The Great Narrative to boost The Great Reset…

Yes, Klaus Schwab is at it again. Now wants “The Great Narrative”. Mahyar Tousi has a nice bit of coverage of it:

I especially enjoyed the lack of self awareness of the woman who complains that the Elite of the world are now aligned, but that the Peasants (“the majority of the people”) in EVERY country polled “trusted their elite less”. Well DUH! Y’all are a bunch of Greedy Globalist Evil Bastards. You expected us to swallow your swill and praise you for ripping us off?

Then the outing of “The European Chips Act” demands a big “Dig Here!”. Centralize chip design under GEB control? Like hell. OTOH, it is self described as something that sounds good. It has a goal of doubling European chip production and dragging some back to the EU (from Asia I suppose). In light of the global dependence on Taiwan for just about all significant chips,(soon to be integrated into the One Communist China…/snark;) it is very important to start breaking that dependency.

But frankly, ANYTHING, coming out of the WEF or EU “Leadership” must be viewed very skeptically.

The act, which will be proposed in early February, aims to increase microchip production across the continent in response to rising demand and to reduce dependency on suppliers from outside Europe.

“The European need for chips will double in the next decade,” von der Leyen explained. “This is why we need to radically raise Europe’s game on the development, production and use of this key technology.”

Progress in 5 key areas
Europe’s global semiconductor market share is only 10% today, President von der Leyen explained. Most supplies come from a handful of producers outside the continent, she said.

“By 2030, 20% of the world’s microchips production should be in Europe,” von der Leyen said. “Keep in mind that the world’s production itself will double. This means quadrupling today’s European production.”

And this new act will enable progress in 5 key areas, she explained:

1. Strengthened research and innovation capacity in Europe

2. Ensure European leadership in design and manufacturing

3. Adaption of state aid rules to allow public support – for the first time – for European, first-of-a-kind production facilities.

4. Improved ability to anticipate and respond to shortages and supply issues in the area

5. Support for smaller, innovative companies.

Looks to me like a lot of “subsidy” and “protectionism” will be involved. How about you just cut taxes on industry and let market forces move production to your lands?

Wonder if their chips will be used in the New Improved EU “Digital ID” – so not “your papers please!” but “your CHIP please!”

Looks like it got kicked off last November (details under “program” at the above link):

10—13 November 2021
The Great Narrative
Narrating the Future
Public Speakers: Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Klaus Schwab

Watch session
The Next 50 Years: Dialogue with UAE Officials
Public Speakers: Mina Al-Oraibi, Sarah Al Amiri, Shamma bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrui, Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Omar bin Sultan Al Olama

Gee, a German Socialist Globalist planning our future with a load of Arabs… didn’t we see that in the 1930s to 1940s…

Those two session descriptions link to the video from the two sessions. I’m putting links here as their links are not so obviously links. I’ve now watched them both through, and have added quotes and comments below.

34 minutes of plotting how to take over the world:

Some notes as I watch it:

The Great Narrative is needed for “Climate Change” too, per the speaker “His Excellency” Al Gergawi. All about the need for central planning, like that’s worked so well…

Schwab then says 3 things are slowing them down:

1) People have become more self centered. (I think that means we’re not interested in following HIS plans for us, we want to follow our own…)

2) I think he says “hyper focus with the pandemic” but maybe it was “tighter focus”… His accent is a bit bizarre. I take this to mean “We tried the Plandemic, but it didn’t work as expected, so time to move on to the next plot.”

3) The world has become so complex that simple solutions to complex problems do not suffice anymore. I take that to mean “Our prior simple approach flopped so we need to hide it in more complexity so the rubes can’t see what we’re up to.” or perhaps “It’s hard to design the future as reality is way more complex than a single person can understand; but we will try anyway.”

Shades of Churchill… Al Gergawi does a “first second of first minute of…” bit about the 2nd wave of human history. The tech wave. So he thinks that in the next 15 years everything will change. It’s all going onto “one platform”, the computer. Um, no. They will assist, but my barber is still going to cut my hair, and I’m still going to talk to my friends in person and on secure telephone lines. I’m also keeping my non-computerized cars, BTW. But he thinks “Government is very important” and that “countries who have strong governments can evolve totally different”. So OK, all in on totalitarianism then…

The self deception is strong in these folks. Al Gergawi thinks the growth of Dubai is a great example for the world, but does not mention that an ocean of oil revenue can raise any country up. He also says “we are winning this war” on the pandemic. Riiiight…. Like Omicron is all gone now? Like the vexxine is not killing and maiming a lot of folks? What will end the pandemic is just letting folks get natural immunity and letting the virus take the normal path of evolution into just another head cold. All people have succeeded at is stretching it out for 2 years and killing a load of folks who didn’t need to die by withholding therapeutics that work (like zinc ionophores and ivermectin).

Klaus Schwab in profile reminds me of Elmer Fudd… so he’s prattling on about needs for “sustainable” and “inclusive” and the usual clap trap of the PC Left.

Al Gergawi then speculates on what Dubai will be like in 50 years (prompted by Schwab). Somehow doesn’t mention the possibility / probability that sometime in the next 50 years there might be another regional or global war. That his country can cease to exist overnight. All roses and unicorns.

The hubris is strong in these folks. Designing the world and all…

46 minutes closing session:

Five panelists this time. Klaus leads in with a general disclaimer that amounts to “we’re not saying this is what will be ’cause predicting the future is hard”… but it will be “a NEW world”.

Most Important New Bits

First panelist, Heijman, says this “NEW World” will be tech driven. Three techs in particular to be drivers.

1) “Digitalization”. She works in “quantum computing” that so far is useless, but is sure it will change the world. Thinks it is going to return us to exponential growth of compute power. But right now it is several orders of magnitude behind silicon, so don’t hold your breath waiting for it… Believes that “shorter term, artificial intelligence, that is already here, will grow enormously”. Uh Huh. Let me know when self driving Teslas stop running into things. Then we are all going to be happy living in the Metaverse / augmented reality. (So not just gamers, eh?) Finally, a “industrial digital revolution” of some ill defined sort. Frankly, IMHO, all the easy lifting in digitalization has already been done. From here on out it’s a lot harder and slower.

2) “The Energy Transition”. Thinks Fusion Power is going to do it. Hey, in the last 50 years while I’ve been watching them, Fusion has gone from “50 years away” to now only “30 years away”… “Mid Century” per her. Then “green hydrogen” (and here I thought it was a colorless gas that is a PITA to keep inside pipes ). “A.I. and digitalization will enable this transition” because, you know, cars run on digits… and Smart Grids will be needed to improve “our nets” so that will fix solar and wind being unreliable and sporadic.

3) Engineered Biology. This one has a potential, but also has some mighty high risks. Just look at the mRNA damage from the vexxine.

Moyo, the second panelist, is a NYTimes best seller list author, so you know where she is coming from. Looking at things from an Economic Point of view. Oh Gawd, starts off with a tautology. Our ability to create human progress depends on our ability to create economic progress. Gee, progress requires progress to happen (or alternatively, you need more money to do more). Who knew? Also sees 3 key trends:

1) Slowdown of economic growth is a concern. (Maybe don’t tax and regulate economies to death?)

2) Traditional “economic tool kits” centered on monetary policy and fiscal policy “have become impotent”. (Hint: It is called a Liquidity Trap and has been known since the time of Keynes. You end up there if you print too much money for too long. Then the world has gone into debt up the whazoo. Yeah, y’all have screwed the economic pooch considerable.

3) “Economic Headwinds”. See the economic pooch screwing of too much debt and too much money printing in #2 above… But no, she thinks it is due to “inequality” and “climate change”… Then the old “Natural Resource Scarcity” that the Club Of Rome has been pushing for about 1/2 century now with Fear Porn like “The Limits To Growth”. Did you know we ran completely out of Natural Gas in 1990? Yup. That’s what they said would happen in the mid ’70s and their computer model said so, so it must be true. There is no shortage of natural resources. The whole planet is a natural resource. Then the potential for technology to create an unemployed underclass. Something that we have only ever seen as industrial transitions from old ways to new ways.

Does make a valid point that problems are long term, but “Policy Makers” are very short term oriented. Now if only she would look at the actual problems and not fantasy ones endorsed by the P.C. crowd. And also realize that Screwed Up Policies being a big issue, maybe they ought not try to fix it by promoting more Screwed Up Policies mandated by “Policy Makers”.

The solution? “structured fundamental policy initiatives” like “Infrastructure build outs, Education, Health Care”. So, OK, a Big Government approach based on “Policies” ’cause that has worked so well in the past… /snark;

Ms. Szabo handles the “social dimension” and thinks we need to redefine the relationship between “people, progress, and planet”. Somehow I think I hear a “NEW new green new deal” coming… Wants to put peoples “Dignity, also well being, and the notion of regeneration” at the “center of all policies”. Oh, and it will “only” require a “rethink of the whole global economic system”. Nothing big… /sarc; Need to stop treating “climate change” and “inequality” as externalizes, but need to be “held accountable” for them. (watch your wallet folks…)

Ms Woods is a Government prof / dean at Oxford. OK, bet she wants a Big Government solution. “Can’t contain Covid, can’t contain climate change, without cooperation” – so look out for UN non-treaty treaties… So need to invest in “human capitol” by having firms give the “working conditions and pay that keeps them coming to work”. Like that $15/ hour California wage for burger flippers that has put a load of them out of work, eh? Seems to think wages have nothing to do with what the product of that work is worth. So why not just pay everyone $100 and hour, eh? Wants government tax incentives for “investment in human beings not just machines”. (How about just not taxing employment at 12% for Social Security and not taxing wages, eh?) Wants the “path of least resistance” to be education and work, not unemployment and sitting at home. (Then how about dumping the Vexxine Mandates and bundles of barrier to entry regulations on various trades.) Wants more investment in “social capital” because zoom doesn’t bond people. (How about dumping the ban on in person meeting and get rid of mask mandates that just make things worse, eh?) Likes “compulsory military service” as a bonding mechanism. Because, you know, you really bonded with Fat Slow Freddie before he got shot trying to cross a field…/sarc; Thinks the “fix” is for Government to have a “Positive mind set to get things done” and unify all those folks who her survey found didn’t trust government by, you know, just doing it to them… /snark; Thinks getting trust in Local Government can “percolate up” to the national level (and international?). You know, kind of like trust in your local police make you trust the EU Army they want to make… or how trust in Sheriff Grady in Florida makes you really want to trust the Federal Entrapment Political Police (aka FBI).

The stupid in these people is almost as immense as their egos.

Then the Japanese lady Ishii (finally got her name!) is about to talk about the Ecological Angle. But I have to go make dinner, so more in a bit. At this point I’m 17 minutes into a 46 minute video, so more to come. So this one is all about how our economic system is in collision with the ecology and we’re destroying the world. Usual green crap. “We have to find a better way to create systems in harmony with natural systems”. A world in accelerated transformation. Yeah, right. With exactly what technology, eh? No steel or copper? Need mines, coke (coal) and chemicals to make them…


He then asks for the money shot, the “biggest opportunities” (to fleece the global wallets…/snark;)

Moyo (NTY best seller & economist) thinks it is “Global Warming” and energy transition. Then “technology” (by which they seem to think it means “computers & networking” and not things like steel refining or cars & trucking). Want’s “transformation” in public goods delivery. Third things is “opportunity for better engagement in China”… ’cause they did transformation so well…

For Heijman, she wants us to do things like make our energy locally (forget about economies of scale or suitability of sites or available fuels and such. That’s all so 20th century…/snark;) but be very interconnected internationally (because local production just demands international control coordination, dontcha know.

Ishii thinks things that are not reflected in price, like ecological, societal, and human factors, then magically get them addressed, and suddenly we will have a Utopian “regenerative, harmonious, and {garbled} society”. How to put a price on resources like carbon, measure and reflect to global decision makers all those values, to get better decisions. (Like that’s going to work without markets) And then have some “platform” be created so that local decisions can roll up into the best way to take care of “the global commons”. Gee, I didn’t know we had a global commons… Never heard of the economic problem called “Ruin of the commons”?

So Schwab chimes in with “Responsibilization of every individual which means life changes”. Big brother riding on every single shoulder… Got your Vax Pass, Green Econ Pass, PC Pass, etc. etc.

Ms. Szabo wants to assure we bring forward the 4 Billion folks left behind. Perhaps a global tax to give a global welfare system a bit of juice? (How about we just get rid of corrupt governance and let people get to work building their own lives…) But “climate justice” and “digital inclusion” are going to get it done… Riiight. (Maybe that $200 Billion / year they expect to extract from the USA per the Paris Fleecing Accords…) Will need a “major leap in the way we consume but also the nature of our politics today”…

Ms Woods is sure the biggest opportunity is “quite a Fundamental Reset.” because, you know, Covid. The attempt to control it “has shown us how fundamental trust and belonging are with societies”. Ya Think? So who blew that trust right out of the water? The UN, WHO, WEF, “Elites”, Democrats in the USA, and “government policy makers” globally, all assisted by Big Media and Big Pharma. YOU, dear Elites, were caught out lying at every turn. So good luck with fixing that by more lies.

“Cooperatively we as human beings can reach the moon”… Um, I thought that was a small group of Nationalist White Males in Florida working for America who put a man on the moon. No? Was it the global village and I just missed that?

“If we only consume and compete individually we will only destroy the planet” and can’t stop pandemics either (did we stop this one via global guidance and I missed that too?) Gee, and here I thought individual decisions made by individual makers and consumers built the greatest empires on earth throughout history, culminated in the US Empire recently. We have to “make sacrifices to save the planet”. Fuzzy headed nonsense all around. The planet does not need “saving”.

On to Obstacles

Herr Claus Schwab thinks the key words are “Rematching, Redesign and implement” (at the 30 minute mark). What do we have to do to break out of this mind set which certainly will not allow us to construct a better world”

Ms. Heijman says: “It is about bringing the Big Tech companies to the table together to design the use of these technologies in an ethical and responsible way”. So expect more deplatforming and straight jackets on free speech from the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. My question: WHO’s “ethics” will apply? Chinese with their slave labor? Muslims with their “death to the infidel”? The EU with their lust for Empire and Aristocratic Control Freaks? Or the American Free Market ethos? Hmmm? Did you forget that the entire Digital World was invented and created by INDIVIDUAL INVENTORS working in a capitalist market system? So “good luck with that” whole attempt at Central Authority Control of it. (I’ve already set up my bypass of the Authoritarians and tested it with i2p services).

“The RISK is Nationalism” so you don’t want each country developing their own technology. Uh Huh… Who’s going to stop them? Who will freeze development in it’s tracks and bind every lone programmer to it? Ever see Linux and how it is developed? Clearly not. So watch this space for Global Bans On Freedom Of Tech. Prepare to move to the Dark Net. They want a “framework of regulations” that companies must “pledge to”. Not profit centered. (So, like, who is going to pay the programmers, then?)

Ms. Moyo sees the problem as “short term-ism”. Endemic everywhere… “Virtually every problem…from lack of education, lack of health care in the pandemic and beyond, lack of equity, opportunity, and jobs, ecological challenges, these are long term inter-generational challenges.” Um, the pandemic is an inter-generational problem? With job openings posted everywhere “opportunity” is limited? Sheesh. EVERYTHING to be fixed by “data driven forward leaning” governments.

Ms.Ishii sees the major obstacle as “no matter what we try to do we always hit this wall of existing incentive systems”. One presumes she means the need for a company to make products people actually want to buy, and sell it at a profit so as to pay the employees… How to bias the system to value things like biodiversity. To overcome the resistance of the present system, incremental change doesn’t work, so you need a giant platform to force it… OK…

Oddly, at the end of her statement, Klaus spills his water (or vodka bottle?) on himself a little trying to drink from it. At 36:47.

Ms. Szabo sees the biggest obstacle “threatening social politics based on evidence” and “sustainable common goals” as “toxic polarization” blocking things like “Paris agreement targets”. Things like growing “extremism” and “fundamentalism” along with nations cracking down on civic “rights”. So, like, who is doing this polarization, any way? Perhaps the Intolerant Left with Cancel Culture and Lawfare? It’s the Socialists who want do “tear it all down” in order to rebuild in their Great Reset… “We have to agree what’s the truth”… Do we really? No Scientific Method where folks contest what is the truth?

Ms Woods sees lack of trust in government as the obstacle. Well how about you stop promoting Authoritarian and Abusive Governments, socialists. Again notices that The Elite trust each other “more and more” while those of us being trod upon trust them less and less.

What would you tell the leaders “in a nutshell”

Ms. Heijman says: “Put off or leave behind your personal interests or the interest of your country”… OK, so Representative Republics are right out then? The Globalist Governance will just decide to import the poor of the world into North America and Europe and That’s Just Fine? “The World First” (and Schwab says “we are really living in the world of global interdependence”. Well duh. Have been for a few hundred years.)

Ms. Moyo wants “We need to colaborate, cooperate. There’s a great appetite for collective action”. Makes a plea to not fail The Children and says we need more international institutions. What, the UN isn’t bloated enough already?

Ms.Ishii thinks each of us needs to be a partner in the “scooby platform?” (or some such) for taking care of the Global Commons. “Each one of us needs to move outside our comfort zone” for some fuzzy saving the planet with global action notion. Hard to follow what she is saying.

Ms Woods. Finally something I can agree with: “Take on Facebook because it is going to destroy your democracy it’s going to destroy your (coalition?)”. I think she comes at it from the POV that freedom of speech prevents hiding the other POV and disrupts The Narrative, so silence them; while I see it as a Monolithic PC Sewer already… Then “How good is your government at partnering with other governments”, ’cause, you know, no single government can solve their local problems. Must have globalist guidance…

Ms. Szabo wants governments to “Do the right thing” by looking past “short term incentives and invest in the future”. Infrastructure, Education, Health Care. (Anyone remember when AT&T build a national telephone infrastructure on their own? When private utilities provided their own electrical infrastructure, water infrastructure, etc? How about when Education was done by private entities like the local school house or the Catholic School? Or when Health Care was also a private issue between you and your M.D.?) Want’s government to allocate Financial, Human, and Environmental capital. Has that ever worked?

“In our efforts to solve the urgent and important issues of Global Warming, Inequality,etc. we should not predjudice the people who are in the emerging world” Want’s a “pure global world view”… How about the folks in the “Emerging World” get on the same capitalism train that raised North America and Europe out of poverty and into modernity? You know, the protestant work ethic and capitalist economy?

Then Klaus does the wrap up thanks ending.

My take on it?

Fuzzy headed globalist socialists all looking for “one size fits all” global giant government solutions to fantasy problems. (i.e. communists as that is what an international global socialist is)

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24 Responses to The Great Narrative to boost The Great Reset…

  1. Paul, Somerset says:

    “Al Gergawi thinks the growth of Dubai is a great example for the world, but does not mention that an ocean of oil revenue can raise any country up. ”

    Dubai is bizarre. It actually has hardly any direct oil revenues, because it has hardly any oil. Instead it TRADES oil revenues, in particular from the other emirates, principally Abu Dhabi, which does have oil reserves.

    There was a bit of talk at the time of the global financial crisis as to just how wealthy the Maktoum family which rules Dubai really is. How much is cash and how much is financial plumbing? Well, the moment passed, they’re still in power, and they still have a lot more money to spend than I do. But there’s always that doubt lurking in the background about Dubai.

  2. chiff says:

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, I’ve watched both sessions. Oddly, in the second one, ALL 5 presenters are women. Sexism much Klaus?

    I’ve included quotes and comments in an update to the posting, so for those unwilling to sit through it all, you can get a good idea what it’s all about via skimming that. (Or maybe even reading it ;-)

    My take on it? Big Government Utopian Socialists looking for a Global Governance solution to things that are largely not issues needing any government intervention, or are complete fantasies anyway (like “global warming”). Every one of them fuzzy headed and quoting PC Points as their key issues. Not one of them thinking Capitalism and the Protestant Work Ethic had anything to do with lifting impoverished nations out of poverty (even though it has regularly done so).

    So, OK, at least it is documented now.

  4. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – thanks for the condensed transcript. Saves me having to watch it, and since I generally don’t watch videos anyway I wouldn’t have spent the time on this one either.

    Like most politicians, they don’t really understand what a scientific paradigm change can do. I’ve just had a communication from one of my contacts that the technology described in that file I sent you recently might be close to a replication, which would make it possible to generate energy cheaply and locally without needing a lot of resources. There really aren’t any “limits to growth” if that technology works. Also would give very cheap transport, and make battery-powered vehicles practically useful since the quantity of batteries needed goes way down.

    On computers, as far as I can see quantum computing is only suited to some very specific computations, and apart from cryptology won’t make a lot of difference. On the other hand, the new system architecture that Bob Norman was working on should be getting fairly close to a release by now, and that should give us an order of magnitude faster general computing. It remains though that software bloat will continue to be a problem, and that writing good software will continue to be a bottleneck because the number of people who can write efficient software is limited. Sure, anyone can now write a program that works most of the time, and can pass it through the AI checker to improve it somewhat, but avoiding bugs and unintended interactions still needs specific competences and a long experience.

    People solve problems, and government oversight and controls always seem to slow that down. Overall, though, the more people we have, and the more time they can spend on solving problems rather than dealing with getting enough food and other resources the faster those problems will be solved. Logically, the number of people of genius level will increase the more people we have, and they are the people who will solve the big problems, so the more population we have (and the more they are educated) the faster we’ll overcome the problems. That’s really the big thing the politicians are getting wrong – they think there are too many people in this world. Historically, the people who made a big difference were either rich or were financed by someone who was rich, and thus it makes sense that if we increase the proportion of people who can afford to spend time working on what interests them rather than needing to spend their life digging a field to plant and harvest crops then we’ll also increase the rate of innovation in all sciences and arts.

  5. John Hultquist says:

    Thanks E. M..
    I wish I had a penny for every useless word and every pound of CO2 these dolts say and produce each year. How you manage to wade through it all is a mystery.
    – – – – – – – –
    I see photos of folks standing -close together- in lines waiting to get tested for Covid. They wear masks that don’t work and ignore the physical spacing that might help. Latest example heading a column in the WSJ titled “Omicron Is Spreading. Resistance Is Futile” by Daniel Halperin. Filed under Commentary. This is a very sensible article.

  6. Keith Macdonald says:

    @EM – thanks!

    You might enjoy this profile of Klaus Schwab:
    “You Will Own Nothing & Be Happy”

    He (Klaus Schwab) of course owns nothing either, It’s just his company that owns lots pf prime real estate in Switzerland’s equivalent of Beverley Hills.

    “Conspiracy theories should be known as spoiler alerts now”

    “Davos man: how the billionaires devoured the world”

  7. Pouncer says:

    I’m still going to talk to my friends in person and on secure telephone lines.

    How? What lines? The older neighborhoods may have copper lines on wooden poles for a while yet, but rural areas rely on fixed cellular and maybe this year “StarLink” — wonderful but hardly “secure” in the sense I take you to imply.

    When thieves and vandals steal the copper straight off the city’s poles, which utility will first decide it’s cheaper to offer “cellular”-style replacement instead of new wires? Whichever, that telco will not the last.

    We can watch to see the future of “lines” as the damage to Tonga, after their volcano, is repaired. Will anybody try to lay new under-ocean cables or just set up a satellite dish somewhere near the center of Nuku’alofa? Will the new installation and set a guard with a machine gun to watch over, or as ordered flip, the circuit breakers and data switches?

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    First off, notice I said “or”. In Person OR on secure phone lines. As you are well aware, I’ve done computer forensics for a living for many years. So I’m either going to talk to them ONLY in person, or on a self identified or perhaps self created “secure line”. That can be scrambled hard wire, or scrambled (i.e. encrypted) cell phone. As Needed.

    Yes, I know, most folks can’t “roll their own” secure line. I can.

    Thought, frankly, most of what I have to say does not rise to that level.

    Calling my Florida Friend to find out if he fixed the toilet in the boat, or found a lady friend who likes boats, does not rise to that level. I guess that’s a good thing.

    BUT: Whenever I have something to say that warrants privacy, I can, and will, have it.

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Pouncer, I only have a land line because cell phones won’t work where my cabin is. this is beginning to be a real pain because everyone expects that I have a cell phone. Many automated systems don’t recognize a land line as a valid connection. Most people assume that calling me will connect with Me, not some answering machine. I can not even get into the local VA clinic without a cell phone to communicate to notify them that I am there and need to be let in. As They are in Full COVID hysteria…. I’ve been avoiding them as a danger to my life anyway. As an old disabled war veteran I am high on their list of expendable lab rats. The last time I was in there was before the COVID thing and 2 hours after my appointment, I left because my assigned doctor never arrived. It was a H1b Indian? rent a doc, that used a computer to do his diagnosis,scary! If I really need medical help I will again need to hire a real doctor. From time to time I threaten to cut the wire. as it is very expensive but my phone bill is my secondary form of identification in a number of cases. I could never get a new bank account or a postal number without it.
    What kind a Nazi world do we now live in?…pg

  10. beththeserf says:

    Starting about i minute in, this is major, a legal challenge by one of the 1982 creators of the Canadian Constitution. Much to question on violation of citizens’rights by Canadian Government, it’s by passing Parliamentary debate and it’s push-polling and funding of media. I think it will be difficult to sweep this under the carpet, implications for other western nations.

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    Easy solution. Get a Walmart Family Plan or Tracfone and only put minutes on it when you “must have a cell phone”. Last I looked the lowest cost plan was about $10 or $15 (Tracfone) but I usually buy the $19 one. Walmart Family Plan has a $25 for a month of all the talk and text you can use.

    When you no longer need it, just shut it off and let the time run out. IF or when you need it again, one card and it will once again be alive.


    Looks interesting. Time for a cup of tea and watching it ;-)

  12. Compu Gator says:

    TracFone‘s lowest price that I’ve seen for activating its cellular service at retail is $20 (lit. $19.99) for 60 min. of air-time in 3 months of activation. “Emergency” calls work even if those have expired, as long as the battery has a usable charge. Documentat’n asserts that air-time mins. roll over only if a user keeps his phone continuously activated; I know from experience that TracFone is much more lenient than that, but don’t know their actual deadline.

    As for the Tracfone cell-phones themselves:

    Mine is a Moto e6 (i.e., XT2005DL), bought on clearance [†] at Best Buy ($40–50) 1½-or-so years ago. It’s almost certainly locked to TracFone, but compensates somewhat by autodoubling whatever are the minutes purchased whenever by the user. My e6 can connect to the Internet, and actually might if I were to white-list its IPA on my home router, but I fear that doing so would open another can of worms. E.g., would I need to get antimalware software for that Android-based phone!?

    TracFone does now offer the e7 (i.e., XT2052DL) for $60 via Whalemart [†].

    TracFone also offers cell-phones as cheap as the “BLU View” (whodat?) series, at $29, and the LG “Journey”,  at $38–48. What you find in your own Internet searches might find options & prices that are a better deal for you.

    I urge you not to reject camera features out of hand: You may need photos some day of a vehicle with an eff’n’ fool behind the wheel who suddenly ruined your own day and vehicle. Thro’ no fault of your own, I trust.

    Note † : The Moto e6 (styled “ e⁶ ”) seems to have listed for ~$100, whereas its eagerly anticipated more-or-less successor e7 (styled “ e⁷ ”) was claimed to be 2–3 months away from shipping back then, but is now available, and lists for ~$120–150. I suspect that the latter is the unlocked version.

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    Got to watch it. That’s going to light some hair on fire!

    It will be VERY hard to say that the guy who WROTE the “rights” doesn’t know what they meant when the wrote it!

    Plus that it explicity calls out right to travel around the country and exit / return to the country kind of puts a big damper on that whole Get Jabbed Or No Travel / Job.

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    1 month plan, 500 minutes, 500 texts, 500 MB data. $15.

    But yeah, you almost always see the $20 one.

  15. Pouncer says:

    “Or” ? The gaslights are flickering in your part of the house, maybe? “Ctrl F” the head post for the word “Barber” then observe the conjunctions at the middle of that line of the text along with the beginning of the line following.

    Anyhow, SECURE vs LINES. With the greatest of respect for your abilities to secure digital communications over TCP/IP channels using any medium available, from wet twine to modulated laser beams — I’m still concerned about the disappearance of physical LINES in many areas. I suspect many of us who use any form of telecommunications have failed to internalize the extent to which we rely on wires and fibers stretched 50 to 100 years ago. Fiber being an interesting case in its own right. As I hear the tale, the “Sprint” telco ran fiber-optic cable down the middle of gas pipelines as a method of quality assurance testing. Then as a communications channel for internal company data to shuttle back and forth. Only late in their roll out did somebody think to offer “long distance” voice communications over those lines — and the big hurdle with that was not technical but legal — escaping AT&T’s lawyers attempting to shut down competition. But anyhow, the fiber stretched in such pipes in the 1980s is, I suspect, now the only profitable reason to maintain such pipes — the gas being long gone from the origin wellheads and the furnaces sacrificed to the idols of global warming. New fiber has been run but much of it remains “dark” and unprofitable. As a concept, physical communications lines suffer the same risks as filaments in Edison’s light bulbs.

  16. E.M.Smith says:


    Um, I generally don’t DO P.C. Cntrl commands. So what does “Ctrl-F the headpost” mean in English (or Linux…)

    Per fibre:

    Most of it has been replaced a few times. First tech was OK, but every few years the capacity would rise A Lot and demand rose A Lot, so you would swap to the newer fiber types.

    IIRC, Sprint was a spin out of a Rail Road Company and originally ran fiber on all those RR Rights Of Way.

    Wires are not any more secure from Official Prying than radio signals. Telco offices are fully outfitted with the necessary snooping gear for meeting requests by Official Agencies. If you are not encrypting with good strong encryption, your signal is “in the clear” regardless of medium.

    So get an encrypting phone. Or set up a Linux machine with Asterisk
    A bit old, but decent example:

    Secure your VoIP: HOWTO configure openvpn and asterisk (under Linux) to make encrypted VoIP calls by SIP/VPN protocol

    In view of the recent (2013) affairs concerning widespread NSA wiretapping (which was no surprize to me, I was paranoid enough to expect something like that happening), encryption of voice communication becomes a hot topic. Various rather expensive “crypto-phones” offered by several companies become bestsellers… See also the excellent article by Richard Stallman entitled How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand? if you are not convinced yet about the negative effects of mass surveillance.
    However, with a bit of effort it is not difficult to prevent wiretapping of your VoIP calls by encryption, and it can be achieved using free software tools running under Linux – no purchase of hardware or software is needed.

  17. beththeserf says:

    Re the Canadian legal challenge.yes E.M. could be a slow burn, choosing mobility as the key focus should have impact. That Jordan Peterson is on to it will help. He has a high profile

  18. p.g.sharrow says:

    This will make you wake up and take notice:
    The losses are mounting in the present war. Military-medical+suicide data. The losses mount in this war against the American people.

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    @P.G.: One hell of a discussion… I wish there were a bit more formal information to back up the assertions, but understand that you can’t always get documentation for personal observations. It would be nice to have the Military Medical Database to analyse.

  20. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith, yes it would be great to capture the list but apparently the site data base was scrubbed. I guess from what she said, that data was replaced with “nothing to see here” stuff now, but hints of these things have been leaking out everywhere. Not everyone that has access to the information has kept their mouths shut. The CCP will have another opportunity to unleash a new Plandemic during the Summer Olympics.

  21. p.g.sharrow says:

    It becoming more and more apparent that the “Biden” administration is actually the 4th term of the Obama Administration, The Obama headed Deep state never left Washington DC or actually relinquished power to Trump in 2017. Harris was supposed to be the figurehead but has almost no support among the Democrats so they settled for good old China Joe. Biden often refers to her as the President. It is Obama that is calling the shots in this Plandemic created to destroy the U.S. as a world power to usher in the U.N..and the Communists as the World’s Ruler
    That has been his vocation from the start of his miraculous rise to power…pg ..

  22. E.M.Smith says:

    It has become ever more clear to me that even Obama and his puppets Biden and Harris are all driven by a higher layer. It comes out of the UN, WEF and who knows what other Elite Circle. Gathers in Sociopathic Billionaires into The Club (Sorors, Gates, Rockefellers, etc.) and sets out to remake the world to their fantasies (and profit).

    As long as those secret clubs of power are driving all this crap, from “global warming” lies to the “plandemic” we will not be free of them.

    Don’t know how to “fix it” now that China is counting all the votes via buying the vote counting companies; but fix it we must. 10 months will tell a great deal about options.

  23. H.R. says:

    E.M. – Thus, GEBs.

    The G(overnment)EBs are the paid for puppets. You don’t have to be the pResident and take all the heat if you own the pResident. You can stay in the background while everyone is hating on your puppet.

    BTW, anyone in my hearing that says something about “Biden’s policies” or “Biden is an idiot for doing xxxxx” (he was an idiot, he’s now no longer even ‘in there’), I always say that Biden doesn’t even know what he’s saying, let alone making any sort of policy whatsoever.

    Biden has been set up as the patsy to take the heat.

    Biden reads what he’s told and tries to follow the instructions coming in through his earpiece. That’s it. He does not understand any of it.

    At the (beginning, middle and) end of the day, he just wants his pudding cup and his 10%. And he’s so far gone that they probably just lie to him that he’s getting his 10%. They don’t really have to give it to him any longer.

  24. Russ Wood says:

    Ref to Pouncer on ‘wired telephones’. Already happened in South Africa- No copper wire is safe from thieves, be it telephone wire or 200KV supply cables (although there is SOME risk in stealing the latter). The thieves have effectively closed down the national Telco and almost all the national railways through copper theft (and one enterprising bunch stole and tried to sell a few miles of rail LINE!)

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