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The Weekly Memes

I really really like these guy’s “top 10 memes”. They watch what is going on on Gab and Patriot.win and select the ones that they like best. A nice filtering service if nothing else; but the way they match music to the theme is also good. Unfortunately, can’t do an embed that works with my free WordPress plan (it does do free EwTube embeds… but only them) so you get to “hit the link”.

I’m catching up several in one go here. Those who’ve already watched them can just enjoy my descriptions. In reverse order from the most recent:

October 18


10. “Climate Protesters” at the capitol get a pass, MAGA Armageddon…

9. On The Importance Of Fathers to gender dysphoria… or… Innies, Outies and ooopsies…

8. “Domestic Terrorists” now include Dad’s wanting school to be safe for little girls. (Big Girls ought to think about that a lot…)

7. “Let’s Go Brandon” song (the music for this set) rockets to #1! Contains F-Bombs and “the finger”. I especially like the Italians outside the US Embassy shouting it ;-)

6. Joe Rogan rips CNN a new one via a stellar interview technique with their resident M.D.-sortof… Can you say skewered and deer in the headlights at the same time? Of course you can… (or, “the ecstasy in the agony”…)

5. Dokter FauXi does a countdown of vexxine failure. It starts off very slow and just words. As the 100% efficacy is touted. After that, watch just the numbers for efficacy as it picks up speed to where you can’t read the whole lines. 100%, 98%…

4. Run you little weasel, run! Vanessa Gelman Pfizer researcher. Doesn’t want to be asked why she wants to hide Fetal Cells used in their vexxine program.

3. Covidians. Gotta Luv It. As a friend of mine, visiting 2 friends of his, picked up Covid (probably from them as they came down with symptoms just after he left and his took a few days to show up): AND all of them were “vaxxinated”… this one is particularly close to me. Suggesting massive boosters or just go and get Chinese Wuhan Covid to ‘get over it’ and get real immunity. Except we don’t know if natural immunity still works after the jab.

2. Ron Johnson has clue. “Comirnaty” still not in the USA. We get the “no testing no liability” experimental genetic therapy shot.

1. Southwest Airlines Pilot heroes. And shades of “Airplane” the movie ;-) All you need to do is “Do not comply”. I’ve taken my stand, quit work. Let it all just grind to a halt. THEY need us, we don’t need them in order to live our lives in comfort.

From the last panel where they list job sites for jobs with no vexxine mandate:




October 4


10. “Major Patriot” says we are winning as Biden goes down the tubes and his agenda is on the rocks. “Dare To Be Stupid!” theme music is a great match to the Biden Review ;-)

9. Contains F-Bombs as the “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant is reviewed in the original format… They say the cover-up is always worse than the offense… I think we have an existence proof.

8. Senator Rand Paul rips Xavier Becerra a new one over Natural Immunity vs the failing vexxine.

7. Joe Rogan does The “Biden Booster Show!” now on cable…

6. Resistance takes many forms. From facial recognition defeating makup, to paint balloons, to just where you park. Has F-bombs ( and something I can’t make out. Sort of like “and your party too!” or maybe “brother”? Something…). I love the Zulu Nation stepping out! Looks like the Italian Truckers & Farmers are in it too! When governance is evil the only moral choice is to be ungoverned.

5. They drop the pretense and make it clear “Jabs FOREVER” is the plan.

4. Some commentary on the violent vulgar left being levered against those of us with working brains who thing for ourselves, and the mandates from their bosses. You know, the folks duping the useful idiots and winding them up to anger over nothing at all; for their political ends.

3. The “UnVaxxed” but twice jabbed deaths… IMO, the damage from the Pfizer / Moderna jabs is as bad as the Thalidomide debacle.

2. Now they are coming for The Children… California mandating a vaxxine that is 174 times as lethal as the disease. WT? Something wicked this way wanders.

1. The F.B.I. is now a corrupt institution of evil intent and actions. The Military is close behind at the officer level.

I’ll have to catch up my commentary on the next two a bit later. Right now the Spouse is expediting for some errands… Back later!

September 27


10. Babbling Biden Botches UN speech. He can almost read a teleprompter… thinking not so much, understanding not at all.

9. The comparisons, it burns… Walking from Haiti…

8. Expert horsemanship and a flying rein lied into a horrorshow by MSM bullshit. The hypocrisy, it burns…

7. What really happened 6-Jan? Not much at all. I was there.

6. They Australian Tyranny to a soothing statement of things will be fine. Guess what I said to my dog as she was euthanized? “It’s OK, everything is OK. Don’t worry. Your OK. Everything will be fine.
I love you”…

5. A satirical message to the “Un-Vaccinated”… ;-) A wonderful illustration of the lack of logical consistency in the “Mandates”.

4. “Forced Penetration”… it’s only a needle… not a… Ahem. Does have an F-Bomb.

3. Some behind the scenes Nurses Talk. I’ve worked on wards. This looks real to me.

2. A window into the Election Steal. Yes, it was a fraud from start to end.

1. The Arizona audit. But where’s the indictments? Eh? I have zero belief in our elections and 100% belief in the fraud around them. If this is not fixed, the only recourse is “When government is evil, become ungoverned”. Still waiting in the land of crickets…

September 21


10. “Iron Fisted While Guy In California”? Gotta luv it! The “Comedy of the Absurd” media claim that Gov. Neusance got more votes in the recall than he did in the election when we didn’t know he was a weasel. Nope, this is flat out Vote Fraud.

9. The F.B.I. “creating criminals for fun and profit” on 6-Jan where in this one I learned what “Jorts” are. (We talked about this one in comments. I always knew them as “cut offs”…)

8. Biden, not noticing the kidlett he wants to fondle is wearing MAGA gear. You Go Joe! (As quickly as possible, please…)

7. Rand Paul ripping a new one on the Biden Afghanistan Debacl and the killing of kids.

6. Benedict Mikley. Nuf said.

5. Niki Menaj and my new love of hip hop & rap… has mild F-Bombs.

4. Vatican is “all in” on this shit too. So when do we start calling him a Faux Popey? Eh? “Not My Pope!”

3. “Today in Australia” (though really a few weeks ago ;-) Notes to self: Sunglasses MINIMUM gear, preferably air tight goggles and gas mask if possible. Practice those Rugby Scrum skills “at the line”…

2. “Purebloods” R us! Proudly pureblood and intending to stay that way. Those who love GMO, so get ur jab. Hope you don’t grow an extra A-Hole or get webbed toes. Just a little bit of pericarditis or cardiac injury (as is NORMAL in these shots…) Oh, and don’t forget the “boys” swelling up and not working so good…

1. “War is when the government tells you who the bad buy is, Revolution is when you decide that for yourself” Ben Franklin. I always loved ‘ol Ben. I’ve also always decided for myself. You decide too. Who is being evil in mandating a vexxine for children that kills 174 times as many as the disease? Eh? Sub Text? “Oh Balls!”

First Hand Report Of Healthy Male Vexxine Screwage

For more recent events, see:

Trump Social Media site:


Bongino Report:


Or Whatfinger:


I’ve also gotten addicted to the Top Ten Memes of the week from WatchMAGA here:


They have interesting “bite” to them, along with a tendency to highlight the news of the week in memes, so good as a social attitude pointer too. Plus they are “way fun” ;-)

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  1. another ian says:


    “You mean… like measles?

    Oh wait… not like measles, because if you take the measles shot you won’t get measles — or give it to anyone else.

    Of course this forms the entire premise of so-called “mandatory” vaccinations, all of which has always been a crock of **** and worthy of a piano dropped on the head of anyone arguing for it. The only reason it didn’t happen over the decades is that those other shots were in fact safe (which these are not) and, once taken, you didn’t get the disease.

    But now we have an actual Government so-called expert, in this case Germany’s, stating out loud that the vaccines are in fact worthless as a public health measure. They neither prevent you from getting the virus or transmitting it, making them nothing more than a very dangerous flu shot.”

    More at


  2. another ian says:

    “Heh – social media edition

    Speaking as a pastor (albeit a retired one), I had to smile at the news that Facebook was changing its name to “Meta”.”

    More at


  3. another ian says:

    “Oops: ‘Facebook Meta’ Means ‘Facebook Is Dead’ in Hebrew”


  4. tom0mason says:

    Some sanity at the forum …
    As shown on joannenova.com.au, Florida Rep Byron Donalds let’s rip on the committee investigating the big oil companies.

    Maybe the tide is turning — from eco-fascists to reality?

  5. H.R. says:

    Mrs. Hr. is the T.V. watcher. Meanwhile, I’m reading and commenting on the blogs and I keep less than half an eye on the TV.

    But! I just noticed in the past couple of weeks that Facebook is advertising on TV. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before. They’ve had no need to advertise.

    Anyone else happen to catch the same thing?

    My thought is that Facebook is experiencing a serious loss of users. Then there’s that link that another ian just posted that has Facebook trying to rebrand themselves. (Oops. Not going well with the Israelis, it seems.) That’s what declining companies do, yes?

    Oh, and the ads seem to be aimed at the woke and gender-clueless crowd. That’s the sure way to pick up more of the flyover country users… not.

    If the boob tube is on, keep an eye peeled out for Facebook ads.

  6. another ian says:

    “Inconvenient Facts from Indonesia”

    “Uh oh, how are the usual suspects going to explain away this:”


  7. Ossqss says:

    This fellow is putting up some good stuff. I subscribed free and get his emails.

    Sample from today.


  8. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and if you’ve not watched this one, it’s a keeper:


  9. E.M.Smith says:

    For “people of a certain age”, a more innocent time. Lollipop and Mr. Sandman:

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    I had no idea they made a video of this (Boyfriend’s Back):

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Hollywierd, the most fake place in the world (so why take their advice on anything?)

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    What IS the earliest Dueling Banjos anyway?

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh Gawd, what a bottle of Port gets you:

  14. Ossqss says:

    @EM, nice stuff!

    Protip on GPS for future reference.

    Download offline maps from google to your mobile device. They last for like 30 days before update requirement , but if the SHTF, you can continue to use them offline by changing your current date while offline. Kinda a workaround.

    Did y’all see the X1 flare yesterday? That doesn`t happen often.

    Supplimental》It was interesting some of the Protons take an hour to reach here and the rest of the CME, maybe a day or 2.

    https://www.spaceweather.com/ Time sensitive site.

    History stuff.


  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Things that make me go Hmmm…..;-)


    for SHTF flare stuff, I have national paper maps…

    Essentially anything electronic tends to have electrochemical elements in it somewhere (either electrolytic capacitors or Li batteries to maintain “software” in “volatile memory”) and that dies in 10 to 20 years. A BIG part of why I have no desire to buy a “modern” car with all those electronics in them. In a decade or decade+ it will be a brick. Pay $50k for something that in 10 years is a brick and you have bought a $5k/year money sink…

    So I have a bag that’s about 1/2 cu ft full of maps… and a 40 year old Diesel with zero electronics…

  16. another ian says:

    “Biden tips a bucket on Australia in meeting with Macron”


    Reckon that the chances the subs come from UK just improved?

  17. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – I’m not sure that I’ll be driving… much of anything in 20 years.

    I have all the whizbang electronic stuff in a 2021 truck. I’m just playing the odds that:

    a) There will still be some sort of functioning society for the next 20 years

    2) My eyes will hold out for at least 15 years

    iii) I will hold on for at least 15 years and maybe 20 years

    I base that on the fact that there is a disturbing pattern in our family, both sides, for the men to reach age 83 and then slough off the mortal coil. 83 is good. All the men seem to make it there. My dad broke that by making it to age 84, but only by a few months. The error bars around that 83 year mark are pretty narrow.

    We’re looking at maybe buying 20 to 40 acres, partially wooded, in a moderate climate and putting up a pole barn, on a pad, drilling a well, putting in a septic system, and tapping into utilities along with installing off-grid backup for same. And we just might be stuck with self-sufficient solutions only for power.

    Alternately, a shopping cart and a tarp in a far South beach area might just be in my future.

    Who knows what the future will bring? Plan, but always have a few backup plans, eh?

  18. The True Nolan says:

    Very well written letter by a soon-to-be-fired Boston University employee asking for justification and clarification of their mandatory “vaccine” policy.

  19. H.R. says:

    @ all – Here’s the end of the story on my brother, who was hospitalized with Covid, then pneumonia, then a stroke.

    He’s back to writing emails so I had an exchange with him yesterday.

    Here’s his report.
    As far as the stroke, I will be evaluated by occupational and physical therapy as to what needs work. I am walking…..did 2 miles yesterday, paused today for the rain. Still working on the left hand for guitar….stroke was on rt side of brain.
    Overall, after 10 days of Covid, a week after that on oxygen with double pneumonia, and then the stroke, I feel really good!

    I replied, “Other than that how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

    So, good news. He plays guitar using all ten fingers and I swear sometimes that he gets in a couple of extra notes that can’t be accounted for by ten fingers only. We’ll see how it goes with the stroke and his left hand. Hard to say.

    He’s aware of Ivermectin, but I don’t know if he has been using any or if he even knows much about it.

    I’ll be seeing him on Tuesday. I’ll go over Ivermectin with him in more detail then.

    So… all’s well that ends, uhhhh, pretty good.

    And a P.S. – We were supposed to be leaving for Florida today, but the trailer is still in for warranty repair. It appears that parts won’t be a problem, but the labor shortage is the BIG problem. The dealer is w-a-a-a-y short of techs and the manufacturer is w-a-a-a-y short of people to deal with warranty claims. after the dealer submits a claim, it can be a week or more for approval. The dealer isn’t going to do the work without approval, and one of the items on our trailer needs input from the manufacturer’s engineers.

    It looks like we’ll get our unit back but will lose one or two weeks.

    Are you listening Ossqss? You can come out of hiding now and turn the lights back on. We’re running late. Oh, and there’s a Buckeye shortage. No worries, though. We’ll get you some homemade Buckeyes.


  20. H.R. says:

    @Jason C – That was an excellent letter. I hope there was a cc to a law firm.

    There are BIG bucks to be made by lawyers, and I don’t think all of them can be intimidated.

    BTW, the sleight of hand is that there is no actual government mandate – yet – for employers to require employees to be vaccinated. So any employer mandating vaccination is doing so unilaterally and with no legal cover.

    $$$ JACKPOT JUSTICE! $$$

    This will be bigger than tobacco, asbestos, and Roundup combined.

  21. Ossqss says:

    @HR (I hope it works) ;-)

  22. another ian says:

    Re the Hippopotamus Song

    Flanders and Swann “At the drop of a Hat” and “At the drop of Another Hat”


  23. another ian says:

    “Dr. Peter McCullough goes over the difference between getting myocarditis from the vaccines versus getting it from Covid. They really are different animals.”

    Link at


  24. another ian says:

    “Geopolitics, Oil, And The Ultimate Inevitable Celebration Of The Oil Sands”


    Not fashionable but – –

  25. The True Nolan says:

    @HR: ” there is no actual government mandate – yet – for employers to require employees to be vaccinated. So any employer mandating vaccination is doing so unilaterally and with no legal cover.”

    Ooooohh, good point! I have a friend who works as a contractor for NASA and is being told “no jab, no job.” He might need to know that. At present he is strongly considering taking the jab but trying to strengthen himself during the process with vitamin D, zinc, and IVM.

  26. another ian says:


    Try this

    “A few months ago I predicted that by the end of the year the Branch Covidian religion would wind up eating itself and collapse.

    Now it is.”


  27. another ian says:

    “Expect a New Wave of Pro-Vaccine Propaganda over the Coming Weeks!”

    “Alex Berenson reports that Rochelle Walensky’s highly politicized and disgraced CDC is up to more no good:

    The CDC hits a new low

    (I didn’t think it was possible either.)

    But yesterday the Centers for Disease Control, America’s not-at-all-politicized public health agency, released a new study purporting to show that vaccination protects against Covid infection better than natural immunity. Of course, a wave of stories about the benefits of mRNA vaccination followed.

    To do this, the CDC used some magic statistical analysis to turn inside raw data that actually showed almost four times as many fully vaccinated people being hospitalized with Covid as those with natural immunity – and FIFTEEN TIMES as many over the summer.

    I kid you not.

    Further, the study runs contrary to a much larger paper from Israeli researchers in August.”


  28. another ian says:

    “22 Studies and Reports that Raise Profound Doubts about Vaccine Efficacy for the General Population”


    Via a comment at Jo Nova

  29. philjourdan says:

    I have the Top 10 Memes page book marked. It is my sinful pleasure to watch it each week.

  30. E.M.Smith says:

    N.I.H. reference says Ivermectin is an approved or under evaluation anti-viral.

    So isn’t that an endorsement? Eh? F.D.A. not so much…

  31. E.M.Smith says:

    Sweden & Denmark join those “pausing” the Moderna vexxine in young folk.

    India regulatory agency says the Merck drug is less effective against moderate COVID.

    If you have some cross reactive CD4+ T Cells, you get an “enhanced” response to either vexxination or infection with Covid.

    Quercetin & Thyroid cell interaction / mechanism.

    And more

  32. another ian says:

    “Companies Warn Biden Administration They May Need to Drop Fed Contractor Status Because Workers Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate, Meanwhile American Airlines Cancels 1,700 Flights This Weekend
    October 31, 2021 | Sundance | 166 Comments”


  33. another ian says:

    “It’s Probably Nothing”

    “Luckily, Australians are now trained to be properly submissive.

    Australia’s central bank on Friday lost all control of the yield target key to its stimulus policy as bonds suffered their biggest shellacking in decades and markets howled for rate hikes as soon as April.

    An already torrid week for debt got even worse when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) again declined to defend its 0.1% target for the key April 2024 bond , even though its yield was all the way up at 0.58%.”

    More at



  34. H.R. says:

    @another ian – That Treehouse article about Federal contractors not renewing with the gubmint is a good one. One of the points is about trucking companies with Federal contracts.

    Yesterday, I was talking with Mrs. H.R. about the ability of truckers to shut down D.C. Sure, here and there in D.C. are stashes of supplies so our elite pollies can go to ground for (just guessing) 10 years in the event of a nuclear attack. but there won’t be any place to “do lunch”.

    You can’t starve out the pols, but I don’t see how much of government anything could function with the bureaucrats and staff, who live in the burbs, not coming in to the city. The pollies depend on their ‘people’ and their people will not be coming into D.C.

    I know that an isolated D.C. has been gamed out for the case of a nuclear attack, but I don’t know if anyone has planned for a lack of transport that’s unplanned and just kind of goes away. Also, much ‘work’ in D.C. is done by various contractors and they might just have to up and go home, wherever home may be, with no contract.

    I think all of the planning has been on the basis of some disaster or emergency where the “we are all in this together” mentality is just assumed. But I don’t think they’ve gamed out an “every man, woman, and child is on their own” scenario. What happens when the people who make stuff, grow things, keep the shelves stocked, keep the lights on, and keep the water running are no longer available?

    The hive may have tons of honey stashed, but the hive doesn’t survive if the worker bees are stuck out in the cold.

    We all just may get a chance to see how this plays out.

  35. cdquarles says:

    There is a novel, written in 1954, if I am remembering correctly. That novel describes, in a fictionalized way, what happens when the productive part of a society goes on strike, long enough. Said society collapses. NB, that’s not just the worker bees. It is the “thinking” bees, too. Who is John Galt? ;p The only thing that I recall is that outsiders didn’t attack the collapsing society. Right now, if the West collapses, if the East doesn’t also collapse, you can count on them to attack the West.

    Hmm, there was another story, written also in the 1950s, where a global society met with a recurring disaster roughly every 2000 years. Toward the end of a cycle, they had archaeologists who had uncovered evidence of previous cycles of “madness” that destroyed the societies. There was also a “hidden” group of survivors that kept records. Then the “EOTWAWKI” event happened as predicted by both groups. The survivors had to work together to restart civilization.

    That said, I don’t want to be here when the apocalypse happens.

  36. H.R. says:

    One good thing coming out of the off-and-on, long-running automotive electronics discussion:

    Since we’re staying longer, we’re looking to buy a used car to save on fuel. The new truck gets better mileage than the old truck, but with gas going up, we think it’s better to get something in the 25 to 30 miles per gallon range for groceries, sightseeing, fishing(!), and eating out.

    I’m looking to spend only $3,000 to maybe, maybe $5,000. That’s good for buying 20 year-old +/- cars or newer cars with very high mileage.

    But in cars that old, if the boards haven’t gone out and been replaced, then I’m looking at some electronics failures just due to age.

    My other thought was to get a classic ’50s or ’60s vehicle. We both have wanted a cruisin’ toy, but we’ve never pulled the trigger due to having room in the garage for only maybe an MG or Triumph Spitfire, and the weather factor; there’s only about 4 months around here to drive a restored classic car.

    Florida has a lot of classic cars in excellent condition and the Winter weather is great for cruising. So that’s a good option. We’d have to store the car part of the year whether it’s here or in Florida, so it doesn’t matter if we leave it for the off months. Hey! We could just buy a ’40s or ’50s car and pretend we are vacationing in Cuba. 😜

    (We’re kind of partial to the ’62 Thunderbird. Get rid of the $ in front of the link to see a nice example of a ’62 T-bird.)


  37. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    The Central Bank likes to think it controls interest rates, and to a modest extent it does. It can do this by issuing massive debt, or buying back that debt with “cash” it creates on the spot. Changing demand for bonds and the interest rate to buy or sell them in those quantities.


    When The Market decides something is screwed with a national currency and it becomes US vs THEM (Mr. Market vs Central Bank), sometimes Mr. Market wins. This is bad ju-ju for the Central Bank as folks realize it is out of their control… and panic selling of bonds can happen driving currency issuing to incredible heights or interest rates into nose-bleed territory if the Central Bank stops buying their bonds… I.E. can can signal an Inflation Panic NOW! to the plain old folks…


    Oddly, having been prepping to greater or lesser degree for That Day for at least 40 years, I’d rather enjoy getting to test out the quality of my prepping… The Final Exam if you will…

    Though in reality, the last couple of years I’ve been moving away from a full prep as I prepare for the retirement home “someday”… and the loss of autonomy. Eventually I will become a “dependent” not a “rescuer”… but there’s still time for a really good disaster test ;-)


    The Mercedes 240 D is all mechanical and you can get good examples pretty cheap (at least here in Silly Con Valley where they sold a LOT and there is no rust issue). Up to about ’84 IIRC.

    As of now, you can generally still get replacement electronics for most cars, but for really old that will start to change…

    The other option I’d go for is an older Jeep. You can remanufacture them forever. Many engines fit them, the transmissions and transfer cases and axles are widely available (used or new). Body work is just sheet metal. Frankly, what I’d get is an old Jeep XJ or similar. Prices are going up and are higher than you want as folks have realized they are better than the new ones. But they “flat tow” behind a rig and can go anywhere and are a “Forever Car” as a guy with a welder and junk yard can do anything needed. See the videos of “Matt’s Towing” and his “Banana” that’s a fully refabricated XJ. He has several videos at several steps of the process. Her’s the suspension one:

    For the $3000 and less range, an old Subaru. Repair is cheap and easy. (I’ve done the half shafts in front, serpentine timing belt, full tuneup, full brakes, and all suspension struts replaced other bushings and such inspected for about $2k total over a few years on a 215k mile car bought for $1.4k …) Get one pre-electronic dash (early 2000s ought to work) and don’t be afraid of “head gasket” – the car will be dirt cheap and the head gasket is like on a VW air cooled bug, but with a water jacket around it… so just price the gasket fix, add to sales price, and see if it is cheap enough). It is basically a VW Bug from the ’70s in terms of ease of work and nature of work, but with Japanese quality and fit. But you can’t flat tow it…

  38. E.M.Smith says:

    @Per DC Prep:

    It is important to realize that the Disaster Prep for DC Politicians is largely focused on survival of Command & Control in a nuclear exchange. MAYBE a couple of months supplies for a couple of thousand government Congress, Executive & Judicial leaders, their immediate staff, and some heads of Military.

    It is NOT enough for regular government operations. Not at all. Those are largely run “Just In Time” with staff from far far away commuting in daily. Think FDA, CDC, Transportation, Education, Interior, etc. etc. They all shut down as soon as folks can’t take the Metro into DC.

    So yeah, Congress & the POTUS / SOTUS can be fed “Rations” for a couple of months while they live on cots in a basement… but 95% of Government Operations ex-Military will halt.

  39. another ian says:

    “Swedish study of 840,000 shows vaccine efficacy at 7 months at, wow, zero

    This will make some public health officers sweat”


  40. The True Nolan says:

    @E.M.: “It is important to realize that the Disaster Prep for DC Politicians is largely focused on survival of Command & Control in a nuclear exchange. MAYBE a couple of months supplies for a couple of thousand government Congress, Executive & Judicial leaders, their immediate staff, and some heads of Military.”

    Just my opinion, but I suspect that the GEBs have more stocked away than a few months worth. I am thinking of an odd exchange which took place after Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992. The response of FEMA was so bad that there was a Congressional investigation into the matter. One bureaucrat (don’t remember, maybe the head of FEMA) was asked about how much of their budget went toward disaster relief. IIRC it was about 10%. When asked about the other 90%, it turned out that most of it was going into projects related to Continuity of Government. Of course to a politician that makes perfect sense. In a really BIG disaster, the people don’t need food, water, or shelter. What they REALLY need is more government! Am I right, or am I right? (end sarc)

    One more Doctor warning of Antibody Dependent Enhancement.
    Equally interesting, starting at about 32:00, Doctor Dan Stock speaks about treating COVID with Vitamin D. More specifically, he discusses a study which used a specific form, 25-hydroxy Vitamin D, a more biologically active version and can be taken orally. The kicker? (at 37:00) The FDA has warned pharmacists that they will be fined $50,000 and lose their license if they dispense it… Odd, I just noticed something. The letters F, D, and A are each only one position removed from the letters G, E, and B.

  41. E.M.Smith says:


    The super rich have gigantic shelters under many of their properties and are likely set for a year or so of food and water. But that’s not “Government”. That’s rich GEBs.

    Government can’t do anything very well and even managed to have their ‘secret’ congressional bunker under some country club in Virginia have the location leak… so now it is discontinued and you can take a video tour of it. I only presume the replacement is of similar design goal, but a lot more money and newer…

    MOST of the money spent went into the giant hole in the ground under the Country Club resort and rights to do it. No doubt a great deal more went into various “inspection” junkets to spend 99% of the time in the Country Club and take a glance at the hole in the ground…

    Not Much at all went into what I’d call “actual prep”. Yeah, they had generators and stored fuel and water filtration and all that. Even a “movie theatre” like place which was where congress would meet. BUT, the rest was more “military missile base” fittings. Not your luxury suites, but bunks. Gang kitchen for cafeteria meals. Long duration storage “ration” type food. Probably did have a year worth of it, too.

    BUT… there was no place at all for the “rank and file workers of agencies”. It’s fine for Senator Fartface to have a bunk, and his secretary, and 2 aids. But when they pass a law mandating that the FDA collect food from farmers and deliver it to cities: Where is the FDA staff to read, enact plans, and execute on them? In the suburbs of DC somewhere if they have not starved or run off to the countryside themselves…

    That was THE major problem I saw. Nobody below the “head office leadership and hangers on” was in the provisioned group.

    Could they have gone on to build a zillion more seats in the new place? Sure. But I am pretty sure they didn’t. The expectation was for a War Stance and that The Military would be the implementing arm of Government. Military has lots of bunkers and rations so why buy more?…

    I’ve seen nothing to indicate that they changed that mind set.

    As per FEMA spending money on “continuance”: My guess is most of that is NOT about bunkers and food, but about 2nd computer rooms, computers, networking gear and service plans, storage vaults for backup tapes and documents, etc. “Business Continuation” is something I did for a few years and it’s all about relocating away from a LOCAL disaster and having secure secondary data archives and facilities. Not much at all goes into the question of “housing and feeding the staff”.

    One Example: At a major theme park… they have a big bunker where, during hurricanes, a selected subset of staff goes to hunker down. Everyone else is told to go home or run away from the hurricane. AFTER the hurricane, the plan sets up a batch of temporary “offices” via tables and computers in the dining hall of a huge hotel on property. Staffing drops by about 80%+ and only the core works through the disaster recovery as actual operations are largely shut down for things like rides et. al. Food is what is on property for regular food service for guests (who are sent away before the event if possible). Total anticipated down time is about 2 weeks. Not a year. Not 6 months. Not even 2 months…

    That’s a “continuation” plan…

    For a catastrophic loss of the data center, programs swap to running from a remote data center a couple of States away. Again, note that no provision is made for housing the workers or feeding them. Nothing for National Collapse. Nothing for “Grid Down” for a month.

    Business (or Governance) “continuation” plans are typically orthogonal to a Prepper Plan for TEOTWAWKI…

  42. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: Oh, I think you are right that Sally Secretary, Jimmy Janitor, and Peter Programmer do not have a room in the underground shelters — but I bet the Big Wigs are prepared for a comfortable stay closer to a year or two than to a few weeks or months. What on earth they would come out to afterwards is anybody’s guess!

    As for “Government can’t do anything very well and even managed to have their ‘secret’ congressional bunker under some country club in Virginia have the location leak…” sometime secrets leak out in the most unfortunate ways. Back in the mid 1970s (1976 or 77?) there was a commercial airliner that crashed in Virginia or West Virginia. (Yeah, yeah… my memory for the details of minor news stories ain’t what it used to be. Maybe because I have heard SO MANY minor news stories) Anyway, the plane crashed one night into the side of a mountain, WHAM BAM!, everyone killed of course. There was the obvious question of how an airliner could hit a mountain and it eventually was noticed that the mountain was about three miles away from where the maps showed it. Why? Because the mountain was the site of a governmental nuke shelter for Congress and the Senate. The USSR was using US maps for targeting their nukes, so of course the maps were made inaccurate for specific locations. I find it humorous in retrospect — although not about the deaths — but humorous that the maps were purposely inaccurate. Sometime good ideas are worse than bad ideas. All the USSR would have needed to do was to compare their satellite photos with publicly available maps. Any time they find (for example) a mountain in the wrong place, that would be a very good reason to suspect a secret installation. I have not bothered to check anything for the last ten or fifteen years, but I used to have a habit of examining online satellite photos anytime I ran across a rumor that there was an off-the-public-record base or research facility somewhere. If you look and see nothing — then there was likely nothing to see. But some of the obfuscation was pretty crude. Occasionally I would see repeating patterns of cut-and-pasted landscape or forest tree patterns which were (in my opinion) put there to hide something. For example, there was a report that the US had an ICBM base in Puerto Rico near such and such town. I spent a couple hours looking at photos of the area. Jungle jungle jungle forest jungle forest forest — and then “Hey! That tree top canopy pattern looks familiar!” Sure enough, there was an area of clearly cut-and-pasted forest in the middle of nowhere. “That sort of thing would be easy to find now with pattern recognition software, so I assume that they use much more sophisticated techniques these days. But 15 years ago it was a great form or “Where’s Waldo” to play on the computer some evenings.

  43. another ian says:

    “Why America’s ‘Shipping Crisis’ Will Not End””


  44. Steve C says:

    Love Flanders & Swann – and I say that as someone who has most of their stuff on my archive drives. The Fifties and early Sixties were wonderfully innocent times for humour – I also have pretty much all of Tony “Hancock’s Half Hour” and the Goon Shows (both radio). The mid-Sixties and Seventies had good stuff too – “I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again” from the Cambridge Footlights crew who morphed into Monty Python and who, even then, would hammer you into submission with pun after pun after pun, or “The Burkiss Way to Dynamic Living” (better from the second series on, when Jo Kendall joined them). All out there.

    From your side of the Pond, I also love Tom Lehrer. If you only remember him from his sharp political songs, the Chemical Elements, etc., prepare to redefine your mental picture of him in under two minutes …

  45. David A says:

    The shipping disaster is definitely self-inflicted screw ups. And “government “ policy and labor law – business law is mostly responsible every step of the way.
    The vaccine mandates are an unmitigated and so far not quantified, yet very large disaster.
    Truckers simply can’t work more hours. Companies put out adds for two thousand workers, and two hundred perspective employees show up. Pilots and Drivers WONT get the shot. A decent percentage of military WONT get the shot. Many in EVERY industry, that can retire, ARE retiring now. There is a very large knowledge drain on companies, producers, transport, logistics, etc… ( IN EVERY INDUSTRY) Yes, this creates cascade failures.

    I turned 65 and we transferred our medical from Kaiser to Scripps. Scripps is Far Better.
    I went in for a long overdue physical. The hospital was insanely busy. The parking lot was 98 percent full. People everywhere. I have read this is happening everywhere.

    My doctor did question my unvaccinated status, and wanted to hear “ all about “ my decision. I first asked if she ( young very attractive Doctor) had two hours? She asked for the consolidated version. I gave her a five minute run down on vaccine harms, complete lack of autopsies and proper investigation into said harms, the shortcuts on vaccine development that were allowed, the potential harms like OAS and ADE , that are manifesting, the antibody monthly crash rate of leaky vaccines, the suppression of proper antivirals like Ivermectin, VITAMINS, sunshine, fresh air, and a bit of a lecture about not even offering to check to see if I or anyone else had immunity before administering a novel vaccine with known harms a hundred times or more worse then any previous vaccine. I pointed out the errors in the statistics when the worst six week period of infection ( post first shot vaccine induced “immunity compromised “period) positives are wrongly assigned to the unvaccinated. I ended by asking her why are hospitals are being overwhelmed. She admitted they were, and said they thought it was due to the suppression of usual treatment during Covid. I asked if they were doing any all cause morbidity and mortality studies on the current case load, vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Of course she had no idea of any such studies. And she very quietly said my answer was the best by far to her question, and she would not ask me again. She added she agreed with some of my concerns and did not know or had not read about others. Concerning the active hospital she looked concerned and admitted they were not sure why the were so swamped. All in all, she looked quietly reflective. ( and, did I mention, very attractive)

    I am insanely busy. My home is in escrow, and a short one at that, 22 days to pack, find a temporary place and store what we are keeping, selling or giving away what we aren’t keeping, while working on an opportunity to have a small share, to live in a now vacated home on 20 acres with a good well and hundreds of fruit trees. It is all in process and moving, figuratively and literally. Request for best wishes from all, and to all during this time period. ( oh, fingers crossed on a smooth escrow, which came in at 56 k above asking! Yes, that surprised me)

  46. H.R. says:

    Best wishes David A?

    Sounds to me like you landed the Triple Lindy. 10, 10, 10 7.6 (Russian judge)

    You don’t need best wishes. You just need 32 hours in a day.

    The fruit trees are a lot of work. We had 30 apple trees on the place where I grew up. It kept me busy. Wound up losing half the trees because they didn’t get care from the previous owner for 4 or 5 years. The remaining trees still took up a good bit of time. My older brothers had the good sense to go off to college and leave me with all of the work.

    Ohhhh… OK. What the hey. I’ll rein in my envy and send you best wishes 👍

    P.S. Buy some goats. Use part of that 56k for good fencing 😁

  47. David A says:

    Thanks HR! Fortunately we are not responsible for the trees. Goats have to be very well tended, as they can kill a fruit tree quickly. ( bark striping) plus goats, if there are quite a few, smell really bad! So no goats. Majority owner has four residents in the property. One household has the orchard responsibility. They are considering “ weeder geese” I will be putting most of the surplus into a fifty fifty renovation of the older home, while temporarily staying elsewhere – TBD?

    The “ best wishes” is for escrow to close smoothly. ( It is going well, just the fat lady has yet to sing) Your warning concerning orchard health is a good one. I think the trees are cared for by a very good hardworking young man. But understaffed. It is a beautiful “quiet” setting. One side faces the north east Mt Palomar, the other looks toward the ocean, which on a clear day you get a peak of. Home is sitting in the mist of mature oaks and two mature pine trees. Great ocean breezes whispering through the oaks and pines. I always loved that sound. Which all need their canopies raised to take advantage of the views. It is an older pre 75 mobile home and needs a great deal. New flooring, foundation supporting, double the wall plates and study’s to support R19, reroute HVAC, née plumbing elect, remove false ceiling all new windows, etc… It will happen over a four month period. ( Considering if a fireplace can be maneuvered in commiecalifornia.

    Cost total is likely to equal a new one, but the existing land, water, septic, and no need to wait a year and pay 40 k for permits. My best wishes is that all here can be settled in a secure situation for what does indeed appear to be a imminent coming bumpy ride.

  48. another ian says:

    Above my pay grade

    “Uh, That’s Not A Conspiracy Theory”


  49. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    That “above your pay grade” link has a lot of excitement in it, largely from NOT seeing a couple of simple ways the data can skew a LOT that are NOT nefarious.

    A big lot can well have gone to a single medical provider (hospital chain or pharmacy chain) that doesn’t do VAERS reporting (say a clerk at CVS is just doing massive shots to a line of folks, perhaps even driving past in cars – think the VAERS reporting will be the same as a nursing home chain full of folks with co-morbidities?). In the first case they may not even know what VAERS is and are only being paid to give shots. In the second case the medical staff will know, and likely will be paid extra by an insurance or government plan for the hours spent filling it out.

    Now also consider differential recipient populations. Say that CVS Pharmacy is in a Lilly white upscale neighborhood facing a beach in Florida. No Vit-D deficit likely there. Then put the nursing home in Chicago in winter and in a Black Neighborhood. Pretty much guaranteeing very low Vit-D levels likely to the point of disease if they don’t park the patients under a sun lamp or give them a supplement.

    Between those two (differential reporting by organization and differential populations taking the shot) I’d expect huge differences in adverse events reported by lot number even if every lot were identical.

    Now, add a third element:

    There’s growing evidence that the myocarditis is from injection into a blood vessel (instead of the intended muscle) so the mRNA infects the heart directly. IF THAT IS TRUE: What happens when the CVS Pharmacy nurse aspirates before the push, so avoids that happening, while the nursing home nurse is used to just “jab & squirt” for the dozens of shots a day she gives, so just does that… and is now causal of myocarditis deaths via bad technique? ALL the lots injected by said staff will show the same skew as the technique is causing it…

    No need to invent some conspiracy to poison by lot number, nor postulate widely variable manufacturing by lot. Just sloppy reporting & jabbing at the end point, and different target population initial medical status.

  50. another ian says:

    “Internal CDC emails Show Why They Changed the Definition of “Vaccines” and What it Means to be “Vaccinated”
    November 2, 2021 | Sundance | 121 Comments

    TechnoFog submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see what was happening inside the CDC, as they discussed needing to change the definitions of “vaccine” and “vaccination” in order to get passed the problematic issue of their supported products not actually providing immunity from the COVID-19 virus or any variant thereof.”

    More at


  51. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    Best of luck to you!

    I feel your pain (literally…) as I’m dealing with the same sorting, packing etc. stuff. Though our sale has been moved out to next year (we are continuing the move, though, and will be Bi-Coastal again for a few months). Why? Spouse is having some surgery in December and we can’t change medical plans and still get it done in time. Our present plan is anchored to this geography…

    So for the duration of that process, we keep a California address while adding a Florida home and getting the stuff moved and all. Then sometime next year I’ll get to move it all again when we leave the rental and go to whatever we buy…

    I’m thinking I might leave 3/4 of it in boxes in storage ;-)

  52. another ian says:

    “Climate Doom Pantomime at Glasgow, the hottest party for the Uber Rich to jet into on Fossil Fuels”


  53. beththeserf says:

    David! yer taking the path less travelled by…serfs and Yogi Berra like that and i wish u luck!

  54. jim2 says:

    David A. I have been through “the move!” like you and EMS are doing now. Not a lot of fun, but I am enjoying my new place. We still have boxes that aren’t unpacked yet after two months in the new house. And that’s OK.

    I have been sending my new Dr. (nurse actually) articles about COVID treatments and other topics. She has thanked me a few times and seems receptive. This is something we can all do on a personal level to educate the medical establishment ;)

  55. jim2 says:

    The newly elected Virginia governor is a Republican and New Jersey governor race is tied this morning! Some good news!

  56. p.g.sharrow says:

    I have made several big moves. My advice is dispose of every thing that can be replaced and just move money. Most of that stuff that you box up will never get reused, will be an expensive pain to move and store. You are going to be starting a new life in a new place. JUST DO IT !…pg..

  57. another ian says:

    Re E.M.Smith says:
    2 November 2021 at 10:29 pm
    @Another Ian:

    “That “above your pay grade” link ”

    Next round


  58. E.M.Smith says:


    We can’t “Just do it!” right now due to a surgery schedule and rehab after that will carry into January. That was the de-railer this time.

    So instead we are going to “do it right now” as a Bi-Coastal arrangement. Get Florida set up and stocked up, but retain residence in California until the medical stuff is in the bag. This will likely have both of use flying / driving back and forth a couple of times.

    Spouse first for a week at Disney during their 50th Anniversary (she being the Disney Fanatic…). She’s also looking for a house to rent as a “landing pad”. When she is back here, I start schlepping loads to the new landing pad. I also get some of my personal time there too ;-)

    NOTHING goes into a transport that is not needed at the far end. That also means no recliners, no beds, etc. We get new ones in Florida. (Modulo a bed we really like). I’m hoping the “last load” can be a moving company and just saying “move what’s left” for not too much money.

    In the mean time, I’ve got 2 to 3 months of sorting time. I’ve already had 2 trailer loads hauled away…(old couch, washer, dryer, etc.) Gave away a Weber BBQ as it was not worth moving. I’ve figured the cost (based on PODS) at about $8 / cu ft. So things that don’t measure up to that value get replaced instead…

    I’ve probably ditched about 1/3 of the stuff here, already. And that doesn’t count the big “Give Away” pile to be set out “whenever”…

    I lived “Bi-Coastal” for about a decade. It won’t hurt to do it again. I’m also pretty well versed in the process of “incremental moves” as convenient. (Already have 2 cars and a station wagon full of stuff in Florida, so when the Spouse flies in she has transport and a “kitchen” set up ready to go, just needs to buy a new recliner). In theory, in about 3 weeks, I drive another wagon load (van load? box truck load?) of “stuff” out and set up additional rooms. Then we fly back and forth as desired. AFTER surgery, we exit the last stuff from California.

  59. E.M.Smith says:


    In New Jersey, it looks like “Mail In Ballots” are edging the Democrat ahead. Wonder where they got all those “Just For Him” mail in ballots overnight…

  60. another ian says:

    @E.M. Smith

    Two comments re “extra votes” I’ve seen

    “They must have needed them for NJ”

    “They must be stuck on a boat from China”

  61. another ian says:

    Re the CDC re-definition of a vaccine

    A friend has just pointed this out –

    “Saw that!  So it’s the equivalent of cough mixture!”

  62. H.R. says:

    Just in case, but I’m willing to bet you already have done so, check out the rental truck companies.

    Once their trucks have been written down, they sell them. It’s based on time, not miles. So if you haunt all the rental truck lots for a while, you could get lucky with a decent truck at a decent price…

    … or not. Too many one-way rentals out of California, I suppose.

    💡 You could get one of those on a deal in Florida, I’ll bet. Too many one-way rentals to Florida, I suppose. I fill my propane tanks at a Y’all-Haul in Florida and they always have 2 or 3 box trucks marked “Buy Me.”

    Drive the last car to Florida and drive the truck back for the final load, eh?

    Then convert your truck into a made-by-E.M.-for-E.M.-only camper.

  63. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve thought about that. Been pricing trucks and trailers in both places. One big issue is that California has a LOT more cars, trucks, and trailers than Florida that are old and rust free so really cheap when in good shape. Except now the Old Trucks can not be registered so sell dirt cheap in California…

    This interacts with the CARB law in a very bad way…

    The CARB law says that regardless of State where registered, to OPERATE in California you must be CARB compliant.

    So… I can buy a very nice very cheap Box Truck in California (Freightliner 26 foot box, low miles, about a 2005 IIRC, for $10k) but can’t register it here. IF I drive it to Florida, I can register it; but then can not drive it back IN to California… OR I can buy a decent, but older truck in Florida, and still not drive it in to California…


    Any truck under 14,000 lbs GVWR (i.e. I can’t get a BIG truck…), RVs, and a hypothetical “Private truck for personal use moving only your personal goods” where I can spend days arguing with the DMV to get that rating, then endless “fun” hours explaining that exemption to every overzealous cop, highway patrol, and border ag inspection agent as they pull me over for non-compliance…

    I’ve still not ruled anything out. I’ve got my eye on a Ford F450 Shuttle Bus 2002 for $4k with a great Diesel Engine (but not CARB Compliant) that I think can be registered as a personal Van… maybe… possibly… I’m also looking at a campy Skoolie camper (aka “short bus conversion”) complete with miniature wood stove and chimney ;-) that is already registered and OK… but $15k… but would be fun for camping across America…

    Other interesting option:

    Get a new-ish car that has high towing capacity and a trailer… Dodge Durango’s have about 8500 lbs towing capacity and old ones are cheap. Even the Mercedes GL and ML Diesel are 7xxx lbs towing capacity. (7800 and 7300 respectively IIRC) and can be had for about $8 k when older.

    Then there’s always the “beat up old pickup truck”, but lately old pickup trucks are more expensive than old Mercedes MLs… ( I looked! Like $15k for the same year vs $9k for the Mercedes…)

    FWIW, no used trailers were available at the 3 or 4 places around here where I checked. Not many in Florida either. HOWEVER, there were a LOT of BIG ones at OK prices around Dallas!

    So one current “likely scenario” is I get something that carries an OK load, drive it to Florida, and then pick up a trailer on the way back as I pass through Texas. OR, if I’m in Florida and find something nice for carting stuff about, pick up the trailer on the first run back to California to pick up a load…


    Where I live forbids parking a Big Truck (like box truck), BUS (like Skoolie), or RV on the street. It MUST be on your property and for an RV or Truck over some size you must get a permit for a cement pad to park it next to your house. IFF if fits in your driveway, you can park it without a permit (as long as nobody complains). My driveway is 25 feet…

    So basically I can’t really use a 30 foot RV, or a 40 foot School Bus conversion (skoolie), or 26 foot box on a truck, or a 26 foot trailer or…

    Which is why I’m looking at a 20 foot box trailer and something about 22 foot long to tow it ;-) Basically 40 foot of “Box” but in 2 parts ;-)

    And things that I either really want to keep, or where I can sell them for about what I paid for them when done.

    But we’ll see. I’m not ready to actually make the buy until about 3 weeks from now (unless something ideal drops on me…). That’s the earliest I can “load up and go” on a first run.

    It has been some fun exploring all the potential legal / administrative Gotcha!s in the local regulatory crap… (thus postings about the CARB Diesel laws…) and working out the costs of the move. (Like figuring out a POD is so expensive because they have the same “need a new truck for California” problem as everyone else…)

    The other odd thing is that “my cost” can range anywhere from “just about the cost of gas and one year registration” for things sold when done, all the way up to about $40,000 for “newer tow vehicle in good condition that I want to keep + big new trailer” (or about the same for a 40 foot used RV…)

    So the “cost optimizing” function is a bit complex too ;-)

    Personally, I find the notion of a “Camper Short Bus Skoolie” with big-ol-Diesel towing a Texas Box trailer as I wander across the South a charming potential ;-) Yeah, I’d see a lot of BLM Land, and Walmart Parking Lots and Truck Stops… but there’s other camping areas that would be nice to visit too… Like some beaches and such. Places where you can park a “truck with boat” or similar length rig and spend a few hours with your toes in the water…

    Ah Well: I’m in the dreaming and looking stage. That point where everything is possible as no money has changed hands, and every fantasy is a maybe… Eventually I’ll be in the “Now you bought it” one choice only and “reality hits” as you load it up and fuel it up…

    Heck, I might just buy a 45 or 50 foot RV (Florida Drivers licence lets you drive any length while California limits you to 40 feet max) and park it in a local RV Park unless in motion. (You ARE allowed to park on the street in front of your house during “loading or unloading”…) Would cut down on the number of trips and make them more comfortable ;-) But that’s a very pricey option…

    Current Front Runner fantasies are anything that lets me slow camp across America on each run. I’d love to spend a week at Quartzite on the rougher BLM land (where it’s free) during the January RV Festival… or maybe park near a Texas Gulf Beach for a couple of days…

    Oh Well… I may yet end up with the U-Pack regular 18 wheeler trailer where you pay by the foot loaded and someone else hauls it across the country…

    (It really tossed a Monkey Wrench into things when Pods turned out to be so expensive. I was planning to just “load and let them store it” until we had a place to unload. Now it’s “get a landing spot first, then pack and go”. But at $16,000 for 2 pods and I might need 3… I can buy the equipment, do the move and still be cheaper… (as long as I’m frugal on the buy, or sell it when done).

  64. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – I forgot about the CARB craziness. I keep thinking that those regulations are “down the road” so to speak, and wouldn’t be in effect until you were long gone.

    You’ve kept us up to speed on those options you’ve been considering, except the Skoolie. I don’t recall you mentioning that.

    My guess is that you’ll hit that point on the Cost vs Viability graph where the lines converge and that’s going to make the decision for you.

    We have a similar problem with our travel trailer when we are loading up or unloading from a trip. There’s a 3 day limit parking on the street in front of the house. Fortunately, when we bought our trailer, I asked the neighbors if our rig would inconvenience or bother them in any way. Nope, although it cost me giving a few ‘nickel tours’ to a few of the neighbors who were interested in maybe getting a travel trailer themselves at some point.

    The sheriff doesn’t care. If nobody calls in a complaint – why generate paperwork if no one calls? – and no one was going to call. It’s not even a ticket; neighborhood rules, not an ordinance. The sheriff would just make you move it… and there’s that paperwork with no revenue.

    It doesn’t sound to me as if you’d be lucky enough to enjoy similar circumstances.

  65. E.M.Smith says:


    We’d get a couple of days. So loading up over a few days is not an issue. It is more that I can’t BUY one now, and load it up in 3 weeks. It would need to be a “Buy and GO!” process; or find a storage lot 30 miles away in a different city / county area.

    But like I said, I’ve not ruled it out.

    The Skoolie is a recent muse. I can get Short Bus options being dumped by school districts for about $8k (2008 ish). BUT then I’ve got to deal with the seats: likely can have an easy RV Reg as the DMV is familiar with that, however, at least one guy selling one has said you must remove a bunch of the seats and put in a sink & toilet for the reg. (One presumes a camping porta-potty lite and basin with pitcher would do…).

    The ones I like are FORD F350 based with the 7.3 L Navistar or 6.0 L electronic injected engine in them. The only weak spot is the transmission. They spend all day going 1st 2nd 3rd 2nd 1st. Over and over. Tranny tends to blow at about 175k miles even in the good ones. School districts know when to sell them… So 200k miles on one of them is more like 400k miles of regular mixed highway driving. I’m looking at one, already “converted”, and with a transmission rebuild 12k miles ago ;-)

    Take out the seats, it’s a 20 foot box with engine… and a tow hitch. Then later it can be my bug out to go camping toy ;-) Just need to toss money at a mechanical check / fix cycle.

    The other possible is a bigger RV (with similar hitch…) and that loading issue… Or just get a Durango / Mercedes ML and trailer and make an extra trip or two, but be more comfortable ;-)

    Sidebar on Durango / Jeep Cherokee / Mercedes GL – ML:

    During the time it was Daimler Chrysler, they came out with a “Common Platform” used for all of those. The engines change a bit between them, but the “platform” is the same. Differences in towing capacity reflect engine size and the small mass difference between the smaller ML and the bigger GL. They all ride about the same and with similar mechanical design.


    The third-generation Durango is built alongside the Jeep Grand Cherokee at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan, sharing the assembly line, running gear, powertrains, and chassis parts with the Grand Cherokee. With a slightly longer wheelbase than the Grand Cherokee, the Durango features three rows of seating.


    The Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, formerly Mercedes-Benz M-Class, is a mid-size luxury SUV produced by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz since 1997. In terms of size, it is slotted in between the smaller GLC-Class (based on the C-Class) and the larger GLS-Class, the latter with which it shares platforms
    The W166 was one of the last vestiges of the joint venture between Daimler and Chrysler while they were a consolidated company. DaimlerChrysler developed the core platform and technology, benefitting from Chrysler’s strong SUV sales and R&D domestically. The underlying platform work was largely completed in 2006, as the two companies were separated. Chrysler uses the same platform to power the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) and Dodge Durango. Because of the separation however, the cars are extremely different in terms of interior and body design as well as engine choices. Aside from engines, the three SUVs share many powertrain components, including some transmissions

    All of them have good towing capacity, but with some variation. Small 3.6 L 6 cyl engine MLs have only 5000 lbs while the Diesel version goes up to about 7300. The slightly heavier GL hits 7800, and the Durango goes up to 8500 or so. The Jeep not so much though.

    Some years the Mercedes lacks a 2 speed transfer case in the USA (has it in Europe) and the Durango gets monster V8 Hemi engines ;-) Jeep has better off road 4 x 4 features and built more for it.

    So one “still viable” option is to get one of them and just tow. At the end of it, despite an extra trip or two, I’ve got a 4×4 or AWD rig that I’d like to have for playing & escaping hurricanes ;-)

    I’d need to get the bigger trailer though. 20 foot dual axle…

    But I’d have no qualms that a 130k mile Mercedes GL Diesel would break down in the next 12 k miles, where a 199x Skoolie with a rebuilt (whatever) is more of a dice roll…

  66. E.M.Smith says:

    @Power Grab:

    Yeah, it’s a thing…

    The distance from “Skoolie” to “Party Bus” is a very short one involving loud paint and a BBQ strapped to the back…

    FWIW, there are “Shuttle Bus” based “limo” things that are basically a big party bus, including stereo system, interior usually dark with “cool lights”, and plush couch seating. I’ve seen a couple for sale… The problem is not much room for shipping boxes…

    But yeah, should I get a “Skoolie”, it will have a BBQ. (Loud Paint TBD…)


    And yes, beer WILL be involved in the making of the decision 8-0

  67. another ian says:

    It is official!


    And the short take


  68. another ian says:

    More “government wisdom” – ours this time

    “First Australian Covid Vax, approved overseas, but instead of a medal, we sack Prof Petrovsky”


  69. YMMV says:

    another ian: “First Australian Covid Vax, approved overseas, but instead of a medal, we sack Prof Petrovsky”

    Good to know, let’s cheer for that one.

    Like Novavax, Covax-19 uses a form of the infamous spike protein, but because the protein is made, purified and then injected, each person receives an exact known dose, and there is no need for any genetic material to be introduced inside our cells. There’s little risk of autoimmune disorders, like myocarditis, because the spike isn’t made inside our own cells and isn’t expressed on the surface of them. When healthy cells express the spike, our immune system is more likely to mistake them as a foreign threat which triggers the autoimmune disease.

    The adjuvant used is also promising. An adjuvant is designed to wake up our immune systems so they pay attention to something that essentially poses no threat (in theory). In many vaccines the adjuvant is just aluminium hydroxide (would you believe), but Covax-19 doesn’t contain any heavy metals. Petrovsky uses the incredibly safe plant fibre called “inulin” plus a small oligosaccharide (a small odd type of sugar unit).

    The Covax-19 vaccine is developed by Vaxine.

    The World Health Organization in March 2020 declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic but well before this Vaxine scientists were already hard at work from January 2020 onwards creating a vaccine against COVID-19 based on lessons learned from our experience previously developing successful SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV vaccines. While Vaxine initially developed DNA, RNA, and protein-based COVID-19 vaccines, we rapidly settled on the recombinant protein-based platform as having the best promise from both an effectiveness and safety perspective, given the extensive experience over the last 40 years with other FDA approved recombinant protein vaccines. Using modeling approaches Vaxine scientists rapidly confirmed that the COVID-19 spike protein binds the same receptor as SARS-CoV, namely the human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) to gain entry into human cells making the spike protein the key target antigen for the development of our vaccine, now named COVAX-19® vaccine. COVAX-19® vaccine comprises a recombinant spike protein antigen formulated with Vaxine’s proprietary Advax-SM adjuvant, which drives a potent T-cell and neutralizing antibody response against the target virus. COVAX-19® vaccine has been shown to be highly immunogenic in mice, macaque monkeys, and ferrets.

    source: https://vaxine.net/projects/

    “Our Covid-19 vaccine effective against delta in Phase 3 trials”

    Novavax has obtained or requested approval in several countries.
    If you haven’t caved to the mandates yet, say you are holding out for one of these two vaccines.
    Coercion is not consent.

    Here is Dr. Hong explaining Novavax.

  70. philjourdan says:

    I have been away, so missed the surgery part. But I hope you make it out of ComCA soon. I am seriously debating whether to go to the fund raiser this year. Our state is about to be liberated (listen for the shrieking of all the Kens and Karens come January), but ComCA is still a gulag. And I for one am not going along with any more of lying Fuckci’s crap. 16-2 – that was the vote of the doctors AGAINST Boosters. SO there is no science there.

    And if you want to do a post partum abortion on your kid, get them vaccinated! They are 10 times as likely to develop Chronic symptoms from the vaccine, than they are of getting sick from the Chinese/Government flu

    Let’s go Brandon!

    [Reply: Went to Trash due to embedded F-Bomb. Please note this has nothing to do with WordPress and is entirely the result of MY FILTER that sends F-Bombs to the trash as I really find them bothersome and they get a site on ban lists for things like schools and NSFW lists. Just avoid F-Bombs and it will be fine. -E.M.S. ]

  71. philjourdan says:

    OMG!!!! WordPress is suppressing LGB!!!!

  72. philjourdan says:

    See if my last comment is in spam or moderation. I cannot even see it. But I added at the end, LGB. And WP ate it.

    I probably will not be posting too much more given this level of censorship If you cannot post what you want, we are Out China-ing China.

  73. another ian says:

    “Are You ****ed? Maybe. But.. How Bad?”

    “Here, we report, besides generation of neutralizing antibodies, consistent alterations in hemoglobin A1c, serum sodium and potassium levels, coagulation profiles, and renal functions in healthy volunteers after vaccination with an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Similar changes had also been reported in COVID-19 patients, suggesting that vaccination mimicked an infection.”

    More at


  74. another ian says:

    “The truth about January 6th, 2021, and the progressive left’s lies about it”

    Links to the Tucker Carlson three part series


  75. E.M.Smith says:


    Not a political censorship, but an XXX one. F-Bombs are a 100% direct automated ride to the TRASH file. This is MY filter, not anything WordPress does. I want “R-Rated” or less if possible as more than that gets you put on NSFW and School Ban lists.

    E.M.Smith (and yes, I fished it out… I’m not that hard core about it ;-)

  76. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    As I’ve pointed out before, I was there, and it was NOTHING at all like what is created by the Lame Stream News outlets. Their stuff is 100% fraudulent propaganda.

    There were at least 3 Agents (at least 2 likely from TLAs) who exhorted me to enter the building from a side entrance that “we got open, it’s where the action is!!!!”. And when I demurred, went on to the next guy with the same script. One was an Antifa Agitator. He then held a status meeting with his older “Handler” (a middle aged woman) and her partner. As I was dressed all in black, they had this conference right next to me… Talk of group dynamics and getting people riled up for the end game…

    What I saw was 95%+ just regular law abiding and CONSERVATIVE POLITE folks walking to the capitol, seeing trouble start, and leaving. It’s what I did. Heck, I even stayed on the road between the traffic barriers despite them being in such disarray it was hard to tell what was supposed to be the approved walk way.

    The lies about what actually happened are so horrible and so extremely exaggerated that I’ve lost all trust in the US Government. NO agency will get any help from me on ANYTHING. I’ll be too busy assuming it is a trap. (This from a guy who had the C.I.A. job application in hand on graduation from University and sent my resume in for consideration after 9/11…)

    That one event has made it very clear to me, and to the friend who went with me, that we live in a Banana Republic and that Government Is Evil to the core in D.C. Two folks who were hard core “USA Is Great and the Government is generally good”, flipped in one go to “They Are Evil and Despicable at all levels.” Not from the events of 6-Jan, but from the lies about it.

  77. another ian says:

    An “A” pass in “Sea Lawyering 101”

    “when the signs say you must be vaccinated, well heck yes I am!!!

    you won’t ever see me with measles mumps or rubella!!!!!

    they didn’t specifically say Covid vaccine so I specifically was thinking of another vaccine!!”

    Like those signs that say “Angle Parking” – such being in the range of 0 to 180 degrees.

  78. YMMV says:

    More on the spike protein toxin.

    Athletes are dying like flies, collapsing on live TV.

    A Swedish study has shown that the spike protein is capable of going into the cell nucleus and interfering with DNA repair. This is a bad thing, and it includes damaging the immune system.
    Their suggestion is to only use pieces of the spike protein in vaccines, not the whole thing.

    And you already know about the paper that was blackholed because it talked about the spike protein damaging the heart. The abstract is at the end of w-o-o-d-1-october-2021.

  79. H.R. says:

    Tesla report:

    Mrs. H.R. and I play “Spot the Teslas” when we’re out and about. I’ve mentioned before that my stomping grounds are lousy with Teslas, so when we’re out we keep count.

    Most days, on nearly any errand, I’ll spot at least 2 Teslas and over the Summer, that number has started to rise to and average of 4 per day. The grocery store where I Marmite hunting is only 3 miles away, yet I’ll almost always get a Tesla or two on the way there and/or back and usually one or two in the parking lot.

    6-Tesla days are now becoming common. Two weeks ago, we were both out on errands and we had a record 9-Tesla day.

    This past Wednesday, I ran errands in the morning and got only 2 Teslas. Then we decided in the evening to try a new pizza joint about 5 miles away. Wednesdays are large 1-topping pizzas at 1/2 price. I ordered 1 for pickup.

    On the way there I was stopped for a left turn, and FOUR Teslas went through in under 10 seconds; one from the right, two from the left, and one turning right coming from my left. OK. I’m up to a 6-Tesla day.

    But in the process of picking up the pizza and returning home, I saw SIX more Teslas! That’s 12 Teslas and a new record! Told ya my neighborhood was lousy with Teslas.

    We keep speculating on why there are so many. I know some are Green virtue signaling, but I suspect that some are just ‘cool toys’ bought for the acceleration in Ludacris Mode.

    Oh, and on Wednesday, Mrs. H.R. had a dental appointment and on the way home, she saw a Bentley SUV. OK. No big deal to our UK crowd, but in the Midwest of the U.S.?!? There are no RR/Bentley dealers within 400 miles of our city.

    It’s a sign, I tell ya. It might be time for the Mrs. and me to sell out and head for more conservative environs. 😜

  80. jim2 says:

    The over-the-air firmware update, which was released on October 23, introduced what the regulator called “a software communication disconnect” between two on-board chips. The following day, Tesla said it started receiving reports from customers.

    “This communication disconnect can result in the video neural networks that operate on that chip to run less consistently than expected,” the safety recall report said. “The inconsistency can produce negative object velocity detections when other vehicles are present, which in turn can lead to false [forward-collision warnings] and [automatic emergency braking] events.”


  81. jim2 says:

    Wow! Look what we found!

    HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. — New Jersey state Senate President Steve Sweeney is not conceding in a race The Associated Press called for Edward Durr, a virtually unknown Republican challenger, on Thursday morning.

    “The results from Tuesday’s election continue to come in, for instance there were 12,000 ballots recently found in one county,” Sweeney said in an email to POLITICO. “While I am currently trailing in the race, we want to make sure every vote is counted. Our voters deserve that, and we will wait for the final results.”

    Sweeney, who as Senate president is the state’s second-most powerful elected official, was down more than 2,000 votes to Durr, a truck driver who says he spent less than $10,000 on the race.


  82. H.R. says:

    @jim2 – Given your link on the Tesla firmware update fiasco, we just may have to move for our own safety. Too many unguided misguided missiles driving around the neighborhood. 😜

    Another Tesla update from my neck of the woods: No reports of spontaneously combusting Teslas… yet. I suppose that’s good news for now. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time with that many around, though.

  83. jim2 says:

    This appears to be a COVID treatment I would be OK with.

    As a protease inhibitor, Paxlovid is free from the theoretical DNA-alteration risk tied to the mechanism of action of Merck’s molnupiravir.


  84. E.M.Smith says:


    Our local shopping mini-mall has added a row of Tesla charging stations “out back” (i.e. on the far side where the stores are less interesting / busy and the parking rarely fills up). We go to that side as the spouse has a particular store she visits to get greeting cards…

    They have, I’d guess, about a dozen stations. At any one time there are usually about 3 to 5 Teslas charging. The idea being that you plug in and go shopping and charge while you shop. Except…

    This “mini-mall” is not fully enclosed. It is store fronts facing outward toward the parking lot(s). So folks would need to walk around to the various stores, outdoors, and without enough connected sidewalks… so folks need to cross delivery truck driveways and bits of parking lot et. al.


    The collection of stores is “eclectic”, so folks are unlikely to want to visit more than one or two of them. So a pharmacy, and a McDonalds (over a gap of parking lot), and a Mexican Restaurant, and a Cards & Junk shop, and a donut shop, and an Arts & Crafts shop, and…

    The net result is that yesterday, once again, I saw 3 Teslas hooked up to chargers and their drivers sitting in them, bored, playing with phones or “whatever” while they wait for the charge to complete. It would seem that to be a happy Tesla driver you must have a high degree of patience…

    Generally I’ve seen almost all the Teslas attended by their drivers, just sitting in them. Occasionally one or two will be empty and the driver gone off somewhere. But most of the time, a row of bored folks sitting in their cars trying to keep busy, or napping in the seat.

    Here, where gas has hit $5 / gallon, electric car sales are up just due to gas prices. Personally, I think that’s part of the plot… drive gas to crazy high prices. Oh Well…

  85. E.M.Smith says:


    The last thing I want is a car that gets over the air “software updates”… too much of my life spent dealing with bad software and worse software updates to ever trust it or be comfortable with it…

  86. E.M.Smith says:

    Then there’s this:


    U.S. auto regulators have opened a preliminary investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot advanced driver assistance system, citing 11 incidents in which vehicles crashed into parked first responder vehicles while the system was engaged.

    The Tesla vehicles involved in the collisions were confirmed to have either have had engaged Autopilot or a feature called Traffic Aware Cruise Control, according to investigation documents posted on the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s website. Most of the incidents took place after dark and occurred despite “scene control measures,” such as emergency vehicle lights, road cones and an illuminated arrow board signaling drivers to change lanes.

    One wonders if the visual sensors are as blinded by the excessively bright “warning lights” on some police cars as I am… At Night, I now drive with some kind of “sun glasses” on (my yellow “blue blockers” if available). Why? LED Lights in tail lights that are painfully bright when the brakes are on, and OMG! bright blinding headlights from oncoming traffic; plus the bonus of not being blinded by those God Awful Bright “emergency” lights on some police cars.

    I’ve had to “look away” and / or squint when passing some troupers who have pulled a person over and turned on those thermonuclear flashing, spot & flood lights. Driving by braille is not my preferred mode…

    We are way past the point where more light is helpful and well into the zone of blinding drivers with too much light, reducing “safety”.

    I suppose it is possible I’m just an outlier with exceptional low light vision. I can see the world clearly under a full moon and fairly well even with just a partial moon. I’ve gone for a walk in the woods at midnight without any added light and it was fine. (It was a nearly full moon night though…) But I have trouble thinking I’m “special” in that regard… People have dealt with dark nights forever.

    IMHO the ideal headlight level was reached with Halogen Bulbs in about 1980. A nice golden tint that doesn’t screw up night vision (like the Blue Bulbs do…) and where you had lots of illumination from them, but not too much blinding of oncoming drivers. I do remember night rides during the 6 volt era. Lights were dim but usable and nobody was “blinded by the light…”. The move to 12 V was a good one, and lights were almost ideal as just plane old bulbs. The Halogen bulbs improved things some, especially to the sides, but at the cost of some oncoming car blinding. An OK trade-off I guess. But then we started getting these super-bright blueish things about 20 years ago. Just horrible.

    So now I wear “sun glasses” at night, just so I can see the road when there’s oncoming traffic.

    The good thing is that the most offensive bulbs are blue tinted, so a yellow lens blocks them more. This makes them about the same as the yellow tinted Halogen bulbs, and tolerable. (I can still tell which are which as the offensive blue ones end up with a green tint to the yellow color, so when I see a row of cars coming, all the headlights looking yellow and comfortable, the slightly green tinted ones are the super brights. Lift the glasses and “wham!”, there it is… and I know they are working ;-)

    I have been changing my cars over to yellower bulbs so that I can see the light I’m putting out better, and block the blue crap that’s blinding me.

    So my question is just this:

    Does the Tesla vision system have a similar problem with too bright of lights? Such that an emergency vehicle with the blinding lights shows up as a “washout” or whiteout in the vision system and is assumed “empty”?

    Sidebar on LED tail lights:

    While the average light from LED tail lights may be OK (or it may be brighter than the old bulbs?), I find the “point light” from each of the LEDs is on the edge of painful when brake lights light up. Again, the “sunglasses” to the rescue.

    I first started trying to cope with this about 20 years ago in Florida. After work, I’d go to the store or “whatever” and be stuck in vacationer traffic with lots of brake lights. As the LED ones became more common, they stood out as painful to be behind. My first attempt at a fix was “OK” but not ideal. Green tinted sunglasses off a rack. Solved the too bright problem, but were a bit too dark for use outside of brightly lit city streets. Eventually found some yellow lens things that are about ideal.

    I now equip every car with some kind of “sunglasses” for night driving… Crossing the USA at night has changed from “annoying and sometimes painfully bright oncoming lights” to “this is fine.”

    Maybe the Tesla just needs sunglasses for night driving…

  87. Power Grab says:

    I’m bummed out. They say I must be fully v’nated soon. I don’t know if I can get my retirement funding flowing beforehand. If I have to take a jab, would JJ be less harmful than the others? I can’t remember which one(s) were hardest on the lady parts, which I no longer have. So maybe that wouldn’t matter for me.

    I am so much happier having a working immune system and more than half my brain functioning. I hate to take a jab. I’m not sure I could do my job properly with half my brain tied behind my back.

    What jab have y’all had?

    I haven’t even been tested yet. As I understand it, if I got a religious exemption approved, they would expect me to be tested, probably a bunch of times. So I’ve been delaying even applying for that. I think most of my coworkers think I’ve had the jabs.

    I haven’t even taken sick leave since, IIRC, Dec. 10, 2019. And I’ve been working 12-17 hours a day pretty much ever since then.

  88. YMMV says:

    @Power Grab, I don’t recall complaints about the J&J jab. It is less used than the others, but even so. It’s supposedly less effective, if you trust the numbers, but who cares? With the threat of booster shots hanging over us, does that even matter? One advantage is that it is a traditional vaccine, not mRNA based. And you only have to get one shot (so far) to be fully vaccinated. Of the current choices, that would be my pick. Moderna next, Pfizer last. AZ is still used in the UK. It is the most comparable to J&J. But it had problems too, so hopefully J&J is somewhat different.


  89. Power Grab says:

    @ YMMV:

    Thanks for the response and the links.

    The JJ was the one they gave thousands of a few months ago where I live and work. It’s my impression that the ones who got it ended up slower mentally and less sharp and less happy than prior to the jab. But I don’t personally know anyone who died from it. On the other hand, I don’t anyone who died from the famous disease (I hate to say the name of it!).

    I had occasion to talk with a lady at one of our funeral homes a few months ago. She made the comment that it wasn’t until October last year that they finally got a body that was said to have died from the famous disease.

  90. Simon Derricutt says:

    Power Grab – problems with the JJ vaccine because it’s based on a monkey Adenovirus vector. There was a discussion here that suggested that dosing up on Ivermectin would mop up any spike proteins produced by the Pfizer or Moderna shots, and thus avoid the problems they would produce. I don’t have links for the JJ problems, but I think they were discussed here.

    You may not end up with a choice of vaccines or a choice as to do it. Does seem that Ivermectin just before you get shot followed by once a week for a couple of months might reduce the risks by a lot.

    Things have gone towards totalitarian pretty fast.

  91. Power Grab says:

    @ Simon:

    Thanks for the reply. And thanks for reminding me about the Ivermectin.

    I just phoned my long-time favorite mom-and-pop pharmacy. They have all 3 shots. I can specify my choice. They said I need to give them 15 minutes lead time to get it up to room temperature.

    I went looking for Ivermectin locally some weeks ago. The places it was supposed to be available (in a locked cabinet) had nothing.

    Still mulling it over….

  92. H.R. says:

    You beat me to it, Simon D.

    @Power Grab – If you really have no other recourse other than to take the jab… what Simon said. Hold out as long, and in any way you can.

    Also, the OSHA rule said for employers to allow for any sincere religious objections, though the rule says you would have to mask up. I’m sure your church attendance and participation are known well enough at your workplace that you might get by on that reason.

    Oh, Gail Combs found another anti-parasite formulation that just may be better than Ivermectin. I can’t recall the name of it, though. If you’re stuck because all the small bottles – $20 and $50 – of Ivermectin are sold out, post again and someone will remember the alternative. Heck! They may know right there on the spot at the store what the “other” drench is and stock that, too.

    Hold out if you can.

  93. another ian says:

    “Let’s Go Brandon” threatens to Redpill the USA

    It’s the laughter that gives it away.”


  94. cdquarles says:

    If I am remembering correctly, a report sometime last year or early this year said that for the USA, only about 6% of the attributed SARS-CoV2 related deaths were from the virus. The others were with the virus. Don’t be surprised. Most of the influenza related deaths over the years were from other diseases, too; typically secondary bacterial pneumonia. The presumption being that if those people had not gotten influenza, they wouldn’t have had a terminal bacterial pneumonia. That would definitely be true for some; but finding out just how many isn’t an easy task. The main aim of influenza vaccines, today, is directed at preventing those secondary pneumonias.

  95. Power Grab says:

    @ Gail Combs:

    Are you ears burning???

    What was the other anti-parasite product? :-)


  96. another ian says:

    “Manhattan Contrarian Announces The Arrival Of “Peak Oil-Hysteria” ”


  97. another ian says:

    @Power Grab

    IIRC avermectin was mentioned – IIRC doesn’t have the human use background of IVM

    e.g. https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/avermectin

  98. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – all i did was misspell Fauci! Mea culpa for positing the truth,

  99. philjourdan says:

    LGBxxxxx – Let’ go Brandon you “Mxxxx Fxxxxxx”.

    Works for me! I support REAL lesbians who do not want to have sex with guys in skirts (see Loudon county).

  100. YMMV says:

    Avermectin was the original compound discovered in Japan and then the chemists at Merck improved it to ivermectin with a minor modification. (Don’t ask me what difference that made)

    I think this is the one you are looking for:
    “A Comparison Of Two Potential Covid Cure Drugs”


    From there:
    The macrocyclic lactones (avermectins and milbemycins) are products or chemical derivatives of soil microorganisms belonging to the genus Streptomyces. The avermectins in commercial use are ivermectin, abamectin, doramectin, eprinomectin, and selamectin. Commercially available milbemycins are milbemycin oxime and moxidectin.

    Or you could get Ausmectin® Sheep Drench which is really ivermectin but the store clerk might not notice that detail. https://www.iahp.com.au/animal-products/ausmectin-sheep-drench

  101. Simon Derricutt says:

    Power Grab – iirc Gail was using Doxymectin on her goats, and she got it on her skin because they spat it out on her. Also iirc the dosage needs to be more controlled on the other Avermectins, so not as safe as Ivermectin. Still OK up to 10x the correct dose, but you might feel somewhat odd for a day. Still, Gail’s dose wasn’t controlled, so not a major problem in real life, just something to be aware of.

  102. Simon Derricutt says:

    Thanks YMMV. Looks like I mis-remembered and spoonerised it. Single-finger touch-screen typing takes a while….

  103. YMMV says:

    @another ian, “It’s nice to be right about Ivermectin”

    I like the results of that study!
    direct link: https://noqreport.com/2021/09/03/shocking-conclusions-from-africa-study-expose-why-big-pharmas-puppets-are-suppressing-ivermectin-data/

    Amazing differences. IVM works. I think it works in two ways. First, it protects you. The vaccines do too, for some yet to be determined efficiency and duration. Second, and I think even more important (although yet to be proved), it stops the spread and vaccines do not. Asymptomatic and presymptomatic has always been the big problem with Covid, and vaccines do not eliminate that.

  104. Ossqss says:

    If interested. I just got a code on Tuckers website and used it on FoxNation.com for a free 90 day subscription. FYI

  105. E.M.Smith says:

    @Power Grab:

    J&J doesn’t use mRNA, but does do a genetic process, just via DNA. Not seeing how that tech detail is a big feature….

    J&J causes more CVT (brain clots) while Moderna / Pfizer cause a LOT more clots in the portal vein and other veins of the liver. Brain damage or dead liver, pick your poison…

    I’d hold out for the NovaVax. No mRNA, no DNA.

    I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I’m just saying what I will do for me if it comes to that.

    For ANY covid vaccine: IFF forced to take one, I will take a couple of aspirin the day before, then a couple more in the morning of the shot, and then dose as per the Arthritis Schedule for at least a week, preferably 2. This will help diminish the blood clotting damage. Add in anti-histamines to reduce inflammation responses. Ivermectin is available from Amazon. It has gone up in price and the 250 ml is only available in a “2 pack” (though maybe the single is in the dozens of more pages from a “Durvet Ivermectin Cattle” search… I’d dose the day before the shot, again the day of, and then coast a couple of days and dose again if anything didn’t feel right.

    Ivermectin binds to the ACE2 receptor and, most importantly, to the Spike Protein. It is likely that this will prevent the spike protein your body is making from doing as much damage. The “hard bit” is getting the right amount of Ivermectin into you for the quantity of spike protein your body is making as the amount is variable from person to person.


    ASK the person giving the shot if they are going to “Aspirate” the shot. If they say no, or don’t know what that is, find someone else. (IF no one else is available, explain that you pull back on the plunger for a few seconds to see if blood shows up in the syringe before doing the injection. If you get a lot of dark blood you are in a vein and need to try a different spot. There is growing and good evidence that myocarditis and other things like blood autoimmunity are in response to an injection into a vein or artery. Do not let them do that.

    Print out journal articles stating this “discovery” to hand to them if they try to insist it is not needed.

    Essentially, I want to do Symptomatic Treatment for the damage caused by the Spike Protein. So any therapeutics that work on the virus will likely help. Inhaled or rubbed on steroids (like on the skin rash isle next to the burn cream…), blood thinners / anti-coagulants, spike binding drugs, etc. Heck, I’d take monoclonal antibodies if I could get them. I suspect that Quercetin & Zinc will help a little, but not as much as with the real virus as the mRNA is already made and just needs transcription.

    Maybe I need to work up an article on mitigation of jab crap…

    1 ml / 10 kg of body weight is what I do. One Time A Week only, for prophylaxis. The FLCCC dose is equivalent to 1 ml / 20 kg and is likely fine too. I’m just using the sheep dose as I don’t know for sure that 100% of it gets through the skin and figured the maker does know.

    It is a LONG time to January, and pretty good odds NovaVax will be approved by then. It is “Spike protein and adjuvant ONLY”. NO mRNA. NO DNA. I’d still do the ivermectin to bind up the spike proteins and I’d still do the aspirin & antihistamines to cut down on clotting and inflammation risks.

    Note that women are more susceptible to the blood clotting problem. Women just have better blood clotting than men do. Young women on birth control pills are doubly at risk.

  106. YMMV says:

    “I’d hold out for the NovaVax. No mRNA, no DNA.”

    Seconded. If that is an option. If not, the question is which is safest for you with your unique factors. Pfizer and Moderna technology is experimental, and there are thousands of bad outcomes. With J&J and AZ, there are also bad outcomes, but apparently not so many and only in certain groups. 12 cases were cited for J&J. Maybe there were more since then or in other countries. I would love to see the study that compares risks. I don’t expect to see one. J&J was “paused” for a while because of those cases. The other jabs had cases and were not paused. Looks like a little bias there, maybe? But that pause shot the credibility of that vaccine for some people and made many scared of any vaccine. Way to go on the PR.

    DNA vs mRNA? I think the temperature requirements tell you that one is more stable than the other. Stability is good, to my way of thinking. The proposed Australian vaccine doesn’t require any temperature control.

    This is really a question for your own doctor. If you do consider J&J (or AZ), do consult with your doctor. For example, what the immediate symptoms are and how to treat it if you are not lucky.

    One unique aspect of CVST, as it has developed in these individuals, is its similarity to the way some patients react to heparin, an anticoagulant (or blood thinner medication) commonly used to treat clots—and one that is not being recommended for vaccine-related CVST.

    Studies suggest that clots linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine resemble a similar condition that has been seen in some patients after treatment with heparin. “The pathophysiology of the blood clots appears to mirror that of the unusual clotting with heparin,” says Dr. Bona. He explains that a small number of patients treated with heparin develop an antibody to a protein called platelet factor 4. Heparin binds to platelet factor 4, and that binding creates a new spot on the platelet factor 4 that is immunogenic, he says. “For a variety of reasons, the antibodies cause the platelet count to go down and cause blood clotting.”

    But the AstraZeneca vaccine recipients developed antibodies to platelet factor 4 in the absence of heparin. “So, heparin is the wrong anticoagulant to use,” Dr. Bona says. “Luckily, we have other anticoagulants that will likely work well in this situation.”

    source: https://www.yalemedicine.org/news/coronavirus-vaccine-blood-clots
    They do not recommend preventative aspirin pre-J&J jab.

    There might be something genetic to those reactions, not to mention other morbidities.

    23andMe did a survey of who felt bad after the jabs, by vaccine type and age.

  107. another ian says:

    Talk about condescension and contempt! Bigotry on display”


  108. another ian says:

    “‘Let’s go Brandon’ sounds modest and mild,
    But the words have gone viral and wild,
    Which Republicans sing,
    Taunting woke and left-wing,
    Leaving Democrats rattled and riled.”


  109. cdquarles says:

    A thing to remember: thrombocytopenia caused by consumption of platelets via platelet activation causes clotting, whether diffuse intravascular (lots of small clots) or larger vessel thrombosis outright, then bleeding, if severe enough. Thrombocytopenia caused by inhibiting production of platelets causes excessive bleeding. The point in time and/or steady state platelet level in the blood is a function of production rates and consumption rates. Depending on the person and which part of the intricate chemical dance that is clotting and its regulation determines which happens. The intricate chemical dance that is the cellular and humoral immune system is coupled to coagulation, too.

    Oh, another thing or two: Genetic modification occurs throughout life. For somatic (main body) cells, that matters less than when it happens to the germ (human eggs and sperm) cells. Every breeding operation does genetic modification. The potential for it also exists with every infection. Biological evolution depends on both the strong chemical processes that limit modification and the processes that do the modification.

  110. YMMV says:

    Aaron Rodgers!!! He gives the best sports player interview ever about why he is ‘immunized’ and not ‘vaccinated’. Very articulate. Go Aaron! Of course the woke mob is trying to cancel him now.

    And yet another thing that could go wrong with the mRNA jabs (he doesn’t say which one).
    Totally scary. Rare, if that is any consolation.
    “Patient Interview – Neurological Issues After Vaccination”

  111. Terry Jackson says:

    5th Circuit stops employer vaccination mandate, sets 5pm Monday deadline for the Gov’t to respond why there should not be a permanent injunction.

  112. another ian says:

    Well imagine that!

    “Glasgow: The Stampede To Mass Poverty…120 BILLION Tonnes Of Materials For Wind Turbines By 2050?”



    “Alex Epstein eviscerates COP 26 on GB News”


  113. H.R. says:

    @Terry J: That news is good. The article was full of caca, though.

    Definitely written by an “on side” jurinalist (Swedish pronunciation).

  114. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – More Power to Aaron Rogers!

    The “vaccine” is no such thing. It is a “treatment”. Getting Covid right now is the ONLY Vaccine. Aaron is correct. And I am not getting any more shots. I will either get it, or the damn democrats will get a clue. At least in this state, the racist democrats will be out of power in 55 days!

  115. YMMV says:

    Terry Jackson: “5th Circuit stops employer vaccination mandate”

    Did you catch this little detail? source: https://motls.blogspot.com/2021/11/with-no-excess-of-deaths-for-18-weeks.html

    Let’s Go Brandon!

    Or if you speak Dim, “Brandon, c’mon man”

  116. another ian says:

    “A Note About Modern Fascism
    November 6, 2021 | Sundance | 18 Comments”


  117. another ian says:

    Attempting to link thgat

  118. H.R. says:

    Hadn’t seen that. Thanks, p.g.

    I can’t strike since I’m retired, but we retirees can boycott, and a sudden drop in sales for the week will send a message.

    To the best of my knowledge, there’s nothing I must buy next week. Oh, I’d normally pick up this, that, or the other and maybe spend $50 or $100 (nothing is cheap, now!), but there is nothing I actually need or must buy.

    So… H.R.’s wallet is officially closed for business next week.

    If I’m mistaken and something pops up, I’ll hunt down a less-than-100 employee store – hang the extra cost – and get it there. But that’s only if something unexpected comes up.

    Hmmmm… wouldn’t that be something if mom ‘n pops outfits’ sales went through the roof while the big boys’ sales sank like a rock? Now there’s a thought.

  119. another ian says:

    “A Disease so Deadly –

    You have to shut down all the mink farms…in a couple of years.”


  120. another ian says:

    FWIW but it sounds like other natives are getting restless

    In comments at


    “New Zealand protestors are following their pro-lockdown Prime Minister around and trolling her IRL.

    NZ 🇳🇿 Anti WAX, Anti Everything 🔥 Whanganui Council Building… Jacinda forced to barricade inside, unable to leave due to the massive crowds after they were tipped off to her her whereabouts. Theses Kiwi’s have got some balls. Long Live the People

    pic.twitter.com/wVQDDgkgqU “

  121. p.g.sharrow says:

    Yes, I appears that the revolt against Klaus Schaub’s, Build Back Better world program has begun, world wide. Meanwhile the Main Stream Media pointedly ignore it. while alternative rapidly gains ground on them.
    “The New Age begins when a Net covers the World” seems to be a true prophecy. This new age of worldwide connectivity is a double edged sword.that is in the hands of everyone.and we are learning to use it. …. The GEBs think that They are in control of information and therefor control the World. Guess what? We don’t need them !

  122. Jeff says:

    @Power Grab,

    Saw Gail post over on another blog that she’s trying to reply to your post here but Word UnimPressed is causing “issues”. Here goes:

    Someone at Wolfies said you guys need the info on the Drench that cured my Long Haulers Covid.

    It was Moxidectin marketed as Cydectin

    “Cydectin oral drench for sheep is a ready-to-use solution containing 0.1% moxidectin. ”

    Moxidectin and ivermectin inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in Vero E6 cells but not in
    human primary airway epithelium cells

    I roped (OK quit laughing) and held 25 goats which took about 3 to 4 hours. Hubby is not very fast when it comes to measuring out doses of wormer and ‘Covexin’ vaccine for each animal. We also trimmed hooves as needed. So I had goat spit and Cydectin on my hands for at least a couple of hours. My ‘Asthma’ has been gone ever since. That has been 5 months and my last O2 check was 98% compared to the 92% to 94% I was running before that.

    There is no way I could use gloves to handle those animals. I had enough trouble roping left handed with a right handed lariat and snubbing down flying Bucks who weighed as much as I do. (Two of the three are now inhabiting the freezer.)

  123. YMMV says:

    correction to Gail’s link as reported by Jeff:
    link: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.17.444467v1.full.pdf

    Importantly, moxidectin has been shown to have superior drug disposition properties to ivermectin such as a longer half-life and higher efficacy in animals and humans

  124. YMMV says:

    comment on above paper. It is in vitro, not in vivo, and although it does say some good things about IVM, their findings are not very positive.
    “We therefore advocate more rigorous antiviral drug testing”
    This was from May 2021. I have not looked for any followup.
    The in vitro in vivo gap is still there — it looks like it does work in practice…

    Collectively, these results indicate that both moxidectin and ivermectin directly interfere with the viral infectious replication cycle in cells. This shows that the compounds either act at the early stages of RNA replication/translation (within 2-4 h post-infection) or that the compounds interfere with late stages of virus assembly/secretion (i.e. needs to be present for more than 4 h to exert its antiviral effect).

  125. E.M.Smith says:

    The thing PG was talking about (linking his picture directly):

    But do hit the link to his site anyway. Lots of interesting bits there…

    Though I do hope it gets off to a slow start on Monday. Spouse is due to fly to DisneyWorld monday morning… Once she is there, though, “Let it rip!”.


    As I am also not working anymore, I like the idea of not buying anything for the week. (Hmmm…. Need to make a big beer and wine run today ;-) or at least hitting just the Mom & Pop stores. (Where’s a bodega when you need one… N.Y.C. definition: https://streeteasy.com/blog/what-is-a-bodega/).

    Unfortunately, in the Suburbs Of The West, the NY Bodega niche is occupied by 7-11 (a giant chain) and the occasional “Ethinic Market” (often, here, Indian or Persian and usually devoid of beer & wine… but rich in teas and curries and spices and strange vegetables and wonderful aromas and… the occasional halal lamb at decent prices.)

    I do know where there’s a small neighborhood liquor store though… if there’s an emergency or something ;-)

    Probably a decent opportunity to test out the “Preparedness Stores” and see what all was short supplied.

    Heck, I might even break out the camp stoves and generator for a chunk of time and see what all electricity I can not use ;-)

    Golly, Going Galt is sounding rather like a bit of fun ;-)

  126. YMMV says:

    The changing role of the vaccine … first it was to protect you from Covid, then it was to protect them from Covid, based on “the science” of course. We are beyond that now. It is now all about throwing virgins into the volcano to appease the Covid gods. (or 5 to 11 year olds). That and bit by bit playing on your fear to get you agreeing more and more to totalitarianism. Finally, the vaccines are mostly to protect you from the woke mob. They made Aaron Rodgers wear a yellow wrist band. That should remind you of something.

  127. another ian says:

    A friend’s summation of the “innocucines” and the latest CDC definition of a “vaccine”

    “About as strong as cough medicine”

  128. another ian says:

    “Doctor diagnoses death by Climate Change. How about deaths by socialism, junk science, and watching CNN?”


    Sounds like California just got out-Californicated

  129. another ian says:

    “US Navy Institute reports China has built to-scale missile targets shaped like US carriers & destroyers
    Monday, 08 November 2021
    Meanwhile, the US is fretting over diversity & genders.”


  130. Power Grab says:

    @ Jeff and Gail:
    Thanks for the assist! I will be going through those items with a fine tooth comb. :-)

    BTW, I went to the FLCCC site and found some concierge doctors about an hour away from me (in different directions) who were on the list for being able to help one acquire IVM. One said they don’t take Medicare or Medicaid, but I’m not using it yet…. Their “About” blurbs pushed all the right buttons for me, but I’m getting pretty dang hard-core skeptical these days. It’s hard to believe what they say.

    I’m not really in the market for a PCP, but I thought I might like to get some IVM (or an analog) before I need it.

  131. Jeff says:

    @Power Grab,

    Over on the Friday Oz Food Fest, kalbokalbs has another link from Gail:

    Barnhardt has Ivermectin thoughts that may be of interest.

    (Happy drenching… trying to find some over here before they crack down even harder…)….

  132. Jeff says:

    @ Power Grab;
    Juan mo time (looks like WP munched my comment),
    Over on the Oz fine dining thread kalbokalbs posted Gail’s link with the following added:
    [seems I have a chair-keyboard I/F problem :) )

    Barnhardt has Ivermectin thoughts that may be of interest.

  133. another ian says:

    Seems Joe has achieved “the sound that went around the world”

    “Long, loud and impossible to ignore.”


    Or he heard the limerick and is practicing for the wind powered navy

  134. p.g.sharrow says:

    Those that want POWER will push as hard as they can to gain it. Because of the apparent compliance of those that are being pushed, they will keep increasing their pressure To get even more power over those that they oppress. BUT ! there comes a point where the peace lovers will say NO MORE. The oppressors will not leave us alone, Now we will give no longer, If it must be them or us , we will give them the only solution acceptable to us. The message below explains;

    “The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.” – Author Unknown

    That time approaches, but there is still things to be done to avoid it. We may still achieve a peaceful solution where the GEBs back off and leave us alone or they are sheared of power.
    If it must be them or us, ………………………………………… We don’t need them…pg

  135. another ian says:

    “(Mostly) Safe And (Strikeout)Effective (Strikeout) 50% Effective”

    Check the table


  136. another ian says:

    “A New Forbidden Word”



    Sounds more like wowsers at work

    Via SDA

  137. another ian says:

    And then that brought to mind Hunter S Thompson

  138. another ian says:

    “Barnhardt has Ivermectin thoughts that may be of interest.”

    “What about the sheep drench form?
    Nope. The concentration is only 0.08% instead of 1.0% so it’s not feasible.”

    Why that?

    Seems to me that the dose/kg live weight is the same so for a 100 kg animal the dose is about 20 mm

    He’d probably go ape if he heard of the “fly and lice” brew at 16 g/l for jetting sheep in aqueous solution. Now, not for internal use, but that (if I’m right) is about 2 ml in 600 ml water for a my size human at a slight overdose. I likely got that every time we jet as over-spray before I washed off.

  139. jim2 says:

    Now moving from insane to can’t-put-the-stupid-into-words …

    B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from ‘climate change’ – ‘Picked up his patient’s chart & penned in the words ‘climate change’


  140. jim2 says:

    Federal authorities on Saturday searched the home of James O’Keefe, the founder of the conservative group Project Veritas, according to witnesses and people briefed on the matter, a day after Mr. O’Keefe acknowledged that the group was under investigation by the Justice Department in connection with a diary reported to have been stolen from Ashley Biden, President Biden’s daughter.


  141. jim2 says:

    But I guess this won’t apply to anyone else …

    On Monday, the US supreme court will hear arguments in a case which could determine whether the US government faces accountability for its mass surveillance of Muslim Americans after 9/11.

    The nine justices will be asked to decide on whether Muslim US citizens who were subjected to undercover surveillance by a paid informant at their southern California mosque can receive redress through the courts.

    TOPSHOT-US-POLITICS-IMMIGRATION-COURT-MIGRANTSTOPSHOT – People protest the Muslim travel ban outside of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC on June 26, 2018. – The US Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Donald Trump’s controversial ban on travelers from five mostly Muslim countries — a major victory for the Republican leader after a tortuous legal battle. In a majority opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court ruled 5-4 that the most recent version of the ban, which the administration claims is justified by national security concerns, was valid. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)
    Dangerous outsiders and exceptional citizens: being Muslim American since 9/11
    Read more

    Sheikh Yassir Fazaga, Ali Malik and Yasser Abdel Rahim, the three plaintiffs, argue that they and thousands of other Muslims were targeted because of their religion, and the federal authorities who subjected them to such unconstitutional treatment should answer for that.


  142. jim2 says:

    SAN FRANCISCO — For a few hours late last month, Tesla cars began behaving erratically after receiving an overnight software update. Cars suddenly started slamming on the brakes at highway speeds, owners reported, risking collisions. CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to acknowledge a problem with the software and vow that the update was being rolled back.


  143. jim2 says:

    More good news …

    On Thursday, John Durham, the special counsel appointed to investigate the FBI’s probe into ties between Trump and Russia, charged operative Igor Danchenko with lying to the FBI about his work on the dossier and allegedly fabricating some information that appeared in it. A lawyer who represented Danchenko, a onetime analyst at the Brookings Institute, said at a court hearing that his client planned to enter a plea of not guilty but a judge told him to do so at a future arraignment. …
    Still, it’s hard to imagine a turn of events with more dire consequences than the new indictment for Steele, the dossier, and Fusion GPS, the investigative firm run by two ex-Wall Street Journal reporters that hired the ex-spy on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and promoted his reports to the media. The charges against Danchenko also may force a reckoning that some journalists who had embraced the dossier had hoped to avoid — an examination of their reporting about it and their ties to operatives for hire.

    Steele appears to have staked his reputation on the veracity of the reports he received from Danchenko.


  144. YMMV says:

    There has been a surprising development in the ongoing quest to find the least bad vaccine.
    One treatment that consistently gets good press is Regeneron, using monoclonal antibodies.

    Up to now, you had to be infected with The Virus and and not in the hospital and at high risk of progressing to severe Covid in order to get the Regeneron treatment. And that is still the case.
    link: https://www.regeneron.com/downloads/treatment-covid19-eua-fact-sheet-for-hcp.pdf

    However, today Regeneraon announced that they have been testing it as a prophylactic. They didn’t call it a vaccine, whatever that means these days, but it sounds at least that good if not better.


    Regen-Cov is FDA (EUA) and WHO approved, so there is hope that this will count eventually as an approved ‘vaccine’.


  145. Power Grab says:

    @ Jeff:

    Thanks for the Barnhardt link(s). That article is a keeper. :-)

  146. cdquarles says:

    That would make it a therapeutic. Think giving someone convalescent plasma in the old days (polyclonal antibodies plus some other proteins).

  147. another ian says:

    “Vaccine Makers Now Studying Why Vaccine Is Causing Heart Problems
    November 8, 2021 | Sundance | 397 Comments

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that vaccine makers and U.S. healthcare officials are now attempting to find out why the mRNA vaccines are creating adverse events and heart conditions in healthy people. Call me crazy, but studying dangerous side-effects would seem to be a more prudent line of inquiry before injecting people, not after.”

    More at


  148. another ian says:

    In comments at Jo Nova

    ” What do you call a doctor who came in last in his class?

    Answer; Doctor.”

  149. jim2 says:

    Was that drone article about the one where a drone releases a copper wire with remote gliders at each end, so the wire can be directed to just the right spot? ;)

  150. YMMV says:

    another ian: “White-tailed deer found to be huge reservoir of coronavirus infection”

    Not surprising, but not that important either — except for those who think that it is possible to get to zero Covid. And it is a reminder that the list of animals that can carry this is unknown and probably “worse than we thought”.

    Click to access qa-covid-white-tailed-deer-study.pdf


    The poor dears are also suffering from CWD (chronic wasting disease)

  151. another ian says:

    “As strong as cough medicine”

    “NBA Mandates All Previously Vaccinated Players Must Get More Vaccinated With Mandatory Boosters
    November 8, 2021 | Sundance | 163 Comments”


  152. YMMV says:

    another ian: “Vaccine Makers Now Studying Why Vaccine Is Causing Heart Problems”

    Well, let’s hope someone is.

    After that peer-reviewed article about myocarditis after Covid vaccine was black-holed.
    Dark Horse link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_kW7_9azxI
    “Paper pulled with no explanation #FollowTheSilence (from Livestream #101)”

    Now we have stories (not so much in the MSM) about corruption in the Pfizer trials for their vaccine, which was ignored by the FDA. Published in BMJ, now that is interesting.

    Dr. Suneel Dhand link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaDo4ozr5Io
    “MEDICAL JOURNAL: Pfizer vaccine trial RESEARCHER blows whistle on DATA INTEGRITY & FALSIFICATION?”

    Dr. Hong link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPYG8N8v4KA
    “I am disappointed… BMJ article on Pfizer’s vaccine trial data integrity”

    BMJ link: https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n2635
    “Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial”

    Coercion is not consent.
    If someone wants to take a vaccine (or any medicine), they should have the right of informed consent. The right to know all the facts and things that could go wrong. And the right to choose.
    And the right to say NO. As a personal decision between that person and his/her/its own doctor. No justification necessary.

  153. YMMV says:

    And now, a new study showing that vaccination does not prevent the spread …
    (but we already suspected that)

    “Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study”

    Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.

    Even those who are vaccinated need to keep IVM (or something) on hand, just in case.

  154. another ian says:

    “Safe and effective”

    “Breaking News: Inside Source Reports Governor Newsom Injured”


  155. another ian says:

    If that report on Newsom is right it sounds like a propaganda counter to

    “Not Big Bird! ‘Sesame Street’ Turned into Gov’t Vaccine Propaganda | Direct Message | Rubin Report – YouTube”

  156. another ian says:

    The comment that went with that


    “The “Newsom” effect? Maybe! It should be coined every time a vax proponent gets injured from the vaccine.

    Well, at least we know he didn’t take a placebo.”

  157. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting. Looks like someone caught a “Fed” on video at 6-Jan “inciting” folks to “go into the Capitol”…


    This wasn’t one of the guys I ran into, but has a similar mod of operating…

  158. another ian says:

    “Well, so much for “economical” electric vehicles…”


  159. another ian says:

    “Debunking Climate Change Myths: 50 Years of FAILED ‘Expert’ Predictions! | Louder with Crowder”


  160. E.M.Smith says:

    A bit of pleasant news:

    Some many months (year+?) ago I was annoyed that only EwTube had an “app” on the Roku.

    Last night I checked again. Now there’s a Rumble app and an Odysee (lbry combined) app!

    I was very pleased with the more conservative news offerings on Odysee and the creator content on Rumble. One Rumble story was about it merging with “Locals”. They intend to also offer an infrastructure platform (like AWS or the Microsoft compute “cloud” services) on their hardware.

    So “watch this space” for a “conservative friendly” infrastructure farm… (They already have some folks using it just via “word of mouth” and have not advertised it at all).

    Anyone with a Roku, time to update those choices for internet video in place of EwTube!

    FWIW, this came after a couple of passes through the EwTube “recommended” and finding NOTHING at all that was interesting other than things I’d already watched. (“Matt’s Offroad Recovery” is a great one for finding out what not to do and get stuck, and what to do the get unstuck… and “Camping With Steve Wallis” is great too… but I’ve watched them all!) I just thought “There’s got to be SOMETHING”, so decided to search again for where all the interesting content went after it was banned by EwTube… Yes, I get it on the tablet or computer, but the Big Screen!!!

    So yeah, very happy to have those choices back again ;-)

  161. another ian says:


    “A Little Bit Of Sanity Coming From The Media”

    From links

    “STUDIN: Ontario’s medical officers of health must resign
    They now come bearing pediatric vaccination as their great gift to the children they have ignored and instrumentalized”


    “Pfizer’s Covid jab trial researchers in Texas ‘skewed data, didn’t follow-up with patients who had side effects and failed to test people with symptoms’, BMJ investigation claims”

    At http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2021/11/10/a-little-bit-of-sanity-coming-from-the-media/


    “Safe And Effective ®” – “Passports to nowhere”

    “One thing is for sure: The science is uncertain on this. So, government should not be using a heavy hand to impose mandates claiming to make workplaces safer.


  162. jim2 says:

    Critics! The Stupid! It burns!

    Rolls-Royce has been backed by a consortium of private investors and the UK government to develop small nuclear reactors to generate cleaner energy.

    The creation of the Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor (SMR) business was announced following a £195m cash injection from private firms and a £210m grant from the government.

    It is hoped the new company could create up to 40,000 jobs by 2050.

    However, critics say the focus should be on renewable power, not new nuclear.

    Currently, about 16% of UK electricity generation comes from nuclear power.

    Small modular reactors are nuclear fission reactors but are smaller than conventional ones.


  163. jim2 says:

    While at the Linux Foundation Members Summit in Napa, California, I was bemused to find that an open-source savvy intellectual property attorney had never heard of SCO vs. IBM. You know, the lawsuit that at one time threatened to end Linux in the cradle? Well, at least some people thought so anyway. More fool they. But now, after SCO went bankrupt; court after court dismissing SCO’s crazy copyright claims; and closing in on 20-years into the saga, the U.S. District Court of Utah has finally put a period to the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit.


  164. another ian says:

    Cartoon caption from an email –

    “What is the difference between a drug cartel and the government?

    A drug cartel doesn’t force you to take their drugs”

  165. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    It’s hard to say if it is Fraud, or not. Very difficult to say…

    It could be battery. It could be murder. It could be intentional homicide but not murder. It could be an SEC Violation too. There’s so many choices, picking Just One is beyond my ability…


  166. another ian says:


    “Pfizer Corporate – Full Rap Sheet”


  167. another ian says:

    Another FWIW

    “Sketchy U.S. Surgeon General Attempts to Rebut Matthew McConaughey and Vaccine Hesitance in Children
    November 10, 2021 | Sundance | 145 Comments”


    Particularly the bits about his wife

  168. another ian says:

    “Open admission:

    The president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division told international “experts” during a globalist health conference that the mRNA COVID-19 shots are indeed “cell and gene therapy” marketed as “vaccines” to be palatable to the public.

    Stefan Oelrich, president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, made these comments at this year’s World Health Summit, which took place in Berlin from October 24-26 and hosted 6,000 people from 120 countries. Oelrich told his fellow international “experts” from academia, politics, and the private sector that the novel mRNA COVID “vaccines” are actually “cell and gene therapy” that would have otherwise been rejected by the public if not for a “pandemic” and favorable marketing.




  169. another ian says:

    “Singapore Axes Free ‘Universal’ Coronavirus Healthcare for Unvaccinated by Choice”


  170. another ian says:

    “From our mutual friend Lawdog:

    “How many Constitutional violations have happened in the Rittenhouse trial so far?”

    “Umm, Fifth and Thirteenth.”

    “Thirteenth? What?”

    “Yeah, the prosecutor got owned so bad that the Confederacy wants a do-over.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, Coke Zero through the sinuses hurts.

    What can I say except, “The Dawg does it again!” ”


  171. philjourdan says:

    Anyone with a Roku, time to update those choices for internet video in place of EwTube!

    Pleasant news indeed! I did not “chuze” (sorry for my olde English spelling) PhewToob, but will Chuze Odysee and Rumble!!!

  172. philjourdan says:

    @jim2 says:
    10 November 2021 at 10:33 pm
    Re: Critics! The Stupid! It burns!

    Indeed! Nuclear IS renewable! It is the ONLY renewable that is not detrimental to the environment!

    Hydro? Fish die trying to swim up river
    Wind? Energy is not free, so the wind that is converted into energy, is lost to the other side to sweep away dust and rotate the top soil. Plus being A number one bird choppers
    Solar? Energy captured by the solar panels does not reach the terra firma and thus results in lower ground temps which affects the growing seasons (shorter), as well as zaps birds.

    Nuclear? Other than a bunch of idiots in Chernobyl that tried to rush a deliverable, there have been no deaths. And the world learned not to do what Communists do! Except the democrat party.

  173. philjourdan says:

    Sidebar to my previous comment: Seems that the democrats are very good communists. They preach masks, and run around maskless. They preach “listen to science” and run around spouting anti-science. With democrats in charge, Nuclear may not be a good idea. We will have another Chernobyl and they will blame Trump.

  174. E.M.Smith says:


    At it’s core, just about ever energy source we have is nuclear. Just by different paths. I like pointing this out to the folks who are “against nuclear power”:

    Solar: Fusion nuclear power from the sun.

    Wind: Indirect heating makes wind via Solar via fusion nuclear power from the sun.

    Hydro: Indirect Solar via evaporation from solar heat from fusion nuclear power from the sun.

    Nuclear Power Plants: Fission of heavy isotopes made in supernova fusion events that got deposited on Earth during our creation.

    Fossil Fuels: Indirect Solar via plants absorbing light from fusion nuclear power from the sun, then stored as organic compounds over geologic time. (Coal, oil, natural gas, tar sands, etc.) Even if the abiotic thesis holds, that energy for the conversion comes from geologic heat from nuclear (see below).

    Biomass: Same as Fossil Fuels but without the geologic time.

    GeoThermal: Indirect heat from nuclear decay (fission) of isotopes in the dirt / core.

    For any a bit slow on the reality of Electricity, I like to point out: Electricity is NOT a source of energy. It is a carrier of power. We create electricity using one of the primary fuels above. Even things like human powered piezoelectric generators are just biomass via our digestion and hyper-inefficient work function…

    Honorable Mention for GeoThermal from gravity kinetic energy from infall of junk in the formation of the planet. This dissipated long ago (4.5 Billion years is a long time) and it WAS a source of energy so some theoretical small amount of it remains. But how did that “stuff” get made and scattered about in space in the first place to do the “infalling”? Nuclear Fusion in the Nova or Supernova that blew up in the process of making it and gave it the position to be gravity driven…

    To be “against nuclear power” is to be against all life and all forms of energy. More precision is needed when someone says that. They ought to say something like “I am against light water reactors doing U or Pu fission”… but they won’t as they do not understand the universe.

  175. p.g.sharrow says:

    Yes, being AGAINST nuclear power is about as intelligent as being against Carbon or carbon-dioxide!. Every time I hear a “want to be” Republican politician say we must work to prevent “Global Warming” they are shouting to me” I’M a R.I.N.O.! ”
    Nuclear Power is the only way to supply base power to the grid, for our Industrial Civilization,. period. There is no other way. Over the last 60 years I have run the numbers on every way there is to generate useful power over the long term. Nothing else works out. We can deal with all the Known problems that go with it and they are no worse then another system. Just do it!…pg

  176. another ian says:

    “Raheem is a (hilarious) cheeky bastard…”


    Via SDA

  177. jim2 says:

    Tennessee legislature has produced a lot of resolutions lately. One of them concerning covid and another concerning AGs who don’t prosecute crimes.

    The final bill said government entities cannot force private businesses to institute a mask mandate or COVID-19 vaccination mandate, and private businesses cannot take action against an employee for not receiving the vaccine and cannot compel an employee or visitor to show proof of vaccination.


    The other resolutions:


  178. H.R. says:

    @jim2 – Resolutions are not passed legislation. I am suspicious of the legislature actually trying to do something effective about mask and jab mandates.

    Do you think the legislature is just putting on a meaningless show so their voters won’t get mad?

    I don’t know enough about Tennessee politics to say, which is why I’m asking. I trust very few politicians to be actually doing the right thing for their constituents.

    I’m not sure that ‘resolutions’ will affect anything, but maybe you know otherwise.

  179. jim2 says:

    H.R. – The legislature passed a COVID bill, not a resolution. In Tennessee, it will become law unless the Governor vetoes it. He signature is optional.

  180. H.R. says:

    Ah… I see. You started out with ‘resolutions’ and the paragraph that you copied for the quote said legislation. I missed the transition. That’s my error.

    Great! That’s some good news for you and it seems Tennessee has a few legislators with a spine. I hope you have a good one for your district. 👍

  181. another ian says:

    “In Defense of King George”


    Another witch hunt incoming?

    (Via SDA)

  182. H.R. says:

    Interesting link about George III.

    So who went after the Colonies so hard with all the might of the British army and navy if George wasn’t such a bad fellow?

    I think there’s more to the story.

  183. another ian says:

    “Health Official Stuns Press When She Says What Will End the Mask Mandate”

  184. another ian says:

    “But I cannot defend vaccine passports, just as I can’t defend absurdly illogical public policies that allow the infectious vaccinated into a restaurant while denying those who have recovered from Covid any public health status at all.

    Coercive health policies that defy both the evidence and common sense, that create a caste system (they used to call that “two tier”) undermine confidence in the intellect of your department personnel. It moves the needle for the vaccine hesitant from “wary” to “hostile” and creates a strong disincentive for those who contract the virus to report it at all.

    I said long ago that if you didn’t like the anti-maskers, just wait until the anti-testers get rolling. By employing shame and ostracization as leverage, SaskHealth has managed to push people to resist being tested when they’re ill.

    What basis do I have to make such an assertion? Just the fact that there are more people within my immediate circle of friends who have had the virus and not been tested — than those who have.

    Heckofajob there, Skippy.

    Here’s the bottom line. If you’re use the force of law and suspend civil liberties to force a product into the arms of people who neither want nor need it — you had better be certain your product’s performance is damned near perfect.”

    In this thread where Sask Health gets caught in slips


  185. another ian says:

    “Lab Leak For & Against: Yuri Deigin vs Stuart Neil”

    Link at



    “”The promised land of a vaccinated public isn’t quite turning out what we were expected to believe:

    This is not how it was supposed to go.

    Deaths hitting new highs in Singapore (85% of the population fully vaccinated – NOT adults, the entire population).

    Virus gonna virus.

    And it looks more and more like the harder we try to keep it from virusing, the worse the rebound.

    But don’t worry, the boosters will fix everything!”


    Via http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2021/11/13/there-goes-the-narrative-33/

  186. another ian says:

    Condensed from elsewhere

    Membership of “BBB” – not “Better Business Bureau”, not “Build Back Better” but

    “Bourbon, Beans and Bullets”

  187. another ian says:

    “Aaron Rodgers Beats Fiancée, Murders A Few Guys On The Street So NFL Will Embrace Him Again”

    You can have three guesses at the source and the first two don’t count

    Via https://joannenova.com.au/2021/11/weekend-unthreaded-386/#comment-2490825

  188. philjourdan says:

    I can think of 2 that should. The Babylon Bee, and the Onion.

    Those are the serious news outfits. NOt like PMNBC, or CNN, which are just clown car outfits.

  189. another ian says:


    It was from the Bee.

    Different subject

    “When Looking at Treasury Nominee Saule Omarova, Do Not Forget Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    November 13, 2021 | Sundance | 225 Comments”


  190. another ian says:

    “The Recognition”


    [Reply: Just as a reminder, even if part of a word and inside a link name, an F-Bomb is detected by the pattern match and goes directly to “trash” folder, where I may, or may not, discover it at some later time and fish it out. Thus the “sudden disappearance” on posting and quasi-random return. -E.M.S.]

  191. p.g.sharrow says:

    Where are the missing untraceable 773,309 ballots?
    They needed to be used in the emergency? of Trumps landslide and the Democrat’s Biden failure to win enough votes?
    Maybe this was a common theme.

  192. jim2 says:

    Ships at California ports are now waiting RECORD 17 days to unload: Supply crisis gets worse after Biden vowed to fix it

    There were as many as 83 ships at anchor and in a holding pattern outside ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach as of Friday night, a new record
    The nearly 17-day wait is double the wait time from two months ago
    California Governor Gavin Newsom is attempting to address the problem by doubling capacities at the state’s DMV
    The logjams at the ports come as strained supply chains have caused controversy for President Joe Biden


  193. jim2 says:

    Maybe Gavin Nuisance should suspend all CARB regs and any other regs that stand in the way of moving freight. Maybe declare an emergency and suspend fines? No, never mind. That would make too much sense.

  194. another ian says:

    FWIW – above my pay grade

    “What They Didn’t Tell You”


  195. another ian says:

    “Bloomberg Reports, The Number of Booster Shots Needed to Be Defined as Vaccinated is Unknown
    November 14, 2021 | Sundance | 117 Comments

    Well, there it is. According to political engineers who are tasked with pushing the COVID-19 narrative, the bureaucrats who determine U.S. health policy have not yet decided on how many booster shots will be needed to keep a person’s “vaccinated status” compliant.

    Put another way, they have not determined the vaccine rate that keeps the pharmaceutical companies operating at maximum profitability.”

    More at


  196. another ian says:

    “Robert Kennedy Jr Describes The Global COVID-19 Censorship Designed By Government, Big Pharma and Big Tech
    November 14, 2021 | Sundance | 62 Comments”


  197. p.g.sharrow says:

    Here is more encouraging evidence that people are awakening as ToTo pulls back the curtain on the WEF.

    Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’


    WEF Founder Klaus Schwab calls for a ‘great narrative’ for humankind at meeting in Dubai

    OMG …There is a school where they are training the next generation of G.E.B.s

  198. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh Dear… Seems the Spike Protein disrupts DNA repair in the cell.


    Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS–CoV–2) has led to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID–19) pandemic, severely affecting public health and the global economy. Adaptive immunity plays a crucial role in fighting against SARS–CoV–2 infection and directly influences the clinical outcomes of patients. Clinical studies have indicated that patients with severe COVID–19 exhibit delayed and weak adaptive immune responses; however, the mechanism by which SARS–CoV–2 impedes adaptive immunity remains unclear. Here, by using an in vitro cell line, we report that the SARS–CoV–2 spike protein significantly inhibits DNA damage repair, which is required for effective V(D)J recombination in adaptive immunity. Mechanistically, we found that the spike protein localizes in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair by impeding key DNA repair protein BRCA1 and 53BP1 recruitment to the damage site. Our findings reveal a potential molecular mechanism by which the spike protein might impede adaptive immunity and underscore the potential side effects of full-length spike-based vaccines.

    Full paper at:


    1. Introduction
    Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS–CoV–2) is responsible for the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID–19) pandemic that has resulted in more than 2.3 million deaths. SARS–CoV–2 is an enveloped single positive–sense RNA virus that consists of structural and non–structural proteins [1]. After infection, these viral proteins hijack and dysregulate the host cellular machinery to replicate, assemble, and spread progeny viruses [2]. Recent clinical studies have shown that SARS–CoV–2 infection extraordinarily affects lymphocyte number and function [3,4,5,6]. Compared with mild and moderate survivors, patients with severe COVID–19 manifest a significantly lower number of total T cells, helper T cells, and suppressor T cells [3,4]. Additionally, COVID–19 delays IgG and IgM levels after symptom onset [5,6]. Collectively, these clinical observations suggest that SARS–CoV–2 affects the adaptive immune system. However, the mechanism by which SARS–CoV–2 suppresses adaptive immunity remains unclear.
    As two critical host surveillance systems, the immune and DNA repair systems are the primary systems that higher organisms rely on for defense against diverse threats and tissue homeostasis. Emerging evidence indicates that these two systems are interdependent, especially during lymphocyte development and maturation [7]. As one of the major double-strand DNA break (DSB) repair pathways, non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) repair plays a critical role in lymphocyte–specific recombination–activating gene endonuclease (RAG) –mediated V(D)J recombination, which results in a highly diverse repertoire of antibodies in B cell and T cell receptors (TCRs) in T cells [8]. For example, loss of function of key DNA repair proteins such as ATM, DNA–PKcs, 53BP1, et al., leads to defects in the NHEJ repair which inhibit the production of functional B and T cells, leading to immunodeficiency [7,9,10,11]. In contrast, viral infection usually induces DNA damage via different mechanisms, such as inducing reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and host cell replication stress [12,13,14]. If DNA damage cannot be properly repaired, it will contribute to the amplification of viral infection-induced pathology. Therefore, we aimed to investigate whether SARS–CoV–2 proteins hijack the DNA damage repair system, thereby affecting adaptive immunity in vitro

    Bringing to mind both “Long Covid” and the increased susceptibility of the vaccinated to new infections.

    4. Discussion
    Our findings provide evidence of the spike protein hijacking the DNA damage repair machinery and adaptive immune machinery
    in vitro. We propose a potential mechanism by which spike proteins may impair adaptive immunity by inhibiting DNA damage repair. Although no evidence has been published that SARS–CoV–2 can infect thymocytes or bone marrow lymphoid cells, our in vitro V(D)J reporter assay shows that the spike protein intensely impeded V(D)J recombination. Consistent with our results, clinical observations also show that the risk of severe illness or death with COVID–19 increases with age, especially older adults who are at the highest risk [22]. This may be because SARS–CoV–2 spike proteins can weaken the DNA repair system of older people and consequently impede V(D)J recombination and adaptive immunity. In contrast, our data provide valuable details on the involvement of spike protein subunits in DNA damage repair, indicating that full–length spike–based vaccines may inhibit the recombination of V(D)J in B cells, which is also consistent with a recent study that a full–length spike–based vaccine induced lower antibody titers compared to the RBD–based vaccine [28]. This suggests that the use of antigenic epitopes of the spike as a SARS–CoV–2 vaccine might be safer and more efficacious than the full–length spike. Taken together, we identified one of the potentially important mechanisms of SARS–CoV–2 suppression of the host adaptive immune machinery. Furthermore, our findings also imply a potential side effect of the full–length spike–based vaccine. This work will improve the understanding of COVID–19 pathogenesis and provide new strategies for designing more efficient and safer vaccines.

    So a “subset of spike” in the Receptor Binding Domain may be safer than “full spike” vaccines. Do we know which vaccine uses what parts / percent of the spike domain?

    It is unclear to me the extent to which the DNA repair hijacking only impacts The Immune System vs. the extent to which it inhibits normal DNA repair needed for the rest of the cell (i.e. fixing breaks so they don’t lead to cancer or such…). The article emphasis is on immune response, so I hope that means it is not damaging “rest of genome” repair.

  199. cdquarles says:

    I skimmed that paper. It was published in a general virology journal. Since cell turnover in humans is fastest for the gut lining and the lymph/blood then skin/other mucosa, and then slowest for long lived differentiated tissue (say, cartilage); what they were looking at would be easiest to detect for fast reproducing tissues, but can be generalized to the rest, with longer incubation times.

    So, yes, coronaviruses could be cancer causing, in general, and maybe in particular when combined with other factors by two methods. They disrupt the immune system, which does carcinogenesis monitoring and also by inducing carcinogenesis. The paper could not detect as readily general DNA repair damage, particularly for cells adapted to cell culture conditions. Something else to consider is that for the long lived highly differentiated tissues, those cells must have their DNA repair/gene control systems work best; since there will be few stem cells around to replace the cells that do die.

    That said, if I am remembering correctly, none of the current mRNA based inoculations use the whole spike protein messenger RNA. I may be wrong.

  200. cdquarles says:

    Reminder: “And the span of a man’s years shall be 120”, and the very processes that allow multicellular organisms to grow and develop from their “seed”, are also the processes that cause bodily death.

  201. jim2 says:

    CDQ – both Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines create the entire spike. It is stabilized in the extended position.

  202. YMMV says:

    After the vaccines came out (and all of them so far use the spike protein) we found out that the spike protein was toxic. And we found that the vaccines cause clotting and other problems.
    For example, they can cause strokes. But who counts strokes from the vaccines, since they are “normal” for older people? Yet the argument from all of the medical societies is still “take the vaccine; whatever damage the vaccine causes is worse when you get Covid.”

    Therefore I support those who are anti-Covid-vaccines, especially since we have known for years that there are better ways to prevent getting Covid. Which we could have been using all this time while the officials wait for their “gold standard” proofs.

  203. another ian says:

    “The FBI can no longer be trusted in any way, shape or form”


    “Memes that made me laugh 84” follows

  204. cdquarles says:

    Hmm, ok, I stand corrected.

  205. another ian says:

    “No need to go to Glasgow”

  206. another ian says:

    “CDC Ruins The Mandate Push”


  207. another ian says:

    Via a link at Bayou Renaissanceman


  208. jim2 says:

    A Wisconsin Senate Committee has subpoenaed absentee and voting machine records from the City of Madison, Wisconsin. The immediate response from Madison’s mayor is to not provide the items requested.


  209. YMMV says:

    Is Merck’s Molnupiravir antiviral capsule a Very Bad Thing?

    There is a series of articles about this by William Haseltine in Forbes.

    My misgivings are founded on two key concerns. The first is the drug’s potential mutagenicity, and the possibility that its use could lead to birth defects or cancerous tumors. The second is a danger that is far greater and potentially far deadlier: the drug’s potential to supercharge SARS-CoV-2 mutations and unleash a more virulent variant upon the world.

    links: (I think you can read three articles free)

    Supercharging New Viral Variants: The Dangers Of Molnupiravir (Part 1)

    Harming Those Who Receive It: The Dangers Of Molnupiravir (Part 2)

    UK Approval Of Molnupiravir May Create New And More Dangerous Covid-19 Variants
    [Original link -E.M.S.]:https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamhaseltine/2021/11/04/uk-approval-of-molnupiravir-may-create-new-and-more-dangerous-covid-19-variants/?sh=6af431de66a9


    (I think you can leave off the ?sh=… part, but I don’t know, so I left those in the links.)

    [Reply: Yes, you can. I removed it and it still works (but gives you a new tracking number when the page loads). -E.M.S.]


    my biggest concern with this drug is much larger than the health of any one person, it is molnupiravir’s ability to introduce mutations to the virus itself that are significant enough to change how the virus functions, but not so powerful as to stop it from replicating and becoming the next dominant variant.

    In a series of pre-pandemic experiments to determine whether coronaviruses could become resistant to molnupiravir (the answer: yes, they can)

    We are potentially headed towards a world class disaster.

    In the case of molnupiravir, the drug may not just lead to the growth of cancerous tumours but also, potentially, to birth defects, either through sperm precursor cells or in pregnant women.

    If we were to devise a method for creating more transmissible and virulent viruses, approving molnupiravir worldwide would be one of the best ways I can imagine doing so.

  210. another ian says:

    This follows from that item on from “CDC Ruins The Mandate Push” IMO

    “CDC Ruins The Mandate Push”

    If that, then

    “Who Will Answer?”

    https://kunstler.com/cluster_Usual_Etc” to to point and hopefully avoid moderation

  211. another ian says:

    “Psaki on Inflation Concerns with Spending Bill: It Cuts Child Care, Health, and Housing Costs, Will Help Inflation in the Long Term”


    Basic Mad Magazine “Complete the ad”

    “Will Help Inflation in the Long Term – UP”

  212. another ian says:

    “Doing the rounds:

    “Fencing is the ideal COVID !9 sport:

    Stab anyone who gets too close.” ”


  213. another ian says:

    More George Catlin wisdom

    Via SDA

  214. p.g.sharrow says:

    I keep coming back to the point.
    For those that followed the links provided by our former chief spy Larry Ledwick The Internet published paper of the Chinese Doctor who was a part of the team that first treated the victims of the “New Corona” virus. It originated among Young Solders that had been given a vaccination against SARS- corona virus that was being developed. He reported all the treatments that worked or did not work in late 2019, by mid January 2020 both he and his report had been vanished.
    The C.O.V.I.D.-19 injection is the disease origin and it destroys the bodies immune system by overloading it.
    In my opinion as to the “Jab” HELL NO ! I’ll take my chances with Natural herd immunity. Corona virus is no big thing for most people. The shot is a sure thing form of Russian Roulette, just keep getting Boosters of it until you die from complications caused by it..

  215. YMMV says:

    ‘Most vaccinated’ place on earth cancels Christmas
    “Gibraltar’s entire adult population has been fully vaccinated since March, and masks are still required in shops and on public transport.” … and yet …

    48% of peak and rising
    1,269 infections per 100K people reported last 7 days
    source: https://graphics.reuters.com/world-coronavirus-tracker-and-maps/countries-and-territories/gibraltar/

    snark: it’s the monkeys.

  216. E.M.Smith says:


    The easy way to find out if a “trim” on a long URL will work:

    Delete the part you suspect is tracking or otherwise junk, hit return. If the page loads, you have the short link that works. If it fails, hit “back arrow” and reload the prior link, use it.

    I do this frequently on links I post. And on those others post where it’s 50%+ tracking / marketing crap… (Some links wrap over 4 or 5 lines after the “?” marker and it is all just junk like Amazon product tracking, or if up front, EwTube redirection / tracking from links embedded in video descriptions. The EwTube ones are trickier to “de Google” as the real URL has Unicode substitutions for things like the “http//” and any dashes or underlines and such, but mostly it is just trim off the FRONT EwTube URL stuff and replace the unicode. In theory you could leave the unicode, but I’ve not tried it [yet].)

    A few URLs will have the actual article stored in some database or such and use an article ID after the “?”, so will fail. Occasionally there’s some stuff after the article number than can be trimmed; but I rarely try more than 2 or 3 time to find that point.


    The degree to which the “recommendations” from “officials” in the EU, USA, and Anglosphere have been “exactly wrong”, plus the vehemence with which things that clearly work well are being suppressed and dissed SHOUTS at me “Vile GEBs lying for effect desiring to kill off most of the population”. At a minimum the desire is to force folks to get a “booster” every 6 months for their entire life and put them in “Vaccine Handcuffs”. Don’t do as you are told, no booster and you die. That’s the BEST face I can put on it.

    We also now know that the spike protein enters the nucleus and screws things up, and that it suppresses DNA repair. Repeat that often enough, you will get sick and die. It may be from a cancer in 5 years, or from something else sooner, but without DNA repair on a regular basis you WILL die sooner than a pureblood.

    The only “good news” for the human population writ large is that huge chunks of the world are NOT getting vexxinated. Africa and other poor places (plus using known working therapeutics for other things so lower infection rates too), India & Japan & Peru IIRC going with Ivermectin.

    So there will be surviving humanity.

    UN-fortunately, it looks to me like those folks pwned by China are pushing a drug that will kill off just the population that China most wants to remove from the world. White Europeans. They are happy to keep Blacks around as they think them stupid and easily controlled (i.e. China is happy to put Africa into bondage and use local labor to extract the value from it – that’s what they are doing now.). It is “Europeans & Whites” that they think are a PITA to them and they would love to replace.

    What I don’t get is just how they have managed to convince global politicians that this is a good idea. Deception or Money? Or are they just evil…

    While it is possible it is all just a global cockup, Occam does not agree… Too much indicia of coordination and common talking points, schedules, actions, etc. It’s coordinated. But by whom, and to what end?…

  217. another ian says:

    “Did you think unvaccinated meant they hadn’t had a vaccine? Think again.”

    Via “Safe And Effective ®: Blurring The Lines”


  218. another ian says:

    The “Never Never” of vaccination!

    “UK Prime Minister Announces New Definition for Vaccinated Will Require Triple Jabs and Boosters
    November 16, 2021 | Sundance | 78 Comments”


  219. another ian says:

    “Anthony Fauci and a trillion dollars worth of power and corruption…”


  220. another ian says:

    “A Curiously Random Coincidence Keeps Repeating
    November 16, 2021 | Sundance | 144 Comments”


  221. E.M.Smith says:

    A fascinating look at the ways in which bacteria and viruses exchange genetic information. I knew about them exchanging plasmids but had no idea about them just eating up scraps of other dead things and incorporating the DNA / RNA they find.

    Good background material for understanding bacterial resistance problems AND virus mutation issues. I find it interesting that sewage is a big mode of bacterial genetic exchange…

  222. another ian says:

    “Removing the Goalposts”

    “Los Angeles Times- CDC shifts pandemic goals away from reaching herd immunity”

    And more at


  223. another ian says:

    Might be a site for “things that disappeared”


  224. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    That site has the “diary” up:

    Looks like a video of it page by page… but that means it is circulating…

  225. Ossqss says:

    You just cant make this stuff up! LOL


  226. another ian says:


    What you might describe as an elaborate gesture

    “A meme seen online:


  227. another ian says:

    How to keep your job and get rich

    Via Jo Nova

  228. E.M.Smith says:


    What is that supposed to be saying? I don’t get it as to what is the deal about that airplane…

  229. another ian says:


    Rumour hath it that the English language has an expression about “tongue in cheek”. Would that be true?

  230. another ian says:


  231. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – Zoom in on the recorded flight path of that aircraft that Ossqss linked to.

    It gives new meaning to Sky Writing.

  232. Ossqss says:

    Why is this not news? They suspended everything, so no deadlines now.

    “On November 12, 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted a motion to stay OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard, published on November 5, 2021 (86 Fed. Reg. 61402) (“ETS”). The court ordered that OSHA “take no steps to implement or enforce” the ETS “until further court order.” While OSHA remains confident in its authority to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation.”


  233. Jon K says:


    Unfortunately this does not cover Healthcare workers or Federal contractors. Those rules were created by different agencies and are still being litigated. Hopefully for my wife and others, this sets a precedent.

  234. Jon K says:

    @ Chiefio
    That was a flight path for a particular plane that had a particular message for Mr. Brandon :)

  235. Power Grab says:

    I submitted my request for religious exemption last week before that Fifth Circuit decision. I received an approval email this week.
    Even so, I am telling myself that if they say I have to be tested (tortured?) on a regular basis, that’s a deal breaker. I might as well retire if they insist on that.
    I’ve never been tested or jabbed for the C-word. I’d just as soon keep it that way. Now, if they just want some spit once in a while, I might go for that. But those other procedures…uh-uh…NO WAY!
    So I figure I need to move out my belongings from my office and get the ball rolling on retirement funding.
    The housekeeping folks want to do a “deep clean” of my office the day before Thanksgiving. So I might as well move most of my stuff by then.
    My employer says they plan to continue on the CDC-recommended path. Pity. I’ve just started on some new projects that the director will have to find another way to do, or do without. No one else can do what I do. One of the folks who left the department this year was greatly interested in my programming tools. But that person is gone now, and no one else will sit still long enough for me to even describe any of my programs completely.

  236. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ossqss et. al. per flight:

    Ah, on my desktop computer the flight path displays and it is obvious. On the tablet I was using before I just got an empty blue square… So something about that old browser was not rendering the image in question…


    There’s plenty of jobs elsewhere. Or you can just self employ. Employers and the Govmint will need to feel some pain to make this nonsense stop. It will be a contest of wills about who is willing to hold onto the shock prods longest.

    No job is worth the risks posed to me by the vexxine, given my medical history and tendency to OTT reactions to foreign substances in my body.

  237. another ian says:

    For the collection on “The latest shot heard round the world”


  238. another ian says:

    “This is cool – regenerating spinal cords after injury


    “To treat spinal cord injury in mice, the researchers injected an aqueous solution of the supramolecular polymer into a mouse’s spinal cord. When they come in contact with the spinal cord, the nanofibers form a hydrogel that mimics the spinal cord’s extracellular matrix.

    “Mice who received supramolecular polymers with the right combination of motion-control sequences for the two signaling peptides had much more nerve fiber regrowth, blood vessel formation, and functional recovery than ones who received polymers that restricted signal mobility.


  239. Jon K says:

    Another data point for The Great Reset? Prep for a Taiwan invasion? Make green energy more prove competitive?


  240. H.R. says:

    The truckers don’t need to strike. The mandate is making the decision for them.


    Well, that’s what the GEBs want; the total collapse of the U.S. They’ve shorted the U.S., so they will make out like the bandits they are.

    I think they’re gonna need a bigger boat security detail.

  241. Graeme No.3 says:

    A little snippet from Victoria; Home of the worst outbreak of COVID in Australia despite 6 lengthy shutdowns and a Premier who wants to be a dictator.
    Last Saturday saw the biggest protest in Australia since the Vietnam war.
    One estimate based on the ariel footage of the crowd had the number of protestors in Melbourne CBD at around 130,000. Others have put the number closer to 80,000, which is about the equivalent to the Melbourne Cricket Ground at full capacity.
    Sure, there were a couple of protestors who arguably went a bit too far in some of what they did and said.
    The ‘main-stream’ media tried to claim 10,000 then had to up that to 30,000 (and edit out any aerial shots.

    And there are reports in the media about possible shortages for christmas due to import delays etc. (including shortage of pallets???) Locally (Adelaide) there are problems with truckdrivers picketting the depots.

  242. Simon Derricutt says:

    Interestingly, Clove oil also binds to the S1 spike protein, and might be useful against Covid. See https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11481-021-10028-1 . A search on “eugenol source” shows that it’s also in clove buds, cinnamon bark and leaves, tulsi leaves, turmeric, pepper, ginger, oregano and thyme, and details of quantities and extraction methods at https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlehtml/2017/ra/c7ra04803c . https://www.heart-health-guide.com/Eugenol.html looks interesting, too, and tells you what problems to expect if you overdose.

    Also seems to be a de-wormer (wonder if it works on horses?) so could be useful to those of us who live in countries that have blocked the sale of Ivermectin. It’s a pretty strong flavour to take by mouth, so normally used in very dilute form, though AFAIK it can also be absorbed through the skin pretty well.

    A mixture of Turmeric and Black Pepper (so have a curry) is supposed to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s (an Indian study I came across half a dozen years ago and lost the link for) so there may be other side-benefits of Eugenol. Maybe there’s also a medical excuse to have a pizza, too (the Oregano), and Cinnamon Cookies with Ginger Beer.

  243. H.R. says:

    @Simon D. – Gettin; yer eugenol on?

    Sounds yummy! It’s all good. 😁

    I’ll remember this one. I like ginger (and all the rest), but only get it here and there. I always thought it helped with digestion after a Chinese buffet. I see no reason not to up my intake.

    It’s also interesting that all those sources you listed are associated with helping control Type II diabetes. We discussed Type II diabetes as possibly being a Type II Alzheimer’s. So that lost link suggesting there might be something to Eugenol working against Alzheimer’s may have been on to something.

  244. Ossqss says:

    Interesting data from the Swedes. I also read the FDA wants a delay in releasing their FOIA’d documentation on the approval of the Vax over time to 2076?


  245. Graeme No.3 says:

    To add to my comment about coming supply shortages in Australia above: In today’s The Australian
    “A shortage of shipping lines, shipping containers, workers at key manufacturing sites – and even the wooden pallets used to shift products from warehouses to the shops – is throwing Australia’s stretched supply lines into chaos. There is a shortage of products that may not have been top of mind for consumers rushing to the supermarkets to fill their ­pantries.
    Stores are overflowing with toilet paper, but there is a growing shortage of wetsuits and Japanese manga comics, and graphic novels could soon be difficult to find.”

    An obvious sign of “the end of civilisation as we know it”. I’ve never read (or even thought of) reading a graphic manga comic while wearing a wetsuit, but apparently this must be a favourite past time of some. How many readers are going to say they do so?

  246. another ian says:

    “Safe and effective”

    “Nothing says “Trust Us” like we need to hide the data til 2076: The FDA buries Pfizer results”


  247. another ian says:

    From http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2021/11/18/safe-and-effective-22/

    “As I have explained before, I’m not a vaccine opponent — I’m a vaccine mandate opponent.

    But we live in a democracy, and for nearly two years the rights and freedoms that were our birthright in purportedly free nations have been surrendered to the whims and models of public health officials who have been granted power without accountability.

    Without direct accountability for their (many) failures, there cannot be trust. When repeated failure doesn’t result in termination and replacement, and we are instead held hostage to these incompetency repeat offenders by our elected governments – there should not be trust.

    The Daily Sceptic has for some time been reporting on the apparent negative vaccine effectiveness visible in raw U.K. health data. Despite some age ranges now showing that the vaccinated are more than twice as likely to get Covid as the unvaccinated, this is routinely adjusted out, leading UKHSA to un-intuitively claim that the vaccines are still highly effective even against symptomatic disease.”

    More there

  248. another ian says:

    “And Now, The Bad News”


    Read it to find

    “Here’s the basic problem that the data has disclosed: The jab immunity is not only worthless over time it may be harmful. If the developing data I’m tracking proves up (it hasn’t yet) the booster will wane at roughly double the speed of the originals. This is catastrophically bad because the antibody titers produced by boosting is higher than after the original second dose and thus given any sort of fall-off curve should last longer than the original two doses — but it does not.”

    And more

  249. another ian says:

    “They simply don’t care about [Rittenhouse’s] actual innocence. He is guilty of being who he is, and that’s enough.”


  250. another ian says:

    E.M. – for your what a friend used to call “Little Me File”


  251. another ian says:

    “The Doctrine of Taqiyya and the Permissibility of Lying to Unbelievers”


  252. Ossqss says:

    Thank You Gov DeSantis, who signed the antivax mandate legislation in Brandon Florida today!

  253. another ian says:

    “America’s Greatest Capitalist, Nancy Pelosi”

    Links at



    “We are looking at a multi-dimensional planned disaster”


  254. another ian says:


  255. Simon Derricutt says:

    H.R. – I hadn’t made the connection with Diabetes, or the connection between that and Alzheimer’s. Probably worth a bit more digging. From memory, the Indian study showed that Alzheimer’s was at around 25% the incidence in people who ate a lot of curries containing Turmeric, once the various corrections for different age had been applied.

    Quite a few of the normal culinary herbs and spices seem to have antibacterial, antiviral, or other medicinal properties. Makes sense that over a sufficient time that observations would have led to people eating stuff that had a better effect, if only because the communes that ate them survived better whilst those that chose their foodstuff badly died off more. One of the reasons I use butter instead of margarine, since the information on butter goes way further back. The claims for margarine being “more healthy” are somewhat recent.

  256. rhoda klapp says:

    Strangely, the South Asian population of the UK, that’s Indians and Sri Lankans, are associated with the highest rates of dsiabetes. And of course they have a LOT of those spices in their diet, they don’t eat western food much.

  257. H.R. says:

    Thanks for the data point, Rhoda.

    I can’t recall much of the discussion about diabetes and Alzheimer’s. That was well over a year ago. I don’t recall that much in the way of conclusions were reached. I think it was due to a lack of good studies and hard data.

    When it comes to dietary factors, it’s hard to separate out causal relationships from spurious correlations because there are so many other confounding factors.

  258. rhoda klapp says:

    Here’s a link for South Asian diabetes in the UK. It’s a serious problem and the rate is six times for that population relative to other groups. https://www.diabetes.co.uk/south-asian/

    I can’t see how curry is having any positive effect. shame, I like curry.

  259. E.M.Smith says:


    Alzheimer’s Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes–Evidence Reviewed
    Suzanne M. de la Monte, M.D., M.P.H.1,2,3 and Jack R. Wands, M.D.3

    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has characteristic histopathological, molecular, and biochemical abnormalities, including cell loss; abundant neurofibrillary tangles; dystrophic neurites; amyloid precursor protein, amyloid-β (APP-Aβ) deposits; increased activation of prodeath genes and signaling pathways; impaired energy metabolism; mitochondrial dysfunction; chronic oxidative stress; and DNA damage. Gaining a better understanding of AD pathogenesis will require a framework that mechanistically interlinks all these phenomena. Currently, there is a rapid growth in the literature pointing toward insulin deficiency and insulin resistance as mediators of AD-type neurodegeneration, but this surge of new information is riddled with conflicting and unresolved concepts regarding the potential contributions of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), metabolic syndrome, and obesity to AD pathogenesis. Herein, we review the evidence that (1) T2DM causes brain insulin resistance, oxidative stress, and cognitive impairment, but its aggregate effects fall far short of mimicking AD; (2) extensive disturbances in brain insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling mechanisms represent early and progressive abnormalities and could account for the majority of molecular, biochemical, and histopathological lesions in AD; (3) experimental brain diabetes produced by intracerebral administration of streptozotocin shares many features with AD, including cognitive impairment and disturbances in acetylcholine homeostasis; and (4) experimental brain diabetes is treatable with insulin sensitizer agents, i.e., drugs currently used to treat T2DM. We conclude that the term “type 3 diabetes” accurately reflects the fact that AD represents a form of diabetes that selectively involves the brain and has molecular and biochemical features that overlap with both type 1 diabetes mellitus and T2DM.

    So “Type 3 Diabetes” …


  260. H.R. says:

    Ha! Ya found it, E.M. That’s exactly what I was vaguely recalling.

  261. another ian says:

    “Deliberate, criminal election fraud in Pennsylvania – and it’s on camera!”


  262. another ian says:


    I’d guess a fair chance that those populations in UK would be down on Vit D for a start?

  263. another ian says:

    Things about the food chain

    “Another factor in food production: giant corporate control”


    “Remember those warnings about the food supply?”


  264. E.M.Smith says:


    I’d just ask how many sugary sodas or sweet tea they are having with their curry?

    Also how much rice…

    A beneficial drug can only do so much when confronted with a load more counter agent…

  265. rhoda klapp says:

    Well, you may be right to question their non-traditional intake. They seem to eat traditional foods from whatever province (there is no one Indian cuisine, of course) but may drink western soda. And they eat tons of rice. But native Brits drink that stuff too, and the Indian diabetes rate is six times the rest of the population.

    With further research (that is reading past the first google hit) it seems that the effect works on south Asians anywhere, and it is genetic.

  266. Paul, Somerset says:

    Dark skin at high latitudes doesn’t help. It’s hard to appreciate just how northerly the British Isles are. Even at their southernmost point they’re still further north than anywhere in the continental United States.

    “Vitamin D deficiency is estimated to affect the majority of the UK South Asian population, with one report suggesting that this may be as high as 94% of the SA population in the winter, and 82% in the summer.”
    And …
    “Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in diabetic patients, and could be as high as in 91% patients with diabetes.”

    But yes. The effect also appears in South Asia itself (along with vitamin D deficiency, thanks partly to the customary dress.

    ” Vitamin D deficiency is quite prevalent throughout the world, but it appears to be much worse in the countries of sunny South Asia, especially among children, women and elderly. Poor diet, cultural practices of the region and poverty are some of the important reasons for vitamin D deficiency.”

  267. another ian says:

    “Kyle Rittenhouse Violated the Safari Principle
    November 20, 2021 | Sundance | 36 Comments

    A good article outlining why Kyle Rittenhouse was considered a specifically purposeful target for the regime is written at Powerline Blog by Paul Mirengoff [SEE HERE].”


  268. YMMV says:

    Safari. I get the implication. Stay in the safety of your vehicle. It’s a jungle out there. The animals are dangerous. But that is the modern wildlife safari. Look at all the pretty animals, but only shoot photographs. But the word ‘safari’ is older than that.

    Definition of safari
    1 : the caravan and equipment of a hunting expedition especially in eastern Africa

    A better simile would be Afghanistan. Stay in your armored vehicle. It’s a jungle out there. Those people are animals. Or Chicago. Or Portland. Or Kenosha. Or …

  269. another ian says:

    “Douglas Murray joins Mark Steyn for Talking Pints”

  270. another ian says:

    “The Government’s Inhumanity to Man
    November 20, 2021 | Sundance | 116 Comments”


  271. another ian says:

    Scott Adams

  272. another ian says:

    Conservative Tree House is timing out atm

  273. Simon Derricutt says:

    Another bit of good thinking from Neil Oliver over at GB News. https://www.gbnews.uk/gb-views/neil-oliver-will-we-remain-silent-while-such-a-dark-tide-slides-ever-closer-to-our-own-shores-one-country-at-a-time/161746

    It’s about the Austrian mandate on vaccination. Apart from looking totally illegal on the face of it given that the vaccine trials are not yet ended and thus the vaccines are still experimental, and that the current emergency use authorisation is in use for all available vaccines (the full FDA authorisation actually applies to the “Comirnaty” version that is not actually available), it also goes against the stated ethos of the EU of “freedom”.

    Whatever happened to “my body, my choice”?

  274. H.R. says:

    We discuss Flaming Teslas, but how about Flaming RAM diesel trucks?

    I haven’t heard of or read about any flaming RAM diesel trucks, but just last Monday, I got a recall notice for my truck. It seems there are some dodgy (get it? 😜) relays out there.

    The relay is in the preheat circuit and I suppose there have been a few fires, thus the recall. The notice said the truck could catch fire, running or not, and to park away from your house and other cars.

    Well, We doan need no steenkin’ flamin’ trucks so I went to the dealer right away and they got me in Wednesday to check out the relay. The test was 0.8 hours. It seems they test more in the circuit than just the relay.

    I thought they were just looking for some missing or poor insulation on the relay, which is what I got from the notice, but I guess RAM wanted to make sure there would be no problems.

    My truck passed the test, so I didn’t have one of the defective relays. That’s a relief.

    But… now it makes it a bit more difficult to point and jeer at spontaneously combusting Teslas.

    Oh, while I was there waiting on my truck, I cruised their sales lot and I saw my first Nissan Titan with a Cummins diesel. That Nissan was going to a Cummins just came up here in the last few months. I didn’t think it had happened yet, but this was a 2018 or 2019 (I forget) so if you are not a RAM fan, you have a choice now.

    Also, the shortage of 1-ton dually diesels is still on. The dealer had only 2 dualies, both used. One was a a 2018 Ford F-350 and the other was a 2017 RAM 3500.

    The other thing interesting thing of note was that there was no pricing on any of their used trucks. I don’t recall ever seeing that before at any dealer. I’m guessing that if a particular truck catches someones eye, the sales rep asks, “Just how much are you willing to give for this truck?”

    That, and as the supply of trucks gets tighter, the dealer’s asking price could go up the next day, within a few days, or a week. Why bother putting a price on trucks if you can keep raising the price?

    Also, that just gets buyers all stubborn and obstinate when they see the price for the first time and come back with the idea of buying… and the price on the truck is now higher. I suppose it’s good PR just to leave the prices off for now. You don’t want people to go away mad and perhaps never come back.

    The supply of new and used 1/2-ton trucks is still pretty good, though. I think that new 1/2-ton trucks will be hitting the chip-shortage wall very soon, though.

  275. another ian says:

    “Growing number of Civil Service applicants declare themselves ‘neuro-diverse’ and ask to work from home and have time off to visit therapists”


    Via http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2021/11/21/woke-sunday-2/

    With the comment “I have discovered a new Woke affliction, although I have no idea what it means.”

  276. another ian says:

    “FOOD Supply Disruption: HERE IT COMES”


  277. another ian says:

    “Cardiology Advisor- ACS Risk Biomarkers Significantly Increase After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine”


  278. YMMV says:

    another ian: “Cardiology Advisor- ACS Risk Biomarkers Significantly Increase After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine”

    following those links:

    ACS = Acute coronary syndrome. “Even when acute coronary syndrome causes no cell death, the reduced blood flow changes how your heart works and is a sign of a high risk of heart attack.”
    source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/acute-coronary-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20352136

    The study author concluded that “mRNA [vaccines] dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

    The Jessica Rose and Peter A. McCullough paper on Myocarditis Adverse Events is still disappeared.

  279. YMMV says:

    In August, Japan allowed the use of Ivermectin. If you search for this, you will be bombarded with articles saying Japan is not using IVM instead of vaccines.

    In Japan, doctors can now prescribe it without restrictions, and people can buy it legally from India. Japan is a country where 72,5 percent of the inhabitants are fully vaccinated.

    The Japanese have meanwhile not bought into the notion of a third booster shot. Instead four local companies are currently carrying out clinical trials, but only one – Daiichi Sankyo – is developing a type of mRNA shot. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which are currently the most commonly used in Japan, have many side effects, such as fevers and pain, according to national daily Mainichi.

    source: https://freewestmedia.com/2021/11/03/japan-sees-huge-drop-in-cases-after-it-switches-to-ivermectin/

    And in another story,
    “Scholars explain mysterious disappearance of Delta variant in Japan”

    In mid-August, Japan experienced a peak in Covid-19 infections, recording over 23,000 new cases per day. Now the metric is just around 170, with deaths attributed to the disease mostly remaining in single digits this month.

    The decline has been attributed by many to high vaccination rates, public acceptance of masks, and other factors, but some researchers say the drop was uniquely significant, compared to other nations with similar conditions.

    Call it the nsp14 paradox, the mutation of this protein became so successful it wiped out Delta but it could not reproduce, so it wiped out itself.

    There might be more explanation here, but you have to create a free account. i cidn’t bother.

  280. David A says:

    Ivermectin used in a population is far more effective then in a study. Why? Because a study only involves a limited segment of a population, and cannot affect the RO to a great degree. Used in an entire city, or providence, like Uttarh Pardesh, the RO is broken, the virus dies.

  281. Simon Derricutt says:

    Since Another Ian hasn’t posted this one here, see https://babylonbee.com/news/after-prosecutors-find-mail-in-jury-votes-at-3am-rittenhouse-now-guilty which might be a bit too close to reality in the future. The url says most of the story.

  282. another ian says:

    Simon IMO

    But if you read (IMO)


    you can pretty well conclude that if they could have they would have

  283. another ian says:

    “Tesla Owners Locked Out After “Server Error 500””


    Would you call that “overteched”?

  284. H.R. says:

    Simon & Ian – The Commie-Dems in control have become so ridiculous that the Babylon Bee had to create another site that was not parody, but the articles there read like a parody they would put on their regular site. I can’t recall the site name.

    Part of the reason for the other site was that the Babylon Bee would post some outrageous parody, and by golly, within a few days or a couple of weeks, the Dems went and done did it for real.

    So, they now have the original parody site and the Dem-self-parody site.

    I hope never, but if the Dems maintain control, that mail-in jury verdict parody might just get moved to their actual news site.

  285. another ian says:


    “Want 11% -> 25% Heart Attack Risk? For Most…..”


  286. Ossqss says:

    Interesting thoughts on Covid and humidity.


  287. cdquarles says:

    That is very interesting, indeed. While rain can wash particles out of the outside air, rain can’t do that indoors. Drink plenty of water, folks. Cold air is dry air; and when you heat it without adding water, it gets drier. Warm air can also be dry air, see a desert; but here in the humid South, air conditioning can and does dry it out. Can that dry out the air too much? Certainly can, given the right conditions. Again, drink plenty of water.

  288. another ian says:


    But remember that water is more dangerous than IVM so don’t over-do it

  289. another ian says:

    “One dollars worth of Melatonin reduces clotting, sepsis and death for Covid. Maybe we should study it?”


  290. another ian says:

    Fauci features at the end

    A friend had an expression of “A person with a grin like a rat with a gold tooth”

  291. YMMV says:

    “STUNNING – No Reinfection in Previously Infected (Harvard Preprint Study)”

    This study shows that “natural immunity”, what you get by having had Covid, is far better than the usual vaccines. They studied health care workers and the number of days they worked at risk of getting infected. A very nice approach.

    There were 114 cases resulting from 218,812 person-days for unvaccinated workers.
    There were 49 cases from 830,084 person-days for vaccinated workers.
    As you would expect, having the vaccine is better than not having the vaccine in this respect.
    As you might not expect, catching that virus is not as easy as we have been told.

    And then they broke it down for the period where Delta was dominant.
    The rate for unvaccinated didn’t change much. surprise!
    The rate for vaccinated approximately doubled. oops!

    Here is the part that has been hidden from you.
    423 workers had had Covid but were not vaccinated. None of them got infected again.
    0 cases from 74,557 person-days at risk.

    Then there were vaccine mandates, so these workers became vaccinated.
    None of them had breakthrough infections.

    paper link: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.11.15.21265753v1.full.pdf

  292. Ossqss says:

    Every time I look around, it’s in my face!

    How bizarre, just sayin>

  293. p.g.sharrow says:

    @another ian says:“A Brief History Of West African Slavery”

    Very good paper on the historic facts of African slave trade. The only thing left out was that the African slavers ranged up into Western Europe during medieval times.

  294. another ian says:

    “They Said Vaccines Were Safe For Pregnant Women, Now This Happens
    November 23, 2021 | Sundance | 7 Comments”


  295. another ian says:

    And re Florida real estate

    “REPORT: Nancy Pelosi Joining The Pro DeSantis Migration and Purchasing a Home in The Free State of Florida
    November 23, 2021 | Sundance | 71 Comments”


  296. cdquarles says:

    Well, @ another ian, moderation in all things is best. :) Flip side is that moderation may vary from person to person ;p.

  297. jim2 says:

    ‘Experts’ blasted for cautioning against use of term ‘looting’ to describe large-scale California thefts


    What Kyle Rittenhouse did WAS NOT a SHOOTING. It was a mostly peaceful retreat.

  298. H.R. says:

    “It was a mostly peaceful retreat.”

    That’s pretty accurate. Only 3 got shot out of what, a couple of hundred? So by and large, it was mostly peaceful.

    Given that he was retreating and a mob was out to kill him, I’d say that was about as peaceful an outcome as you could expect. Probably a better outcome than some with less cooler heads might have brought about.

    (Note: No winky. No telling what I would have done in Kyle’s situation and with a couple of 30-round magazines. Maybe a little less peaceful? Maybe a lot less? I hope never to find out.)

  299. jim2 says:

    Rooftop solar helps send South Australia grid to zero demand in world first


    Cost of electricity in Australia

    VIC 19.46c/kWh
    QLD 20.27c/kWh
    NSW 23.29c/kWh
    SA 31.57c/kWh


  300. YMMV says:

    “Miracle in Japan”

    or “just a coincidence?”

  301. YMMV says:

    another ian: They Said Vaccines Were Safe For Pregnant Women, Now This Happens

    Dr. John Campbell has two recent videos on this theme.

    “Covid infection increases still births”
    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7XeW8cCf3Y
    He can only comment on what the paper actually says and that the study is lacking in some obvious ways.
    The commenters are not so restrained and want to know about whether the vaccine is safe for pregnant women and they say pregnant women were excluded from the vaccine trials.
    For example: “A pregnant woman is routinely advised by a doctor not to drink, not to smoke, not to take illicit drugs or strong medication. However, it is very safe to get 2 jabs of Covid-19 vaccine. Really?”. They also say the WHO recommends pregnant women do not take the vaccine. I don’t recall hearing that there was an exemption in any vaccine mandate for that.

    “Spontaneous abortion after vaccine”
    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFpH3aq95j0
    Again, the comments are worth reading.
    For example: “As an employer in America I’m expected to know the vaccination status of my employees, and hair stylists in Los Angeles County must know the vaccination status of their clients, and while they seemed to know whether the subjects were obese, diabetic and had other conditions, the authors of the study couldn’t figure out their vaccination status!”

  302. YMMV says:

    Ossqss: Interesting thoughts on Covid and humidity.
    repeating that link: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1462398428584058888.html

    Very. My first thought was long flights (bad for you in many ways)
    There are lots of articles about air quality on airliners, but few of them dwell on humidity.
    Air at high altitude is very cold and therefore it does not contain much water vapor, so after it is reheated to cabin temperature the relative humidity is extremely low. And that makes your body an easy target for colds and viruses.

    Two studies on airliner air quality that did include humidity:

    “Most of the studies showed that relative humidity was below 20 to 30% minimum levels specified by ASHRAE for comfort ”
    below minimum, as in a low of 2% to a mean of 20%.
    source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK207483/

    “These conditions do not generally meet ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55-1992 thermal comfort criteria for buildings. However, humidification of this environment is costly and might pose other cabin environmental problems.”
    source: https://www2a.cdc.gov/nioshtic-2/BuildQyr.asp?s1=20041419&view=f

  303. David A says:

    If you have not read Kathy Dopps’s work on Covid and vaccines, I highly recommend you consider it.

  304. Paul, Somerset says:

    Do people think that the act of chewing gum might boost your defences in an enclosed situation with dry air? On the basis that it generates saliva and thus moistens the mucosal surface of your mouth?

    Or is that not the way it works?

  305. cdquarles says:

    That would help your mouth but not your nose. Your nose is just as important. Eye drops/nasal saline spray would also help; but given the madness with respect to air transport these days ….

  306. Paul, Somerset says:

    Thanks. At least chewing gum wouldn’t do any harm then.

  307. E.M.Smith says:

    @Paul, Somerset:

    I suppose it might help a little, but the bigger issue is that the airways / sinuses are not going to be helped by it. I think you would be better off sipping a hot tea and inhaling through your nose over it. Little bit of a steam bath going on there ;-) It ought to work with a cold soda too, though a bit less evaporation going on.

    IFF you have a cloth mask (mandatory for air travel here) wetting it from a water bottle whenever it dries out would be highly effective… It may be the only real advantage of a cloth mask, that it tends to dampen from your exhaled air and will act as a humidifier for the next inhale.

    @David A:

    That’s one scary graph for all cause mortality… FWIW, in high school I got the BofA Math Scholarship. I’m really fond of math… Mathematics is one area where you just can’t cheat. You either have a proof or you don’t. It either works or it doesn’t. Some of it may seem like “crazy talk” (imaginary numbers anyone?) but they work in practice and solve problems. So I tend to trust Mathematicians more than most other folks, even other scientists. (a name / category I used to capitalize and just can’t bring myself to do it now… too many money whores infest “science” these days and the stats on reproducibility shows they are not actually practicing the Scientific Method.)

    But you can’t hide from All Cause Mortality. The vexxinated are dying at much higher rates than the Purebloods.


    We’ve had a fair number of “anecdotes” of miscarriages after vexxination. This is not a good thing to do to expectant mothers and infants.


    I find it fascinating that they treat zero net demand as a Good Thing. It means that you must cycle from COLD HALT up to full power between about noon and 9 pm. VERY inefficient and VERY hard on some kinds of equipment. Thermal cycling a baseline plant is just not a good thing to do, and it was that kind of cycling that caused Chernobyl to barf. (They were testing a “new” way to do a faster cycling and found that residual decay heat went higher than expected…)

    At this point it starts being better to just make your own electricity with fuels. Already in Central Valley California during summer peaks (and on the variable rate plan) it can cost 2 to 4 times as much to buy electricity as it does to run your own small Diesel generator. Where I am, a natural gas fed generator would be economical for me most of the time (not during winter fuel price peaks).

    FWIW, I’m likely going to get a quasi-rural property where I can park an RV and play in the dirt. It will have (or get…) a very large propane tank and a propane generator.

    I’m not against “Rooftop Solar” (in fact I’ve coveted it for about 40 years). But I “don’t do stupid” well, and it simply is not a cost effective mode of electricity generation (and especially so when you look at the need for daily and seasonal power storage.) You need the most net power in cold winter nights and you get the most in hot sunny summer days. For that peak swing, you need a “use capacity one time per year” storage system and that just kills the economics.

    Day / Night swings you can cover somewhat with things like battery banks as you amortize the cost over 365 “uses” of the capacity / year. Seasonal swings just mean you buy massive capacity you get to use one time / year and the economics will never be good.

    Note that fobbing off this need onto someone else by requiring them to cycle a gas turbine or coal plant seasonally does NOT fix the problem. It just moves the dead weight losses to the guy running that plant and makes his operation inefficient (a strategy widely used in the Solar & Wind industries, BTW).

    So S. Australia is proud of the fact they are fobbing off their inefficiencies and problems onto the Victoria Grid Operator and have reached the point where they have too much solar installed. Got it.

  308. Ed Forbes says:

    My biggest problem with solar are 3 main items
    1. Roof top mounts raise the costs of re-roofing to the point that it negates any system savings.
    2. If solar panels are not kept clean with regular and ongoing maintenance, the power load drops to just about nothing. Paying someone to clean the panels eats up any savings and I know that I do not want to go up on the roof to clean the panels on an ongoing basis.
    3. Winter in the California Central Valley has short hours of daylight along with foggy and cloudy days, which reduces power production considerably.

  309. another ian says:


    “No, You Cuck. This Is How”


  310. another ian says:

    You really are being watched

    “A massive police operation proves, yet again, that NO electronic communication is secure”


    “Wide-area surveillance comes to your city and town”


  311. YMMV says:

    further to this comment: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2021/10/29/w-o-o-d-29-october-2021/#comment-152675

    A commenter to today’s Dr. Campbell video says:

    Could Ivermectin be changing the genetics of COVID through blocking NSP 14 protein? In Utter Pradesh and Japan the decline in covid cases happened about 10-14 days after ivermectin seemed to be introduced in a massive scale. In your video about Japan, you mentioned that the nsp14 mutated and could be the cause of the great decline in Japan. Could Ivermectin have precipitated that mutation and decline? Apparently Ivermectin binds well to nsp14. See Front. Microbiology 25 January 2021 by AF Eweas et al, Molecular Docking Reveals Ivermectin and Remdesivir as Potential Repurposed Drugs Against SARS-CoV-2.

    Interesting idea. I have not seen that paper.

    And if anybody wants to hear what a journalist thinks (Bueller?)
    He saw that the African countries who used IVM were doing better and concluded …
    … maybe IVM only works if you have worms!

  312. Ed Forbes says:

    “That’s one scary graph for all cause mortality”

    I am trying to make sense of this. Chart is based on deaths per 100K total population charting vaccinated vs unvaccinated.
    My problem reading this chart is if vaccinated was 100% of population, then unvaccinated would be a flat line at 0 per 100k total population.
    Am I missing something here?

  313. YMMV says:

    SARS-COV-2 Spike Damages Heart Tissue and Vessels (IN-VITRO Study from UK)

    This is a summary video.
    These studies show that the spike protein does go on its own in the blood (without the virus parts) and the S1 part of the spike protein attaches to pericytes via CD147 receptors and causes damage to blood vessels and heart tissue. And that this can be caused by mRNA vaccines too. That is the nutshell version. It is not explained why this only happens to some patients.
    A CD147 blocker Meplazumab has shown improvements in Covid patients.

    There is also a companion video which goes into more detail about how the studies were done.
    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZyBUmuIQP4

  314. another ian says:

    “Viral Goalposts Shifting – Scientists, Facing Scrutiny About Vaccinations Not Stopping Virus, Announce Discovery of New Vaccine Resistant Strain of Virus
    November 24, 2021 | Sundance | 144 Comments”


  315. another ian says:

    “US Food & Drug approval for ‘Our Great And Powerful Friends'”



  316. H.R. says:

    W-a-a-a-y back when we were actually in the two weeks to flatten the curve and President Trump was giving the daily briefings, he mentioned fast tracking vaccines. No doubt in my mind that FauXi told PDJT that corona vaccines had been in the works and the makers were close to coming up with something.

    We kicked the subject around on this blog and I well remember that it was mentioned that to date (and still to this date), there has never been a successful corona virus vaccine.

    In all of the previous attempts at developing a corona virus vaccine, things went South during trials, and most efforts failed in the animal trial stage. IIRC, only a couple of attempts made it past the animal trial stage to human trials, and those were quickly shut down when they proved fatal to some or most early in the trials.

    Just knowing that there had never been a successful corona virus vaccine made me leery of the vaccines that were just about ready, and then we found out that they were ‘vaccines’ using mRNA therapy and not really vaccines.

    Okay. At least the makers knew a true vaccine would not end well so they were working the problem from a new angle. And we discussed, and are still discussing the new tack they’ve taken using mRNA.

    Due to the fast tracking, not much was known about these new ‘vaccines’ since there wasn’t a lot of data to come to any conclusions. I wasn’t going to take any jab since there were preventatives and therapeutics that made me confident that I’d either not get FauXi’s Flu, or it would be a milder case with a non-fatal outcome.

    But I couldn’t fault anyone that was willing to give one of the ‘vaccines’ a shot (O-ho! That was unintentional). Mrs. H.R. wanted her 86-year-old mom to get a jab, and that seemed sensible enough at the time given what was known. And the Mrs. got the 2-shot jab herself because assisted living facilities weren’t allowing anyone in who wasn’t jabbed. She would have been unable to see and care for her mom.

    But now the results of the ‘vaccinations’ are coming in, despite the government’s and vexxine makers’ best efforts to block the fact that there were a lot of negative outcomes and a lot of different types of negative outcomes. That embargo on data and information has millions of people thinking that those negative outcomes, including death, are a feature of the vexxines and not a bug.

    So, I’m back to where I started up above; there has still never been a successful corona virus vaccine. The people who have been vexxinated can still get FauXi’s Flu or one of the variants, and they can spread whatever bug they get. Then there’s the fact that the vexxines themselves seem to do as much of the same damage or more as the bugs themselves. Hoo boy! Major fail.

    The good news is that during all of this muuhh-Covid Chinese Fire Drill,** a surprisingly large number of effective preventatives and treatments have come to light. And they seem to be effective against all or most all corona viruses.

    Until I’m convinced that the vaccine makers’ have finally come up with a corona virus vaccine (not a ‘vaccine’) that actually works, I’m sticking with the preventatives and treatments. That, and I think I got the Kung Flu in June of 2020 and so have some bit of natural immunity. I’m not willing to get an antibody test, so I can’t know for sure that it was Xi’s disease.

    **For those unfamiliar, here a 56-second video of a Chinese Fire Drill, which I believe started as a ’50s cruising thing.

  317. p.g.sharrow says:

    @HR, I fully agree.
    Members of my family decided early on “Hell No” on being a Gates/Fausi test subject.
    The information provided here at this blog far exceeded anything available any place else during the early days of organized confusion. We gathered that this was a Plandemic that we needed to plan for our own salvation and trust our instincts and knowledge rather then “EXPERTs” that were selling an agenda.
    I guess being “Climate Change Skeptics” helped, as we seem to be dealing with the same actors playing the same parts and the same old Song and Dance.
    We should be thankful for having this place to gather with like minded people from around the world that watch each others backs and provide a network of information and wise advice.

  318. another ian says:

    “Lab Leak Denier Daszak Gave A ‘We’ve Done Nothing Wrong’ Interview And An Insect Literally Escaped a Cage In the Middle of It.”


    Via http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2021/11/25/one-flu-out-of-the-wuhan-nest-53/

  319. another ian says:

    Suggestions for Thanksgiving conversations


    More in comments

  320. David A says:

    In ancient India intermittent fasting was believed to be one of the most effective cure all’s for disease. The descriptive word is autophagy. In 2016, Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize for his discoveries into the mechanisms of autophagy. And the benefits continue to accumulate…

  321. another ian says:

    This goes with that list of questions from SDA (IMO)

    “Mater’s Musings #42: Stop the mendacity…it’s in black and white

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had a gutful of people telling me the current covid vaccines in Australia have gone through all the trials (albeit expediated) that other, more traditional vaccines have. It just isn’t true, and Health Department ads in major newspapers saying so, doesn’t automatically change that.”


  322. YMMV says:

    Panic stations, says MSM. A new variant, B.1.1.529, from Botswana, then South Africa, is coming for you!!! Twitter has named it Nu, preempting WHO. I just learned of this minutes ago, so I’m not taking sides yet as to how bad it is and whether it will evade the vaccines.

    If it is really that bad, it’s time to convince everyone that maybe having IVM on hand is not such a horse-brained idea (no offence, horses).

    There might be some useful or at least interesting information in this Twitter thread.

  323. rhoda klapp says:

    The linked video is of a cardiologist worried by possible vaccine adverse events in the UK.

    I’ve just seen a TV interview of a pathologist Dr Clare Craig on GBNEWS. Expressing concerns with non-covid excess deaths in the UK, which she is well placed to see. GBNEWS, a new satellite channel with a non-MSM philosophy, seems to have hooked in to the excess deaths issue. We’ll see if it can be ignored or shut out.

    Look for the Clare Craig video to go up later today YT lets it through…

  324. rhoda klapp says:

    Here’s a link to the interview I mentioned above.

    The relevant clip starts at 46.10 as the video is currently of the whole program. Although if you want to watch the lot to see what GBNEWS is like, I’d recommend it.

    Anyhow, watch Doctor Clare before she gets shut down. She is very articulate and convincing not that the sky is falling, just that something is going on which needs to be investigated.

  325. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – 24 November 2021 | Musings from the Chiefio

  326. David A says:

    Ed Forbes, I could be wrong but the chart is AFAIK, based on deaths per 100 k for each group, vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

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