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The Weekly Memes

I really really like these guy’s “top 10 memes”. They watch what is going on on Gab and Patriot.win and select the ones that they like best. A nice filtering service if nothing else; but the way they match music to the theme is also good. Unfortunately, can’t do an embed that works with my free WordPress plan (it does do free EwTube embeds… but only them, so you get to ‘Hit the link’!

16 Jan 2022 Whatfinger Top 7 News “All I Want Is The Truth”:


Sunday. Steve Hilton reports from a 6-Jan survey: DEMOCRATS calling the System crap. Surprise!

Monday. This one is a Must See. Project Veritas DARPA document dump: Be ready to click pause to read some of the documents. Basically a US Military report that says it was lab developed via gain of function research, in China, and they KNEW Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin CURED IT.

Tuesday. Ted Cruz getting the old “I Know Nothing!” run around from the FBI when asked how much of 6-Jan was an entrapment put-up job, false flag.

Wednesday. Continues on the FBI hunt theme with an exploration of Ray Epps, the most likely FBI plant per available evidence; at least Tucker seems to think so. Twitter posted a headline saying it was all UNTRUE!!! so you can say they have now validated him as FBI meat. They don’t bother to deny things that are not political hot buttons.

Thursday. Tim Pool reports CNN viewership down 90% from last year. That’s gonna leave a mark on their revenue as they get paid by the eyeball-hours of ad exposure. Somebody is gonna get a pay cut…

Friday. Dr. Robert Malone on the “approved narrative dumpster fire”. Fauxi & the CDC admits masks don’t work, that the case numbers are bogus, and most (almost all) deaths are “with covid” not from it.

Saturday. Gutfeld rants on the “protect our asses reputation by lying about it” coming from a Wuhan Lab. Can’t annoy China and those loverly payola drops after all… At the end you get a Very Clear Read on where Greg G. is coming from: “Our leaders and experts lie and they suck.” I think folks are reaching that point where they are taking the gloves off, setting aside politeness, and calling an SOB lying to you a lying SOB.

17 Jan 2022. Trump Arizona Rally Special- or He’s Baaackk ;-)


I felt oddly uplifted by finding out Trump was back on the Rally Circuit. He, too, seems ready to rumble…

10. A “round the world” tour of who’s on the UN / WEF Build Back Broken train. Enlightening about the coordination globally among the swamp critter GEBs. Easy to spot them now. ANYONE promoting “Build Back Better” is Globalist Evil Bastard Pwned. Period. Get them out of your government as fast as possible by whatever means is available.

9. Miles and miles of folks trying to get to the Trump Rally. He’s pack’n ’em in.

8. Biden’s Empty Shelves on display. “Biden did this!”.

7. Why does the Capitol need a concrete wall? Because THEY are afraid. They know they stole the election and they know the people are not buying it. Only usurpers and dictators need walls around their palaces.

6. A closer look at FedEpps and the 6-Jan FBI entrapment operation false flag.

5. A 2 year state of emergency is no longer an emergency, it’s a dictatorship.

4. A brief look at the vexxine history from “highly effective” to immunity suppressing damage.

3. Trump judges, SCOTUS, and the scuttling of Mandates.

2. Another look at the Project Veritas DARPA data dump. LOTS of good details in there just dying for a big “Dig Here!”. Emphasizes the point that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin WORK and these folks HID THAT FACT killing millions. This is murder. Criminal conspiracy to commit murder.

1. A look at the FauXi driven gain of function work that created Covid-19 and some of the evidence for it. Fairly damning really. The photo at the end looks like it might have come from Baby Biden’s laptop…

Some News Bits

It looks like the UK has tossed in the towel on that whole Global Reset Pandemic Lockdown & Assault on Citizens. Then Israel has a head Medico say the obvious, mistakes were made. Then layer on top that the Vexxine was called out as “boosters to the sky are bad” by the E.U.

Will wonders never cease… Looks to me like the whole narrative is crumbling around the Globalist’s Ears…

Now, about those Social Media Titans who decided banning their customers and gluing their mouths shut was a good idea: How’s that working out? Twitter down about 42% in the recent drop, about 1/2 from the peak this year alone.:

Twitter 1 year daily stock chart

Twitter 1 year daily stock chart

From $75 stock to $35 without really trying… Maybe the stock holders can take that up with the Board Of Directors election…

For more recent events, see:

Trump Social Media site:


Bongino Report:


Or Whatfinger:


I’ve also gotten addicted to the Top Ten Memes of the week from WatchMAGA here:


They have interesting “bite” to them, along with a tendency to highlight the news of the week in memes, so good as a social attitude pointer too. Plus they are “way fun” ;-)

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214 Responses to W.O.O.D. – 23 January 2022

  1. YMMV says:

    I haven’t followed Ray Epps in detail. Just enough to know that this has echoes of who shot JFK.
    Some TLA did it.

  2. philjourdan says:

    There is nothing more honest than boycotts! They work, That is why they are around. And it is time to drop Fakebook and Twats-r-us. They do not want us, so why continue to pay them (you pay with your privacy) to crap on us?

    I already signed up for Gettr. I have never been on fakebook or Twats, and all I am doing on Gettr is following. I still do not believe in sound bytes, whether written or spoken.

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    I like this quote from that link:

    The propaganda ministry always claims there’s nothing to see when there is something really important, and really inconvenient, that you need to see.

    More and more folks are catching on to the absolute validity of Strong Denials from The Left Pwned Actors as confirmation of it being true… Their BS-O-Meters have been recalibrated. Once you have flagged a Source as BS-Liars, then their negative space (what ought to be but isn’t) and their Denials become prime sources of positive information…

  4. YMMV says:

    In Omicron news, there is an interesting development. Variants upon variants and mystery.
    Omicron came out of nowhere. Now it turns out that there are two Omicron variants, BA.1 and BA.2 and that neither is a variant of the other. Curious. At this point, it doesn’t seem to be an important difference. Nothing striking as good or bad.

    But the easy way to tell Omicron apart by PCR tests is gone.

  5. Pouncer says:

    Netflix stock price is down — though I’ve been waiting for that fall since Obama joined their board and the “Cuties” kerfluffle.

    Wish I could buy shares in “SubStack”. The line of talent there is amazing.

  6. another ian says:

    E-car experience


    E-car from VW needs 13 hours for 650 kilometers – without heating

  7. Paul, Somerset says:

    Just to repeat, it’s only England which is abandoning domestic vaccine passes and masks from Thursday. The Scottish Nationalist and Welsh Labour administrations are continuing with them. Indeed, the Scottish Nationalist leader repeated just today that masks could remain compulsory there for years to come.

    It might seem pedantic to keep harping on about this, but it’s a huge deal for those unfortunate souls living, working or travelling in Scotland or Wales. Although it’s worth bearing in mind the sobering fact that masks and vaccine passes are actually what the majority of voters want. The politicians wouldn’t mandate them otherwise.

  8. another ian says:

    Re Pfizer and the “blue pill” –

    Anyone wondered what their test data for that looks like?

  9. another ian says:

    “George Orwell’s 1984 Given Trigger Warning at British University”


  10. another ian says:



  11. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    From that “maths don’t work” link, this quote:

    So many things the Democrats organised have turned out to be false flag operations (Whitmer kidnapping, January 6th) that it would be safe to assume that everything they do is a false flag operation until proven otherwise.

    Yet Another Person who has realized the “Inverse is Truth” mantra per the Dimocrats. It’s interesting to me just how many folks are now lighting up to the fact that the Dimocrats can not tell the truth, ever, and so a simple inverter on what they say yields the truth.

    To some extent, even more interesting, is that the GEBs and Dimocrat “Useful Idiots” can’t see that we’ve caught on to that…

    Once outed as a habitual liar, it is impossible to retrieve trust. Ever. Game over.

  12. jim2 says:

    With a collection of salvaged and homemade equipment, Zeloof produced a chip with 1,200 transistors. He had sliced up wafers of silicon, patterned them with microscopic designs using ultraviolet light, and dunked them in acid by hand, documenting the process on YouTube and his blog.


  13. John Hultquist says:

    Your line that begins:
    “Once outed as a habitual liar, it …”
    Makes me wonder what the word is for when a politician says, ‘I support the filibuster.’, and a few years later says, ‘the filibuster has to go.’?

    The facts haven’t changed so my assumption is these folks have no principles. Well, one: ‘Whatever it takes to get elected and stay elected.’

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    Interesting that someone is doing it DIY style.

    It isn’t really hard to make a transistor or a “chip” of them. The mechanical aspects are fairly straight forward. The two hard bits are:

    1) Knowing how to make one. That was worked out long ago and is now common knowledge.

    2) Making them very very small. This has been the constantly moving shrink tech.

    At very small sizes, you need a clean room. Basically, once a particle of dust can screw up an element on the chip, you need to have no particles of that size in your air. So the smaller the feature size, the cleaner the clean room needs to be. Make them larger and it is a lot easier.

    Get a bit of silicon (or several other materials, BTW) and infuse part of it with something that has more electrons and the part next to that with something that’s got less. That’s a diode. Make it three layers and you get a transistor (once you attach wires or conductors…)

    Boron http://semiconductors-simplified.com/p-type-doping/ and
    Phosphorus or Arsenic http://semiconductors-simplified.com/n-type-doping/
    as example doping atoms. I find it interesting that you can even make diamond semiconductors:

    Research of n-type arsenic doped diamond: Theoretical analysis of electronic and mechanical properties

    The old “Cat’s Whisker” radio detector was a diode formed naturally on a rock (mineral) of lead sulphide.
    You can make a transistor in similar fashion via two wires and poking about (but not a very good one… and it takes a long time to find spots that work…). The original transistor was a point junction type.

    FETs (Field Effect Transistors) are even easier to make. Take a thin layer of one kind of doped silicon, then put a bit of the other kind on top. Shove electrons into the top bit and they repel electrons trying to flow through the other bit, letting you turn on and off the flow.

    That’s just one kind of FET, BTW. There’s lots of variations:


    The channel of a FET is doped to produce either an n-type semiconductor or a p-type semiconductor. The drain and source may be doped of opposite type to the channel, in the case of enhancement mode FETs, or doped of similar type to the channel as in depletion mode FETs. Field-effect transistors are also distinguished by the method of insulation between channel and gate.

    And you can make them out of all sorts of stuff:

    FETs can be constructed from various semiconductors, out of which silicon is by far the most common. Most FETs are made by using conventional bulk semiconductor processing techniques, using a single crystal semiconductor wafer as the active region, or channel.

    Among the more unusual body materials are amorphous silicon, polycrystalline silicon or other amorphous semiconductors in thin-film transistors or organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) that are based on organic semiconductors; often, OFET gate insulators and electrodes are made of organic materials, as well. Such FETs are manufactured using a variety of materials such as silicon carbide (SiC), gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), and indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs).

    In June 2011, IBM announced that it had successfully used graphene-based FETs in an integrated circuit. These transistors are capable of about 2.23 GHz cutoff frequency, much higher than standard silicon FETs.

    What is very hard is to make them at costs even remotely close to the big semiconductor firms. There are huge economies of scale in the whole process. When I can buy an entire computer on a chip for about 5 ¢ where is my incentive to DIY? Basically hobby interest or researchers.

    FWIW, many engineering schools have students make their own chips as a learning experience. This isn’t as common as it once was, since FPGAs let you design circuits without the whole fab the wafer thing.
    But somebody has to teach Electrical Engineers how to make chips… Here’s one example class:

    As the tech moves forward to ever smaller feature sizes, the companies end up with equipment that is no longer worth using, so get rid of it. So that guy bought some obsolete gear and just used it. OK. Fun idea but notice it said he was using UV light. That’s not that old a tech. I’m surprised someone was dumping UV gear (but not too surprised…).

    Anyway, fun to know someone is doing it DIY style ;-) Just not seeing a whole lot of reason to do it other than for the experience.

    The other thing that I find odd is that the silicon tech, thanks to $Billions of research on it, continues to dominate. There’s a huge number of other possible materials, but attempts to make commercial devices from them tends to run into cheaper Silicon ones (even if the other material is nominally superior) so tends not to succeed. Put a few $Billion of R&D into the other stuff, you could have superior devices just as cheap… Oh Well. There have been some successes, but mostly in specialized devices where silicon just can’t quite make it.

    Since we’re hitting the end of Moore’s Law, the other materials are getting more traction. Maybe ;-)

    In the following list of types of semiconductors, the Roman Numerals are the column of the Mendeleev Periodic Chart, not the IUPAC one. Note that group 4 (IV) is also where tin and lead are found… Silicon and Germanium were the first out the gate of transistors so tended to dominate due to the R&D money invested in them. But Carbon and Tin (Sn) have some traction. Plus blends from two different columns (like 3-5 or III-V) have interesting properties too:

    Types of semiconductor materials
    Group IV elemental semiconductors, (C, Si, Ge, Sn)
    Group IV compound semiconductors
    Group VI elemental semiconductors, (S, Se, Te)
    III–V semiconductors: Crystallizing with high degree of stoichiometry, most can be obtained as both n-type and p-type. Many have high carrier mobilities and direct energy gaps, making them useful for optoelectronics. (See also: Template:III-V compounds.)
    II–VI semiconductors: usually p-type, except ZnTe and ZnO which are n-type
    I–VII semiconductors
    IV–VI semiconductors
    V–VI semiconductors
    II–V semiconductors
    I-III-VI2 semiconductors
    Layered semiconductors
    Magnetic semiconductors
    Organic semiconductors
    Charge-transfer complexes

    That’s just the list of GROUPS of semiconductor materials… I just wish I had the time to play with some of them… Oh Well.

    The search space is huge and the probability of finding something significantly superior to a well researched Silicon device for cheaper costs to fab is low (due to needing to invent the fab process and equipment for the new materials); so it only gets done when Silicon hits a wall. Hopefully that will change “going forward”. And as the present highly specialized uses gain some R&D history and skills… There’s a fair amount being done in University Labs. I.e. academics.

    There are a lot of interesting mixes used in LEDs for different colors. But that’s just one giant diode, not a wafer of transistors… But it is used. It’s interesting to look at where things on that list say they are used. Basically places where you can’t make the device with Silicon. But nice that a lot of them are used for something. I really think there’s a big opportunity space in all those materials, but the big semi-conductor companies are so highly invested in Silicon they don’t care to “Dig Here!” much.

    Well, sorry for the long Data Dump. It’s just something that I’ve been interested in since High School. I took a night class at a local Community College covering Semiconductor Technology while in my Sr. Year of High School… Been watching it grow from Si & Ge ever since ;-)

  15. jim2 says:

    I’m into semiconductors from early on also. Used to work at a semi plant.

  16. YMMV says:

    Do they speak English in Switzerland? It seems like a nice place. smiles.

  17. another ian says:

    “When ships at sea become cheaper storage than warehouses”


    Memes thread further down

  18. jim2 says:

    What makes MoonBounce — the name they gave the bootkit — special is the fact that the malware doesn’t burrow and hide inside a section of the hard drive named ESP (EFI System Partition), where some UEFI code typically resides, but instead it infects the SPI flaws memory that is found on the motherboard. This means that, unlike similar bootkits, defenders can’t reinstall the operating system and replace the hard drive


  19. Ossqss says:

    Hummm, so lemme think about this.

    Would the Dem’s, who see how bad their agenda is being received, really go to war as a last resort in trying to save the coming elections?

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    Why my OS lives on a uSD card that I can completely flash from disk, and why my boot bits are in /boot…


    Can you name ANYTHING the Dimocrats will not do to get elected? I can’t… They seem happy with honey pot blackmail, extortion, bribery, voter fraud, even Arkancide… so not seeing where there’s any moral limits in play…

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    FWIW, folks talk a lot about the “evolution” of it and ignore that it can have been a ‘recombination’ event of 2 different viruses. They also talk about a 1 in a BILLION chance and ignore that with many thousand trillion virus replication events, a “one in a billion” will be common.

    It is expecting a virus to be stable that’s the odd idea, or expecting it to mutate or recombine only in expected ways.

  22. another ian says:

    “Without Notice FDA Revokes Monoclonal Antibody Treatments for COVID, Promote Difficult to Find Pfizer and Merck Pills as Replacements
    January 25, 2022 | Sundance | 10 Comments

    This is some next level sketchy, borderline evil, stuff from the U.S. medical establishment. The FDA has revoked the authorization status of monoclonal antibody treatments [Announcement Here], effectively shutting down the treatment option for patients exposed to COVID-19.”

    More at


  23. another ian says:

    “Empty Shelves Have Consequences, Canadian Multinational Business Groups Ask Government to Quickly Reverse Trucker Vaccine Mandate
    January 24, 2022 | Sundance | 227 Comments

    The support for the Canadian trucker protest is already getting results. As we shared previously, ‘the absence of food will change things‘, and the reason is simple, it focuses priorities.

    In the bigger picture, a grassroots protest from Main Street (truckers) forces the multinationals to a position of vulnerability. The multinationals control the politicians, so any pressure applied directly to the multinationals ends up being transmitted to their beneficiaries, the government officials.”

    More at


  24. another ian says:

    Anyone seen if there is any support coming from eastern Canada?

  25. H.R. says:

    @another ian – In the CTH article, I thought I caught a mention that trucks are coming from the Eastern portions of Canada.

    What I find interesting is that many truckers who got the jab are supporting the non-vexxed. Just spitballing, but I think they got the jab early, when all you heard was Safe! Effective! but since then, word has been spreading that the jabs are not a good idea. They may have regrets.

    I understand the early jabs. Mrs. H.R. needed to get her mom into assisted living, and she couldn’t even enter places to check them out or discuss terms without a jab. And it was so early on that even here, we were still arguing whether or not it would maybe be harmless (or not!). Data and information were being hidden and lies were being told.

    A lot of Canadian truckers may have been in similar straits as Mrs. H.R. There was nothing negative being said about the ‘vaccines’ and the fear porn about getting the FauXi Flu was wall-to-wall. Now they know more and are supportive of those who are holding out from being GGPs (Government Guinea Pigs).

    Now we have ‘Pure Bloods’ and GGPs.

  26. Jon K says:

    Karma hits former mayor of California town. Posts and then deletes videos of her EV struggles. One of the many reasons I will never own an EV :)

  27. H.R. says:

    @Jon K – The former mayor says she was just “trying to do the right thing.”

    What, exactly, is the right thing, and according to whom?

    If she believes that CO2 is a problem, then doing the right thing means going to China and India and working on shutting down their coal plants.

    Or, cart before the horse, support the development of nuclear plants and expansion of the grid so there’s plenty of electricity and charging points for EVs. THEN she should buy an EV.

    That’s the difference between thinking and feelz, regardless of your stance on CO2.

  28. H.R. says:

    Oh, and she should pay for it. Don’t expect me and everyone else to pay for her fantasy.

  29. Jon K says:

    But these are our elites and we should bow to their wisdom lolol.

  30. YMMV says:

    The Canadian trucker protest. I looked for that in the Canadian news online. CBC and The Globe and Mail — no mention that I saw. National Post had a quick-news piece and an opinion piece.

    But first, this is interesting:

    But the buzz around Paxlovid has largely obscured one major downside of the pill. A booster added to the drug can interact dangerously with a slew of commonly used medications, pumping up the potency of blood thinners, heart-arrhythmia therapies, epilepsy drugs and others.

    And the patients targeted for its use – those most at risk of serious COVID disease because of age and other health issues – are also the people most likely to be taking those “contraindicated” medications.

    But one part of the medication is a drug called ritonavir, which inhibits enzymes that metabolize drugs, leaving behind more of the active ingredient, nirmatrelvir, so it works more powerfully against the virus.

    The catch? The ritonavir booster has the same impact on a range of other drugs, increasing their potency to a potentially dangerous level in some cases.

    Ritonavir is used in HIV treatments, too, so there is a wealth of knowledge about those conflicts. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) product monograph for Paxlovid lists over 100 drugs that it says should not be taken with the COVID pills or whose use ought to be carefully monitored.

    FIRST READING: The giant trucker protest Ottawa is strenuously ignoring
    Joe Biden’s record-low approval rating still higher than Trudeau’s


    A true protest, one that’s grounded in actual circumstances, that arises from long-term government overreach — grave impingement on the freedoms of a majority of citizens — one that emerges from discontent long discounted and ignored, built around the cardinal idea of pursuing a legitimate livelihood, well, that’s rare. That’s what we’re seeing with the truckers.

    There was a protest movement like this in France a couple of years ago. The so-called “yellow-vests” demonstrations came in response to a rise in fuel prices that hit the working class very hard. You know a real protest when it seems to spring up with something close to spontaneity and with tremendous suddenness enlists hundreds of thousands, even millions. It may spring from a single incident or a single policy, but inevitably grows beyond the original trigger event to a large-scale, powerful manifestation of deep discontent with how people feel they are being governed.

  31. another ian says:

    The results here might bear closer inspection


    Actually a test of the new vote manipulating software? (/s)

  32. jim2 says:

    Hacker unlocks crypto-wallet worth 2.5 million. Interesting story.

    Grand is an electrical engineer and inventor who has been hacking hardware since he was 10. Known by the hacker handle “Kingpin,” he was part of the famed L0pht hacker collective that, in 1998, testified to the US Senate about a vulnerability that could be used to take down the internet or allow an intelligence agency to spy on traffic. In 2008, he co-hosted the Discovery Channel’s “Prototype This” show and currently teaches hardware hacking to organizations and companies that design complex systems and want to understand how hackers can attack their products.


  33. another ian says:

    “Re, Re, Redefine happily as we go”

    “CDC Plans to ‘Pivot the Language’ to Make ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Mean Two Doses and Booster”


  34. YMMV says:

    @another ian, whenever anyone says “pivot the language” I hear “move the goalposts”.
    It’s the latest lefty buzzword and I think it is disgusting.

    Here’s a better link. Dr. Been shows a video clip of the CDC “Director” speaking with forked-tongue.
    And then he shows a CNN page which says that Walensky has met privately with a prominent Democratic media consultant (name given) to improve her miscommunication skills.

    was: “fully vaccinated”, now: “up to date” — which means whatever they say it means at any point in time. Full of xxxx. Full of vaccines which no longer do anything for you or anybody except BigPharma and the Dimwits.

  35. another ian says:

    Re YMMV

    On reflection that should have been

    Re, Re, Redefine hurriedly as we go””

  36. another ian says:


    Last night in the -20 something of a January evening, several hundred people gathered on the side of the highway in a small Saskatchewan village, just as 1,000’s of others have done before us, and many more will continue to do. I expected only a fraction of that!
    This is not just a trucker thing, it’s not just a vax thing, it’s way bigger than any of that. People can see that there’s something wrong, and are looking for an answer. Our legal, normally accepted political process has been hijacked by those who want an unaccountable system of government that transfers the power of the people into the hands of a few. The ones we elected to speak for us are, for a number of reasons, are unable/ unwilling to exercise their obligations to us as the check and balance against a move towards tyranny.
    We are left dangling and frustrated as we don’t have a voice, and we absolutely to almost the last soul out here, know in our hearts that something must change, or we will lose most of what we, and our ancestors have worked our whole lives for. Freedom to live, work, and enjoy the amazing country we live in! Freedom to make choices that affect us and our communities. Freedom to take risks that we determine are right for our circumstances, not what some pencil neck somewhere has determined what is best for us. The evidence has been piling up for decades here, no unaccountable bureaucrat will ever be able to serve you and the best interests of your country better than an honest, community minded, unselfish individual. They almost always spend our capital building their own little empires, giving themselves raises and pensions, making themselves more visible and comfortable while the taxpayer works to support them! They aren’t accountable any more, our country cannot support this, and we all know it!
    We need hope! We need a voice, and that’s why we left our warm homes last night, to go and see if this might be a voice that we can trust! We stood there,in the cold, vaccinated beside unvaccinated, farmers beside professors, kids beside seniors, men and women, waiting to see a glimpse of hope. A hope that these people who are spending their own resources, leaving their homes and businesses behind, to drive to Ottawa to try make a difference in our lives. It remains to be seen if they will succeed in convincing the elites in power that they are out of bounds, but I can tell you from simply looking around at what I see happening, they have started something bigger than any of us could have imagined! It’s time!”


  37. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    That probably would go better on the Canadian Truck Convoy page. I’ll put a link to it from there so it can be found in the future.

    As to “why”? That depends on to whom the “why” is directed:

    Why come out in the cold? Because the attempted Tyranny has reached the limit of tolerance.

    Why try for tyranny? We can see that the same “solution” is being applied globally. That is no accident, that is directed. We can see that it originates in Europe and the Anglosphere, and is rejected in India, Russia & Japan (among others including some Latin American). Places where Soros and his “NGOs” have been ejected. Urged on by the WEF and Klaus Schwab as the communists of Eastern Europe found themselves out of power after the Berlin Wall fell, and have moved on to attempt The Long March Through The Institutions. Then blend in China as corrupting “money for control of politicians” and ideological center of “Third Way Socialism” (i.e. Corporatism in Communism); as a corruption money spreader. These fellow travelers have found common cause in bringing down the Free Market Republics of the West. But doing it from camouflaged positions of infiltration… In short: Money, Power, Ideology – while lacking a moral compass.

  38. rhoda klapp says:

    From the comments in Another Ian’s Michael Smith News link.another up date from the bad batch guy. This makes it look far more than a quality or distribution issue..

    Click to access prosecution.pdf

  39. philjourdan says:

    Neil young to Spotify – Joe Rogan or me!

    Spotify to Neil Young – Bye

  40. YMMV says:

    Neil Young is losing it. As he said, better to burn out than to fade away. Fade to black, bye.

    Spotify is not a hero in this. Spotify has deleted more than 40 Joe Rogan episodes and 20,000 other episodes which “contain Covid misinformation” (according to ???)

    Who pulls the strings at Spotify?

  41. E.M.Smith says:


    So, are we supplying Chinese Masks to all the primates of the world now?

    Green Passports for rats and mice?

    Vaccine requirements on cross border pets?

    Just wondering…


    Mikey Likey ;-)

    The notion that anyone can can get them to dump their 100 $Million+ investment in Joe Rogan is amusing…. The People have spoken: In $, eyeballs, or ears…

  42. YMMV says:

    I missed this twist:

    In Young’s letter, which was published on his website Jan. 24, Young wrote, “I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines — potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them. … They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.”

    As highlighted by Donald Trump Jr., Young pulled his letter because he did not appear to own his own music portfolio, and therefore has no control over his own music. “That checks out because he was in our offices a decade ago trying to sell it. We passed!”


  43. YMMV says:

    Oh, and that letter, the one that says Rogan is a menace to public health, supposedly signed by 270 doctors. This one: https://spotifyopenletter.wordpress.com/2022/01/10/an-open-letter-to-spotify/

    The media echoed the headline without investigation. It’s hard to find real journalists these days.
    One person did look into it. It wasn’t 270 doctors.

  44. Ossqss says:

    Ahhhh, the good old days. Thought to share for those applicable on the cup experience front. :-)

  45. Ossqss says:

    Quite an interesting article on therapeutic results. It is just a matter of time for the awareness to arrive.


  46. YMMV says:

    Who do you trust? Joe Rogan or the MSM? Or a bunch of self-appointed censors?

    The left-right split is really a top-down bottom-up split.
    Dictatorships are top-down. CDC and WHO rules are top-down.
    Democracy is supposed to be bottom-up, in theory.
    Doctors are supposed to be free and knowledgable to practice medicine which is best for the patient, not robots to serve the politicians against the welfare of their patients.

  47. another ian says:

    I have just finished reading “The War of the Running Dogs” by Noel Barber about The Malaysian Emergency

    Pivotal to that success was

    “General Templer, Malaya 1952. The answer lies not in pouring more troops into the jungle, but in the hearts and minds of the people”.

    One might compare and contrast a few other disasters,

    Seems to me totally ignoring that message will totally destroy various current grand plans.

    And around the pomp and splendour of Independence Day

    “And it was left to this very pro-British American to pay tribute to an absent – and perhaps forgotten – friend. As the last drum roll faded, as the VIP’s prepared to leave, Cleaveland looked at the photos of the Tunku smiling down from every corner, and turning to Templer said, simply in his direct American way, “Pity no one thought of putting up s photo of Churchill. This country owes him a hell of a lot”.

    For “Why” you’ll have to read the book – but he was the source of ideas and suitable people to make it work

    Trudeau et al not so much I think

    And IIRC guess who Templer got that quote from

  48. E.M.Smith says:

    Does anyone in the Prime Advertising Demographic of the under 50 years old cohort even know who Neil Young is?

    Per “top down”:

    That’s why I try to not refer to Left vs Right when clarity is necessary but talk about “central authority” vs “individuals” or “liberty”…

    Any time anyone advocates for Central Authority as the center of control, I look at it with jaundiced eye and suspect an attempted Power Grab taking liberty from We The People. Don’t care if you call it Fascist, Communist, National State Socialist (AKA Nazi), Socialist, or Democrats (but I repeat myself… /snark;) it’s all the same thing in effect.

  49. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and per “disinformation” being a suitable cause for “banning”:

    Please tell me when Newtonian Physics will be removed from schools. It has, after all, been clearly proven to be inaccurate and wrong by Einstein and General Relativity….

    And while we are at it, doesn’t EVERY SINGLE REFERENCE to treating ulcers via Malox or other ant-acids and avoiding spicy foods need to be purged and have anyone who ever claimed it cancelled, now that we know it is the bacterium H. Pylori?

    Then there’s all those religions. At most only one of them can be true, correct, and accurate. Clearly we need to remove all of them until Authority reports which is The One True one. (And that, BTW, includes Atheism, as it too is just a kind of religion).

    Then the claim that electric cars are The Solution. But to what? There’s lots of things that eCars are lousy at. Try pulling a 50 foot RV with one. So that’s clearly disinformation to ban.

    Then we’ve got folks who push an All Meat diet to lose weight, and other folks claiming THE way to go is Vegan. Can’t both be right, so get out there and start banning all that diet “disinformation” too.

    And on and on…

    But you get the point. Banning for “disinformation” is really “Banning what conflicts with our chosen political narrative”.

  50. Ed Forbes says:

    The Nord Stream 2 Gas line, Russia direct to Germany, looks to be the main reason that Russia will not invade Ukraine in the short term.
    Currently, Russian gas moves into Europe through Ukraine, with Ukraine collecting about $2 billion/yr in transit fees.
    Once this new line is complete, Ukraine loses both major funding and the ability to blow up the existing gas lines that would hurt Russian gas exports in case of invasion.
    Once completed, German reliance on Russian gas increases and this decreases German interest in any German response to any Russian incursion into Ukraine.
    Loss of $2B/yr will cripple the Ukrainian economy, leading Ukraine being forced to offer concessions to Russia.
    Russia can get what it wants in the long term without a messy armed invasion in the short term.

  51. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – Re: Spotify

    I have no clue of their policies or political leanings. And really do not care. Because they are smart enough to understand the Maxim of our times

    “Get woke, go Broke”

    They are filthy capitalists! And that I like.

  52. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ed Forbes:

    I’d wager what they are doing now is just to gauge what the response will look like when they hit “Go Time” after the pipeline is done… plus wear out folks degree of interest with nothing happening for a very long time, so it looks like “just another bluff” when the time comes.

  53. E.M.Smith says:

    Hmm…. Steven Breyer announced he’s retiring from the Supreme Court. So Biden will get to pick one… (or his handlers will).


    Tim Pool thinks this shows that the Dimocrats think this means they are going to lose the Senate in the mid-terms.

    So “watch this space”, I guess…

  54. Ossqss says:

    @Ed Forbes

    My thought is they are not going to amass 125k troops and equipment to do nothing on a border. JMHO

  55. rhoda klapp says:

    Ossqss, I wonder who counted those troops. What I see in the UK news is 100,000 troops, always 100,000. I suspect that comes from one source, and it is the intelligence community. Who will tell us only what fits their agenda. My UK govt are very keen to protect Ukraine from Russia. The UK has no interest there. I can’t see the US interest either. I get the impression of being pushed into something. And of course neither of our own countries is defending it’s own borders. If 100,000 is an invasion, we’ve been invaded. The US has been invaded far more.

  56. rhoda klapp says:

    Oh, another thing. You don’t keep 100k troops sitting around doing nothing in winter. If you are planning an invasion you keep them training. There would be plenty of evidence of that. We don’t see it. I think there’s a chance that they are there for leverage, and they have pre-positioned the tanks and gear and gone back to barracks. My only conclusion is that on all sides this is a massive snow-job and we the public are being played.

  57. Ossqss says:

    @Rhoda, the always accurate (snark) NYT has the count to 130k now, with a map!

  58. YMMV says:

    philjourdan: “I have no clue of their policies or political leanings.”

    I have no clue either, which is why I looked up who owns it. It’s not fully known, and looks boring.
    And I really have no clue who runs it, or what their politics are.

    It being a Big Media company, I won’t be placing any trust in that unknown.

    One of their other Big Deals is in the news.
    “Meghan and Prince Harry ‘reflect badly on Spotify’ as £18m podcast project falls short”
    “Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ‘under increasing scrutiny to deliver on their Spotify and Netflix mega-deals'”
    “Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s silence over Spotify deal highlights major concern: report”
    “Harry and Meghan fail to deliver on $30 million Spotify deal”

    Looks like they’ve been played.

    rhoda klapp: My only conclusion is that on all sides this is a massive snow-job and we the public are being played.

    That’s the Ukraine thing, which is Biden’s plaything. Not sure anyone else is interested in a war, so it’s just a lot of posing. On all sides. On one side, we have Biden doing his Corn Pop thing. Can you imagine Biden leading a war? Any war? But against Russian? C’mon man.

    All Putin has to do is sit on the border. He doesn’t have to do anything more.
    Remember the trick the US used against Libya. Provoke their planes into crossing the border then attack with the excuse they were being attacked. Biden aides will eventually catch on and back down with some “diplomatic” excuse. Taiwan will not be so easy.

  59. Ossqss says:

    We are preparing for a storm of a different sort this weekend in Florida.


    The official twitter from NWS Miami from last years event.

  60. E.M.Smith says:


    Damn, and Me not there for Iguana Falling Season. I was hoping to pick up a couple this year… I hear BBQ Iguana goes well with Busch Light… ;-)


    So a couple of weeks ago, Dan Bongino was saying EwTube had given him warnings and told he cold be banned if he didn’t toe the line. He dared them to do it. Now they have. Interesting thing is that he’s got over 2 Million viewers on Rumble, under 800k on EwTube (and many of them are likely duplicates).

    So, in essence, EwTube has just boosted vewership on Rumble. Nice!

    So Here’s Dan’s take on it all (along with other good insights):


    Here’s his “Parallel Economy:” site for all things Left Cancel Culture Corrupted / Blackmail escape tools:

    “The ability to run your business free from the pressures of cancel culture is something I’m willing to fight for. Freedom isn’t going to protect itself, and Parallel Economy is committed to fighting for a free, fair, and open internet.”

    – Dan Bongino

    Don’t let Big Tech hold your business hostage.

    Leverage payment processing from the Parallel Economy that combines low costs with simplicity and security.

    Card Present Transactions: 1.49% + .15 cents transaction*

    Card Not Present Transactions: 2.98% + .15 cents transaction*


    No Contract

    Free Next Day Funding

    Free Virtual Terminal Account

    24/7 Merchant Support

    Chargeback Assistance

    Only $19.90 per month

    * We will endeavor to match or beat any competitor.

    Wonder if they could use an old I.T. Guy ;-)

    Heck, I’d be tempted to do it for free.

  61. philjourdan says:

    YMMV – exactly. I do not boycott based on what you believe. I boycott based on what you do. So Buffet could own them. I do not care. As long as you do not force your politics on me in a commercial venture.

    I supported Bezos (amazon)- until he deplatformed Parler.

  62. philjourdan says:

    The Nazification of the left (purity of thought) will be their undoing. I have said that all along. Ewetoob is already teetering. Twats-R-Us is falling! Fakebook is flatlining and google? Looking over its shoulder.

    Like AOHell and Yahoo, they will not disappear. Just become irrelevant

  63. another ian says:

    “Just read an hilarious comment on the Toronto Sun article on the convoy:

    Give Trudeau a break
    He’s suffering from a severe case of Coward-19
    Can’t think or talk and only feels better if he hides under his bed”


    Like the Duke of Plaza Toro

    “He lead his regiment from behind, He found it less exciting”

  64. another ian says:

    “Not a Joke, U.S. Govt Takes the Official Position There Is No Food Inflation
    January 28, 2022 | sundance | 244 Comments

    The same people who told us to appreciate saving $0.16 on our July 4th BBQs last summer are now taking the official position there is no massive food inflation. [DATA HERE]

    Those skyrocketing prices you think you see at the grocery store are not real. Those announcements of forecasted price increases by the food producers, well, those are not real either. So sayeth the United States Dept of Agriculture (USDA).”


    But one of the things that they forgot to mention

    “As Expected, Chicken Wing Shortage Just in Time for Superbowl
    January 28, 2022 | sundance | 199 Comments”

    “For those doing the math, that’s a 51.4% price increase in a year.”


  65. another ian says:

    “See How Large the ‘Freedom Convoy’ Justin Trudeau Denounced Has Become | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report – YouTube”

  66. H.R. says:

    @another ian – I caught that inflation article over on Treehouse earlier.

    From memory, the best comment I saw was to the effect, “I went to the store today and I didn’t notice any price increases. There was nothing on the shelves to buy, so I didn’t see any signs of inflation.”

    Ouch! That left a mark.

  67. another ian says:

    Posted here because it is wider than “Friday”

    “Authors of ‘unreliable’ global anti-red meat report miss deadline to defend their data”


    The Lancet adding to its reputation?

  68. another ian says:

    Re Trudeau and the truckers

    Sounds more like “Marie-Antoinette Trudeau”

  69. another ian says:

    Censored but not censorable



    “So….. Covid-Like Illness 76% Of The Time Is PCR Negative?”

    “Uhhhh… this doesn’t appear to me to say what the MMWR claims it says.”


  70. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:


  71. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Per that first “censored” link, in the ink it links to…

    Incidentally if you’re curious about the market reaction the futures have bid and offer sizes that look like a holiday weekend. Simply put in addition to all the other stupidity making it all “electronic” means people can and do turn it off. They did — and went home. The people with the big money are not in the index futures at all this morning, which is why you’re seeing this. Bid/offer stacks with fewer than 100 contracts on either side? That’s 4th of July weekend stuff and sets up a potential no-bull**** crash as there is nobody on the other side to take the trade. Right now with a couple hundred lot order I could literally wipe the board in either direction. In the middle of a regular trading day that’s nuts.

    That kind of “very thin at the top” market is what I use to identify a market top, though I’m not using futures but volume. A week ago was a “local top” but not a “long term top”. I am essentially “all in cash” and figured I’d come back for another look sometime this week. (Basically does a 2 year daily chart and the 10 year weekly chart both say “market top”, or just the daily? That’s the difference between “correction” or “local top” and “bear market reversal”).

    But yeah, with The Fed saying time to crash the party, it’s time to clear chips off the table.

  72. p.g.sharrow says:

    This not a party, this is desperation. Every one of those big rigs represents someone’s life net worth at risk. Thousands of dollars of lost costs/income per day. The people are celebrating the start of the Great Crash of “22”.The GEBs are going to get more then they bargained for as their house of cards crumbles. This will turn into a long dark cold winter and spring…pg.

  73. cdquarles says:

    All, the MMWR is the CDC’s morbidity and mortality weekly report. I used to read them regularly, though often would not consider some reports as credible. It seems that you must discount the reports more these days. Sad, but that’s how it goes with political propaganda.

  74. YMMV says:

    Does anyone in the Prime Advertising Demographic of the under 50 years old cohort even know who Neil Young is?

    Interesting question. Canadian Neil Young is 76 years old. He has lived in California since 1966, but only got US citizenship in 2020, in order to vote against Trump. Silly Young, he didn’t know that you didn’t need to be a citizen to vote in California.

    Now Joni Mitchell, Canadian, 78 years old, is also committing self-cancelling as she tries to cancel Joe Rogan. Her website says https://jonimitchell.com/news/newsitem.cfm?id=1592
    “Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives. I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue.”

    As it stands, it appears Spotify’s content policies prevent the platform from doing anything about Rogan’s podcast. In internal guidelines seen by The Verge, its policies seem to allow podcasters to state COVID-19 vaccines can cause death, but not that they’re “designed” to cause death. A screenshot of an internal message also viewed by The Verge reveals Spotify has reviewed numerous controversial episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience, and none “meet the threshold for removal.”


  75. another ian says:

    The time has come to do some brewing with IVM as I’m out of internal application sheep drench.

    And cattle pour-on seems to have also vanished. Though I think someone has worked an angle – one place the only freight rates available are to USA!

    I do have the sheep jetting fluid, where a me-sized dose is 2 mm. At its official dilution rate that needs about 600 mm of water – which is a bit large for surface application. I’ve been dosed with overspray every time I’ve used it with no ill effects.

    Also interesting that IVM is virtually insoluble in water, so there is some fancy chemistry going on there.

    There was an item at Jo Nova that mentioned mixing it with baby oil – seems to work on the one batch I mixed, which was 2 mm in 10 mm.

    If it mixes with isopropyl alcohol it ought to mix with methylated spirits (which is much available here) for a quick evaporation application. I haven’t tried that as yet.

    More when I know more.

  76. another ian says:

    A comment at Jo Nova re Canadian truckers

    “Speaking to reporters a few days ago Trudeau said truckers express “unacceptable views”. (Can you imagine anyone saying something so idiotic?)

    Now truckers refer to themselves as the ‘unacceptables’. I love it.”

    Ye Gods! We’re now hyphenatedname class!

    “Deplorable – Unacceptables”

  77. another ian says:

    In comments at


    ““If the shelves are full, thank a Trucker. If the shelves are empty, thank Trudeau”. “

  78. YMMV says:

    A couple of years ago Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sending valentines to our noble truckers for keeping Canadians fed through their deliveries. Yet a couple of days before this weekend’s gathering of the aforementioned truckers, who have travelled half of Canada in midwinter, from both directions, to express their concerns and feelings in a peaceful protest, he shoved them to the margins, declaring them a “fringe” and their views “unacceptable.”

    Trudeau, in perhaps his meanest public statement to date, scorned them. He dismissed and derogated their motives. He gave the dismissal in his best “I’m-a-real-leader,” determined voice. His “I-really-mean-it-this-time” voice.

    He described them as “a small fringe minority.” A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, someone once said. But this “small fringe minority” can’t be Canadians. They have “unacceptable views.”

    “Unacceptable views?” Are we in China now?

    Has Trudeau had the courtesy to go and meet with a few truckers? Not just their leaders, if indeed they have formal leaders. Has he listened to any of the actual individuals who have thought it worthwhile to make this arduous journey? No cameras. No photo op. Just sit in a cab, or grab a coffee in a diner, and hear a few individual drivers out. It would be intensely enlightening.

    This was a low moment in Canadian politics. A deliberately political and, let us be honest, very mean-spirited and calculated characterization of what I am sure is, by far in the main, a movement of honest Canadians caught in a hard time asking their government, and their PM in particular, to give them a just and respectful listen.


    A politician missing a photo-op? Missing a chance to grab the headlines away from the Unacceptables? He could channel his Fidel hero and give them a six hour long welcome speech.

  79. another ian says:

    “Smart And Effective (Bumped)”

    “Scott Moe’s message to Saskatchewan and Canadian truckers.”


  80. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Due to “drench” having 2 meanings (“to pour over with a lot of liquid” or in sheep ranching “to pour into the mouth of a sheep”) I’ve adopted the dichotomy of “pour on” for the topical application and “oral” for anything that goes down the throat, as those are not ambiguous.

    The “Cattle Pour On” is mostly isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) as that is a solvent that will dissolve both polar (salts / water soluble) and non-polar (fats and other things not water soluble) things. It has a small amount of IVM dissolved per unit of volume.

    I’d not use metholated spirits (Methanol) as that is toxic (causes blindness and deafness then death). IFF you must use some alcohol for topical application, use isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) but do not use it for swallowing as it makes you very sick and prone to vomiting if ingested. It can also cause mucus membranes (or your scrotum… don’t ask…) to “burn” if applied…

    OK, you asked anyway: Anesthetics can cause a “burning sensation” when topically applied. Anything that can dissolve into the lipid layer of the “Lipo-Protein Bi-Layer” cell membrane can act as an anesthetic. Isopropanol can do that (cyclo-propane being a common anesthetic gas…) … but you get a rather exciting “burn” first…. Now, please remember I said “don’t ask”, so no. I will not explain the circumstances under which I learned this fascinating bit of biochemistry… No, not ever. Just be careful exactly where you apply a certain limited bit of understanding, OK? And when something says “can cause a burning sensation”, consider that may be understatement, OK?… Just sayin’…

  81. E.M.Smith says:

    On a different topic….

    OK, so now I’m an “Unacceptable – Deplorable”. Guess what: I’m OK with that. Really. A Lot.

    “Consider the source”…

  82. philjourdan says:

    @Another Ian – Maybe we can have a convention of deplorables and Unacceptables?

  83. E.M.Smith says:


    One thing that has occurred to me is that part of “what binds us” is that we are people who do not look outside of ourselves for our sense of self worth…

    True Story:

    I was a Royal PITA to teachers in my schools. Especially grammar school to high school. My grades directly reflect the teaching ability of the “teachers” and not my abilities. I think this is true for many students, but demonstrable for me. See, I’m tested as Mensa Qualified and 99.9%+ “off the charts” Kuder Aptitude Tests. I,E. “it isn’t me”. (My LOWEST score was 86% percentile “clerical” as I got bored doing the clerical tasks and the mind wandered…. next above it was 99%. There were a lot of folks in my class where 86% was above their highest score…)

    Yet I had a series of C, D, and even F grades. Now why might that be? Hmm?….

    Because my “teachers” were “sucky” and I would not “comply”.

    Examples? In High School my English Teacher drove a sweet girl to tears in front of the class. She was repeating his class as a sophomore, yeah, freshman English. No, she did not remember what he said the prior year. No, she could not diagram a sentence. He badgered her. This early in the year, maybe first month. “Return to your seat and wallow in your ignorance!” in front of 30 kids a year younger… Well, this pissed me off. In particular, that he admonished her to return to her seat and “Wallow in her ignorance”. A phrase he had used on my elder sister some 4 years before… So what did I do? Passive Resistance. I did NO homework. I did not study. I did NOTHING he assigned. (BTW, I had gone to the “counselor” and asked to be transferred and was told no. I think, as pretty much everyone requested out of his classes… So, having tried the Formal Rules Way, I did it “my way”. The FU way.) I got an F in his class.

    The following year with a 5 foot-maybe fresh graduate English Teacher I got a B+ as another Sophomore Repeat Student (with a chip on his shoulder about English…). Only decades later did I learn that in the Teachers Lounge the other teachers would “rib” him about how She got me to perform and he could do nothing. How THE brightest kid they had seen in decades, HE, had “flunked” and she had reached. Just sayin’…

    But back on point:

    I have ALWAYS marched to my own drum. I do NOT look outside myself for validation, for worth, for frankly anything. So no, no mere government can tell me what “truth” is. No authority at all can do that. It is up to me to decide. And no A-Hole can tell me I’m not worthy or that my opinions are not valid. I will wear “Deplorable” and now “Unacceptable” as PROUD badges of honor. After all, I’ve done it before…

    I suspect many others here are similar in “attitude”… and I like it that way. ;-)

    Dear Unacceptable Deplorables of The World: YOU have a home here. I value you. But more importantly, YOU value you. “You can’t please everyone, might as well please yourself!”. I think I’ll have an “Unacceptable Deplorables Convention” in Florida in about 4 months ;-) Y’all come! We’ll nee d an “F.U.” drinking song aimed at the “Approved Acceptable Narrative Suck Ups” to sing, so get busy with it… (I said IT, not THEM!!)

    OK, marker down, May. We need an Unacceptable-Deplorables Convention in or near Orlando. Or maybe on the Treasure Coast…. Any votes one way or the other?

    Orlando: Central and a lot of Tourist Traps (Disney, Universal, Sports Arena, etc. etc.) or

    Treasure Coast : (Jupiter Island beach…) just sand, sun, and boats.

    Preferred Venue anyone?

    Is May still Snowbird enough for the Canadians?

  84. YMMV says:

    another ian: “Scott Moe’s message to Saskatchewan and Canadian truckers.”

    The amazing thing about this truck parade (well, after the fact that they got’er done) is the lack of attention of certain politicians as to which way the wind is blowing.

    Covid restrictions are coming off as people and politicians realize they are no longer worth it, if they ever were. The vaccine reputation has tarnished. The gold standard turns out to be fools gold.
    Politicians should be the first to realize where the crowd is going and rush to get in front. But no… which just proves that there is a secret agenda and they are going to fight for it anyway.

    From that SDA link;
    “Let’s be done with all the Jim Covid laws *today*”
    “I think “Jim Crowvid laws” has a nicer ring to it.”

    And a very clever Twitter twit by Pierre Poilievre

    “I’ve not seen anyone dressed up in blackface or other racist costumes.”
    Guess who that refers to. Only one guess.
    Do these searches: “Trudeau blackface” and “Trudeau indian dress”
    Pierre Poilievre is a potential future Conservative Party leader

    This is a very good quick video on what the reactions of wanna-be leaders will be when the wind direction changes.

  85. philjourdan says:


    we are people who do not look outside of ourselves for our sense of self worth

    Ding! Ding! DIng!

    Exactly! We are not the sheep! We are the sheep dogs! And we know when the shepherd is leading the sheep to slaughter!

    There is NO reason to mandate a Vexxine now! It has been Proven that it does not work! It has been proven that Omicron is the real Vaccine. And it has been proven that Cloth masks are “face panties” (Dana Loesh). Yet the Covid nazis still insist upon them!

    I got the original shots because my wife nagged me. I have not, nor will not get a booster. I am TRYING to get Omicron! (but that Quercetin probably doomed me to purity!)

    I am a Deplorable-Unacceptable. And we FOUNDED this nation! You Cannucks are welcome to join the revolution and learn how to stand on your own 2 feet for the first time in your history!

  86. philjourdan says:

    My last remaining male upper generation male died a month ago (down in Tampa). I am now the Alpha male of the family (I have 2 Aunts that are still around, one my Godmother).

    I missed his funeral because I am a senile old fool ( I booked the flight for the wrong days ).

    Or would have been there a month ago. But I will attend!!! My best friend from HS lives in Orlando and he is not well, (we have not seen each other since then!!!).

    Tell me the date and time, I will be in Orlando.

  87. cdquarles says:

    Oh boy does that story sound familiar, maybe because my sister and I lived it also ;) back during Jim Crow (so yeah, Jim Crowvid laws does happen to have a very nice ring to it). We had an old spinster 9th grade English teacher who reveled in making fun of and making kids cry. That is, until she flunked the wrong one.

  88. H.R. says:

    E,M, – Outside of Orlando on I-4 somewhere works for me. Lakeland was good as Rhoda and Ossqss could take I-75 for the North-South trip without much congestion and then catch I-4 East for a bit.

    I think the only snag for that trip is the I-4/I-75 interchange. I had to go through Tampa, which is always a zoo, but not too bad since we met up mid-day.

    I’m leaving Florida on May 1st, so if you’re delayed getting to Florida, it’ll be next year before I can catch a meeting of Unacceptable Deplorable Dodgy Proceedings.

  89. E.M.Smith says:


    Beverage of your choice at the Unacceptable-Deplorables Convention of 2022 on me! (under $100 please… unless it serves 2 of us ;-)

    Preference for Orlando vs Treasure Coast?

    (Treasure Coast is between Cape Canaveral and “Gold Coast” of Miami Dade…)

    I’m a tiny bit more fond of Treasure Coast, OTOH, Orlando is where most folks flying in would land, and I know a lot of places there, too…

    FWIW, I lean toward Beers Of The World (for historical reasons…) but there’s also this very nice Cajun Bar in Oviedo with nice dishes ;-) Then there was this place on the Atlantic Coast with an Ocean view and 4 floors. Bar, dancing, more bar, food, …

    So, folks, state your preferences!

  90. E.M.Smith says:

    HR has voted for Lakeland. I’m OK with that, though like the idea of Ocean a bit more ;-) (Fishing Pole and all that…)

    May 1st? I’m thinking March 1st, so we’ve got a good deal of overlap.

    FWIW, I’m hoping to be on the Treasure Coast about March 15 (and sailing to the Bahamas about April “whatever” ;-) so May is beyond my planning horizon!

    Anyone for “Ides Of March” (or about 15 March) as The Date?

    Then, I’d like to limit voting to 4 general target areas:

    1) Tampa Bay
    2) Lakeland (i.e. I-4 West of Orlando)
    3) Orlando (somewhere in the metroplex – maybe that Oviedo Cajun bar… )
    4) Treasure Coast – Exactly where TBD. Maybe Port St. Lucie?

  91. H.R. says:

    Put me down as one who doesn’t need validation from others. Recognition and approval are nice but not necessary.

    Making mistakes doesn’t bother me. I’ve not made a lot, but my response is to fix them if I can, and if they can’t be fixed, apologize and don’t make that mistake again.

    I like criticism. It bothers most people, but I see it as either being unfounded, in which case I ignore it, or valid and so it’s something I can correct and improve on.

    So yeah, I are one two. 😉

  92. Ossqss says:

    Orlando traffic during tourist season is not fun now days. You will ultimately find that out EM. A 2hr trip can quickly turn into 4+ in either direction. I vote Lakeland.

  93. H.R. says:

    Ides of March, Lakeland works for me.

    I am fond of the Linger Lodge, though. It’s been remodeled and is supposed to reopen next month, but hard to say if it will have retained its classic charm.**

    **Swamp and Stomp is the way I’d describe it. Decor by Sasquatch. If you’re looking for Michelin Stars… keep looking. 😉

  94. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, so far the trend is “not water” and “near but not in Orlando” so “Lakeland”.

    FWIW, having lived in and around Orlando for about 5 out of 10 years and visited it for more, I absolutely hate, loathe, and despise actual Orlando. Just saying I’d take anything on any coast and anything 10 miles+ away from the Orlando Border over “Orlando” any day at all…

    Though I note in passing that “Tampa Area” and “Treasure Coast” are losing at the moment and they are things I like a lot… But, OK, I get it: Tampa is “Orlando Lite” and Treasure Coast is a bit nebulous…

    So, unless some votes come in for Treasure Coast, we’re looking at Lakeland, Ides Of March.

    Anyone opposed, start voting “soon and often” ;-)

  95. Ossqss says:

    @HR, Linger Lodge “The Lodge” has not changed. Everything around it has.

    Side note: I could arrange a charter for participants with my charter Captain friend/neighbor, if water and good fishing was desired, if scheduling permits. HR met him when we went to Jigg’s Landing for beverages of choice. But I digress.

    I am in for Lakeland in the end.

  96. Ossqss says:

    Some interesting and possible good new below the current radar for A2.


  97. rhoda klapp says:

    I’m all for Lakeland, but I can’t be there in the foreseeable future. If we’re talking April in Lakeland that would require a removal of vaccine restrictions on flights into the US.

  98. cdquarles says:

    Oh I would love to make such a trip. Lakeland, to me, works though it has been 25 or so years since I last visited the area. Sadly, I do not have the physical stamina to make it, even if other things in life didn’t interfere. My youngest daughter had to undergo surgery on the 20th. I so wanted to be there; but couldn’t go. She did fine, but still. 700 miles or so to go to Fort Worth was too much.

  99. E.M.Smith says:


    You are somewhere in / near Louisiana, IIRC.

    Should you have interest I could have a “meet up” at a location near you, as I drive past there to get to Florida… If so, just email me with particulars at the pub 4 all AT aol address.

    Or, if anyone is interested in setting it up, we could have you on a laptop via {facetime / skype / whatever}. (Oddly, I don’t do that kind of call so have no idea what the Linux / Android equivalent would be…)


    Well, that’s a bummer. Hopefully the Truckers Convoy will help as a ‘Splainer for the Biden’s of the world about why they need to dump the Vex-Pass …


    Even if SCOTUS rules, it just means all the Tyrannical Dimocrat locations will roll out endless new mutations of law. San Jose, California, for example, has decided you need to pay something like $25 PER GUN PER YEAR and fill out paperwork of some unknown sort. IF that is allowed to stand, then expect a “Per Word” charge for your “freedom of speech” for “unacceptable” utterances…

    The San Jose law is already being challenged in court…

  100. E.M.Smith says:

    Linger Lodge looks like a really good place, but it will have to wait until I have a run to Tampa…

    It looks like the consensus is settling in on Lakeland, Fl.

    As the Ides of March approaches, I’ll post a “about this date” note and we can coordinate details via email (to avoid a potential “cancel mob” of any kind…). As of now, as a “planning rule of thumb”, I’m targeting 15 March at the same place we met last time in Lakeland. Subject to change as actual departure and arrival dates get settled.

  101. cdquarles says:

    I am in AL, absorbed into Birmingham’s metropolitan area by the latest Census Department rules. Closest I-10 comes to me is a bit more than 200 miles, between Dothan and Panama City, if I am remembering correctly. Still too far and having you travel on I-20, which is much closer, is an imposition I’d not want to ask of you. I dropped Skype a while back. I could do Zoom, which is available on some linux distributions, or something similar; but I am leery of those, too, unless audio only.

  102. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, I’ve gone to Florida, at various times, via:

    I-10 (preferred winter / snow route)
    I-20 (Visiting with Texas relatives)
    I-40 (preferred Summer / hot weather route)
    I-80 (When going via Chicago family visit or when hurricanes /weather make I-10, 20, 40 “an issue”)
    I-90 (wanted to see further north i.e. Chicago and for some reason I-80 was uninteresting)

    I’ve also gone on “diagonals” between various of them just due to rampant boredom with the same old route or some road / weather issue or other. There’s a wonderful highway takes a diagonal across Mississippi from about I-20 to I-10 ( I think…) with lots of green each side. Oh, and I’ve done various I-35 / I-55 things N-S from Chicago…

    So maybe one of these runs I’ll take I-20. It is basically I-20 to Texas then hang high at the I-20 split and on the other side, pick a diagonal to drop down again to I-10 (or end up in the middle of nowhere trying to find a road straight down ;-) I’ve gone through Atlanta several times, but now I try to avoid it. It has become a Little L.A. East…

    And yes, I’ve actually gone via Birmingham a couple of times. IIRC they had just finished some new segment of freeway on the eastern side that has a sort of diagonal downward. Cheap gas at Walmarts along that one. Some spur of I-20? I need to look it up again…

    So, OK, probably not going through it this time (still winter) but we’ll see. Anything mucks up I-10, I swap “up one” to I-20 anyway.

    I’ll have to see if Zoom is on my versions. And yeah, I generally have avoided the video conference things just because the are kind of “A Space Alien Is Sitting In” on one end and “I’m sort of included but outside the group” on the other end. Plus I have to shave and comb my hair and all that stuff ;-)

    Don’t know how well a speaker phone works in a noisy bar, but maybe we can try for that… Or not, if you find it more bother than benefit.

  103. Ossqss says:

    I believe you will find Zoom ubiquitous.

  104. Ossqss says:

    Some may find this interesting. Be water>

  105. YMMV says:

    “Managing personal Covid risk” by Javier at

    mRNA vaccines:

    I don’t like the RNA nature of these vaccines. The number of modified-RNA containing lipid nanoparticles in a single shot is huge, in the same order of magnitude as the number of cells in our body. Instead of being delivered to the mucosa, like the virus, they are unevenly distributed throughout the body by the lymphatic and circulatory systems (the liver appears to be a preferred target), where they get into the wrong cells and mark them for destruction by cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. The issue of improper COVID vaccine tissue tropism and its safety concerns is rarely raised. I feared from the beginning that over time quite a lot of people might develop autoimmune diseases from it, and it is already happening: “New-onset autoimmune phenomena post-COVID-19 vaccination.”

    managing risk:

    Being a responsible adult means accepting the responsibility for managing life risks. Transferring that responsibility to a government or organization might not be a good way of managing some risks.

    Relying on the retarded government or corrupt organizations is a very bad idea.

    Take responsibility for your own health and stop looking up at your government for directions. Your government is not your friend. It never has been, it never will be.

    And good advice about Vitamin D etc. Gargle with an antiseptic, take an antihistamine.

    SARS-CoV-2 is not the cause of COVID. The cause of COVID is an improper reaction of the immune system to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

    It is not the virus what will put you in hospital, but the inability of your immune system to properly handle the infection.

    There are two types of immunity: innate immunity and acquired (adaptive) immunity.
    Dare I say ALL the Big Pharma attempts to fight this virus have focused on the adaptive arm, and NONE of it on the innate arm. Which could have been done and should have been done and still should be done. Cheap, fast, and effective. What a crime to ignore this!

  106. another ian says:

    A couple of links here,



    “You can also watch the first press conference given by the Convoy organizers. The entire thing is well worth watching. These folks are VERY media and politically savvy. They understand what’s going on. We applaud them for not getting sucked in by the legacy media. We applaud them for not apologizing for peacefully fighting for the freedom of ALL Canadians. Nor will they allow themselves to affiliate with any particular political party or politician. Though they are looking to talk to the Conservative Party Leader, but insist that it is clearly not Erin O’Toole. Bravo!”

    And in comments

    “Haha someone bought http://www.liar.com and pointed it to Justin’s Wikipedia”

  107. E.M.Smith says:

    It would seem that N.O.A.A. have a Police Force all there own. Who knew…


    I guess we can expect Climate Crimes to fall in their jurisdiction… /snark;

  108. another ian says:

    “Japanese company press release – ‘efficacy and safety of Ivermectin confirmed in clinical trial’ ”


  109. anotherian says:

    The ‘Internet apocalypse’ that nobody cares about”


  110. another ian says:

    anotherian says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    1 February 2022 at 2:07 am
    The ‘Internet apocalypse’ that nobody cares about”


  111. Ossqss says:

    @10mm, I looked, ammo too expensive for my needs for practice rounds. As my law enforcement friends say, it isn’t about the round, it’s about placement. If you carry, you better practice to become proficient, and not need 16 rounds. However, you could always get a PMR30.


  112. another ian says:

    Re E.M.Smith says:
    1 February 2022 at 12:26 am

    Searching for a recipe for bat soup?

  113. another ian says:


    I don’t think that PMR30 will get a Bayou Renaissanceman’s approval

  114. E.M.Smith says:

    Per 10 MM:

    My solution was a .40 S&W Sig with a .357 Sig additional bbl. The .357 Sig is almost the same power as a .357 Magnum (that is enough to drop deer and medium / small bear along with wild pigs…). So the relatively available .40 S&W for practice, but load up with the .357 Sig when you think appropriate.

    The 10 MM is a nice somewhat overpowered round for almost all cases. When someone is “hopped up” even it will not be enough.

    True Story:

    My Karate Sense was also a Motorcycle Sargent Cop. In one case, he and several other cops were faced off with Mr. Bad Guy All Hopped Up. Several pistols were emptied at him and into him. Still not going down. Mr. Sarg went to one of the cars and got a shotgun with 12 gauge slugs. Severing his spine with a slug finally stopped him.

    Moral? Get a 12 Gauge pump Shotgun first. Have mostly bird, and buck shot; but also a few slugs. You can feed a slug in the bottom and rack it in if the shot is not cutting it. Then, and only then, work on what hand gun you want for the crazies…

    I have a .357 Magnum revolver and a .357 Sig pistol. I think that’s quite good enough.

    Once in Florida and equipped with a concealed carry permit? Probably some “compact 9” with a +P+ rating… or a slightly longer 9 if you can get them in compact… but that gets into odd cartridge land… There are nice “Race Guns” based on the .38 / 9mm Super…

  115. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and remember the discussion of case length vs bbl length vs power vs noise?

    A .22 WMR pistol is just stupid. You get a LOT of noise and muzzle flash but not much more power into the bullet. Most of that added powder just burning up in a flash in front of your gun that blinds you if in a dark room or at night.

    You do NOT want a .22 WMR in a pistol. Ever.

    The PMR30 is a dumb idea from a company known for dumb ideas and dumb guns.

    Measure the case length. You need about 10 case lengths of barrel for efficient use, low muzzle flash and low noise.

  116. jim2 says:

    On the surface, this seems like a great idea. But I’m afraid the reality might be truly bleak. How many times have we thought the right thing was about to occur, only to see it bastardized and turned to the will of the GEBs?


  117. E.M.Smith says:


    Yup. Who picks the delegates? How many are really pro 2A AND ANTI 16a?

  118. E.M.Smith says:

    Why I like the .38 Super… but still don’t have one:


    Hand loads up to about 537 ft-lbs / 1425 fps vs 9mm at about 355 ft-lbs and 1328 fps.

    Roughly the same diameter so similar magazine capacity, only a few mm longer so grip is still easy. Used a lot in “Race Guns” like Cz-75 pattern guns… One day… one day…

  119. Ossqss says:

    For the record, the military AR 15 type guns fire the same diameter size projectile as a .22. Just really fast>

    For me, I have a holster for the Judge with PDX1 – 410 with alternating PDX1 – Colt long (very effective) for SHTF times. That mix can cover everything from a spider to a hog here in 2 shots if you practice.

    Backup is the Sig P365 or G30S concealed, followed by a G19 and Sub2000 (compatible large magazines) in the backpack, along with the 10/22 takedown (cheap food producer).

    Oh, and a slingshot with marbles and old nuts and bolts :-)

  120. E.M.Smith says:

    I have a rather so-so .22 rifle that is a ‘take down’ and stores in the plastic stock. Something like a 7 rd magazine. It’s the sights that make it so-so. I’d rather have buckhorn and scope. It’s in the “headed for the bush maybe on foot with backpack” pile… I also have a very nice full sized .22 rifle with scope that I’d prefer to use for any actual food getting… but too big for a backpack. (So “car camping” only…). It pairs with a pocket .22 pistol for “small annoying critters”…

    IF I could justify it, I’d rather have a Ruger .22 takedown. Oh Well.

    Then the matched set of .38 Special / .357 Magnum Marlin Rifle / Ruger pistol. That’s the primary “living off the land” set. Add either the .40 S&W / .357 Sig Sig pistol or the 9mm (choice of a couple) as the “Yes, I meant it when I said to leave me alone” ‘splainer…

    IFF set defense at home, OR On The Road in the wagon: Add pump 12 Gauge with a few dozen boxes of shells and dozen or so slugs, for all those “birds and bears” moments ;-) (I have 2 bbls for it, one rifled the other with changeable choke tubes). In a real pinch it could do it all by itself… but the ammo is just too heavy for anything other than a big car…

  121. Ossqss says:

    This is sure to rattle some cages and the administration.


  122. E.M.Smith says:

    CNN Augering into the ground… just over 100,000 viewers in the Prime Demographic where you make ad dollars. Under 1 M total including prime time. Down 80% range Jan 2021 to Jan 2022.

    Not going to be making the money to pay the big bucks salaries that way.

    So we had Mr. “Toolbin” caught on camera playing with himself.
    Chris Cuomo lying about being in isolation, covering for his brother, etc.
    Some other person accused of being a Pedo.
    A couple of sexual harassment issues.
    Now Zucker resigns because he was caught at the end of a 20 year “relationship” with a woman who has now successfully slept her way to the top. (Having come to CNN from working for Gov. Cuomo…)

    Frankly, they would have more viewers if they just filmed all that and put it on air as a “Reality Show”.

    Either CNN changes, dramatically, or it ceases to exit, or it gets sold to someone with a LOT more money than brains to be their play toy. It is not a profitable business enterprise, so the rational thing would be bankruptcy. But the Dims are not rational…


  123. Ossqss says:

    Gotta love DeSantis.

  124. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss re Fauci flip flops – Brilliant!

    And the left can’t meme. There can be no response to that from the left other than “Yah boo!”

    Gotta get me some Fauci flip flops 😁

  125. jim2 says:

    Here’s something to keep track of. All states should be doing this if they aren’t already. Let’s see if the bill makes it into law.

    “Now’s The Time. This Is Called Prevention.” – Arizona State Senate Appropriations Passes SB 1120 Ballot Fraud Countermeasures; Paper; Ink. (VIDEO)


  126. Ossqss says:

    Wow, on the natural immunity front. Courtesy of Berenson.


  127. another ian says:

    Latest Pointman



    “Must Watch, AP Journalist Matt Lee Questions State Dept About Claims of Russian Aggression
    February 3, 2022 | Sundance | 411 Comments”


  128. Ossqss says:

    Amazing to finally see all the “Peer Reviewed” studies coming forth on how bad we did and validating things we discussed in mid 2020 now days. Queue up memories of Larry.

    In the end, it doesn’t even matter as most things evaluated have been proved factual.

    And now the video :-)

  129. another ian says:

    From an email with no link to the cartoon

    “The US bobsled team have renamed their sled “Biden” because nothing has taken America downhill faster”.

    A different slant on the naming of sporting vehicles. One of our boys was in surf boats in the “under 23” competition here. I don’t know what the official name of their boat was but it was known as “Cougar Bait”

  130. another ian says:

    “Cranberry Farmer
    February 4, 2022 at 2:03 am
    Robert, Pawlowski’s talk to that little crowd was one of the best things I have heard EVER! I have been following his saga since Easter last year. This guy is the “real thing”, as the expression goes. Heck, Arthur for PM and bury the rest.

    Nancy Ross
    February 4, 2022 at 2:11 am
    Artur Pawlowski was more powerful than ever in this speech to the people at Coutts, Alberta. He reminded the audience that the World is now watching us. This is a great time in Canadian history. Let us succeed beyond our wildest dreams.”


    I haven’t found a link to his speech- might be in here plus update on the US equivalent


  131. another ian says:

    And well worth a listen IMO

    Russell Brand on the tempest around Rogan.

    Via SDA

  132. Jon K says:

    Respect for Larry and your fitting Linkin Park song. I miss Larry daily and weep for the lost time for everybody, but mostly for the world, and the loss of youthful exuberance, my kids have been forced to live through.

    This song has been really speaking to me lately. It really fits my mood and thoughts to our deal leaders.

  133. another ian says:

    A link for the bobsled cartoon via a comment at Jo Nova

  134. YMMV says:

    “Didn’t kill himself the first time… Did Epstein really attempt suicide?”


    “The Epstein Files: US Bureau of Prisons bent facts to support suicide narrative”

    Both have very intriguing details. Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  135. H.R. says:

    From the week in pictures link

  136. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like the Employment Data is all a giant bowl of fudged numbers too:


    Well, here’s what happened. First, looking at just the December to January change we find that while the seasonally adjusted number rose by an impressive 467K, the unadjusted number collapsed, tumbling from 150.349 million to 147.525 million, a 2.8 million drop (as it tends to do every time the year shifts from December to January) meaning that the entire delta in the January number – somewhere in the 3+ million range – is due to arbitrary adjustments overlaid on top of the data.

    I don’t normally quote Zerohedge, but this article seems well researched and reasonably written.

  137. another ian says:

    FWIW – from CTH

    Found this on things your side which might be of interest in bringing school boards etc to heel


  138. another ian says:

    More on that

     February 6, 2022 3:18 am”
    “Fascinating info on that video! “bondsforthewin.com”
    Public officials (school boards, secretaries of state, etc. must have a surety bond.
    Filing a foia request, to get a copy OF the officeholders bond, you then write a claim against the bond, alleging they are in violation of, for instance the U.S. Constitution, State Constitution, State or Federal laws, Geneva Convention or international laws, etc.

    You “make your case”, and then list what remedy you are demanding they make, and giving them ‘reasonable’ time to respond, 72 hrs to 5 days, whatever.
    You serve them, like serving any legall papers.

    If they do not respond, you file the claim with the bonding company. At that point, as the video explains, the official is in a World of hurt, cause it starts costing them $, and the longer they fight, the more it costs, up to some staggering amounts.”


  139. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    And if 3 people a day, just 3 people a day, stood up and did it, it would be a movement… now imagine if 50 people a day stood up and did it,…

    (Sorry, channeling Alice’s Restaurant there for a moment ;-)

  140. another ian says:

    “Mischief is important”

    Some N Korea internet problems


  141. another ian says:


    “On Thursday four senior Downing Street aides resigned.”


  142. another ian says:

    “It’s safe”

  143. jim2 says:

    Just one more reason not to have an internet-connected car …

    Subaru disabled the telematics system and associated features on new cars registered in Massachusetts last year as part of a spat over a right-to-repair ballot measure approved, overwhelmingly, by the state’s voters in 2020. The measure, which has been held up in the courts, required automakers to give car owners and independent mechanics more access to data about the car’s internal systems. But the “open data platform” envisioned by the law doesn’t exist yet, and automakers have filed suit to prevent the initiative from taking effect. So first Subaru and then Kia turned off their telematics systems on their newest cars in Massachusetts…. “This was not to comply with the law — compliance with the law at this time is impossible — but rather to avoid violating it,” Dominick Infante, a spokesperson for Subaru, wrote in a statement. Kia did not respond to a request for comment.


  144. E.M.Smith says:


    I love my Subaru, but it is an older one. In the last 1/2 decade+ Subaru has made some very silly to stupid decisions.

    In particular, they have gone to a “one platform” adaptable manufacturing design where basically the different models are just cut down / lengthened frames of the same basic car. So gone is the very light weight smaller end car and very different styles. Everything converging on the “Jelly Bean” shape. Then, you get a choice of the CVT Transmission that won’t let you climb steep hills. Yeah, choice of one.

    See, the Constantly Variable Transmission is a bit sensitive to being used at full engine power on a hill, so the computer shuts down the engine if you try… That’s right, you have sufficient power and traction to climb the hill but the computer saves the too weak transmission from self destructing. I don’t like cars where the computer decides what I can do…

    Oh, and mine is the last year you could get a limited slip differential in the rear. Now they use the brakes to “simulate” one. If a wheel starts to slip, they apply the brakes on that wheel. Yes, that does divert power to the other wheel on that axle and most of the time that’s enough. But what about when in stuff like very slippery mud and you want to spin up those mud tires? Is semi-randomly applying brakes to whichever wheel is faster really what you want? ( I know, IF I really want lockers and locking differentials get a Jeep…)

    Oh Well, is what it is. I’ve probably bought the last new car I’ll ever buy and it is highly unlikely I’ll buy anything newer than about 2008 ever (and then only a few limited vehicles). The “computer with an engine and wheels” doesn’t interest me.

  145. philjourdan says:

    Re: Quercertin – here is a write up and video of the guy who connected the dots on HCQ and Ivermectin, and then found a way around them with the GEBs decided to kill folks instead of curing them.


  146. another ian says:

    “Rumble Media Platform Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million to Drop Spotify
    February 7, 2022 | Sundance | 244 Comments”


  147. Ossqss says:

    Well, looky there. The modeling was not accurate enough because of clouds and computing power. So much for the term cloud computing meaning something completely different. LOL


  148. another ian says:

    More “behind”

  149. another ian says:

    “The US military appears to be deliberately hiding the damage done by COVID-19 vaccines”


    IIRC the original data was copied as soon as it appeared so there is a problem with fiddling it



  150. p.g.sharrow says:

    Horowitz Report on the DOD Data for medical health reports and the Pentagon’s effort to massage the report for the last 6 years to cover up the the effects of the “Jab” on the 1.4 million personnel of the military.

  151. another ian says:

    Now for something REALLY Different!

    “Male Castration Cult Headed by ‘Eunuch Maker’ Raided by UK Police”


    Not quite that bad but a reaction to “vaccination” from another blog

    “We know a young man who ended up with an orchiotomy; a horrifying and painful price to pay in order to travel.”

    From The Free Dictionary ”


    incision and drainage of a testis.”

  152. another ian says:

    The tealeaves are stirring?

    “Shifting Narratives, Leading CNN Political and Medical Voice Says Time to Drop the Mask Mandate
    February 8, 2022 | Sundance | 81 Comments

    Something has changed in the past several days. Likely the private COVID fear polling continued to show an overwhelming number of Americans are just done with the constant COVID-19 fear porn and mandates.”

    More at


  153. another ian says:

  154. H.R. says:

    Just a little cheerful note:

    After the big plunge last week, Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook Inc) dropped another 5.12% yesterday (Monday, Feb 7, 2022) and is heading further down today. It’s 1:20 pm EST and it is down another 2.88% at this time.

    Sometime this week or maybe next week, I’d expect someone will take a flyer on the stock and buy at what they are betting is the low point. So, I expect to see a dead cat bounce sometime soon.

    Meta’s (Facebook’s) censorship has really cheesed off a lot of people and competition has developed in response to the censorship. Facebook has been bleeding users and it appears to be accelerating. After the dead cat bounce, my personal belief is that Facebook will continue to bleed users until they settle into Yahoo territory; still around but irrelevant.

    Perhaps others here might call it differently, but based on my readings up to today, that’s how I’m calling it.

    Tomorrow is another day.

  155. Terry Jackson says:

    A series of items on Vit D, He has been covering this for over 2 years.

  156. philjourdan says:

    @HR – Re: Meta

    It does not help that in a fit of pique, Facebook said it would abandon Europe before conforming to their edict of retaining all PII on servers in Europe. That would be about 427m loss of members. ANd that is enough to send the stock crashing.

  157. Ossqss says:

    Tweets speak to added language in Pfizer earnings report today. Quite interesting considering they are mandated to produce info on trials now, and not in 75 years.

  158. H.R. says:

    Ok. Meta finished UP $0.12 (twelve cents!) today. That’s not a dead cat bounce.

    Da cat went splat.

    How low can they go?

    @philj – Yeah. That’s the ticket. “479 million users? Ha! We don’t need ’em.”

    Zuckergerg… when the CIA sets you up to be a tech phenom and you screw things up so badly even the CIA can’t save your @$$.

    [Best Foghorn Leghorn voice] “I say, I say, that boy is as sharp as a bowlin’ ball.”

  159. another ian says:

    The one with the houses?

    “Memphis BLM founder Pamela Moses sentenced to 6 years for illegally voting”


  160. philjourdan says:

    My favorite:

    [Best Foghorn Leghorn voice]

    “This is gonna cause more confusion than a mouse in a burlesque show!”

  161. another ian says:

    “Quebec Liberal MP Speaks Out Against Stupidity of PM Justin Trudeau Position on COVID Mandates, Immediately Removed From Position
    February 8, 2022 | sundance | 150 Comments”


  162. H.R. says:

    @phil – I don’t remember that one, but it’s a great visual.

  163. Ossqss says:

    Is this what we see today in a different form?

  164. David A says:

    Busy times, just wish the good folk here well. I guess Neil Young can no longer “see the needle and the damage done.”

  165. E.M.Smith says:

    I know, it is from an ad I clicked on…, but but… they have a bunch of T-Shirts that I just loved. From “Don’t worry, I’ve had my 2 shots” with a picture of 2 x lemon & Tequila to this one:

    So if you like a chuckle, take a look. Unfortunately, I don’t “Do” T shirts… If it were a polo shirt…


  166. Power Grab says:

    I saw an item on Twitter this week from a teacher who said that one of her 8th graders, when presented with the prospect of life without masks, said it would scare him because he would feel vulnerable with an uncovered face.

    The next thought I had was of how “timely” it was for the pivot of FB to become Meta. It sounds tailor-made for young people who have been trained to fear being seen live and in person.

  167. Power Grab says:

    I have to add, though, I LOATHE the idea of Meta becoming a culture-wide thing. Bleh!

    I was just talking to someone recently about how we need to deliberately make an effort to use all our 5 senses (not just the eyes and ears that we use for screens) to interact with the offline world.

  168. Ossqss says:

    Read this DHS bulletin carefully.

    Click to access 22_0207_ntas-bulletin.pdf

  169. another ian says:

    “Freedom Convoy Border Blockades Expand, Justin Trudeau Cries for Help
    February 9, 2022 | Sundance | 150 Comments”


  170. another ian says:


    “Back to the UK/EU.
    As I said weeks ago avian flu is growing and spreading east unchecked. No change there.
    I also predicted major poultry supply issues.
    I also mentioned & predicted growing Salmonella poisoning events.
    Today: Denmark, UK (multiple), Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Ftance & Italy join the list mainly for poultry egg contamination from Salmonella.
    There’s the predicted poultry/egg supply issue.
    Once again goes to the building global food crisis.
    I also mentioned China and my predicted spread of diseases east. East is a minor uptick but south & south west have exploded, which will sweep east anyway..
    The region to watch extremely seriously is S/SW of China down through India to The Maldives.
    India is critical….”


    I’ll link anything more that comes up

  171. YMMV says:

    another ian, the Mark Steyn video. The Trucker Hell part begins 27 minutes in and I found it worth watching. Before that there is a segment about Jimmy Savile which is also interesting.
    Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG was a BBC top radio and television star in England, and palsy with Prince Charles. He was a pedo, quite an outrageous one, but the powers that be turned a blind eye to all that. Including one who wants to replace Boris.

  172. another ian says:


    Thanks for that. It is Tuesday 8th too.

    I didn’t catch that CTH had it cued up – which doesn’t copy over. Showing my very limited video experience!

  173. another ian says:

    “When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal”


  174. another ian says:

    “Are Climate Skeptics the Next to be Declared Terrorists?”

    And “innocucine sceptics” too it seems


  175. Simon Derricutt says:
  176. philjourdan says:

    @Power Grab – re: the kid afraid of his face….

    That brought up the thought of Solara – Isaac Asimov’s Robot series. If you have not read it, it is worth the time!

  177. Power Grab says:

    @ philjourdan: I read quite a few of Asimov’s book when I was young. I need to check out the Robot series. Thanks!

  178. Ossqss says:

    How about a distraction? >:-)

  179. another ian says:

    A friend uses a couple of WW2 expressions acquired from his father from “The Bishop and the Actress” jokes

    One is “Fcuk me gently Bentley”, the second “Stuff me roughly”, depending on the degree of amazement


    I’d guess would rate the second exclamation

  180. H.R. says:

    @another ian- Isn’t there another level above ‘stuff me roughly’? I believe it is needed in this case.

  181. YMMV says:

    We are now able to demonstrate that Homo sapiens arrived 12,000 years before we expected, and this population was then replaced after that by other Neanderthal populations. And this literally rewrites all our books of history,” Slimak said

    When was the best time to be a human? Sometime after fire was invented and before Facebook was invented.

  182. YMMV says:

    breaking news! rats in NYC! and they have Covid!

    The variant of COVID-19 found in New York City sewage last year could have originated in the city’s rat population, according to a new study published in Nature Communications earlier this month.

    The study, co-authored by University of Missouri virologist Marc C. Johnson, found that the amino acid changes detected in the new variant “has not been seen in patients. Ever.

    The original paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-28246-3
    It covers more animals than rats. If (?) there is an animal reservoir for Covid, zero Covid is a fantasy. But we knew that.

  183. another ian says:


    No names mentioned there?

  184. another ian says:

    “Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr Robert Malone
    February 11, 2022 | Sundance | 226 Comments

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson had an extensive interview with Dr Robert Malone to discuss the background events of the overall COVID-19 pandemic.

    The hour-long interview is being heralded as one of the deepest and most fascinating discussions as more information surfaces about how the COVID-19 pandemic has been exploited by large institutional interests. WATCH:”


  185. E.M.Smith says:

    The Omicron Variant has markers that show preferential affinity to mice / rats (even over the Human ACE2 receptor). This was used as evidence for the “long gap” of mutation from Alpha to Now not showing up in people meaning that it had been harbored in Lab Rats / Mice during that time. Slowly gaining transmissibility and adapting to rodents until it exceeded the containment in place and escaped to humans.

    This also means that it will be in pretty much EVERY mouse and rat population in every city.

    When Omicron first came out and that speculation was made, I’d posed the question: “Will they be putting little tiny masks on all of them?” (Now I’d also add “And diapers?”.

    So yes, there are several animal reservoirs, the number will likely increase as marginal transmissions start to adapt to new host species (get into old weak animal or new young one without good immunity, start adapting and spreading…)

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY AT ALL to STOP Chinese Wuhan Covid being with us essentially forever. The best path it to just let it do what viruses do: mutate to a much more contagious and far less damaging form (as Omicron has done). Expose the children to it now so they get long lasting immunity early at near zero risk.

    That means: Dump the mask mandates and the vexxine pissports. Get on with life.

    Oh, and THAT “is THE science”, Mr. Fauxi ( I can not in good conscience call him a “doctor” anymore. He has violated the Hippocratic Oath killing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions).

  186. another ian says:

    A Peking Pox item

    “Are the vaccines more of a dud than even we ever thought?”


    See the last paragraph

  187. Ossqss says:

    Thought to share for memories>

  188. another ian says:


  189. Simon Derricutt says:

    I thought this might have been the Babylon Bee….
    “New Zealand plays Barry Manilow to repel parliament protesters”
    They’ve also added James Blunt to the playlist.

  190. rhoda klapp says:

    James Blunt who threatened to put more music on spotify if they didn’t cancel Rogan?

  191. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – 13 February 2022 | Musings from the Chiefio

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