Christmas Eve: W.O.O.D. – 24 December 2021


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The Weekly Memes

I really really like these guy’s “top 10 memes”. They watch what is going on on Gab and and select the ones that they like best. A nice filtering service if nothing else; but the way they match music to the theme is also good. Unfortunately, can’t do an embed that works with my free WordPress plan (it does do free EwTube embeds… but only them, so you get to ‘Hit the link’!

[To be filled in with an Update later, as I’m way behind on “stuff” and also being Nurse & Housekeeper ATM.]

Spouse is doing well but the time it takes to pick up all that she did around the house along with my stuff along with being Nurse & Cook & Butler… Well, it all takes a bit of a toll.

20 December – Conspiracy

10. California Prop to limit theft punishment, and stores closing. (I DO wonder how much that was actual votes, now that the vote is clearly rigged up, down, and sideways).

9. BlockChain voting? Will Chinese Wuhan Covid “passports” be mandated to vote?

8. FISA Court Fraud Lawyer get’s a pass on punishment. Election Fraud in general.

7. The Covid Mind Virus… And the tech supported by it.

6. Fauxi: (has an F-bomb in it) I find myself astounded that I’m on the side of Robert Kennedy Jr. It’s not a “conspiracy theory” when it’s a conspiracy FACT. I’ll get my (aluminum) hat…

5. Joe Rogan on the Psych Manipulation to push the jab.

4. Elon Musk does a take down of Elizabeth Warren ;-)

3. Kamala The Weak protests overmuch over no true POTUS.

2. N.I.H. vs Purebloods. Courage on…

1. For The Children… Tam vs Creator.

13 December – Point of No Return

10. Shrillary – Living The Dream…

9. A Royally Curious Cabin Conundrum (with Epstein seasoning)

8. Smollett on parade (grounds)…

7. Border open for Biddeness…

6. Fauxi: Infinite Cycle of Vaxxed to Unvaxxed as months go by.

5. Fauxi As Tyrant. Democide on the rocks.

4. Inflation – the hidden attack on America. Draining a Strategic oil reserve for a political tactic.

3. Bob Dole dies. Letter from the grave pokes Dims ;-)

2. Yet More Election Fraud evidence (nee proof).

1. Undercover Video of The Fraud In Progress. Be prepared to pause on photos after “no audit value”…

6 December – Hail Science!

10. Fauxi The Liar claims he is the embodiment of “science”. Plays the 6-Jan faux “insurrection” card. I believe the “chef” is Jeffry Dahmer… What is it with Jeffs? Epstein, Dahmer, …

9. Attack Of The Omicron!!!

8. The Death March Of The Athletes & Young Men.

7. Pfizer, Pfizer Pants On Fire!

6. Biden The Malleable

5. C.I.A. & Dance Of The Pedos…

4. Epsteined.

3. False Flag on display

2. “I Did That” sticker wars

1. Kyle, the movie trailer

29 November – Onward Christian Soldiers

10. “Health Advice” in jackboots. Cry for Australia…

9. Killing young athletes

8. Groundhog day variant

7. Salty Slovenia

6. It is up to Sheriffs. Go Racine County!

5. Plandemic Docs from 2015…

4. Salvation Army goes Woke. Make ’em Broke.

3. Mapping White Culture

2. The Kyle Effect

1. Race Baiters On Parade. Where’s SUV “control” laws?

Some News Bits

For now, just Merry Christmas Everybody! And a Happy Druid Winter Solstice! (and all those other holidays this time of year too!)

I’ll add some bits here as time permits.

For more recent events, see:

Trump Social Media site:

Bongino Report:

Or Whatfinger:

I’ve also gotten addicted to the Top Ten Memes of the week from WatchMAGA here:

They have interesting “bite” to them, along with a tendency to highlight the news of the week in memes, so good as a social attitude pointer too. Plus they are “way fun” ;-)

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105 Responses to Christmas Eve: W.O.O.D. – 24 December 2021

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    The Vexxine Passport Push goes on (and grows).

    Called the Veterinarian today. Our remaining dog, who had a cancer removed from his leg many months ago, had it return. It is doubling fast enough that his end will be in days, most likely next week. Called to plan / schedule it.

    They have a “protocol” that if you are “unvaccinated” you must wait in the car. Oh Really?

    They did NOT have this a couple of months ago.

    So the vexxinated who can be nice great carriers and spreaders can go in, those on prophylaxis that works 100% (so far for 2 years!) are to be forbidden to say a final fair well or be with their pet during treatment. OK…

    I’ll be giving the Vet and Staff a copy of the FLCCC prophylaxis protocol…

    I’m also going to find a list of animals that can be carriers of The Plandemic Plague and ask if those animals get tested when they come in…

    I find it astounding how many Medical Professionals can’t see the logic flaw in:

    1) Vaccinated folks can and do get Covid.
    2) Vaccinated folks can and do spread it.
    3) Vaccinated folks can and go get hospitalized and or die from it.
    4) The present Vaccine is NOT a good match for the Vaccine Escape Variants.
    5) Therefore do NOT test nor exclude the Vaccinated, instead exclude folks on prophylaxis that has a known and proven success profile.

  2. Ossqss says:

    The reservoir of animals will surprise you EM. Was studied last year. \\

    Christmas Tip from a guy who’s family had to go to Tallahassee for Christmas, and I remained to keep the 12 year old Lab happy. The Tip is, Godzilla “King of the Monsters” is quite good.

    No BS, well done all the way around, comparatively speaking. :-)

  3. AC Osborn says:

    Here is wishing you and all your readers a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

  4. Simon Derricutt says:

    Some of the problem with the vexxine regulations is probably because the definition of a vaccine changed. We expect a vaccine to stop transmission of the disease, but with the new definition it only aids the body in dealing with it (you don’t get quite as ill). Thus the regulations are written with the new definition yet tend to be interpreted using the older one since we have a long history of the benefits of vaccines (and we also have a long history of occasional vaccine damage and vaccine failures for some types of virus).

    Should have been pretty obvious that the air passengers who were found to be carrying Omicron had been fully vaccinated according to the current definitions, since otherwise they’d not have been allowed on the flight. It should also have been obvious that vaccinated people will be the main producers of variants that escape the vaccine, since that’s standard epidemiology especially since the vaccine is “leaky” and doesn’t stop infection. It’s also obvious that herd immunity was never going to be possible with a leaky vaccine and a fast-mutating virus.

    It looks pretty likely that everyone (vaccinated and pure-blood) will end up catching Omicron at some point. Hopefully the vaccinated will then gain antibodies in the right place (airways) and against the nucleus as well as the spike to become sterile to further infections, providing the vexx hasn’t screwed up the natural process too much. Then we’ll be down to endemic with reservoirs in cats, dogs, deer, and maybe several other animals and thus new variants each year like the ‘flu. Most people will be largely immune, though, so it will no longer be dangerous.

    I’ve found it interesting to see the iron fist hidden within the EU’s velvet glove. If people ignore the request to get themselves vaccinated with the experimental vaccine then they intend to trash the Nuremberg Code and make it mandatory…. Much like CAGW, science and logic don’t count when there’s a consensus going.

    I hope the denizens here all have a great Christmas, and of course that next year goes somewhat better than this one.

  5. H.R. says:

    Merry Christmas to all!

    We’ll be going to Lakeland, FL for Christmas dinner with my sister and her hubby. My sis moved to Florida about 25 years ago and was always absent from Christmas dinners in the Frozen North. It’s been a real treat to finally spend Christmas day with her since we started Wintering in Florida.

    No presents for the last several years. We’ve been blessed with a reasonably comfortable life. Anything I’d want or need is too expensive (I can always hope for a Lamborghini with a big bow on top in the driveway on Christmas morning, but odds are slim on that).

    We have enough ‘stuff’ and don’t need more ‘stuff’ just to have presents under the tree. Waking up to nothing under the tree actually makes me happy and content that I’m in that situation. Too many others would be thrilled to get socks and underwear under the tree, if they had a tree, and a good Christmas dinner, if they only had some food. So, this is a day that I enjoy as a time to count my blessings.

    Wishing all here the very best for the coming year.

  6. philjourdan says:

    One of the hardest things you have to do is to make the decision to put a beloved pet down. I am sorry the evil bastards are making it harder for you,

  7. AC Osborn says:

    An interesting take here on the direction that COVID controls will take now that big pharma can make a fortune from COVID pills instead of vaccines.

  8. YMMV says:

    AC Osborn: “big pharma can make a fortune from COVID pills instead of vaccines”

    or in addition to the vaccines.

    from that article:

    The pandemic cannot be allowed to end before the next election. Because election fraud.
    And there is always another election, so the pandemic may never end. What will end is “the world as we have known it”. Where is the save-the-world crowd when you need it? Will the masses realize before it is too late that they have been had?

  9. jim2 says:

    Reading news about Omircron this morning is sadly ironic. In the same article one can read that Omircron dodges most antibodies developed to previous COVID strains, but that it may be less severe due to previously acquired immunity. Precious!

    I understand most journalists aren’t immunologists, but it would be nice to run across one who could at least think logically!

  10. another ian says:

    Merry Xmas and a happy Deplorable’s New Year

    “You understand, of course, that Western Civ’s mass formation psychosis, like a horror movie franchise, requires the constant re-invention of its monsters and hobgoblins, and a constantly refreshed arsenal of weapons to defeat them. Covid is our mutating monster, but Big Pharma’s silver bullets and wooden stakes have proven quite lame. So, the resourceful superhero, Dr. Fauci (“The Science”), has induced his magic messenger, Santa Claus (a.k.a. the FDA), to deliver two brand-new light-sabers to humankind to keep millions of disordered minds churning with hope of slaying the object of their fear.”

    Much more at

  11. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – did you know the Spanish flu is still around? It is about as toxic as the common cold, but it is still here. Just as Covid will be. But 100 years ago, folks told the feds to shove it when they say pictures of the “elites” violating the mask mandates. They had more balls than this crop of mind numbed robots. This crop has been shown multiple photos of the “elites” violating mask mandates and yet they still wear them. Perhaps it is time to let social Darwinism take care of the over population.

  12. beththeserf says:

    A Merry Christmas to all in spite of it all…

  13. another ian says:

    “Covid is our mutating monster, but Big Pharma’s silver bullets and wooden stakes have proven quite lame. So, the resourceful superhero, Dr. Fauci (“The Science”), has induced his magic messenger, Santa Claus (a.k.a. the FDA), to deliver two brand-new light-sabers to humankind to keep millions of disordered minds churning with hope of slaying the object of their fear.

    Enter stage-right-and-left: Paxlovid from Pfizer and Molnupiravir from Merck. The names alone sound like mysterious invocations from a druidical rite of redemption. How many times have you muttered Mol-Nu-Pir­-a-Vir opening the fridge in hopes of finding at least one last beer tucked away behind the mayonnaise and miso?”

    More at


  14. another ian says:

    Oh dear!
    “Scottish Football Fans Chant ‘You Can Shove Your F***ing Booster Up Your A$$!” at Scottish Leader During Soccer Match (VIDEO)”

  15. another ian says:

    “Oh the mystery of how coronavirus doesn’t infect and kill people in Japan anymore?”

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    Christmas Dinner was 2 x Cornish Game Hens (AKA “little chickens”) stuffed with my home made bread stuffing. Esteemed Broccoli, baked potato with butter. Side Salad of “American Bag-O Salad” and some Olive Garden Creamy Italian dressing. Italian sliced bread and butter on the side.

    Desert was Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream topping ;-)

    It was a nice Christmas, issues and all.

  17. philjourdan says:

    @ANother Ian – Re: Magic Messenger – no need to write home on that one. That nailed it. Faucci is a fake. Big Pharma is milking it to the hilt! Big Gov is paying the tab so they are going to push jabs to the nth degree!

    But I will do no more jabs

  18. philjourdan says:

    @another Ian – do you mean to tell us that the Scotts, after 300 years, have gotten a backbone again? I am shocked!

  19. philjourdan says:

    Merry Christmas Chiefio! I had a Venezuelan Christmas dinner, It was actually quite good! a new type of lasagna that had more the native ingredients and not any Italian (except the noodles). If my stomach was bigger (old age has shrunk it), I would have gone for seconds!

  20. Kneel says:

    “Christmas Dinner was…”

    Didn’t go for a roast this year – instead a platter full of yummy stuff like ham, chicken, prawns, salami, cheeses, roasted capsicums, olives, artichoke hearts, dips etc. Several cracker types to hold it in place. No sit down, just grazing when we felt the need. Plenty of beer, wine and spirits to wash it all down.

    Santa provided the cat new balls-with-bells to play with, as well as new treats (duck, which she loves, apparently – who knew?)

    Hope your move goes flawlessly EM – or at least, if it is flawed, that it is so in a way that makes you laugh rather than cry.

    Wishing all a very merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!

  21. another ian says:

    For “ye of even less faith”

    “Fauci Admits Vaccine Requirement for Airline Travel Only Beneficial to Get More People Vaccinated, No Scientific Benefit
    December 26, 2021 | Sundance | 3 Comments

    Trust the science they say…. and then, accidentally, the “scientists” admit that what they are doing under the guise of public health has absolutely nothing to do with science.”

    More at

  22. H.R. says:

    @another ian re FauXi’s faux pas – And being the incompetent GEB (Government Evil Bastard) he is, it won’t get more than a few extra people jabbed.

    Yet another divisive ploy by the CIC (that’s Commies In Charge, not Commander In Chief) has caused a large segment of the US population, and many, many more around the globe, to be absolutely hardened against getting the jab.

    In effect, what FauXi has done is near singlehandedly destroyed the US airline industry.

    GEB is turning out to be quite the useful acronym.

  23. jim2 says:

    Blowing up a Tesla – the movie :)

  24. jim2 says:

    When does covid stop being covid? Omicron is mutations^+60th power or something, or the novel^+60 power Corona virus!

  25. E.M.Smith says:

    Got a return call from The Veterinarian today. Must Have Vexxine or no can be in the office. So for us it is a “No can do” and “Thank you for the call, we will be finding a different veterinarian.”

    They did refer us to some folks who do in-home pet euthanasia. I’ll consider it. The alternative is DIY. (DIY being the Long Long Tradition from well before Ol’ Yeller). Having been raised in Farm Country I know how to do it in acceptable ways. (UN-fortunately there’s now a forest of obscure laws from “practicing vet medicine sans Government Approval license” to “animal cruelty” that does not respect the DIY path. So there’s that.)

    For those reasons and more I’ll likely not comment on the eventual solution we employ.

    I remember one cat, a great many years ago. On a comfy towel in a box. Add ether a bit at a time until asleep and comfortable, then keep raising it. Very easy transition. Back about 1962 Dad had an English Retriever that had reached the end. Traditional rifle in the back yard. (Being inside city limits be damned, it was a traditional farm town after all, and gun hysteria was not yet rampant post Kennedy…)

    Plenty of meds (both vet and human) in the house with necessary properties. So a solution is available. But we’re likely to call the House Visit folks, provided they are not similarly stupid.

    It diminishes (Greatly!) my appraisal of The Veterinarian. She will happily let all manner of vexxinated and thus easy carriers and spreaders into her office. Has a parade of dogs & cats (both known to test positive) that come in without tests nor vexxinated. But refuses to allow a pureblood WITH IVERMECTIN PROOF (and a covid test just a few days ago that was negative) to enter the office. It takes a peculiar kind of stupid to not see the broken logic in that.

    I can’t help wondering if it is her “professional association” threatening licences if you do not comply with their new “protocols”… (as it was with my former employer dentist). I suspect that’s a likely route. The GEBs trying to leverage ANY top down authority structure to The Agenda.

    Oh Well.

    On the plus side, the little fella likely will get a few more happy days of All The Lap Time Desired along with Hand Fed Human Food! (had “turkey ham” and “roast turkey” for breakfast ;-)

    We have a bottle of prescribed Pain Medicine for him too, so not a lot of pain going to be involved.

    Guess it is time to hit the PDR and make calls to the Doggy Done-er folks…

  26. another ian says:

    Not an easy time that, even without such complications.

    This is descriptive IMO.

    “MSM = The Misleadia”

  27. H.R. says:

    At E.M. – Yes! The various licensed professionals (dentists, docs, vets, etc.) are under threat of having their licenses yanked.

    That is some serious pressure, particularly if they are young’uns and still have school debts.

    My dentist absolutely does not buy into the Covid nonsense, but he plays by the rules and asks that we play along for the sake of his practice. I respect that (and him!) and that’s one of the places I play by the rules. Who knows if there’s a Karen or Ken in a chair that would rat him out in a heartbeat?

    When we had to put down both the Scottie and the Cairn this year, we did it at much greater expense at the Emergency Vet Hospital. The vet here in Florida and the one at home both had the restrictions. The Emergency Vets had an exemption, for some odd reason. They were about $300 higher than the vet, but they could let us be with our dogs at the end. Go figure.

    Oh, at home, our vet called and had a solution. She had seen the Scottie from the pup’s first vet visit and she wanted to see our Scottie out, too.

    She called and said she could bring the cart with the solutions out to the parking lot. Apparently, that was a loophole that wasn’t covered. But by the time she came up with it we had alrady gone to the emergency vet hospital.

    (I’m still having trouble writing about this; still heartbroken. We miss the girls and they absolutely loved Florida and this RV park. They had lots of doggy friends that they were happy to see again each year.)

  28. E.M.Smith says:

    Still working on this one’s Doggy Bucket List. Yesterday we did the Long Walk wherever his nose lead him. He even got “unlimited bark time” at the 8 foot fence with a couple of Big Dogs on the other side. He’s miniature sized and just loved stirring up the other dogs with his Big Barker HERE! taunting ;-)

    Tonight he gets unlimited Roast Turkey for dinner ;-)

    When he’s clearly ready to go and not having enough happy in the day, we’ll do what it takes whichever way it goes.

    He had cancer surgery last July. Bought him about 6 more months ( 3.5 dog years ;-) so this isn’t exactly a surprise that it returned. (Average is 4 months…)

    Is what it is and we’re handling it. May need to lay in a bottle of tequila though ;-) Maybe we could share it… I’ll have to look up the LD-50 of Tequila 8-0 (yes, that’s a ‘sick joke’…)

  29. another ian says:

    More web

    “CDC Changes Rules, Shortens Quarantine for Vaxxed and Unvaxxed, Cancels Any Self Quarantine for Boosted Group Even When Positive Test for Virus
    December 27, 2021 | sundance | 9 Comments”

  30. H.R. says:

    E.M., I don’t even know if Emergency Vet hospitals in CA offer the option to be with a pet when it is euthanized.

    But I was just mentioning those two options, parking lot and emergency vet, in case you hadn’t looked at the same or similar options. Again, they may not be viable options in CA.

  31. E.M.Smith says:

    I know we have “parking lot” and “home visit” options. Had not thought about “Emergency Vet” clinics. I’ll have to ask a couple.

    OTOH, I have all the drugs needed on hand to have an easy exit. So could just DIY.

    Don’t know at this time which way it will go. IFF, for example, he started having uncontrolled pain and the Vet says “in 3 days”, well, no. OTOH, if in-home is fast, good and relatively easy, it would be done.

    We’ll see when the day comes.

  32. YMMV says:

    @philjourdan, “did you know the Spanish flu is still around? It is about as toxic as the common cold, but it is still here.”

    No, can you supply some links for that? Mutated enough, I could see that happening, but they probably don’t call it the Spanish Flu anymore. H1N1 influenza A virus. Wikipedia says the 2009 swine flu pandemic and the 1977 Russian flu were caused by the H1N1 virus. And more here:

    The 1918 virus was recovered from bodies buried in the frozen arctic. It was sequenced, reconstructed, and tested on animals in 2005

  33. another ian says:

    “The Jackboots Have Arrived – NYPD Begin Arresting Unvaccinated Americans During Indoor COVID Compliance Checks

    December 28, 2021 | sundance | 11 Comments”

  34. YMMV says:

    Interesting and a bit of a head spin, a theoretical way spike protein vaccines could cause the production of more spike proteins and cause long covid in some cases.
    “Spike Protein from Infection or Vaccine Can Be Problematic for Some (An Article Review)”

    And in a Dr. John chat with Dr. Cohen about iron, he gets to make a comment that IVM kills worms.
    Worms in your gut can steal the iron you need in your blood. Low iron is bad for the immune system, so yet another thing to watch when looking to prevent getting Covid.

  35. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    So is the fundraising just “Whale Fear Porn”?

  36. another ian says:

    “Oxford Academic- The Role of Immunomodulatory Nutrients in Alleviating Complications Related to SARS-CoV-2: A Scoping Review”

    “Overall, the findings of our review are consistent with our hypothesis about vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc. High-dose vitamin C appears to beneficially impact outcomes related to COVID-19 without adverse effects. Zinc has a potential therapeutic and synergistic role against COVID-19 when administered with HCQ or chloroquine. In addition, high doses of vitamin D reduced the severity of the illness caused by COVID-19.”

    More at

  37. another ian says:

    “Stop and Assess”

    “Reality is penetrating the fog and fury of propaganda spewed out over cable-TV news in what may be the last desperate full-out campaign to sell “vaccines” to the credulous. Omicron is a bust, despite the shrieking about overstuffed hospitals (they’re not) in The New York Times.”

    Much more at

  38. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – Re: Spanish Flu still around –

    Those should get you started, Flus do not “end”, they merely mutated to a less potent form and are often mistaken (if symptomatic at all) as a cold.

  39. another ian says:

    “Mainstream Media Attempt to Claim CDC Guidance Change Is an Effort to Reduce Risk of Transmission, Despite Fauci Admissions the Quarantine Changes Are All About Economics
    December 28, 2021 | Sundance | 98 Comments

    The CDC changed guidance on quarantine times yesterday, highlighting their motive as always driven by politics and money, not public health ”

    “The result is 100 percent demonstrable gaslighting. Look at this spin:”

    More at

    The “Misleadia” at action stations.

    E.M. There is a Kunster in the sin bin – or it went “ack willie”

  40. YMMV says:

    @philjourdan, thanks for that.

    But what’s truly incredible, according to genetic analyses, is that the same novel strain of flu first introduced in 1918 appears to be the direct ancestor of every seasonal and pandemic flu we’ve had over the past century.

    “You can still find the genetic traces of the 1918 virus in the seasonal flus that circulate today,” says Taubenberger. “Every single human infection with influenza A in the past 102 years is derived from that one introduction of the 1918 flu.”

    OK, that’s a money quote.

    “the H1N1 strain that caused the Spanish flu receded into the background and stuck around as the regular seasonal flu.”
    The regular flu, or one of the regular flu viruses? I assume there were other flu viruses before that one. Probably been mix and match as long as humans have been around animals.

    and from the second link:

    it might now be possible to sequence virus genomes from human bodies infected with viruses buried in permafrost for up to 1,000 years, because the cold could help preserve DNA for much longer.

    His team also wants to sequence virus genomes that might be preserved in the bodies of ancient Egyptian mummies, the earliest of which are around 5,000 years old. “They were prepared to stop biological processes, and that’s exactly what we want,” he said. “So we will give it a try as well.”

    cool! They sequenced some WW2 Spanish Flu viruses and found variants.

    Omicron (if that means little-o maybe it should be spelled as omicron) has been sequenced. Has the common regular flu virus been sequenced and compared? The symptoms are merging, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have that much in common. I’d like to know anyway.

    I know way more people with omicron than I have with any of the other variants. I might even had had it myself. But no way I am getting tested for if I have had it, not until that starts to be worth something on an immunity passport. Until then, I am not telling the government!

  41. The True Nolan says:

    Sorry I have been off-grid, holiday smacked, buried in productive projects and simply unavailable for the last couple of months — but a belated MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

    This may seem like a non-COVID comment but watch this from about 6:20 to about 12:30. That segment shows an unedited conversation between a human and an AI program, GPT-3. This is the first conversation I have seen which really looks like it could pass the Turing Test. This would either be a pass, or very, very, close to it.

    So, what does this have to do with the COVID hysteria? There seems to be a lot of evidence that we are watching a planned, coordinated program to massively reduce human population. But if that is so, there has always been the question of “do the people doing this have any understanding of how many people it takes to keep the world’s economy running? Don’t they understand that if you kill off most of the population, the system will collapse? Are they so stupid they want to break their own rice bowl?”

    Until I saw the clip above, I did not think that the AI programs were as far along as they seem now to be. Also, if the GPT-3 program is public, what else is available behind the scenes, still in the labs? I would speculate that that Pareto’s Principle is at work. If 80% of the work is done by 20% of the population, then kill off 80% of the population. Use a “vaccine” which is primarily accepted by people who do not do much original research or thought. The remaining 20% of the needed work can be done by online AI “persons”. The last almost two years has been a test run to see how many jobs can be done in a virtual environment. Essentially EVERY virtual job can now be done by an AI program. Additionally, we now see the Metaverse being rolled out. It would seem to be the perfect platform to facilitate the incorporation of AI persons into our every day lives. Spend a few months living in the Metaverse, and ordering your groceries from a GPT-3 person would be just another normal transaction.

    IF (big “if”) the programs like GPT-3 are as natural sounding and as knowledgeable as the clip shows, that removes one of the biggest objections to the hypothesis that the GEBs might find it in their own interest to cull the herd. Combine that with the promise of combining such AI with robotics in the near future and the prospect of killing off most the population starts to look very appealing to a globalist psychopath. Still, hands and feet in the real, physical world are needed, and no GEB wants to trust those pesky 20% remaining humans forever. So how can you run an AI driven robotic program? I doubt that it will be practical to incorporate all the processing power needed into current robot designs, so what we need is a VERY high bandwidth communications system to allow the massive throughput needed for cloud based AI to control a crowd of robots. 5G, anyone?

  42. another ian says:

    “Can Feminism Destroy China?”

    Via a comment at Jo Nova

  43. another ian says:

    “Stop and Assess”

    “Reality is penetrating the fog and fury of propaganda spewed out over cable-TV news in what may be the last desperate full-out campaign to sell “vaccines” to the credulous. Omicron is a bust, despite the shrieking about overstuffed hospitals (they’re not) in The New York Times.”

    “Kunster@ what’ll get this sin binned”


  44. H.R. says:

    @TTN – Glad to have you back. Obviously, things have settled out a little bit and you at least squeezed in that comment.

    Re AI – I have great fun with telemarketers when I get hold of a live one. I ask off-the-wall questions and make non-sequitur statements or reductio ad absurdum arguments that are not in their script. I make sure that I keep them in ‘off script’ territory.

    Their script, with their trained responses to objections and tips to steer the conversation, cannot handle an ADD, large vocabulary, Jeopardy-material, non-linear thinking person who ignores their script. Here and there on this blog, I’ve mentioned a few of my responses that have resulted in the totally flummoxed telemarketer exiting as expeditiously as possible. Others here have contributed their Fun-With-Telemarketers experiences to the shared merriment of all. (We seem to be a bunch of little stinkers, eh?)

    Their script is an AI program delivered by a human telemarketer. I can see AI working in many places, and it already is being used in some places. What I can’t see is an AI program that can anticipate the myriad ways people think and verbalize the same thing, else why does English have so many synonyms, some of which are regional figures of speech for 50¢ words?

    I suppose that in the end, all AI bots will have a last resort subroutine that has the bot say, “Let me have you talk to my supervisor” for the things the programmer(s) could not anticipate. 😜🤣🤣

  45. H.R. says:

    P.S. I have always maintained that the GEBs will get rid of too many ‘wrong’ people.

    If you think AI is hard to get even close to right, many of the modern conveniences we take for granted rely on so many interdependencies of people with specific expertise and processes, that it’s guaranteed that critical people will be taken out or will just take their expertise out into the woods where it is inaccessible.

    I don’t recall who posted it, but a few months ago someone put up the link to the making of a pencil as an illustration of how complex seemingly simple things can be.

  46. Simon Derricutt says:

    Jason – maybe they think they can get rid of 80% (or more) of the people, but the thing about the supply-chain is that it isn’t a chain. Instead, it’s a network where every part depends on every other part. Removing one link may not cause an immediate failure of the whole thing, since there may be enough stock of something to last quite a while, but when stocks of that something fail and you’ve gotten rid of the people who used to make it then it starts to bite.

    An example of this comes from LENR research. Martin Fleischmann used “palladium” that wasn’t actually pure palladium but instead an alloy that was developed by Johnson+Johnson for filtering Hydrogen. This was hand-made in a crucible by an old metallurgist, and when he retired they changed the formula and the method by which it was made, and the new formulation worked fine for filtering Hydrogen. However, it didn’t work for LENR, and the experimenters only found a success with Fleischmann’s process when they used a piece of Palladium alloy supplied by Fleischmann from his dwindling personal stock of one particular batch. The original craftsman metallurgist may not have written down the entire process of producing the alloy and the heat-treatments it went through to achieve the aims of getting the right crystal structure to survive the internal stresses of having Hydrogen diffuse through it without cracking too much, or indeed all the metals used. Indeed, that wasn’t actually important to J+J provided the alloy they had would filter Hydrogen OK. On the list of essential crafts for the New World Order, I’d doubt that the small-batch crucible metallurgist would even reach the list, but those people also make special tool steels and materials with other extreme properties.

    Somewhere in the dependency network for most things will likely be a thing that’s produced by a small group of people. OK, we’ll find substitutes for most of them or find a way around.

    It does seem that the GEBs see a large population as being a bad thing. I see it as providing many opportunities for niche occupations and for diversity of thought, and thus insurance against single-point failures.

  47. jim2 says:

    The stupid … it burns.

    What was once the second biggest exchange-traded fund investing in sustainable emerging-market companies just became a shadow of its former shelf.

    In the two days leading up to Christmas Eve, the iShares ESG MSCI EM Leaders ETF (LDEM) lost 91% of its investments, leaving its total assets depleted at just $69 million, compared to $803 million on Dec. 21. That’s the biggest two-day outflow for a developing-nation ETF this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

  48. Ossqss says:

    Interesting item on Vitamin A, eh?

    Somebody needs to market a big horse pill multi that has the proper levels of everything to cover all the bases in one pill. At this rate, the cure seems to be proper nutrition and exercise. Go figure!

  49. Pinroot says:

    Well, I tested positive for covid. I thought it was a cold or mild flu. I stayed in bed and drank lots of water, apparently too much because my potassium got way too low, and while being tested, I collapsed at the test center. That was Monday, they took me to the ER and admitted me later (about 4AM Tuesday). Potassium is still low but they are trying to get it back up and I may be able to go home today, fingers crossed. In the meantime, the wife, who is triple vaxxed, texted me a while ago and said she’s showing symptoms. It appears to be omicron for both of us. It’s apparently milder but way more contagious. We’ll see how things go…

  50. The True Nolan says:

    Get well soon, Pinroot — and prayers for your wife as well.

    @HR and Simon Derricutt. Both of you point out the depth and interdependency of the network of human talent, and I agree that the GEBs (if successful in mass slaughter) will almost certainly break that network in ways that they completely do NOT expect. The problem though, is that they only need a motivation which THEY find convincing. The fact that a deeper look by less psychopathic minds shows that motivation to be false won’t stop the GEBs from acting.

    Also, I watched this interview with Robert Kennedy regarding Fauci. For those who find Kennedy’s speech impediment a problem, watch the subtitled video. Well worth a view!
    Looks like Fauci puts the capital “E” in GEB.

  51. E.M.Smith says:


    Sorry to hear that. FWIW, I keep a small shaker of “No Salt” (KCl) on the counter next to the real salt. A small amount sprinkled on various foods helps assure my K level stays good. Especially when doing a lot of work in the yard in summer and sweating a lot. Cheap and easy.

    IF you are worried about OD on KCl, they make a “Lite Salt” that’s already a 50:50 mix.

    I use it at about a 15% level relative to my NaCl consumption. (Eyeball measure by sprinkle time).

    So, OK, rest up, take your vitamins and minerals, and get your rest.

    FWIW, last night I watched a Dr. John Campbell video ( I think it is the newest?) that was an interview with a guy studying recovery times. He claims that much of the standard advise is not all that good. In particular, suppressing a fever just prolongs recovery as a fever tends to disrupt viruses; and when ill the body tends to conserve water so drinking “a lot of fluids” just gets you over hydrated and can cause (some problems I don’t remember as I’d been “up” for about 20 hours…)

    I’ll look for it a bit later…


    Vit A eh? ;-) Nice catch. And reading for the second cup of coffee of the day…


    How many engine designers are there in the world? No, not back yard race mechanics. Folks who do things like invent “slush aluminum molding” (Honda) or work out Na filled valves? A dozen? Twenty?

    How many folks in the world know how to make a Nuclear Bomb? (No, not just “in theory” like me, but actual details of how to machine Pu without dying or how to cast Be without dying or how to make a nuclear trigger that lasts for a couple of decades.) Maybe 100? (Figure 20 for each of 5 major nuclear nations…)

    How many folks know how to make fine linen writing paper? Or crack encryption? How many were at Bletchley Park in W.W.II? How many folks invented the first computers? A half dozen, maybe…

    THE big issue is just that there’s typically only a half dozen companies left after “consolidation” of a mature industry. Those companies typically only have a couple of folks with each specialty on their staff. So in medium to mature industries, there’s about a dozen folks “with clue” about the key processes of that industry. Maybe a couple of dozen more who “do it by rote” and MIGHT be able to remember that Mn and Cr were in the “ingot” of “alloy foo additives” (for example) as the had to read the data sheet to know they had the right one to drop in the steel melt.

    Taking out a random assortment of a significant portion of the population, especially if focused on the older (and thus more experienced top of field folks), has a strong probability of crippling many critical industries.

    One, near trivial, example: When I was in college a group of us went to the local restaurant for a sit down dinner. We were talking about terraforming planets and what all would be required. Next booth over were 3 middle aged guys. After a bit, they leaned over and asked us to think about a problem for us.

    See, they were responsible for designing an orbital lift system and needed to fabricate a special shaped heat insulator to fit around the engine space. They were Engineers having a bit of trouble thinking what the math of the shape would be. They stated it had been done before on (some system I’ve forgotten) but the folks who made that were no longer around and the plans were long gone. We all talked it over for “a while”. I’d suggested it would be a particular conic section, but they assured me it would not (and the “consensus” of those at the table went along with that assertion, so I dropped it). Long after we were back in the dorms, I did a bit of noodling and pretty much proved it would, in fact, be the conic section I’d suggested ( I was really good at math, geometry, and visualizations ;-) but by then they had gone on their way.

    So here was a fairly simple problem that had been solved before that a half dozen Pretty Bright Guys failed to solve despite KNOWING it had a solution. Now what would have happened had there not even been them?

    Eventually they must have solved it as the shuttle did fly. But still…

    A simple truth is that the more population you have, the faster your technology advances. Your odds of having an Einstein or a Kelly Johnson or a Burt Rutan go up dramatically with scale. “Cull” the population, your society will fall behind those who do not. Do it globally, you can not solve new problems nearly as fast. It can take a generation or 2 for the right person to arrive… See the Dark Ages stagnation for a few generations post Rome.

  52. E.M.Smith says:


    Maybe it’s my experience with them, or maybe just my need to ECC missing sounds that’s sensitive to the unnatural pace and minor tones, but that AI was hard for me to “follow” at times.

    Yeah, pretty good, but no where near Real Human. OTOH, give it 5 more years and…


    I had one that was pretty good. Then I said “Gee, you sound kind of like an A.I.”…………….

    Very Long Silence. I figure I held on the phone about another 20 seconds of “nothing”. No line drop, no hang up. Eventually I hung up.

    I think I may have pushed the wrong “button’ on the script ;-)

  53. The True Nolan says:

    More COVID crisis actors?

    @E.M.: “I keep a small shaker of “No Salt” (KCl) on the counter next to the real salt. A small amount sprinkled on various foods helps assure my K level stays good.”

    Yes, my wife and I do the same. Great minds and all that… :)

    “Maybe it’s my experience with them, or maybe just my need to ECC missing sounds that’s sensitive to the unnatural pace and minor tones, but that AI was hard for me to “follow” at times. Yeah, pretty good, but no where near Real Human. OTOH, give it 5 more years and…”

    If I had something stand out to me, it would be the pacing. Too quick, not enough of the natural pauses and slight intonational variations which a living human would use — but I would give it an overall grade of better than “pretty good”. I would say “very good” and approaching the point where the average person would not notice. (Although that is not the same as saying that NO ONE would notice.) Five years? I think it is less than that. Of course who knows what is sitting in the lab already, but as close as the GPT-3 is, it would seem practical to have variations of it moved into common public service and then let users vote for which variations seem more real. Each iteration gets a little closer, and each improvement is just a software patch away.

    As for the use of robots with cloud based “minds”, (mentioned farther up-chain), that might be a nice safety feature. Robot rebellion? Have a deadman switch in place in the deep underground cavern where the servers are located. Or maybe a maintenance man with a ball peen hammer.

  54. Ossqss says:

    This was quite a condensed eye opener. I picked this off the Substack from the inventor of the mRNA item who twitter silenced yesterday.

  55. cdquarles says:

    A reminder about vitamin A. This fat soluble vitamin is a known cumulative toxin. The margin here is a bit less than that for vitamin D. Most people do not need to take large doses, particularly over extended time periods. Personally, it is better to eat your carrots ;p.

  56. YMMV says:

    And now a break from “we are all gonna die” to really scary things.
    “You Took Your Jeep Up Suicide Road?!”

  57. another ian says:

    “Lesko Brandon, CDC Reports 431,567 New Cases of COVID Today
    December 29, 2021 | Sundance | 174 Comments

    Sooner or later the CDC is going to use the word “eleventy” to describe their covid data.”

    And the last cartoon there

  58. another ian says:

    Re cdquarles says:
    29 December 2021 at 8:52 pm

    cdq You are part of a story

  59. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – “How many engine designers are there in the world? No, not back yard race mechanics. Folks who do things like invent “slush aluminum molding” (Honda) or work out Na filled valves? A dozen? Twenty?”

    The world of designers is actually pretty small when it comes to radical differences rather than the normal incremental improvements. In each discipline, maybe the odd dozen or two for stuff like engines or electronics, but could be a lot more when it comes to high-profit things like pharma (but then in pharma there are probably a lot more subdivisions available, so the actual number in each may be of the same order). Bob Norman was one of those that changed the world by his designs. Despite being crippled by RA, at the end of his life he was working on a new memory architecture that would give around an order of magnitude faster throughput, though he couldn’t tell me any details over email because of the NDA. AFAIK he had taken it far enough that it will be completed by lesser mortals, so I expect to see it emerge in a few years.

    More people increases the chances of such geniuses both being born and of them finding the thing they excel at. Maybe worth pointing out that cultures that restrict women (either by limited education or limiting what they can do) cut their capabilities of advance by half.

    It’s hard to put a figure on the proportion of people around whose work really changes the world (that is, their innovation sets things going in a different direction). Maybe less than 1 in a million. The rest of us mostly add incremental improvements and corrections, using what’s already there a bit better. Any radical change is normally initially regarded as either crackpot or impossible, and needs to have a proof of function produced that indubitably works before it is accepted. For some reason I know (or have known) or have connections to quite a few such people. Makes life interesting…. If your pub4*** email still works I’ll send a file that could interest you, and explains why I’m expecting the energy problem to be solved at some point. The universe is not only weirder than we thought, but more things are possible than we thought, too. Maybe the real question here is whether we can achieve those scientific breakthroughs before the political and monetary collapse screws up the abilities to use them.

  60. jim2 says:

    Just throwing this out there. Not sure if it’s all true or not.

    Celebrated exclusively by white liberals, Kwanzaa is a fake holiday invented in 1966 by black radical/FBI stooge Ron Karenga — aka Dr. Maulana Karenga, founder of United Slaves, the violent nationalist rival to the Black Panthers. Liberals have become so mesmerized by multicultural gibberish that they have forgotten the real history of Kwanzaa and Karenga’s United Slaves. Kwanzaa emerged not from Africa, but from the FBI’s COINTELPRO.

    In what was ultimately a foolish gambit, during the madness of the ’60s, the FBI encouraged the most extreme black nationalist organizations in order to discredit and split the left. The more preposterous the group, the better. (It’s the same function Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez serves today.)

  61. H.R. says:

    @jim2 re Kwanzaa – That’s been my understanding for years.

    It’s definitely a created holiday and the creator of it is not in doubt. The only thing in question is the FBI part, and given what we know about the FBI, it’s just a matter of the complete accuracy of the details of their involvement, not that they weren’t involved.

    Readers here over a certain age will recall how Kwanzaa just popped into existence one year, and perhaps recall the effort (big push) to sell it.

    Of my 3 siblings, two married into black families, and those families would have nothing to do with Kwanzaa. They had it pegged from the start as a ploy by ‘the man’. They were Christian families and were just fine with the markers of the Christian religion.

    In my work in factories over the years with people of all different origins, I can only recall one guy whose family was ‘into’ Kwanzaa. He was also motivated by “Roots” to look into his African lineage. I guess his forebears were brought over late enough that he had a shot at figuring out his roots.

    Oh, he also knew Kwanzaa was made up, but thought it was nice to have something different for the family, knowing it had nothing to do with African culture. Go figure. I guess he just liked it or maybe, “Sure it’s made up, but it’s ours.” I can’t recall.

  62. jim2 says:

    Creatures behind Malone’s Twitter ban deserve the most stringent punishment

    In the morning, I was totally shocked (and I am still immensely angry, four hours later) when I learned that Twitter banned the main co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology that runs the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, aside from others, Robert Malone MD. An account with more than 500,000 followers disappeared in a split second.

  63. H.R. says:

    @jim2 – I forgot to comment on the shortage of details in that Kwanzaa link. Mostly it’s assertions, and it’s left to the reader to dig for the details. But the basic assertions are true.

  64. E.M.Smith says:


    This is a surprise? I was surprised it took so long to ban him.

    ANYONE still using Twitter or Facebook for anything other than “Opposition Research” is out of touch with reality. Use one of the open platforms if you want anything approaching truth or balance or free speech. “Mastodon is your friend”.

    IFF all you want is ChiCom approved DNC Talking Points, then go to Twitter or Facebook. Otherwise, they are a partisan wasteland now.

    FWIW, I’d never used them as I found the whole idea “risky”. Putting too much exposure “out there” for abuse. Ditto “Linkedin” and more.

    As of now, I use Odysee / Rumble / Bitchute (in roughly that order) more than EwTube for similar reasons.

    Twitter? Just say No!

    Malone will be welcome on Rumble and help grow the Alternative Ecology. Just hope he archived his stuff outside of the media whore sites.

    BUT: Do note that this is the Gold Plated Seal Of Truth!

    Once banned, you know they were telling the truth and it is certified effective…

  65. Ossqss says:

    I placed his substack link a few days ago above.

  66. YMMV says:

    another ian: “cdq You are part of a story”

    Which links back to a Vitamin A comment here.

    Vitamin A is well known as very dangerous if you take too much of it. Such as the explorer who ate polar bear livers. And it turns out it’s dangerous in another way, the old “little knowledge” trick.

    Vitamin A is fat soluble and dangerous at high levels. Vitamin D is fat soluble. The often made naive conclusion is that Vitamin D is dangerous at high levels. But that is misleading at best. The body has ways of getting rid of too much Vitamin D. It is very hard to take too much. Yet the damage of too little knowledge has been done and it is still with us.

    The best thing you can do to protect yourself from Covid (on a cost benefit basis) is Vitamin D.
    Which is not to say that is all you should do, nor is it to say that Vitamin D is better than anything else. But anything else you do should be in addition to Vitamin D, not instead of Vitamin D.

    Two hour video. Very worth watching despite that. Did you know that the science journals censor papers which show that people with darker skins are more susceptible to Covid? No matter whether you phrase it as a matter of Melanin amounts. Because that would be racist! (IMO, suppressing that info is racist)

  67. E.M.Smith says:


    That Canadian Alliance link is a Gem!

    Takes a lot of technical stuff we’ve all gone over and packages it in a very attainable for for the Vexxine True Believers. I’ve got a couple of folks I want to send it to… ;-)

  68. another ian says:

    “The Video Message That Resulted in Dr Robert Malone Banned from Twitter, An Alarming Warning About Vaccinating Children
    December 30, 2021 | Sundance | 189 Comments

    Dr. Malone has always presented himself as an intelligent and thoughtful man of even & stable disposition.

    This is being reported as the video {Direct Rumble Link Here} that got Dr. Robert Malone banned from Twitter. In this video Dr. Malone makes very strong statements about the “irreparable harm” to children caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. ”

    Direct link

  69. another ian says:


    “Let’s Go Brandon NASCAR Team, Brandonbilt Motorsports, Announces New Sponsor That Will Drive Leftists Bananas
    December 30, 2021 | Sundance | 140 Comments
    Brandon Brown is the NASCAR driver ”

  70. jim2 says:

    Heteronormativity? Welcome to the New World.

  71. E.M.Smith says:


    Where did that come from? And what the heck is a heteronormativity?

  72. another ian says:

    And the dice roll again!

    “CDC Quietly Changes Quarantine Guidelines Again, You Can Return to Work When Fever Breaks or Something
    December 30, 2021 | Sundance | 1 Comment

    This doesn’t seem very science-y, all things considered. After originally posting their new changed guidelines for quarantine from ten days to five, and getting a lot of Branch Covidians confused about it, the CDC quietly edited the guidelines again to add: you can exit quarantine if “symptoms are resolving (without fever for 24 hours)”…

    More at

  73. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    In my world that was called MSU. As in “Making ‘Stuff’ Up as you went along”…

  74. YMMV says:

    another ian: “CDC Quietly Changes Quarantine Guidelines Again

    It’s a good thing. Allow people to work and socialize again when they are not contagious. Which with Omicron is much sooner. The next step will be even better, something like don’t ask don’t tell. You can work and socialize as much as you want as long as we (your masters) do not know that you have Covid. And with Omicron, that will soon be a defensible position. It’s about where we are now anyway.

  75. YMMV says:

    I have recently added a consideration in my treatment regime based on a recommendation of Dr. Peter A. McCullough. He favors early use of a nose/throat irrigation strategy to reduce the COVID viral load. This concept is also backed by scientific studies. Here is a recipe I created for my patients based on this concept:

    Dilute Betadine (povidone-iodine) or hydrogen peroxide to rinse the inside of nasal passages and throat. Use a nasal spray bottle or Neti-pot-type device to insert the mixture into the nose and spit it out of your mouth — do not swallow. A 20:1 (water:Betadine) dilution is a good starting point. If this causes nose or throat irritation simply dilute the solution more. Unless sterile water is used, dispose of the leftover liquid and make a new solution each time. This can be done every few hours at the start of symptoms or following a potential exposure. Using this protocol can reduce the onset, severity and duration of Covid symptoms.

    Betadine is a common antiseptic.
    And just for kicks, here is an article which recommends not using it like this.
    The usual there is no proof etc etc

    Here is the scientific study referenced in that first quotation:
    “Can povidone iodine gargle/mouthrinse inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and decrease the risk of nosocomial and community transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic? An evidence-based update”

    One of the most simple and cost-effective measures that can be adopted by the public and healthcare professionals to prevent cross-contamination and community transmission, is the implementation of effective oral and throat hygiene. Recent evidence has confirmed that 0.5% povidone iodine (PVP-I) mouthrinse/gargle for 30 s can reduce SARS-CoV-2 virus infectivity to below detectable levels. PVP-I can even interrupt SARS-CoV-2 attachment to oral and nasopharyngeal tissues and lower the viral particles in the saliva and respiratory droplets.

  76. jim2 says:

    EMS – I would have to backtrack my web activity to find the site, but maybe tomorrow I will.

    On another topic, over at Climate Etc, WordPress there completely disappeared two comments with this URL:

    It didn’t go to moderation, it went to the ether!

  77. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – “FWIW, last night I watched a Dr. John Campbell video ( I think it is the newest?) that was an interview with a guy studying recovery times. He claims that much of the standard advise is not all that good. In particular, suppressing a fever just prolongs recovery as a fever tends to disrupt viruses; and when ill the body tends to conserve water so drinking “a lot of fluids” just gets you over hydrated and can cause (some problems I don’t remember as I’d been “up” for about 20 hours…)”

    Yep, reducing a fever may be counter-productive. There are stories of people “spontaneously” recovering from cancer after catching ‘flu and having a bad fever. It’s also officially recognised – see . I’d figure that the responses of the body have been fine-tuned over a long time and that interfering with them too much might be a bad idea. The principle of chemotherapy is that cancerous cells are a bit more susceptible to poisons, and so you give enough concentration of poison to kill the cancer whilst not killing healthy cells. Seems that those cancer cells also have a lower resistance to high temperatures, too, so the fever preferentially kills them. Some problems with brain cells also being more-sensitive to overheating than the rest of the body, but if you can keep the head relatively cool whilst letting the rest of the body get pretty hot then you’d maybe kill the cancer cells fairly safely. Probably worth the gamble if you have inoperable cancer or are otherwise terminal. Makes me wonder if the standard medicine for fevers (Tylenol/paracetamol to reduce fever) has resulted in a lot of people ending up with a cancer that might otherwise have been naturally eliminated.

    Incidentally, did you read the email I sent? I’d figure you wouldn’t check that often since most will be spam, so notification that at least one isn’t spam could be required.

  78. jim2 says:

    IIRC, just before Larry passed, he commented here that when he got sick, perhaps with a fever, he would get in his truck and turn the heat on high to help kill whatever it was that he had. BTW, I don’t believe his passing had anything to do with the extra heat.

  79. cdquarles says:

    Yes, do not over treat a fever. Fevers become dangerous for some when they approach 104F/40C, unless said person has a history of febrile seizures, for obvious reasons. If you are running a high fever (or using a sweat lodge), do stay hydrated. Dehydration kills, too (as does over hydration, so don’t overdo the hydration, either).

    Do these folk who poo-poo betadine no know what gets used for surgical prep (yes, even eyes and nasal surgeries)? /rhetorical

  80. Power Grab says:

    @ TTN re: artificial speech
    That stuff always strikes me as not listening to me. Also, it seems to have next to no idiosyncrasies. That makes it less engaging for me.

    I’m a long-time choir member, just one among many who are striving to pronounce words uniformly, not just in time and on pitch. But how many choir records have been sold w/r/t how many, say, Frank Sinatra records have been sold? His records are more engaging than almost any choir records I’ve heard (or sung on).

  81. another ian says:

    “Institutional Hoaxing – Brilliant Video Shows How Media, Joe Biden and Govt Health Officials Drove the Omicron Fear Narrative
    December 31, 2021 | Sundance | 103 Comments

    The already low credibility of media – – ”

    More and video at

  82. Pingback: New Years: W.O.O.D. – 1 January 2022 | Musings from the Chiefio

  83. H.R. says:

    @Power Grab – How’d the Christmas performances go? Boffo? Rave reviews? Standing ovations and encores? (Okay, standing ovations and encores have generally not been observed after ‘Silent Night’ or Away In A Manger.” 😜)

    Do tell, do tell. 😁

    @jim2 – I am recalling the same about Larry L. and fevers.

    Also, I can’t recall any details of the cause of his passing, just the notification. I just assumed it was some sort of cardiac event, although if Larry had some terminal illness, he never struck me as the sort that would ‘burden others’ with his travails.

    If it was something terminal and drawn out, he hid it from us and that would be like Larry to do so. Otherwise, I’m going with an unexpected, quick cardio event and it’s my prayer that it happened in his sleep. He deserved a peaceful passing.

    I do still think of him and that is how one lives forever, when your time here is not forgotten.

    @cdq – Yup, yup. I generally don’t suppress a fever. I learned that from my mom, who held that pain told your body where the help was needed, and fevers were nature’s way of kicking out the bad bugs.

    She was OK by anesthetics for making serious body work tolerable. She just couldn’t go with pain relief for stuff that will eventually go away as the body heals itself. She thought pain speeded healing.

  84. E.M.Smith says:

    @Per Fever:

    I tend to “bundle up” under a blanket an drink hot tea and generally “force a fever” higher. IF I don’t have one I do an “artificial fever” and bundle up with hot liquids and force my temperature up, when ill. (Which isn’t very often).

    IIRC, I learned this from Mum & Dad…. so “old knowings”.

    I had a 106 F fever during the flu of about 1957. Dad chucked me in the bathtub with ice… I’ve had a couple of 104 F and 105 F since. Doesn’t seem to have hurt me. Then again, my “normal” body temp cycles from about 97 F to 100 F during a normal daily cycle, so I run both “Hot & Cold”… wide range daily…


    Remember that Larry said he’d “eaten something a bit old” and attributed his gastric symptoms to that. Well, there is such a thing as Gastric Covid. IMHO, he likely died of Chinese Wuhan Covid, but via the gastric route. Timing was right, as were symptoms and sudden death. I suspect a blood clot was the final step. Similar to Robert Felix of “Ice Age Now” .info and his resurgent auto-immune disease death. The early form of the virus killed people (especially males of “a certain age” by taking the route of their weakness / “co-morbidity”…)

    I miss Larry. Often.

  85. H.R. says:

    @E.M. re Larry – Thanks. I didn’t recall any of that. There’s a certain irony if the Chinese Flu got Larry. He was the first to sound the alarm. He was just doing his usual surfing around and posting whatever caught his eye when he noted the fuss in Wuhan.

    It wasn’t long before it was clear that Larry was on to something, and then we were off to the races all trying to decipher what the *hades* was really going on.

    Whenever a bell rings, we know Larry got his wings. (I do miss the dude.)

  86. Paul, Somerset says:

    Re influenza possibly disposing of cancerous cells, I recall reading of another possible route, whereby the virus reproduces in the affected cells, and because the body by definition cannot dispose of a cancerous cell, the latter eventually literally bursts.

    There was some chap researching the possibilities of using controlled viruses as a cancer cure, but evidently it didn’t get anywhere. Doesn’t mean to say he wasn’t on to something though. That’s something the last two years have taught us.

  87. Paul, Somerset says:

    Oh, it really is a thing:

    Oncolytic influenza A virus displays selective replication in tumor cells.

    Influenza A virus can be targeted to tumors and armed with cytokines.

    Growth optimized influenza A virus for a phase I application can be generated.

    Oncolytic influenza A virus prototypes have been tested in humans as vaccine candidates and proven to be safe.”

  88. The True Nolan says:

    @Power Grab “re: artificial speech
    That stuff always strikes me as not listening to me. Also, it seems to have next to no idiosyncrasies. That makes it less engaging for me.”

    I don’t think AI is good enough to emulate a BRIGHT person — but it is looking like it is in the neighborhood of your low-average neurotypical. Plenty good enough to take your order at Burger King now, and probably good enough to resolve your questions about car insurance in another year or two. One of the things which impressed me about the clip I linked above is that the AI does, in fact, make a joke at 7:30. It still needs work on timing and pacing of its speech, but the actual wording and coherence are getting (frighteningly) good.

    @Paul, Somerset: RE use of viruses in medical treatments, “phage therapy” is another one of those technologies which has been around for a long time, but was mostly dormant with the advancement of antibiotics. Might become very useful in the future!

    “Phage therapy involves the use of bacteriophages—viruses that only attack bacteria and are very host specific—to kill pathogenic microorganisms. The art was first developed at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 1917, practiced to some extent in France until the 1980s, and is still fairly extensively used and further developed in such places as Russia and the Republic of Georgia.1 After the advent of chemical antibiotics in the 1940s, it was largely forgotten in the Western world. Today, however, the increased prevalence of bacteria that are resistant to most or all available antibiotics is precipitating a major health crisis, as is passionately stressed by the World Health Organization and by governments, scientists, and health practitioners worldwide”

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  90. another ian says:

    Climate science

    “NASA’s Gavin Schmidt Replaced by Dr. Katherine Calvin”

    Or maybe not – in comments

    “Tom Harris
    January 11, 2022 11:09 pm
    Look at the topic of her PhD thesis: “Participation in international environmental agreements : a game-theoretic study” in 2008.[3]

    Lots of game playing ahead, I forecast.”


    “The Conversation: Moratorium on Climate Research until Governments Take Action”

    And the comments

  91. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Retro-Bumping the Christmas W.O.O.D.? Not the New Years?

    It’s OK, and folks will find it…

  92. another ian says:

    Oops! I better clean my glasses

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