Blow Up Coal, Vilify Oil, Ban Fracking, – Energy Shortage and Economic Collapse.

The Future IS Happening Now!

Peak Prosperity has an interesting POV on the growing shortage of Fossil Fuels and the decay of economies caused by it.

This was (is) entirely predictable and the thing we’ve said will happen for a few years now. Well, that future is happening now.

When you are pumping oil or gas out of the ground, the field takes increasing efforts to extract the same amount. IF you stop “developing” the field, you rapidly suffer decreasing supply.

Trump promoted drilling, fracking, developing and producing coal, oil, and gas. The GEBs and their puppet Biden are all about artificial shortages.

So Biden killed the pipeline to deliver oil from Canada, stranding that production (and forcing it onto limited oil trains). Britain blew up their coal power plants before building any replacements. The EU seems hell bent on killing off North Sea gas and oil.

BUT they believe solar and fairy fart wind will provide their future. It won’t. First off, the SIZE available is just impossibly small. Second (but in some ways more important) it is not “dispatchable”. You DO NOT get to decide when the power arrives. It arrives at unpredictable times and when (it is not an “if” it IS a when…) the wind stops at night, you get very cold sitting in the dark. Yes, that simple.

Well, it seems that 90% of so of UK petrol stations are dry. The Government is blaming this on “Panic Buying”. The reality is that they don’t have enough fuel in the country.

Then Russia has a deficit in gas stored to get it through the winter. Can they produce enough to both fill their winter surge storage AND support Europe? I doubt it.

The surprise for me is the statement that China has power shortages due to a shortage of coal (Perhaps stopping Australian Coal wasn’t so bright a thing…) The result is that in some areas the traffic lights are out, and manufacturing is shut down. (He shows Silicon going vertical price wise). OK…

So if there’s not enough raw silicon, and Taiwan makes 90% or so of the most used chips, and China is about to recapture Taiwan: How soon will car makers, computer makers, and phone makers be shut down from lack of semiconductors? (They are already short and partially shut down).

The USA is in a better position, but Biden has tried to Screw The Pooch here. Banning new development but there’s still a fair amount. I’d suggest modest preparation. Fill up the tank when it reaches a 1/2 full. Have an emergency generator and fuel for it. Have a fuel driven emergency heater if you live in a cold place (remember that even oil rich Texas had a multi-day power outage mid-frozen…)

Preparation, it’s a thing.

I do not think this will be TEOTWAWKI, I do think it will be a long, cold, and “interesting” winter – especially in Europe and Asia. The shutdown of fertilizer plants making ammonia from natural gas doesn’t concern me as much as those who have gone out of business. Short term halts don’t bother much, but long term shutdowns mean less food globally. No nitrates & ammonia, somebody starves.

He has a Ew-Tube channel that makes some money for him, but also an Odysee channel:!:6

Peak Prosperity

The policy responses to Covid have been awful, but those failures are utterly dwarfed by the energy and supply chain policy inactions that are bringing us into a very dark winter.

While COVID-19 has occupied a lot of our intellectual and emotional energy over the past year and a half, energy and material shortfalls are far more likely likely to seriously impact your life. I alerted this channel to the energy issues last June, and sent out an ALERT over a week ago to my Insider members. I stand by the urgency of those messages even more now.

Access to all of Chris’s content, live webinars twice a month, and much much more is available to our paying members. Click this link for a special introductory offer:

An energy crisis is roiling across the UK and Europe on the cusp of winter, and the rest of the world is on the horizon. It’s already being felt in the UK, Europe, China, Russia, and the U.S.

In the UK, the media is chalking up the energy crisis to consumer panic buying and truck driver shortages, but this blames everyday citizens for what is actually a much deeper structural problem and bungling executed by government policies. A more accurate explanation acknowledges the origins of the current energy crisis in a predictable outcome of the failure to invest in the production of oil and supply stability during the COVID-19 mismanagement and shutdowns.

While the governing elite will have you believe the crisis is as “transitory” as the inflation they themselves create through central bankers’ monetary policies, it would be foolish to take them at their word. A major economic shock is guaranteed at this point in the story – one that will disproportionately impact the middle and lower classes.

Watch this video to have your eyes opened to the reality that “energy is everything” and come over to to learn more about how we might create energy resilient societies that safeguard human flourishing for everyone, not just the ultra-wealthy.


The EwTube Version:

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14 Responses to Blow Up Coal, Vilify Oil, Ban Fracking, – Energy Shortage and Economic Collapse.

  1. Tatty Mane says:

    The spot price for Australian coal has gone from US$96 a metric ton back in March to US$168 currently. Apparently, the good folk of China are still buying it, but by way of third parties in Singapore.

  2. AC Osborn says:

    EM, sorry, I don’t believe his explanation of the shortage in UK Fuel.
    For a start 90% of Petrol stations were not without fuel, that only applied to certain areas.
    Most areas now have fuel, which is being delivered by the army as well as the petrol producers.
    If we didn’t have it, it couldn’t be delivered.

  3. jim2 says:

    ACO – better get a liquid fuel heater, I guess …

    Global Natural Gas Rally Continues as Fears Grow Over Winter Energy Shortages — LNG Recap
    By Jamison Cocklin
    September 28, 2021
    Share on:

    Natural gas prices across the world climbed higher on Tuesday, fueled by the prospect that there will be energy shortages from Europe to Asia this winter

  4. Steve C says:

    E.M., I came across an interesting post on Canadian Patriot, comparing the previous attempts of international bankers last century to establish their fascist paradise with now. They’re suggesting there might be a way around the Great Reset by learning from history. It makes sense to me, but I’d be interested to hear your (more economically literate) take on it. Quite a long read:
    Original reference, with video, was on Global Research:

    Re the UK’s gas, I heard recently that we’re going into this winter with less than a week’s stock. We used to reckon on over three months’ worth. I have blankets and candles …

  5. jim2 says:

    In order to expedite the implosion of society, the Nobel Prize has now been made a political weapon also.

    The Nobel Committee underscored that this year’s award not only recognizes enormous scientific contributions, but also entreats world leaders to quickly move to prevent further effects of climate change. “We have to act now in a very fast way,” Parisi commented during the press conference.

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    The “Nobel” has been a political “prize” for a while now. Remember O’bummer getting one before he did anything?

    @Tatty Mane:

    Looks like China blinked:

    China Folds, Unloads Australian Coal Despite Import Ban Amid Power Crunch
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    TUESDAY, OCT 05, 2021 – 05:05 PM
    China appears to have folded and unloaded Australian coal shipments despite an unofficial import ban, according to FT, citing multiple commodity analysts. The move emphasizes China’s dire need for coal supplies amid a power crunch with more than half of the country’s provinces rationing power.

    Nick Ristic, the lead dry cargo analyst at Braemar ACM Shipbroking, said an unspecified number of bulk carrier vessels with Australian coal has been waiting outside Chinese ports since Beijing slapped tariffs and blacklisted commodities from the country last year. He said about 450,000 tons of Australian coal had been unloaded in September.

    So “more than half” are rationing and it isn’t even winter weather yet… So how’s that “not buying coal for political pissing match” working for you, Xi?

    Now if the truckers hauling coal to the rail yard or the ships were to just, oh, I don’t know, suddenly have a lot of “cough, cough, I think I need to stay home until I can get a COVID test” moments…

    Last year, Beijing’s Australian thermal coal ban proved to be a very misguided measure due to severe power rationings across the country ahead of winter. At least 20 Chinese provinces and regions making up more than 66% of the country’s GDP have announced some form of power cuts. Guangdong province, the southern industrial hub, is slashing ~10% of its peak power demand…

    News Flash dah dah dit dah dit dit dah dah… This just in from Peking: Shots aimed at Australia removes several Chinese toes as shooter hits their own feet…

    Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of guys…

    I’m less in need as I live in a place where it can get cold in winter (frost is rare), but not horribly cold (and I’m moving to one that’s even better ;-) Even with that, I’ve got backup fuel supplies and a generator and, thanks to the Arab Oil Embargo of the ’70s, have tended to always have a “spare car or two” kept full of fuel “for that day”. Biggest issue for me is that I’m trying to move everything 3000 miles at just the wrong time. Sigh.

    Oh Well. Good news is I don’t need to buy any new “stuff”, just food, and we’ve still got about 4 months worth that I’m trying to work off.

  7. David A says:

    Has Biden not said more then once, “It’s going to be a dark winter.” ?
    This all feels planned, as in “giving humans cheap energy is like giving a child a machine gun” type of NWO plan.

    The contrast to President Trump’s policies is night and day. ( I really wish he would say that it was a very big mistake to believe anything Fauci, the CDC, and the pharmaceuticals said about the vaccines and that we were betrayed and he deeply regrets ever trusting the “experts”.

    I really think he was achieving astounding victories, and was desperate to get the economy going. I also think he was somewhat sheltered from certain advice.

  8. David A says:

    It looks like Biden has referred to a “ Dark Winter” on at least four occasions.

  9. David A says:

    This will all be compounded by the vaccine mandates, how far they go, and how many refuse.

    “ Clinch your bottoms, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”

  10. YMMV says:

    Three Laureates share this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for their studies of chaotic and apparently random phenomena.

    chaotic and apparently random phenomena: Nobel Prize Committee selections.

    created a model that links together weather and climate, thus answering the question of why climate models can be reliable despite weather being changeable and chaotic.

    Somebody has been suckered. But why take my word for it, ask Lubos Motl:

    “exactly the kind of New Age unfocused gibberish that the anti-science people love.”

  11. David A says:

    Another addition to the supply chain and employee problems is that due to the vaccine mandates, many many that can retire, are retiring. ( yep, gets rid of the high salary, yet many high paid experienced are more then worth their pay. Especially true for good management, but this applies to everybody in a position that requires education and or the best education, which is experience.

    We have had past discussions on “information” leaving a company or industry when the competent retire. All the fluff of laws ( how many has Biden added compared to how many Trump removed), takes very valuable time from good managers, and forces procedures that can be very costly. Also NEW managers don’t rock boats that really need rocking. Look for productivity to drop.

    ( The only counter I see to dropping productivity is that being short staffed can, but not necessarily always, increase production.) When it does not, it is because of sequence dependent breakdowns, as in “oh crap, I have a good crew here, but the new driver went past the scales, got rerouted back and had a complete vehicle safety inspection, so all my remaining good crew is shooting the breeze, instead of working.”

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    Was looking at the cost to get a trailer to tow my stuff. Ran into this notice:

    Looks like the Bumpy Ride has begun…


    From another site:×16-black/

  13. David A says:

    The entire trade show industry is dead. For California I would take a WAG at 300 drivers and that many 53’ trailers going every day. Not a lot, but I can’t see a trailer shortage very easy, just tractors with all the regulations. Those drivers are still driving, and about 2000 plus unemployed people, teamsters, trade show installers, electricians, all not working, and California EDD payments ending in September. For most of that demographic driving makes a lot of sense. But in California maybe the rigs are N/A.

  14. philjourdan says:

    This is another “Damn I wish I was more like EMS and bookmarked these things!”. I read an article that the biggest weather changers are {drum roll…..}

    Wind and Solar! those bird choppers do not come without a cost. Sure they “harness” the wind, but that means the “downwind” areas are not getting the wind they use to get, changing the climate.

    And Solar? Sure! That is great! Harness the sun! Except that energy was not sitting around doing mothing waiting to be harnessed. It was warming parts of the earth that no longer get that energy, thus, once again, changing the climate!

    Thus in their zealotry to kill off the only naturally “stored” energy source, the greenies are killing the planet.

    you are welcome and I will kick myself for not bookmarking that link.

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