dr. Cole’s take on the spike protein. The details are important.

  24. Ossqss says:

    They are gonna need some big Moths if this proved legit!

  25. jim2 says:

    David A. – One of the main points is at the bottom of the rebuttal. The nature of the spike protein in question was not detailed in the paper. And …

    My concerns aside, let’s look at the experiments. The authors took pseudovirus or mock virus and instilled it into the tracheas of Syrian hamsters, three animals per experimental group. Another aspect of this study caught my eye, namely the amount of virus used, 5 x 108 pfu. For those of you not knowing what “pfu” stands for, it stands for “plaque-forming units.” Basically it’s a measure of the number of viable virus particles, virus particles that can infect cells and cause a plaque on a confluent layer of cells. That’s half a billion particles, far, far more of a viral challenge than the amount of virus launching any “natural” infection by SARs-CoV-2.

    And from one of the authors of the hamster paper:
    i’m going to give a full response asap. but quickly for the record:
    1) the (relatively) small amount of spike protein produced by the mRNA vaccine would not be nearly enough to do any damage
    2) i happily got the mRNA vaccine, FWIW
    3) i encourage everyone to get it

    The nature of the spike used in the hamster study isn’t clear. If it allows the psudo-virus to enter the cell, it IS NOT a mRNA vaccine-produced spike.

  26. YMMV says:

    The rebuttal of Dr. Cole’s take on the spike protein starts like this:

    Specific narratives of antivaccine misinformation about any given vaccine generally consist of a combination of a subset (or all) of the following elements. First, of course, the narrative must, as all antivaccine narratives do, include a conspiracy theory, such as efforts by “them” (e.g., the government, big pharma) are trying to keep “The Truth” about vaccines from the public. Second, that “truth” about the vaccine, according to antivaccine narratives, is that it is dangerous—and preferably ineffective as well.

    1. conspiracy theory. check, there is one. no doubt about that.
    2. the vaccine is dangerous. right, we know it is. We might not agree on exactly how dangerous, but enough so that it should not be forced on anyone. And we know that the vaccines work — for a few months at least. hah.

    So that is as far as I read. I’m not interested in he said she said, is too is not, your mother wears combat boots arguments.

    Highlight of the day: an op-ed pointed out that no sooner did Kamala say “My body, my choice” than Hunter’s dad said “your body, my choice”.

    And Dr. John is in good form too, as he goes through the new “weird” announcement by Australian authorities banning IVM.

  27. jim2 says:

    YMMV – yes, I was disappointed at the use of ‘anti-vaxers’ etc. But the meat of his argument below that is valid. The lung tissue study is mostly meaningless and even one of the authors got the jab. So there’s that.

  28. jim2 says:

    When it comes to abortion, I always think “The baby’s body is not YOUR body!”

  29. jim2 says:

    I am gobsmacked and wrong! I have been laboring under the assumption that the spike protein was presented on the surface of cells. That is not the case. The spike protein is first cut up and then the PIECES are presented! In addition to that, almost all spike protein that is produced, is destroyed. Almost none of it escapes the cell in one piece!!! Two shockers.

    After learning this, I am very much less concerned about spike proteins gallivanting around my body. It is a real eye opener!!

  30. jim2 says:

    So now, there was a discussion a while back about the S1 sub-unit. It is detectable in plasma. So what damage can it do?

  31. YMMV says:

    And then there was Novavax, which does inject the spike protein directly into your body, for better or worse. Before the Covid vaccines, some things were thought to be safe because they couldn’t think of how bad things could happen. And then they did. The usual lack of imagination. On the other hand, most people do not die from the vaccine (yeah, that’s a low bar). “mostly harmless” (as quoted above). But there is enough doubt that nobody should be forced to get these vaccines. Especially by politicians and other morons.

  32. E.M.Smith says:


    Oh Noes! Da Mothra Shot vs The Pfodzilla Shot, war for the world! ;-)

    Now off to watch the videos above before starting the Lamb for Australia Friday (and doing the posting… BUT, I’m ahead of schedule! I’m already drinking the wine!!! ;-)

  33. Paul, Somerset says:

    “The spike protein is first cut up and then the PIECES are presented…”

    Would that explain why the proportion of non-neutralizing to neutralizing antibodies rises in the weeks following injection? The antibodies produced might be specific to only that one section of the spike protein, and thus at greater risk of failure when presented with a mutated spike protein of the virus in the wild.

    (Just speculating – happy to be shown that I’ve misunderstood the process.)

  34. jim2 says:

    PS – It would depend on how the various protein grinders macerate the spike, I’m thinking.

  35. Paul, Somerset says:

    I commented on another thread yesterday about plunging lymphocyte levels in people during the first 14 days post-vaccination, both with the Covid injections and and the flu vaccines. And that this is the reason why they are anxious to restrict “vaccinated” status only to people 14 days or more post-injection. (page 8)

    The following link (quite brief) shows figures for the resultant increase in Covid infections in those 14 days compared to the unvaccinated. And it makes the point that not only does this sleight of hand reduce the number of infections in the vaccinated column, it simultaneously increases the number in the unvaccinated one by the same amount.

  36. E.M.Smith says:


    That Dr. John Vid is wonderful. The typical British “slander via faint praise and “not understanding” was strong in him today ;-)

    I’ve got several “Razors” I use (rules of thumb for sorting out the muddied and unsortable). One is “look for the negative space” (what ought to be but is not – like promotion of therapeutics by Official Medicine. We’ve got ZERO other than Big Pharma Remdesivir that’s at best so-so…) and another is “Are They Reliably 100% Wrong?” which has been the case for all things Ivermectin from TPTB.

    BTW, in the USA there’s a push to “ration” monoclonal antibodies in the South from The Feds. Why? Because it is working as a therapeutic… and they want to punish those States that do not do only what the DNC (nee Soros & GEBs) dictate…

    So at this point, given those rules that have worked wonderfully over decades in a great many fields: It looks to me like Australia has just given a Giant RINGING ENDORSEMENT of Ivermectin!

    The degree to which “IF They BAN it it must be good!” has been proved up as right is a startling thing at this point. That’s the thing about Institutionalized Evil, once you realize it has infested a place, it can’t Not-Be-Evil, so the opposite of what they advocate/demand/ban is typically 100% right. It’s a beautiful thing, that is, having a reliable counter indicator 8-)

  37. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “That’s the thing about Institutionalized Evil, once you realize it has infested a place, it can’t Not-Be-Evil, so the opposite of what they advocate/demand/ban is typically 100% right.”

    Looks like some other people are starting to use the four letter “E-word”.

    Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three is “we are under attack”. How many are we up to now? So many that this is not even an attack, this is an undeclared war, call it World War Vee. I always thought that any more World Wars would be fought with nukes. Looks like memes and propaganda are the new neutron bombs. Kill the people but leave the buildings standing.

  38. Bob K says:

    I rarely comment, just lurk. Watched your link and found it to be a very good video presented in an informative format. It reinforces the opinion I’ve had for a very long time. Power and money is running a big-con for a flu like disease.

  39. Ossqss says:

    So, Lemme see if I got this right,. Florida deaths went off a cliff since they setup antibody treatment facilities last month, so now Biden is gonna ration it?

    DeSantis is a step ahead again..Going direct to the source, as there is plenty stock out there.

    That is a big tell in my book.

  40. Jay says:

    Yeah, I have pretty much the same concerns as you, down to the autoimmune disease, so am waiting for this one too.

  41. E.M.Smith says:


    Just read your “evil” link. Yup. I came to that conclusion several months ago (year?…).

    I’ve even come up with a modification of Hanlon’s Razor from it. (Hanlon’s Razor being “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”)

    Politicians are not stupid, therefore actions are not adequately explained by it. So:
    “For government and political actions, the result is what was desired.”

    And a corollary:

    “For political actions: Attribute to malice that which is inadequately explained by stupidity”.

    Unfortunately, it “works a champ” and every thing done “makes sense” in that light.

    I’ve now taken to saying “They did FOO because they wanted BAR to happen, that was their goal. They want to destroy America and American freedom and this is just part of the plan and process.” So far, nothing done by the Dimocrats, GEBs et. al. has failed to fit that model.

    But I guess it is shorter to just say “Because they are evil”… ;-)


    Yup. “If it works, they will ban it” seems to fit anything coming from D.C., the U.N. or any State government run by a Democrat. The Dims seem to think people want the crap (lockdowns, jabs, mandates, restrictions) and Gov. Neusance ran on that platform. Now that the Vote Manufacture Machine has re-installed him, the rest of the Dims will think that’s the way to go.

  42. Pingback: Friends Of Australia Friday: 17 September 2021 | Musings from the Chiefio

  43. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “But I guess it is shorter to just say “Because they are evil”… ;-)”

    Shorter, sweeter — and in my opinion, a VERY IMPORTANT step. Why? Because all of us — even when we resist the tendency, show normalcy bias. That normalcy bias is what kills people in burning buildings, sinking boats, and people who find odd lumps under their skin which they ignore. We are paralyzed from action because often, very often, it was not as big a deal as we thought, and after all, everything turned out OK didn’t it? And the people who did NOT have it turn out OK are seldom here to advise us otherwise… When we refuse to call what is demonstrably evil “evil” we are like the person who ignores that lump.

    We have been fortunate to live in a nation which mostly, at least locally, has been under the rule of law. We still think that the people in charge are like us, are reasonably honest and have our best interest in mind. Even when we think otherwise, we tell ourselves that “the courts will fix this” or “we’ll vote him out NEXT TIME”, etc. History tells us that at some point in a country’s life those rules may fail. We have arguably passed the “Jews must wear a yellow star” stage since some locations ruled that “vaxxed may be unmasked, but unvaxxed must wear the cloth”. We are perhaps close but not quite at the “Jews must shut their business” stage. We are definitely not at the “Jews must get on the cattle cars for relocation phase” or the “Jews must walk into the showers phase” — so please do not think I am shouting that we will have death camps next Tuesday. I am not. But the fact is, we are pointing in that direction, slowly, bit by bit, mandate by mandate. The only way to stop the train from going over the fallen bridge is to stop it BEFORE the train reaches the bridge. It is important that more people respond NOW, and realize that we are no longer in a state of “business as usual” while we still have time. There were a couple hundred thousand people who showed up in DC on January the 6th who thought our courts and government were still under the “business as usual” scenario. Many of them are in solitary confinement. People need to stop with the idea that this will resolve itself and start saying out loud that “these people are evil.”

    Sorry for the rant.

  44. YMMV says:

    “all of us — even when we resist the tendency, show normalcy bias”

    @The True Nolan, very good points. There is a book about the “default to truth”. Although that phrase is misleadingly short. It is short for “we like to believe that the people that we like are telling the truth and we like to believe that the people we don’t like are liars”. The book is by Malcolm Gladwell, who you probably already like or dislike. Whatever, in this book he makes a very believable case for his theory.

    This is what Mr. Gladwell, in his new book, “Talking to Strangers,” calls “default to truth.” Human beings are by nature trusting — of people, technology, everything. Often, we’re too trusting, with tragic results. But if we didn’t suppress thoughts of worst-case scenarios, we’d never leave the house. We definitely wouldn’t go on dating apps or invest in stocks or let our kids take gymnastics.


    Take his Bernie Madoff example — one guy thought something was fishy, but he couldn’t convince anyone. Or his Amanda Knox example — she was weird in some ways, and so everybody “knew” she was guilty even against all evidence. For his Jerry Sandusky example, I think he gives him too much benefit of any doubt — but my mind is made up, so I am biased, even after reading the book.

    We can supply lots of examples ourselves, of overenthusiastic unquestioning belief in the system even when it is obviously bonkers. WHO? FDA? Fauci? Biden????

  45. E.M.Smith says:


    Don’t be sorry for it, it was a very good rant!

    Yeah, I’m over the BAU Normal thing. (Business As Usual). I’m at about “We know the Federal government is an illegal usurpation and the DNC is directing all Democrat Governors & Mayors to get on board with it too” and clearly Taking Orders from the same folks issuing the same orders in the EU, Canada, Australia and the UK. I’m just hoping there will be a decent enough result from the rest of the country here to not have the whole thing collapse.

    I’m thinking that from Texas to the Free State Of Florida ought to be OK. Mississippi is something like 40% Black and they are not on board with this experimental shot, so figure it’s going to be OK from Texas to Florida too.

    Taking a family test ride in a 38 foot Newmar this weekend, preparatory to buying an RV and loading it up for an escape to rural anonymous Red State country. I figure it will take about 4 weeks to be “Outta Here”, but maybe sooner if things start going pear shaped. (We could just hop in the car and be “over the border” in about 8 hours if need be, with “movers” assigned to just ship all the “stuff” later, and buy an RV in Texas or Florida or… but don’t really want to do this on a Bug Out Plan if an orderly move is possible).

    As of next week I’m ready, willing, and able to just throw money at a solution and be done in anywhere from 2 days to a week, but if things are cool, taking more time to do it more efficiently.

    In about 2 months I expect the “escape by sea” part to be in place as well ;-) Don’t expect to need it, but don’t want to be without it … (Yes, I’ve studied my history of the Dane’s and Dutch helping folks exit Europe that way…) I figure, worst case, I can float around the Caribbean somewhere that accepts cash for discretion…

    Oh, and another Odd Thought:

    Highly unlikely, but… you gotta have a plan for everything…

    IFF for God Only Knows what reason, crossing State Lines is a problem, I load up the 4 x 4 and “vacation” in Mexico… Taking that long road along the border until I cross back in Texas… We have family in Texas… Or, if bizarre enough in the USA, just toodle on down and tour South America. Always wanted to tour there, and speak Spanish well enough to get by.

    I do NOT expect to do any of that “over the border” or “on the water” stuff, but IF you can’t and need to, that’s a lot worse than “can and don’t need to”… I mostly expect an entirely uneventful move as “normal”… but I’m not biased to it ;-)

  46. cdquarles says:

    Yes. “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, particularly if there isn’t a good way to get it”.

  47. The True Nolan says:

    Not sure whether someone else has already posted this video of former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon. He continues to raise a warning against the ongoing official mandates. Poor guy sounds like he is approaching despair. He calls for Nuremberg Two trials for those responsible.

  48. Ossqss says:

    I had an interesting conversation tonight.

    I will pose the same question here.

    What is the difference between getting the Vaxx vs the Antibody treatments as needed?

    There ya go! :-)

  49. Ossqss says:

    Follow up question #2,

    We are in process of producing a Vaxx pill. Can we make an antibody pill?

    “Honey,,,, I have some covid symptoms starting, can you get me a Covinol please. ” >

  50. Ossqss says:

    I can’t stop my mouse>>>

  51. Ossqss says:

    Oh Well, make it “round the bases” try at this point >>>

    Where do you stand on the song?

  52. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, in “The Theme” as it is unfolding…

    Would I, could I… Um, not as they do, but…

    Is it “That time” yet? No I do not think so. However I do think it is time to prepare for that time. (OTOH I always think it is time to be prepared for anything, so maybe it is just a “Me Thing”…)

  53. E.M.Smith says:


    Where do I stand on that song? I lay down under it :-)

    (Doesn’t everyone know that Girl On Top is ‘special’?)

  54. E.M.Smith says:

    BTW: Ossqss, your mouse has certain liberties guaranteed by the constitution or being a thing or just humans with a brain not giving a damn or the A.I. Laws (that have not been written yet but SiFy has shown the way… ) so, just roll with it, OK? I’ll not judge your A.I. mouse and will give it a few Human Pets to settle it a bit, if needed….

    /sarc; for the sarc / and comedy impaired.

  55. H.R. says:

    The True Nolan says:
    17 September 2021 at 8:02 pm
    @EM: “But I guess it is shorter to just say “Because they are evil”… ;-)”

    (Plus the rest.)👍

    I’m pretty sure the acronym ‘GEB’ popped up here on E.M.’s blog first. I have seen it elsewhere, but Globalist (or Greedy) Evil Bastard was coined here. I’m fairly certain of that.

    The emphasis is on ‘Evil’ and Globalist or Greedy or both is “Apply as needed.”

    Good rant, sir. I’m with you 100%.

  56. H.R. says:

    @E.M. re motor coach or something, anything…

    The Mrs. and I have had that type of conversation.

    We have a truck, a 5th wheel trailer, and are headed to the Free State Of Florida, as usual. But we have been discussing the possibility that the rig just may be our retirement home, if things go South.

    There is a possibility that we may have to just never come back to our “permanent” home.

    So we are feeling like we are in a comfortable (read that as ‘defensible’) position having a home base in a reasonably Red State, with 3 big Blue cities. Our RINO Guv walks a fine line between obeying his GEB Masters and avoiding being strung up by his not-so-loyal subjects. Everyone seems to know who is on what page and no one is rocking the BAU boat at this point.
    Anyhow, you seem to have settled on a similar situation, except you have sold ‘Home Base’. We have been kicking around the possibility of buying several acres w-a-a-a-y out in the sticks somewhere, putting in a slab, a septic system, sinking a well, and tapping into whatever electric line is passing nearby.

    We shall see.

  57. E.M.Smith says:


    Interesting… I was thinking about something similar. After we’re settled into a new “base home” in Florida, move the coach from the RV park to a slab on dirt in the trees somewhere with a “roof” over it so the satellites see a barn not a coach… plus the sun doesn’t work on the roof and paint.

    No idea if it will happen. You do end up with another chunk of dirt to tend (weeds, driveways, fences, etc.). Might be easier to have some dirt that you rent out where someone else keeps it as pasture but where you have the rights to park there if needed. Income and tended by someone else ;-)

    BTW, last I looked (out here in crazy expensive California) it cost about $10,000 per power pole to get electricity delivered from the nearest line to your property. IF you need a pole or two, it is cheaper to get a small Diesel generator, a battery bank, and a couple of solar panels.

    In our (small) house, we use an average of 1 kW/ hour. Now that comes in a few spikes, mostly, and a little bit of constant (or nearly so) drain. The big draws are the AEK (stove, oven, toaster) and the appliances (fridge, dish washer, clothes washer & dryer). Lighting, in the era of CFL & LED lights, is nearly nothing. (You can do about 10 W / room and with 2 people, call it 30 W to 50 W max)

    A couple of hundred Watts of solar panel is pretty darned cheap now (and a lot of folks are putting them on RV roofs) and a couple of “House Batteries” store plenty of power for lighting and things like a blender or mixer. Even a kW toaster, run for 5 min a day making breakfast toast, is 83 W in an hour or 8.3 W out of a solar kit that gets 10 hours of sun, so battery & inverter covers it.

    For the stove / oven, just use propane. For the other appliances, fire up the generator when you are going to use them if the battery / inverter is not enough. Our Fridge (admittedly not a giant one) runs 700 W when running, but about 1/3 of that average. During power outages, I run it, the house lighting, and the “entertainment center” (TV & such) off a 1 kW Honda generator with some capacity left over. The fridge in the house when we bought it ran about 1.8 kW (!) and was just a horrible energy suck, but lucky for us it died a few years later ;-) The point being it is worth it to check your appliance ratings.

    Even with our AEK, we could cover the usage with a 5 kW generator run 5 hours a day (or a 12 kW diesel run 2 hours…), or with 3000 W of solar panels and 10 hours of sun, plus a bit of generator in the not so sunny half of the year. BUT, if we lost the electric kitchen, I’m pretty sure we could cut that in half (and then some, maybe…)

    There’s a LOT of folks now who run their coaches on a couple of 200 W solar panels on top, and a propane tank aboard for kitchen and heating. Rarely needing a generator run. Some of the flexible panels can just be glued to the roof. (Personally, I think this works better on hard roof like metal and would be reluctant for a “rubber over wood” roof – but lag bolts through rubber don’t thrill me either… So I’d likely have the panels set outside as portables… besides, that way the coach can be in the shade ;-)

    We’re getting down to about $1 / W or $2 / W, so getting a couple hundred W of solar isn’t that pricey, especially compared to an installed pole. Then, the RVs we’re looking at, come with several kW of Diesel Generator built in… For a Diesel Generator, the rule of thumb I figured out is that you will pay about 1/10 the price per gallon of Diesel, per kW-hr of electricity (not counting maintenance and depreciation – just variable cost). So if Diesel is selling for $3.25 / gallon, your electricity will cost about 32 ¢ / kW-hr. Or about what California is charging once over baseline…

  58. p.g.sharrow says:

    Solar electric is nether simple nor inexpensive, Which is why most people use a generator..

    8 Kw of PhotoVoltaics

    After 30 years of speculation, Public Graft & Extortion has forced me into going solar.
    DIY out of other peoples cast offs and used equipment to keep the cost reasonable. Maybe $20,000…… bid New $120,000 installed. There is now a lot of secondary market of used equipment that is of good quality at a fairly cheap price, BUT a steep learning curve…pg .

  59. p.g.sharrow says:

    If you want to learn about small DIY Photo Voltaic systems this guy is a hoot and very informative.

  60. E.M.Smith says:


    Solar is very common on coaches. Coaches have many things that make it a lot simpler and cheaper. Especially in the Class A kind I’m looking at, but also for 5th Wheelers.

    The usually already have a set of “House Batteries” installed and an inverter. That whole part is a “done deal”. The bigger units also already have a generator installed. For Diesel Pushers, it looks like they put it in the nose and it is also a Diesel unit so only one fuel tank needed. Up to 12 kW in some of them!

    Then the coaches are often already plumbed for both 12 VDC lighting and 120 VAC lights. Add in that the appliances are usually smaller and energy efficient and the size package needed is even less.

    Finally, it is usually the case that the coach sits all day in the sun, but isn’t always occupied, and often times the solar is only needed to “top up” after a drive to “wherever” did most of the charging, and a relatively small set of solar panels does pretty good.

    I’ve seen a lot of installations in the 200 to 800 Watt range. So only 1 to 4 of your panels, not 40. Closer to $2k-$4k (and often less for really small kit or DIY).

    Essentially it becomes “attach panels and connect to charge controller” and be done. The rest is pretty much already installed. For some it is “attach panels and install better charge controller” if the one in the coach is just for “charge lead acid from the motor”. A lot of folks swap to LiFePO4 batteries if they feel like they have too much money ;-)

  61. Vicki says:

    Husband and I have been waiting for Novavax and/or the new anti-virals (since we cant procure Ivermectin), but have been concerned about the contamination &production issues.

    We now learn that they will combine the novel Novavax vaccine with an influenza vaccine in one dose. Interesting.

    Now a study has been done indicating a possibility that prior influenza vaccine can be problematic if you contract COVID19. So what does this maybe imply about a combined Novavax/flu vaccine?

    Can somebody with more technical expertise than I have comment on this?

  62. Vicki says:

    Sorry, I meant also to include the following, related to the new stud:
    August 24, 2020Preprint Open Access
    Proteins that contaminate influenza vaccines have high homology to SARS-CoV-2 proteins thus increasing risk of severe COVID-19 disease and mortality

  63. E.M.Smith says:


    I don’t have a lot of expertise, but I’m pretty good at logic and have a pretty good background in biochem and some medical exposure.

    The biggest issue I see with that reference (aside from no citations and not looking like it was peer reviewed) is some basic reasoning. In particular, I’ve had the flu shot and I don’t have an egg allergy. Ditto the wife. Ditto hundreds of other folks I know.

    Were there an egg allergy from the flu shot, even as a 10% side effect, the Egg Council would be screaming all over the place and we’d have a plague of folks insisting on no egg products on airplanes. We don’t.

    So either the article is wrong, or the claimed “allergy” is a very tiny fraction of all folks who get the flu shot. (It is also possible the original language was not English and that “produces anitbodies” got turned into “allergy”. The vaccine is supposed to produce antibodies…)

    At any rate, I suspect it is “just wrong”.

    With that said:

    I’m no fan of putting multiple things into one vaccine. Just looks like asking for trouble to me. I’d rather have my immune system have ONE invading foreign thing at a time to focus on.

    I’ve also seen studies that the flu shot doesn’t do much or any benefit for most people, and that has been my experience. I’ve bee around long enough I’ve been exposed to lots of the flu and now just don’t seem to get it. Only one flu shot ever in my life and it was “pointless” near as I can tell.

    He also does not make the case that having some Corona Virus Fragments in one vaccine causes a worse outcome from Chinese Wuhan Covid-19. It is just presented as an assertion. In his theory, everyone who ever got a flu shot ought to be crashing hard with Covid. That just doesn’t seem to be the case at all. (Some large fraction of folks have had the flu shot, and a large fraction of unvaccinated folks don’t get sick with Covid-19, the overlap of those two ought to be about 25% of the population. IF 25% were having those horrible outcomes, I think we’d know it…)

    So,bottom line, I would need to see hard confirmation from a peer reviewed paper written by M.D. types before I’d accept that the Flu vaccine causes sensitivity to Covid-19.

    But I’d still not get a “Double Tap” shot. “Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please” (Sean Connery in Hunt For Red October – requesting only ONE ping at a time…)

    Maybe others have more on this than I do.

  64. cdquarles says:

    Multiple antigen vaccines have been around for decades (DTP, aka diptheria, tetanus and pertussis {each one ugly bacterial diseases}, now acellular; the first ones were not and did have higher numbers of adverse events associated with them). Add the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella; these three being viral and less of a problem if you get them early in childhood; and much more problematic if you get them as teenagers or adults) to that one. On the other hand, I’d be wary of an influenza vaccine combined with a corona virus one, at this time.

  65. another ian says:


    Particularly the way the definition of a “vaccine” has changed lately – are we due for an “upgrade” there too?

  66. another ian says:


    “Can we make an antibody pill?”

    That would be Zyclon B or the like?

  67. another ian says:

    Re E.M.Smith says:
    17 September 2021 at 12:02 am

    Like the Streisand Effect on steroids?

    And reinforced by the “factcheckers”

  68. cdquarles says:

    Hmm, likely better if we do not get that upgrade, though to my mind the “vaccine” change was a broadening. Deceptive? Yeah, I can see that.

  69. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:


    They say “Don’t use this, it is bad” and I’m almost certain that:

    a) It is quite good, safe and effective.
    b) Sales are about to skyrocket. (And likely have been as word of mouth got around).

    Like with Drug Pushers and “the first one is always free”. You know when the pusher says “Hey, it’s not going to hurt you” or “you can quit any time” that its a lie and the opposite is true. They are just doing it on a national scale and with a ban on a working therapeutic.

    Now they they are flagged and tagged, anything else they say on Covid is likely also an inversion. But one does need to apply care. Really good liars only sprinkle in a few lies in the middle of a bunch of truths, so you need to watch for that. Luckily, in Government, the actual delivery of “The Message” is so Ham Handed (as it goes through layers of lackeys who must be given very simple directions…) that rarely does that get done.

  70. David A says:

    From Vicki’s link…

    Jacob et al. (12). identified 293 chicken proteins in the influenza vaccine. Injecting such chicken egg proteins into humans induces long term persistent IgE mediated sensitization to these proteins (10). Subsequently administered egg protein-containing influenza vaccines elicit an allergic reaction at the injection site. This reaction provides the innate immune system costimulation required (adjuvant effect)to produce the protective immune response against influenza proteins in the vaccine. This is the reason why when the influenza vaccine is administered for the very first time, it does notproduce an effective protective response. The CDC recommends a second dose of the vaccine to address this issue when a child receives an influenza vaccine for the first time (13). In other words, the influenza vaccine dependson sickening people with egg allergy, to produce its protective effect.The Flublok influenza vaccine is egg-free (14). So as expected, it would elicit only a weak protective response. The solution? They increased the antigen content to 300% compared to a regular egg derived influenza vaccine. So the Flublok vaccine contains 45 mcg of each hemagglutinin (HA) protein compared to 15 mcg in the regular vaccine.Vaccine-induced allergy causes COVID-19 severityTherefore, from coronavirus proteins that contaminate the influenza vaccine as well as chicken proteins that have similarity to SARS-CoV-2 proteins, cause allergic sensitization to all those proteins. Upon subsequent COVID-19 infection, due to the cross reaction, people will suffer a severe allergic reaction which explains COVID-19 severity in a section of the population. Detailed BLASTP protein sequence analysis results showing homology between chicken and SARS-CoV-2 proteins are provided in a later section. Nursing home residents are likely to have higher influenza vaccine coverage. So predictably, they have a very high risk of suffering severe COVID-19

    Not certain what they mean by the sensitization to the egg proteins, but I get the impression it is not a full blown induced allergy, just a “ long term persistent IgA mediated sensitization “ to specific proteins that are very similar to Coronavirus proteins, and somehow this could produce an overreaction. I did not take it necessarily as referring to an egg allergy that would result in outward issues.

    Do I know. Nope, just an impression.

  71. cdquarles says:

    Reminder: IgM is the first immunoglobulin produced if the infection is, indeed, the first one for that person. IgG is serum/lymph/extracellular fluid. IgA is mucosal and IgE is tissue/organ. These are all produced a week or two after IgM is produced. If this is a repeat exposure, and the body correctly identifies it as not-self; the neutralizing IgG or IgA or IgE gets produced sooner. If the body does not correctly identify it as non-self; ADE and/or other auto-immune effects may occur. I emphasize may because the chemical dance is very intricate and involves cell signaling, receptor up or down regulation and/or gene regulation; which varies from person to person.

  72. cdquarles says:

    Oh, that reminds me. The mix of cells recruited matter, as well. If mostly lymphocytes and neutrophils and phagocytes, less trouble may occur. If more eosinophils or basophils, relatively speaking, get recruited, then more trouble may occur.

  73. E.M.Smith says:


    Just so you know: I’m incredibly grateful for your in depth medical knowledge from a professional in the field. I’m “OK” at a lot of it, but you do a stellar job.

    You are appreciated.

    Just sayin’: I’ll buy you the beverage of your choice at the place of your choice any time. All you need to do is get me there… (And I’m likely to be passing by in a month or so).

    Basically: You know “your shit” and it shows. You are appreciated a lot. Thanks doesn’t cover it.

  74. David A says:


  75. David A says:

    Oh, and The post said IgE.
    I goofed.

  76. cdquarles says:

    Blush, well, the thanks are appreciated; and these posts, and their responses, often prompt me to go digging. Too bad that I lost mine and my family’s old textbooks. I now trust the new ones far less. Much of what I say is from memory. I did keep up more before that flare of ulcerative colitis resulted in pyoderma gangrenosum (which itself meant multiple specialist consultations and then looking up their own statements to confirm veracity), for that greatly affected my working life, cutting it short. {Yeah, not only am I a military brat in a multigenerational military family, the family is also multigenerational in medical fields.}

    A bit about eosinophils and basophils. Eosinophils are typically, but not always, associated with eukaryotic/multicellular eukaryotic parasite infections. Basophils are typically associated with allergic reactions.

  77. jim2 says:

    BREAKING: Project Veritas: Federal Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings on Covid Vax: ‘Government Shoves Adverse Effect Reporting Under the Mat’ (VIDEO)

  78. David A says:

    Jim, she also is not a trouble maker. Going against management policy when that policy is killing people, is duty, nothing less.

    Her post fully supports the other “ some woman” and Dr Cole, and the small magazine that asked for non vaccinated horror stories and instead got inundated with a grass roots flood of vaccinated horror stories. And many many others on the “fringe” media.
    Thank you for posting it

  79. jim2 says:

    David A. I believe I have never said all cases that should have been are reported to VAERS. The Federal agencies have already acknowledged the heart issues.

    In any case, follow-up analysis of VAERS cases still has to be done in order to confirm or refute the hypothesis that whatever problem is caused by the vaccine. VAERS is a collection of clues, but the clues have to be investigated to be truly meaningful.

    We know more about the “provenance” of this woman in the PV article than we do about the previous one you brought to our attention. She was still working when these undercover videos were captured. And these do definitely present a disturbing picture of healthcare in the US.

  80. David A says:

    I really think this is why VAERS is truly capturing 1% to 10% of adverse events. The Harvard study was right.

    The more you start reading into the history of this and the pharmaceuticals and the CDC and WHO, it is extremely corrupt and deadly.

    Another Ian recently posted a bit on the dark deadly history of US drugs

  81. David A says:

    Jim, regarding VAERS think; why is that research poorly done. ( minimum nine out of ten adverse events ignored, and yet 15 k reported dead and zero autopsies). A large uptick in excess deaths and other deaths that fit the vaccine adverse events portfolio Don’t forget there are what, close to a million other adverse events and a hundred thousand plus of those are serious.

    It does not get much worse then that, except it does. Because every single one of the almost 200 million vaccinated Americans goes through a post vaccination almost 6 week window where if they get Covid they count as unvaccinated , and if they die, they count
    as unvaccinated, and if they get sick and are tested for Covid, and happen to be positive even though their Covid asymptomatic, but they die of another cause, like congestive heart failure and no lung issues, it is still a Covid unvaccinated death, when it should be a non Covid vaccinated adverse event death! So what 180 million Americans with a six week window where ALL the statistics are WRONG.

    It is worse than that however, The Drugs they do give Covid positive symptomatic are deadly to people coming in with an already high viral count. Kidney failure causes a high degree of lung flooding and kidney damage is the most common side affect in the $3,000 a pop plus hospital IV administration fees for the REQUIRED drug, failed in testing for three other conditions due to adverse events and ineffectivity . Ask for an autopsy of post hospital labeled Covid dead and see. You will be denied.

    We knew about the other woman. It was verified in the memos she wrote and the hospital letters she showed. She also intimated what this nurse said in every way including that there are many in the hospital that are talking.

  82. AC Osborn says:

    jim2 says: 21 September 2021 at 2:07 pm
    “In any case, follow-up analysis of VAERS cases still has to be done in order to confirm or refute the hypothesis that whatever problem is caused by the vaccine. ”

    Jim, where is that data?
    The vaccines have been given since December last year, Adverse effects started straight away.
    Where is the data that should have been analysed and published?
    How can they make any kind of clincial decision without an autopsy?
    Where are they and the results?
    All this information is a “Requirement” of Emergency Authorisation.
    If the CDC publishes the VAERs data do we assume that they accept that the adverse events including deaths were caused by the vaccines?
    Otherwise why would they publish it?
    Where are the “Pending Completion of Investigations” type statements?

    It is a black hole, sucking in the data.

  83. E.M.Smith says:

    Per “It is a black hole, sucking in the data.”:

    That’s a huge part of why I’m saying “NO” to the shot.

    I’m a generally data driven analysis oriented details matter kind of guy, and the LACK of all the data that is mandated just offends my sensibilities and sets off alarm bells.

  84. David A says:

    Kidney functions from Another Ian’s link…

    “Control the acid/base balance of your blood. This goes out of range, you die.

    Control the water balance of your blood. Guess what happens if that goes out of range? Uh huh. Specifically, that can cause acute pulmonary edema and compromise lung function. You weren’t already choking to death before that happened by chance, were you?

    Controls electrolyte balance. While some of that is survivable even wildly out of whack there are specific parts of electrolyte balance that you cannot survive being materially-disrupted — to name one, potassium which is utterly crucial for neural conduction. That being out of range can literally give you an immediate heart attack by interrupting or damaging the neural signaling from your brain to your heart muscle. I think you can figure out what comes next if you suffer cardiac arrest.

    Removes toxins. Not just uric acid; a whole host of other things including many drug byproducts. Needless to say poisoning by excess levels of many of those results in…. yeah, you got it, death.

    Control of blood pressure. Yeah, that ain’t good if it goes out of range, right?

    Controls the process of red blood cell production in the marrow by producing a hormone called erythropoietin. No red blood cells, no oxygen transport. You die (granted, probably not fast enough for it to be in play here.)

    And a critical part in the metabolic pathway by which Vitamin D is used by the body. What do we know is associated with bad Covid-19 outcomes? Severely deficient serum Vitamin D levels.”

    Why, in any sane world, would anyone, let alone a medical professionals, prescribe an weakly claimed antiviral ( not effective anyway at hospital stage admission when the virus is all ready full blown in the patients system) that has up to 20 percent kidney damage, ( in healthier people) for a condition where people’s lungs and other kidney dependent organs are being attacked.

    Stupidity or ?

  85. David A says:

    Perhaps the decision to NOT do autopsies and action to prevent autopsies is evidence they are not Stupid.

  86. David A says:

    I should have been more clear, the drug that damages kidney’s is of course Remdsevir.

  87. Simon Derricutt says:

    I’ll add my appreciation of CDQ, too. For stuff like that, I save it to make it easier to refer to than finding it again on the blog.

  88. cdquarles says:

    To our most gracious host, that passing by may be an issue. I do not travel much these days, and if I must, generally less than 20 miles round trip. Still, if a meeting is possible, I would enjoy it. Beverage? Given the various medications I take, likely just water or sparkling water. I even have to avoid or minimize grapefruit juice. My budget is, sadly, rather tight, too.

    I appreciate your alternative energy and alternative physics model posts.

    Getting back to digging, I’ve been looking at the current resolving power of atomic force microscopes and the various kinds of electron microscopes. I see there are types that were not available back when I had the opportunity to do transmission electron microscopy. They are now getting atomic size resolution (half an angstrom). So, where are the micrographs of this specific virus. Yes, I’ve seen some; but those were more generic, as in this is what any corona virus looks like when examined using electron microscopy.

  89. David A Anderson says:

    Did you look at the link of ? somebody, who did vaccine research with a collection of disparate electron microscopes?
    If you did, A soda water for your thoughts.
    Or I can look for it

  90. cdquarles says:

    I remember a report where some people used electron microscopes on samples that were reported to be covid, but turned out, according to them, to be influenza and other viruses.

  91. jim2 says:

    From what I think I understand now, it appears the S1 subunit is the bad actor in both covid infections and the vaccine. The number of S1 subunits released will determine if a toxic threshold is reached.

    It appears the S1 subunit is a greater problem in some than others. Speculating …

    1. The injection could be into a blood vessel instead of muscle.
    2. The protein chopper proteases could work somewhat differently in some than others, producing more or less of the S1 subunits.
    3. ?

  92. jim2 says:

    That second paper utilized cryoelectron tomography to image the spike. I had never heard of it, but it’s pretty darn cool!

  93. Ossqss says:

    @Jim2, IIRC, last year it was determined blood types played a role in the Covid impacts thing. I figured you would welcome another rabbit hole since you run them well :-)

    I would add that I have heard about blood types from several folks in the healthcare system business, but you never hear much about such anywhere else.

  94. Ossqss says:

    I would be willing to bet that if a blood type correlation exists with Covid, the same would hold true with the Faux Vaxx. JMHO>

  95. cdquarles says:

    Which kind of blood type? I’m guessing human leukocyte antigen types, and if so, I am not surprised that there will be differences in infectivity and virulence related to that.

  96. cdquarles says:

    Oh, those are very nice finds.

  97. David A says:

    Jim had an earlier link on a study that found the vaccine did get past the local area.
    The amounts were small.

    However so was the sample size, which they admitted. In addition the medium age was amazingly young at 24 years. So I don’t know how stronger innate immunity would affect the study, except their system many do a more proficient faster clean up.

    They also stated, “ The subjects reported they had no prior exposure”. I found this very strange. This was a recent study. We know that many get exposed and have no symptoms, or mild symptoms that go away and are not looked to be identified. Also that age group, more socially active, was more likely to have this. Yet they did not test for prior exposure. How would this have affected the results? Fifty percent of the study may have had natural immunity.

  98. David A says:

    Also a question was raised on how much spike protein was created by the vaccines affect.
    My understanding is that it is more then natural Covid. I understand each MRNa molecule produces many spike.

    So how many molecules.

    There are 30 micrograms of RNA in a Pfizer/BioNTech single dose (in 0.3 ml). That means there are about 11.3 x 10 to the power of 12 molecules of RNA per shot.
    11,300,000,000,000 molecules of RNA (approximately). The Moderna shot typically uses more RNA.
    “ There are 30 micrograms of RNA in a Pfizer/BioNTech single dose (in 0.3 ml). That means there are about 11.3 x 10 to the power of 12 molecules of RNA per shot.
    11,300,000,000,000 molecules of RNA (approximately). The Moderna shot typically uses more RNA.”

    So if each molecule produces several spike we are talking a very large number.

    It has been speculated that they knew they needed a very large number of antibodies as the knew of the 40 percent monthly drop in antibodies. Otherwise why? And why did no one question this?

  99. David A says:

    My link concerning electron microscopes was a study to see what was in the vaccines. Not certain who posted it first.

  100. AC Osborn says:

    jim2 says: 22 September 2021 at 1:42 am
    That second paper utilized cryoelectron tomography to image the spike. I had never heard of it, but it’s pretty darn cool!

    Yes it is very cool.

    It would be nice to see the same for the Vaccines for comparison.

  101. jim2 says:

    The case for using the S2 subunit as a basis for a vaccine.

  102. jim2 says:

    New Study Shows 1 in 1000 Develop Heart Inflammation After Covid Vaccination; Myocarditis and Other Related Heart Conditions Have Increased Death Rate Within 5 Years

  103. Simon Derricutt says:

    Jim2 – I found out yesterday that my ex-brother-in-law died the day before from Covid (in Tennessee). He was fully vaxxed, but died of heart failure. May have been treated with Remdesivir (standard of care now) which likely didn’t help, either. He wasn’t overweight, was fit (ex-Army), and AFAIK didn’t have any of the normal comorbidities. I thus suspect it was a problem with the vax, though I haven’t expressed that to my ex-in-laws. Not a good time to point out such things….

    I’m a bit surprised at the figure stated above to only be 1 in 1000.

  104. jim2 says:

    SD – The S1 subunit is the culprit in coagulation problems. It is produced both by the natural infection and the vaccine. Although I would think natural infection would produce a lot more than the mRNA vaccine. Natural infection lasts for several days, the whole time viruses are being pumped out of cells all over the body, AFAIK. Covid infections are known to produce cytokine storms.

    So, if he did have the infection, that is probably what got him.

  105. David A says:

    Jim, “ Although I would think natural infection would produce a lot more than the mRNA vaccine”

    Why would you think that. The vaccines jump the immune response far higher as I understand.
    Also posted just above

    Is not 1 in 1000 incredibly high?

  106. David A says:

    Still cannot get over 1 in 1000. Will read it carefully.
    All Chevy Bolts were recalled after 7 fires in something like 175,000 vehicles.

  107. David A says:

    I see your point, comparing the shot to the infected. Yep

    Although since the vaccinated are getting infected at equal rates in many many locations…

  108. Simon Derricutt says:

    Jim2 – I think that if it was just the disease, he’d have sailed through it, since he was not obviously in the cohort “at risk” (active, near-ideal weight, and suntanned), and at around 65 years old IIRC the overall chances of dying were pretty low with nearly all the deaths in the sedentary/overweight/ill members. Still, very little real information here but the impression that he should have survived.

  109. jim2 says:

    SD – The immune response isn’t the same thing as production of the S1 subunit. The S1 subunit is the bad actor.

    I’m pretty sure the natural infection will produce a lot more of the S1 subunit due to the fact that every cell infected will produce 10,000 virus particles and each of those have multiple spikes that contain the S1 subunit.

    Not only that, in lung tissue the infected cell is modified by the virus such that it merges with neighboring cells to create one big cell with up to 20 nuclei. No wonder this thing multiplies so fast!

    This article also has a really cool animation of the virus merging with a cell – plus a whole lot of other very interesting info.

  110. cdquarles says:

    Hmm, a syncytium. Sounds like something similar to what respiratory syncytial viruses do.

  111. David A Anderson says:

    “ That means there are about 11.3 x 10 to the power of 12 molecules of RNA per shot.
    11,300,000,000,000 molecules of RNA (approximately). The Moderna shot typically uses more RNA.”

    So how many spike does each RNA molecule produce?

  112. jim2 says:

    This doesn’t take into account that the infection is cranking out virons for several days. At any rate, the numbers are comparable to the quara estimate, which would also need to be verified. In addition to all that, the vaccine RNA doesn’t take over your lung cells and merge them into a huge cell. That can’t be good for your lungs. (The 1013 didn’t copy well – it is 10 to the 13th)

    Thus, extreme cases could exceed the interquartile range provided by an additional two orders of magnitude, reaching values of 1013 viral particles in a single person at the peak of infection, while up to 10% of the cells expressing both ACE2 and TMPRSS2 are infected.

  113. cdquarles says:

    Messenger RNA to protein is one-to-many, with many being variable numbers depending on amino acid supply, ribosome supply, cell energy supply, and mRNA lifetime, since it will be inactivated then degraded.

  114. cdquarles says:

    A quibble about glycan shielding. Yes, that happens. What also happens, if the body can chop up the glycoprotein is that antibodies will be made against the glycan antigen epitopes, too. All that needs to happen is steric fit (shape and electric charge).

  115. David A says:

    Oh, finale thought on spike production
    “ That means there are about 11.3 x 10 to the power of 12 molecules of RNA per shot.
    11,300,000,000,000 molecules of RNA (approximately). The Moderna shot typically uses more RNA.”
    Times CDs “many”, whatever that variable is?
    Times two doses. (boosters maybe or become as or more vulnerable)

    Whatever the number it needs to boost antibodies well above natural infection so that at 40 percent loss per month, you get close to 6 months protection, depending on the currently circulating version.

  116. cdquarles says:

    For a bit of perspective, that 10^12 sounds large; but it isn’t, necessarily. One mole is 6.023 x 10^23 particles (one liter of ordinary light water, a bit more than a quart, is 55.5 moles). So, 10^20 is a millimole, 10^17 is a micromole, 10^14 is a nanomole. So we are talking picomole amounts; and the mRNA still has to bind to ribosomes. On the other hand, if the relative amounts of the virus mRNA, natural or synthetic, do exceed a cell’s threshold, that mRNA would be preferentially transcribed, again, so long as amino acid amounts are sufficient, free ribosome numbers are sufficient, cell energy is sufficient, and the inactivation of then degradation of the mRNA is not sufficient.

  117. David A says:

    Cd, is not 11.3 x 10 to the power of 12 different then 10 to the power of 12?

    Or did I misread it.

  118. cdquarles says:

    One power of ten only, so we are still talking picomoles :P, or maybe a typographical error in the report. Normally, this would have been reported as 1.13 x 10^13 if that was the number they wanted to report. I am guessing that it was 1.13 x 10^12, though, with the error being the misplaced decimal point.

  119. David A says:

    11,300,000,000,000 molecules of RNA

    So ya, only a bit more then ten times the one trillion.

  120. David A says:

    But the real question is the variable, what is the multiplier per molecule.
    It’s “many” with disparate compounding factors
    ( my broad grasp of your earlier comment)

    and your thought on the relevance of it being, as Jim said, “ chopped up” before escape to the blood stream. ( If that is the case)
    Just reading the testimony in the FDA rejection of mandates for the boosters is quite revealing. Linked on the India Ivermectin page near the bottom

  121. cdquarles says:

    Personally, I think the PTB panicked and are “all in” emotionally at this point. The pointed de-emphasis on ordinary therapeutics. The pointed emphasis on new tech vaccines. The lack of properly targeting the vaccines, in general (though some did do that, to the dismay of the PTB). The pointed unawareness of the Hope-Simpson seasonality, which would have, in my mind, helped if that had been incorporated into the vaccine roll out. That is, start in the South during the winter and then in the North in the Spring then stop them in the South during the summer and in the North now. To continue to push them during epidemic phases had to enhance escape.

  122. cdquarles says:

    Much, but not all, of that chopping up would be done by locally recruited macrophages, provided those macrophages don’t have their function blocked. Some, will happen outside of the local area anyway, whether by injection or natural infection. Of that, most would be in the regional lymph nodes. Cell signalling hormones would be secreted and reach the bone marrow in general, which then would either increase or decrease the production of the cell types affected.

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  125. E.M.Smith says:

    YMMV posted a video segment by Dr.Been about the phase III trial results and they look good, so far. Video at this link:

  126. YMMV says:

    Or go directly to that video:
    The paper Dr. Been explains in that video is here:

    “NVX-CoV2373 is an adjuvanted, recombinant S protein nanoparticle vaccine”
    “it is a sub-protein vaccine. There is no adnovirus or DNA in it, no mRNA in it. This is a more traditional vaccine”. There is a spike protein particle and an adjuvant (Matrix-M).
    (more about Matrix-M here: )

    The current top comment to the Dr. Been video:
    It would have been really good if Novavax was available BEFORE Government forced vaccine mandates were pushed onto populations around the world. I would much rather take my chances with Novavax than any other out there at the moment.

  127. YMMV says:

    And from Australia, there is a vaccine under development which in some ways is similar to Novavax. EnGeneIC EDV.
    “COVID-19-EDV pre-clinical studies showed effectiveness against major variants being alpha (U.K.), beta (South African), gamma (Brazil) and critically the delta (Indian) variant. ”
    “It has also proven efficacy in patients with auto-immune diseases, chronic diseases, or even older individuals who have a degree of immune deficiency.”

    This news video has an interview with the EnGeneIC CEO:

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